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Things heated up between Lulu and Dustin. Dev overheard Sonny and Carly make plans about his future. Brad appealed to Julian to kill Liesl. Liz warned Kim to leave Franco alone. Tamron Hall agreed to be featured on Crimson's October issue.
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Brad appealed to Julian to kill Liesl
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Julian learns Wiley's true identity

Julian learns Wiley's true identity

Monday, September 9, 2019

Sam and Jason sat at the counter in Kelly's and talked about Drew's missing plane. Sam noted that she was unable to get any further information from the aviation company, and it had been almost 24 hours since Drew had gone missing. Jason filled her in on Andre's stabbing, and the pair realized that the two cases could be related. Sam didn't think Shiloh could be responsible. Jason received a phone call from Jordan, requesting that he and Sam meet her and Curtis at the police station.

Outside of Kelly's, Scott spoke to Franco on the phone. Franco told Scott he wanted his freedom, or he'd have to find a new lawyer. Elizabeth stood with Scott, and she declared that Franco wanted to be with the woman he loved, and it wasn't her. Elizabeth informed Scott that Cameron had seen Franco and Kim kissing, and he'd heard Franco invite Kim to go away with him. Kim had been noncommittal.

Scott noted that Franco's ankle monitor would be removed soon, but he was still working on a plan. Elizabeth confirmed that she was ready to file the paperwork to commit Franco in order for Andre to perform a reverse memory transfer. Scott thought she might risk losing Franco. Elizabeth was aware of the risks, but she didn't think she had a choice. She wanted her husband back.

Scott asked what would happen if the procedure didn't work. He thought Franco would be confined and would hate them. Elizabeth wanted to speak to Andre. She saw Jason and Sam leaving, and she asked about Drew. Sam announced that they were on the way to see Jordan about Drew and would keep Elizabeth posted. Scott informed Elizabeth that he had a Plan B, and he would do what he did best.

Sonny paid a visit to Julian at Charlie's Pub and offered to have the bar pass inspection. Sonny drank some "bad coffee," and Julian admitted that Sonny's coffee had too steep a price. Sonny stated that he would help Olivia to make the bar a success, but he had a goodbye gift for Julian. He handed him an envelope. Julian opened it to reveal a wad of cash.

Sonny stated that Julian had something he wanted, but Julian noted his distaste for doing any business with Sonny. Sonny mentioned that he wanted to buy the old photos on the wall that Mike liked so much and that connected him with the past. Julian replied that they weren't for sale, and Sonny called Julian "classless."

Julian stated that he had a box of photos, and he would just give the box to Mike because Mike was a "good guy." He hoped Leo would look after him the way that Sonny looked after Mike. Julian offered to take the box to Mike himself, and Sonny admitted that he would withdraw the classless comment. Sonny received a text message from Scott.

Michael ran into Willow at General Hospital, and she was thrilled to announce that she'd interviewed for a pediatric teaching position. Michael promised to put in a good word for her. He told her that Sasha was recovering and that it looked like a long overdue "good spell" was hitting them. Brad appeared with Wiley in his arms, and Michael took the fussy baby from him. Brad disclosed that he had picked up his son from daycare because he'd been fussy there, as well.

Michael mentioned that he'd run into Liesl, who had commented how lucky Wiley was to have two loving dads. "That witch!" Brad exclaimed. Willow was perplexed, and Michael added that Liesl had seemed sincere. Brad thought that Liesl was more dangerous when she was sincere, and he had to leave. Michael offered to watch Wiley with Willow until Bobbie arrived to get Wiley, and Brad agreed. "You're my whole life. Never forget that," Brad whispered to his son as he kissed the child.

Willow admitted she had mixed feelings for being with Wiley, but she got to enjoy him. Michael admired her for putting her son ahead of herself, and he declared that he wasn't afraid that Willow would run off with the baby. Willow told Wiley that his godfather was terrific. She thought that Michael had "a way with little ones." They sat down on a bench with Wiley on Willow's lap.

Willow told Michael he was never naive or cynical and always looked for the good. Willow was anxious to hear about the new job, and she was more excited knowing she could be near Wiley every day. She apologized for being inconsiderate, but Michael was happy for her. Suddenly, Michael looked at the boy closely and noted that he didn't look like Shiloh. Willow didn't think he looked like her, either, and Michael assumed it was the blond hair.

Michael and Willow joked about the appearance of babies, and Michael stated that if photographs of him, Josslyn, and Wiley were lined up, they'd look like triplets.

Monica stood in Andre's room and looked at his chart. She told him he was doing well, and Andre mentioned how grateful he was to the staff. Andre confessed that he'd returned to town to help Franco, and perhaps his stabbing had been karma. Monica was worried that Andre would perform the reversal procedure and be successful. She wanted to know about Drew's life.

Later, Elizabeth stopped by to see Andre, who admitted he'd like to reverse time and destroy his research, but he had promised Drew he'd try to help Franco. Elizabeth wanted to know if he could actually help Franco, and Andre replied that that had been the reason for his return to town. He added that Franco might not agree to it, and there were many risks.

Elizabeth promised she would work on Franco, and Andre informed her that the procedure wasn't guaranteed. He told her the odds were one in four, and he listed the possible outcomes. He told her it could work, there could be no effect, Drew's memories could intensify, or Franco could end up in a permanent vegetative state.

At the police station, Jordan and Curtis looked at the map of Drew's presumed flight. Curtis only hoped that someone had spotted the plane. Jordan noted that Robert didn't believe there had been a hostile action, and Drew had been the only passenger on board. Sam and Jason arrived, and the four studied the map. Sam stated that the plane could be anywhere or nowhere.

Sam revealed that she had been shut out of getting any information from the aviation company. Jordan confirmed that the pilot and copilot had originally checked out but had actually not existed, and they'd only been names on paper. Curtis realized the pilot was anonymous, and Jason cited that Andre's attacker had also been unknown.

Jason explained that Drew had been going to Afghanistan to return money that Shiloh had stolen, and Jordan realized there were two cases after hearing the details about Drew and his retrieval of Andre. Sam pointed out that they had to be related, and Curtis suggested that someone had wanted to stop both men. Jordan announced that she hadn't spoken to Andre yet, since he'd been recovering, but she would plan to do that.

Jordan received a phone call from the International Aviation Agency and spoke to someone briefly. After ending the call, she announced that the WSB had located the wreckage of Drew's plane in the Gulf of Aden. There had been no sign of any survivors. Jordan expressed her desire to meet with Robert, and she left the room. Curtis told Sam that he thought Drew would be okay.

Franco was doing pushups in his Metro Court hotel room when he heard a knock at the door. It was Monica, and she asked to be allowed inside. She called him Drew, and Franco appreciated it. Monica revealed that she had never been able to experience Drew's past, and she wanted to know about it. Franco explained that Drew had given him some money that he'd probably use up, but the hotel and ankle monitor were temporary.

Monica offered to give Franco additional money, but he declined. Monica told him she could slow down his release process, but she wouldn't want him to stay against his will. She had all kinds of questions and asked him about his favorite movie. Franco replied that his favorite was Lawrence of Arabia, except for during the holidays, when it was It's a Wonderful Life. Franco liked the premise of it. Monica agreed that it was her favorite, too.

Monica wanted to know more, and Franco admitted he had time and would tell her everything. He thought that Scott was trying to make a move to keep Franco's ankle monitor on, and he would appreciate Monica's influence. She agreed to help, and they shook hands. She offered Franco a place to stay, but he declined that, as well.

There was a knock at the door, and Monica opened it to reveal Jason. He was surprised to see Monica but told her he had some news for her, too.

As Sonny left Charlie's to meet with Scott, Brad arrived to see Julian. They made small talk about Wiley. "Bon Voyage!" Sonny called out to Julian as he walked out. Brad announced that they had a problem, and its name was Obrecht. Julian ordered Brad to "stop borrowing trouble," but Brad disclosed that Liesl had been present when Wiley had been born because she had delivered him.

Julian was confused at first, and Brad called it a "cosmic joke." Julian couldn't understand, but slowly, he began to piece things together. He realized that Wiley was Sonny's grandson, and Brad had dragged him into it. Brad tried to run out, but Julian grabbed his arm in anger.

Sonny met with Scott outside of Charlie's, where Scott told him he needed Franco. He thought that Sonny was his only hope. Sonny wondered why he would help Franco, but Scott reminded him of Franco's many acts of heroism. Sonny reminded Scott that Franco also had a history, but Scott replied that everyone did.

Scott continued that Franco's history had been stolen from him, and he added that both he and Sonny knew what it was like to have lost their children. He was imploring Sonny from one father to another. Scott explained that he might have to detain Franco from leaving, and he was hopeful that Sonny could help to keep Franco in town if Scott was unable to keep things legal. Sonny stated that he would do his best.

Josslyn skips school

Josslyn skips school

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

It suddenly clicked for Julian where Brad had really gotten Wiley. He pushed Brad into a chair and demanded that he tell Julian the whole story. Brad told Julian every detail, including Liesl delivering Nelle's baby, and Nelle's idea to swap Brad's deceased child with her own. While Brad rationalized Nelle's reasoning for swapping babies, Julian called Brad naive and said that Brad had played right into the sociopath's hands. Brad knew that what he'd done had been stupid, but he wasn't sorry about it.

Brad continued that he'd overheard Liesl talking about "Wiley's real parents" on the Haunted Star, and he'd panicked. Julian was shocked that Brad had tried to kill Liesl. Brad informed Julian that he and Liesl had a "supposed truce," but he didn't trust her, so he needed Julian to kill her. As customers entered Charlie's, Julian quietly reminded Brad that Nelle was also a problem. However, Brad thought that Nelle had no reason to talk. Brad said that Lucas would lose everything if Julian didn't take care of Liesl, who could talk "at any time for any reason."

Maxie and Peter entered the hospital so that Maxie could gift Sasha a new robe. They agreed to have a picnic with James after the visit, but Peter needed to make a phone call while Maxie went into Sasha's room. On the phone, Peter asked someone why Andre was still alive. He conceded that Drew had been dealt with like Peter had asked, with a wreck and no body. However, Andre was a problem and couldn't be allowed to perform any procedure on Franco. Just then, someone hit Peter from behind, and he jumped.

Peter turned and saw Wyatt, the Port Charles Pioneer Scout who'd found Peter when Liesl had held him hostage. As Wyatt's mother chased after him, the boy begged Peter to save his life, since he'd once saved Peter's. He explained that his mother wanted him to get a tonsillectomy, but he didn't want to go through the pain. Peter asked if Wyatt had missed anything fun all the times he'd been sick due to his tonsils, and Wyatt confirmed that he had. As Maxie watched, unseen, Peter assured Wyatt that he would be sick a lot less, so he wouldn't miss out on anything, and he would get a lot of ice cream after the surgery.

Peter reminded Wyatt of how brave he'd been when he'd found Peter in the cabin, and he urged the boy to be that brave again. Wyatt finally agreed, and he was glad that he'd bumped into Peter. Wyatt's mother thanked Peter, and they walked away. Peter spotted a smiling Maxie, who called him amazing. Peter wanted to be the man she thought he was, but he believed that he wasn't. She countered that he was a good person, and she would help him see that. The two shared a kiss and left to pick up James.

As Kim waited for the elevator at the hospital, she remembered the kiss she'd shared with Franco. Elizabeth stepped off the elevator, and Kim asked how she and the boys were holding up. Elizabeth answered that Cameron had been a lot of help in convincing Jake and Aiden that everything would be all right, but it had been made more difficult when she'd learned about Kim and Franco's kiss. Kim immediately apologized, and Elizabeth reminded Kim that Franco wasn't actually Drew.

Elizabeth insisted that Andre would fix Franco, which would only make Kim's pain worse. Kim explained that it had felt "incredible" to finally be able to share memories of her past with someone, even if it hadn't been with the real Drew. Elizabeth urged Kim to stop feeding into Franco's delusions and stay away from him. Kim acknowledged that Elizabeth was right.

Jason arrived at Franco's room and was glad to see that Monica was there, as what he had to say concerned both of them. He told them about recent events concerning Drew and Andre, up to the news of Drew's plane going down. Franco recognized that it tied back to him, but Jason had no idea who was behind it. He offered to take Monica home, but she wanted to go to the hospital and call the WSB. Jason and Monica made their way to the door so that he could drive her. Franco asked Jason to let him know of any updates, and Jason agreed.

Later, after dropping Monica off at her office, Jason put in a call to Franco. Franco guessed that he was probably next on the hit list, and Jason advised him to watch his back. He offered to help protect Franco if he felt like he needed it, and Franco appreciated the offer. "I was under the impression we couldn't stand each other," Franco commented. Jason answered that too many people would be hurt if Franco was dead, and he hung up. "Copy that," Franco muttered.

Minutes later, Franco was on the phone, asking about a one-way ticket to San Diego, when he was startled by a knock on his door. He ended the call and cautiously opened the door to Kim. He was happy that she was there, as he had something to tell her, but she interrupted him. She told him that, as amazing as their moment in the park had been, things were not real and couldn't last, and she couldn't leave with him. In response, he told her about Drew's "accident." Franco knew that "this body isn't mine," but Drew's body was "at the bottom of the ocean.

At the hospital, Elizabeth called Scott and informed him that things had gotten "problematic." She said that she wanted to get everything in order to commit Franco, and she suddenly noticed Jason observing her. She told Scott that she would call him back, and she hung up. She didn't know or care what Jason had heard, and she reiterated that she refused to give up on Franco. Jason updated Elizabeth on Drew, and she was upset that the only thing remaining of Drew was the collection of memories in Franco's head.

Josslyn was sitting at Oscar's Meadow when Michael walked by. He asked if she was supposed to be in school, and she replied simply, "I cut." She explained how wrong it felt to her that everything was just "okay." She continued that she'd been walking to class, and she'd almost passed right by Oscar's locker without even realizing it. She'd learned that they'd given his locker to a new student, and then she'd almost walked right by it again. She thought it was unfair that she had so much going on in her life while Oscar didn't even have a life.

Michael thought that Josslyn couldn't stop living, and he assured her that grieving was a process. He told her about a business trip he'd had in London, and he and his associate had walked through Kensington Gardens after their meeting. He'd seen ducks in the pond, and all he'd been able to think about had been Jonah and how Michael had wanted to take his son to the park to feed to ducks. He'd lied about having to make a call, so he'd hidden in the bushes and "lost it."

Michael had thought that staying stuck in that mindset wouldn't have been a tribute to Jonah's memory. He related that, wherever Oscar was, he wanted Josslyn to do great things. Josslyn hated being sad, but she felt guilty every time she felt happy or hopeful. Michael advised her that finding joy in love honored their lost loved ones' memories. Josslyn remarked that Michael always seem to be there right when she needed him, and he responded that that was what brothers were for. Michael put his arm around her, and she leaned on his shoulder.

Carly hung up the phone just as Sonny arrived home, and she informed him that Josslyn hadn't made it to fourth period. Minutes later, she got a text from Michael, and she was relieved that Josslyn was with him. Carly blurted out that things weren't working out with Dev, as she couldn't ask Josslyn to keep lying to Jax. She added that she'd researched some boarding schools, and there were some good ones close by. Sonny thought that she was using Josslyn as an excuse, but Carly thought that her concerns were valid.

Carly also didn't think that having Dev around would help Josslyn with her grief. "Did it help your grief when you slept with Jax?" Sonny shot back to a stunned Carly. She reminded him that she'd had every reason to believe that he'd slept with Nelle, but it hadn't helped her grief. "Did sleeping with Martina help yours?" she asked reminding him of her divorce lawyer. Carly believed that she was mentioning legitimate concerns, but he was throwing things from the past in her face in response.

Sonny thought that Carly was targeting a child and said that he'd rather she take things out on him than Dev. Carly halted the conversation and told him that they were both terrified, and their fear always made them lash out at each other. Carly reminded him that they needed each other, and their baby would need both of them. She refused to let him use Dev to drive them apart. Sonny apologized for the "cheap shot," and she forgave him. He wondered if she had an apology, and she only laughed at him. They agreed not to fight anymore and shared a kiss.

Jax has a proposition for Sam

Jax has a proposition for Sam

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Laura approached the police station and was promptly hounded by reporters asking about the bird flu, Drew's accident, and Andre's attack. Laura reassured the reporters until Jordan emerged from the station and reminded the group that there was a scheduled press conference later in the day. Once the two women were safe in the station, Laura asked for a rundown of all that had happened in town in the previous few days. A few minutes later, Jordan hung up from a phone call and wished that the reporters would give Drew's family some space.

Jordan related that the WSB was handling the investigation into the crash as a high priority. Laura wondered if Drew's crash was connected to the attack on Andre, and she asked for Jordan's theories. Jordan believed that someone wanted to keep Andre from restoring Franco's memories. Laura also wanted to clarify that the bird flu wasn't going to spread, and Jordan told her that Sasha had been targeted by Cassandra for retaliation. Laura believed that Valentin wasn't telling them the whole story about why.

On the phone in his office, Jax told someone to keep looking and to spare no expense. When he hung up, he explained to Hayden and Curtis that he'd hired a private service to scout the area around the wreckage of Drew's plane. Jax commented that his investigators weren't hopeful, but Curtis refused to count Drew out. He shifted the subject to the codicil, and Hayden explained that it was said to be hidden on one of the many Cassadine properties. Jax picked up that they needed to focus on first ruling out Spoon Island. Hayden took the opportunity to excuse herself to go check in on Elizabeth. When she was gone, Curtis wanted to leave to minimize the risk of Valentin seeing Curtis and Jax together, but Jax stopped him because of "unfinished business."

Jax wanted to make sure that Curtis was up for working on the case, and he wanted to clarify who Curtis was working for. Curtis assured Jax that they were on the same side and that he would never be working with Valentin again. Jax warned Curtis that his friendship with Nina could suffer when the job was over. However, Curtis was confident that his friendship with Nina would survive. Getting back to the case, Curtis believed that they needed someone who was an expert on Helena, and he knew just the person.

Sam found Elizabeth at the hospital to check on her, and they talked about Drew. Both agreed that Drew could very well be alive, and Elizabeth was grateful that Drew had given Elizabeth the chance to put her family back together. She couldn't believe that they might lose Drew, but she commented that it wouldn't be in vain. Judging from the look on Sam's face, Elizabeth knew that Sam had something to say. After some bickering, Sam blurted out that saving Franco wasn't worth Drew's life.

Sam and Elizabeth continued to argue until Hayden happened upon them and wondered if there was a problem. Elizabeth explained that she'd just overreacted to something, but Sam continued to talk badly about Franco. Hayden scolded Sam until Sam started in on Hayden. Sam's phone went off, and she revealed that she had somewhere to be. When she was gone, Elizabeth told Hayden that there was always tension between her and Sam, and it was only ever a matter of time until it blew up.

Josslyn was sitting in Oscar's Meadow when Cameron and Trina arrived. They updated her on what had happened during the school day, including Cameron fielding endless questions about Franco, and Dev's rising popularity with the girls in school. Trina was telling Josslyn all about the "hot new English teacher" when Cameron's phone went off. He revealed that it was Elizabeth summoning him home because she had something to tell him. When he was gone, Josslyn figured she should go home, since she'd been avoiding Carly all day. Trina proposed that, instead, they get a snack and talk about why Josslyn had cut school.

Elizabeth hung up the phone and told Hayden that Bobbie would be getting Jake and Aiden home, and Cameron was already on his way home. Elizabeth didn't know how she would be able to tell her boys, who were already going through so much, that Drew wouldn't be returning home. Hayden assured her that they would tell the boys together.

Sam entered Jax's office, and Jax wanted to see how Sam was doing with the news about Drew. He informed her that Aurora was already in "disarray," but he had a solution that he would need her help with. He wanted to protect Scout's birthright and have things ready for Drew when he returned home, so he proposed that Sam run Drew's half of Aurora. Sam appreciated him caring about Scout and the company, but she needed to learn more about Drew's situation before she could give Jax an answer. He advised her to take her time, and he assured her that he would always be there if she needed anything.

In Franco's room, Franco told Kim about Drew's accident, and she was in disbelief. She slid down to the floor in tears, and he locked his arms around her. There was a knock on the door, and Kim got up to answer it, since Franco refused. She let Chase in, and he wanted to ask Franco some questions. He asked multiple questions about Franco's whereabouts during Andre's attack, and Kim insisted that she had been with Franco at the time. She continued that Chase could easily find surveillance footage from the park, backing up the claim, because "Drew had nothing to do with it."

Chase promised to pass the alibi along to Jordan, and he assured Franco that he hadn't been a suspect, anyway. Kim instructed Chase to contact Scott if he had any more questions for Franco, and Chase left. She asked Franco why he hadn't defended himself, and he replied that he'd had nothing to defend. He admitted that he was happy that she'd called him Drew. Kim had to leave and told him that she'd already said everything she'd needed to. She ran out, and he sadly closed the door behind her.

Valentin, Nina, and Charlotte entered Charlie's, and Charlotte hoped that Rocco would like her gift. Across the room, Rocco was unenthusiastic about his birthday party, and Sonny and Lulu tried to cheer him up. Sonny crossed the room to greet Valentin and Nina, and Valentin asked to talk to Sonny before the party started. Olivia entered and hugged Lulu, and Lulu wondered what was wrong with Rocco. He revealed that he missed his father, and he asked how long Dante would be sick for.

Olivia handed Rocco a gift and urged him to open it. He read the card, which was addressed to "the best son in the world." Lulu was confused as Rocco opened the gift box to reveal a new baseball glove. "If you talk to my dad, tell him thank you," Rocco said, and he ran off to test it out. Lulu scolded Olivia for lying to Rocco like that, no matter how well-intended it had been. Olivia yelled that Rocco was still a part of the family even if Lulu had decided to no longer be.

Outside of the restaurant, Valentin told Sonny that they had a common enemy in Cassandra, but Sonny believed that Cassandra couldn't care less about Sonny's family. Valentin pleaded with Sonny to "do what you do best and take care of Cassandra." Nina emerged as Valentin told Sonny that he would be indebted to Sonny if Cassandra was no longer a threat. "You got the wrong guy. I import coffee," Sonny replied.

Rocco was playing with Dustin, and Olivia wondered who he was. He lifted Rocco onto the counter, and Olivia ran over, demanding to know who he was. Sonny returned, and Lulu introduced them both to Dustin. He apologized, not realizing he'd interrupted a private party, but Lulu welcomed him to stay, and Rocco seconded the thought. Laura entered and put her gifts down, and she walked over to Nina and Valentin. She thought it was curious that Cassandra had only targeted Nina, even though police reports had made no mention of her.

Laura went over to Lulu and was happy to see Rocco so happy. Valentin and Nina approached, wanting to talk about Charlotte's schedule. They wanted to make sure that she was able to be at their wedding, and Laura wondered if that was a good idea. Valentin replied that they didn't want to put their lives on hold for Cassandra, and the two decided to leave.

Lulu began to clean up, and Dustin helped her. She thanked him for staying and figured that he hadn't planned on spending his night that way. He revealed that he'd wanted to stay, and Lulu thought that Rocco had been happy that Dustin had stayed. "I hope he's not the only one," Dustin replied. Across the room, Olivia watched the interaction and commented to Sonny that she didn't like Lulu's involvement with someone else. Sonny advised her not to jump to conclusions, and he reminded her that Dante had made his choice. He wondered if Olivia wanted Lulu to put her life on hold, and he left.

Trina and Josslyn arrived at Charlie's, and Trina was excited to spot the "hot new English teacher," Dustin. Laura approached the girls and asked how their first day had been. Trina answered that she thought English would be her favorite class. "It's too soon to call," Josslyn replied. "You are your father's daughter," Laura said with a laugh, citing Josslyn's diplomatic answer. She advised Josslyn to "jump in and do your best." Curtis arrived, took Laura aside, and apologized for interrupting. He asked her to tell him everything she knew about Helena.

Outside, Nina remarked on how suspicious Laura was, but Valentin added that she couldn't prove anything. Nina realized that she was never sure if Valentin had things under control or if he was good at faking it in order to reassure her. He replied that he never fully had things under control, but he was "taking care of it." Nina noticed that visiting hours at the hospital were almost over, so she pulled him away to go visit Sasha.

Julian refrains from killing Liesl

Julian refrains from killing Liesl

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Dev found Josslyn sitting at a table at Charlie's Pub with a mug of latte. He told her about all the text messages he'd received asking him her whereabouts. Josslyn informed him that she'd received text messages, also, but she wasn't ready to go home and wanted to finish her latte. She urged him to go ahead without her, as she didn't need to leave with him. Dev thought she was afraid of going home.

"She should be," Sonny stated as he walked in and over to the table. He sat down and announced that Carly had been worried. Josslyn explained that school had been okay at first, but it had grown to be too much for her as the day had gone on. Sonny declared that the problem hadn't been her leaving school but the fact that she hadn't told her mother about it. Dev told Sonny his day had gone well. "Great," Sonny said as the trio headed out.

Ava sat at the bar and asked Julian how much he thought she could get for her penthouse. She thought that if she moved, she'd never have to receive another letter from Ryan. She was angry for not killing him when she'd had the chance. Julian looked on his phone at the family photo that he'd received from Lucas. Ava griped about Sonny's great relationship with his kids, compared to hers and Julian's.

Ava wondered if her grief was cramping Julian's style, and Julian reminded her that he would be leaving town in a few days. Ava admitted that she wasn't his responsibility, and she had herself. She questioned whether Julian would stay if she begged him, but Julian replied that Kim wasn't as strong as Ava. Ava told Julian that one could leave home but couldn't leave oneself or the grief.

Ava admitted she was tired of all the fresh starts she'd made that hadn't worked. She advised Julian they were still Jeromes, and at some point, they'd still revert back to their same old selves.

Jax visited Carly at the Corinthos compound, and they spoke about their concern over Josslyn leaving school and not returning their calls and text messages. They argued about Sonny and his place in the matter but reverted back to Josslyn. Carly didn't want to deal with having to keep the peace between Jax and Sonny.

Jax sat down next to Carly, who noted that Michael had indicated that he'd seen Josslyn, and she'd been fine but afraid to go home. Jax thought they should further pursue Josslyn splitting her time between Carly and Jax, but that angered Carly. She didn't think that one bad day at school should require new living arrangements. She pointed out that Jax was still living at Metro Court.

Jax declared that Josslyn had disappeared, and it couldn't happen again. Carly insisted that Josslyn was still grieving, but Jax pointed out that Carly's home was getting too crowded.

Josslyn walked in with Dev and Sonny and apologized to Jax and Carly for worrying them. She thought it had been okay because Michael had let them know about her. Carly admonished her for disappearing, and she noted that they wouldn't have known about her if she hadn't run into Michael. Josslyn tried to explain that the day had been everything the same as usual, and then it had been different without Oscar.

Jax was angry with Josslyn's interpretation of their earlier conversation, and he reminded her that while he'd said it was okay to ditch school, she should have called to let her parents know. Jax told Josslyn she was irresponsible and selfish, and she ran out of the room. Carly wanted to talk to her, and Jax finally settled for a later phone call from Josslyn. He suggested breakfast for the three of them the following day.

Dev and Sonny stood there quietly until Jax stopped to ask Dev about school on his way out. Jax noted that he wasn't familiar with the schools in Bridgetown, and Sonny quickly corrected him with the correct town of Bridgeport and told him to go.

Carly and Josslyn were out on the terrace and made some small talk. Josslyn admitted she was waiting for her mother to lose her temper, but Carly reminded her that Jax had already done that. Carly explained how she'd been scared, and she wanted to know where Josslyn was at all times because they weren't a typical family.

Carly added that people hated their family for what they had, and they would hurt them to get at it. She revealed that her mind went to dark places. Josslyn was sorry, and Carly urged Josslyn to talk to her or Jax in the future. It would hurt Josslyn in the long run if she didn't let them help her.

Inside the house, Dev told Sonny about his day and how there hadn't been lots of questions from others. He thought he was wasting time in school, but Sonny made it clear that Dev needed an education and that people would ask questions if Dev didn't attend school. Dev pointed out that Jax had asked questions, and Sonny was pleased that Dev had been aware of Jax's trap.

Sonny informed Dev that he and Jax hated each other, and Jax didn't want a teenage boy in the house with his daughter. Sonny stated that Josslyn was going through a lot, but it would be the same if Dev wasn't there. Dev thought things might be easier if Josslyn told Jax the truth about him, but Sonny didn't consider that to be an option.

Josslyn and Carly walked into the room, and the teens scattered. Carly told Sonny that she was concerned about Josslyn having to lie for Dev, and she wanted to discuss it further. She declared that it wasn't working, and she thought that Dev would have to leave the house. Dev listened from the next room.

Liesl accompanied Sasha on a walk through the hallway at the hospital. Sasha didn't want Liesl to feel obligated to babysit her, but Liesl pointed out that they were family and "in it together." She thought that Sasha and Britt resembled each other and could be sisters. Michael arrived and watched the women suspiciously from the nurses' station.

Liesl thought that she and Sasha should be direct with each other. She was on Nina's side and only wanted Nina to be happy and not learn the truth. Michael walked over and announced that he would take over. Sasha told Liesl she expected to be released the following day and would return to Wyndemere. They could talk then. Liesl stated that Nina was her whole world, and she walked off.

Nina and Valentin were in Sasha's room, and Valentin urged Nina to try to relax because Sasha was better. Nina replied that she couldn't relax with Cassandra on the loose, and she wished that Sonny had agreed to handle Cassandra for them.

Valentin thought that Sonny might do it, but he wouldn't let them know his plan. He added that Sonny always sought to protect his family, and if someone targeted Sonny's kids, they would disappear. He hoped that would happen to Cassandra. Valentin assured Nina that they were safe, and Cassandra was a fugitive with the authorities searching for her. Nina decided to talk about their wedding instead. She did something on her phone and told Valentin the wedding news had been posted, so it couldn't be changed.

Later, Sasha was back in bed, and Nina informed her that Valentin wanted Nina to be at home. She urged her daughter to call her if there was a problem, and she would return in the morning to take her home. They said their goodbyes, and Valentin and Nina left. Michael thought he should leave, as well, although he and Sasha joked about Liesl, and he asked her why she was intimidated by Liesl.

Sasha indicated that she and Liesl were getting to know each other, but Michael insisted that he'd never seen Sasha intimidated before. Sasha admitted that Liesl made her nervous, and Liesl was aware that Sasha wasn't the person Nina wanted her to be.

Michael didn't think Liesl was a good judge of character, and he trusted Sasha's instincts. He agreed that Sasha might have a past with some ugly parts, but he thought that they both did. Michael wanted to leave. He told Sasha she could tell him everything once she was home and in recovery.

Laura met with Curtis at the café, and she was glad for the quieter spot in which to talk. Curtis asked her for information on Helena Cassadine, and Laura told him that Helena's reach "can extend beyond the grave." Curtis admitted that he knew that Helena had been a "big bad somebody who hurt a lot of people." Laura called Helena the worst of the Cassadines, and she revealed that they'd hated each other.

Laura explained that Helena had blamed Laura for the death of her son Stavros, who had been obsessed with Laura. She added that Helena had enabled Stavros. Curtis realized that Laura's knowledge was "up close and personal," and Laura admitted that she was the local expert. She asked why Curtis wanted information. Curtis disclosed that he couldn't reveal anything, per his employer, but Laura wanted to know what was going on.

Instead of getting any information, Laura proceeded to call Helena a "deranged throwback to the Dark Ages" who had also blamed Luke and Laura for the death of her beloved husband, Mikkos. Helena had put a curse on Luke and Laura on their wedding day and had tried to make it come true for thirty years, but she had failed. Curtis revealed that there was a hidden artifact on one of the Cassadine properties that would "turn the tables" on Valentin.

Laura declared that she had been at the reading of Helena's will, and she didn't recall any such item. Curtis agreed that it hadn't been mentioned, but his employer believed it existed. Laura admitted that taking down Valentin appealed to her, but she worried about Charlotte, because the little girl would be affected, too.

Curtis urged Laura to think about Spencer, who would be able to return home permanently if the information they searched for was found. Laura said that she knew of a couple of hiding places, and she offered to help Curtis in order to help Spencer. Laura declared that she would be Curtis' partner, and they high-fived the occasion.

Liesl walked into Charlie's Pub and sat near Ava at the bar. She exchanged looks with Julian and ordered a vodka tonic. She revealed that she'd been banned from the Floating Rib after an incident at the Drag Queen bingo, and she updated the others on Sasha's condition. They spoke about Lucas and Wiley while Julian mixed the drinks. He hesitated briefly but poured one hundred proof vodka into Liesl's drink. She and Ava toasted.

Soon after, Liesl was asleep with her head on the bar. Julian gave a tipsy Ava some instructions before hailing her a ride share, and she thought he was anxious to be rid of her. She believed that she reminded him of things he wanted to forget, but she informed him he couldn't escape her or himself. Julian walked her to the door and confessed that Ava had given him something to think about. The bar was empty of customers except for Liesl. Julian picked up a knife but drove it into the bar. He woke Liesl and told her it was time to get a cab and go home.

Nina ran into Jax at Crimson, and he asked about Sasha. She relayed the good news, and he was happy to hear it. He told her he would have hugged her, and she replied that she would have allowed it if she hadn't been aware that he was out to ruin Valentin. She was familiar with the files that Jax had on both Cassandra and Valentin, and she knew that he had an agenda. She threatened to tell Drew.

Jax declared that it wouldn't be possible to tell Drew. Just then, Valentin arrived, and Jax revealed that Drew was missing and presumed dead. Nina sat down in a state of shock. Jax told them that he'd hired a crew to conduct a search, but the wreckage had been confirmed. Nina was upset, and Valentin grabbed her hand and pulled her along to leave. Nina told him she'd been happy only a half hour previously. Valentin assured her she'd be happy again soon.

An unseen female looked at photos of Valentin and Nina on her phone. She slammed the phone onto the table, cracking the screen.

Things heat up between Lulu and Dustin

Things heat up between Lulu and Dustin

Friday, September 13, 2019

At Kelly's, Maxie nervously asked if Jax was certain that he had chosen the right restaurant, but Jax promised Maxie that everything was fine. "She said that she wanted authentic Port Charles," Jax explained. Maxie pointed out that Metro Court Restaurant was authentic, as well as sleek and sophisticated, and there weren't any crayons on the tables. Jax smiled as he glanced at the offending jar of crayons on the table, but Maxie had decided to reschedule the meeting. "Too late," Jax announced when his phone chimed with a text message.

Moments later, Tamron Hall breezed into the diner. Tamron smiled as she looked around then confessed that she had always wanted to eat at Kelly's. Maxie sighed with relief as Jax made the introductions, and Tamron admitted that she was excited to be in Port Charles. As they all sat, Jax and Maxie explained that Nina was unable to attend the meeting because her daughter was in the hospital. Maxie began to ramble, but Jax steered the conversation back on course by explaining that they wanted to feature Tamron on the cover of Crimson's October issue.

Jax conceded that the September issue with Ava Jerome on the cover had been popular, but he didn't want to end the year on a scandal. Jax and Maxie explained that Crimson was headed in a different direction, and they had hoped to feature someone who was aspirational, beautiful, accomplished, and articulate on the new cover. Tamron was flattered by the praise, but Maxie assured Tamron that Jax didn't just talk a big game; he would make it happen, and it would be amazing.

After Maxie left, Jax answered Tamron's questions about his plans for the issue. He assured her that they would do everything to accommodate her, so Tamron made it clear that she wanted to work with Maxie because she had thoroughly enjoyed Maxie's company. To Jax's relief, Tamron agreed to do the issue.

At the café, Laura greeted Curtis then asked if there had been news about Drew. Curtis was somber as he revealed that they were ready to call off the search because it appeared that Drew had perished in the plane crash. Laura offered to reschedule their meeting, but Curtis admitted that he could use the distraction. Laura explained that she needed to know who Curtis was working for before she could help him, but Curtis refused to violate his client's trust.

Laura respected Curtis' professionalism, but she needed to know what he was looking for. Once again, Curtis declined to answer except to say that it was a document. However, he assured her that he would fill her in once they had uncovered the document -- together. He realized that it wasn't much to work with, but he hoped it was enough to persuade Laura to help. Laura compromised; she wanted one new detail about the document for each day that she helped Curtis. Curtis accepted her terms.

Laura suggested that she and Curtis go to Wyndemere the following week because Charlotte would be staying with her father. Laura was confident that Valentin wouldn't question Laura stopping by for a visit with her granddaughter, but Curtis admitted that he didn't want to wait a week to begin the search. Laura revealed that there had been another place of significance to Helena in Port Charles. Curtis smiled because it was proof that he had turned to the right person for help.

At Wyndemere, Valentin watched as his tailor took Peter's measurements. When the man stepped out of the room, Valentin thanked Peter for stopping by for the fitting. Peter chuckled as he assured Valentin that he didn't want to tarnish Valentin and Nina's wedding photos. Peter's tone turned serious when he admitted that he still considered Valentin his mentor because Valentin had been there for Peter when no one else had been. Peter was honored to be Valentin's best man, and he had researched his responsibilities online.

Valentin was curious what Peter had learned. Peter explained that besides planning a bachelor party for the groom, it was the best man's job to shoulder any burdens that the groom might have. Valentin tensed when Peter asked if there was anything that Valentin wanted to get off his chest, but Valentin skillfully turned the question around by asking what Peter knew. Peter acknowledged that he had been aware that Liesl had been holding something over Valentin's head and that Peter had suspected for a while that it might be about Sasha until the DNA tests had put Sasha's maternity to rest. Peter cut to the chase by asking what Liesl was holding over Valentin's head.

Valentin assured Peter that Liesl had been neutralized because Valentin had shared his secrets with Nina. Peter was skeptical, but Valentin questioned if perhaps Peter might have been projecting because Peter had a secret that he had been keeping from Maxie. Peter denied keeping anything from Maxie, but Valentin offered Peter some advice. According to Valentin, deeds in the past were best left in the past. There was no need to revisit them because the worse that the secrets were, the darker and more burdensome they became.

Valentin cautioned Peter not to give in to the temptation by sharing Peter's secrets with Maxie because it would just increase the chaos. Valentin believed that the best that people like Valentin and Peter could do was make peace with the past and focus on the future.

Later, Peter met Maxie at the café. She was excited to tell him about her meeting with Tamron Hall, but first, she wanted to hear about Peter's visit with Valentin. Peter explained that he had decided to let the past go and focus on the future.

At the hospital, Nina and Michael helped Sasha as she slowly walked down the hallway, while a hungover Liesl trailed behind them. Nina worried that Sasha might overdo it, and Michael expressed a similar concern. "Must you scream?" Liesl complained as she slid on a pair of dark sunglasses then sat on a nearby bench. Sasha tactfully assured Liesl that it wasn't necessary for Liesl to stay because Finn was confident that Sasha would make a full recovery, but Liesl insisted that she was there to support her entire family.

Sensing something off in Liesl's tone, Michael asked if Liesl had had a long night. Liesl conceded that her evening had been somewhat "foggy," but Nina glared at her aunt with disapproval because Liesl had gotten "wasted" on a weeknight. Liesl insisted that she had only had one drink, but she acknowledged that her stomach had been empty. Everyone's attention turned to Lucy as Lucy walked up. Liesl groaned with annoyance, but Lucy ignored the grouchy doctor because Lucy was on a mission to change Sasha's life.

Lucy revealed that she had inherited a large sum of money from Lee Baldwin, and she had earned a hefty commission from the recent sale of the Alden mansion in Corinth, which she intended to use to finance the relaunch of her company, Deception Cosmetics. Lucy wanted Sasha to be the new "Face of Deception." Nina was stunned, but Lucy pointed out that Nina's daughter was beautiful. Sasha appreciated Lucy's faith in her ability to be Deception's brand ambassador, but Sasha didn't have any experience modeling, and she already had a job working for Nina.

Nina made it clear that she did not want to hold Sasha back if Sasha wanted to accept Lucy's offer, but Sasha confessed that she wasn't ready to commit to anything. Sasha explained that she needed an opportunity to get back on her feet before she made any important decisions about her career. Lucy was disappointed, but she respected Sasha's decision. Sasha made it clear that she had only delayed making a decision. Lucy perked up, but she warned Sasha not to take too long to mull things over.

After Lucy left, Michael advised Sasha not to let Lucy pressure her into something that Sasha didn't want. Nina was also supportive of Sasha following her heart, but Sasha just wanted to go home. Liesl offered to take Sasha to a wheelchair because Sasha couldn't leave the hospital without being wheeled out. Michael questioned the hospital policy, but Liesl grabbed Sasha's hand then led her away before Nina or Michael could stop them. Once they were alone, Liesl informed Sasha that becoming a spokesmodel for Deception was the last thing that Sasha should consider doing because it would inspire people to start digging into Sasha's past.

Liesl warned Sasha that reporters would fact-check Sasha's story and uncover the truth about how Sasha and Nina had met. "Nip this in the bud," Liesl ordered Sasha. After Liesl walked away, Michael approached Sasha. He asked if she was okay when he noticed that she appeared shaken. Sasha became evasive, but Michael assured her that it was fine if she didn't want to tell him. However, he asked her not to give him a cover story.

Sasha decided that it was time for Michael to learn the truth. She led him to a nearby examination room then waited for him to close the door. Michael assured her that it could wait, but she was determined to forge ahead before she lost her nerve. Sasha confessed that she couldn't keep lying to Michael because he deserved to know everything about who she was.

At the nurses' station, Valentin arrived to pick up Nina and Sasha, but Nina explained that it would be a few minutes because Sasha was talking to Michael. Valentin was surprised when Nina told him about Lucy's offer to Sasha. Just then, Liesl walked up and pointedly asked Valentin how "cool" it would be if Sasha became a celebrity with avid followers clamoring to know every detail about Sasha's life.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian was pleasantly surprised when Lucas and Brad arrived with Wiley in tow. Lucas explained that Wiley had had a swim lesson at the nearby YMCA, so they had stopped by to give Julian some extra time with Wiley. Julian was touched, but Lucas admitted that it had been Brad's idea. Moments later, Lucas excused himself to talk to Lulu then change Wiley's diaper.

Julian realized that Brad had had an ulterior motive for the visit. "I need to know that you're going to kill Obrecht," Brad quietly growled, confirming Julian's suspicions. Brad reminded Julian that Obrecht would remain a threat as long as she knew that Michael was Wiley's father. Julian agreed. Satisfied, Brad reiterated that it was imperative that Obrecht be silenced for good.

Julian conceded that killing Obrecht would make their lives easier, but that didn't make killing the woman right. Brad frowned because he couldn't understand Julian's hesitation when Julian had killed people in the past. Julian pointed out that he had started a new life with Kim, but Brad doubted that it would last once Obrecht revealed the truth about Wiley. Brad explained that both Lucas and Wiley would be devastated, but Sonny would be on the warpath when he found out that Julian had helped Brad. Julian pointed out that Sonny wouldn't know unless Brad told him.

"Why take the chance?" Brad asked. Brad urged Julian to eliminate Obrecht because it was the only way to make certain that their secret remained buried. Julian argued that Obrecht's disappearance might raise questions, but Brad doubted that anyone would ever suspect Julian. Brad insisted that it was the only way to safeguard Wiley before Julian started over in New York City with Kim.

"What's going on here?" Lucas asked as he returned from changing Wiley's diaper. Brad claimed that he and Julian had been talking about how Kim had been struggling with Oscar's death. Lucas admitted that he was in awe of Kim because Lucas didn't think that he could get out of bed if anything ever happened to Wiley. Brad glanced pointedly at Julian as Brad assured Lucas that there was nothing to worry about because Wiley was safe with them.

Later, Brad and Lucas were packing up to leave the pub when Brad noticed that Lucas seemed on edge. Lucas confided that he had a bad feeling that something was going to happen to Wiley. Brad promised Lucas that nothing would happen, but Lucas argued that Brad had no way of knowing that because they couldn't protect their son from everything. Brad insisted that nothing would take Wiley from them on Brad's watch. Lucas smiled as he wondered when Brad and Lucas' roles had been reversed. Brad assured Lucas that he loved him, and that Brad would not let anything break their family apart.

Meanwhile, Julian stopped by Alexis' office to let her know that he and Kim would not be waiting for the closing on the bar before heading to Manhattan. Julian had wanted to say goodbye to Alexis privately. "It's not goodbye goodbye, is it?" Alexis asked with alarm as she rounded her desk then approached Julian. Julian pointed out that he would have little reason to visit once the sale of the pub had been completed, but Alexis reminded Julian that he had children and grandchildren who lived in town. Julian agreed, and he acknowledged that he and Alexis had shared a rich past.

Julian confessed that he wanted Alexis to know that he hadn't become a better man just to be with Kim; he had done it for Alexis. He credited Alexis for the changes that he had made because her belief in him and her love had made the difference. Alexis was moved to tears. She had seen it every time she had walked into Charlie's and when she had seen him with Kim or the children. Julian chucked because Kristina was the least terrifying of Alexis' three daughters, which said a lot.

Alexis smiled softly. She assured Julian that she had noticed that he had made himself safe enough to be loved by his family, and she encouraged Julian to stay the man that he had become. Julian promised to do his best. Alexis conceded that a lot had happened between them -- most of it Julian's fault -- but she wanted him to have a good life. Julian admitted that he'd never thought that he would get over her, and he wasn't certain that he had -- not completely. Alexis felt the same about Julian. They shared one last hug and wished each other well then Julian left.

At Charlie's Pub, Lulu was pleasantly surprised to see Dustin had stopped in to grab a bite for lunch. Dustin confessed that Lulu had been on his mind all day, and he was glad that he had bumped into her. Dustin had read her article about the wine tasting party in the park, and he'd been impressed enough to consider attending the next one as a guest rather than a driver. Lulu appreciated the praise, but she had been mortified by the article because the previous year, she'd been working the high-profile crime beat for the Invader.

Lulu explained that she'd dropped the ball with the online-dating burglar story, which irritated her because she had been relegated to covering lifestyles ever since, while the thief was still out there, preying on vulnerable women. Lulu felt as if she had slid further away from what she really wanted to write about, but she realized that the lifestyle beat might suit her life better as a single working mother. She admitted that she hadn't even had the time to address all the repairs that were needed on the Haunted Star.

Dustin was startled to realize that Lulu owned the infamous nightclub. He revealed that he'd been meaning to check the ship out when the nightclub reopened. Delighted, Lulu offered to give him a tour, which Dustin didn't hesitate to accept.

A short time later, Lulu welcomed Dustin to the Haunted Star as he looked around the deck in awe. He admitted that he had always had a fascination with boats then opened up about his childhood. Dustin hadn't had much growing up, but his grandfather had owned a small sailboat that he and Dustin had taken out fishing. Dustin had been a terrible fisherman because he had felt bad for the fish and tossed them back when his grandfather hadn't been looking. Dustin's grandfather had been too busy regaling Dustin with stories about old sailors to notice.

Lulu smiled as she wondered if Dustin had been referring to men like Captain Hook. Dustin chuckled then clarified that he'd been talking about men like Joshua Slocum and Ernest Shackleton, but Lulu had no idea who they were. Dustin continued to look around the deck as he revealed that he had done an Internet search on the ship, and he had been surprised to learn that the ship had once been a casino. Lulu grinned because the casino had been one of the less shady uses of the infamous vessel. Lulu offered to tell him the tales while she showed him around.

Meanwhile, a mystery person hid out of sight and spied on the couple. A short time later, Lulu and Dustin returned to the deck as Dustin chatted about sailing. Lulu suggested that Dustin take Rocco for a tour because she was certain that her son would love to hear about the ship from an expert. Dustin promised to do his best, so Lulu told him that both Rocco and Charlotte liked him. Dustin assured her that the feeling was mutual then he suggested that they take Rocco out sailing one day. Lulu loved the idea, especially when Dustin mentioned the possibility of seeing the ghost of Captain Jeremiah.

Dustin couldn't believe that Lulu had grown up in Port Charles but had no idea about the legend of Captain Jeremiah. At Lulu's urging, Dustin told the tale of Captain Jeremiah, who had been a commander of the American forces during the Revolutionary War until he'd fallen in love with a British noblewoman. "Star-crossed lovers," Lulu whispered. Dustin nodded then continued that the captain had given everything up for love and returned to England with his new bride. Several years later, Captain Jeremiah's wife had sailed to Canada as a dignitary, but her ship had sunk not far from where Dustin and Lulu stood.

Dustin concluded that Captain Jeremiah had died of a broken heart a few years after his wife. Legend had it that on foggy nights, the ghost of the sea captain could be seen searching for his lost love. Lulu wondered if the captain had ever found her. Dustin didn't know, but Dustin would never give up if he had been in the captain's shoes. Passion flared to life as Dustin reached for Lulu then kissed her. After several heartbeats, he pulled away and apologized for being forward, but Lulu silenced him with another passionate kiss. The mystery person continued to watch as Lulu and Dustin disappeared into the ship.

Later, Curtis and Laura boarded the vessel. Laura noticed that the lights were on, but no one appeared to be on the ship. Curtis and Laura decided to head inside to take a look around and begin their search. They approached a stateroom, but Curtis tensed. He was reminded of his wedding day when they had found Kiki's body. Laura felt bad for Curtis, but he assured her that he was ready to continue. Laura opened the door, but she froze in the doorway and gasped in shock at what she saw.

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