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Sam was convicted and sentenced to two years in Pentonville. T.J. and Finn confirmed that Alexis had thallium poisoning. Stella was saddened when she paid Mike a visit. Franco made an important decision. Kim left town. Valentin visited Ava. Valentin and Hayden struck a deal. Nina made a confession to Jax.
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Sam was convicted, Brook Lynn Ashton returned to Port Charles, and Kim left town
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Sam takes her case to court, but not everyone believes she made the right decision

Sam takes her case to court, but not everyone believes she made the right decision

Monday, November 18, 2019

Jason and Spinelli arrived at the courthouse, and Spinelli offered to do anything he could to help Sam. He also expressed trepidation about a bench trial, but Diane approached and asked the men to stay positive. They entered the courtroom as Sam was escorted in. A few minutes later, Judge Madrigal entered and sat, and Diane acknowledged the absence of the opposing counsel. In light of the absence, she asked that all charges against Sam be dropped. She recapped the "inflated" case for the judge and declared that it was a "clear-cut case of self-defense."

Just then, Gabriel Burke, the opposing counsel, entered, and he apologized. He explained that he'd just been interviewing friends of Shiloh, and he hailed Shiloh as a "healer, helper, and hero." The judge warned him against "grandstanding," and the trial began. The night was rehashed for Diane by both Sam and Jason. When Gabriel got up to question Sam, he read the nurse Sherri's statement about what she'd overheard Sam say, but Diane denounced it as hearsay. The judge advised him to "keep moving."

Later, Gabriel questioned Jason about the various fights between Jason and Shiloh, but Diane objected that there was no proof of any of the fights between the men. Diane introduced the gaffing stick used by Shiloh, with Shiloh's fingerprints all over it. Gabriel suggested that Sam and Jason could have put Shiloh's prints on it after they'd killed him. He also mentioned Bryce's statement that Sam had paid him to help Shiloh escape from custody, but Diane countered that, before Bryce's death, he'd had a deal in the works to amend his statement. Judge Madrigal decided that the two statements canceled out.

Judge Madrigal decided that she'd heard all she needed to, and there would be a short recess before she made her ruling. When she was gone, Spinelli revealed that he needed to return home, and he left. Diane thought that Sam and Jason's testimonies had been "compelling and straightforward," but imagining Jason as defenseless would cast doubt on them. A short while later, the judge returned, ready to make her ruling.

Brad and Lucas got into the hospital elevator after enjoying lunch together. Lucas promised that Julian would no longer interfere in their marriage, as he'd cut all ties with his father. He insisted that Julian meant nothing to him, and he was sorry about the situation because it had seemed like Brad and Julian had been getting closer. Just then, Lucas' pager went off, and he kissed Brad and left.

At Charlie's, Julian looked at his "I love Grandpa" T-shirt and put it away in a drawer. He looked at Kim's contact information in his phone, and he deleted it. As he thought back to his last angry interaction with Kim, a woman interrupted his thoughts and impatiently ordered a Black Russian. A few minutes later, he told Lucy on the phone that it was his right to cancel the sale and keep the deposit. He advised her to control her client, or he would sue them both. He hung up.

Brad entered the bar, and Julian ordered him to leave. Brad first had a proposition for Julian. He said that Julian would never mention how Wiley had ended up with Brad and Lucas, and in exchange, Brad would convince Lucas to give Julian another chance. Julian suggested that he tell Sonny that his grandson was still alive so that Sonny would go after Brad. Brad insisted that he was only there in good faith for a peace offering, and he held out his hand to shake Julian's. Julian muttered that Brad "better not screw up," and Brad left without a handshake from Julian.

Julian made a sudden announcement that there was a problem in the kitchen, so Charlie's would be closing early and covering everyone's tabs. Everyone left except for the woman who'd ordered the Black Russian, as she was yelling on the phone to someone about how they owed her, and they could no longer push her around. When she hung up, she ordered two more Black Russians, but Julian informed her that the bar was closed. She argued that it would be simpler for him to just get her the drink, and she asked him what was really going on. She continued that a stranger was the best kind of listener, so he should take advantage.

Liesl approached Lucas at the hospital and asked about Wiley. Lucas knew that she wasn't really interested, and he informed her that Brad was done with her after her blackmail and coercion. She laughed about his naivety about Brad's level of honesty, but Lucas didn't trust her. He threatened that Brad would go to the authorities the next time she tried anything. She replied that she would have "no choice" but to reveal the facts about Brad and about Wiley's father. Lucas shot back that there was nothing she could tell Lucas about Brad that Lucas didn't already know, but she replied knowingly, "Is that so?"

Brad returned to the hospital and made a beeline for Liesl and Lucas as soon as he spotted them together. Liesl warned Brad that that, if Lucas' manners didn't improve, the couple would "live to regret it." "Is that a threat?" Lucas demanded as she walked away. Brad stopped him, and Liesl was gone. Brad wanted to get back to normal, but Lucas was sick of Brad's secrecy. He referenced Liesl's comment about Brad and "Wiley's father" and demanded to know what else Brad had been hiding from him.

Kim told Franco that she'd already done her "goodbye tour of Port Charles," and she asked if he was ready to start their new life together in San Diego. Franco admitted that he couldn't leave town with her, and it was about Franco and what he'd done when he and Drew had been kids. He talked about the irreparable damage Franco had been left with, but Franco had managed to rebuild a good life "until I showed up." He continued that Franco had sacrificed himself for Drew and for Cameron, and Franco had said that he would be back. He revealed that the life he had wasn't his, and he would be no better than Shiloh if he tried to hold onto it.

Kim refused to stay and hope that the procedure didn't work. She had to leave, as without Drew and Oscar, there was nothing left for her in Port Charles. Franco thought that she was amazing, and he wished that he could love her the way she deserved. "I guess this is goodbye. Goodbye, Chief Andrew Cain," she said in tears. The two embraced and expressed their love for each other, and he left. She packed a couple last-minute things and looked around her empty apartment.

Elizabeth greeted Finn when he entered the hospital, and they happily talked about Violet. Finn related that he and Anna had a lot to work through, and Elizabeth had faith that they would.

In Alexis' hospital room, T.J. and Alexis discussed how she could have been in contact with rat poison. Finn and Elizabeth entered, and T.J. updated them on his theory. Even though the substance was banned, Finn wanted to test Alexis for it just in case, so Elizabeth left to prepare a kit. A few minutes later, Elizabeth took some blood from Alexis and left to take it to the lab. T.J. and Finn speculated on how Alexis could have gotten in contact with the substance, and T.J. left the room to call other local hospital for any other cases of the poisoning.

Later, Elizabeth returned with the test results for Finn, and he confirmed that Alexis had thallium poisoning. He gave a prescription to Elizabeth, and she left to fill it for Alexis. He explained that the prescription paint would bind to the heavy metals in her body and flush them out with few side effects. He promised that she would be all right. T.J. returned and reported that no other hospital in the area had any cases similar to Alexis'.

Alexis told Finn that, aside from the supplement that Kendra had given her, she'd been very careful about her diet. She insisted that her doctor had okayed the supplement, but Finn still wanted to test it just in case. Alexis said that she would ask Kendra to drop it off for testing. Elizabeth returned with the medication, and Alexis took it. Finn wondered if anyone would intentionally poison Alexis, but she couldn't think of anyone. Finn and Elizabeth left, promising to check back in later. T.J. offered to call Molly, and Alexis urged him to inform Molly that he'd been the one to figure out the diagnosis. When he was gone, Alexis got a text from Kendra, who was checking in, and Alexis replied that she was going to recover.

Franco entered the hospital and spotted Elizabeth standing at a computer. She looked up and wondered what he was doing there. He revealed that he needed to talk to her.

Sam is sentenced to prison

Sam is sentenced to prison

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

At General Hospital, Elizabeth was surprised to see Franco. He announced that he wanted to talk to her about something important and disclosed that he'd had a serious talk with Scott. He asked why she hadn't told him how Franco had saved Drew when they'd been children. Elizabeth replied that she'd felt it hadn't been her place to betray Franco's trust.

Franco was impressed that there had been a line that Elizabeth hadn't been willing to cross because she had loved Franco so much. Elizabeth clarified that she still loved Franco and always would. Franco admitted that he'd never paid much attention to everyone's stories and opinions about Franco, but he didn't remember a lot about childhood. He'd learned that Franco had saved Drew and had made it possible for Drew to have a life.

Franco declared that Drew's life really belonged to Franco, and it was time to give it back. He wanted to volunteer for Dr. Maddox's procedure, and he hoped that Franco would return. A teary Elizabeth asked about Kim, and Franco hesitated. He finally said that Kim needed to heal, and he couldn't help her. He flashed back to the moments when he'd said as much to Kim. He had stated that he owed it to Franco to give him his life back, and he would be leaving town, too, but in a different way.

Franco asked Elizabeth to get in touch with Dr. Maddox, but she wondered if he might want some time for himself first. Franco was taken aback. He pointed out that Elizabeth had fought him for months and even taken him to court to get him committed, but she was trying to talk him out of it. Elizabeth cried. She admitted that she'd realized she had made her choice, but Franco was entitled to have his own.

Franco reminded her of the last comment Franco had made to Cameron about returning. He, as Drew, had made the choice and would be getting out of the way. Elizabeth admitted she had lots to say but could only say thank you for making the sacrifice. Franco said he was ready, and she agreed to contact Dr. Maddox.

Nearby, Lucas wondered if Liesl was still holding something over Brad's head, and he wanted to know what Brad was hiding. The men went into a room for some privacy, and Brad insisted that Liesl had nothing on him. He accused Liesl of inventing lies because her daughter Britt preferred Brad over Liesl.

Lucas wondered why Liesl and Julian were after Brad, but Brad insisted they were jealous of him and the fact that he and Lucas were so happy. Lucas remained silent, and Brad wanted confirmation that they were happy. Lucas was quiet but finally said that if anyone had been unhappy, it had been Brad. His behavior had exhibited as much.

Firmly, Lucas added that they were a family, but they could only be as strong as their trust for each other. Brad retorted that Lucas had no idea of what Brad had done for the family or any of the choices he'd made. Lucas wanted Brad to tell him because they were a team. Brad snapped that it wasn't the reality, and he had been the one to make sacrifices.

Lucas didn't think that Brad was being clear and honest. Brad insisted he'd been the one to hold the family together, and Lucas would be the one to break them up. Brad stormed out of the room. Lucas looked at a photo of Brad and Wiley on his phone.

Kim was ready to leave her apartment for the last time. She was surprised to open the front door and see Hayden standing there. Hayden announced that she was there for a walk-through, as she had already rented the apartment. Kim invited her in, and the women introduced themselves. Hayden wanted to look around and take measurements for furniture. Kim stressed the good points of the residence and hoped that Hayden would be as happy as Kim had been. Kim added that she was the owner and had decided to rent the place out.

Kim filled Hayden in on the neighbors, and Hayden disclosed that she was a single mother. She'd thought the place would be perfect, and Kim agreed. Kim added that Hayden should contact Lucy if there were any questions. She turned to leave, and Oscar's stuffed bear fell out of her purse. "You're a mom!" Hayden exclaimed.

Kim ignored the comment. Hayden apologized for holding Kim up, but she pulled a bottle of Champagne out of her purse. She suggested a toast from "one mom to another." Hayden began to open the bottle, but Kim declined and urged Hayden to "share it with someone special." Hayden promised to take care of the apartment, and she wished Kim luck. Kim turned and left.

Anna and Finn were ready for a romantic dinner at home. Anna lit the candles and announced that she'd ordered from Pozzulo's while Finn handed her a large bouquet of flowers and gave her a kiss. As they sat and ate, their conversation consisted of the events around town.

Finn told Anna about Alexis while Anna accepted Finn's congratulations on nailing Cassandra. Anna added that Charlotte had bitten Cassandra, which caused some chuckles. Anna wondered who would have arranged to kill Cassandra, but Finn was certain it had been Valentin.

Finn asked Anna about her travels, and Anna admitted that she'd followed Alex from country to country. She believed her sister was "less of a spy and more of a dilettante" who went "wherever the "wind blew." She only had more questions than answers, and she'd had nowhere else to look, so she'd returned home. Finn called himself the "default," but Anna assured him that she'd returned to be with him.

Both Finn and Anna confessed that they'd missed being together, but Finn wondered if Anna would leave again if she had leads on Alex. Anna explained that she didn't want Alex to claim Peter as her own because she'd ruin everything, whether she had any proof or not. Finn professed that the best thing for Anna to do would be to spend more time with Peter, and therefore, Anna would have less of an impact on him.

Anna laughed at Finn's attempt to get her to stay in town. She pointed out how things had changed, especially since Finn had a daughter. Finn didn't want to discuss it that evening, but Anna wanted to. Finn admitted that his life had already changed, and he wasn't clear on things like custody issues. He would need Anna, and so would Violet.

Anna wished she could see the future where the children were concerned. Finn declared that he was already obsessed with trying to figure out his next step, and Anna assured him she'd be there for him. Finn received a message from Chase, who asked to see Finn right away because it was important. Anna urged Finn to go, and she promised she'd be there waiting. They shared a kiss.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian held the front door open and urged his last remaining customer to leave. The young woman was seated at a table and began to question Julian about his strange request. He admitted that he had some thinking to do, and the young woman offered to listen. She added that she needed a refill, anyway, and she suggested they try to make each other happy.

The woman moved over to the bar, and Julian stood behind it. He confessed that he'd had a disagreement with his associate in a "high-stakes situation." It had involved family loyalty and love, and he could no longer trust his associate. The young woman admitted that she knew a lot about family and had done her best to avoid hers. She thought Julian should "terminate" his association, and Julian agreed.

After Julian shared his thoughts with the woman, he told her she'd been a good listener. He handed her some money for her time, and the woman was insulted. She told him she wasn't a hooker, but Julian revealed that he'd heard her on the phone, telling her boss that he didn't own her. The woman tossed the money back and snapped that she hoped Julian's associate "screws you over royally." She got up and left.

Outside, the woman looked at her phone and declared that she couldn't put "this" off any longer.

Shortly after, Brad arrived and peered through the window. He tried the door, but it was locked. He began to knock and call out for Julian, who he saw through the glass. Julian ignored Brad's pleas to open the door.

At the Quartermaine residence, Olivia informed Ned that she had invited Sonny to the house. Before she could explain, Sonny arrived, and Olivia showed him an envelope she'd received from the WSB. She admitted that she'd been writing to Dante by sending letters to the WSB office, and the large brown envelope had been the first response she'd received. She thought that she and Sonny should open it together as Dante's parents.

Ned offered to give Olivia and Sonny privacy, and he left the room. Sonny opened the envelope and looked inside. All of Olivia's letters to Dante had been returned without being opened. He pulled out what appeared to be a form letter, and Olivia lost it. She was distraught over the letters not being read and receiving a form letter. Sonny looked at the letter and handed it to her.

Olivia read the letter, and it was from Dante. "Mom, stop sending me letters," she read. She cried and hugged Sonny. Ned returned to the room and found his wife and Sonny in an embrace. Olivia told Ned that Dante wasn't dead, although Sonny commented that they were dead to Dante. Ned looked at the letter and expressed his sympathy.

Olivia thought she understood Dante. She thought he was ashamed of being broken, and he was only trying to protect them. She didn't think he could get better if they couldn't reach him, though. Olivia gathered her unopened letters and vowed to have them shredded, but Sonny stopped her. He urged her to save them because someday, Dante would return, and the letters would mean something to him. He told Olivia to keep on writing because Dante had proven he still loved them. Ned reassured Olivia.

Suddenly, the young woman from Charlie's walked through the patio door. She complained about the condition of the outside of the house. She saw Sonny, Ned, and Olivia standing there. "Hi, Daddy, I'm home," Brook Lynn called out to Ned.

Judge Madrigal announced that she had reached her decision in Sam's bench hearing. Sam and Diane stood, and the judge pronounced Sam not guilty of the charge of premeditation in Shiloh's death. Sam quickly hugged Diane, and a smiling Jason grabbed Sam's hand. The judge quickly made it clear that the hearing was not over.

The judge explained that she wasn't certain that Sam had acted in self-defense, and she believed that Jason would have been able to subdue Shiloh on his own. She didn't believe that Sam had made an attempt to retreat from the men's fight, and she found Sam guilty of the charges of manslaughter and negligent homicide.

Those who were still standing returned to their seats. Burke, the prosecutor, was anxious to move on to sentencing but Diane assured him she would appeal the decision. The judge was ready to listen to arguments regarding the sentencing, and Burke went first. He stated that David Henry Archer had been shot in the back and had had no chance to surrender.

Burke proceeded to call Sam the judge, jury, and executioner when she'd made the decision to shoot Shiloh. She had an extensive record of her own, and Burke wanted her to receive the maximum sentence. Diane talked about how Sam had decided to remain with the injured guard after Cassandra had hit the guard over the head. Diane didn't think that had been the act of a criminal.

Diane continued that Sam had saved the father of her son, and she had strong ties to the community. She had two small children, and it would benefit everyone if Sam could be free to be a productive member of society. The judge thanked both lawyers for their statements and sentenced Sam to two years in prison.

Diane jumped up, but Judge Madrigal said she wasn't finished. The judge continued that it wasn't the minimum or maximum sentence, and she believed there were mitigating circumstances between the heroic Sam with the guard, and the threat that Shiloh had been. She would recommend early release to the parole board, which she thought could result in either parole and/or probation. In the meantime, Sam was sentenced to Pentonville. The judge adjourned the court, and everyone stood.

Sam assured Jason it was just a setback, and Diane promised to work on the parole board. She no longer thought they had grounds for an appeal. Jason asked for a minute, and Sam tearfully regretted her decision to not have a jury trial. She was on the verge of hysterics, and Jason calmly told her they'd take one day at a time. She was cuffed and said her goodbyes. She added that she didn't want the kids to see her, and a guard led her out of the courtroom.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Due to ABC News coverage of the House Impeachment Hearings, General Hospital did not air. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Thursday, November 21. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Anna wants to clear the air with Hayden

Anna wants to clear the air with Hayden

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The woman from Charlie's burst into the Quartermaine mansion through the patio, complaining that she'd almost broken an ankle. "Hi, Daddy, I'm home!" she said, and Ned greeted Brook Lynn with surprise. He said that Monica was "touchy" about unexpected guests, but Brook Lynn reminded him that she was family. She greeted Sonny and hugged Olivia, but she noticed the somber mood in the room. Ned admitted that they had been in the middle of something.

A few minutes later, Brook Lynn was cooing over pictures of Donna, and she asked Olivia about Leo. She couldn't wait to see him and to be caught up on all of the Port Charles gossip. She also asked about Dante, and Olivia ran outside, upset. Sonny updated her on Dante's condition, and Brook Lynn blamed Lulu for not "sticking by" Dante.

Outside, Ned apologized to Olivia on behalf of Brook Lynn, but Olivia was more upset about Dante refusing her letters. They returned inside, and Brook Lynn apologized to Olivia and insisted that she'd had no idea about Dante. Ned wondered how long Brook Lynn planned on staying, and she replied, "TBD." Olivia thought that Leo would be excited to see Brook Lynn, and Ned added that she could teach the boy how to ride a pony. Ned and Olivia bickered about buying Leo a pony as Sonny chuckled to himself. He believed that Edward and Lila would enjoy what was going on.

Jason burst into Sonny and Carly's house, and he told Carly about the outcome of Sam's trial. A shocked Carly hugged her friend and expressed her sincere sympathy. He was worried about the kids, and he was struggling to figure out how to tell them about Sam. Carly suggested that they figure things out together. Jason regretted not killing Shiloh from the start because Sam hadn't wanted to. He also thought they should have taken the kids into consideration before moving forward with any plans regarding Shiloh. Carly insisted that the kids needed him, and he would have to make some lifestyle changes until Sam got out of jail. She knew that the kids would be all right, since they had him.

In his office, Finn was wrapping a book when Chase entered. He joked that the children's book seemed "light for Anna," so he wondered if it was for the daughter Finn had neglected to mention. He admitted that Robert had told him, and Finn marveled at the irony of the former spy's inability to keep a secret. He'd wanted to tell Chase himself, and he apologized that Chase hadn't found out from Finn. Chase was excited to be an uncle, and he asked how fatherhood felt. Finn revealed that it was amazing and terrifying, and he would eventually get around to telling their father. Chase couldn't wait to meet Violet, and Finn feared that not everyone was willing to welcome Violet into their lives.

Finn told Chase the story of Anna returning home while Hayden and Violet had been there, but he said that Anna had been amazing since. Finn was in awe over the people he had in his life, and he admitted that he was terrified of messing it up. Finn showed Chase the pictures from the tea party, and Chase thought that fatherhood "looks good on you." Finn smiled that it felt good, too. Finn handed Chase an envelope that contained everything the cops needed to know about Alexis' poisoning. He also suggested that Chase stop by during his and Violet's sleepover the next night so that Chase could meet her. Chase happily agreed and congratulated his brother. Finn replied that Violet was lucky to have Chase as an uncle, and Chase left.

Hayden arrived at Metro Court and sat down next to Anna at the bar. Anna thanked Hayden for meeting her so that they could clear the air. Hayden thought it was a good idea, since they would be "one big, happy family," as long as Finn and Anna were still getting married. She added that Finn hadn't mentioned anything about them not getting married, and Anna commented on Hayden's habit of not sharing. She scolded Hayden for robbing both Finn and Violet of years with each other. "Robin turned out okay," Hayden shot back coldly.

Anna answered that she'd given Robin up to protect the girl from Anna's dangerous life, which made the situations different. She was curious to hear Hayden's reasoning for "why now?" Hayden would only say that the timing had felt right, and Anna accused her of trying to rebuild a relationship with Finn. Anna would happily welcome Violet into her and Finn's life, but she didn't want Hayden to get things "twisted."

At Metro Court, Curtis wanted to find Nina and talk to her about Valentin, but he knew that Jordan would say that he had no proof and that it was none of his business. Jordan believed that, even if Nina knew about Valentin on some level, facing the truth might not be worth losing Valentin. Just then, Stella popped up at their table and embraced the two. She revealed that she was only there for a quick visit to grab a visa and get back to London, as she was having a wonderful time with her cousin.

Curtis admitted that things weren't the same there, so Stella invited them to see London for themselves. Curtis suggested that he and Jordan have Christmas in London with Stella for their honeymoon, but Jordan expressed trepidation because of the weather. Stella agreed that they should go somewhere warm to relax for their honeymoon, but they needed to make time for it. She asked about T.J., and Jordan and Curtis shared a knowing look. Stella caught it and asked about it, but Jordan replied that it was T.J.'s place to tell his news, not theirs. Stella decided that she needed to track T.J. down.

Nikolas descended the stairs at Jax's and informed him that Nina was out front, but she seemed to be having trouble making up her mind about approaching the door. Jax ordered Nikolas to his room until it was safe, but Nikolas said that he had an errand to run, anyway. Jax warned him that he would be seen, and Nikolas remembered Charlotte spotting him on the docks the night she'd been kidnapped by Cassandra. The doorbell rang, snapping Nikolas out of the memory, and he promised to be careful. "You better be," Jax grumbled, and Nikolas left out the back.

Jax let Nina in the house, and she revealed that she was there to drop something off. She handed him an envelope, and he opened it to find a wedding invitation. He was shocked that they were going to try `getting married again after everything that had happened, but Nina insisted that things had been dealt with. Jax answered that he wouldn't be attending, but she was free to make the biggest mistake of her life. He added that he'd seen what could happen when someone decided to be with a criminal, and she was probably there so Jax could talk her out of the marriage.

"Who are you to tell me what I want?" she challenged, and she sarcastically remembered that Jax was "so much better" than Valentin. He still though that she was throwing away her life. "What if I'm not planning on marrying Valentin?" she asked suddenly, adding, "What if I'm planning on destroying him?"

Ava entered her room at Shadybrook and found Valentin sitting there. He hadn't known that such a place existed, and she shot back that he would probably end up there due to his family history. He related that he wanted to talk to her about his family and continue their conversation from Halloween about the portrait of Helena. He said that, after throwing it out, he'd reconsidered the significance of the painting, and he would reward someone handsomely for it. He added that she owed him, as she wouldn't have her beauty if not for him. "I might have a soul," she replied, and she figured that if she'd instead done right by Nikolas and Spencer, she wouldn't be seeing Nikolas around.

Valentin thought it odd that Nikolas was "at the top of your brain" even though he'd been gone for so long, and there was nothing Ava could do for Nikolas anymore. She promised to keep Valentin in mind in case she ran across any "Cassadine memorabilia." He knew that she had the portrait, and he related that Laura had been on him about it for weeks. He knew that Jax and Hayden were also involved, and he wondered if Jax knew that Ava had it. She answered that he had "come-a callin'."

Valentin got in Ava's face, and she told him what she'd told Jax: "That wretched painting is somewhere you'll never find." "Name your price," he stated. She thought he was more creative than that, so he asked her to tell him where to start. "How's about hell?" she spat. She ordered him to leave, and he unhappily obliged.

Nikolas entered the living room of Wyndemere through the tunnels by the fireplace. As he closed the passage, he heard someone behind him say, "What are you doing in my living room?" He turned and saw Charlotte, who recognized him from the docks. She demanded to know if he worked for Cassandra. Nikolas claimed that he worked for Valentin as a bodyguard for Charlotte, and Valentin hadn't wanted her to get scared by telling her about the bodyguard. He asked Charlotte to keep the secret, as he would be fired if Valentin found out that Nikolas had told her. He promised to get rid of "every last" bad person in the world.

Just then, the front door was unlocked, and Valentin entered the house. Nikolas grabbed a fire poker and ran to hide as Charlotte ran to Valentin. Valentin told her to get ready for bed, and he promised to be upstairs after he made a phone call. She ran upstairs as he took his phone out and entered the living room. He called Hayden and asked if she would visit Wyndemere that night. He had a proposal for her that he thought she would find "beneficial." Nikolas listened in as Valentin promised to have the launch captain waiting. He urged her to keep an open mind, as he thought they could be "very useful to one another."

Nina reveals her plan to destroy Valentin

Nina reveals her plan to destroy Valentin

Friday, November 22, 2019

Stella stopped at Turning Woods to see Mike Corbin. He gave her a big hello, but it was obvious that he didn't know who she was. He believed he was at the racetrack, and he asked her to get him a Scotch. Stella left and returned with a big glass of water. She told him the bar was out of Scotch, and Mike agreed that he'd do better without it, anyway, because he had to go to work.

Stella sat down beside Mike, and he told her that he had to make sure he had a steady job because his girlfriend's father didn't approve of him. His girl, Adela, was an angel, he added. He only wanted to "score" one time and have enough money for his own business and enough to buy a big enough house for his eventual kids. Stella was sure Mike would be a wonderful father one day. Mike assured Stella that he would always be there for his kids, unlike his own father.

Finn called Anna from the hospital to let her know that he had an emergency and would be late. She was sitting at the bar at Metro Court and chatting with Jason. She wanted him to explain what had happened at the pier when he'd run into Cassandra and saved Charlotte. Jason filled her in, and Anna presumed that Valentin had been the one to provide Cassandra with the rigged boat.

Jason agreed that Valentin had been right to retaliate, as the legal system didn't work. He proceeded to tell Anna about Sam's hearing and her sentencing, but he was happy enough to sit with Anna to get his mind off of his wife. Anna urged him to be honest with his kids as best he could and reassure them.

At the Corinthos house, Carly attempted to reach Jax on the phone. She left him an urgent message to call her, and Sonny overheard the end of her message as he walked into the room. They began to chat about Sam, and Sonny disclosed that he'd tried to "call in favors" in an attempt to free Sam. He wondered if Carly had confided in Jason about what she'd been keeping secret from Sonny regarding Jax.

Carly snapped that Jason had enough on his mind with Sam in prison and with his kids, and he had no time to think about Jax. Sonny was convinced that Jax didn't really want Josslyn to move in with him and had been lying about it. Carly began to yell that Sonny needed to try harder to get along with Jax. Sonny also believed that Jax would worm his way into their family as long as Josslyn still lived there. Carly reminded him that Jax already knew the truth about Dev, and Sonny added that Jax accepted it because he wanted to be Josslyn's hero.

Sonny was confident that one day after Josslyn moved out, Jax would turn him over to the cops for something illegal he'd done. Carly grew angry and pointed out that Jax could have already taken action against Sonny, but he hadn't. She didn't think it was so bad that Sonny's only gripe was that Jax annoyed him. Sonny accused Carly of setting things in motion by sleeping with Jax, and the arguing commenced.

Carly shouted at Sonny for having her believe he'd slept with Nelle, and she proceeded to point out other of his indiscretions. She added that his list was longer than hers. They were interrupted when the phone rang. Sonny answered and told his guard to send someone up to the house.

Carly promised Sonny that they'd continue their discussion later. Stella arrived, hugged Sonny, and announced that she had visited Mike. He hadn't known who she was. Everyone sat down, and Stella admitted that she wasn't surprised because she hadn't met Mike until he had already been diagnosed. She explained that he'd been totally immersed in another time, and she suggested that Sonny talk to Mike's doctors.

Sonny wanted Stella's guess on how long it would be before Mike would no longer recognize his family. Stella was loath to guess, but Sonny persuaded her to give him an estimate based on her experience. Stella admitted that it would be sooner than Sonny thought; Mike's disease had progressed.

At Jax's place, Nina confirmed that she had a plan to destroy Valentin. She had known all along that he had been lying about his non-involvement in the Sasha charade, and she wanted to deceive him the way that he had deceived her. Jax agreed that he hadn't believed she hadn't known the truth, and he'd been surprised that she'd fallen for Valentin's lies again.

Nina declared that everyone else had believed she was gullible. Jax informed her that her plan was wrong. While he understood Nina's plan for revenge, he thought it was a lose-lose situation. He thought she should just live well and end things with Valentin. He didn't want her to bother with revenge and hatred, and to instead focus on what was right in front of her.

Nina chuckled and pointed out that Valentin would never let her go. Jax suggested she make Valentin think she was dating Jax. Nina drew close to Jax and maintained that Jax would never date her in real life. Jax quickly stated that he hadn't said that. Awkwardness ensued until Nina began to stutter, and Jax hastily told Nina, "Never mind." He told her to focus on Crimson instead.

"Ditch revenge," Jax told Nina. He wanted her to focus on what made her happy. Nina thought she might want to forgive Valentin. She had been planning her revenge since the day after their wedding had fallen apart, and she'd given Valentin another chance to tell the truth. He hadn't, and she had realized that he would always be that way. She'd been "playing him" ever since.

Nina admitted that things had changed since Charlotte had been kidnapped, though. She'd realized they were a family, and Charlotte and Valentin had saved her. It was too hard to give that up. Jax told her not to say that Valentin was a good father because Carly always returned to Sonny by rationalizing that he was a good father, as well. Carly's kid was dead, and he didn't want that to happen to Nina.

Jax hoped that Nina would be smart enough to take an alternative route. Nina picked up her wedding invitation and handed it to Jax. "Don't forget to RSVP," she said. She picked up her coat and left.

Jason showed up at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica was sorry to hear about Sam's verdict, and Jason revealed that he wanted his kids to know as much as they'd be able to handle. Monica suggested that the kids might want to stay there, although Jason wasn't so certain.

Monica pointed out that the kids were always there, anyway, and they would have security while not being reminded of their mother's absence. Monica advised Jason not to take any chances on getting killed or imprisoned because he was the only parent left for Danny and Scout.

Jason grabbed Danny while Scout was asleep and sat him down. He explained that Sam had been found guilty of manslaughter, and he told Danny what it all meant. Danny asked if Sam was in prison, and Jason admitted that she'd been sentenced to two years. Danny grew upset and asked what would happen to him and Scout. Jason revealed Monica's proposition, but Jason declared that Danny could go home if he wanted to.

Danny agreed that he and Scout should stay with the Quartermaines in order to not miss their mother as much. He agreed that he could be okay for Scout, and Jason promised he would do all he could to get Sam home. Father and son shared a hug.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas crept up behind Valentin with a fireplace poker in hand. He was interrupted when the doorbell sounded, and he scurried off to hide. It was Hayden, and Valentin thanked her for showing up. He got to the point and told her he would pay her for information. He mentioned that he'd caught her sneaking around his house twice, and he wondered if it was about Helena's portrait. He wanted the truth.

Nikolas listened in as Valentin continued. He'd visited Ava at Shadybrook and had spoken to her about the portrait that he'd tossed out. He was aware that Hayden and Jax had been looking for it, and he would pay Hayden a quarter of a million dollars if she gave him the information he'd been looking for.

Hayden was adamant that she knew nothing about the portrait, and she turned down Valentin's offer. He retorted that he could make things unpleasant for her and influence her in other ways. Hayden quickly accepted and told him she wanted the money wired to an offshore account. Before she could say anything except that there had been a reason that Helena had given the portrait to Nikolas, Charlotte called out for her father.

Charlotte wanted Valentin to read to her, and Hayden quickly stated that she was leaving and would show herself out. Valentin responded that he and Charlotte would lead her out in order to prevent her from ending up somewhere that she didn't belong. Valentin promised to wire the payment in order to avoid any late penalties.

Nikolas quickly departed via the secret passageway. Charlotte asked why Valentin hadn't introduced her to Hayden, but Valentin was certain that Charlotte would never see the woman again.

Finn met with Anna at the Metro Court bar, and she told him about Sam. She thought that life was complicated. She also confessed that she'd met with Hayden. Finn was on edge, but Anna promised that it had been a "pleasant enough" experience. Anna admitted that she still didn't trust Hayden, and Finn was not surprised. He admitted that he had no illusions where Hayden was concerned. He hadn't expected her to suddenly transform.

Finn also maintained that he wasn't sure he could ever forgive Hayden for the time he'd lost with Violet, but he looked at the facts. He would have to figure out the best way to co-parent. Anna suggested that the best way would be for Finn to get back together with Hayden.

Back at Jax's place, he studied Nina's invitation as Nikolas returned. He questioned Nikolas on his whereabouts. "Out," Nikolas replied. Jax told him about Nina's invitation and added that Nina knew what she was doing. He stated that too many people had lied to her, including Jax, but he was done.

Jax said that the wedding was scheduled for New Year's Eve. If they had not found the codicil by then, he would tell Nina everything, including that fact that Nikolas was alive, and about Jax's own involvement. He would raid Cassadine Industries and leave Valentin bankrupt. Nikolas was opposed and made it clear that Cassadine Industries would be worthless. He was concerned about Spencer.

Jax promised to take care of Spencer, but his priorities had changed. He was going to be looking after Nina.

Nina returned to Wyndemere as Valentin was reading Little Women to Charlotte. Nina listened for a moment then made her presence known. She apologized for being late and asked to join in. As Nina read aloud about the lack of a father, Charlotte commented that she didn't know what she would do without her own.

Hayden walked into Metro Court and saw Finn sitting at the bar. Before she could join him, Anna returned and sat down. Anna apologized and noted she'd been playing phone tag with Robin. Finn told Anna that he loved her, and there were no doubts. He hoped that they could deal with everything together. Anna expressed her love, also, and Finn leaned over for a kiss. Hayden looked on.

Nikolas phoned Hayden and told her he had to see her right away. It was urgent, and everything had changed.

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