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Alexis was disbarred. Julian offered Neil some advice. Spencer reached out to Nikolas with a conditional offer for reconciliation. Peter was relieved that his man had not been responsible for Holly Sutton's death. Chase arrested Brook Lynn for punching Sasha. Nelle asked Nina to testify on her behalf. Cyrus intimidated several residents. Mike continued to decline.
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Cyrus continued his intimidation tactics, Robert grieved for Holly Sutton, and Alexis was disbarred
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Ava and Nikolas argue about divorce Ava and Nikolas argue about divorce

Monday, May 4, 2020

Jason was working out at Volonino's when Brando arrived. He talked to Jason about the "ceasefire," and how happy Josslyn and Dev were to finally be able to leave the house. He related that all he'd wanted had been to go back to Chicago, but since he was able to leave, he'd decided to stay. In that case, Jason wondered if Brando could use another customer at the garage. Brando assumed that Sam was Jason's mechanic, considering how much she seemed to know about motorcycles.

Jason wondered when Sam had been at Brando's garage. Brando explained that he was on good terms with Molly, but not so much with Sam and Kristina. He talked about the comment he'd made about people who joined cults, and Sam and Kristina had been offended by it. Brando observed that Sam was very protective of her sisters. He continued that Sam had gone to the garage to pick up Molly's car, but T.J. already had, so Sam had used it as an excuse to chew Brando out. He swore that he'd learned his lesson.

Outside the community center, Alexis talked on the phone to Diane. She informed Diane that she was trying to "stave off a nervous breakdown," as lying to the Medical Accreditation Board could be considered perjury.

Inside the community center, Sam, Molly, and Kristina went through the professional clothing for the clothing drive, and Molly remarked on how nice the clothes were. However, the clothing drive was for underprivileged women looking for professional clothing, so she would give those in need the first crack. Sam commended Molly for being so ethical. "Not really, just ask Brando," Molly replied dejectedly. She was sick of the guilt and wanted to tell T.J. the truth. Sam and Kristina argued about what was best for Molly's relationship, but Molly yelled that she didn't need either of them to rescue or protect her.

Alexis arrived with some clothes for the drive and apologized for being late, as she'd been working on a case with Diane. She wondered what her daughters had been fighting about, but Kristina chimed in that Molly had news. Molly shared that she and T.J. had decided to enter into a domestic partnership. A cautious Alexis made sure that Molly was happy with the decision, and she offered to help Molly with any advice or paperwork. Molly knew that Alexis was dealing with her own stuff, and Molly had to catch up on schoolwork before they moved forward with anything.

Alexis talked about how sensible Molly was, and she praised Molly's "moral compass." Molly blew up about everyone thinking she was perfect when she wasn't, since she'd slept with somebody else when T.J. had disappeared. She explained the situation to her shocked mother. Kristina believed that Molly would be risking her relationship by telling the truth, but Sam thought that Molly should tell the truth, considering how easily she'd blurted it out to Alexis. Kristina didn't trust Sam's judgment, since she'd been jeopardizing her family by sneaking around with Jason, but Sam reminded her sister that Sam was only on parole for trying to save Kristina from Shiloh. "So, you blame me for everything?" Kristina questioned. "Yes!" Sam exclaimed.

Julian was sitting at the bar at a darkened Charlie's when the door slammed shut. Julian called out that they were closed, but suddenly, he was pinned to the bar. "You bastard. Do you have idea what you did to Alexis?" Neil spat. Thanks to Julian publicizing Alexis and Neil's personal business, Neil revealed that he'd lost his career. Julian shrugged and said that Neil should have known better than to take advantage of a former patient. He added that Neil should thank Julian, as Neil was free to be with Alexis. Neil informed a "simplistic and selfish" Julian that Alexis' career was also on the line, since she'd perjured herself.

Julian thought that Neil deserved whatever he got, but Julian was sorry that Alexis had also suffered. Neil suggested that Alexis deserved a clean slate, as he'd done more harm than good. Julian was incredulous that Neil would walk away from Alexis after all they'd done to be together. Julian didn't like Neil, but he knew that Neil made Alexis happy, which he wanted. He advised Neil to fight for Alexis, as he would be a fool to walk away. Neil glared at Julian and left.

On the phone with Franco, Ava talked about how excited she was for her portrait. She didn't want him to rush, but she warned him that she'd already sent out the invitations for the unveiling. He promised that the portrait would be done that night. Just then, Nikolas yelled out for Ava, so she ended the call. When he entered the room, he was furious that she'd ordered all of the trees cut down. She clarified that she was having them moved, as they obscured her view. He informed her that she wasn't to change the house or grounds, and she needed to stop escalating their fight. She reminded him of the snake she'd found in her purse, but he insisted that he hadn't put it there.

Ava turned Nikolas' attention to the letter on the top of the pile of mail, and he recognized Spencer's handwriting. He read the letter, and Ava was eager to hear what it said. Nikolas revealed that Spencer was willing to accept Nikolas back into his life if Nikolas left Ava. An upset Ava related that Spencer needed somewhere to focus his anger, so "it may as well be me." She was happy that Spencer had reached out, and Nikolas couldn't believe it. He considered going to France to talk to Spencer in person. She understood that Nikolas needed to divorce her, so she wondered when he was moving out.

Nikolas was shocked that Ava would hold him to their post-nuptial agreement, especially since the reason for divorce had nothing to do with infidelity. Ava stated that the terms were clear and binding that she would get 90% of the estate if he divorced her. He guaranteed that things wouldn't end well for her if she tried to keep him from his son, but she replied that "a deal's a deal." He accused her of taking away Spencer's inheritance. She shot back that ten percent of the estate was more than enough for Spencer to live on, and she reminded him that he'd agreed on the terms.

Nikolas spat that things like that were how Ava had driven Kiki away, and he hoped Avery would see what Ava was really like. "Don't you dare talk about my kids," she growled. In return, he demanded that she stop using his as a pawn. She told him that it was his chance to prove that he would do anything for his son.

Elizabeth entered Franco's art therapy room and found him struggling to figure out which bills to pay and which to put off. She saw an unopened envelope and opened it to find an invitation for Ava's party. Her face suddenly fell, and she read to Franco what Ava had written about unveiling the first new piece of art from Franco in ten years. Elizabeth thought that Ava was using him, but he reminded her that Ava was paying him. He reasoned that his past was no secret, and he wondered if she'd made peace with it.

Franco broke it to Elizabeth that a producer had reached out to him, wanting his side of the story of the hunt for Ryan Chamberlain. He continued that July would be the tenth anniversary of his "Francophrenia" show at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, but she would remember it as the night that he'd framed Jason for pushing him off the roof to his death. She knew that he wasn't the same man, but he acknowledged how much damage he'd caused. He went on that many people had offered a lot of money for his side of the story, and he saw it as a great opportunity for some extra income. "Absolutely not," Elizabeth stated.

Elizabeth didn't want Franco to have to relive his past for any reason, but he reasoned that "scandal sells." He listed some of the good things he'd done in town, but he knew that he would never escape his past. He added that notoriety sold, and no one had bought his artwork because of his talent in a long time. They hotly debated their need for money, but he informed her that she didn't know how the art world worked because she'd never been a real artist. He immediately took back his comment, but she remained offended. He insisted that he loved her work, but he was interrupted by his phone alarm. He muttered that he couldn't be late for Ava, and he asked if they were all right. "You'd better go," she said, and she left the room.

A short while later, Elizabeth was getting some work done when Nikolas arrived at the hospital. He wondered if she had a minute, but she snapped that she was a "real nurse" at work, and it was important. He apologized for whatever had implied that he thought that her work wasn't important, and he knew that it wasn't like her to snap at him. "It's just one of those days," she sighed. He wanted to help her, and he asked what was going on.

Ava was crying to herself when Franco entered Wyndemere, calling out for Ava. She turned around, wiping her eyes, and he wondered what had happened. She insisted that she was fine. Franco replied that he wasn't fine and that he could use a hug, "for my sake." She ran into his arms and cried.

Kristina and Sam have a blowout argument Kristina and Sam have a blowout argument

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Franco comforted a crying Ava at Wyndemere and asked her what was wrong. He teased her in order to get her to open up, and Ava admitted that she and Nikolas had argued about Spencer. Nikolas had accused her of driving Kiki away, and he had hoped that Carly would save Avery. Franco suggested that Ava get out of her "toxic marriage." Ava confessed that she'd also slapped Nikolas.

Franco held out a box of tissues, and Ava gratefully took one. Franco declared that Ava and Nikolas didn't respect one another, but Ava replied that she wanted Nikolas' fortune. Franco didn't think Ava really needed it with all that she had on her own, but Ava began to list all of Nikolas' properties. Franco pointed out that Ava could find a real prince, but she hastily changed the subject and asked where she should hang her portrait.

Franco guessed that he knew why Ava had married Nikolas, but she wanted to dwell on the portrait that needed to be completed by the gala. Franco thought it was more a nightmare than a gala. He proceeded to tell Ava that he'd seen all the bad things in her life as he had looked at her while he'd been painting her. He thought all of her choices had been motivated by love, but he thought that the marriage had been her way of punishing herself for Kiki's death. Ava demanded that Franco leave.

Franco ignored Ava's demand, and they began to argue. Franco suggested that Ava had married Nikolas in order to not have to think about Kiki, and Ava snapped that Franco should go back to being a psychopath. Franco quietly replied that he was no longer a psycho, even though Ava's gala invitation had suggested otherwise. He added that he dealt with all of the people he'd hurt inside of his own head every day, but he had Elizabeth and the boys, his art, and his patients to help him.

Ava noted that Franco had a healthy way of dealing with things. She sniffled and admitted that she knew how to make money. Franco accused her of exploiting his "bad boy genius-artist reputation." She asked if he was okay with it, and Franco shrugged. He reminded her that he'd hurt a lot of people, but Ava told him that it had made him money. "Talent only gets you so far," Ava added.

Franco was insulted, but Ava suggested that people liked to hear about his background. Franco understood, but he revealed that he and Elizabeth had argued because she hadn't agreed with that sentiment. Ava thought that Franco had a strong marriage, and she wanted to return the bad boy to the art world. She was trying to help Franco.

Franco pointed out that Ava wasn't accepting help, but she admitted that she knew why she'd married Nikolas. She told Franco to give Elizabeth flowers and chocolate and make his marriage better. She wanted him to tell Elizabeth that he cared about making the family happy, and Ava would feel that she'd done something right. She kissed Franco on the cheek. Franco stated he was glad to help Ava. "More than you know," she said.

At General Hospital, Nikolas wanted Elizabeth to open up to him, but she told him she didn't consider him to be a friend. Nikolas admitted that he wanted her help. "Find someone else to confide in," Elizabeth replied. She told him off, but Nikolas revealed that he had received a letter from Spencer, who had offered to explore a relationship. His son had ordered him to leave Ava first. Elizabeth called it "a get out of jail free card."

Elizabeth noted how smart Spencer was, and she thought it was possible that Nikolas could turn back into a "good guy." Nikolas asked if he had ever been a good guy, and Elizabeth assured him that he had been to her. Nikolas confessed that if he divorced Ava, he would lose everything. He had dreams of Spencer all the time, but it wouldn't be that simple. Elizabeth thought it was, but she realized there was another reason for Nikolas to have qualms about leaving Ava. "You don't actually have feelings for her, do you?" she asked.

Nikolas claimed that his only feelings for Ava were those of "anger, frustration, and profound distaste." He had survived Valentin and his fall and had planned his return, but Spencer had no idea of the arrangement with Ava or how it would be to live without a fortune. Elizabeth pointed out that Nikolas really didn't know what Spencer expected, and she held her phone out for Nikolas to call his son.

Nikolas declined because he was afraid of Spencer's response. Nikolas could not give up the Cassadine fortune. Elizabeth stated that one couldn't guess about a teenage boy's reaction. Nikolas changed the subject to Elizabeth and Franco, and he asked how they had found happiness when they were both so different. He thought that something had happened, judging by Elizabeth's reaction.

Elizabeth noted that Ava's invitation had drawn attention to Franco's criminal history, and she didn't like it. Nikolas noted that Ava liked controversy, and Elizabeth confessed that Franco had told her she didn't understand because she wasn't a real artist. Nikolas was annoyed and mentioned that he'd been there when Elizabeth had discovered her art and talent. He added that she might have put Franco to shame if she'd gone ahead and developed it. She had shown her soul in her work.

Nikolas apologized for presuming that he and Elizabeth were still friends, but Elizabeth thought that Nikolas could change himself. He wanted her to think about painting again, and Elizabeth noted that Franco had given her new art supplies.

Kristina and Sam argued at the community center charity clothing drive as Alexis and Molly stood by helplessly. Kristina accused Sam of taking it upon herself to save Kristina from DOD when she'd never asked for help. Alexis tried to intercede, but Sam ordered her to stay out of it. Sam and Kristina traded accusations. Kristina called Sam and Jason "danger junkies," and she continued to yell at Sam.

Alexis finally managed to stop Kristina, and Molly stepped in to say that Jason and Sam shared real love. Kristina retorted that Jason would die for Sam. "He just can't live with you," she concluded. Sam and Alexis asked what that meant, and Molly added that the couple had "put everything on the line" in order to save Kristina. Sam stated that Jason loved Kristina, but Kristina replied that he and Sam couldn't survive without drama.

Sam assured Kristina that she only wanted a quiet life like the one Kristina had accused her of only having with Drew, but something always got in the way. Molly and Alexis defended Sam, but Kristina shouted how Sam always had to sneak around to see Jason, even though she should be avoiding him. She continued that Jason was always cleaning up messes for Carly and Sonny and was never around for Sam and the kids. She pointed out that Jason's first priority was always Carly and Sonny.

Carly spoke to Michael on the phone about the upcoming custody hearing as she arrived at Metro Court to check on a few things. Nearby, Martin joined Nelle at a table where she wanted his full attention regarding the hearing. As Martin disclosed that the results of the hearing would depend on Nelle, Nelle wondered why she was paying Martin so much money.

Nelle noted that she had a good job and papers signed for a new house, thanks to the sale of her ELQ shares. She also pointed out that Carly was really the one "pulling the strings" in regard to Michael and the hearing. She pointed out that Michael had broken up with Sasha after she'd cheated, but Nelle wasn't malicious and would never leak the news. She expected Martin to do that, though. Martin asked if all of Nelle's partners had died, and Nelle quickly assured him that Zachary's death had been an accident.

Nelle claimed that she'd pleaded guilty in order to spare Zachary's family. She had prevented Ryan Chamberlain's escape. Martin disclosed that Nelle's relationships would be called into question if Michael's relationships were. Nelle whined that Shiloh had been the love of her life, and she cried every night over him.

Martin announced that character witnesses were needed. "Who can testify to the judge as to your integrity, humanity, and compassion?" he asked. Nelle thought it was more important that she'd been locked on the hospital roof, and the consent form for Wiley's surgery had been forged. Martin guessed that there was no one to vouch for Nelle, although she suggested the nurses at the hospital had witnessed her behavior during Wiley's surgery recovery. Martin wanted someone who had known Nelle more than a month, as Michael would have a "parade" of willing character witnesses.

Nelle made it clear that she had no family, but a good lawyer would be able to work it out. Martin insisted that the judge would want to know that there was someone on her side in case of an emergency, and her refusal to allow Wiley to have the surgery wouldn't help, either. Martin thought their best hope would be for shared custody.

Nelle was angry because she thought she'd get full custody. She called Wiley "the kid," and she asked for a refund. Martin suggested she not refer to Wiley in that manner, and he added that Michael and his family would do what they had to do to get sole custody. He asked Nelle if she was prepared to be a mother. Nelle packed up her things as Martin stressed that raising a child was hard.

Nelle replied that she was prepared because she'd carried the baby for nine months and had given birth alone. Martin suggested she get some books or read some blogs. He wanted her to talk about the few minutes she'd spent with her son after giving birth, and he wanted her to cry. He also wanted her to find a character witness, preferably not someone in prison. Nelle made it clear that he didn't want to let her down.

Nina received a hug and a kiss from Jax when he entered her office at Crimson. She appreciated his talk with Charlotte. Jax admitted that he'd "channeled" his feelings for Josslyn into the talk, and Nina admitted that she hoped to get to know Josslyn. Jax offered to put something together at the beach, and Nina hoped that Charlotte could join in, too. Nina revealed that Lulu and Valentin had spoken to each other, and they'd agreed to share custody of Charlotte.

Jax and Nina sat at the table, and Jax admitted he was happy for Charlotte. He believed that Valentin fell short on "morals, ethics, and scruples," but Nina felt that Charlotte would make him a better person. Jax called Nina a "softie," and they were interrupted when someone knocked on the door. It was Carly. Nina told her she was interrupting, but Jax insisted it was okay.

Carly announced that she wanted something to use against Nelle for the custody hearing but Nina informed her that Nelle had been an "exemplary employee." Carly was suspicious and noted that Nina had promised to keep an eye on Nelle, but Nina insisted she had nothing. She thought that Michael should compromise with Nelle, just as Lulu and Valentin had done. It was best for the child.

Jax could not hide his surprise at Nina's comment, and Carly suggested that Nelle had won Nina over. Nina believed that Nelle had been trying to be a better person after suffering from mental illness, but Carly shouted that Nelle was a pathological liar. Carly went off, and even Jax thought that Nelle had taken advantage. Nina wondered what kind of person Carly would be if she had been judged by her past and no one had stood by her.

Jax stopped Carly and Nina from trading more barbs, and he pointed out that while Josslyn had been too young to remember him and Carly fighting, he'd never worried about any of Carly's moves. He didn't think that Carly and Nelle should be compared. Carly added that she'd never used her children as collateral, and there was more to motherhood than just the biological relationship. She concluded that Nina would never understand, having never been a mother herself.

After a moment of awkward silence, Carly attempted to backtrack and apologize. She proceeded to list Nelle's misdeeds regarding Wiley. Nina began to argue that perhaps Nelle had been the one to tell the truth and that Brad had been the one to lie. Carly asked for Nina to think of one thing that Michael had done to help the situation, but Nina remained quiet. Carly turned to leave.

As Carly prepared to step onto the elevator in the outer office, Nelle was preparing to get off. Nelle asked if Carly had been "trash-talking" her, and Carly admitted that she'd tried. She thought that Nina had believed that she and Nelle were friends, but she knew that Nelle would eventually betray Nina just like she had everyone else.

Back in Nina's office, Nina slammed the desk and asked Jax if she'd been wrong. Jax proclaimed that Carly had had some good points, but Nina replied that she'd seen the vulnerable side of Nelle. She didn't believe it was an act. Jax thought that Nelle only cared about herself. Nina suggested that Nelle could change, and she needed someone to believe in her. Nina thought maybe she could be the one to bring out the best in Nelle.

Nelle finished her brief conversation with Carly and lingered outside of Nina's office door to listen to Nina and Jax. She finally knocked on the door and went inside. Jax kissed Nina goodbye and warned her to be careful. Nelle apologized for the interruption and informed Nina that she'd run her errands. She thanked Nina for standing up for her. "Don't make me regret it," Nina replied. Nelle had a favor to ask. She wondered if Nina would be willing to testify on her behalf at the custody hearing.

Alexis learns she's been disbarred Alexis learns she's been disbarred

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Finn and Anna walked through the hallway at General Hospital and ended up at the elevator. They talked of mundane things until Anna received a phone call from Felicia, who revealed that she was at the Floating Rib with Robert and Mac. They had been reminiscing about Holly, but Felicia was worried about Robert. Anna assured Felicia she'd be there shortly, and Finn agreed to inform the nanny that she would be working overtime. Finn promised to get home as soon as he could.

Jax found Carly behind the bar at Metro Court and waited while she finished up her phone call. Carly informed him that she had "a lot of fires to put out," but Jax argued with her over the conversation they'd recently had with Nina, particularly Carly's not-so-kind comments. Jax maintained that Nina had had a "front row seat" to the custody battle between Valentin and Lulu, but Carly emphasized that Wiley's custody case was not the same.

Jax made it clear that Nina would not "plant a smoking gun" against Nelle as Carly would like her to do. Nina also felt that she and Nelle were similar in that they hadn't had loving mothers. Carly thought that Nina should be able to see that it was all an act with Nelle. Carly also declared that Nina had unresolved issues with babies and motherhood, and Carly would blame Nina if Nelle were to get her hands on Wiley.

Jax believed that Carly's comments to Nina had been unfair, but Carly disagreed. She stated that carrying a baby didn't necessarily make a good and selfless person. Jax reminded Carly that she had only changed after Michael had been born. Carly admitted that was true, but it had taken time. She had had to give up a lot of things and make sacrifices because she'd realized that was best. She didn't think Nelle was capable of learning that.

Jax clarified that Nina cared more about what happened to Wiley than Nelle, and he trusted Nina to do the right thing. Carly hoped so because there was a lot going on in the family with Mike. She had hoped the custody battle would be settled and over. Jax assured her that he would always help in any way that he could, and Carly agreed that he was a good guy who always wanted to save the day. He said he would talk to Nina, and Carly was certain that Nina would listen to Jax.

"Wasn't it nice to be outside today, Dad?" Sonny asked Mike, who remained silent as he lay in bed at Turning Woods. Sonny noted that it was Dante's birthday and asked if Mike remembered him. Mike put his head back on the pillow, and Sonny held up his phone in order for Mike to see Dante's photo. Mike looked over, and Sonny talked about time spent with Dante. "You got to remember something, Dad. Remember one thing for me," Sonny pleaded.

Sonny held up his phone again. "Nice phone," Mike said. Felix showed up, and Mike asked him to play a game of checkers. Felix and Sonny stepped out of the room, and Sonny voiced his concern over Mike's apparent refusal to eat. Felix disclosed that Mike had eaten an entire container of applesauce earlier, and Sonny thought it was strange that his father and his baby would be eating the same food.

Sonny expressed his appreciation for Felix working at the home after the time spent at the hospital. Felix was happy to be there. Sonny returned to the room and sat on the bed beside Mike. He confessed that he had learned a couple of new things: how Mike liked his pillows and that he enjoyed eating applesauce. "Who knew?" Sonny asked.

Sonny wanted to know what Mike needed and asked how he wanted to live out his remaining time. He asked about the DNR order. His voice shook as he spoke. Mike beckoned him to move closer and whispered in Sonny's ear. "Yankees," he said.

At the community center, Molly and Alexis continued to defend Sam as Kristina ripped into her sister. Kristina shouted that Sam always had to break the rules and spice things up while Jason spent more time cleaning up the messes of Carly and Sonny. She added that Jason would die for Sam, but Sonny and Carly would always be his first priority. Sam remained mute but finally spoke up. She made it clear that Jason, Sonny, and Carly were committed to each other, and she was fine with it.

Alexis asked why Kristina would say such hurtful things, and Molly reminded Kristina of her rescue from DOD. Kristina insisted that she had been trying to speak the truth and be a better person. Molly wondered how Kristina could consider herself a relationship expert when she'd never had a successful relationship of her own. She thought Kristina was jealous. Alexis stood by and shook her head.

Kristina mentioned that she wanted a relationship like Molly's, but Molly jumped in and reminded everyone that she had cheated on T.J. Sam shouted that she didn't want to talk about anyone else, but she needed a drink. There was an awkward silence, and Sam quickly apologized. Kristina noted that Alexis had been sober for years, but Alexis decided it was time to be "brutally honest." She revealed that she had only been sober for two weeks.

Molly and Kristina were shocked as Alexis tried to quickly gloss over the drama in her life with Neil's hearing. She claimed to have taken the "easy way out," but Sam blamed herself after having called her mother out. She wished she could take it back. Alexis assured Sam it wasn't her fault, and she wouldn't have a liver if she drank every time they all exchanged words.

Alexis insisted she was fine, but she didn't know about her relationship with Neil. She confirmed that Neil had lost his license. Just then, she received a phone call from Diane, and after a few words, said she'd talk to her at another time. She turned to her daughters. "I've been disbarred," Alexis announced.

Brook Lynn got into the boxing ring with Michael at Volonino's Gym and tried to persuade him to let go of some of his stress. She thought it was better than pacing at home. When Michael began to hit her mitts, Brook Lynn thought he could do better and hit harder. She gave him a pep talk and told him to pretend that she was Nelle's attorney and Chase.

Just then, Chase and Sasha walked in. Sasha apologized for being there at the same time, and she turned to Chase and told him they should leave. Brook Lynn didn't want them to leave on her account but she noted that while Michael couldn't get involved due to his upcoming hearing, she had no problem beating someone up.

Brook Lynn began to tell Sasha off. "You are rotten to your core. One step above Nelle," Brook Lynn yelled. Chase stepped up and accused Brook Lynn of being out of line. "Oh, says the cheating cheater who cheats," Brook Lynn shouted. She turned her attention to Chase and proceeded to tell him off next. Sasha urged Brook Lynn to talk to her if she had a problem. "Try and stop me, slut," Brook Lynn proclaimed.

Brook Lynn suggested that she remove her mitts and replace them with gloves. She offered to go ten rounds with Sasha and continued to mouth off at her. Sasha noted that she wasn't like Lulu, and Brook Lynn couldn't back her off with insults. Chase urged Sasha not to stoop to Brook Lynn's level, but Brook Lynn climbed out of the ring. Michael tried to quiet Brook Lynn, but she continued to tell Sasha off. Suddenly, she slugged Sasha in the face.

At the Floating Rib, Felicia rejoined Mac and Robert at their table. Mac suggested that Robert slow down on his drinking, but Robert felt that it numbed the pain a little. Anna arrived, and separately, Felicia informed her that Robert had been drinking lots of beer. Robert recalled that he'd forgotten to text Luke but assumed that Luke might be busy with Ethan.

Robert and Mac talked about Holly, and Robert confessed that he'd really loved her. Anna kissed Robert hello. Felicia noted that Holly would have wanted them to celebrate and not mourn. Just then, Maxie and Peter walked into the bar. Robert called out for them to leave because he didn't need them. His words were slurred.

Anna walked over to Maxie and Peter and suggested they might want to go to Charlie's Pub instead. Maxie told Peter about Holly, and Anna maintained that she and Holly had been both friends and enemies. "Frenemies," she clarified. Maxie felt bad, and she and Peter agreed to leave. Maxie wanted to extend her condolences to Robert first.

In Nina's office atCrimson, Nelle explained that she needed someone to testify for her at the custody hearing. Nina replied that Nelle had worked for her for less than a month, and that would be difficult. Nelle admitted she'd heard what Nina had said to Jax about someone needing to believe in Nelle, and Nelle thought Nina's testimony would make a big difference.

Nina maintained that Nelle had misinterpreted the conversation. She hadn't defended Nelle but had only been trying to understand her. Nelle pointed out that that was more than anyone else had done, but Nina made it clear that Nelle had given others reasons to doubt and fear her. Nelle thought she could change, but Nina wasn't sure she wanted to get involved. She noted that the custody case had nothing to do with her.

Nina stated that the only thing she'd be able to say in court was that Nelle had been a good employee. Nelle thought that Nina was still hurting after the circumstances surrounding Sasha, and she understood because that was how she felt about her own baby. "You're good," Nina said. Nelle clarified that she wasn't good yet but had a chance to do better. She thought maybe she could be like Nina someday, but she needed a second chance.

Nina wanted more than a promise that Nelle would try to be a better person because it involved a child. Nelle insisted that Wiley needed her, and she wanted a second chance.

Sonny sat by Mike's side as they watched the Yankees game. Sonny shouted out loud at the television as Felix entered the room. He thought it was a nice father and son moment, and Sonny explained how baseball had been important to the men in his family. He especially thought that Dante would have enjoyed watching with them. He told Felix how he'd asked Mike what he'd wanted, and Mike had said Yankees. He had forgotten a lot but had remembered baseball.

Later, as Sonny continued to watch the game, he noticed that Mike had fallen asleep. Carly arrived and laughed that she'd heard Sonny shouting from down the hall. As they stepped out of the room, Sonny told her that Mike had wanted to watch. He had mentioned the DNR, but Mike's desire for the game proved to him that Mike wasn't ready to give up. Sonny decided that he wasn't ready to make any decisions but would try again. They looked in on Mike before leaving. Sonny decided to leave the television on in the event that Mike woke up.

At the gym, Brook Lynn called for a ride to the hospital. She had to make certain that Michael didn't do anything stupid like forgive Sasha. Chase began to yell at her and told her that she couldn't go around punching people. He added that there was always an accident with her, and she claimed that she hadn't meant to do it.

Brook Lynn retorted that Chase shouldn't blame her for all that was going on in his life because he hadn't been able to "keep it" in his pants. Chase suggested she clean up her own life, but Brook Lynn began to tell Chase off. She made him aware that her family always closed ranks and stuck together. He wrote her a ticket for creating a public disturbance, but Brook Lynn took it and ripped it up. She tossed it in his face.

Chase declared that Brook Lynn shouldn't have done that. She called him a "glorified meter maid" and asked if he would write her a new ticket for littering. Chase grabbed his cuffs and placed Brook Lynn under arrest again.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie sat down with Anna and Robert and extended her condolences. Peter stood with Felicia and Mac and said that he was sorry for their loss. He knew that they had been close to the late Holly Sutton. Robert overheard and proclaimed that Holly wasn't really dead but late. He was barely able to speak coherently.

Anna clarified that Peter hadn't meant that, but Robert laughed. He said that Peter always meant well. Robert stood up. "Tell me, Henrik," he began. He asked why Holly had died while a "dirt bag" like Peter got to live. Everyone sat back down awkwardly except for Peter. He excused himself and went outside. Maxie admonished Robert for talking to Peter like he had.

Robert said that he hadn't been ready for Holly to die, and the group expressed their feelings. Outside, Peter sent a text message to someone. It read, "Need answers. NOW." Maxie found him and apologized for Robert. She blamed it on his grief and the beer he'd been drinking. She made it clear that it wasn't Peter's fault that Holly had died.

Inside, Anna and Felicia grabbed coffee for everyone. Robert insisted that he hadn't said anything bad, but Felicia suggested that he owed Peter an apology. Robert stated that he hadn't meant it as it had sounded. Maxie returned and announced that Peter had gone outside for some air.

Outside, a man showed up, and Peter threw him up against the wall. "Distract Scorpio, I said. Not kill Holly Sutton," Peter growled. The man insisted he had had nothing to do with Holly's death, and he swore it was the truth. Peter let him go and informed him that there was no longer a need to distract Scorpio. "Fate seems to have done it for me," he added.

Peter returned to the group as Maxie and Mac shared a hug. Peter said he felt better, and he understood that Robert had suffered a tragedy. Felicia told Anna that they needed to prepare a memorial, although she noticed that Anna seemed preoccupied. Anna admitted that she'd read a WSB report, and she disclosed that sometimes Holly had done contract work for the agency. She believed there was more to the story of Holly's death.

Jax returned to Nina's office, and Nelle was clearly annoyed. She told him that she and Nina were in the middle of something, but Nina thought that Nelle should get some sleep before her big day because it was late. Nelle hoped that Nina would think about what she'd said. "Goodnight, Nelle," Jax said firmly. Nelle picked up her purse and left, and Jax asked what had been going on.

Nina revealed that Nelle had asked her to be a character witness. Jax called Nelle shameless, and he hoped that Nina hadn't been considering it. Nina stated that she hadn't agreed to testify, but she had to think about it. Jax declared that he admired and respected Nina, and he thought that Wiley would pay the price if Nina helped Nelle.

Nelle sat in Metro Court with a glass of red wine. She placed a phone call to Martin and told him she thought she'd found her character witness.

Curtis gets in Cyrus' face Curtis gets in Cyrus' face

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Sasha held a bloodied towel to her nose as she and Michael rode the elevator at the hospital. She told him that he hadn't had to take her, as it was just a bloody nose. He replied that it hadn't stopped gushing blood, so it was better to go just in case. She demanded that he stop being so nice.

Inside the hospital, Finn was looking through some files when Willow happened by. He greeted her, but she told him that she needed to get some paperwork done before she left. Finn expressed his sympathy for the end of her relationship with Chase, and he asked if she would cut Chase some slack, since he wasn't experienced in relationships. She knew that Chase had meant his apology, but it didn't change anything.

Just then, Sasha and Michael got off the elevator, and Finn beckoned Sasha to follow him to an exam room. Michael told Willow what had happened at the gym, and she wondered why Chase hadn't driven Sasha. Michael replied that Chase had been busy dealing with Brook Lynn. He admitted how hard it was to turn off his feelings, but he knew that they had to be ready for the custody hearing the next day. "We will be," Willow promised.

Finn examined Sasha and assured her that her nose wasn't broken, but she would need to ice it to keep the swelling down. "So much for being the new face of Deception," Sasha joked. She knew that Chase had told Finn everything, and Finn admitted that he hoped that the two would end their "well-intended disaster" before things got worse. Sasha said that she and Chase telling the truth would be better for them, but not for Michael or Willow, especially if Nelle won custody. Finn had seen the way she'd looked at Michael, and he wondered if the best solution was to "play God" with everyone's lives.

Sonny and Jason arrived at the pier just as Curtis did. Sonny asked about T.J. and his memory of the kidnapping. Curtis replied that it was "sketchy," and Sonny thought T.J. would be safer from Cyrus if he remembered less. He wondered if anyone was close to linking Cyrus to the kidnapping. Curtis revealed that Mac was working on it, and T.J. and Jordan would be in trouble if Mac got close. Sonny wanted Jordan's input and asked when she would be there, but Curtis divulged that she knew nothing of the meeting. He wasn't sure that Jordan was ready to talk about what needed to happen next, "but I sure as hell am."

Curtis reminded Sonny that once Cyrus had been freed from prison, Sonny was supposed to have "handled" him, and he questioned what was taking so long. Jason replied that they didn't want to rush things and botch it. Sonny understood that it was the worst timing, but he gave his word that the plan was already in motion. Curtis wanted to know what he could do, but Jason instructed him to present a normal front. Sonny informed Curtis that he and Cyrus had reached a truce, so they had to "play nice" until there were no more loose ends.

Carly approached Laura at the Metro Court restaurant, and Laura invited Carly to join her. They talked about the custody case and about Nelle's lawsuit against the hospital. Just then, they saw Cyrus at the bar as he smiled and raised his glass to them. Laura couldn't believe that he had the nerve to be there. They continued their conversation, and Laura feared that the hospital wouldn't survive if they lost the lawsuit. "That sounds dire," Cyrus commented as he made his way to the table.

Cyrus apologized to Laura and Carly for interrupting and eavesdropping, but he thought the problem with the hospital would be a concern for all Port Charles residents. Laura promised to keep the town updated. Cyrus took a seat and asked Carly for her address, as he wanted to send her and Sonny an invitation to his housewarming party. She advised him to send it to the hotel or the coffee warehouse, both of which he knew the addresses for. She added that their family had a full plate, so their calendar was booked up already. He asked Laura about her schedule, but she cited the "major crime wave" for taking up her time.

Cyrus informed Carly that he and Sonny had reached an understanding, so he was planning a "memorable debut to the Port Charles social scene." He still wanted to send his invitations out, and he assured Laura that he knew her address. Carly stated that, as mayor, Laura's address was public record, but he made it sound ominous. He innocently shrugged it off as unintentional, and he left. Laura asked for a rain check with Carly, who agreed, and Laura left.

A short while later, Sonny entered the Metro Court restaurant, and Carly informed him that he'd just missed Cyrus. She told him about the entire conversation, and she asked how much longer they would have to endure Cyrus. She promised that anything he said would stay between them, but he only wanted to tell her when she needed to know something. She asked when that would be. "Sooner than our friend Cyrus thinks," Sonny muttered.

There was a knock on Jordan's office door, and Mac entered. He informed her that T.J. had given him a few more details about the kidnapping, and he was still trying to narrow down his holding location. He added that he still had a lot of questions that he was hoping she could help him with. He didn't understand why the kidnappers had texted Jordan from T.J.'s phone or why they hadn't demanded a ransom. She knew that he had a theory, and she asked to hear it. He cited her as the only person connected to T.J. who had power or influence, and he questioned if any demands had been made of her. She thought back to her meetings with Cyrus and Harmony, but she answered that she'd heard nothing.

Mac told Jordan that he was grateful for his job, but he'd come to think of Jordan as a friend as well as a boss. He offered to listen if she ever wanted to talk about the job or anything else. She appreciated his friendship and loyalty, but she assured him that there was nothing she wasn't telling him. She knew that he'd had to ask, and she was glad to have the "right man on the case." He vowed to keep at it until he figured things out, and he left the office.

Later, there was another knock on Jordan's office door, and Curtis entered. He asked her to dinner, but she wanted to check on T.J. at the hospital instead. He agreed to go with her, and they left the office as Mac watched them go. Laura arrived, and Mac assumed that she was looking for Jordan. He informed her that she'd just missed Jordan, and he wondered if there was anything he could do for her. "Not unless you can rid Port Charles of Cyrus for me," she replied.

Trina arrived at the hospital, and Portia wondered why she'd returned. Trina claimed that she'd wanted to spend extra time with her mother, but Portia knew that Trina was anxious about being home alone. She assured Trina that it really was a safe town. Trina was incensed that Portia could think that after the way that Jordan had thrown Taggert under the bus.

Portia reminded her daughter that Taggert had trusted Jordan, and his opinions counted for something. She thought that Taggert would want Trina to move forward, but Trina shot back that Taggert had wanted to watch Trina grow up. She screamed that it wasn't fair and collapsed crying into Portia's arms. Portia reminded Trina that Jordan wasn't the "bad guy." "He is!" Trina growled as she saw Cyrus enter the hospital.

Trina stormed over to Cyrus and yelled that she knew who he was. He expressed sympathy for the loss of her father, but she shot back that he shouldn't sound sorry, since he'd gotten away with killing Taggert. She thought that someone needed to stop him, but he declared that there had been a misunderstanding.

Just then, Curtis and Jordan entered, and Curtis got in Cyrus' face. He instructed Cyrus to stay away from Trina and Portia. Cyrus wanted an introduction, but Curtis shot back, "You know damn well I'm Jordan's husband." Cyrus held his hand out, but Curtis didn't shake it. Curtis continued that he knew everything about Cyrus, so Cyrus needed to play his games elsewhere.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Oscar makes a decision ENCORE PRESENTATION: Oscar makes a decision

Friday, May 8, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, General Hospital opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April and May, 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

This episode was a rebroadcast of the episode that originally aired November 27, 2018. In the episode, Jordan and Curtis were married and Oscar made an important decision.

Oscar's family happily, tearfully hugged him, and Kim thanked Monica for talking to Oscar. She didn't think that she'd been the deciding factor, and Oscar clarified that Josslyn had made him realize that the risk of the drug trial was worth it to spend more time with her. Julian wondered if he'd lost his busboy, but Oscar explained that he would still be working and living with his friends. Kim protested, but Drew instructed her to take things "one step at a time." He assured her that everything would work out. Oscar just wanted to make sure that Josslyn was included in things going forward, as she was the reason for his change of heart.

You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1995.

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