General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 25, 2019 on GH

Valentin learned that Mikkos had written a codicil. Hayden made the ultimate sacrifice and left town without Violet to keep her daughter safe. Julian tampered with Brad's car. Willow suspected that she might be pregnant. Dev shared a secret with the teens. Neil suspected that Kendra had poisoned Alexis. Kendra attacked Alexis.
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Alexis learned Kendra's true identity moments before Kendra attacked her
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Cameron and Trina question Dev's identity Cameron and Trina question Dev's identity

Monday, November 25, 2019

Trina, Josslyn, Cameron, and Dev sat unsupervised in detention and avoided writing their assigned essay. Cameron apologized for dragging his friends into getting detention, and they talked about the subject of their essay, how someone's actions affected those around them. Dev commented that he had been heroic that night, and he was still being punished. He didn't think it was possible for him to do any better in the future than he'd already done.

A short while later, the kids sat on the floor, eating chips and talking about their favorite flavors. Josslyn promised that there would be plenty of chips at her Lady and the Tramp viewing party. Later, the friends were throwing around a ball as they played a game of "Would You Rather?" Trina turned it into each of them revealing a secret. She started by admitting that she'd gotten a genealogy DNA test done and found a relative in Port Charles, but she'd shut it down before finding out who it was.

Trina named Cameron next to reveal a secret, but he wanted to know what Josslyn had been writing about in her journal. She replied that it was private, and it was his turn, anyway. He found it hard to think of something that Josslyn didn't already know about him, so he asked Dev why he'd really moved to town. Dev claimed that he'd gotten in trouble at school by cheating on some tests, and his father had sent him away. Cameron and Trina interrogated him, knowing that Dev's father had passed away years before. "Are you Sonny's cousin? If not, who are you?" Cameron questioned.

Neil entered Alexis' room at the hospital and found Monica by Alexis' bedside. Monica said her goodbyes and left Neil and Alexis. Alexis updated Neil on her diagnosis, and the "Prussian blue" paint she was taking to cure her. She revealed to a shocked Neil that Finn believed that her poisoning had been deliberate. T.J. entered, hoping for a minute with Alexis, so Neil left to get them coffee. T.J. talked about how much respect he had for both Molly and Alexis, and he asked for Alexis' permission to propose to Molly.

Alexis replied that T.J. didn't want to ask for her permission, and she told a story about how Molly had wanted to "take down the patriarchy" from the age of eight. While she loved his "old-school approach," she thought that permission wasn't hers to give to T.J. He realized that she was right, and he thanked her for helping him get his "head on straight." "That's what future mothers-in-law do," she replied with a smile. Not that the couple needed it, but she offered her blessing and wished him luck. He gave her a hug and left.

Julian approached Elizabeth at the hospital and asked for a "peek" at the schedule, as he had a surprise for Brad and Lucas. Elizabeth wrote down the schedules for Julian and remarked that Lucas had volunteered to work Thanksgiving night. She asked if he'd heard from Kim, but he didn't want to talk about Kim. He thought that he and Elizabeth needed to move on with their lives, and he left.

Monica was in her office when Franco entered, wanting to talk to her. He offered to do anything he could to help ease her pain over the loss of Drew. Monica invited him to Thanksgiving at the Quartermaines', but he wasn't sure that everyone else would be as happy to have him there as Monica. "Who cares? It's my house," she replied lightly. Franco also informed her that he had a storage locker in San Diego, so he suggested that she check it out at some point so that she and Scout could have some of Drew's things.

Later, Franco was on his way out of the hospital when he bumped into Elizabeth. He informed her that Monica was an understanding person, and he thought that she would have been a good mother. He had a lot to work out, so she told him that it was nice to see him, and he left. Minutes later, Elizabeth entered Monica's office and talked about Franco going through the procedure. They disagreed on what was best for Franco, and Elizabeth added that she just wanted her husband back. Monica remarked that there would be a brave man putting his life on the line, and she hoped it wouldn't be for nothing.

On his way back to Alexis' room with two coffees, Neil bumped into Julian, who asked about Alexis. Neil assured Julian that Alexis was expected to make a full recovery, and he mentioned her diagnosis. Julian thought it was strange that, around the time Alexis had gotten sick, he'd had a bunch of dead rats in the alley behind Charlie's. He added that, a couple days before he'd found the rats, Kendra had been dumping something into his Dumpster. He continued that he'd cleaned up the alley, and he hadn't had a rat problem since. Neil thanked Julian for the help and left to get back to Alexis.

Neil returned to Alexis and relayed that Julian had sent his best to her. He wondered what specifically Alexis had been working on with Kendra. She talked about the life goals, fitness, and nutrition that Kendra had been helping her with, and she mentioned the supplement. She insisted that her doctor had given her the green light on the supplement, but she suddenly realized that Neil thought that Kendra had been the one to poison Alexis.

Julian happened upon Franco at the hospital and wondered why he was still in town. Julian advised him to leave soon, as he'd ruined enough lives in town. Franco revealed that he wasn't leaving "physically" and that Kim was already gone. He divulged that he'd decided to volunteer for the memory procedure, and Julian ripped into Franco for hurting Kim even more than she'd already been hurt. Franco said that Kim would need a friend. Julian replied, "It sure as hell won't be me," and he stormed out.

Stella entered Turning Woods and found Mike sitting silently with his shoes in his lap. She wondered if he needed help with something, just as Sonny and Carly arrived. Stella approached and informed them that it wasn't a good day for Mike. Carly went over to Mike, and he asked where the shoes went, so she helped him put them on. Stella took the opportunity to inform Sonny that Mike was getting worse, and Sonny should remember her words about forgiveness.

A few minutes later, Mike was doing a puzzle. Sonny placed one piece, but Mike yelled at "Anthony" that he should find his own puzzle. Stella told Carly that things would only get more difficult from there, as the disease was progressing at an uneven pace. Stella said her goodbyes to Mike and sincerely told him that she'd enjoyed their friendship. He wondered if Stella would take "Anthony" with her, but she assured him that "Anthony's" mother would get him soon. Mike agreed to keep "Anthony" company for a little while longer, as long as he didn't have to share his ice cream. "See you around the neighborhood," Mike said, and Stella kissed him on the cheek and walked away.

Sonny and Carly followed Stella to the door and thanked her for everything she'd done for Mike and their family. Stella replied that she was honored to have known Mike, and she knew that Mike loved them. She assured Sonny that he was a good son, and she hugged the two. Carly insisted that Stella would always be welcome with their family. Stella urged them to take good care of each other, and she left.

Carly wondered why Sonny hadn't told her about Mike's condition, and he admitted that he'd hoped Mike would get better. As Mike stared off into space, Sonny admitted that it hurt him to see Mike like that. Carly thought that they needed to make the most of whatever time they had left with Mike. Mike wondered if the ice cream would be there soon, and Carly promised to see what she could do. A few minutes later, Carly had a cup of ice cream for each of them, and they sat and ate.

Stella met with T.J. at a café, and he observed that Stella seemed to be having a great time in London. She advised him not to worry, as her love for him could "cross the globe." She suggested that he visit, which he said he would love to do, but he had something to tell her. He informed her that he was going to propose to Molly, and Stella talked about how much she loved Molly. However, she believed they had "quite a road" ahead of them due to an interracial marriage.

Stella talked about how the world wasn't colorblind, and many people wanted to turn back the clock to before interracial marriages were legal. She just wanted T.J. and Molly to be realistic and safe, as just being a young black man put him at risk. He didn't want to live in fear, but she advised that sometimes, fear was what kept people safe. She assured him that the couple had her blessing, as long as they stayed true to themselves. She planned on sitting right in the front row at the wedding, and the two embraced.

Nikolas has a plan to keep Hayden loyal to his cause Nikolas has a plan to keep Hayden loyal to his cause

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

At General Hospital, Alexis was appreciative of Neil's concern for her. He announced that he had assessed all of the information provided to him, and he'd guessed that Kendra was the one responsible for poisoning her. Alexis wondered if Neil was considering a profession change, but he insisted he had gone over all of the information that had led to Alexis' life coach. He added that Julian had run into Kendra in Charlie's back alley where all of the rats had eventually been found dead.

Alexis had trouble buying it and informed Neil that she'd had her supplement tested. She'd also received more from Kendra because she was pretty certain that she didn't have the ability to buy it herself. She added that Kendra drank the supplement, also, but Neil wondered if Alexis had actually seen Kendra drink it. Alexis asked about Kendra's motive, but Neil had to see a patient. He wanted Alexis to think about when she'd first gotten ill and her last session with Kendra. He wanted Alexis to prove him wrong. "Or right," he said.

Alexis rolled over in bed to go to sleep until she was interrupted by a cheerful Kendra. The life coach declared that she'd been worried about Alexis and offered to help Alexis in any way. Alexis assured her she was feeling better, and she asked Kendra if she had ever gone to Charlie's Pub. Kendra admitted she'd gone on occasion, and she plumped up Alexis' pillows.

Alexis mentioned that she couldn't rush back to her routine after Kendra suggested it. Alexis proceeded to reveal that she'd been poisoned with thallium, a substance used in rat poison. It had been sent to the police. Kendra suggested it had been accidental, but Alexis thought that someone might have tried to kill her. Kendra couldn't believe it and suggested they practice some cleansing breaths to wipe away the stress.

Alexis stated that she was tired, and Kendra dug out a pill from a bottle in her purse. She assured Alexis that it was holistic and therefore okay to mix the anxiety and well-being pill with her other medications. She handed Alexis a glass of water and pressured her to take it. Just then, Neil returned and announced that Alexis needed rest. Kendra urged Alexis to get better, and she left.

Alexis showed Neil the pill and admitted that his suspicions had been contagious. She asked him to have it analyzed.

Lulu ran into Dustin at the high school and teased that she had thought about auditing his English class. Dustin kissed her, and she handed him a Thanksgiving card from Rocco. He asked about her holiday plans, and Lulu explained that Charlotte would be with her father, and she and Rocco would be at the Quartermaines' for dinner. Dustin proposed they attend the parade together earlier in the day.

Lulu readily accepted for herself and Rocco, and she offered to make pumpkin spice pancakes before the parade. Dustin agreed, and Lulu left to pick up Charlotte at Wyndemere.

Josslyn, Cameron, Trina, and Dev continued their detention. Cameron and Trina continued to press Dev about his possible secret background, but Josslyn interceded. "Maybe some secrets are secrets for a reason," she professed. That caused Trina and Cameron to question whether Dev had pressured Josslyn to keep his secret, but Josslyn advised Dev that they really needed to share the truth.

Dev admitted that he wasn't exactly Sonny's cousin, and Sonny wouldn't like the truth getting out. Trina asked if it was a "godfather situation," and Dev finally admitted that his real name was Dev Cerci, and it was Turkish. Josslyn explained how Dev had met Sonny in Turkey, and Dev related that he'd gotten into the country on his own. Josslyn added that Dev was there illegally, and Sonny had obtained a fake identity for him. They could all be in trouble, and Dev could get deported if anyone found out.

Dev added that it had been a way for him to have a better life. Trina and Cameron were full of questions, and Josslyn explained that Dev couldn't apply for asylum with a fake passport and would have to return to Turkey to apply. She said that only a few people knew the truth, and no one could say anything or make a mistake.

The door rattled when Dustin tried to open it, and Dev quickly unlocked it as he, Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina bolted to their seats. Dustin wanted to know what was going on, and he asked where Mr. Rosenberg, the detention teacher, was. He wondered jokingly if the kids were planning some kind of walk-out, and he told Cameron that he had the most to lose because he was already on probation.

Dustin pointed out that everyone in the group had broken rules, and they needed to prove they were aware of their responsibilities and subsequent consequences. He hoped they'd thought about it. Josslyn and Dev looked at each other secretly, and Cameron assured Dustin that they had all committed to making the right choices. Trina announced that they had each other's backs, and Josslyn added that that was what friends did.

Dustin appreciated that a lesson had been learned, and he suggested that if Mr. Rosenberg didn't return on time, all were free to leave. Dev thanked everyone after Dustin had gone. Cameron apologized for pressuring Dev and Josslyn for the secret, but they were all "in it together." Trina declared that she and Cameron were accomplices, and Josslyn stated that they had to make sure not to get caught. They stood in a circle and placed their hands on top of each other's. Cameron declared that they all had to trust everyone else. "I swear," each student said in turn.

Nikolas was on his way out of Jax's place again, and Jax asked if he wanted to be discovered. Nikolas assured Jax that he was "wrapping things up." They were interrupted when Laura knocked on the front door and called out for Jax. Nikolas took off as Jax opened the door.

Laura showed Jax the wedding invitation she'd received and told him she hadn't been invited the first time. She wondered why she'd been invited for Nina and Valentin's second wedding. Jax suggested that it was a "peace offering" because she was Charlotte's grandmother. Laura was emphatic that the real reason was because they were getting married in the house that had belonged to her son, and Valentin wanted to rub it in.

Laura admitted that she was also there because she'd learned that Jax had been a "person of interest" in Cassandra's escape. Jax revealed that his credit card had been used, and Laura suggested that maybe someone had wanted to implicate Jax. She believed that Valentin was aware of their search for the portrait. Jax thought they should talk to Ava.

The doorbell rang, and Jax opened it to reveal Martin Grey, who invited himself inside. He was glad that Laura was there, as well, as he wanted to discuss a portrait. Martin claimed that he was representing an anonymous client who had purchased Helena's portrait from the Jerome Gallery, and he wanted to offer it to Jax for a price.

Jax and Laura looked at each other, and Jax asked how they would know the client really had possession of the portrait. Martin showed them a photo of the painting on his tablet. He stated that the artist, J. Garrin, was known for creating puzzles in his portraits. He assured Laura and Jax that the painting was in "pristine" condition, and he would be able to authenticate it after an offer was made.

Laura asked for the name of the client, but Martin refused to divulge it. Laura insisted that, as a public official, she needed to know who she was dealing with, but Martin replied that she would be doing business with him. He left his card on his way out.

Jax and Laura began to discuss the coincidence of Martin showing up, and Jax wondered if Valentin could know about the codicil hidden in the painting. Laura pointed out that Valentin wouldn't have known when he'd tossed the painting out, and Jax doubted he was aware of the fact that he would lose the estate.

Suddenly, Martin returned to retrieve the tablet he'd accidentally left on the coffee table. He hurriedly picked it up and left again, leaving Jax and Laura suspicious. Laura assumed that if an offer was made, Valentin would make a counteroffer.

At Wyndemere, Charlotte informed Valentin that she wanted to return to school, and she flashed back to her meeting with Nikolas, who had promised to be her secret bodyguard. Valentin didn't think there was a chance for her to go back, but Charlotte insisted she'd be safe. She also couldn't wait for them to be a real family with Nina, and Valentin promised that nothing would stop the wedding or harm the family.

Hayden stood on the pier, shivering, as she thought about both the offer and threat that Valentin had made. She received a phone call from him, and he announced that he was ready to wire the money to her. She told him there'd been a delay, and she would get back to him. Valentin wasn't happy, and he threatened Hayden again.

Nikolas showed up, and Hayden was angry that she'd had to wait for him. Nikolas wondered if she had anything to tell him, and he revealed that he'd been at Spoon Island when she had been there. He'd heard every word between her and Valentin. Hayden declared that Valentin had threatened her, and Nikolas wondered why Hayden would trust him. She would meet the same fate as Cassandra.

Hayden pondered why she had even gotten involved. As Nikolas removed his jacket and placed it on Hayden's shoulders, he told her that he had been the one to involve her, and he wanted to be the one to get her out. Hayden asked why he was being nice, and Nikolas reminded her that they'd once had a connection. He had wanted to make amends, and she would get more money from him than from Valentin.

Hayden was certain that Nikolas couldn't protect her from Valentin, but Nikolas wanted to get Hayden out of town with a new identity. He asked when she would be able to leave. "Never," she replied. She explained that her daughter had met her father, and her future was in Port Charles.

Nikolas called Hayden's thought a fantasy, and he told her she needed to disappear in order to stay safe. Hayden asked why she should trust Nikolas, but he told her that leaving was her only option. Hayden said that she had too many reasons to stay. Nikolas insisted that Valentin would get his information from her, and she would be expendable. Again, Hayden said that she couldn't leave. Violet had a family, and it wasn't fair. Nikolas thought it could be temporary until after he located the codicil.

Hayden removed Nikolas' jacket from her shoulders and hit him with it. She wanted him to go away and give her time to think. Nikolas warned that the more she dragged it out, the more danger she would be in. Despite their rough past, Nikolas didn't want to see Hayden and Violet harmed.

Lulu arrived at Wyndemere to pick up Charlotte, who told her she wanted to go back to school. Valentin suggested that he and Lulu discuss it, and he urged them to stay close together. Lulu and Charlotte left. "Clock's ticking, Hayden," Valentin muttered. He phoned someone and gave them orders.

On the pier, Hayden cried as she flashed back to her telling Finn all about Violet. She phoned him and let it be known that he was the only one she could trust. She was grabbed from behind by a man in a hoodie.

Lulu and Charlotte sat at a table in the café. Lulu showed Charlotte photos on her phone and told her that the Quartermaines had a "terrible track record" on Thanksgiving. Lulu was certain she and Rocco would be eating pizza to celebrate the holiday. Lulu also invited Charlotte to the parade, but Charlotte declined, pointing out that she and her papa had plans.

Charlotte asked if Dustin would be at the parade with Lulu and Rocco, and Lulu confessed that he would. Lulu explained that they had been getting to know each other. Charlotte approved.

Lulu got up from the table to grab her order and made Charlotte promise to stay there. Charlotte replied that she was safe, and she asked to continue looking at Lulu's photos. Lulu agreed, and Charlotte was shocked to see a photo of Nikolas. She flashed back to their meeting.

Martin arrived at Wyndemere and played the recording of Jax and Laura on his tablet for Valentin.

Nikolas persuades Hayden to leave town Nikolas persuades Hayden to leave town

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

At the pier, Hayden tried to fight off her attacker until Nikolas intervened. He promptly pulled the man off of Hayden and fought with him until the man ran off. Nikolas made sure that Hayden was okay, and he asked whether the man had said anything to her. Hayden was sure the man had wanted to kill her, but he hadn't spoken. Nikolas revealed that he had returned because he'd been worried about Hayden. He didn't think it was a coincidence that the attack had happened after Valentin had tried to force Hayden to work with him.

Nikolas was adamant that the best thing would be for Hayden to leave town. Hayden disagreed, and she wondered what would happen to Violet. Nikolas recalled how much Hayden had cared for Spencer, and she replied that she still did. Nikolas thought that Hayden was a good mother, but he suggested that she leave Violet with Finn and Anna. He hadn't wanted to leave Spencer, either, and it had been years since he'd seen his son. He thought it might only be weeks that Hayden and Violet would be apart.

Hayden cried and insisted that she couldn't leave her daughter. Nikolas reminded her that Spencer had been safe because of Nikolas' decision to leave him so it had made the separation bearable. He declared that Hayden had to leave Violet and give up the joy of being with her in order to protect her.

At Anna's house, Finn introduced Violet to Chase, who in turn introduced her to Willow. Chase had a gift for Violet, and the little girl was anxious to play with it. All of the adults stooped down to chat with Violet until she went off with Chase and Willow to set up the Aqua Mat. Anna told Finn that she'd never seen him so happy, and he thanked her for being great about the whole matter.

Chase was proud of Finn and the way he'd handled everything as a new dad. Everyone played and made small talk. Anna mentioned that she wished Hayden hadn't kept Violet from Finn for so long. Willow grew upset and walked off, and Chase went over to her. He blamed himself for having her involved, and he assumed it reminded her of Wiley.

Willow assured Chase she was fine and a part of Wiley's life, and she was happy for Finn and Anna. Willow was hungry, and she and Chase decided to leave. Before heading out, Chase presented Violet with an honorary badge and told her she could be a detective like him or a spy like Anna. The little girl made it clear that she wanted to be a doctor like her daddy.

Finn and Anna tried to figure out what they could have for dinner, and Anna noted that she had ice cream. Finn thanked her again for accepting Violet, and Anna insisted she was thrilled. "There's nowhere else I'd rather be," she said. Violet teased them as they shared a kiss.

As dinner was being prepared, Hayden arrived, and Violet ran over to hug her mother. Hayden confessed that she'd stopped to deliver some of the things that Violet loved. She had extra toys, books, clothing, and a detangler. She warned Finn and Anna to be careful with Violet's hair. Finn realized that Hayden had missed Violet. Hayden went over all of the regular nightly procedures, and Finn reminded her that they were only a phone call away.

Hayden asked for a minute alone with Violet. She asked for a hug, and she tearfully embraced the little girl. She received a phone call from Valentin but chose to ignore it. She took a photo of herself and Violet, and she told her daughter how much she loved her. She added that Violet's daddy would take care of her, and she cried as she left something in Violet's bag.

Finn caught Hayden before she left, and she assured him she was okay as she wiped away tears. He asked if he could keep Violet until the following afternoon, and Hayden said it was fine. He promised to take care of Violet, and Hayden walked outside. She began to sob.

As Valentin sat with Martin at Wyndemere, he was amazed to hear that there could be a new will hidden in Helena's portrait. Martin noted that the entire estate could be taken away from Valentin. Valentin couldn't believe his father had changed his will, and he blamed Helena. He needed to get his hands on the painting, and Martin pointed out that he could lose everything if Jax obtained the painting first.

Valentin snapped that he had no intention of losing anything, and he wondered how Ava had gotten ahold of the painting. She had told him he'd never get it, but she had reason to hate him. The men rose, and Valentin poured drinks. He noted that it bothered him that Ava had claimed to see Nikolas.

Valentin and Martin sat down again. Valentin was bothered that Spencer would inherit everything if the codicil was real. He understood Laura's involvement as Spencer's grandmother, but he couldn't figure out why Hayden and Jax had been involved. Martin interjected that Hayden reminded him of someone from another life, and Valentin informed him that he'd tried to get Hayden on his side. She had stalled and would regret it.

Valentin was angry that a "spoiled little prince" would get the inheritance. Spencer believed that Valentin had murdered Spencer's father. "Did you?" Martin asked. Valentin looked at him without speaking, and Martin cited attorney-client privilege. Valentin declared that he was close to giving Charlotte the family she wanted, and he wouldn't lose sight of that. He asked Martin if he'd be willing to step into a grey area and out of legal boundaries.

Martin reminded Valentin that his last name was Grey. Valentin wanted "all eyes" on Spencer's every move at all times. Martin wondered what would happen to the teen if the others found the document first. He asked how far Valentin would go to the dark side. Valentin assured him that he wouldn't kill a kid and wanted Spencer to be healthy and happy.

Valentin wanted to make certain he had leverage if his possessions were to be handed to Spencer. He also wanted Laura to be aware of the fact that he was always aware of where Spencer might be. The men toasted, and Martin announced he'd get those eyes on Spencer right away.

Michael sat with Sasha at the Floating Rib. He asked her to join him and his Corinthos and Quartermaine families for Thanksgiving. He assured her that any fights that broke out wouldn't be about her. She accepted and noted that she had no family, either real or fake. Liesl arrived as they kissed, and she offered to buy drinks because Maxie and Nina had accepted her back into their family. She was grateful that everything was over.

Michael told Liesl that things weren't over yet, and he related that Curtis had been investigating the fact that the rerun DNA test samples still showed that Nina and Sasha were related. He stated that Curtis wouldn't drop it, and he had realized that Liesl had been involved.

Liesl thought that Curtis should mind his own business, and she reversed her offer to buy drinks. She got up and left, and Sasha noted that she almost felt sorry for Liesl. She had been a "weird ally" when they had both wanted Nina to be happy. Michael asked where Valentin had obtained the samples for the DNA tests, but Sasha replied that she had no idea.

Chase and Willow showed up, and Chase asked if they could join Sasha and Michael. The men went off to get drinks, although Willow only wanted a club soda. She sat down, and Sasha invited her to "dig in" to the food on the table, as too much had been ordered. Willow suddenly felt queasy, and she announced that she had to go to the ladies' room to wash her hands after playing with Violet. Once inside, she splashed some cold water on her face.

Sasha followed Willow into the ladies' room after a while, citing that she'd been worried about Willow. She looked around to make certain they were alone, and she noted that it wasn't her place to say anything. Before she could talk further, Willow stopped her. She didn't know, but she was late even though she'd been so careful. She thought that maybe she had forgotten to take a couple of birth control pills. She really didn't know what she wanted. Sasha suggested she talk to Chase, and they could figure things out together.

Chase and Michael returned to the table with drinks. Chase wondered if Michael had noticed that Willow was quiet, and he thought that meeting his niece had taken a lot out of her. He added that Finn had been a changed man. Michael talked about Nelle's pregnancy, and he asked Chase if he'd ever thought about being a father.

Chase stated that he knew that Willow wanted kids, but before he could go further, the women returned to the table. Chase was eager to show off photos of Violet, and Willow declared that she was ready to eat.

At General Hospital, Brad stepped off the elevator and saw Lucas. He asked if they could go home together, but Lucas stated that his shift wasn't over yet. He accused Brad of still keeping something from him, and he wouldn't sit down to any family dinner that Brad wanted to have. Lucas informed Brad that he would also be working on Thanksgiving because he'd volunteered to cover the emergency room. Brad couldn't believe it because he knew that Lucas had requested the day off.

Lucas urged Brad to "come clean," and he would get someone to cover the holiday shift for him. He gave Brad a chance to say something, but Brad remained silent. Lucas walked away.

Neil returned to Alexis' room and announced that the pill she'd received from Kendra was being analyzed. Alexis couldn't believe that Kendra would give her something harmful, and she suggested that her poisoning could be related to a former client. "Anyone but Kendra," Neil said. Alexis thought maybe Neil was right, and she'd done it again. She'd "rolled out the carpet for someone who wanted her dead." She called herself stupid.

Neil made it clear that Alexis knew better than to blame the victim. He pulled up a chair by the bed and sat down. He asked her why she'd needed a life coach to begin with, and he pointed out many of her good qualities and spoke of her in a positive manner. He called her endearing and noted that she should have trusted herself. Alexis' opinion of herself differed, but Neil hoped she realized all of the good in herself.

Brook Lynn encountered Lucas and greeted him with a hug. She told him she was in town to catch up, although Olivia had still been "frosty" to her and still blamed her for trying to break up Dante and Lulu. They sat down, and Lucas admitted he'd been going through a "rough patch" because Brad hadn't been honest with him. Brook Lynn was emphatic that Lucas needed to be with his family and Wiley on the holiday.

Brook Lynn shared that she was trying to rebuild bridges, and she thought that Lucas should do the same. He should try to save his family.

Liesl ran into Brad in the alley outside of the Floating Rib. He only wondered why she was still alive, and Liesl reminded him of their agreement. She added that Lucas had threatened her, and she was still protecting Brad. Brad cried out that he barely spoke to Lucas anymore, and he was one step closer to losing him.

Liesl was appalled as Brad broke down, and she finally ordered him to stop. She roughly patted his shoulder. "Pat, pat, pat," she said tonelessly. Liesl urged Brad to "man up" but continue to lie and be strong. She walked off. Brad placed a phone call to Britt and left her a voicemail. He told her he missed her, and he wished her a happy Thanksgiving.

At the hospital, Alexis was feeling better after adding some makeup. Neil announced that he'd stopped by the lab, and the pill that Kendra had given her had been merely gingko biloba and harmless.

On the pier, Nikolas met with the man who had attacked Hayden and assured him he'd done a good job of terrorizing her. The man asked for his bonus, and Nikolas handed him an envelope.

Alexis learns Kendra's secret Alexis learns Kendra's secret

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Neil entered Alexis' hospital room and found her dressed and getting her things together. He said that it was good to see her back to normal, and he wondered if the cops had made any progress in her case. She replied that they hadn't, and he still thought that Kendra was to blame. Moments later, Kendra entered to suspicious glares from Neil, and she was glad to see Alexis doing better. Neil told Kendra that they had some things to take care of before Alexis could be discharged. She asked him to check on the paperwork, and he reluctantly left.

Kendra surmised that Neil didn't like her, but Alexis waved his mood off as him being overprotective. Kendra wondered when Alexis thought she would be recovered enough to schedule her next appointment. She also saw that Alexis was out of the supplement and offered to order more. Alexis insisted upon doing it, and Kendra thought that meant that Alexis was getting ready to fire Kendra. Alexis asserted that, after her poisoning, she wanted to be more careful about what she was putting into her body. Kendra promised to send Alexis the ordering details as soon as she got home, and she left.

A short while later, Neil returned to the room and announced that he'd asked for a rush on Alexis' discharge paperwork. He looked around the room and realized that Alexis was gone. He left the room to ask a nurse if she knew where Alexis was. The nurse replied that Alexis had signed herself out a few minutes earlier.

Kendra arrived at the cemetery and put a bouquet of flowers on Kiefer's headstone. She had thought everything with Alexis would be over already, but her plans had "hit a snag." As Alexis observed from the gate, Kendra promised that Alexis would pay for what she'd done to Kiefer. "Happy Thanksgiving, brother. I love you," she said, and she kissed a hand and touched the headstone. Alexis hid when Kendra got up to leave. When she was gone, Alexis looked at the headstone and was horrified to learn that Kendra was Kiefer's sister. Just then, Kendra returned and hit Alexis on the head with a large rock. "Worked like a charm," Kendra smirked as she glared at an unconscious Alexis sprawled on the ground with a gash on her head.

At the hospital, Andre asked Franco how he was feeling, and Franco made a comment about Andre being a "mad scientist." Andre promised to do everything he could to mitigate the risks and rectify the situation. "You mean erase me?" Franco clarified. Andre promised that he would never perform the procedure without Franco's consent, and he added that it wasn't too late for Franco to change his mind.

Lucas angrily slammed down the phone, and Elizabeth asked what was wrong. He replied that he couldn't find anyone to take his shift for the night. She wondered why he would volunteer to work on Thanksgiving, anyway, and he confided that he and Brad had hit a rough patch. He told her about Brook Lynn convincing him to work things out with his husband, and Elizabeth, who disliked Brook Lynn, had to agree with Brook Lynn.

A short while later, Elizabeth returned to Lucas and informed him that she'd pulled some strings to get him the night off. She explained that Terry had offered to cover for him, and Elizabeth would cover Terry's spot helping to serve dinner to the patients. As Franco listened, unseen, Elizabeth told Lucas that her sons would be with Kevin and Laura for an untraditional Thanksgiving dinner. She thought it would be easier for them without her there, and none of them wanted a traditional holiday, anyway, without Franco there. Lucas promised to pay her back, and he left.

Franco approached Elizabeth and admitted that he'd heard about the family's Thanksgiving plans. He related that he was going to the Quartermaines', and Elizabeth was glad that Monica would have more time with him. He also told her that Andre was performing the memory procedure the next day, as there was no point in waiting. He thought that Franco would do the same in his position, and he hoped that it was the last holiday she had to spend without her husband.

Brad and Wiley were coloring when there was a knock on the door. Brad opened the door to Michael, who was picking up Wiley for Thanksgiving at Sonny and Carly's in lieu of Bobbie. Michael commented that the family would love to have Brad there, but Brad explained that he wasn't feeling well and didn't want to get anyone else sick. Michael guessed that Brad didn't want to be there because of awkwardness over Brad going to Nelle's parole hearing. Michael insisted that Brad was family, and showing up would "go a long way." Brad declined for that night, and he wanted to be home when Lucas returned. He appreciated Michael picking up Wiley, and Michael left with Wiley.

Julian sat in his car outside Brad and Lucas' and said, "Sorry, Brad. You gave me no choice. If anyone is going down for what you did, it's you, not me." He pulled on a pair of gloves as he watched Michael leave with Wiley. When he realized that both Wiley and Lucas were "in the clear," he grabbed a pair of pliers and got out of the car. When he returned a few minutes later, he had a white wire in his hand. He took off his gloves and muttered, "Godspeed, Brad."

Later, Julian arrived at the hospital and asked a nurse to locate Lucas for him. He overheard Neil leaving a worried voicemail for Alexis and asked if everything was all right. Neil explained the situation and how he believed that Kendra was responsible for using rat poison to poison Alexis. Julian remembered seeing Kendra throwing something in the Dumpster, and he recognized the jar of supplement that Neil was holding. He remembered the dead rats showing up soon after Kendra had thrown the jar out in his Dumpster.

Brad was watching a Christmas movie when Lucas arrived home, surprising Brad. Lucas solemnly told Brad that he was sick of fighting, and Brad agreed. Lucas wanted and needed Brad to be honest and tell him what was going on. He promised they would get through it if Brad could just tell Lucas the truth.

Anna explained to Violet that, while there was no Thanksgiving in her country, she loved hosting her loved ones for the holiday in America. Violet ran off to draw, and Finn quietly revealed to Anna that he still hadn't been able to get in touch with Hayden. Maxie and Peter arrived, and Finn introduced Violet to the surprised couple. Violet pulled Maxie away to show off her drawings, and Anna expressed how happy she was to have Peter there.

Over drinks, Peter assumed that Anna had found Alex, but she answered that the trail had gone cold. Maxie approached and informed Anna that she and Peter were moving in together, and Anna was excited for them. Violet ran over to Finn and said that she couldn't find her doll. Finn looked through Violet's backpack and found the doll, but he also pulled out an envelope addressed to him. He gave the doll to Violet and sat down to read the letter. In the letter, Hayden explained that she was in trouble and couldn't take Violet with her, but she knew that Violet would be safe with him. She asked him not to go after her and to make sure Violet knew that Hayden loved her.

The doorbell rang, and Maxie wondered who it could be. Anna left to answer it, but she got sidetracked by Finn, who looked upset. He promised to tell her about it later, so she went to answer the door. She happily let Andre in and got him a drink, and she excused herself to talk to Finn. Maxie asked if Andre was working on anything interesting, and he revealed that Franco had decided to reverse the memory procedure, after all. Peter's jaw dropped as Maxie and Andre talked about the situation.

Anna sat down with Finn, who showed Hayden's letter to her. He kicked himself for not realizing that something had been wrong when Hayden had shown up with all of Violet's things. Anna thought that Hayden had to be in serious trouble to leave Violet behind. He wondered how he was supposed to explain it to Violet.

Carly was telling Donna about Thanksgiving when Sonny arrived with Mike. As Carly took their coats, Mike wondered what time his parents were going to arrive. She reminded him that his parents couldn't make it, but she and Sonny had promised to give him a great Thanksgiving. He looked at Donna and cooed over how cute she was. Sonny invited Mike to grab some appetizers and have a seat, so he did. Carly pulled Sonny aside and remarked on how disoriented Mike seemed, but Sonny insisted that they were going to enjoy the day as a family.

Sonny sat down with Mike and turned a football game on, and they talked about the pre-game player profiles. Mike remembered one about a player who talked about how many sacrifices his father had made for him in order to play. Mike wondered if Sonny had a good relationship with his own father, and Sonny sadly replied that, while they'd had hard times, their relationship was better. Mike was happy to hear it, as he believed in people telling their loved ones how they felt before they were gone.

Michael entered with Wiley, and Sonny and Carly went to greet them. They returned to the living room in shock and fear to find Mike holding a fussy Donna. Carly said that it was time for Donna's nap, and she took Donna from Mike. Mike sensed that he'd done something wrong, but he'd only wanted to hold the baby. Sonny insisted that it was all right, and he patted Mike's shoulder. Mike bellowed for Sonny to get off of him and pushed him into the appetizer table, knocking over the food and glasses.

Michael and Carly returned, and Michael offered to take Mike to his room upstairs. Carly agreed that a very upset Mike would feel better after a little rest. He agreed, and Michael ushered his grandfather upstairs. Carly promised to call Mike when dinner was ready, and they were gone. Carly assured Sonny that the kids were with Pilar. Sonny asked Carly to call Turning Woods, and he was going to drive Mike back. He believed that Mike wasn't safe in their home.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air

Friday, November 29, 2019

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on December 2, 2019, and picked up where the Thursday, November 28 episode concluded.

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