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Lulu revealed that Sasha was not Nina's daughter. Nina called off her wedding to Valentin. Peter framed Sam for Shiloh's murder. Kim hired Martin Gray to represent Franco. The WSB declared Drew dead. Josslyn confessed to Jax about Dev.
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Nina called off her wedding to Valentin
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Lulu tells Nina that Sasha isn't her daughter

Lulu tells Nina that Sasha isn't her daughter

Monday, October 7, 2019

Sonny visited with Carly at the hospital. She admitted that she wasn't anxious to leave if Donna had to stay. She wanted to go to the NICU to see her new daughter, but Sonny told her she needed some rest. He thought that if she stored up her energy, she'd be able to "hit the ground running" when Donna was finally able to go home.

Carly was thankful that Donna's condition had been repairable, and she was aware that not everyone had the same resources that she had. She closed her eyes to go to sleep. Sonny kissed her, and he left.

Nearby, Jason and Sam questioned Dev about the evening he'd seen Peter on the docks. Dev revealed that Peter had seemed nervous and had carried a gym bag although he hadn't been dressed for the gym. In Dev's opinion, Peter had appeared to be headed to a meeting. Jason noted that there were no gyms by the pier, but his clothing didn't necessarily mean anything.

Dev admitted that he hadn't really paid attention to anything more about Peter who had seemed focused on whether Shiloh had been found. Dev wanted to visit with Carly, but Sam suggested he return the next day. After Dev had gone, Sam stated that it was her belief that Peter had been working with Shiloh.

Later, Carly called out Donna's name in her sleep and woke with a start. Bobbie was sitting by her side, and Carly begged her to check on the baby. Carly waited anxiously for Bobbie to return, and when she did, she assured Carly that Donna was perfect and sleeping. Carly was looking forward to seeing her daughter the next day.

Carly admitted that she was happy that her recent "bumpy road" had smoothed out. Bobbie was troubled that Carly hadn't confided in her, and Carly assured her that it had nothing to do with trust. She'd thought that Bobbie's plate had been full with her own issues with her diabetes diagnosis. Bobbie assured Carly that she would always take more on her plate when it concerned her children.

Carly added that she'd been scared and still was. She was worried that she wouldn't be able to handle Donna and her challenges. Bobbie called Carly a fierce, strong, and committed mother, and she had no doubts that Donna would be in capable hands.

Bobbie presented Carly with a gift for Donna, and Carly eagerly dove into the colorful gift bag. She was touched to see that it was B.J.'s music box, and she asked if Bobbie was sure she wanted Carly to have it. Bobbie thought that B.J. would have wanted it. "It's perfect," Carly said tearfully. She opened the box to listen to the music as the ballerina twirled.

In the kitchen at the Corinthos homestead, Josslyn apologized to Jax for not telling him the truth about Dev. She agreed that Sonny had told her not to say anything, but she'd wanted to help Dev. Josslyn revealed that Dev had helped Dante and Sonny in Turkey and had then fled to the United States and turned to Sonny for help. She didn't know all the details but believed that people had been after Dev.

Josslyn continued that she'd spotted Dev at Lulu's house and had thought he'd been a burglar, so she'd called the police. After that, Dev had turned up at home, which she'd thought random, but he'd been nice. Sonny had told her it wasn't safe to send Dev back to Turkey. Jax felt that Josslyn had had no choice but to go along with what Sonny had told her.

Josslyn insisted she'd wanted to help, and she had not been pressured or forced to do anything. Carly also hated that Josslyn had had to lie to Jax and had continually asked Josslyn if she was okay. Jax was determined that the situation be corrected, but Josslyn implored him not to send Dev back to Turkey.

Jax declared that he was proud of Josslyn, but he blamed Sonny for putting the entire scenario into motion. He thought there could be other choices to be made, and it was his job to look out for Josslyn. Josslyn maintained that Dev was a good guy who deserved to stay, but Jax replied that he had to do whatever was best for Josslyn.

Sonny walked in, and he, Jax, and Josslyn talked briefly about the new baby. Jax asked Josslyn to give him and Sonny privacy, and Josslyn replied that she had somewhere to be, anyway.

"You son of a bitch! You haven't changed at all, have you?" Jax shouted at Sonny once Josslyn was gone. Sonny poured himself a cup of coffee. He assumed it was about Dev, and he told Jax that it was okay to be mad at him but not to take anything out on Dev. Jax announced that it was his job to protect his daughter from the very people that Dev had been running away from.

Jax told Sonny that he was "vintage Sonny" who continued to use other people's love as a shield. He'd watched Sonny for years. Sonny made it clear that Dev had a bounty on his head but had a fake identity. Jax pointed out that that was the exact reason that he was afraid for Josslyn, and he wanted Dev out of the house. Sonny wondered if Jax was threatening to take Josslyn away from Carly.

Jax admitted that Carly had enough stress because of her new baby with special needs and didn't need anything additional to worry about. He and Sonny continued to argue. Jax reminded Sonny that Carly had been the one who'd wanted to send Dev to boarding school. He accused Sonny of wanting to play the "big hero" and said Sonny had always been selfish. Jax added that he actually loved Carly and Josslyn, and he would protect them, "no matter what." He realized he was late for Nina's wedding, and he dashed out of the house.

Josslyn met with Dev at the café, and she admitted that she'd had to tell Jax about him. She couldn't lie any longer. Dev understood, and he was relieved that Josslyn hadn't had bad news about the baby. Josslyn proceeded to tell him that Jax hadn't been thrilled and wanted her safe. She had tried to convince Jax to leave everything as it was, but when he was worried, he tended to do something about it. Dev thought it was cool that Josslyn and her dad had an honest relationship, but Josslyn told him that he had the same thing with Sonny.

Sam and Jason paid a visit to Spinelli's room at Metro Court. Spinelli revealed that he still hadn't received permission to analyze the phony recording. Sam and Jason told him about Carly's new baby and admitted the real reason for their visit. Sam thought there was a possible connection between Peter and Shiloh, and they wanted Spinelli's help. "Done," he replied excitedly.

Jason mentioned that Shiloh had made reference to Peter during a phone call when Shiloh had been in prison. Spinelli disclosed that he'd overheard Peter making a phone call to someone and had insisted that something had better be finished. Peter had also claimed to be monitoring Shiloh's trial as a responsible publisher.

Sam and Spinelli expressed their opinions that monitoring a trial was a reporter's job, and they began to call Peter all kinds of names. They found him sleazy and nauseating. Jason told them to stop. Spinelli received a message that Peter had placed a call to a burner phone. He would arrange to have it traced for further information.

Spinelli grabbed his laptop to dig further and soon found himself looking at Peter's bank account. Sam looked over his shoulder and noticed a thirty-five-thousand-dollar withdrawal on the same day she'd been held hostage. She thought that Peter might have arranged for Shiloh's escape. Spinelli wanted it to be true and said he'd been keeping his opinions of Peter to himself because of Maxie.

Spinelli deemed Peter to be deceitful and evil. Jason declared that Peter's guilt needed to be proven. Sam wondered if they should say something to Maxie, but Jason reminded her that it was only a hunch. Sam was upset for Maxie, but Jason reiterated that they needed proof.

All of the guests gathered for Nina and Valentin's wedding. Valentin nervously wondered where Nina was, but Maxie assured him it was the "bride's prerogative" to be late. Outside, Nina, wearing a white off-the-shoulder wedding gown, approached Liesl, Sasha, and Lulu. Liesl wanted to take a photo of mother and daughter, and Lulu glared at them.

Lulu announced that she had to talk to Nina because it was important, but Nina wondered what could be more important than the happiest day of her life. Liesl thought it could wait, and Nina pointed out that she was ready to walk down the aisle. She deemed it "never-ending" with Lulu, who asked what Nina meant. The women were briefly interrupted when Michael arrived, but everyone began to argue. He went inside while Maxie ran out and handed bouquets to Nina and Sasha.

Lulu continued to want to talk to Nina immediately. Nina suggested that Lulu grab her after the ceremony or preferably after her honeymoon. Maxie pulled Lulu aside and urged her not to say anything. She knew that Lulu didn't like Valentin. An excited Charlotte ran out of the church and announced that the music had started.

"Unless your mother has other ideas," Liesl spat. Charlotte turned to Lulu and asked what was wrong. Lulu looked around uncomfortably and agreed that she would talk to Nina later. "Can't wait," Nina replied sarcastically. Lulu kissed Charlotte, wished her luck, and went inside to take her seat. Maxie admitted she had no idea what Lulu wanted to talk about, but she stated that there was nothing to worry about. "Break a leg," Maxie said.

Lulu took her seat beside Dustin and whispered that she hadn't been able to do it because Charlotte had been so excited. Just then, the little girl, in a blue-green dress, slowly walked down the aisle to the music as she tossed flower petals. From the top of the aisle, Valentin blew Charlotte a kiss and kissed the top of her head as she reached him. He thanked her in French.

Sasha followed Charlotte and walked slowly. She stopped and looked to Michael for strength. He nodded faintly, and she continued her march down the aisle. Next, everyone stood as Liesl accompanied Nina. Maxie leaned over and told Lulu that she had been right in not saying anything. Everyone sat, and the ceremony began.

The officiant asked who was giving Nina away. Liesl stated that the bride was giving herself away but that she gave her blessing on behalf of the family. Nina handed her bouquet to Sasha and turned to face Valentin. They expressed their love for each other and stated the vows that they had each written on their own.

Nina declared that she hadn't thought she would love again, but Valentin had rebuilt her broken heart. She said that Charlotte and the fact that Valentin had found her daughter Sasha had changed her life in the "best possible way." She loved him "forevermore." Valentin was near tears as he began to speak. He stated that he had always felt married to Nina, and she was the love of his life. He didn't think they would ever be apart.

Lulu flashed back to a conversation she'd had with Valentin previously. She had called him a liar and murderer and had stated that she would never believe a word he said. Valentin thanked Nina for believing in him and for giving him a second chance that he wouldn't waste. The officiant asked if anyone had anything to say, and Lulu stood up. She had something to say. Valentin glared at her with venom in his eyes.

Charlotte was upset, and Michael tried to take Lulu outside. Valentin wanted Lulu to leave. Nina was upset, but Lulu wanted Nina to hear the truth. Valentin insisted that no one was interested. Nina asked the officiant to take Charlotte to the playroom temporarily. After Charlotte was gone, Nina called Lulu a "spiteful bitch" who only cared about herself. Nina began to tell Lulu off and shouted that Lulu couldn't give Nina one day.

Lulu blurted out that Sasha was not really Nina's daughter. Nina asked her to repeat it, and Lulu was sorry. Valentin asked "what the hell" Lulu was saying. Lulu related that she'd overheard a conversation between Sasha and Liesl. Curtis mentioned the DNA tests, and Nina thought that Lulu had clearly heard wrong. She asked Sasha to speak the truth.

Nina and Valentin's wedding is derailed

Nina and Valentin's wedding is derailed

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Outside Kelly's, Willow told Chase that she hadn't realized how much Shiloh had been weighing on her until he'd been gone. They entered Kelly's and happened upon Brad and Wiley, and they walked over to talk to them. Brad's phone went off, and he had to take the call outside, so Chase offered to look after Wiley. Brad went outside and said into the phone that he would accept the charges. Nelle asked about Wiley, and she said that she needed Brad's help immediately. He replied that he had to get someone to watch Wiley and looked into the restaurant at Chase and Willow playing with Wiley.

After Brad had left, Willow couldn't believe how big Wiley had gotten. Chase apologized for not realizing that looking after Wiley could be hard on her. She replied that she treasured every moment she got with Wiley, as they would probably become "fewer and far between." Chase wondered if she'd changed her mind about what she'd wanted for Wiley, but his ringing phone interrupted them. He went outside to take the call and looked in on Willow and Wiley.

Willow admitted to Wiley that she'd been afraid to ask herself the question that Chase had asked her. She wanted to be Wiley's mother, but she didn't want to take him away from the home and fathers that he knew and loved. She hoped that they would have a relationship one day, but she valued his happiness over her own. Chase returned, and Willow revealed that Wiley was happy with Brad and Lucas.

Brad entered the visitation room at Pentonville and sat down across from Nelle. He assured her that he'd left Wiley with the woman who thought she was Wiley's birth mother. Nelle accepted that as long he hadn't left Wiley with Sasha. She filled Brad in on how Michael receiving a picture from Carly of Sasha with Wiley had been the only thing that had stopped her from telling the truth about Wiley. She demanded that Sasha never be with Wiley again, but Brad argued that it would be hard at family gatherings. He agreed to try, and he wondered why she'd called him.

Nelle revealed that her parole hearing was approaching, and she'd gotten Martin Grey to represent her. Brad recognized the lawyer as "practically a celebrity," and he wondered if she was asking him for money. She told him that her freedom was riding on proving that she'd been irrational because of hormones when she'd committed her crimes. She needed Brad to sign an affidavit saying as much, and he reluctantly agreed. He wondered what she was going to do about Wiley if she got out. However, she merely called out for the guard, and the guard escorted her out.

Ava entered the phone visitation room at Pentonville, and Ryan was very happy to see her. She took a stack of his letters out of her bag, and she demanded that he stop writing to her. She revealed that she'd shown the letters to the warden to get Ryan's letter-writing privileges taken away, but the warden couldn't impede on Ryan's free speech. Ryan didn't think anyone could see her as a victim, anyway, as he believed he knew her better than anyone.

Ava related her dream about Kiki to Ryan, and how Kiki had detailed all of Ava's failings as a mother and a human. She feared that she was the same woman she'd always been. She told Ryan that his letters were killing her, and he needed to stop. Ryan said he thought that she was causing her own pain. He reminded her of how much happier and healthier she'd been with him, and he wanted to start healing her. "Go to hell," she shot back. She left the letters for him, which he protested, and she stormed out.

The guard escorted Ryan from the room, and he ran into Nelle. She wondered about his visit with Ava, and he replied that Ava would "come around." He asked how she was doing, and she replied, "Never better." She told him about her parole hearing, and he urged her to keep him in mind when she got to the outside. "I may need to ask a favor," he concluded. "What are kindred spirits for?" she replied.

"Sasha isn't your daughter," Lulu announced to Nina, and she told the livid woman about the conversation she'd overheard between Sasha and Liesl. She was sure Valentin had been in on it, but Curtis reminded her that three DNA tests had confirmed that Nina was Sasha's mother. Nina asked Sasha to back her up, but then thought better of asking her to defend herself against a "ridiculous lie." Nina thought that Lulu was ruining the wedding because Dante had deserted her, and Lulu wanted everyone to feel as miserable as she was. Nina thought it was the perfect opportunity to hurt Valentin on Nikolas' behalf, but Liesl thought it was because Charlotte loved Nina more than she loved Lulu.

Maxie suggested that Lulu had misinterpreted what she'd overheard, but Lulu insisted she would never wreck a wedding unless she had to, as Nina had shut her down beforehand. Nina turned to Sasha and asked her to tell everyone that she was Nina's daughter. "Nina, I'm sorry, but I'm not. I'm not your child," Sasha replied tearfully. Nina sputtered on about how alike they were. Sasha agreed, but she explained that it wasn't genetic. Sasha continued that it was an "elaborate scheme" to make Nina happy, as Nina needed a daughter, and Sasha had needed money.

Sasha insisted that all of her feelings toward Nina were real, and she'd been wanting to tell Nina the truth. Nina screamed that there was no love between them, only daily betrayal. Nina ripped the necklace off of Sasha, and Valentin tried to comfort Nina. Nina demanded that he not touch her, and she knew that he'd been involved. She called herself stupid for letting Valentin lie to her again, and she ran out of the church, sobbing. She ran into Jax, who gave her a comforting hug. "Get me the hell out of here," she asked of him, and they joined hands and left.

Valentin and Liesl went outside a few minutes later and saw that Nina was gone, but the limo was still there. They wondered where she'd gone. Michael comforted Sasha as Curtis insisted to Jordan that he'd "vetted" Sasha himself so something like that wouldn't happen. Jordan figured that he'd been deceived like Nina had. Maxie had known that Sasha was a fraud, and Sasha replied that she had planned to tell the truth the day the DNA results had been ready. Curtis figured that Sasha had had help, and Lulu guessed that it had been Valentin and Liesl.

Michael swore that Sasha had planned to tell the truth, but there had been a better time and place for it. Everyone was shocked that he'd known about it and peppered him with questions, but he didn't think it was the proper time. He put his arm around Sasha, and they left. Maxie asked Lulu to tell her exactly what Lulu had heard about who else was involved. Liesl and Valentin returned inside, and Maxie cornered Liesl to ask about her involvement. Liesl promised that she wouldn't dishonor Nathan's memory by hurting Nina like that. Liesl left to try to find Nina.

Maxie and Peter agreed that they no longer knew what to believe, and she just wanted to go home and see James. They embraced, and she asked that they never kept secrets from one another. Valentin accused Lulu of finally getting back at him by breaking Nina's heart. He glared at her and told her to enjoy her victory. Curtis regretted that Valentin had hurt Nina and had used Curtis to do it. He vowed to find out how three DNA tests could have been wrong. Jordan revealed to Valentin that there was no evidence of fraud on Valentin's part, but it was still early, so they would see. Curtis promised that he would make Valentin pay, and Curtis and Jordan left as Valentin made a phone call.

Lulu hated that everyone was acting like the situation was her fault, and Dustin assured her that they were just blaming the messenger. She insisted that she'd tried to do the right thing to set an example for Charlotte. Valentin returned and informed Lulu that Charlotte had lost her stepmother that day, so Lulu had gotten what she'd probably wanted all along. "You will regret it for the rest of your life," he growled.

Outside, Sasha cried to Michael that she hadn't intended for the truth to surface like that, but she'd had to be honest once Lulu had started to accuse her. She lamented that Nina had lost her daughter, fiancé, and stepdaughter on what was supposed to have been the happiest day of her life. Michael insisted that the fault was on Lulu for how the truth had surfaced, but Sasha only cared about Nina and how Sasha could possibly help her. Michael hugged her and promised that they would figure it out together.

Jax showed a silent Nina into the house he'd just bought. He told her to make herself comfortable, and he left to get her a drink. She took her shoes off and held the necklace as he returned with a bottle of scotch and two glasses. He apologized that there was nothing else in the kitchen, but he tended to save the scotch for when he lost something or someone. She quietly informed a shocked Jax, "Sasha's not my daughter. She said so. I don't have a daughter, Jax. I never did."

Spinelli has a breakthrough

Spinelli has a breakthrough

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Jordan entered the interrogation room to check on Spinelli, who requested to use his own equipment to debunk the recording. She thought that, if he was as good as he was supposed to be, he would be able to conduct a thorough examination using the same equipment as the PCPD. Jordan asked the officer and forensic audiologist in the room to keep an eye on Spinelli, and she left the room. A few minutes later, the audiologist was listening along with Spinelli as Spinelli found something suspect, and the two high-fived.

Outside the room, Robert informed Jordan that he'd just interviewed Daisy, who seemed like she would make an unhinged and unreliable witness. Jordan guessed that Daisy's reputation would taint the recording, and Robert confirmed it. She asked about the nurse Sherri, and Robert scoffed and said that he'd rather put Daisy on the stand. Robert's phone went off, and he had to take the call. He listened for a moment and replied that he'd known it would be a "long shot." He informed Jordan that he had news to give someone in person. She promised to keep him updated, and he left.

At Sonny's, Jason and Sam updated Sonny on all of their circumstantial evidence proving that Peter was Shiloh's accomplice. Jason added that, if Peter had been the one to try to frame Sam for Shiloh's murder, Jason didn't care what Peter meant to Anna or Maxie. Sam thought that they needed more solid proof before jumping to conclusions about Peter, especially with how serious he and Maxie were. Jason thought it was better to end the lying right then than to prolong it. Just then, Sam got a text from Spinelli summoning her to the police station. She promised to keep Jason informed and left.

Headphones on her head, Jordan realized that Spinelli had invited Sam to the station, and she called the invitation premature. He replayed the recording for her, telling her exactly where to listen, and she finally heard what Spinelli had heard. Sam entered minutes later and wondered how long she should expect to stay. Spinelli informed her that, while he hadn't been able to debunk the recording, he also hadn't been able to authenticate it.

Spinelli explained that he'd paid extreme attention to the frequencies in the recording, which the splicer had not. While he couldn't use the frequencies to prove tampering, enough red flags had been raised in "several sections" to prove the recording to be inconclusive. Jordan added that she would be calling Robert to make sure that the charges against Sam would be dropped. "You're free to go," Jordan said as she left. Sam hugged Spinelli and called him a genius.

At Kelly's, Maxie left a message for Nina, asking for a call or text so that Maxie could make sure her sister-in-law was all right. When she hung up, Peter revealed that he hadn't heard from Valentin, either. Maxie knew that Valentin had been involved, and she stated that no one wanted to be lied to in the name of love. Maxie had anger toward Sasha, but Peter reminded her that neither of them was in a position to judge. Softening, she took Peter's hand and told him that she was "proud of us" and the work they'd done to be together. She was glad that she would never have to "look over my shoulder like Nina," because Peter would never betray her like that.

Jason entered Kelly's, and he thanked Peter for getting Wiley and Dev to the hospital. Jason lightly questioned Peter about why he'd been on the docks, and Maxie called him on the interrogation. Peter assured Maxie that she could stand down and that he had nothing to hide about that night. A few minutes later, Jason took a call from Sam with her good news. She also informed him that the PCPD had caught the man who'd helped Shiloh escape. He told her that he would be right there, and he returned to the restaurant. He told Peter and Maxie that the police had captured Shiloh's helper.

Kim was sitting in Kelly's when Martin entered and sat with her. He revealed that Franco's was an exciting case that he had no intention of losing. He warned her that he was going to "build a circus of publicity" around Franco so that no court could deny his "true identity." The thought made her nervous, but he related that identity was at the forefront of their culture. He vowed to prove that there were no traces of Franco left and to prove that the man was Drew. Kim suggested that he meet his new client so that Franco knew that he wasn't fighting alone.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Scott discussed how to prove that Franco would want the memory reversal procedure. "I know how. Put me on the stand," Cameron suggested as he entered the room. Scott and Elizabeth agreed that it was a good idea, but Scott warned that Cameron would be "grilled" about his relationship with Franco. Cameron explained that they hadn't always gotten along, but they'd just been starting to get along when Franco had saved him.

A short while later, Cameron was gone, and Elizabeth thought that it would help empower Cameron to help Franco. Scott related that they needed something else, and Elizabeth suggested Kim. She explained that Kim had asked Drew to have another child with her after Oscar had died, which was why Elizabeth believed that Kim had latched onto Franco. She understood Kim's pain, but she refused to give up on Franco. "I love my husband, and this is war. All is fair," Elizabeth stated.

Monica entered Franco's room, and she was sorry about his situation. "Are you sure?" he growled, reminding her that she wanted him to stay. She insisted that, had she known about Drew, she would have done everything she could have to find him. She continued that she'd worked hard to "hang onto the kids I have left," but she regretted not focusing more on what they needed from her. He apologized for taking his anger out on her, and she told him that nothing mattered more than family. He thought that, if things went his way, he would stick around so they could get to know each other better.

A short while later, Monica was gone, and Kim and Martin updated Franco on their plan for court. Martin suggested that Drew's medals and ribbons from the Navy would help him, and Kim offered to ask for them. Martin also wondered if Franco or Kim had anyone in mind who would speak on Franco's behalf. Franco could think of one person, but he wasn't so sure that they would speak on his behalf. Martin told Franco to point Martin in the person's direction, and he would take care of the rest.

Later, Martin was gone, and Franco and Kim sat on the bed in each other's arms. Franco admitted that he was worried about the strain of a trial on Kim. She promised that she could handle it. She suggested that they start making plans for their future, but he didn't think they should get ahead of themselves. He wanted to focus on what they had. She agreed, and they shared a kiss.

Robert found Monica at the hospital and sat her down. He informed her that Drew's plane had been found to go down in bad weather, and the pilots had been scrambling before they'd lost control. He admitted that a search of the area had yielded no survivors, and Drew was about to officially be declared "dead in absentia." A tearful Monica thanked Robert for telling her in person, and he expressed his sympathy. As some kind of consolation, he assured her that the Navy had held Drew in "very high esteem."

Later, Sonny entered the hospital and bumped into Robert. He asked Robert for a favor, to which Robert replied, "With burying evidence or looking the other way?" Ignoring the comment, Sonny asked Robert to get word to Dante that he had a new little sister. Robert gladly agreed to do that, and he left.

Martin approached Monica and introduced himself as Franco's lawyer. She wondered what she could do for him, and Martin explained the risks of Franco undergoing the memory procedure. "Are you going to sit back and see how this plays out, or are you willing to step up and fight for Drew?" Martin asked.

Peter has Sam framed for Shiloh's murder

Peter has Sam framed for Shiloh's murder

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Jax carried two mugs of coffee into the living room where Nina lay sleeping on the couch. She was still in her wedding dress. "Good morning!" Jax said cheerfully when Nina finally opened her eyes. He sat down beside her. Nina casually asked about the time, and when Jax told her it was after twelve, she hastily rose to leave. She thanked him for allowing her to stay.

Jax was apologetic for the lack of sleeping space, but Nina assured him that anything would have been better than Wyndemere. She sat back down and accepted a mug. She was sorry she hadn't listened when Jax had warned her about Valentin, although she didn't know if he was innocent. Jax reminded her that they also didn't know if Valentin was guilty. She didn't want to hear what Valentin had to say.

Jax handed Nina her phone and told her he'd charged it while she'd been asleep. She looked at it and noted that it had "blown up" with calls and messages.

A little while later, Jax went upstairs, and when he returned, he found Nina out on the patio. She told him she was okay "given the circumstances." He suggested she stay at his place and "lie low." He added that no one would ever expect to find her there. Nina thought that was a generous offer, but she told him she couldn't stay there indefinitely.

Nina felt that she should face others because she had done nothing wrong and had nothing to be ashamed of. She quickly admitted that she was "mortified." She had wanted a child so badly that she'd fallen for Sasha's lies. She wondered if she'd been a victim or a fool. "Neither," Jax said. Nina thought she should retrieve some clothing from Wyndemere, and she didn't care if Valentin was there.

Michael and Sasha enjoyed breakfast at a coffeehouse in Queen's Point. Sasha stood up to get herself her third cup of coffee, but Michael suggested that she was stalling before going back to work. Sasha admitted that she wasn't ready to face anyone, but Michael thought she should feel free because she no longer held onto her secret.

Sasha replied that she felt guilty, although Michael thought that she could begin to heal. She was worried that her testimony against Cassandra Pierce would not be accepted because she would be deemed a liar. Michael assured her that Cassandra faced a long list of crimes in addition to the one that involved Sasha.

Michael thought Sasha should return to Port Charles to settle everything, but Sasha didn't think there was a point to going back because there was no longer any life there for her. She had hurt Nina and Charlotte. Michael wondered if he wasn't enough of a reason for Sasha's return, but Sasha thought he should just run away from her. Michael believed that everyone would understand after they heard that Sasha had lied because she'd needed money for her grandmother.

Hayden ran into Finn outside Kelly's, and they exchanged a greeting awkwardly until Finn hurriedly declared that he had to get back to the hospital. "Have a grand day," Hayden called out, which caused the duo to joke about her choice of words. Finn offered her his leftover turkey sandwich for Honeybun but Hayden exclaimed that her dog was on a restricted diet and didn't eat that.

Finn called Hayden a good "dog mom," and he was hopeful they could have a playdate one day with Roxy, too. Hayden quickly said goodbye and rushed inside as Chase walked up. Finn told his brother that he believed that Hayden had been lying to him. Finn explained that he'd overheard Hayden telling someone she loved them; she had told him it was a dog, but he didn't believe it.

Chase joked about setting up a dog investigation and made fun of Finn. He said that if Hayden had a new relationship, it had nothing to do with Finn, and besides, Finn was in a relationship with Anna. Finn insisted that he and Anna were great, which caused Chase to ask why Finn was "hung up" on Hayden. Finn insisted he wasn't.

Chase suggested that Finn be careful and not try to fill the empty void because Anna was away. Finn denied he had been doing that. Chase warned him to keep his "head on straight" and not to lose track of his priorities. Finn couldn't believe that Chase was giving him advice. Chase received a message to get back to the police station.

Inside Kelly's, Lulu, Charlotte, and Laura sat at a table, although Charlotte was not hungry and picked at her food. Lulu tried to reassure her that everything would be okay, but the little girl wanted to know why Lulu had ruined the wedding. Lulu maintained that both Nina and Valentin loved Charlotte, and that wouldn't change. Laura told Charlotte it was a complicated adult situation.

Charlotte was upset at the thought that Nina and Valentin might not be getting married, and she voiced her demand to see Nina. Laura thought it might help, so Lulu agreed to take the little girl to Nina's office. The three stood up, but Laura saw Curtis. She urged Lulu and Charlotte to go ahead of her. She would catch up.

Hayden joined Laura and Curtis at a table, and Laura told the others that she'd found the portrait of Helena Cassadine. She added that all objects that Helena had left to others had contained a variety of clues, and Kevin believed that the portrait had revealed that the codicil was on Spoon Island.

Laura left, and Curtis expressed the hope that Laura would have luck with the portrait. He believed that Valentin needed to pay for manipulating him and for what he'd done to Nina. "I'm glad Nina kicked his ass to the curb," Curtis exclaimed vehemently. He was angry, and he believed that Valentin had been behind Sasha's lies. Hayden assured him that Valentin would get payback once he lost the estate.

Hayden added that Valentin couldn't know about the portrait, and Curtis agreed. Hayden wanted Curtis to convince Nina not to cooperate with any fraud case that might occur, and Curtis agreed that he didn't want Nina involved at all. She'd been put through enough. Hayden asked him to find her a dog. Outside, Finn left a voicemail for Anna. He looked inside through the window and locked eyes with Hayden.

Jason and Sam met up at the police station, and both agreed they were thankful for Spinelli. Jordan announced that it wasn't over yet, as there was paperwork to be done. Jason told Sam about his conversation with Peter and Maxie, and he'd learned that Peter had claimed to be carrying cash in a gym bag for a deposit on an apartment. He assumed that Peter had told Maxie the story first.

Henderson, the fake cop who had helped Shiloh to escape, was led into the station in handcuffs. Jordan began to question him, but he demanded that he get his phone call first. Jordan had him taken to the interrogation room, and she told Jason and Sam that paperwork would be concluded as soon as Chase arrived.

Maxie and Peter walked into the Crimson offices, hoping to find Nina, but she wasn't there. Peter suspected that Nina needed time. Maxie hoped that Shiloh's accomplice would be questioned, and the truth would come out. "Hopefully," Peter replied less than enthusiastically. Maxie also admitted that she wasn't sure if Lulu had done the right thing or not, but she could see both sides.

Peter reminded Maxie that they had been right about Sasha, but Maxie didn't find that to be a comfort. Peter felt bad for Nina, and Maxie suggested that Liesl might have been a part of it. She thought that would explain the fake DNA tests. She wondered why Michael hadn't disclosed the truth about Sasha not being Nina's daughter.

"What?" Charlotte cried out as she entered the office with Lulu. Peter told them that Nina wasn't there, but Charlotte insisted on an explanation for what she'd overheard. Maxie asked Peter to leave the three of them alone. Lulu tried to explain that she had told Nina something that had upset her, but it had been the truth. There had been a mistake, and Sasha was not really Nina's daughter.

In the outer office, Peter received a phone call from Henderson, who called him boss. He wanted to see Peter right away, and he thought that Peter should hurry before questioning started. He ordered Peter not to keep him waiting because he was starting to get impatient. Peter suggested that Henderson get a lawyer, but Henderson wanted to "talk strategy." He ordered Peter to think of something.

Henderson disclosed that he didn't know how long he could stall the cops. Peter gave him instructions, and then he left Crimson.

Inside the office, Charlotte was upset and didn't believe what she'd heard. Michael and an anxious Sasha stepped off the elevator and walked into the office. Charlotte wanted to know why Nina and Valentin hadn't gone through with the wedding, and Sasha explained that Nina had been too upset to get married after she'd heard about the lie.

Sasha admitted that she'd told a lie and had hurt a lot of people. Charlotte was extremely upset and accused her of lying because Nina was rich. Sasha insisted that that wasn't true, and she'd tried to help Nina. She really liked both Charlotte and Nina, and she hadn't thought she would hurt anyone. She was sorry. Charlotte turned her back on Sasha as Sasha stated that the little girl was important to her.

Charlotte declared that she had no reason to believe anything that Sasha said, and she accused Sasha of ruining everything. Charlotte was crying, and she asked Lulu to take her out. Michael wrapped his arms around Sasha to try to comfort her. She laid her head on his shoulder. Maxie looked on.

At Wyndemere, Valentin tried to reach Nina by phone, without success. He asked Liesl if she knew where Nina could be, but Liesl was more involved with the catered breakfast that Valentin had forgotten to cancel. She stated that she had no idea but thought that Nina was better off wherever she was. She made it known that she had told Valentin that things would "blow up" due to Sasha.

Valentin blamed Liesl for disclosing the truth in public, but Liesl stated that she had a lot to lose, also. She added that not all hope was lost yet because Sasha had not mentioned Liesl or Valentin as being complicit in the scheme. They had to make sure that Sasha had no chance to do so. Valentin sat next to Liesl on the sofa as she assured him that Nina would not listen to anything Sasha had to say. They had to send Sasha "packing for good."

Valentin thought that everyone would be okay if Sasha avoided Nina. They were interrupted by the doorbell, and Valentin went to answer it. It was Laura, who hoped she wasn't intruding. Valentin demanded to know when that had ever stopped her before. Liesl left them for privacy, and Laura admitted that she'd been happy when Nina had left Valentin. She commented on the huge breakfast laid out on the table, and she asked about Helena's portrait, because she wanted it for Spencer.

Valentin claimed that he'd tossed the portrait out that morning, and Laura was appalled. Valentin insisted that Charlotte didn't like it, and it was sitting in a landfill. Laura was angry, and Valentin shouted that he had no patience for her. "You'll regret this," Laura threatened when she stormed out.

At the police station, Chase arrived, as well as an FBI agent who announced that Shiloh's death was a federal matter due to his death having occurred in international waters. Jordan made it clear that Sam had been cleared and the charges dropped. The agent wanted to review the evidence even though Jordan promised that he would arrive at the same conclusion. She thought that Sam should leave, and the agent agreed. He warned Sam not to leave town.

Jordan hoped it was all a formality, and Sam replied that she wanted it to be over. Chase announced that Henderson was ready to talk, and he, the agent, and Jordan headed to the interrogation room. Henderson agreed that he would tell the truth. He stated that his helping Shiloh had just been a job, and Samantha McCall had been the one to hire him.

Valentin was surprised to see Nina show up at the door, but he wasn't happy when Jax walked up behind her.

Peter sat down at a table in the café and looked at his phone. He stared at an Invader newspaper article that had been written about Sam's arrest.

Sasha tells another lie

Sasha tells another lie

Friday, October 11, 2019

Sonny opened a gift from Alexis and found a sippy cup with the Corinthos Coffee logo on it. Alexis asked about Carly and Donna, but she got distracted by a text from Julian that read, "Must see you ASAP about your client!!!" Sonny wondered why Julian couldn't just leave like he was supposed to, as Olivia was furious. Sonny hoped that Olivia sued Julian for everything he had. Alexis suggested keeping the peace, since Julian was staying, especially since he was committed to the path he was on. Sonny replied that she had more faith in Julian than Sonny did.

Julian thanked Brad for his "welcome back" gift of a new welcome mat, and Brad hoped that Julian could help "when problems arise." Brad told Julian about Nelle, but Julian urged Brad to clean up his own mess. Brad warned that Sonny and Lucas would likely eventually figure out that Julian had been involved when the truth surfaced. Julian put his hands around Brad's throat and informed Brad that he didn't take kindly to threats. Ava entered and figured that Lucas wouldn't take kindly to Julian choking Brad.

Julian took his hands off of Brad's throat, and Brad ran out. Julian claimed that the incident had been a "family matter" about taking sides. Ava asked for a drink and details about Nina and Valentin's wedding. Julian informed her that he hadn't attended, but he told her about what he'd heard about Nina leaving Valentin at the altar. Julian figured that Ava was enjoying Nina being in pain, but Ava didn't want to celebrate another's pain. She asked for a bottle of scotch and two glasses as Julian commended her on her growth.

Ava was happy for Nina that she would be free of Valentin, even though she and Julian both knew that making a "clean break" was difficult. Right on cue, Alexis entered, and Julian showed her some flyers he'd found around town, tearing apart Charlie's. Julian threatened to sue if Olivia didn't stop with the flyers, but Alexis said that he should give Olivia's deposit back. He revealed that he'd used it on the place he'd put a deposit down on in New York, and he hadn't been able to get it back. She said that Julian had no proof that Olivia was behind the flyers, and she suggested that Julian just finish the sale. When she was gone, Julian crumpled up the flyer and made a phone call.

Josslyn gave Dev a pile of papers, identifying it as all the homework he'd missed. He complained that he only wasn't allowed out because of Josslyn "ratting" him out. She apologized, but she hadn't wanted to lie to Jax anymore. She figured that it was on her to fix things, so she picked up her phone to send a text.

As Dev did his homework, she wondered if he'd thought about all the people he'd hurt by leaving them behind. He named Sonny, who would understand; Carly, who would be relieved; and Max, who would be happy. "Am I missing anyone?" he asked, and he said that he would miss her, too, but she denied it. He wondered if her true feelings about him were in her diary, and they tussled over the book until they got close. She grabbed it, and he promised not to touch it again.

Nina entered Wyndemere, still in her dress, followed by Jax. She stated that she was there to get a few things to tide her over before she could pick up everything. Valentin wondered why Jax was there and where she was staying. Nina replied that it was none of his business anymore. Valentin insisted that he'd had nothing to do with Sasha's lies, but Nina refused to believe that he'd had nothing to do with it. Jax's phone went off as Nina tried to walk by Valentin, but he grabbed her arm. Jax demanded that he let Nina go, and Valentin yelled at Jax to leave.

Liesl entered, happy to see Jax, who insisted on waiting for Nina. His phone went off again, and Nina assured him that she would be fine. Jax looked at his phone and saw a text from Josslyn begging him to help Dev, so he reminded Nina that he was a phone call away; he left. As Nina was out of the room, packing her things, Liesl wondered if Nina and Jax were together. Nina, in a new outfit, returned a short while later with her suitcase, and she said that she would send for the rest of her things.

Nina asked if Madeline had really told Valentin that Nina's daughter was alive, but she didn't let him answer, because she figured that she could no longer believe him. He begged her to stay and said that his life was meaningless without her. "That I believe," she spat, and she left. Liesl had never seen Nina so hurt, and she figured that she would go to Switzerland so that she couldn't be extradited in case Nina decided to press charges. Valentin wanted to take Charlotte to Greece so that she wouldn't have to see Nina around. He knew that his lawyers could tie Lulu up in family court "indefinitely." He hoped that his absence would make Nina's heart grow fonder, but Liesl called him delusional.

Sonny opened his door to Jax, who asked for Josslyn. A few minutes later, the two joined Josslyn and Dev outside, and Jax revealed that he'd decided not to contradict Sonny's story. Josslyn hugged her father as he thought back to his conversation with Sonny a few minutes before. Jax had told Sonny that he'd seen a lie destroy a family the night before at the wedding, and he didn't want to put Josslyn through that. He hated joining the cover-up, but he didn't see an alternative.

Jax returned to the present as Dev shook his hand and said that he was in Jax's debt. Jax urged him to honor the secret and stay out of trouble, and he could consider the debt paid. He thought back to a few minutes before, when he'd told Sonny that, while he wouldn't tell the secret, he wouldn't keep it, either. He'd said that, "if the Feds come knocking," he wouldn't perjure himself and give them a reason to kick him out of the country again. In the present, Sonny assured Jax that he anticipated no trouble, as Dev was a Corinthos, and no one would say otherwise.

In Neil's office, he assured a new patient that panic attacks were common and that anxiety was treatable -- and nothing to be ashamed of. Neil wanted to get to the root of the problem, and Brad replied that his father-in-law and his son's parents were the cause. Neil asked him some questions, but Brad didn't want to give details, only wanting a prescription that would help with his nerves. Neil refused to give a script without determining the underlying issues. Brad exploded that his son had been kidnapped, and he was terrified that it would happen again.

Brad continued that he was barely functioning, and Neil finally agreed to give Brad a prescription. However, Neil insisted that Brad return with Lucas, as he was concerned that Brad felt unsupported. He handed the script to Brad, who thanked him and opened the door. Alexis appeared, and Brad left. Neil asked about her day, and she replied that she had nothing to report.

At Crimson, Michael and Sasha finished boxing up her things from the office. Sasha wanted to leave a note for Nina but thought better of it. Lucy stepped off the elevator and demanded an answer from Sasha about being "the face of Deception." "I'm way ahead of you, Lucy," Sasha cracked. She turned the offer down, but Lucy thought that was insane. Sasha updated Lucy on recent developments, but Lucy replied that "notorious sells." She continued that Sasha could use her platform to make amends for her mistakes.

Nina entered and demanded to know why Sasha was there. She yelled at Sasha to leave and promised to call security if she showed up again. Lucy urged Nina to "ease up," as Sasha was full of remorse, but Nina replied that she was there to remind herself that at least she still had Crimson. Sasha informed Nina that she still had Valentin and Charlotte, as Sasha had acted on her own. She claimed that she'd gotten a call from Carter Buckley, the lawyer who'd handled her adoption, and he'd told her about Valentin looking for Nina's daughter.

Sasha continued that Carter had been dying at the time and had needed money, so the plan had been to pass her off as Nina's daughter and get some money to split. Carter had died soon after Sasha had met Nina, but Sasha had started to really love Nina. She claimed that she'd gotten help from a friend from college to fake the three DNA tests. She said that it was all right for Nina to hate her, but Nina shouldn't cut out Valentin, Liesl, and Charlotte, because they needed each other.

Nina demanded that everyone leave, so Sasha, Lucy, and Michael cleared out of the office. Nina sat down at her desk and threw things around as she cried. Minutes later, Ava entered with the bottle of scotch and two glasses. Nina invited Ava to gloat, but Ava replied that she was there "in solidarity." She insisted that she knew all about "horrid, lying men and hell on earth."

Later, Michael and Sasha sat down at Charlie's, and she wondered if she'd done the wrong thing. While Michael didn't agree with her actions, he couldn't disagree with her motives. He only worried that they would just be waiting around for another lie to be exposed.

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