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Mac took a new job. Alexis met a woman with a secret connection to Kiefer Bauer. Valentin made Curtis a lucrative offer. Franco made an important decision. Elizabeth made a desperate appeal to Scott. Ava received a letter from Ryan.
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Franco revealed he had no interest in reclaiming his life as Franco Baldwin
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Finn figures out Sasha's diagnosis

Finn figures out Sasha's diagnosis

Monday, August 26, 2019

At the park, Willow could sense that something was on Chase's mind, so she wondered what was wrong. Chase reminded an embarrassed Willow of when she'd called his apartment his "lair," and he asked if she wanted to share the lair with him. Willow thought it was a great idea, but she wondered if he wanted to live with her or if it was because she was looking for a cheaper place to live. He answered that he genuinely wanted to live with her, and she agreed. She added that it was scary, as things were going well, and she feared that moving in together would ruin things.

Chase and Willow both promised to be honest with each other about annoyances. He urged her to stop jumping to the worst-case scenario and suggested how "right" things could go. She finally agreed, and the two shared a kiss. A few minutes later, Chase got off the phone and revealed that he had to go to work. She figured that she had a lot of packing to do, anyway, and she was most excited to cook with Chase. "See you at home?" Chase asked, and he left.

At Sonny and Carly's, Sam thought the "huge gesture" of a vow renewal was sweet, while Kristina thought it was weird. Kristina did like that there was no drama, and everyone was appreciating one another. She said that she could think of another couple who could use a romantic gesture. Jason entered the house and asked Sonny about his nerves. Sonny cracked that he'd "done this before." Michael entered and informed Sonny that he'd parked in Sonny's usual spot. Sonny wondered where his car was just as Carly burst in, unable to find Josslyn or Dev.

Moments later, Josslyn and Dev entered the house, and Sonny demanded to know why Dev had taken Sonny's car without permission. Josslyn revealed that, although it wasn't a real wedding, she thought that Carly needed a bouquet, and she handed a beautiful bouquet to her mother. Kristina asked Michael about Sasha, and he admitted that she wasn't doing well. Someone rang the doorbell, and Bobbie and Mike entered. Josslyn descended the stairs with Avery, who was the flower girl. Bobbie took pictures of the kids as Mike took Sonny aside and thanked him for officiating his and Yvonne's wedding.

Sonny went out on to the terrace, and the rest of the family lined the aisle. Avery walked down the aisle, scattering petals, and then Carly walked down the aisle. Sonny thanked everyone for being there, and they began. Carly talked about how she would always love Sonny, even though it wasn't easy. She concluded that he was "it" for her "until the end." She said her vows then it was Sonny's turn. He talked about how hers was always the hand he reached for in good times and in bad. He said his vows, and Avery yelled out, "You may kiss the bride!" They shared a kiss as the family erupted in applause. They tossed petals into the air until the couple broke apart and gave out hugs.

Inside the house, Sonny and Carly cut the cake. Later, Carly prepared to toss the bouquet, but not before Sonny made sure Avery wasn't in the group ready to catch it. Kristina muttered for Carly to aim for Sam, who had planned on doing just that. Carly tossed the bouquet over her head, and everyone moved out of the way except for Bobbie, who caught the bouquet. Sonny joked that someone needed to call Scott, and Sam winked at Jason.

Bobbie and Mike said their goodbyes and left. Sam and Kristina expressed their love for Sonny and Carly, and they left. Carly advised Michael to tell Sasha that they were thinking about her, and he hugged his parents and left. "We did it," Sonny whispered excitedly to Carly. Jason observed that the two looked happy. Carly admitted that, even though she was unsure about renewing their vows, Sonny had been right about it. The doorbell rang, and Sonny got up to answer it. He opened the door to Chase, who had questions about a missing person, who was also an employee at the coffee warehouse, Barry Ziegler.

Alexis and Diane dragged themselves through the park in exhaustion after a "boot camp" that Alexis had taken Diane to. The instructor, Kendra, passed through and said that the two had done a good job. Alexis and Diane wanted to get food, and they talked about all of the unhealthy food they were going to order as they made their way to the Metro Court.

Later, as Kendra sat in the lobby of the Metro Court, she flipped through articles about Alexis' hit-and-run of Kiefer. Inside the restaurant, Alexis explained to Diane how she was trying to "broaden my horizons" and try new things. Diane wondered if that had been Neil's recommendation, but Alexis informed Diane that both Neil and Kevin had "fired" her as a patient. She updated Diane on what had happened with Neil in the elevator and how he believed they'd gotten too personal.

Diane divulged that she and Max had taken a dinner cruise on the lake, and they'd seen Neil there with a woman. She admitted that she'd overheard the two agree that there wouldn't be a second date and that they'd met online. Diane thought Alexis and Neil needed to admit that they liked each other, but Alexis reminded her friend that Neil wanted nothing to do with her. Diane believed that Neil was just scared, and she reiterated that there were no longer any boundaries between the two.

Alexis informed Diane of Julian's plans to move to Manhattan with Kim, and Diane was surprised to hear that Alexis was "fine" with it. Just then, Kendra approached the table and asked if the two would be interested in hiring her as a personal trainer. She handed Alexis some testimonials and a business card, and Kendra left. Alexis looked through the papers as Diane muttered about talking to Carly about "pushy salespeople" in the restaurant.

Hayden met up with Jax at Charlie's, and he told Hayden that he'd actually enjoyed his lunch with Liesl. He believed that she could be a helpful ally against Valentin, but he regretted how that would affect Nina. Hayden reduced Nina to a "spoiled rich girl," but Jax thought Nina was better than that. He thought that Liesl could let them into the trophy room at Wyndemere so they could find the codicil to Mikos' will. That way, they could get the Cassadine fortune to the "rightful heir." Neither of them trusted Liesl; however, Hayden wished him luck, and they left.

Nina entered Sasha's room at the hospital, and she hoped that she could be a good substitute for Michael. She wondered if Sasha needed anything. Sasha thought it would be nice to know what was wrong with her, and Nina agreed.

Outside the room, Epiphany observed that Finn had bad news for Sasha. He related that he'd known of the possibility of her diagnosis, but he'd been hoping otherwise. He advised Epiphany on what drugs to get for Sasha, and Epiphany left to get them. Nina emerged from Sasha's room, and Finn informed Nina that Sasha had a rare form of the flu, the bird flu. He continued that the best time to start treatment was within 48 hours of symptoms, and time would tell if treatment helped Sasha. Nina asked what would happen if the drugs didn't work.

Epiphany entered Sasha's room and gave Sasha the drugs to take. Finn and Nina returned soon after, and Finn explained Sasha's diagnosis. Sasha insisted that she hadn't been anywhere near any birds, and she worried for Michael. He said that it was rare for bird flu to be passed from person to person, but those in close contact with Sasha needed to be tested, just in case.

Back outside the room, Finn instructed Epiphany to get in touch with Michael, Liesl, Maxie, and Valentin, and Epiphany walked away to make the calls. Nina wondered how long it would take to find out if the drugs worked. Finn assured her that he'd given Sasha the highest dose available, but it would be a few days. She asked Finn if he would keep a child at General Hospital for the best possible care if it was his child. He answered that there was nowhere else he'd want his child to be.

Later, Epiphany told Finn that she could reschedule her appointment if Finn needed her, but Finn told her to go ahead. He thanked her for being "a tremendous help," but he struggled to understand how Sasha had contracted bird flu. He thought that, since Sasha hadn't been to Asia or around birds, she had to have consumed "tainted food." Epiphany countered that the illness wasn't foodborne. Finn thought that it had to have been a purposeful contamination, and he couldn't think of another alternative.

Nina returned to Sasha, who figured that Nina probably had better things to do. Nina wondered if she was hovering, and she urged Sasha to be honest. "You have no idea how grateful I am for you," Sasha insisted, and Nina repeated the sentiment. A few minutes later, Nina cradled Sasha and suggested that she go to sleep. Sasha nodded off as Nina's phone went off, and Nina carefully got up to see that she had a message from an "unknown" number. She opened the message and began to hyperventilate, waking Sasha up. "What's wrong?" Sasha asked as Nina looked at a picture of Sasha, Michael, and Cassandra from Puerto Rico.

Nina realizes how Sasha got sick

Nina realizes how Sasha got sick

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

At the Corinthos house, Carly sat with Jason and Sonny, post-wedding vows renewal, and talked about appreciating "where you are." She felt that she was lucky. They were interrupted when Chase arrived at the front door. He wanted to ask questions about Sonny's missing employee, Barry Ziegler. Sonny told him it wasn't a good time, but Chase asked to be allowed inside. Sonny updated Carly on his employee, and Chase asked if Barry had been in trouble.

Jason wasn't aware of any trouble for Barry, but when Dev walked into the room, looking for Josslyn, Chase declared that he wanted to question the teen, as well. Chase explained that Barry hadn't arrived home, and he wondered if there had been any incident at the coffee warehouse. Dev replied that he didn't know of any, and everyone liked Barry. He added that the man had been in a good mood and had been planning to go on vacation, anywhere except Atlantic City, because his wife didn't like it.

Dev asked if Barry was in trouble, and Chase replied that he didn't know. Sonny walked Chase out, and Dev asked if he'd done okay. Sonny suggested that Carly go out on the terrace for fresh air, but she wanted to hear what was going on. Sonny accused Dev of being too "chatty," and Jason added that they hadn't asked Dev to lie. Dev wondered if he should have mentioned the fight that had occurred before Barry had gone missing and how Barry had tried to frame him.

Sonny replied that Dev hadn't gone about protecting them in the proper way. Dev thought that Chase had been out of line for questioning them because it wasn't their fault that Barry was missing. Sonny took Dev out on the terrace and explained that his story had been too elaborate. He was concerned that the cops would ask Barry's wife about Atlantic City. He wanted Dev to remember three words for next time. "I don't know," he said.

Dev promised to remember for next time. Sonny also clarified that Dev was to direct the cops to either Sonny or Jason for questions in the future. Dev asked Sonny if he knew what had happened to Barry. "No clue," Sonny replied. He sent Dev upstairs.

Inside the house, Jason told Carly that Barry had seen Dev as an easy target. Carly was annoyed that Dev, only a kid, should have even been in that situation. She thought that some of Sonny's choices had not been in Dev's best interest. She assumed that Barry had relocated without his wife's knowledge. She didn't want Dev to be involved because he could be deported if he were to be investigated. Sonny returned and promised to keep an eye on Dev, who stood nearby and eavesdropped.

Bobbie found Scott at the bar at Charlie's Pub. She sat down and showed him the bouquet of flowers she'd caught at Carly and Sonny's marriage renewal ceremony. Scott noted that she was "fast-tracking," but Bobbie laughed and assured him she was nowhere near getting married. Scott wished he'd been invited to go to the ceremony with Bobbie, even though he and Sonny hated each other. Scott admitted he could have used the distraction over thinking about Franco.

Bobbie wished she could help Scott, and he related that he had an idea. He proceeded to tell her that while Franco had been wearing an ankle monitor, Scott was afraid Franco would leave town once the monitor was removed. He was aware that Sasha was in the hospital and in quarantine, and he thought that Bobbie would be able to somehow see to it that Franco got the same virus by making a diagnosis.

Bobbie tossed her drink in Scott's face. "For heaven's sake," Scott grumbled as he got up to get a napkin to dry his face off. Bobbie was livid and noted that things were still the same old thing. He made nice, but she had waited for the other shoe to drop, as usual. Scott assured her it was all about Franco, but Bobbie told him she wouldn't break any laws. Scott complained that Franco was the only person he had left. Scott felt that he'd helped Franco, but Franco was gone.

Bobbie hugged Scott as he expressed his desperation to help his son. Bobbie vowed to help legally, and she would even put her feelings for Franco aside. She thought that neither she nor Scott could solve the problem, and it was all entirely up to Franco.

Elizabeth was at home, thinking about Kim, and she decided to give Kim a call. Kim was sitting in Oscar's Meadow, and when she received Elizabeth's call, she flashed back to her conversation and kiss with Franco as he had insisted he was Drew. Kim rejected Elizabeth's call, and Elizabeth left a message that she was just checking in and wanted Kim to call her back.

Epiphany stopped by to check on Elizabeth, who began to cry. She apologized, but Epiphany told her apologies weren't necessary. Elizabeth felt that while Franco wasn't dead, there was no clarity on whether he'd return to her or not. Epiphany urged Elizabeth to cry and scream, and Elizabeth assured Epiphany she had the routine down. She only wished she could get through to her husband.

"Every cloud has a silver lining," Epiphany said. She noted that Franco had an ankle monitor, but Elizabeth replied that it wouldn't last. She thought that Franco was buried inside, but she had been trying not to hunt him down to remind him. She added that Drew thought that if she kept pushing, Franco would pull further away.

Epiphany thought that was ridiculous, and it was Elizabeth's marriage. She maintained that Elizabeth's opinion was all that mattered. She suggested that Elizabeth listen to her heart because there was no "blueprint" for the case. She encouraged Elizabeth to do what she thought was best.

Julian found Kim sitting in the park and kissed her hello. He revealed that the sale of his bar was close to being finalized, and he wanted to buy a bar in New York along with another place. He offered to set her up with an office after he received the funds. He admitted he was excited, and Kim said that she was, too. "Marry me, Charlie," Kim uttered.

"Wow," Julian replied. Kim continued that it didn't have to be fancy, and they could go right to the courthouse that day. Julian was taken aback, and he stated that while he loved her, he thought that she was making a statement. Kim agreed that it was a statement of love, but Julian thought it was more of a statement to Franco.

Kim stood up and walked away, apologizing for what she'd said. She thought she was getting ahead of herself but admitted that it was partly because Franco thought he was Drew. She still wanted to spend her life with Julian, and she wanted that to be known. Julian felt the same, but he didn't think they should make the move for the wrong reasons. He thought that Kim had been making impulsive decisions, and he didn't want them being together to be one of those decisions.

Kim insisted that her love for Julian was the only true thing in her life, but she agreed he had a point. She felt they should be on solid ground. She disclosed that she had spoken to her therapist about her impulsive behavior, and she wanted to work it all out for both of them.

Franco received a knock on his Metro Court hotel room door. It was Liesl, and he asked for more towels. She slapped his face. "Snap out of it," she shouted at him. She told him she wasn't housekeeping, and she marched into the room. She made it clear that they were good friends, and she promised to get him through his situation.

Liesl called Franco her best friend, and she stated that he had saved her many times. She told him she refused to "honor your delusions." Franco called her a lunatic and asked Liesl to call him Drew. "A snowball's chance in hell," Liesl retorted. Franco explained that Drew's life was the only life he knew. He poured himself another drink and sat down.

Liesl was angry that she hadn't been consulted on Franco's case but figured she could save it for when the procedure was reversed. Franco felt sorry for Franco, but while his body was Franco's, his mind and memories were Drew's. He wanted to live the life that he had at that moment. Liesl maintained that Drew's life didn't belong to him, and she tried to elaborate on Franco's "remarkable" life. She sat on the floor in front of Franco.

Liesl wanted Franco to think about all the people who loved him, like herself, his wife, father, and stepsons. She agreed that she didn't know what was appealing about the "mouse" known as Elizabeth, but he'd fought hard to marry her. She didn't think he should throw it all away. Just then, she received a message that she was wanted at the hospital. She promised Franco that they were not finished.

Liesl was aware that Franco thought he was Drew, but his DNA and fingerprints disagreed. "It's true to me," Franco replied. "And only you," Liesl said. Franco told Liesl to keep her hands to herself the next time, but Liesl refused to make any promises. As she left the room, she again told him to fight for the life that really belonged to him.

At General Hospital, Michael asked Finn for an update on Sasha. Michael was glad that she could be treated and that they could possibly find out where she'd gotten the virus. Finn disclosed that Sasha had the avian flu, and it was normally transmitted via animals and not people. He wanted Michael to take precautionary antiviral medicine, even though he hadn't exhibited any symptoms.

In Sasha's room, Nina received a phone message, and she gasped uncontrollably as she viewed a photo of Michael, Sasha, and Cassandra that had been taken in Puerto Rico. Sasha asked what was wrong, and Nina replied that she had to deal with a deadline. She rushed out of the room and began to fumble with her isolation gloves and gown. Valentin walked up just then, and Nina uttered that she believed she knew who was behind Sasha's illness.

Nina showed Valentin the photograph. "That bitch must have targeted my daughter," Nina gasped. They rushed over to Finn as he was looking at Sasha's chart. Finn couldn't believe it, but he agreed that Cassandra could have been behind the illness. He thought it might be more difficult to treat. Valentin wondered how Cassandra could have been in Newfoundland when she'd already been on U.S. soil. He glared at Finn.

Finn didn't know the answer to Valentin's question but only knew that he needed to do more research. He also announced that he was working against the clock, since Sasha had been ill for so long, and he would have to notify the authorities. Valentin argued that Cassandra's involvement should be "kept under wraps," but Finn declared that the authorities needed to know before Cassandra could harm someone else.

Michael went to Sasha's room, and he revealed that he had been put on a drug protocol. He assured her it wasn't her fault. Sasha thought her treatment would prove to be too late for the drugs to work, but Michael promised that another way to treat the illness would be found. Valentin and Nina returned, and Nina admitted that she'd received the photo.

Sasha and Michael thought it was Sandy Lance in the photo with them, but Nina disclosed that the woman had lied about her identity. She also stated that Cassandra was a drug trafficker. Valentin added that she was dangerous. He declared that it was believed that she had purposely exposed Sasha to the illness because it was consistent with her past.

Michael was concerned that he had been the target, thanks to his father, because Cassandra had wanted to make a deal with him. Nina announced that it was because of her.

Julian walked Kim to her appointment. They were both happy to have had a chance to talk. Julian assured her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and they shared a kiss as Franco walked off the nearby elevator and saw them.

Finn was on the phone with Anna. He told her to keep him posted on what the bureau decided about the case. Chase arrived and asked Finn to join him for a bite to eat, but Finn told him another time. He added that they had a possible dangerous situation on their hands. Finn filled Chase in on Cassandra Pierce and stressed that he believed the woman would show up in Port Charles. He thought that Nina and Sasha should have protection. Chase was concerned that Finn could be a target, also.

Liesl arrived, and Epiphany informed Liesl that she needed to be treated with antiviral medicine. Liesl was disgruntled to learn that Epiphany would be the one to administer the drug.

Nina blamed herself for Sasha's condition, and Valentin did his best to reassure her.

Michael thought there was a lot to process, and Sasha couldn't believe the woman they'd met in Puerto Rico had been anything other than friendly. She thought that one minute she and Michael had had a fun, easy relationship, and the next thing she'd known, she had been infected. Michael stated that they could go back to the original relationship, but he had no plans to leave her side until they could walk out of the hospital together.

Kim finished her appointment and saw Julian waiting for her. She appreciated it, and Julian assured her he wasn't going anywhere.

Elizabeth decided to go out and opened her front door. Franco was standing there.

Jordan offers Mac a job

Jordan offers Mac a job

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

At the hospital, Jordan excitedly told Curtis that she'd been cleared to return to work full-time. He unenthusiastically congratulated her and explained that he was concerned that she was "pushing it." She suggested that he could quit one or both of his jobs, especially since he was "bordering on corporate espionage." He wanted to keep both, as he wanted to knock out her medical bills faster and put some money away for T.J.'s tuition. She feared that Jax would find out that Curtis was also working for Valentin, but he promised that he would handle it.

Michael arrived at Sonny's and informed his father that Sasha was sicker than everyone had thought. He updated Sonny on Sasha's condition and about Cassandra. Sonny remembered turning her business proposition down and thought that Cassandra had tried to get at Sonny through Michael. However, Michael countered that Cassandra had wanted to get to Nina as payback.

Jax arrived at the hospital, and Monica explained to him about Sasha's condition. She continued that the Department of Health would contact him, but he would also need to be tested for the bird flu and put on antiviral medication as a preventive measure. Monica feared that they hadn't caught Sasha's illness in time. Jax wondered how only Sasha had gotten sick. Monica replied that it was a "matter of law enforcement" and that it had been "no accident."

Jason bumped into Cameron at the hospital, and Cameron explained that he was there to talk to Franco's doctors. He explained that he'd stumbled upon the philosopher Descartes and the philosophy "I think, therefore I am." He thought that it would help Franco to start thinking that he was Franco, but then he dismissed it as a dumb idea. Jason promised to arrange a meeting for Cameron and Franco's doctors through Monica.

Cameron realized that Jason had been in Franco's situation and asked many questions about it. Jason explained that his family had wanted him to be someone he wasn't, and it had taken years to form new relationships with his family members. Cameron exploded that his brothers didn't have years to wait for Franco to "figure out that they matter." Jason advised Cameron not to pressure Franco, but Cameron thought that Franco needed to "suck it up, come home, and try."

A short while later, Jason found Monica, who had a favor to ask of him. She was afraid that Franco would "bolt" before he had a chance to find out about what Drew had been like growing up. Jason admitted that "it may already be too late." Jason revealed that Drew had figured out in high school that Alan was his father after seeing a picture of Jason in the paper. Drew had assumed that he had been unwanted, which Monica disputed, and Jason assured her that he'd tried to tell Franco. Monica wanted to talk to him, but Jason advised her to let Franco be.

Monica needed to reach out to Franco to let him know that Drew should have been a Quartermaine "from day one." Jason warned that she probably wouldn't get through to him the first few tries, but she vowed to keep trying so that they could learn each other's stories. Jason apologized for the way he'd treated the family and admitted that it had taken too long to see the family's perspective. "You're you, and that's all that matters," Monica assured him, and she gave him a hug.

In Elizabeth's doorway, Franco figured that he and Elizabeth needed to have a conversation, and she invited him in. She showed him some of Jake's art and offered him some of Aiden's cookies, attempting to jog his memory. In the process, he asked her not to refer to him as Franco, and she insisted that she hadn't meant to offend him. He figured that no one had, except for Liesl, who'd tried to slap sense into him. "That sounds like Liesl," Elizabeth said as she smirked.

Franco explained that Liesl had told him to "get out of Franco's way," but he thought everyone would be better off not being around a killer. He rattled off Franco's crimes that he'd read online, but Elizabeth explained to him about the brain tumor. She informed him that she and her kids loved Franco and would do anything to get him back. She continued that Drew was tracking down Andre, who could potentially reverse the procedure, and Franco related that Drew had left that part of his trip out.

Franco stated that, as soon as his ankle monitor was taken off, he would leave town. Elizabeth protested, but Franco talked about how reversing the procedure would be the end of him and the life he'd been robbed of. "You're robbing me of my husband," she shot back. He replied that he didn't remember marrying her, so wearing a wedding band was dishonest. He took it off and handed it to her, but when she didn't take it, he put it down on the coffee table.

Cameron returned home and was happy to see Franco there. He introduced himself and added, "You saved me. I owe you more than I can repay." Cameron invited Franco to stay for dinner, since Jake and Aiden would be home soon, but Franco wanted to "take things slow." He went to the door to leave, but Cameron stopped him. He thought that Franco owed it to the family to be there for them.

Franco said that he couldn't be something he wasn't, and he left. Cameron slammed the door behind him and caught sight of Franco's wedding ring. He went on a tirade about "Drew" stealing Franco's life. He began to cry and stormed upstairs. Elizabeth took the opportunity to make a phone call, and she told someone on the phone that she needed a lawyer.

At the hospital, Valentin was on the phone with Charlotte, who told him all about her softball game. She promised that Lulu had taken a video. She handed the phone back to Lulu and ran off. Lulu asked about Sasha and asked him to tell Nina that she was praying for them. She assured him that Charlotte was fine, and Valentin promised to stay in touch.

When Valentin was off the phone, Nina asked him to find Cassandra for her, "alive or dead." Valentin promised to take care of things, but he refused to answer any specific questions about how. "Take care of Sasha. I'll take care of the rest," he vowed, and he kissed her.

A short while later, Valentin was gone, and Jax arrived to visit with Nina. He wondered what he could do to help, but Nina lashed out at him for not caring about her or Sasha. She divulged that she knew about his secret file on Cassandra, and she informed him that Cassandra had almost killed Sasha. She told him about Puerto Rico and showed him the picture she'd been sent. She demanded to know where Cassandra was, but he insisted that he had nothing to do with the woman. She accused him of lying, but he suggested that she look more closely at Valentin's relationship with Cassandra. She concluded that she didn't want to be his friend, so he left, and she sat down and cried.

At the police station, Robert struggled to look through his paper files. Mac suggested that his brother learn how to use the new software, but Robert insisted that he liked the feel of paper. Mac joked that "all good things must end," including his days as acting commissioner. Robert kept suggesting that Mac keep the job until Jordan entered with her good news. Mac insisted that the talk about Mac staying was "just my brother running his mouth." Just then, Curtis got a text from Valentin that read, "Must see you ASAP," so he left.

Sonny and Michael entered and told Jordan and Mac about Cassandra, but Mac revealed that they already knew all about Sasha's case. Sonny ripped into the police for not doing enough to locate Cassandra, and he vowed to find the woman himself. Sonny walked out, but Robert asked Michael to stay so he could ask a few more questions about Michael's time at the island.

When Michael was in the interrogation room, Jordan asked to "clear the air" with Mac. She knew that he'd enjoyed himself, and she admitted that she wouldn't mind keeping him around. She revealed that there was a vacancy as Chief of Detectives, and she wanted Mac to fill it. Mac realized that Robert had known about it. Jordan shook his hand and welcomed him back to the department.

In the interrogation room, Michael was on the phone with Diane and insisted that he didn't need her there. Robert entered the room as Michael ended the call, and Michael said that his lawyer had instructed him to remind Robert that Michael was there for "voluntary cooperation." Robert "noted" it, and he appreciated Michael's cooperation. He'd read the report of Michael's account of events, but he thought that hearing it from Michael could produce a clue to put them on Cassandra's trail. Michael agreed, and he thought he knew how to find Cassandra.

In the park, Charlotte wondered when she could go back to Wyndemere. Lulu gently reminded her that Valentin and Nina were taking care of Sasha at the hospital. Rocco ran in and whined that he wanted to go home. Lulu told him that he couldn't quit. Rocco demanded to know why it was all right for Dante to quit, but not him.

Dustin approached with Rocco's glove, and Lulu introduced the two. She suggested that Dustin could give Rocco some tips. A few minutes later, Rocco and Dustin were playing catch when Lulu directed Rocco back to the field. "Dustin is cool," Rocco whispered to his mother, and he ran back to the game. She relayed the message to Dustin, and he commented, "Best review ever!"

Curtis found Valentin at the hospital, and Valentin begged Curtis to help protect Valentin's family. Curtis asked for a couple days to reach out to his contacts, but Valentin clarified that he needed Curtis to track Cassandra and find her before the WSB did. Jax overheard as Curtis replied that he would try to find Cassandra and turn her over to the WSB. However, Valentin asked him to find the woman and turn her over to him without asking any questions.

"Go away, Jax," Nina said to the approaching footsteps. However, Sonny greeted her and told her that he might be able to help her out. He suggested that she get Valentin so they could tell Sonny about their history with Cassandra. He wanted to do something to make sure that she didn't hurt anyone again. Nina wished him luck, but he asked why Sasha was the target because of her. "Keep wondering," she replied, and she asked him to leave. He told her that he wasn't done with her yet, but Jax interrupted, asking if there was a problem.

Valentin instructs Curtis to catch Cassandra

Valentin instructs Curtis to catch Cassandra

Thursday, August 29, 2019

At Charlie's, Hayden sat at the bar and asked someone if "she went to bed with no trouble." She added that she'd received the art project and looked at the finger-painting. "Give her a kiss from Mommy," she said, ending the call.

Next to the bar at Charlie's, Alexis was doing some work on her computer when she decided to do a search for "MakeMeAMatch." She searched for ByrneBrain, Neil's profile name, and stumbled upon his profile. "Is that Dr. Byrne?" Molly exclaimed, standing behind Alexis. Alexis gasped and slammed her laptop shut. She asked about Molly's article for the Invader, and Molly revealed that she was there to get some work done before meeting T.J. Molly wondered if her mother was signing up for a dating site, and she thought it was a good idea for Alexis. "How long has it been since you dated Finn?" Molly asked, piquing Hayden's curiosity.

Hayden approached Alexis and Molly's table and clarified that she'd heard that Alexis had dated Finn. "For a brief time," Alexis answered, not wanting to say anything else. Molly announced that she was going to get her own table so she could finish her article on the Cassadines. Hayden thought the subject was "fascinating," but Alexis thought that the Cassadines needed no help looking "awful." Hayden countered that not all Cassadines were bad, as she was Nikolas' widow. She offered to sit and talk to Molly, but an unenthusiastic Molly said that they could talk another time, so Hayden left. Molly told Alexis that Alexis should consider signing up for the dating site, and she set up shop at another table.

Alexis opened her laptop as Neil entered, and she shut it again. "Funny meeting you here," Alexis said to him. Her phone went off, so she answered the client's call as he sat at the bar. She opened up her computer, and he noticed his profile up. She ended the call and slammed her laptop shut. He sat down with her, and she promised that she'd only seen his picture and not his details.

Neil offered for Alexis to ask him anything she wanted to know, so she asked a couple basic questions. He revealed that his profile said that he was looking for something "uncomplicated." However, he thought he should edit it, and he described what he was looking for. He ended with, "Someone like you." They agreed to meet up again, and Alexis left.

Finn sat with Sasha and informed her that he'd ordered another round of medication at a higher dose. She asked about her odds, but he answered that any odds he gave her would just be a guess. He cited "mind over matter" and told her about his fight with Blackwood's Syndrome. He believed that he wouldn't have beaten it if he wasn't a fighter, and he wondered if she was a fighter. She nodded, and he urged her not to give up, as he wasn't ready to give up.

In the interrogation room, Michael remembered having breakfast with Cassandra and catching a glimpse of a bottle of Betaferremax in her purse. He remembered it because ELQ had once tried to get a patent for it. The FDA had withheld the approval, and it was eventually banned in many countries. He figured that if she needed to take the medication regularly, she would need to go to one of the few countries where it was legal. Robert praised Michael for giving him "the best lead we've had all month," and he left the room.

At her own table at Charlie's, Hayden remembered some good times she'd had with Finn and got up to leave. He entered as she reached the door, and she quickly rolled up the art project in her hand. He asked about it, and she claimed that Aiden had done some finger-painting for her. She'd realized that he was too old for finger-painting and joked that she wasn't good with kids. Robert entered as the two shared a laugh and asked for a minute with Finn. Hayden left, and Robert wanted Finn's help tracking down Cassandra. He told Finn about the drug and wondered where it was still legal. Finn answered that the most organized area was Bolivia.

T.J. entered the police station to surprise Jordan, and she was happy to see him. He thought that she should take it easy, but Jordan reminded him that she had medical bills to pay. She figured that between her job and Curtis' jobs, they could also put some money away for T.J.'s schooling. T.J. insisted that he could do it himself, but Jordan advised him to count his blessings.

T.J. joked that Jordan sounded like Stella, and they both thought she seemed to be having a great time in Europe with her cousin. T.J. thought it was strange that the ancestry site had first indicated a closer relation, but Jordan explained that the error was apparently fairly common. He wasn't so sure, but he had to go meet Molly, so he hugged his mother and left. Jordan opened a piece of mail and seemed disappointed at what she read in the letter.

T.J. met up with Molly at Charlie's, and she was frustrated with how little progress she'd made on her article. "Families are complicated," he related, and he told her about the ancestry website's mistake. After having taken multiple genetics classes, he thought it was impossible for the site to mistake a close relative with a distant cousin. Hayden returned and handed her card to Molly, and she urged Molly to keep in touch about the article.

Valentin asked Curtis to protect Nina and Sasha by finding Cassandra and turning her over to Valentin. Curtis didn't want any part of a murder, but Valentin insisted that Curtis was jumping to conclusions. He offered Curtis five million dollars to do the job. Curtis revealed that there were some lines he wouldn't cross, and he walked away. Curtis' phone went off, and Jordan asked to meet him for dinner to talk about "how to proceed from here."

Sonny asked Nina why she'd made Sasha a target for Cassandra, but Nina only asked him to leave. He refused, but Jax entered and wondered if there was a problem. Sonny demanded to know why Sasha and Michael had been "caught in a drug lord's crosshairs." Jax wanted to know, but he thought that "now isn't the time." Sonny expressed that he hoped Sasha pulled through, and he left. Nina wanted to thank Jax, but she thought Jax wanted to provoke Sonny more than defend her.

Jax admitted that it was "a bit of both," but he relished the chance to call Sonny out when he was behaving badly. He divulged that he knew what Nina and Valentin were up to, and he knew that Curtis had been working with Valentin as a spy all along. Michael and Valentin entered, and Michael kept walking so he could visit Sasha. Jax told Nina that they would talk when Sasha was better and that he would be "in my office, changing my locks."

A short while later, Jax arrived at the Metro Court and found Curtis sitting at the bar. He called Curtis out on working at Aurora under false pretenses and accessing Jax's personal files. He asked if the job was over, and a silent Curtis nodded. Jax fired Curtis and walked away. As Curtis was about to call Valentin, Jordan entered and informed him that their insurance wasn't covering as much of her bills as they'd originally thought. He thought that they should cut some costs, but she figured that it wasn't a big deal between their jobs.

Sonny entered the Metro Court and told Jax that they both had reasons to want to stop Cassandra. Jax promised to let Sonny know if he got a location on her, and Sonny said that he would do the same. Sonny had observed that Nina was hiding something about Cassandra, and he advised Jax to look into it.

Valentin asked Nina how much Jax knew, and Nina replied, "All of it." Valentin believed that Jax had overheard a conversation he'd had with Curtis, and he promised to handle things with Curtis. Valentin still thought that Jax had a connection to Cassandra, but Nina believed Jax didn't. While she still felt that he had an agenda, she didn't believe that it was malicious. She wondered if Valentin had any leads on Cassandra's location. His phone went off, and he revealed, "I may in a moment." He answered the phone to Curtis, who informed Valentin that Jax had fired him. He wanted to talk more about Valentin's previous offer.

Michael entered Sasha's room and thought that she was looking better already. Sasha was just happy that she hadn't gotten anyone else sick, as she wouldn't have been able to live with herself. Michael wondered if Sasha wanted him to call any family to let them know that she was in the hospital, but she didn't answer. He gently called her out on deflecting every time he asked about her past. He promised that he didn't care about her past, only her, and that he was "in it for the long haul." She admitted that she was afraid to lose him, but he swore that she wouldn't. She vowed to tell him everything as soon as she got out of the hospital, as he deserved to know, "even if you won't like it."

Elizabeth and Scott make a plan

Elizabeth and Scott make a plan

Friday, August 30, 2019

A shirtless Julian rushed to answer a knock at the pub door. He opened it to a distraught Ava, who complained that she'd received a letter from Ryan. He hastily donned his shirt as she read the letter that called her Ryan's "precious goddess." She explained that she'd gone to visit Ryan in the hopes that he would let her go and give her peace. Ava added that, on the contrary, his grip had only grown tighter. Julian suggested she tear it up and wondered why she'd opened it in the first place.

Ava continued to read parts of the letter out loud. "You belong to me, I to you," she read. She didn't think Ryan should be allowed to write to her, but Julian wondered if she had been thinking about Ryan herself. Ava agreed that she had -- but with loathing and disgust. She thought that he should have died when she'd stabbed him.

Just then, Kendra walked in and took a seat at a table. Alexis arrived soon after and sat down with her new trainer. Kendra explained the plan she had for Alexis, although Alexis suggested she merely cut out her junk food and do more exercising. Julian walked over and asked to borrow Alexis, who introduced him to Kendra. Ava stopped next and asked Alexis for legal advice. She wanted to know if Ryan could be stopped from writing to her. Alexis told her that was not possible.

Alexis suggested that Ava write "refused" on the envelopes and send the letters back without reading them. She maintained that there was nothing legal they could do about it. Ava was annoyed and walked off, and Julian thanked Alexis awkwardly. He made a snide comment about his sister and left. Kendra remarked that Julian appeared to think a lot of Alexis. "Don't go there," Alexis said.

Kendra handed Alexis her analysis, and Alexis' eyes widened as she read it. She thought it quite "rigorous," but Kendra explained that Alexis needed a new relationship with her body. Alexis asked if Kendra was trying to kill her.

Over at the bar, Julian urged Ava to tear up the letter because she was only giving Ryan power over her. He thought she should show indifference. He added that Ryan was locked up and couldn't hurt her anymore. Ava began to rip the letter but stopped herself and folded it instead.

In Peter's room at Metro Court, he and Maxie lay in bed. Peter woke up slowly and flashed back to the conversation he'd had with Shiloh, who had threatened Peter if Peter didn't help him. Maxie opened her eyes and noticed that Peter was upset. He told her they needed to tell each other the whole truth, and he admitted that he was even worse than Shiloh.

Maxie assured him there was no comparison, and he had been an innocent victim and a good person. Peter was exasperated and told her he needed to talk. He revealed that he had been the one responsible for everything that had happened to Jason and Drew. Maxie reminded him that Helena Cassadine and Faison had been the ones to blame, and Peter had kept Jason alive. Peter disagreed.

Peter disclosed that he had hidden Jason in order to use him, and he'd been on the project from the beginning. He'd planned Drew's abduction with Helena. Maxie refused to believe him as Peter sniffled and continued to talk. He added that he'd been in Afghanistan with Helena when Shiloh had delivered Drew to her. He wasn't innocent and was as guilty as the others.

A distraught Maxie voiced how she'd let Peter into her life and heart as well as James's life. She loved Peter. He replied that he loved her, too, and was sorry. He whimpered that he'd helped to destroy the lives of Jason, Drew, and Franco. Shiloh had blackmailed him. Maxie announced that she would take care of Shiloh, but just then, Jason burst through the door with a gun.

Jason shot Peter, who woke up with a gasp. He told Maxie that he'd had a bad dream about losing her, and she promised she wasn't going anywhere. Peter claimed to have received a message about a business meeting, and he would have to end their day earlier than planned. "It's not the end of the world, right?" Maxie asked.

Kristina was suspicious of Sam's invitation to meet for breakfast at Metro Court and realized that Sam was trying to keep her busy during Shiloh's hearing. Kristina acknowledged that she couldn't wait to testify for the prosecution, and she'd been practicing her boxing skills in order to protect herself should the need arise. Kristina admitted that she hated herself for accepting Shiloh's "BS" but added that he no longer had any power over her.

Mac and Felicia sat at another table with James. Mac talked about bonding with his grandson, and he revealed that he had something to tell Felicia. He announced that he was no longer commissioner of police, and Felicia smiled broadly. She exclaimed that she was thrilled to have Mac by her side once more. Mac replied that there was more; Jordan had offered him a permanent position as chief of detectives, and he'd wanted to run it past Felicia first.

Mac admitted that he wanted to accept the position, and Felicia was even more thrilled than before. She wanted him to take the job. Mac was confused. Felicia maintained that she knew how much he loved police work, and she had loved running the Floating Rib on her own. She'd even made some changes and increased their revenue. She also got the added plus of missing him all day. Mac confessed that he'd noticed, and the couple flirted.

Jason encountered Franco at Oscar's Meadow. Franco wasn't too happy to see "my father's favorite son," and he noted that he was visiting the son he hadn't known. Franco noted that he was glad he was no longer Franco with the terrible past, and he thought he'd done the world a favor. Jason replied that many of the people he loved felt different about it, and he didn't enjoy watching them hurt.

Jason assured Franco that it was not only Elizabeth who was hurting but Monica who hadn't known Drew had even existed and had questions. Franco declared that he couldn't be the man Elizabeth wanted, and he would leave town as soon as his ankle monitor was removed. He would go where his identity wouldn't be questioned.

Jason noted that everything Franco had was Franco's and not Drew's, but Franco insisted he had nothing. Jason stated that Franco had made promises to Elizabeth, and he wondered if Franco would break those promises. Jason walked off.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Chase informed Shiloh that his hearing had been delayed. Shiloh asked about Wiley. Chase replied that the boy was safe with his fathers, and Willow was safe with him. Shiloh noted that he'd be free soon, but Chase retorted that wasn't happening. Alexis walked in, looking for her own client.

Shiloh noted that his own court-appointed attorney had recommended he plead guilty. He noted that he had been thinking about those people who had made his life better, like Sam and Kristina. He added that Kristina had taught him the most "satisfying and enduring lessons," and he asked how she was. "Quiet!" Chase shouted. Shiloh continued that Sam and Kristina would never forget him. Alexis thought Shiloh should be muzzled, and she left the room.

Chase looked at his phone, and Shiloh suggested that Chase show him a photo of Wiley because he assumed Chase had some. "Watch it!" Chase shouted again as he leaned over and drew up close to Shiloh. He left the room to check on the hearing, and Shiloh began to bang on the table. "I don't belong here," he exclaimed. "Yes, you do," Peter said as he walked into the room.

Peter made it clear that he was working on helping Shiloh, but it would take time. Shiloh threatened to expose Peter and told him to work harder. Shiloh said that people should learn that secrets weren't safe. He was anxious because his hearing was drawing close, but Peter thought that things would work out. Chase returned and asked why Peter was there.

Peter announced that he had an exclusive with Shiloh for the Invader, and he would have assumed that Chase had heard that from Robert. Chase replied that he hadn't heard, but he didn't expect anyone to read that garbage. He removed Shiloh's handcuff from the table and accompanied him to the hearing.

Elizabeth and Kim bumped into each other at General Hospital. Kim announced that she and Julian were leaving town as soon as Charlie's was sold. Elizabeth wondered if Kim had been avoiding her because she'd been busy or because of Franco. Kim apologized for not returning Elizabeth's calls, but she hadn't known what to say. She was aware that Elizabeth had seen the crazy kiss between her and Franco.

Kim called the kiss "disconcerting," and she said that Franco had also asked about Oscar. Kim confessed that while she saw Franco when she looked at him, she heard Drew whenever he spoke. She was aware he wasn't Drew, and she was with Julian. She assumed that Elizabeth planned on resuming her life with Franco.

Elizabeth confirmed that she was waiting for Andre to return, and Kim hoped that he would be able to reverse the memory transfer before she left town. She wanted to know that Elizabeth was happy when it was time for her to leave.

Back at Metro Court, Kristina and Sam joked and argued about the toss of the bridal bouquet at Carly's marriage renewal. Jason arrived, and Kristina teased the couple about it. The trio sat in a booth, and Kristina confessed that she was envious of Sam and Jason, but Sam was certain that Kristina would be happy one day. Kristina admitted that she'd been working on herself. She had to leave but related that she was happy that Shiloh would be going to Pentonville.

After Kristina had gone, Jason noted that she was really back to being herself. Sam couldn't believe that she didn't have to worry about her sister any longer. Jason mentioned that he'd run into Franco at Oscar's Meadow, and Franco was determined to leave town. Jason admitted that he'd almost offered money but had tried to get through to Franco for Elizabeth's sake instead. Jason didn't think anyone would be able to convince Franco to stay.

Maxie found Felicia and Mac with a sleeping James. She heard her parents' latest news, and she announced that she and Peter were "madly in love."

Scott showed up at Elizabeth's house after he received a summons from her. Elizabeth told him that Franco had shown up and had been upset about a possible memory reversal after Andre's arrival back in Port Charles. Franco had threatened to leave. Scott reminded Elizabeth that Franco had the ankle monitor, but she knew that it wouldn't last.

Scott admitted that he had even tried to get Bobbie to quarantine Franco at the hospital, and she'd tossed a drink in his face. Elizabeth thought that she had a legal plan that Franco would eventually understand when he was himself again. She told Scott that, by law, she was able to make choices for Franco if he wasn't in his right mind. She could have him committed to Shadybrook and then make his choice for the memory reversal. She thought it was the only way.

Scott thought it was possible, but he wasn't keen on the idea of locking Franco up. Elizabeth stressed that Franco was incapable of making any decisions, although Scott was reluctant. He was worried that Franco would hate them, but Elizabeth reminded him it would only be temporary. Scott worried that the reversal might not work, but Elizabeth told him that Franco had promised he'd be back.

Scott was upset. He'd just found out he had a son, and he didn't want to give him up. He agreed to help Elizabeth, and he headed for the door. He would get the ball rolling. Elizabeth closed the door and muttered that she wanted it rushed in case Franco persuaded Kim to be with him.

At Oscar's Meadow, Kim said hello to her son and told him she'd miss talking to him there. She told him she would be making a new start in Manhattan, but he'd always be with her. She was startled when Franco approached her, and he asked why she hadn't told him about Oscar's Meadow. Kim declared that she hadn't had a chance. She explained that the Quartermaines had gotten together with the city to arrange for the spot.

Kim proceeded to tell Franco about Oscar's memorial and how they'd scattered wildflower seeds after the service. Everyone in attendance had shared moments they'd had with Oscar. Franco asked what Kim had shared, and she told him how she'd encouraged him to have a relationship with his father. Kim also told him that Oscar had planned out the memorial, and Franco compared the trait to Kim's old habit of making lists.

Franco wished he had known his son, and maybe things would have been different. Kim declared that she was in a relationship, and Franco replied that he knew about it. Kim told him the relationship was very serious, and she admitted that it was her first serious relationship since she'd been with Drew. They reminisced about the CD that Drew had made for Kim in the past. Kim acknowledged that Oscar had made a copy for Drew to try to get him to remember that past, but he hadn't.

Franco declared that he recalled every second with Kim, but she thought it was a bad idea to talk about it. As she turned, he grabbed her hand and told her he would be leaving town.

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