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Finn fantasized about A Christmas Carol. Sam was paroled in time for Christmas. Sonny invited his cousin to spend Christmas with the family. Tracy was not pleased with the changes that Monica had made to the mansion. Anna found a link between Peter and the latest hit man sent to kill Andre. Jordan received bad news about an old friend.
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Tracy was not pleased with the changes that Monica had made to the mansion
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Finn sees himself as Ebenezer Scrooge

Finn sees himself as Ebenezer Scrooge

Monday, December 23, 2019

Many of the citizens of Port Charles gathered at General Hospital for a Christmas party. Monica read 'Twas the Night before Christmas to the deeply engrossed children and adults. As soon as it was over, Finn wanted to rush out and get home, although Anna wanted to stay and hang out. She pointed out that Violet was having a good time.

Tracy was anxious to leave, even though Ned, Brook Lynn, Monica, and Michael tried to assure her that there was more to the holiday than just writing checks. Brook Lynn thought Tracy would have changed, and Monica pointed out that they had their family legacy. Maxie, who was with Peter and James, invited Finn and Anna to a party at the Floating Rib. Finn declined, citing that he wanted to keep things simple while Violet was without her mother. Liesl thought it was a good time to ignore their differences.

Anna showed Finn how social Violet was with the other little children, but Finn didn't want to "chug eggnog" and hear stories about a fat man going down the chimney. He double-checked the time on his watch. Robert sauntered over with Violet, and Anna took the little girl away quickly after Violet asked what Finn had said. Robert called Finn a scrooge as he tucked a candy cane into Finn's breast pocket.

Just then, Curtis stepped off the elevator and announced that the roads were closed due to the storm. No one would be able to leave. Monica urged Michael to fetch her another book, and she gathered the children again for a reading of A Christmas Carol.

As Monica began to read, Finn realized that he wasn't full of Christmas cheer and was just like Scrooge. He spotted Tracy with her family. Tracy admitted that she felt his sentiment exactly, and the two shared a hug. Both Finn and Tracy agreed that Christmas was merely a "retail bonanza," and Anna declared that the two deserved each other.

The scene changed as Monica read. Scrooge (Finn) was in his office, working with Bob Cratchit (Franco) on Christmas Eve. His nephew Fred (Peter) dropped by and invited Scrooge to his house. "Bah, humbug!" Scrooge exclaimed. He continued to write in his ledger as he mimicked Fred's cheeriness and declined his invitation. Church bells rang. Mr. Porter (Curtis) arrived to ask for donations for the poor, but Scrooge suggested that it might be better for some of the poor to die in order to decrease the population.

The clock chimed, and Scrooge was perturbed over his workday being cut short by his visitors' interruptions. Cratchit asked to have Christmas Day off, and Scrooge reluctantly agreed, although he wanted Cratchit back to work early the following day.

Later, Scrooge left work and shouted at the children (Violet and Leo) who stood nearby, asking for money. He returned home and enjoyed a feast in bed. His maid (Monica) entered the bedroom and suggested that perhaps Scrooge's house had grown too big for him. He dismissed her, and she collected the remnants of dinner as Scrooge licked his fingers.

Scrooge was fast asleep when the clock struck midnight. A ghostly woman (Tracy) called out to Scrooge. It was his former partner, who was wrapped in chains. She told him he had a chance of escaping the same fate as hers after he received visits from three spirits, all at midnight, and he would have no hope without them. She disappeared as Scrooge begged her to stay.

At the hospital, Monica continued to read the story. Anna asked Chase if his family was to blame for Finn's attitude. Chase said no, although he mentioned the sleigh bells that were always attached to the front door. Violet announced that the story was getting scary, and she asked Finn to sit with her.

Back in Scrooge's bedroom, he awoke with a laugh. Suddenly, the clock chimed midnight again, and the Ghost of Christmas Past (Josslyn) appeared. She was dressed in white, and she told him to walk with her. Scrooge quickly put on his robe and grabbed the ghost's hand. They disappeared and reappeared at a holiday party in the past. The host of the part, Fezziwig (Ned) welcomed everyone. Scrooge spotted his younger self (Chase) and Dick Wilkins (Michael).

Belle (Willow) walked over to Scrooge and kissed him. Present-day Scrooge revealed that she had been the love of his life. He marveled at the parties that Fezziwig had always thrown and watched as Belle tried to get the younger Scrooge to dance with her. Scrooge refused and announced that he wanted to get back to work. Fezziwig attempted to get him to stay, and Belle left to dance with Dick instead.

The scene changed, and Belle and Scrooge were in Scrooge's office. Belle snapped that she would be unable to marry Scrooge because all he ever did was work. Present-day Scrooge cried out that he wanted to go home, but the scene changed again to a snowy park. An older Belle (Anna) walked with another man (Robert) who mentioned that he had seen Scrooge working. Belle wasn't surprised that he was all alone. Again, Scrooge demanded to go home.

Scrooge was asleep again but awoke to the chiming of the clock at midnight. The Ghost of Christmas Present (Liesl) appeared. She was dressed in a mostly green gown with white fur trim. Scrooge disclosed that he wanted to profit by learning. He touched the ghost's gown, and they were suddenly at his nephew Fred's house. Fred was with his wife, Mr. Porter, and Porter's wife. They played a game of charades and made fun of Scrooge. They shared a toast.

As Monica continued to read the story, a scared-looking Violet snuggled closer to Finn.

Scrooge and the ghost found themselves at Cratchit's house, where they peered through the window. Cratchit was with his wife (Elizabeth) and sons (Cameron and Jake), and Scrooge saw how happy they were, even though they only had a small goose for dinner. Scrooge believed the wages he paid could have provided for more. "Do you?" the ghost asked.

Cratchit toasted Scrooge, but Mrs. Cratchit spoke ill of her husband's boss. The family sat around the table. "God bless us, every one," Tiny Tim said before he broke out in a coughing spell. Scrooge wondered if the little boy would live, but the ghost admitted that she saw an empty seat and the crutch standing alone in the future. She reminded Scrooge of his earlier words to Porter that it would be better for some of the poor to die. She stated that Tiny Tim would live for a brief time, but the present was fleeting. She disappeared.

As the clocked chimed midnight again, Scrooge covered his ears. The wind kicked up, and the room grew darker. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Ava) arrived dressed in black. She was silent.

At the hospital, Ned asked Tracy if she thought the story was getting too scary for the children, but she assured him the kids loved it.

The ghost beckoned to Scrooge, but he began to cry. He feared her and what he would see. They arrived at a cemetery, where he saw his nephew Fred and Fred's wife. They spoke about no one showing up for the funeral, but they agreed that Scrooge had been a miser. "Good riddance," they both agreed. Scrooge asked the ghost why they would say that, and she banged her staff.

Scrooge's maid presented another woman (Brook Lynn) with a bag full of goods taken from Scrooge's home. They laughed that there had been no one to give them to. Scrooge was beside himself as they traveled to Cratchit's house. They watched as the older Cratchit son cheered up his mother. He told her that the man they had owed a debt to had died, so they had a chance to catch up.

Cratchit returned home and disclosed that he had been to Tiny Tim's grave in order to wish him a merry Christmas. The family shared a hug, and Scrooge grew upset. He wanted to change his future. He and the ghost ended up at Scrooge's grave, and the ghost pointed to it. Scrooge looked around and called out for the good spirit. He stated that he wanted to change. As the ghost drew closer, Scrooge plunged into the newly dug grave site.

Present-day Scrooge woke up as his maid drew open the curtains. Scrooge was ecstatic to learn that it was still Christmas Day, and he hadn't missed it. He jumped up and kissed the shocked woman. He rushed outside and saw the same two children collecting money. He gave them each a coin and asked them to fetch a turkey for him.

Scrooge ran to his nephew's house next. He went inside and wished Fred, his wife, and Mr. and Mrs. Porter a merry Christmas. He informed Fred that he wanted to talk about Fred's inheritance, and he apologized to Porter for his previous communication. Scrooge wanted to establish a regular contribution to charity.

The Cratchit home was Scrooge's next stop. He gave them the turkey and tipped the man who had carried it for him. He made another apology, and he told Cratchit that Cratchit was long overdue for a raise. He planned on doubling Cratchit's salary. He added that he didn't want Cratchit to return to work until after the New Year.

Tiny Tim invited Scrooge to stay for dinner, and he accepted. They all held hands, and Tim recited, "God bless us, every one."

At the hospital, Monica concluded the story. She added that Scrooge had ended up being like a second father to Tiny Tim. Finn and Violet listened intently, and everyone applauded. Curtis returned to announce that the storm was over and the roads reopened. Tracy revealed that she wanted to stay and help out as Ned and Michael exchanged amused looks.

Anna told Finn they could leave, but he suggested they attend Mac and Felicia's party at the Floating Rib instead. Anna wondered if he'd seen himself in the story as Ebenezer Scrooge, but Finn declared that he had seen it through the eyes of a first-time father. He added that Christmas was about love, charity, and joy. Anna thought it was a good thought for all year round. "God bless us, every one," Violet declared from her father's arms.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Due to the Christmas holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episode as a result. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, December 26, and picked up where the Monday, December 23, episode concluded.

MERRY CHRISTMAS: General Hospital did not air

MERRY CHRISTMAS: General Hospital did not air

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Due to the Christmas holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episode as a result. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, December 26, and picked up where the Monday, December 23, episode concluded.

Anna finds proof connecting Peter and David

Anna finds proof connecting Peter and David

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Sonny entered Turning Woods and found Mike in his hat and coat, ready to leave. Gladys appeared and told Mike that it was time to leave. Sonny demanded to know what she was doing there, and she replied that, as his cousin, she was allowed to take him out. She wanted to reconnect with family, but Sonny wondered if her sudden appearance had to do with their agreement. She muttered that she'd been getting her payments on time.

Mike invited Sonny to the track with them, and Sonny was appalled that that was where Gladys was taking Mike. She confided that Mike was unable to see Yvonne, and he'd needed a distraction. As Sonny went to ask at the desk about where Yvonne was, Marcus entered. Mike yelled that Marcus had been the one to take Yvonne away, and Sonny got Mike in a chair so that he could talk to Marcus. Marcus was apologetic that he hadn't called Sonny, but he hadn't realized that Mike was so far gone that he wouldn't remember the situation.

Marcus revealed that Yvonne was unable to feed herself or take her medicine, so she was in the hospital for a feeding tube. "You're making a terrible mistake," Gladys suddenly chimed in as Sonny went over to Mike. He assured Mike that Yvonne was a little sick, so she was in the hospital, but she would be back. As Sonny returned, Gladys was explaining to Marcus that Yvonne not eating was voluntary, and she wanted "death with dignity." Marcus spat that it was none of her business, and he stalked off to get some of Yvonne's things.

Sonny advised Gladys to keep her mouth shut, but she explained that her best friend, Dot, had had Alzheimer's. Dot had stopped eating, and she'd told Gladys while alone together that she was "done." Gladys had tried to tell Dot's family about Dot's wishes, but they'd gotten her a feeding tube, and Gladys concluded that it had been a "miserable death." She was relieved that her friend was at peace, but she missed Dot.

Marcus returned with some of Yvonne's things, and Mike asked if Marcus could take him to see Yvonne. Marcus replied that she couldn't see anyone yet, but he promised to take her back to Turning Woods soon. When Marcus was gone, Sonny suggested that Mike rest up for Christmas caroling later. He agreed and took off his hat and coat. Sonny expressed his sympathy for the loss of Gladys' friend, and Gladys sighed that she wouldn't be spending the holidays with anyone. Mike suggested that Sonny invite Gladys over for Christmas, and Sonny begrudgingly invited Gladys over for the holiday.

Cameron and Jake arrived at the park with arms full of coats to donate to the coat drive that Maxie and Peter were helping with. Maxie thanked them for the donation, and Jake related that they were blessed, since Franco had returned. Maxie revealed that Peter was in part responsible for Franco's return, but she and Cameron insisted that it was too long of a story. When the boys left, Maxie apologized if she'd made him feel awkward, but she was proud of him for being a hero. He replied that he wasn't proud to have taken a man's life.

Maxie hoped that whoever had hired the gunman would get caught and go to prison for life. She continued that Jason probably wouldn't rest until he found out who the person was that wanted Andre and Drew dead, but she had faith that he would figure it out. Changing gears, she handed him a gift bag, and he was touched to find a stocking with his name on it. He admitted that he'd never had one, and Maxie welcomed him to the family with a hug and a kiss.

Julian arrived at the park and bumped into Brook Lynn, who asked about Lucas. He updated her on Lucas being moved to a long-term care facility, and she urged Julian to focus on the good things, like Wiley and Leo. She wondered, "How did you and Olivia happen?" He explained that they'd both had a bad night, and they'd eventually worked out co-parenting. Brook Lynn revealed that she was the one who'd cared for Leo when Olivia hadn't wanted Julian to find out about the boy, so she had lots of pictures and videos of Leo from all the time that Julian had missed.

A few minutes later, Julian was watching the videos, and Brook Lynn promised to send them to him. He commented that, next to Lucas waking up, the pictures and videos were the best gift he could get. He was grateful for her role in the lives of his kids, and she angrily demanded to know how he could have thought that she was a hooker. She stormed by Peter and Maxie, who remarked, "Still here?" She introduced Peter to Brook Lynn and not-so-subtly bragged about her life. "I get it, you have a perfect life," Brook Lynn spat. "God help you," Brook Lynn directed at Peter, and she stormed off. Maxie briefly enlightened Peter about her history with Brook Lynn. She added that it took her a long time to forgive, but when she did, she did it "all the way."

At home, Franco was upset to learn that he'd slept with Kim. Franco insisted that he would never do that to Elizabeth, and she assured him that she knew that he hadn't been in control of his body. She mentioned that Kim had kept trying to convince her that Franco was gone. Franco wanted to confront Kim, and he wondered what Julian had had to say. Elizabeth divulged that Kim had left town, and she and Julian had broken up. Elizabeth insisted that she didn't blame him, and she urged him not to beat himself up.

Cameron and Jake returned home, carrying a Christmas tree. Jake ran to Franco and gave him a big hug. He told Franco that he'd drawn a picture for Franco every day that he'd been gone, and he showed some of his sketchbook to Franco. He added that they weren't going to have Christmas unless Franco returned home. Franco hugged the boys until they got up to decorate the tree. Franco apologized for being away, but Jake knew that Franco had just been trying to make sure that they could "keep Cameron."

Elizabeth reminded Jake and Cameron to make their Christmas lists, but Jake replied that they'd already gotten what they'd wanted. Cameron added that the night was a perfect except for the fact that he couldn't get out of his community service. A short while later, Cameron descended the stairs in a vest and tie, lamenting that he had to be "Santa's helper" for his community service, and Elizabeth took a picture. Elizabeth informed Franco that Liesl's feelings would be hurt if Franco didn't get in touch with her. He decided to go see Liesl and Scott the next day, as he was happy being at home. He took Elizabeth in his arms and kissed her, and Cameron took a picture of them.

Anna compared Peter and David's papers and realized that they'd been at a company called Eurotech at the same time. Finn descended the stairs, talking about Violet, when he noticed the look on Anna's face. She told him about her find, and he was sorry that she hadn't found anything exonerating Peter. He thought that the police needed to know, but Violet interrupted their conversation, asking if Hayden would be back in time for Christmas.

Anna retrieved something from under the tree and handed Violet a stocking with her name on it. Violet was excited to have her stocking next to Roxy's, but she wondered if Hayden would get one, too. Finn assured his daughter that Hayden loved her more than anything, and she likely had a really good reason for being away from Violet for so long. He continued that Hayden had sent Violet a gift, and he handed her a wrapped package from under the tree. She opened it to find a jewelry-making kit, and Finn set her up with it at the desk.

Finn wanted to figure out what to tell Violet if Hayden wasn't back before New Year's, as he had no idea where she was, or when she was returning. Anna advised him to just assure Violet that he loved her and would always be there for her. Returning to their previous conversation, Finn wondered what Anna was going to do about the information she'd found out about Peter. She wanted a day to sleep on it, but he thought it was her way of holding onto the secret. She accused him of sounding like Robert, but he insisted that he was always on her side.

At the hospital, Brad wondered where Wiley was, and Michael answered that the boy was with Willow. Michael assured Brad that he could take Wiley home if Brad wasn't up to seeing his son, but Brad insisted on seeing Wiley. A nurse approached Brad with paperwork for Lucas' transfer, and Michael offered to get Wiley while Brad filled out the paperwork.

A wheelchair-bound Nelle remarked on how adorable Wiley was, and she told Willow about how she'd lost her own baby. She asked to hold Wiley, but Willow didn't want to make things worse for an injured Nelle. Nelle had finally convinced Willow to place Wiley on her lap when Michael rushed in and grabbed Wiley. He didn't blame Willow for not knowing, but he informed Willow that the woman in the wheelchair was Nelle. She took the blanket off of her arm and revealed that she was cuffed to the wheelchair.

Nelle wondered if Michael was concerned about her health, and she told him about her attack. Nelle's guard approached, and he demanded to know why Nelle had been left unsupervised. The guard insisted that she always had eyes on Nelle and that she'd been arranging Nelle's transfer back to Pentonville. "The sooner, the better," Michael spat, and he walked away. Willow apologized and couldn't believe that she hadn't recognized Nelle's manipulation.

Michael, Willow, and Wiley had reached Brad, who took Wiley from Michael. Michael informed Brad that Nelle was there, but Brad revealed that he hadn't wanted to tell the family, since he knew how they felt about his friendship with the woman. He didn't want to think about Nelle anymore, as he was trying to figure out how to care for Wiley without Lucas around. Michael advised that Brad didn't have to take Wiley home yet, but Brad insisted. Michael and Willow instructed Brad to call one of them if he needed anything.

Tracy arrived at the door of the Quartermaine mansion and entered with her luggage. She looked around at the renovated house as she walked around, completely appalled at what she saw. She called out for Ned, Olivia, and Monica, but it was Brook Lynn who descended the stairs. Brook Lynn greeted her grandmother, who demanded to know what had happened to the house. "It's great, isn't it?" Brook Lynn replied enthusiastically.

After sparring with Nelle, Sam is summoned to see the warden

After sparring with Nelle, Sam is summoned to see the warden

Friday, December 27, 2019

At Rice Plaza, Josslyn told Dev about American Christmas, and he replied with the history of Saint Nicholas. Trina took a picture of Cameron in his vest and tie, and she thought he looked handsome. Cameron wanted to be home, celebrating Franco being home, so he just wanted to finish with his community service. As a child was lifted off of Santa Curtis' lap, Jordan greeted him. Leo arrived with Ned and Olivia, and Leo showed Curtis his long list. Curtis reminded Leo that the true spirit of Christmas meant that it was better to give than to receive. "I love you, Santa!" Leo said, and he hugged Curtis.

Jason arrived with Scout and Danny, and he set Scout down on Curtis' lap. Scout asked for Sam to be home for Christmas. Curtis replied that he might not be able to make that happen, but he handed her a "magic candy cane." He explained that every time Scout licked the candy cane, she would remember happy and fun times with her mother, and Sam would remember the same events at the same time. Danny told Jason that they had to finish their gifts for Sam. Curtis asked Jason to tell Sam hello for him, and Jason led the kids away.

Trina greeted Dev and Josslyn, and Dev walked away to get them some drinks. Trina wondered if Josslyn was going to "make Dev's Christmas wish come true." She informed Josslyn that Dev obviously had a crush on Josslyn, but Josslyn didn't believe it. Jason got some hot chocolate for the kids and told them that they would go home and decorate once Alexis got there. Alexis arrived a few minutes later, and Jordan expressed sympathy for Sam's situation. She added that there were still things to be grateful for, and Alexis regretted that she had been blessed at Lucas' expense. Jordan insisted that the police were committed to understanding what had happened.

Cameron asked Dev what Turkey was like and if there were people who missed Dev. Dev replied that he had everything he needed where he was. Josslyn and Trina approached, and Josslyn said that her parents were expecting her and Dev, so they left. Jason answered his phone, told someone he was "on it," and hung up. Alexis arrived, and Jason asked her to get the kids home. She replied that the kids needed him, but he insisted that everything he was doing was for the kids. He assured Danny and Scout that he would be home before their bedtime, and he left.

As the last of the children left Santa, Jordan approached Curtis. He informed her that things were "winding down," but their conversation was interrupted when Jordan's phone rang. "Is this Commissioner Jordan Ashford?" Jordan heard when she picked up. A few minutes later, Jordan hung up, and she told Curtis that an old friend of hers had passed away. She was shocked, but she wanted to cherish what was in front of her. Later, Curtis was back in his street clothes, and he and Jordan left.

Trina got Cameron some hot chocolate, and she remarked on how handsome he looked in the picture she'd taken. She figured that all the girls in school would be there to see him as soon as she posted it. He chased her around the plaza, begging her to delete the picture. She deleted it and insisted that she always had his back.

Sam was reading the Christmas cards from her kids when Nelle returned to the cell, escorted by a guard. Nelle insisted that she needed to be in the infirmary, but the guard thought that she would be fine. Nelle saw what Sam was doing and went on and on about how much Sam had to miss her kids and that Nelle would probably get parole before Sam. Sam slammed her chair on the floor and yelled for Nelle to "shut your mouth before I shut it for you."

The guard returned, and Nelle immediately began to tattle on Sam for "threatening" her. The guard was there for Sam, who the warden wanted to see. "You're a bitch," Sam muttered angrily to Nelle as she left the cell. Later, the guard returned to gather Sam's things, and Nelle haughtily asked if Sam had been moved to solitary confinement. "Not exactly," the guard replied, and he informed a shocked Nelle that Sam had gotten paroled. When he was gone, Nelle pulled a board entitled "Nelle's Aspirations for 2020" out from under her mattress. She looked at the pictures on the board, many of which were mothers with their young sons.

Alexis, Danny, and Scout were decorating the apartment when Jason arrived. He revealed that he'd been working on a Christmas surprise, and Sam entered behind him. She hugged her kids as Alexis cried. Alexis decided to let the family be together. She hugged Sam and expressed her love for the family, "even you," referring to Jason. She vowed to never question Jason's errands again, and she left. The family continued to decorate together. Scout was happy that Santa had gotten her what she'd wanted, and Danny didn't care if he got any other gifts. Sam bet that there were more for him. The four gathered in front of the tree and embraced as Sam wiped away tears.

Tracy chided Monica for renovating the house, so Monica reminded Tracy that Alan had given the house to Monica. Monica put the focus on the tree, and she hoped Olivia liked it. Brook Lynn explained to Tracy that Christmas was the one holiday that Olivia had agreed to have Monica decorate for. Michael and Sasha entered with gifts, and Michael was surprised to see Tracy. A few minutes later, he and Brook Lynn figured that Tracy was there to either "lie low" or for a takeover, and they both picked the second option. Brook Lynn warned Michael to watch his back.

Tracy expressed sympathy for Monica's losses of Oscar and Drew, and Monica talked about the wonderful legacy they'd left behind. Tracy commented on the problem with probating the will, but Monica insisted that Ned and Michael were taking care of it. On cue, Ned arrived home with Olivia and Leo. Ned hugged his mother, and she explained that she'd needed "a dose of family mayhem."

Later, Monica got the family together and handed out cups of punch. She explained that she wanted to begin a new tradition of singing together. The family members liked the idea, and they toasted to the holiday. Brook Lynn asked Leo about his visit with Santa, and he told her that he'd asked for everything on the list she'd helped him make. She advised him to always "aim high," and an amused Sasha observed that negotiation seemed to be a family trait. Leo continued that Olivia had told him not to be greedy, but he hoped that he got everything on his list. Michael called him a "true Quartermaine."

Tracy cornered Michael and asked about ELQ. Brook Lynn responded that all divisions were "in the black," and they were making money while being kind to the environment. Tracy thought they would be making more money if they didn't focus on the environment. Ned suggested that they table the business talk until after Christmas, but Tracy told Brook Lynn that ELQ was her livelihood. She asked Michael if he was looking for a junior executive, as Brook Lynn would probably never make money from singing. Michael revealed that his parents were expecting him and Sasha, so the two left.

Olivia suggested that Ned get his guitar, so he left the room. He took the opportunity to call Jason and ask if he and the kids would visit for caroling. Jason revealed that they were going to stay put at home with Sam. Jason thanked Ned, and Ned was just glad that the parole board had agreed that Sam was an excellent candidate for parole. When Ned was off the phone, Tracy disgustedly asked why he was doing favors for Jason, as that could cause Ned some trouble. Ned replied that a lot had happened since Tracy had been gone. A short while later, Ned returned with his guitar, and the family sang "The First Noel" together.

At Turning Woods, Gladys walked off to get some cookies as Carly arrived from settling Lucas in. She hoped Sonny didn't mind that Brad and Bobbie were attending their Christmas celebration. Sonny hoped that she would put up with a guest of his in return. Gladys returned and informed Carly that Sonny had invited her to stay for Christmas, and Sonny added that he hadn't been able to say no to Mike.

Sonny, Carly, and Gladys arrived home, and Gladys thought it was nice to see how well cared for Dev was. Sonny made drinks for himself and Gladys, and Carly went to check on Donna and Avery. Sonny reminded Gladys that she was just someone he paid for a service. Just then, Josslyn and Dev returned home, and Gladys ran up to Dev and hugged him. Dev revealed that he had some gifts to finish wrapping, and he went upstairs. Carly returned, having put the girls to bed, and she had also made up the guest room for Gladys.

A suspicious Josslyn informed Gladys that she and Josslyn weren't family, and Gladys didn't have to keep pretending to be Dev's grandmother. Gladys appreciated the family sharing their home, as she would otherwise be home alone, looking at pictures of her son. "I remember it like it was yesterday," she said, and she started to get upset. She decided that she needed some air, and she went out on the terrace. Sonny advised Josslyn that the less Gladys knew, the better, as they didn't want to give the woman any more power. Josslyn apologized and explained that she just couldn't stand the "phony acting."

Outside, Gladys told someone on the phone how much she missed them. She regretted the terrible things she'd said, and she wished things were different. As she hung up, Sonny emerged from the house. Gladys admitted that she'd been paying Brando's phone bills since he'd died so that she could hear his voice on the voicemail message. She hated that he'd died thinking that she was mad at him, and Sonny admitted that he knew the feeling. He offered to make her another drink, and the two went inside.

Dev descended the stairs with an armful of gifts, and he put them under the tree. As Carly entered with some cookies, Dev wondered how the carolers got past the guards. "We don't have those," Carly informed him, and he was disappointed that carolers were an American Christmas myth. Josslyn and Dev went outside, and Josslyn jokingly pointed out Santa in the sky. Dev noticed that there was something moving in the sky. Josslyn ran inside as Michael and Sasha arrived, and she insisted that they'd just seen Santa. She beckoned everyone outside, and the family looked up, amazed.

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