General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of September 21, 2020

Nelle's body was found. Carly confessed to Sonny and Jason. Franco, Liz, and Scott worked together to blackmail Nikolas and Ava. Alexis has a tense encounter with Neil's brother. Dev turned to Brando for advice about Josslyn. Dante was given a mission. Ned took a swing at Valentin.
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Franco, Liz, and Scott worked together to blackmail Nikolas and Ava
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Alexis gets a diagnosis

Alexis gets a diagnosis

Monday, September 21, 2020

Alexis checked in at the hospital for her test results, and the nurse at the desk informed her that Portia was with a patient. Alexis replied that she could reschedule and turned to leave. Just then, Molly arrived, and she was shocked to see the cast on Alexis' arm. Alexis told Molly about getting it checked out the night before and said it was just a fracture. The nurse told Alexis that Portia was free, so Molly dragged her reluctant mother to an exam room.

Molly was pacing the exam room when Portia arrived. Portia revealed that Alexis' test results indicated that Alexis had osteoporosis. She continued that Alexis would have to speak to an orthopedist, but there were many treatment options including medications, vitamin supplements, and certain exercises. Portia assured Alexis that she could keep doing many of things she enjoyed. A few minutes later, Molly walked arm in arm down the hall with Alexis and suggested that they spend the rest of the day together. Alexis insisted that she needed some alone time, and she advised Molly to stop worrying. Molly reminded Alexis that she was only a text or call away, and Alexis left.

Outside of Jordan's office, Curtis left a message for Laura. He hoped that she was almost done with her business in Washington, as Port Charles needed her. He entered Jordan's office, and she was happy to see him. She apologized for being nonstop since Neil's death, as he'd overdosed just like her colleagues. She added that Cyrus had denied any involvement. Regardless, Curtis thought that it was best not to push Cyrus too far, as it was setting a bad example for T.J. Curtis told Jordan about the cold interaction he'd witnessed between Cyrus and T.J. and about the protest T.J. had been organizing to save the hospital from Cyrus. They tried to think of ways to ask T.J. to stand down without raising suspicion.

Just then, Stella entered Jordan's office and hugged Jordan and Curtis, who were happy to see her. She told the curious couple about Mike's death, which was the reason for her stop in town. She also planned on seeing T.J., and she wondered whether or not there were any leads on T.J.'s kidnapper. Jordan replied that she couldn't discuss an ongoing investigation, and Stella believed that, at the rate it was going, the investigation would take years. Curtis blew up at Stella, as Jordan was doing all she could, and she needed Stella's support rather than her second-guessing. He stormed out of the office to the shock of Jordan and Stella.

A few minutes later, Curtis returned to the office and apologized for his rudeness. Stella apologized for being thoughtless and for thinking that she knew how to do Jordan's job better than Jordan. Curtis replied that Stella was doing "so much for so many others," and he wondered if there was anything they could do for her. Stella answered that keeping the family safe and whole was enough for her.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Peter questioned whether Maxie thought they would have a boy or a girl, but she reminded him that they were waiting to find out. She stated that she foresaw them being happy either way. Peter was glad to see that most of her family was excited for the baby. Maxie related that she loved Robert, but it had been a lot more peaceful without him around.

Inside the restaurant, Lulu was about to grab her check at the bar when Cyrus grabbed it and offered to pay it. Lulu didn't want to risk compromising her integrity as a journalist. Cyrus asked if Lulu knew when Laura would be back, as he had many important things to discuss with her. Lulu advised him to talk to the deputy mayor or anyone else from Laura's administration that Lulu had recommended, but Cyrus demanded that she relay a message to Laura.

"Is there a problem here?" Sam asked. Lulu told Sam that Cyrus was asking a lot of questions about Laura. Cyrus commented that he was just a concerned citizen with a lot of great ideas to run by the mayor, and he didn't deal with surrogates. He told Sam that he was happy to hear that Jason was doing better, and he walked away.

Maxie and Peter approached as Lulu was asking Sam about Alexis. Sam replied that her mother was still in shock and processing Neil's overdose. Lulu lightly suggested that Cyrus was involved, and Maxie was stunned by the "serious allegation." She explained that any criminal would know that Sonny ran Port Charles, and no one would want to upset Sonny. Sam suddenly excused herself to check in on Alexis. Peter thought that Cyrus had "gone straight," but Lulu didn't think people were asking the right questions. Maxie could feel a "work conversation" starting, so she excused herself.

Lulu believed that Cyrus had been walking around "unchecked" because his story hadn't gained notice by the national media. She believed that an "A-list reporter or a national news anchor" getting the story would be a "game-changer," as she was sure that Cyrus was "dirty." She asked for Peter's blessing to make it happen, and he gave it. As Cyrus watched from a table across the room, Lulu insisted that all she wanted was to keep Port Charles safe from Cyrus.

A man sat down across from Cyrus. He informed Cyrus that Walker had gotten word from their source at the PCPD that Neil had, in fact, overdosed on Cyrus' product.

Maxie found Sam outside the restaurant and started talking about the baby. She suddenly paused and called Sam out for never congratulating her on the pregnancy. "Are we still friends?" Maxie asked. Sam apologized, as she'd had a lot going on. Maxie thought it was because Sam didn't approve of Peter. She insisted that she knew who Peter was, and he'd moved on from Faison's deeds. "I hope so," Sam said.

Nina and Jax finished up their coffee as Jax informed Nina that he was going to go see Josslyn that morning. He praised Nina for postponing the search for her own daughter so that he could be with his. Nina replied that Phyllis Caulfield wasn't going anywhere, and they could easily pick the search back up. She added that Josslyn needed her father "now." She asked him to give Carly her best regarding the Nelle situation. Jax promised to talk to Nina later, and he left.

Brando entered his garage, and he was surprised to see that Jason was there and that the garage had been cleaned up. Jason divulged that Sonny had sent some of his men there to take care of the garage, and Jason had wanted to make sure that the job had been finished. Jason had also wanted to check up on Brando after his attack. Brando replied that there would be no permanent damage, and the doctor had given him the all clear to go back to work. Jason commented that surveillance was beneficial, and he took the camera down from the wall. "I suppose I should thank you for spying on me?" Brando questioned.

Jason explained that he had needed to be sure that it really hadn't been Brando that had messed with his motorcycle, and the camera had been the only way to prove it. Brando didn't like it, but he understood and also recognized that it had saved his life. Jason related that he had a plan regarding Cyrus, but he would have to involve Brando. Brando had a problem with that, but Jason urged Brando to hear him out. A few minutes later, the two shook hands, and Jason promised to be in touch. Brando promised to never let Jason's bike out of his sight the next time it needed work, and Jason left.

Sonny sat looking at Mike's watch as he told Carly about it. The doorbell rang, and Carly answered it to Ava, Nikolas, and Avery. Sonny walked up to the door, and Ava asked for a minute to talk, so Carly walked away with Avery. Ava expressed her sympathy for Sonny's loss, and Nikolas agreed that Mike had been a good man. Ava informed Sonny that she hadn't told Avery about Mike, as she thought it was more Sonny's place than hers.

A few minutes later, Ava and Nikolas were outside of Sonny's, and he wondered what her hurry was. She answered that she was meeting a friend for breakfast and inquired if he was keeping tabs on her. He replied that he was merely curious. "See you back at the castle," she said, and she left.

Carly asked Sonny what Ava had wanted, and he revealed that he had to tell Avery about Mike. He didn't know how to do it or what to say, and he decided to wait until the next day. Carly informed Sonny that Avery was no longer a baby, so she could see how sad everyone was. She urged him to just tell Avery the truth. The doorbell rang, and Carly opened the door to Jax. Jax expressed his sympathy and wondered if there was anything he could do. Sonny only told him to take care of his daughter.

A few minutes later, Sonny sat down with Avery. He told Avery that he had some bad news about her grandfather, and he revealed that Mike had died. He assured her that Mike loved her and would always be with them in their hearts. He hugged his daughter and asked how she was feeling. She replied that she was hungry, so he suggested that they go inside for a snack. She got up and ran, and he noticed that she'd dropped something. "Is this yours?" Sonny asked, holding up Nelle's half heart necklace.

Josslyn and Dev played checkers out on the terrace, and she kicked herself for thinking that playing Mike's favorite game was a good idea. Dev thought that Mike would have wanted them to enjoy themselves, and they were playing in his honor. Dev mentioned that Trina had wanted to meet at Kelly's to discuss homecoming, but Josslyn didn't feel up to party planning.

A short while later, Jax emerged from the house and hugged Josslyn. Josslyn revealed that she'd cried a lot, but she felt "cried out." She told Jax about skipping her homecoming meeting. Jax thought that Mike would want Josslyn to live her life to the fullest, even if he wasn't around to see it.

Later, Jax rejoined Carly inside the house, and he informed Carly that Josslyn had gone to meet friends. They marveled over how resilient she was, and Jax thought that Josslyn had gotten the trait from her mother. Carly related that she would "fall apart as soon as I get time." Jax wondered if she'd told Sonny about Nelle yet, but she hadn't, since he'd been preoccupied with Mike. Jax thought that it was better if fewer people knew, anyway. She told him that she hadn't heard from the PCPD since she'd given her statement, and Jax hoped that Nelle would stay gone and let Carly be free. Just then, Jason entered the house.

Dev entered Brando's garage, and Brando wondered what he could do for Dev. Dev said that he'd just been in the neighborhood, but he admitted that he needed advice about a girl. He said that the girl was "funny, gorgeous, athletic," and she'd even made a move on him a few months before. However, he explained that he'd told her that it was a bad idea, and he'd made himself seem uninterested. He talked about how he and his friends, including the girl, were going to homecoming in a group, and Brando intuited that Dev wanted the girl to be there as his date instead of his friend. Brando thought that Josslyn could put in a good word for Dev, but Dev confided that the girl in question was Josslyn.

Dev was sure that Josslyn liked Cameron, and he thought it was unfair, since all the girls liked Cameron. Brando thought that she probably still liked Dev if she had before, but Dev countered that it had been awhile. Brando advised Dev to be himself and remind Josslyn of how great he was. He concluded that if it was meant to be, the rest would follow.

Ava and Nikolas receive compromising photos

Ava and Nikolas receive compromising photos

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

At the WSB facility in Switzerland, Dr. Kirk found Dante sitting on the floor in his room and trying to meditate. Dante admitted that he was able to practice "for a minute or two," and the doctor tried to give him words of encouragement. When Dante asked about the offer to take part in a mission at home, the doctor revealed that the offer had been withdrawn.

Dante flew off the handle and began to shout at Kirk. The doctor insisted that he wasn't certain that Dante would be able to complete the mission, and he could be a danger to himself. Dante agreed that he had stated that at first but he'd heard his mother crying when she'd attempted to visit. He thought that he was doing more harm than good to his family by keeping them out.

Dr. Kirk confessed that there were recommendations in Dante's file, and Dante realized that only the doctor could have been the one to make those recommendations. He accused the doctor of wanting to keep him in the facility. As Dante grew more furious, the doctor attempted to calm him down. Dante vowed that the doctor would not keep him there; he wanted to go home and rebuild his life.

As Dr. Kirk continued to back away, Dante asked if he was afraid. Dante added that the doctor had given him hope and had taken it away. Dante admitted that he wanted to hurt Kirk, but he wouldn't. Suddenly, the doctor informed Dante that it had all been an exercise. He pointed to the overhead camera and noted that there was an audience. The doctor had wanted to see if Dante could handle stress and not cause any harm.

The doctor announced that Dante had passed the test as the doctor had known he would, and he was free to go home. Kirk offered his help and handed Dante a file. Dante sat down on the bed and opened the folder as the doctor left.

"It's done," Dr. Kirk said to an unknown party. He informed the person that Dante would be going home, although he could snap at any time and was close to the edge. The doctor lamented that it would happen because the unknown person said it had to happen.

At the garage, Sam told Brando that she had wanted to help clean up the mess and had been unaware that Jason had already taken care of it. Sam hoped things were "back to normal." Maxie walked in and complained about her car not being ready. She was surprised to see Sam and asked if Sam knew Brando. Sam said that she did and told her that Brando had gotten jumped. He hadn't been negligent with the car.

Sam received a phone call and walked out, and Brando introduced himself to Maxie. Sam returned and announced that she had to leave. She ordered Maxie to "play nice." Brando thanked Sam for checking up on him, and she told him to feel better. Maxie was suspicious and wondered how Brando had obtained Sam's "stamp of approval."

Maxie explained that Sam was usually "guarded." Brando flashed back to his first meeting with Sam when she had threatened him over Molly. "Don't I know it!" he said out loud. Maxie assumed he'd done something special, and he agreed he'd "made the cut." They talked about the car problem and kids after Brando mentioned he'd seen the car seats. Maxie asked him questions, and at first, Brando said he didn't have children. He quickly covered and said that he had one, though he hadn't known him as a child.

Maxie also asked Brando about a significant other, and she was astonished to hear that he had none. Brando replied that he didn't have time for a social life but wouldn't mind having more kids someday. He loved Avery and Donna. He admitted that he'd been starting to bond with his son who had asked for love life advice. Maxie assumed that Brando would have "vast experience."

Lulu and Elizabeth sat at a table in Kelly's and talked about Britt and Cyrus. Elizabeth thought the situation at the hospital would get bad. Lulu replied that Laura would be able to help Elizabeth and the family financially, but Elizabeth replied that things were okay. Lulu revealed that she had Peter's permission to work on a project.

Trina walked in and stopped to say hello. She chatted briefly with Lulu and Elizabeth about the upcoming homecoming dance, and Trina went to the counter for a drink. Lulu and Elizabeth moaned about how time was going by so quickly.

Lulu admitted that she hated Nikolas' game to "best Ava" but Elizabeth stressed that the couple had been doing it to each other. Lulu hoped there was still goodness in Nikolas because she'd seen some small glimmers of it. Elizabeth flashed back to the kiss in the park with Nikolas but told Lulu that Nikolas was definitely not better. Just then, Nikolas walked in.

Nikolas made his way to the table, and the he chatted briefly with Lulu and Elizabeth about Mike's passing. Elizabeth snapped that it was too bad that Spencer hadn't gotten to know Mike, since he'd been stuck in Europe. Nikolas began to say that he would take it all back, but Elizabeth cut him short. She had to leave for the hospital, and she headed to the door. Lulu wondered what Nikolas had done to Elizabeth. Nikolas sat down and admitted there was a long list. Lulu revealed that she and Elizabeth had been talking about him.

Outside, Molly spoke to Alexis on the phone and tried to make plans to visit. Alexis was annoyed as she attempted to open her front door. She told Molly to work on her commitment ceremony guest list instead, and she hung up on her daughter. Molly returned to the table where T.J. was sitting and complained of her mother hanging up on her.

T.J. suggested that Molly stop "hovering," but Molly admitted she'd gotten Sam to check up on Alexis instead. They chatted about their guest list, which they considered to be complete, and T.J. did an impression of Sonny. Molly flashed back to her kiss with Brando as T.J. praised her and reminded her that Alexis had offered them the use of her house for their ceremony. Molly didn't think that was wise after Neil had died there.

After Alexis hung up on Molly, she dropped her keys. The newspaper announcement for Neil's memorial popped up on her phone. "Damn!" Alexis exclaimed over and over as she began to kick her front door. Just then, Valentin appeared, and he stooped over to pick up the keys. He opened the door, and they walked inside. Alexis suggested he get back to running his stolen corporation, and Valentin assured her that he'd taken the company over legitimately.

Alexis admitted that under normal circumstances she would love to spar with him but she wanted him to leave. Valentin closed the door and told her how sorry he was to hear about Neil. He thought that she had been through a lot, and it had been more than anyone could bear.

Shortly after, Valentin and Alexis sat on the sofa and sipped from their cups of tea. She thanked him for being kind, but he felt that he was only returning the favor. She hadn't condemned him for the incident with Sasha or when he'd learned he wasn't really a Cassadine. He wanted to be her friend. Alexis retorted that she had many friends who were full of advice, so Valentin asked her to tell him about Neil while they sipped their tea.

Alexis told Valentin about the memorial notice that had popped up on her phone, which had told about Neil in all of two sentences. She explained that he'd been more than that, and she proceeded to talk about all of his good qualities. They had made a mess of their careers for each other, but they had been determined to plan their future together.

As Valentin muttered that hope was gone, Sam walked in and called out to Alexis that Molly had asked her to check in. She spotted Valentin and began to yell in earnest. She asked accusingly if he had put her mother into the cast on her arm. "I did it to myself," Alexis said and managed to quiet Sam down. She told her daughter about her osteoporosis diagnosis.

Alexis confessed that she had wanted time alone to process everything, but Sam only wondered why Valentin was present. Valentin declared that he had invited himself inside and had helped Alexis out. Alexis began to grow flustered and yell as she exclaimed about all that she had on her mind. She declared that she had a "diminished place in the world" due to her diagnosis.

Sam stated that osteoporosis was not rare, but Alexis told her it was chronic. Alexis hated that she would no longer be able to wear heels and would have to exercise carefully. They discussed other lifestyle changes that Alexis would have to make. Sam suggested they talk to a doctor, but Alexis said it was too much. Valentin piped up and suggested they arrange for Alexis' funeral instead.

Sam couldn't control her anger, but Alexis sided with Valentin, who said that Alexis could either give up or make adjustments. Alexis ordered Sam to leave, and she added that she had something to discuss with Valentin. After Sam had gone, Alexis told Valentin that while he had overstepped, he'd helped her, too. She asked to borrow a car and driver in order to attend Neil's memorial. She needed to gain some insight into his life, and maybe she'd be able to let go.

Cameron ran into Franco at General Hospital as he searched for Elizabeth. He revealed that he needed some extra money for his tux rental for the dance. Franco told him he'd take care of it, and he asked Cameron about his date. Cameron admitted that while he was going with a group, he liked Trina, even though they were just friends. He thought they should even date.

Franco thought that Cameron should tell Trina about his feelings, but he was aware that it would be difficult. He knew that the teens had a special bond. He thought that if Cameron had missed his chance, life would still go on. Cameron thought it was complicated and that he and Trina could stay in the friend zone, or he might even get rejected.

Nina and Ava sat at a table at Metro Court, and Ava revealed that she had some news; there had been a complication in her plan against Nikolas. She thought he might even be human. She proceeded to tell Nina about her trip to Sonny's cabin with Avery and how Nikolas had shown up to catch her having an affair. She noted that the "dad in him" had shown up. Ava was confused. They'd had "hate sex," and then Nikolas had been kind for no reason.

Nina couldn't believe it. Ava admitted she hadn't believed it, either, even while it had been happening. She said that Nikolas had shown compassion and deep humanity, and he had treated her like a human being.

Nina and Ava were interrupted when Franco arrived and stopped at the table to say hello. He revealed that he wanted a favor from Nina. He wondered if she would be able to obtain a tux for Cameron. Nina said that she could, and Franco gushed about how his good friends always had his best interests at heart. He walked away and stepped onto the elevator. Nina suggested that his comments really hadn't been about her at all. Ava told her that she and Franco had kissed.

Nina expressed disbelief again. Ava clarified that everything was confusing. The kiss had seemed mutual, but she and Franco had agreed it had been a mistake. Nina suggested that Ava and Nikolas didn't hate each other as much as Ava had thought, and maybe they could have a real marriage. Ava wasn't sure if the sex had been a one-time thing or not. Nina asked Ava what she wanted.

Ava wasn't sure. She'd thought that Nikolas was a scoundrel. "Oh, my God, are you falling for him?" Nina asked.

At Kelly's, Cameron and Trina sat outside and talked about attending the homecoming dance as friends. Trina suspected that Cameron was having second thoughts, but before Cameron could awkwardly say anything, Josslyn arrived. The other teens hugged her and expressed their condolences. Josslyn agreed that Mike would have wanted her to attend the dance.

Trina noted that Cameron had been about to tell her something, but he stammered and said that he didn't want to get in Trina's way if there was someone she wanted to ask to the dance. Trina replied that she only wished her father could be there. She, Cameron, and Josslyn began to talk about their playlist.

Inside, Lulu told Nikolas that she loved him, and she was sure he would make the right choice. Nikolas insisted that he wasn't giving up on his plan yet. Lulu asked if he was close to driving Ava away yet or if he was having second thoughts. He flashed back to his evening at the cabin. He told his sister that his plan had been foolproof until Ava had heard Lulu and Dustin talking.

Nikolas ordered Lulu to stop being so happy to hear it. She replied that it was better to cut Ava loose and lose his fortune instead of taking the chance of losing his soul. Nikolas said there was no chance of that, and he had changed his mind about Ava. She was vulnerable and maternal with a sense of humor. Lulu wondered if he was falling for Ava.

Franco found Elizabeth at the hospital. She mentioned that she'd seen Nikolas, and he noted that he'd seen Ava. They agreed that they needed to talk.

At the same time, Nikolas and Ava received phone messages with photos attached. Both were captioned, "I know what you did."

Nelle's body is found

Nelle's body is found

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Chase returned home and found Brook Lynn sitting on the couch and polishing her toenails. She asked him to get her a coffee, since she didn't want to risk smudging her nails. Chase asked Brook Lynn what she intended to do, since he only had one bedroom and bathroom, and he was sure she was uncomfortable sleeping on the couch. He assumed that she had someone else to stay with.

Brook Lynn quickly took offense and retorted that she wouldn't stay where she wasn't wanted. Chase reminded her that their cohabitation was supposed to have been temporary, and they barely knew each other. Brook Lynn was adamant that she would never crawl back to her family, and she was aware that she was being dramatic. Chase agreed that she'd been rejected, but he'd seen her family's faces during the time she'd struggled to survive.

Chase made it clear that Brook Lynn's family loved her and wanted to help her. Brook Lynn admitted that her refusal to stay with her family had more to do with what she'd done to them by selling her stock and betraying them. Chase insisted that Ned had been worried that Brook Lynn would die, but Brook Lynn was sure that if that hadn't happened, Ned still wouldn't be talking to her.

Brook Lynn was convinced that Ned had traded his anger for pity and that he felt sorry for her. She couldn't stand that. She would leave but would not go home.

Ned ran into Julian at Metro Court and asked in various ways whether Julian had spoken to Olivia and when. Julian asked if Olivia was missing, and Ned explained that she'd gone to Switzerland to see Dante. Julian hoped things went well. "If only it were that simple," Ned replied.

Julian asked about Brook Lynn, also, and Ned confessed that he wasn't entirely familiar, since he and his daughter didn't speak to each other. Julian admitted that he could relate to kids and parents not talking. He was sorry that Brook Lynn had crossed paths with Nelle, and Ned replied that everyone was sorry. He thought it was a good time for Julian to end ties with Nelle, and Julian agreed that that was his plan.

At a table in the dining room, Nina wondered if Ava could be falling for Nikolas. Just then, Ava received a phone message. It was a photo of her and Franco sharing a kiss, with the caption, "I know what you did." The message went on to say, "Meet me at the docks in one hour. And it's going to cost you. Big."

"Oh, this is impossible!" Ava complained as she looked at her phone in horror. She told Nina that someone had seen her with Franco, but she was sure that there hadn't been anyone else at the gallery. She didn't think that Nikolas had taken the picture, and she was angry that she hadn't realized someone else had been there. Nina noted that the person wanted big money. Ava knew that she couldn't let Nikolas see it.

Ava was insistent that she didn't know of anyone who would do such a thing. Nina suggested that Nikolas might have hired a private investigator, and Ava agreed that that detective might be trying to blackmail her. She knew that the photo was proof of her indiscretion, but she vowed not to lose her claim to Nikolas' fortune.

At Kelly's, Lulu thought it sounded as though Nikolas was falling for his wife. Nikolas received a phone message, and it was a photo of Elizabeth and Nikolas sharing a kiss in the park. The caption read, "I know what you did." It went on to say that Nikolas needed to get to the docks as soon as possible and be prepared to pay big money.

"What the hell?" Nikolas asked. He grew pale and stood up to leave. Lulu tried to find out what was wrong, but Nikolas would only say it was a business situation. She wondered if Ava was involved somehow, and Nikolas admitted that she was partly involved.

T.J. and Molly sat at an outdoor table and talked about their upcoming commitment ceremony. Molly stressed that they couldn't allow Alexis to host it after Neil's death, and they would have to locate a new venue. T.J. wondered if they should postpone, and Molly agreed. Suddenly, Stella showed up and loudly announced that she would get the job done. There were hugs all around.

T.J., Molly, and Stella all chattered and joked until Molly offered to go inside for Stella's favorite drink. The others sat down, and Stella began her questioning. She wanted to know how T.J. really was after his kidnapping and beating ordeal, and she refused to accept his first reply of being okay. T.J. only wanted to enjoy Stella's visit, but she was angry at his suggestion that she was trying to use her social worker psychology with him.

T.J. admitted that his abduction had been painful and terrifying, and he still didn't know who it had been or what they had wanted. His voice grew shaky, and he was close to tears. He added that he focused on life with Molly and his career. He was still shaky and had nightmares, but knowing that Molly had been waiting for him had gotten him through. "No shortcuts for healing," Stella said. Molly peered through the door.

Molly returned to the table and jabbered about living at the dining room table to study. When T.J. received a phone call from a study friend, he left the table to take the call. Stella asked Molly how she was holding up, but Molly assured her that T.J. had suffered the worst of it. She went on about how she thought that T.J. hadn't wanted to talk to her, and she'd gotten desperate.

Molly stopped herself from saying anything else. Stella guessed that Molly had lost faith in T.J., and she assumed that Molly didn't have any previous experience in the boyfriend department. Stella admitted that she would have reacted the same way, but she knew how truthful and principled Molly could be. She assured the young woman that there was no sin in doubt, and it was better than deceit.

T.J. rejoined Molly and Stella, and he wondered if his aunt was sharing "pearls of wisdom." Stella said that was so, and there would be many more. Molly hoped that Stella wasn't disappointed that she and T.J. weren't having a traditional wedding. Stella said that she was just glad they were vowing to cherish and honor each other, and the rest was just "icing on the cake." She hoped the ceremony included cake. They all laughed.

Bobbie shared a table with Scott at the Floating Rib. He appeared not to be paying attention as he cracked nuts, and she went on about the hospital and the jobs no longer being done as well as before. She stated that she wasn't fulfilled any longer, and she missed her job. After receiving grunts of acknowledgement from Scott, Bobbie mused that maybe she would return to "selling the girlfriend experience."

Scott finally looked up, and Bobbie asked why he was preoccupied. He insisted he wasn't and stammered that he had been thinking about a big payout from the hospital. Bobbie replied that she only wanted her job -- but not as long as Cyrus was chairman. Scott suggested another job like a telemedicine startup company that could set her up for life. Suddenly, he received a message and announced that he had a client with an emergency and had to leave.

Sonny sat on his back deck with Avery after he finished telling her about Mike's death. The little girl announced she was hungry, and Sonny agreed they should go inside for a snack. She dropped her broken heart necklace, and Sonny asked if Ava had given it to her. Avery expressed how she'd kept it for good luck, and Sonny guessed she no longer felt that was the case after Mike's passing.

Sonny assured Avery that the necklace could still be good luck because Mike was still with them. Avery complained that it was only half of a necklace, but Sonny told her it was still pretty.

Inside, Jason walked in just as Carly was telling Jax that they needed to be quiet. The trio chatted about Josslyn, and before leaving, Jax reminded Carly to remember what he'd said. "I did something you're not gonna like," Carly told Jason. She told him it was something that had already happened, and Jax didn't want Jason or Sonny to know about it.

Jason grew anxious, but Carly assured him she hadn't slept with Jax. Jason insisted he hadn't been thinking that. Before they could go any further, the doorbell sounded. It was Lulu, who wanted to extend her condolences. She was also sorry that Dante hadn't been there. Carly thanked her for her donation to the Alzheimer's Association.

Nikolas arrived at the docks and shouted out that he would pay more than Ava had for the photo. At the sound of footsteps behind him, he turned around. "You have got to be kidding me!" he exclaimed. Nikolas pleaded with the person to give him time to get the money. He wanted 24 hours, and he urged the person not to do anything before that.

Chase received a phone call as he chatted with Brook Lynn, and he had to leave for police business. He urged her not to underestimate her family, but she could stay as long as she liked. He opened the front door and found Ned standing there. "We need to talk," Ned said to his daughter.

Ned exclaimed that Brook Lynn couldn't be sleeping comfortably in such quarters, and he thought they could work out their issues easier at home. He wanted to take care of her after her attack and after the way he'd treated her. Brook Lynn reminded him that it never worked out, and he had a big mess to clean up. She had sarcastic replies for everything he said.

Ned was angry and insisted that Brook Lynn couldn't walk away. She reminded him that she was still the same person who had been disowned, and there weren't enough "I'm sorries" to cover it. She didn't want him to hold his breath. Ned noted that unfinished business between fathers and daughters seemed to be a Quartermaine trait. "It's a shame that's who we are," Brook Lynn said.

Out on Sonny's deck at the Corinthos house, Lulu and Sonny looked at old photos of Mike and Aunt Ruby, among others. Lulu declared that Mike had been everyone's friend, and everyone had adored him. "Except me," Sonny replied. He admitted to holding onto lots of anger, but Lulu assured him that he'd had the right after his father had left him as a child.

Sonny asked Lulu if she would tolerate Rocco having ill feelings toward Dante, and she admitted she would not. She told Sonny that he and Mike had made peace, and Sonny had learned that gambling was a disease just like bipolar disease and so many others. She thought that things had happened the way they were supposed to. Lulu continued that Sonny had gotten Mike to stay at his house, and she reminded him of all that he had done for his father. Mike had wanted to find a way back to Sonny, and Sonny had made him happy by giving him a family.

Inside, Carly told Jason that the something she'd done was serious, and she hadn't told Sonny because he'd needed time to grieve. She had been trying to protect him. Jason didn't think it was fair to Sonny to hide anything, and Jason would be angry if that was him.

Sonny and Lulu walked inside, and they chatted about the old photos that Laura had sent. Sonny offered to walk Lulu out. Lulu promised to keep him and Mike in her prayers.

At Metro Court, Nina spotted Jax and suggested that the two of them accompany Ava to the docks. She didn't think Ava should go alone. Ava refused and headed to the elevator. Jax asked what was happening, and Nina told him that she was glad she was in a relationship without games and secrets. Jax related that Josslyn was doing well -- sad but "carrying on." Nina thought Jax was a great dad, and she hoped he shared his wisdom if her child was ever found.

Jax and Nina spoke about Mike's funeral, and Nina wondered if Nelle would show up. She asked Jax if Carly had any news about Nelle, but he informed her that Carly didn't know anything more than him.

Nikolas stepped off the elevator as Ava waited to step on. She asked if he was following her again or having her followed by someone else. "We both saw how your jealousy ended last night," she said. Nikolas replied that they needed to talk about "us," but Ava told him she didn't have time. She would see him at home. She stepped onto the elevator. Nikolas looked at the photo again and deleted it.

Ava reached the docks and called out as she looked around. She heard a sound behind her and turned around with her gun in hand.

At the Floating Rib, Bobbie filled out the check just as Scott returned and complained about clients. "Where were we?" he asked Bobbie. "Nowhere, Scott," she replied. She was mad and disappointed, though not at him, because he was being his usual scheming, self-absorbed self. She told him that he couldn't get out of his own way; he was a good friend but a lousy boyfriend. She was disappointed with herself for always traveling the same road, as things always ended the same way.

Bobbie declared that she was calling it quits, and she stood up. Scott stopped her and urged her to talk about anything she wanted. Bobbie proclaimed that she needed to face things during her next setback and not fall into a relationship with him. He always cheated, too. Scott insisted that he didn't cheat all the time, but Bobbie left. She informed him that she'd left him the check. Scott sputtered as he looked at it and called out that the tip of $35 was larger than the $20 bill.

Back at the Corinthos house, Sonny returned to Carly and Jason after walking Lulu to the door. Carly announced that she had something to tell them, but Jason received a phone call. He spoke to someone then turned to the others. Jason announced that their man at the police department had informed him that Nelle was dead. Her body had been found. Carly was uneasy as Sonny nodded his head.

Ava ends her friendship with Scott

Ava ends her friendship with Scott

Thursday, September 24, 2020

On the phone at Sonny's, Jason thanked someone for the update and hung up. He informed Sonny and Carly that, according to their contact at the PCPD, Nelle's body had been found. "May she rot in hell," Sonny chimed in as Carly became distressed. He explained that she'd been found on the Pennsylvania side of the river, and there was an autopsy pending. Carly unconvincingly expressed her relief, and Sonny called her on her less-than-enthusiastic reaction. Carly admitted that, when she'd told them about what had happened the night she'd fought with Nelle, she'd left things out because she hadn't wanted to give Sonny something else to worry about. She told the two what had actually happened, and Jason insisted that it hadn't been her fault.

The doorbell rang, and Jason went to answer it. He opened the door to Chase, who announced that he was there on police business. When he entered the house, Sonny thanked him again for taking Brook Lynn to see Mike. Chase expressed his condolences for the family's loss. He revealed that he thought the family deserved to hear in person that Nelle's body had been found.

Chase continued that Nelle had "apparently drowned," but an autopsy was going to be performed. Because she was the last person to see Nelle alive, he wanted to ask Carly some follow-up questions. She gave her edited version of events to Chase, but Jason suggested that Chase continue the questioning when Carly was more rested.

Chase promised to reach out to Carly if he had more questions, and he expressed how nice it was to finally close Nelle's case. When he was gone, Carly realized that she'd accidentally changed a small detail of her story, but Jason insisted that that wasn't unusual. He assured her that Diane would be there if Chase had more questions for Carly. Sonny thought that the most important thing was that Nelle was dead, and no one else had seen what had happened. "Except for Jax," Carly said.

At Chase's, the only thing Ned asked of Brook Lynn was that, if she wasn't going home, to let him know where she was staying once she left Chase's. She agreed, but their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. Ned answered his phone and quickly became distressed. When he hung up, he informed Brook Lynn that a hotel in Monaco thought that he and Olivia were there on their honeymoon. He continued that some personal belongings had been left behind. He wondered if Olivia's credit card had been stolen, so he decided to freeze all of their accounts. "I wouldn't do that," Brook Lynn said quietly.

Ned went on that Olivia's phone also could have been stolen, which could explain why he hadn't heard from her. As Ned feared that Olivia was stranded in Europe with nothing, Brook Lynn thought back to the voicemail from Olivia that she'd deleted off of Ned's phone. "I did something impulsive," Brook Lynn admitted, and she confessed to Ned what she'd done and what Olivia's message had said. She concluded that Olivia hadn't given any details, so she suggested that Ned call the hotel back.

A short while later, Ned revealed to Brook Lynn that the hotel had sent a copy of the room receipt to him, and it was definitely Olivia's signature. Her phone had been found in the room, so they'd called him, as he was Olivia's emergency contact. Ned lamented that he had no way to contact Olivia, so he decided to go to Anna for Robert's contact information. "At least she reached out," Brook Lynn reasoned. Ned wondered what Robert had gotten Olivia into.

Nikolas sat down with Martin at the Metro Court restaurant and slid an envelope full of cash across the table as a retainer. Nikolas explained about his postnuptial agreement with Ava and asked about the infidelity clause. Martin explained that courts viewed emotional intimacy as being just as sacred as physical intimacy, so infidelity could be argued for either with proof.

A few minutes later, Nikolas sat down at the bar next to Julian and asked if he'd talked to Ava since she'd been at the cabin. "Did something happen?" Julian inquired. Nikolas thought back to his night with Ava and claimed that he just hadn't heard from her. He insisted that he wasn't concerned, as Ava was an independent woman, but Julian replied that everyone knew Nikolas didn't care about Ava. "I have my own sham of a marriage to deal with," Julian said as he got up and walked over to Martin.

Julian asked Martin to help him annul his marriage to Nelle, but Martin reminded Julian that Nelle had fired him. He instructed Julian to find a new attorney on Nelle's behalf to handle it, since she was still missing. He advised Julian to let the new lawyer know that Nelle had left "an important document" in Martin's care that needed to be transferred to her new representation. Just then, Martin's phone went off, and he picked it up. A few minutes later, he congratulated Julian, as Julian was a widower.

Martin explained that he was apparently still Nelle's counsel of record. Julian asked for details, but Martin figured that the police would contact Julian with details, since he was Nelle's next of kin. Julian asked about the important document and offered to take it off Martin's hands, but Martin stated that he would handle it like Nelle had instructed. He said that everything was on hold, anyway, until the death certificate was filed, so he excused himself.

As he waited for the elevator at Metro Court, Nikolas thought back to his conversation with Scott. Nikolas had warned Scott that his own son would be collateral damage if the picture of Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing went public. He also remembered that Scott was supposed to be Ava's friend. Scott had told Nikolas not to pretend to care about Ava. He'd hoped that Nikolas didn't pay, as Ava would see who Nikolas really was. In the meantime, Scott had clarified that he preferred the money.

"I'm here!" Ava called out as she arrived at the docks. She heard footsteps behind her, so she pointed her gun in the direction of the sound. She was annoyed to see Scott, and she told him to leave, as she was supposed to be meeting someone for a "sensitive business transaction." He thought that he could be "of service," and he requested $125,000 in exchange for the picture he had of Ava and Franco kissing. A shocked Ava stammered that she'd been in a "vulnerable space," and Franco had been supportive. "I hear that in divorce court a lot," Scott replied.

Ava asked Scott to delete the picture, and she would forget his "transgression" of blackmailing her. She'd thought they were friends. He countered that he was always the one who initiated things, and she'd been too busy with her new husband, anyway. He related that the money was nothing compared to what she'd get from the Cassadines, unless her picture hit social media. She called his bluff, as she didn't believe Scott would hurt Franco like that. "Says you," Scott shot back.

"How do you know I'm not in love with Franco?" Ava wondered. Scott replied that, in that case, she should want everyone to know. She warned him not to spoil her revenge on Nikolas, but he accused her of using his son to "scratch a few itches." Ava solemnly said that it was rare to know the exact time of the death of a friendship. He informed her that she had 24 hours to get the money to him, and he left. Ava lingered on the docks and thought about her conversation with Scott -- and her night with Nikolas.

Nikolas arrived at the docks and found Ava. He noticed that something seemed off with her, and he wondered if everything was all right. "Everything is just fine. Why wouldn't it be?" she replied.

At the hospital, Franco told Elizabeth that he didn't want money to drive a wedge between them, and he assured her that they'd found a solution. She clarified in a huff that he'd found a solution that could easily cause more problems, and she escaped into the elevator.

Michael and Willow arrived at the hospital, and Michael planned to find Epiphany so he could hear about Cyrus' "new regime." Elizabeth approached and expressed her sympathy about Mike's death. Sasha overheard the sentiment and also gave Michael her condolences. She moved to hug him but quickly stopped herself. Michael excused himself to find Epiphany. When he was gone, Sasha also excused herself, but Willow stopped her. Sasha apologized for almost hugging Michael, as it had been a force of habit. Willow understood, and she wondered if Sasha still loved Michael.

Sasha answered that she would always care for Michael, but she promised not to act on it. Willow assured Sasha that Michael wasn't grieving alone, and Sasha was glad that he had people to lean on, especially Willow and Wiley. Willow disclosed that Michael was arranging for Willow to officially adopt Wiley. Sasha was momentarily shocked, but she quickly regained her composure and said that things couldn't have turned out better.

Franco and Elizabeth were quietly bickering about something personal when Michael approached. Franco excused himself to check on the art therapy room, as it probably wouldn't be there much longer. Michael asked about Epiphany, and Elizabeth divulged that Epiphany had been moved to administration. She told him that Britt was issuing orders straight from Cyrus. He asked if there had been any other changes, and Elizabeth bitterly answered that her hours had been cut.

Elizabeth asked if there was anything she could do for Michael. Michael answered that Wiley was due for his follow-up surgery, and he was wondering if General Hospital was still the best hospital for that. As a parent, she understood his concerns, and she quietly advised him to look into other options. She confided that Mercy's cardiac unit was good, and he thanked her for the tip.

A few minutes later, Michael returned to Willow and Sasha. Sasha again expressed her condolences, and she walked away. He wondered how uncomfortable the conversation had been. Willow answered that the situation was still "raw," and it hadn't helped that she'd told Sasha that Willow was adopting Wiley. Michael didn't see the problem in telling anyone, as Willow was going to legally be Wiley's mother.

Michael told Willow about his conversation with Elizabeth, and he hated having to go to another hospital. Chase arrived at the hospital, and he informed Michael and Willow that Nelle's body had been found. He continued on his way toward the morgue as Michael and Willow celebrated their safety. Chase was waiting in front of the elevator as the two embraced, and he hung his head.

Sasha approached Elizabeth and asked for help with a referral. She explained that she'd been having trouble sleeping, so she was looking for a prescription. Elizabeth offered to set her up with Kevin, but Sasha insisted that it wasn't a "therapy issue." Elizabeth agreed to set her up with a general practitioner, but she advised Sasha that sleep aids weren't as easy to get as they had been in the past due to the high level of abuse. Sasha understood, and she added that all she needed was one or two nights of good sleep. Elizabeth warned her to be careful using them, and Sasha promised that she was always careful about what she put in her body.

A few minutes later, Sasha made a call and told someone she needed to "make a purchase. The usual."

Franco met Elizabeth and asked if she was ready. "As ready as I'll ever be," she answered. They took the elevator to another floor and entered a conference room to meet with Scott. Scott informed them that he'd met with Ava and Nikolas, and he'd shown them the pictures.

Alexis finds herself in a dangerously tempting situation

Alexis finds herself in a dangerously tempting situation

Friday, September 25, 2020

At Chase's apartment, Ned admitted to Brook Lynn that Olivia hadn't been happy with him since he'd taken over ELQ. Brook Lynn suspected that Ned was jealous that Olivia had been spending time with Robert, but Brook Lynn thought that Olivia was smart and wouldn't ruin things with Ned. Ned admitted he wanted both Olivia and Brook Lynn to be at home with him, "safe and sound." Brook Lynn didn't think it was possible but promised to let him know where she would be going. Ned thanked her for making him feel better, and he asked his daughter to call him if she needed anything. They both agreed that maybe there was hope for them.

Valentin escorted Alexis to the Eternity Room East for Neil's memorial. Alexis didn't want Valentin to stay, but Valentin insisted. He remembered how good she'd been to him, and he wouldn't hear of her attending the funeral on her own. They walked inside, and Alexis spotted Neil's framed photo and saw the man she presumed was Neil's brother. Valentin urged her to speak to him.

Alexis and Valentin introduced themselves to Brendan and extended their condolences. Brendan revealed that Neil had spoken about Alexis all the time after having not dated anyone seriously for years. He added that Neil had confessed that he'd "met his match." Alexis agreed that she and Neil had had a special connection, and she was lucky to have known him.

"And I wish to God he never met you," Brendan snapped. Alexis was taken aback, and Valentin retorted that the remark had been uncalled for. Angrily, Brendan continued to tell Alexis off. He declared that Alexis had caused Neil more sorrow than joy. His brother had moved on with his life until the one night in New York City with Alexis, and she had ended Neil's career and had caused him despair. Brendan concluded that Neil had thrown his life away on an overdose.

Valentin made it clear that Neil had been a grown man and had made his own decisions. None of it had been Alexis' fault. Brendan demanded that Alexis leave. He didn't want the celebration of life to be tainted with her presence. Alexis fled the room in tears.

In a hallway at General Hospital, Sasha made a phone call in order to set up her usual purchase. She told the seller that they would meet up outside. Chase approached her as she completed the call and told her that Nelle's body had been found. She wondered how Michael was taking it but was thankful that he was free, and Wiley was safe. She was shaken and near tears.

Sasha was glad it was all over. "And it's too late," she said. Chase disagreed. He thought that with Nelle gone, Michael and Willow could be divorced. Sasha suspected the couple might not want to be divorced and had been developing feelings for each other. "One kiss doesn't make a romance," Chase told her. Sasha believed it could have been a "turning point."

Chase argued that Willow and Michael no longer needed to stay married, and he and Sasha could tell them the truth. Sasha asked if the couple would be happy that they'd been manipulated. "Stop living in a fantasy world!" she exclaimed. She quickly apologized and admitted she hadn't been sleeping well due to her work with Deception. Chase thought there was another reason.

Chase suspected that Sasha had been struggling and wishing she could get back together with Michael. They agreed they had both expected their lives to be different. He assured her that he was there if she needed to call him.

Brook Lynn arrived and called out to her roommate. Immediately, she assured Sasha that she was only crashing on the sofa, and there had been nothing between her and Chase. Sasha replied that there was nothing between her and Chase, either. Chase told Brook Lynn about Nelle; Brook Lynnn admitted she should be sorry but felt more relieved. Chase headed to the morgue and left the ladies to chat.

Sasha wondered when Brook Lynn would be ready to record a song for Deception because they needed her voice. Brook Lynn stated that she was still on the mend, and she thought the timeline might have to be extended. Her doctor hadn't cleared her yet.

Sasha apologized for being excited but explained that she was a partner and brand ambassador for Deception. She added that their projections had been "through the roof." Brook Lynn suggested that she would like to get involved in the business end of things, also, and expand her horizons. She wanted to be a part of the winning team. Sasha stressed that Brook Lynn's voice was wanted, and she didn't have to prove her worth.

As Sasha continued to look at her phone, she announced that she had an appointment. Brook Lynn did, as well. Once Sasha had gone, Brook Lynn muttered that she would have to figure out how to be the voice of Deception without a voice.

Franco and Elizabeth met with Scott in a conference room. He showed them the photos that he'd shown to Ava and Nikolas: Franco kissing Ava, and Nikolas kissing Elizabeth. Franco and Elizabeth were not thrilled to see themselves kissing others, but Scott told them that their idea had worked out well. Ava and Nikolas were "scared and ready to pay." It had been a good idea to have photographers in place.

Scott informed Elizabeth and Franco that Nikolas had looked as though he'd seen a ghost, while Ava had thought that Scott had betrayed her. Franco and Elizabeth confessed that they were both angry to have been treated like pawns in a game. Franco proclaimed that all Ava and Nikolas cared about was their infidelity clause and post-nuptials. Elizabeth suggested that what they had done was worse, but Franco didn't think there was a comparison.

Elizabeth had believed that her old friend Nikolas had been back, but instead, he'd sunk to lower depths. She was not happy that they were blackmailing Ava and Nikolas, though. Franco and Scott believed the Cassadines were getting what they deserved, and Franco pointed out that they could use the money. Scott stuttered and stammered and eventually spit out that they could get even more money than originally thought.

Franco was happy enough with the $25,000 that he thought both Ava and Nikolas would fork over, but Scott appeared ill at ease. "Scott?" Elizabeth said. "What is it that you've done?" Franco asked his father. Scott insisted that Ava and Nikolas had appeared desperate and willing to pay. He had asked each one for $125,000. Franco and Elizabeth freaked out, and Elizabeth pointed out that that would be considered extortion.

Scott insisted it was done, and nothing could change it. Franco was euphoric, and he shook Scott's hand. He thought his father had done a great job. Scott declared that Nikolas had messed with his family, and Scott had "torpedoed" his relationship with Ava. Franco agreed that what Ava had done was unacceptable, and he'd thought she had been his friend. He wanted Ava and Nikolas to feel like they'd been used and tricked.

Scott wanted the Cassadines to feel it in their wallets. Again, Elizabeth mentioned that blackmail was a crime. "I don't want any part of it," she said. She didn't think that Franco should accept it, either. Scott was certain that neither Ava nor Nikolas would go to the cops, and Franco said that technically, it wasn't blackmail until money changed hands. He wanted to wait and see what happened.

Scott revealed that he'd given Nikolas and Ava 24 hours to come up with the money. They wouldn't know that Franco and Elizabeth had been involved. Franco was appreciative and could only imagine all that could be done with the money. Elizabeth was appreciative but didn't agree.

Olivia, Robert, and Ethan were aboard a private plane heading out of Monte Carlo. Olivia lamented that she couldn't find her phone and had probably left it in the hotel. Ethan assured her that there was no Wi-Fi on board the plane, anyway; the bureau wanted to get ahead of the casino story. Olivia believed that Robert could have saved Holly if not for her, but he had accompanied Olivia to Geneva first.

Ethan didn't think it would have made a difference because Robert hadn't received the call from Holly until after her memorial. Robert agreed that Olivia had forced him to attend the memorial; otherwise, they would have already been back in Port Charles. He thought they'd gotten answers, thanks to Olivia.

Olivia revealed how she'd loved spy movies in the past, but the action really hadn't been that glamorous in real life. She was tearful, and she got up and walked into another section of the plane. Ethan asked Robert about his relationship with Olivia, and Robert began to stutter awkwardly. He finally just said that Olivia was married, and they were friends. "Like that ever stopped you," Ethan joked.

Robert had heard stories about "leap before you look" Ethan. The men traded barbs, and Ethan spoke of taking chances and living. Robert thought Ethan reminded him of Holly, even though she hadn't raised her son. Robert thanked Ethan for helping him at the casino, and they laughed about Olivia taking down Rudge.

Robert revealed that he and Holly had reconnected, and it was too bad they hadn't lasted. He and Ethan talked about old times, and Ethan admitted that he couldn't live with the guilt of making Robert think he was Ethan's father. Robert didn't want to discuss it, but Ethan did. He recalled having lied that he had been Robert's son in order for Robert to save him after thinking that Robin had been dead.

Robert insisted that Ethan's real father had had a hand in it, and Holly had given Robert hope to help him survive. She had almost always been right. Ethan chuckled that she never let Robert forget it. Ethan stated that Holly always spoke about Robert and their adventures. She had loved him "in her own way." Robert stated that he loved Holly, too. Ethan called them "perfect partners in crime."

Ethan admitted that he'd wanted to spend more time with Holly but had never said it. They had only sent up the occasional "flare" when they'd wanted to see each other. Robert replied that Holly had known. "Trust me," he said. Ethan was choked up and told Robert he was glad there was someone else to help him remember.

Olivia returned, and Robert told her that he and Ethan had "buried a few hatchets." Olivia urged Ethan to stay at Metro Court as her guest. Ethan declined, citing a date in Antigua. She had hoped he'd stay a while and was disappointed. Olivia thought he should stick by Robert, since they were both grieving. Robert pointed out that they didn't have to be in the same city to share, and Olivia hoped that Ethan would return one day.

Cameron met Josslyn at the bistro at her request. She admitted that she hadn't wanted to go home with her family grieving for Mike and her mother being upbeat about homecoming. Cameron confessed that there had been lots of tension at his house with his mother and Franco worried about bills and covering it up.

Cameron explained that Britt had taken over as chief at the hospital and had cut Elizabeth's hours because she hated his mother. Franco was also worried that he would lose his job. Cameron disclosed that he had been searching for a job with flexible hours in order to help out because he knew that college bills were an added stress. Josslyn felt that Cameron was "all-around amazing" and bound to get some financial aid.

Cameron and Josslyn each felt the other made them feel better. Josslyn had been lost without Cameron and Trina when she'd been under "house arrest," and she knew that the other two had grown closer. They had all gotten through it, though, and would attend homecoming as a group of friends with no pressure. Cameron shared his horrid experiences trying on tuxedos but confessed that he would look "smoking hot." "I'll bet you will," Josslyn replied.

A few minutes later, Josslyn spoke to Carly on the phone and received the news about Nelle. She told Cameron that Nelle had been found on the Pennsylvania side of the river, but she had no other details. "It's really over," Cameron said. Josslyn admitted she felt conflicted. Nelle was the reason that Wiley existed, but she was relieved that Nelle couldn't hurt her family again. She had to leave to get ready for the dance. Cameron told her she always looked beautiful. After an awkward pause, he walked Josslyn out.

Chase ordered a meal at the bar at the Floating Rib as Alexis and Valentin walked in. Alexis wasn't hungry, and Valentin assured her that Neil's brother had been out of line because he'd been grieving. Alexis maintained that Brendan had only said what she'd been thinking. She eyed a drink being poured at the bar.

Valentin continued that Brendan had been angry at Alexis because he couldn't be angry at Neil. Brendan had been looking for someone to blame, and Alexis had been an easy target. He maintained that Alexis hadn't been the reason that Neil had done drugs.

Ned walked in, sat at the bar beside Chase, and ordered a double scotch. Chase asked if he was okay. "Just great," Ned responded. He wasn't sure if he should be annoyed or grateful to Chase for allowing Brook Lynn to stay at his place. She might have returned home instead. Chase pointed out that Brook Lynn had had options.

Ned looked over at Alexis and Valentin. "Oh, yeah. Women like to have options," he said. Chase pointed out that Brook Lynn wouldn't be so angry if she didn't love Ned, but there was possibly a way to reconcile. Ned made his way over to Alexis and Valentin and asked to speak to Valentin outside. Valentin didn't want to leave Alexis, but she urged him to go as a favor to her. Alexis eyed a vodka that the bartender was carrying to another table.

Outside, Ned and Valentin began to argue as Chase stood by. Valentin ordered Ned to call the office if he wanted to discuss ELQ. "You smug bastard," Ned yelled. He accused Valentin of preying on his daughter when she had been vulnerable. He wouldn't allow Valentin to do the same to Alexis. Valentin shoved Ned and told him he was drunk. Ned slugged him.

Inside, Alexis ordered a double vodka.

At the hospital, Franco promised to destroy the photos with or without any payout. Elizabeth was angry and felt that Nikolas and Ava had deserved a scare. Marriage was important to her. Franco suggested that no real damage had been done, and she admitted she was happy to have overheard Nina and Ava talking in order to learn the truth. She and Franco agreed they'd never lost faith in each other, and they were the winners.

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