General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 14, 2019 on GH

Cameron talked to Kim about Franco. Julian undermined Brad's relationship with Lucas. Sasha was arrested. Nina reconciled with Valentin. Kendra vowed to avenge Kiefer Bauer's death. Sam was sent to Pentonville to await trial. Nelle was denied parole.
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Sam was sent to Pentonville, Nelle was denied parole, and Ryan killed again
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Julian hopes he can talk some sense into ''Drew''

Julian hopes he can talk some sense into ''Drew''

Monday, October 14, 2019

Kim and Elizabeth bumped into each other at the hospital, and Kim muttered that she'd had a meeting about a temporary reinstatement. Elizabeth wished her luck, as the hospital would be fortunate to have her. Elizabeth started to walk away, but Kim asked if Elizabeth thought that she was doing the right thing for Franco. Kim insisted that he wasn't mentally ill, and he had the right to make his own medical decisions. Elizabeth informed Kim that her compassion for Kim's loss wouldn't prevent her from fighting for her husband.

Elizabeth remembered Kim denying Oscar's right to make his own medical decisions, but she immediately apologized for the remark. She insisted that the situations were completely different, but Kim disagreed. On her way out, Kim commented that Scott was calling her to the stand for the hearing, and she assumed he knew that she wouldn't be helping his case. Elizabeth suggested that Kim "look inward" for the answer. Kim rolled her eyes and left.

Franco returned to his room and found Julian inside, and Franco thought that it was late for a visit. Franco regretted that Julian had gotten hurt, but he didn't regret what had happened with Kim. Julian pointed out that he had been with Kim for two years, while Drew had only been with her for a few months over a decade before. Julian informed Franco that he didn't really know Kim or the hell she'd been through. Franco hoped that Julian wasn't trying to get back together with Kim, but Julian knew that there was "no going back."

Julian stated that he was there to plead Kim's case. She was grieving, and he didn't want to watch her use Franco as a temporary fix for the hole in her heart. He implored Franco to stop enabling Kim and to let her move forward to heal. "The ball is in your court," Julian said, and he left. Later, Kim arrived, and she informed Franco that a date had been set for his hearing.

Julian bumped into Elizabeth outside of Charlie's, and they checked in with each other. Just then, Elizabeth's phone rang, and she answered it to Scott. She ended the call a few minutes later, and she informed Julian that Franco's hearing was set to start the next week.

"Are we all set?" Peter asked. The woman he was with asked if he had payment for her, so he handed her an envelope of money. She clarified that she understood what she was supposed to do, and she left. Peter entered Charlie's a few minutes later and sat down with Andre, who was surprised that Peter had wanted to meet with him. He didn't know what they had to talk about, as neither of them was proud of his role in the transfer of Jason's memories to Drew. Peter wanted to clarify that Faison had coerced him into everything, and he'd done everything he could have done to make things better.

Peter divulged that he'd wanted to meet with Andre to talk about Anna. He knew that Andre was close friends with his mother, and he was hoping that Andre had heard from her. Andre revealed that he wasn't privy to WSB information, and he chuckled. He explained to a confused Peter that he assumed Peter's use of the word "mother" showed that there had been progress between the two. Peter thanked Andre for being there for Anna while she and Peter had been "working through things," and Andre replied that she would do the same for him.

Peter wanted to get to know Andre better, especially since he would be staying in town at least until Franco's hearing was over. Peter asked Andre about the procedure, and they discussed the possible outcomes of the memory restoration. Andre hoped that Peter wasn't pumping him for information for the Invader, but Peter claimed that he still felt residual guilty over what his father had set into motion. He wished that everything could be undone and that everyone could get on with their lives. "I'll drink to that," Andre agreed. Peter realized he had another appointment, but he invited Andre to have another drink on him. Andre promised to tell Peter if he heard from Anna, and Peter left.

Maxie arrived at Crimson and was surprised to see Nina at her desk. She noticed a half-empty bottle of scotch on the desk, and Nina put it away. Maxie wondered where Nina had been, and Nina replied that she'd been with Jax. She insisted that nothing had happened, and Jax had been there for her when she'd needed a "neutral space." Nina admitted that she was devastated and angry at herself for believing in Sasha. Maxie made sure that Nina believed that Valentin had been behind the con.

Nina wasn't sure what to believe, but Maxie urged Nina to look at Valentin's past. Nina was only deciding whether or not to report Sasha to the police for identity theft or fraud. Maxie discouraged going to the cops, and she added that, in her experience, healing had only happened when she'd owned up to her mistakes. Maxie had a feeling that Nina knew the truth in her heart.

Later, Peter arrived at Crimson and asked if Maxie was ready for dinner. She revealed that she was almost done with her work, as she'd been sidetracked by "convincing Nina to see the light." She recapped the discussion for Peter, who was shocked that Nina wasn't sure if Valentin had been behind Sasha's deception. Maxie commented that she wished Nina could "see the liar staring right in her face."

Valentin got money and passports out of his safe, and he explained to a curious Liesl that he was making the "final preparations" for his and Charlotte's trip to Greece. She blamed him for both of them having to leave, and she believed that he owed her the truth about the existence of Nina's child. He informed her that Madeline had insisted that Nina hadn't lost the baby. Madeline had allegedly arranged for a private nurse and an adoption once the baby had been delivered. Valentin had tried and failed to track the child down, so he couldn't prove that there was a child.

Valentin thought that he'd "provided a suitable daughter" in order to spare Nina the hurt of not being able to find her child. "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should," Liesl quoted at him. Valentin admitted that he'd grown to respect her, and she shared the sentiment. She believed that there was a chance Nina would have taken him back without a daughter. She hoped that distance would cool Nina's anger and make her heart grow fonder. She also believed it would make Nina more inclined to give Liesl a second chance. They wished each other luck and shook hands. Liesl thought he would need the luck where Nina was concerned, and she left.

A short while later, Valentin made some last-minute arrangements on the phone for the house in Greece. He asked them to make sure Helena's stuff was gone, and he hung up. He heard the front door open, and he was shocked to see Nina in the house.

In the interrogation room, Bryce, Peter's associate, insisted that he'd said all he'd needed to say. Jordan needed to know more if he intended to accuse Sam, but she and FBI agent Edward argued over jurisdiction. "This interview is over. My client has nothing more to say," the woman Peter had paid said as she burst into the room. She introduced herself as Roz, and she apologized to Bryce for being late. She requested time to confer with her client, so Jordan, Edward, and Chase left.

Roz made sure that Bryce had said exactly what their mutual "friend" had instructed him to, and she wanted to get the rest of his story straight. A short while later, Jordan, Chase, and Edward returned, and Roz requested a plea deal. Bryce explained that Sam had reached out to him "a few weeks back" for a job. He figured that, since she was a private investigator, she'd known the "back channels." She'd allegedly said that she had a score to settle, and she'd wanted to make sure that Shiloh never made it back to his cell. When he'd found out about Shiloh's death, he'd "connected the dots."

Edward told Bryce that, if he was willing to testify to the story under oath, the FBI could consider a plea deal. Jordan asked Chase to write up Bryce's statement and get him back to his cell. Outside the room, Jordan said that Bryce's story was "full of holes." She wondered how Edward could offer a deal when the story could be a lie. Edward didn't agree and walked away.

At the hospital, Sam and Jason visited with Carly, who revealed that Donna would be allowed to go home soon. Sonny arrived, and he revealed that the WSB knew what had happened to Drew's plane. He told them about the pilots losing control and the plane crashing into the water. He added that the WSB was ready to officially declare Drew deceased. Sam left the room, crying, followed by Jason. She insisted that Drew had been a good man, and she didn't know how to tell Scout about the accident. Jason wondered about the odds of Drew's plane crashing on the same day as Andre getting attacked. Sam's phone went off, and she answered it to Jordan, who summoned her to the police station for more questioning.

Sonny checked on Carly, who hoped that Drew had known how much they'd cared about him. Carly felt terrible for Scout, who probably wouldn't remember Drew. She knew that her family would pull together for Scout and for Donna like they had for Wiley. Carly asked Sonny to see if Donna was awake, and he got up to check. A short while later, Carly held Donna, and the parents cooed that she would be home soon enough to meet everyone who already loved her.

Sam and Jason arrived at the police station, and Jordan promised to be with Sam in a minute. Jason watched as Chase escorted Bryce out of the interrogation room, and Sam asked about the strange look on Jason's face. Jason thought that too many things didn't add up, and Sam urged him to go follow up on what he needed to. She promised that she would be fine with Diane, as soon as she showed up. They shared a kiss, and Jason left.

Outside, Jason made a call, and a surprised Andre picked up his phone. Jason said that he needed to see Andre immediately. A short while later, Jason sat down with Andre and showed him a picture of Bryce. Andre thought the man looked vaguely familiar. Jason pulled up a different picture of Bryce with facial hair. Andre recognized Bryce as the man who'd stabbed him.

Edward called Sam over, and she told him that she was just waiting for her lawyer to get there. He revealed that he was placing her under arrest, and Jordan protested. Edward insisted that it was under his jurisdiction, and new evidence contradicted Sam's claim of self-defense. He continued that the was going to recommend no bail and that she be remanded to Pentonville until her trial.

Nina forgives Valentin

Nina forgives Valentin

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Sonny stopped at the graveyard to visit with Morgan. He knelt down by the headstone and mentioned the mementos and flowers left by other visitors. Sonny thought it was wrong for Morgan to be gone and missing everything. Sonny was angry but admitted that he had tried to live his life. He missed Morgan deeply and thought about him every day.

Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron sat and carved pumpkins at the kitchen counter at the Corinthos house. Josslyn said they were doing it early because Avery had been excited about Halloween. Dev walked into the kitchen and was curious about what the others were doing. He joked that he wanted to take Sonny's car even though Sonny wasn't there to ask about it.

Josslyn lost her temper and shouted that her brother had taken Sonny's car and had been in it when it had exploded. He had died three years earlier on that very day. She stormed out of the room. Trina stopped Dev from going after her. Dev disclosed that he knew nothing about Morgan, and Trina and Cameron filled him in briefly. They couldn't believe they'd forgotten what day it was.

Jason rushed into the interrogation room at the police station and kissed the top of Sam's head. Diane announced that she had some bad news. Sam would be transferred to Pentonville that evening. Jason knelt down beside Sam's chair. "Don't make waves," he urged her. He knew she could handle it.

A police officer walked in and announced that he needed to get Sam ready for transport. He removed her cuff from the table and led her out of the room. Jason promised to get her out as soon as possible. He asked Diane how they would be able to get Sam out, and Diane told him it wouldn't be easy. She told him that Sam had a prior record, and the story of what had happened with Shiloh had only been based on Sam and Jason's word. Diane noted that Jason had a prior record, also.

Jason was concerned that Sam was in trouble because of him. Diane told him the best defense would be that it had been self-defense. She explained that the nurse's word was hearsay, and no one could prove the recording was either real or fake. She thought that Sam would be in jeopardy at Pentonville because of Jason, and she would petition to have Sam transferred to county lockup.

Diane urged Jason to breathe. She assured him that action had been taken because of what Sam herself had done. She was certain they'd be able to get Sam out when they were more familiar with what they were up against. Jason urged Diane to be the best she'd ever been.

Sam returned with the police officer, and he and Diane left Sam and Jason alone to give them privacy. Jason grabbed Sam's hands. She guessed things were bad, and he admitted they were. He thought it could take awhile for her to get out. She thought they could handle it but wanted him to tell the kids she loved them and wasn't scared. Jason hugged her in comfort, and they expressed their love. The cop returned for Sam, and she took a deep breath.

Jax arrived at the hospital with flowers for Carly, and he was surprised to see her fully clothed and sitting in a wheelchair by the nurses' station. She revealed that she would be going home, although Donna had to stay a bit longer. Carly admitted that she felt well and was anxious to go home, though she hated leaving the baby.

Jax complimented Carly on how unselfish she'd been as a mother, even if she was selfish in other areas of her life. Carly felt that Morgan might still be alive if she hadn't made the decision to go back to Sonny. She mentioned that it was the anniversary of Morgan's death. Jax told her that he and Josslyn had gone to Morgan's grave and left flowers. She and Jax talked about their marriage, and he mentioned how much laughter and love there had been.

Jax added that after being a stepfather to Carly's sons, he had been encouraged to have his own child with Carly. "Enter Joss," Carly said. Jax made it clear that Carly had loved Morgan as best as she could while giving him what she could. There had been other choices besides Carly's that had determined Morgan's fate. Carly cried and thanked Jax for his words. He offered her a ride home, but she wanted to make a stop first to do something alone.

Finn ran into Alexis in the hallway, and he told her how happy she looked. He insisted that he was happy, too, but had been keeping it on "low simmer" until Anna returned. He also had Roxy to keep him company. He then admitted that he was miserable, and Alexis wondered if it had anything to do with Hayden. Finn replied that he loved Anna, but he thought that Hayden had been lying to him.

Finn related that he thought Hayden had lied to him about having a dog as well as a finger painting that she had claimed had been done by Aiden. The boy had denied all knowledge of the painting after Finn had mentioned it to him. Finn thought he wanted Hayden to be lying, and it was possible she had been lying to him all along.

Finn suggested that Hayden might not have had a miscarriage and might have really given birth to their baby. Finn quickly called himself crazy; he didn't think Hayden would really have done that. He was aware, though, that Hayden lied to deal with "things." Alexis suggested he ask Hayden for the truth.

"Sure," Finn said. He would just call her up and ask if she had happened to have a child and not tell him. He thought he would sound paranoid if it turned out he was wrong. Alexis wondered if he could be right. She added that it would change a lot of things, and she offered her help. Finn didn't think they could do anything, but Alexis said he needed to find out the truth.

Finn called Anna and urged her to get home because he needed to see her.

At the Metro Court bar, Peter told Liesl that it wouldn't be necessary for her to submit any articles long-distance. He wondered why she was leaving the country and suggested it was because of her part in the scam with Sasha. Liesl claimed she had not known about it, but she thought the "masses would assume the worst." She thought that things could go poorly for him, too, if they hadn't already.

Liesl threatened that she would be keeping her eye on Peter from afar. She would make certain that he lost everything if Maxie learned who he really was. She referred to him as Henrik. Peter asked why, if Liesl hated him so much, she would want him with Maxie. She assured him she didn't want him with Maxie, but it was what Maxie wanted.

"Bad people can make good people happy," Liesl recited. She was keeping her façade in place because Nathan would have wanted Maxie's happiness.

Jax joined Hayden at a nearby table. He revealed that he thought Nina was leaving Valentin, but Hayden suggested that Valentin would leave the country and take Charlotte and his fortune with him. Jax thought that maybe Valentin would be distracted by all that had happened and not see what Jax and Hayden were up to. Hayden declared that they needed to find the codicil right away.

Jax wondered why Hayden thought it was urgent and suggested that it had to do with Finn. Hayden disclosed that Finn had heard her talking to her daughter on the phone. She showed Jax a photo of herself with a dog that she had Photoshopped. She admitted it had been easy to do. Jax asked if it was as easy to lie, and he told her that, as a father himself, he thought what she'd been doing to Finn was terrible.

Jax added that Hayden had already robbed Finn of years with his child, and she was doing the same thing by pretending her daughter didn't exist. He reminded her that she would not be able to gain back the time she'd missed. He stated that Finn was smart and would figure things out. Hayden clarified that that was why she had to finish up the job and leave.

At Wyndemere, a terrible-looking Valentin was surprised to see Nina walk in. She noticed his bags and asked if he was running away. He replied that he could explain his actions, but he wouldn't be able to defend them. She asked where he was going, and Valentin revealed that he was taking Charlotte and going home to Greece. He didn't want his daughter to be in the same town as Nina after losing her.

Nina asked about Lulu, and Valentin insisted that Charlotte loved Nina more. He knew that Lulu would fight it. Nina understood how much he loved Charlotte, but she asked how he could allow her to love a new sister who had only been based on a lie.

Valentin explained that Nina had long before accused him of crossing the line after she'd learned he'd given Peter to Faison as a baby, and he thought she had relived her own pain of losing her child. He was a fixer who solved problems, and he'd pushed Madeline until she'd admitted that Nina's baby girl had been given up for adoption. Nina suggested that he could have told her the truth then, and things would have been different.

Valentin admitted he had thought of that choice, but Nina had been angry with him, so he'd searched everywhere he could think of. His plan to win her back had been a failure. He had been drinking a lot but hadn't been able to forget. He had almost told her, but he'd felt he couldn't fail her because it would have meant failing them. He had sent Curtis to see the New York lawyer who had handled the original adoption, and he'd returned with Sasha's name. Valentin had really believed her to be Nina's daughter.

Valentin felt that he had given the lawyer an opening, and the lawyer had left a "trail of breadcrumbs" for Curtis to follow. Valentin had never met the lawyer who had manipulated Sasha, and he figured she had accepted a deal because maybe she'd been down on her luck. She seemed to be a good person. He was sorry. Nina asked why he was sorry if he'd done nothing wrong.

Valentin thought he could have stopped it before it went further, and it had resulted in her broken heart. He had set her up, and he couldn't undo it. He began to cry and walked away and toward his bags. Nina called out that she believed him. "Good. I'm glad," Valentin replied. Nina hated the way things had ended because she had been on the verge of being the happiest she'd ever been. She thought he had screwed up, but he had been lied to, also.

Nina declared that she forgave Valentin, and she didn't want him to leave. He dropped his suitcase and pulled her into a kiss.

Carly found Sonny at the graveyard. He revealed that he had told Morgan how much he missed him. Carly noted that October had been a big month for Morgan, between his birth, his death, and his favorite day of Halloween. They joked around, and Carly suggested that Donna could be a pumpkin the next year. They would tell her all about Morgan.

Josslyn returned to the kitchen and apologized to everyone for running off. She exclaimed that she missed Morgan and Oscar, but she didn't want to take it out on her friends because they were awesome. She shared some laughs with Cameron, Trina, and Dev.

Sonny and Carly arrived, and Josslyn explained that she was carving pumpkins early because of Avery. The little girl had been excited just like Morgan. Sonny thanked Josslyn for the flowers left at the grave. The family talked about missing Morgan, and Carly added that he would have been excited to meet his new sister and to see they were all still together as a family.

Back at Metro Court, Liesl announced that it was time for her to get on the road. Her phone rang, and she spoke to Valentin briefly. He told her they were "in the clear" and able to stay in town. She finished the call, and Peter asked her if she'd heard good news. "Only the very best," Liesl told him.

Nelle has her parole hearing

Nelle has her parole hearing

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Brad entered the conference room for Nelle's parole hearing, followed by Michael. Nelle revealed that she had a big surprise for Michael, and she told Michael the truth about who Wiley really was. Nelle was excited to get out of jail so that she, Michael, and Jonah could be a family. "Over my dead body," Michael spat, and he pushed Brad out of the way. He stormed out of the room to go get his son.

"Don't go, Michael!" Brad yelled out in his sleep, prompting Lucas to shake him awake from his nightmare. Lucas asked Brad about the dream, but Brad claimed to not remember. Lucas commented that Brad had been restless all night and that he'd been more stressed than ever. Brad admitted that he was going to therapy, and he showed Lucas his anxiety medication.

Wiley began to cry, so Lucas got up to get the baby. Brad took the opportunity to call Julian. When Julian didn't pick up, Brad texted Julian, "Nelle's parole hearing is today, what if Michael is there? What if she tells him the truth?" Lucas returned, and he revealed that Wiley had gone right back to sleep after a bad dream. He wanted to know about therapy, and Brad divulged that Neil wanted Lucas to join them. Lucas replied that he would be happy to go, as he just wanted Brad to feel better.

Chase was at home when he got a call from Jordan. "Are you sure?" he asked. "I can do that," he added.

Michael and Sasha entered Kelly's, and she was surprised that he was all right with being seen with her in public. He joked that her scandals were nothing compared to his family's. He thought that Sasha's lies about Valentin's involvement were noble, but he didn't think it was fair that the "mastermind" got away with no consequences. He continued that Valentin owed her, and the least he could do was convince Nina to forgive Sasha. Sasha replied that she wouldn't hold her breath waiting.

Across the restaurant, Lulu and Maxie judged Michael for being with Sasha. Lulu asked about Nina, and Maxie revealed that Nina was "on the fence" about Valentin. Just then, Nina and Valentin entered, and Lulu and Maxie were shocked that the two were already back together. Lulu couldn't believe that Nina had bought that Valentin hadn't been involved in Sasha's scheme. Lulu insisted that Liesl had also been involved, but Maxie related that Lulu had just made everything into a huge mess.

At their table, Nina was talking to Valentin about Charlotte when she called him on staring at her. He replied that he couldn't help it and that the night before had been the best night of his life. Nina suddenly noticed Sasha and Lulu in the restaurant and commented that they were "surrounded." Valentin wanted her to focus on them, and he suggested that they go to city hall to get married.

Chase entered Kelly's with an officer and walked over to Michael and Sasha's table. He asked Sasha to stand and informed her that he was placing her under arrest for fraud, identity theft, and burglary. He recited her rights as everyone in the restaurant stared. Lulu thought it made no sense that Sasha was being arrested while Valentin was free. Maxie wondered where Lulu's anger was stemming from. Lulu replied that she was trying to teach her children honesty, so her conscience was clear.

Maxie replied sarcastically, and Lulu reminded her that she'd illegally done a DNA test on Sasha. She wondered whether or not Maxie would have been honest with Nina had the information fallen into her lap instead of Lulu's. Maxie insisted that it would have been better for the truth to stay hidden. Lulu asked if Maxie regretted telling the truth about Georgie, and she didn't. Lulu continued that the truth always surfaced, and the longer one waited to tell the truth, the deeper the pain it caused.

A tired Alexis dropped her gym bag on the bar at Charlie's after a workout. She ordered a large breakfast for her "cheat day," but she thought better of it and ordered a healthy one. Julian first wanted to know if Alexis had gotten Olivia to back off, and he showed her the latest attack flyer. Alexis insisted that Olivia wasn't behind the flyers. Alexis suggested it was an old or new enemy seeking revenge. Julian's phone went off, and he rejected the incoming call from Brad.

Kendra entered Charlie's, and she and Alexis talked about the supplement she'd given to Alexis. Alexis thought that it was helping, and she needed a refill. Alexis' phone went off, and she excused herself to take care of a client. The women were gone when Lucas entered to talk to Julian about how worried he was about Brad. He wished he knew what was going on inside Brad's head and related that therapy might help him do just that. He was glad that Brad at least had a safe space to talk about his worries.

Kendra put flowers on Kiefer's grave and talked about how his death had gone unpunished almost ten years before. Shiloh had told her that Alexis had deliberately run Kiefer down, and she thought it was time for Alexis to pay. She took out a small envelope and poured the powder inside into the jar of the supplement she was going to give to Alexis.

At the police station, Chase left Sasha in the interrogation room, and Michael demanded answers. Chase explained that Nina had given her statement to Jordan the night before and had filed the charges. Michael remembered that Nelle's parole hearing was about to start, and Chase promised that he would take care of it so that Michael could stay with Sasha. Chase related that, if all went well, Sasha would go free, and Nelle would stay behind bars. Chase left, and Michael went in to see Sasha.

Michael suggested that Sasha consider a deal, offering the truth about Valentin's involvement for dropping all charges. He thought that Robert would jump at the chance to put Valentin away. Alexis entered and summarized her understanding of the case, which Sasha confirmed. Alexis needed to talk to Nina, and she needed Michael to leave. Michael figured that he would see if there was anything he could do for Sasha, so he kissed her and left. Alexis demanded the whole truth from Sasha. A few minutes later, Alexis returned to the room and revealed that Robert was willing to reduce the charges, taking jail time off the table. In exchange, Robert wanted Valentin, but Sasha still insisted that she'd acted alone.

At Kelly's, Valentin wished that Nina hadn't had Sasha arrested, as he was worried about the toll a trial would take on her. He thought that she should focus on him and Charlotte, and she was excited to see where their "unexpected new beginning" would take them. He again suggested they go to city hall to get married, but they were interrupted by her phone. She saw that Alexis was representing Sasha and wanted to talk to Nina. Valentin offered to go with her, but Nina insisted that she could take care of it on her own, and she left.

A short while later, Nina entered the interrogation room and didn't want to hear any of Alexis' proposals. Alexis suggested that Nina drop the criminal charges and just sue Sasha, who had no previous criminal record. She continued that Sasha was willing to pay back every penny Nina had spent on her. Nina refused to drop the charges. "Go to hell," Nina spat, and she stormed out. Sasha hadn't expected Nina to agree to it, and Alexis agreed but figured it had been worth a try. "What's next?" Sasha asked.

Valentin left Kelly's and bumped into Michael outside. Lulu and Maxie spotted the interaction from inside, and Lulu hoped Michael would be careful. Maxie replied that, with Michael's connections to Sonny and Jason, both Michael and Valentin knew that Michael couldn't be touched. Outside, Valentin tried to brush Michael off, but Michael demanded that Valentin "shut up and listen." He thought that Sasha had been "noble" in omitting Valentin's part in the scheme, but Michael was "a lot less charitable than her."

Michael revealed that Sasha had told him everything. He hoped that Sasha would save herself and tell Robert everything, but if she didn't, Michael promised that he would. Michael demanded that Valentin make Nina back off, because if Sasha went to prison, Michael vowed to "make sure you go down with her."

Nelle was in the conference room for her parole hearing when Martin arrived. He told her that he had letters from two different experts saying that Nelle had a "predisposition" to be sensitive to changes in estrogen because of pregnancy, but they had nothing to do with her parole. The parole board only wanted to know that Nelle had taken responsibility for her crimes. He also warned that there was no guarantee that there would be a decision that day. He advised her to be as charming and sweet as the day he'd met her.

Brad and Chase arrived, and Chase informed her that Michael was taking care of an emergency. "Lucky you," he said sarcastically. The parole board arrived, and everyone took their seats. The speaker announced that she had victim impact statements from Michael, Carly, and members of the Grant family. She invited Martin to speak first. He talked about how Nelle had been a model inmate, and the warden himself had said that he'd never seen another prisoner turn her life around as thoroughly as Nelle. The warden believed that Nelle would be an asset outside of Pentonville.

Nelle got up to explain that, while her pregnancy hormones had been "raging," she took full responsibility for her "heinous actions." She explained the breakdown she'd had that had landed her in Ferncliff and how determined she'd been to make up for her mistakes once she'd returned to Pentonville. She knew that it was probably impossible, but she tearfully swore that she would never stop trying. As she talked about how she'd been allowed to train a support dog, Chase looked at her with skepticism. Brad was visibly uncomfortable as she talked about her loss of Jonah. If granted parole, she intended to find work as a hospice caregiver. "Give me a break," Chase muttered. She dried her tears and smirked at Chase.

A few minutes later, the board was ready to make a decision, and the speaker announced that they would not grant Nelle parole "at this time." Nelle started to mouth off, but Martin stopped her. Chase pumped his fist in victory as Martin explained to Nelle that almost no one was granted parole at their first hearing. He reminded her that the board would be watching her for the next two years "at most" to see her accomplishments. She cried that she was missing too much of Wiley's life, and Brad promised to send her pictures.

A short while later, Chase entered Charlie's. He told Lucas that he'd just left Brad at Nelle's parole hearing, and Lucas asked how it had gone. Chase happily revealed that Nelle would be "safely behind bars" until her next parole hearing.

Ryan dislikes Bryce's comments about Ava

Ryan dislikes Bryce's comments about Ava

Thursday, October 17, 2019

At Pentonville, Ryan sat in his cell and penned his latest letter to Ava. A copy of the magazine cover that featured Ava hung on the wall. He compared the ink in his pen to his life's blood and talked about her name that was a palindrome. "Perfection at either end," he wrote. He added that she was always in his thoughts, as he was in hers. "My goddess," he said.

Kevin and Laura shared a table at Metro Court. Kevin revealed that he would be going to Shadybrook to speak to Franco in order to evaluate his competency. Jason and Sonny arrived, and they sauntered over to the table. They all made small talk at first. Laura mentioned Sam, and Jason assured her that Sam was innocent and had only been protecting him. Sonny wondered if it could be proven to the Feds.

Sonny asked if Laura could make some calls, but Laura informed him that she didn't have a say in the matter. Kevin explained that it was a federal case. Sonny insisted that they would do what they had to do, but Laura suggested they work with the system and have faith. She thought that Diane's advice should be taken.

Jason and Sonny walked away, and Laura noted that she hated her job at that moment. Kevin felt the same, reminding her that he had to evaluate Franco's state of mind. He thought there was only so much that Laura could do for Sonny, and she replied that she would remind him of the same thought after he met with Franco. Kevin didn't want to speculate about Franco, as he didn't want to be biased before their meeting.

Laura changed the topic to Helena's painting and the fact that Valentin had tossed it out. She found it strange that it had been the only thing left to Nikolas, and she was certain there were other clues to be found. Kevin kissed her goodbye and headed off to Shadybrook. Laura began to make a list of Cassadine family names in a notebook.

Jason disclosed to Sonny that he had a way to clear Sam. Jason noted that he had spoken to Andre, who had identified Bryce as his attacker, and the stabbing and Drew's jet crash had been related. Sonny agreed that Jason had to get Bryce to talk. Both men had other business, and they left.

Kim visited Franco at Shadybrook where she told him that the black box from Drew's jet had been retrieved. Franco wondered if that had provided her with closure, but Kim admitted that it was still difficult. Franco told her that he was grateful to Drew for being there for their son. Kim declared that Drew had felt Oscar's death deeply. She began to cry, and Franco comforted her.

Franco added that Drew had been going to Afghanistan for him, and Drew might still be alive if it wasn't for him. Kim assured him that Drew had wanted to do some good and had seen the trip as his duty. She didn't want Franco to blame himself, but Franco was worried that people would see him as trying to assume the identity of a hero. Kim exclaimed that Drew wouldn't die if Franco stayed true to what was in his heart and mind. They kissed goodbye, and Kim left.

Scott, Elizabeth, and Cameron sat in an office at General Hospital, where Scott grilled Cameron in preparation for Franco's hearing. Scott gave Cameron a tough time and advised him that the opposing lawyer would be doing exactly that.

Cameron noted that Franco had sacrificed himself as Franco and not Drew. Scott gave the teen further instructions and reminded him to only answer the questions and not to provide any additional information. Scott related that psych evaluations from both sides had to be obtained. Cameron was upset to learn that Kim had provided Franco with a lawyer. Elizabeth tried to usher Cameron out of the room so that she could talk to Scott further, but Cameron shouted that he refused to be treated like a child. He didn't want to be kept out of the loop.

Elizabeth explained that she had things to discuss with Scott, and she thought that Franco would want Cameron to continue living his life and having fun. Cameron understood and hugged his mother before leaving. She closed the door and noted that Cameron had been committed to getting Franco back. Scott vowed to let Franco hear about it once he returned to them. They sat down to discuss the list of possible witnesses.

Scott disclosed that Monica was on the list but would testify as a mother, not as a doctor. Elizabeth thought that might sway the judge, and Scott suggested they call Betsy. After further thought, he realized they would probably lose to the "dueling mothers" because they were "powerful weapons." He thought a father would be just as good, and he would include himself as a witness. He added that they also had a "secret weapon." "Cameron," Elizabeth replied.

Brad ran into Charlie's Pub, where a concerned Lucas asked where he'd been. Julian excused himself and went outside. He saw Ava sitting on a bench in a trance. He ushered her inside and offered her some coffee, although Ava wanted a drink instead. She ignored a message she received from her gallery, and she told Julian that she hadn't been able to sleep.

Ava complained that she had continued to see Kiki, who hated her, or Ryan, who adored her, in her dreams, so she had been staying awake. She stressed that only martinis helped her. Julian couldn't believe that she had visited Ryan in prison. Ava explained that the warden had been unable to help her, so she had visited Ryan in order to tell him to stop writing to her. Julian accused her of playing right into Ryan's hands and rewarding him by giving him the response he'd craved.

Ava insisted that she wanted control of her own life, and Julian urged her to burn the letters, get help, and forget Ryan. Ava revealed that she had left the letters at the prison. Sonny arrived and sat down, even though Julian told him it wasn't a good time.

Sonny asked Ava if she wanted to see Avery, and she said yes. Sonny also had business with Julian, and Ava took it as a cue for her to leave. She announced that she would send future letters back to Ryan, unopened. Sonny asked Julian what was wrong, and Julian didn't want to discuss anything.

Sonny drawled that he'd heard Julian was staying in town, and Julian wondered if it was a problem. "Depends," Sonny replied. Julian placed two cups of espresso on the counter as a peace offering. Sonny told him that Olivia had looked forward to taking over the pub, and Julian had kept her deposit. Julian needed to complete the sale or return the money. Julian wondered if Sonny was Olivia's "foot soldier."

Sonny was sure it could all be settled amicably, although Julian called the impromptu meeting a "shakedown." Sonny was sure that Julian would do the right thing. He would let Olivia know that Julian would work something out. He suggested that Julian also keep an eye on Ava for Avery's sake.

Nearby, Brad complained that the lab had been busy, and he'd had to help a friend. Lucas revealed that he knew that Brad had gone to Nelle's parole hearing, and Brad was shocked. He wondered if Lucas had been testing him, and he said that Nelle had asked him to be there because she'd been all alone. Lucas thought there was a good reason for her being alone, and he grew angry as he exclaimed that he'd given Brad a chance to be honest.

Lucas shouted that Brad had reverted to old habits like lying and Nelle Benson, but Brad claimed that he couldn't turn his back on her. Lucas was angry and wanted to know why Brad hadn't told him instead of having to hear it from Chase. He demanded to know what else Brad was hiding from him, because Shiloh was dead and Wiley was safe, yet Brad was still anxious.

Brad apologized, but Lucas continued that Brad seemed more concerned about a sociopath. He shouted that Brad's presence at the hearing could have shown a human side to Nelle, which could have resulted in her being released. Brad admitted that there was something else bothering him. "It's Wiley," he said.

Brad stammered and hesitated and then admitted it was parenthood. He had been terrified of doing the wrong things and promised to be better. Lucas drew close and grabbed Brad's hands. He stated that they were a team, and Brad should talk to him. Brad vowed that he wouldn't let anyone ruin what they had. He loved Lucas and Wiley. Lucas thought it was a good idea to see Dr. Byrne together for their happy ending. He and Brad embraced.

After Cameron left the hospital office, he ran into Kim, who was there to speak to Dr. Hanover about being reinstated. The doctor had been delayed, and Cameron wanted to talk to Kim. He told her that he missed Oscar every day, and he couldn't imagine how much worse it had been for Kim. He added that taking Franco away from his family wouldn't get Oscar back because the man was Franco.

Cameron added that he knew that Kim had hired a lawyer and doctor, but it wouldn't make Franco become the man she wanted Franco to be. Kim insisted that she and the man she believed to be Drew shared things. Cameron was aware of how much Drew meant to Oscar, and Cameron cared for Franco in the same way, even though they hadn't gotten along at first.

Cameron declared that Franco had kept trying to get to Cameron, and Cameron wanted to thank him and be good to him the way that Franco had been to him. He wanted more time with Franco. Elizabeth had left the office and stood nearby, unseen, to listen.

Ava walked into Metro Court and headed to the bar, where she ordered another of the same drink. The bartender had no clue what she was referring to, and she finally clarified she wanted a vodka martini. Laura finished up a phone call at her table and wandered over to the bar to ask Ava if she wanted company. She asked about Ava's psychic. Ava declared that she saw Kiki every night on her own and didn't need the psychic.

Laura wondered if Ava wanted to talk, but Ava proceeded to be rude to Laura and walked off. Laura found her sitting in a chair in the lobby area, and she offered her a drink. Laura had a glass of water, and she sat down. Ava apologized for being rude and insisted that she wanted Laura and Kevin to be happy. Laura stated that she wanted Ava to be happy, as well. They toasted to happiness.

Ava asked why Laura was being nice to her, and Laura told her that they were a lot alike, even though they had many differences. Laura knew what it was like to love someone and go on after they were gone. Ava replied that she only knew how to hurt. Laura grabbed Ava's hands. Someone was watching them.

Kevin knocked on Franco's door and walked inside. He found Franco sitting on his bed and working on a jigsaw puzzle. Kevin confessed that he was there to draw his own conclusions, and he had been Franco's therapist. He would be able to judge a change in Franco's state of mind. Kevin asked Franco if he was aware of what a refusal of treatment meant.

Franco replied that there was one outcome of treatment that would result in him being a vegetable. Kevin wanted to determine if Franco was aware of the consequences of his decisions. Franco insisted that he couldn't be who others wanted but could only be himself.

Kevin wondered if things were easier because Drew had died, and he wondered if Franco would have it better with a different name and no art in his life. Franco swore he had never held a paintbrush, but Kevin suggested that Franco's hands had, and there was probably still paint under his fingernails.

Franco insisted he had no memory of painting. Kevin reminded him that Franco's last words had been that he would return to Elizabeth and that he loved her. Franco insisted that it had not been him but the other guy. "You," Kevin said. Franco cared about Elizabeth and her boys and would tell them the truth. It was a shame, but he couldn't sacrifice himself to undo what had happened. He had to be himself. After talking, Kevin declared that he had all he needed, and he departed.

Jason visited Bryce at Pentonville. The men sat down and picked up the red phone receivers on the opposite sides of the glass. "You made a very serious mistake," Jason said. He offered to give Bryce a way out. He was looking for Bryce's boss. He was referring to the person who had hired Bryce to help Shiloh escape, attack Andre, and sabotage Drew's jet. Bryce claimed to not understand any of it.

Jason added that Andre would be able to identify Bryce as his attacker, and he demanded to know who Bryce was working for. They knew it wasn't Sam, he added. Furthermore, Bryce was looking at major jail time, and Jason could make a deal, especially if the boss was Peter August. Bryce was silent and gave Jason a look. Jason took that as a yes.

Bryce announced that he would talk to his lawyer, and if he liked the terms, Jason would get the answers he wanted. He hung up his phone. "We're done here," Bryce said.

Jason called Diane and told her he'd spoken to Bryce. "I think I got what we need," he said.

In his cell, Ryan finished up his latest letter to Ava and sealed the envelope. He called out to the guard and told him he wanted the letter mailed special delivery. Bryce returned to the cell and began to make comments on Ava's magazine cover. "She's hot," he said. He added that he would look her up when he got out and show her a good time. Ryan grasped his pen harder as he turned to look at Bryce.

 Ryan kills Bryce Henderson

Ryan kills Bryce Henderson

Friday, October 18, 2019

Carly, Sonny, and Michael gathered in the Corinthos kitchen to look at photos of Donna. They chatted about the baby, and Carly asked Michael about Nina's wedding. Michael revealed that it hadn't been fun or even a wedding. Carly wanted the dirt, and she and Sonny tried to guess on whether it was Nina or Valentin who had walked out. Michael related that Nina had been the one to leave, and he told them all about Lulu's reveal concerning Sasha.

Michael added that Sasha had confirmed that she wasn't Nina's daughter, and Nina had assumed that Valentin had been behind it. "You did walk away from Sasha, didn't you?" Carly asked her son. Michael admitted he hadn't, and Carly expressed her dismay in no uncertain terms. She didn't think there was any reason for Michael to still be with Sasha, even though he announced that Sasha had planned on telling Nina herself.

Carly didn't buy it, but Michael admitted that he had already known the truth from the time that Sasha had been in the hospital. He was the one who had convinced her not to say anything because of the Cassandra Pierce trial. He didn't want there to be any doubt cast on her testimony. Sonny agreed it had been the right decision.

Carly noted that Nina could press charges against Sasha, but Michael thought that Nina could be influenced not to do that by someone else who might have more to lose. Carly realized that Valentin would be the person behind it, and Sonny agreed. Carly couldn't understand why Sasha would have wanted to protect Valentin, and Michael disclosed that that had been her decision.

Carly stated that Sasha had committed fraud against Michael, as well, and his relationship with Sasha had been based on a lie. She didn't see where it had been any different from Nelle. Michael insisted it was different, and Sasha hadn't asked him for anything. Carly said that Michael was a white knight who was always looking for someone to save.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian noticed how much happier Brad and Lucas looked after having a talk. Lucas admitted they'd "cleared the air" a little, and he was looking forward to a session with Dr. Byrne. Julian was surprised to hear that the guys would meet with Alexis' boyfriend. Brad and Lucas weren't aware of the situation, and Julian tried to tell them that something might pop up about Wiley's adoption.

Lucas clarified that sessions with clients were confidential, and if the doctor was good enough for Alexis, he was good enough for him. He kissed Brad goodbye and announced he had to get to work. After he was gone, Julian demanded to know why Brad hadn't said anything about seeing Dr. Byrne in the past. Brad replied that it was private.

Julian wanted Brad to fire Dr. Byrne and not see him anymore. He thought it was too risky. Brad retorted no, and Julian snapped that Brad couldn't tell him no. Sarcastically, Brad replied that he had, and he wanted to know what Julian was going to do about it.

Julian stressed that he had only been trying to help, and Brad thought that Julian should have "neutralized" Liesl when Brad had first asked him to do it. Julian reminded Brad that he'd wanted Julian to kill Liesl, but Brad went off on Julian protecting his grandson and his own anxiety issues. He added that Lucas wanted to go to see the doctor. Julian thought that Byrne would sense if Brad was holding something back or lying.

Julian and Brad continued to argue, but Brad announced that he had faith in himself. "Not for long," Julian muttered as Brad stormed out. Julian picked up his phone and called someone.

Ryan wiped the blood off his hand as he stood in his cell at Pentonville. "Neat and tidy," he commented. "Can't really say the same for you, can we?" he asked his cellmate. Bryce's bloody arm dangled from his bed, and there were puddles of blood on the floor. Ryan apologized to Ava's magazine cover and stated that he and his cellmate had been incompatible. He called out for a guard. "Something terrible has happened," he shouted.

Jordan caught Curtis reading through a confidential police file at the police station. He admitted he felt like he was the one to blame for the Sasha situation. He couldn't understand how she might have committed the fraud on her own. "This town is riddled with liars," Jordan informed him. They spoke about the DNA tests briefly, but Jordan confessed that the case with Sasha was "low priority." She received a phone call and motioned to Chase, who was standing at the desk. She told him to get to Pentonville.

In the interrogation room, Sam apologized to Alexis for her having to find out about Sam's arrest from Diane. Jason was certain that the Feds wouldn't have a case because he had spoken to Bryce Henderson at Pentonville and had asked who had employed Bryce. He explained Bryce's part in Shiloh's escape and Andre's stabbing. He and Sam agreed that Drew had been the connection between all of it.

Alexis asked if there were any ideas on who might be behind all of the criminal activity, and Sam admitted they had an idea. She thought it had been Peter. Jason added that Peter had kept him imprisoned just to have him kill Faison. Peter had always used a middleman, and all of the scenarios followed the same lines. Alexis wondered if there was any evidence.

Jason was confident that Bryce's reaction had given it away, but he thought the man would make a deal and give them what they wanted. Alexis clarified that the DOJ had to make the deal.

Chase called Jordan from Pentonville and reported that Bryce's wound looked self-inflicted, but he was betting that Ryan had killed him. Jordan walked into the interrogation room and advised the group that the car was there to take Sam to Pentonville.

Alexis tried to stop it and shouted that Bryce would be making a deal. Jason added that Bryce had been involved in other crimes and had been contracted out by someone else. He was sure Bryce would give up a name after the deal was struck.

Jordan announced that Bryce was dead, and his cellmate had killed him. The group was shocked. Jordan added that there was no evidence that Ryan had known of Bryce's crimes. Sam began to cry as she was cuffed. She voiced her love and goodbyes to Jason and Alexis, and a police officer led her out.

Alexis spoke to Diane, who indicated that she would try to press Bryce's attorney to find out whether Bryce had spilled anything before his death. It was likely Sam would be going to trial. Jason was concerned that Sam was in Pentonville. He thought she needed to be in the county jail instead.

At Metro Court, Laura snapped Ava out of a trance. As they sat at a table in the lobby, Ava asked Laura if she ever thought about Ryan, especially with him being not very far away. Laura said that she didn't, but she had learned how to be strong. She thought Ava was strong, too. Ava joked that there was still time to prove her wrong. An unseen someone watched the women.

As Ava continued to sip her martini, Laura suggested that she shouldn't drink, and she suggested that Ava find someone to talk to. She was concerned with Ava's lack of a support system. Ava wanted Laura to make calls to reinstate the death penalty. Laura told her that it wouldn't get Kiki back, nor would it give Ava peace. Ava disagreed and revealed that Ryan still thought about her. She could feel him watching and asked if Laura could feel it. Laura admitted she'd sensed it in the past, and she thought it was a sign that Ava needed help.

Laura assured Ava that her grief could drown her, and while she couldn't forget, she could learn to live with it. She wanted Ava to talk to people and share her feelings. Just then, Laura received a phone call from Jordan and got up to talk to her privately. Laura asked Jordan to call Julian and get him to the Metro Court. She returned to Ava. "It's Ryan," Laura said.

Curtis spotted Lucas reading a therapy brochure at General Hospital, and Curtis admitted that nothing he'd ever done had prepared him for family therapy. He added that it had taken a while, but it had eventually been healing. He confessed that Jordan had called him an "over-sharer" ever since. Lucas was hopeful to get even a small amount of help from it.

Brad walked by, and Curtis asked him about lab procedures. He admitted that he was researching the DNA tests run on Sasha that had all shown the same results. Brad clarified that special clearance would be needed for information, and he took offense when the others suggested that he might know about the test tampering.

Lucas presumed there would have been inside help. Brad immediately said it hadn't been him, and he had changed. Curtis maintained that he only thought Brad would be an expert on the subject. Curtis added that different labs had been involved, and he wondered if the tests could be rerun. He asked Brad if the original samples were still available. He thought the results should be different. If they weren't, then something else was going on.

Lucas thought Brad was acting tense, but Brad retorted that he was not happy that the lab's integrity was being called into question. Lucas suggested they discuss it with Byrne, and Brad reiterated that he wasn't the same guy as before. Just then, Brad received a flower delivery, but there was no card. Lucas denied they were from him. The young woman who handed Brad the flowers suggested that he had a secret admirer.

Julian arrived at Metro Court, and Laura admitted that she'd had him called. Ava was angry, but Julian told her that Ryan had killed again. Laura made it clear that it hadn't been confirmed, and Ryan had been the one to call the guard. Julian stated that Ryan always had a reason for killing, but Ava suggested that it had been to please her.

Laura indicated that Ryan was responsible for his own actions. She left Ava and Julian alone, and Julian tried to comfort Ava. He noted that someone had probably said something to offend Ryan. She was anxious that Ryan would get to her unless someone killed him first. Julian promised to protect her and vowed that nothing would happen to him in the duration. He told Ava she needed help, and he wanted his old sister back. Ava thought maybe she was gone.

Julian walked over to Laura and thanked her for having him called. She told him that Ava needed help, and she knew from first-hand experience. Jordan arrived and told the others she'd heard from Chase. Ava flashed back to her last conversation with Ryan, who had told her how happy she'd been when she'd been with him. Ava snapped out of it and repeated "no" several times. She uttered that he meant nothing to her.

Ava watched Jordan and Laura get onto the elevator. She spied Julian at the bar and asked about Ryan. Julian wanted to take her home. He demanded that Ava not see Ryan again, and there was evidence that Ryan had killed his cellmate for Ava.

At Pentonville, Ryan was excited to see that Chase had his pen when he entered the cell. Chase sat down and informed Ryan that the pen would be kept as evidence. He suggested that Ryan could have called for help sooner than he had. Ryan replied that his new cellmate had "lacked people skills," and, as a "good judge of character," he would know.

Ryan added that any man who disrespected women was "not worth the air he breathes." Chase removed Ava's magazine cover from the wall. He stated that there were probably a lot of guys who could disrespect Ava all night every night. Ryan rose and tried to go after Chase, but a guard quickly subdued him.

Ryan eyed his magazine in Chase's hand and reminded the detective that he could order additional copies. Chase hoped they wouldn't get lost in the mail, and he taunted Ryan with his copy as Ryan was led away.

Sam was taken to a cell and informed that her cellmate was in solitary but would return. "Every day is a new dawn," the guard said.

Back at the Corinthos home, Michael told Sonny that he was certain Carly would have understood Sasha, having lied so often in the past. Sonny thought Carly was suspicious of other liars. Michael said that he'd never believed Sasha to be malicious, and she had been willing to atone. Sonny urged him to be careful.

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