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Nelle and Julian were married. Maxie wondered if she might be pregnant. Suzanne offered Sasha more drugs. Robert decided to reach out to Luke. Olivia consulted a psychic about Dante. Sam apologized to Brando. Elizabeth explained to Jason that Mike was ready to let go, but he needed Sonny's okay.
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The court hearing for custody of Wiley began
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The custody hearing begins and Nelle reveals her new husband The custody hearing begins and Nelle reveals her new husband

Monday, May 18, 2020

At the park, Trina remarked to Cameron, Josslyn, and Dev how great Oscar's Meadow looked. She wondered how Josslyn had been feeling lately. Josslyn answered that, it being a year after Oscar's death, she still missed him and probably always would, but she smiled more than she cried when thinking about him. She apologized to her friends for being absent, and she promised to write in her journal less and hang out more. She proposed that they all do something fun after school the next day, but Cameron revealed that he and Trina had taken up Ultimate Frisbee. Josslyn figured that she and Dev could tag along, but she got the feeling that Cameron and Trina didn't want them to.

Trina insisted that it was all right for Josslyn and Dev to join her and Cameron and promised to text the details to Josslyn. Josslyn looked at her phone and saw that her and Dev's ride was waiting, so they had to go. Cameron and Trina got up and left, as well. Dev was amused that Cameron had no idea how to act around Josslyn, since he liked her. Josslyn was shocked, but Dev informed her that she was the last to know. Dev reminded her that, when she'd "fake-dated" Cameron, it had probably been real for Cameron. He continued that Cameron keeping quiet centered around bad timing, but she worried about being awkward around Cameron. Dev assured her that Cameron would probably understand that she only thought of Cameron as a friend.

Cameron had missed hanging out as a group, but he said that it hadn't been so bad hanging out with just Trina. She agreed. Trina realized that she'd never thanked Cameron for being there for her. He promised to always have her back, and they pinky swore on it.

Alexis and Sam arrived at Volonino's, as Sam thought that some exercise would be good for her mother. Alexis muttered that she would rather get a massage. Sam told Alexis that she needed to start figuring out her future, but Alexis didn't think a week of mourning a "stellar career" was too much to ask. "If I'm not an attorney, who am I?" she wondered. Sam suggested that Alexis appeal the disbarment, but Alexis replied that perjury "violates the fundamental duty to the rule of law." Just then, Sam's phone went off, she walked away to take the call.

Alexis took the opportunity to kick a punching bag a few times until Brando approached and suggested the use of boxing gloves. "I'd rather kick it," Alexis replied. Brando observed that it was her first time there, and she clarified that she'd been "brought here against my will." Sam returned to Alexis and demanded to know why Brando was talking to her mother. He insisted that he hadn't known who the woman was, so Sam introduced the two. Brando excused himself to get back to his workout, and Alexis muttered, "No wonder Molly slept with him." Sam offered to work out with Alexis, but Alexis left for the steam room instead.

Sam approached Brando, and he assumed that she was going to tell him to stay away from her mother. He asked her to write him a list of everyone she was related to in Port Charles so that he could make sure to stay away from them all. Sam informed him that she actually wanted to apologize for giving him a hard time. A surprised Brando accepted the apology. He offered to start over and be civil, and she agreed and walked away.

Judge Lowe asked Martin if Nelle was attending court, but he decided that they'd waited long enough. Just then, the doors to the courtroom burst open, and Nelle flew in, wearing a white dress and carrying a bouquet. She apologized for being late, as the hearing was very important to her, but she and her new husband had lost track of time. As she referenced her husband, Julian arrived. The judge asked for a valid marriage license, which Julian gave to Martin, who gave it to the judge. The judge decided on a brief recess to examine the license, and he left the courtroom.

Outside the courtroom a few minutes later, Martin threw Nelle's flowers and demanded to know what she'd been thinking. She insisted that she and Julian only wanted what was best for Wiley. Inside the courtroom, Diane whispered to Michael, Willow, and Carly that, while Nelle couldn't have made a worse choice for Wiley's stepfather, they had to stick to their strategy. Michael wondered what Nelle had on Julian, and he figured that Julian had been the one to tell Nelle about Michael and Willow's marriage. Carly informed him that Nelle had already known, as Sasha had called to warn Carly.

"That was nice of her," Michael said grumpily, reminded of "the Sasha I used to know." Willow wondered if Nelle's last-minute marriage would shed light on her and Michael's, but Diane answered that visuals would tell the story. While Nelle looked ridiculous and Julian looked miserable, Michael and Willow were clearly devoted to each other and to Wiley. The judge returned and resumed the hearing.

Diane began her opening remarks by stating that there were "numerous reasons" to award sole custody to Michael. She listed all of his attributes, including the fact that he and Willow had been known and loved by Wiley "since day one." When she sat down, she quietly warned Willow to stay calm, no matter what Martin said, and Diane would refute his lies and exaggerations later. Willow insisted that she understood.

"I'm counting on you," Nelle whispered to Martin, who reminded her that that was why he was charging her as much as he was. Nelle held onto her half-heart necklace as Martin got up and started his opening remarks. He talked about all of the tragedy in Nelle's life until the miracle of finding Wiley alive. He went on to talk about the love that she had found with Julian and their shared love for Wiley. As he talked about Nelle, Julian, and Wiley becoming a family, Nelle thought back to how she'd ended up with Julian.

Nelle thought about the night before, when she'd told Julian that she knew that he'd known about the baby switch, and she knew about him causing the accident that had almost killed Lucas. She figured that Lucas would never forgive Julian, but Sonny would kill him. He'd wondered what would stop him from dealing with her himself. She'd revealed that there was a sealed envelope in her lawyer's office that would send the cops straight to Julian if anything happened to her. Julian had asked if she'd wanted to marry him, and she'd told him to hurry up and get ready so they could go.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Curtis, Jordan, T.J., and Molly celebrated the news of T.J. and Molly deciding to enter into a domestic partnership. Sonny approached the table and congratulated the young couple. He welcomed T.J. to the family, and he added that their happiness was all that mattered. He asked how T.J. had been doing since his kidnapping, and T.J. replied that he just hated that he couldn't give Mac more details. Sonny hoped that T.J. and Molly would never have to go through something like that again, and he walked away.

A few minutes later, Curtis, Jordan, T.J., and Molly all toasted with Champagne sent over by Sonny, who toasted from the bar. Jordan got up to thank Sonny in person. When she reached him, she informed him that, since T.J. was home, their collaboration was over. Sonny worried that Mac's investigation would lead him to Cyrus, but Jordan insisted that she could handle her own people, and she stormed back to her table. The four talked about places to have a celebration, and T.J. remarked on how quiet Molly was. Jordan offered to have some "girl talk," so they walked away.

Curtis took the opportunity to ask how T.J. was doing. After insisting that he was fine, he eventually admitted that he hadn't been sleeping well due to nightmares, and he'd been obsessively checking the windows to make sure no one was lurking outside. Curtis reminded T.J. that he'd been through trauma, and he could reach out to talk anytime. At the bar, Jordan apologized to Molly for how she'd spoken to Molly while T.J. had been gone. She insisted that she couldn't see T.J. being with anyone but Molly.

Back at the table a few minutes later, Jordan looked at her phone. She explained that there was a lot going on at work, and T.J. asked if it was about Cyrus. He spouted all the facts he'd read about Cyrus in the Invader, including how Jordan had exonerated him. Molly admired Jordan's integrity, but Curtis said that Jordan had done what she'd needed to do to make things right.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Ava was on the phone with Lucy about a potential buyer for her penthouse, but the call broke up. Cyrus entered and called Ava by name, and she wondered who he was. He introduced himself and held a hand out, but a disgusted Ava refused to shake his hand. He informed her that he also knew about her reputation. She countered that he'd been responsible for "a good friend" losing her father, but he informed her that he'd just gotten out of jail. "How convenient for you," she replied coolly. Sonny observed the two talking until Cyrus walked away to answer his ringing phone. "What the hell are you doing?" Sonny asked Ava.

Ava informed Sonny that, while it was none of his business why she'd been talking to Cyrus, she lamented that he was always quick to think the worst of her. She clarified that she would never work with Cyrus because of Trina and that Lucy had never told her that Cyrus was the potential buyer of her penthouse. Just then, Sonny scoffed at a text from Carly informing him of Nelle's marriage to Julian. "Important news?" Ava wondered. "Ask your brother," Sonny shot back, and he left.

Cyrus returned and told Ava that he'd researched her and knew that she had a child with Sonny. He offered help if she ever needed to put Sonny in his place, but Ava spat that she needed nothing from Cyrus. She refused to sell her penthouse to him, and she warned him to never mention her daughter again. She left, and he chuckled to himself.

Cyrus entered the restaurant and found Jordan and Curtis alone. He said that, since Jordan had "changed the ground rules of our arrangement" and told Curtis about it, he thought that he could make use of Curtis' skill set. Curtis warned Cyrus not to push him, but Cyrus insisted that he was just offering Curtis some business. He added that the health of Jordan and her loved ones was always a top concern to him.

When the opening remarks were over at the hearing, the judge declared a one-hour recess for lunch, and he left the bench. Carly wanted some fresh air, so she invited her side of the courtroom to walk with her to Metro Court. Michael and Willow agreed, but Diane said she would meet them after she made a phone call. When the three left, Diane put in a call to Alexis. "What's Nelle done now?" Alexis asked, unimpressed. Diane responded that Nelle had shown up to court with her new husband. Alexis observed that Nelle refused to go down without a fight, and she asked who Nelle had lured into marriage. Alexis was shocked to learn that Nelle had married Julian.

Martin assured Nelle and Julian that he was "pleased so far," but he advised Julian to join him and Nelle for lunch and to rehearse her testimony. "You want me on the stand?" Julian questioned. Martin replied that he was trying to paint Sonny as a threat to Wiley, and because Julian was also affiliated with organized crime, Martin thought it best not to open that can of worms. Julian wanted to get some air instead, and Nelle reminded him that he had agreed to play her loving husband. "I'm starting to think some things are worse than death," he muttered. Nelle understood that all married couples needed some time apart, so she promised to see him after the break.

When Nelle was gone, Julian went toward the door for some fresh air, but he was stopped by Sonny's entrance into the courtroom. Julian asked if Sonny was there to congratulate him. Sonny wondered if he was supposed to congratulate Julian on marrying "one of the few people I hate more than I hate you."

Sonny threatens Julian Sonny threatens Julian

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

At the courthouse, Sonny demanded to know why Julian had married Nelle. Julian refused to answer to Sonny and turned to leave, but Jason blocked his way. Sonny wondered what Nelle had on Julian. Julian reminded Sonny that he'd been Wiley's grandfather, and he missed the little boy. He informed Sonny that Nelle had stopped by Charlie's, and they'd gotten to talking and "clicked." They'd thought that they would form a team in order to give Wiley a good home. Sonny demanded that Julian annul the marriage, but Julian shot back that Sonny had no say in his life. Sonny vowed to hold Julian responsible if Nelle won custody. "Do what needs to be done before it's too late," Sonny warned, and he and Jason left.

Nelle was putting her wedding dress away at Crimson when Nina arrived, surprised to see Nelle. Nelle explained that she'd stopped by to change while on a break from the hearing. Nelle again asked Nina if she could be a character witness. Nina told Nelle that thinking about Nelle's situation with Wiley had caused her to decide that she wanted to look for her own child, and Nelle was happy for Nina. Nelle had to get back to court soon but mentioned that she'd had to change out of her wedding dress. She explained to a shocked Nina that she'd married Julian.

Nina hadn't known that Nelle and Julian had been in a relationship. Nelle claimed that she'd gone to Charlie's for a drink, and she and Julian had gotten to talking about how terrible it would be for Wiley to not be in either of their lives. They'd decided to get married, and Nina clarified that the marriage was just a ploy to win custody. Nelle didn't think it was any different than Michael and Willow, but Nina countered that the other couple had a friendship and a bond. Nina was also concerned about tension between Nelle and Julian.

Nina told Nelle about a marriage she'd entered into out of spite that hadn't worked out, and she didn't want that to happen to Nelle. Nelle was sure that Julian would never do anything to her, as it would backfire. Nina reminded Nelle that Julian was dangerous, but Nelle thought that Julian knew well enough to play by her rules. Nina took that to mean that Nelle was blackmailing him, but Nelle called it a deal. Nelle had to get back to court, but she asked if she could count on Nina to testify on her behalf. Nina agreed that it was something she could do for Wiley, and Nelle hugged her boss.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly, Michael, and Willow speculated about Nelle and Julian's marriage. Diane arrived and joined the conversation, and she added that Julian would only hurt Nelle's case. Martin approached and advised the group not to get ahead of themselves. He warned them that if Nelle's marriage was suspect, so was Michael's. Willow got in Martin's face about Julian and Nelle, but Michael pulled her back and led her away so they could "regroup."

Carly assumed that Nelle had something on Julian, as he'd looked miserable with her. Martin went on to praise the couple's marriage, but Carly informed him that kids could sense bad energy. Martin realized that the lunch break would soon be over, so he asked to order food to go. "Why order food when you can just go?" Carly replied coldly. He muttered that he would quote her in his online review, and she informed him that he wouldn't be the first.

Diane hoped that Julian would be a "surprise witness," as there were many questions she'd been wanting to ask him under oath "for years." She remembered how Julian had held Alexis, a wife he'd actually loved, at knifepoint, so she pondered what he would do to a wife he didn't want. Speaking of dangerous men, Martin recalled Carly reminding him of who her husband was just that morning. "If you use Sonny against Michael, it's your funeral," she warned. He wondered if that was a threat, but both Carly and Diane insisted that it was meant figuratively. "How else would I mean it?" Carly asked innocently. They were due back in court soon, so Martin excused himself.

Diane scolded Carly for making death threats to the opposing counsel. Carly reasoned that Martin had pissed her off, but Diane instructed Carly to stay calm and to let Diane do the talking. The two found Michael and Willow, and they were ready to get back to court.

At Turning Woods, Elizabeth was on the phone with Franco, and she informed him that she wouldn't be able to make it to Charlie's to meet him before work. Franco countered that he hadn't gotten the chance to apologize "properly" and that it required a bigger gesture. Elizabeth assured him that she was over it, especially after she'd talked to Nikolas about it. Franco pointedly asked if Nikolas had found Hayden yet. She promised to talk to him later and hung up.

Elizabeth looked into Mike's room and listened as Nikolas talked to Mike about Mike's grandson Spencer. He hoped that Mike would hang in there in order to see Spencer again, and he left the room. Elizabeth admitted that she'd overheard Nikolas talking to Mike, and she asked if he'd heard from Spencer since his letter. Nikolas couldn't tell Spencer about losing the estate if he divorced Ava, which he knew disappointed Elizabeth. He vowed to find the part of himself that was worthy of her friendship.

Nikolas regretted not visiting Mike when he'd first returned to town, and he related that there were many things he regretted not doing. "You're doing them now," Elizabeth assured him, and she added that he'd helped her feel better about Franco's comments about her art. Speaking of art, Elizabeth mentioned how wrong she thought it was that Ava was seemingly exploiting Franco. Nikolas reasoned that the two had a history, and he thought it could start a new venture for them. Elizabeth questioned what he meant, and he disclosed that he got the sense that Franco and Ava were getting closer during the painting sessions. Nikolas had to go, so Elizabeth expressed her hope that Spencer forgave his father and that Nikolas would sacrifice money for Spencer.

Sonny and Jason arrived at Turning Woods and bumped into Nikolas, who was on his way out. Sonny informed Nikolas that Spencer had told Sonny about his ultimatum for Nikolas. "You dug your own grave when you married Ava," Sonny said. When Nikolas was gone, Elizabeth warned Sonny that Mike had been sleeping for most of the day. Sonny entered Mike's room and announced himself. He talked about Michael's custody hearing and how he wanted Mike to meet Wiley. He'd thought that they would make up for all the lost years when Mike had moved back to Port Charles. He didn't know what to say or do, so he asked Mike what he wanted. He promised to be back the next day to ask. He tearfully kissed Mike on the head and left the room as Mike reached out to Sonny.

Elizabeth took Jason aside and talked about the experience she had with people like Mike. She advised him that, when they stopped eating and started sleeping all the time, it usually meant that they were "done fighting." She believed that Mike was holding on for Sonny's sake, and any lifesaving measure would be "prolonging the inevitable." She continued that Mike would be miserable, so Sonny needed to give Mike his permission to go in order to spare Mike pain.

Sonny emerged from Mike's room and remarked that Mike seemed to be more tired than usual. Elizabeth had to get to work, so Sonny thanked her for being there, and she left. "What did I miss?" Sonny asked Jason. A few minutes later, Sonny put earbuds into Mike's ears to play music for him, and he hoped that some memories would return. Sonny went back out to Jason and asked what Elizabeth had said. Jason told a tearful Sonny exactly what Elizabeth thought about Mike's condition.

Scott sat down with Franco at Charlie's and commented on the bouquet on the table that was intended for Elizabeth. Franco replied that Nikolas had beaten him to it to make Elizabeth feel better. Scott warned his son not to trust Nikolas around Elizabeth. Franco insisted that Elizabeth would never fall for Nikolas' "princely" ways and that they had a solid marriage. Scott warned Franco that he hadn't thought that Laura would have left him for Luke years before, but it had happened.

Nikolas was working out at Volonino's when Franco arrived. Nikolas mentioned that he'd just seen Elizabeth, and Franco assumed that she'd forgiven Nikolas. "Is that a problem?" Nikolas asked, which confused Franco. He said that Elizabeth could be friends with whoever she wanted, as he trusted her, which was unlike Nikolas and Ava's relationship.

Nikolas replied that it was none of Franco's business, but Franco countered that Ava was "a dear friend." "Just like me and Elizabeth," Nikolas shot back. He was grateful that Ava had Franco, as Ava had difficulty opening up to Nikolas. He added that he was looking forward to Ava's portrait unveiling and thought that it would be "for the ages, with a party to match." Nikolas continued his workout, and Franco left.

Later, Elizabeth was hard at work when Franco arrived with the bouquet. "I said something stupid. Please forgive me," he said. She insisted that there was nothing to forgive, since Nikolas had helped her get over her insecurities. Franco mentioned that he'd just run into Nikolas at the gym, and he'd seemed confident that he and Elizabeth were friends again. She replied that she and Nikolas were "a long way" away from that. "How would you categorize your relationship with Nikolas?" Franco wondered. Elizabeth rolled her eyes, took the flowers, and walked away.

Wiley's custody case continues Wiley's custody case continues

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Nikolas found Ava sitting at the bar at Metro Court. He mentioned that he'd seen some of Avery's drawings in Mike's room at Turning Woods, and Ava proudly spoke of her daughter's talent. Nikolas also revealed that he'd run into Franco at the gym, and Ava hoped her husband hadn't used Franco as a punching bag. "Is there something Franco and I should be fighting about? Or someone?" Nikolas asked.

Ava noted that Franco was ruled by powerful emotions, and it was her job to promote him. Nikolas felt that Ava was only promoting Franco's ugly past. "He doesn't mind," Ava said. "Elizabeth does," Nikolas replied. The talk switched to Spencer's letter, and Ava wondered how Nikolas had responded. Nikolas was worried that Spencer wouldn't want him without money, but Ava thought that Spencer was young and still trying to figure things out.

Ava was certain that Spencer just wanted to be with Nikolas, whether Nikolas had money or not. Nikolas confirmed that if they divorced, Ava would get everything. "Well guess again," Nikolas retorted as he stood up and walked away.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth tried to explain to Franco that Nikolas had been trying to be his former self. She admitted that if he was able to change, she would be able to be friends with him again. Franco was incredulous and reminded her that Nikolas had been the one to run Hayden out of town, leaving Violet without a mother. He asked how Elizabeth could be friends with Nikolas.

Elizabeth agreed that Nikolas could be selfish but said he could also be kind, and she had been trying to understand him. Franco thought that Elizabeth had already decided, and he offered not to talk about it anymore. Elizabeth stressed that they needed to share everything, and she maintained that her feelings for Nikolas were as complicated as Franco's were for Ava.

Franco suggested that Ava had only been interested in giving him money. Elizabeth agreed that while Ava did care about Franco and his career, she cared more about herself. Ava appeared at that moment and suggested that what Elizabeth had said would be something that Nikolas would say. She added that she wouldn't listen to her husband, though, as he had just pretended to be dead for three years.

Ava had something for Franco, and she handed him a check for the balance due on her portrait. She thought that Franco deserved every penny. Elizabeth peered at the check as Franco exclaimed over the $15,000 check and what he could do with it. Ava proclaimed that the unveiling of her portrait would prove to be a success and lead to lots of work for Franco.

Elizabeth thought it a better move for Franco to be putting his past behind him, but Ava insisted that there was no bad publicity. Elizabeth retorted that Ava should consider working on bringing out the best in Nikolas instead. Ava chuckled that she didn't believe that her husband had a best. "I've seen it," Elizabeth retorted. "Have you?" Ava asked. Franco turned to look at Elizabeth curiously.

Ava hoped that Elizabeth would attend her party for Nikolas' sake. Elizabeth went off to sign out of work, and Ava complained that she'd thought she had been doing something good for Franco. She wondered if Franco had felt exploited or if the entire event would affect his boys in a negative way. Franco assured her that Elizabeth's sons were familiar with his past, and he could only hope they would forgive him one day, as he intended to be a good stepfather. "And Elizabeth?" Ava asked.

Ava kissed Franco on the cheek as she said goodbye, and Elizabeth returned. Ava repeated that she hoped Elizabeth would attend. Elizabeth looked at Ava suspiciously as Ava left. Franco was ready to go home, and he held out his arm for Elizabeth, who walked away. Franco grabbed the flowers he'd given her and reminded her that they couldn't forget them. "Right, thanks," Elizabeth said less than enthusiastically as they stepped onto the elevator.

Laura opened her front door to Lulu, who walked in and went off about the invitation she'd received to Ava's party. Laura revealed that she had one, too, and Lulu offered to send regrets for both of them. Laura revealed that she planned to attend, but Lulu carried on that Ava's only desire was to patronize everyone in attendance. Laura made it clear that Nikolas was still her son and Lulu's brother, and they needed to show him love and support.

Lulu disagreed with Laura and reminded her that she was the mayor and would be giving Ava a "stamp of approval" after Ava had coerced Nikolas into marriage. Ava had also forced Spencer to remain in France, and Lulu wondered if her mother was prepared for that.

Laura thanked Lulu for her caring, but she had to look out for Nikolas. She wished Ava would do that instead, but that wouldn't occur. Laura thought that Nikolas needed to change and be able to show his good side, but Lulu asked if Nikolas had any good left in him. Lulu considered the fact that Nikolas might have turned into a "full-blown" Cassadine. Laura insisted she would never give up.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Laura opened it to reveal Nikolas standing there with a bouquet of flowers for her. Lulu was short with her brother as he spoke to her about his wrongdoing in pretending to be Charlotte's security guard. He mentioned Charlotte's custody case, and Lulu revealed that she and Valentin had agreed to continue shared custody because they had put Charlotte first. She added that she didn't want any advice from Nikolas. He looked at her questioningly.

Nikolas admitted that he was there to obtain advice about Spencer. He told Laura and Lulu about his son's letter, and Lulu asked why he was waiting to send Spencer his response. Nikolas explained how that would cause him to lose Spencer's legacy, and Lulu declared that Ava wasn't dumb. She stated that Spencer had expensive taste. Laura pointed out that Spencer needed his father but would want to punish Ava for her betrayal. She thought that Nikolas should just be a father to his son and that "everything will fall into place."

Lulu wanted someone to translate. "Our mother will," Nikolas said as he stood and said goodbye. He asked that Lulu say hello to Charlotte, and he kissed Laura. She thanked him for her flowers. "What was that about?" Lulu asked Laura after Nikolas had gone. Laura thought that Spencer shouldn't be underestimated. She believed that if Nikolas were to be honest with his son, she didn't think Spencer would disappoint him, though she admitted she could be wrong.

Lulu thought that Laura had a great capacity to be understanding and forgiving. Laura sang Lulu's praises, and they were both in awe of each other as they shared a hug. Laura hoped that Nikolas had learned his lesson and would change.

Sonny and Jason stepped out of Mike's room at Turning Woods to talk in the hallway. Sonny admitted that Mike's disease had left him an empty shell, and Sonny had taken too long to ask him about his wishes. He thought that Mike had the right to fight, but he had no quality of life. They walked back into Mike's room as Mike lay on the bed with his eyes open but unmoving.

Sonny declared that Mike had lost his appetite and needed tubes, had no memories, and was confused. Jason offered to speak for Mike as if he was in Mike's place, but he couldn't provide Sonny with answers. Jason went on to say that he had stipulated no tubes or machines in the past, and he wouldn't have changed his answer even after his kids had been born.

Jason wished that Mike hadn't left Sonny to decide, but Sonny admitted that he and his father had not shared a lot. "And now, it's too late," Sonny cried. He added that he hadn't spent lots of time with Mike in the past, but they'd had a second chance. He had been fighting for his father, but he was losing more of his father every day.

Jason recalled the old days and how Mike had always tried to win back Sonny's trust. Sonny had bailed Mike out of trouble all the time, but a wall had grown between them. Mike had repeatedly tried to tear down the wall and had never given up. He had always known the wall was his fault, but he had kept on trying to knock it down. He loved Sonny and wanted him to be okay.

Jason began to cry and declared that Mike would want whatever Sonny wanted. Jason left, and Sonny chose to stay behind for a little while longer. He sat beside Mike and removed the buds from his ears. He turned off the music and offered to turn on the television to a Yankees game. He began to cry that he still had the signed Mickey Mantle baseball card that Mike had told him would be worth more than gold one day. He asked if Mike remembered.

At the courthouse, Diane wanted to talk to Carly prior to the restart of the custody hearing. She wanted to know if Carly would be ready for Martin's grilling, and Carly promised that she was ready. She would show herself to be a loving mother and grandmother, and she would make it clear to the judge that Nelle should not get full custody of Wiley. Carly added that Sonny would not be there because he was with Mike. Diane thought that was for the best, as she thought that Sonny's presence could be intimidating.

Inside the courtroom, Willow studied a photo on her phone of herself with Chase. Michael walked over to her and admitted that he'd deleted all of his past photos with Sasha since he'd been married. Willow agreed that was the proper choice, and she deleted her own. Michael showed her a photo of Wiley to remind them of why they had gotten married. Willow had nothing to be ashamed of, but Michael thought that Martin would drag his family through the mud. He thought some might "splash" onto Willow. He promised they would take Wiley on a needed trip after the hearing was over.

In another room, Martin coached Nelle in her testimony. He suggested she appear more sincere and advised her to tell the truth. Nelle was annoyed and told him that Nina would be her character witness. "Ooh, look, it's Julian, my husband," Nelle crowed as Julian arrived. They attempted a hug, and Julian admitted he'd downed a shot for courage. Martin handed him some mints and left the room. Nelle spoke in a low voice and reminded Julian that if she won custody, Sonny wouldn't find out about Julian's secret. "Losing is not an option," Julian concurred.

The hearing began, and Carly took the stand. Diane questioned her about her time in Ferncliff, and Carly talked about her exoneration after it had been learned that Nelle had lied. She noted that Nelle had visited her before then and had bragged about her engagement to Michael. She had promised to leave Carly there to rot, and she had wanted Carly to know she had won.

Martin took up questioning, and asked about the employment of both Carly and Sonny. He managed to insert that it could be legal or illegal, and Diane immediately objected. Martin withdrew his question and asked about April 24, 1998. Carly admitted to shooting Tony Jones and that she'd been sent to Shadybrook. Martin noted Carly's relationship to Jones along with the comment that she'd been in another mental institution.

Nelle continued to play with her broken-heart necklace as Carly testified. Martin asked if Wiley would be safe with Carly but again withdrew his question. Diane stood and noted that Nelle had perjured herself in order to cause Carly harm, but Carly had not retaliated. Carly stated that she would never stoop to Nelle's level. Diane called Michael to the stand.

Michael recounted how he had been named Wiley's godfather and how their bond had grown even stronger after he'd learned he was Wiley's father. Michael would never let him down or allow anyone to hurt him. Next, Martin presented Michael and Willow's marriage license as an exhibit, and he noted the ink was "barely dry" on it. He asked if Michael loved Willow, and Michael named many of Willow's attributes. He said that she was loyal, generous, compassionate, and "nobody's fool" among others, and he loved her. Martin wondered if Michael was "in love" with Willow.

Michael said that he was not, and Martin accused him of marrying "for show." Michael indicated that it was a marriage for love of Wiley. Martin called it a "marriage of convenience," but Michael quickly took exception to the term. He declared that he and Willow had agreed that Wiley deserved a loving and stable home, and they had wanted to show how much Wiley meant to them. It had cost them each a lot and had not been convenient in the least, but Wiley was worth it.

Willow took the stand next, and she spoke about giving her baby up for adoption, which had been difficult. Diane pointed out that Nelle had married Shiloh, the baby's father, who had been convicted of several terrible crimes including drugging women and rape. She pointed out that Shiloh's widow wanted custody.

Willow said that she had been happy for Michael after the truth about Wiley had emerged, while she had also suffered terrible grief. Michael had asked her to stay in the baby's life because Wiley had needed her and a real family. Martin rose and asked Willow if there was a darker side.

Martin proceeded to ask Willow if she was still a teacher, and he asked about her job termination. Willow admitted there had been parent complaints, and she had disregarded parents' wishes. Martin asked if she would ignore the birth mother's wishes or even the father's wishes. He wondered who would protect Wiley from her.

Diane provided the principal's "glowing letter of recommendation" for Willow along with the top-notch review that Willow had received from her new employer at the hospital. Willow read it out loud, and she and Michael shared looks of approval.

Martin stood and called Nelle to the stand. Willow sat next to Michael and grabbed his hand.

Nikolas stopped at Metro Court again and placed a phone call to Spencer. Nikolas told Spencer that he had his response to the letter.

Nina is ready to testify for Nelle Nina is ready to testify for Nelle

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Jax stopped by Nina's office at Crimson in order to wish her luck in court if she still planned on going. Nina wasn't sure if she should stand up for Nelle, but she felt that if she didn't, no one else would. She knew how Jax felt about it, and he made it clear that Wiley would pay the price if Nina was wrong about Nelle changing for the good. He added that Nina would feel responsible.

Nina felt that Nelle would not turn her life around if she lost custody of Wiley, and with no one else in her corner, Nelle was lonely. Jax admitted that he would not use lonely to describe Nelle and said Nina wasn't responsible for her. Nina recalled a previous conversation in the office when Nelle had explained how she'd gotten together with Julian in order to save her son.

Jax thought that Nina was admirable but didn't think that Nelle was capable of accepting kindness. He worried that Nelle would raise Wiley to be vindictive. Just then, Nina received a phone alert to remind her that it was time to head to court if that was what she had decided to do.

At Metro Court, Laura ended a phone call to someone and told them that General Hospital was important, even though she was no longer on the board. She also wanted an update on Nelle's lawsuit. She spotted Robert at the bar and grabbed the seat next to him. She maintained that he looked as though he hadn't gotten much rest and asked if it was work-related.

Robert replied that the reports of Holly's death had been greatly exaggerated, and his gut instinct told him that she was still alive. Robert explained that he hadn't heard the entire story, but the report had suggested that the boat that Holly had been on had been intentionally sunk. He stated that no one knew Holly like him, and he needed the bureau to release more information in order to locate the people who had Holly. He suspected that Laura thought he was nuts.

Laura replied that she had been proven wrong when Nikolas had shown up alive, so she wouldn't try to dissuade Robert. She asked about evidence, but Robert told her he had to find it. He had been unable to reach Luke and wondered if Laura had a more current phone number. He quickly apologized, but Laura assured him it was okay. She had no contact information but suggested he get hold of Tracy.

As Ned descended the grand staircase at the Quartermaine mansion, he finished up a phone call with Tracy. He learned that there had been a third party after Dillon's ELQ shares and figured that someone had been searching for family members willing to sell.

In another room, Brook Lynn saw Olivia crying to someone on the phone. Olivia told the person that they had seen through her to her soul like no one else could. Brook Lynn cleared her throat, and Olivia ended the call. Olivia asked about Brook Lynn's songwriting, but the younger woman immediately accused Olivia of having an affair behind Ned's back.

Olivia denied the accusation and insisted that she loved Ned. Brook Lynn shouted that she knew what she'd heard. Olivia snapped that she was a grown woman in her own house and had no need to explain herself, but Brook Lynn reminded her that it was Monica's house. She threatened to tell Ned what she'd heard, and the women continued to argue. Olivia mentioned Brook Lynn's multiple arrests. Ned walked into the room as the women battled.

Olivia disclosed that she had been talking to a psychic, and Brook Lynn laughed and began to make fun of her. Olivia cried that she needed to find out about Dante, and Brook Lynn immediately apologized that she hadn't thought. Olivia snapped that Brook Lynn never had, and Ned tried to comfort his wife. Olivia noted that Dante's letters had been returned unopened, and she'd had no clue on if he'd been getting any better.

Ned was apologetic and told Olivia he'd been busy with work; someone had been buying shares of ELQ for the purposes of a hostile takeover. He told Olivia and Brook Lynn that Nelle had sold her shares to an unknown party, and someone had been trying to buy Dillon's shares. He thought he should talk to Olivia instead of worrying about work, and Brook Lynn rushed out. She immediately phoned Linc, out of earshot of the others, and demanded a face-to-face meeting.

Olivia apologized for snapping at Brook Lynn, and Ned told her there was no need for that. He didn't think the psychic was the best way to go, though. Olivia confessed that she'd been feeling helpless, and she was upset after Rocco had taken Dustin to school in his father's place. She'd confronted Lulu, who had informed her that it had been Rocco's idea, and Olivia was concerned that Dante was being erased. She was concerned that he would have no motivation to get better and return home.

Olivia felt that she had a valid right to believe in a psychic, but Ned explained that he didn't want someone to take advantage of her. Olivia insisted that the only thing that had been comforting to her had been the phone calls. They were interrupted when the doorbell chimed.

Ned opened the door, and Robert walked inside. Robert told Ned and Olivia about Holly's death and the fact that there had been discrepancies in the report. He wanted to pursue it, and he wanted help from Luke. Ned offered to put in a phone call to Tracy, and he left to make the call. Robert and Olivia walked into the living room area, and Robert could see that Olivia was already tearful on her own. He guessed that she had something going on in her life, too.

At Deception, Maxie looked over the photos from Sasha's photoshoot. She was immensely pleased and admitted that she should never have doubted Sasha. Valentin extended his own compliments, and Maxie made it clear that she thought he was a silent partner. Valentin replied that he had wanted to stop by because the company's launching was growing near. He was more into the finances and would focus on other ventures.

Peter suggested that Valentin's mention of other ventures sounded "ominous," and Valentin explained that he would be taking Deception public in order to be one of the main sponsors at the upcoming Nurses Ball. Maxie was excited, though she fretted that it was too soon. Valentin was sure she'd be able to pull it off.

Maxie looked at Sasha. "Whatever you did to get your head back in the game, it worked," Maxie said. Sasha flashed back to the vial of cocaine she'd received from Maxie's assistant, Suzanne. Sasha related that the shoot had been important, and she'd had to prove herself, especially since she was an equity partner, also. She had wanted it all to be successful.

Maxie stood up and nearly fell over. She disclosed that she felt lightheaded, and Peter suggested a break. The two of them left the office, and Valentin asked Sasha if she was okay, since he'd heard that Michael had gotten married. Sasha was tearful and said that she was okay, but her personal life was personal. Valentin assured her that he'd just wanted to check, especially because he knew what it was like to lose someone for something he'd done.

Sasha wished she could hate Valentin, but she had tried to help him fix things and known that Nina really loved him. She knew that sometimes one had to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Valentin called her a good person, and he knew that she would have made a good daughter for Nina. He was sorry that she was still "paying the price," but Deception would make her wealthy.

"Too bad money can't buy happiness, right?" Sasha asked. "Too bad," Valentin replied. He left the office, and Sasha remembered a conversation with Michael when they'd both professed their love for each other. As Sasha got ready to leave, Suzanne tossed her another vial. Sasha tried to refuse, but Suzanne didn't want to hear it. She told Sasha to save it for the next time she needed a "boost."

In the courtroom, Willow grabbed Michael's hand, and Carly shook her head as Nelle was sworn in on the witness stand. Martin asked Nelle to talk about her stolen child but Diane immediately objected, on the grounds that Martin wasn't asking a question. Judge Lowe agreed. Instead, Martin asked Nelle what her reaction had been upon learning that her son was alive.

Nelle declared that she'd been confused, overwhelmed, and hurt that Brad had stolen her child. As Nelle spoke, Sam arrived and sat down next to Carly. Nelle continued that she had believed that Brad had been her friend. Martin pointed out that Julian had been hurt, too, and Nelle agreed that "Jules" had thought that Wiley was his grandson. Carly and Sam exchanged a look, and Carly laughed. Nelle stated that she and her husband had been shocked and had grown closer.

Martin asked whether Nelle and Julian were in love. Nelle stated that she couldn't speak for him, but he loved Wiley and would do anything to protect him. They had that in common, and Julian would be an excellent co-parent, she added. "Julian loves Wiley just as much as I do," Nelle said. She found that "appealing."

Martin wondered why Nelle wanted full custody. Nelle told the court that she'd lost two years with her son, and then he'd been kept from her. She thought that Michael was selfish and entitled. She'd paid her debt to society and had a good job and husband who loved her son. She had roots in the community, and Wiley needed and deserved a family.

Diane stood and asked why Nelle had assaulted Willow and attempted to flee the country with her son if she had roots. Martin stood and shouted vehemently that Diane was badgering the witness with unfounded accusations. He declared that there was no evidence, and the charges had been dismissed. Diane clarified that the charges had been dismissed without prejudice, which meant they could be filed again.

Diane asked Nelle if she loved Julian. "With every fiber of my being," Nelle proclaimed. "As of this morning, it would seem," Diane said with a chuckle. She had no more questions. Diane returned to her seat at the table beside Michael and Willow. Michael had thought that Diane wouldn't focus on making Nelle look bad. Diane didn't think it hurt.

Martin called Julian to the stand next, and he turned to Nelle. He had been told he wouldn't have to testify. "Buck up," Nelle told him. She revealed that plans had changed. "It's showtime," she said. "I don't want to have to remind you what's at stake here for you and for me," Nelle said. Julian headed to the witness stand as Sam glared at him.

Martin wondered if Julian had married Nelle in order to provide Wiley with a stable home. Julian remarked that he had, and he added that he'd had experience with Wiley while Lucas had been in a coma. He loved Wiley just as he loved Lucas. Martin asked about Julian's prison record and if he had been reformed. Julian listed his benchmarks and the fact that he'd had no recent brush with the law.

Diane rose and announced that Julian had been arrested for various crimes that she proceeded to list. She mentioned the fact that Julian had held a knife to Alexis' throat and had aided his sister Olivia in planning to blow up General Hospital. Julian indignantly declared that he'd been forced into the latter. "Yeah, you'd be perfect for Wiley," Diane muttered. Nelle whispered to Martin to do something, but Diane sat down. Sam stormed out of the courtroom.

Back at the Quartermaines', Olivia served Robert some coffee and sat beside him on the couch. She told him about the earlier scene and that Ned and Brook Lynn felt that the psychic was a scam. Robert noted that the Aboriginals that he'd spent time with had been spiritual, and they believed it to be a regular part of life. He asked what she wanted to hear from the psychic, and Olivia told him that she wanted to know that Dante would be okay.

Robert grabbed Olivia's hand, and she placed her other hand on top of his. He told her they shouldn't give up hope on either Dante or Holly, and there was nothing crazy. Ned returned and frowned as he spotted their comforting pose. Ned cleared his throat, and Olivia and Robert separated. Ned had spoken to Tracy and had obtained the number for Luke's latest burner phone. He was expecting Robert's call.

Robert appreciated it, and he told Olivia to look out for herself. He left, and Olivia admitted that she felt better. "I guess you never know who's gonna come up with exactly the right words to say," she said.

At Metro Court, Peter and Maxie tried to enjoy lunch, but Maxie just picked at her food. She told Peter she wasn't hungry. Brook Lynn met with Linc and demanded to know who he had purchased her shares for. Linc snapped that it was none of her business. Valentin spotted Laura, and she asked him if he'd received an invitation to Ava's party. He admitted he had but had thought it was a joke. She hoped he wouldn't go, and Valentin disclosed that he'd thrown it away. He said he no longer needed the Cassadine estate to prove himself to anyone in Port Charles.

As Peter returned to his table after taking a business call, Maxie checked her calendar. She told him she thought it was stress, but she'd decided to see a doctor. Laura left a message for Anna and told her she was worried about Robert. Linc informed Brook Lynn that the purchaser wished to remain anonymous. She threatened to go public and expose all that Linc had done to her. Valentin walked over and announced that he would take over. Linc got up and left, and Valentin took his seat. "I've heard a lot about you," he said to Brook Lynn.

Julian rushed out of the courtroom and ran after Sam. "Please," he started to say. Sam slapped him hard. Julian wanted to explain, but Sam insisted that he couldn't and would probably make it up, anyway. She had spoken to Lucas and told him about their new stepmother. She related that Lucas had said, "Julian is dead to me." She felt the same way, and she began to scream at Julian.

Sam accused Julian of taking the most painful thing that had ever happened to Lucas and using it against him. Julian had allowed Nelle to use her weapon against Michael, and if Nelle received custody, Sam would never talk to Julian again. She realized that was already in play and told Julian he was dead to her, as well. She and Lucas would be better off without him, and they would also support Leo if he chose to forget about Julian, too. She stormed off, and Julian returned to the courtroom and sat down next to Nelle.

Martin revealed that he was waiting for his next witness to arrive, and Diane called out that it was a "mythical witness." Just then, Nina and Jax arrived. "Not so mythical, after all," Martin said. He called Nina to the stand, and Jax sat down beside Carly. "What the hell is she doing?" Carly asked Jax. "I have no idea," he replied.

Nina was sworn in as she looked around the courtroom at those in attendance. Nelle smiled, and Nina was asked to swear to tell the truth. "So help me God," she murmured.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Luke remembers killing both of his parents (2015) ENCORE PRESENTATION: Luke remembers killing both of his parents (2015)

Friday, May 22, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, General Hospital began broadcasting special throwback episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

This episode originally aired on April 1, 2015. In the episode, which marked General Hospital's 52nd anniversary, Luke Spencer remembered killing both of his parents.

Tim insisted that Luke had no one to blame except Luke, so Luke accused his father of being a monster. Tim laughed when Luke picked up a baseball bat. He asked what Luke intended to do with the bat, since Luke couldn't even swing properly. "Shut up, shut up," Luke shouted at his father. Luke returned to the present as he looked around the remains of his childhood home. He spotted the baseball bat and picked it up as a horrible truth dawned on him. "Oh, I did it. I-I killed my father," Luke quietly said in shocked disbelief. Luke tried to deny the truth by reminding himself that his father had taken off, but he couldn't recall what had happened after he had picked up the baseball bat during the argument with his father.

You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive General Hospital Daily Recaps dating back to 1996.

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