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Mike Corbin was laid to rest. Sonny and Dante shared an emotional reunion. Jackie Templeton returned to Port Charles. Dustin and Lulu decided to move in together. Ryan blackmailed Ava. Ned and Alexis agreed not to tell anyone about their one-night stand.
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Mike Corbin was laid to rest, and Jackie Templeton returned to Port Charles
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Ava gets a shocking phone call

Ava gets a shocking phone call

Monday, October 5, 2020

On the Haunted Star, Trina joined Portia and Elizabeth on the deck. Elizabeth offered to give them a minute, so she walked away. Trina admitted to Portia that she didn't feel right being there, and Portia believed that no one would think less of Trina if she wanted to go home. Trina remembered all of the advice she'd given Josslyn after Oscar's death, but she commented that it was harder living through grief.

Trina also felt guilty for not thinking about her father, as she was stressing about something else. Portia guessed that it was Cameron, and she urged her daughter not to bottle up her feelings. Trina didn't know how he felt, and she didn't know how she felt, either. "And I'm not the only one," Trina added.

Dev watched as Cameron and Josslyn kissed. The two smiled at each other until they heard Dev say, "Am I interrupting?" Josslyn insisted that he wasn't interrupting anything. Dev suggested that she go talk to Trina, who was having a tough time. Josslyn ran off, and Dev took the opportunity to ask Cameron if he would have kissed Trina had he found her first. Cameron replied that he hadn't planned on kissing anything, and he didn't know how it had happened or what it meant. He continued that he cared about both girls, and he didn't want to hurt either of them. Dev instructed Cameron to tell both of the girls that he just wanted to be friends with them.

Cameron didn't want to string anyone along because he didn't know how he felt about Trina or Josslyn. However, he commented that telling someone "just friends" was "the ultimate blow-off." Dev sadly thought back to Josslyn telling him that she was glad to have him as a friend. Cameron talked about the "weird stage" he was at with both girls, and he thought that they would see right through him.

Dev wondered what Cameron planned on doing. Cameron thought that his best option was to step back and get a handle on his feelings before he told anyone anything. Cameron knew that he and Dev occasionally butted heads, but he thought Dev was a good friend. "Back atcha," Dev replied.

Josslyn found Trina, who told Josslyn that she didn't feel well. Josslyn offered to go with Trina if she wanted to leave, and Portia approved of whatever the girls wanted to do. Trina wanted to stay, since it was their last homecoming dance. Josslyn knew a place they could go to talk, so the girls walked away. Elizabeth rejoined Portia and expressed her sympathy for Trina's tough time. They bonded over dealing with their kids' teenage angst. Elizabeth guessed that their kids were angsty about each other, and Portia agreed.

Portia and Elizabeth talked about how much Cameron and Trina had been through together and how glad the moms were that their kids had each other to rely on. Portia figured that they would stay out of it and let their kids figure out their feelings. Elizabeth observed that Portia seemed casual about Trina putting her heart out there. Portia countered that she was "freaking out." However, she'd tried to impart on Trina that there was room in life to love many people, and just because people left didn't mean she loved them any less.

Josslyn led Trina into a stateroom, and she assured Trina that it was all right for them to be there, since Lulu owned the ship. Josslyn promised that she would understand if Trina wanted to leave, but Trina didn't want to put a damper on the night. Trina didn't think that being home would help how she was feeling. Josslyn offered to stay there with Trina for however long Trina wanted. Trina was already feeling better and thanked Josslyn for the time away. The girls returned to Cameron and Dev and wondered what they'd been talking about. "Guy stuff," Cameron said as he smiled.

At the Metro Court bar, Molly was working on her laptop as T.J. hung up his phone. He revealed that the student government at Port Charles University was hesitant to be involved in their protest against Cyrus. She didn't blame them, as they were probably concerned about getting hired after graduation, but T.J. thought that there were more important things than getting hired. Just then, Molly got a reminder on her laptop that their appointment with the florist was the next week, and she wondered if they should reschedule it. T.J. caught sight of Brando arriving at the restaurant and called him over.

T.J. informed Brando that he and Molly had some possible dates for the protest, and they would love for him to be there with them. Brando warned them about the possible fallout and how dangerous Cyrus was. T.J. thought that that was just more reason to act. Molly countered that it wasn't Brando's fight, and it shouldn't be T.J.'s, either. Brando advised that they leave Cyrus to the cops and focus on their commitment ceremony.

Brando got a message on his phone, and he abruptly left the restaurant. T.J. mentioned that Brando had been acting weird, and Molly reminded him that Brando had already been shot because of Cyrus. T.J. had thought that he and Brando were friends, and he wondered what had changed. Molly thought back to talking to Brando about distancing himself from T.J., and she answered, "Who knows what else he has going on?"

At the Metro Court restaurant, Stella thanked Jordan and Curtis for dinner as they sat down at a table. Stella had observed T.J. and Molly at the bar, "organizing a big event." Jordan hadn't expected T.J. to follow through so soon on planning a protest against Cyrus. Stella didn't think that T.J. would be so determined to "right injustice" if the PCPD had handled his abduction better. She immediately apologized to Jordan for the remark, but she acknowledged that T.J. was dealing with trauma. Jordan knew that, and she related how she'd wanted T.J. to talk to Kevin. Jordan decided that she needed to talk to T.J. immediately, so she left the table.

Stella hadn't meant to cause trouble, especially since she thought that Jordan looked like she was about to collapse from her burdens. Curtis vowed to be there for whatever Jordan needed. Stella wondered who would be there for him, as she knew that he still blamed Taggert's death on himself. He related that Trina still blamed him, but Portia thought it was because there was no one else around to be angry with. A curious Stella wondered who Portia was. "Ancient history," Curtis replied. Stella advised him to "tread carefully," as the past had a way of intruding on the present.

Jordan approached Molly and T.J., and she asked about their plan for the protest. Molly listed all of the groups they'd gotten to participate, and T.J. hoped to generate enough public pressure to force the embarrassed board to vote Cyrus out. Jordan warned that T.J. would be making himself a target, but he insisted that he needed to do something. Jordan instructed him to stop throwing himself into things to distract himself from dealing with his trauma. She informed him that someone would always be there when he was ready to talk about it, and she suggested that he focus on the happy things in his life in the meantime.

When Jordan was gone, Molly said that it wouldn't be the worst thing if T.J. talked to someone about what he'd gone through. He replied that he wasn't there yet, and he wasn't sure if he ever would be. Molly reasoned that Sonny and Jason were watching Cyrus, so it wouldn't be bad if the couple focused on themselves for once. T.J. related that the last thing they needed was someone getting in their way on their big day. Molly agreed and thought back to when she'd kissed Brando.

Jordan returned to the table, and Stella again apologized to Jordan for mentioning T.J.'s abduction. Jordan insisted that Stella had every right to be concerned about T.J. Stella made Jordan and Curtis promise to take care of each other, because it would make them stronger. "That's an easy promise to keep," Jordan replied. Stella was content that she would return to town for the commitment ceremony to find Jordan and Curtis safe and happy.

Jason was waiting on the pier when Sonny arrived, curious about what Jason had found out. Jason revealed that an aggressive Cyrus needed to be dealt with, and he knew how to win the war. Sonny said that they needed proof that Cyrus had violated their truce before they did anything. Jason told Sonny that Cyrus' weakness was his arrogance in getting rid of his obstacles. He continued that it was only a matter of time before the hospital became a front for Cyrus' drug operation, and there was only one person left to acquire. Right on cue, Brando arrived.

Jason told Sonny about Cyrus wanting Brando to work for him. Jason suggested that they send Brando to work with Cyrus, but he'd really be working for Sonny. Sonny thought that it was a solid plan, but he didn't know that Brando understood the danger. Brando countered that he'd been in the middle of Sonny and Cyrus since he'd arrived in Port Charles. He continued that he was a soldier, so he knew how to fight, and he vowed to fight for his family.

Sonny feared that Cyrus would use Brando as a hostage. Brando maintained that that was a risk he was willing to take. "I'm not sure I am," Sonny replied. Brando insisted that he'd rather go out as a soldier than collateral damage. Jason told Brando that he'd made his case, but Sonny had the final call.

A few minutes later, Brando was gone, and Sonny feared that Brando still didn't understand the danger of getting involved with Cyrus. He asked Jason to keep an eye on Brando, as he believed that Brando could cause a lot of problems.

At Wyndemere, Julian was telling Ava about Nelle's letter when Nikolas burst into the living room. They argued about his presence in the private conversation until Ava's phone rang. She answered it to a voice asking her if she'd accept charges for a collect call from Pentonville from Ryan Chamberlain. She stammered that she would accept. Moments later, she heard Ryan telling her that he missed her. "What do you want, Ryan?" she asked angrily. Nikolas tried to grab the phone out of her hand as he and Julian protested her talking to Ryan, but she got out of the way.

Ava demanded to know what Ryan wanted, or she would hang up. He told her to wait to get specifics until her visit. She refused to visit him, but he said that he had something "life-changing" to discuss with her. She didn't believe him, but he warned her that she couldn't blame him for the eventual consequences. "You know I hate to wait," he said, and he hung up. Nikolas advised her not to play Ryan's game. Julian commented that he had too much going on to worry about her, too, so he left.

Ava knew that Ryan didn't do anything without a reason, but Nikolas could tell that she was scared. He urged her not to give Ryan what he wanted. Ava informed him that she made her own decisions. She figured that ignoring Ryan would be more comfortable for Nikolas, since both men had used Kiki to manipulate her. She stormed off, but Nikolas followed her. Nikolas insisted that there was a big difference between his and Ava's "game" and what Ryan had done.

Nikolas knew that what he and Ava were doing was childish, petty, greedy, vain, and shallow and that there were better ways to spend time. He continued that Ryan was sick, and he couldn't stand to see Ryan play with Ava again. Giving him a soft look, Ava apologized for comparing Nikolas' actions with Ryan's, as she knew that Nikolas was nothing like Ryan. She vowed to never play Ryan's games again, so he didn't need to worry about her. Just then, Nikolas' phone went off, and he announced that his accountant wanted to meet with him. He told her that he didn't have to go, but she cracked that one thing they could agree on was the importance of the family fortune. He promised to see her later and left.

Later, Ava sat down in the visitors' room at Pentonville. Ryan was led in by a guard and sat down across the glass from Ava. They picked up their phones, and Ryan purred, "You're a sight for sore eyes."

Ava visits Ryan

Ava visits Ryan

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Michael let Carly into the Quartermaine mansion, and she told Michael and Willow that she wanted to make sure that the family of three was doing all right. Michael informed his mother that he'd asked Willow to adopt Wiley and that Willow was considering it. Michael's phone went off, and he saw that the surgeon for Wiley's next heart surgery was calling. Carly urged him to take the call, as it would give her a chance to talk to Willow, anyway, so he walked away to take the call.

Carly asked Willow if she'd already made up her mind about Wiley and if Michael was wanting to make their situation permanent. Willow knew that adopting Wiley would tie her and Michael together forever, and she acknowledged that there had been moments when it had seemed the two could become more than friends. Carly advised Willow to relax and let her love for Wiley guide her.

Michael returned, having scheduled a consultation for Wiley's next surgery, and he made sure that everything was all right. Carly told Michael that he and Willow had a lot to discuss, so she was going to peek in on Wiley and go home. When Carly was gone, Willow told Michael that Carly had helped her see things more clearly. Willow had realized that Wiley needed both of them, so she'd decided to adopt Wiley.

"Is the patient on his way?" Liesl asked Dr. Kirk, and he replied that Dante would soon be in Port Charles. Liesl was happy with the news, and she looked forward to taking down Peter and Anna. Dr. Kirk challenged that she'd never said anything about targeting Peter's family, but Liesl insisted that Anna wasn't innocent. She needed both to be neutralized in order to gain her freedom. Dr. Kirk replied that he drew the line at revenge, as he'd only agreed to help her clear her name.

Liesl related that Anna had helped Peter frame her, which had turned Britt, Franco, Nina, and Maxie against her. She cried that she'd been wrongfully condemned and incarcerated with no love. "You do have love. Mine," Dr. Kirk assured her. "I've loved you since the day I first saw you in Steinmauer," he added wistfully.

Liesl reminisced about the day she and Dr. Kirk had met and how grateful she'd been that he'd had her transferred to the facility under his personal care. She knew that the scandal would destroy him if they acted on their feelings, so she reminded him that they couldn't be together until she was free. "Then I'll do what must be done," he stated. She urged him to go pack for Port Charles, but he didn't want to leave her. She countered that he needed to keep Dante on track, as she knew how strong-willed he was. He finally agreed and told her that he would miss her. She sweetly blew him a kiss and disgustedly slammed the door shut when he was gone.

Alexis descended the stairs at her house in a robe, and she was ashamed to see the clothes strewn about the living room. "Why did I do that?" she asked herself. She remembered drinking at the Floating Rib and realized that that was why. Ned descended the stairs and asked for an aspirin for the worst hangover of his life. Alexis lamented that he was real, as she'd been hoping that their night together had been a dream. "More like a nightmare," Ned replied. Ned apologized for taking advantage of her grief over Neil, but Alexis advised him to worry about the wife he'd cheated on.

Alexis couldn't believe she'd betrayed her friend Olivia, but Ned reminded her that he'd made vows to Olivia. He expressed his anger at Olivia for "sneaking off with another man" instead of being with him when he'd needed her, but Alexis told him to stop trying to justify cheating. She added that he needed to get answers before he flew off the handle. He asked Alexis to keep the night between them, and Alexis assured him that she wasn't sharing anything with anyone. He thanked her and left. Alexis got out a bottle of liquor. She poured some in a glass and sipped it.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia left Ned another worried message. Monica entered the room, and Olivia wondered if she knew where Ned was. Monica answered that he'd been "scarce" the previous few days. Olivia assumed that he was ignoring her, as the couple seemed to have trouble taking care of themselves and each other at the same time.

A short while later, Olivia was sitting in the foyer when Ned returned home. She ran into his arms and told him how worried she'd been, and she asked where he'd been. "I didn't leave the country and vanish off the radar," he said angrily. She meekly wondered if he'd gotten any of her messages. He replied that all he knew was that she'd left her phone at a hotel, and he accused her of sleeping with Robert.

At Charlie's, Julian sat down across from Brook Lynn and asked how she was doing. "Better every day, no thanks to your wife," she answered. He swore that he'd had no idea how desperate or violent Nelle had been, but he thought that her death would be a comfort to Brook Lynn, as Nelle couldn't hurt anyone anymore. Brook Lynn wondered what Nelle had had on Julian, but he told her to mind her own business. Nikolas overheard the comment as he entered, and he informed Julian that that was no way to speak to a lady. Julian advised Brook Lynn to be careful of the company she kept, and he left the table.

Nikolas sat down and offered to help Brook Lynn with anything she needed, including a place to stay. She admitted that Wyndemere was "creepy," but she assured him that she had a place to stay while she was looking for a place of her own. Amy entered Charlie's and made a beeline for Brook Lynn, asking to "vent to a friend." Nikolas got up and went to the bar, much to Brook Lynn's chagrin. Amy was sorry that Brook Lynn hadn't been able to perform at the Nurses Ball, as she'd heard Brook Lynn's "magnificent" rehearsal. She wondered when Brook Lynn would be able to sing again, and Brook Lynn replied that the doctors had no timetable for her. When Brook Lynn was healed, Amy suggested that they perform together, and she started to sing "You Are Not Alone," which Amy had sung at the ball.

Nikolas approached Julian and asked if he'd seen Ava, as she hadn't been home when he'd returned from his meeting with his accountant. Julian replied that the last time he'd seen Ava had been at Wyndemere. Nikolas assumed that Ava had ignored their warnings about going to see Ryan.

Amy continued humming her song at the bar as Brook Lynn looked on, muttering that she was alone. Julian returned to Brook Lynn and asked if she was all right. She asked if Julian remembered the night they'd first met, and he recalled her advising him to change the parameters of the business deal he'd been working on. Brook Lynn thought it was time to take her own advice, and she got up and sat down next to Amy. Brook Lynn asked Amy to do something for her.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Anna and Finn couldn't believe how big the guest list for their wedding was, and they attempted to pare it down. However, Anna informed Finn that they actually needed to make room for two more people -- Finn's father and stepmother. Finn wondered how she'd feel about inviting Alex, but he immediately apologized for the cheap shot. He knew that it had been a sacrifice to miss her meeting in Berlin with Alex. In the meantime, she'd been thinking about asking Maxie to be another one of her bridesmaids, but that would leave Finn short one groomsman. Finn suggested that he ask Peter, which delighted Anna.

Robert arrived at the restaurant and sat down with Finn and Anna, who'd been worried about him. Robert gave them a brief synopsis of his time searching for Holly, and he was glad he'd at least gotten closure. He thanked Anna for "setting my head straight," and he vowed to do the same for her regarding Peter. Anna refused to listen to his arguments again, and luckily, her phone started to ring. She saw that it was Valentin, so she walked away to answer the phone.

Anna told Valentin that she'd thought a lot about their conversation, and she'd decided that getting Alex to play their game was their only chance to protect Peter and Maxie. She was glad to hear that he agreed to participate. She thought that they could both breathe easier once Alex was "dealt with."

Robert continued to ramble about Peter until Finn banged a fist on the table and yelled, "Enough!" He suggested that Robert give Anna credit once in a while. However, Robert warned him that Anna and Peter were a package deal, so Finn would have to "look the other way" regarding Peter to make her happy. Finn related that Anna had proven over and over to Robert that she only wanted the best for her family. Robert countered that he knew better than Finn when Anna had a "blind spot." Finn wondered if Holly would want Robert wasting what was left of his life, fighting about Peter.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Lulu tried to convince someone on the phone to take up her story about Cyrus. She was hung up on, and she muttered that it was like pulling teeth, trying to get traction on the story. "Looks like I came to the right place!" a woman said as she approached Lulu. Lulu saw the reporter and gushed that she was honored to meet the woman. She was grateful that the woman had journeyed to Port Charles, and the reporter replied that Lulu's pitch had caught her attention. Lulu admitted that she'd asked Luke about the reporter. The woman marveled over how far back she and Luke went, but she refused to give in to nostalgia.

The reporter told Lulu that she'd looked over the material Lulu had sent over, but she needed more evidence of Cyrus' wrongdoings. Lulu knew that Cyrus was planning something big and illegal, using the hospital, but all she had was the gut instinct she'd gotten from her father. "You knew him well. Is that enough for you?" Lulu wondered. The reporter told Lulu that she had other things to take care of in town, so they had time to look around for evidence. Lulu had to go, but she instructed the woman to call if she needed a tour guide. When Lulu was gone, the woman heard someone call out, "Jackie?" She turned to see Robert.

In the visitors' room at Pentonville, Ryan urged Ava to say something, as he'd been dreaming of hearing her voice. He said that he'd almost called her on Kiki's birthday, but he hadn't been sure that she would have taken the call. "Keep her name out of your mouth," Ava snapped. Ryan took note of Ava's "tacky ring" and told her that he'd been following her journey, including her marriage. Ava shot back that Nikolas was ten times the man Ryan would ever be. "He also has two hands, and he knows how to use them," she added.

Ava demanded to know why Ryan had needed to see her so urgently. He revealed that he had information that would be interesting to her and one of her loved ones. He went on that he knew that Julian had known that Wiley was Michael's son, thanks to "a lovely letter from my dear friend Nelle." He concluded that the letter made it clear that Ryan was to relay the information to Sonny, unless she made a better offer. Ryan asked for weekly visits from Ava, or else he would send the letter to Sonny. "Fine, then. I'll do it," she replied glumly. Ryan added that she couldn't show up and despise him, as he wanted things between them to be like they had been before.

Just then, Nikolas burst into the visitors' room and demanded to know what Ava was doing with Ryan. She muttered that it had nothing to do with him, so he needed to go. Nikolas begged to differ, but he was interrupted by Ryan knocking on the glass between them. Ryan wondered if Nikolas and Ava were in love, but she told him that her personal life was off-limits. Ryan disagreed. Ava asked Nikolas for another minute with Ryan. "As you wish," Nikolas replied, and he left.

Ryan told Ava that true love changed things. She responded that she'd already agreed to visit him, and she wondered what else he wanted. Ryan thought that the visits would be pointless if her emotions were tied to someone else, so he demanded that Ava divorce Nikolas.

Chase is surprised to see his mother

Chase is surprised to see his mother

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

As Jason walked by Epiphany at General Hospital, she demanded to know what he was doing there. Jason admitted he was there for research, and Epiphany began to yell at him. She told him the hospital wasn't a library. Jason asked if she was okay, and she admitted she was still adjusting to her administrative role and the rule of the new chief of staff. Her eyes strayed to Britt, who was conversing nearby.

Epiphany commented that Britt was as bad as her mother, although Liesl had been efficient. Britt had been giving out demerits, and nurses were in tears. Epiphany added that even surgeons had been looking to her for reassurance. She muttered that something had to be done about Britt just as Britt wandered over and declared that something needed to be done about Epiphany.

Britt began to lecture Epiphany and told her that she didn't belong out on the floor because Britt was the one who decided what Epiphany would be doing. Epiphany retorted that her nurses missed her. Britt made it clear that the nurses were no longer Epiphany's concern, and she told Epiphany to pack up her things if she didn't like it.

Jason spoke up and pointed out that Cyrus would want Epiphany to leave because he was the one who had really been giving the orders. Britt maintained that she was running the hospital, but Jason wondered if it had been her idea to fire all of the best staff members. Britt wondered if Jason had learned about human resources in murder school while he'd been burying bodies in the salt marshes.

Jason clarified that the salt marshes were in Jersey. Britt quickly retorted that she didn't want him to do any "mansplaining" to her, and she asked why Jason was there. Epiphany quickly stated that Jason had wanted to schedule a follow-up appointment following his motorcycle accident, although Britt was suspicious. Jason suggested that Britt do the follow-up, even if it wasn't her area of expertise. He made it clear that she'd been to medical school, and he only needed an "all clear."

Epiphany asked Jason what was going on, and he stated that Cyrus believed Britt to be doing his bidding. Jason needed to find out for sure. He wondered if Britt was really who Cyrus believed her to be. Epiphany hoped that Jason knew what he was doing. Britt called out to Jason; she was waiting for him in an examination room.

Britt revealed a large syringe and told Jason to "drop trou." She laughed. "I had you going there for a minute," she said. She talked about her various nicknames around the hospital. Her favorite was "The Britch," and there was also "The Wicked Witch of Westbourne," and "Dr. Westnile." She noted that Felix was due for a day of bedpan duty, and Jason asked her if she was really that vindictive.

Britt noted that Jason probably had the rundown on her, but he declared that he liked to make up his own mind. She found him refreshing though full of contradictions. He felt the same about her. He proclaimed that she had found her way out of Faison's grip only to work for Cyrus. Britt gave him the okay to ride though admonished him for riding without a helmet.

Epiphany was waiting by the door, and as Britt left the room, she ordered Epiphany back to work. "Well, at least she left you alive. There's that at least," Epiphany said when she saw Jason emerge. Jason asked her to tread lightly because he thought that Britt could be the key to taking down Cyrus. He didn't know how long it would take.

In another area of the hospital, Valentin ran into Sasha and told her she didn't look well and hadn't since her breakup with Michael. Sasha snapped that it was none of his business, but Valentin insisted he was worried about her and needed her to be sharp for their Deception meeting the following day. He asked if she was angry at him for the Nina business or at herself for pushing Michael away.

Sasha admitted she was angry at herself, but she would be just fine at the meeting. Valentin admitted he couldn't judge her, and she spoke about how much her life had been "folded into Michael's" when they'd been a couple. She was not only alone but lonely. Valentin had no words of wisdom for her but suggested she get a good night's sleep and delve into work.

Brook Lynn sat with Amy at a table at Charlie's Pub. Brook Lynn asked the nurse to sing for her at Deception, and Amy agreed. She recalled their singing together in high school and how much fun it had been. Brook Lynn clarified that it wouldn't be together, but in her place, as she was unable to sing. Brook Lynn explained that her vocal cords had been damaged, and it was too soon to perform. Her future was still an unknown.

After Brook Lynn explained that the song would only be a one-time thing, Amy changed her mind. She told Brook Lynn about the mess that Ask Man Landers had turned out to be, and she didn't want to be involved in anything that could turn out messy or might involve lies. Brook Lynn agreed it was a bad idea.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Willow firmed up their agreement that Willow would officially adopt Wiley. They shared a hug, and Michael lifted Willow and spun her around. Willow stated that they needed to "clarify issues about us." They agreed that their situation had been complicated.

Just then, Monica walked through the room, and Michael told her the good news. Monica was pleased, although she admitted that she had thought they would be talking about making their marriage more official. She said that with Nelle gone, the couple could make more choices not based on Nelle. Monica left the room to take a phone call, and Michael admitted the conversation had been awkward. Willow declared that they needed to figure it out.

Willow admitted that she was fine with the way things were, and Michael said that he felt the same. Willow talked about the difficulty of defining their marriage; she asked if it was a marriage of convenience or more meaningful. She couldn't say, and Michael asked if she wanted a divorce. Willow wasn't sure. She talked about not being able to forget what Chase and Sasha had done, although she recalled her kiss with Michael.

Willow suggested that she and Michael might want to open their hearts to others, and Michael wondered if the adoption was contingent on a divorce. Willow confessed that she hadn't thought things through, and the couple agreed there was no rush. Neither of them was ready to consider a divorce. Michael was grateful that Willow would be by his side at Mike's funeral. Willow grabbed Michael's hand. "I wouldn't be anywhere else," she said.

In another room, Ned wanted Olivia to admit that she'd slept with Robert. "Are you out of your mind?" she shouted. She told him she had not, but Ned told her about the phone call from Monte Carlo when he'd learned about her having left her phone in the honeymoon suite. Olivia thought it was sad that Ned had had poor family examples to go by. She wondered if he didn't know her any better; she would never cheat on him.

Olivia offered to tell him about her trip, but Ned told her there was no need. He had jumped to the wrong conclusion. Olivia admitted that there had been tension between them before she'd left, and then she'd been out of touch. She agreed that she "adored" Robert, and the trip had looked "sketchy." She would never be unfaithful, just as Ned would never be unfaithful.

Chase finished up a phone call as he stood in the elevator at Metro Court. He looked longingly as the photo of himself and Willow on the screen of his phone.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Robert couldn't believe he'd run into Jackie, and the pair made some small talk, complete with barbs. He mentioned that he was the district attorney in Port Charles, and he motioned her toward him for a hug. Jackie drew close but slugged him instead. Anna walked by and helped Robert to straighten up as he grabbed his stomach. He accused Jackie of holding a grudge.

Jackie admitted that she'd been hurt when Robert had chosen Holly over her, and it had taken her a long time to rebuild her confidence. Robert sputtered that Jackie had been the one to leave him. Anna introduced herself to Jackie just as Finn arrived and stared in shock as Jackie acknowledged him.

Just then, Chase walked off of the elevator and was surprised to see his mother. He and Jackie hugged, and she called him Harry. Jackie claimed that she'd wanted to see her son but admitted that she was also in town for a story. Robert explained that he and Jackie had dated. Anna drew Finn into the conversation, and he stammered that Jackie was his stepmother.

Jackie admonished Finn for not seeing her or his father, and she told him that he'd broken his father's heart by taking his mother's last name, Finn. Anna began to pull Robert away; she suggested that they allow the others to reconcile. Robert was loath to leave as he pointed out it was just getting interesting, but he reluctantly allowed Anna to drag him away.

Jackie noted that her husband was not in town with her, and she asked Chase to call Willow to join them. Chase began to stutter, and Finn quickly stepped in and said that Willow would be by later because they had planned a brothers' meeting. Jackie asked about Anna's presence, but Finn replied that she had just been leaving him. Finn had a glazed look as Chase declared that Willow would join them later.

Jackie announced that she was in town indefinitely and could see them another time. Chase asked her about her wrapped wrist, but Jackie merely stated it was nothing and had been injured in the pursuit of a story. Jackie said goodbye, and Finn nodded his head. Chase asked Finn if he'd blown Jackie off, but Finn pointed out that Chase had done the same about Willow. "You're welcome," Finn said. He suggested that Chase just tell Jackie that things hadn't worked out with Willow. He didn't mind running interference for his best man.

Anna and Robert sat at the bar. She told him she'd known about Finn's stepmother, but she hadn't known that Jackie had also been Robert's Jackie. Robert laughed and pointed out that Anna probably knew as much about Finn as Finn knew about her. Anna was annoyed and told him to leave the others alone if he wanted to be a gossip. She stormed off and ran into Valentin, who wanted to talk about Alex.

Valentin spotted Robert, but Anna assured him that Robert was nothing to worry about. Valentin revealed that he had sent an associate to Berlin who had learned that Alex wanted Anna dead. The associate had barely gotten out alive because he had walked into a "deadly setup." He told Anna she was in danger, and he asked Anna why Alex suddenly wanted her dead.

Anna replied that she had no clue and couldn't tell Valentin anything. He asked whether she couldn't or wouldn't tell him anything, and Anna told him to just walk away. Valentin admitted that she still had a hold on him, and he couldn't walk away. He wouldn't be able to stand it if anything happened. Anna thought her sister was capable of anything, and she wanted justice to prevail. She wanted to lure Alex to Port Charles.

Jackie joined Robert at the bar and mentioned how becoming his grey hair really looked, even though he was still a "pain in the ass." Robert thought she'd been a better liar in the past, and he was also certain that she had read up on him before returning to town. Jackie admitted she had. He was sorry for having hurt her, and she was sorry about Holly. She stated that Robert's apology meant a lot.

Monica walked into Charlie's and sat beside Brook Lynn as Amy walked away. Brook Lynn asked who had died, but Monica assured her that she was there to check up on Brooke Lynn. She'd heard from Tracy, who had been worried about Brook Lynn. Monica thought it was time for Brook Lynn to move back home and forgive Ned. Sasha walked in and headed to the bar.

Brook Lynn doubted that Ned was worried about her, and while she'd made a mistake, her father had hurt her purposely. Monica thought that Brook Lynn should be in the house, where she and Ned would run into each other and eventually settle things. Brook Lynn didn't want to involve other family members. Monica told her about Willow's plan to adopt Wiley, and Sasha overheard.

Brook Lynn insisted that she had to prove she was her own person, and Monica said she understood. She would be there for Brook Lynn. Monica left, and Amy returned to the table. She had changed her mind and would help Brook Lynn.

Ned and Olivia sat on the stairs at the Quartermaine house. Ned professed how grateful he was that Ethan had shown up. Olivia noted that at least Ethan and Robert had learned what had happened to Holly. Ned thought he owed Robert an apology, and Olivia hoped that Robert had closure like she had had with Dante. She felt she'd been stupid to try to see Dante, but Ned was glad she'd gone and said that he was the one who had been a jerk.

Olivia admitted she and Ned had had problems before she'd left, and she hoped they could work things out. "That depends," said Ned. He wanted Olivia to forgive him for doubting her, and he thought she should be furious at him. He never should have doubted her. Olivia thought she was to blame, too. She stated that marriage wasn't perfect but messy and complicated. She wanted them to work out. "No one needs to forgive anything," Ned said as they shared a hug. Olivia loved Ned, and he loved Olivia. She did not see his guilty expression.

As Sasha left the pub, she sent someone a text message. She pulled the small bag of white powder out of her purse.

Back at Metro Court, Chase received a text message as Finn was trying to get his attention. Chase hadn't even recognized Finn's invitation to be his best man. Chase stared at his phone. Sasha had informed him of Willow's intent to adopt Wiley. "No going back now," the message ended.

Finally, Chase realized what Finn had said and announced that he would be honored to be best man. He showed Finn the text message and admitted he would no longer be able to tell Willow the truth. "Hey, you don't know that. You can still try," Finn urged. He thought Willow deserved the truth. Chase changed the subject and announced it was time to plan the bachelor party. He showed Finn his dance moves. Finn grimaced.

Jackie made a toast. "Here's to burying hatchets while we're still alive to do the digging," she said. She clinked glasses with Robert.

Loved ones gather to say goodbye to Mike

Loved ones gather to say goodbye to Mike

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Sonny and Carly entered St. Timothy's church. They were arm in arm as they approached the front of the church, where a large framed photograph of Mike was displayed on an easel. Behind it was Mike's closed coffin. Sonny thanked his wife for the touching tribute. Carly admitted that it was her favorite photo of Mike because it had captured his personality. Sonny's eyes grew misty as he confided that the photo had reminded him of the father he'd been hoping and trying to connect with for the past few weeks.

Minutes later, Sonny and Carly greeted Ava as she arrived. Carly thanked Ava for attending the funeral, while Sonny was grateful to Ava for helping with Avery during Mike's final weeks. While Ava sat down, Jason, Sam, and Kristina entered. A tearful Kristina hugged her father while Jason and Sam offered to take over greeting the guests if Sonny and Carly needed a break. Carly promised that she and Sonny were okay.

Soon after, Brando and Dev walked in. Dev talked about what an amazing person Mike had been, and Carly assured the young man that Mike had loved spending time with Dev. Brando was glad that he had gotten an opportunity to reconnect with Mike, even if it had been for a short time. "I'm glad, too," Sonny assured his cousin.

Ned and Olivia were the next to arrive. After Sonny and Olivia exchanged a hug, Olivia tearfully assured Sonny that Mike had loved Sonny more than anything, and that Sonny had been a good son. "Not always," Sonny argued. Olivia refused to let Sonny put himself down, because Sonny had been there for Mike when Mike had needed Sonny the most. Olivia was certain that Mike had known that he could always count on his son.

After Ned and Olivia sat down, Michael and Willow entered and approached Sonny and Carly. Michael wondered if there was anything that he could do for Sonny. Carly assured Michael that she and Sonny had been holding up well. Michael nodded then hugged Sonny. "I love you," Michael told his father. Moved, Sonny admitted that knowing that helped.

Sonny saw Stella lighting a candle in the back of the church, so he and Carly walked over to greet her. They both expressed their gratitude to Stella for all that she had done for their family and for Mike. Sonny promised Stella that he would never forget her kindness.

Moments later, Jax and Josslyn approached Sonny and Carly. Jax extended his condolences. After a brief exchange, Jax ushered Josslyn to a pew. Next, Sonny and Carly greeted Brook Lynn, who admitted that Mike had been "one in a million." She thanked Sonny for sharing his father with her.

Diane greeted Sonny with a hug, and he thanked her for all that she had done for his father when the Alzheimer's disease had gotten Mike in hot water with the law. After Sonny walked away to greet another visitor, Diane asked how Carly had been handling things. Carly assured Diane that she was fine, but Diane seemed skeptical. She invited Carly to call her if Carly needed to talk.

In the church's courtyard, Sonny thanked Elizabeth for all that she had done for Mike and for Sonny, especially at the end when she had advised him not to authorize a feeding tube for his father. Elizabeth appreciated Sonny's kind words, but she was certain that he would have eventually reached the same decision on his own because he had been very in tune with his father. She assured Sonny that he had nothing to regret because he had never faltered, and he had done the "very best" for his father.

Later, Carly, Sonny, and Kristina were seated in the front pew as the service began. Kristina held her father's hand as Michael approached the podium. Michael talked about Mike's love for laughter, so he was certain that his grandfather would want everyone to laugh, above all. Michael acknowledged that his grandfather had endured hard times, and Mike had had his regrets, but Mike had never shied away from life. Michael assured everyone that Mike had known that it hadn't been about winning or losing, but rather the people whose lives Mike had touched.

Michael ended his eulogy by assuring those who had gathered to say goodbye to Mike that Mike had loved them all. Michael walked over to Mike's coffin then gently rested his hand on the lid for a moment before returning to his seat.

Next, Olivia spoke on behalf of Mike's eldest grandchild, Dante. Olivia's voice quivered with emotion as she revealed that Dante had only gotten to know Mike after Mike had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. However, Dante and Mike had developed a special bond, in part because Mike had been a generous, easygoing, and optimistic person. She added that Mike had also had a fierce temper when pushed too far, much like Dante.

Olivia shared the story of the night that Dante had spent in lockup with Mike when a brush with the law had landed Mike in jail overnight. Olivia had commended Dante for watching over his grandfather, but Dante had assured his mother that it had been a privilege to spend time with his grandfather. Olivia believed that time spent with Mike had never been wasted and that each of their lives was richer for having known him.

After Olivia sat down, Ava took to the podium. She looked directly at Sonny as she spoke about Mike on behalf of Avery, who had adored her grandfather. It had been clear to Ava that the feeling had been mutual because Mike had taken time to enjoy tea parties with his granddaughter, push Avery on swings, blow bubbles, and share marvelous tales about his childhood, and they had both had a passion for horses. Ava added that Avery had always looked forward to her visits with Mike, and her daughter had never been frightened by Mike. Even when Mike had no longer been able to focus and communicate, he had always had a big smile for Avery. Ava was certain that Avery would never forget her grandfather because he had been a bright light in Avery's life.

Next, Elizabeth addressed the mourners. She recalled first meeting Mike when she had been a teenager. It had seemed like she and her friends had always been struggling with one problem after another or had a personal drama, but Mike had watched out for them. Looking back, Elizabeth realized that Mike had always been a wise man with a lot of experience to share. She recalled that he would listen to their problems and offer his support, but he would step back to let them work things out for themselves. It wasn't until years later when Mike had returned to Port Charles that Elizabeth had realized how much she had missed him.

As Elizabeth spoke, she flashed back to the time that she had encountered Mike in St. Timothy's. Elizabeth had been distraught, and Mike had tried to lift her spirits. He had wiped away her tears as he had told her that she had always been a sweetheart. Then he had joked that it would be impossible for him to forget. Elizabeth had flashed a smile. "You're still a charmer," she had told him. "For now," Mike had replied. He knew that he would likely forget in time, which he had confessed was a "damn shame."

Elizabeth concluded her eulogy by conceding that Mike had struggled to remember in the end, but when he had had a moment of lucidity, he would flash his charming smile, and it would be like time hadn't passed at all.

Brando followed Elizabeth. Brando had only met Mike one summer when Brando had been a child and then again the previous summer. However, it had been enough time for Mike to teach Brando some important lessons, starting with the lesson that family mattered. Also, there was less time than people thought, so it was important not to waste time by holding onto grudges or trying to control things that could not be controlled.

As Brando spoke, Sam glanced over her shoulder at Elizabeth. Seated next to Elizabeth, Brook Lynn appeared to take what Brando said to heart. Brando revealed that Mike had also taught him that everyone made mistakes and that Mike's wisdom stemmed from learning from the mistakes that Mike had made. Brando urged everyone to be kind and tolerant and to value what truly mattered.

After Brando returned to his seat, Jason offered a few words about Mike. Jason had met Mike at Luke's nightclub when Mike had been bartending. Sonny had given Jason his first job parking cars at the club, and Mike had been easy to work with. Jason had always considered Mike a friend, but it hadn't been until a few years earlier that Jason had appreciated Mike's courage. Jason explained that Mike had made terrible mistakes when Sonny had been a child, and there had been a time when Mike had run away because he hadn't been able to face his failures.

Jason explained that Mike could have kept running forever, but Mike had taken the more difficult path by returning to Port Charles to make amends. Jason added that it hadn't been easy for Mike or for Sonny, but Mike had refused to give up on repairing his relationship with Sonny.

In the front pew, Sonny's eyes filled with tears as he thought about a night at Pozzulo's with his father when they had talked about Sonny's violent stepfather Deke. Mike had expressed deep remorse for not protecting Sonny from Deke's abuse. Mike admitted that there had been times when Mike had tried to intervene, but he had not done it often enough.

Jason believed that it took courage to stand and face the damage that one had caused and to not give up on the people one loved or oneself. Jason admitted that Mike was one of the bravest people he'd known because Mike had had that kind of courage. Meanwhile, Sam looked at Elizabeth, and the two appeared to have a silent exchange.

Next, Stella spoke about her friendship with Mike. She explained that despite Mike's Alzheimer's disease diagnosis, he had always been interested in people's lives. Stella had also been moved by the close bond that Mike and Sonny had shared. She knew that Mike had struggled for decades with a gambling addiction, but when Mike had returned to Port Charles, Sonny had been with Mike every step of the way.

Sonny recalled talking to Stella about Mike's diagnosis and how relentless the disease was. Stella had urged Sonny to accept help when it was given because he wouldn't be able to help Mike if Sonny couldn't help himself.

At the podium, Stella recognized that no one could beat Alzheimer's disease, but Mike had held on for as long as he'd been able. She commended Sonny for choosing to let Mike leave with dignity. In Stella's book, "father and son fought Alzheimer's to a draw." Sonny smiled.

Sam was the next to eulogize Mike. Sam had appreciated Mike's wonderful sense of humor and how he had never judged people. Mike had never presumed to know a person's motives, and he had never put himself in a position to criticize a person's choices because Mike knew that everyone was flawed and had done things that they regretted. However, Mike had taught her that if everyone took a second to laugh -- even at their own expense -- a person could find perspective and move forward. Things might not work out how one had wanted or planned, but they should learn to adjust and keep going. It was an example that Mike had set for Sam, and she would always treasure it.

Carly followed Sam. Carly's eyes filled with unshed tears as she recalled how terrified she had been when Mike had first been diagnosed because she had worried about how it would impact her family. Carly acknowledged that there had been hard and painful times, but there had also been many wonderful moments when Mike had still been himself. Carly shared that even when Mike had started to slip away, he had continued to enjoy great music, good food, and being with the people he loved.

Carly reminisced about Mike's final trip to the racetrack when Sonny had arranged for Mike to see the horses that Mike had loved his whole life. She recalled how present Mike had been. In the pew, Sonny nodded in agreement. Carly smiled wistfully as she talked about how Mike and Sonny had mended what had been broken between them. Sonny had given Mike the forgiveness and love that Mike had needed to be at peace. "I love you," Carly told Sonny as she looked at him with tears shimmering in her eyes.

Finally, Sonny stood before the podium to remember his father. His voice shook with raw emotion as he admitted that it had been a difficult week, and he hadn't been certain that he would be able to speak, but he was grateful to everyone for being in Mike's life -- and the beautiful words that they had shared.

Sonny realized that it hadn't been a secret that he'd been estranged from his father for years. Sonny had harbored a lot of bad feelings toward Mike, and he had been unable and unwilling to see Mike for who he'd been. Sonny's anger had made him judge his father harshly. Sonny admitted that Mike's Alzheimer's disease had been one of the hardest things that Sonny had endured, but he had finally been able to see his father for who Mike had truly been -- an amazing man. Sonny had been proud of his father, but he hadn't made Mike's life easy.

However, in the end, Sonny had been there for his father, and the beautiful part was that Mike had been there for Sonny, too. A tear slowly slid down Sonny's cheek as he admitted that he would always be grateful for that. Sonny looked at the photograph of his father. "I love you, Dad," Sonny said.

After Sonny returned to the pew, Josslyn spoke about Mike's love for music. She dedicated her song to Mike then picked up a microphone and sang a poignant ballad about letting go and growing stronger. As she sang, Mike's loved ones recalled special moments that they had shared with Mike.

After the service ended and everyone had left, Carly told Sonny that it had been the right decision to inter Mike next to Morgan. Sonny took comfort in thinking of Mike and Morgan together. Sonny had also been touched by everyone's heartfelt words about Mike. Carly reminded Sonny that everyone would soon be arriving at Metro Court for the reception, but Sonny asked if Carly would mind catching a ride with Jason because Sonny needed some time alone. Carly encouraged her husband to take all the time he needed.

After Carly left, Sonny sat down. "It's time to let go, Dad. Ain't that a kick in the pants?" Sonny tearfully asked. Sonny thought it was ironic that he had spent a long time pushing Mike away, but at that moment, he wasn't ready to let go. He realized that his anger was to blame, and it was too late to take any of it back. Sonny became overwhelmed with emotion until Mike appeared next to him.

Mike made it clear that he didn't want Sonny to romanticize him because Sonny had every right to the anger; Mike had walked out on Sonny. Sonny confessed that he'd kept seeing his father through the eyes of that little boy, and it had taken him a long time to understand that life could make a person do things that they didn't want to do. Sonny hadn't had any right to judge Mike, and he regretted that he hadn't told Mike that he loved him. Mike assured his son that Sonny had in a thousand ways, both big and small, but Sonny argued that it hadn't been soon enough.

Mike insisted that Sonny had taken Mike back; he had repeatedly bailed Mike out and sent Mike to rehab more than once; and Sonny had given Mike time with his family. The greatest gift that Sonny had given Mike was forgiveness. "So, now I want you to forgive yourself," Mike insisted. Sonny regretted that he hadn't treated his father better, but Mike pointed out that Sonny had loved and supported Mike, and Sonny had stayed with Mike until the end. Mike believed that no child could have done more for their parent, and it had made Mike proud.

Mike picked up his hat then stood. He promised that he would always be with Sonny then squeezed his son's shoulder and lovingly kissed the top of Sonny's head. Sonny stood and watched as his father made his way to the church's doors. The doors swung open, and Mike stepped into the courtyard as it filled with a bright light. Mike looked back at Sonny. "I love you, son," Mike said as a brilliant light washed over Mike.

Moments later, the church doors closed, leaving Sonny alone. "I love you, too, Dad," Sonny quietly replied. He looked at the altar and made the sign of the cross. As Sonny prepared to leave the church, the door swung open, and Sonny froze. Dante stood in the doorway.

Dante returns to Port Charles

Dante returns to Port Charles

Friday, October 9, 2020

At the Quartermaine house, Olivia sighed as she took off her shoes. She informed Ned that she'd spoken to Lulu, who was sorry to have missed Mike's funeral and wanted her apology conveyed to Sonny. Monica asked about the service, and Ned filled her in. He thanked her for her donation to the Alzheimer's Foundation.

Olivia noted that she'd only returned home in order to change her shoes before heading out to Metro Court and work. She and Ned invited Monica to accompany them, but Monica declined. She announced that she wanted to talk to Ned first, and Olivia left alone. Monica informed Ned that she'd spoken to Tracy, who wasn't happy with the state of affairs.

"According to Tracy, it's 11:59 on the Quartermaine Doomsday Clock," Monica said. Tracy wanted Ned to get his affairs in order, or she would return to town and handle things herself. Ned was sorry to hear that Monica had been put in the middle, and he knew that his mother was furious about what had happened with ELQ. Monica replied that Tracy was also worried about the family, especially regarding Brook Lynn.

Ned retorted that Tracy had always disapproved of Brook Lynn, and Monica pointed out that he had "taken over the mantle." Ned refused to be compared to Tracy, but Monica assured him that she had compared him to Edward. Both fathers had thrown their daughters out of the house. Ned insisted that he was not like his grandfather, and Monica conceded that was true. Edward had cheated on Lila and had kept it from her.

Ned maintained that he'd tried to apologize to Brook Lynn, and Monica thought he needed help. She offered hers, but Ned refused. Monica assured him that Tracy would return if Ned didn't work things out.

At Metro Court, Josslyn and Carly worked together to prepare the restaurant for Mike's post-funeral gathering. Carly wondered if Trina would be by, and she was curious as to why Josslyn seemed to be looking for an excuse not to have her friend present. Josslyn revealed that she had kissed Cameron at the school dance, and she wasn't sure how to tell Trina about it.

Carly was surprised but admitted that Josslyn and Cameron had a long-time relationship. Josslyn admitted the whole thing had been confusing; one minute they had been talking, and the next, kissing. "Was it good?" Carly asked. "Mom!" Josslyn screeched, although she admitted it had been very good. She was unsure of her feelings, and she and Cameron hadn't had a chance to talk about it.

Josslyn added that she'd thought that Cameron and Trina had developed feelings for each other. Carly suggested that Josslyn talk to Trina, and perhaps it would also help her to figure out her own feelings. Carly laughed and said that she had lots of experience, and she was there if Josslyn needed her. She suggested Josslyn write in her journal, but Josslyn admitted that she'd stored it in her memory box in the basement. It had helped with grief originally, but she had found herself always looking back.

Carly was proud of Josslyn, and she reminded Josslyn to talk to Cameron. Dev was standing nearby and overheard the conversation. He finally interrupted to announce that guests were arriving, and he offered to help.

Mourners began to arrive. Sam and Jason walked in, and Sam quickly rushed off to try to reach Alexis. She then stopped at the bar to speak to Brook Lynn, who told Sam she needed alone time. Brook Lynn sent Amy a message to thank her for covering for Brook Lynn at Deception.

Brando sidled up to Jason and announced that he wanted more to do. "Not here," Jason replied. He didn't feel it was the proper time to be talking about Sonny's business. Brando accused Jason of never thinking it was the proper time, and Jason was annoyed. He didn't think Brando was disciplined because he'd asked him to drop it.

Jason told Brando it was up to Sonny, and the gathering was about Mike. Sam stood nearby and overheard the raised voices. Brando stormed off to get a drink. Sam returned to Jason and asked if everything was okay. She hadn't been able to reach Alexis. Jason told her it wasn't the right time to talk about business, and Sam also argued with Jason about his never wanting to discuss things. She accused him of shutting her out.

Brando greeted Alexis as she walked into the room. They chatted briefly, and he mentioned Sam's speech at the funeral. Alexis thought he should stay away from her daughters, and Brando assured her that he and Molly had an understanding that their night together had never happened. Alexis reminded him that it had happened, and things could get complicated later.

Brando and Alexis walked over to Sam and Jason, but Brando immediately departed. Sam wondered why her mother had missed the funeral service, and Alexis claimed that she'd forgotten to set her alarm, although she flashed back to filling her glass with vodka. Sam reminded her it was the middle of the day, and Alexis insisted she hadn't slept well and hadn't felt very good when she'd awoken.

At Charlie's Pub, Trina and Ava shared a table. Jordan and Curtis walked in and stopped to say hello before moving on. Trina was short with them, and Ava reminded her that Curtis had saved her life and really deserved a parade. Trina was angry and declared that her father had been a good man who had been trashed. "Good men often make mistakes," Cyrus said as he walked inside and heard Trina's remark.

Trina stood up and got close to Cyrus. She shouted that her father hadn't made any mistakes, and Cyrus knew that. "A judge determined that your father lied," Cyrus replied. Trina yelled that Cyrus was corrupt, a liar, and a killer. Curtis walked over and told Cyrus he wasn't wanted in the bar, but Cyrus laughed. Trina glared at Curtis.

Trina admitted to Ava that she was tired of feeling angry. Ava suggested she use her anger. "Change the narrative about your father," Ava concluded.

Cyrus joined Curtis and Jordan. Curtis reminded Cyrus that Trina was off-limits, but Cyrus suggested that Trina should get some manners. He stated that he had business with Jordan, and he told Curtis to go away. Curtis assured Cyrus that he could say what he wanted to both of them. Curtis proceeded to recite an address, and Cyrus retaliated with a recitation of his own. He verified that it was T.J.'s address.

Jordan urged Cyrus to get to the point, and he handed her a piece of paper. He wanted Jordan to pull the files for the investigation number cited on the paper. He reminded her that he had asked little of her. He ordered Curtis not to threaten him again, and he walked away.

Jordan made it clear that Curtis should allow Cyrus to bait him because Cyrus wouldn't see it when they managed to take him down. She wouldn't know about the case on the paper until she pulled the files. She asked Curtis about the address he had recited, but she was interrupted when her phone rang.

Cyrus joined Ava and asked how she was doing. Ava sputtered that they had nothing of equal interest to discuss, but Cyrus noted that Julian would be one interest. Ava refused to rise to the bait, but Cyrus noted that she and Julian had had past lives with things going on other than what they showed the world in the present.

Ava assured Cyrus that all illegal activities were a thing of the past. He told her to tell Julian that Cyrus had been asking about him, and he hoped that Julian was healing from the loss of his wife.

As Sonny moved to the door of the church to leave, the door was opened from the outside. Dante stood there, and a shocked Sonny hugged him. Dante was sorry he'd missed the service, but Sonny was convinced that Dante's appearance was thanks to Mike. He assured Dante he was on time.

Sonny thought that Dante looked good, although Dante thought that opinion was "debatable." He admitted he felt better than he had in a long time, and he assured Sonny that he had officially been released. Dante looked around the church and wished that Dante had arrived earlier. Sonny exclaimed how excited Lulu and the kids would be when they saw Dante.

Dante wished he could have seen Mike before he'd died, but Sonny told him that there hadn't been much left of Mike except for love and pain. Sonny had needed to let Mike go, even though he hadn't wanted to. Dante was proud of his father. Sonny disclosed that mourners were meeting at Metro Court, and he invited Dante to attend. Dante refused and explained that he wasn't ready for a "big thing."

Sonny told Dante to take it slowly, and Dante added that he wanted to see Olivia without a big crowd. He'd heard Olivia's voice in Geneva, and he had returned home because of her. He didn't want Sonny to say anything to anyone yet. Sonny ordered Dante not to take too long. Dante wanted to walk around the town and get reacquainted. They shared a hug, and Dante suggested a Yankees game with three tickets. He wanted Mike to be included. Sonny proclaimed that it was the best news he'd heard all day.

Lulu and Dustin flirted in her kitchen, and Lulu confessed that she loved him. She quickly apologized, but Dustin admitted that he felt the same way. He admitted that he'd loved her for a while, but he knew that she had wanted to take things slowly. They grabbed each other's hands, and Lulu suggested that Dustin move in. She thought it felt right.

Dustin wanted to make certain the kids would be okay with it, and Lulu was sure they would be. She thought that things would be more permanent. Dustin wanted to talk about Dante, and he made it clear that he would respect Dante's relationship with his kids. Lulu thought that was thoughtful, and Dante would always have a part in the kids' lives whenever he decided to claim it. She would always love him; however, he'd told her to move on, and she had.

Back at Metro Court, Trina arrived, and Carly quickly pulled Dev aside in order for Josslyn and Trina to talk. Both of the girls announced that they had something important to discuss.

Olivia spotted Alexis and expressed her pleasure that Alexis had made it. Alexis asked Olivia when she'd returned to town, and Olivia was surprised to hear that Alexis had known she'd been away. Alexis stammered that she had just received a phone message, and she walked away.

Brook Lynn told Olivia she was sorry about the way things had been left with the family, and Olivia hoped that all would get "back on track." Olivia said she and Ned had been working through things, too. Brook Lynn confessed that she'd erased Olivia's messages to Ned because she'd been angry about everything. Olivia understood, and she noted that life was unfair but too short to hold grudges.

Brook Lynn confessed that she wasn't ready to forgive Ned, and Olivia hoped she would get there. Brook Lynn headed to the bar for a drink.

Sam was concerned about Alexis, and she realized that she had been pushing both Jason and Alexis. Jason disagreed. Carly joined in and asked if all was okay. Sam answered, "Great," and she walked off.

Alexis asked for a club soda, and after receiving it, she wandered over to a secluded spot. She poured the soda into some nearby plants and pulled a bottle of vodka from her purse. She poured it into her glass. Olivia watched from nearby but revealed herself to Alexis. She offered to talk because she knew that Alexis had had a tough time. Alexis replied that she was all talked out, and Ned had helped her.

Brando sat with Dev and asked him about the homecoming dance. Dev revealed that Josslyn had put him into the "friend zone" and had gone off with Cameron. "Brutal," Brando said. Before anything more could be said, Gladys walked off the elevator, holding a big white box. She exclaimed that she'd missed the funeral, and she wanted to know why Brando hadn't told her. She'd stopped at Turning Woods. She assumed that Dev was still playing her grandson.

Dev joined Trina and Josslyn, and Trina announced that she was going to prove that her father hadn't lied. She was determined to clear his name. She didn't want Josslyn to say anything to Carly, and she wanted Josslyn and Dev to help. Josslyn and Dev agreed, although Dev stormed off. Trina was sure Cameron would assist, too.

Josslyn wondered how Trina would prove anything, and Trina suggested that she get hold of police files. She was sure there were public records that they would be able to look at.

Gladys told Carly that she had Mike's favorite crumb cake, and she stated how sorry she was to have missed the funeral. Carly said, "You didn't miss it. You weren't -- " Carly was interrupted as Gladys went on to babble about Brando sacrificing a lot. Brando tried to stop her, but Gladys continued that she thought that Brando should be a "trusted associate, just like Jason."

Brando wanted Gladys to stay out of Sonny's business. Sonny arrived, and Gladys extended her condolences. She talked about Brando, and she declared that Sonny would want to reciprocate. Sonny gently replied that Mike had had a "soft spot" for Gladys, and that was the reason that he would allow her to stay.

Gladys continued that she and Mike had loved each other, but Sonny should give Brando what he deserved. Carly took Gladys to the bar, and Brando insisted that he had not told his mother anything. He did want a bigger role, though. "It's been decided," Sonny replied.

Jason waylaid Cyrus as Cyrus stepped off the elevator. "You're not welcome here," Jason said.

At Charlie's Pub, Curtis asked Ava if she was okay. She declared that she was worried about Trina, and Curtis admitted he was, too. Ava was grateful to Curtis, even if Trina was not. Curtis declared that Cyrus had gotten to him, and Ava admitted the same for her. She tried to reach Julian but was unsuccessful.

In the basement at the Corinthos house, Dev dug through a box labeled, "Josslyn." He pulled out several items until he reached her journal.

Lulu ran to answer the door when the doorbell sounded, buttoning her shirt as she went. She opened the door and was speechless when she found Dante standing there.

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