General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of February 24, 2020

Molly turned down T.J.'s proposal of marriage. Carly had a talk with Nelle. Cameron and Trina were kidnapped. Taggert was shot during an exchange of gunfire with Cyrus' men. Laura made an appeal to Sonny. Julian agreed to help Brad. Michael settled into his new role as Wiley's father. Franco and Liz celebrated their wedding anniversary.
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Molly turned down T.J.'s proposal, and Taggert was shot while rescuing kidnapped Cameron and Trina
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Brad and Julian make a deal

Brad and Julian make a deal

Monday, February 24, 2020

Nikolas ran into Elizabeth at the hospital, but Ava stepped off the elevator at the same time. Nikolas wondered if Ava was following him, but she kissed him and whispered that she treasured every moment they were apart. Ava added that she was there to sit for her portrait with Franco while Nikolas stated that he was there to check up on Laura. Ava asked that Nikolas send her regards to his mother. He confessed that Laura was opposed to their marriage, and he couldn't mention Ava.

Ava headed to Franco's office, and Nikolas walked over to Elizabeth and asked for Laura's whereabouts. She was short with him but told him that Laura was getting some last tests before her release. Nikolas confessed that he needed Elizabeth's help because Spencer wouldn't respond to any of his methods of contact. He pulled out a letter delivered the old-fashioned way and read Spencer's note in which Spencer had advised Nikolas not to contact him. He had added that his father had died, and he was lucky to be an orphan.

Nikolas missed Spencer. Elizabeth grabbed his hands and urged him not to give up. Franco approached Ava as she watched Nikolas and Elizabeth from down the hall. Franco asked why Ava's "lowlife husband" was talking to his wife. Ava told him to find out, but Franco didn't think it was a good day to punch anyone. Ava suggested the next day, but Franco admitted that Elizabeth had informed him that she could handle Nikolas on her own.

Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that Spencer was a teenager, and while dramatic, she felt he had the right to feel as he did. She thought that Nikolas should give his son some space, and Nikolas admitted that Ava had told him the same thing. Elizabeth was surprised to hear that Nikolas had discussed it with Ava, but he explained that they'd had time on their long flight. Ava had opened up about Kiki, too. Elizabeth noted that Kiki's death had been shocking and senseless, and she admitted she'd been close to Kiki because of Franco.

Nikolas was unfamiliar with the relationship details, and Elizabeth quickly updated him. "I guess time really does heal all wounds," Nikolas said. He asked why Franco and Ava were spending time together, although he insisted he wasn't jealous. Elizabeth assured him they were just friends, and Nikolas admitted he hoped that he and Elizabeth would be friends again, too. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Elizabeth replied.

Nikolas felt lucky that Elizabeth was even talking to him, and she assured him it was because of Spencer. Nikolas was grateful to Elizabeth, and she told him not to start acting like the Nikolas of old because it almost made her forget that she was angry at him. Nikolas promised that he'd wait, and Elizabeth told him it could take awhile. Nikolas felt it was worth it. He thanked her and went off to find Laura.

Ava sat and posed for Franco as he questioned her about the look she was going for in her portrait. She noted that her marriage was functional, and Franco joked that it sounded like a transaction. He hoped that living with the "dark prince" was worth it. Ava insisted it wasn't bad, and even Elizabeth had forgiven Nikolas. Ava went on to pry for information, noting that she'd heard that Nikolas and Elizabeth had once been close.

Franco revealed that Elizabeth had felt her relationship with Nikolas to be the biggest mistake of her life -- and not just because she'd been married to Lucky at the time. Ava gasped. She hadn't realized the pair had had an affair. Her look grew serious, and Franco accused her of looking like Helena. Ava was shocked, though, and Franco threatened to draw horns on her portrait. He suggested she consult her "loving husband" for details. Ava felt that the person someone chose to sleep with said a lot about that someone.

Ava was proud that she and Franco were still close like Elizabeth and Nikolas. Ava and Franco began to joke, and Ava insisted she wasn't hitting on Franco but having "deep thoughts." Franco called her impatient and said it was the reason he'd never done her portrait in the past as she squirmed around. Nikolas watched through the window and finally went inside.

"There's my beautiful wife," Nikolas called out. Franco spoke up and noted that he was aware that Nikolas and Ava despised each other and were only in it for the money. He added that their secret was safe. Nikolas wasn't comforted and claimed he was only there to remind Ava of their dinner. "Happy sketching," Nikolas called out as he left. Franco and Ava made fun of Nikolas' choice of words. "Laugh all you want. My turn is coming," Nikolas muttered to himself.

Inside the room, Ava noted that her eyes were on the prize. She was certain that Nikolas would break their postnuptial agreement. Franco asked how, and Ava replied that it was for her to know and for Franco to find out.

At Willow and Chase's apartment, Chase suggested breakfast at Kelly's but Willow informed him that she would be going to work. She noted that the world hadn't stopped, she wasn't sick, and she needed to keep busy. Her baby was dead, and she didn't want to cry all day. Chase felt she needed time to grieve.

Willow looked around for her I.D. badge and finally dumped out her purse. She told Chase that he couldn't hold her hand forever, and she needed to be busy. Chase wasn't sure she was in the right emotional place to be in front of kids because they could sense when something was wrong. Willow felt that if need be, she would tell the kids the truth. She'd lost someone she'd cared for. Chase suggested a personal day.

Willow insisted that she was angry and would prefer to scream. She asked why Nelle got to be a mother and not her. Chase agreed it wasn't fair. Willow acknowledged that Michael deserved his son, and she was happy for him. Chase offered to scream with Willow because he loved her and said he was angry, too. He wanted to help her. Willow only wanted space, and she left. After she was gone, Chase found her badge under the coffee table.

Julian paid Brad a visit at the local jail and assured him that Wiley was fine but that he hadn't heard from Lucas. Brad complained about how everything had backfired and said he loved Lucas. Julian thanked Brad for not ratting him out, but Brad threatened that he could still do so. Brad was aware that Julian only cared about himself, and he wondered what Sonny would do if he heard that Julian had known the truth all along.

Brad felt that he was the one paying the price, but Julian retorted, "That's on you." He added that Brad hadn't been able to "keep your damn mouth shut." Brad insisted that he'd wanted to be honest and work through things. He suggested that Julian had been grateful for the accident because Lucas hadn't remembered anything. Julian spat that that had been the worst day of his life, and Lucas shouldn't have been in the car.

"What do you mean?" Brad asked. Julian quickly covered and replied that it had been a freak accident, and no one should have been hurt. He wanted to give his support to Lucas, and Brad suggested that Julian tell Lucas that he'd been involved in the lie. Julian snapped that Brad could have told Lucas himself, and Brad was angry that both Julian and Nelle got to walk away.

Brad revealed that Nelle had convinced the guard that he'd been bothering her, and she'd gone off about Brad stealing her baby. She'd acted like the victim, but he wouldn't take the fall. Brad said Julian had gotten what he'd wanted, which was for Brad to be out of Lucas' life for good. Julian proposed a deal that would be off the table if he left without it. He wanted Brad to keep his mouth shut, and he'd see to it that Brad was freed.

Julian volunteered to hire the best defense attorney for Brad in return for Brad's silence. Brad realized he had no alternative, and he accepted. Julian stated that he couldn't guarantee anything, but Brad promised that he would take Julian down with him if the lawyer failed to get him off.

Carly found Jason and Sonny sitting at the counter in the kitchen at the Corinthos house. She asked about the suspicious explosion at a warehouse that she'd heard about, but neither of the men responded to her. She showed them photos of Wiley and Michael, and Sonny declared that Brad and Nelle would pay.

Carly disclosed that she'd received a message from Lucas that he wanted to be alone, and Sonny urged her to give Lucas space. Carly agreed that she would wait for Lucas to ask for help. Jason announced that he was heading out to visit with Michael and Wiley. Carly mentioned how happy she was for Michael, although she was upset about Lucas. It was all because of Nelle, Carly emphasized.

Sonny declared that Nelle would be going to prison, but Carly wasn't so sure. Nelle had managed to get out of it before, and Carly felt that someone had to stop Nelle for good. Carly stressed that while Brad had been wrong, Nelle had been the mastermind, and she wanted to do something about it. She and Sonny went back and forth. He felt that it was Michael's business and not theirs, but Carly didn't believe that Michael would do anything to retaliate. She wanted the "psycho bitch" out of their lives once and for all.

Carly felt that Nelle would continue to use Wiley, and she would have to be stopped. Again, Sonny stressed that it was for Michael to handle. Carly couldn't let it go, and she and Sonny continued to disagree on how to handle Nelle.

Michael played with Wiley at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica walked in and said something about Wiley's visit, and Michael revealed that Wiley would be there for a while because he had turned out to be Michael's son. He related the details to Monica, and she was thrilled. She was excited for another Quartermaine to be around, although she quickly assured Michael she wasn't suggesting a name change.

Michael admitted he was exhausted, and it all felt like a dream. It was a miracle, although not everyone had been so lucky, Michael continued. "Fatherhood looks good on you!" Jason exclaimed as he walked in. Michael told Jason he was both excited and terrified. Monica left the room to freshen up after a long night shift at the hospital, and Michael mentioned the warehouse fire to Jason. He asked if it had had something to do with Cyrus.

Jason assured Michael that there was nothing for him to worry about, and Michael was glad to hear it. He had more reasons to keep his family safe. Jason remarked on the resemblance between Michael and Wiley, and Michael said that he was still in shock. He was worried he wouldn't be enough for Wiley and said it had to be confusing for the boy. Jason was certain that both Michael and Wiley would adjust.

Michael was worried that he wouldn't be enough for Wiley, but Jason noted that he hadn't had any experience when he'd looked after Michael. He suggested that Michael just go after whatever Wiley needed and use his family for support. Michael was concerned about what to tell Wiley when he was older, and Jason assured Michael that he was the one in control.

Jason thought that Michael had gone through worse, so he would understand how to handle it. Michael pointed out that Wiley had Nelle as a mother, and he didn't want Wiley anywhere near her. He told Jason about finding Nelle with fake identification and passports when they'd encountered her at Chase and Willow's apartment. Jason declared that she'd been kidnapping Willey, and he promised Michael that Nelle could be dealt with.

Monica returned, and she was eager to take a photo of three generations of Quartermaines. After she snapped a picture, the group all posed for a photo of the four generations together. Michael noted that it all felt right. He should have realized something earlier, but he was ready to handle Nelle.

Back at the hospital, Chase rushed in and saw Elizabeth. He told her he couldn't find Willow, and Elizabeth checked the schedule. She told him that Willow had called in sick, and Chase revealed that Willow had lost someone "precious."

At the cemetery, Willow kneeled in the snow at Jonah's gravesite. She brushed the snow from the headstone and told her son how she should have visited but she hadn't known where he was. She told him she was his mom. She continued that he wasn't supposed to have died; she had given him up for a better life and family, but he hadn't gotten them. She would never know what would have happened if she'd kept him.

Willow hoped the baby hadn't been in pain when he'd died. She began to cry that she was sorry. Elizabeth found Willow and knelt down beside her. She announced that Chase had been looking for Willow. Elizabeth had heard what had happened, and she was sorry. Willow cried that her son had been all alone when he'd died. "You're not alone," Elizabeth said as she hugged Willow.

Carly threatens Nelle

Carly threatens Nelle

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Trina, Cameron, and Josslyn hung out in the Corinthos kitchen. As Cameron foraged for leftovers, Josslyn told her friends about Nelle and Michael. Trina was sure that Nelle would go to prison for a long time. After Josslyn left the room to check on when she would be able to visit with Wiley, Trina urged Cameron to focus. They needed to talk about the school dance and make sure that Josslyn attended.

Trina really wanted Josslyn to be able to see Cameron and what she was missing and realize he could move on. Josslyn returned and announced that she would be heading to the Quartermaines', but first, Trina wanted to force Josslyn to think about attending the dance. She invented a silly reason on the fly but Josslyn admitted she'd rather stay home to write in her journal.

Trina accused Josslyn of having a "journal addiction," and she suggested that Josslyn go to the dance and live instead. She talked up the dance and revealed that she and Cameron were going together. Josslyn was immediately curious about the date and when they could have arranged it with Cameron having been away. Trina claimed to have begun the discussion while texting and finalizing it when Cameron had returned. Josslyn asked about Trina's father, and Cameron admitted that Taggert was scary.

Cameron asked Josslyn about the shooting, and she declared that she was okay thanks to Michael and Mr. Phillips. Josslyn talked about the shooting, and Cameron and Trina prepared to leave. When Trina joked that Mr. Phillips would probably follow Cameron around with a breathalyzer, Josslyn's interest immediately piqued. She hadn't known that her teacher would be at the dance.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Jason and Michael talked about Nelle's rights while Wiley played nearby. Jason thought that Michael needed a plan but Michael assured Jason that he would handle Nelle. The men sat on the floor and played with Wiley and his toys.

Michael stated that the law was on his side, and he could afford the best lawyer. Nelle had violated her parole by committing assault but could still request access to Wiley. Diane was sure she could block Nelle. Jason wanted to figure out what to do if something went wrong. He was concerned that Nelle would plead guilty but get a sympathetic jury who would allow her to walk free.

The doorbell rang, and Michael went to answer the door. Jason pulled Wiley onto his lap and assured the little boy that Michael would always be there for him. He said that Michael's love for Wiley was bigger than the whole world.

Chase was at the door, and Michael invited him inside. Chase revealed that the police had been searching through Nelle's belongings, and what they had found appeared to contradict her version of events. Michael asked about Willow, and Chase disclosed that Willow was bad and would get worse. Chase was trying his best to help her.

Michael returned to Jason and Wiley and filled Jason in. He noted that Willow had been struggling, and he knew what she'd been going through. She had loved Wiley for a year and a half, thinking he was her son, but her son was gone. Michael took the baby from Jason as he continued that Brad and Nelle had hurt Willow the most.

Olivia was surprised to see Ned at Metro Court, and he told her that his meeting had ended early. Olivia was annoyed and was waiting for Brook Lynn to show up for her work shift. As they spoke, Brook Lynn raced in and announced that she was late for a recording session, but she wanted to pick up her paycheck first. Ned pointed out that Brook Lynn had only worked one day, and he also noted that whatever Brook Lynn recorded belonged to Linc. Olivia declared that she had no one to replace Brook Lynn on the work schedule.

Brook Lynn insisted that Linc didn't need to know anything. She was writing music and creating it just for an audience of one. At that instant, Dustin joined the group and declared his desire to watch and listen to Brook Lynn. She made it clear that she was recording her own material, and she hoped that Dustin's girlfriend would be okay with it. Dustin revealed that Lulu was out of town for an assignment.

Brook Lynn's phone rang, and she walked away to take the call. Olivia wanted to talk to Dustin about the dance that would be at Metro Court. Brook Lynn returned and announced that the studio had been double-booked, and she would have to reschedule her time. She wanted to work out a new schedule with Olivia and make sure it didn't conflict with studio time. Olivia fired her instead.

Brook Lynn was sorry she'd wasted everyone's time and hadn't been good at her job, but she only wanted to write her music and wait out her producer. Olivia suggested that not everyone was suited for the hospitality business, and she walked off to take care of customers. Ned wanted to know how Brook Lynn would pursue her career without working.

Brook Lynn insisted that artists lived on "faith and courage," but Ned reminded her that those things didn't pay the bills. He wanted her to act like the adult that she was, and he suggested they find her a position at ELQ. Brook Lynn retorted that she wasn't suited for an office job, and she wanted Ned to open up her trust fund instead. Ned was angry. "Your free ride stops now," he stressed.

Olivia and Dustin sat at a table, and Olivia offered to make pizzas for the dance. She wanted to do something nice for Dustin after he'd saved Josslyn. She also pointed out how much Dante and Lulu liked the pizzas. Dustin assured her that he hadn't been trying to take Dante's place, and he asked if Olivia resented him. Olivia refused to discuss it further but said that while Dustin was a hero, he was still the guy sleeping with her son's ex-wife.

Alexis and Sam sat at a table and discussed Michael and Wiley. Sam was certain that Nelle had been behind the baby switch. Julian walked in and stopped, and Alexis expressed her sympathy over what had transpired. She asked if there was anything that she could do. Julian announced that he wanted a lawyer for Brad, and Sam couldn't believe that Julian wanted to use Alexis. Julian pointed out that Brad was his son-in-law, and he hoped that Brad and Lucas would survive because they loved each other.

Sam and Alexis both thought that Julian had "a hell of a nerve," but he replied that, while Lucas was grieving, Lucas didn't want to see Brad in jail. Sam declared that Brad wasn't innocent, and Julian revealed that Brad had blamed Nelle while she had blamed him. He believed Brad's story, and Sam had to agree. Julian sat down with the women and told them that Nelle had claimed to be the victim.

Julian agreed that Brad was just as guilty as Nelle. Alexis talked about the baby living with the wrong parents for so long and how it could have affected him. She thought that both Brad and Nelle should be held accountable, and Sam urged Julian to just walk away. He said he couldn't. Alexis didn't think it was decent for Julian to be involved. He only wanted a lawyer for Brad, and he reminded Alexis that she'd once said that everyone was entitled to a good defense. He asked if she'd changed her mind when it involved someone she didn't like. Alexis retorted that she would send him a list of lawyers.

Carly showed up at the jail at the police station to visit with Nelle. The prisoner quickly asked about Wiley. "Drop the act," Carly shouted. She accused Nelle of only wanting to use Wiley in order to hurt Michael. She proceeded to inform Nelle that Wiley and Michael were both fine and at the Quartermaines'.

Nelle went on to whine about how she hadn't known that Jonah had been alive, and she hadn't realized that Brad had stolen him because she'd been unconscious. Carly vowed to make sure that Nelle never saw Wiley again, but Nelle insisted that a child couldn't be kept from his mother. Carly made it clear that both Nelle and Brad would get what they deserved.

Carly said that Brad had to pay, although his acts paled in comparison to Nelle's. Nelle had committed kidnapping, fraud, and child endangerment. She had lied. Nelle jumped in that she'd never lied, and Brad had stolen her baby. She had gone to Chase's apartment merely to hold her baby. Nelle felt bad for Willow, but Nelle had been desperate. Carly hoped the jury saw through Nelle.

Carly said she had plans for Nelle if Nelle ever walked free. "Your first steps in the sunshine could very well be your last," Carly threatened. She added that it was a crazy world, and lots could happen. She thought that Nelle should plead guilty because she'd be safer in prison. Nelle taunted that she'd learned a lot from Ryan Chamberlain, and it was too bad that Carly hadn't learned from him, as well, while at Ferncliff. Nelle quickly corrected herself to ask if it had been Kevin that Carly had been with. Nelle added that she would have loved to be a twin.

Chase showed up to talk to Nelle. Carly wished her good luck and left. Nelle complained that Carly had threatened to kill her, but Chase asked why Nelle had been at his apartment. Nelle claimed that she'd wanted to see her son that Brad had stolen because she'd regained consciousness after the babies had been switched. She admitted she had knocked Willow out in her desperation, and she was sorry. She hadn't known what she'd been doing. Chase told her to go to hell. He knew she'd intended to take the baby and disappear. Nelle denied it, but he handed her the fake passports.

Trina and Cameron sat down at a table at the café. Cameron accused Trina of not being very subtle in her attempt to get Josslyn to go to the dance. Trina assured him that Josslyn would see what she was missing, or he could cut his losses and move on to some other girl. Trina wanted to get home to get ready for the dance. Cameron pointed out that Josslyn wasn't even planning on attending the dance, but Trina promised that Josslyn would see photos.

Back at Metro Court, Brook Lynn ran into Julian, who was sitting at the bar. She told him how bad everyone felt about Lucas. She recalled seeing Julian arguing with Brad, and she'd thought he was an associate of Julian's. She realized Brad was his son-in-law. Julian started to get up to leave, but Brook Lynn stopped him. She remembered Julian talking about terminating the partnership, but then the accident had happened. She asked if Julian knew anything about the car brakes.

Julian denied that he would ever hurt his son. Brook Lynn recalled Julian saying that he couldn't trust his associate. She thought maybe they'd been arguing about the stolen baby, and Julian had wanted Brad out of the way. She thought it made sense and wondered if anyone else would agree. Julian chuckled and accused her of creating a conspiracy theory.

Julian declared that the baby business was between Nelle and Brad, but Brook Lynn threatened to go to Sonny. Julian urged her to go to anyone she wanted because he hadn't done anything. Brook Lynn didn't think he wanted to admit his guilt. Julian asked what she wanted, and Brook Lynn had a favor to ask.

Alexis didn't know if anything was suspicious with Julian, but she had other concerns to think about. She told Sam that she had to testify for Neil and tell the board that they hadn't had an actual relationship. They'd had one kiss and one date, and she was hopeful that the charge would be expunged. They only had to stay away from each other for two years.

Sam asked if Alexis intended to follow the rules and wondered why they couldn't have a relationship without getting caught. Alexis didn't want to risk Neil's career because it wasn't her style. Sam replied that it was her style, and she would not allow her parole officer to keep her and Jason apart. Alexis asked her daughter for a dollar, and after Sam handed it to her, Alexis cited attorney and client privilege.

Alexis asked if Sam was planning anything, and she hoped it wasn't murder. Sam told her about checking into Delores' background to find something illegal, and Alexis gasped. She was aghast that Sam was talking about blackmail. Sam insisted she'd learned to never give up. Alexis begged Sam not to do anything because Alexis didn't want to visit her in prison. Sam promised that she would be with Jason again, no matter what.

Olivia ran into Ned after her discussion with Dustin. Ned could see she was annoyed, and he guessed she was uncomfortable after talking to Dustin. He mentioned his tough love with Brook Lynn and her rejection.

Josslyn sat on the floor with Wiley at the Quartermaines'. She declared that she was in love with Wiley, and she mentioned how great Michael had been when he'd watched over her when they'd been younger as well as during the shooting. Michael insisted he had no regrets over his situation and wanted to grab onto life with both hands. Josslyn felt that she was emerging from her black hole and starting to feel like herself again.

Josslyn tried, without success, to get Wiley to say "Aunt Josslyn" and told Michael she'd changed her mind about the dance. She would hang out with her friends, since she didn't have a date. Michael was proud of her and told her she had strength and courage and was an inspiration to her nephew. Josslyn asked what would happen if Nelle were freed, but Michael replied that Wiley was there to stay. He would do whatever it took.

Carly looked at the dance invitation when she returned home. Jason walked in and told her that Michael had Diane looking into a legal strategy. Carly declared that Nelle was still "slippery," and she admitted she'd visited the young woman at the jail. Jason was angry and told Carly that she'd played into Nelle's hands. Nelle knew how to play the victim. Carly admitted she'd threatened her, but none of the guards had heard her. Jason yelled for Carly to keep her cool and control her temper.

Taggert is attacked

Taggert is attacked

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ava descended the stairs at Sonny's and asked Carly to let the guards know that Ava was ready to leave. She called the necessity an inconvenience, but Carly wondered if it was any less inconvenient living on an island. She also asked if Ava planned on introducing Avery to Nikolas, even though marriages were "not all built to last." Ava shot back that Carly was in no position to judge anyone else's marriage. Carly said that Sonny would want to know how involved Nikolas would be with Avery. She added that the marriage probably wouldn't last much longer. Ava replied that Carly was mistaken, and she left.

Josslyn entered the kitchen to find Dev. She warned him that he needed to change for the dance, or he would be late. He replied that he wasn't going, and Josslyn urged him to go with her, since she'd changed her mind about going. Dev didn't see a point, since he wouldn't be in Port Charles much longer, and he told Josslyn about his decision to go to boarding school. She spouted several reasons why he shouldn't leave, but he thought it was for the best. Carly entered and asked for a minute with Josslyn, so Dev left the room.

Josslyn asked Carly if Dev was leaving because of her. Carly assured Josslyn that Dev thought it was for the best, and she and Sonny agreed. Josslyn admitted that she would miss him, but she understood. She excused herself to get changed for the dance, but Carly refused to let Josslyn go. Josslyn assured her mother that the guards could drive and accompany her, but Carly, Sonny, and Jax had agreed that it would be best for her to avoid public gatherings. Just then, they heard Donna begin to cry on the baby monitor, and Carly ran out. Dev returned, and Josslyn instructed him to get dressed and meet her in the living room.

A short while later, Josslyn descended the stairs in a sparkling dress and found Dev dressed in a suit. He admired her in the dress as he asked how she'd gotten ready so fast. She answered that she was most inspired to do something when she was told that she couldn't do it. When they were gone, Carly was cleaning up in the living room when she accidentally dumped Dev's backpack out. She picked up the contents but stopped dead when she found a bullet.

Franco was helping Cameron with his cufflinks when Elizabeth returned home and commented on how adorable Cameron looked. There was a knock on the door, and Elizabeth answered the door to Nikolas. She instructed Franco to get Cameron's boutonnière out of the refrigerator, so the two went to the kitchen. Elizabeth went just outside the door with Nikolas and told him to "make it quick." Nikolas was determined to prove himself, so he wanted to donate some money to the hospital. He figured that Elizabeth would know where it would do the most good, and she was his friend. "Am I?" she asked.

Elizabeth continued that she was being civil to Nikolas, and she'd rather have news about Hayden. He assured her that he had hired a private firm to search for Hayden. She had to get back to Cameron, and she urged Nikolas to go home. He confided that it didn't feel like a home without Spencer and with Ava working against him. Elizabeth informed him that he had to live with his choices, and he left.

Inside, Cameron told Franco that Trina was a good friend, and he hoped that they didn't end up like Elizabeth and Nikolas. "Just don't fake your own death, and you're all set," Franco cracked. Elizabeth returned and began taking pictures of Cameron. Trina arrived, and she and Cameron complimented each other's ensembles. Elizabeth took pictures of the two, and Trina was disappointed that her father hadn't shown up yet. Cameron got notification that their ride had arrived, and Franco ushered them out. Cameron sensed that Franco was trying to get rid of them. Franco told them to have fun, and he shut the door in their faces.

A few minutes later, Franco and Elizabeth lounged on the couch and looked through the photos Elizabeth had taken of Cameron and Trina. Elizabeth commented that she'd thought the two were just friends, but she'd seen the way they'd looked at each other. Franco knew that it was a big night for the kids, but he added that it was a big night for him and Elizabeth, as well. He figured that she thought he'd forgotten, but he handed her a small box. "Happy anniversary," he cooed, and they shared a kiss.

Julian spotted Brook Lynn arrive at Metro Court and quickly walked to the exit, but she caught him before he could leave. He insisted that she'd taken whatever she'd heard in his private conversation with Brad out of context. She again threatened to go to Sonny unless he helped her with Linc, her producer. She knew that, as a Jerome, he had "certain skills" that no one in her family possessed to help her get out of her contract. He urged him to work with her, or he could take his chances with Sonny. Julian replied that, if anything happened to him, she would have it on her conscience that Lucas had lost another loved one. However, she thought that whatever Sonny did was up to him.

Nikolas entered the restaurant, and Brook Lynn immediately perked up when she saw him. She gave him a hug and asked about his newlywed status. Ava arrived at the restaurant as if on cue, and Nikolas introduced the two women. Brook Lynn asked to borrow Nikolas, and the two sat at the bar. Ava sat with Julian and wondered what trouble he was in, since she'd seen him "huddled" with Brook Lynn. Julian confessed to Ava what Brook Lynn had figured out, and he disclosed her threats. Ava suggested that he agree to Brook Lynn's terms to buy time, because "two Jeromes are more than a match for one Quartermaine."

Brook Lynn commented that Nikolas looked good "for a dead guy," and he returned the sentiment to her. She asked if he was flirting, but he insisted that his marriage was extremely important to him. He told her about his recent troubles, and she expressed sympathy for him. He thanked her for being the only one to not judge him, and she admitted that she knew what it was like to return home and need a friend. She proposed that they "fill the void for each other" and took his hand, which Ava noticed.

Ava told Julian that helping with his problem could help with her own, and she explained that she needed Nikolas to cheat on her. She ran over to Nikolas and pulled him toward her, wanting to spend time with him at home. When they were out of earshot, Nikolas wondered if she was jealous, as she could divorce him. "Not on your life," she replied, and she vowed to make him stick to their deal. Brook Lynn returned to Julian for a decision, and he shook her hand in response.

On the phone at the hospital, Jordan asked Taggert if they were "still on for tonight." Taggert replied that he was working on his own plan, and he hung up on her. Down the hall, Curtis entered Laura's room and asked if she was going to go home and rest. She believed that the city needed her, so she would be going straight back to work. Jordan arrived, and Curtis tattled on Laura going back to work so soon. Jordan thought it sounded reasonable, and Curtis cracked that he shouldn't have asked a workaholic.

Laura wanted updates from Jordan on recent events, so Jordan talked about the warehouse explosion. Laura assumed that the explosion had been Sonny's doing, and she wondered who had been stupid enough to take him on. Jordan reluctantly told Laura that Cyrus Renault was behind the initial attacks, and she gave Laura a brief history of Cyrus. Laura's phone went off, and she saw that her ride had arrived. When she was gone, Jordan commented that Laura had connections that she and Curtis didn't. She added that she would wait to share the "sensitive information" with Laura until after Cyrus was no longer a threat.

In Sonny's office, Jason updated Sonny on his conversation with Michael about Wiley. The two hoped that there was enough evidence against Nelle to send her to jail, and Sonny believed that someone else had helped Brad and Nelle. There was a knock on the door, and Jason answered it. One of Sonny's guards announced the visitor, and Taggert entered. He sat down and told Sonny that they had a "mutual problem." He recapped all of the recent violence and promised that he wasn't there to "bust" Sonny. He told Sonny and Jason about his experience with Cyrus, and he added that the men had "more options" than a former law enforcement officer. "Are you offering help or asking for ours?" Jason questioned.

Taggert wanted to work together with Sonny to take Cyrus down. He offered Sonny some time to think about it, but he urged Sonny not to think about it too long. When Taggert was gone, Jason asked if Sonny had bought anything Taggert had said. "Every word," Sonny replied. Jason figured that Taggert was desperate, but he wondered, "Why now?"

There was another knock on Sonny's office door, and Jason opened it to reveal the guard announcing Laura's arrival. She sat down, and Sonny was glad to see her up and about. Laura wondered how his family was, and he assured her that everything was "okay," and it would stay that way. She reminded him that he couldn't guarantee that. She continued that her oath of office compelled her to put the city above everything else, including her personal relationships. He promised that he would never ask her to compromise herself for him. She appreciated it, but she warned him that she couldn't "look the other way" if something was threatening the safety of the town.

Laura talked about how afraid the people who lived near the violence were, and she wanted it to stop. She admitted that she was there because, if anyone knew how to stop it, it was Sonny. If he didn't, she vowed to do whatever she had to do to protect the city. Sonny replied that he wouldn't expect any less from her, which was why he'd voted for her. A tearful Laura gathered her things and left.

Someone followed as Taggert walked from Sonny's office. He managed to turn the assailant around, and he wondered if the man was looking for him. The man drew Taggert's attention to another man behind Taggert, and they closed in on him.

Later, Jordan and Curtis entered Taggert's room at the hospital, and he explained how he'd been jumped by two guys. He'd managed to get a shot off, but the men had taken off. He handed her something wrapped in a handkerchief, and she opened it to reveal a full syringe. She gasped that Cyrus had sent someone to "OD you" like the others, and she commented that he was lucky to be alive.

Jordan urged Taggert to get out of town, but he figured that Cyrus' people would find him anywhere. She asked him about the plan he'd mentioned, and he admitted that she wouldn't like it. "Desperate times," Curtis commented. Taggert continued that he'd gone to Sonny, and he'd asked to work with Sonny to take Cyrus down.

Cameron and Trina were taking selfies in the car on their way to the dance. Cameron asked the driver to speed up, as they were running late. Trina countered that the driver could take his time, as she enjoyed having Cameron captive. They bantered back and forth as the driver was revealed to be one of the same men who'd attacked Taggert.

T.J. proposes to Molly

T.J. proposes to Molly

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Alexis bumped into Molly at Metro Court and wondered why she was so dressed up. Molly revealed that T.J. had wanted to treat her to a "special romantic evening." She went on about her friend Jamie's wedding drama, and Alexis advised Molly not to let the experience ruin the idea of weddings and marriage. "Too late," Molly replied. Alexis told Molly to enjoy her night with T.J., and she left.

At the hospital, T.J. was looking at the ring when Neil called out, "Don't you have lives to save?" T.J. quickly put the ring away, but Neil asked T.J. what the hold-up with proposing was. T.J. admitted that he was waiting for the perfect time. Neil advised that the only most perfect time would be when it was least expected. "If it feels right, go for it," he concluded. T.J. confided that he was going to propose that night, and he didn't want to be late. He thanked Neil for the advice, shook Neil's hand, and left.

A short while later, Neil bumped into Alexis and told her that he was in the running for a staff position at the hospital. He added that the hospital was waiting to make a decision until after his hearing. She was optimistic about the outcome, but he admitted that he was struggling with the whole situation. She thought that two years would go by fast. He commented that he'd been accustomed to burying himself in his work until he'd met Alexis, and she'd made him want to pay attention to the world around him.

Alexis reminded Neil that he had been on a dating app, but he divulged that every date he'd been on before her had been awkward, boring, "or both." "Blame Drag Bingo," she cracked, and she remembered their "perfect" kiss. He stated that nothing was perfect, which he'd told T.J. before T.J. had left to propose to Molly. Alexis thought they might have something to celebrate while they were in New York for Neil's hearing. He glumly replied that he wouldn't be celebrating anything with her if he wanted to keep practicing psychiatry. She had to get to her meeting, so she excused herself and left.

T.J. arrived at Metro Court and handed the ring to the excited hostess, who took it to the back of the restaurant. He sat down with Molly, who complained that she was about to be asked to be in another wedding. She called weddings a "consumerist joke" that promoted the "patriarchal subjugation of women." T.J. insisted that it wasn't like that anymore. Molly didn't want to watch her friends throw their lives away for a "stupid fairy tale," but T.J. suggested that marriage could be what her friends wanted.

Molly thought that women were brainwashed for their entire lives into thinking that marriage was what they wanted. "And don't even get me started on the diamond ring industry!" she added. She wondered why weddings couldn't just be about love. "It can be," T.J. pleaded, but Molly believed that it was all about men controlling women, right down to the proposal. T.J. suddenly excused himself and went over to the bar. He asked for the hostess, who he'd given something to put with his girlfriend's dessert. "There she is!" the bartender pointed. The hostess put Molly's dessert, complete with the engagement ring, down on the table in front of a shocked Molly.

"I can explain!" T.J. told Molly when he returned to the table. He explained that the ring had been Jordan's, and he was sure that it had been "ethically sourced." He continued that he knew her reservations about marriage, but he thought that they could make it work. He promised to never ask her to sacrifice her career or anything for him, and he wanted them to be equals. He concluded that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. "Will you marry me?" he asked. Molly finally told him that he was brave to propose after her rant, but she admitted that she didn't want to marry him.

Jordan was shocked that Taggert had asked Sonny for help with Cyrus, but Taggert stated that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." He figured that it would be smart to team up with the most powerful man in town. Jordan thought that made Taggert "ethically compromised," but he reminded her that they'd crossed the line before. She replied that he was on his own. He informed her that he respected her position as commissioner enough to not mention her to Sonny. She asked what his plan was, but Taggert replied that she couldn't have it both ways. He had to go see Trina off to a dance, so he left.

"Can you believe him?" Jordan asked incredulously about Taggert. "I can," Curtis responded to his shocked wife. He thought that Taggert was right about needing to team up with Sonny, as they were in "desperate times." He added that Taggert would be dead of an apparent overdose if he hadn't fought off his attackers, and Curtis would be "damned if you're next." Jordan insisted that she could protect herself without Sonny's help. "What if that's the only thing keeping you alive?" he wondered.

In Sonny's office, Jason suggested to Sonny that they could "arrange an accident" for Cyrus with the people that they knew in Pentonville. He also asked Sonny what he'd thought of Taggert's proposition. Sonny replied that Taggert knew how Cyrus operated, so Taggert could be an asset. Sonny was most worried about Laura, as she had a lot of pressure on her to clean up the waterfront. Sonny instructed Jason to tell their contacts in Pentonville to keep an eye on Cyrus, but Sonny didn't want to take any action yet.

Curtis and Jordan arrived at Sonny's office, and Curtis waited outside while Jordan talked to Sonny and Jason. Jordan informed them that Taggert had been attacked after he'd left from visiting Sonny, and Sonny insisted that it hadn't been their doing. Jordan cited the "complicated history" between Sonny and Taggert, but Sonny assured her that it was over. Jordan revealed that Cyrus had had Taggert followed and attacked. Sonny already knew that his place was being watched, so he decided to "beef up security." He thanked her for the tip and left the office. Outside, Curtis hoped that Sonny could get a handle on the situation before anyone else got hurt.

Inside the office, Jason clarified with Jordan that she'd been with the DEA when she'd first arrived in town, and she confirmed it. "Just wondering," he replied, and she left.

Carly found the bullet in Dev's backpack and called out for him. Not finding him, she called out for Josslyn and frantically went to the phone to call a guard. Just then, the doorbell rang, and she threw open the door and found Dev, Josslyn, and Brando. Carly demanded to know why they would leave when she'd specifically told them not to, and Josslyn explained that she'd wanted to give Dev a good last night in town. She admitted that Brando had found them leaving. Carly wanted to talk to Dev, and she questioned why she'd found a bullet in his backpack.

Dev insisted that the bullet wasn't his, so Carly instructed him to walk her through every step of his day. He replied that the only time he'd left his backpack alone all day had been when he'd put it in his locker during gym class. Carly theorized that someone had broken into his locker to plant the bullet, hoping Sonny and Carly would get the message. Brando believed that someone was watching everyone in the family, which meant that they were all within reach. Carly went through Josslyn's backpack and found nothing. Josslyn insisted that she'd had hers with her the entire day.

Sonny arrived home, and Carly immediately told him what was going on. "This has to stop," she insisted. Brando no longer thought it was a good idea for Dev to go to boarding school, and Sonny and Carly agreed. Sonny added that it was best for Dev to stay close so that Sonny could protect him.

In their rideshare, Cameron and Trina took selfies and bantered back and forth. The driver, one of Cyrus' men, claimed to see traffic ahead and told the two that he was going to take a shortcut around it. He stealthily took a picture of the two in the backseat and watched them in the mirror. A few minutes later, Cameron remembered to send the rideshare information to his mother. He looked around and realized that the driver seemed to be taking the "scenic route." Cameron clarified that the driver was taking the best route, and the driver replied that it seemed like the two wouldn't mind some alone time on their first date.

Trina insisted that it wasn't a date, and they were going to the dance together as friends. Cameron tried to direct the driver, but the man insisted that he knew a better way. Cameron demanded that the man take them to the school, but the driver informed them that there was a change in plans. A crying Trina tried to open the door as Cameron yelled to let them out. "No can do," the man replied. Cameron threatened to file a formal complaint with customer service as he stealthily shot off a text. The man abruptly stopped the car. He pulled out a gun and demanded their phones, which they handed over. The man threw the phones out the window and continued driving.

Elizabeth told Franco that she hadn't needed a gift for their anniversary, as getting him back had been the best gift. She opened the small box that he'd handed her, opened the piece of paper inside, and read, "For an artsy surprise, look under the fries." He revealed that he'd put together a scavenger hunt, and she ran to the fridge to look under their box of leftover fries. She found another box and read the paper inside: "To be the next Michelangelo, look under the chapeau." A confused Elizabeth wondered what a chapeau was, and Franco informed her that it was a hat.

Elizabeth spotted a hat on top of a roll of paper towels and found another box underneath. The next clue read, "Near the cabinet, you'll find your Mary Cassatt." She went through the cabinets under the sink until she found another box. The next clue read, "Make like Frida Kahlo and look under the pillow." Franco admitted that the gift was actually under the sofa. She crawled on the floor and excitedly pulled out piles of art supplies. She kissed him in appreciation but stopped when her phone went off. She saw the rideshare information from Cameron. As they shared another kiss, the doorbell rang.

Franco urged Elizabeth to hide to make the visitor go away, but she opened the door to Taggert. She was happy to see him and introduced the two men. She showed Taggert the photos she'd taken of Cameron and Trina. They were catching up when he got an urgent text. He said that he had to make a quick call and stepped into the kitchen. He looked at the text of the picture of Cameron and Trina with the message, "We have your daughter. Meet us at 491 Vineyard Road. Come alone. Tell the cops and your daughter dies."

Taggert returned to Elizabeth and Franco and thanked them for their hospitality. He promised to see them around, and he left. When he was gone, the couple ran upstairs, giggling. Later, Elizabeth returned downstairs in a robe to look through her new art supplies. She got a text, and she saw that it was from Cameron. She was horrified to read, "KIDNAPPED. HELP."

Outside Sonny's office, Curtis' phone rang, and he answered it to Taggert, who begged for Curtis' help. He explained about the text he'd gotten, and Curtis offered to get Jordan to put out an APB. Taggert refused the cops but gave Curtis the address. He thought that he could at least trade himself for his daughter.

Jordan emerged from Sonny's office and invited Curtis to dinner, but he claimed that he had to go see a client. When he was gone, Jordan called the station and advised them to have the latest reports on the shootings on her desk.

Inside Sonny's office, Jason's phone went off, and he answered it to Elizabeth. She frantically told him about her text from Cameron, and he assured her that he would figure it out. She forwarded him the picture of the driver's information that Cameron had sent her. Jason looked at the picture and grimly told her that he knew the driver.

Taggert arrived in front of the address sent to him. He took a deep breath and pushed open the door to the building. "I'm here!" he called out. He insisted that he'd followed orders, and he demanded to see his daughter. The driver emerged from a room and told Taggert to "take it easy." Taggert demanded to see Trina, and the driver eventually called out to someone to retrieve the kids. Two men escorted Cameron and Trina to Taggert. Outside, Curtis aimed into the building with his gun.

Taggert is shot

Taggert is shot

Friday, February 28, 2020

Alexis left her meeting at the hospital and bumped into Lucas. She was surprised to see him back at work, but he assured her he'd received the okay and was lucky to have gotten his job back. He added that work was the only place he felt normal. They sat on a bench, and Alexis expressed her sympathy for what had transpired with Wiley. Lucas asked Alexis about the original baby he'd never seen; he realized that she had been one of the few people to have met him. Alexis told him the baby had been beautiful. Lucas asked for her help with his divorce.

Sasha found Michael asleep on the sofa at the Quartermaines'. She hovered over him until he opened his eyes. She asked him about his day with Wiley, and he disclosed that the baby hated sweet potatoes. He expressed his feelings about going from being the fun uncle to being Wiley's dad.

Sasha joined Michael on the sofa, and he told her how he had begun to handle things differently. She assured him that he had great instincts either way, and he should trust them. She dabbed a cloth into a glass of water and gently cleaned off the front of Michael's shirt. Michael asked Sasha about her own job, and she told him that Lucy had been insane, as usual -- but in a good way -- during production meetings.

Michael rose and poured Sasha a glass of water. They agreed how different their world had suddenly turned out, and they thought they should talk about it. Michael admitted he wanted Sasha to be involved, but he didn't expect her to be "insta-mom." Sasha suggested they not define every minute. They loved each other, and she loved Wiley. She wanted to "take it as it comes" without having to make any decisions. Michael agreed. Sasha had to take a conference call, and she left the room.

After receiving the text from Cameron, Elizabeth sent Jason the rideshare information that she'd received from Cameron earlier. Jason took a look and realized he knew the man. He ordered Elizabeth not to call the cops because she would make it worse. He hung up before she could say anything else. Franco returned to the room, and Elizabeth informed him that Cameron had been kidnapped. She added that Jason had told her not to call the cops.

Franco was annoyed that Elizabeth's first call had been to Jason but she insisted that she had called him out of habit. Franco thought she should call the police, and they went back and forth on what they should do. Elizabeth's voice was shaking, and Franco wasn't certain what she wanted from him. He assured her he'd back her up, no matter what. Finally, Elizabeth placed a call to the police.

As Chase opened up a bottle of red wine at his apartment, Willow returned home. As she removed her coat, he told her about the take-out he'd ordered to go with the wine. Willow told him she just wanted to be held, and Chase embraced her.

Shortly after, they sat on the sofa and cuddled as they talked about Wiley. Willow stated that she still loved him, even though he wasn't hers. She thought it all felt very strange. She was grieving over her real baby and wondering if things would have been different if she hadn't given him up. She thought she was being irrational, but she knew what she had to do.

Chase didn't want Willow to feel guilty because everything had been Nelle and Brad's fault. He thought that so many people loved Wiley that everyone would be able to make the best choices for him. Willow thought it could be confusing for Wiley if she spent time with him because she was confused, and she was an adult. She had grief for the baby that had been hers as well as for Wiley, who wasn't hers. Chase suggested that it probably felt like she'd lost two children at the same time.

Chase's cell phone chimed, and he looked at the message. He informed Willow that he had to leave because two local teens had been kidnapped. He kissed her goodbye.

At a Metro Court table, T.J. told Molly that he was aware that she had reservations about marriage, but he was sure they could make it work. He asked her to marry him. She declared that he was brave to propose, and she loved him more than words could express. She admitted she was overwhelmed, but her answer was no. He was surprised. He tried to convince her that they weren't like the friends of hers she'd been ranting about, but Molly replied that she'd had no idea that he wanted to get married.

Molly admitted that she'd wanted to get married once upon a time, but she no longer did. She thought they should stay together without marriage, but T.J. made it clear that wasn't for him. Molly didn't think a paper was necessary, and she handed T.J. his ring. T.J. was sad and wondered if it was because Molly had never dated anyone else. She insisted there was no one else, and that wasn't the reason.

Molly was emphatic that marriage wasn't for her. T.J. asked if that was true even if he wanted it. He wanted to build a life and have children and grow old together. Molly cried that she wanted the same things, but she didn't want a party. T.J. informed her that he wanted the vows, but Molly replied that sometimes vows were the thing that broke a couple apart because expectations were so high. She made it clear that marriage would never be for her.

T.J. pointed out that just because marriage hadn't worked out for Alexis didn't mean it wouldn't work for them. Molly disagreed and told him that sometimes marriage messed things up. She also didn't think it was the best time with her being in law school, but T.J. reminded her that she'd said never. He pocketed the ring and announced that he had to take a walk. He left Molly alone at the table.

Taggert arrived at the location he'd been given and went inside. He shouted for his daughter and threatened the man who'd taken the teens. Seconds later, Trina and Cameron were ushered into the room by a couple of other thugs, and two more joined them. Curtis waited outside with his gun drawn. Taggert asked how they would do things in order for the kids to survive, and he offered himself in exchange. The man laughed and said no.

Just then, Trina and Cameron made moves in an attempt to get away, and Trina began to scream as pushing, shoving, and shooting began. Curtis burst in shooting, and a gunfight commenced. Cameron managed to get away and run outside while Curtis kneeled next to Trina as they took cover. One of the men followed Cameron outside. The teen tripped and fell, and the man stood over him with his gun pointed in Cameron's direction. Before he could shoot, Jason appeared and shot the thug instead.

"Is he dead?" Cameron asked. "Yeah," Jason replied. Cameron began to get hysterical, and Jason urged him to focus. He asked Cameron what had happened and how many men were inside. Cameron provided details, and Jason tried to assure him that he needed a plan to help. He wanted Cameron to stay calm.

Inside, the shooting continued. The head thug assumed that Cameron had been the one who'd been shot outside, and he exclaimed that Trina would die the same way. Taggert made another move and began to shoot wildly, but he was shot in the process. Trina began to scream out for her father. Curtis managed to get Trina out and explained that that was what Taggert had wanted.

Trina and Cameron embraced, and Curtis updated Jason on what had happened inside. Jason ordered the teens to get into the car and wait. He told them not to call the cops then turned to Curtis for information on the best way for them to get back inside.

Trina and Cameron sat in the back seat of the car. Trina quickly opened her door to vomit. As they waited, they talked. Trina was distraught, but Cameron managed to talk to her calmly. He spoke about Taggert, who had only wanted Trina to get out and had been able to see that she'd managed that. "We were so stupid! Like the dumbest hostages ever. Who just lets someone kidnap them?" Trina exclaimed. Cameron asked how they could have known they'd be kidnapped and insisted it hadn't been their fault.

Trina declared that she had to go back to the facility, and she got out of the car. Cameron struggled with her, and she finally agreed to get back inside the car. He pointed out that Curtis and Jason had asked them to wait patiently. He joked that it wasn't his first hostage situation, and she had been the mature one previously, so it was his turn. Trina cried because she'd seen her father get shot.

Back at the warehouse, Taggert sat slumped on the floor as the head thug complained that if Taggert had died previously, the man wouldn't have had to take Taggert's daughter. Taggert spat blood at him. "Screw you," Taggert snapped. As the men lined up to kill Taggert, Curtis and Jason arrived with guns blazing. Another shootout commenced until some of the thugs were dead. A couple managed to get away, and Curtis was unable to locate them.

"Anger boy to the rescue," Taggert mumbled. Jason made a phone call for help. Suddenly, Taggert coughed, and Curtis assured him that Trina was safe. "Take care of her," Taggert gasped before passing out.

As Michael picked the toys up off the floor at the Quartermaines', he heard a knock on the back door. It was Willow, who wanted to talk to him. She removed her coat and asked how things had gone the previous night. Michael filled her in, and she assured him he'd get more familiar with the way things would go. He wanted to apologize because he thought he should have taken Wiley to visit Willow immediately.

Michael stated that he understood the grief of losing a child, and Willow had lost two. He hoped that Willow would stay in Wiley's life as a caring, sweet, and loving aunt. He wanted her to be the same person she'd always been because he believed that both he and Wiley needed that.

Jordan arrived at Elizabeth's house, and Elizabeth told her as much as she knew. Franco added that Taggert had been there, but he'd arrived after the teens had already gone. Then, he'd left abruptly. Jordan wanted to know everything that Taggert had said or done. "Absolutely everything!" she stressed. Elizabeth and Franco peppered her with questions, and Jordan admitted that she thought the kidnapping might have been tied to Taggert.

Jordan did not want either Franco or Elizabeth to panic. She stepped outside to make a call to Chase. She wanted him to check on all of Renault's associates. Jordan returned and announced that police officers were on the lookout but hadn't found anything yet. She overheard Elizabeth leaving a message on the phone, and she questioned Elizabeth when the call ended. Elizabeth confessed that she'd called Jason about the kidnapping. Jordan admitted that she agreed with the move as a mother but not as a police officer.

At Metro Court, Molly was unable to successfully reach T.J. on the phone. Alexis showed up after receiving a text from Molly, and she sat down. Molly explained that everything she'd said had come out wrong. Alexis was surprised that Molly had said no to the proposal, and Molly admitted she'd had no idea that marriage was so important to T.J. She was worried that it could be a "deal-breaker," and she cried that she hadn't made it clear enough how much she loved him.

Alexis was sorry, and she revealed that she'd had some idea about the proposal. She'd always thought that Molly was a romantic. Molly admitted that she had seen what marriage could do to people, and Alexis quickly asked if Molly meant her. She was upset that Molly had seen her "crash and burn" so many times, and she hadn't realized what it would do to Molly. She was sorry, but she wasn't a good example for relationships.

Alexis made it clear that Molly wasn't Alexis, and while she had a right to her own choice, Alexis' life shouldn't factor into Molly's decisions.

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