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Marcus Taggert returned to Port Charles. Spinelli shared good news with Maxie. Nelle revealed that she was Shiloh's widow -- and out on parole. Neil paid a high price for his relationship with Alexis. Dustin and Brook Lynn had history. Tracy warned Ned that ELQ was in jeopardy. Laura had plans for the waterfront district and the piers.
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Nelle revealed she was Shiloh's widow, out on parole, and laying claim to ELQ stock
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Maxie gets a surprise

Maxie gets a surprise

Monday, January 13, 2020

Tracy happened upon Brook Lynn in the Quartermaine living room, and Brook Lynn happily informed her grandmother that Nikolas was alive. She added that he cared about how she was doing, which nobody else seemed to do. Ned and Michael arrived, and Ned wondered if his daughter would be at the ELQ shareholders meeting that night. Tracy was angry at being kept out of the loop, as she was Dillon's official proxy while he was away. Michael informed her that they had to vote on what to do with Oscar's shares and that ideas would be presented at the meeting.

Brook Lynn chimed in that she had a "big announcement," and she told her family that she'd officially changed her last name from Ashton to Quartermaine. Ned congratulated and hugged his daughter, but Michael wondered if it had anything to do with her show that night at the Floating Rib. He let her know that changing her name wouldn't void the contractual obligations she had. An angry Brook Lynn excused herself and stormed out.

Michael mentioned that he wouldn't be there for the meeting prep, and Tracy demanded to know what was more important. Michael told her about Shiloh's memorial service and that he wanted to be there to support Kristina and Willow. Tracy implied that he was neglecting ELQ, but he ignored her and left. Ned wondered about Tracy's new interest in ELQ, and she insisted that she just wanted to make sure that the company was in good hands. He didn't believe her, so she told him that, while she wasn't making a play for ELQ, someone else was.

At Alexis', Sam was on the phone with Jason, and he told her that he was meeting up with Michael at Metro Court before the memorial service. As Alexis entered, Sam informed him that she was visiting Maxie, and they could get some food at Metro Court, as bumping into each other wasn't forbidden. When she hung up the phone, Alexis demanded to know what Sam was thinking. Sam disclosed that she and Jason might not need to be discreet much longer, as they were working on a deal with Robert to deliver a "bigger fish." Sam added that the details were confidential, and she was interrupted by the doorbell.

Alexis let Neil in the house, and Sam left to give them space. Alexis was glad to see him, since he'd been with his brother's family over the holidays. She admitted that she'd missed him, but she was only met with awkward silence. She called him on it and insisted that he talk to her. "Something happened while I was away," he confessed, and she assumed that he'd met someone else. He clarified that, because of her, he was losing his medical license.

Robert arrived at Anna's and asked for David's file, which she retrieved for him. He made his usual comments about Peter being disingenuous, and Anna admitted that she had questions about the night Peter had killed David. She told Robert about Jason's theory, but she claimed that she hadn't found a link between Peter and David. He made her promise that, if he was right about Peter, she needed to "stand clear." She wondered if Robert would admit it if he was wrong about Peter. "No proof, no case," he replied, and she figured that she would take what she could get. He left with the file, and she retrieved a few papers she'd kept behind and hid them in a book.

At Crimson, Maxie ranted about running the magazine by herself until Nina had returned and started micromanaging. She realized that he hadn't been listening, and he apologized, as he'd had a "draining" day at the office. He proposed having dinner at Metro Court, and she promised to meet him as soon as she was done with the rest of her work. He thought about his last meeting with Anna as he left the office.

A few minutes later, Maxie heard the elevator doors open, and she called out, "Back so soon?" thinking it was Peter. "We couldn't stay away!" Spinelli replied as Georgie rushed in to hug her mother. Maxie was ecstatic to see them and wondered why they hadn't told her about the visit. Spinelli revealed that Ellie was in the final round of interviews for a local job, so they were being "cautiously enthusiastic." She talked about going after a better opportunity, even if it was scary, and Spinelli asked if she was leaving Crimson. Maxie confided that she wasn't sure.

At Metro Court, Elizabeth and Franco shared a date night, and she expressed how blessed she felt to have him back. She admitted that she was still shocked that Nikolas was back, and he joked that he was thrilled to have her ex-boyfriend back in town. She insisted that she'd missed Franco every minute he'd been gone, and he wondered what Drew had been like. Just then, he noticed Elizabeth look behind him, and he turned to see Jason. Franco remarked that he'd heard that he and Jason had bonded while he'd been Drew, but Jason maintained that it hadn't been Franco.

Elizabeth informed Franco that Jason had helped to change "Drew's" mind about having the procedure, and Franco commented that he owed Jason his life. He spotted Peter enter the restaurant and added that he also owed Peter. He called Peter a hero, but Peter insisted that he wasn't and that being the center of attention made him uncomfortable. Elizabeth wanted to have Peter and Maxie over for dinner, so he told her to let him know when. He looked at his phone and saw that Maxie had decided that she wanted Noodle Buddha for dinner instead, so he left.

Franco remarked on how awkward Peter had acted, and then he started in on Jason. Elizabeth scolded him and warned that if he made a habit of talking down on Jason, he could slip up in front of Jake. He wondered again what he'd been like as Drew, and Elizabeth fished a phone out of her purse. She revealed that he'd recorded a video before the procedure for Franco to watch at his leisure. He admitted that he was terrified to watch it, and she promised that it would be there for whenever he was ready.

Sam arrived at Crimson and was happy to see Spinelli. He updated her on the reason for their visit, and she hoped that everything worked out so that they stayed in town. Peter returned, and Spinelli excused himself and Georgie to get checked into the hotel. He promised to catch up soon, and they left. Maxie invited Sam to join her and Peter for dinner, but Sam had just gotten a text from Olivia saying that the kids wanted to go home. Sam suggested a rain check, and she glared at Peter before she left. Peter proposed takeout for dinner on the couch with a movie, and Maxie happily agreed.

Jason and Michael met at the Metro Court bar, and Michael told him about Tracy acting strangely about ELQ. He added that she'd accused him of neglecting the company in favor of going to a memorial service for someone he'd hated. Jason reminded Michael that he didn't have to go, but Michael wanted to support Kristina and Willow. Jason surmised that whoever had planned the memorial service had an agenda, and Michael agreed.

At the Floating Rib, Dustin sympathized as Lulu talked about how emotional her week had been. She apologized for unloaded on him, and she was glad that she hadn't yet scared him off. "Impossible," he answered. She proposed that they "get out of here" and go back to his place, and he clarified that she was ready after all of the "emotional upheaval" she'd been experiencing. She appreciated him checking with her, and she insisted that she was happy with him. They shared a kiss, and he got up to close their tab.

As Lulu got up from the table, someone bumped right into her, spilling a drink all over her. Brook Lynn apologized profusely until she saw that she'd bumped into Lulu, and she growled at Lulu to watch where she was going. She suggested that Lulu buy her a replacement drink, and Lulu shot back that Brook Lynn shouldn't hold her breath waiting for it. Lulu remarked that she'd known something would "ruin it for me," and Brook Lynn realized that Lulu was on a date. She badgered Lulu about going to the "dive" for a date, so Lulu wondered why Brook Lynn was there. She replied that she had a performance that night, and Lulu taunted her about how far she'd fallen. She stalked off to Dustin so she could enjoy her date, and she told him what had happened.

Brook Lynn set up the stage and muttered to herself about not letting Lulu get to her. She insisted that no one could stop her, until a man walked up behind her and asked, "Wanna bet?" Her manager informed her that he'd been around meeting with other artists and scoping out local talent, and he'd been surprised to see that she was performing. He grabbed her arm and warned her that she would be in breach of contract if she performed, and he would sue her for everything she had.

Brook Lynn knew that her manager had more successful clients than her, so she suggested he leave her alone. He moved his hand to her backside and told her that he wanted more "collaboration." "Collaborate this!" she yelled, and she punched him in the face. Everyone present watched as she warned him not to touch her again. He grabbed for her again, but Lulu lunged at him and screamed at him to get his hands off of Brook Lynn. Dustin pulled the manager away and pinned him against a wall, yelling about how clearly no one had ever taught him not to put his hands on a woman. "Dusty?" Brook Lynn questioned, recognizing Dustin. "Brook Lynn?" Dustin replied, shocking Lulu.

Laura has a proposal for Ned

Laura has a proposal for Ned

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

At the Floating Rib, Brook Lynn demanded that her producer, Linc, never touch her again, but he grabbed at her. Lulu yelled at him to get off of Brook Lynn, and Dustin grabbed Linc and slammed him against the wall. Brook Lynn and Dustin recognized each other, shocking Lulu. Linc informed Brook Lynn that she could call herself whatever she wanted, but he owned her. Brook Lynn went back on stage and insisted that she had a show to do, and Lulu added that Brook Lynn could sue him for sexual assault. Linc added that if Brook Lynn wouldn't deliver on the contract, she would need to "use your mouth for something other than music." Dustin punched Linc square in the face, and Linc went down immediately.

At Metro Court, Chase checked in with Jordan by phone and informed her that he was on his way to Shiloh's memorial service. She advised him to be careful, and he promised to shut it down if it got too "culty" or if anyone "of interest" showed up. Jason entered as Chase hung up, and Chase hoped that Jason or Sonny would keep the PCPD informed if anything else happened related to the truck hijacking.

At the Metro Court bar, Michael wondered if Willow wanted something stronger than tea, but she wanted to be sober for the memorial service. She vowed to be the voice for all the people Shiloh had hurt, and Michael assured her that she had plenty of backup. He added that he wouldn't blame her if she changed her mind about going, as Kristina already had. Jason and Chase approached the two, and Jason added that Sam wouldn't be there, either, as Diane thought it better for Sam to steer clear. Jason also feared that someone would target Sam. Jason admitted that he was more interested in finding out who had framed Sam.

A few minutes later, Chase returned from a phone call and revealed that he was needed for police business. He made sure that Willow would be all right without him, and he left. A few minutes later, Michael, Jason, and Willow arrived at the memorial service. Daisy greeted them and handed them programs, and Willow wondered if Daisy had planned the service. In reply, Daisy only asked them to sign the guestbook and donate, and she walked away.

Harmony arrived, and she went to stand in the back with Michael, Jason, and Willow. Harmony told Willow how much she loved her job in the memory care unit at Turning Woods. Harmony noticed Jason looking around and questioned him about it. He answered that he was looking for whoever had arranged to have Shiloh broken out of custody, and Harmony wondered if Willow was in danger.

Daisy began the service and cried as she talked about celebrating their leader. She asked if anyone else wanted to share some memories, and Willow chimed in that she would. She walked to the front of the room and related that she knew how much Shiloh had meant to everyone in the room. However, she talked about how he'd only wanted their money, bodies, and power. She insisted that they'd never needed Shiloh, and they were free without him. Talking to the picture of him, she spat, "Rot in hell, you son of a bitch." "Enough!" someone called out, and a woman in a black veil got up to talk about her special bond with Shiloh. "He was my husband," she said as she took the veil off to reveal that it was Nelle.

At the Floating Rib, Dustin, Linc, Lulu, and Brook Lynn were fighting when Chase burst in with backup to break it up. Brook Lynn grabbed a bottle and aimed for Linc, but she hit Chase instead. A few minutes later, all four were handcuffed as an employee swept up glass. Brook Lynn and Linc both traded insults and threats of lawsuits. A disappointed Chase asked Lulu how she'd gotten involved, and she explained that she and Dustin had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Chase revealed that he had to take all four of them in to the station.

At Metro Court, Curtis looked down at his texts and saw that Jordan hadn't responded to his reminders about dinner. A few minutes later, a waiter dropped off Curtis' takeout as Curtis put in a call to Stella. He asked for relationship advice and told her about the death of Jordan's friend and how she was reluctant to open up about it. He wished that Stella was there, and he was surprised to see her step off the elevator.

At the police station, Jordan was looking at the reports from the death of her friend Bob when Laura arrived. She'd decided that she wanted her next project as mayor to be the revitalization of the waterfront. Jordan was concerned that the project was too big, especially with Nikolas' return. She warned Laura that the PCPD would be reexamining the allegations against Nikolas from before he'd disappeared, but she believed that it was unlikely that charges would be filed in what was considered a cold case. Laura stated that she would love her son no matter what he'd done, but she hoped that he would own up to his mistakes and rebuild his life. Going back to the topic of the waterfront, Laura asked Jordan for crime statistics for the area, as she had a meeting with a potential development partner.

A short while later, Jordan was reviewing Bob's file again when Curtis arrived with food. She apologized profusely for unintentionally standing him up, but he assured her that he'd found another "hot date." He invited the woman in, and Jordan was happy to see Stella. Curtis suddenly remembered that he'd left his phone in the car, and he left. Jordan sarcastically remarked on his subtlety and wondered what Stella wanted to talk to her about. Stella replied that Curtis was worried about Jordan after the loss of her friend, and Jordan talked about all the reasons Bob had had to not take drugs. She thought it made no sense, but Stella reminded her that obsessing over the death wouldn't resurrect her friend.

A short while later, Stella was gone, and Curtis returned. Jordan believed that she could have done something for Bob had she kept in touch better, and she thought she owed it to his family to find out the truth. They suddenly heard shouting and left the interrogation room to find Chase and the other officers escorting Lulu, Brook Lynn, Dustin, and Linc in as they all yelled at each other. A few minutes later, Brook Lynn bickered with Chase. He reminded her that she'd hit him over the head with a bottle, and he stalked off to get some aspirin.

In the interrogation room, Lulu noticed Dustin's black eye. He apologized for getting her into the mess, but she countered that she'd gotten herself into it. She figured that she should have known better, since Brook Lynn had been involved. Speaking of Brook Lynn, she wondered how Brook Lynn and Dustin knew each other.

Tracy informed Ned that someone else was making a play for ELQ, but she wasn't sure who. She said that they'd presented themselves as investors, but she believed that they were only "intermediaries." She'd denied their offer to sell Dillon's shares, so they'd gone to Luke, offering to get him out of "a spot of trouble" he'd found himself in. Ned yelled that Luke had nearly tanked ELQ the last time he'd been involved, but Tracy assured him that she'd turned down that offer, as well.

Tracy continued that she didn't like the environmentally friendly direction Michael was taking the company in, as it lost profits. She thought that ELQ needed a "seasoned professional" like Ned at the helm. They were interrupted by the doorbell, and Ned let Laura into the house. The three sat down in the living room, and Laura told them about her ideas for revitalizing the waterfront. Tracy reminded Laura that she'd opposed Ned's platforms on the revitalization, but Laura revealed that she wanted input from the community instead of just giving them no choice in the design.

Laura continued that she wanted to meet with her constituents with the plans, and she wondered if ELQ would be interested in a public and private partnership. She especially wanted to focus on the piers, and Tracy commented that the plans would be bad for anyone on the wrong side of the law, like Sonny. Ned disclosed that Michael was careful not to interfere with Sonny's business, so Laura asked for advice on how to approach Michael about the plans. Tracy advised Laura to be patient, as Michael might not be in charge for long.

Just then, both Laura and Ned's phones started ringing, and they observed that the police station was calling both of them. A few minutes later, Ned and Laura were getting their coats on and figured there was more to the story than just a bar fight. Tracy thought that Ned should let Brook Lynn spend the night in jail, as Tracy didn't need Ned to be distracted. He walked out with Laura and called back that he could postpone the shareholders' meeting if necessary.

Neil confessed to Alexis that he was losing his medical license because of her and their relationship. She countered that they'd done everything "by the book," but he informed her that he seemed to have skimmed over the part of therapists waiting two years after treating someone to date them. He continued that someone had found out, as he'd gotten a notice from the Accreditation Board that someone had filed a complaint against him. Alexis figured that it had been someone from Dawn of Day, and Neil suggested that it could have been Kendra's mother.

Neil revealed his plans to throw himself at the board's mercy, but Alexis refused to let him do that. She grabbed her computer and asked to see the complaint. She vowed to find a loophole, and she wondered who decided what constituted a relationship, anyway. She instructed him to never claim fault, and to apologize with a promise to do better in the future. "What if I don't want to do better?" he wondered. He explained that he'd been sacrificing his personal life to help others for years, and he thought it might be time to try something new. He figured that he could use his skills and expertise somewhere that he didn't have to adhere to a code of conduct.

Alexis was stunned that Neil was willing to give up his career for her. She proposed that she testify at his hearing about their one "inconsequential" date being no reason to have Neil investigated. She knew what it was like to almost lose her livelihood for ethical reasons, and she didn't want him to regret it or blame her for the loss of his license. He didn't want to wait two years to be with her, but she didn't think it was fair to ask him to sacrifice his career.

In that case, Neil figured that he and Alexis couldn't see each other again until after the hearing, so as to not give more ammunition to the Accreditation Board. He added that she'd been named in the complaint, so the board would be reaching out to her. "So, this is it?" she questioned. "I wish it could have been different," he said glumly, and he left the house.

Nelle makes her first move

Nelle makes her first move

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy entered the living room as Olivia set things out on the coffee table in preparation for a meeting. Tracy was impressed, but Olivia easily saw through the praise because she knew that Tracy wouldn't play nice unless there was something in it for Tracy. Tracy admitted that she'd had an ulterior motive, but she promised that Olivia would approve. Tracy explained that Michael was a "lovely young man," but he couldn't fill Edward's shoes. Olivia realized that Tracy had returned home to replace Michael, but Tracy quickly clarified that she wanted Ned to run ELQ.

In the squad room, Brook Lynn bristled because she'd been handcuffed to a desk. She insisted that she was the victim, but Chase reminded her that she had assaulted a police officer. Brook Lynn argued that it had been an accident; her target had been a civilian. Chase pointed out that it was illegal to assault anyone, but Brook Lynn was unapologetic because the sleazy music producer had grabbed an intimate part of her body without her permission. Chase glanced at Brook Lynn's driver's license as he informed her that he intended to check if she had a criminal record, but she revealed that she had legally changed her last name from Ashton to Quartermaine.

Chase appeared skeptical that Brook Lynn was part of the Quartermaine family until Ned and Laura entered the squad room, and Ned confirmed that Brook Lynn had been telling the truth. Relieved to see her father, Brook Lynn asked Ned to expedite her release, but Ned wanted to know what had led to the arrest. After Laura excused herself to check on Lulu, Brook Lynn filled Ned in on what had transpired at the Floating Rib when Linc had groped Brook Lynn. She insisted that she had been defending herself. Ned asked if Brook Lynn was okay. She assured him that she was, but she was eager to get home.

Ned was surprised that Brook Lynn expected him to use the family name and pull strings, because she had spent most of her life running away from the Quartermaine name and all that it stood for. Brook Lynn questioned why her father frowned on her taking on the Quartermaine name when he had done the same. Ned explained that she had taken the Quartermaine name to get out of a contract, while Ned had done it to embrace the family, which he noticed Brook Lynn hadn't seemed interested in doing. Brook Lynn suggested that the upcoming shareholders' meeting might be the perfect opportunity for her to take her rightful place in the family.

In the interrogation room, Dustin and Lulu were handcuffed to opposite sides of the table. Lulu admitted that she would love to blame Brook Lynn for everything that had happened at the bar, but Brook Lynn hadn't deserved to be groped by a "slimeball" without consent. Dustin sensed that there was a lot of history between Lulu and Brook Lynn. Eventually, the conversation turned to how "Dusty" knew Brook Lynn, but Laura entered before Dustin could fill Lulu in.

Lulu told her mother about the events that had led to the bar fight and subsequent arrests. Laura was horrified by the details of Brook Lynn's encounter with the lecherous music producer. A short time later, Chase announced that Lulu and Dustin were free to leave. Laura followed the couple into the squad room. Brook Lynn smiled when she saw Dustin. She thanked "Dusty" for helping her, but her tone was decidedly colder when she extended the same courtesy to Lulu.

After Laura, Lulu, and Dustin left, Brook Lynn looked at Chase expectantly, but he didn't move to unlock her handcuffs. Offended, she demanded to know why she remained in custody while Dustin and Lulu had been let go. Chase explained that Mac and Felicia were willing to drop the charges as long as Brook Lynn reimbursed the Scorpios for the damages. Brook Lynn looked to her father, who agreed to cover the expenses. After Chase unlocked the handcuffs, Brook Lynn promised that Chase wouldn't see her again.

At Lulu's house, Lulu noticed that Dustin lingered in the doorway instead of following her inside. Dustin reminded her that it was late, but Lulu pulled him into the house as she playfully warned "Dusty" that it wouldn't be that easy to avoid her questions about Brook Lynn. Dustin promised that it wasn't a fascinating tale, but Lulu preferred to be the judge of that. Resigned, Dustin joined Lulu on the sofa and opened up about Brook Lynn.

According to Dustin, he'd been sitting in a bar in lower Manhattan, nursing a beer and trying to compose lyrics. It had been open mic night, and he had heard Brook Lynn sing. Lulu conceded that Brook Lynn had a beautiful voice. Dustin had been surprised when Brook Lynn had stepped off the stage, put on an apron, and started working. Dustin admitted that he and Brook Lynn had hit it off, and she had liked his lyrics. Lulu wondered if they had sung to each other outside a convenience store, because it sounded like a move that she had seen.

Dustin smiled, but he admitted that it hadn't lasted long because Brook Lynn had dumped him for a piano player from Scarsdale. Lulu was stunned that someone as dreadful as Brook Lynn had ended things with an amazing guy like Dustin, not the other way around, but Dustin admitted that it had been a good thing because it had made him realize that he hadn't been good at writing song lyrics, which had set him on the path to teaching. Lulu wondered if seeing Brook Lynn had changed anything. Dustin admitted that the music producer had been a creep. Dustin had enjoyed putting the man in his place, but he blamed Brook Lynn for escalating things.

Lulu worried that Dustin might have felt nostalgic for the old days, but Dustin took Lulu's hand in his. He assured her that the last thing he needed in his life was a wrecking ball named Brook Lynn. Lulu relaxed as she accepted his answer, but her smile faded when they snuggled on the sofa and Dustin look away.

At Shiloh's memorial, Michael, Jason, Willow, and Harmony were shocked when Nelle revealed herself and announced that she was Shiloh's widow. Michael recovered first then approached Nelle with caution as he demanded to know how she had managed to get out of jail. Nelle smiled delightfully as she explained that she had followed Harmony's path out of jail, and she had kept the marriage to herself because she had been aware of Harmony's feelings for Shiloh. Daisy stepped forward to confirm that she had witnessed the jailhouse wedding between Shiloh and Nelle.

Nelle turned her attention to Willow as she acknowledged that she knew that Willow had taken Shiloh's son from him. Michael was outraged when Nelle suggested finishing what Shiloh had started. He warned Nelle not to go anywhere near his godson, but Nelle calmly reminded Michael that it wasn't his call to make. Willow reminded Nelle that Brad and Lucas were Wiley's parents, and Nelle had no claim to the child because Shiloh was dead. Nelle assured Willow that she could relax because Nelle had no intention of going after Wiley.

"At least, not yet," Nelle added with a secret smile. Harmony demanded that Nelle explain herself, but Nelle continued to play games until Jason assured Harmony there was nothing to worry about. Nelle smiled at Jason, but he demanded to know how Nelle had managed to secure parole. Nelle claimed that she had done the same as Harmony, but Harmony doubted that Nelle had taken responsibility for her crimes or expressed remorse for her actions. Nelle explained that, unlike Sam -- who had shot a man in the back -- Nelle owed her early release to Ryan Chamberlain.

Nelle claimed that if Ryan hadn't tried to escape, then Nelle wouldn't have been forced to risk her life to stop him. Nelle insisted that society owed her a debt of gratitude. Nearby, Michael wrapped up a call as Jason approached him. Jason explained that he had to leave, but he warned Michael that Nelle just wanted attention. Michael nodded then rejoined the group and cut to the chase by asking what Nelle wanted. Nelle assured Michael that she wasn't greedy. "All I want is what belongs to me," she cryptically replied.

A few minutes later, Chase arrived. Nelle smiled with confidence as she invited Chase to clear things up. Chase approached Willow to ask if she was okay. Nelle pretended that she had just put the pieces together about Harmony's daughter's new boyfriend. Nelle was happy that Willow had been able to fill the void left by Shiloh. Willow glared at Nelle, but Michael wanted to know about Nelle's parole.

Chase reluctantly confirmed that Nelle had been released from jail, and the marriage to Shiloh appeared to be legitimate. Michael wondered why Shiloh would marry Nelle, but Nelle insisted that it had been true love for her and her groom. Harmony was stunned that she had shared a cell with Nelle for months without seeing how delusional Nelle was. Annoyed, Nelle announced that it was time for her to leave, but she asked Harmony and Willow to take care of the large memorial portrait of Shiloh until Nelle could find a place to hang it.

After Michael left, Chase offered to drive Willow home, but she told him there was something that he needed to know. Willow explained that Brad had asked her to help out with Wiley until Lucas recovered. Both Chase and Harmony expressed concern because they knew the emotional toll that it would take on Willow, but Willow made it clear that she was only concerned about Wiley. Harmony promised to help her daughter in any way that Willow needed. After Harmony left, Willow invited Chase to list all the reasons that it was a bad idea for her to be Wiley's nanny.

Chase was only concerned about Willow and if she thought she could handle caring for Wiley then walking away. "Yes, I do," she answered with conviction. Chase hugged her and assured her that he could handle it, too.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned and Brook Lynn were bickering as they arrived home. Ned advised Brook Lynn to start acting like a Quartermaine if she truly wanted to be one. Tracy and Olivia emerged from the living room to find out what the commotion was. Brook Lynn quickly filled them in about her encounter with the music producer and her arrest. Ned admitted that his daughter had had every right to defend herself, but he insisted that the bar brawl had been unnecessary. Brook Lynn was tired of arguing about it, so she asked about the meeting, but Tracy complained that Michael hadn't shown.

A short time later, Michael arrived home. Brook Lynn slipped into the foyer to warn him that the knives were out. Michael braced himself then followed his cousin into the living room, where Ned, Tracy, and Olivia were talking to ELQ's house counsel, a man named Pascal. Michael apologized for being late then invited Pascal to resume the roll call. After Pascal finished, Ned announced that they had several items to discuss, starting with Oscar's shares of ELQ.

Pascal reminded everyone that Oscar had left conflicting requests, but Ned pointed out that it didn't matter because the shares had reverted back to the Quartermaines when Shiloh had died. Michael cleared his throat then explained that there was something that everyone needed to know, but Tracy cut him off because she thought the shares should be given to Olivia and her son. Tracy's suggestion fell flat when she was unable to recall Leo's name. To everyone's surprise, Michael supported Olivia getting the shares. Brook Lynn was shocked that Michael couldn't see that it was a power play for Tracy to unseat Michael.

Michael assured Brook Lynn that he was aware that Tracy had an agenda, but he also trusted Olivia to think for herself rather than to blindly follow her husband's votes. Olivia thanked Michael for the high praise. Brook Lynn thought that Michael was either naïve or good at sucking up, but no one was amused. Pascal tactfully suggested that they take a vote, but Nelle appeared in the doorway. Ned, Olivia, and Tracy wore matching expressions of shock as Nelle scolded everyone for starting the meeting without her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nikolas was on the phone as he barked instructions for the jet to be readied. After he ended the call, Ava approached the table and asked her husband if the empty seat at his table was taken. Nikolas explained that he was waiting for his mother, so Ava slid into the chair because she was confident the mayor would be running late. Nikolas didn't hide his annoyance, but Ava refused to apologize for wanting to spend time with her new husband. Nikolas remained surly, and Ava wondered what had happened to his trademark politeness.

Ava continued to taunt Nikolas by suggesting that he had forgotten something when he'd left the castle earlier. Ava gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek, but Nikolas warned her that people were watching them. Ava made it clear that she had counted on it, and she suggested that he get used to it. They were the hot new couple because of Ava's redemption and Nikolas' resurrection, but Nikolas argued that he and Ava would part ways as soon as she produced the codicil. "Not by a long shot," Ava replied. Nikolas disagreed, and he saw no point in them spending time together, since it was a sham marriage.

Ava decided to broach the subject of their post-nuptial agreement with Nikolas because she wanted him to sign it. She pulled the agreement out of her purse and handed it to him along with a pen. Nikolas didn't see the point, but Ava reminded him that he wouldn't get the codicil until the document had been signed. Ava suggested that they wait until Laura joined them because Ava thought that the mayor's signature would give the document validity. Nikolas glanced at the first page then looked at Ava when he saw that one of her demands was her own private island. Ava was unapologetic because the Cassadines owned a chain of islands, and she didn't think it was unreasonable to ask that he part with one of them.

Ava suggested that it might be incentive for Nikolas to make their marriage work, but he reiterated that they would be going their separate ways as soon as he had the codicil. Ava wondered what the point of getting married was if it wasn't forever. "Or death do us part," Nikolas growled. Ava wasn't intimidated because she didn't think that Nikolas would kill her, despite what he might say. Ava warned Nikolas that their marriage would not be dissolved until her demands were met. Nikolas refused to sign the document until his attorney had reviewed it because he didn't trust Ava.

Moments later, Laura arrived. Nikolas assured his mother that Ava was leaving, but Laura invited Ava to stay because Laura wanted to talk about Spencer. Ava was surprised when she realized that Spencer hadn't been told about Nikolas. Nikolas insisted that it didn't concern her. Ava disagreed because she was Spencer's stepmother, and she cared about Spencer. Nikolas explained that it wasn't something that he could share over the phone with his son, which was why he had made plans to fly to France. Laura expressed concern, but Nikolas wanted to see his son.

Laura admitted that she wanted to believe Nikolas, but she didn't know how she could trust him not to disappear again. Ava encouraged Laura not to worry because Ava would accompany Nikolas to France. Nikolas balked at the idea because he anticipated his reunion with Spencer being difficult and painful, but Ava claimed that she owed it to Spencer. Ava knew that she had let Spencer down when she had refused to testify against Valentin, and she wanted Spencer to know that she was ready to atone for her wrong by helping Nikolas get back what was rightfully his.

Nikolas was suspicious of Ava's motives, but Laura reminded Nikolas and Ava that it wasn't about them; it was about Spencer. Laura warned Nikolas that he owed it to Spencer to be honest. Nikolas agreed, but Laura didn't trust Nikolas. She missed the days when that hadn't been an issue. Laura urged Nikolas and Ava to think of Spencer and not themselves. After Laura left, Ava confessed that she liked Laura a lot, and she was glad that Laura was her mother-in-law.

Ava changed the subject because she looked forward to the trip to Europe. She suggested that she and Nikolas consider it their honeymoon. "With separate rooms, of course," Ava added.

Across town, Carly joined Sonny in the living room and reported that both Avery and Donna were asleep. Sonny handed his wife a glass of wine as Carly wondered when Avery would learn about her new stepfather. Sonny chuckled because he doubted that things would end well for Ava and Nikolas. Carly decided that the newlyweds deserved each other, and she was certain that Ava would make Nikolas suffer for gaslighting Ava. Carly deduced that Nikolas had married Ava because Ava had the codicil.

Moments later, Sonny received a call about a visitor. He and Carly went to the door to greet Stella, but it quickly became clear to him that Carly hadn't been surprised by the visit. Carly confessed that she had reached out to Stella because she had hoped that Stella would talk to Sonny about Mike. Stella, Sonny, and Carly returned the living room as Sonny warned Stella that there was nothing to discuss. Stella conceded that she had looked into the new doctor's work, and it had appeared promising. However, Stella worried that Mike's disease was too advanced. Sonny explained that that was why it was imperative that he get his father to New York City as quickly as possible.

Stella gently explained that Mike's anchors were his surroundings and the routine at Turning Woods and that taking Mike out of that environment might have dire consequences. Sonny appreciated Stella's concerns, but Sonny pointed out that Yvonne was on a feeding tube and that Mike kept asking about her. Sonny hoped that the trip to New York City would provide a much-needed distraction for his father, but Carly worried that time away from Turning Woods might result in Mike forgetting Yvonne. Stella added that it might also throw Mike into deep despair, but Sonny was determined to give his father a fighting chance.

Stella was curious what Sonny hoped to gain from the experimental trial. "Time and hope," he answered. Sonny explained that even if the new treatment failed, at least he would know that he had tried. Sonny had gambled enough to know that the odds were not good, but if the treatment gave Mike more time, then it would be worth it. Just then, Jason arrived. Stella decided that it was her cue to leave, so Sonny offered to walk her to the door.

In the foyer, Stella admitted that she knew Sonny wished that she had minded her own business. Sonny smiled because Mike considered Stella family, which meant that Mike's welfare was Stella's business. Stella made another attempt to change Sonny's mind, to no avail. Sonny knew it was a long shot, but Sonny would take it, even if the odds were one in a million.

In the living room, Jason quietly asked Carly to count to ten. Carly tensed because she knew that meant he had bad news. Jason revealed that Nelle had been released from prison, and she had married Shiloh before his death. Carly was furious that Nelle had managed to get out of jail, but she couldn't understand why Nelle had married Shiloh, since Nelle was motivated by money, revenge, or both. Carly couldn't image what Shiloh had offered Nelle, since he'd been penniless.

Nelle reveals her next step

Nelle reveals her next step

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Alexis greeted Sam and sat down at her table in the Metro Court restaurant. Sam told Alexis about Nelle and the service. She confessed that she had known Nelle had been up to something, although she hadn't known what it was. Sam figured that Nelle was happy that Sam had killed Shiloh. Alexis warned Sam to be careful.

Alexis told Sam about Neil having his license revoked and the fact that they would have to wait two years to date. Alexis couldn't believe that she had finally found a decent guy and would have to wait for him. She thought she should defend him and admitted she needed to get to a meeting. She and Sam said goodbye.

Lulu heard some knocking and opened her front door to find Nikolas standing on the other side. He wanted to apologize, although Lulu informed him that he owed a bigger apology to Charlotte. Lulu was angry that Nikolas had claimed to be Charlotte's secret bodyguard and that Charlotte had jumped into the harbor and nearly drowned to prove that he would rescue her.

Nikolas replied that he hadn't been able to allow Valentin to hear about him, but Lulu snapped that Nikolas had taken everything away from Charlotte. Nikolas quickly reminded her that Valentin had taken everything from Spencer. Lulu angrily told her brother off, even though he continued to say he was sorry. Lulu pointed out that he had even married Ava, which most likely had to do with money.

Lulu never believed Nikolas to be like the other Cassadines, and she wondered what had happened to him to make him change. Nikolas announced that he was leaving that evening to see Spencer, and Lulu hoped that the boy would have a better time of it than Charlotte had.

Lulu continued that Laura had grieved for three years, and Nikolas had been the one to put her through it because he had needed revenge more. She reminded him that their mother had battled mental illness, and he could have handled things differently. He had caused everyone a lot of pain.

Nikolas didn't think that Lulu could put herself in his shoes, but Lulu thought she could. Nikolas stated that he'd been shot and fallen through a window, and Valentin had taken everything from him. He hadn't been able to give Valentin another chance to kill him or a family member. He regretted hurting the family, but he'd won. He'd gotten his life back, and he didn't regret that.

Nikolas promised to make it up to everyone, but he had to get his life as the "true Cassadine heir" back and prove that Valentin was nothing. Lulu was glad that Nikolas was alive, and she hoped to see her "real brother" return after he came to his senses.

At the Corinthos house, Jason explained Oscar's will to Carly and told her how the shares of ELQ had ended up with Shiloh and then been transferred to Oscar's foundation. Carly noticed that Nelle hadn't even had to kill her husband in order to get rich, and she wished that someone would run Nelle over with a truck. "Maybe someone will," Jason quipped.

Carly made it clear that she couldn't allow Nelle to drive her crazy again, especially when she had a lot going on with Brad, Lucas, and Mike. She told Jason that she'd arranged for Stella to visit in order to give Sonny another opinion on how treatment for Mike should be handled. Sonny walked into the room and announced that he'd made his decision. He wanted to take Mike on a trip to get evaluated, and he wanted Carly's support.

Carly pointed out her reason for having Stella visit, but she wanted Sonny to do what he thought was best. She would always support Sonny. Sonny asked Jason for his help in conducting a business meeting out of town at the same time as Mike's evaluation.

Carly didn't think that was a good idea and thought that there were plenty of other people to handle a meeting. Sonny announced his intention to go back to the Brooklyn area where he'd been raised and where Mike considered his home to be. He wanted Mike to be calm for the evaluation, and he would take Jason along as backup. Jason thought it was all a "long shot." However, it was Mike's last chance, and Sonny had the right to take it.

Carly was worried that something might go wrong, but Jason thought it was worth it to see Mike be himself for a short time. Carly agreed she needed to accept it. She didn't think there were any good choices, and any one of them would be right for Sonny.

Sonny thought how good it would be for Jason to see Sonny's childhood neighborhood. He went off to call Turning Woods, and Carly asked Jason about his separation from Sam. Jason said he was okay, but Carly wanted more information. She urged Jason to sit next to her on the couch. Jason admitted that it was the worst for the kids, although they all video-chatted. Carly chuckled.

Jason informed Carly that the separation was supposed to be for two years unless they found another way for it to be handled. He and Sam had been working on a plan, but he thought the trip with Sonny would be a good distraction. Carly urged him to return home if he were needed.

Just as Sonny returned, Gladys walked in. She'd been visiting Mike and thought it was too late for her to return home. She wanted to stay with Sonny again. As she removed her coat, she added that Mike had had a bad day. Sonny accused Gladys of "working" him, but he appreciated all she'd done for Mike. He would let her stay temporarily until they figured things out with Mike, but only with Carly's approval.

Carly agreed that Gladys could stay for Mike but said she'd better not step out of line. Sonny began to declare that as soon as Mike didn't need her -- and Carly finished her husband's sentence: "You're out of here." Sonny revealed his plan for Mike's evaluation, based on the article that Gladys had given to him. Gladys was pleased and offered to go with Sonny. Carly and Sonny exchanged a glance.

Jason called Sam to tell her about the trip. They both stated they missed each other, and Jason promised they would figure out the "Peter August thing."

Brad tripped as he hastened to the door of his messy apartment to answer the loud and constant knocking. It was Julian, who walked in and stated that Brad was "losing it." He was sure that Sonny would figure things out because Sonny had received word that Julian and Brad had been talking about Sonny's family. They would have to be more careful.

Julian wanted Brad to keep Wiley away from the Corinthos family in order for Julian to spend more time with him. Brad shouted that he would not take care of Julian along with everything else on his plate. Brad admitted that he was overwhelmed, but Julian was adamant that they would be "toast" if Sonny heard the truth. Brad agreed to go along with Julian. He added that Nelle was at Pentonville, so there was nothing to be worried about.

Julian wanted Brad to let him know if Nelle reached out to him because they had no room for error. Brad declared that he couldn't handle things much longer, but Julian wanted him to handle things as long as it took. Brad just wanted Lucas to wake up, and he'd tell Sonny the truth if he could have that.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the family gathered for an ELQ meeting. Michael believed that Olivia could vote any way that she pleased because he trusted her. The family began their usual bickering until they were interrupted when Nelle walked in, still dressed in black from Shiloh's memorial. Sarcastically, she wondered why the family had started the meeting without her. Michael threatened to call the police, and Tracy had a fit that people were just walking into the house.

Nelle announced that the housekeeper had let both her and Martin inside. Nelle shared that she had inherited the ELQ shares that Oscar had given to Shiloh. Ned hurriedly told Nelle to leave the house because he was sure that things would not end well for her. Nelle wondered if Ned was threatening her, and Ned quickly apologized. He declared that the company was a family company, and they all owned the stock. The disposition of Oscar's shares was still held up in court.

Olivia threatened to make Nelle's life a "living hell" as Nelle continued to insist that the shares were hers. Martin stepped in and revealed that he had obtained a temporary injunction that would give Nelle the ability to vote in a meeting. Tracy asked the company attorney, Pascal, to explain why the injunction would not apply.

Pascal went on to explain that while Oscar had obtained his fair share, his acts of leaving two conflicting wills had left things in turmoil. His hand-written second will had left the shares to the foundation, and while the family had already put in their own money, the wills were tied up in probate court. He would check to make sure the injunction wasn't a forgery. "Belongs to me -- told you so!" Nelle shouted.

Ned thanked the attorneys for being helpful, but he wanted the family to have privacy. Martin refused to leave the room, but Ned asked Pascal to accompany Martin to the den. Michael offered to start because he believed himself to have created the mess in the first place. He offered to pay Nelle to go away, and he wrote a figure on a piece of paper.

Nelle accepted the paper, crumbled it up, and tossed it away. Ned picked it up, read it, and suggested that the amount was generous. Nelle declared that she couldn't be paid off. She'd had Michael's baby, he had crashed their car, and their baby had died. She added that she'd worked hard for everything and hadn't even wanted to marry "that skeevy Shiloh guy." She was not going anywhere.

It was Brook Lynn's turn to speak up, and she let Nelle have it. "Then bitch, you are even dumber than you look." Brook Lynn said. She called Nelle a gold digger who lied, schemed, and would end up with nothing. She called Nelle trashy and tacky with her "pretend power" and added that Nelle's greed would get the best of her. She believed that Nelle would mess up and head back to Pentonville.

Nelle shoved Brook Lynn, who quickly declared that an assault was a parole violation, and there were plenty of witnesses in attendance. Nelle called out for Martin, who returned to the room quickly. "You bellowed?" he asked. Nelle told him she wasn't safe. "You have no idea," Olivia called out. Nelle and Martin left, and Tracy complimented Brook Lynn by noting that Brook Lynn's great-grandmother would be proud.

Michael apologized to everyone for allowing Nelle to enter their lives. Everyone was forgiving except for Tracy, who adamantly believed that Michael was the one to blame. Family members quickly pointed out all of Tracy's failed marriages to less than quality men, and Tracy and Olivia taunted each other about relationships. Michael appreciated the family's defense, but he still blamed himself. He promised he would try to get Nelle out of their lives. Tracy planted herself on the sofa. "Oh, I'm waiting," she said.

Julian sat in the chapel and talked about messing up. He had nearly killed his own son, who might not even recover. Alexis walked in and was startled to see him. She mentioned that she was there for an A.A. meeting. She knew who Julian had been praying for. Julian admitted that he had no idea where to turn or how to fix it.

Alexis offered to help by having a chat with a teary-eyed Julian, but she received a message that she had to see Ned. She informed Julian that Nelle had been released and had been wreaking havoc.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Pascal promised to notify the other shareholders, and Tracy walked him to the door. Sam was just about to walk inside. In the other room, Olivia asked if their will was good or bad, since it had been the second one written. She was aware that Oscar had been "mentally compromised" when the second will had been completed. Ned thought it could go either way.

Sam walked in, and Michael updated her on the latest situation. Everyone thanked Brook Lynn for standing up to Nelle. Brook Lynn revealed that she had been able to recognize a "gold-digging crazy person" who was all screwed up. She made it clear they had to "protect our own."

Brad was startled when there was more loud banging on his front door. He expected to see Julian again but was taken aback when Nelle walked in. She announced her plan to stay with him temporarily, and she had the assets from her dead husband. Brad was confused. She hung up a collage of photos she had made that showed all of the things she wanted out of life. All of the photos were of other people.

Nelle begins to make threats

Nelle begins to make threats

Friday, January 17, 2020

Jordan sat at her desk at the police station and read an online article related to the death of her former coworker. Chase attempted to talk to her about the ongoing case involving the Corinthos truck hijacking, but Jordan was clearly distracted. He asked if there was something on her mind, and he offered to help.

Jordan noted that Sharon Grant had been upset and had left her three messages regarding Nelle's early parole. She wondered how Sharon had learned of it. Chase admitted that he'd called the woman who'd had a right to know that Zachary's murderer had been released. Jordan ordered Chase to stay away from Nelle, but Chase replied that he couldn't comply with the order.

Chase was certain that Nelle would claim another victim. Jordan snapped that Nelle had been paroled, and she couldn't lose Chase to a personal vendetta. Chase was adamant that it was his duty to protect people. He would keep a distance from the investigation but would do whatever it took, and that was the best he could do.

Trina and Cameron sat at a table in Kelly's and attempted to find each other dates for the Midwinter Formal. They both turned down each other's suggestions. Trina suggested they go with each other as they'd originally planned if they were unsuccessful in finding a date, but Cameron wanted them both to fail first. Cameron was sure that Trina really wanted to go with Dev, and she pointed out that Cameron wanted to go with Josslyn.

At the Corinthos home, Carly spoke on the phone to someone while Dev and Josslyn made their way around the room, keeping busy and avoiding each other. Gladys descended the stairs and asked how her handsome grandson was doing. Dev informed her there was no need to keep up the pretense at home.

Sonny walked in, and as Gladys began to share how wonderfully she'd slept, he cut her off. He was grateful to her and looking forward to the study that would be good for Mike. Gladys was glad she'd found out about it, and Carly frowned. Sonny told Dev about the trip to New York but declined the teen's offer to accompany him. He thought Dev should stay home to look after Carly and Josslyn, and he was taking Jason along instead. Carly reminded Dev that he had school.

Dev looked at Josslyn, and they both flashed back to their awkward kiss. Both of them received a message asking that they meet Trina and Cameron at Kelly's. Josslyn dashed upstairs to get ready for school instead as Gladys began to talk about all of the girls who were probably after Dev. Carly kissed Sonny goodbye.

Josslyn returned, and Dev asked if she would go to Kelly's. She stated that she had things to do and would see them at school. Carly could see that something was wrong. Gladys offered to drive Dev to meet his friends, and Dev looked over at Josslyn before he left. Josslyn continued looking at her book. Once they were alone, Carly asked Josslyn what was going on.

Josslyn denied there was a problem and reminded her mother that she and Dev were not "joined at the hip." Carly pointed out that Josslyn wouldn't even look at him, and she wondered if Dev had "hit on" her. Josslyn retorted that it wasn't even close, and Carly realized that Josslyn had to have gone after Dev, so she understood. Josslyn insisted she still loved Oscar. Carly assured her it was okay to move on, although it was complicated if it involved Dev.

Josslyn proceeded to tell Carly about her day's plans, and Carly stressed that Josslyn was not to stay at Trina's. She wanted details of what had happened with Dev, and Josslyn assured her there were none. She clarified that there had been a one-sided kiss. She added that Dev was nice, but she wasn't ready to think about other guys.

Carly promised Josslyn she'd get through it, but it was normal to notice other guys. Josslyn repeated that she still loved Oscar, but Carly hoped that when the right guy showed up, Josslyn would let him in.

At Turning Woods, a man stopped at the main reception desk and showed his police badge. He stated that he was looking for Mike Corbin, and he was a friend of the family. The woman pointed Mike out, and the man walked over to him and greeted him with familiarity. "Are you my ride?" Mike asked.

Jason and Michael sat at a table in Metro Court over breakfast. Michael maintained that he'd never been notified about Nelle's parole, and Nelle had shown up at the ELQ shareholders' meeting with a temporary injunction that had allowed her to vote. She had already created chaos within his family.

Michael admitted how good it had been to see the Quartermaines "close ranks" against Nelle and pointed out that at least she would not be able to get near Wiley. Michael also offered to provide Jason and Sam with a safe haven if they wanted to meet up. Jason revealed that he and Sam had a plan in place. He also suggested that Michael "keep a clear head" because there would always be challenges.

Sasha stepped off the elevator and was surprised to see Michael and Jason. She greeted them, and Jason rose. Michael mentioned that he had a document regarding Nelle's early release, but he planned to fight to get her back to prison.

Jason offered Sasha his seat and left to meet up with Sonny. Sasha exclaimed that she had stopped to pick up coffee, but she was happy to join Michael. She urged Michael to be careful, and he admitted that he was worried about Sasha. He explained that Nelle was a "dangerous psychopath," and Sasha could be a target because of him.

Michael went on to say that Nelle would go to any lengths to get what she wanted, and he believed she'd plotted with Ryan Chamberlain in order to secure her release. He wanted Sasha to move in with him because there was more security at the Quartermaine house. There were always people around, and she could have her own room or share his.

Sasha was touched, but she declined the offer. She thought that she and Michael had a good thing going, and she didn't want to see it ruined before they were ready. She added that Tracy was obnoxious. Michael agreed on all of it, and they shared a kiss. He suggested a trip, but Sasha was adamant that she was unable to leave due to her deal with Deception. Michael agreed they could wait until after the company was launched.

Nelle enjoyed her coffee at Brad's apartment. He suggested that she might want to find another place to sleep in order to have quiet after Wiley's rough night. She replied that it hadn't bothered her, and she announced her intentions of catching up with many people that day. Brad acknowledged that Nelle should get out, and he suggested a variety of places that she could visit as she enjoyed her new freedom.

Nelle admitted that she had no cash, and Brad handed her $60. Nelle revealed that she wanted to enjoy another hot shower first and use the shower gel that she had grown addicted to. After she started the water, Brad quickly picked up his phone to make a call to catch someone, but he was interrupted with a knock on the door.

Willow had arrived, and she walked inside when Brad opened the door. She heard the shower running, and she asked if he had company. Brad said no, but just then, Nelle walked out to ask about hair conditioner. "What is she doing here?" both women asked loudly.

Nelle gushed about how wonderful Brad had been to allow her to stay there while her late husband's assets were tied up. Willow chimed in that she was Wiley's part-time nanny. Nelle was surprised, and Brad began to stutter with an explanation, but Willow cut him off angrily. She declared that Brad didn't need to justify anything because Wiley was his son.

Brad suggested that Nelle return to her shower before the water got cold. Nelle glared at Willow and gave Brad a menacing look before leaving. "How could you let that psycho anywhere near Wiley?" Willow asked Brad angrily. Brad insisted that things had happened fast, and Nelle had just shown up.

Willow informed Brad that Nelle had spoken about being Wiley's stepmother at Shiloh's memorial, but Brad insisted that Nelle would never take Wiley away. Willow made it clear that Nelle was capable of anything. Nelle finished her shower and returned to the room in a robe with her hair wrapped up in a towel. "You know, Brad is just showing Wiley that a true friend never goes back on a promise," she said.

Just then, Wiley began to cry, and Brad insisted on being the one to tend to him. He announced that he preferred to take his son to daycare at the hospital instead and left the room. Nelle informed Willow that being Wiley's nanny was not the job for Willow, and it could be bad for her health. Willow asked Nelle if she was already making threats, but Nelle denied it.

Nelle claimed that it would be too difficult for Willow to spend time with the child she'd given away, and Nelle thought it would be too painful. Willow assured Nelle that she could decide what she could handle on her own, and the child's care was up to Brad. Nelle insisted she had a connection, and she dismissed Willow, who stated that she would call Brad. The women glared at each other.

After Willow had gone, Nelle screamed for Brad at the top of her lungs. She demanded to know what Brad was doing with Willow, but he informed her he was already running late and had to leave. He quickly explained that Michael had wanted to watch Wiley, so he'd asked Willow instead. "Get rid of her, or I will," Nelle ordered.

Brad was in disbelief that Nelle would kill Willow. Nelle insisted that Willow had to go. "She's not even Wiley's real mother -- I am!" Nelle snapped. Brad stated that no one could know, or they would risk Michael fighting for custody. Nelle enlightened Brad that she would be the one to care for Wiley.

Sonny arrived at Turning Woods to pick up Mike. The receptionist informed him that Mike had been talking to a visitor who was an old friend of the family. She had seen his badge. Sonny was concerned and walked over to the men, who were seated and talking. The man's back was turned to Sonny, and Sonny asked Mike who he was talking to. The man turned around and stood up. "Taggert," Sonny said.

"Hey Sonny," Taggert replied. He noted that he and Mike had just been talking about Sonny, but Sonny asked Mike if he was okay. He invited Taggert to "take a walk" away from Mike. Once they were a short distance away, Sonny asked Taggert what he was doing there besides harassing a sick old man. Taggert pointed out that Sonny hadn't changed and was still paranoid.

"Is everybody good?" Jason asked as he walked in. "Anger boy," Taggert remarked, although he added that Jason was no longer a boy. Sonny asked Jason to sit with Mike while he and Taggert reminisced. Jason sat down by Mike, who grew agitated and declared that he couldn't find his wife Yvonne. He couldn't go anywhere until he found her.

Jason showed Mike a headphone and hooked him up to some music on his phone. Mike instantly calmed down as he listened to Tony Bennett.

Sonny demanded to know why Taggert was there, and Taggert expressed his sympathy over Mike's condition. "Why the hell are you back?" Sonny repeated. He had been happy when Taggert had left town. Taggert remarked on the changes around town, and Sonny urged him to go back to where he'd been. Taggert thought it might be a threat, and Sonny accused him of being a typical cop by always looking for a crime.

Taggert mentioned Sonny's hijacked and torched truck, and Sonny suggested that someone in the police department had been gossiping. Taggert called it "big news to [his] circle of friends." Sonny couldn't believe the man had any friends. Taggert grabbed his coat and walked out.

Mike told Sonny and Jason about Tony Bennett's performance at the Apollo Theater. Sonny mentioned that it was time to go, but Mike thought he should stay. Sonny mentioned visiting the "old stomping grounds" in Brooklyn with a visit to the Apollo, and Mike acquiesced. He said that he thought he was already in Brooklyn. Sonny thanked Jason for taking care of Mike.

Sonny helped Mike on with his coat, and Mike mentioned that Sonny reminded him of his son. Jason disclosed that he was the driver. Mike asked about Sonny's friend, and Jason declared that he'd had to leave. Sonny was certain they'd see him again.

At Kelly's, Cameron asked Trina to stop pushing Josslyn on him because they were just friends. Trina wanted him to "own up" to his feelings, but Cameron insisted he had none. Dev showed up and took a seat. Gladys walked in seconds later and walked to the table. Dev asked Gladys what she was doing there. "Is that any way to talk to your nana?" Gladys asked.

Gladys, Cameron, and Trina introduced themselves as Gladys embellished her relationship with Dev. She went to the counter to get some coffee. "Okay, what is happening?" Trina asked. "Is she all there?" Cameron wanted to know. Dev suggested that Gladys didn't know the others knew the truth, but he didn't trust her; he wanted to keep things as they were.

Gladys sat at the counter and waved to the teens at their table. Dev noted that she'd been trying to bond, but he wished she would back off. Gladys returned with a doughnut for Dev and asked him for cash. He handed her some money as she asked what the kids had been talking about. The teens jumped up and declared that they had to leave. They declined Gladys' offer of a ride.

Outside, Dev urged Trina and Cameron to hurry because Gladys might follow them. Trina suggested he go on ahead, as she and Cameron didn't need to worry about her. She asked Cameron for his phone, and she sent a message to someone. She informed Cameron that he'd just asked Anaya for a date. She would ask Hunter, and she and Cameron agreed it would be one date.

Willow got to the Metro Court restaurant and found Chase sitting at the bar. She told him what had happened at Brad's place and that Nelle was staying there. Willow was afraid that Nelle would push her out. Michael and Sasha wandered over, and Willow announced that Wiley wasn't safe with Brad.

Jordan spoke to someone on the phone in her office. Taggert walked in, and Jordan was happy to see him. He confirmed that she had called, and he'd shown up. They agreed they were partners for life.

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