General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 4, 2019 on GH

Lucas spent time with Tony Jones. Brad turned the tables on Julian. Nelle revealed that her new husband had died. Martin was revealed to be connected to Valentin. Scott told ''Drew'' about Jim Harvey. Cassandra escaped from jail with some help from Nikolas. Charlotte was startled when Cassandra approached her.
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Brad told Lucas the truth about Julian, and Cassandra escaped from jail
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Jax, Hayden, and Nikolas unite

Jax, Hayden, and Nikolas unite

Monday, November 4, 2019

Valentin pulled out a chair for Nina at their table in Metro Court. They were still in their Halloween costumes, but Valentin wanted to get a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. Nina was happy to see a costumed Curtis and Jordan as they stepped off the elevator, and she confessed that she'd been too busy to see them. They wondered how she was faring without Valentin. Nina divulged that she'd dropped the charges against Sasha.

Valentin returned with the bottle. "You have got to be kidding me!" Curtis exclaimed. Valentin replied that everything was good, but Curtis and Jordan were shocked. Nina informed them that Sasha had committed the fraud herself and had told her so herself. Curtis couldn't believe that Nina really believed that was true, and he realized that that had been the reason for Nina to avoid him. She had known how he'd feel about her being with Valentin.

Valentin frowned. "I'm sensing hostility," Valentin declared. Nina stressed that she knew what she was doing, and Curtis promised they'd always be friends. He would be there for Nina when Valentin received his due. Curtis announced that he and Jordan had something to do, and they left.

Maxie and Peter arrived at Charlie's Pub to further celebrate Maxie's birthday with drinks. They began to kiss until Liesl interrupted and told them to get a room. Liesl declared that she hadn't seen James for a while, and Peter told her it wasn't a good time. Liesl proceeded to tell them that she had only found out about Nina and Sasha right before the wedding and had decided to keep quiet to protect Nina.

Liesl thought that Maxie had been avoiding her because of her involvement with Sasha. She stated that she had been misguided with her non-action. She had planned on going to Switzerland, but Peter had convinced her to stay for Maxie. Peter admitted that Liesl was important to Maxie and James, and Maxie agreed that Liesl was a part of the family. Liesl was happy and hugged Maxie.

Liesl thanked Maxie for her forgiveness, and Maxie invited her to visit with James the next day. Liesl readily accepted and announced that she'd bake some strudel. Liesl said goodbye, and Maxie turned to Peter. She wondered why he was so engrossed in his phone if all of the trial business was over. Peter put the phone away but mentioned that he had been trying to get one more birthday gift for Maxie.

"Oh, my God!" Maxie exclaimed. She knew it was regarding the apartment they'd wanted. Peter admitted he'd put in a bid and had been waiting to hear from Lucy. He shared that the building association had wanted to further study his application because it was a "trouble-free and tranquil" place.

Just then, Peter received a call from Lucy. He finished the call and revealed that he hadn't been accepted and had been deemed too "risky." His past had caught up to him. Maxie was okay and considered the residents to be snobby. She invited Peter to move in with her and James instead.

Michael and Sasha sat at a table nearby. Sasha noted how much she'd enjoyed protective Michael, and she thought he was "hot." She praised him for giving her life back to her. They toasted the future with a couple of bottles of beer, although Sasha was uncertain what her future would hold. Michael wanted her to stay in Port Charles, but Sasha explained that it wasn't that easy.

Liesl walked over and asked to speak to Sasha in private. Sasha assured her she could talk in front of Michael. Liesl wanted to know what Sasha had said to Nina about her, and Sasha revealed that she had taken all the blame for the fraud. Nina had dropped the charges. Liesl stated that she might have influenced the genetic portion of the tests that Dr. Finn had run during Sasha's illness, but Michael told her she was on her own. Liesl left the bar and sent a text message to Brad.

Michael invited Sasha to work at E.L.Q., but she declined. She thought it would change the dynamic of their relationship. She thought she had a good résumé and could find a job. Michael suggested an interview at Metro Court, but again, Sasha declined. She cited the fact that Carly didn't trust her, and she couldn't blame Carly. She thought the best way to get into Carly's good graces would be to work hard and prove herself.

Michael suggested that Sasha accept the position that Lucy had offered her, but Sasha didn't want to capitalize on the harm she had done to Nina by being the face of Deception. Michael thought that Sasha would have the power to negotiate her terms with Lucy, but Sasha stated that she merely wanted a simple life like the one she'd had prior to her move to Port Charles. She had been a "way better person."

Sonny and Carly were ready to head up to bed, but Carly informed her husband that Brad and Lucas were still there and arguing out on the patio. She wondered what it could be about and suggested that it had been due to Brad visiting Nelle at Pentonville. Sonny thought the men should be allowed to work things out alone.

Out on the patio, Brad was insistent that he hadn't cheated on Lucas. He wanted to go home. Lucas grew louder as he expressed his disbelief, and Brad offered to send the unknown sender of nude photos a text message to prove he didn't know him. "Who is this? Who sent me these pics? Helloo?" the three text messages read. Brad received a return text message. He handed Lucas the phone so that he could read it for himself. "Ha ha, you know who," the text message read.

Brad swore on Wiley's life that he would never cheat, and he and Lucas continued to argue. Brad declared that he would prove it was all a misunderstanding.

Laura and Julian arrived at Julian's place after witnessing Ava sign herself in at Shadybrook. Julian poured a couple of drinks. Laura admitted that it was still difficult after two years to hear Nikolas' name as Ava had claimed to see him, and it was still painful. Laura thought that Ava had possession of a portrait of Helena Cassadine that Valentin had tossed out, and it had stirred memories of Nikolas.

Julian received several text messages, and Laura urged him to check his phone. Julian read and responded then put his phone down. He thanked Laura for showing kindness to Ava, and Laura admitted that she'd had her own battle with mental illness. She'd fought to recover, and it had made her a better person.

Julian was concerned that Sonny would take the opportunity to try to take full custody of Avery. Laura explained that she was good friends with Sonny, and she would be able to talk to him. Julian declined the offer, but Laura insisted.

At Jax's place, Nikolas asked Hayden if she was happy to see him. She and Jax were annoyed that he'd shown himself to Ava, and Nikolas was perturbed that they had been using Laura in their operation. He'd been clear that his mother and Spencer were not to be involved until Valentin was "neutralized." He wanted to know when it would happen.

Nikolas was tired of waiting and wanted results. Jax reminded Nikolas that he'd made an offer, but Jax would quit if that offer grew less attractive. Jax flashed back to his first surprise meeting with Nikolas in Rome. Jax had been shocked to see him when everyone had thought Nikolas had been murdered. Nikolas had announced that he'd been ready to reclaim what was his, and he had offered to pay Jax to help.

The flashback continued. Nikolas told Jax about the codicil that had been hidden on Spoon Island. It would prove Valentin to be disinherited, with all reverting back to Nikolas. He offered Jax the shipping division of Cassadine Enterprises. Jax admitted that he wanted Spencer to have his fortune, and he would never forget the months he'd spent with the boy. He agreed to accept Nikolas' offer.

Nikolas called out, and Hayden walked into the room. "Your new partner," Nikolas told Jax. Hayden promised to do everything she could to make things right for Spencer. "Have no fear, dear husband. We will," she added.

Hayden admitted it had been "tricky" to divorce a dead man, but she had decided to join forces with Nikolas for the same cause. He had also tried to have her killed, but his hit man had missed. They were still married. Nikolas added that Hayden was both his wife and his widow, but she had a "soft spot" for Spencer and would get a "generous cut" for her support. Nikolas declared that he would take back what was his and leave Valentin with nothing.

Back in the present, Hayden couldn't believe that Nikolas wanted to stick around. Nikolas suggested they take a step back, and Jax thought it was time to rethink things. Nikolas told Jax he could walk out, but Nikolas wondered where that would leave Nina and Spencer. Nikolas thought that Nina would turn her back on Valentin and was sure that Jax wanted that. Jax agreed to stay on if things were completed in a timely fashion. Nikolas thought that Nina would "bring the bastard to his knees" when they retrieved the codicil.

On the Corinthos patio, as Brad and Lucas continued to argue, Brad received another text message. It was from Liesl. "Make sure to cover our tracks in our recent fixing of the Gilmore girl's lab," it read. Lucas asked if it was from the unknown man again, and he wanted to see it. Brad refused and told Lucas it was a special case from the lab that was confidential. Lucas laughed. He wondered if it was another photo, and he ordered Brad to leave. He couldn't deal with Brad any longer.

Brad walked through the house, crying. Carly saw him, but Brad just said goodnight. Carly asked Lucas if he was okay, and Lucas admitted that he thought Brad had been cheating on him. Laura didn't want Lucas to go home, and she suggested he stay the night. He could have the room directly across from Wiley's because Wiley was also there for the night. Lucas finally relented, and Laura told him they'd get through it. She gave him a hug.

Laura stopped by to speak to Sonny. She apologized for being so late and told him she was aware that Ava was supposed to see Avery the next day. She had wanted to let him know it wouldn't happen because there had been an incident at the art gallery, and Ava had checked herself into Shadybrook. Sonny thought it could be the best thing for Ava, as she hadn't been right since Kiki had been killed.

Laura divulged that Julian had been afraid that Sonny would use Ava's illness against her and file for full custody of Avery. She admitted that she had been in the same situation at one time, but she hadn't lost her children. It was only a temporary situation, and she didn't want Sonny to use it.

Sonny was thoughtful and admitted he wasn't sure. He asked when Laura had joined "Team Ava," but Laura replied that Ava had been through hell and had suffered the worst loss of any loss there was. Laura felt bad for her. Sonny thanked her for stopping by, and Laura thanked him for listening.

At Metro Court, Valentin made a toast, but before he and Nina could enjoy their Champagne, Liesl stopped at their table. She admitted that she'd heard that criminal charges against Sasha had been dropped, and Liesl had had nothing to do with the fraud. She had only found out about it right before Lulu. Nina believed her, and Liesl apologized for not saying anything.

Liesl announced that Maxie had forgiven her, and she hoped that Nina would do the same for Nathan's sake. Nina agreed that she would do so for James, and Liesl hugged her. Valentin glared.

Nina left the table to check her makeup, and Valentin sipped his Champagne. Liesl told him that he looked pleased, but the DNA tests still existed. The results would show that Sasha was Nina's daughter, and she thought there would be lots of questions. Someone would wonder who the samples really belonged to.

"Brace yourself," Liesl told Valentin. She added that he wasn't in the clear. Valentin reminded her that she wasn't, either, but Liesl told him that she had less to lose. Nina remained nearby and watched closely.

Brad arrived at Julian's place and told him what had happened with Lucas. Julian declared that he'd believed Brad was having an affair after the flowers from the secret admirer, the meds he was on, and the shrink he was seeing. He added that someone had even sent Brad nude photos. Brad asked Julian how he knew that, and Julian slammed his phone on the table. Brad realized it had been Julian all along.

Julian maintained that Brad had been "spiraling out of control," and he was only protecting Lucas. Brad thought it might ruin Lucas, and that would be Julian's fault. Julian shoved him and suggested that the "pain of infidelity" would be less than the truth about Wiley. He wanted Brad to confess to an affair and leave town.

Julian noted that Wiley would still have a father, and things wouldn't end well if Brad went against Julian. He hoped the next time he saw Brad would be when Brad stopped to tell him his marriage was over.

Jordan complained that Curtis' next move of the evening had landed them at General Hospital. He insisted that he had to see the lab test results quickly. Jordan pointed out that they would prove that Sasha was not Nina's daughter. A lab technician handed Curtis the results, and he opened them.

Both Curtis and Jordan were perplexed. Jordan wondered why the test results showed that Sasha was Nina's daughter. Curtis replied that something was wrong, and Jordan assured him that Valentin was behind it.

Lucas hears Brad's secret recording

Lucas hears Brad's secret recording

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Brad stopped at Charlie's Pub to talk to Julian again. He didn't want to be forced to destroy his family, and he wanted Julian to give him another chance. Julian refused to listen, and he assured Brad that Lucas' friends and family would see him through. Julian wanted to protect Lucas and Wiley, and he wanted Brad to make a quiet exit.

Brad reminded Julian that Liesl and Nelle were still "out there," but Julian was confident that he would be able to take care of them. He was certain that Lucas would meet someone else, and Wiley wouldn't remember Brad, anyway, because he was too young. Julian added that it would be like Brad had never existed.

Brad called Julian inhuman, but Julian saw it as merely a father protecting his son. He assumed that Brad would do something eventually that would drive Lucas away, so he was just "speeding up the timeline." He wanted Brad to tell Lucas he had been having an affair and would be leaving town. He thought that Nelle was a "time bomb waiting to go off," anyway.

Brad declared that Julian was making a mistake, but Julian promised to make things stick. He demanded that Brad leave before Lucas lost their son because of Brad. A broken Brad finally turned and walked outside. He took a deep breath.

Josslyn bounded down the stairs at the Corinthos house and informed Carly that she felt pretty normal. Carly assured her it was because she'd pretty much thrown up all night and had therefore rid herself of the alcohol. Carly told her that she was not to make excuses or defend her poor choices because there would be consequences after Josslyn's behavior the previous evening.

Carly announced that there would be a meeting with the principal that afternoon. Josslyn walked out onto the patio and was surprised to see Lucas sitting there. He admitted that he'd spent the night because it had been an easier choice than going home. Lucas guessed that Josslyn had been sick overnight due to her not having a hangover. Josslyn asked for advice with her parents, and Lucas assured her that he would lock Wiley down if the same thing had happened.

Josslyn noted that she'd heard that Lucas had been the "good kid." "You'd be surprised," Lucas replied. He proceeded to tell her he hadn't been a "paragon," and Josslyn assumed that Brad had been worse. She clarified that she meant when Brad had been young and not presently. She called Brad "dad of the year," and she confirmed that Wiley was lucky with both dads.

Lucas wondered if Josslyn thought that things would have been different if her dad had been around, but Josslyn made it clear that she loved Sonny. She admitted she had fantasized about it, but some things weren't meant to be. She stressed that different didn't mean it wasn't still good. Lucas confessed that as a kid, he had believed his own parents hadn't tried hard enough.

Cameron hustled down the stairs at home and told Elizabeth he was heading to school. Elizabeth informed him they would be meeting with Josslyn's parents and the principal later. Before they could continue talking, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth opened it to reveal Franco on the other side. He apologized for stopping by without notice. He had something to say.

Elizabeth wanted Cameron to leave the room, but he ignored her. He stood with arms folded across his chest. Elizabeth asked for another time, but Franco wasn't able to return. Cameron berated Franco sarcastically for his plans with his lack of family and friends. Franco admitted that Kim was the only person important to him, and Elizabeth retorted that there were lots of people important to Franco.

Franco mentioned a stop at Oscar's Meadow, and Elizabeth pointed out that Cameron spent lots of time there, caring for it. Franco stated that it was good to know that someone would be looking after it. He stopped short, and Cameron guessed that Franco was leaving town. Cameron glared at Franco and did not unfold his arms.

Cameron asked Franco if he had stopped by to say goodbye. Franco announced that he and Kim would be leaving town the next day, and he didn't want to hurt anyone. Cameron asked him to stay, and he promised he wouldn't be in Franco's face. Franco insisted that Cameron wasn't the reason for his departure. Franco flashed back to seeing Kim in Oscar's Meadow. He had told her she was in pain and needed help. Kim had agreed but had stated it had to be elsewhere.

Elizabeth sat down. Franco thought that staying would be hurtful to Kim, but Cameron shouted that leaving would be hurtful to everyone who knew Franco. Franco gently stated that no one had asked for any of it, and he was trying to do the best he could. Cameron accused Franco of "blowing up the family." They had all welcomed Franco, and it had meant nothing. He would tell his brothers. Cameron ran out and slammed the door.

Franco was concerned and hoped that Cameron would be okay. Elizabeth asked if Franco would stay if her answer was no. Franco flashed back to Kim in Oscar's Meadow again. He hadn't thought it a good idea to uproot, but Kim had been adamant that there was nothing left for her. She would be able to take Oscar's memories wherever she went, and she would leave with or without Drew. She had added that Drew had already given her a lifetime miracle with Oscar. He had comforted her as she'd sobbed.

Franco drew close to Elizabeth. He was sorry and told her she didn't deserve any of it. Elizabeth assured him that Franco didn't deserve it, either. He turned to leave, and Elizabeth stopped him. She looked at him and put her hands on his face. She kissed him deeply. She called out to Franco and urged him to fight and return like he had promised. "He's just not here," Franco said. He couldn't tell her anything different. "Your Franco is gone," he said as he headed out the door.

Ava woke up and spotted Nikolas' ring on her finger. She heard his voice as he told her he wanted what she had taken from him. "Give it back," he called out. Ava got out of bed, and Nikolas grabbed her ankle from where he was hidden under the bed. She fell to the floor. Suddenly, she woke with a start. She heard voices outside her room. The nurse was giving someone an update on Ava's condition.

It was Scott and Laura. They heard that Ava had had a rough night and had been sedated. She'd seen someone who hadn't really been there. Scott and Laura headed into Ava's room. Ava was in bed and declared that she didn't want any visitors. Scott made her laugh, and she relented. He announced that he'd grabbed some items from Ava's penthouse, and she cheered up immensely.

Laura couldn't believe that Scott had a key to Ava's place, but he revealed that the doorman was "on the take." Ava revealed that she was crazy because she'd seen Nikolas, who had been wearing a mask. Scott suggested she'd had a hallucination, and Laura reminded her that Nikolas had died. She added that Ava had seen Valentin shoot Nikolas, and Ava recalled that Nikolas had been swept out to sea.

Ava repeated that she had seen Nikolas, and she wondered if she'd been incorrect in Greece. Laura asked if it was the first time that Ava had seen someone who wasn't really there, and Ava shook her head. "I guess I can't trust my own eyes," she said.

Scott revealed that he'd picked up three eye creams from Ava's vanity. Laura stepped out of the room and saw Julian. She told him that Ava was calm but sedated and had seemed less sure that she'd seen Nikolas. Julian had heard about the painting that the vision could have been tied to, and Laura told him about the painting of Helena. Julian noted that Ava hadn't mentioned it.

Scott and Ava continued to chat in Ava's room as she lay in bed and rubbed her hands with the hand lotion that Scott had given her. Ava confessed that she'd realized she'd been insensitive to Scott regarding Franco. She'd believed that Franco had been lucky to have a second chance, which was something she'd wanted. It had dawned on her that Franco had already received his second chance. Scott thought it was time to change people's perception of Franco. He had been good before he'd been bad.

Scott went out into the hallway, and Julian replaced him in Ava's room. Scott received a text message from Franco, who wanted to see him. Before Scott could respond, he received a phone call from Elizabeth, who told him that Franco was planning on leaving town with Kim. "Not if I have anything to say about it," Scott replied adamantly.

Julian visited with Ava, and he told her he'd taken care of Sonny and Avery. "You're the best brother in the world," Ava murmured. After a little while, as Ava began to doze, Julian announced that he was leaving. Ava asked him to check under the bed first. He leaned down and looked. "Dust bunnies," he said as he stood up. She asked if he was really there. "I'm real," he stated. She admitted that sometimes it was hard to tell. He urged her to rest and promised all would be okay.

Nikolas was sitting on the patio at Jax's place and enjoying a cup of coffee when Jax found him. He was beside himself and reminded Nikolas that he had neighbors. "Let them know I'm coming back," Nikolas retorted. He didn't care if he was seen. He only wanted to "burn Valentin's life to ashes" and reclaim what was his.

Nikolas and Jax went back inside. Jax reminded Nikolas that Ava had seen him, but Nikolas called Ava "unhinged." He would stay dead until the time was right. Jax was angry that Nikolas had been "mingling" with others and wondered how long it would be before Nikolas was caught. He pointed out that if Valentin learned that Nikolas was alive, he would take steps that might even result in Nikolas' death.

Nikolas maintained that he'd only returned because Jax and Hayden had added Curtis and Laura to their team. He was afraid his mother would antagonize Valentin. He wanted Jax to go to Ava's gallery, but Jax told him that family was first. Nikolas asked about his mother, and Jax told him that Laura had had a difficult year but had emerged stronger than before. She would be even better after seeing her son.

Once he was alone, Nikolas sat with his laptop and looked at various sites online. He read about Laura then turned to Ava's gallery. As he sat, the doorbell began to chime. After repeated rings and knocking on the door, he closed the laptop and peered outside. It was Laura, and she was shouting for Jax.

Jax showed up at Carly's and asked if she and Josslyn were ready. Carly scolded herself for not having realized that Josslyn hadn't been ready for the dance emotionally. Jax assured her that their daughter was growing up, and it was their job to make sure the drinking didn't happen again. They agreed they would show a "united front."

Jax stepped out onto the patio to fetch Josslyn. "Time to face the music," he said. "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger," Lucas quipped to Josslyn. She noted that she'd keep it in mind as she and Jax returned to the living room. Josslyn admitted she had been "beyond embarrassed." Jax sat down next to Carly, who asserted that they needed to make sure the incident didn't happen again.

Carly went on to say that she was grateful that Josslyn was okay but thought that Josslyn should have gone to her parents if she'd been upset. Jax noted they were disappointed, and he pointed out that Josslyn had not only been drinking but had done so with a kidney transplant. Carly added that Josslyn could make her own decisions when she was older, and Jax revealed that he and Carly would have a difficult time trusting Josslyn.

Carly continued that she and Jax needed to know that Josslyn was making good decisions, especially because Avery and Donna would look up to her. Josslyn promised to do better, but Jax said that he couldn't take her word. Carly announced that Josslyn would be grounded for two weeks, and Jax handed Josslyn a flip phone in exchange for her smart phone. Carly added that the lock would be removed from Josslyn's bedroom, and all computer work was to be done downstairs in full view.

Josslyn asked for permission to go out for a walk to clear her head, and her parents agreed. Jax shouted out for the password to Josslyn's phone, but she ignored him and went to the door. When she opened it, Cameron was standing there. He thought he should apologize to Josslyn's parents.

Carly and Jax felt good. Carly had an idea, and she suggested that Josslyn alternate residences between the two of them. After pushing for the idea in the past, Jax took Carly by surprise when he replied that he wanted that to be "tabled." He thought they should focus on what had caused Josslyn to drink, and he suggested they seek professional help. They could talk about Josslyn moving around afterward.

Out on the patio as Lucas wiped away tears, Brad showed up. Lucas tried to brush him off by letting him know that he had to get Wiley ready because he had to get to work. Brad reiterated that he hadn't cheated on Lucas, and Julian was the one who had wanted Lucas to believe that. In addition, Julian had set him up.

Lucas thought that was ridiculous and told Brad that his lies were only getting bigger. Brad emphasized that the flowers, the nude photos, and the changed phone password were all Julian's doing, and he had admitted it. Julian had been trying to break them up, and he'd told Brad to leave town and not return. Lucas asked why, and Brad admitted that Julian had found out about something bad that Brad had done.

Lucas asked how bad it was. "It's not Valentin bad," Brad insisted. He told Lucas about Liesl forcing him to alter a test that had been run on Sasha. He'd done it in exchange for some antianxiety meds that Liesl had provided. Lucas shouted that Brad didn't think, but Brad insisted he hadn't been able to wait around for his doctor's appointment. It had been a bad time.

Lucas still didn't believe Brad and was angry that Brad had trashed his father. Brad whipped out his phone and hit "play." He had recorded his last conversation with Julian, and he played the entire recording for Lucas. "Do you believe me now?" Brad asked. Brad had given Julian one more chance, and he had set his phone to record.

Brad added that Julian had wanted Lucas to be blameless and move on. Brad thought that Julian was suffering because of his dealings with both Ava and Kim, but they couldn't allow him to drag them down.

Elizabeth received a phone call from Scott. He was at Oscar's Meadow, and he would try to convince Franco to stay in town. Elizabeth's doorbell rang, and Scott urged her to answer it. She opened the door and saw Kim standing on the other side.

Franco showed up at Oscar's Meadow. Both he and Scott announced that they had something to say.

Cassandra calls her accomplice

Cassandra calls her accomplice

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Jason was sitting in the visiting room when a guard escorted Sam in. They both picked their phones up, and each rested a hand on the glass between them. Jason told Sam that the kids were doing well, and he was planning on spending the weekend with them. He also updated her on Alexis' visit to the hospital, and he promised to keep Sam updated. Sam assured him that she was "hanging in there," but she mentioned that her cellmate was Cassandra. Jason wanted to call Diane to get Sam moved, as he feared that Cassandra would hurt Sam to send a message to Sonny.

Sam refused to get any special treatment, and she just wanted to "keep my head down" until her trial. Sam commented that Cassandra seemed more interested in Sam's Cassadine connection, and she figured that it was because Cassandra had once worked with Valentin. "Time's up," the guard informed Sam. Sam told Jason that she had a work detail at Rice Park, and she asked him to make sure that the kids didn't see her there. They exchanged "I love you's" and hung up, and she left with the guard.

A guard escorted Cassandra to the visiting room, and Robert greeted her. She asked why he wanted to talk to her without her lawyer, and he replied that the offer he had for her had an expiration date. He revealed that Alexis' petition for delaying Cassandra's extradition had been denied, so she would be on her way to the Hague the next week. He told her that he still had some WSB pull, so he could get her a private cell and "an endless amount of hand sanitizer" in exchange for the name of who had broken her out of WSB custody the previous year.

Cassandra didn't know what made Robert think that she would suddenly decide to talk. He talked about the horrible conditions in Steinmauer, and he threw out Valentin and Peter's names, both of whom she denied had any involvement in her escape. She refused to cooperate until Alexis had recovered and there was "a proper deal on the table." He warned her that it was the only deal she would get, and it would expire at midnight.

Hayden and Violet approached Finn at the hospital, and Violet thanked him for making her feel better. She ran off to a bench to color, and Hayden promised Finn that they would work things out. She related that she and Violet would be staying with Elizabeth until Hayden found a place to rent or buy, as it was important for Violet to be close to her father. Violet ran back over and talked about visiting Roxy, and Finn and Hayden agreed to set up a visit soon. Finn had a patient to see, so Violet waved goodbye, and he walked away.

Kendra helped Alexis fluff her pillows and offered to do anything Alexis needed. Kendra feared that she'd pushed Alexis too hard, too fast, which was why Alexis hadn't been able to fight off whatever sickness she had. Alexis insisted that Kendra wasn't at fault. Julian entered with a bouquet for Alexis, and Kendra left to find a vase for the flowers. Julian thought that Neil would have given her flowers, but she revealed that Neil had given her a book on Russian aristocracy. She told him that Finn hadn't yet figured out what was wrong with her.

Kendra returned with a vase and placed the flowers in it. She jokingly asked how Julian's face was recovering, and Julian told Alexis about Kim's slap. Finn entered and had to kick Julian and Kendra out to run some more tests on Alexis. When they were gone, he wanted to recheck her pain levels and took her hand in his. "Whenever you're ready," she said, but he revealed that he'd already started. She could feel him touching her hand but nothing else.

Finn thought it was a good sign that she hadn't completely lost sensation, but she feared that the lack of feeling would spread. She again summarized for Finn the day her symptoms had begun, eventually mentioning the new supplement she had been taking.

In the hallway, Violet ran into Robert, and Hayden ran over to grab her. Hayden introduced Violet and Robert. Violet started talking about Roxy, and Finn approached, talking about setting up a play day for the two. Finn informed Hayden that Epiphany had to run one more test on Violet before she was discharged, so the mother and daughter walked away. When they were gone, Robert expressed his desire to hurt Finn for keeping his daughter from Anna. Finn swore that he'd only found out two days before, and he wanted to tell Anna in person. He appreciated Robert's silence on the matter until then.

A few minutes later, Hayden returned and noticed the tension between Finn and Robert. Robert left, and she apologized for Robert finding out about Violet. She told him that she was available whenever he was ready to talk. She also urged him to look at his phone, and he found a picture message from Hayden of her and Violet right after Violet had been born. When she was gone, Finn sat on the bench where Violet had been and looked at the picture on his phone.

Kendra caught up with Julian by the elevators, and he needed to get back to work. Kendra replied that she wanted to stay until one of Alexis' daughters could get there, as she believed that Alexis was more scared than she had let on. Kendra promised to keep him in the loop, and they exchanged numbers. She also asked Julian not to mention when he'd seen Kendra at Charlie's, as the food wasn't in her fitness plan, and she wanted to appear to practice what she preached.

A few minutes later, Kendra returned to Alexis and proposed that they take a walk. Alexis refused, thinking that she looked worse than she felt. Kendra handed Alexis a compact mirror and a brush and left to tell the nurse that they were taking the I.V. for a walk. As Alexis brushed her hair, she noticed a clump of her hair falling out.

At Charlie's, Julian took the trash out and was horrified to see a dead rat fall from the Dumpster.

Kim arrived at Elizabeth's, wanting to check in, and she assured Elizabeth that she still considered the woman her friend. Elizabeth replied that she couldn't say the same, but Kim wanted to make peace. Elizabeth ripped into Kim for stealing Elizabeth's husband and causing her grief. She added that Kim needed help, as she was still in pain from losing Oscar. Kim had hoped that Elizabeth would accept the judge's decision, but Elizabeth refused to ease Kim's conscience. Before leaving, Kim insisted that she was grateful for Elizabeth's support during Oscar's illness, and she could never repay her friend for that.

Later, Hayden and Violet arrived home. Hayden introduced Elizabeth and Violet, who'd been told a lot about her aunt. Violet asked for a hug, and Elizabeth happily obliged. She revealed to Hayden that it was exactly what she needed.

Franco arrived at Oscar's Meadow to meet Scott, and he informed Scott that he and Kim were leaving town the next day. Scott replied that he would be grieving for Franco, along with the other two children he'd lost. He figured their lives of tragedy were why he and Franco had been so close. Scott had something important to say, and he told "Drew" about Franco's sexual abuse at the hands of Jim Harvey. He explained about how Franco had tried to save Drew from Jim, which was why Betsy had sent Drew away. "Franco wasn't so lucky," Scott said.

Scott continued that Franco had stifled the memories for many years, but he'd eventually been able to process what had happened to him and live a happy life of his own. He accused "Drew" of robbing Franco of his life, but "Drew" wondered if Scott wanted him to sacrifice his life for Franco's because Franco had saved him when they had been kids. Scott wondered if "Drew's" second chance at life was worth Franco's first chance.

At Jax's, Nikolas was startled by a knock on the door. Laura called out for Jax, prompting Nikolas to reach for the doorknob as Laura turned to leave. He placed his hand flat on the door as Laura looked back on it. She called out, asking if someone was in the house, and she placed her hand flat on the door. Jax approached the house, startling Laura. She asked if someone was staying with him, and he assured her that no one was in the house. Laura had a lot to tell him and wanted to go inside. He claimed that there was a lot of construction going on in the house, so he would take her out for coffee. She looked back at the door, and they left as Nikolas breathed a sigh of relief.

At the café, Laura told Jax about her visit with Ava at Shadybrook, and how she wouldn't be able to ask Ava about the painting. He suggested talking to Ava later in the week, after she'd had time to adjust to her medication, as he doubted that a painting of Helena would be in high demand. Laura promised to try. Jax had to leave, claiming that he had a conference call with his Tokyo office, so he left.

Later, Laura found Robert at the hospital and told him about the portrait of Helena. She confided that it could be a useful weapon against Valentin. "Tell me more," he answered gleefully. She wished she could, but instead, she asked if he had any ideas about who would want the portrait. He didn't, but he noticed that Laura was shaken. She admitted that she'd had the strangest sensation all day, like someone had "walked over my grave."

Nikolas' phone rang, and the voice on the other end asked if he would accept the charges for a call from Pentonville. He accepted the charges and demanded, "What do you want?" "Is that any way to greet an old friend?" Cassandra wondered. He reminded her that she wasn't supposed to call him directly, but she informed him that they needed to move up their timetable. "We're not a team," he snapped. She told him that she would give him up to Robert immediately if Nikolas didn't stop her extradition to the Hague. She promised to talk about how he was alive, had broken her out of WSB custody, had kidnapped Anna and Finn, and had coerced them into reviving her.

Cassandra continued that Nikolas needed to break her out of Pentonville that night. He reminded her that she was the one who'd gone against his instructions to stay away from Port Charles. "Break me out, or I'll blow your cover," she stated, and she hung up. Nikolas made a call and told someone that there was a problem with Cassandra, so the person needed to "take care of it." Jax returned and told Nikolas about his visit with Laura, who Nikolas was concerned about. Jax warned that the chances of Nikolas' discovery would be greater the longer he stayed in Port Charles. Nikolas vowed that he couldn't show himself until he had the codicil and Valentin was "neutralized."

Cassandra and Sam were in the hall with their guards, and Cassandra wondered what was going on. Sam explained that they were going on a work detail in Rice Park, but Cassandra replied that she didn't garden. "They do now," one of the guards replied. A guard got a text message and stepped aside with her phone. She replied, "It's handled," and walked away. Sam sarcastically said that it was Cassandra's lucky day. "I suppose it is," Cassandra replied with a smile on her face.

Cassandra escapes

Cassandra escapes

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Nikolas promised Jax that he would be gone before winter, as long as Jax found the codicil. Jax expected Nikolas to keep a low profile and to stay out of Jax's way. Nikolas replied that he had somewhere to be for the rest of the day, anyway. Jax warned that someone would see him, Nikolas was confident that he would stay hidden. The doorbell rang, and Nikolas ran upstairs to hide. Jax let Josslyn in, and she looked around the house in amazement. As Nikolas sneaked out the front door unseen, Josslyn admitted that she wanted to move in with Jax. Jax wondered if she'd talked to Carly and if Carly knew that Josslyn was there.

Curtis sat in the park and looked at Sasha's DNA test again. When he looked up, he noticed that there were inmates working in the park, and he spotted Sam. He reacquainted himself with one of the guards and asked if he could talk to Sam, his former coworker. Officer Sommers advised him to keep it brief, and he walked over to Sam. She and Cassandra were arguing about the workload when Curtis approached, and she revealed that Cassandra was her cellmate. He expressed his sympathy, which caused Cassandra to whine that she deserved better for doing all the work while Sam talked.

Curtis warned Sam that Cassandra was dangerous as Cassandra complained to the guard about the inhumane working conditions. Curtis continued that Cassandra had a lot of enemies, and Sam could be alone in her cell if any of them caught on that Cassandra was out in the open. One of the guards took a few inmates to another section of the park to work. Cassandra complained again, and Officer Sommers advised Curtis to move along. Curtis hoped that Sam would get out soon, and he left.

Sam and Cassandra continued to argue about the balance of work as Cassandra looked back and forth between her shovel and the guard. Cassandra suddenly grabbed her ankle and cried out in pain. When the guard went over to check on Cassandra, she hit the guard over the head with the shovel. Sam stared openmouthed as the guard went down. Cassandra disappeared as Sam knelt next to the guard and called out for help. She got the guard's radio and asked for paramedics.

Nikolas sat in the driver's seat of a van and willed Cassandra to get there. She suddenly appeared, and he let her in. He gave her some clothes to change into, and as she did, she wondered what the plan was. She looked out and observed that he wasn't going the right way to the airport. He advised her not to worry, as he was taking her "the back way so no one will ever find you."

Carly was having fun with Wiley at Kelly's when Michael arrived. Sasha entered moments later, and Carly was glad to hear that Nina had dropped the charges against Sasha. She invited the two to join her. Her phone rang as the couple sat down, and she answered it to Jax. Jax told her that Josslyn had something important to discuss with her parents, and Carly promised to be right there. She hung up and told Michael that she needed to take Wiley to Graciela so that she could go to Jax's. Michael offered to watch Wiley instead, and he went out to Carly's car to get the car seat.

When Michael was gone, Sasha thanked Carly for "being cool with me." Carly respected Sasha owning up to her mistakes and making amends, and she just wanted Michael to be happy. A short while later, Michael was back, and Carly had left. Curtis arrived for his meeting with Michael and Sasha, and he thought he deserved the truth from Sasha. He didn't believe that Sasha had acted alone, and he cited the curious DNA test. Sasha remembered Valentin providing her with a DNA sample to give to Curtis. Curtis thought that Valentin was the only person with the means and motive to help Sasha.

Michael stated that Curtis wasn't a cop, so he had no authority to question Sasha. Curtis insisted that he didn't want to cause trouble, but he needed to know the truth. Though noble, he thought it was a bad idea in the long run to lie in order to spare Nina pain. Sasha appreciated Curtis wanting to sort things out, but she urged him to let her and Nina have their own lives.

Carly arrived at Jax's and marveled over the house. Josslyn agreed with Carly's assessment and related that she would love to spend time somewhere that Oscar had never visited. Carly informed her daughter that she and Jax had discussed Josslyn splitting her time between her parents. The parents assured Josslyn that she was healing and that they were proud of her for her progress. Jax would love to have Josslyn there, but he wanted to wait until the renovations were complete, and she was all right waiting. He offered to take her to her bedroom to get her input on what she wanted in there, and the three went upstairs.

Martin met with Nelle at Pentonville, and she was still upset over being denied parole. Martin revealed that he'd done some digging to make sure he hadn't missed anything in his research, but he'd found that Nelle was married. Marriage could have shown that Nelle had stability, home, family, and support, things parole boards took note of. Nelle hadn't thought that her husband would have helped her case, and she revealed that she was a widow. She added that she'd had nothing to do with her husband's death, and Martin was reassured in light of her "history."

Nelle wondered if Martin could get her a new hearing. When he denied that he could, she demanded that he find a way to expedite her release. He reminded her that, not only was he representing her pro bono, but she'd also withheld critical information from him, which made him wonder what else she was hiding. Nelle confided that, as soon as she got out, there was "a large payday" waiting for her. They debated his representation of her until she promised that he would be paid "full price" once she got out. He held out his hand to her, and she shook it.

Nina cleared Nathan's gravestone of leaves as she talked about Sasha. She wished he was there so she could talk to him, because he never judged. "How about me?" Valentin proposed from behind her. He offered to listen to her, but he urged her to speak up if she wanted to be alone. She replied that she was just there to vent, but she'd noticed that it seemed like he had something on his mind to talk about. He admitted that Jax, Hayden, and Laura were bothering him. He knew that the three of them were up to something, and he was glad that the portrait of Helena was "rotting in a landfill somewhere."

Valentin told Nina about Laura threatening that his reign as head of the Cassadines would soon be over, but he insisted that he could handle Laura. Nina was worried about Cassandra breaking out of custody again, but Valentin thought that she was "out of friends." He wondered if Nina had put any thought into continuing to look for her daughter, but she didn't want to get her hopes up just to get her heart broken again. Valentin's phone went off, and she took the opportunity to say goodbye to Nathan. She kissed Valentin and walked away as he answered the phone. "This better be important," he growled. Martin informed Valentin that he had good news. "The project that you wanted me to explore," Martin started, had opened up "a new avenue."

Lucas has an unexpected -- but welcome -- visitor

Lucas has an unexpected -- but welcome -- visitor

Friday, November 8, 2019

Nikolas assured a worried Cassandra that they would reach their destination soon. While they were driving, he wanted to talk about how they'd had "a mutual understanding until you chose to blackmail me." He added that she should have stayed away from Port Charles, and she replied that it was lucky that she was on her way out of town. She would be happy to continue their partnership of "mutually agreed terms from a safe distance." Nikolas countered that her actions had dissolved their partnership.

Cassandra wondered why a few misunderstandings had ruined their partnership for him. Nikolas replied that her actions had "put the entire operation in jeopardy." She reasoned that her time in Pentonville had compromised her judgment, and there had been no harm done anyway. He reminded her that she owed him damaging information about Valentin, and her empty-handedness made her a liability. "You're not taking me to the airport, are you?" she asked.

Nikolas stopped the van and lectured Cassandra about keeping her word. She insisted that it was just "delayed," but he continued that her actions had forced him to alter their arrangement. Cassandra burst out of the back of the van and ran, and Nikolas tried to stop her. "Damn it!" he yelled when she was gone. He got back in the van and put in a call to Jax. He demanded that Jax call him back, as their "situation has been compromised."

Sam was kneeling next to the guard when Jason ran in, asking what had happened. Sam revealed that Cassandra had escaped, and he was on the phone moments later. When he hung up, he advised Sam that the cops and paramedics were on their way. Chase and another cop entered a few minutes later with guns drawn. The officer checked on the guard as Chase asked Sam what had happened. A few minutes later, the guard had been taken to the hospital. Sam finished her story as the scene was crawling with officers taking photos and evidence. Chase got a call and informed Sam that the guard was going to be fine.

Sam continued that there had been a van parked nearby, so Cassandra had run when she'd seen it. It had only been close enough so that Sam could say that the driver had been a man. A few minutes later, Chase made a call and put officers at every public transportation station, and he set up roadblocks bordering the town. When he was off the phone, Chase advised Sam to keep her lawyer updated, as Sam's handling of the incident could help her case.

Chase then asked why Jason was there, and he explained that he'd known about her work detail, as she'd wanted to make sure the kids didn't see her like that. Chase wondered if she'd thought about running, and she immediately shot him down. "Why would I take off and look guilty when I'm not?" she asked. An officer arrived to take Sam back to Pentonville. She and Jason embraced, and she left. Chase answered his ringing phone to hear that Cassandra had been spotted. He asked for the tipper to be put through. Unrecognized by Chase, Nikolas directed Chase toward the area that Cassandra had run through. He described Cassandra and advised that he thought she had a gun. Chase thanked him, and Nikolas replied, "Just trying to do my civic duty."

Ava was asleep when there was a knock on her door. "Go away," she muttered, but Jax entered, wanting to check on her. He believed that her situation was his fault for not keeping a closer eye on the Crimson message boards. She absolved him of fault and informed him that she was being "haunted by restless souls." She told him about seeing Nikolas, and she believed that he wanted to punish her for not testifying against Valentin. Jax thought she'd made the right call in the situation, and he was skeptical that Nikolas would haunt her for wanting to live her life.

Jax wondered why Ava thought Nikolas had decided to appear at that moment. Ava informed him that she'd heard Laura call him at the gallery about the painting. "Did you really think you could take advantage of me?" she bellowed. She continued that she'd mistakenly trusted him once before, and she wouldn't do that again. She revealed that she'd "stashed that monstrosity" somewhere no one would find it. He told her to feel better, and he left. "I may be crazy, but I'm not crazy!" she shrieked.

Lulu entered Kelly's with Charlotte and Maxie, and Charlotte asked to check on her pony at Wyndemere if she finished her homework. Lulu promised to think about it, and Charlotte ran off to do her homework at the counter. Lulu and Maxie sat at a table, and Maxie told Lulu about Peter moving in with her and James. "It's about damn time!" Lulu said happily. Maxie asked about chaperoning the dance with Dustin. While dealing with teenagers hadn't been fun, she'd had fun hanging out with Dustin. "What's next?" Maxie wondered, but Lulu wasn't sure. Maxie noticed that they were having fun gossiping about their lives, and Lulu gasped that they were "becoming normal." "Two besties, no drama," Maxie toasted. They clinked their mugs of tea and drank.

Willow entered Kelly's and sat down next to Brad at the counter. She wondered if he was all right, and he told her that he'd had a tough day. She informed him that she thought of him as a friend, so she invited him to talk to her if he needed someone to listen. She disclosed that Julian had expressed worry about Brad, and she believed that Julian only wanted what was best for Wiley. She got her takeout order and asked Brad to give Wiley a hug for her. When she was gone, Brad left a voicemail for Lucas, asking if he wanted anything from Kelly's.

On her way out of Kelly's, Willow accidentally bumped right into Cassandra, who was good-natured about the incident. Willow gave her a couple of suggestions for what Cassandra called her "late-night sugar rush" and left. Cassandra looked in through the window and spotted Charlotte sitting alone. Cassandra quietly entered the diner and sat down next to Charlotte. "Remember me?" she wondered. She shushed Charlotte as the little girl gasped. She warned Charlotte not to scream, or Nina would be "in trouble." She advised Charlotte to do everything she said if Charlotte wanted to save Nina.

Lucas visited Tony's grave and wished his father was there, as he could use Tony's advice. He heard footsteps in the leaves behind him, and he turned to see Tony. "Hello, son. It's been awhile," Tony said. A shocked Lucas embraced his father, and Tony thought whatever Lucas needed advice about had to be important for him to "conjure me up." He expressed how proud he was of Lucas and asked what was on Lucas' mind.

The two sat down, and Lucas briefly told Tony about Wiley. He related that it had helped him remember things from his childhood, like how Tony had always had time for him, no matter how busy he'd been. Tony replied that he'd never wanted Lucas to doubt that he was the most important thing in Tony's life, and Lucas replied that Tony had succeeded. Lucas feared that he'd ruined Wiley by letting his guard down, and he talked about his problem of being able to trust Julian and Brad. Tony assured Lucas that happy memories were weapons against doubt and fear, and Wiley already had plenty. "Now what?" Lucas asked.

Tony said that Lucas already knew that the most important person in the situation was Wiley, but Tony joked that he had found that telling Lucas what to do usually didn't work. Tony reminded Lucas of how he'd helped Tony find the motivation to go back to the hospital after B.J. had died. He knew that Lucas had a brave heart, and he advised Lucas to trust it.

Julian approached Bobbie at the hospital and asked if Lucas was there. She coldly advised him to call Lucas instead of bothering her, but he replied that Lucas wasn't answering. He added that he'd proven himself to Lucas, and he refused to walk away from his son. Bobbie shot back that, regardless, "only one man will ever truly be his father."

A few minutes later, Bobbie found Julian looking at Tony's picture on the hospital's memorial wall. He related that he'd never thanked Tony -- and Bobbie, as well -- for raising Lucas into a good, kind man. He wanted Bobbie to understand that he wasn't trying to fill Tony's shoes, but he wanted to carve out his own space with their son. When he was gone, Bobbie scoffed at the thought of Julian filling Tony's shoes. She wished that he could be there, as she believed he would be very proud of Lucas. Tony appeared and embraced her from behind. He was gone a moment later, and she gasped, having felt something, and smiled with tears in her eyes.

Lucas' phone went off, and he turned from Tony to answer it to Bobbie. She warned Lucas that Julian was "combing the hospital," looking for Lucas, and he wouldn't go away. He advised her to tell Julian that if he wanted to see Lucas, Lucas was with his father. Lucas hung up the phone and turned back to Tony, only to find that his father was gone. A short while later, Julian arrived, and Lucas demanded to know what he wanted.

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