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Carly went into labor. Shiloh was shot and killed. Peter caught a lucky break. Laura was shocked to learn there was a codicil to Mikkos' will. Julian ended things with Kim. Aiden paid Franco a visit. Franco was sent to Shadybrook. Kim tried to help Franco.
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Shiloh wreaks havoc in Port Charles Shiloh wreaks havoc in Port Charles

Monday, September 23, 2019

Franco was asleep in a bed at the hospital when Elizabeth entered. He woke up and asked, "How could you?" as he pulled at the restraints on his wrists. He observed how determined she was but thought that she had no claim over him. Scott entered and begged to differ, and he told Franco that a person could file for guardianship over their spouse if the spouse was "incapacitated." Elizabeth vowed to give Franco a fighting chance to return. She reminded him that she knew the "real" Drew, and she asked Scott for a minute alone with Franco. Scott hoped that Franco would one day thank his father for his actions, and he left the room.

Franco said that Elizabeth seemed smart, so he wasn't sure why she was trying to force him to get a procedure done that could leave him a vegetable. She responded that she'd weighed the risks, and she knew what everyone stood to lose. She muttered that Drew had put his life on the line every day in Afghanistan, so if he wanted to be Drew, he needed to do the right thing and make the sacrifice. She promised that she didn't take the situation lightly, but she knew what Franco would want her to do. She said that she knew Franco was still in there, and she vowed to never stop fighting for him and their relationship.

Kim was on the phone with Diane about helping Franco when there was a knock on her door. She hung up the phone and let Julian in. He informed her that the movers would be there the next morning, but he thought that they could get a head start and go to New York that night. He told her about how she'd changed him for the better, which was why he'd avoided making a choice he would regret the previous day. He spotted the note she'd written to "Charlie" on the table and wondered if it was a love letter. "It's not what you think," she replied tearfully.

Kim talked about how her past had "crashed" on her all at once the previous night, but she knew that her future was with Julian. Julian had accepted that she had kissed Franco, but he wondered what had happened the previous night. She admitted that it had been "more than a kiss." He angrily reminded her that he'd changed for her and sold his restaurant to follow her to New York. She apologized for the complicated situation and admitted that she didn't know how to grieve Oscar.

Julian suddenly realized that Kim's letter was about her choice to run away with Franco, and he called himself arrogant for thinking he was the only one she needed to help her through her grief. Kim insisted that she loved Julian, but he figured that she'd never gotten over Drew. "It's always been Drew," he muttered. He left the note, and she wondered if he wanted to read it. He growled that it was addressed to someone else. "My name's Julian," he stated, and he stormed out of a crying Kim's apartment.

Sonny and Carly sat in the hospital, waiting for Carly's checkup. Epiphany approached and told Carly that Dr. Navarro was ready, so she wheeled Carly away. Epiphany returned a few minutes later and wondered how Sonny was doing. She informed him that, as head nurse, she read reports and conferred with doctors. She continued that all children were "perfect in God's eyes," but she assured him that every parent was facing something, whether it was right after birth or years down the road.

Later, Epiphany returned with Carly and advised them to go home and enjoy their last few weeks of sleeping through the night. Epiphany walked away, and Carly informed Sonny that the baby was on schedule, but there was no change in the baby's condition. Carly wanted to stop by Metro Court for pastries for Avery's school bake sale on their way home, and they left.

Jax was happy to meet up with Josslyn at Metro Court, and she showed him the boarding school brochure she'd found. Jax couldn't imagine that Sonny and Carly would want to send her away, and he suggested that Josslyn had misinterpreted what she'd found. Josslyn said that she wanted to move in with Jax. He welcomed it, but he thought that until he was able to buy a house, they should get to the bottom of the situation first. He invited her to stay with him that night, and she agreed. She hugged him and left to get some of her things together.

A short while later, Sonny and Carly entered, and Jax informed Carly that Josslyn wanted to move in with him. He added that she was upset, and he showed them the boarding school brochure. He informed them that Josslyn thought it was for her.

At the courthouse, Sam and Jason wondered how Shiloh could have gotten away. Chase approached and assured them that there were roadblocks set up and a police presence at all the local train and bus station. He continued that the transport van had been found abandoned not far from Pentonville, with no trace of Shiloh or the guards. He wondered if Dawn of Day members had hijacked the van, but Jason suggested that it had been an inside job.

Chase's phone rang, and he told the caller that he was on his way. When he hung up, he relayed to Sam and Jason that one of the guards had been found unconscious with a blow to the head. Chase was going to interview the guard and promised to keep them updated. When he was gone, Jason figured that Shiloh would "lay low" and wait for a boat to Canada. He was going to try to trail Shiloh, and he suggested that Sam go to the hospital and try to listen in on Chase's interview. Jason realized that his phone battery was almost dead, so they switched phones, since Sam's had more charge. They shared a kiss and left.

Shiloh, disguised as a cop, shined a flashlight in Bobbie's face and ordered her to step out of the car. He took his sunglasses off, and Bobbie gasped, "Oh, my God, it's you!" She promised not to tell anyone that she'd seen him if he let her go. He wanted to "borrow" her car, but she demanded that he leave "us" alone. She tried to cover that she was talking about her family, but he shined his flashlight in the backseat and saw Wiley. She offered him all the money she had, but he replied that she'd given him something "more precious" than money. Minutes later, Shiloh was gone, and Bobbie screamed for help until she grew dizzy and passed out. A few minutes later, a car pulled up to Bobbie, and Jason burst from the car and kneeled next to her.

Chase entered the guard's room as Lucas was finishing up an examination. Lucas told Chase that the guard had a bump on his head but no other apparent injuries. The guard woke up and said, "You gotta catch him." Chase assured him that the police were working on catching Shiloh, but the guard clarified that they also needed to catch the "other bastard." He continued that the other guard had jumped him and had set Shiloh free. The man had told the guard that his name was Dave Smith. Chase asked if the guard could describe "Dave," as the sketch artist would be by later.

A short while later, Jason had gotten Bobbie to the hospital, and he told the doctor about how he'd found Bobbie, and about her preexisting conditions. A few minutes later, the doctor assured Jason that Bobbie would be all right after suffering a blood sugar spike and dehydration. Jason went in to talk to Bobbie, and she told him what had happened. Lucas entered to visit Bobbie, and she cried that Wiley had been in the car when Shiloh had taken it.

At the Haunted Star, Dev asked someone on the phone when the ferry was leaving. He learned that the ferry was leaving the next morning, and he revealed that he was looking to go to Canada. A few minutes later, Dev hid as Shiloh entered with Wiley. Shiloh told Wiley that he was going to get the baby settled while he got supplies for their trip.

Sam had just arrived at the hospital when her phone went off, and she was confused to answer the call to Dev. Dev whispered back that he needed Jason, and he informed her that he was at the Haunted Star. Sam fired questions at Dev, but she heard a thud and silence. On the Haunted Star, Dev lay unconscious on the floor as a smirking Shiloh stood over him.

Peter met with Finn at Metro Court, and Finn revealed that Anna thought it would be a good idea for the two to get better acquainted. Peter asked about how Franco was doing, but Finn clarified that Franco wasn't his patient. He remembered that Peter had been there for the very first memory transfer and thought that Peter could give Finn some information. Both hoped that Andre would be able to reverse the procedure. Just then, Finn's phone went off, and he said that he had to get back to the hospital. They agreed to meet up again soon, and Finn left.

As Peter paid the tab, his phone rang, and he answered, "Is it done?" "Do you mean am I dead?" Shiloh replied to Peter's surprise. He asked what Shiloh wanted. Shiloh replied that in addition to an apology, he needed Peter to take all the cash he could get his hands on to the Haunted Star. He revealed that there was another phone on the ship that had Jason and Sonny's numbers in it, so if any cops or backup accompanied Peter, Shiloh would "sing like a bird" about Peter's involvement with Helena.

Sam entered the Haunted Star calling out for Dev, only to find him sprawled out on the floor. "Nice of you to join," Shiloh said as he emerged. Sam checked on Dev and found that he was alive. Shiloh commented that he hadn't wanted to hurt Dev, but Dev had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He thought it was fate that Dev's call had led Sam there, where Jason couldn't get between them again. She wanted to get Dev to the hospital, but Shiloh was certain that Dev would be all right. She snapped that he knew nothing about kids and that giving himself up would be the best option.

Sam promised that if Shiloh got help for Dev, she would speak in his favor. He refused her offer, not wanting to be conned again. He picked up Wiley from behind the bar and told Sam that he had little experience with kids, but he was willing to learn. He added that Sam could help teach him.

Jason hunts down Sam and Shiloh Jason hunts down Sam and Shiloh

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In Spinelli's room at Metro Court, he told Maxie all about Georgie's fashion sense and her interest in computers. Maxie hoped that Georgie could visit during her next long break at school. She knew that Spinelli would probably never like Peter, but she insisted that he was great with kids and that he'd turned his life around. She couldn't blame him for his grudge, but she added that Peter made her and her family happy. "How happy?" he wondered, and she answered that she could see spending forever with Peter. Spinelli promised to look into the visit, and she happily flounced out of the room.

Peter arrived in his room and dumped some wads of cash onto the bed. He put them in a duffel bag mostly filled with cash as he thought back to his conversation with Shiloh. As he was leaving, Maxie arrived for a visit, but he told her that he had a meeting to get to. She told him the good news about Georgie and kissed him. She thought that it was time for him to get a permanent home in Port Charles, and he liked the idea. She told him that she was ready to go "all in" with him. "There's nothing I want more," he replied, and they shared a kiss.

Peter broke himself away from Maxie to go to his meeting, even though he'd rather "hole up" in the room with her. She proposed that they talk to Lucy the next day about him buying a place, and he agreed. She handed him the heavy duffel bag, and he left. A few minutes later, Maxie had just ended a call with Georgie when she spotted something on the floor next to the bed. She picked it up and saw that it was a withdrawal receipt, in Peter's name, for thirty-five thousand dollars.

At the Metro Court, Carly informed Jax that she'd been looking at boarding schools for Dev, not Josslyn. Jax thought it was a good idea, and Sonny shot back, "Of course, you do." Carly related that she would be devastated if Josslyn moved out of her house and that Josslyn's wish to move in with Jax was based on false information. Sonny proposed that they clear up the misunderstanding, and Jax agreed.

Kristina was "raiding the fridge" at Sonny's when Josslyn entered the kitchen with a bag of her things for her sleepover at Jax's. Josslyn informed Kristina that Carly was trying to send her away to boarding school. Kristina was shocked, but she didn't think it was the worst idea. She explained that Josslyn would get to decide what she shared about who she was and where she was from, and she could get away from all the family drama. Kristina reasoned that there were pros and cons to both staying and going, but the decision was Josslyn's. She hugged her stepsister goodbye and left. Josslyn took out her computer and searched for Greyfield Academy.

A short while later, Sonny, Carly, and Jax sat around the kitchen island while Josslyn apologized for overreacting about seeing the boarding school pamphlet. Carly immediately told Josslyn that it had been for Dev, and Sonny added that it might be the best thing for Dev. Josslyn denied the claim, because she knew that Dev loved it there. She related that she'd talked to Kristina, and she thought that boarding school might be a good idea for her. Josslyn admitted that she didn't know what she wanted, and she probably wasn't in the right headspace to make any big decisions. A relieved Carly asked for a minute alone with her daughter, so the men went outside.

Carly insisted that Josslyn would always be her first priority, and she just wanted her daughter to be happy. Josslyn replied that Carly was an "awesome" mother, and she felt stupid for putting Carly through the stress. Josslyn felt lost, and Carly assured her that there was no timetable for Josslyn to figure things out. She was proud of her daughter, and she gave her the advice that Jason constantly gave to Carly when she got too emotional, "Take a breath and count to ten." She reiterated that Josslyn had many loved ones supporting her.

Outside, Jax told Sonny that he knew there was something Sonny was hiding about Dev. He'd decided not to press Sonny unless things got worse for Carly and Josslyn. He knew that it was better for everyone if they kept their truce, and Sonny agreed. The two returned inside, and Josslyn said goodnight to everyone. When she was gone, Carly stated that Josslyn needed to spend more time with Jax, and she urged Jax to buy a home in town. He revealed that Kate's old place was back on the market, but Sonny discouraged Jax from buying the neighboring house. Josslyn returned upset and told the adults that Dev and a lot of his stuff were missing from his room. She feared that he'd run away.

At the hospital, a frantic Bobbie informed Jason and Lucas that Shiloh had Wiley. Lucas ran from the room and called the police to report the kidnapping. Jason calmed Bobbie down and talked her through the timeline of her night. Jason promised that Shiloh wouldn't get away with Wiley. An officer entered to get Bobbie's statement, and she asked Jason to go find Wiley. Outside of the room, Jason put in a call to Sam but only got his own voicemail.

Jason called Spinelli, who immediately started complaining about Maxie's relationship with Peter. Jason stopped him and asked him to find out the last place in which Sam had used Jason's phone. He explained the trouble with Shiloh, and Spinelli jumped on his computer. He eventually found that Sam had last used Jason's phone at Pier 55 an hour earlier. Jason asked Spinelli to stay close to his computer, and he left the hospital. A few minutes later, on the phone with Ellie, Spinelli vented about Peter . He was alarmed that Peter could become Georgie's stepfather, so he'd decided to "pore over" Peter's records to prove that he was no good before Peter could hurt Maxie and her children.

Willow entered the hospital with a box of classroom decorations, and she ran into Chase. He admitted that he had bad news, and he broke it to her that Shiloh had escaped. She dropped the box as he explained that he didn't have a lot of details, and Brad looked on. Brad assured them that Wiley was with Bobbie. Lucas approached and couldn't believe they hadn't heard that Shiloh had Wiley, and he told them Bobbie's story. Chase assured the three that the FBI and every precinct within a hundred miles had officers out looking for Shiloh.

Brad and Lucas walked off together, and Lucas was sure that Shiloh would never hurt Wiley. Brad kicked himself for putting the events into motion by signing up for Dawn of Day's parenting class. Lucas disagreed that it was Brad's fault and assured him that Brad had thought he'd been doing a good thing. Brad wondered how Lucas could be so calm. Lucas called his calmness a "fašade," and he admitted that his fury was helping him keep it together. He thought it took a monster to take a child from his or her rightful parents.

Willow feared that Shiloh would vanish with Wiley, but Chase refused to let Shiloh win. She rested her head on his shoulder until his phone rang. When he hung up from the call, he informed Willow that Bobbie's car had been found, but Wiley's car seat was gone. He thought it was a good sign that Shiloh was on foot, as he was more apt to be caught. He promised that he would be on top of any lead he got and pulled her into a comforting hug.

On the Haunted Star, Shiloh admitted to Sam that all his talk about fate had been "BS," but that night, fate had given him Sam and Wiley. Sam called him delusional and warned that he was running out of time. She went to check on Dev, who had woken up, and Shiloh thanked him for getting Sam there. Sam could see that Wiley was scared, so she suggested that Shiloh let her, Wiley's godmother, hold Wiley and comfort him. He warned her not to try anything and handed Wiley over. Sam believed that Shiloh's only hope of getting out of the situation was to let Dev and Wiley go.

Shiloh wondered if Sam had a better plan. She took a minute, then suggested that she sail the boat out toward Canada for the two of them. He called her delusional if she thought he would leave without his son, but she thought it was the safest option for Wiley. Dev promised not to tell the cops anything if Shiloh let Dev and Wiley go. Shiloh acknowledged that he did have too many hostages. He told Wiley that he would find his son again, no matter what it took, and Sam gave Wiley to Dev. She urgently ordered Dev to run as Shiloh took out his gun and put his arm around Sam.

A short while later, Sam and Shiloh returned to the main room of the ship, and he was ecstatic to be using the autopilot feature. He poured two shots and gave one to Sam, but she angrily pushed it off the bar, shattering the glass. Shiloh was sure that Sam had spent a lot of time on his father's yacht, just like he had. He knew how to drive the ship, so he revealed that he would be piloting the boat to Canada himself "as soon as I deal with you."

Jason arrived on the pier just as Dev arrived there with Wiley in his arms. Jason took Wiley from Dev as Peter also arrived on the pier, but Peter hid to eavesdrop. Dev informed Jason that he'd tried to call Jason because he'd needed help. Jason asked where Shiloh was, and Dev answered that Shiloh was on the boat with Sam.

Jason comes to the rescue Jason comes to the rescue

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

At the hospital, Chase didn't think that Shiloh would do anything to cause harm to Wiley, but Willow called Shiloh unpredictable. Willow walked away as Laura entered with Aiden. She told him to go sit while she talked to Chase. Chase informed her that Jordan was coordinating efforts with the FBI, especially between Port Charles and Beechers Corners. He continued that they had officers at every public transportation station, but she asked about the docks. From experience, she believed that Shiloh could try to cross the border into Canada.

Elizabeth asked Cameron to meet her at the hospital so she could tell him about Franco. She explained that there was no other way to deal with Franco until the procedure could be done, and Cameron expressed worry about the risks of the procedure. A short while later, Elizabeth was gone, and Laura and Aiden ran into Cameron. He told them that Elizabeth was probably in Franco's room, and he assured Aiden that Franco was just there for a checkup. Aiden asked for money for the vending machine, and he ran off with money from Laura.

Cameron told Laura about Elizabeth having Franco committed, and he wondered if his mother had done the right thing. Laura believed that Elizabeth had done what was necessary. Cameron feared that the procedure would leave Franco a vegetable, and they would lose him all over again, "for good this time."

A few minutes later, Laura found Elizabeth and assured her that Laura had left Aiden with Cameron. She related that Cameron was worried about his mother, and she figured that it had probably been a hard decision to commit Franco. "Not with everything at stake," Elizabeth replied. She wondered if she'd gone too far, but Laura agreed with Elizabeth's course of action. She hoped that it was resolved soon.

Franco sat glumly in his hospital bed as Epiphany gave him a drink of water. She wondered if she could get him anything to make him more comfortable. He asked her to take off the restraints binding him to the bed, but she refused. She informed him that the only person she cared about in the messy situation was Elizabeth, who was "fighting like hell" to get her husband back. "At what cost?" he asked. Epiphany admitted that, even as a medical professional, she believed in souls, and she believed that his soul just wasn't where it belonged. He thought that, if Elizabeth had her way, his days were numbered.

Epiphany thought that Franco underestimated Elizabeth's resolve, as his wife had helped him "climb the highest mountain from the lowest valley." Epiphany opened the door to leave and reminded him of how much Elizabeth loved him as Aiden peered into the room. Epiphany left, and Aiden crept into the room, handing Franco his favorite candy. Franco thanked Aiden and recognized him as one of Elizabeth's sons. "You really don't remember me?" Aiden asked, and Franco apologized.

Josslyn and Carly sat in the hospital, and Carly promised that Bobbie would be fine and that Dev and Wiley would be found. Carly thanked Josslyn for accompanying her, and Josslyn reasoned that she wouldn't have abandoned her mother. Carly asked Josslyn to get them a snack from the cafeteria, and she informed Josslyn that she might be in Bobbie's room by the time Josslyn returned.

Lucas sat with Bobbie and informed her that there was no news about Wiley yet. Lucas added that he was going back and forth between terror and rage, and she was sure that Brad felt the same. Lucas told his mother that Carly was in the waiting room, and Bobbie was upset that Lucas had called Carly. Lucas said he had figured it would be better for him to call Carly than for her to hear about Bobbie on the news. Bobbie urged him to go find Brad.

Brad sat in the chapel at the hospital, praying for Wiley's safe return. He vowed to do anything if Wiley returned home safely. Willow entered and kneeled next to Brad, holding his hand. A short while later, Willow was gone, and Lucas entered the chapel. He told Brad that Carly was in with Bobbie, and Brad thought that was nice of her. "That's what family does in a crisis, pitch in," Lucas replied. He realized how late it was getting and how fussy Wiley got when he was up past his bedtime.

Willow told Chase that she wanted to do something "real" to help. She knew that Shiloh wanted her in addition to Wiley, so she offered to act as bait to lure Shiloh out into the open. Chase refused to risk it, but Willow thought that only Wiley's safety mattered.

An unseen Peter listened in as Dev told Jason about what had happened on the Haunted Star. Jason told Dev to take Wiley to the hospital while Jason went to get Sam. When Jason ran off, Dev told Wiley that he usually tried to avoid cops, but Wiley took priority. He turned, saw Peter hurrying away, and stopped him. He asked Peter for a ride to the hospital, and Peter instructed Dev to follow him to his car.

A short while later, Peter entered the hospital with Dev and Wiley. Josslyn spotted them and ran over. Dev briefly explained what had happened, and Willow and Chase entered. Willow took Wiley from Dev and thanked God that he was all right. Dev revealed to Chase that Peter had given him a ride, and Jason, who'd shown up "like he knew," had gone after Sam. Brad and Lucas rushed in, and Willow handed Wiley over to them.

"Welcome home, son," Brad muttered. Chase thanked Dev for the information and let him know that he would need to go to the station to give a complete statement. Dev asked if he was in trouble, but Chase answered, "On the contrary." Chase walked away from a smiling Dev to call Jordan.

Willow returned to the chapel and whispered a thank you for Wiley's safe return. She prayed for protection for Wiley from "the evils of this world, especially Shiloh." She knew that she wasn't supposed to wish it, but she hoped that Shiloh was sent "straight to hell."

Carly sat with Bobbie, and she couldn't believe that Jason hadn't called her about Bobbie. Bobbie explained that he'd been helping her form a timeline, and Carly promised that Jason would find Wiley. Josslyn burst into the room and shouted that Dev had found Wiley. A few minutes later, after Josslyn was gone, Carly read Bobbie a text from Lucas that Wiley was fast asleep at home, and he and Brad couldn't stop watching him. Carly talked about how parents could take their children's safety for granted, so all one could do was to express love. Bobbie confided that the worry never went away.

Jax arrived at Sonny's for an update on Dev, but Sonny hadn't heard anything yet. A few minutes later, Sonny gave Max instructions on looking for Dev. When he was off the phone, Jax suggested that Sonny report Dev missing. Sonny told Jax that his family was none of Jax's business. Jax started asking questions about Dev, and he reiterated that he didn't like Dev living under the same roof as Josslyn. A few minutes later, Sonny hung up the phone and relayed that Dev and Wiley were safe at the hospital.

A short while later, Josslyn and Dev arrived home, and Dev gave a brief account of that night's events. Jax marveled over the luck and good timing that Wiley seemed to have. Sonny talked about how late it was getting before Jax could continue asking more questions, so Josslyn offered to walk her father out. Jax looked forward to hearing more of Dev's "adventure," and he left. Outside, Josslyn again apologized for the boarding school situation. He assured her that he loved her no matter where she chose to live, but he confessed that he wasn't comfortable with her living there full-time with Dev, since there was so much he didn't know about the boy.

Sonny commended Dev on a job well done, and he was proud of the boy for being "brave, fast on your feet, and keeping your word." Dev appreciated all that Sonny had done for him, but he no longer wanted to disrupt the family's lives. He thought it was better for him to move, but Sonny replied that Dev was "stuck with us, like it or not."

Elizabeth bumped into Cameron and wondered where Aiden was. They each thought that he was with the other, so they ran around the hospital, looking for the boy. Elizabeth walked by Franco's room and realized that Aiden was there, telling Franco about their baking adventures. He said that Franco made Elizabeth laugh a lot. She entered the room and told Aiden to let Franco rest. Cameron entered, and Aiden told his brother that he'd been talking to Franco about "the good old days." He called out to Franco to let him know what Franco's favorite candy was, just in case it wasn't the same. Franco thanked Aiden for the visit and apologized again for not remembering him.

When the boys were gone, Elizabeth apologized for Aiden's intrusion. He accused her of using Aiden to jog his memory, but she insisted that she would never use her children to manipulate anyone. He believed her. She was sorry about the situation, but he admitted that he understood things from her perspective. She thought that, after his time with Aiden, he had a better understanding of why he was so worth fighting for, and she left the room.

Laura got off the elevator at the hospital and caught Peter before he left, asking him about his part in helping Dev and Wiley. "I just gave them a ride," he replied. She joked that it was good he hadn't needed to deliver the baby "this time," and he laughed that once was enough. Laura questioned why he'd been at the docks in the first place.

Chase arrived on the docks. On the phone, he told someone to notify the Coast Guard about a possible hostage situation on the Haunted Star, which was heading out to open water.

On the Haunted Star, Sam thought it had been smart of Shiloh to let Dev and Wiley go. She added that, if he stayed smart, he would leave her unharmed so he could get away more easily. He believed that he would get away regardless, but "in the meantime," he was "alone at last with the lying bitch that ruined my life." She commented that she'd known all of his talk about how losing his money had made him a better man was a con. He pushed her onto a couch and demanded that she give herself to him.

Sam commented that Shiloh's father had been right about him. She revealed that he'd been a nice guy, and they'd had some good talks. While he'd had his suspicions about Sam, he hadn't cared if she was a "gold-digging whore, as long as his worthless son" never got his hands on the man's money when he was dead. Shiloh's father hadn't minded Shiloh spending all his money, since it had kept him out of the house and out of the man's sight. "His words, not mine," Sam said as she walked away to make a drink.

Shiloh responded that it didn't matter what his father had thought of him, as he'd ended up like every other guy who'd crossed Shiloh. "He underestimated me until the day I cut his brake lines," he remembered, and he wondered if his father had known that Shiloh had done it. He cornered Sam and told her that there was nowhere to run, but she threw her drink in his face and kicked the gun out of his hand. She moved to hit him with the bottle, but he grabbed it and smashed it on the floor. He threw her down and unzipped his pants, telling her, "This time, I win." Just then, there was a gunshot, and Shiloh fell to the floor as Sam screamed.

Sam looked up and saw Jason with a gun, and he picked her up and held her. As he inspected a cut on her arm, she revealed that she'd tried to get away. Jason updated her on Dev and Wiley, and she told him how she'd ended up on the ship. She related that she'd never worked so hard to convince someone of something until convincing Shiloh to let the kids go. He beamed that she'd saved them, and he invited her to leave with him.

Sam and Jason walked onto the deck, and she thought it would be easy to steer the ship back to shore. She thanked him for the save and walked off to the control room. Jason was leaning on the railing when Shiloh emerged from the door behind him, wielding an axe. Shiloh swung the axe at Jason but missed, and the two struggled over it. Shiloh eventually tripped Jason, who fell. "I'm so sick of you. I've waited for this for so long," Shiloh growled as he raised the axe over Jason's head.

Sam kills Shiloh; Willow IDs the body Sam kills Shiloh; Willow IDs the body

Thursday, September 26, 2019

On the Haunted Star, Shiloh sneaked up behind Jason as he stood on deck. Shiloh swung a bat-like tool at Jason, and the men fought over it. Shiloh managed to trip Jason, who fell to the deck. Just as Shiloh was about to take Jason out with the bat, Sam fired a gun, and Shiloh fell, screaming, into the water.

Sam didn't want Jason to touch the gun, and she was concerned that Shiloh was still alive. "He's gone," Jason said. He pointed out that Shiloh would be dead due to the signal flare that Sam had fired at him. He hugged Sam. Shortly after, Jason held up the bulletproof vest that Shiloh had worn earlier. Sam thought it was better that Shiloh had been killed in self-defense. Jason noticed that Sam's arm was bleeding again, and he stated that he would take over the helm of the ship and get them back to town. He and Sam shared a kiss.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian left a voicemail for Lucy as Ava rushed inside. She was happy he was still there so that she could say goodbye, but Julian revealed that he wasn't going anywhere with Kim. He added that he was finished with her. Ava tried to question Julian and guessed that Kim had broken up with him due to his past. Julian informed her that they'd broken up because of Kim's past.

Ava offered to talk with Julian, but he didn't want to discuss it. She had an appointment but reminded him that she was there if he wanted to chat. She was glad he was staying in town.

An excited Nina arrived with Valentin. She was happy to see the RSVP returns for their wedding but suspected that there was a connection between what had happened to Sasha and their wedding announcement. She thought that Cassandra had targeted Sasha because of Nina and Valentin's happiness. The couple grabbed a table as Valentin assured her they weren't to blame for Cassandra's attack.

Valentin promised that no one would stop the wedding. Nina headed over to the bar and bumped into Ava, who accused Nina of making a mess of Ava's life. Ava explained that the comments to her interview hadn't stopped, and they'd been hateful, thanks to Nina's article. Nina declared that she had printed the truth, and she suggested that Ava look in the mirror and stop being a hateful person.

Valentin wandered over to find out what had transpired between Ava and Nina. Ava said that Nina had no right to judge her after what she herself had done to Ava and for marrying the man who had killed Nikolas. Valentin wondered if Ava had been drinking and reminded her that he had killed Nikolas in self-defense. Ava disagreed, but Valentin reminded her of the affidavit she'd signed to that effect. "Get your trolls off my back," Ava shouted as she headed to the door.

Neil was surprised to see Alexis standing at his door. "I kissed you. And I liked it," Alexis declared as she walked inside. She asked Neil how he felt, and she mentioned that she had a couple of tickets to a show for that evening. Neil indicated that he had other plans, and Alexis proceeded to call herself a "boundary-crossing, relationship-challenged disaster."

Neil asked about Alexis' new therapist, and she told him it wasn't working. He didn't want Alexis to overanalyze their situation, but she suggested he update his dating profile online. Neil thought maybe he shouldn't have one any longer and admitted he'd deleted the app from his phone. Alexis informed him it still existed. He sat down at his laptop and officially deleted his profile. Alexis smiled.

Neil and Alexis arranged to meet up, and as Alexis headed out, Ava arrived to see Neil. Ava suggested that Alexis stop to see Julian because he was in bad shape, but Alexis responded that he wasn't her concern.

Neil and Ava sat down for a therapy session, and Neil began to question Ava about her past therapy and the problems she'd been having. Ava lost her temper because she couldn't believe that he'd even have to ask about her newsworthy life. Neil wondered if she was angry with him, and Ava admitted that she had just had an encounter with Nina, who always got under her skin. She added that they had a complicated history.

During Ava's tirade, she mentioned Nikolas, and Neil quickly asked about him. Ava admitted that she wasn't sure why she'd mentioned him, but she'd buried her daughter and didn't think Neil would have any idea of what that was like. Neil changed the subject back to Nikolas, and Ava revealed that he'd been her first loss in a stream of losses. She laughed and admitted they'd only been together during the last weeks of Nikolas' life.

Ava proceeded to explain that Griffin had seen her light, and Ryan had seen her darkness. Nikolas had been the only one to see all of her, and that was the impression she'd tried to share in the magazine article. She wanted people to know she was real and that her daughter was gone. Her life had been destroyed, and she was always in pain. She added that they wanted to keep piling on her.

Neil asked about "they," and Ava told him about the comments she'd been reading. She hadn't been able to stop reading the comments, and they'd been mean and hurtful. She felt as if she had been losing her mind. Neil assured her that admitting the problem and seeking help were the first steps.

Sasha stepped off the elevator at General Hospital and stopped short as she saw Willow and Michael deep in conversation. Michael and Willow had been discussing Wiley's kidnapping, and Michael hugged Willow in reassurance.

Nearby, Laura questioned Peter about how he'd happened to be at the docks when Dev had arrived with Wiley. Peter replied that he'd been in the right place at the right time. She wondered why he'd been there so late, but they were interrupted when Maxie arrived shrieking and asking if Peter was okay. Laura stepped away when she received a phone call from Chase, who wanted to update her on the Shiloh situation.

Maxie mentioned that she'd found a bank slip in Peter's hotel room, and he claimed that he had withdrawn the large amount of cash in order to put a down payment on a new place. He lied that he had been at the docks, checking out the new apartments, and hadn't wanted to mention it until he'd found a big enough place for Maxie and her kids. Maxie was pleased and kissed him.

Sasha approached Michael and Willow, who announced that she wanted to work on her new classroom. She departed, and Michael revealed that he had gone to Willow when he'd been upset about Wiley's kidnapping. He added that Willow had taught him about forgiveness, and they'd all made mistakes.

Sasha admitted that she didn't think she should be a part of Nina's wedding, but Michael reminded her that she couldn't speak the truth until after Cassandra's trial. They couldn't have everyone think that Sasha was a liar. Sasha was reluctant to meet Nina and Valentin to go over wedding details, and Michael offered to go with her.

Laura found Chase on the dock, and he informed her that the police department had radar on the Haunted Star. A speedboat was missing, and they assumed that Jason had taken it to save Sam.

Later, Sam and Jason stood on the dock. Sam announced that she'd killed Shiloh, and Jason told Chase and Laura that she'd had no choice. Jason wanted to get Sam to the hospital, and Laura agreed that would be okay. After Sam and Jason were gone, Laura told Chase she needed to release a statement, and Chase disclosed that he would have the ship checked in order to corroborate Sam and Jason's story.

At the hospital, a nurse looked at Sam's arm in an examination room and told her she would take care of it. She stepped out for supplies, and Jason made sure to find out if Sam was really okay. He clarified that he didn't mean her arm. "I did what had to be done," Sam stated.

Jason assured Sam it was never easy to pull a trigger. Sam admitted that she'd thought about how many people Shiloh had hurt and, after seeing him standing over Jason, had not wanted him to hurt anyone else again. The nurse returned to dress the wound.

Hayden and Curtis sat at a table outside Kelly's. He stated that he'd been in the right place at the right time when he'd managed to take Cassandra down. Hayden asked if he'd had any luck in locating the codicil to Mikkos' will, and Curtis replied that he was surprised she'd think he'd keep that from her. He also reminded her that she wasn't the one paying his bill.

Curtis confirmed that Laura had thought the Haunted Star would be a good place to look for the codicil, and Hayden was not happy to learn that Laura was on the case. Curtis declared that he and Laura had had success working together in the past, but Hayden thought that Laura would be biased. Curtis insisted that they needed someone who was familiar with Helena Cassadine.

Julian served Nina and Valentin at Charlie's bar, and he guessed that he didn't want to know about their run-in with Ava. Michael and Sasha arrived, and Michael filled everyone in on Wiley's return. Julian quickly placed a call and left a message with Lucas.

Alexis walked in and told Julian she wasn't sure why she was there, but Ava had told her he needed a friend. Julian told her it was personal, and there was a lot going on. He added that he didn't want to talk about it, and Alexis asked if he needed to talk about it. He finally told her about Kim, although Alexis thought that Kim had extenuating circumstances and that things could be fixed. Julian didn't want to live in the shadow of Kim's former love.

Julian abruptly ended the conversation because he was busy. Alexis realized she really wasn't the friend he needed, and she told him she wanted him to be happy.

Nina exclaimed that there wasn't a lot of time before the wedding, and she didn't want Sasha to overdo things after being ill. Nina only wanted Sasha to stand in as her maid-of-honor. Nina admitted that she didn't like surprises, and she was curious about the bachelorette party that Maxie had been planning. She was sure it would be good, though, and she asked Michael to keep an eye on Sasha to make sure she didn't do much.

Nina also suggested that Michael attend Valentin's bachelor party. Valentin wasn't too thrilled, but Michael agreed that he would. He suggested that Valentin should get the send-off he deserved.

Laura found Curtis sitting outside Kelly's, and she told him she wouldn't be able to work on his case because her plate was full. Hayden complained about a third party's involvement as she walked outside with drinks and food. She didn't see Laura at first, and Laura chuckled. Hayden mentioned the codicil that Curtis had told Laura about, and Curtis cringed. Laura was shocked because Curtis hadn't told her.

A distressed Curtis informed Hayden that he always honored his clients' privacy. Hayden explained that she'd learned about the codicil to Mikkos' will, which had named Helena's children and their descendants as the proper inheritors of the estate. Laura realized that Spencer would be the correct and legal heir to the estate, and Hayden agreed she'd love to see Spencer get what rightfully belonged to him.

Laura announced that she was Spencer's guardian and added that there had been nothing but misery at Wyndemere. She thought he might be better off without it, and she was curious to know if Spencer had been the one to hire Hayden.

Hayden insisted that her associate would remain anonymous, and Laura made it clear that she didn't want Spencer involved. Curtis thought it made sense that the codicil would exist, and Laura maintained that she wanted Hayden and Curtis to deal with her. Hayden agreed, and she offered Curtis a ride. Laura placed a call to Spencer and asked him to call her.

Back at the hospital, Maxie, Peter, and Willow saw Sam and Jason. Willow thanked everyone for their involvement in saving Wiley. As they talked, a stretcher was wheeled in with someone in a body bag. "Looks like they found Shiloh," Jason said. Chase told Willow she'd probably want to leave, but she insisted on being the one to identify the body.

A man from the coroner's office unzipped the bag, and Willow looked at the body. "That's him. David Henry Archer, Shiloh," Willow declared. The others in the group walked over slowly, and Chase announced that the autopsy could begin. Maxie declared that she would sleep better, and Peter agreed. Sam acknowledged that it was finally over.

Carly goes into labor Carly goes into labor

Friday, September 27, 2019

Trina and Cameron stopped at Charlie's Pub before school. Trina expressed confusion over all of Josslyn's recent text messages about her home situation and exclaimed that Josslyn was "losing it." Cameron thought their only choice was to "be there" for Josslyn. Trina spotted Dustin, who wandered over to them and asked the teens if they were ready for class. Julian informed Cameron and Trina that Dev had protected his grandson and would have free meals at the pub in the future.

Laura and Lulu stopped outside of the pub before going inside. Lulu questioned her mother's invitation to breakfast, but Dustin emerged, coffee cup in hand. He walked over to the women, and they made an awkward attempt at small talk until Dustin noted that he needed to get to school. Lulu asked Laura how awkward she'd thought the conversation had been. "Let's chat," Laura said as she steered Lulu inside.

Lulu and Laura grabbed a table, and Lulu admitted that she was unsure of her feelings about Dustin, as things had moved too fast. She thought he was kind, funny, and good with kids, especially Rocco, who had been miserable since Dante had left.

Olivia expressed her anger while on the phone with someone. She rushed into Charlie's and made a beeline for the bar and Julian. She threatened to sue him, but he retorted that he had changed his mind about selling the bar. He didn't want to discuss it or argue, and he suggested that Olivia order something or leave. "This isn't over," Olivia shouted.

Olivia headed for the door but stopped to listen to Laura and Lulu when she heard Rocco's name mentioned. Laura asked Lulu if she had been swayed in her feelings for Dustin because of Rocco. Lulu replied that she had been drawn to him, and things had gotten intense. She mentioned having slept with Dustin. "You what?" Olivia yelled as she stormed over to the table.

Olivia apologized for eavesdropping but said that she had heard Rocco's name. She stammered that she had thought that Lulu and Dustin were only friends. Lulu announced that she would not apologize because she was a grown woman and no longer married. Olivia retorted that the ink hadn't dried yet. Laura frowned and stepped in to defend her daughter.

Laura declared that Dante and Lulu were divorced, and it was okay for Lulu to move on without explaining herself. Lulu insisted that she wasn't getting back at Dante. He had been the one who hadn't wanted her to stay with him, and Lulu added that she couldn't live like that. Olivia insisted that Lulu barely knew Dustin, and she didn't appreciate Lulu having him at home with Rocco.

Lulu ticked off the various times that Rocco had seen Dustin, and she stressed that Rocco only knew him as a friend of Lulu's. Olivia agreed that Lulu was a good mother, and Olivia said she would respect Lulu's decision unless it harmed Rocco. Olivia left the pub, and Lulu told her mother that she was not anywhere close to serious with Dustin. Lulu wondered if Laura thought her irresponsible or felt she was getting back at Dante. Laura clarified that she thought neither of those things.

Laura wanted Lulu to be clear on where she stood, to go slowly, and to protect her heart. Lulu stated that she was still grieving the end of her marriage. Laura was glad that Lulu had met Dustin.

Jordan was ready to take statements from Sam and Jason in the interrogation room at the police station. They were waiting for Diane to arrive before speaking. Diane arrived and saw Sonny and Dev waiting in the lobby, and she told Sonny to go over the "finer points" before Dev had his turn. Dev was confused, and Sonny told him that "less is always more." Dev didn't understand why he needed a lawyer because people had been calling him a hero. Sonny asked Dev if he was still planning to leave town.

Dev felt like he was always making trouble for Sonny, and he was grateful to Sonny. Sonny stated that he wanted Dev to stay, and he wanted trust from Dev. He wanted Dev to see him if there was a problem, and they would fix it. Dev hugged him.

Diane sat with Jason and Sam as they gave their statements to Jordan. Jason related what he'd found when he'd arrived at the Haunted Star and how events had transpired. Jordan played devil's advocate and asked questions, although Diane bristled. She thought that statements were merely being given.

Jordan listened to everything and finally agreed that she was satisfied with Sam and Jason's statements. She wanted a break before talking to Dev. Diane received a call from Kim, and she advised Kim that Elizabeth couldn't be stopped from transferring Franco to Shadybrook. She stated that Franco couldn't be forced to get the mind-mapping transfer, but he also couldn't be held indefinitely. She added that she didn't have time to help Kim because her plate was full.

Later, Dev gave his statement, and Jordan was curious as to why the teen had been on the ship in the first place. Diane interrupted and stated that Sonny had sent Dev to check on things on the ship for him. Jordan was skeptical, but Sonny spoke up and said that he had total trust in Dev.

Carly sat with Josslyn in the kitchen before school. She thanked Josslyn for making breakfast, although Josslyn brushed off the compliment, as it was only fruit and toast. Josslyn apologized for being unfair in thinking that she was being sent to boarding school, and Carly emphasized that Josslyn was loved and wanted.

Josslyn confirmed that Dev would be able to stay, as the problem was not with him but was her. She also thought it was helpful to have Dev around because he hadn't been there until after Oscar had passed away. Dev didn't give her reminders of Oscar, and there were reminders everywhere. She felt that one minute, she felt like she was looking at things from a distance, and other times, she felt too much.

Carly assured Josslyn that grief could feel endless, but things would get better. Josslyn only wanted to be able to breathe. "When you're ready," Carly told her. Josslyn admitted that she felt alone sometimes, even though she knew her parents were available to her. She didn't know how to talk about her feelings, and she apologized for not handling things well.

Josslyn added that she would never stop missing Oscar. Carly disagreed with Josslyn's assessment and told her things would be more manageable, and she would smile one day. Carly sent her off to school. "You got this," Carly declared. Josslyn stopped to kiss Carly on the cheek.

Jason stopped by after giving his statement to the police, and he told Carly about his day. He told her that Sonny and Dev were still there. He called Dev a "loose cannon" with his fake identity. Carly revealed that she didn't feel well, and she suddenly doubled over in pain. She realized she was in labor after Jason timed the pains, and she complained that it was too soon. Her C-section wasn't scheduled for two weeks. Jason insisted on getting her to the hospital.

Dustin got his class settled in the park. He explained that he'd wanted to hold it there because of the book they'd been reading. He questioned the class on Walden, and Trina and Cameron were able to discuss and answer the questions. Dustin began to read a portion out loud, and Josslyn fled when he read about Thoreau moving to the woods and not wanting to learn he hadn't lived.

Dustin found Josslyn in Oscar's Meadow, and he advised her that he was responsible for her and couldn't leave her there alone. She apologized and told him she'd needed a minute. He assumed Oscar was the young man she'd written about in her essay, and Josslyn told him he'd been the one she'd loved the most. She stated that Oscar belonged there, and it was wrong that he wasn't. He would have loved Dustin's class, also.

Dustin thought Oscar sounded like a wonderful person who had lived deliberately, just as Thoreau had written. Josslyn thought he'd deserved more time, and she lamented that she was alive while he wasn't. She didn't think anyone understood. She and Dustin sat on a bench. Dustin told her that she should speak to someone who did understand, and that person was her.

Dustin suggested Josslyn write a journal that would be unfiltered. He thought she could get to know herself. Josslyn agreed to think about it.

Back with the class, Dustin gave out an assignment and dismissed them. Trina and Cameron expressed their concern for Josslyn, and she related that Dustin had found her in Oscar's Meadow. He had talked to her and had heard her.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth questioned the nurse about Franco, and the nurse related that he'd been in a good mood. Elizabeth knocked on his door and walked in. "Today's the big day. Next stop, Shadybrook," Franco proclaimed. Elizabeth replied that he could help her to fix things. Franco stated that he no longer resented her but felt sorry for her.

Elizabeth was convinced that the mind-mapping would work, but Franco reminded her that three of the four possible results would cause her to lose her husband forever. He wasn't willing to end up in a vegetative state and couldn't be forced. Elizabeth insisted that she would able to legally make the decision for him as his wife. He argued with her and told her she'd already lost.

Elizabeth was certain that Franco would want her to fight for him. She left the room and ran into Sam, who had attempted to gain information on Franco from the same nurse. The nurse recalled hearing Sam and Jason talking after their return from the ship and Sam's comment that she'd had to stop Shiloh from hurting anyone else. The nurse refused to give Sam any information.

Sam told Elizabeth not to make Franco go forward with the procedure, for her own good. Elizabeth refused to discuss it, and Sam explained how she'd gone through the same thing with Jason when he'd had his brain tumor. He'd changed his own mind and had opted for surgery. Sam argued that something might happen to Franco, and Elizabeth snapped that Sam wasn't helping her. Sam was sorry Elizabeth was going through it, and she stepped onto the elevator after Elizabeth told her to leave.

Shortly after, Sam and Jason sat by Carly's bedside. Jason told Carly to breathe, and Carly was frantic to get in touch with Sonny. Sam left to make calls, and Carly admitted she was scared. Jason did his best to reassure her, and he told her that the baby had her for a mom, so there was no need to be scared.

At the police station, Dev wanted to miss the rest of his school day after missing first period, but Sonny sent him off to school. Dev thanked Sonny for his kind words, and Sonny assured Dev he'd meant every word. Sonny asked Diane about Dev's adoption, and she told him it was too complicated. Sonny received a text message about Carly, and he dashed out to get to the hospital.

The nurse who had spoken to both Elizabeth and Sam arrived to speak to Jordan.

Sam got in touch with Michael and gave him an update on Carly. She received another phone call from Jordan, who asked to see Sam right away. She had more questions.

Carly cried to Jason, and she noted that he had been there for the birth of all of her kids. Just then, Sonny arrived, and Jason got up to allow Sonny to sit by Carly, who felt relieved to see her husband.

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