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Mike was greeted by Courtney when he died. Ethan Lovett gave Robert and Olivia a helping hand. Holly was revealed to be alive. Kevin suspected that Cyrus had hired Britt to further a nefarious agenda. Nikolas and Ava made love. Avery found Nelle's necklace.
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Mike was greeted by Courtney when he died
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Robert and Olivia go on a mission Robert and Olivia go on a mission

Monday, September 14, 2020

At a restaurant in New York City, Nina and Jax were excited about Nina's new lead. She just wished that she could remember why the name Phyllis Caulfield seemed so familiar to her. In the meantime, Jax figured they should see what Ryan's Bar had to offer. She hadn't realized when they'd arrived there, but she knew the bar as the place Silas would meet up with Ava when he'd been cheating on Nina. She told Jax the whole story, but she insisted that she was fine, and she'd even made peace with Ava. She continued that she'd lost 20 years of her life, and the receipt in her hand was the only link she had to her child. Looking at the receipt, she suddenly remembered why she knew the name.

At the Metro Court, Ned put in a call to Olivia but only got her voicemail. He told her that he was worried about her, since her last few messages had been very vague. He asked her to call him back, told her that he missed her, and hung up.

In Monte Carlo, Robert and Olivia entered the honeymoon suite of the hotel they were staying in. He explained that it had been the only room available, and he'd had to put it on her credit card. She replied that she could write it off as a business expense. Robert told Olivia that Holly's call had originated a mile from their hotel, and he believed that it had really been her. Olivia just wanted to make sure that he was facing all of the possibilities. Just then, Olivia's phone went off, and she saw a missed call and voicemail from Ned.

Robert wondered what Ned had said to Olivia about their trip, and she admitted to leaving out "a few details." She added that she and Ned technically hadn't even made up from their last fight about the trip. Robert could relate, as he hadn't told Anna about the trip because he didn't want another lecture. Just then, he got a text and exclaimed, "Bloody hell!" He revealed that Holly's call had originated from the nearby casino Le Lucien, which had been owned by Cassandra Pierce. Olivia knew that the WSB had denied him back-up, and she refused to let him go by himself, so she insisted on accompanying him. Robert refused, as she was a civilian, but she shot back, "Last time I checked, so are you."

Olivia thought it would look better if Robert had a date, and she could also create a diversion so he could snoop. He agreed but only if she would leave the casino as soon as he told her to. She agreed, and she figured that she would need a dress. She advised Robert to get a tuxedo, and she left. Later, the two had changed into their nicer clothes, and he called her a good friend. He advised her to call Ned, and he left the room to pull the car around. Olivia called Ned but only got his voicemail. She informed him that she would be gone a couple more days, and she would explain when she saw him. She told him that she loved him and hung up. She left the room, leaving her phone behind.

At Turning Woods, Ava offered to take Avery for a few days, as she knew that Sonny and Carly would have their hands full. He didn't trust her, but she insisted that she wanted to do what was best for Avery. He agreed to her offer only if she didn't have Avery at Wyndemere, and she agreed. He offered up the cabin he'd rented for the summer, and he gave her the address. She realized that it was the same cabin where Nelle had taken Wiley, but Sonny was sure that Nelle was gone. He promised to have someone open up the cabin and get it ready. She thanked him, and she left.

Sasha ran into the Metro Court restaurant, apologizing to Lucy for her lateness. Lucy stressed how important their meeting the next day with the largest cosmetics retailer in the country was, and she was counting on Sasha to be there. "Absolutely," Sasha replied as she remembered being given drugs. Ned approached the table, and Lucy asked about Brook Lynn. Ned answered that his daughter was doing better every day. Lucy offered to do whatever she could for the family, and Ned suggested that she could pledge her ELQ vote to him.

Lucy explained that Valentin was Deception's backer, but Ned promised ELQ's support to her if Valentin backed out. She called the offer tempting, but she remembered that ELQ hadn't been there when she'd been so desperate to find financing. She decided to keep her word and honor her commitment to Valentin. Ned exploded that the Quartermaines had always supported Lucy, and she was being a traitor to the family. "That's enough! Leave her alone!" Sasha exclaimed. She knew that he was angry about losing the company, but he needed to blame the half of his own family who had sold their shares.

Lucy reasoned that she loved being a Quartermaine, but she believed that Edward would have understood why she'd done what she'd done. Ned admitted that she was right, and he apologized for the outburst. Lucy assured him that ELQ always bounced back. She had a meeting to get to, so she excused herself and left. Ned apologized to Sasha, but she understood his need to vent. He related that he didn't truly care about anything but getting Brook Lynn back. Sasha divulged that she had a business meeting with Brook Lynn, and she offered to put in a good word for him.

At the hospital, Elizabeth informed Brook Lynn that her doctor wanted her on another 24 hours of bed rest, but Brook Lynn was anxious to leave the hospital. Just then, Nikolas arrived with a large bouquet, and Brook Lynn updated him on her condition. Michael arrived, and he told Brook Lynn, Elizabeth, and Nikolas about Mike's situation.

A short while later, Michael and Brook Lynn were gone, and Elizabeth hoped that Michael would be able to get Brook Lynn back after her visit with Mike. Nikolas wanted to talk about their kiss. Elizabeth wanted to forget that it had happened, and she stormed out of the room. Sasha and Ned entered the room and wondered where Brook Lynn was.

Jason sat with Mike and assured the man that his family would be taken care of. He gave Mike his word to keep the family safe. He commended Mike for fighting back to make peace with Sonny, and he thanked Mike for giving Sonny a chance to forgive Mike. "You're a good father. You should be proud," Jason concluded. Just then, Michael wheeled Brook Lynn into the rom. She talked about how Mike had always treated her like gold and said she would always be his biggest fan.

Michael sat next to Mike and lamented that Mike hadn't gotten to spend much time with Wiley. He fantasized about spending a day in the future with Mike getting fatherly advice. "I'm a better man for having known you," Michael told his grandfather. Jason offered to take Brook Lynn back to the hospital so that Michael could stay with Mike. "Bye, Mike," Brook Lynn said tearfully, and she blew a kiss to him. She told him that she loved him, and Jason wheeled her out. Sonny entered the room, and Michael advised his father that Mike's breathing was getting slower. Sonny realized that Mike didn't have much time left.

A short while later, Jason returned Brook Lynn to her hospital room, much to the relief of Ned and Sasha. Brook Lynn rolled her eyes at Ned's overreaction of calling the police. Jason left, and she told Ned where she'd been. Sasha could see that it wasn't a good time for a meeting, so she left. Brook Lynn figured that Ned had drafted Sasha as his "go-between," and she thought that he only wanted to take her back into the family because she'd been hurt. She added that she was getting better all the time, so he could leave. Ned left, leaving his phone behind. The phone went off, and Brook Lynn saw that it was a voicemail from Olivia. She was shocked to hear Olivia say that she would be gone for a few more days.

Franco got off the elevator at the hospital and ran into Kevin, and they solemnly joked about the new boss's "iron fist." Felix approached and informed them that Cyrus had hired the new chief of staff , so they should all be wary. Britt arrived and acted sad that they clearly weren't going to be "besties." Franco commented that Britt had left town so fast the last time she'd been there that he hadn't thought he'd ever see her again. Britt replied that Cyrus had made her an offer she couldn't refuse. "I'll bet," Kevin said sarcastically, and he walked away.

Franco remembered bonding with Britt over Liesl, and he was "all for" keeping their good rapport going. "As long as there's no trouble for Elizabeth, or Felix, or anyone else who works here," he added. Julian arrived and was shocked to see Britt as she outlined the two reasons she'd returned to town: "To do a job, and to reconnect with old friends." Elizabeth and Nikolas entered the conversation as Britt asked Franco what he did at the hospital. He explained that he'd been heading up art therapy for a few years. Britt had to review the operational budget, and she was considering cutting the art therapy program. She promised to discuss it with him later in the week, and she walked away.

Elizabeth vented about what Britt had done to her and Epiphany, and Felix decided that "the Britch" had gone too far. He walked away to "find Amy and Deanna and raise hell!" Elizabeth thought that anyone with history at the hospital, and those who knew how things were supposed to work, were all the people getting fired. Elizabeth commented that Britt hated her, so Franco was just collateral damage. Elizabeth thought that they should go home and figure out how they could live with less money. Just then, Franco got a text about a possible commission, so he walked away to check it out.

Nikolas suggested to Elizabeth that he could offer the hospital board more money, but Elizabeth thought it was too late. He thought that she was more important than anything. She demanded that he stop talking like that, and she walked away from him. Just then, his phone rang, and he answered it to Ava. She informed him that she wouldn't be home for a few days, as she was borrowing Sonny's cabin. "Alone?" he questioned. She promised that she would be "perfectly safe," and she coolly advised him that he almost sounded jealous. Nikolas hung up and headed to the elevator. As he waited, he thought back to Franco getting the text about a possible commission as Nikolas perused his own phone.

Jason approached Elizabeth and informed her that he'd just dropped Brook Lynn off. He could tell that something was wrong, and she updated him on Britt's new job, and all of the changes she was implementing. Jason observed that it was no secret that Elizabeth and Epiphany were close to Jason and Sonny, so Cyrus clearly wanted them away from whatever he was planning.

Britt bumped into Julian, and she was happy to see him. He grumbled that he was there to see if Alexis was at a meeting. He informed Britt that Neil had passed away, and Alexis was taking it hard. He excused himself, but Britt accused him of avoiding her as Felix listened in around the corner. She wondered if that was because she'd left him after sleeping with him, or if it was because she knew about Julian being in on the Wiley baby switch. She assured him that she had no reason to tattle on him to Sonny, but he warned her that he didn't like "loose ends." Britt invited him out for a drink, but he answered, "Some other time," and walked away. "Your loss," she muttered when he was gone.

Kevin bumped into Felix and wondered how his talk with Amy and Deanna had gone. Felix confided in Kevin that he'd overheard an important conversation between Britt and Julian, and he liked knowing more about her than she knew about him. He thought that there was something "off," as Britt had always been a "schemer," but working with Cyrus was "a whole different level of dangerous." Kevin didn't think that she was actively involved in Cyrus' plan, but she was probably willing to look the other way, which indicated that Cyrus' intentions for the hospital were "less than noble."

Olivia and Robert begin the search for Holly Olivia and Robert begin the search for Holly

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

At Sonny's cabin in the woods, Ava, wearing a pink robe and sipping a martini, chatted on the phone to Julian. She spoke about Mike, and she laughed that she and Avery had been pretending they'd been camping. She admitted the place was creepy. Someone peered at her through the window.

After finishing on the phone, Ava continued to sip her drink. She was jittery and more so when she heard a noise outside. She finally decided to head to bed, and she turned off the lights. Once it was dark, someone played with the door and entered the cabin. Ava was waiting with a fireplace poker and hit the person with it.

Ava turned on the lights and was surprised to see Nikolas on the floor. "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked. Nikolas stood up gingerly as he complained about a possible broken shoulder. He accused her of stalling while Franco could get dressed and escape through a window. He had planned to take pictures of the two of them in order to make sure he kept his fortune.

Ava laughed. She retorted that he'd then turn around and run off with Elizabeth. Nikolas assured her there was nothing between him and Elizabeth, and Ava declared that there was nothing between her and Franco. "Yet," Nikolas concluded. He figured that Franco would be making his move soon. Ava swore that she would never reciprocate because it wasn't worth it for her to lose her share of Nikolas' fortune.

Ava and Nikolas began to argue. Nikolas pointed out that Ava had probably reached her limit on abstinence, but Ava retorted that the fortune was more important to her. She wondered how Nikolas had been doing with his own celibacy or if he'd already given in to Elizabeth. She said she would get proof. Nikolas proclaimed that nothing had happened. "Same here, lover boy," Ava snapped. She would be able to hold out.

Ava and Nikolas continued to attack each other. They drew closer and kissed passionately. In the dark, Nikolas asked if Ava's answer would be yes or no. She quickly said yes.

At the WSB facility in Switzerland, Dante woke up suddenly. He stretched and turned on the light. Dr. Kirk arrived and was glad to see that Dante was up. He had news about Dante's family. Dante told him to "go to hell" because he would not spy on his family or perform the assignment that had been asked of him.

The doctor admitted that he had bad news, and he proceeded to tell Dante that his grandfather was in his last hours. The doctor had done a status check of Dante's family. Dante sat down on the bed. He stated that Mike was "one of a kind" with a great sense of humor and a knack for getting up after being knocked down. He had thought that Mike would outlive everyone, even with the Alzheimer's.

Dante asked to be alone, and Dr. Kirk left. Dante muttered that he should have been there and done things differently. He was sorry. He flashed forward to a future day when he, Sonny, and Mike were at the park for one of Rocco's games. He told Mike that Mike's voice had always been there to get him through, and Mike admitted he'd discovered how to be with his family instead of hiding from them.

Later, Dr. Kirk returned to say that he was heading home and wondered if there was anything he could do for Dante before he left. Dante wanted to know more about the operation that the agency had wanted him to take part in.

Olivia and Robert strolled through the casino in Monte Carlo. He urged her to keep a low profile and not look so impressed. Olivia declared that she wasn't Olivia from Bensonhurst, but a spy. Robert quickly reminded her that he would do the spying, and she offered to get them drinks at the bar while he looked around.

When the bartender ignored Olivia, a man wandered over and got the bartender's attention for her. He made it known that he was one of the casino owners. He noticed Olivia's accent and wedding ring. The man introduced himself as Winston Rudge, and he and Olivia flirted.

Robert marched over, and Olivia introduced the two men. "Do I know you?" Rudge asked. Robert assured him that he didn't and maintained that others always thought they recognized him, too. Rudge wondered if they'd been to the casino in the past, but Olivia laughed. She poured it on thick, and went on about how she and her husband never went anywhere. She'd convinced him to visit Monte Carlo for their honeymoon.

Rudge finally departed, and Robert wondered what had happened to Olivia's low profile. She admitted that she'd panicked when Rudge had noticed her wedding ring. Robert admitted that he knew of Rudge, who had testified against Olivia and Julian Jerome and had received a light sentence. He was either a mercenary or a front man, but he would figure out why Robert looked familiar, too.

Robert was annoyed that his reconnaissance had been interrupted, and he and Olivia had words. She insisted she knew how to handle herself, although Robert pointed out that she'd had no training as a spy, and something could have happened to her. Olivia was impressed that Robert had ruined their mission out of his concern to protect her. Robert didn't want to have to explain to Ned that he'd lost Olivia, but she reminded him that she was safe. She was ready to continue their search for Holly.

At General Hospital, Brook Lynn listened to Olivia's voicemails on Ned's phone. She quickly hid the phone when Ned entered with Portia who had test results. Brook Lynn was adamant that her father leave the room, and she refused to listen to his pleas. Portia cited patient privacy and the fact that Brook Lynn was of age. Reluctantly, Ned left.

Out in the hallway, Ned ran into Chase, who revealed that the search for Nelle was ongoing. Ned was belligerent, and he demanded to know how difficult it was to find her. He wanted to see Nelle brought to justice for her attack on Brook Lynn. Chase admitted that she hadn't been seen, and no one had claimed to see anything suspicious. Ned thought that someone was lying. He continued to give Chase a hard time and mentioned that it was unknown if the damage to Brook Lynn's throat would be permanent.

Ned was disappointed that he couldn't be there to either cheer Brook Lynn on or to comfort her. She didn't want anything to do with him. He noted that Olivia was out of town and suddenly realized that his phone was missing.

Ned was still waiting around when Portia emerged from Brook Lynn's room. He asked if his daughter would be able to sing again, and Portia refused to tell him anything. She urged him to be patient with Brook Lynn. Ned confessed that he'd said some terrible things to his daughter, who hadn't forgiven him, which was a Quartermaine trait. Portia cited the fact that it was normal for a victim to withdraw, and she would be able to recommend a therapist to Brook Lynn, although it would be her own decision.

Brook Lynn retrieved Ned's phone and deleted all of the phone calls from Olivia. She wanted her father to worry. Chase knocked on the door and asked about her test results. Brook Lynn announced that she was able to leave, even though Portia had wanted her to stay a little while longer. Her voice was still healing.

Portia returned and informed Brook Lynn that she wanted to see Brook Lynn in two days. Brook Lynn handed her Ned's phone; she refused Portia's suggestion that she return it herself. Chase wondered where Brook Lynn would go.

Portia returned Ned's phone, and Ned realized that Brook Lynn hadn't wanted to see him. He attempted to get information out of Portia again, but Portia assured him that Brook Lynn would see him when she was ready. He looked at his phone and wondered why he hadn't heard from Olivia. He was unable to reach her and left her a message. He hoped she was having a good night's sleep.

Brook Lynn packed her bag and lamented that she would only be able to sing in the shower, where no one else would hear her. Chase returned with a wheelchair, and she suggested they go to Haven Bistro for a meal.

At Turning Woods, Carly spoke to Jason as she stood in the hallway. She told him that she thought Mike would pass away that night. Felix walked by and asked about Mike. Carly thought he was doing okay under the circumstances.

Inside Mike's room, Michael tried to persuade Sonny to take a break, but Sonny stated that he and his father had been apart for a long time. He was thankful for the days they'd had, but he couldn't leave Mike's side. Felix arrived to check on Mike.

Michael joined Carly. He told her that Sonny wouldn't leave, and she suggested that Michael take a break instead and look after himself. Michael called her a good mother.

Felix noted that Mike's heart rate had slowed down, and he suggested some morphine for discomfort. He would talk to the doctor, and Sonny agreed. Felix told Mike to take care and said Mike was lucky to have a great son. "I'm the lucky guy," Sonny said.

Later, Carly comforted Sonny, who disputed that it was about him. Carly said that Mike would disagree. Felix returned after speaking to the doctor and divulged that Mike could grow more alert after receiving drugs for discomfort and anxiety. Carly was sure that Mike was aware that they were present, and Felix urged them to keep talking to Mike. Felix wanted them to call him anytime if something was needed.

Carly and Sonny sat down by Mike's bed and told him they were there. Sonny thought that Mike might be dreaming, and he and Carly joked. Sonny told her about all of the memories he'd only recently retrieved, and he looked at them every day, like photos in a box. He wished he had more. He thought of a future scene where he, Dante, and Mike were arguing playfully about a Yankees game they'd attend. Carly would tease them. He returned to the present and urged Carly to get some rest.

Eventually, Carly fell asleep at the nearby table. She dreamed of being with Mike, and she was crying and sad. In the dream, she told him she would miss him because he would be leaving. Mike told her how he'd felt after his daughter, Courtney, had died. He had healed after Sonny had found him, and he had a new daughter in Carly. She told him she had a father in him, and he promised he would never leave and would be in her heart.

Carly woke up. She told Sonny about the beautiful dream she'd had, and she thought that everything would be okay. Sonny called out to Mike, who was suddenly awake. Felix arrived to do a quick examination. Carly and Sonny stepped into the hallway, and Michael arrived. Sonny only wanted Mike to be at peace, but he thought that Mike was waiting for Sonny to give him something.

Sonny makes peace with Mike Sonny makes peace with Mike

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Michael was sitting outside of Turning Woods when Willow approached, wanting to keep Michael company. She assured Michael that she'd left Wiley with Monica and the nanny, and he appreciated it. Willow figured that the waiting was hard on Michael. He admitted that he wished that Mike's suffering was over, as it was also hurting Sonny. Willow thought that the family was lucky to get the chance to say goodbye to Mike, and she believed that Mike was on his way to a better place, where he could always watch over his family.

Michael thanked Willow for being there, as he knew that it wasn't what she'd signed up for when she'd married him. She countered that marriage meant caring for one another. She knew that he would do it for her, and she wanted to do it for him. Michael wanted to go be with his family, which included Willow, so the two walked toward the building.

Inside turning Woods, Carly was glad that Jason was there, and she updated him on Mike's condition. Josslyn arrived, and Carly was happy and surprised to see her daughter return. Josslyn wanted to be close to Mike, who she thought had been hearing all of their words. Jason excused himself to check on Sonny. Josslyn checked on her mother, who insisted that she was "okay but sad," and Carly said she hated how hard things were on Sonny. She was glad that Sonny got to spend the time with Mike and called it a gift.

A short while later, Michael and Willow entered Turning Woods and found Josslyn alone. She checked on her brother, who answered that he was "better thanks to Willow." He told Josslyn about what Willow had said about Mike going to a better place, where he could watch over the family. "How can you be sure?" Josslyn wondered. Willow confided that, when she'd given birth, she'd felt her father's presence telling her that everything would be all right. Josslyn related that she'd felt that with Oscar, but she wished there was another, more immediate way of knowing deceased loved ones were around.

"Do you see butterflies?" Brando asked as he approached the group. He told Josslyn that butterflies were a sign that someone was watching over her. He hoped that it was all right for him to be there, as he wanted to pay his respects to Mike. Michael insisted that Brando was family, and he invited Brando to join them. Noticing Brando's cut and bruised face, Josslyn asked if he was all right. He answered that if one wasn't careful while working in a garage, bad things could happen.

Changing the subject, Brando divulged that Sonny had told him that Mike didn't have much time left, and Michael confirmed it. Brando thought back to the summer Mike had visited in Connecticut. He remembered his mother sending him to his room after a fight, and Mike had walked in on Brando packing his things to run away. Mike had advised Brando that he couldn't run away from his anger or problems. Brando thought about it a lot, which was why he was still in town, getting to know his family and possibly setting down roots. Josslyn wondered if Mike had been the one to tell Brando about the butterflies, and she asked what they meant.

Sonny sat with Mike and wished he could make things easier for his father, but he knew that Mike was ready to go. Stella entered the room and advised Sonny that she thought the doctors were taking all the right steps with Mike's treatment. She assured Sonny that the morphine and antianxiety medication would make Mike very comfortable. Sonny had observed that it seemed like Mike was deliberately holding on, waiting for something. Stella wasn't surprised, as he was probably waiting for Sonny's permission to let go and for Sonny to make peace with Mike's passing.

Stella believed that all of Mike's lost loved ones would be waiting for him, and he would be whole again. Sonny thanked her for all she'd done for the family. She wanted to leave Sonny with a few more tips on how to make Mike more comfortable. She turned the lights lower, and she informed Mike that Felix would be by later to get all of the "gear" off of him. She instructed Sonny to put some music on, so he took out his phone and put on some light vocal jazz. She also showed Sonny how to dab water on Mike's lips when they got dry, and she helped him put an extra blanket on Mike. Stella told Mike how honored she'd been to have him as a friend. She hugged Sonny and left the room.

Sonny remarked on how great Stella was, but he thought she was wrong about the kind of peace Mike needed. He thought that Mike needed forgiveness for leaving Sonny and his mother. He remembered seeing Mike at church, exiting the confessional, shortly after Mike had left Sonny and his mother. He'd recognized the guilt and pain on Mike's face, even though he'd just confessed. He suddenly had a thought and kicked himself for not thinking of it before.

Jason looked into the room as Sonny sat with Mike, and Carly joined him in the hall. Jason didn't want to intrude on Sonny and Mike, and Carly added that Sonny had to make peace on his own. Carly told Jason about her wonderful dream about Mike, and she hated that Mike would never be that person again. Sonny emerged from the room, and he asked for Jason and Carly's help in doing something for Mike.

A few minutes later, Carly went back to the lobby of Turning Woods, and she thanked Brando on behalf of Sonny and Mike for being there. Addressing Michael and Josslyn, she revealed that Sonny had had an idea that could help make Mike more comfortable and peaceful, and Sonny wanted them both to be a part of it.

A short while later, Sonny told Mike that he'd gotten someone to help Mike, and Father Reyes entered the room. Sonny thanked the priest for agreeing to help on such short notice. Father Reyes revealed that he knew Mike from his Saturday sermons at Turning Woods, and he'd heard all about how proud Mike was of his family. As the priest unpacked his things, Carly, Michael, and Josslyn arrived. The priest placed a cross on Mike's chest and administered last rites. He recited the Lord's Prayer, which Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Josslyn joined in on.

Later, Carly walked Father Reyes out and thanked him again for agreeing to help on such short notice. Inside the room, Sonny thought about Morgan and how he regretted that Mike hadn't gotten a chance to know his grandson. Jason thought that Morgan would be waiting for Mike. Sonny also lamented Dante's absence, and he guessed that Mike didn't want to leave Sonny with another loss. Jason suggested that Sonny take a break, but Sonny didn't want to leave his father. "Are you sure?" Jason asked. "What are you not telling me?" Sonny questioned. Jason thought that Sonny would figure it out. On his way out, Jason assured Mike that he would be there for Sonny, and he left.

Sonny sat with Mike and advised him not to be afraid and not to worry about Sonny. He remembered hearing his parents fighting on the night Mike had left. His mother had demanded that Mike not leave without saying goodbye to Sonny, but Mike had left. He insisted that he understood, and it was all right. He knew that Mike loved him, "maybe too much, I think."

In the lobby, Michael glumly wondered if that was the last time he was going to see Mike alive. Josslyn wondered if the last rites would work and how the church knew it would be true. Stella chimed in that everyone sought faith, because if there was nothing waiting after death, "it would be too grim," Willow finished. Brando remembered how self-destructive he'd become after what he'd seen in Iraq, but things had changed for him after he'd realized that he wanted to live.

Mike Corbin passes away Mike Corbin passes away

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Outside of Kelly's, Ned put in another call to Olivia but only got her voicemail again. He left a message asking her to call him. He related that he was concerned, since he hadn't heard from her or Robert in more than a day.

Inside the diner, Diane urged Alexis to eat, but Alexis insisted that she wasn't hungry. Alexis knew that Diane had been hanging around because she thought that Alexis was going to relapse. Alexis admitted that she'd wanted a drink, but she'd stopped herself. She hadn't wanted to succumb to her addiction like Neil had. Ned entered the diner and approached the women, and he expressed sympathy for Alexis' loss. He instinctively grabbed her hand, and she pulled it back in pain.

Alexis explained that she'd hurt her wrist at the gym. Diane realized that Alexis had hurt herself weeks earlier, so she needed to go to a doctor. Just then, Diane's phone went off, but she decided to put off seeing her client. Alexis insisted that Diane see her client, as Ned was there with her. Diane promised to call Alexis later and reluctantly left. Alexis told Ned that he didn't have to stay, but he answered that he had nowhere else to be without Olivia, Brook Lynn, and ELQ.

Ned suggested that Alexis get her coffee to go so they could walk in the park and talk about whatever she wanted, and she agreed. Ned said that he would meet her outside so that he could put in another call to Olivia, and he left. Alexis grabbed her coffee cup and immediately dropped it in pain. A few minutes later, an employee was cleaning up the floor as Ned returned. Alexis apologized profusely and then turned to tell Ned what had happened. Ned insisted upon taking her to the hospital to have her wrist checked out, and they left.

At the casino in Monte Carlo, Robert confided in Olivia that he'd scoped out the security office, and he figured that Holly would be in there. Their conversation was interrupted by the entrance of Rudge, so they covered by loudly talking about all the things they would do on their honeymoon. When Rudge was gone, Olivia thought that Robert needed a diversion, so she headed over to a blackjack table to "hit a hot streak." A few minutes later, she was loudly celebrating her wins when someone else approached the table, wanting to get in on the action. She was surprised to see Ethan standing next to her.

Olivia wondered why Ethan hadn't been at Holly's memorial, and he answered that he was trying to find out who'd killed her. Olivia replied that she was there with Robert for the same, and she told him about Robert's mysterious phone call. Ethan angrily muttered that Robert probably just wanted Holly alive so he could be the one to save her. Olivia figured that there was a complicated history, but she insisted that Robert had never stopped loving Holly. She thought it was worth it to hear Robert out, but Ethan walked away.

Robert walked around the corridors of the casino until he happened upon a guard. Robert acted drunk and asked in a slur where the restroom was. He figured he'd gotten turned around and stumbled away. He returned to Olivia a few minutes later and told her that he'd need to find another way into the room past the guards. Ethan walked over and landed a sucker punch right in Robert's face. He spat that Robert had ruined his mother's life. Rudge walked over with two guards, and he asked the guards to escort the two disruptors to the back. Olivia wanted to continue playing blackjack when her "husband" returned, so she asked when she should expect him back. Rudge answered that it wouldn't be much longer.

In the back of the casino, Robert and Ethan were handcuffed to chairs, back to back. Robert scolded Ethan for blowing his cover, but Ethan replied that he'd intended for them to get taken to the back. "Classic Spencer move," Robert admired, and he thought that Luke would be proud. Robert saw a nail on the floor and figured out a way to get out. He reached for the nail with his foot and eventually got it. He was able to transfer the nail to his hand, and he finagled Ethan out of the handcuffs. Ethan helped Robert out of his, and they were ready to go find Holly. Just then, Rudge entered the room with two guards, all three wielding guns. "Going somewhere, Robert?" Rudge asked.

Sonny sat with Mike and assured him that Mike had made up for everything he'd done wrong during Sonny's childhood. He added that Adela had never stopped loving Mike. He didn't want Mike to die, as he had so many dreams for the two of them. Sonny fantasized about riding bikes with Mike; playing catch with Mike, Michael, and Wiley; and taking Mike to Adela's grave. After the visit to the grave, Mike apologized for failing Sonny, and he appreciated Sonny making Mike a part of his family.

Sonny wondered if Mike still loved Adela. Mike replied that he always had, and he always would. He added that he could never find an equal to Adela, and he wished that he'd told her that. He figured that he might see Adela again one day, but Sonny insisted that it wouldn't be for a long time. As the room got darker, Mike asked Sonny why he kept remembering things that had never happened between them. Sonny wanted more from his father, even though he knew that Mike couldn't give it. He didn't know why Mike was holding on, and Mike said that he was "out of answers." Mike advised Sonny to look inside his heart, and he would know what to do.

Sonny snapped out of his daydream, and he realized that Mike didn't want to leave while Sonny was there. He decided to leave the room, so he said goodbye and kissed his father on the head. He left the room, crying. When Sonny was gone, a bright light lit Mike up, and his eyes opened. "I know you!" he said to someone in the room. "Hello, Dad," Courtney said with a smile, and she reached out to him. He got out of bed, and he was suddenly dressed in street clothes with his old hat. "It's so good to see you," he said.

In the lobby, Josslyn knew that Mike and Oscar would always be with her. "Morgan, too," Michael added. "My buddies from Iraq," Brando chimed in. "My father and my baby," Willow said. Josslyn asked Brando about the butterflies, but his answer was interrupted by Sonny's arrival. Josslyn and Michael offered to go sit with Mike while Sonny took a break, but Sonny insisted that Mike was all right by himself. Josslyn was unsure, but Jason assured her that Sonny knew was he was talking about.

A few minutes later, Carly wondered if they should go back to Mike, and Sonny agreed, so they walked away. Stella asked Brando to tell them about the butterflies. Brando explained that, after learning about them in high school, he'd wanted to see butterflies as his friends from his unit, sending signs that everything was all right. "Then, that's what they are," Stella stated.

Outside Mike's room, Carly wondered why Sonny had suddenly decided to leave Mike. He told Carly that it had been a break for Mike. They entered the room, and Mike and Courtney smiled at Sonny and Carly, who couldn't see them. Mike apologized for all he'd put Sonny through and thanked him for doing right by him until the end. "Thank you for being my boy. Don't think of me as the guy in the bed. Think of me as a father who came to his son for help," Mike concluded, and he took Courtney's hands. A bright light shone on them, and they were gone. "Dad?" Sonny asked, seeing how still Mike was. He put his ear to Mike's chest and announced, "He's gone."

Sonny explained to Carly why he'd left the room. As he told Mike that Adela was waiting for him, a butterfly floated down behind Sonny and Carly. A crying Carly hugged Sonny and whispered, "Safe passage, Mike. I love you." Carly made her way back out to the lobby and informed the rest of the family that Mike was gone. Josslyn went outside for some fresh air, and Michael went to sit with Sonny and Mike. Willow went outside to call and check on Wiley, and she expressed her sympathy for Carly on her way out.

When only Carly and Jason were left, Carly confided that she knew that Mike was at peace, but she was going to miss him. She talked about wanting to live life from the perspective that no one would be around forever. Jason hated that he'd gotten back in time to watch Mike slip away and Sonny in agony, but he admired watching Carly do the "heavy lifting." Although she didn't agree, he insisted that she'd always had her priorities in order.

Brook Lynn and Chase sat at the bistro, and Chase wondered what was next for Brook Lynn. She insisted that she wouldn't be going back to the Quartermaines, as Ned had only stopped being mad at her because of her being attacked. She thought she would be fine on her own, but she hadn't yet figured out what that looked like. Chase offered up his couch to her, and she didn't know what to say.

Just then, Brook Lynn's phone went off, and she answered it to Michael. He updated her on Mike, and he assured her that Mike had gone peacefully and painlessly. She asked about Sonny and if it would be "too much" if she stopped by. Michael invited her, as he thought Sonny would appreciate the extra support. She expressed sympathy for the loss and commented that it really put her problems into perspective.

A sleeping Nikolas reached across the bed but found it empty next to him. Remembering what he and Ava had done, he wondered why he'd done it. He found Ava outside with Avery, and Ava explained that Avery had had a bad dream. "We're catching fireflies," Avery added. Nikolas offered to help if it was all right with Ava, and Ava agreed. A short while later, Ava thought that it was time for Avery to get back to bed, so she told Avery to say goodnight to Nikolas. Avery wanted him to help put her to bed, and Nikolas replied that he would "be delighted to tuck you in." Avery reached for his hand; he took it, and the three went back inside.

Later, Nikolas admitted that he'd enjoyed watching Ava with Avery. He thought it had been nice seeing that side of Ava, and she joked that he'd actually seen her as a human. Just then, Ava's phone went off, and she answered it to Carly. Carly broke the news to Ava about Mike, and she added that Sonny wanted all of his kids together. Ava promised to have Avery back first thing in the morning, and she asked Carly to pass along her condolences to Sonny. Ava promised to follow Sonny's lead on the situation, and she hung up.

In Mike's room, Michael told Sonny how grateful he was to have had Mike as a grandfather. Sonny related that Mike had been a good father most of the time. Sonny admitted that he'd tried to be a better father than Mike had been, but he knew that Michael would be a better father than both of them. Michael told Sonny that everything he'd learned about being a father was from watching Mike and Sonny.

Avery finds Nelle's necklace Avery finds Nelle's necklace

Friday, September 18, 2020

Brando and T.J. stood outside Kelly's and bantered about their softball game as Molly spied on them from behind some bushes. She was horrified to see the young men getting along so well, but she finally joined them. She expressed her surprise that Brando would be spending time with her and T.J. Brando noted his intent to have a drink after the game. He guessed the couple had had previous plans.

Molly and T.J. talked about their studying, and Molly assumed that Brando had somewhere else to be or someone to see. She didn't think he would want to spend his time with "study-holics." Brando looked jealous as he watched the interaction between the couple, and he revealed that he was in a "dry spell." T.J. thought that Brando might like one of Molly's school friends.

After T.J. went inside to order some iced tea, Molly angrily accused Brando of bonding with T.J. Brando replied that T.J. was a "good guy," but he offered to make himself scarce. Molly shouted that he couldn't just disappear and leave her alone to explain, but she wanted him to be busy the next time T.J. invited him to hang out.

Brando promised not to get into Molly's business, and Molly assured him that she and T.J. were doing great. She added that T.J. liked him, and Brando admitted that he wanted to be friends with T.J. but didn't lie to friends. Molly declared that she didn't, either. Brando suggested they tell T.J. the truth. Molly confessed that she'd thought about it, and Brando assured her that she'd had good reason to do what she'd done. She'd thought that T.J. had been "ghosting" her.

Brando also said that T.J. would feel betrayed the longer Molly waited. She didn't want to hurt her boyfriend. Brando promised to keep his distance, but Molly stated that T.J. liked Brando. Brando maintained that he was busy with his garage, and he ordered her to stop driving her car like a tank. They smiled as T.J. returned with drinks.

T.J. apologized for taking so long but he'd been on the phone, and he asked if Molly had given Brando her friends' contact information. They sat down at a table. Brando claimed to not have time to be social, but T.J. clearly wanted to push it. He suggested that Brando join him and Molly in a group stand they'd be taking against Cyrus at the hospital. Brando thought another cause would be better, but T.J. stressed that he and Molly were dedicated to the cause.

Brando thought there could be trouble, but T.J. said it was worth it. Molly backed him up. Brando said he was in, and T.J. was happy to see a "man with principles." Molly looked upset, and Brando hoped her friends would find him worth the trouble.

Ned accompanied Alexis to General Hospital, where they saw Portia at the nurses' station. Ned explained that Alexis had fallen at the gym previously but was still having issues and couldn't even hold her coffee. Portia agreed to examine Alexis, and Alexis was okay with Ned joining them.

In an examination room, Portia conducted some tests. Alexis explained that she'd jammed her wrist on a fall at home, had iced it, and had fallen again at the gym. Portia questioned her, and she offered to prescribe a non-narcotic pain medicine after hearing Alexis' history. Portia was sorry to have heard about Neil. After Portia left, Ned assured Alexis that it was okay to cry, and he wouldn't judge her.

Alexis cried and complained that the hospital was the last place she'd have expected to be. Ned thought it was better to get things checked out. Alexis wiped her eyes and confessed that she'd been crying about "everything." Her relationship to Neil had been beneficial to her in many ways, and he was gone. It wasn't fair that life continued. She began to sob, and Ned hugged her.

Later, Portia returned with results and dismissed Ned for privacy. She announced that Alexis' wrist was fractured, and she explained that postmenopausal women tended to lose bone. Alexis would need to wear a cast for at least six to eight weeks, and she suggested that Alexis be tested for bone loss. She added that the fall shouldn't have caused a fracture.

Alexis wanted to follow the testing up at another time, but Portia didn't think it should be put off. She told Alexis that a DEXA scan was needed to measure her bone density. Portia suspected osteoporosis. Alexis thought that that attacked older women, but Portia informed her that all women over the age of 50 were at risk. She would make arrangements for testing.

Ned returned, and Alexis revealed that she was waiting for a cast to be put onto her wrist. She was also waiting for him to say, "I told you so," after she had insisted that there was nothing wrong. She also needed more tests. Ned was adamant that he would stick around for as long as Alexis needed to be there. He went into the hallway and tried to call Olivia again. "Call me back," he pleaded.

In New York City, Nina expressed her excitement that the nurse who'd paid to have the necklace divided had also been her nurse 20 years later. She was certain that Phyllis would know about her child and was anxious to locate her. She chalked the lead up to Jax and his connections. She knew she would recognize Phyllis, although there were many women with the same name in the directory.

In the lobby at Turning Woods, Josslyn stood with Jason and admitted that she'd had to leave to take a run after Mike had passed on. She cried that Mike had had nothing left at the end, and she'd needed to feel alive. Jason understood and assured her that Mike would have wanted that for her. He added that Mike had lived his life, and it hadn't been wasted. Jason explained that some people ran the race while others watched. Mike had run, and so would Josslyn, even if she didn't win every time.

In Mike's room, Sonny looked at the man on the bicycle that Avery had colored for Mike. He told Carly that Mike had thought it looked like Sonny. He knew that the promised bike that Sonny had never received had haunted Mike, and he wished he'd known. He and Carly joked about Sonny and Mike riding together with matching hats. "It hurts," Sonny cried as he looked at his deceased father in the bed.

Brook Lynn arrived with Chase and thanked Michael for getting in touch with her. She headed to Mike's room, and Willow and Chase awkwardly looked at each other. Chase revealed that he'd been with Brook Lynn when she'd received Michael's call. Michael admitted he was concerned about Brook Lynn being alone after her hospital stay, and Chase revealed that she would be "crashing" with him.

Josslyn thought it had to be strange for Willow to join the family and have so much to go through. Willow admitted she was sad but also grateful to see how close Michael's family was to each other. She'd never had that.

Back in Mike's room, Sonny thanked Brook Lynn for visiting and singing to his father. Brook Lynn replied that Mike had always "lit up" for Sonny. "You did good, Sonny," she said.

Michael and Willow headed out. He thought that Sonny and Carly might want to be alone with Mike.

Carly assured Sonny that he could have all the time he wanted to be with Mike, but he was ready for Mike to go. He picked up the drawing and stood over his father's body. He stated that he got his bicycle, he loved the picture, and he would always love Mike. He began to cry.

In the Monte Carlo casino, Rudge and his thugs trained guns on Robert and Ethan. Rudge confessed that he'd expected the "cavalry" after "she" had placed the call to Robert. "I knew it. Holly's alive!" Robert exclaimed. He announced that he wanted to rip Rudge's throat out, and Rudge ordered his thugs to restrain Robert and Ethan.

Rudge went on to explain that Holly had been investigating his "less than reputable businesses" that had been run out of the casino. He'd arranged for her ship to sink, but she was there. He wanted to know how much the bureau had known. Holly had taken her guard's phone, and she'd had to be dealt with.

Just then, Olivia opened the door and bonked Rudge on the head with a machine gun. He fell to the floor. "A little help here," she cried out after a few moments of silence. Robert and Ethan looked at each other, and they quickly turned on the thugs. "That was for my mother!" Ethan shouted as he knocked one of the thugs out. Robert made a phone call and made it known that he had some prisoners. Ethan cuffed one of the men.

Nikolas and Ava sat in the living room of Sonny's cabin and chatted. Nikolas admitted that he'd ruined Spencer's chance to get to know his grandfather, especially since Mike could have shared things about Courtney. Nikolas felt that he'd messed up his priorities, and he had continued to make the same mistakes over and over. He could never see how valuable something was until he let it go. He looked at Ava.

In New York City, Jax received a phone call from Josslyn. She told him about Mike and admitted that she'd wanted to hear her father's voice. Jax promised to be home in the morning, but he wanted her to call him if she needed him. Jax ended the call and told Nina that he had to leave, but she could continue her search without him. Nina proclaimed that she wanted Jax with her every step of the way, and she would return to Port Charles with him.

At the cabin, Ava ran out of the bedroom and shouted that Avery was missing. The sliding door had been open. Nikolas promised that they would find the little girl.

In the woods, Avery wandered around in her pajamas, robe, and slippers with her flashlight in hand. "Ooh, pretty!" she declared. She stooped down to pick up Nelle's broken heart necklace. As she admired the jewelry, she heard Ava and Nikolas shouting for her. She called out that she was coming.

Ava tucked Avery back into bed and reminded her daughter that she was not to run outside again. Avery promised. Once Ava was gone, Avery removed the necklace from under her pillow and got out of bed. She put it inside the pink book bag that was sitting by the bed. She climbed back into bed.

Ava returned to Nikolas and thanked him for his help and for being so good with Avery. She thought that he had a fan in her daughter. Nikolas called the evening an adventure, and he wondered where Avery had gotten the trait from. He thought there had been enough excitement, and he would return home. He confirmed that Ava would return to Wyndemere, also. She stated that it was her home. He left, and Ava smiled.

In Monte Carlo, Agent Wagner announced that his team was doing a sweep of the casino grounds. He noted that there had been many illegal activities emanating from the spot. The men would go to prison, but he hadn't seen any signs of Holly. He wasn't sure she had ever been there. Robert gripped Rudge and demanded to know where Holly was.

"Holly's gone," Rudge said with a laugh. Robert began to choke him, and Olivia and Wagner called to Robert to stop. Robert said Rudge was lying, and Ethan kicked him. "Where is she?" Ethan demanded. "Gone," Rudge said as he began to speak in Mandarin. Wagner threatened to arrest Ethan after the kick and noted that he'd looked the other way regarding all of Ethan's crimes. Rudge was escorted out.

Ethan declared that Rudge had been lying, but then he wondered if he had been telling the truth. Ethan was certain that Rudge would use Holly as a bargaining chip, although Robert reminded him that Holly wasn't an agent. Ethan stressed that his mother had risked her life, and they had to find her. Wagner returned and informed them that a shallow grave had been found. It had contained a burned woman's body, and the height and build had matched Holly.

Ethan maintained that the body could be anyone, and Wagner agreed that an autopsy would be performed. He handed Robert an item that had been found in the grave. It was a woman's ring. Robert flashed back to when he'd given Holly the ring, and he told the others that it was her wedding ring.

Later, Olivia handed Robert a drink. Ethan recalled Holly wearing the ring the last time he'd seen her. Robert revealed that he'd given it to her "for show." They knew they'd never be done with each other. He flashed back to a distant time with Holly. He said that he shouldn't have given Ethan false hope. Ethan replied that at least they knew who had been responsible, and Robert was angry that he hadn't arrived sooner.

Wagner announced that there was a plane available to return to Port Charles. "There's no place like home," Olivia said. Ethan wanted to be anywhere but there.

Nearby, a blackjack dealer placed a phone call to an unknown party. He announced that Robert, Olivia and Ethan were gone, and they had proof that Holly was dead. The casino had been shut down, but he didn't think anything could be traced. Rudge was aware that he had to keep his mouth shut about what had been done to Holly. At the same time, the unknown party had security footage playing on a screen. Holly was shouting for someone to let her out.

As Carly and Sonny left Turning Woods, a nurse ran out after them. She announced that she had something for Sonny, and she wheeled out a brand-new bicycle with a big blue bow attached to it. Sonny opened the card that was attached to it. It was from Mike, and he stated that he hoped he wasn't too late. He expressed his love. Sonny was thrilled.

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