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Jackie made an intriguing discovery. Nina ended things with Jax when she learned that he had kept the truth about Nelle from her. Maxie questioned her feelings for Peter. Peter made a vow. Dante woke up. Michael asked Willow to move into the gatehouse. Nikolas proposed to Ava.1
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Nina ended things with Jax, and Maxie questioned her feelings for Peter as Anna worried for Peter's safety
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Nina finds proof that Nelle was her daughter Nina finds proof that Nelle was her daughter

Monday, February 1, 2021

Anna stopped by Finn's office as he was finishing work for the day. They discussed the attack on Dante, and Anna reported that Dante was expected to recover. Anna intended to visit Dante, but first she needed Finn's help. She explained that she had tried to access Dante's WSB records, but she had been completely shut down. Finn was surprised that Dr. Kirk -- whose work was cutting edge -- had been treating Dante for post-traumatic stress disorder. Anna agreed, so she had reached out to a contact at Steinmauer, who had agreed to discretely help by providing an update on Liesl Obrecht.

Moments later, Anna answered a call from her contact. Finn quietly listened until Anna ended the call and informed him that Obrecht had been transferred. Finn was shocked, but Anna suspected that Obrecht had either blackmailed Dr. Kirk or found a way to bribe the doctor. Finn added that perhaps Obrecht had also murdered the man.

Later, Anna wrapped up a call with the WSB. She had uncovered that Obrecht's case had been classified, and not even the name of Obrecht's new doctor had been available. Anna wouldn't put anything past Obrecht, but she wondered how it would benefit Obrecht to kill the doctor who had helped get Obrecht transferred. Finn suggested that Dr. Kirk might have outlived his usefulness. Finn also suggested that Obrecht had made contact with someone outside of the facility. Anna wondered who, since Obrecht hadn't had been on good terms with Nina or Maxie, nor did the doctor have any friends -- except Britt.

At Kelly's, Ava met Trina to catch up. Trina admitted that despite Ava and Jax's advice, she wasn't ready to visit her father. Ava was confident that Trina would figure things out. Trina noticed that Ava seemed happier than usual, prompting Ava to confess that things were better with Nikolas, even though Ava and her husband had gotten off on the wrong foot. Trina wondered how Ava and Nikolas had managed to get past their conflict.

Trina acknowledged that Taggert had lied to protect her, but she was unable to get past all the pain and hurt. She recalled how badly she had wanted her father back, but she had never imagined things would turn out as they had. Ava knew that the betrayal of a loved one cut deepest and that it took courage to let that anger go. Trina wondered if it had been worth it for Ava.

Nearby, at the counter, Scott asked where Cameron's "goofy" apron was. "In the old days, Aunt Ruby would have had your head," Scott told the young man. Cameron argued that he was goofy enough without it. "Self-awareness, good for you," Franco said by way of greeting as he joined Scott and Cameron. After the three exchanged pleasantries, Franco broached the subject of the article in the Invader. Scott grumbled that Franco should sue.

Franco hadn't ruled out a lawsuit, but he had wanted to talk to Scott and Cameron about another matter because there had been a reaction to the article. Scott and Cameron were stunned when Franco told them about Alexis' attempt to kill Franco. Scott asked if Alexis had been "liquored up," but Cameron thought it was time for Franco to hire a bodyguard because someone else might try to target Franco, based on the allegations made in the article. Franco downplayed the incident, but Scott agreed with Cameron.

Just then, Ava approached the trio to ask for a word with Franco. Cameron returned to work in the kitchen, while Scott left a $20 tip for Cameron then left. Ava asked Franco about the claims in the Invader then wondered if it was possible that Franco had been the one who had graffitied her portrait. Franco didn't recall doing the deed, but it seemed likely, given his diagnosis. He apologized, but Ava was more concerned about Franco than the portrait. She worried that Franco would return to the dark side, but he assured her that it wouldn't happen.

Franco shifted gears. He wanted Ava to find happiness, so he encouraged her to divorce Nikolas. Ava confided that she no longer wanted a divorce. Franco congratulated Ava, but she admitted that she was a bit confused about where she stood with her husband. Ava told Franco about Nikolas' unconventional proposal at the gym, which had left her wondering if Nikolas had been serious. Franco recalled proposing to Elizabeth in the hospital's art therapy room.

Franco suggested that when the time was right, the setting shouldn't matter. He advised Ava to stop getting in her own way because life was too short.

In the kitchen, Cameron told Trina about the article in the Invader. Trina was confused because Franco had changed long before. Cameron agreed, but he believed that the article had purposefully wanted people to fear Franco. Trina followed Cameron out of the kitchen, and together, the teens tried to persuade Franco to reconsider hiring a bodyguard. Franco insisted that the attack had been an isolated incident, but Cameron didn't agree.

Later, Franco pulled on his jacket as he offered Cameron a ride home, since Cameron's shift was over. Cameron agreed, prompting Franco to extend the offer to Trina. Trina declined, so Franco left to warm up the car. Trina recognized the determined expression on Cameron's face, and she asked what he was planning. Cameron admitted that he didn't know, but he vowed to find a way to keep his family safe.

At the hospital, Nikolas greeted his mother as Laura exited Dante's hospital room. Laura reported that Dante was sleeping, but he was expected to recover. Nikolas decided not to disturb Dante, but he asked about his nephew. Laura had called Rocco with an update, but Nikolas sensed that Laura was troubled. She confided that Anna had questions about Dante's treatment for PTSD. Nikolas wondered if perhaps Rocco should stay with Olivia long term, but Laura assured her son that Dante had been nothing but loving with Rocco.

Nikolas offered to help in any way possible. Laura smiled with joy because she was happy to see that her son had his life back on track. Nikolas credited Ava's influence then revealed that he had asked his wife to marry him. Laura was glad for her son, but she was also surprised. Nikolas told his mother that he had been, as well, but a lot had changed between him and Ava. Laura realized that with Sonny gone and Avery living at Wyndemere, Nikolas and Ava would want to make their family official.

Nikolas explained that it was more than that because he and Ava had always shared a connection from the moment they had bumped into each other on a flight out of town. Laura reminded her son that he had been on the run for framing an innocent man. Nikolas assured her that he was not proud of what he had done, but his point had been to illustrate that he and Ava had shared something "then and now, even with all the craziness swirling around" them. Laura was curious if Nikolas trusted Ava. He promised that he did because he understood Ava in a way that he never had before.

According to Nikolas, Ava wanted a home and family because she had spent most of her childhood in the foster care system without the benefit of a mother like Laura. Laura acknowledged that she and Ava got along, but she wondered if Ava could love Nikolas unselfishly. Nikolas believed that Ava could, which pleased Laura. Nikolas was relieved because his mother's approval meant everything to him. Laura wondered about Nikolas and Ava's wedding plans, but Nikolas confessed that he had proposed to Ava at the gym, and Ava hadn't given him an answer. Laura fondly recalled how she had wanted a romantic proposal from Kevin, but he had tricked and teased her until she had given up.

Nikolas revealed that he had selected the perfect engagement ring -- a Cassadine family heirloom -- but he hadn't found the perfect time to give Ava the proposal that she deserved. As if on cue, Ava walked up. Ava was glad that she had caught her husband at the hospital because she was ready to give him an answer. "Yes," Ava said, but Nikolas had no idea what Ava was referring to. She reminded him that he had asked her a question earlier, but she hadn't given him an answer. "Yes," she said again.

"No, that's not how we are doing this," Nikolas replied. To Ava's surprise, Nikolas went down on bended knee. Nikolas told Ava that they worked; they guarded who they were fiercely, but he saw who Ava truly was. Nikolas was certain that she saw the real him, as well, and he assured her that he loved everything about her -- her passion, intelligence, strength, and style. Nikolas wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ava; that was his truth, and he would be the happiest man alive if she agreed to be his wife.

Ava's eyes filled with tears of joy. Nikolas pulled out a small box. Inside, a large square-cut diamond ring sparkled. Ava happily accepted Nikolas' proposal as he slid the ring on her finger. Laura and several bystanders clapped as the couple hugged.

At Scott's apartment, Liesl pulled Britt inside then immediately demanded to know if Britt had been followed. Britt assured her mother that no one had tailed her, but she wanted to know why Liesl had asked to meet her and whose apartment Liesl was staying in. Liesl asked if Britt had had anything to do with the article in the Invader about Franco. Reluctantly, Britt admitted that she had -- "kind of." Furious, Liesl reminded Britt that Peter could not be trusted, but Britt confessed that she had found out the hard way when Peter had used Britt to access Franco's medical records. Liesl wondered if Britt had confronted Peter, so Britt quickly filled her mother in on what had transpired in Peter's office when he had threatened Britt. Liesl's temper flared.

"Nobody threatens my Britta," Liesl said in a deadly tone as she reached for her coat. Britt warned Liesl not to do anything drastic because Britt didn't want her brother dead; she just wanted him to pay for framing Liesl. Liesl vowed that Peter would regret crossing Liesl, but Britt wanted to know her mother's plan. Liesl insisted that it didn't concern Britt because she wanted Britt to stay out of it, but Britt wanted to help prove her mother's innocence. Liesl refused to consider it because Peter was like Faison -- he would strike out at anyone who got in his way.

Liesl refused to risk Britt's life after losing Nathan. Liesl blamed Peter for taking Nathan from her, then her freedom. Britt couldn't understand why Liesl didn't want help, but all Liesl would say was that Peter's days were numbered. Britt let the matter drop as she sat on the sofa. To Britt's surprise, she found a man's tie, and she immediately questioned Liesl about her mother's living arrangements. Just then, Scott entered the apartment.

Britt was stunned when she put the pieces together that her mother had been staying with Scott, but Liesl claimed that she and Scott had decided to join forces against Peter because Scott was Franco's father. Britt asked who else knew that Liesl was in town, so Liesl explained that she had been treating Franco. Britt wasn't satisfied because she wanted to know the exact nature of Scott and Liesl's relationship. Scott decided that Britt had gleaned enough information, and he quickly hustled Britt out the door with instructions for Britt not to return because she might be followed.

After Britt was gone, Scott glared at Liesl. "Who's the dummkopf now?" he asked his houseguest. Liesl tried to distract Scott by offering to heat up some schnitzel that she had in the refrigerator, but Scott wanted to know why Liesl had been holding a family reunion instead of hiding out as she was supposed to. Liesl admitted that she had wanted to warn her daughter about Peter, but Britt had already figured out Peter's true nature on her own. She also revealed that Britt was aware that Liesl had been exonerated by the WSB.

Scott remained uneasy because Liesl was far from innocent, and they had barely made it out of Geneva. Scott blamed Liesl for his troubles because he had been trying to save her from Dr. Kirk when he had killed the doctor. Liesl assured Scott that what had happened in Geneva would stay there, but she added that she would make certain that nothing traced back to Scott. Later, Scott noticed that Liesl appeared uneasy. She revealed that she had learned that Kevin Collins had requested Dr. Kirk's files as well as her own, and the WSB had sent them. Scott was surprised, but Liesl was certain that Kevin was a puppet for Anna, which meant that time was running out for Liesl.

At the hospital, Britt approached Finn at the nurses' station. He explained that he had needed her authorization for one of his lab technician's overtime. Britt was annoyed that he had called her away from more important matters for something insignificant, but Finn reminded Britt that he was only following her new policy.

Nearby, Anna lurked as Finn asked Britt how long she intended to blame him for forcing her to lure Liesl back to Port Charles. Britt tried to play it cool, but Finn pushed until Britt blurted out that her mother had been innocent of the charges. Britt pointed out that evidence could be fabricated, prompting Finn to ask if that was what Liesl had told her. Britt realized that she might have said too much. She denied being in contact with her mother, signed the document, then marched away.

Finn and Anna returned to his office. Anna was pleased with Finn's success because he had gotten more from Britt than Anna could have. Anna was certain that Obrecht had been in touch with Britt. Anna began to wonder if "classified" was code for "released."

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jax confessed that he couldn't lie to Nina any longer. He explained that Carly had not been entirely truthful, and it was time for Nina to learn everything. Nina's eyes filled with tears as Jax revealed that Carly had told him about the possibility that Nelle was Nina's daughter months earlier. Nina slowly backed away from Jax as she asked if he had truly known for months. Jax explained that he and Carly hadn't been certain at first when Avery had shown off her special good luck charm just before Thanksgiving, but Valentin was skeptical of the claim.

Carly argued that she and Jax couldn't have been sure where Nelle had gotten the necklace because Nelle might have stolen it. Jax cut Carly off; he had believed that Nelle had been Nina's daughter, which was why he had chosen not to tell Nina. Jax knew that he had hurt Nina, and he accepted full responsibility, but he had learned the truth too late for it to make a difference because Nelle had already been dead. Valentin accused Jax of being guilty of the same things that Nina had left Valentin for.

Valentin insisted that Jax had manipulated Nina into giving up the search for her daughter because Jax had been afraid of Nina learning about Jax's lies, but Carly argued that none of it was Valentin's business. Jax pulled Nina aside because he wanted to remind her that she had told him that she had made peace with not finding her daughter because she had chosen to believe that her daughter was living her life and happy. Jax explained that he had wanted Nina to continue to believe that. He knew it was wrong, but the loved Nina.

Valentin was curious how what Jax had done was any different than Valentin's lies. Carly pointed out that Jax had kept quiet because he hadn't wanted Nina to find out that Nina's daughter had been a "psycho." Nina was furious; she insisted that Nelle had been "damaged" because Nelle hadn't had anyone to love her as a child. Nina continued to defend Nelle, but Carly told Nina to stop. Carly reminded Nina that Nelle had slashed Brook Lynn's throat, and Nelle had kidnapped Wiley.

Nina countered that Nelle hadn't wanted to have Wiley cut from Nelle's life because he was Nelle's son. Nina insisted that Nelle had wanted a different life for herself, but Carly hadn't allowed it. When Nina mentioned Nelle's vision board, Carly countered that Nelle had had a long rap sheet that had included some horrific crimes. Carly thought Nina needed to see Nelle for who Nelle had truly been. Carly added that Nelle had been a compulsive liar, a manipulator, and someone who had been incapable of love.

Carly reminded Nina that Nina had said the same thing on the witness stand during Wiley's custody hearing. Nina tearfully conceded that she had taken away her daughter's only hope of being a mother to her child. Nina added that she had been the reason that Nelle had taken Wiley to the cabin, but Carly disagreed because Nina's testimony alone hadn't persuaded the judge to rule against Nelle. There had been a lot of evidence to prove that Nelle had been unfit. Jax agreed with Carly that there had been nothing that Nina could have done to save Nelle even if Nina had known the truth about Nelle before the hearing.

Valentin suggested that perhaps Nelle had had the necklace made when she had heard Nina's story, with the intention of using it to manipulate Nina. He added that even Michael hadn't seen Nelle wear the necklace, but Nina dismissed that idea because she had gone a year without wearing her half of the necklace. Nina suddenly recalled that she had Nelle's box of possessions, since Nina had taken care of Nelle's funeral arrangements. Nina revealed that the box was in storage at Crimson.

Jax started to follow Nina to the elevator, but she stopped him because she wasn't ready to deal with him. After Nina left, Jax decided to follow Nina, anyway. Valentin started to leave, as well, but Carly stopped him because Jax and Nina needed to work things out for themselves. Valentin was confident that Nina would end things with Jax, but Carly disagreed. Carly was certain that Nina loved Jax, and Nina would understand that he had acted out of love. Valentin believed that Jax had committed the same folly as Valentin, only Jax had a more charming accent.

Carly insisted that Jax was a good man, while Valentin was not. Valentin defended his love for Nina, but Carly reminded him that Nina had ripped Valentin to shreds at Valentin and Nina's "failed" wedding, and then she had left him in the dust. Annoyed, Valentin accused Carly of seeing Jax as a fallback guy. He suggested that with Sonny gone, Carly might get Jax to warm her bed. Furious, Carly slapped Valentin then ordered him to leave her restaurant.

At Crimson, Nina sat on the floor with the box of Nelle's personal possessions. Jax knocked as he entered, but Nina told him to go away. Jax promised not to say anything, but he didn't want to leave Nina alone. Nina tearfully began to sift through the items in the box as she confessed that she hoped there was something inside the box to prove that Nelle had been her daughter. Jax's eyes filled with sadness as Nina began to look through a stack of photos.

Nina started to cry as she remarked that she had never noticed the resemblance. Moments later, Nina saw a picture of Nelle as a child wearing the half heart pendant necklace. Shaken, she ordered Jax to leave her alone. Jax agreed, but he vowed that he would not give up on her. After Jax left, Nina stared at the photo of Nelle wearing the necklace. "My poor baby girl. You were right here, and I never knew," Nina tearfully said.

Alexis shows no desire to get help Alexis shows no desire to get help

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Franco arrived at Scott's apartment to see Liesl. She remarked that Scott was out at a deposition. Franco wanted her to get the voices out of his head, and Liesl assured him that she was working on it. She noted that Peter had convinced everyone that Franco was a "homicidal lunatic," but she wanted Franco to access Drew's memories while he still could.

Franco wondered why Dante had saved him. "Once a cop, always a cop," Liesl suggested. She thought it might be a good idea for Franco to be hypnotized in order to learn why Peter's voice and Drew's memories were in his head -- before someone else took aim at Franco and didn't miss.

Liesl noted that Kevin had been a part of Cabot's experiment and could prove useful. Liesl also assumed that Anna had been working with Kevin, and Anna would stand by Peter if he ended up being incriminated from Drew's memories. Franco rushed out.

In Jordan's office at the police station, Martin informed Alexis that her bail had been posted, and she was free until her court date. Alexis admitted that she wanted a drink. Martin reminded her that drinking had gotten her in trouble in the first place. Jordan walked in just as Martin was explaining that a sympathetic jury would allow Alexis to walk.

Jordan was surprised at Martin's plan for defense and accused him of "throwing your client under the bus as a hopeless drunk." Alexis believed that everyone already thought that about her, anyway. Martin acknowledged that their plea would be not guilty. Jordan wanted to talk to Alexis as a friend, and she disclosed that Molly and T.J. were worried about Alexis, just like everyone else.

Alexis thought she should face what she had done and change her plea to guilty, but Martin quickly assured her that wouldn't happen. Jordan didn't want to hear any of it; she only wanted Alexis to stop her self-destruction. The commissioner received a phone call and had to leave. Martin was of the opinion that Alexis was on a "collision course," but Alexis retorted that he didn't know her.

Martin revealed that Valentin had posted Alexis' bail. Alexis snapped that a refund should be given, but Martin exclaimed that Alexis needed to get over herself and her self-pity. He was proud to be a lawyer and would defend her. He slammed the door on his way out.

At Metro Court, Laura spoke to Olivia on the phone. She learned that Dante would be okay, and she urged Olivia to get some sleep. When she turned around, Cyrus was standing behind her. He stated that he'd heard about Dante, and it was a dangerous world. He thought it was the rule rather than an exception.

Laura reminded Cyrus that they were not family, even though they were related. Cyrus thought she was cold, but Laura made it clear that she had no warmth where Cyrus was concerned. Cyrus had something for Laura to look at, and he handed her an envelope with a childhood photo inside. Laura looked at it and noted that Gordon and Florence looked happy. Cyrus pointed out a young Cyrus and Martin and stated it was his family as well as Laura's.

Cyrus suggested that Laura borrow the photo, but she told him to stop. She thought he was being transparent and playing on her feelings in order to get his mother home. She still blamed Cyrus for Lulu's plight, and she noted that she had never met her father, Gordon. Cyrus insisted that there was still a connection. Laura chuckled. Cyrus declared that the family was happy in the photo before everything had gone wrong. He left, and Laura looked at the photo again.

Nearby, Maxie and Peter sat at a table. Peter was on the phone. He told someone that his story had been true, and he wanted to stop lawyers' attempts to suppress it. He finished the call, and Maxie offered that if it hadn't been for Peter's story, Alexis wouldn't have stabbed Dante. Maxie added that everyone had gotten scared, and she thought that Peter should not have published the story. Peter disagreed.

Peter thought he'd had an obligation to tell the truth, but Maxie still felt that perhaps his headline shouldn't have been so over the top. Peter replied that his paper was in business to make money, but Maxie insisted that Franco was a devoted stepfather and husband. Peter agreed that would be true until the "ticking time bomb" in Franco's head went off.

Peter mentioned that they were too close to their wedding and birth of their daughter to allow anything to spoil them. Maxie recalled that they'd merely been strangers only three years in the past, but their lives had "changed in a moment." Peter deemed Nathan a hero, and he hoped he wouldn't let Nathan down.

Maxie grew tearful, and she admitted that she wasn't sure if it was hormones. She wanted to check on Dante, and she headed for the elevator. Peter made another phone call. "You have something that I need, and I need it now," he said.

Martin arrived and spotted Laura sitting at a table and looking at Cyrus' photo. Immediately, Martin realized that Cyrus had tried to manipulate Laura. "Did it work?" he asked. He sat down. Laura wished she'd never seen the photo, and she began to weep. Martin reminded her that she was part of the family, although Laura told him the same thing that she'd told Cyrus: a family was more than flesh and blood. It was nothing she shared with Cyrus.

Martin reminded Laura that she shared blood with him, too, and he wanted to know what she'd been doing about his mother's return. Laura insisted that Cyrus' attempt at manipulation had failed because she still blamed him for Lulu's injuries. Martin admitted he would be comfortable if Laura was willing to help him and not Cyrus. Laura assured him that she would continue to do what she could.

Peter sat down with a jeweler, who showed him a small box that contained two wedding bands. Peter agreed that they were satisfactory, and they conveyed "'til death us do part."

At the hospital, Dante slowly opened his eyes and saw Sam standing near as his monitor beeped. He didn't remember what had happened, and Sam filled him in. Sam plumped his pillows and explained that Alexis, who had been drinking, had been terrified of Franco and had "snapped." Dante had jumped in front of Franco in order to save him, and he would be okay, as was Franco. She wondered why Dante had risked his life. Dante didn't know, and Sam suggested it had been his "cop instincts." Dante laughed.

Anna spoke to Kevin in the hallway and told him she'd been trying to locate Liesl and wanted to visit with Dante. Elizabeth interrupted them angrily. She turned to Anna and declared that her husband was lucky to be alive, "no thanks to your son!" Awkwardly, Kevin announced that he had some phone calls to make, and he left the women to discuss things.

Anna didn't think it was fair to blame Peter for Alexis' drinking, but Elizabeth reminded her that it had been Peter's decision to print Franco's medical records in the paper. Anna noted that Peter was a grown man. Elizabeth maintained that it was no longer safe for her and Franco to attend Anna's wedding. Anna relented that Peter had made an error in judgment, even though he had saved Franco's life previously.

Elizabeth pondered which Peter could be the real one. Anna was sorry. Elizabeth explained that Franco had not had any symptoms like he'd had during his previous brain tumor, but Peter hadn't done any investigation. Franco had become a target.

As Sam and Dante conversed, Anna knocked on the door and walked inside. Sam informed Anna that she'd already asked Dante about his choice to save Franco. Dante flashed back to a meeting with Liesl and her orders to complete his mission. As he was quiet, Anna asked if he had something to tell them. Dante replied that he always seemed to run into trouble.

Anna was glad Dante was okay, and she was sorry that Peter's article had incited Alexis. Dante assured her that it wasn't her fault. Anna left, and Sam declared that there was only one person to blame.

Elizabeth apologized to Kevin for the interruption. Just then, Franco appeared and announced that he wanted a session with Kevin. He stated that he had been hearing Peter's voice in his head, talking to Drew. Anna eavesdropped after leaving Dante's room. She joined the group and clarified what she'd just heard. Elizabeth confirmed that that had been Franco's symptom, and Franco maintained that he knew Peter's voice. Elizabeth stated that it might not have anything to do with the tumor. Anna stared in disbelief.

Cyrus stopped to visit with Jordan at the police station, and she promptly told him there was nothing she could do about his mother. Sarcastically, Cyrus remarked that she had broken free to "reclaim your integrity and love of your husband." "How's that going for you?" he asked. Jordan retorted that it was none of his business. Cyrus suggested that she not put off atoning for her mistakes, "for tomorrow may never come."

Jordan wasn't sure if that was a veiled threat, and Cyrus suggested she test him. He had something she wanted. Jordan replied that she couldn't get his mother back. Instead, Cyrus urged her to get Jason to get his mother back, and he would agree to Taggert going free.

At the hospital, Dante shifted his position and groaned in pain. Sam admitted that sometimes she wanted to grab her kids and run away, but Dante joked that he was onto her. He thought she really wanted to make up for her mother, which was why she was there. They teased each other, and Sam wished she could help Alexis.

Suddenly, there were loud voices in the hallway, and the door opened. The security guard stationed outside the room tried to prevent Alexis from entering, but she managed to get inside. She'd wanted to see that both Sam and Dante were okay. She admitted she was sorry and full of regret.

Dante declared that he knew how decent people did stupid things sometimes. He added that he wasn't the one to make it up to, and he suggested that Alexis fix things before it was too late. Alexis appreciated it and told Sam she had nothing to say. She told her daughter to take care, and she left. Sam thanked Dante for trying, and he told her not to give up. Alexis got onto the elevator, and Sam ran in after her.

Out in the hallway, Anna questioned Franco about Geneva, and he told her that he'd only had one consultation with Dr. Kirk. He was not familiar with either Dante or Liesl being in the facility at the same time. Elizabeth pulled Franco aside. She challenged him on not having seen Liesl, and she asked why he hadn't told her.

Franco exclaimed that Liesl had been exonerated, although Elizabeth was skeptical. Franco insisted it was true because Liesl had been released, and he'd been helping her to prove that she'd been framed. Elizabeth believed that Liesl was only out for herself. She wanted Franco to pursue treatment for his brain tumor.

Anna tried to figure out what the common denominator was between Liesl, Franco, and Dante. Liesl was free, Dante had PTSD, and Franco heard Peter's voice. She thought she was getting closer and vowed to pursue it, no matter where it took her.

Liesl located Dante's room number on the patient directory and paid him a visit. She congratulated him on saving Franco's life, but they had more to do to stop Peter. She cited Dante as the man to do it. Dante insisted that there had been no evidence to prove that Peter had framed Liesl, but she wanted to keep looking. Dante wanted to keep Peter away from Maxie and James.

Liesl assumed that Anna was aware that Liesl was no longer in custody, and Peter's wedding would have to be stopped. She clicked her pen. "Complete the mission," Dante said. Liesl made it clear that it was up to Dante.

After Liesl had gone, Maxie visited with Dante, but he was asleep. She was happy that he was okay, and she told him that she and Lulu needed him. She kissed him gently on the forehead as Liesl looked through the window.

Alexis and Sam entered an empty room, but Alexis announced that she needed a drink more than the meeting. Sam prevented her from leaving and asked Alexis how many people would be hurt before Alexis realized she needed help.

Maxie begins to doubt her relationship with Peter Maxie begins to doubt her relationship with Peter

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Jackie sat down next to Jason at the bar at Metro Court and introduced herself. She told him that she was writing a follow-up piece on the Floating Rib bombing, and she was full of questions. She wondered if Jason felt he'd been the target. She suggested that Julian had been taking orders from Cyrus.

Jason remained silent, and when he received a phone call, he stood up and walked away. Brando wanted Jason to know that he was waiting for Cyrus at the police station, and he thought there could be a situation. Brando thought that Cyrus would expect Brando to be involved in his ploy.

Nearby, Martin received a phone call from Valentin who revealed that Nelle had turned out to be Nina's daughter, and Jax had known about it. Martin mentioned that Jackie had been working on a story regarding his missing mother, but Valentin wanted her stopped.

Jason returned to the bar after his call, and Jackie picked up where she'd left off. She wanted information on Florence Grey's kidnapping and made it clear that she didn't think the move matched up with Jason's persona. She ran down a list of previous crimes that Jason had been accused of and noted that he'd never targeted innocent people before. She asked if he wanted to clear his name.

Martin interrupted Jason and Jackie. He had something important to discuss with Jackie that couldn't wait. "No comment," Jason said to Jackie as he stood and walked away. "What the hell was that?" Jackie asked. She and Martin grabbed a table and sat down. Martin asked Jackie to stop pursuing the story on his mom, and Jackie immediately assumed that Florence had returned home safely. Martin merely stated that she was fine.

Valentin had called Martin from the cemetery, and after his call was over, he placed flowers on Nathan's grave, along with some coins. He promised that he would continue to keep watch over Nathan's family.

Valentin showed up and sat down. After Martin's non-response, Jackie guessed that Florence was still a hostage. Valentin wanted Jackie to use her discretion, and he confirmed that Florence was still missing. Jackie wanted to go with the story, but Valentin wanted her to put another spin on it. He suggested that Jackie help to rescue Florence, which would make for a better story.

In Jordan's office at the police station, she informed Cyrus that she could not get his mother back. Cyrus was convinced that Jason had taken her, but Jordan told him that she had no proof. Cyrus wanted to sweeten the deal, and he offered to allow Taggert to go free. He asked Jordan how she could deny Trina by not going for the deal. They began to argue.

Cyrus was worried about his mother, and he thought his offer was like a chess game in exchanging pieces. Everyone would win. Jordan reminded him that there were federal charges against Taggert, even though Cyrus insisted that he would not press charges, and there would be no victim. He added that it wouldn't be the first time that he refused to cooperate with the Department of Justice. He thought that Jordan could step up.

Jordan told Cyrus off. She wondered if Cyrus would allow Taggert to live if he were to be set free. Cyrus promised there would be no harm to Taggert. Jordan reminded Cyrus that the crime against his mother had been committed in Vermont, where she had no jurisdiction. They continued to argue. Jordan understood the pain of missing a loved one and would help if she could.

Cyrus threatened Jordan that if his mother was harmed, "not a person you love will remain standing." He stormed out of the office, and Brando followed. Jordan picked up her phone.

Laura paid a visit to Carly. Laura noted that she wanted the truth because they'd had a close connection over the years. "Where is Jason hiding Florence Grey?" Laura asked. Carly agreed that their history deserved honesty, and she explained that someone wanted to keep their loved ones safe from Cyrus. Laura didn't think that was the right thing to do, and she wanted Carly to say something to Jason.

Carly declared that she couldn't do that, and she would not intercede. She thought that Jason had great instincts. Laura understood that the leverage was needed, but she noted that Florence had two sons. The second son, Martin, could be a problem because he was worried about his mother. He had been reaching out to media and law enforcement. She wondered if Carly could agree to a compromise.

Laura asked Carly to assure Martin that Florence was safe. Carly wondered if Martin could be trusted, and Laura wasn't certain. Laura received a message from Jordan to get to the police station and had to leave. Carly promised to think things over.

Trina stopped to visit Portia at the hospital and handed her a coffee. Portia was curious as to why her daughter was buttering her up, and Trina admitted that she wanted to talk about her father. Trina wasn't sure if she should accept Taggert. She missed him and was worried about him, but she didn't want to see him in a cell. He had been her hero, and then he wasn't.

Portia thought that Trina might be mad because she still loved Taggert, and Trina agreed that was true. Mother and daughter shared a hug. Portia explained that Taggert could be both courageous and flawed. She thought that Trina should visit him if she was ready, and she would contact Jordan to set something up.

Just then, Cyrus, with Brando close behind him, interrupted. He announced that he had just been lobbying for Taggert's release. He had offered to not press charges. Portia quickly sent Trina on her way and turned to Cyrus. She reminded him that he was to stay away from her daughter. He repeated his offer to have Taggert set free, and he added that Jordan had declined his offer. He suggested that Portia take it up with Jordan.

Afterward, Cyrus headed to the elevator. He threatened Brando and made it clear that Brando needed to get answers on Florence's whereabouts.

The first thing that Dante saw when he opened his eyes was Maxie. She asked if he could forgive Peter. As they spoke, Peter stood by the slightly open door of Dante's room and listened. Maxie stood up for Peter, and Dante remarked that all of their conversations had been about the same thing. Maxie only wanted Dante to accept Peter, but Dante insisted that he didn't really know Peter, only that he'd been Nathan's half-brother.

Maxie recalled happy times in the past, and she explained how Peter had saved her from darker times. Dante asked how she'd felt after learning that Peter was Nathan's brother. She had thought it was surreal but comforting. Dante declared that Peter wasn't Nathan, but Maxie insisted that she loved Peter for the man that he'd grown to be, not because he was Nathan's brother.

Peter decided to make his entrance then, and he announced that he was there to check on his head of security. Maxie exclaimed that she had wedding details to tend to, and Peter agreed to walk her out. By the elevator, Maxie voiced her desire for people to accept Peter because she was happy. She and Peter declared their love for each other and their family, and she departed.

Peter returned to Dante's room and asked if Dante planned on attending the wedding. He thought that with Dante's importance to both Maxie and Nathan, they were making a mistake. He couldn't have Dante working for him, and he fired him on the spot.

Alexis ran from the meeting room and into Curtis, who was headed inside. He told her that it would be easier to fix her pain inside the room. She had second thoughts and returned to the meeting. As the group sat in a circle, Monica began the meeting. Curtis spoke next, and he remarked that he hadn't been to a meeting in a long time. He admitted to being in a rough space, and he'd been questioning his faith.

Curtis explained that he wasn't the same man he'd been while doing drugs, but he wanted to reconnect to his promise to not give up.

Alexis stood at the coffee machine, but after exchanging a look with Curtis, she rejoined the group and sat down. She admitted that her addiction was always present during waking hours. She had been sober for a while; however, bad things had happened, and she'd given up. She knew that addiction fed on weakness, and if she was honest, she wasn't sure she cared or even wanted to stop drinking. She had already lost everything she cared about, and she needed help.

Laura visited with Jordan after being summoned. She clarified that Cyrus could not be linked to the bombing. Jordan added that he couldn't be linked to any of the incidents that had occurred in town. Laura wondered what it was about Port Charles that was different for Cyrus. She was sure they could get him on something. Jordan mentioned the hospital, and Laura assumed that Cyrus had been conducting business there.

Laura noted that longtime staff had been released and disenfranchised, and they were all people who would have fought for the hospital. Jordan wondered who might be working for Cyrus and on his behalf. The women mentioned Cyrus' second-in-command, Walker, who had been killed. They agreed that Cyrus might be grooming either Britt or Brando, and if they could get to them, they could get to Cyrus. Laura wondered if they'd turn, but Jordan made it clear that they would have no choice.

Jason showed up at Carly's house and helped himself to a cup of coffee. Carly told him about Laura's visit, and how Laura wanted to have the course changed for Martin. Jason noted that he'd seen the lawyer at Metro Court. Carly thought they should "ease Martin Grey's fears," but Jason felt that if they went too far, Cyrus would know they were bluffing. Florence was their only leverage.

Jason wanted to figure it out. Carly apologized for nabbing Florence. Jason admitted that it had worked to his advantage, and he wasn't angry. He just didn't want Carly to "go rogue" because they both had to be on the same page. He reminded her that they needed to have Sonny's funeral. Carly insisted she had a lot going on, but she was no longer worried about Nina. She was handling it, and Nina was furious but knew everything. Carly was done with that. Jason promised to remind Carly of that.

After the meeting, Curtis commended Alexis for her speech, and Monica presented her with a one-day sober coin. Monica urged Alexis to just put one foot in front of the other and to count the hours, not the days. Curtis ran into Portia and asked her if everything was okay.

At the cemetery, a tearful Maxie laid some flowers on Nathan's grave. She assumed that Nina had been there when she saw the other flowers. She apologized for not being there more often and admitted she was confused. She was worried that Dante had been right and that she was only with Peter because he'd been Nathan's brother. She wondered if she could see Peter clearly. She missed Nathan and wished she knew what to do.

Nina, Maxie, and Britt make a pact Nina, Maxie, and Britt make a pact

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Dante was putting his own clothes back on when Sam entered his hospital room. She informed him that he couldn't just check himself out, but he told her that he had a job to do. He stood up and promptly lost his footing, landing right in Sam's arms. She yelled for help, and Elizabeth and Franco ran in to help Dante back into bed. Sam updated Elizabeth on Dante's plans to leave the hospital, and Dante asked Elizabeth to "look the other way." Elizabeth said that he would need someone to get him home, and Sam volunteered.

A few minutes later, Franco stood by while Dante finished getting his things together, and Dante insisted that he didn't need a babysitter. Franco reminded Dante that he'd saved Franco, so making sure Dante didn't fall again was the least Franco could do. As Sam returned, Franco wondered why Dante had saved him, and Dante answered that he'd just had to. Sam announced that Elizabeth had filed Dante's release forms. Dante invited Sam to join him for some food, and they left.

Outside the room, Franco told Elizabeth that Dante hadn't had an explanation for why he'd saved Franco. Elizabeth thought that it could be as simple as a good guy like Dante doing a good thing for a good guy like Franco, but Franco commented that it didn't add up. Changing the subject, he said that Terry had texted that she was waiting for him in oncology, so the two got on the elevator to go there.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly and Jason were discussing Carly's problems regarding Florence and Nina. Scott approached and offered his condolences but added, "Sonny lived by the sword, so he died in a river in New Jersey." Carly glared at Scott and walked away, and Jason warned Scott that he would remember Scott's remark. Scott shot back that he'd heard about Franco's deal with Jason, and he promised to make sure that Jason spent the rest of his life in jail if anything happened to Franco.

Jackie arrived, happy to see Scott, and she pulled him over to the bar to catch up. Scott muttered that he hadn't been done with Jason, but Jackie thought that he should thank her for saving him. She asked why Scott had been provoking Jason, but Scott insisted that he wasn't intimidated by Jason. Jackie had heard about the "beef" between Jason and Franco, and she wondered what it was about. Scott refused to supply information for a story, but she promised that she wasn't trying to pump him for information.

A short while later, Jackie was glad to have caught up with Scott, and she proposed that they get the "gang" back together. She offered to call Robert, and she told him to call Bobbie. A few minutes later, Scott got off the phone and reported that Bobbie was game once she returned to town. He explained that she had taken a private nursing job out of town, since Cyrus had fired her from the hospital.

Jason was about to leave the restaurant when he caught sight of Sam and Dante getting off the elevator. He made sure Dante was all right, and Sam commented that Dante was supposed to take more time to recuperate before returning to work. Dante divulged that Peter had fired him, so he needed to look for a new job. He explained to a surprised Sam and Jason that Peter had said that he and Dante working together made things "complicated." He assumed that Peter had gotten the idea that Dante didn't want Maxie to marry Peter. Sam offered to buy Dante lunch, and they walked off to find a table.

At the bistro, Jax left a worried voicemail for Nina, asking her to call him back. A few minutes later, Carly sat at a table with him and asked him how he was doing. "I'm a mess, actually," he replied. He regretted betraying Nina and breaking her heart, and Carly reasoned that keeping their suspicions about Nelle had seemed to be the right thing to do at the time. Carly added that no DNA test had been done, so they still couldn't be sure. However, Jax told Carly about the photo Nina had found of Nelle as a little girl wearing the half heart necklace.

Carly feared that Nina would push to reopen the investigation into Nelle's death, but Jax assured her that there was no case against Carly. She continued that she needed to focus on her family, and on keeping Cyrus at bay. "And you have a hostage to tend to," Jax added. He explained that Valentin had mentioned it to make trouble for him and Nina, but Nina had advised Jax to let Carly do things her own way. He advised Carly to call Diane to get ahead of Nelle's case possibly being reopened. She wondered if there was a chance he could work things out with Nina, and he promised that he was trying.

Maxie was standing at Nathan's grave when Nina arrived. Maxie hadn't been sure that she would see Nina there after finding out about Nelle, but Nina replied that she hadn't been the one who'd lied. "Is there room for one more?" Britt asked as she approached. Maxie and Nina agreed that Britt was family, even though Nina had forgotten how close Britt and Nathan had been. Britt joked about their "twisted family tree." Nina announced that she had an addition, and she told Britt about Nelle. Despite all the bad things happening, Nina looked forward to Maxie's wedding and meeting the baby.

Britt observed that Maxie didn't look happy. Maxie blew up about everyone warning her off of Peter, and she wondered what she had to do to get some acceptance. "Marry someone else?" Britt muttered. Britt explained that people would always see Faison when they looked at Peter, and if Maxie expected that to change, she should get used to disappointment. Nina decided that no one had the right to judge any of them, and she proposed a pact between them to stand together, no matter what. "An attack on one of us is an attack on all three of us," Nina stated, and the three women held hands.

Maxie commented that she had chills, and Britt marveled that she'd never had female friends before. Nina clarified that they weren't just friends; they were family. Maxie had never thought she'd leave Nathan's grave feeling better, and she wondered about Nina's inspiration. Nina explained that she'd woken up that morning, lonelier than she had in a long time, but Maxie and Britt had reminded her of all of her connections. She continued that she had a grandson, and while she'd missed the chance to know Nelle, she refused to make the same mistake with Wiley.

At the hospital, Finn and Anna discussed the pros and cons of doing a DNA test on Chase. She wondered if he could live without knowing the truth and what he would do if he got the truth. Finn thought that if Chase was his brother, no one needed to know about Finn's night with Jackie all those years before. If he was Chase's father, he wondered if it was worse to know and say nothing.

Chase and Gregory got into the ring at Volonino's. As they lightly sparred, Chase questioned Gregory about fixing his marriage with Jackie. Gregory wasn't sure if there was anything left to fix, but Chase believed that the marriage could be saved. Chase continued that Gregory had to put in the effort, but Gregory reminded his son that Jackie had to want it, too. Finn entered the gym as Gregory explained that he and Jackie had drifted apart, and it was no one's fault. Gregory caught sight of Finn, and Chase updated Finn on the conversation. Finn stated that he didn't think the marriage was their business.

Chase reminded Finn that Finn had given Chase unsolicited advice about Willow, but Finn shot back that Chase had shut it down immediately. Chase observed, "like father, like son." Gregory had no worries that either of his sons would turn out like him, and he remarked that he saw many of Jackie's qualities in Chase. Gregory walked off to get more water, and Finn took the opportunity to tell Chase to let Gregory figure out his marriage on his own. Chase related that both he and Finn had had to fight for Willow and Anna, and Gregory needed to do the same. "Maybe it's not in him," Finn suggested. In that case, Chase wondered where they had gotten the quality from. "I don't know -- each other," Finn answered.

When Gregory returned, Chase's phone rang, and he walked away to answer it. Gregory took the opportunity to express his worry to Finn about Chase being too trusting. He was happy that Finn had stepped up to keep an eye on his brother. Chase returned and disclosed that he had to shower and get to work, and Gregory said that he also had to leave. Chase drained the rest of his bottle of water and tossed it in the recycling bin, and he and Gregory left. Finn eyed the bin. He walked over, grabbed Chase's water bottle, and put it in his gym bag.

Valentin arrived at Anna's and asked if she had any more answers about Dante. She revealed that the answers she'd gotten only led to more questions. She told him about Dante being treated for PTSD with Dr. Kirk at a WSB facility in Geneva and how strange it was that Dr. Kirk would treat such a "normal" patient. She continued that Liesl had been treated at the same facility after being transferred from Steinmauer, but her file was above Anna's clearance level. She went on to say that Franco had had a consultation with Dr. Kirk before the doctor's conveniently timed death, but Dante had saved Franco, which was also strange. She believed the connection between the three to be Peter.

Anna went on to tell Valentin about Franco hearing Peter's voice in his head due to the memory mapping procedure. Just then, the conversation was interrupted by Valentin's ringing phone. He answered it to Jackie, who informed him that she had gotten a potential lead on Florence. He wished her luck in finding Florence. He informed her that she would have to do it without him, as something had happened that required his full attention, and he hung up.

Valentin thought that Drew would know Peter's voice from working at Aurora together, but Anna clarified that the memories were from Drew's life before he'd lived in Port Charles. She continued that Drew had to have known Peter years before when Drew had been in the military. If that was true, she wondered why Peter had never said anything.

Finn runs a DNA test Finn runs a DNA test

Friday, February 5, 2021

In the foyer at Carly's, Chase and Willow answered the door to Chase. He wanted to assure the family that there would be extra police presence around town on the day of Sonny's funeral, per Jordan. Michael promised to deliver the message and walked away to tell Carly. Chase admitted that he had also stopped by to see Willow, and he told her how much he missed her.

In the living room, Jason hung up his phone and assured Carly that everything had been set up for Martin. Just then, Michael entered and relayed Chase's message to Carly and Jason. Jason didn't think there would be any trouble. Michael remarked that it felt too soon for a funeral, and Jason and Carly agreed. Carly explained that it was for the family's safety, since Sonny's absence had created "instability in the business." Jason chimed in that it was to show that he was in charge. Michael figured that Sonny would support the decision, since it was for the family's safety, so Michael supported it, too. Carly assumed that Sonny's body wouldn't be found, but she'd gotten a headstone for next to Morgan and Mike. She thought that it might help with closure and for moving on, which Sonny would want.

At the Metro Court bar, a bartender handed Martin a package labeled "Deliver to Martin Grey." A suspicious Martin opened the box and found a smaller box with a cell phone inside. On the phone was a sticky note with "Florence" written on it. He made a call on it, and he was ecstatic to hear his mother's voice. He was surprised to learn that she liked her new accommodations much better than her last. He promised to see her soon, as a phone call wasn't a replacement for an in-person visit. He told her that he loved her, and he hung up.

Later, Jason and Carly answered the front door to Martin. He informed them that he'd had a nice conversation with his mother, who felt well taken care of. He knew that Sonny's funeral was the next day, so he promised to back off of seeking freedom for Florence "for now," out of respect for their loss. He wanted them to understand that "a sick old woman can't hold the peace in Port Charles for long."

In the living room, Michael wanted to talk to Willow about her living arrangements. He assured her that his and Sonny's businesses had never crossed paths, but people probably expected Michael to take over the business in Sonny's absence. He continued that "other people" wouldn't want that to happen. He doubted that he was in danger, but he wanted his family to be safe. He asked her to consider moving into the Quartermaine gatehouse.

Anna wondered why Peter wouldn't say something about knowing Drew years before, and Valentin assumed that Peter had been lying about it on purpose. He proposed that they plot out everything they knew to see where it led, and Anna feared that it meant Peter had played more than a minor role in the crimes. Valentin thought back to a conversation he'd had with Peter about Peter being the one to abduct Drew from Afghanistan. "What aren't you telling me?" Anna asked. Valentin answered that Peter was probably just downplaying a bad part of his life like they all had. Anna also wondered about Liesl's whereabouts, and she feared that Liesl would be gunning for Peter.

At Nathan's grave, Britt told Nathan about her pact with Nina and Maxie, which was built on their love for him. She was glad to have some support, especially with "the dark prince on the rise." Just then, Peter arrived, and she muttered, "Speak of the devil." She demanded to know why he was there, and he claimed that he wanted to assure Nathan that he would do right by Maxie and James. Britt thought that Peter was nothing like Nathan, and he was more like Faison. "Anna didn't save you as much as you think," she spat. "I hate telling my mother she was right," Britt said under her breath, and she left a fuming Peter.

"I'm sick of the nonstop comparison to you," Peter growled to Nathan's grave. Peter vowed that, once he was Maxie's husband, he would "make sure your ghost is relegated so deep in the past, you'll assume your rightful place as a distant memory." "Very touching," Valentin said dryly as he approached. Valentin commented that Peter had worked so hard to be an honest man, but the truth was beginning to unravel. He told Peter about Liesl's unknown whereabouts, and Peter nervously wondered if she would go after him. "Does she have a reason to?" Valentin asked.

Anna arrived at the hospital and approached Britt for her "professional opinion regarding a person recently under a doctor's care." She talked about a woman who was prone to "self-aggrandizing fantasies and delusions," and she added that the volatile person had gone missing. She wondered if she should contact the authorities about the person, but Britt answered that she couldn't help. "Tell me where your mother is," Anna stated, and she promised not to shoot Liesl on sight.

Finn arrived at the hospital. He went into a dark exam room and closed the blinds. He opened his briefcase to reveal Chase's water bottle in a sterile bag and a set of swabs for DNA testing. Finn swabbed his own mouth and carefully put the swab away. He put everything back into his briefcase and left the room. He approached the desk and handed his samples to the lab tech for a DNA test, and she walked away with them. Just then, Jackie arrived, and Finn walked the opposite way when he saw her.

Finn entered his office, and Jackie followed him in, begging to talk to him. She tried to convince him not to have a DNA test done on Chase, but Finn divulged that he didn't even know if he would tell Chase if he turned out to be Chase's father. He admitted that, if something ever happened to him, he would feel comfort knowing that his children had each other. Jackie countered that Chase had the functional, loving family that he'd always wanted, and Finn would never be able to keep the secret for very long.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Chase entered. He was pleasantly surprised to see Jackie and Finn seemingly having a nice conversation. Jackie claimed that she'd been following a lead, and she left. Finn wondered why Chase was visiting, and Chase wanted to thank Finn for the moral support. He informed Finn that Willow had assured Chase that there was a good chance for their future. Chase gave the credit to Finn and gave him a big hug.

Jackie approached a nurse, looking for Bobbie, but the nurse informed Jackie that Bobbie no longer worked there. Jackie wondered if the nurse knew where Bobbie was working, and nurse replied that Bobbie was working with a private patient in Vermont.

At the roadhouse, Sonny, who still thought he was "Mike," told Phyllis that his medication had been making him feel calmer, but he still didn't know who he was. She hoped that a few more days on the medication coupled with rest would help "Mike's" memory to return. Lenny arrived, and Phyllis suggested that they go to the police station to check on the missing person reports. "Mike" refused to have anything to do with the cops, and he walked away. Lenny feared that "Mike's" aversion to cops meant that he'd been a criminal, but Phyllis insisted that "Mike" had already proven that he was a good guy.

"Mike" returned, having heard the conversation, and he offered to pack up and leave, as he didn't want to be a burden on them. Phyllis and Lenny insisted that he wasn't a burden, and they wanted him to stay. Phyllis thought that staying there would give "Mike" time to get back on his feet, and she could also monitor his response to the medication. He agreed, on the condition that they let him make his own sauce.

A short while later, Phyllis returned with a bag of fresh tomatoes, per "Mike's" request. He made sure that Lenny was all right with "Mike" staying there, and Phyllis assured him that he would have already been out if Lenny had wanted him gone. Phyllis confided that she was relieved to have him there, just in case they had another problem customer. "Mike" promised that no one would rob them as long as he was around, and Phyllis believed him. He wondered why she thought no one had been looking for him, but she responded, "How do you know they're not?"

Nina put both half heart necklaces together and looked at the picture of Nathan on her desk. She lamented how many mothers in their family had abandoned their children and that she had failed Nelle. She vowed to not do it again. Just then, there was a knock on her office door, and Jax entered. He pleaded with her not to shut him out, and he apologized for his misguided attempt to protect her by hiding the truth about Nelle. She chided him for not respecting her, and for siding with Carly over her. He promised that it had been about protecting Nina, but Nina shot back that Nelle had had no one to protect her.

Nina continued that she couldn't change what had happened with Nelle, but she'd almost missed out on a lifetime with her grandson, Wiley. A genuinely surprised Jax swore that he'd forgotten about the familial connection, and he would have told her if he'd remembered that. Nina declared that she no longer trusted Jax, and she asked him to leave, so he reluctantly left. She put both half heart necklaces around her neck and took out her phone to make a call. The phone at the roadhouse was answered by Sonny, who identified himself as Mike.

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