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Shots rang out in three locations. Laura was hit by a stray bullet. Brando Corbin was revealed to be alive. Jax and Nina kissed. Martin and Valentin shared a secret. Sasha had second thoughts about moving in with Michael. Nikolas and Ava reached an understanding.
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Gun shots rang out in three locations leaving Laura and Gladys' not-so-son Brando seriously injured
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General Hospital did not air General Hospital did not air

Monday, January 27, 2020

Due to ABC News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, General Hospital did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule. 

General Hospital did not air General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Due to ABC News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, General Hospital did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule. 

Shots erupt in multiple locations Shots erupt in multiple locations

Wednesday , January 29, 2020

Pandemonium ensued as shots broke out in three separate locations at the same time. People took cover at both the pier and the coffee warehouse, along with a bar in Brooklyn.

Sonny, Mike, and Jason arrived at a bar in Brooklyn two hours before the shootings. Mike was annoyed at being in the car for longer than planned, but Sonny assured him they'd get back on the road after lunch. He mentioned the great pastrami, and Mike rolled his eyes. The bartender/hostess stopped to tell them to sit wherever they wanted, and Mike began to flirt. He announced his intention to sit at the bar.

Sonny showed Jason to the table that had been Mike's favorite in the past, and he admitted that he'd hoped the visit would "spark something." He called it his last shot to help his father, and he was worried about Mike spending the night in the clinic. Jason was glad they'd decided to call a work meeting at the same time. Sonny hoped his visit to the city wouldn't be misinterpreted, and Jason assured him that it showed he'd been paying attention.

Jason admitted that his biggest regret was that he'd been hard on Alan. He had refused to let Alan in, and then Alan had died. He noted that Sonny had overcome his own difficulty with Mike, and Jason wished he'd done the same. He couldn't make things right, but Sonny was a good son, even though Mike wasn't able to see it. Sonny looked over at Mike and mentioned that he hoped the nurse would be attractive.

At the bar, Mike continued to flirt with the bartender as he enjoyed his free cup of coffee. Sonny joined them and wondered if Mike was bothering the woman. Mike talked about the root beer floats for breakfast he'd had there with his son and conceded that he'd been a lucky father. The bartender called Mike a charmer.

Sonny announced that it was time to leave, but they would return. Mike announced that he liked the place. Jason spotted a man sitting at the bar with a gun and shouted for everyone to get down.

Willow and Sasha sat at a table at Metro Court. Willow announced that Brad had been "off the rails." She admitted that she was scared that Lucas would never wake up, and he had been the responsible one in the relationship as Wiley's father. She had no rights because the adoption papers had been signed. Sasha vowed to support Willow and suggested she find some kind of action to take.

Nelle ran into Carly and told her that her bond with Michael could not be broken; he still had feelings for her, and he was even moving her into the Quartermaine mansion. Nelle also claimed that she was still aching for her son. Carly ordered her to never mention Jonah's name again, and she noted that everyone was familiar with Nelle's act. She was sure that Nelle would end up back in Pentonville.

Nelle insisted that she would never go back to prison, but Carly pointed out that "crazy rolls off you in waves." She added that Nelle couldn't resist being evil, but Carly was convinced that Monica would treat Nelle like trash after Nelle had attempted to kill Michael.

Nelle called Carly smug and noted the hatred in Carly's eyes. She taunted that she had five percent of ELQ shares and the room at the Quartermaines' house. Nelle crowed that she'd done everything on her own. Carly reminded Nelle that she'd had help from both Ryan Chamberlain and Shiloh. Nelle snarled that Carly had no idea of what Nelle had done or what she could do, and she could blow Carly's world apart. Carly turned and walked off.

Nelle encountered Willow as Willow approached the elevator. Nelle asked if Willow was headed to Brad's to spend "Mommy and me" time with Wiley. She commended Willow on having to give Wiley up again over and over every time she saw him. Willow was grateful that Nelle wasn't a mother. The elevator doors closed. "Bitch," Nelle murmured. Carly found Gladys at the bar and told her it was about time to head to the warehouse.

Lulu stopped at the Crimson office to pick up Charlotte and chatted with Nina and Jax. Lulu hoped that they wouldn't have to worry about Valentin. Nina wondered if it was a good idea to keep Valentin from his daughter because she thought it could do more harm than good. She was concerned about Charlotte. Lulu only wanted to keep Charlotte safe. Charlotte told Lulu she'd had a good time.

On the way out, Lulu spotted the mutilated sample magazine cover that featured Sasha. Charlotte informed her that Nina had been the one to destroy it. Charlotte invited Nina to accompany them, but Nina informed her she had to work. Lulu and Charlotte left, and Nina blamed herself for Charlotte's sadness.

Jax wondered about something taking too long, but suddenly a young woman arrived pushing a cart. It was laden with cheese from Switzerland and Champagne. Jax popped the cork on the Champagne and announced that there was a lot to celebrate. Jax and Nina sat down, and Jax informed Nina that she needed a tutorial on the good side of life. Nina called Jax arrogant but cute.

Jax told Nina that she would have to give in or move forward with her life. He added that attitude was the only thing that one could control. "To moving forward," they toasted. "So, you think I'm cute?" Jax asked. "Oh, my God," Nina groaned.

Nina told Jax about a teenage party she'd attended, and how she'd danced with a boy she'd met. Jax stood and invited Nina to dance with him. He twirled her, and they drew close. She wondered if there was anything that Jax couldn't do, and she admitted she was enjoying the fun side. They began to kiss.

Ava and Nikolas sat on the plane as they traveled back to Port Charles from Europe. She noted that she could hear him brooding. Nikolas admitted that he was upset about Spencer cutting Nikolas out of his life. "Suck it up," Ava snapped. She noted that Nikolas had only thought about revenge but had a chance to fix things because a son needed his father.

Nikolas reminisced about how he'd hated being known as the prince, and he hadn't realized that he'd treated Spencer in the same way. Ava confided that her desires had always been a sore point between her and Kiki, and she should have put her daughter first. Kiki would still be alive.

Nikolas was sorry for Ava's loss, and Ava accused him of exploiting her when he'd haunted her. Nikolas agreed that had been terrible, but he'd wanted to keep alive his fantasy reunion with Spencer. The pair talked about losing children, and Nikolas was sorry that Ava was carrying that burden. Ava announced that she had a way for Nikolas to make it right, and she pulled the post-nuptial agreement from her purse.

Nikolas couldn't believe Ava was still carrying the document around, but she insisted that their marriage could be "fluid" and like a partnership. She expected him to work with her because she'd helped him out with Spencer. She thought that they could make an "incredible team," and she wanted to be beside Nikolas when he rose to the top. She held out the pen, and Nikolas took it. He agreed to sign on one condition. He did not want an open marriage and expected her to be a "doting wife."

Both Ava and Nikolas agreed they didn't want to sleep with each other, but Nikolas demanded that Ava be faithful. He didn't want to appear weak. Ava agreed that would work both ways, and Nikolas added that if Ava cheated, she would get nothing. Ava retorted that she would get 90 percent if he cheated. When Nikolas balked, Ava agreed to ten percent for the "little guy." They shook hands and agreed to a "long and chaste partnership."

Martin and Valentin sat outside of the courtroom and waited for Valentin's arraignment. Laura approached, and Martin disclosed his hope that Valentin would receive bail. Laura reminded the men of all the charges and doubted that bail would be granted. Laura was also convinced that Valentin would flee the area. They began to argue over the intricacies of the case until Robert joined them.

Martin denied that Valentin had tried to kill Ava, but Laura declared that there had been several witnesses at Wyndemere who'd seen and heard Nikolas carry a wet Ava inside. Martin declared that Ava had been full of vodka, and Nikolas only wanted revenge. Laura was convinced that Valentin would run, but he loudly declared that he would not go anywhere without his daughter.

Laura had to leave for a meeting, and she urged Valentin to cooperate. Valentin retorted that Laura needed to call Lulu off because Charlotte deserved to be happy.

Michael met with Josslyn at the pier because he wanted to tell her that Nelle would be moving into the Quartermaine house. Josslyn called him insane. She declared that Nelle was still a psycho, liar, and killer, and Michael had almost died because of her. She was certain that Nelle would kill him because he would never love her. Nelle would never accept it. She began to cry that Michael couldn't die.

Michael promised that he could take care of himself. He told Josslyn that Brad was unraveling and had planned to allow Nelle to live with him and Wiley. Josslyn suggested that either Michael take Wiley away from Brad, or Willow revoke the adoption papers. Michael explained that the adoption had been final, but Josslyn stated that it was Michael's job as Wiley's godfather to protect the child. She asked what Lucas would want.

Laura arrived, and Josslyn had to leave. Laura wanted to talk to Michael about the waterfront renovation, and she began to discuss her plans. She wanted the current run-down area to be inviting and safe. She saw shops and restaurants in a future beautiful and useful area. Michael suggested that they start with the first 15 piers, and not include it up to Pier 55. Laura thought it all needed to be renovated for safety's sake. She wanted Michael's support from ELQ.

Lulu arrived at the courthouse, and Robert informed her that Valentin had been let out on bail. He explained that there had been no evidence to charge Valentin with the attempted murder of Ava, and the other charges against him had all been non-violent. Valentin walked up to them and asked about Charlotte, but Lulu declared that their daughter was none of his business. She informed him that she would be filing a restraining order.

Valentin snapped that he hadn't killed Nikolas as Lulu had believed, so he thought she'd have to find another excuse. He added that he could handle Lulu. She stormed off. Martin walked up and promised Valentin they'd "crush" the order. He had to leave for a probate hearing with Nelle but added that he would have never taken her on as a client if it hadn't been for Valentin. Nelle had no clue that Martin was actually working for Valentin and not her.

At the pier, Laura spoke to Robert on the phone as Sasha arrived to meet up with Michael. Sasha and Michael kissed, and she revealed that she'd accepted his invitation to move in with him. She wanted to help out with Nelle.

Gladys and Carly arrived at the coffee warehouse, and Carly handed Tony some forms that Sonny had signed. Gladys wandered off, and Tony went to her to tell her to move away. As another man began to shoot, Tony pushed Gladys out of the way. Carly fell to the floor.

Josslyn returned to the pier to pick up her journal that she'd accidentally left behind. She saw a man with a gun and yelled for Michael to watch out. Everyone dropped to the ground as shots erupted. Laura rose and moved over to another spot. She appeared to be shot.

Shots rang out in the bar in Brooklyn, and Jason began to return fire. People dropped to the floor and hid.

 Laura is wheeled into surgery Laura is wheeled into surgery

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Shots rang out at Pier 55, the coffee warehouse, and a bar in Brooklyn simultaneously. At the pier, Josslyn managed to phone police as an unknown man showed up and charged at the shooter. The shooter jumped up and ran, with the man in pursuit.

Josslyn, Sasha, and Michael were all okay, but Laura was down and unconscious. She was slumped against a wall. Josslyn quickly made another phone call as Sasha and Michael attempted to comfort the mayor. The man giving chase had been Dustin, and he returned to say he'd lost the shooter. Josslyn praised him for saving their lives.

At the warehouse, Carly hid behind a large pile of bags of coffee as Tony and his coworker engaged with the unknown shooters. As Carly and one of the men tried to move into a better and more hidden location, the man was shot in the side. Carly called out to Tony that the man had been hit, and she went back to help the man get up to move. The man asked Carly if she was crazy.

Carly was unable to locate something to stop the bleeding, and the man prevented her from getting up out of hiding to look for a bandage. Finally, Sonny's men managed to nab one of the shooters. Carly realized that the shooting had stopped, but the man assured her that he couldn't allow her to get up yet.

As the heavy shooting continued at the Brooklyn bar, Sonny managed to keep Mike down and out of sight behind a table. Mike repeatedly screamed, "No!" The gunman grabbed the waitress/bartender, and Jason yelled for the man to let her go in order to live. Jason kept his gun pointed at the man.

Mike kept yelling that he wanted to go home as Jason and the gunman kept their guns trained on each other. The man began to walk away with his hostage, but she suddenly elbowed him. Jason managed to shoot the man as he let go of the woman and grabbed his stomach. "Oh, my God," the woman moaned as the shooter fell to the floor. Jason comforted the woman. Sonny helped Mike to his feet.

At the Crimson office, Jax pulled away from his kiss with Nina awkwardly and apologized. "I'm your boss," he said. Nina admitted that she'd never thought of Jax as her boss. She gently wiped her lipstick from his mouth. Before anything more could be said, Ava walked in and interrupted them. She took a long look around. "Oh, dear, is this a bad time?" Ava asked.

Nina stated that she and Jax had been having an "impromptu celebration," but both of them stumbled over the reason when Ava asked. Finally, Nina made mention of Jax's climbing numbers in the magazine field. Ava noted that Jax had a talent for picking winners. She said that her husband was grateful to Jax for "restoring balance to his family" and would repay Jax when his assets were unfrozen.

Jax asked about the codicil, and Ava replied that she was in negotiations. Jax wondered what Ava would get out of it, and she told him it would be an island of her own and a diversified portfolio. Just then, Jax received a phone call from Josslyn, and he took off.

Nina and Ava wondered what had happened and hoped that everyone was okay. Ava thought it was nice to see Nina back in the "proverbial saddle" again, both at the magazine and in her personal life. Nina attempted to explain how it took a lot of energy, and she did her best to get Ava to leave. Ava noted that she had theoretically captured Nina's bouquet, and Nina agreed that Ava had "run with it."

Nina asked why Ava was visiting, and Ava replied that she had just wanted to check in. Nina questioned whether Ava had hoped to find a friend. Ava doubted they'd ever be friends, and Nina suggested that the olive branch had been extended. Ava liked the sound of that, and the women joked about Ava's fondness for martinis.

Jordan was surprised to see Valentin at the courthouse and learned he'd been released on bail. She told him to enjoy it while he could, and Valentin assured her that he planned on doing that for a long time. He added that he was making a new start and needed to find a new place to live. Just then, Jordan received a phone call and rushed off to General Hospital. Valentin overheard her say that the mayor would be wheeled in.

Nikolas spotted Epiphany at the nurses' station, where he mentioned that he was looking for Elizabeth. "Prince Cassadine, back from the dead," Epiphany noted sarcastically. She told him rudely that Elizabeth was working, and she stormed off. Kevin was walking by and asked Nikolas if people hadn't been as friendly as Nikolas had expected. Kevin added that people had been hurt -- like those that Epiphany cared about. Kevin admitted he was angry and asked how Nikolas had been so heartless to the people he loved.

Nikolas admitted his reunion with Spencer hadn't gone as planned. Kevin explained that people wouldn't have been so angry at Nikolas if they didn't love him so much, but he assured Nikolas that the anger would eventually fade. Nikolas hoped Kevin was right.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth saw Finn, and she asked him about Violet. They made some small talk, and Finn noted that his daughter missed her mother. Finn revealed that he wasn't certain that Hayden had been in danger when she'd fled town, and Elizabeth was confused. Finn began to explain that the attack on Hayden had been staged, and Elizabeth immediately assumed that Valentin had been behind it.

As Finn began to set Elizabeth straight, Nikolas interrupted them. Elizabeth asked him about Spencer. "So, you're the guy," Finn snapped. Nikolas wondered if it was a bad time, and Finn noted that they had been discussing Hayden, who was Elizabeth's sister who had been forced to leave town. Nikolas asked if there had been any news, and Finn told him no. Nikolas was sorry. "Are you?" a fuming Finn asked. "Of course," Nikolas replied.

Nikolas wanted to talk to Elizabeth alone but Epiphany interrupted the group discussion. She told them about Laura being shot at the pier. Kevin had just joined the group and heard the news.

At the pier, Michael gave orders on the phone, and Chase arrived. Michael told him what had happened, and Josslyn chimed in that the shooter had been aiming at Michael. Sasha gave her version, and Jax arrived next. Josslyn told her father about the man trying to kill Michael, and Michael was unable to reach either Sonny or Jason on the phone.

Jax asked if the shooter had been an enemy of Sonny's, and it was decided that the shooter hadn't known that Michael was not involved in Sonny's business dealings. Chase revealed that shots had also been fired at the warehouse. He asked about Sonny, and Michael related that his father was in Brooklyn.

Mike only wanted to leave the bar in Brooklyn and go home. Sonny promised they would do so. A detective arrived, and the cops on duty told her that Jason had killed the gunman. The detective introduced herself to the woman behind the bar, who told the detective her name was Maggie. Maggie told Detective Fiona Harlan what had transpired that afternoon. The gunman had sat down, Sonny and the others had been leaving, and the gunman had opened fire. He had taken her hostage. She'd heard a shot, and the guy had been dead. Jason had saved her.

Mike began to cry to Sonny that he didn't want to get in trouble. Sonny assured Mike that nothing was his fault, and everyone knew it. The detective asked Jason for identification. Jason handed it to her, but he remained mute. Detective Harlan asked if Jason had a license to carry a gun, and he said he did. He refused to answer further questions without his attorney being present.

The detective met Mike and Sonny, and Mike again begged to go home. Sonny told the detective about his father's Alzheimer's disease, and he asked Maggie if she could sit with Mike. The pleasant bar employee readily agreed, and she immediately engaged the older man in conversation about living life to the fullest. Sonny showed the detective his identification, and she told him that Jason would be taken to the station for questioning. She was aware he'd shot the gunman in self-defense, but Jason had a long list of priors.

The detective wondered if Jason was Sonny's bodyguard, but Sonny assured her Jason had been there as his friend. Harlan asked who had tried to have Sonny killed, and she suggested that Sonny provide her with answers in order to avoid taking Mike to the station, too. Sonny insisted he had no idea, but he told her about the torched warehouse truck. He added that he'd been in Brooklyn for a possible clinical trial for his father, and Brooklyn had been their home. He'd hoped that something familiar would spark Mike's memory.

Laura was wheeled into General Hospital, and Kevin asked Jordan if she thought the shooting had had anything to do with rebuilding the waterfront. Nikolas declared that Sonny would never have done that. Nikolas and Dustin met, and Dustin told Nikolas that Lulu was on her way. Dustin told Jordan that the gunman had been aiming at Michael.

Lulu ran in, followed by Valentin. Dustin updated Lulu. Valentin demanded to know if Charlotte was okay, and he hoped that Laura would be all right, too. Lulu informed him the kids were fine, and she asked if Valentin was sorry that someone else had gotten to Laura first. Valentin took off and ran into Kevin and Nikolas, who were sitting nearby.

Nikolas wondered why Valentin was there, and Kevin assumed that he'd been released on bail. Kevin stopped Nikolas from pursuing Valentin. Josslyn and Jax arrived, and Josslyn argued with her father about not needing any medical attention. Josslyn introduced Jax to Dustin and told her father Dustin had saved her life. Jax thanked him. Josslyn realized she'd left her journal on the pier.

Finn emerged from Laura's examination bay and told Kevin she'd been asking for him. He added that Laura would need a serious surgery. Elizabeth consoled Nikolas, and Kevin rushed in to see his wife. She opened her eyes and reminded him that she'd told him the docks weren't safe. She smiled and closed her eyes as Epiphany left the room after giving Kevin a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Kevin told Laura he loved her and that everyone was there for her.

Nikolas thanked Finn for caring for his mother, and Finn retorted that his child would like hers back. He knew what Nikolas had done, and he reminded Nikolas that he'd forgotten to tell Elizabeth. Nikolas insisted that he'd been about to tell Elizabeth the truth, but it hadn't been the right time. Laura was wheeled into surgery, and Lulu began to cry.

At the warehouse, Carly heard sirens, but the man who'd been shot wanted her to stay put and wait for the cops. Meanwhile, Sonny's employees tied the shooter's wrists, and one slugged him. Tony approached Carly and announced that the other shooter was gone. Carly pointed to the injured man next to her and declared that he needed a raise for saving her life. Tony replied that he wasn't one of Sonny's employees.

After spotting the first aid kit, Carly finally tended to the injured man, and Jordan arrived. Carly exclaimed that the injured man needed help. Tony told Jordan what had happened, and he added that the man with Carly was not a warehouse employee. Carly insisted that the man had helped her, and they wondered if the man had switched sides during the shootout.

Carly asked about the ambulance, and Jordan insisted it was on the way. She questioned whether Carly had been the intended target or if it had been accidental. Gladys finally emerged from her own hiding spot as Jordan pulled a gun on her. "Brando?" Gladys shouted as she looked at the injured man.

At the pier, Chase wanted to hear the story again from Michael, and Sasha lit into him. She shouted that the fourth time telling the story would be considered harassment. She reminded him that Michael was a friend to both Chase and Willow and had had their backs in the past. Michael thought that Chase was only doing his job, but he looked at Chase curiously.

Chase revealed that Sonny had been a target in a Brooklyn shooting, and Jason had been arrested after killing the gunman. Chase thought that someone was making a move against Sonny. He assumed that Sonny would insist on handling it, but Chase thought the police should be able to do their job.

Back at Crimson, Ava suggested that she and Nina go out for a drink. Valentin walked in and told them there was something to celebrate because he'd been released on bail. Ava was unhappy that he'd gotten away with her attempted murder, but Valentin retorted that there'd been no reliable witness or proof. He wanted some privacy with Nina, but Ava didn't think that Nina should be alone with him. She wanted Nina to call her anytime, and they could arrange to meet on her parapet.

Valentin reminded Ava that she wasn't an angel after shooting an unarmed woman in the very space where they were standing. Nina ordered him to leave. Ava turned to Nina, who responded with a faint smile.

In Brooklyn, the detective told Sonny about the two Port Charles shootings and that Michael had been one of the targets. He had not been harmed. She had no information on the warehouse shooting. Harlan thought she had two choices. One would be to keep Sonny in Brooklyn and risk another shooting. The other would be to have him leave and be Port Charles's problem. Sonny assured her she would have his full cooperation, and she told him he was free to go.

Sonny went over to the bar and thanked Maggie for looking after Mike. After a little joking about running a marathon, Sonny received a phone call. It was someone at the clinic, who wanted to confirm Mike's appointment. Sonny regretted that they couldn't make it due to a family emergency. He was informed that Mike wouldn't be considered for the trial, and Sonny said he understood. He told Mike it was time to go home, and they left arm in arm.

The town speculates about the shootings The town speculates about the shootings

Friday, January 31, 2020

Jordan entered the warehouse and checked on Carly and the man with the gunshot wound. Gladys suddenly popped out of the office, prompting Jordan to pull her gun. Gladys screamed about how she was just an innocent bystander until she spotted the man on the ground. "Brando?" she cried, and she kneeled next to him. Carly and Jordan tried to calm Gladys down. An officer announced that the owner of the warehouse was there, and Carly was happy to see Jason.

A few minutes later, Brando was on a stretcher, and Gladys begged the EMTs not to let her son die. Carly asked Jason to tell Michael that she was all right, and she followed after Gladys, who trailed the EMTs. Jordan informed Jason that she'd gotten an update about the shooting in Brooklyn, and she thought it sounded like a coordinated attack that had begun with him.

Michael and Sasha walked into Sonny's with a guard, who updated Michael on the status of the guards. He assured Michael that security had been doubled, but things on the property were quiet. He added that Sonny was getting Mike back to Turning Woods, and he hadn't heard from Carly yet. When the guard was gone, Dev entered the room and asked what was going on, as he hadn't been allowed out of the house. Michael quickly told a shocked Dev what had happened that night.

Michael's phone went off. He answered it to Jason, and they exchanged information about who had and hadn't been hurt. Jason had to talk to the police, so he hung up. Dev began to nervously babble about the danger escalating for the family, but Michael assured him that everything would be fine. He advised Dev to calm down and spend some time with Avery so she would feel safe. Dev calmly agreed and went upstairs.

Sasha observed that Michael seemed experienced in comforting others, and she wondered how many times he'd had to do it before. He admitted that he'd experienced similar events, and he'd learned how to handle the crises. Sasha cried that if Josslyn hadn't seen the gunman, Michael could have died. She didn't want to go through that again, and he promised that she wouldn't have to.

At the hospital, Finn informed Nikolas that his excuses meant nothing, as his greed had separated a mother and daughter. Nikolas assured Finn that it was only temporary, but Finn refused to take Nikolas' word for it.

In Josslyn's exam room, Josslyn took Chase through the events of the night. Chase commended her for saving her brother's life. Outside the room, Elizabeth assured Jax that Josslyn was well enough to go home. Chase emerged from the room and commended Jax's brave daughter, but he advised Jax to have a talk with his daughter about the difference between bravery and recklessness. When Chase was gone, Jax finally told a shocked Elizabeth the truth about why Hayden had left town.

Just then, Nikolas approached Elizabeth for an update on Laura, and she promptly slapped him. "How could you do that to Hayden?" she demanded, and Jax left to give them some space. She ripped into Nikolas and demanded that he find Hayden. She was called to the emergency room to help with another shooting victim, so she left. Outside the room, Jax informed Finn that he'd told Elizabeth what Nikolas had done. Finn admitted that it was hard to keep finding excuses when Violet asked for her mother.

Chase approached one of Sonny's guards at the hospital and was met with silence. He assured the guard that the police were providing security at the hospital, so he and the other guards could leave. The guard only stared at Chase. Chase added that he would have to arrest them if they didn't leave voluntarily, and Sonny didn't need the trouble. The guard begrudgingly nodded at his guys, and they left single file.

Jordan advised Jason to "cooperate for once," and she recapped what she'd been told about the shooting in Brooklyn. She was satisfied with the explanation of self-defense, but she asked Jason who would be targeting Sonny. Chase arrived, and he and Jordan interviewed one of the guards, Tony, about the shooting at the warehouse. He went through the events and concluded that the gunmen had shot until they'd run out of ammo, and they'd taken off. Jordan advised Tony to retrace his steps with Chase, and she went outside to talk with Jason.

Jordan said that the gunmen were either incompetent, or Tony wasn't telling the entire story. Jason reminded her that he hadn't been there, so he couldn't help. Taggert arrived as Chase informed Jordan that his preliminary findings matched Tony's account of events "to a point." He revealed that one of Sonny's employees had allegedly chased after the gunmen but hadn't returned. Taggert suggested that the men had held one of the gunmen for Sonny. Jordan took the opportunity to introduce Chase and Taggert.

Jordan and Chase speculated about the shootings and if they were related to Sonny's stolen truck. Jordan got close to Jason's face and advised him to think about everything he and Sonny stood to lose if there was a mob war. She guessed that whoever was after them didn't have a code, so things would be public and ugly. She vowed to stop it, and she warned him that she would take Jason and Sonny down if she had to.

At Crimson, Valentin vowed to not stop until he got back everything he'd lost. Ava hoped that Nina wasn't going to humor his sweet talk. He ignored her and believed that he and Nina could work things out. Nina urged him to get it through his head that she had helped Ava and Nikolas to take Valentin down. Ava sent off a text to Nikolas, informing him that Valentin was there, and she asked Valentin why he was still there. Valentin insisted that everything he'd done had been out of love, but Ava scoffed that he didn't know the first thing about love.

Valentin replied that Ava's statement was true of him before he'd met Nina, but not after. He accused Ava of not knowing anything about love, which was what made her so easy to manipulate. Nina yelled at both of them to leave so that she could work. Ava picked up her things and figured that she had plenty of redecorating to do at Wyndemere, anyway. Nikolas arrived and handed Valentin an envelope. Valentin opened it to find a restraining order and arrangements for a DNA test.

Valentin laughed that Helena was setting Nikolas up from beyond the grave. He added that he was the rightful heir, so Ava had married Nikolas for nothing. He continued that he might have lost the castle, but he still had Nina. Ava gleefully imagined all the suitors for Nina that would treat her better than Valentin ever could. "They can't love her like I can," Valentin replied. "Goodbye, Valentin," Nina stated. "For now," he cooed, and he left.

Jax and Josslyn left the exam room, and Josslyn was surprised to see an anxious Gladys. She assured Gladys that everything would be all right, but Gladys refused to relax until she heard it from a doctor. She informed the confused father and daughter that her son Brando had been shot saving Carly. Just then, Carly approached, thankful that no one else had been hurt. Jax told her about Laura, and the news upset Carly and Gladys.

As Josslyn sat with Gladys, Carly told Jax what had happened at the warehouse, and they guessed that someone was making a move against Sonny. Jax also questioned the existence of Brando, as Gladys had told everyone that her son was dead. Carly told him that she needed to stay in order to figure out what was going, and she asked him to take Josslyn back to Sonny's. Jax and Josslyn left, and Carly took Josslyn's seat next to Gladys. Carly was grateful that Brando had saved her life, but she questioned why Gladys had told everyone that he was dead.

Finn emerged from Brando's room, and he informed Gladys and Carly that Brando was stable, and the bullet hadn't hit anything major on its way through Brando. Gladys ran into the room to see her son, and Carly thanked Finn. As Finn walked away, Carly noticed Elizabeth giving a bag of Brando's personal effects to a cop to sign for. She sauntered over, unseen by anyone, and quickly took a picture out of the bag. She walked around the corner to look at it and found that it was a picture of Dev and Gladys from Christmas.

Elizabeth approached Finn and conveyed how in shock she was after finding out that Nikolas was to blame for Hayden's disappearance. She checked on him, and he answered that he was just trying to do everything he could to make sure that he was the father Violet needed. She hoped that he didn't feel alone, and she reminded him that he and Violet were her family. He suggested that they set up a family "playdate."

Josslyn and Jax returned to Sonny's, and Dev was immediately embracing her and talking about how worried he'd been. She brushed him off and insisted that she was all right. They sat down in the living room, where Sasha thanked Josslyn for being brave and saving Michael. Jax suggested that Josslyn get some rest in her room, but she wanted to wait for Carly to return home. The group talked about how two shootings at the same time involving Sonny's family meant "nothing good." Josslyn told them Carly's account of things at the warehouse, including the fact that Brando had saved Carly's life. "Your father," Jax said to Dev as everyone's shocked faces turned to the boy.

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