General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 28, 2019 on GH

Nikolas Cassadine was revealed to be alive. Sam met her new cellmate -- Cassandra Pierce. Alexis fell ill. Cameron and Josslyn got drunk during their school dance. T.J. made plans to pop the question to Molly. Lucas found a nude photo of another man on Brad's phone. The judge ruled in Franco's favor.
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Nikolas Cassadine revealed himself to Ava, but no one believed her when she said he was alive
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Elizabeth makes Franco an offer and a promise

Elizabeth makes Franco an offer and a promise

Monday, October 28, 2019

Outside Kelly's, Laura greeted Sonny then asked about Carly and Donna. Sonny assured her that mother and daughter were doing well, and Donna was finally home. Sonny was glad that he had bumped into Laura because he had wanted to talk to her about Scott Baldwin -- and Franco. Sonny admitted that he hoped Drew's personality remained and that Franco would decide to move to the West Coast to start over because it would allow everyone to put things behind them. Sonny conceded that the matter didn't really concern him, except that Scott had asked Sonny to get involved.

Sonny didn't want to elaborate, but he had hoped to get Laura's take on things because he respected her judgment. Laura confided that she felt for the man who called himself Drew and the man's desire for agency over his own health, but her heart broke for Elizabeth, the children, and Scott because Franco had been a huge part of their lives. "And now, he's just -- gone," Laura added. Sonny acknowledged that it was tragic for Elizabeth, but Laura worried that both Elizabeth and Scott might not have made the best choices in their desire to reach Franco. Laura asked Sonny to show Scott some compassion "as one father to another."

In the courtroom, Judge Lasser acknowledged that there had been an easy answer because, regardless of how she ruled, one man would live, and the other would cease to exist. Judge Lasser reminded both sides that she hadn't been asked to rule on which man should prevail; she'd been asked to decide whether or not the plaintiff had the faculties to make his own decisions. For that reason, the judge ruled in the plaintiff's favor. Cameron was outraged, but Judge Lasser warned Cameron to control himself.

Kim smiled victoriously. "Welcome to the rest of your life," she softly told Franco. Franco asked Martin what happened next, but Martin explained that it was up to Franco because Franco was free to be who he wanted to be. Martin bid the couple farewell then stopped to talk to Scott. "That was fun. Till we meet again," Martin told a scowling Scott. "You better hope we don't," Scott growled.

After Martin left, Cameron turned to Scott for answers. Scott knew that his son would leave town "like a jackrabbit." Cameron agreed, and he assured Scott that he could handle it, but Cameron worried about Elizabeth. Elizabeth had overheard the exchange, so she reminded her son that it wasn't Cameron's job to take care of her. She promised Cameron that she and Scott would figure things out. "How?" Cameron cried.

Just then, Franco and Kim passed by as they made their way out of the courtroom. Cameron tearfully demanded to know if Franco had seen the pain that Franco had caused Elizabeth. Franco quietly answered that he had, but Cameron wasn't satisfied. "How the hell could you do this to us?" Cameron asked as his voice quivered with emotion. Kevin approached Cameron to assure the teen that he understood that Cameron was hurting, but their hands were tied. "Not mine," Scott replied as he took a swing at Kevin.

Laura appeared in the courtroom just as Kevin fell to the ground. She rushed to help her husband to his feet then turned her fury on Scott. Scott was unapologetic because he'd had one opportunity to save his son, and Kevin had tanked the case. Laura complained that she regretted having defended Scott earlier. After Laura helped Kevin to a seat to check his injured face, Franco decided to cut to the chase. "This is the way things are now. You all just need to accept it," Franco announced.

Shattered, Cameron ran out of the courtroom. Elizabeth started to follow, but Trina volunteered to go after Cameron. Scott glared at Kevin as he accused Kevin of being as good at destroying families as Ryan was. Elizabeth's expression was filled with barely suppressed rage as she left the courtroom. Laura and Kevin followed, but Laura decided to stay with Elizabeth because she didn't think Elizabeth was in any shape to face Jake and Aiden. Kevin quietly admitted that he'd been tempted to lie on the witness stand to give Scott and Elizabeth some hope, but Laura assured Kevin that he had done the right thing.

Laura promised to meet Kevin at home then approached Elizabeth. She invited Elizabeth to leave with her, so they could clear their heads, but Elizabeth had something to take care of first.

In the courtroom, Kim asked Franco if he was okay. She acknowledged that the exchange with Cameron had been difficult. Shaken, Franco admitted that it had been "a lot." Just then, Elizabeth appeared in the doorway. "You can't leave," Elizabeth told Franco. Kim started to speak, but Elizabeth cut her off.

"I'm not talking to you," Elizabeth snapped at Kim without taking her eyes off Franco. Elizabeth made it clear that she had been talking to the man who had taken her husband's place because he needed to say goodbye to "our" family. "Do that, and I'll let you go," Elizabeth vowed.

After Elizabeth and Laura left, Kim suggested that she and Franco go somewhere to celebrate, but he was not in the mood. Kim's expression clouded with concern as she assured "Drew" that it wouldn't be a betrayal for him to be happy, and he wasn't a bad person for wanting to start the rest of his life. "What life?" he wondered. Franco realized that he'd gotten everything that he'd asked for, but he had no idea what to do with it. Kim was confident that they would be able to figure things out together when they started fresh somewhere far away like they had discussed.

Franco realized that Kim still planned to leave Port Charles. She reminded him that there was nothing there for her. "What about you?" Kim asked.

At Kelly's, Alexis and Kendra looked over their menus as Alexis revealed that she felt better post-workout than pre-workout. Kendra was impressed with Alexis' progress, but Alexis gave Kendra all the credit because Kendra had stood over her shoulder every step of the way. Kendra pointed out that Alexis had done all the work and, as long as Alexis stuck to the regimen, Alexis would achieve "never-anticipated" results.

Alexis pulled the large canister of supplement that Kendra had given her from a bag as she bragged that she took it everywhere. Kendra smiled as she recalled visiting Kiefer's grave and adding a packet of an unknown substance to a canister that she had intended for Alexis. Kendra returned her attention to Alexis then promised that she swore by the powder.

Later, Kendra finished mixing a shake using Alexis' powder. She appreciated Alexis' generosity, since the supplement was in short supply until the manufacturer could find a distributor in the United States. Their conversation turned to Alexis' therapy, which surprised Kendra because Alexis had seemed to have it all. However, Kendra knew what it was like to struggle in silence, because she had lost her brother. Alexis offered Kendra her condolences just as Sonny entered the diner. Alexis greeted Sonny then introduced Kristina's father to her trainer.

Alexis, Sonny, and Kendra exchanged pleasantries before Alexis asked to speak to Sonny in private. Kendra grabbed her drink then excused herself. Sonny took Kendra's vacated seat as Alexis expressed her frustration and concern about Sam's situation. Alexis knew that Sam wasn't "squeaky clean" and that the best way for Alexis to help would be not to help, but it was difficult to sit on the sidelines. Sonny advised Alexis to keep working out because it had done her good.

On the other side of the wall, Kendra poured out half of her shake as she eavesdropped on Alexis and Sonny. She waited until Sonny left then returned to the table. Kendra praised Alexis for having a good relationship with the father of her daughter, which turned the conversation toward Kristina. Alexis admitted that her days of running to Kristina's rescue were over. Kendra smiled when Alexis took a big gulp of the supplement shake.

Alexis' phone rang, prompting Alexis to announce that she needed to take the call and get going. She quickly gathered her things then walked out. Kendra paid the bill, dumped the rest of her supplement shake, and returned to the table to switch out the canister of supplement that Alexis had left behind with one that Kendra had hidden in her bag.

Outside, Alexis greeted Neil over the phone. He was curious if she had plans, but Alexis had a stack of work waiting for her at home. Neil took a rain check for another night then ended the call. Seconds later, Kendra caught up to Alexis. Alexis was grateful when Kendra handed her the canister because Alexis would need the supplement to get through the night.

In Neil's waiting room, an anxious Brad tapped his foot as he and Lucas waited for the doctor. Lucas gently put his hand on Brad's thigh to stop the nervous tic as he asked why Brad was on edge. Both men looked up when Neil opened the door to his office and greeted them.

After Lucas and Brad took a seat in Neil's office, Neil invited Lucas to speak first. Lucas explained that he was troubled because Brad deflected whenever Lucas and Brad got close to a subject that was even slightly difficult. Brad accused Lucas of pushing too hard, but Lucas countered that he was worried about Brad. Lucas added that Neil was, as well, since Neil had suggested inviting Lucas to attend a session, but Neil wanted to focus on Lucas' concerns. Lucas admitted that Brad had always been sensitive, but things had been different ever since Wiley had entered their lives.

Brad reminded Lucas that Wiley had been kidnapped, but Lucas clarified that Brad had started to change prior to the kidnapping. Lucas pointed out that Brad had been suffering from insomnia, frayed nerves, and a tendency to overreact to things, and Brad had been "super defensive" long before the abduction, which had made Lucas wonder if Brad had been keeping something from him. Neil was surprised by Lucas' reaction. Lucas explained that he had recently caught Brad in a lie about where Brad had been, and Brad had received a delivery of flowers from a mystery person.

Brad proclaimed his innocence, and he reminded Lucas why he had lied about attending Nelle's hearing. Lucas wasn't satisfied because he couldn't understand why Brad would be friends with someone like Nelle, who had tried to kill people. Brad claimed that everyone deserved a second chance like Brad had been given, but Lucas argued that Brad and Nelle were nothing alike. At Neil's prompting, Lucas revealed that Brad had lied and schemed in the past, but Brad immediately tried to turn it around by accusing Lucas of holding the past against him. Lucas assured Brad that he believed in Brad, but he suspected that Brad had lost faith in their relationship somewhere along the way.

Lucas admitted that he just wanted things back to the way they had been. "You don't think I want that, too?" Brad asked. Neil was pleased because Lucas and Brad had gone from talking at each other to talking to each other. It was progress.

At Volonino's Gym, Chase asked if Michael was interested in a sparring partner. Michael advised Chase to think twice before entering the ring with him because Michael was at the gym to blow off some steam. Chase took his chances, and the two men entered the ring. They started off easy as Chase got Michael to slowly open up by asking if working out helped. Michael knocked Chase to the ground with a punch.

"Yeah, it works," Michael answered. Chase took the knockdown in stride. He continued to spar with Michael until both men were exhausted. Michael felt bad because he'd been unusually aggressive, but Chase assured Michael that it was okay because Chase knew what it was like to fall in love with someone. Michael didn't deny that his feelings for Sasha had grown.

After Chase showered and changed, he returned to the workout area, grumbling that he would have to cancel his plans with Willow because he needed to take an ice bath. Michael chuckled because it was clear that things had gotten serious between Chase and Willow. Chase pointed out that living together tended to do that. Chase confided that he and Willow had been babysitting Wiley, and seeing her with her son had made Chase realize that he might want a family with Willow -- one day. Chase explained that even when things had been difficult, he had enjoyed being with Willow. Michael smiled because he knew the feeling.

Later, Trina and Cameron arrived at the gym, and Sonny greeted them. Trina wondered if it would be okay for Cameron to use the punching bag, but Sonny explained that Cameron would need a trainer. Cameron turned to leave, but Sonny could tell that Cameron was upset. He agreed to let Cameron work without a trainer, but he cautioned Cameron to take it easy on Trina.

Trina helped Cameron with the boxing gloves then spotted while Cameron began to rain punches on the bag. Cameron's rage turned to sorrow as he landed a flurry of punches on the bag until he was exhausted and sobbing. Trina hugged her friend as he wept in her arms. Nearby, Sonny watched Cameron's breakdown.

After the teens left, Sonny cleaned up. He heard the front door open, so he yelled out that the gym was closed. Scott assured Sonny that he wasn't there to fight. "You owe me," Scott said, adding, "I have to collect."

At Charlie's Pub, Julian saw Willow seated at a table with Wiley. He quickly scooped his grandson out of her arms then asked what she was doing there. Indignant, Willow informed him that Lucas and Brad had asked her to babysit while they were at a doctor's appointment. Julian demanded details about the appointment, but Willow didn't have any to share and was alarmed by Julian's odd behavior. Julian explained that he was worried that Lucas and Brad had gone to a therapist to work on their problems, but Willow didn't see the problem with that. She pointed out that a therapist might help the couple if they had been having issues.

Julian realized that Willow had never been to therapy. "It's never a good idea to give someone access to your head like that," Julian told her. He pointed out that Ava had been a perfect example of that, but Willow countered that Ava had been tricked by a madman. Julian didn't see the difference.

A short time later, Lucas and Brad arrived to pick up Wiley. Lucas took Wiley to change his diaper while Willow stepped away to make a call. Julian asked Brad about the therapy session, but Brad knew that Julian was only concerned about what secrets Brad might share. Brad promised that he could handle things. Just then, Brad's phone chimed with a text message from Liesl. Brad muttered with frustration because Liesl had been making demands, which he feared might cause him more trouble.

Julian advised Brad to delete all traces of the text messages and change the password on his phone to keep Lucas from seeing something that he shouldn't. Brad appreciated the advice then took steps to cover his tracks. Julian also suggested that Brad assure Willow that things were good between Lucas and Brad because she had been asking Julian questions about their relationship. Lucas returned with Wiley as Brad went to talk to Willow, who had been joined by Chase.

Julian took further steps to undermine Lucas and Brad's relationship by asking for the name of the florist that Lucas had used to send Brad the bouquet of flowers. Lucas groused that he had no idea who had sent the flowers. Julian feigned empathy and offered to change the subject because he wanted to show Lucas the skit that Julian had been working on with Wiley for the Nurses Ball. Lucas thought it was a bit too early, but Julian was certain that Lucy Coe would disagree. Julian asked Lucas to record the skit, so Lucas reached for Brad's phone, which Brad had left on the table.

As Julian had hoped, Lucas was locked out of the phone, and he questioned why Brad would change the password. When Julian spotted Elizabeth and Laura enter, he handed Wiley back to Lucas. Meanwhile, Brad thanked Willow for watching Wiley. When Willow asked about the therapy session, Brad downplayed it by claiming a couple periodically needed an outside perspective. After Brad walked away, both Willow and Chase agreed that Brad had been wound tight.

Brad returned to Lucas' side, and Lucas confronted Brad about being locked out of Brad's phone. Brad blamed it on paranoia after reading something about keystroke spyware. According to Brad, he had wanted to safeguard his personal information, but Lucas suspected that Brad had been trying to hide secrets.

Across the room, Julian asked Elizabeth about the hearing. She admitted that it had been tough on everyone, including Kim, because Scott had torn Kim apart on the witness stand. However, it had all been in vain because the judge had ruled in Franco's favor. Julian felt bad for Elizabeth.

After Julian walked away, Elizabeth admitted to Laura that she kept trying to think about what advice Franco would give, but it had been getting harder and harder to hear him. Laura's expression filled with sadness as Elizabeth's eyes welled up with tears. "It really happened; Franco's gone," Elizabeth admitted.

Kim and Franco talk about their future

Kim and Franco talk about their future

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

At Alexis', Neil unpacked the food he'd picked up for the two of them. He warned her that it might not align with the diet Kendra had her on, but Alexis thought she deserved it after a hard workout. There was a knock on the door, and Alexis let Jason in. Alexis asked Neil for a minute, so he went into the kitchen to get plates. Jason explained to Alexis about Sam's choice to have a bench trial, and she and Jason agreed that it wasn't a good decision. Just then, Jason's phone went off with news of Franco's hearing. He promised to keep Alexis updated about Sam, and he left to check on Elizabeth.

Neil emerged from the kitchen with plates, and Alexis updated him on Sam's decision. She admitted that she was having trouble letting go and that Kendra had instructed her that micromanaging "throws off the mind/body balance." Neil urged her not to overdo it as Alexis held her head in her hands. She didn't feel good and asked for a rain check on dinner. He told her to get some rest, and he left. As Alexis made her way upstairs, her phone went off downstairs due to a call from Kendra.

At home, Elizabeth left a voicemail for Cameron, asking him to call her back after running off. When she hung up, she heard keys in the door, and Cameron entered the house. She insisted that she wasn't mad, but she'd been worried when he hadn't answered his phone. He replied that he'd turned it off after multiple calls from "reporters," and she admitted that she'd been getting the calls, too. He told his mother that he'd gone to the gym with Trina so he could hit a punching bag. He held up his hand and declared, "The punching bag won."

Minutes later, Elizabeth had Cameron icing his hand in the kitchen. Cameron blamed the loss in court on himself, but he wanted to be there with she told his brothers about it. Elizabeth wrapped his hand as the doorbell rang. Cameron assumed it was Scott, and he didn't want to talk about the hearing, so he ran upstairs. Elizabeth opened the door to Bobbie, who had assumed that Scott would be there. She hadn't been able to reach Scott, and she hadn't heard anything about the hearing.

Elizabeth updated Bobbie on the verdict, and Bobbie expressed her heartfelt sympathy. Elizabeth thanked Bobbie for being there, but she thought that Scott needed Bobbie more. Bobbie figured that he would be at a bar somewhere, so she urged Elizabeth to call if she needed anything, and Bobbie left. Later, Cameron answered the door to Jason, and he demanded to know why Jason was there. Jason wanted to talk to Elizabeth, and Cameron coldly stated that Jason should have called first, as his mother was resting. Jason revealed that he just wanted to check in with Elizabeth after the hearing.

Elizabeth listened in unseen as Cameron tore Jason apart over Franco's hearing. Elizabeth finally showed herself and insisted that it hadn't been Jason's testimony, but Kevin's that had decided the verdict. She ordered Cameron to go upstairs, so he glared at Jason and ran off. She apologized to Jason on Cameron's behalf, but Jason admired Cameron's loyalty to his family. He wished that he hadn't been called to testify, and Elizabeth agreed. She thought it would be best for Jason to keep his distance while she and her sons dealt with their grief over Franco as a family. She admitted that she shouldn't be as angry at Kim as she was, considering Kim was still grieving. However, Kim had gotten what she'd wanted, while Elizabeth had to figure out how to get through every night without Franco.

At the courthouse, Kim's phone rang, but she figured it was Julian, so she didn't want to answer it. She only cared about what Franco had to say, and she believed that there was nothing stopping them from going back to San Diego. "Actually, there is," Franco replied. He admitted that he was worried that she hadn't had enough time to heal from losing Oscar. She blamed Julian for telling Scott about her mistake of drugging Drew, but Franco only cared about her well-being and what was best for her. "You are," she replied.

Kim was scared that Elizabeth's words had gotten to him, but she insisted that she'd been "barely surviving" before Franco had entered her life. Franco insisted that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but he wanted to stay put for as long as it took for her to heal. She talked about all the problems there were with staying in Port Charles, but he assured her that there was no timetable. She interpreted his words as him saying that he didn't want to be with her until she was "fixed," and she ran out of the courthouse.

Sonny heard someone enter Volonino's and yelled out that the gym was closed. Scott walked in and related to Sonny that he owed Scott, and Scott was there to collect. Sonny expressed his sympathy over the outcome of the hearing, but Scott only wanted Sonny to "make it right." He begged Sonny to "grab" Franco and hold him somewhere until Andre could fix him, but Sonny reminded Scott that that kidnapping was a felony. "Like you've never done it?" Scott shot back.

Scott knew that Sonny would do the same if he was in Scott's place. He reminded Sonny that Franco had helped Carly escape from Ferncliff, but he knew that Sonny was glad that Franco was gone without getting blood on his hands. Sonny clarified that he hadn't denied Scott's request, but Scott spat that Sonny also hadn't accepted it, and he stormed out.

A few minutes later, Franco entered the gym and found Sonny. "Do I know you?" he asked. "No, but I know you," Sonny replied. Franco was "looking to hit a bag" and asked if the gym was closed. Sonny confirmed that it was, but he'd give Franco a few minutes. Franco thanked Sonny and began to take parts of his uniform off. Sonny helped Franco with the gloves, and Franco commented on Sonny's generosity. Sonny replied that he was only generous with friends, and he explained that Franco had the memories of someone dear to Sonny but the face of someone Sonny never wanted to see again.

Sonny mentioned that Scott had been in there, asking for Sonny's help with Franco. Franco figured that he owed Sonny, and Sonny replied that he'd let Franco know when he thought of what he wanted. Franco appreciated Sonny's honesty, because everyone in his life insisted they knew what was best for him while only wanting what was best for them. Sonny asked what Franco wanted, and he answered that he just wanted to hit something. "Go for it," Sonny urged, and he spotted the bag while Franco hit it.

Scott grabbed his drink off the bar at Charlie's when Bobbie arrived. They sat down at a table, and Scott told her that the court had failed him. He'd really thought that he would win, and he admitted that he'd gone to Sonny in desperation. Bobbie thought that Scott was resourceful, so he would think of something else to do, and she promised to help him.

As Julian took the trash out behind Charlie's, he left a voicemail for Kim, asking for her to call him. As he was distracted on the phone, Kendra sneaked by the Dumpster and tossed in the canister of Alexis' supplement. Julian caught sight of her and asked if he could do something for her. She claimed that she was headed into Charlie's, but she'd parked around the corner and taken a shortcut through the alley. He recognized her as Alexis' trainer and warned her that, while the food at Charlie's was delicious, it wasn't exactly the healthiest. She replied that it was a "cheat day," and he had her follow him into the restaurant through the kitchen.

Later, Kendra sat at a table, and Julian took her order. Just then, Kim stormed into the restaurant and slapped Julian across the face. "How dare you?" she demanded, and he pulled her to the bar to calm down. She yelled at him for betraying her "most shameful secret" to Scott to be used as a weapon against her. He insisted that he'd done it so that she would get the help she needed. She rubbed it in his face that she and Franco had won and that Julian's betrayal had destroyed any part of her that still cared about him. She stormed out as Scott and Bobbie watched in shock.

Later, Kendra left Alexis a voicemail saying that she was pleased with Alexis' last session. She hoped that they would get an even better result the next time.

Peter looked up at Maxie from his phone, and she was tired of being the third wheel. She told him that she was going home to her place, as he'd made it clear that he didn't want to live with her and James. He apologized, but he explained that he couldn't get in touch with his reporter after a breaking new story. Maxie didn't know why he cared so much about what happened to Franco, but he insisted that it was "all about the numbers," and beating other news outlets to be the first breaking the story.

Peter's phone went off, and he smiled at it, claiming that his reporter had finally gotten back to him. He told Maxie that, "Everything turned out for the best." She congratulated him, but she wondered how Franco staying as Drew was good for everyone. She said that, although Franco would never be her favorite person, he made Elizabeth and her family happy. She continued that Scott would also never be her favorite, but he was just a father who'd lost his son. She asked Peter to not let his reporters hound the family, and he promised to make sure that the family was off-limits.

Perking up, Peter said that the news story had given him a new perspective, and he insisted upon getting a place with Maxie and James. He claimed that his reluctance had been superstition about being too happy, and Maxie insisted that he deserved to be happy. Just then, Peter and Maxie's phones went off, and they saw the article from the Invader, headlined, "Judge to Franco: You're Drew!"

Peter insisted that Maxie had changed everything for him by challenging and believing in him. "Why now?" Maxie wondered. He explained that talking about how much Elizabeth had lost had made him realize how much he had to lose if he continued to let his past overshadow his present. He promised to never let his past interfere again and kissed her. He wanted to take her to dinner like they'd originally planned, but she insisted that he call Lucy before they lost the apartment they wanted.

Cameron turns to alcohol

Cameron turns to alcohol

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Elizabeth cleaned up the Halloween mess around the house and stopped to pick up a family portrait. Cameron walked into the room as she looked at it longingly. She put it down quickly, and Cameron told her she didn't have to pretend to be okay with him. He gave his mother a hug.

Trina arrived to pick up Cameron for the Halloween dance and was surprised to find him without a costume. Cameron was certain that she and Josslyn would help him to put an outfit together, and he assured her he still planned on attending. He added that he was looking forward to the dance.

Molly arrived at Alexis' house in her Ruth Bader Ginsberg costume and knocked on the door. There was no answer so she began to knock harder and call out for her mother. After waiting for several minutes, Molly dug out her key and let herself inside. Alexis was lying on the sofa. After Molly called her name and shook her, Alexis finally opened her eyes. "What?" she asked groggily.

Molly informed Alexis that she'd tried to reach her all day and had been worried. She apologized but wondered if Alexis had been drinking. Alexis assured her she hadn't, and she only remembered not feeling well the previous night and sending Neil home. She wanted some coffee, but Molly insisted they head to the hospital instead.

At the Corinthos house, Jason stopped by to see Carly. She told him that Avery had gone out for Halloween with Wiley, Brad, and Lucas. Donna was sleeping. Carly admitted that she was feeling good but tired. They sat down, and Jason revealed that he was "hanging in." He added that Sam wasn't great and had opted for a bench trial because it would be quicker with no possibility of Dawn of Day members on a jury. He thought that Alexis was having a difficult time.

Carly assumed that Alexis really wanted to represent Sam and was working on the case privately. Jason agreed that Diane had been a better choice for a lawyer, and he thought that Alexis could be angry at him. Carly suggested that Jason dress as a superhero for Halloween, although she knew he hated the day. Just then, Josslyn ran in and announced that she'd been frantically trying to find the watch that Oscar had given her. She was sure she had lost it.

Josslyn stated that she had asked all the help, and no one had seen it. She recalled taking it off at a volleyball exhibition and putting it into her unzipped backpack. Carly made several suggestions for trying to track it down, but Josslyn disclosed that it had happened several days earlier. She was most upset that she hadn't missed it.

After Josslyn left the room, Carly told Jason about the watch. They agreed that it was good that Josslyn had been so busy that she hadn't missed it for three days, although Carly knew her daughter felt guilty that she'd betrayed Oscar.

Trina and Cameron arrived, and Trina informed Josslyn that Cameron was depending on them to put together a costume. Trina went to look for Dev. Josslyn told Cameron she knew he was hurting after the trial, but Cameron insisted he was "fired up" for the dance. He thought it was better than staying home alone. Cameron told Carly that things had been hard, but it helped to have great friends. He glanced over at Jason who had gone out onto the patio.

Cameron stepped outside and offered Jason an apology for jumping down his throat. He had wanted to fix things for his mother. Jason assured him that the final result of the trial had been based on what Kevin had said. Cameron asked how he could stop feeling bad, and Jason explained that the choice had been given to Franco or whatever he was calling himself. They couldn't change the outcome, and they could either be angry or live with it. They could pick up the pieces. Jason went back inside.

Cameron followed a short time later, and the living room was empty. He guzzled down the remains of his soda bottle and spied the various bottles of alcohol nearby. He grabbed one of the bottles and poured some into his bottle.

At General Hospital, Hayden looked into Violet's room as Finn leaned over to talk to her. He was telling the little girl about Roxy and the fact that people thought him weird to have a bearded dragon for a pet. He admitted that Roxy was a good listener. Hayden walked inside and saw some chocolate. Violet revealed that Dr. Finn had given it to her. Finn said goodbye and left the room.

Hayden quickly handed Violet the television remote with strict instructions and rushed out of the room after Finn. She asked him if he'd had a chance to look at Violet's file, and he revealed that the little girl would make a full recovery. He wanted to keep her for a couple more days for observation. Hayden praised his skills, and Finn pulled her aside out of anyone's hearing range.

Finn admitted he was still having a difficult time adjusting to Hayden's secret, and he asked if she would change the way she'd handled things if she had the chance. Hayden wasn't sure, and she asked if Finn would want to be a part of Violet's life. Hayden was aware that she'd handled things poorly.

Before anything more could be said, Elizabeth interrupted to ask Hayden where she'd been. Hayden admitted that something crazy had been going on. Finn declared that they had something to discuss, and he departed abruptly. Elizabeth asked what that was about.

Shortly after, Hayden and Elizabeth looked in on a sleeping Violet. Elizabeth couldn't believe she had a niece and wondered why Hayden had never said anything. Hayden admitted that she'd lied so much that she hadn't been able to tell the truth. She had regrets, but Violet had been the most fun she'd ever had.

Elizabeth talked about the joys of motherhood. Hayden wasn't sure how Finn felt, as Elizabeth had interrupted their conversation. She added that Violet only knew him as Dr. Finn. Hayden confessed that she had always dreamed about Finn and his child, and it had been perfect.

Suddenly, Hayden realized she'd forgotten to ask Elizabeth about the trial. She looked at her sister and guessed that it hadn't gone well. Hayden was sorry, and Elizabeth admitted it had been "really rough." Cameron had been pretending he was fine, and it felt like everything was out of control. Elizabeth quickly changed the subject and told Hayden she was a part of the club after having a child. They hugged.

Guests arrived for a Halloween party at Metro Court. Ava, dressed as Cruella De Vil, double-checked her purse to make sure her gun was still inside. She was startled when Laura, dressed as the Queen of Hearts, stopped by to say hello. Sasha, who was dressed as Captain Marvel, arrived with Michael, a character from Game of Thrones.

Sasha still felt like the "town pariah," but Michael did his best to reassure her that she'd paid her dues. She was shocked to see Nina and Valentin walk in together (dressed as Cleopatra and Mark Antony), and she fell victim to their glares.

Curtis, Jordan, and T.J. chatted (Sherlock Holmes, a princess or sorceress, and Captain America) while T.J. waited for Molly, who had had something to take care of first. T.J. asked Jordan if she still had her engagement ring from his father, and Curtis guessed that T.J. planned to propose to Molly. He teased T.J., who insisted that he didn't have a definite plan. Jordan was quiet and admitted that she wasn't "sold on it."

Ava and Laura chatted very briefly, and Ava headed to the bar. Valentin wanted to leave, but Nina didn't want to. She reminded him that the party supported a worthy cause. Jax, dressed as Mr. Incredible, approached Laura. She filled him in on her search for Helena's portrait. She guessed the codicil might be close to Helena's likeness in the portrait.

Nina and Valentin headed to the bar, where Sasha and Michael were standing. Nina told Michael that Scorpio would review her statement against Cassandra Pierce because the key witness had been unreliable. Sasha apologized, but Nina declared that if the bitch were set free, she would hold Sasha responsible. Nina and Valentin left to dance.

Laura and Jax continued to discuss the portrait. Laura voiced her opinion that Helena had wanted Nikolas to be armed against Valentin, but Valentin had thrown the painting out. As they talked, Valentin and Nina drew close, and Valentin wondered why Laura was so obsessed with the portrait. He and his wife agreed the portrait was "hideous."

Laura replied that the portrait had belonged to Nikolas and then Spencer, but Nina retorted that Spencer had never mentioned it. Laura declared that Spencer had had a fondness for his great-grandmother. She and Jax walked away. Laura suggested they stay off the clock in public. Jax was happy that at least Valentin thought the portrait had been worthless.

Curtis and T.J. had expected a better reaction from Jordan, and she proceeded to tell them that Molly was considered a part of the family, and she loved her. She said that Molly and T.J. had been together since high school and had never dated anyone else. She thought that other options should be explored before settling down. T.J. received a phone call from Molly, and Curtis glared at Jordan, who quickly announced that she had to leave to say hello to someone.

Sasha agreed that Nina had been right, and it would be her fault if Cassandra were to be set free. Michael asked her if she wanted to leave the party, but Sasha asked him to get her a club soda instead. As he walked away, he bumped into Ava, who dropped her purse. Michael eyed the gun.

Michael informed Ava that she shouldn't have a gun in his mother's hotel. Ava couldn't believe that Michael had actually said that with a straight face. She reminded him that both Sonny and Jason had been there with guns, and she had a permit. Michael claimed that the men had had special privileges, but Ava maintained that she couldn't be too careful after the year she'd had.

Jordan returned to Curtis, and he told her that T.J. had gone to the hospital to be with Molly and Alexis. She confessed that she had never contemplated a marriage between Molly and T.J.

Nina noticed that Valentin was deep in thought, and she asked him about it. He had been thinking that Helena's portrait was actually more valuable than he'd thought. Ava overheard him and turned quickly in his direction.

Molly and Alexis arrived at the hospital and saw Finn. He told them he was there for a special case. Molly explained what had happened to a stubborn Alexis, who disputed the details and claimed to be run down for a multitude of reasons. Finn hustled her off to an examination room.

Inside the room, Finn conducted an exam. Molly mentioned that she'd had to pull over when Alexis had gotten sick in the car on the way to the hospital. Molly called T.J. Finn noticed an odd rash on Alexis' hand.

T.J. showed up as the "supportive boyfriend," and he and Molly went off to fill out paperwork. Finn began to get an I.V. ready, and he told Alexis he wanted her to stay overnight.

At the Corinthos house, Jason walked out to the patio and handed Carly a mug of tea. Carly thought that Josslyn would attend the dance to prove to everyone that she was okay, and Jason thought it important that Josslyn find her own way. Carly thought she would remind Jason of that when his kids were older. He said he would need her help just like she had needed his.

Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron were dressed in an eclectic collection of pieces for costumes. Trina knew it was difficult for Cameron, and Josslyn urged him to try to have fun. Cameron assured them he wouldn't have to try. He sneaked a peek at his soda bottle.

Ava unmasks her stalker

Ava unmasks her stalker

Thursday, October 31, 2019

A man took a leisurely shower, his crested ring sitting on the edge of the sink. When he was finished, he put his ring back on and looked at the mask he was going to wear that night.

Cameron, Josslyn, Trina, and Dev, dressed as a football player, arrived at the PCHS Halloween dance on the Haunted Star and greeted Dustin on their way in. Lulu arrived as the Mary Poppins to Dustin's Bert. Dev thought Halloween was strange, and Cameron sarcastically wondered if they had Halloween in Connecticut. Dev coolly replied, "It's not my scene." Trina pulled him away to "show you how it's done," and Cameron thought Dev was weird.

Josslyn wished that it was two years before, but Cameron thought there was a way to save the night. He took the soda bottle out of his pocket, and Josslyn was unimpressed. He confided that it wasn't soda, and she pulled him aside and told him to put it away. He thought that the liquor would make the night "less hard" for both of them. She didn't think it was a good idea, and Cameron added that no one else needed to know about it. Josslyn figured that Trina wouldn't risk it, and Dev would tattle anyway. "More for us," Cameron observed. He took a drink and promptly coughed.

At the hospital, Finn advised Alexis that he would know more once her blood work returned. When he was gone, Alexis urged Molly and T.J. to go to the party, and she promised to keep in touch. Molly didn't want Alexis to leave too early. Just then, Neil entered and promised that that wouldn't be a problem. T.J. and Molly left, and Neil admitted that he was relieved to learn that she hadn't been faking sick to get him to leave her house the night before. While Neil showing up with food had been unexpected, she said that it hadn't been unwelcome. She wanted to try it again, but actually eat the next time. She suddenly cried out in pain and looked at the rashes on her palms.

A clearly distressed Michael gave Sasha a glass of water at the Metro Court, and she wondered what was wrong. He muttered that he'd just run into someone who tended to make others pay for her bad decisions. Kendra entered the party, dressed as a mermaid. Jax and Laura talked about the painting of Helena as Ava observed. Laura feared that she would lose Spencer like she'd lost Nikolas if she didn't end Valentin's reign as the head of the Cassadine family.

Nina wondered if Valentin was still thinking about the portrait of Helena, and he admitted that Laura and Jax made him think that it was worth more than he'd thought. The two went off to dance, and Ava wondered if the portrait was worth more than she'd thought. Chase and Willow entered the party, dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Jessie, and they started to dance. The man with the crested ring entered in a mask and a long cape.

Jax put in a call to Hayden about his and Laura's theory about the codicil's whereabouts. She told him that she was in the middle of something at the hospital, so she couldn't talk. Valentin approached Ava with an "art question," and she warned him that she charged for consultations. Nina remembered that Ava never did anything for nothing, but Ava shot back that she at least knew her worth. Valentin asked Ava how much a J. Garrin painting would be worth. Ava replied that it could be into the "mid-five figures" unless it contained a puzzle.

At the Halloween dance, Trina's phone went off, and she answered it to Ava. Ava asked if Dev still had the receipt from the flea market where he'd gotten the painting. Trina admitted to Ava that Dev had gotten it out of the trash, and Dev was annoyed at her for tattling. Ava thanked her for the help and hung up. Lulu and Dustin talked about how different their upbringings seemed. While her family was unconventional, she was happy to have her home, career, and family. Dustin said that he'd had ideas for his life, but "life had other plans."

Trina and Dev were dancing when Dev wondered where Cameron and Josslyn were. "All I see is you," Trina replied, and she kissed him. She wondered if he wanted to go on the deck and look at the stars, but he claimed that he was supposed to look after Josslyn. Trina asked if he was interested in her or someone else. Dev answered that he liked her a lot, but not in that way, and she replied, "Your loss." She wondered if he was interested in Josslyn, as she wasn't related to him by blood. He denied it and said that he was "too busy for romance." She brushed him off and walked away.

On the deck, Cameron passed the bottle to Josslyn, who took a sip and shuddered. They talked about what costumes Oscar and Franco would be wearing if they were there. A short while later, Cameron observed that she was drunk. She talked about writing about the night in her journal -- that it "could have been worse, but it wasn't." She added that it was because of him, and he agreed that the night had been "pretty okay." She continued that she wouldn't have made it so far without him and that he was the best friend she had. He put his arm around her, and she leaned her head on his chest.

Dustin proposed making "another round" at the party to make sure everything was all right. He explained the rules, including "no intimacy." She asked for specifics, and he led her behind a wall and kissed her. Cameron and Josslyn stumbled inside, and Trina requested to talk to Josslyn. She realized that Josslyn had been drinking, and Josslyn told Trina about Cameron's bottle. She thought she might have had too much, and Trina wanted to get her friend out of the dance. Trina noticed Dustin and Lulu kissing and pointed it out to Josslyn. "I'm gonna hurl," Josslyn said, and she ran out, followed by Trina.

Dev asked Cameron where they'd been, and Cameron accidentally knocked over a bowl of candy. Dev offered to help, but an unsteady Cameron insisted that he was fine. "Are you drunk?" Dev questioned. Outside, Josslyn finished throwing up over the side of the ship, and Trina offered to get her home. Just then, Lulu and Dustin arrived on the deck, and Lulu asked if Josslyn had been drinking.

Laura bumped into the masked man and apologized, but he only stared at her and then walked away. Ava got into the elevator, and the man stared at her, catching Ava's eye, until the elevator doors closed. Molly introduced herself and T.J. to Kendra. Molly said that Alexis loved working out with Kendra, and T.J. commented that Alexis swore by the supplement Kendra had given her. T.J. left to look for Jordan, and Molly updated Kendra on Alexis' condition. The two toasted to Alexis' good health. Molly wasn't worried, since Alexis was getting the best possible care, but Kendra didn't want Molly to catch whatever Alexis had.

Michael wondered if Valentin was having a good time and advised him to enjoy it while it lasted. "I'm running out of patience," Michael added. Valentin reminded Michael that Nina was upset, so it would take time to convince her not to cooperate with the prosecution of Sasha. Michael warned that, if it didn't happen fast enough, Valentin would lose Nina and go to jail. Valentin advised that Michael didn't want Valentin as an enemy.

When Michael was gone, Laura observed that "it's not your night." Valentin told her to "find someone else to taunt." Laura believed that his time "at the head of the Cassadine table" was "about up." Valentin jokingly asked if Spencer was going to take it from him and smirked.

Nina greeted Jax, who disclosed that he was on his way out to check on a friend. "Always thinking of others," Nina said with a smile. "Only the ones who count," he replied, and he left. She spotted Sasha looking at her, and she demanded to know if Sasha wanted something. Sasha gushed about how fantastic Nina looked and how happy she was that Nina and Valentin were happy. Nina tore into Sasha, drawing the attention of those around them. She promised that Sasha would be in prison soon, unless Michael bought her way out, which was "a big tab for the privilege of sleeping with you." "That's enough!" Willow said as she stood up next to Sasha.

Willow knew that Nina was hurting, but she advised that hurting Sasha in return wouldn't satisfy anyone or feel good. Nina wondered how Willow would feel if someone told her that Wiley wasn't her son. Chase tried to break up the situation, but Nina just attacked Sasha and Willow more. Michael approached and told Nina that Sasha had a right to be there without getting attacked. Nina asked how Michael would feel if someone showed up in the future, claiming to be Jonah. "Why are you convinced that Sasha came up with this all by herself?" Michael yelled.

Curtis was surprised that Jordan hadn't had any thoughts about T.J. and Molly possibly getting married. Jordan thought of all the pain they could go through by not exploring the world and other people. Curtis asked how she would feel if T.J. broke up with Molly and met a girl that Jordan didn't like. She responded that it was T.J.'s choice, and she would have to live with it. Curtis reasoned that that logic would apply to the marriage situation. He added that she'd spoken her mind, and the rest was up to the couple. He reminded her that Stella would have an opinion, as well, when she heard about it.

T.J. found Jordan and Curtis and updated them on Alexis. He apologized for leaving so abruptly, and Jordan assured him that he had to do what he had to do for his future mother-in-law. She told her happy son that he was his own man and could make his own decisions. She assured him that she was happy and proud of him, and they embraced. Curtis shook T.J.'s hand behind Jordan's back.

At Pentonville, a guard opened Sam's cell door and introduced her to her "cellmate fresh out of solitary." The woman entered the cell, and the guard locked them in. Sam told the woman that they would learn to coexist. "Just like my last cellmate. I'll let her give you the details when she gets out of the infirmary," Cassandra told Sam. Cassandra was angry that Sam was sitting on her bunk, and Sam apologized. She explained that she was just thinking about her family. An unsympathetic Cassandra replied that her family would soon stop talking to her and forget about her. Sam promised that she would be out before that became a concern, and Cassandra had a good laugh.

Sam wanted to go to bed so she could rest for her trial the next day, and Cassandra sarcastically cracked that Sam would surely prove her innocence. She continued that she was "dead-to-rights" on two continents. Sam asked who her cellmate was. Cassandra introduced herself and added, "but you can call me 'boss.'" Sam recognized the name as the woman who'd hurt Michael's girlfriend, and she was surprised that Cassandra had lived long enough for Sam to meet her. Cassandra was surprised that Sonny was still alive after having turned down her partnership offer.

Sam revealed that Sonny was business partners with her ex-husband, and Cassandra realized that her cellmate was "the infamous Sam." Sam promised to make Cassandra "very sorry" if she tried to mess with Sam. "Except you won't," Cassandra said, pulling out a knife. Cassandra called Sam a disappointment to her family, as Cassadines were supposed to be "cultured and refined." Sam wondered what else Valentin had told Cassandra. "Amongst others," Cassandra said. She thought back to someone getting into a car with her shortly after she'd been woken from her coma. She'd asked what the man had wanted from her, and he'd silently put a hand on her leg. On one finger had been the same crested ring as the masked man.

At the hospital, Hayden reported to Finn that Violet's prescription had "knocked her out," and Finn replied that Violet needed the rest. She asked him to be there when Violet was discharged, and he wondered where they would go when Violet was discharged. Hayden answered that they would stay with Elizabeth, because it was closer to Violet's father. She insisted that he could decide what kind of role he wanted to play in Violet's life, and she was open to whatever he decided.

Jax arrived, and Hayden went over to talk to him. She updated him on Violet, and he was glad that she'd told Finn about the little girl. Jax told Hayden about his and Laura's theory that the codicil was inside the portrait of Helena. "That's an expensive piece of trash," Hayden commented. Jax remembered Dev talking about the painting he'd found in the trash, and he suddenly realized that Dev had probably sold it to Ava.

Finn returned to Alexis and held both of her rash-covered hands. She explained that it was a prickling sensation over both of her palms, and it was the same thing on her feet. She guessed that the symptoms didn't fit in with the flu, and Finn agreed that what she had wasn't just a sickness that was going around.

Ava entered her gallery and took the sheet off of Helena's portrait. She didn't know why anyone would want the "creepy" portrait of the "hateful" woman on their wall, so she wondered why so many people seemed to be after it. A few minutes later, she was on the phone with a potential buyer for the portrait and warned the buyer that she had other interest in the painting as well. When she was off the phone, she suggested that Helena would "for once bring more than pain and heartache." She hoped that things were starting to turn around.

As Ava got ready to leave, she heard the door creak open. She called out, thinking that it was Trina, but she scolded herself for being so jumpy. She turned the lights off and left. The masked man entered and turned on a desk light. As he looked around on the desk, Ava appeared behind him, pointing a gun in his direction. "Ever get the feeling like you're being watched?" she wondered. She continued that she'd known as soon as she'd seen him at the Metro Court that he'd been the one stalking her. She ordered him to take off his mask, so he did. "Nikolas?!" Ava gasped.

Ava checks into Shadybrook

Ava checks into Shadybrook

Friday, November 1, 2019

At Ava's art gallery, she held her gun on a costumed man who had followed her there. She demanded he remove his mask, and he did. "Nikolas?" she asked in disbelief. Nikolas confirmed that it was indeed him, and Ava refused to believe it. She'd watched him die. Nikolas said hello and replied that he'd thought she'd be happy to see him. He caught Ava as she fainted, and he kissed her gently on the head.

At the hospital, Hayden and Jax talked about the portrait of Helena, but before they could discuss it in depth, Elizabeth approached them. She asked Hayden about Violet's condition, and she told Jax how glad she was that Josslyn and Cameron had attended the school dance.

Once Elizabeth had moved on, Hayden and Jax agreed that the portrait might be at Ava's gallery. Jax placed a phone call to Laura and told her she needed to check out the gallery. Laura agreed to stop by once she left the Halloween dance.

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Trina attempted to make excuses for Josslyn after Dustin and Lulu questioned whether Josslyn might be drunk. Trina suggested that her friend had the flu, but at that moment, Dev accompanied a staggering Cameron to the deck. Cameron fell to the floor and dropped his alcohol-filled soda bottle. Dustin stooped down and retrieved the bottle.

At the Corinthos house, Sonny and Carly thanked Brad and Lucas for taking Avery out for Halloween with Wiley. Brad announced that he had something to say, and he proceeded to disclose that he'd gone to Nelle's parole hearing after he'd received her invitation.

Carly was appalled. Brad admitted that he'd had some compassion for Nelle, but she deserved to remain in prison. Brad confessed that he was aware of where his loyalties should be. Just then, Carly received a phone call from Lulu and declared that she would send Sonny to the ship right away. Brad apologized for visiting Nelle.

Carly couldn't believe that Brad had wanted to give Nelle his support because Nelle was a danger to the family. Brad revealed that he was clear on where Lucas stood on the subject, and Carly stated that she felt the same. Brad insisted that whatever he did was always out of love for Lucas and Wiley.

On the ship, Lulu informed Josslyn that her parents were on the way while Dustin questioned Dev and Cameron. He told them they would be turned in to school authorities. "Just kill me now," Josslyn mumbled when Sonny showed up. Sonny grabbed her and Dev and took them home. Elizabeth arrived to retrieve Cameron. She told him they would need to talk, although Cameron only wanted to go home and lie down.

The Halloween party was winding down at Metro Court. Julian stopped at the bar to chat with the bartender, Kip. Julian was aware that the man was an actor and had seen him perform. He revealed that he had a role for Kip, and it was a major one. Kip was excited.

Laura confronted Valentin and assured him that his position at the head of the Cassadine table was over. Valentin promised that he would handle Spencer if the boy turned out to be a threat.

Nearby, Nina went off on Sasha, Michael, Willow, and Chase as they accused her of treating Sasha unfairly. Nina reminded them vigorously that Sasha had lied to her for a year. Nina declared that Michael also had poor integrity for defending Sasha, and she was more than willing to tell others. Willow shouted for Nina to stop.

Willow maintained that everyone knew about what Sasha had done, and Sasha felt bad about it. She accused Nina of being "less than perfect" after allowing Shiloh to find out about Wiley. Nina questioned Chase on the procedure for obtaining a restraining order against Sasha and Willow, and Chase suggested she look online. Valentin arrived, and Michael told him to discuss things with his wife before her next confrontation and make sure she could "see the light."

Sasha and Michael walked away, but Sasha was not too happy with Michael. She continued to admonish him for interfering, but Michael made it clear that she wasn't the only one to blame. The charade hadn't been her idea. Sasha reminded him that it had been her choice to stick around and hurt Nina more. Michael wanted Valentin to be held responsible for the fraud, also. Sasha told Michael that Nina and Charlotte loved Valentin, and she didn't want to destroy it.

Valentin told Nina that he was aware that she wanted revenge, and Nina told him it was justice that she wanted. Valentin stated that Sasha had been a con artist, and he and Nina were to blame, as well, for having believed in the young woman. He was exhausted, and he just really wanted to move on.

Nina couldn't believe that Valentin just wanted her to walk away. She told him that Charlotte had been "crushed" to lose the sister she'd thought she'd had. Valentin suggested that not only would they have to testify at a trial, but Charlotte might, too. He didn't want his daughter to go through that.

Nina and Valentin walked over to Sasha and Michael. Nina announced that she had decided to drop the charges against Sasha, who tried to thank her. Nina didn't want to hear a word and added that she was not forgiving Sasha. She'd lost her daughter and a year of her life. Valentin told Nina it was time to go home. Sasha assured Michael she was okay with Valentin getting away with it, and she hugged him. Nina and Valentin hugged at the same time, and Sasha and Valentin stared at each other.

Julian continued to drink at the bar. Chase told Willow that she'd been "hot" when she'd confronted Nina, and Willow informed him that there was no longer a reason to be nice. They spotted Julian and asked why he wasn't at the pub. He replied that Halloween wasn't his thing. Willow showed him a photo of Brad with Wiley in a T-Rex costume, and Julian chuckled. He was glad that Brad was happy, as he had been quite preoccupied lately.

At the gallery, Ava woke up and looked around. She had had her head down on her desk. She began to call out for Nikolas, and she searched for him frantically. "Where are you?" she called out. She quickly tried to phone Laura, but just then, Laura walked in. Ava babbled and finally managed to relate that Nikolas had been there. She told Laura about the guy in the mask at the dance and how she'd been right that someone had been watching her.

Ava continued that the man had followed her from the dance to the art gallery, and she'd managed to circle behind him and hold her gun on him. She'd forced him to remove his mask. Laura began to cry and expressed how she wished that seeing Nikolas could be true.

Ava sat at her laptop and attempted to look for Nikolas on the security footage. She was unsuccessful but exclaimed that she would grab the memory card from the front entrance. She ran to get it, and Laura quickly placed a call to Jax. She sniffed the contents of Ava's glass, and she told Jax that Ava had been irrational. She didn't think it was a good idea for him and Hayden to visit and look around for the portrait. Ava overheard her but ran over to the desk with the memory card in her hand.

Ava began to search footage but again was unsuccessful. Laura told her there was no proof that Nikolas had been there. "You think I'm crazy," Ava said. Laura assured her that she was familiar with the line between fantasy and reality, but Ava insisted that Nikolas had really been there.

Laura proclaimed that people didn't return from the dead. She wished they did because she would love to see her son. She added that she had been at Metro Court, also, and hadn't seen Nikolas. She would have expected him to talk to her if he had been there. Ava argued that she knew what she had seen, but Laura said Ava needed help. Ava began to cry and asked Laura to help her. She began to sob harder, and Laura put her arm around Ava.

Carly and Jax waited for Sonny and Josslyn to arrive. They walked in with Dev, and Sonny sent the boy upstairs. "I was stupid," Josslyn said. She told them that Cameron had been drinking, and she'd thought it would allow them to forget their woes and have fun. Suddenly, she felt sick and flew upstairs.

Sonny and Jax were left alone, and Jax accused Sonny of forcing Dev to go upstairs rather quickly. Sonny assured him that Dev had been sober and hadn't known about the drinking. Jax thought it was unlike Josslyn to do what she had done, but Sonny asked how old Jax had been when he'd had his first drink. Both men agreed that neither of them had been of age.

Out on the patio, Lucas told Brad how proud he was that Brad had told Carly the truth. Brad announced that he needed some coffee, and he offered to go inside and retrieve a couple of cups. Brad's phone chimed with a text message, and Lucas deliberated briefly before looking at it.

When Brad returned, he noticed that Lucas' mood had changed. Lucas asked about the nude photo that had just been sent to Brad. The coffee cup crashed to the ground. Brad denied any knowledge of it, and he assured Lucas he had no idea who had sent it. Lucas made it clear that he didn't believe Brad, especially after the flower delivery. The men began to argue.

Brad promised that there was no one else in his life, but Lucas didn't want to hear Brad express his love. He continued to shout about the flowers, the photo, and the changed password on Brad's phone. He wanted Brad to stop lying.

Inside, Sonny questioned Dev, who professed that he hadn't known about the drinking. He added that he would have never allowed Josslyn to do something that would hurt her.

Upstairs, Carly finished up a call with Elizabeth and sat on the bathroom floor. Josslyn was on the floor by the toilet. Josslyn explained that she hadn't wanted Cameron to get into trouble, but Carly wasn't concerned about him. She wondered why Josslyn hadn't spoken to her if she'd been troubled. Josslyn lamented that she had been upset about losing the watch and not missing it.

Carly assured Josslyn that she would feel better eventually, but it would take forever. One day, she would realize that she was better, but she would have to deal with the school principal in the morning. Josslyn asked about her punishment, but Carly suggested they talk another time.

Carly told Sonny that the "morning won't be pretty" for Josslyn.

"The falcon has left the nest," Kip said to Julian. When Julian didn't understand, Kip made another strange comment. Julian realized that Kip had sent the photo, and he handed the bartender a wad of cash. He advised Kip to tuck in his shirt. Julian received a phone call and rushed out.

Chase asked Willow if they had a right to worry about Brad because he'd seemed off. Willow admitted that he'd been anxious, but she didn't want to interfere. She thought maybe he'd be better after not having to hide anything any longer. Kip stood behind the bar and counted his money.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asked Cameron what he'd been thinking. She reminded him that he was already on probation. They sat down. Cameron recalled how Franco had been with him the last time he'd been in court, and how Oscar had been around. He explained that he had nothing to talk about at school because his life had been so heavy. He'd wanted to forget, as had Josslyn.

Cameron was sorry. Elizabeth exclaimed that something terrible might have happened, like Cameron falling into the water. Cameron admitted he'd been stupid, and Elizabeth assured him his age was stupid, too. She promised they'd get through it together.

As Cameron lay on a bench, trying to sleep, Hayden teased Elizabeth about the situation. Elizabeth invited Hayden and Violet to live with her, which caused Cameron to slowly rise to ask about Violet. Elizabeth told him he had a cousin, and Cameron was confused. Elizabeth promised to share it when he was sober. Hayden received a message and had to leave.

Elizabeth woke Cameron up shortly after and told him it was time to go home. He preferred to sleep it off there rather than chance getting sick in the car. He wanted to sit and talk. Elizabeth held up the "carsick bag" and told him he had to go home. She was glad he was okay, though.

Julian and Laura stood nearby as Ava signed herself into Shadybrook. She removed her shoes and jewelry. She hugged Julian, who told her it would be okay. Laura cried and hugged her, as well, and a nurse took Ava away.

Hayden arrived at Jax's place, and he told her they'd had an unexpected complication. Hayden slowly turned around and looked at Nikolas. He was wearing a tuxedo.

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