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Alex was presumed dead. Dante downloaded files from Peter's computer. Jordan and Curtis shared information about Cyrus with Laura. Chase confided to Brook Lynn. Michael and Willow decided not to sign their annulment papers. Sasha collapsed.
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Carly realized Nelle was Nina's daughter, and Alex was presumed dead
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Shots are fired between Anna and Alex

Shots are fired between Anna and Alex

Monday, November 9, 2020

Josslyn and Dev were sitting in the living room at home when Sonny descended the stairs. He wondered if they were doing anything for Josslyn's birthday, and Josslyn answered that they were meeting Trina at Kelly's for "cupcakes and plotting." She told Sonny about helping Trina clear Taggert's name, and Sonny thought that Taggert would be proud. He was sure that the world would know what kind of man Taggert was when all was said and done. Jason arrived with Julian, so Sonny handed Josslyn some money, and she and Dev left.

As Jason and Julian entered the living room, the phone rang, and Jason answered it. He announced to Sonny that Ava was there, and she knew that Julian was there. Sonny advised that Ava could be let in, and Sonny thought that it was nice of Julian's sister to rescue him. Moments later, Ava burst into the house. Sonny asked about Ryan, and he wanted to be kept in the loop. Ava wondered why she would do that when he'd been treating her brother like a criminal. Sonny replied that he just had a few questions, and if Julian gave the right answers, he would get to go home.

Sonny wondered why Julian had been on the docks with Nelle the night that Wiley had been kidnapped. Ava tried to defend Julian, but Julian wondered if Sonny had a witness who'd placed Julian there. Sonny refused to answer. Julian claimed that he'd found out what had been happening and had gone to stop Nelle with a gun, but someone had intervened, so she'd gotten away. Julian described the man who'd gotten in the middle and said that Taggert looked "healthy for a dead guy."

Julian observed that Sonny and Jason didn't look surprised at the revelation. Sonny advised Julian to keep the "ghost sighting" to himself, as it would involve the police and would hurt innocent people. Julian threatened to tell Cyrus that Taggert was alive and working with Sonny if Sonny made any kind of move against Julian. "You know the way out," Sonny said in frustration, and the Jeromes left. Sonny could see that Julian was struggling to cover something up. Jason thought that Ava seemed desperate to protect her brother, even if she didn't know what he'd done. "She can't," Sonny stated.

At the hospital, Portia handed over her phone to Trina and warned her to guard it with her life. Trina explained that she was meeting Josslyn and Dev at Kelly's for more "plotting" about Taggert, and Portia called her daughter incredible. Portia's beeper went off, so she instructed Trina to make good choices, and she ran off.

Josslyn and Dev arrived at Kelly's, and she thought it was a "bummer" that Cameron was away playing soccer. Dev countered that Josslyn had a million memories with Cameron, whereas she hardly had any with Dev. He gave her a gift, and she unwrapped it, not expecting a gift. She was delighted to see a monogrammed journal and pen set, which she loved, even though she'd stopped writing. He offered to take it back, but she refused. He leaned in for a kiss, but she pulled away and stopped him.

Trina arrived, and Josslyn happily showed Trina the journal Dev had gotten her. He angrily told her that she didn't have to pretend to like it, and she insisted that she wasn't pretending. He remembered when she'd been "all over" him the previous winter and wondered when she'd been lying. Trina demanded that he stop talking to Josslyn like that, and Josslyn apologized for hurting Dev's feelings. She insisted that she cared about him, just not the way he wanted her to. He railed against Cameron, who he called a "selfish tool" who used Trina and Josslyn. Dev stormed out, and Josslyn followed him.

Josslyn caught Dev outside and asked him what was wrong, as she didn't want to lose him as a friend. Dev spat that no one would ever be good enough for her, because no one could ever live up to Oscar. He walked off, and a shocked Josslyn returned to Trina. She told Trina about everything that had just happened with Dev, and neither of them believed anything Dev had said about Cameron. Just then, Ava arrived and handed Trina her phone. Trina was so happy to have her phone -- and all the pictures of Taggert -- back that she hugged Ava.

A short while later, Ava walked into Charlie's and reported to Julian that Trina had been ecstatic to get her phone back. Ava reminded her brother that Trina had already been kidnapped by Cyrus once, and he would do it again. She warned him not to do anything that would put Trina in harm's way, and he promised. He claimed that he'd only threatened to tell Cyrus about Taggert because it had been the only way to get Sonny to back off. He promised not to say anything to Cyrus, and Ava accepted the answer.

Anna burst into the Haunted Star, and she and Alex shot at each other. Alex grabbed Maxie and dragged her behind the bar. "Shoot this crazy bitch!" Maxie implored Anna, prompting Alex to scold Maxie about her language. Maxie sarcastically shot back that being kidnapped and held at gunpoint made her cranky. Anna asked Alex to let Maxie go so that the two could settle things as sisters. Maxie yelled that Alex wouldn't be getting a wedding invitation, and Alex wondered if she should set Maxie straight about the family connection.

Anna threw a glass across the room, and Alex sprang from her hiding spot to shoot. However, Anna shot first and hit Alex in the side. Alex sank back down behind the bar as Anna told Alex not to make things harder than they should be. Suddenly, Maxie stood up behind the bar and announced that Alex was gone. She apologized, but she'd been distracted by figuring out a way to escape. Anna saw a trail of blood and figured that Alex hadn't gotten far. Anna handed Maxie a bottle of water and urged her to stay hydrated, and she ran out onto the deck. Maxie lamented the lack of cell service on the ship, so she figured she would go radio for help.

A short while later, Anna walked around on deck, looking for Alex. Alex appeared behind Anna and pointed her gun directly at Anna's back. Just then, the ship jerked, and both sisters stumbled. "Anna!" Maxie called out from the door. Anna turned and fired at Alex, hitting her. Alex fell to her knees and collapsed. Anna instructed Maxie to get something to stop the bleeding, and Maxie ran off. Anna tearfully assured her sister that she would be fine. "Oh, please. We both knew someone was going to die today. It's me," Alex replied, and she commended Anna on her shot.

Alex warned Anna that Peter couldn't be saved, as he was too much like her. Anna didn't believe it and cited his growing family, but Alex said that it was "too little, too late." Anna went to see where Maxie was, and Maxie returned moments later, just in time to hear a splash. The two saw that Alex was gone, and they tried to look for her in the water.

At the hospital, Robert asked someone on the phone to keep him updated. When he hung up, Chase ran in. Robert told Chase where Finn was, and Chase ran off. Robert got a call from Jackie, who had just arrived at a foreign airport, and he updated her on her sons. She asked him to look after her boys, and he replied, "That's what friends are for."

A few minutes later, Valentin was attempting to escape from his hospital room when Robert caught him. A nurse arrived in the room to put Valentin back into bed, and then she left. Robert informed Valentin that Anna had gone after Alex by herself. Valentin was livid at Robert for allowing her to, but Robert replied that he hadn't had a choice. He updated Valentin on Finn and Maxie. Valentin decided that he had to kill Alex. "It's long overdue," Robert replied. Valentin hoped that Anna could "bring herself" to do it, and Robert agreed.

Peter stood by Finn's bedside as Finn tried to tell Peter something. Finn croaked that Anna wanted to be Peter's mother "too much," and he collapsed back on to the bed. The machines around Finn began to beep out of control, and Peter yelled out for help. Portia entered with a nurse, and she ordered the nurse to get a crash cart. Chase entered as they began to work on Finn, and Portia demanded that Peter and Chase leave. When they were out of the room, Chase demanded to know what was going on. Peter assured Chase that Finn was a colleague at the hospital, so the doctors would do everything they could for him.

Peter told Chase about everything that had happened with Alex, who had been impersonating Anna. Peter wished he could do something to help Maxie other than sit, wait, and pray. Chase wanted to call the police station to check on any leads, but Robert approached and assured the two that Anna was on it. Portia emerged from Finn's room, and Chase begged for an update. Portia disclosed that fluid had accumulated around Finn's heart, which had put pressure on his heart and caused it to pump irregularly. She explained that he was going to have surgery to remove the bullet, drain the fluid, and repair the damage. "We'll see how that goes," she concluded, and she walked away, leaving Chase in tears.

Later, Portia advised Chase that Finn was in surgery, and she likely wouldn't have an update until morning. Robert took Portia aside and intuited that the surgery wouldn't be the last for Finn. Portia divulged that, if they didn't get the response needed, they might have to remove the sac around Finn's heart. She assured him that people lived without it, but both agreed that it was better to keep it.

Peter wondered if Robert had heard anything about Anna and if he would even tell Peter if he had. Robert hadn't heard anything, but he promised to keep Peter updated. Peter asked if there was a chance that Alex would let Maxie go, and Robert hoped that Anna got there first. Peter told Robert that Finn had said something he thought could help, but Robert didn't think it mattered if it didn't contain Alex's plans.

Martin entered Valentin's room and wondered what he could do for Valentin. Valentin told Martin that his will was out of date, and he wanted to revisit custody of Charlotte. Martin advised Valentin to sleep on it, but Valentin reminded Martin that he'd almost died that night. He thought that Dante was unstable, and he wanted to make sure that Charlotte would be protected if the "wrong Devane sister" decided to go after him and his family. He vowed to kill Alex, but Martin inquired if Valentin was up for the fight. Robert returned, and Martin left. Valentin refused to leave Alex to Robert, and he invited Robert to accompany him in going after Alex.

Maxie and Anna arrived at the hospital as Valentin and Robert emerged from Valentin's room. Peter ran to Maxie, and Anna asked about Finn. Robert updated her on Finn as Peter urged Maxie to get checked out. Maxie told everyone how brave Anna had been. She talked about the "shootout," and how she'd radioed for help and managed to stop the ship herself. Valentin asked what had happened to Alex, and Anna replied, "Oh, she's dead."

Chase sat down in the chapel and chastised himself for his last words to Finn before Finn had been taken into surgery: "Hang in there, champ. You got this." He wished he had been able to think of something better to say, and he wondered what Finn had said to offer hope to patients going into surgery. He cried and begged God to give him the chance to know. Anna entered and tearfully sat down next to Chase. She assured him that Maxie was fine. "I wish I could say the same for Finn," Chase replied. Anna apologized and promised that they would no longer be getting any trouble from Alex. Anna took his hand, and he squeezed hers.

At the airport, Jackie put in a call to Gregory. She advised him that she was changing planes, and he needed to get to Port Charles immediately, as his sons needed him.

Lulu's latest article enrages Cyrus

Lulu's latest article enrages Cyrus

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Alexis opened her front door, found Ned, and immediately closed the door. He called through the door that he needed to talk to her, and it couldn't wait. She begrudgingly opened the door, and he entered the house. He asked her if she'd been drunk the night they'd slept together. He kicked himself for not realizing it, as he'd been wrapped up in his own problems. Alexis refused to listen to another lecture, but Ned said he was her friend and was worried about her. She wondered if he was worried about her drinking or if he was worried that she would slip up and tell Olivia about their night together.

Alexis assured Ned that she had no intention of hurting Oliva, and telling Olivia would be up to him. He related that it was a "one-time thing" that would never happen again, so Olivia never needed to know. Alexis knew how "soul-crushing" it was to find out that a loved one had a big secret, so she advised him to make sure that Olivia didn't find out from anyone else.

Curtis and Jordan arrived outside of a seemingly abandoned house, and Curtis explained that there had been guards surrounding the place a few months prior. Jordan knocked and called out, but no one answered. They entered the house and found the furniture covered, and they began to look around. A short while later, Curtis descended the stairs and showed Jordan that he'd found an oxygen tank and a couple of empty vials. Jordan wanted to take the vials back to Port Charles to see if the lab could figure out what had been in them. Jordan figured that it was possible Cyrus had been holding someone against their will, and the two continued looking around.

As Curtis went over to the fireplace, Jordan said she couldn't believe that they hadn't found anything in the house. Curtis fished a partially burned piece of paper out of the ashes and identified it as a postcard. It read, "I think of you every day. I'm hoping your health improves, and you're better by the time I get there. I promise there's a plan in play, and it won't be much longer. Hang in there, and remember I love you. Cyrus." They couldn't read the addressee on the postcard, and Jordan observed that someone had gone through lots of trouble to protect someone. Just then, they heard the front door being unlocked, and they hid. When the door opened, they popped out with their guns and found Laura in the doorway.

Lulu was walking through the hospital when Cyrus asked her for a minute. She coldly informed him that she was on her way to see a friend. As Dante listened in from around the corner, Cyrus advised Lulu that it was in her best interest to make time for him, as he was in a position to make her life "very difficult." He thought that her entire article about his nefarious plans for the hospital was speculation, but she reminded him that all the people he'd demoted or fired had connections to Sonny. He wondered if she was trying to pick a fight, but Dante jumped in and warned Cyrus to back off.

Cyrus recognized Dante as Sonny's son, and he related that Sonny and Laura shared grandchildren. He thought that voters might reconsider supporting Laura if they knew how close Laura and Sonny were, and he walked away. Lulu was furious with Dante, and she ripped into him for interfering with her doing her job for the second time. She informed him that nothing he tried to protect her from could hurt her more than he had, and she stormed off.

At the hospital, Epiphany thought that Chase could use some rest, but he refused to go anywhere until he knew that Finn was all right. Willow arrived and found Chase, and she wanted to support him. The two embraced, and she asked about Finn. He updated her on Finn's condition, and he feared that dinner with Finn and Jackie had been the last time he would see Finn. He wondered what he would tell Violet if the worst happened, and Willow assured him that he would be there for Violet like he'd been there for Willow. She urged him that texting Elizabeth to ask how Violet was doing would make him feel better, and he agreed.

Anna was sitting in the chapel when Robert entered and sat down next to her. He wondered if she'd been there by herself all night, but she replied that Chase had been there. Robert asked about what had happened with Alex, and Anna recapped the night for him. He informed her that a body hadn't been found, but Anna was sure that Alex was dead. Robert wanted to know if Alex had confirmed that Peter was her son. Anna exploded on him for the inappropriate timing of the question, as Finn was still in surgery, and she had just killed her own sister.

Robert sincerely apologized to Anna, and he was sure that Finn would pull through. Anna cried that she couldn't bear the thought of losing Finn. Just then, Epiphany entered the chapel and informed Anna that Finn was out of his successful surgery. She explained that his condition was still critical, but he was stable. Anna hoped that Epiphany wouldn't get in trouble for serving some nursing duties, since she had been moved to administration. Epiphany didn't care, since her friend was fighting for his life. She assured Anna that she could see Finn soon, and Epiphany left. Robert offered for Anna to lean on him, and she hugged him.

A short while later, Anna found Chase and Willow. She informed them that Finn was out of surgery and through the worst. She hugged Chase and held a hand out for Willow, which Willow took.

In a hospital bed, Maxie insisted to Peter that she and the baby were fine. Peter feared that Finn wouldn't make it, and Maxie urged him to go be with Anna. Epiphany entered and updated them on Finn's condition. When she was gone, Maxie marveled over how lucky they'd been. She wondered if Peter could think of another connection between him and Anna. He thought back to his conversation with Alex at Charlie's, and he claimed that he couldn't.

A few minutes later, Lulu was talking to Maxie when Dante waved from outside the room. Peter appreciated Dante's visit, but he was going to get Maxie to rest after Lulu left. Dante understood and left. Maxie asked Peter to get her some chips from the vending machine, so he left. Maxie took the opportunity to ask Lulu what was going on between her and Dante. Lulu complained that he had a "hero streak" that had been in overdrive since he'd returned. He'd interfered with her work twice, and he didn't understand that she didn't need him. "What if he needs you?" Maxie questioned.

Olivia bumped into Robert at the hospital, and he updated her on Finn's condition. He lamented that if Olivia had gotten there sooner, she could have saved him from making a mess of things with Anna. He told her about his ill-timed question about his "one-minded obsession" and about Anna's outburst. Olivia assured Robert that Anna knew that he loved her and wouldn't run away, so he'd given her a safe place to vent. She thought that he was a good friend, and he repeated the sentiment to her.

Dante found Olivia and Robert at the hospital, and he assured his mother that he was just there to see Maxie. He added that he was headed for his new job doing security for the Invader, and he hugged his mother and left. Olivia cried that it was like a dream that Dante was back, and Robert was the one who'd given it to her.

A short while later, Dante entered Peter's dark office at the Invader and looked around. He went to Peter's desk and started to look through the files on top.

Finn woke up and saw Anna sitting at his bedside. She tearfully held his hand and kissed it. She assured him that Maxie and the baby were all right, and she updated him on Alex. She added that Violet was still at Elizabeth's, thinking that she was having an "extended sleepover." He sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him. She cried that life was fleeting, and she wanted to spend hers with him. She didn't think that they needed a big, fancy wedding, and she wanted to marry him "as fast as humanly possible." "In a heartbeat," he agreed.

Chase verified with Epiphany that Finn was really all right, and she told him that Finn would probably like to see his brother. When Epiphany walked away, he told Willow that he'd been thinking about all the things he'd never get to do with Finn. "It's time to start making plans," Willow suggested. She urged him not to waste his second chance, and he figured that it wasn't often that people got second chances.

Willow took the opportunity to inform Chase that she and Michael were getting their marriage annulled. She was still adopting Wiley, but she and Michael thought it was best, since the threat of Nelle was gone. Anna approached the two and told Chase that Finn would like to see him. Chase thanked Willow for being there, and he walked off to Finn's room. Anna thanked Willow for the support, and Willow said she had figured that Chase could use a friend. Anna advised that just because life took people away too soon didn't mean that she had to agree to let go.

A few minutes later, Anna found Peter and asked to talk to him about Alex. "Sounds serious," he observed. Anna claimed that she'd just wanted to reiterate that Alex was no longer a threat to their family. Peter confessed to Anna that the longer Alex had had Maxie, the more "old, dark impulses began pounding in my head." He added that if Anna hadn't rescued Maxie, he didn't know what he would have been capable of.

Willow bumped into Epiphany, and she told Epiphany that she was thinking about applying for the nursing program. Epiphany replied that good nurses were always needed, and Willow could always talk to her if Willow had questions. Epiphany walked away, and a content Willow walked over to look in on Chase and Finn.

Inside the room, Chase instructed Finn to stop acting like a superhero, and to leave it to the professionals. Chase admitted how much he'd fantasized about "brotherly bonding" before he'd met Finn. When he'd finally started spending time with Finn, they hadn't done anything he'd thought they would do, and Finn apologized for not being the big brother Chase had dreamed about. However, Chase said that once he'd let go of the brother he'd imagined, Finn had exceeded his expectations. "You're growing on me, too," Finn cracked.

Epiphany arrived to check on Finn's vitals, and Finn thought that she'd been moved to administration. "I was. You don't see me, right?" she asked, and Finn and Chase agreed that she'd never been there. Chase tried to tell Epiphany a bad joke, and she wondered how Finn put up with him. She advised Chase that Finn didn't need to be laughing in his condition, so no more jokes. As she left the room, she told someone waiting outside that they could go on in. "What are you doing here?" Finn questioned when the person entered the room.

Elizabeth learns about Franco's brain tumor

Elizabeth learns about Franco's brain tumor

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Laura walked into an abandoned house in Oregon and found herself face to face with Jordan and Curtis, who had their guns drawn. Laura noted that she had been chasing a lead on Cyrus, and she was curious about Jordan's medical leave. Laura announced that she had been digging into Cyrus' life and was positive that no one had followed her. She made it clear that she knew how to lose a tail. She wanted an explanation from Jordan regarding her presence.

Jordan admitted that her medical condition had been a cover, and Cyrus was the only threat to anyone. Jordan told Laura the story behind her recent actions due to Cyrus' kidnapping of T.J. She assured the mayor that she was protecting Laura as part of the job. Curtis added that Jordan had also been protecting Port Charles.

Jordan confessed that she had been compromised for months, and she admitted that her undercover group had fabricated the evidence against Cyrus. Curtis insisted that Jordan was still working against Cyrus while being compromised. Jordan explained that she'd had to get Cyrus out of prison in order to protect her son, and Curtis mentioned that Cyrus had also been threatening Trina as leverage against Jordan.

Curtis revealed that Portia had threatened to expose Jordan, so they'd had to tell her the truth. Portia had helped to plan the phony medical diagnosis in order to give Jordan a way to leave town to investigate Cyrus. Laura declared that Jordan's actions had been beyond any sanctions, although she understood them as a mother.

Laura maintained that she would have to review all of Jordan's actions before determining her future as police commissioner, although she was aware that rules had to be bent. Curtis vowed to take Cyrus down, and he informed Laura that medical supplies and drugs had been found upstairs. It was assumed that Cyrus had kept someone there, although the circumstances were unknown.

Curtis showed Laura the note that he'd found written by Cyrus that spoke of a plan. Laura noted that his language had been affectionate but not necessarily romantic. Curtis hoped that the recipient had been a confidant.

Jordan mentioned the 40-year-old case that Cyrus had been pursuing and noted that most of the file had been redacted. She handed it to Laura, who appeared to recognize it but quickly stated that it was not familiar. Laura announced her intention to return to Port Charles and made it clear that she, Curtis, and Jordan would be working together and keeping each other informed.

Outside, Laura stopped to make a phone call. "We're in trouble," she told the party on the other end.

At Pozzulo's, Jason provided Sonny with an update that Ryan was still in a coma, and there had been no sign of Cyrus breaking their truce. Jason also revealed that Franco's brain tumor had returned, and Franco had asked Jason to kill him if his personality changed. Sonny was skeptical and urged Jason to collect the cash first. Jason promised to have Spinelli investigate.

A guard announced that a visitor was present, and Taggert walked into Sonny's office. Sonny assured him that everything was under control, and he and Jason were angry that Taggert was out and about. Taggert was anxious about Julian. Before further discussion ensued, the guard announced another visitor. It was Cyrus, and Sonny and Jason left the office to talk to him, making sure that the door was closed. Taggert remained quiet and out of sight.

Cyrus demanded an explanation from Sonny before he declared war. He accused Sonny of being aggressive and blamed Lulu's article on Sonny. He explained that Lulu had damaged his name. Jason retorted that any information that Lulu had written about had been public knowledge, and Sonny wondered if Cyrus had actually been hiding something at the hospital.

Cyrus wanted to sit down and have a discussion in Sonny's office, but Sonny insisted he'd been on the way out. They argued over the firings and demotions at the hospital, and Cyrus insisted that Monica and Bobbie's releases had been appropriate. He agreed to look into Elizabeth and Epiphany's demotions, and he stood his ground on the legitimacy of hospital business.

Sonny denied that there had been any hostility on his part, but he would retaliate if Cyrus was hostile in return. Cyrus smirked that he would never be the one to destroy their "delicate balance." After he was gone, Sonny advised Taggert to go home and to stay there. Sonny would be keeping an eye on Julian.

Scott paid a visit to Franco. "What is going on in that head of yours?" Scott demanded. He was angry that Franco hadn't told him about his stay in the hospital, and he proclaimed that he'd been worried. Franco asked for Scott's help and handed him his life insurance policy. He wanted to make certain that a certain type of death wouldn't nullify the death benefits.

Scott asked Franco if he planned on committing suicide, and Franco replied that he would never do that. Instead, he wondered what would happen if he suffered a violent, non-accidental death. Scott was aghast, and he asked Franco if someone was after him. Franco was annoyed and conveyed that he was merely having a casual discussion. Scott warned Franco not to do anything stupid and insinuated that he'd be upset if anything happened.

Dante sat at Peter's desk after snooping through his things at the Invader and muttered, "I must complete the mission." He began to search on the computer and saw a page that listed some off-shore deposits. He inserted a flash drive into the computer and began to copy the files.

Lulu visited with Maxie in Maxie's room at General Hospital. Lulu explained that while she would always love Dante, she loved Dustin. The only thing that she and Dante had in common was Rocco. Lulu doubted that Maxie believed her, especially because she remained quiet. Lulu went on to say that Dante had interfered twice while she'd been doing her job. "Chivalry is good. Sometimes," she said.

Lulu insisted that her life with Dante was over. She was especially afraid that he would leave abruptly just as he had in the past.

Chase visited with a recovering Finn, and they were both surprised when their father, Gregory, knocked and walked into the room. Gregory was happy to see his boys together, and he admitted that he'd been concerned. Finn assured him that he'd be making a full recovery, but Gregory disclosed that he'd wanted to see Finn with his own eyes.

Gregory guessed that Finn wanted him to leave, but Chase quickly darted a look in Finn's direction. "Stay," Finn urged. Gregory noted that it didn't sound very enthusiastic, and the men continued to make awkward small talk. Chase continued to encourage Finn with his eyes. Gregory was grateful that Finn was alive and would be fine, but as Finn's father, he would always worry. Elizabeth entered in order to check Finn's vitals, and Chase and Gregory stepped out of the room after exchanging a nod with Finn.

In the hallway, Gregory admitted that he was proud of Chase for "hanging in." Chase asked about Gregory and Jackie's divorce, but Gregory insisted they were only separated. They'd hit a "rough patch" but would recover.

Peter and Anna stood in another hallway, and Peter disclosed that he would have reverted to his former self if Anna hadn't been able to save Maxie. Alex had told him that rules didn't apply to people like her and Peter, and they could do as they saw fit because they were "extraordinary people" who rose above the consequences. Valentin stood close by and eavesdropped before joining them.

Peter, Anna, and Valentin all announced that they were doing well, and Peter shared that he had been shocked to learn that Alex had drugged Valentin. Peter received a call and stepped away, and Valentin thanked Anna for saving his life. He asked how Anna was doing and assured her that she'd had no choice but to kill Alex. Anna admitted that it was hard to live with.

Peter returned and reported that he had to return to work. He thanked Anna for saving Maxie and the baby, and Anna stuttered that it was her grandchild. Once Peter was gone, Valentin asked Anna if she would be telling Peter the truth about his mother. Anna didn't want Peter to be hurt again and wouldn't tell him.

Anna spoke of her inserted memory as Alex's way to have gotten Anna to save Peter, but she had been no better than Alex. Anna had never looked for Peter. Valentin disagreed with Anna's assessment, but Anna spoke of Peter's promising future. She believed that only she, Valentin, and Finn needed to know the truth. Valentin begged her not to tell Finn.

Gregory returned to Finn's room alone because Chase had had some work to take care of. He asked Finn about Violet, and Finn admitted she was the greatest thing that had ever happened to him. "Kids change everything," Gregory replied.

Shortly after, Anna ran into Gregory, and they shared a hug. Gregory was happy, and he admitted that he and Finn had found "common ground" with Violet. He told her that Finn had gone to sleep. Chase reappeared and shared the happiness.

Anna made her way to Finn's room, and he awoke. She asked about his chat with his father, and Finn revealed that Gregory hoped to meet Violet. He asked her about her test results, and Anna began to stammer. Finally, she made it known that Faison had had the marker for rheumatoid arthritis, and there would be no way to determine whether she or Alex was Peter's mother.

Anna didn't feel that there was any reason to burden Peter, and she loved him like a son. She had many feelings and emotions about Alex, and Finn agreed it was time to move on. Gregory reappeared and announced that he would remain in town and had a room at Metro Court. He would see Finn the following day. Anna was glad to hear that he was staying.

After they were alone again, Finn admitted to Anna that things with his father had gone "better than expected." He added that what was between them would never go away, though.

After Scott had bid goodbye to Franco, Elizabeth emerged and announced that it was time for a chat. She knew that something was wrong. Franco revealed that his brain tumor had returned.

Peter arrived at the Invader and found Dante sitting at his desk. He asked what Dante was doing there. "Following orders," Dante said. Dante explained that he'd received notice of an unauthorized user accessing Peter's files. It hadn't been determined if the party had been online or in Peter's office, and he had been investigating because Peter paid him for security.

Dante assured Peter that the computer was safe to use. Peter thanked him but appeared suspicious. Out in the hallway, Dante made a phone call to Dr. Kirk and told him he'd "found it." He wanted to know what was next.

Valentin stopped to see Peter, who was surprised to see him so soon. Valentin wanted to check to make sure that Peter was okay. Peter went on about his mother being "something else" after all of her rescues. "She is indeed," Valentin said. Peter exclaimed that Alex would never be able to hurt them again. "No, she can't," Valentin agreed.

Nina is a step closer to finding her child

Nina is a step closer to finding her child

Thursday, November 12, 2020

In Wiley's room, Willow was mixing paint and dancing to her booming music when an amused Michael approached. He called out to her over the music, startling her, and she turned it off in embarrassment. She informed him that Wiley had told her that he wanted to be an astronaut, so he wanted stars on his ceiling. Michael replied that Wiley had told him the same thing, so Michael had hired painters to do the job the next day. Willow didn't think they should leave the special request to strangers, and she asked him to cancel the job. "Consider it done," he said, and he wondered if she needed help. She advised him to change, as she was very messy when doing an art project.

A short while later, Willow stood on a ladder and painted, and she accidentally dripped some on Michael's face. When she looked down to apologize, she stumbled off the ladder, and Michael caught her. A few minutes later, she finished wiping the yellow paint off of Michael's face. She informed him that, when she'd heard about Finn getting shot, she'd gone to the hospital to offer support to Chase. Michael insisted that she didn't need to explain, and he was glad that she'd been supportive.

Later, Michael returned to Wiley's room and reported on the messy lunch Leo and Wiley had had with Olivia. He added that a messenger had dropped something off for him and Willow from Diane, and he referred to the envelope in his hands. They opened the envelope and found the annulment paperwork. Willow suggested that they read it before signing. When they were done reading, they grew closer as they agreed that it had been hard to focus on the words.

Brook Lynn arrived at the hospital and asked a nurse about Finn. As Chase entered, the nurse revealed that she knew who Brook Lynn was and that she wasn't family, so the nurse walked away. Chase wondered who Brook Lynn was trying to commit fraud to see. She replied that she was looking for Finn because she knew that that was where she would find Chase. Chase reported that Finn was doing fine and would make a full recovery. He inquired about what was going on with her. Brook Lynn divulged that she'd packed her things and gotten a bus ticket to New York City to move in with her mother.

A shocked Chase wanted to take Brook Lynn out for a drink, but she revealed that she was leaving that night. She teased that he was going to miss her, and he admitted that she was unlike anyone he'd ever met. He thought that she was outrageous and impulsive, but fun, and it was exciting to have her "in my orbit." She didn't believe the compliment, but Chase insisted that, since Finn's brush with death, Chase had decided to stop wasting time leaving things unsaid. He added that he would miss her. Brook Lynn wondered if his honesty would go far enough to tell Willow that he still loved her.

Chase reminded Brook Lynn that Willow was married to "my ex-best friend," but Brook Lynn thought that he could just see what Willow had to say. She wondered what had really happened between him and Sasha, and he told her the whole truth. Brook Lynn scolded him for letting Willow make decisions based on lies, and she didn't think it was fair for Willow or Michael. She refused to leave if it wasn't set right, so she urged Chase to tell Willow that there had been no affair.

Elizabeth didn't believe Franco's statement that his brain tumor had returned. She was shocked to learn that Terry had known, but Franco explained that Terry had kept quiet because he'd asked her to. Elizabeth wanted to know what else he was keeping from her, and he admitted that the tumor had been deemed inoperable. Elizabeth insisted that they get a second opinion, but Franco had no confidence that the answer would be different. She demanded to know why it sounded like he wanted to die. He promised that he didn't want to die, but he wanted to be realistic. He added that there was a fate worse than death that he was trying to avoid.

Franco told Elizabeth about possible personality shifts and losing chunks of time, which had already happened. He remembered all the damage he'd been capable of before, and he knew that she did, too. She assured him that the new tumor might not affect him in the same way as the one that had been removed. He promised that he would do everything he could to not be that person, and he asked her to promise that, at any hint of danger, she would "cut and run." She thought that their love was stronger than the tumor, and it would give them the strength they needed to not give up. Franco cried that he just wanted to grow old with Elizabeth, and she insisted that he would survive.

Nina arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and wasn't thrilled to see Carly and Jax with their heads together. She approached Sasha, who assured Nina that she was feeling better. She wanted to know that Sasha had stopping using drugs, but Sasha didn't think that Nina cared. Nina was worried for Sasha because Sasha didn't really have anyone else. Sasha excused herself, as she had a meeting, and she blew by Nina.

Carly angrily observed Cyrus sitting at the terrace table, and Jax wondered why she allowed him to eat there. Carly answered that it was her part in "keeping the peace." She had news about Nelle and pulled him over to the bar to talk. She revealed that she'd heard from the district attorney in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and they'd officially ruled Nelle's death an accident. Jax thought that Carly should feel free, and he wondered why she didn't look happy. Carly confided that there was still something nagging her about that night, but Jax urged her to move on with her life.

Nina approached, and Jax claimed that he'd been helping Carly with her "unwanted guest." Nina informed Carly that Sasha had been as uninterested in Nina's advice as she had been with Carly's. Just then, Sasha walked over and wondered how boring their lives were that they had to keep talking about her. She informed them that she was on her way to meet with someone who didn't judge her or get in her business, and she stormed off.

On the terrace, Cyrus informed Brando that his "important guest" would be there any minute, and he needed Brando to make sure that Carly didn't interfere. Brando coldly called Carly a "piece of work," and he lamented that he and Gladys hadn't been good enough for the family. Cyrus promised to rectify the situation so that Sonny would regret not embracing Brando and Gladys. He revealed that he had "bigger plans" for Brando's skill set. Sasha arrived, and Brando went back into the restaurant to guard the door to the terrace.

Cyrus thought that the terrace table would be more comfortable for Sasha, as it was away from prying eyes, but she revealed that she'd basically announced the meeting. Sasha told Cyrus about the "envelope full of blow" that had been delivered to her after their last meeting. She knew that it had been him, and she wanted to know what he wanted in return. "Your friendship," he claimed, as she was the only one in town not attacking him for something she thought he'd done. She related that she was the last person who could judge anyone. Cyrus was also glad that she'd agreed to meet him despite the photo of them -- the "fake daughter and the phony philanthropist" -- in the Invader. He hoped that she would agree to an occasional meal and conversation.

Just then, Sasha and Cyrus heard Nina, outside the door, yelling at Brando about wanting to talk to Cyrus. Brando advised her to make an appointment. Cyrus opened the door to the terrace and commented that he'd been wanting to meet Nina. Sasha decided to give them privacy, and she left. Nina warned Cyrus to stay away from Sasha, but he answered that it was Sasha's decision whether or not she wanted to see him. He informed her that he was a fan of Crimson, which advocated for women controlling their own destinies.

Cyrus continued that Sasha had her own strong voice to say whether or not she wanted company. Nina thought that Sasha needed to be surrounded by friends and not users. "You're not her friend," Nina growled. Cyrus thought that Sasha knew what she was doing, and Nina's actions would just alienate Sasha. "If you hurt Sasha, I will destroy you," Nina warned.

Sasha sat outside the terrace and wondered why Brando was working for Cyrus, especially when Cyrus had tried to have the family killed. Brando stated that it had never been proven, and Cyrus had been in prison at the time. Sasha asked how much money Cyrus was paying him, but Brando shot back that she was the one dating Cyrus. Sasha informed Brando that she'd only met Cyrus for dinner once, and she didn't have to defend herself to him. "Ditto," he agreed.

Sasha told Brando that she'd run into Cyrus while she'd been "in a bad way," and he'd been kind and supportive. Brando could tell that she was worried about Nina, but Sasha replied that it was complicated. She regretted lying to Nina, especially since they'd had a real connection. She knew that by talking to Cyrus, Nina was genuinely looking out for Sasha. Brando didn't think that Nina would "score any points with Cyrus."

A few minutes later, Sasha returned to Cyrus, and she assumed that he'd convinced Nina to back off. Sasha commented that he was a good friend. He asked if she was hungry, so she picked up her menu. When she looked down at the table, there was a baggie of drugs where the menu had been.

Carly sat by the door to the terrace and discreetly asked Brando about the relationship between Sasha and Cyrus. "Do you need me to do something about it?" he asked. Carly asked him to keep an eye on Sasha, as she'd been good to Carly's family. "I'm on it. Whatever it takes," he answered.

A woman approached the hostess at the restaurant and wondered if she could point the woman in Nina's direction. Jax overheard and introduced himself to the woman as Nina's boss. "I heard you're looking for me," the woman said. She added that a private investigator had mentioned his name in connection with Nina's, and she was "the last Phyllis on the list." Jax wondered why Curtis wouldn't call him or Nina with the news that he'd found Phyllis. Phyllis invited him to confirm her identity with Curtis.

Just then, Nina ran over, ecstatic to see Phyllis. The two embraced, and Phyllis was glad to see Nina healthy and happy. Phyllis asked if Nina had just wanted to reconnect, and Nina invited her to sit down. She knew that Phyllis had taken care of Nina when she'd been pregnant, and she needed Phyllis to tell her what had happened to Nina's baby.

Sasha has a reaction to Cyrus' drugs

Sasha has a reaction to Cyrus' drugs

Friday, November 13, 2020

As Avery waited for Ava to pick her up for a sleepover, Sonny sat with her in front of the fireplace and read her a bedtime story. The book was called Enchanted Penny, and Avery showed Sonny her own lucky charm that she wore around her neck. It was the broken heart necklace.

At General Hospital, Brook Lynn ran into Chase. She told him how noble he'd been to give up Willow, but she thought that Willow should have been able to make her own choice. She thought it was time for Willow to hear the truth. Brook Lynn admitted that while she loved Willow and Michael separately and together, Chase needed to be honest.

Brook Lynn stressed that Willow should get to decide who she would be with, even if it turned out to be Michael. Chase deftly changed the subject and suggested that Brook Lynn hash things out with Ned before she moved out of town. The duo stepped onto the elevator.

At a table on the Metro Court patio, Sasha showed her pleasure at Cyrus' gift of a baggie of drugs. After looking over the menu, Cyrus suggested they head over to his place for dinner instead. Sasha flashed back to a previous conversation with Chase as they had discussed their plan for Willow and Michael. She readily agreed to accompany Cyrus.

At a table inside the restaurant, Phyllis informed Nina and Jax that she had been one of several private nurses who had cared for Nina when Nina had been in a coma. She had not been present for the baby's birth. Nina grew emotional as Phyllis revealed that the baby girl had lived, but Nina's mother had not wanted the baby's father to know. Madeline had placed blame for Nina's coma on him.

Nina confirmed that Madeline herself had been responsible for the coma, and she wondered why Phyllis hadn't told her about the baby when Nina had been a patient at Creighton-Clark. Phyllis admitted that Nina had seemed disoriented when she'd first awakened, and Phyllis hadn't been sure it had been her place to say anything.

Phyllis went on to explain that she had been the one to travel with the baby to Florida, where she'd given the baby to a nice couple. She hadn't gotten their names or any other information, and once they'd received the baby, they'd driven away. She had never seen the baby or the couple again.

Nina began to cry that that was the end of the story, but Phyllis assured her that she'd given the baby girl a piece of Nina. She mentioned the broken heart necklace, the other half of the one that Nina had around her neck.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned and Monica discussed the Brook Lynn situation. Ned felt that Valentin had manipulated his daughter, and he wished she would "open her eyes." "Grow up!" Monica exclaimed. She noted that Brook Lynn was an adult, although Ned considered that "debatable." Monica reminded him that both he and Brook Lynn had made some big mistakes, and he wasn't "running the show." She accused him of sounding like Edward.

Upstairs in Wiley's playroom, Michael and Willow shared a kiss. Michael wanted her to be honest, and he asked if she wanted to sign the annulment papers. He admitted that he did not. Willow confessed that she hadn't expected the papers to arrive so soon, and she wasn't prepared to sign them yet, either.

Michael and Willow both felt obligated to act a certain way, but Michael wanted Willow to choose who she wanted to be with. He also made it clear that she didn't have to sign the papers until she was ready. He thought they should have a chance to figure things out.

Willow disclosed that she thought Michael had "looked hot" when she'd seen him at the gym, and he replied that he'd felt the same about her. He hadn't been able to take his eyes off of her. Michael felt that it was weird to "hit on" Willow because they were married, and Willow admitted she'd been attracted to Michael for a long time. They shared another kiss, which led to them sleeping together.

Brook Lynn and Chase arrived, and Monica suggested that Brook Lynn head to the living room with Ned. She told Chase that he could visit Willow upstairs. Brook Lynn and Ned agreed that they wanted the others to remain with them for both support and to referee. "Don't blow it," Monica said to Ned. Chase agreed that he had the time.

Brook Lynn and Ned calmly discussed their situation, with Monica interrupting Ned occasionally before he put his foot in his mouth again. The father and daughter agreed that they weren't each other's enemies. Brook Lynn announced that she needed to figure out her future, and she would move back to Bensonhurst to be with her mother.

Ned blamed himself for everything, and he began to list his reactions to various events. Brook Lynn proclaimed that some had been her choice; others had been random, like Nelle's attack. Brook Lynn wanted to be a grownup, and she wanted Ned's support in her choice to regroup.

Ned voiced his support for Brook Lynn and stated that he admired her. He wished she would do her thinking in Port Charles, and he begged her to move back to the mansion. He loved having her there. Monica directed Chase to Wiley's playroom.

Upstairs, Michael and Willow agreed, after making love, that they were compatible. Willow complimented Michael on his "moves," and he was impressed with Willow's own surprises. They picked up where they had left off.

Shortly after, Willow and Michael dressed. Willow pointed out how Michael had been a friend first, then Wiley's father, and finally a co-parent. She'd never thought of him as a husband before. She was able to allow herself to feel good things. They held hands, and Michael suggested that they were finally free to allow things to happen and find out what they meant to each other.

Chase stood outside the room and gave himself a quick pep talk. Willow began to remove Michael's shirt again. Chase walked in and found the couple in a semi-dressed state.

Carly found Jason at Pozzulo's and told him that she was worried about Sasha. She thought they needed to do something. She went on to tell him that Sasha had never really slept with Chase, and she wasn't able to handle being split up from Michael. She'd been doing drugs and having dinner with Cyrus and had probably obtained drugs from him.

Jason and Carly began to bicker because Jason felt strongly that Sasha had made her own choices, and it wasn't their place. Furthermore, he was concerned that things could go wrong if they got involved. Jason didn't want a war before he and Sonny prepared for it. Carly understood, but she couldn't stand by and do nothing. Jason declared that he'd never said that.

Sonny arrived, and Jason suggested that Carly reach out as a friend. Carly agreed she was the best friend ever, and Jason said sometimes. She agreed to consider it. Sonny told Carly that he had read Avery a bedtime story. Carly said she would go home to see their daughter before Avery left. After Carly was gone, Sonny thanked Jason for talking her down.

Sonny spoke of old times when he'd been the one to provide Karen Wexler with drugs to relax. He didn't want to be like Cyrus, and he'd had to live with what he'd done. He added that he'd kill someone for giving his daughters or stepdaughter any drugs, and Jason felt the same way.

Jason told Sonny that he couldn't change things, but he'd made the move to shut drugs out of Port Charles many years in the past. Life was full of choices, and Sonny had made the right one. Sonny felt his conscience would be better after he eliminated Cyrus.

Cyrus, Sasha, and Brando arrived at Cyrus' place. Sasha went to the bathroom, and Cyrus told Brando he could have the rest of the night off. Brando did his best to change the situation. He asked Cyrus if it was a good idea to have Sasha there because she was trouble and was connected to Sonny. He thought Sonny could get angry, and he wondered if it was worth it.

Cyrus replied that he appreciated Brando's advice, but he could handle Sasha. Sasha emerged from the bathroom and wondered if she'd missed the fun. Cyrus told her it was only beginning, and he ushered Brando out. Brando stood guard outside the front door as, inside, Cyrus and Sasha had some drinks. She danced around enthusiastically and told Cyrus his "stuff" was the best she'd had.

Sasha laughed giddily and told Cyrus she was ready to return the favor. Cyrus asked if she was there to punish someone or herself, and suddenly, Sasha's demeanor changed dramatically. She began to scream that she didn't need a shrink. Cyrus offered to have Brando take her home, but Sasha continued to yell loudly that she didn't need a ride or anyone's pity.

Sasha shouted that no one and nothing could control her, and she was the voice of Deception. Suddenly, she appeared to be in pain and grabbed her chest. She gasped and fell to the floor as Cyrus caught her. "For God's sake, not here!" Cyrus yelled. Brando rushed inside.

Carly left a message for Michael as she got home in time to see Avery. She played with the little girl's hair and noticed her necklace. Avery informed her that it was her good luck charm. Carly flashed back to a previous conversation with Nina regarding her broken heart necklace. "Oh, my God. It's Nelle," Carly gasped in disbelief.

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