General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 17, 2020 on GH

Lucas told Michael that Wiley was Jonah. Nelle attempted to abduct Wiley, but Michael and Chase stopped her. Brad and Nelle were arrested. Sonny and Jason made a move against Cyrus. Taggert was revealed to be Trina's father. Jordan told Curtis about her history with Cyrus. Chase told Willow her baby had died.
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Lucas told Michael that Wiley was Jonah and Willow learned her baby had died
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Nelle and Valentin make a deal

Nelle and Valentin make a deal

Monday, February 17, 2020

Nina was in Jax's bed, happily squealing, when she heard him returning to the bedroom. She pretended to be asleep when he entered with two mugs. He "woke" her up and offered her the cup, which she sleepily took. She needed food, but he revealed that he didn't really keep much food in the house, so they would have to go out. They agreed to see where the relationship went, but he wanted to make sure that they were lying about it. While she didn't want to hide it, she was tired of the world being "up in my private life." They agreed not to flaunt their relationship, and to approach it like adults.

Julian found Brad at the hospital and wondered what kind of trouble Brad needed Julian to dig Brad out of. Brad was only wondering who Julian would bully when Brad was living in Portland. Julian hopefully asked if Brad was finally leaving Lucas, but Brad explained the situation to Julian. Julian didn't believe it, but Brad reminded Julian that it had been his idea for the family to leave town. "I'm finally doing exactly as you asked," Brad said.

Julian instructed Brad to stay vigilant and not squander Lucas' chance at happiness. Brad thought everything would be easier living on the other side of the country. Brad admitted that, when he and Julian weren't at odds, he appreciated everything Julian had done for him. In response, Julian warned Brad that he wasn't out of Julian's reach just because he was across the country. He vowed to keep an eye on Brad.

There was a knock on Lucas' door, and Willow entered. Lucas wanted to talk to Willow about Wiley's future, and he revealed that he and his family were leaving within a few days. Willow expressed how many people would miss Wiley, and she called it a gift that she'd been able to be in Wiley's life at all. She continued that saying goodbye would be hard, but it was probably for the best. She'd never doubted that Lucas and Brad were going to be amazing parents, and she admitted that she might need some help saying goodbye. Lucas informed Willow that he hadn't invited her there for a goodbye.

Brad entered the room and asked Lucas what Willow's answer had been. Lucas divulged that he hadn't asked the question yet. He turned back to Willow and explained that, if anything were to happen to Brad and Lucas, they wanted to make sure that Wiley would be taken care of for the rest of his life. He asked if Willow would agree to be his designated guardian. "Oh, my God, yes!" she exclaimed, and she hugged the men. She promised to give Wiley the best life possible, but she hoped that she would never have to.

Ned was finishing up a phone call when Olivia descended the stairs. She asked if he'd found out who'd been trying to buy the ELQ stocks, but he revealed that whoever it was was good at hiding. She wondered if he'd told Michael, but Ned didn't want to tell Michael until he had actual information. Olivia revealed that she was on her way to Metro Court, as it was Brook Lynn's first day of being a hostess. She muttered that she hoped Brook Lynn wasn't scaring the customers. She kissed Ned and left.

Nelle told Michael that she wouldn't really miss living at the Quartermaine mansion and assured him that she would be out of the house and his life that day. She added that, when she left, she would be leaving him and his family "in the dirt." Ned entered the room as Michael grilled Nelle for information on her buyer, but she wouldn't say a word. Her phone went off, and she excused herself with, "my new life awaits!"

When Nelle was gone, Ned reminded Michael that Michael had promised to get Nelle's shares. Michael suspected that she was never going to sell to him, and he thought they would have better luck buying them back from her buyer. Ned surmised that there could be repercussions from the attack on Sonny, but Michael insisted that he had no information about his father's business. Ned left to find out who'd just bought into the family company.

Chase arrived a few minutes later to ask Michael for information regarding the shootings. Michael reminded Chase that he wasn't involved in Sonny's "alleged business," and he reiterated that his family hadn't started it. Chase asked that Michael tell Chase if Michael heard anything, but Michael figured that he wouldn't hear anything. He also informed Chase that Nelle had appeared to move out, and he asked how Willow was doing after the news about Brad, Lucas, and Wiley moving to Portland. Chase answered that it was tough for her, but he thought it was for the best. Michael related that he would miss Wiley, and Chase talked about how lucky Wiley was to have such a huge family that loved him so much.

Valentin was sitting in Metro Court when he spotted Lulu and Dustin arrive. The two were surprised to see Brook Lynn as the hostess, and she and Lulu argued over where to seat the couple. Lulu spotted Valentin and walked over to talk to him. She wondered if he would be changing his name, since he wasn't a Cassadine, as she needed to know for the family court filing. He replied that no one's names would be changing. Valentin wondered if a court case would be best for Charlotte, and he suggested that they compromise. Lulu spat that he only cared about Charlotte's best interests when they aligned with his own.

"That poor man," Brook Lynn said of Valentin, and she explained to a surprised Dustin that she pitied anyone who was "on the receiving end of Lulu's moral superiority. Wait your turn." A few minutes later, Lulu was on the phone with Diane as Dustin asked about Brook Lynn's meeting with her producer. Brook Lynn revealed that ELQ's lawyers couldn't find a loophole in the contract. Just then, Brando entered and asked the two where Lulu was. Brook Lynn commented that he was "way too good for her," and Dustin pointed Lulu out. Brook Lynn wondered what the man wanted with Lulu as he walked away.

Brando introduced himself to Lulu, and she admitted that she hadn't thought that she would hear back from him. Brando wanted to ask her to drop the story about the waterfront shootings. She invited him to sit and talk about it with her, and she also disclosed that she was Carly's cousin. She told Brando the circumstances of meeting Dev, and how Sonny had gotten Dev out of trouble. Lulu intuited that Brando had walked into "more than the line of fire" when he'd arrived in town.

Brando admitted that he'd had no intention of giving any interviews, but if Lulu needed a quote, he told her that he'd acted on instinct. He added that it would be better for her to leave him out entirely, but she remarked that he'd been a hero, so that was impossible. She reminded him that no good deed went unpunished and that people wanted to know everything about heroes. She advised him to bury any skeletons in his closet immediately.

Lulu rejoined Dustin at a table, and she told him that Brando was "press shy." He joked that that left more room in her article for him. Across the restaurant, Brook Lynn was scrolling through her phone when Olivia entered, and Olivia scolded Brook Lynn for not greeting people at the door. Jax and Nina entered the restaurant for a table, and Olivia seated them herself in a huff. Valentin spotted the two get seated at a table.

At their table, Jax wondered if Nina had noticed Valentin across the restaurant, and he said that she could go talk to him if she wanted to. She stated that Valentin no longer had a say in what she did, not that he'd ever had a say. "Incoming," Jax muttered, and Valentin was next to the table. He wanted to talk to Nina in private, but she insisted that she had nothing to say to him. Deciding to talk anyway, Valentin told her to do what she had to do, but he would be waiting for her when she was finished running from him. "You'll be waiting a long time," she replied, and he left.

Nina apologized to Jax for Valentin's behavior, but he didn't think it was necessary. She began to talk about work, but she abruptly stopped and wondered if their breakfast was a date or work. While they didn't want to flaunt their relationship, she suggested that they "get ahead" of it. A few minutes later, Jax hung up his phone and assured her that they had a meeting with HR that afternoon.

Ned arrived at Metro Court, and Olivia updated him on Brook Lynn's performance so far. She also hated seeing Lulu with a man that wasn't Dante, and she figured she would never get used to it. Ned informed her that there were no loopholes in Brook Lynn's contract and that Nelle had sold her ELQ shares to a mystery buyer. Olivia thought it was time for the process of elimination.

A few minutes later, Ned told Brook Lynn that there was nothing else that could be done about her contract. "I can't work for him," she complained, so Ned suggested that she try a little harder at her job at Metro Court. She stormed off, which caught Dustin's eye, and he asked Lulu if she minded him talking to her. "Go be a friend, not that she deserves it," Lulu answered, and he kissed her and approached Brook Lynn. She told him about her situation, and he tried to make suggestions on what she could do. She didn't know how, but she just needed to find a way out of her contract.

Carly arrived home and told Sonny that Bobbie was heartbroken about Lucas leaving town. Carly was just glad that her brother would be getting a fresh start far away from Julian. Dev entered, and Sonny and Carly wondered why he wasn't in school. Dev replied that he needed to leave Port Charles, as Brando's arrival changed everything. Sonny assured Dev that Brando would play along for as long as necessary. Dev had already figured that he would go to boarding school, but Carly insisted that everyone would miss him too much.

A few minutes later, Dev was gone, and Brando arrived at the house. He told Sonny and Carly about his meeting with Lulu, and he asked them to tell him the truth about Dev. He needed to know everything so he didn't "blow this thing sky high." They told Brando about Dev from when Sonny had first met him in Turkey. As they finished recounting events, Dev returned downstairs. He apologized for interrupting and ran back up, but Brando stopped him. He thought that Dev was a "remarkable guy," and he understood and respected Sonny wanting to repay a debt.

Brando admitted that he had no idea how to pretend to be Dev's father and to get on with his life at the same time. Sonny thought that nothing was more important than Dev's safety, but Carly promised that they could help Brando. Sonny instructed Brando that he only needed to continue to be Dev's father "on paper." "Consider it done," Brando agreed, and Dev thanked him. Sonny agreed that it was probably best to send Dev to a boarding school, and Carly insisted that Dev return home frequently. Sonny concluded that, as long as Dev and Brando's lives never crossed, no one would question the relationship, and everyone would remain safe.

Valentin opened the door of his room to Nelle, and she entered. He handed her a check, and she remarked that it wasn't as much as the Quartermaines had offered her. He informed her that the check was accompanied by new identities for mother and child, and he handed her a pile of identification documents. She wondered what he was going to do with the shares, but he answered that he never revealed his agenda.

Valentin did tell Nelle that Michael and Sasha had crossed him, so the two would get their long-deserved payback. Nelle wished she could stick around to watch the "carnage," but she would settle for reading about it in the news. She shook his hand and thanked him for doing business. Outside the room, Nelle opened one of the passports and saw Wiley's pictures. "Mommy's coming, baby. She's coming," she muttered.

Julian approached Olivia at Metro Court and asked if he could take Leo for a few days. He revealed that it was for Lucas' welcome home party, and he supposed Lucas' goodbye party, as well. Olivia replied that she wouldn't stand in the way of that, and Julian told her about Lucas, Brad, and Wiley moving to Portland. Nelle entered and overheard the conversation about the fresh start for the family and said to herself, "Not if I have anything to say about it."

Lucas remembers more from before the crash

Lucas remembers more from before the crash

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Jason entered Pozzulo's and confirmed to Sonny that Cyrus had had some merchandise shipped to a warehouse by the piers. Sonny wanted to respond, but he warned that neither Cyrus nor the cops could foresee it. Sonny figured that Cyrus' suppliers would retaliate if anything happened to the merchandise, and someone getting to Cyrus inside Pentonville would be the best-case scenario. As Jason got ready to go, Sonny instructed Jason to leave no evidence behind, as the cops would know it was them. Jason promised to let Sonny know when it was done, and he left.

T.J. entered Jordan's office and informed her that she had something "vitally important" that he needed. A few minutes later, Jordan returned to her office after having to speak with a detective who had interrupted them. T.J. assumed that it had been about the recent shootings, and he urged her to be careful. She remembered how careful she'd been as part of the DEA when she'd abandoned him. He reminded her that they'd been over it, and he'd forgiven her. She promised that she wasn't going anywhere ever again. "Especially not until after you give me the ring," he joked.

Jordan opened her desk drawer and took out the ring, telling T.J. that she'd had it in her desk for over a week. T.J. admitted that the timing had never been right. Jordan gave him the ring and related that she'd even had time to get it sized for Molly. Just then, an officer entered and informed Jordan of someone dead of an apparent overdose on one of the piers. T.J. advised her again to be careful, and he left.

A short while later, Jordan arrived on the pier, and an officer showed her to the body. The officer revealed that the New Hampshire ID found with the body identified the man as Mark Simon. Jordan pulled up the sheet and found the man facedown, and she became upset.

Curtis entered Kelly's and sat down next to Marcus at the counter, explaining that he wanted to get to know Marcus better. He lightly interrogated Marcus on why he was in town, but Marcus insisted that he was checking on a friend. Curtis mentioned being in the DEA, and Marcus already knew that Curtis had gotten addicted to cocaine and had lost his badge. It unsettled Curtis to know that Marcus knew more about him than vice versa.

Marcus explained that he and Jordan were friends and former colleagues, and anything else Curtis thought was the wrong idea. Curtis revealed that he knew that Marcus had lied about when he'd arrived in town and when he'd first connected with Jordan. He wondered why, but Marcus suggested that Curtis talk to his wife. Just then, Marcus' phone went off, and he answered it to Jordan. Jordan summoned him to the pier "now," and Marcus promised that he was on his way. "See you around," Marcus said with a smirk, and he left.

Marcus arrived at the pier a short while later, and Jordan informed him that their ex-colleague Mark had died of an apparent overdose like Bob had. Jordan confided that she'd called Mark to warn him, and he'd insisted on helping out. "If only I hadn't called," she lamented. Marcus assured her that Mark could have easily been reached in New Hampshire. She knew it wasn't a coincidence, and she figured that it was because of the "Cyrus bust." Jordan realized that, of their four-member team, two were dead. She wondered how their identities had been exposed, as they'd been in "deep cover."

A few minutes later, Jordan told Marcus that Mark's body was at the morgue, and the tests were being started. Marcus bet that the results would be the same as Bob's. "We're next," she said, clearly worried. Marcus promised her that they would be all right, and he hugged her, stating, "Partners for life." When they pulled apart, she urged him to stay safe, and they walked in opposite directions. When they were gone, Curtis emerged from his hiding spot.

At Metro Court, Nelle asked on the phone about first class flights for that night from Port Charles to Buenos Aires. She said that she needed two tickets, one for herself, Barbara Langdon, and one for her son, William. She was happy to hear that her flight was three hours away, and she hung up. She turned to see Sam smirking behind her, and Sam wondered if Nelle, who was on parole, was going somewhere. Sam thought she might tip someone off about Nelle's trip.

Nelle taunted Sam about her own parole requirements and asked about Jason. She continued that Michael and his family would never see her again, which was what everyone wanted. "Ciao, roomie," Nelle said, and she walked into the restaurant. At the bar, Nelle overheard the bartender telling Carly on the phone that the food would arrive at the house soon. The bartender hoped that Lucas and Brad enjoyed their party.

Sam was sitting at a table when a stressed Molly joined her. Molly explained that she was exhausted from helping her friend Jamie, a "bridezilla," plan her wedding. T.J. entered, and Sam offered her seat to him, as she had to go to Lucas' party, anyway. When she was gone, T.J. sat and talked about possible plans for Valentine's Day. She felt uncomfortable spending a lot of money on one night, and she compared it to an "overcommercialized" wedding that promoted consumerism. She ranted about how couples were stuck with stuff they didn't need off of a registry and how half of all marriages ended in divorce, anyway. "Who wants that?" she questioned a stunned T.J.

Anna bumped into Finn at Metro Court, and he asked how she was doing. She admitted that she hadn't gotten much sleep, as she slept better when he was there. She wondered when he would be returning, but he wasn't sure. Peter arrived and apologized to Anna for his lateness. Anna revealed that she was meeting Peter for lunch, but she invited Finn to dinner. He answered that he had work, and he left. Peter asked if something had happened between the two, and he followed up by wondering if it had been about him.

A few minutes later, the two were at a table, and Anna asked Peter for honesty. She questioned if he'd been the one to let the attorney general in on Robert's deal with Sam and Jason. Peter confirmed that he had, because as long as there was a deal in place, Jason's sole focus would have been taking Peter down. Anna wondered if he was worried about Jason finding out the truth, and she again asked for honesty, since she'd put "everything on the line for you." He insisted that he was innocent, but she wondered what else he wasn't telling her.

Peter realized that Finn had moved out because he thought that Peter was guilty. He added that Anna had Robert to thank for that, as he wanted to break Finn and Anna up. Peter maintained that the only connection between himself and the assassin was Faison. He was happy to finally be out from under Faison's thumb and to be building a relationship with his mother. He never wanted to jeopardize his relationships, and Anna related that she'd considered having a relationship with him to be a gift. "Even if it means losing Finn?" Peter asked.

Just then, Anna's phone went off, and she walked away to take the call. Moments later, Sam walked by, and Peter asked if she would be willing to talk to a reporter for his piece on the early release of prisoners from the overcrowding at Pentonville. He added that he could sympathize with her about overcoming negative stereotypes and expectations. She spat that she would save her comments for when the truth surfaced, which it always did.

Anna returned a few minutes later and assured Peter that Emma had arrived home safely. Peter talked about how amazing Emma was and how she took after Anna, the strongest woman he knew. She revealed that she had thought so in the past. She told him that she called her house her "fortress of solitude," but the thought of going home without Finn and Violet made her feel like her home was cold and empty. Peter wondered if she thought that she and Finn could work things out. She hoped so, as she couldn't imagine life without Finn.

At Willow's, Brad instructed her that Wiley should be asleep for a while, as the medicine had probably knocked him out. Chase arrived home, and Willow informed him that she would be looking after a sick Wiley during Brad and Lucas' going away party. She was glad for the extra time with Wiley, and Brad left. Chase asked how she felt about the move, and she told him about Brad and Lucas asking her to be Wiley's designated guardian. Judging by the look on Chase's face, she asked if he thought that Brad and Lucas should have picked Michael instead.

There was a knock on the door, and Chase answered it to Finn. He informed Chase that he and Violet had moved out of Anna's. Chase invited Finn in to sit, and Willow went off to check on Wiley. Finn briefly explained that he and Anna had had a fight, as he didn't think that Violet was safe in the house. Chase assured Finn that retaliation against any officer of the law was rare, except for Faison, but he was dead. Finn countered that Faison's son was alive, and he happened to also be Anna's son. He admitted that he didn't trust Peter, and he didn't believe that Peter was as "reformed" as he'd claimed, while Anna did.

Finn continued that Violet kept asking when they would be going home, and Finn didn't know what to say. Willow returned to get her phone, but Chase suggested that Finn ask Willow for advice. He wondered what to tell Violet, and Willow answered that Finn should be truthful and only tell Violet what he was sure of. "That's not much right now," he admitted. Finn realized that he and Anna might never agree about Peter, but he couldn't imagine giving her up. Finn recognized that, if he was forced to choose between Anna and his daughter's safety, it was clear that his daughter was his first priority.

Sasha joined Michael on the terrace at Sonny's, and he explained that he'd needed a break. He admitted that, while he was happy for Brad and Lucas, Wiley leaving was hitting him hard. He thought that his life would be a little emptier without Wiley, and Sasha gave him a comforting hug.

Julian arrived at Sonny's for the party and regretfully informed Carly that Leo wasn't able to make it. Bobbie emerged and told him that Wiley wouldn't be there, either. Julian asked about Sonny, and Carly revealed that he wouldn't be there. She added that Julian was only there because Brad had wanted him there, and Lucas hadn't objected. She proposed that they be civil for Brad and Lucas' sake.

A short while later, Brad and Lucas arrived as Michael and Sasha returned inside. Julian offered the couple a ride to the airport when they left, but Bobbie whined that she and Carly had wanted to take them. Carly muttered kudos to Bobbie, as it was better to get the couple away from Julian as soon as possible. The group talked about Portland, and Bobbie could no longer pretend that she was happy Brad and Lucas were moving, as she would miss them too much. On the flip side, Carly hoped that they wouldn't miss Port Charles once they got settled, as it was an exciting time for them.

Carly's phone went off, and she answered it. "What the hell happened?" she asked, and she got up to go to the door. She opened the door to find one of the guards with Nelle. "I heard there was a party," she said sweetly. "You're not welcome here," Carly replied. Nelle said that she'd just wanted to say goodbye to her best friend before he left town. She yelled for Brad, and he ran out to the foyer and demanded to know why she was there. She told him that she couldn't let him go across the country without some closure. Brad asked for a minute alone with Nelle, so Carly and the guard left, and Carly advised him not to take too long.

Brad demanded to know what Nelle had been thinking, and she replied that she was there to say goodbye to her son. Brad disclosed that Willow was watching the sick little boy at her place. Nelle was angry that he would leave Wiley with someone who wasn't his mother. Brad assured her that, in a few days, they would be on the opposite coast, and Willow would be out of their lives. He ordered her to leave. She figured she had no choice and left.

Brad returned to the party, and Carly figured that Nelle had just wanted to get under her skin. Michael didn't think they should give Nelle the power to derail their celebration. As everyone else agreed, Lucas stared off into the distance as he remembered part of the conversation he'd had with Brad minutes before the crash. Sam arrived, and she was updated on Nelle's appearance. The group continued to talk about Portland, and Lucas remembered more of his argument with Brad.

As Nelle looked in on the party through a window, Lucas was frustrated that he couldn't remember more. Julian offered to pick up Wiley, as he thought Lucas might feel better with Wiley there. Michael insisted that he and Sasha go get Wiley, just as Lucas remembered Brad saying that Wiley was Michael and Nelle's son. "Michael!" Lucas yelled, stopping Michael in his tracks.

Nelle makes a move as Michael learns the truth

Nelle makes a move as Michael learns the truth

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

At Pentonville, Sonny picked up the phone as Cyrus sat down and did the same. Cyrus assumed that Sonny had reconsidered his stance on making room for Cyrus in Port Charles. "Yeah, you assume wrong," Sonny clarified. Undaunted, Cyrus warned Sonny that Sonny had become complacent running Port Charles for too long, but Cyrus intended to move in and stay. "457 Water Street," Sonny quietly replied. Cyrus tensed as Sonny explained that Sonny knew the waterfront well, including when a warehouse was sold without a listing.

Sonny was also aware that a truck from a holding company registered to Cyrus had left Seattle three days earlier, but Cyrus advised Sonny to tread with caution because Sonny was about to make a big mistake. Sonny chuckled because Cyrus had made the mistake by provoking Sonny. Cyrus pointed out that Sonny would have to contend with Cyrus' overseas partners, but Sonny was confident that Cyrus' partners would be focused on Cyrus, since they would blame Cyrus for botching a shipment worth $20,000,000.

Cyrus doubted that Sonny would get his hands on Cyrus' shipment because Cyrus' men would put up a fight. However, even if Sonny managed to obtain the shipment, Cyrus was certain that Sonny would never succeed in selling the product because none of the merchandisers would risk crossing Cyrus by touching it. "Who says I'm selling your merchandise?" Sonny asked. Cyrus quickly changed tactics by suggesting that he and Sonny had gotten off on the wrong foot. Cyrus offered to negotiate, but Sonny wasn't interested because the shipment had already been taken care of. Cyrus shouted with rage, while Sonny calmly walked out with a smile on his face.

At 457 Water Street, one of Cyrus' henchmen left the warehouse to check on some crates lined up on the pier. He became motionless when he felt Jason press a gun to his back. After Jason disarmed and bound the man's wrists, Jason asked how many more men were in the warehouse. "Five," the man replied, but Jason knew it was a lie because Jason had counted only one other man left. Annoyed, the man was curious why Jason had bothered to ask, so Jason explained that it had been a test to see how cooperative the man would be. The man advised Jason to get out while Jason was still alive.

Cyrus' henchman had done his homework, and he knew that Jason was Sonny's enforcer. The man conceded that Sonny was good at what he did, but Cyrus was better. He urged Jason not to let things go sideways with Cyrus, but Jason ignored the warning. The man wondered if Jason planned to hijack the shipment then sell it because it would be tantamount to suicide. The man was willing to forget that Jason had been there if Jason walked way, but Jason ordered the man to call for his accomplice. Reluctantly, the man complied.

Moments later, Jenkins exited the warehouse. Jason quickly disarmed and tied up Jenkins. The first henchman wondered if Jason intended to "execute" them, prompting Jason to explain that he needed both men alive to carry a message to Cyrus about what happened next. Jason made it clear that both men also had the option to run for their lives if they didn't want to deliver bad news to Cyrus. Both men watched as Jason picked up a bag then entered the warehouse. Later, Jason exited the building, pulled out a remote detonator, and pressed a button to trigger a blast that incinerated the building as Jason walked away without a backward glance.

At the police station, Jordan entered her office, placed her gun in her desk, and sat down to work on her computer. She didn't look up when she heard a knock on her door, but she grumbled that she had asked not to be disturbed. She quickly apologized when she realized that it was Curtis. Jordan explained that things had been hectic, so Curtis guessed that it had to do with the mob violence, Cassadine craziness, and her "old buddy" Taggert. Jordan questioned why he thought that she had trouble with Taggert.

Curtis explained that Jordan hadn't been acting herself since Taggert had arrived in town, but Jordan argued that there had been an outbreak of violence. Curtis reminded his wife that he'd seen her handle a crisis, and he knew when she was rattled. Curtis was certain that whatever was troubling her was personal, but Jordan didn't know what to tell him. Curtis advised Jordan to think of something because she had been acting "shady." He believed that he deserved some answers because he was her husband.

Curtis insisted that things had been fine until Taggert had shown up, but Jordan took offense at Curtis' tone. Curtis admitted that Taggert was to blame for Curtis' suspicions because when Curtis had questioned Taggert, he had advised Curtis to talk to Jordan. Curtis admitted that his concerns had mounted when he had seen Jordan on the piers in Taggert's arms. Curtis wanted to know what Jordan was hiding, but Jordan reminded him that there were aspects about her work that she couldn't share with him. She asked Curtis to trust her, but he wasn't satisfied.

Curtis pointed out that his brother had taken Jordan on faith, but she had been unfaithful. Jordan was stunned that Curtis had thrown her affair in her face. Curtis quickly apologized and acknowledged that there had been no excuse for it. He confessed that he was worried about Jordan, but she asked him to give her time. Curtis feared that time would only make matters worse, but Jordan remained silent.

Frustrated, Curtis told Jordan to take all the time she needed because he intended to investigate things on his own. After Curtis left, Jordan called Pentonville to arrange a visit with Cyrus.

Outside of Kelly's, Mac was leaving as Taggert arrived. Mac did a double take then called out to Taggert. Taggert looked up and smiled when he recognized Mac. After a warm greeting, Taggert congratulated Mac on being named chief of detectives. Mac thanked him then asked about Taggert's career with the Feds. Taggert claimed that things hadn't worked out because the transient work had been too much after a while. Mac appeared skeptical because he knew Taggert's history with Sonny and doubted that Taggert's visit had been a coincidence when a mob war was brewing.

Taggert conceded that he might have decided to pay a visit to Port Charles when he had heard some rumblings. Mac grinned because he appreciated the extra eyes. The conversation drifted away from work when Mac invited Taggert to dinner, and Taggert accepted. Mac was certain that Felicia would be delighted, but he was curious how many they should expect. Taggert held up his left hand to show Mac that he wasn't sporting a ring, but Mac dismissed it and asked if there was anyone special in Taggert's life.

"No one I can bring to dinner," Taggert cryptically replied. Mac instructed Taggert to call him to finalize their dinner plans. As Mac started to leave, Taggert called out to his old friend. Taggert confided that the situation with Sonny felt different, and he wanted his friend to watch his back. Mac offered Taggert the same advice.

Inside Kelly's, Trina welcomed Cameron home with an enthusiastic hug. She warned him that he was never allowed to leave for long again. Cameron chuckled then sat down with Trina to catch up and tell her about the college campuses that he had toured. Eventually, Cameron broached the subject of Josslyn by asking how she had been doing. Trina smiled knowingly as she asked why Cameron wanted to know. She pointed out that if he was just inquiring as a friend, then he could check Josslyn's MyFace account or call Josslyn.

Trina wanted Cameron to admit that he liked Josslyn. She suggested that she might be able to offer him insight into Josslyn's innermost thoughts and feelings, but Cameron would need to be honest first. Reluctantly, Cameron admitted that he had strong feelings for Josslyn that went beyond simply thinking that she was cute. Trina smiled with satisfaction because she had known about Cameron's feelings for Josslyn since the days that he and Josslyn had "fake dated" to make Oscar jealous. Cameron worried that it wasn't the right time because Josslyn was grieving for Oscar, but Trina argued that it had been some time since Oscar had died. She warned Cameron that if he continued to hesitate, then Josslyn would move on with someone else.

Cameron was curious what Trina wanted him to do about the situation. Trina smiled then reminded him that the Midwinter Formal was around the corner. Trina suggested that she and Cameron attend the dance together, so Josslyn would have an opportunity to see Cameron having fun. Trina was certain that the girls at their school would go "gaga" over Cameron, which would help Josslyn see Cameron as more than just a friend. Trina pointed out that he would even be able to ask Josslyn to dance without worrying about offending his date.

Cameron wondered if it would work, but Trina thought it was better than sitting around wishing. As Trina and Cameron chatted, Taggert approached their table. "I know you," Taggert softly told Trina. "Dad!" Trina squealed as she jumped up then ran into her father's welcoming arms. After Taggert set Trina back down on her feet, she introduced Cameron to her father. Outside, Curtis stopped when he saw Taggert talking to Trina and Cameron.

At Chase and Willow's apartment, Willow carried Wiley into the living room. Chase admitted that he hoped Finn and Anna worked things out, but he worried that throwing a child into the mix had been too much of a strain on the relationship. Worried, Willow wondered if Chase would feel the same about Wiley. Chase assured her that he wouldn't, but Willow sensed that he was troubled about her decision to accept Lucas and Brad's offer to become Wiley's legal guardian. Chase explained that he wished that he had been part of the conversation, but he promised that he would welcome Wiley into their lives if anything were to happen to Lucas and Brad.

Willow kissed Chase then shifted gears because it was Wiley's going away party, and she wanted to do all the things with him that she would have done if she had gotten to be his nanny. Willow and Chase decided to start the celebration by making Wiley dinner. After Wiley ate, Willow and Chase laughed as they cleaned him up. Next, they gave Wiley a bubble bath. Chase was drenched, as Wiley had splashed and played in the tub. Once the couple had Wiley ready for bed, they sat on the sofa to read him a bedtime story.

Chase picked up a book and did the honors until his phone rang. It was Sasha. Sasha promised to explain later, but Chase was needed at the Corinthos house. After Chase left, Willow cuddled with Wiley on the sofa as she confessed that she was secretly glad that she had Wiley to herself one last time. Willow talked about how happy Wiley made her, and she assured him that she would always love him, no matter where he lived or how old he was. She promised that they would always share a connection because she was his mother.

Willow was certain that Wiley would have the best life possible with his fathers, but she vowed to always be there for him if he needed her. She assured Wiley that nothing would stop her. After Willow hugged him, she took Wiley to the bedroom to tuck him in for the night.

At Sonny and Carly's house, Nelle stood on the terrace and spied on everyone gathered in the living room. Lucas was seated on the sofa as memories from the night of his accident began to break through. Brad tensed as Lucas grew frustrated struggling to grasp onto a memory just out of reach. Sam suggested that Lucas calm down and talk to them about what he was experiencing, while Carly and Bobbie watched Lucas with concern. Julian suggested that they pick up Wiley because he was certain that Wiley would help Lucas more than anything else. Michael volunteered to fetch Wiley instead, prompting Sasha to offer to grab Michael's coat.

On the sofa, Lucas suddenly recalled Brad blurting out that Wiley was not the baby that Brad and Lucas had adopted; he was Michael and Nelle's son. Lucas jumped up as he called out Michael's name. Concerned, Michael turned to ask his uncle what was wrong. "Wiley's your son," Lucas announced. Everyone was momentarily stunned speechless. Meanwhile, Nelle quietly closed the terrace door then slipped away.

Michael was the first to react by suggesting that Lucas take it easy. Brad reached out to Lucas because Brad thought that Lucas should lie down, but Lucas violently pulled away from Brad. "Don't touch me," Lucas shouted at Brad. Brad assured everyone that he wasn't tired or crazy; Lucas knew what he had heard. Carly suggested that they all take a break so she could talk to her brother. Carly invited everyone to leave if they wanted, but she insisted that both Michael and Brad remain. No one budged.

Lucas glared at Brad, but Carly was focused on getting to the bottom of things. She asked if Lucas had meant that Michael had a son that Michael knew nothing about or if Lucas had meant that Wiley was Jonah. Lucas clarified that Wiley was Michael and Nelle's son. Carly asked how Lucas knew, so Lucas revealed that Brad had confessed the truth right before the crash. Michael could merely stare in shock as Carly turned her attention to Brad. "You want to explain that, Brad?" Carly asked.

Carly demanded to know how Brad had ended up raising Michael's son for the last year and a half. Brad stammered as he tried to find the right words, but Carly knew it was true because Wiley had always looked like Michael, and both Wiley and Jonah had been born on the same night. Carly also recalled that Lucas had been working the night that Brad had taken Wiley home. Horrified, Carly asked what had happened to Willow's baby, so Brad tearfully explained that he had put Wiley down for a nap, but the infant had not been breathing when Brad had returned. "Sudden infant death," Carly concluded.

Lucas continued to stare at Brad with fury, but Carly was determined to unravel the story, step by step. She demanded to know what Brad had done next. Brad explained that he had tried to give the infant CPR, but it had been too late, so Brad had decided to drive his dead son to the hospital. According to Brad, he had pulled to the side of the road because he'd been overcome with grief and crying too hard to drive. Carly realized that Brad would have taken Route 31 to the hospital, which had been the same stretch of road that Michael had Nelle had crashed on.

Brad confirmed that Nelle had found him parked on the side of the road. Carly was certain that Nelle had assumed that Michael had perished when the car had caught fire, but Carly wanted to know whose idea it had been to switch babies. Brad placed all the blame on Nelle. Meanwhile, Michael recalled how Nelle had left him trapped in the wreckage to die; her only regret had been not having a light to ignite the gasoline seeping out of the twisted metal. Brad muttered an apology, but no one was moved.

Carly might have given Brad the benefit of the doubt because he'd been told that Michael had died, but Brad had learned the truth later that fateful night when he'd seen Michael at the hospital, holding a dead baby that Michael had believed was his son. Carly couldn't understand how Brad could put Michael through that kind of pain, especially having experienced it for himself. Brad continued to apologize, but Carly didn't believe him. Carly understood Nelle's motivation because Nelle was a deranged psychopath, but Brad didn't have an excuse.

Brad assured Carly that he truly was sorry, but Carly argued that Brad had been lying for over a year. She suddenly realized that Brad had wanted to move to Portland because he had intended to keep lying about Michael's son. Sasha slipped away to answer the door. It was Chase. He wanted to know why Sasha had called, but she thought it would be best for Willow's sake that Chase heard for himself. Sasha and Chase entered the living room as Carly turned her attention to Michael and tearfully reminded him that his son was alive. Chase was stunned as Carly urged Michael to get his son.

Instead, Michael approached Brad. Michael's voice shook with emotion as he asked if Brad had any idea of how many lives Brad had trashed and how much pain Brad had caused people. Michael reminded Brad that Willow had been agonizing over a baby that hadn't even been hers, while Lucas had fallen in love with a child that hadn't belonged to him. Michael added that he and his family had been grieving all because of Brad's lies. Brad reiterated that it had been Nelle's idea, but Michael didn't care because Brad had gone along with Nelle's scheme to pass Jonah off as Wiley. Michael wondered how Brad could do that to the people that Brad had claimed to love -- and to Wiley.

At the apartment, Willow entered the living room just as someone knocked on the door. Expecting the food delivery that Chase had ordered, Willow opened the door and saw Nelle. Willow tried to slam the door in Nelle's face, but Nelle pushed her way into the apartment, demanding to know where Wiley was. Willow launched herself at Nelle to keep Nelle from searching the apartment for Wiley. The two women struggled violently, slapping and punching each other. At one point, Nelle attempted to strangle Willow until Willow managed to throw Nelle off.

The altercation paused when Willow heard Wiley cry over the baby monitor. Nelle took advantage of Willow's distraction by grabbing a large book then bashing Willow in the head with it. Later, Nelle looked at the fake passports that Valentin had given her while Wiley continued to cry in the bedroom. Nelle tucked the passports away as she picked up the baby monitor. "Don't worry, baby. Mom is coming," Nelle said as she walked to the bedroom.

Nelle and Brad are arrested

Nelle and Brad are arrested

Thursday, February 20, 2020

When Jason returned to Pozzulo's, Sonny anxiously asked him how things had gone. Jason informed Sonny that he'd blown up the warehouse but had left a couple of guys alive in order to send a message. The warehouse had contained twenty million dollars' worth of drugs. Sonny didn't think that that had been enough to hurt Renault.

Sonny revealed that when he'd visited Renault at Pentonville, the man hadn't said much other than that he had shown up in Port Charles for a personal reason. Both Sonny and Jason attempted to figure out what Renault's personal reason could be and why he'd opened up a new territory for himself on the East Coast. Sonny wondered if it could be for more than money.

Jason and Sonny sat down at Sonny's desk. Jason suggested that perhaps Renault's transfer to Pentonville had been for a personal tie, after all, and he'd seen an opportunity to expand his business. Jason wondered why Renault wouldn't cut his losses after losing so much in the explosion. Sonny asked whether love or revenge was more important, and Jason guessed that Renault was not in town for love.

Just then, Jason received a phone call from Sam, who was at Sonny's house. She told Jason that there was something that he and Sonny needed to know.

Cyrus Renault grinned when Jordan sat down across from him at a table at Pentonville. She called him Mr. Renault, but he insisted she call him Cyrus. "The way you used to," Cyrus said as he laughed. He pointed out how Jordan had risen to commissioner of police after being his "right hand." He wondered if she was haunted by things she'd done in the past. Jordan recalled that she had only been following his orders. Cyrus noted that Jordan's son had to be grown and in medical school.

Cyrus acknowledged that he'd made the mistake of trusting Jordan, but she replied that things had worked out well for her -- unlike him. Cyrus agreed that his former protégé had gone on to be the commissioner. Jordan wanted to know how someone had leaked her classified identity, and Cyrus pointed out that he had been embarrassed by four traitors. He had been careless, but he hoped her former associates were okay.

Jordan spat out that two of them were dead, and Cyrus sarcastically asked if it had been due to natural causes. Jordan told him off and reminded him the deceased had been pumped full of drugs, but Cyrus laughed and claimed that he had merely been holding those drugs for a friend. Jordan called him a monster who had ordered hits on Mark Simon and Bob Massicotte. Cyrus insisted it had been karma, and the men had been expendable.

Cyrus continued that Jordan would see everything burn when she got hers. Jordan replied that Cyrus had started a mob war by moving his cartel in on Sonny, but he accused Jordan of not being good at her job if there was a mob in Port Charles. She promised to make sure that Cyrus didn't get away with anything, but he told her that visiting hours were over. "Have a lovely evening," he said as a guard led him out.

"Dad!" Trina exclaimed as she jumped into Taggert's arms at Kelly's. Cameron, who was seated at the table, declared that he hadn't known that Trina's father was in town. Trina informed him that Taggert had just arrived. Taggert removed his coat and sat down at the table with the teens. He began to question Cameron about taking Trina to the school dance, and Cameron awkwardly addressed the man as "sir" several times.

Trina confirmed that she and Cameron were going to the dance as friends, and she formally introduced Taggert and Cameron to each other. Taggert asked Cameron if he was related to Elizabeth and added that he knew many people in town. Trina disclosed that her father had lived in town during the Stone Age, and father and daughter joked. Taggert added that Elizabeth had been in the same crowd as Trina's Aunt Gia. As Taggert engaged with the teens, Curtis continued to peer through the window of the restaurant.

"No wonder she was so good at giving me the runaround," Curtis mumbled to himself as he thought about Trina working at the art gallery. Taggert wanted to know Cameron's intentions, and again Trina declared that she and Cameron were just friends. She had already asked her mother for permission but suggested that Taggert wanted a notarized statement. Taggert asked Trina to have her mother call him. Suddenly, he noticed Curtis hiding by the front window.

Taggert rushed outside, followed by Cameron and Trina. Taggert demanded to know if Curtis had been following him, but Curtis insisted he was there to pick up an order. Taggert asked why Curtis had been "peering" at him through the window, but Curtis denied it. He claimed to have changed his mind about going inside after he'd spotted Taggert.

Taggert began to tell Curtis off and told him that his life was none of Curtis' business. Curtis accused him of "creeping around town" with Jordan. Before the arguing could continue, Jordan arrived and shouted for the men to stop. The men glared at each other as Jordan asked what was going on. Cameron quickly announced that he was uneasy with the situation after just finishing up probation. Trina grabbed his hand, and the teens took a few steps back.

Taggert noted that Curtis had been tailing him, although Curtis denied it and added that if he had been following Taggert, Taggert would not have known it. Jordan recognized that Taggert was "on edge," but she wanted him to allow her to handle things. She wanted Curtis to accompany her back to her office. Trina asked her father if everything was okay, and he assured her that it was.

Back inside Kelly's, Taggert promised Trina that there was nothing to worry about. He had something to take care of, and he wanted Cameron to make sure that Trina got home safely. Cameron continued to say "sir" until Trina told him to stop. After Taggert left, Trina called her father sexist. She could have easily been the one to see that Cameron got home safely instead.

Cameron assumed that Taggert would know if Cameron didn't get Trina home, and they joked about Taggert's "intensity." Trina admitted she'd never seen her father like that. As the kids left Kelly's, they talked about the possibility of Taggert chaperoning at the dance or following them around.

Chase arrived at the Corinthos house just in time to hear Carly tell Michael that she'd always thought that Wiley looked like Michael. "Your son's alive," she said. She urged Michael to go get him. Michael walked over to Brad and yelled about Brad trashing lives and causing pain to so many people. He listed them all. Brad kept trying to say that it had all been Nelle's idea, but Michael didn't want to hear it. He accused Brad of going along with it.

Brad tried to explain that he'd been grieving and had made the worst mistake. Michael promised that Brad would pay. Brad agreed he'd been wrong. Brad suddenly remembered that Nelle had wanted to say goodbye to Wiley and admitted under Carly's cross-examination that that had been why he'd wanted to talk to Nelle in private earlier. He was terrified as he realized that he'd sent Nelle to Willow's apartment. Chase and Michael immediately departed for Chase and Willow's place while Carly continued to yell at Brad that he had only cared about himself.

Carly called the police on Brad. Lucas demanded to know if anyone besides Nelle and Brad had known the truth. While Lucas screamed at Brad, Julian scowled. Brad disclosed that no one else had known. He had panicked and had wanted to be the strong one for Lucas. He had been the one to stay positive about having a baby joining their family, Brad insisted. Their son had died, and he hadn't been able to think. Bobbie accused Brad of kidnapping, "plain and simple."

Brad stood his ground and stated that he had been grieving, but Bobbie replied that he hadn't cared about anyone but himself. Lucas declared that Brad had stolen his nephew's baby and had caused the family pain and grief. Brad thought he'd been doing the right thing. He pointed out that both Michael and Kristina had been kidnapped in the past, and he'd thought the baby would have been safer with him and Lucas. Bobbie declared that Brad had had no right to do that.

Lucas only wished that Brad had told the truth, and Lucas had lost his family, too. He couldn't look at Brad anymore. Carly just stared at Brad. Shortly after, the police arrived, and Brad was placed under arrest for kidnapping. He begged Lucas to understand and to look at him, but Lucas looked away.

At Chase and Willow's place, Nelle continued to get Wiley ready to leave while Willow was out cold and slumped over on the floor behind the door. Nelle assured the little boy that he had just needed his mother. Nelle noticed that there wasn't much in Wiley's diaper bag. She double-checked the fake passports and showed one to Wiley. She informed him they'd be going on a little trip.

Nelle carried Wiley and opened the front door just as Chase and Michael arrived. Michael stared at his son. "Nelle, put the baby down," Chase ordered. Michael announced that he wanted his son back, but Nelle reminded him that the baby was her son, too. She added that she was certain that Brad hadn't told Michael the truth.

Nelle accused Brad of stealing the baby after she had planned to return to the damaged car to rescue Michael. She hadn't been able to move, and she'd been in and out of consciousness. She remembered finding a "lifeless child" in her arms upon waking up. She hadn't realized that Wiley was really Jonah until she'd overheard Lucas say it at the Corinthos house. Michael asked how she'd heard that when she'd already left the house, but Nelle insisted she'd stayed behind to look through a window.

Nelle suggested that Willow had been a part of the lies along with Brad. Michael asked where Willow was. "What the hell did you do to her?" he asked. Nelle replied that she was a victim, too, but Michael didn't believe her. Nelle insisted that no one could take Jonah away from her. Michael corrected her and stated that the boy's name was Wiley. He didn't want her to make things difficult. Chase grabbed Nelle's arms and ordered her to hand Wiley over to Michael, who took his son.

Finally, Chase spotted Willow on the floor, and he managed to wake her up. He picked her up to carry her to the hospital. In the meantime, more police had arrived, and Nelle was placed in cuffs and arrested. Michael thanked Chase just as Sonny arrived. Michael assured Sonny that both he and Sonny's grandson were fine. A police officer led Nelle out.

Jordan and Curtis arrived at the police station and went into Jordan's office. Curtis insisted that he hadn't been stalking Taggert but merely following him. He accused Jordan of lying to him. Jordan replied that he should have trusted her, but Curtis retorted that it worked both ways. Jordan reminded him that there were lines at work that they couldn't cross when it needed to be confidential. Curtis didn't think that Jordan had been truthful with him, and he was aware that she was in over her head. Jordan told him to drop it.

Sarcastically, Curtis pointed out that Taggert was enjoying time with a daughter that Jordan had never mentioned. He was familiar with undercover work, and he asked if that had something to do with it. "Are you Trina's mother?" he asked. "Really?" Jordan asked, expressing disbelief. She stated that she really was Trina's mother, and she'd had a child with every man she'd ever worked with.

Jordan pointed out that she and Taggert had only ever been involved professionally, but Curtis was adamant that the two of them were always being secretive. He wanted to be let in. "It's time we told him everything," Taggert announced as he walked in. Jordan picked up her phone and asked that her calls be held because she was in conference with the DEA.

Curtis wasn't aware that Taggert was still working for the DEA, but Taggert clarified that he was in town about a former case. He thought that Curtis should be informed enough to be able to protect himself.

When Jason arrived at the Corinthos house, Sam kissed him and told him she needed to leave before a parole officer spotted them together. Carly rushed over to Jason and exclaimed that history had repeated itself, although not exactly the same. She likened the entire incident to when she'd kept Michael away from A.J. She insisted she wasn't a hypocrite because that had been different. She had only wanted to give Michael the best life, while Nelle and Brad had only been out for themselves.

Jason was sorry but had to take care of something else. He urged Carly to tell Michael he loved him. Carly hugged him. In the living room, Julian declared that Brad had thought he'd been protecting Lucas. He wasn't condoning Brad's actions, but they all made mistakes to protect those they loved. The family thought it unusual that Julian seemed to be defending Brad. Lucas stated that his husband was a stranger.

Sonny and Michael arrived with Wiley. Lucas looked on tearfully.

Willow woke up and saw Chase sitting beside her at the hospital. Chase assured her that while she had a minor concussion, she would be okay. Willow recalled watching Wiley, but then she realized that Nelle had been there. Frantically, she asked where Wiley was while Chase just looked at her without saying a word.

Willow learns the truth about Wiley

Willow learns the truth about Wiley

Friday, February 21, 2020

In Jordan's office at the police station, Curtis heard Taggert admit that both he and Jordan were in danger. Jordan declared that she didn't want Curtis to be involved, but Taggert replied that he already was. He went on to tell Curtis about an undercover operation that he and Jordan had been involved with for the DEA. Jordan added that they had been a four-member team who had been investigating a major drug trafficker.

Jordan spelled out the operation's details and explained that it had been the team's job to investigate and infiltrate with the ultimate goal being to bust the head of the drug trafficking ring. Taggert pointed out that everyone who they'd managed to turn against the man had eventually turned up dead. Jordan described how they'd taken down the drug lord and had thought their identities had been intact. Taggert concluded with the fact that their two other partners were dead.

Curtis realized that Bob Massicotte had been part of the team, and Jordan told him about Mark Simon. Curtis wondered why Jordan hadn't thought it important enough to tell him there'd been a target on her back, but Jordan told him she'd been managing okay. Taggert stated that they'd been trying to work things out without involving family. Curtis suggested that a phone call to Anna was in order, but the two former DEA agents declined.

Curtis accused Jordan and Taggert of still hiding something from him if they weren't willing to have backup. "We are," Jordan agreed. Taggert tried to stop her, but Jordan wanted to finish. She revealed that the dealer knew about her and Taggert because she'd visited him at Pentonville and learned that his plan was to burn the whole city down. Jordan admitted that she'd gleaned that information from what the dealer hadn't said.

Taggert and Curtis were beside themselves because of Jordan's visit. She assumed Renault had gotten himself moved to Pentonville due to political connections. She took a file out of her desk and handed it to Curtis. She believed that Renault had also been behind the attacks on Sonny in order to control the territory. She had only wanted to protect Curtis. Taggert announced that he had to leave.

"You never fail to surprise me," Curtis said. He added that he was still waiting for the entire story. Jordan talked about the team getting into different areas of the business but they'd never obtained enough information to press charges. She had really wanted to quit the business and go home, and the team had manufactured evidence based on the crimes that Renault had actually committed. They had left a trail for the FBI and framed Renault. She'd broken the law, and her hands were dirty like Renault's.

Curtis disagreed because Jordan had saved lives and not ruined them like Renault. Jordan considered herself to have crossed the line. Curtis was upset that Jordan had never told him, but she insisted that she hadn't wanted her undercover work to interfere and play a part in their lives. She called Renault a monster. "He just set up base in our backyard," she uttered. Curtis hugged and kissed her.

Curtis informed Jordan that he would always love her, and anyone would have to go through him to get to her. He assured her that he could protect himself. Jordan asked that he keep an eye on T.J. because she had things to do. She would not allow anyone to burn the town down.

Downstairs, Nelle was led into a cell right across from Brad's cell. Frantically, he asked her where Wiley was. "You're despicable," Nelle uttered to him. Nelle began to shout and accused Brad of leaving her with a dead baby on the side of the road. Brad replied that she had asked him to take her baby. They began to argue back and forth and shout accusations at each other.

Brad announced that he would not take the blame, and he and Nelle continued to argue. Brad noted how Nelle conned people, and she claimed that she had been unconscious. Brad reminded her that Liesl had been there, too, and Nelle grew teary. She shouted that Brad had robbed her of time with her son, while Brad vowed that he would make certain that everyone knew that she was the one who had given him the baby.

Brad added that he and Lucas had given the baby a home and a family, and Nelle could never love him like them. Nelle shouted for the guard to move Brad away because he was antagonizing and upsetting her. She cried that she had had a chance to be with her son but was trapped because of Brad's "terrible lies." The guard arrived and took Brad out of his cell and to another one because he had been "badgering" other prisoners. Brad continued to yell about Nelle, who had a huge Cheshire Cat-type smile on her face.

Willow woke up in a bed at General Hospital and found Chase sitting beside her. She tried to remember what had happened, and she recalled watching Wiley. Suddenly, she grew frantic because she realized that Nelle had been there, too. Chase assured her that everything was fine, and Wiley was safe and with Michael. Willow was grateful. Chase disclosed that he had a lot to tell her, and Willow assumed it would be bad news. She was just glad that her son was safe.

Chase spoke slowly and admitted that all of the details were hazy. "Wiley isn't your son. Nelle and Michael are his birth parents," he quickly blurted out. Willow informed him that a mistake had been made, but Chase confirmed that it was true. He began to provide the details. Willow's son had been born on July 29, 2018, at Mercy Hospital and had been delivered to Brad at General Hospital. He had taken the baby home and placed him in a crib. When he'd gone to check on him, the baby hadn't been breathing.

Willow pulled away and jumped out of bed, hysterical. She began to cry and scream as she sunk to the floor next to the bed. "No!" she screamed. Chase rushed to her side to comfort her. As tears streamed down her face, Willow asked how the baby had been switched. Chase told her the story as he knew it. He told her that Brad had insisted it had all been Nelle's idea. "Of course, it was," Nelle agreed. Chase completed the story about Nelle being on the side of the road.

Willow talked about Michael relating much of the story in their support group. He'd said that he'd wanted to think that his baby was sleeping in his arms, but he'd been able to feel the truth. He had gone to the chapel for an answer, but God hadn't had one for him. A nurse had taken the baby away from him, and it had been the worst moment of his life. Willow had understood because she'd given her baby up. It hadn't been the same, though, as she had only missed her baby, not grieved. It was her turn to grieve.

Willow stated that she finally realized why Brad had always been tense around her. If she had decided to rescind the adoption, she would have had a baby that hadn't really been hers. Brad could have spoken the truth at any time, especially when Shiloh had tried to gain custody of the baby. "Brad is weak," Chase said. Brad was easy to manipulate, and Nelle had been blackmailing him the entire time. "And he let her," Willow said.

Willow claimed that she had never liked Brad, and part of her had known. She called him a "lying coward." She went on to say that Wiley could have been with Michael the whole time, and the baby's whole world would be "flipped upside down." She blamed herself for trusting her son to Brad, who had let him die. She accused Brad of trading her son in like a "faulty appliance." She began to cry that no one had been there who had loved her son. He'd gone off with a psycho. Chase held her as she sobbed.

Sonny, Michael, and Wiley walked into the Corinthos house as everyone waited. There were tears and smiles on the faces of Carly, Bobbie, Lucas, Sasha, and Julian. As an awkward silence grew, Carly finally greeted them and walked over to Michael and the baby. "Hey, buddy," Lucas said as he stroked Wiley's hair. Michael mentioned how many people loved Wiley, and Julian was glad the baby was safe. He wanted to know if Lucas needed anything. Sonny quickly told Julian it was probably a good time for him to leave, as it had been a long day. Julian again extended his desire to help Lucas before he left.

Carly noted that it was a big night for Wiley, and she suggested that a snack before bed would be a good idea. Michael asked Lucas to take the boy, and Lucas grabbed him from Michael's arms. He headed slowly toward the kitchen but stopped to tell Michael he was sorry. Carly quickly assured her brother there was nothing to be sorry for, and Michael and Bobbie agreed. Bobbie followed Lucas into the kitchen.

Carly told Michael how generous he was, and Michael urged Carly to accompany Lucas to the kitchen, as well. He thought that Lucas could use his sister. Michael still had to figure things out. Carly told Michael how much she loved him and what a good man he was. She hugged him tearfully. Michael thanked Sasha for calling Chase. Sonny wondered how Brad had gotten his hands on Michael's son and managed to keep it secret for so long.

Julian poured himself a drink in his office at Charlie's as Ava rushed inside. She asked him if he was hurt and noted that she'd expected to find him bleeding after his emergency phone call to her. Julian informed her that Brad had confessed that Wiley was really Michael's son. "Are you sure?" Ava asked. Julian explained that he had only seen the real Wiley one time before Brad had taken him home. The baby had died from SIDS. Julian stated that Nelle and Brad were in jail.

Julian sat down and continued. He told Ava that Nelle had given Brad her baby, and they had switched the infants. Ava believed that Brad had been terrified, and she hoped that Julian hadn't helped to steal Michael's baby. She couldn't believe that Julian had known about it. She worried about what would happen if Sonny found out. "I'm a dead man," Julian agreed.

Ava joined Julian on the sofa as Julian explained that he had learned about the switch a few days after it had happened. Brad had told him he'd gotten the baby from a "random homeless woman," but Julian had eventually found out the truth. Ava asked why Julian hadn't gone to Sonny, but Julian insisted that by the time he'd heard the truth, the baby had been over a year old. Wiley had bonded with his fathers, and Julian hadn't been able to take him away from Lucas.

Julian talked about how awful the look on Lucas' face had been, and he hoped to never see anything like it again. Ava didn't think things would end well, and she was sure that Brad would most likely tell everyone that Julian had been in on it. Julian agreed it would also kill Lucas, and Ava urged Julian to get out of town and the country quickly. Julian pointed out that Sonny would hunt him down.

Julian had been hopeful to repair relations with Lucas, and he'd had a plan to shut Brad up. "If Lucas just hadn't have gotten into that car," Julian muttered. Ava looked at him in horror. Julian warned her to "steer clear" of the situation because Brad was "spineless" and would "spill his guts." Ava announced her intention to intervene.

In the Corinthos kitchen, Bobbie made it clear that she wanted to "wring Brad's neck," but Lucas admitted that he couldn't hate Brad. Bobbie insisted that Brad had been selfish and had not acted for love. Carly declared that Wiley had had a loving home, and Lucas admitted he missed Wiley already. Carly promised that no one expected Lucas to stop loving him.

Bobbie, Lucas, Carly, and Wiley all sat around the kitchen table. Carly comforted everyone and said that they'd get through it all together. Bobbie wanted to make certain that Lucas wouldn't allow Brad to push him away from his family. She and Carly did all they could to convince Lucas to let them help him.

Bobbie agreed that it had all been Nelle's idea, and Lucas and Carly both thought that it sounded like Nelle's attempt to hurt Michael and Carly. Carly added that the rest of the family members were "collateral damage." Lucas looked through the diaper bag for a book that Wiley liked to hear before bedtime, and Carly and Bobbie exchanged sympathetic looks. Lucas talked about parenting and recalled asking Carly about it. She had told him about how it was the hardest thing to always know the right thing to do.

Out in the living room, Michael told Sonny and Sasha about what had happened at Willow's apartment. He had held Wiley, but it had felt different. He felt terrible about Lucas. Sasha agreed that it was painful but added that there was also joy, and Sonny pointed out that it was human to have both emotions. Michael thought being a father would be different from being the godfather he'd been to Wiley, and Michael wondered if he should leave Wiley in the house that he already knew.

Sonny questioned Michael's choice to give his son to Lucas, and he thought it would only extend the pain. He stated that ties couldn't be broken, and he thought that Michael should claim his son and give him a good life. Michael was certain that he would keep Lucas in Wiley's life, and Sonny agreed that it wouldn't be any less meaningful of a relationship. Michael felt awful for Willow.

Bobbie, Carly, Lucas, and Wiley emerged from the kitchen and joined Michael, Sasha, and Sonny. There was another awkward silence until Lucas announced that he had a surprise for Wiley. Wiley would be going home with Uncle Michael. Lucas told Michael about the contents of the diaper bag. "I love you, buddy," Lucas said to Wiley. He kissed the baby and handed him to Michael. "Take good care of your son," he added to Michael tearfully.

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Kate Linder's OpportuniTea postponed until spring 2023
Michael Damian reprising role as Y&R's Danny Romalotti
The Young and the Restless' Rory Gibson is engaged
Trevor St. John opens up about return to daytime, Y&R role
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