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Nina made a shocking discovery at the Tan-O. Carly warned Nina not to pursue visitation with Wiley. Britt offered Peter some advice. Laura surprised Martin. Brando confided to Michael that Gladys was the witness against Jason. Cyrus was confident that the Corinthos organization's days were numbered. Brook Lynn had a plan to deal with Valentin.
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Nina was shocked to find Sonny at Tan-O, and Brando told Michael that Gladys was the witness against Jason
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Nina and "Mike" have an encounter Nina and "Mike" have an encounter

Monday, March 22, 2021

At the Tano-O, "Mike" informed Phyllis that he didn't know about his life, but he hoped that no one had been looking for him. Phyllis suggested that he take a nap after being out for a long time, and "Mike" agreed that he would. No sooner had he departed than Phyllis heard the front door open. "Surprise!" Nina called out. The women shared a hug and sat down.

Nina explained that she was on a road trip and had decided on the spur of the moment to stop by after she'd seen a road sign for Nixon Falls. She wasn't sure where she was going, but she had her passport. She needed someone to talk to. Nina filled Phyllis in on what had happened with Jax and her belief that he had not been protecting her but his ex-wife. Nina also told Phyllis how Nelle had died and how she could have been buried with dignity if Carly hadn't lied about Nelle's death for so long.

Nina thought that Jax had been more concerned with Carly, but Phyllis wondered if Nina's anger at Jax's cover-up was more about jealousy. Nina insisted she felt betrayed, especially because Carly always got what she wanted. Carly was relentless in going after someone if she thought them to be a threat to her family, and she had been treating Nina as a threat to Wiley. Nina proceeded to tell Phyllis what had happened during a visit with her grandson.

Nina was tired of Carly always winning, and she had used Nina's one error to her advantage. Phyllis asked if Nina had been keeping score and if she saw Carly as strong and invulnerable. Nina admitted that she did not see Carly in that light, especially after her husband had died and his body hadn't been found.

Phyllis thought that Nina needed a cooling-off period. She added that Nina hadn't had a miracle with her daughter, but there was still one remaining in the form of her grandson. She was sure that Nina would be a part of Wiley's life if she gave it some time. Phyllis invited Nina to stay in the guest room at her house, but Nina declined the offer. She thought that Phyllis had done enough for her already. The women hugged, and Nina put on her coat and left.

"Mike" fell asleep and once again had a dream with the blonde woman. "Are you looking for me?" he called out. Suddenly, he woke with a start. "Who are you?" he wondered. He wandered out into the bar after Nina had gone and asked about Phyllis' visitor. Phyllis replied that she had been a former patient. "Mike" noticed that Nina had left her passport behind, and he offered to go after her. Nina returned instead and saw "Mike." She looked at him in shock.

At the Quartermaine house, Ned informed Brook Lynn that she would not be able to handle Valentin if he found out about the baby, but Brook Lynn revealed that she had already told him. Sarcastically, she made it clear that she was still standing and not locked up anywhere after the reveal. She had accidentally bumped into Valentin and had figured she might as well tell him.

Brook Lynn declared that she would leave if Ned was embarrassed, but he insisted that it was just a "challenging situation." Brook Lynn explained that she'd advised Valentin that she did not want him to be a part of the baby's life, but Valentin had thought otherwise. Ned exclaimed that he would contact the family's lawyers, but Brook Lynn insisted that she had a plan.

Ned pointed out that Brook Lynn's last plan had involved the family losing ELQ, to which Brook Lynn took exception. Ned insisted he only wanted to help, but Brook Lynn made it clear that she preferred to have his trust.

Chase arrived and told Michael that he'd been looking for Willow. Michael told him that she was in class, and Michael revealed that he'd seen the article about Chase's family in the Invader. Chase was uncomfortable that the entire town was watching his family, and Michael admitted that he could relate. Chase spoke about no longer being able to recognize either himself or his family, and he said he'd spoken to Willow. She had been great, but he guessed that Michael already knew that.

Chase explained that Willow had been there for him and had convinced him to talk to Finn, which had been awkward. Then, the article had been published, and his mother had shown up. He admitted that he should have shown some compassion, but he'd fled Finn's office. Just then, they heard Ned's voice, and Chase was surprised to hear that Brook Lynn was back in town. He headed to the next room to see her.

Chase and Brook Lynn hugged, and he stared at her in disbelief. He couldn't believe she was pregnant. Brook Lynn announced that the baby needed a father, and she needed Chase's help because he had helped her in the past. Chase looked frightened, and Brook Lynn began to laugh and tease him. Chase sat down beside her.

Brook Lynn mentioned Willow, and Chase told Brook Lynn that things hadn't been resolved. They had been trying to find their way before the article had been printed. Brook Lynn confessed that she wasn't sure if she was mom material, and Chase asked about adoption.

In the foyer, Michael told Ned that Valentin had offered him Danny and Scout's stock in exchange for allowing Nina to be a part of Wiley's life. Ned was surprised -- and more so when Michael added that he'd turned Valentin down. Ned exclaimed that the family would have regained control of ELQ, but Michael insisted that his son was not up for sale. He asked who would use a family member as leverage.

Ned knew of just the person who might try that, and he marched back to Brook Lynn. Ned interrupted Brook Lynn and Chase and insisted that he had to talk to Brook Lynn privately about something important. Chase left, and Ned demanded to know if Brook Lynn had planned on using her child in order to get ELQ shares back to the family.

Valentin stopped at the bar at Metro Court and phoned Martin. He needed to see him and would wait. He flashed back to his accidental meeting with Brook Lynn and sipped his scotch.

Nearby, Jax saw Carly and asked her about keeping Nina away from Wiley. Carly insisted it was up to Willow and Michael, and they didn't need to talk about it. "Yeah, well, Nina doesn't see it that way," Jax replied. Jax noted that he had gone to Franco's memorial especially to see Nina.

Valentin interrupted and informed Jax that he'd done a good job because Jax had chased Nina away from Port Charles. Jax asked where she had gone, but Valentin snapped that Nina would have told Jax if she'd wanted him to know. Carly guessed that Valentin didn't know, either, but he retorted that he was surprised that Carly wasn't hanging out at the police station after Jason's arrest. Valentin walked away, and Jax asked about the arrest.

Carly told Jax that Jason had been accused of killing Franco, and Diane would handle it. "Did he?" Jax asked. Carly insisted that Jason had not murdered Franco, especially since the murder scene had been so messy. She mentioned the witness and the weapon, and Jax began to argue that that proved the accusation to be true. Carly admitted that Elizabeth thought that Jason was guilty, but Carly couldn't lose him. It would kill her.

Jax assured Carly that she still had him and her family, and he would help her. Carly thanked Jax for his support, and she poured Jax a drink. She thought that Nina had left to escape her feelings, but she told Jax that that meant he still had a chance. She thought he should find out where Nina had gone and go after her.

Robert and Olivia sat at a table, and Robert admitted that he wasn't a fan of Ned's. Olivia replied that Ned didn't care for Robert, either, and Ned was threatened by their friendship. Robert suggested that he could be less charming, Olivia laughed, and they began to joke. They chatted about Maxie, and Olivia declared that Peter had leverage due to the baby. Robert thought they could convince Maxie otherwise.

Valentin headed to Olivia and Robert's table. He asked to speak to Olivia privately. Robert stood up and left, and Valentin took his seat. He told Olivia that he was aware that Brook Lynn was pregnant with his child, and he wanted Brook Lynn to be reasonable. Brook Lynn didn't want him involved, even though he'd offered. Olivia questioned whether Valentin had offered or demanded.

Valentin thought his involvement would be in the child's best interests, and he noted that both of Olivia's sons were without their fathers. He assumed that she wished the boys had had more time with them. Valentin assured her that he was better than Julian, though. "How so?" Olivia asked. She told him to prove it. Valentin insisted he was a better father, and Olivia had to agree.

Britt paid a visit to Maxie and announced that she wanted to check Maxie's blood pressure. Maxie confessed that she couldn't find her phone, and she revealed that Peter had stopped by. He'd insisted they would still be together. Britt pointed out that Peter was the baby's father, and she didn't think that he would give up. Maxie replied that she needed time, even though Peter still believed in them.

Britt knew that Peter didn't want to give Maxie up, and he would be tied to her forever because of the baby. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was Peter. Wryly, Britt proclaimed that Peter had thought of Maxie as a quick healer. Peter begged Maxie to open the door, and Maxie called out that she needed time. Peter insisted that something had come up, and he began to plead. Britt called out for Peter to stop harassing Maxie, but he attempted to open the door.

Peter realized the locks had been changed, and Britt pointed out that that had been clearly needed. Peter asked Maxie if Dante had hurt her, and Britt wanted to call the cops. Maxie opened the door. Peter divulged that Dante had held him at gunpoint and had had Maxie's phone to lure Peter to the cemetery.

Peter related that he had been with Sam when he'd received the message to meet Maxie, and Sam had shown up and talked Dante down. Britt laughed, but Peter exclaimed that Dante had snapped. He had spoken about a mission. Britt wondered if Peter had called the police, but Peter stammered then declared that he'd had to make sure that Maxie was okay. Britt ordered him to leave, but Peter said he wasn't going anywhere.

"Oh, yes, you are!" Robert proclaimed upon his arrival. He threatened to convince Peter to leave if he had to. The men had words until Maxie finally interceded. She confirmed that Peter would be leaving because stress wasn't good for her. Peter finally left after more threats from Robert, and Robert led Maxie to the couch. He assured her that he would always be there for her, but he asked how Peter had gotten inside.

Maxie explained that she'd wanted to hear what Peter had had to say, and she didn't want Robert to threaten him. Robert insisted that Peter was dangerous, but Maxie replied that she was not getting back together with Peter. Britt thought they should have called the cops, and Robert agreed.

Maxie insisted that cops were not needed. Peter couldn't change her mind. Peter tended to lash out, and she had to continue to give him hope. Robert warned her to be careful, because Peter was dangerous. Maxie announced that she had a plan.

As Valentin spoke to Oliva, Peter arrived and loudly shouted that it was all Valentin's fault that Maxie had turned against him. Olivia thought it was better for Maxie, but Peter urged her to take care of her own family and stay away. Valentin stood up hastily and got into Peter's face. He warned Peter not to threaten Olivia, but Peter disclosed that he'd had a run-in with Dante, who had been in bad shape. He'd had a gun.

Olivia immediately jumped up to phone Dante, and she left him a message. Peter hoped that Sam had taken Dante to the hospital. Valentin accused Peter of terrorizing Olivia and said Faison couldn't have done it better. Peter began to yell that he was tired of people throwing his father in his face. Valentin suggested that Peter stop acting like Faison, and the men began to argue. Valentin didn't think that Peter deserved a baby, and he said Peter needed to take some responsibility.

Michael and Ned try to talk Brook Lynn out of a diabolical plan Michael and Ned try to talk Brook Lynn out of a diabolical plan

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Nina left the Tan-O after speaking to Phyllis, and "Mike" found her passport lying on the table. Phyllis explained that Nina had been a former patient of hers, and "Mike" offered to go after Nina to return the passport. Phyllis agreed, and "Mike" headed to the door. When he started to go out, Nina walked in. She and "Mike" stood face to face. "Mike" seemed puzzled, but Nina was in shock.

"I know you," "Mike" said. He added that he'd had a dream about a woman with blonde hair. He didn't remember Nina, but he was certain that they'd met. Her voice was familiar, although he recalled answering the phone when Nina had called to talk to Phyllis previously. Nina asked why he was there. She grew even more confused when Phyllis returned from the back of the bar and called out to "Mike."

"Mike" looked at Nina's passport and read her name. Before he went about his business, he held out his hand and said it was nice to meet her. Phyllis asked Nina if she was okay, and Nina pressed her for information about "Mike." Phyllis explained his accident and memory loss, as well as the watch with the name engraved on the back. She thought the name suited "Mike." "In a way, it does," Nina replied.

Nina realized that "Mike" had no clue about his past, his friends, or his family. Phyllis thought it could stay that way unless someone would be able to help him fill in the blanks. Nina asked if it would be risky for "Mike" to learn about his true identity, and Phyllis assumed that "Mike" would be willing to take a risk.

As Finn descended the stairs at General Hospital, he spoke to Violet on the phone. He told her he'd be late, and he gave her instructions on feeding Roxy. When he began to blow kisses on the phone, a nurse walked by and chuckled. He informed her that it had been at his daughter's request.

Laura arrived at Elizabeth's house to give her some news. Elizabeth announced that she had already heard about the witness at Franco's murder, and she knew that Carly would fight it. Cameron was eavesdropping, but he walked into the room and vowed to make someone pay in the event that Jason was exonerated. Elizabeth explained that they needed the law to handle it, but Cameron exploded. He reminded the women that the law had been the one to send Franco away when it hadn't been warranted.

Cameron felt that there was one law for Jason, and one for everyone else. Elizabeth was positive that Jason had committed the murder. Laura told Cameron to grab his jacket because she had someone in mind who would be able to talk to him about justice.

Later, Finn paid a surprise visit to Elizabeth, and she told him that Cameron and Laura had been out for a long time. Finn had wanted Elizabeth to know that she would always be Violet's aunt. Elizabeth changed the subject to talk about Finn's life, but he insisted that he wasn't there about himself. He wanted to be there for Elizabeth. She pointed out that they had both been having a difficult time, and she thought they could help each other.

Finn admitted that he and Anna were over, although they still loved each other. He didn't want to discuss much, but Elizabeth encouraged him to talk because she'd hear hospital gossip, anyway. He revealed that his private life had gone public, thanks to the Invader. Elizabeth was aghast at the family news and asked about Chase. Finn noted that Chase had lost both a father and a brother. Elizabeth commented that Finn still had Violet, and she and the boys would be there for him.

Curtis sat at the bar in his new nightclub and looked at his laptop. He was surprised to see Portia, and he thanked her for encouraging him to make the purchase. He declared that he was never going to look back. Trina had silently followed her mother inside, and Portia informed Curtis that she wanted his thanks to be paid forward. Trina thought it was a mistake and wanted to go home.

Portia made it clear that it was time for Taggert to be sentenced, and all of the past events were something they would all have to face. Trina mentioned how she'd hated Curtis for saving her and getting her father killed, and Curtis admitted that he'd been in the dark, also. Trina stated that she'd wanted to blame Curtis for everything, but Curtis didn't expect her to get over all of her feelings. Trina thought he'd been an "easy target," and she was sorry.

Curtis appreciated the possibility of starting over, and he offered to listen if Trina ever wanted to talk. Trina wanted to study, and she walked away. Curtis promised to save seats when the club opened. They were bewildered when Cameron and Laura walked in. Laura announced that Cameron had business to discuss, but he was hesitant. Laura urged him to go on, and Cameron told Curtis that he wanted help to make sure that Jason paid for Franco's death.

Trina told Portia that she wanted to stay because Cameron looked upset. Curtis wondered if Cameron wanted him to be a hitman, but Laura thought that Curtis would have a good recommendation for some help. Curtis explained that he'd given up his investigator license after he'd purchased the club, and Cameron suspected that his grandmother had only tried to cause a diversion.

Curtis understood what Franco had meant to Cameron, and Cameron angrily replied that Jason always got away with everything. Curtis didn't want Cameron to be angry, but Cameron exclaimed that he hadn't even been able to say goodbye to Franco. He'd frozen at the memorial. Cameron turned to leave, but Trina stopped him. She knew that Cameron knew how to express his feelings, and the gifts that Franco had left would remain in Cameron's heart.

Trina announced that she'd found a forgotten guitar in the club, and Laura urged Cameron to play. She quickly phoned Elizabeth and asked her to get to the club. Elizabeth asked Finn to watch Jake and Aiden, and he agreed.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned guessed that Brook Lynn planned to use her child to get ELQ back to the family. Brook Lynn wondered if he really thought she was capable of such a devious deed. "Absolutely!" Ned declared. "Without a doubt!" Michael said as Ned answered. Brook Lynn saw no sense in denying it, and Ned couldn't believe she was agreeing. Brook Lynn admitted she'd discovered some maternal instincts, but she wanted to hit Valentin where he was most vulnerable.

Ned was aware that he hadn't been a good role model, and he'd turned into his grandfather. He thought that using a child as a pawn would lead to heartbreak. Michael added that he'd turned down Valentin's offer regarding Wiley. Ned didn't think that Brook Lynn had to prove herself, and he was sorry if he'd ever given her that impression. Her child would be his first grandchild. "Don't turn it into a bargaining chip," he said.

Brook Lynn spoke of how shocked she'd been at her pregnancy. She'd wanted to get back at Valentin, but then something had changed. She thought that the baby would be able to fix the damage she'd created and restore the family business. Ned agreed that love equaled family, which equaled profit, and that had been a family philosophy. However, he was estranged from his wife and only a part-time dad to Leo. He was watching Brook Lynn make the same mistake.

Martin met with Valentin at Metro Court. Valentin revealed that he was going to be a father again, and Martin guessed it was Nina. When Valentin assured him it wasn't, Martin assumed that a quiet settlement was wanted. Valentin proclaimed that he didn't want a way out, and he wanted everything -- the same as usual. He wanted to be a father in every way, and no one could keep him away.

Valentin vowed to respect any decisions made until after the child was born. He thought that Martin could be charming, and he wanted Martin to speak to the mother. If that didn't work, Martin could show his other side. Martin thought that Valentin should forget lawyers, be a good guy, and work things out. Martin had to take a phone call, and he walked away as Valentin frowned pensively.

Nearby, Carly urged Jax to try to find Nina because she still had feelings for him. Ava walked by and announced that she might know where Nina had gone. Carly snapped that it was a private conversation, but Ava made it clear that Nina had confided in her. Nina was finished with Jax and furious with Carly for blaming Nina for wanting to be involved with her grandson.

Carly insisted that Willow and Michael were responsible for deciding anything to do with Wiley, but Ava didn't buy it. "You're pulling the strings," Ava said. She pointed out that she'd allowed Carly to spend time with Avery, and Wiley should have been allowed to spend time with his other grandmother. "Come down off your high horse!" Ava exclaimed.

Carly was surprised to hear Jax say that he agreed with Ava. She made it clear that her sympathy for Nina had stopped after Nina had confused Wiley and hurt Willow. Ava wondered if it was Carly's job to dole out the punishment, and Jax quickly interrupted the bickering women to ask about Nina's whereabouts.

Ava confessed that she didn't know but she guessed it was somewhere safe, where she'd be understood. Carly suggested that it was somewhere without bad memories. Jax decided to check with his contacts to see if Nina had used her passport, while Ava stayed to chat with Carly. Ava divulged that Nina had wanted to go to court, but Ava had talked her out of it. Nina had been willing to meet Carly halfway, and Carly had refused.

Ava informed Carly that she believed there was a state law in New York that biological grandparents had rights. Carly laughed and asked if Ava had recently attended law school. Ava spotted Martin and called him over. She would ask him unless Carly was afraid of the answer. "What exactly am I walking into?" Martin asked. Ava asked him about the law, and he said that grandparents definitely had rights, especially if one parent had died.

Ava assured a relieved Martin that that had been all she'd wanted to know. She would let Nina know that she could sue for visitation rights because Carly only understood fighting in court. She thought that maybe Carly would lose her grandson, and Ava hoped she had a front row seat to see it.

Back at the Quartermaines', Brook Lynn insisted that her mind was made up. Michael reminded her that his son had been first, even if it had cost them shares. Brook Lynn indicated that Valentin had been a good father to Charlotte, and she would make it work for the baby. Valentin walked in and agreed to Brook Lynn's way of thinking. Brook Lynn asked for privacy, but Ned and Michael refused to budge. Valentin thought they should stay.

"We're all family now," Valentin said. Ned began to shout that he would never consider it, but Brook Lynn wanted Valentin to be able to talk. Valentin apologized. He wanted to respect Brook Lynn's decisions, and he would help in any way that he could. Brook Lynn smiled, and he thanked her for the chance. She walked him to the door, and he said he thought they could make it work. Brook Lynn gloated and informed Ned and Michael that her plan was working.

At Metro Court, Jax returned and told Ava that Nina had not gone out of the country. Ava thought that could change because Jax had hurt her. Jax understood that he had messed up. Ava refused to plead his case if she heard from Nina, but he wanted her to tell Nina he missed her.

As Elizabeth arrived at the nightclub, Cameron was playing the guitar and singing a beautiful ballad dedicated to his feelings about Franco. "We weren't done with this yet," he sang.

As Nina spoke to Phyllis at the Tan-O, "Mike" answered the phone and called out that it was for Phyllis. She went to take the call, and Nina told "Mike" that she'd heard about his memory loss. He thought that Nina had something to say. She told him that she wasn't the blonde woman of his dreams, but everything would be okay. She placed a call to Carly and announced that she had something important to tell Carly.

Nina calls Carly Nina calls Carly

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

At the Tan-O, Nina broke it to "Mike" that she hadn't been the blonde woman he'd had a dream about. She assured him that everything would be all right and walked away. She pulled out her phone and called Carly, who was annoyed to answer the phone to Nina. Nina said that she had something very important to tell Carly. However, Carly divulged that Ava had told her about Nina's plan to sue for the right to see Wiley, and she didn't let Nina get a word in edgewise as she told Nina how the family would destroy Nina.

"Do we have anything else to discuss?" Carly asked. Nina replied that there was something else, but it didn't matter anymore. Nina advised Carly that she'd just made her life more miserable and that Carly had "made your bed, now you have to lie in it alone," and she hung up.

Sonny wondered who had gotten Nina so upset, and Nina answered, "No one important. A bitter widow." Sonny poured her a drink and offered to listen. Nina briefly told him the whole story, from finding out about Nelle to being barred from seeing Wiley. Sonny pondered over why anyone would keep two people who loved each other apart. He thought that if the widow could feel Nina's pain, then she would understand. Nina appreciated his support, and he suggested that they'd been meant to meet. He thought it could be the "beginning of a beautiful friendship."

A perplexed Carly was staring at her phone when Michael arrived at the Metro Court restaurant. She told him about the phone call with Nina and about Nina's strange comment at the end of the call. She suggested that Nina was drunk, but it had sounded like the kind of threat that Nelle would have said. Michael doubted that the two women would be in the same category, despite Nina's history. Carly thought that it was just more reason to keep Nina away from Wiley.

Michael related that Willow had been hurt and surprised that he'd made a decision about Nina's visitation without her. Carly reasoned that there had been no time to consult with Willow, and she begged him not to change his mind. He stated that he would have to discuss it with Willow. After the phone call, Carly was more convinced than ever that Nina wasn't in a good place. If Nina sued, Carly vowed to do whatever it took to stop Nina.

Trina was on her phone at the nightclub, and she told someone that she needed to "make it happen tonight." Across the room, Portia was impressed by Curtis' ability to help Cameron channel his grief into his music. Trina approached and informed the two that Cameron felt a lot better. She added that she should have taken Curtis' advice, and she was sorry for being so angry at Curtis. She also thought that she was ready to forgive Taggert, and Portia expressed how proud she was of her daughter. Trina had studying to do, so she left.

Portia hoped that, with Taggert's sentencing the next day, Trina wouldn't have to lose her father again -- and so soon after forgiving him. She wondered how things were between Curtis and Jordan, and he admitted that they were "in limbo." He wondered if he'd ever known the real Jordan, and Portia could relate, which was why she'd turned to someone else for attention. She admitted to Curtis that she'd grown real feelings for him, and he appreciated the truth. She wanted to make sure he knew that he could trust her, and he assured her that he did. She had to go, so he asked her to wish Taggert good luck from him, and she left.

Jordan visited Taggert in his cell and tried to get him to reconsider his guilty plea. He maintained that he was trying to protect Trina from Cyrus, but Jordan revealed that the situation had changed. She revealed that they had leverage in the form of Cyrus' mother, but she knew no details. He wondered if he had a chance of not being convicted, and she believed that a sympathetic jury would understand Taggert's actions, considering all of the damage Cyrus had done.

Just then, Trina arrived, and Jordan left to give her some privacy with Taggert. Trina apologized for being so angry with Taggert, and she wished that she could hug him. He wondered what had changed her mind, and she disclosed that Cameron's stepfather getting killed had made her realize how lucky she was that her own father was still alive. She also wished that she'd been able to see him earlier, as Jordan hadn't let her visit before. He confessed that he was the one responsible for that, as he hadn't wanted her in Cyrus' sights. He told her what Jordan thought about his plea, and Trina agreed with Jordan. She urged him to fight the charges for his freedom and for her.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Valentin put Charlotte at a table and got up to get them drinks, as they had something to celebrate. Anna arrived, and Valentin confided that he was going to be a father again. He asked about Finn, and Anna revealed that they were over. Charlotte ran over and hugged Anna, and she asked for a playdate with Violet. Valentin promised to arrange one with Finn, and he asked Charlotte for a couple more minutes with Anna.

When Charlotte was gone, Valentin and Anna talked about Peter's harassment of Maxie, and Anna commented that Peter sounded like Faison. Valentin added that he'd hired more security for Charlotte, and Anna was glad that Violet was no longer vulnerable. Valentin invited Anna to join him and Charlotte, but Anna replied that she was meeting with someone. He assured her that she wasn't alone, as he missed Nina every day, so Anna always had a shoulder to cry on.

A few minutes later, Valentin returned to Charlotte with their drinks, and he informed her that Rocco would no longer be her only sibling. Charlotte was clearly not excited, so Valentin suggested that she teach her new brother and sister all about the things she loved. She didn't want to share anything with anyone, and Valentin guessed that she assumed he would love the baby more than he loved her. He promised that he would never love anyone the way he loved her.

Jordan arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and sat down with Anna. Jordan wanted to set terms and not talk about work, and Anna agreed. Anna added that she didn't want to talk about men, either, but Jordan countered that that was all she wanted to talk about. She asked about Finn, and Anna updated her. Anna asked about Curtis, and Jordan replied that he wasn't being forgiving. Jordan wondered what was next for Anna. She replied that she would keep moving forward while figuring out how to help Maxie with Peter.

Speaking of Peter, Jordan assured Anna that all of her available detectives were looking for evidence against Peter. Anna related that Robert was keeping her updated about evidence from Drew's plane crash, of which there was none yet. Anna commented that Peter's cover-ups were usually worse than the actual crimes, and she suggested that Jordan look into Franco's murder again. She believed that he was effective at framing people, and he'd had more reason to kill Franco than Jason had. Jordan agreed to talk about it with Anna, and with that, the two decided to no longer talk about work or men.

At the hospital, Lucas entered a room Felix was in, having heard that Felix was covering for Epiphany in instructing a Lamaze class. Lucas wanted to observe, as he was curious if Felix could keep his cool. He figured that they could get a drink after the class to celebrate Felix's survival.

Brook Lynn arrived at the hospital and bumped into Maxie and Britt. Maxie noticed Brook Lynn's pregnant belly, and Brook Lynn assumed Maxie would want to know who the father was. Brook Lynn told Maxie about Valentin. Changing the subject, Brook Lynn said she'd heard about Lulu and expressed her condolences. Maxie replied that her baby would be named Louise, Lu for short, after Lulu. Brook Lynn wondered about Peter's role in the baby's life, and Maxie wasn't sure yet. Brook Lynn admitted the same about Valentin.

Britt chimed in that she could help Brook Lynn get her medical records transferred from wherever Brook Lynn had been, but Brook Lynn was cagey about talking about her medical care before she'd arrived in Port Charles. Maxie invited Brook Lynn to join their Lamaze class. Just then, Lucas approached and hugged Brook Lynn. Maxie suggested that Lucas could be Brook Lynn's partner for the Lamaze class, and Lucas enthusiastically agreed.

Maxie, Britt, Brook Lynn, and Lucas arrived at the class, and Felix began his introduction. Just then, Peter burst into the room and apologized for being late, as "the traffic was murder." He promised Maxie that they would have a much better birthing experience than they'd had with James. He thanked Britt for filling in for him and insisted that he could take over, but Britt refused. He reminded her that he was the father, but she pulled him outside the room to talk to him.

Britt reminded Peter that Maxie had asked for space, so he needed to back off. She added that stalking and harassing Maxie would score him no points with her. She continued that Maxie was fragile, so he needed to respect her feelings.

Back in the room, Maxie lamented how embarrassed she was. Brook Lynn assured her that Peter was the one who should be embarrassed, and she and Lucas got up to get Maxie some water. Lucas wondered if the father of Brook Lynn's baby was going to be involved. Brook Lynn replied that she didn't want him anywhere near the baby, and Lucas was the perfect person to help her. He said that he was honored, but she advised him not to be until after he heard about her plan.

Britt returned and informed Maxie that Peter was gone, but Maxie needed to stop letting Peter think that he had a chance. She instructed Maxie to figure out how to back Peter off permanently without him becoming obsessed. Maxie assured Britt that there was no need to worry, as Maxie had a plan. She added, "Once I set it into motion, he won't know what hit him."

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Due to ABC News coverage of President Biden's first press conference, General Hospital did not air. This was an unplanned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Friday, March 26, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 23, episode concluded.

Brando shares valuable information with Michael Brando shares valuable information with Michael

Friday, March 26, 2021

At General Hospital, Britt received a phone alert from the Invader that Jason had been arrested for Franco's murder.

Sam handed Olivia a cup of coffee as they waited in the corridor for news of Dante. They were both tired after being up all night, worried. Sam was sure that Dante would get better after a talk with Kevin. Olivia hoped that Peter paid for his crimes, and she thanked Sam for showing up to help Dante. She called Sam a good friend for Dante and exactly what he had needed.

Inside an office, Dante urged Anna to go home like Kevin had. She asked him how he was doing. "You tell me," he replied. Anna believed that Dante and Kevin had made progress, and Dante admitted that he felt "lighter." He explained the continuous voice in his head that had told him to complete the mission and kill Peter. Then Sam had shown up. Anna was sorry about what Dr. Kirk had done to Dante, but she thought it was over. She urged Dante to get on with his life.

At Metro Court, Carly spoke to Diane on the phone and wished they had the name of the unknown witness. Cyrus turned up as Carly finished the call, and he extended his condolences over Jason's arrest. Carly replied that it was all a misunderstanding, and Jason would be out of jail quickly. Cyrus hoped so for Carly's sake. She also inferred what Cyrus could do with his condolences.

Cyrus wondered who he could talk to about business. He didn't think that Carly was merely a passive bystander; he believed that she was the power in the family business. He was familiar with the fact that Jason had called a meeting of the Five Families, and he was concerned that Jason wouldn't get there. Cyrus promised to attend and tell the others that all was well. He suggested that members of the other families could be unpredictable, especially with Jason gone.

Nearby, Martin and Laura met and sat down. She admitted that she'd learned it had been his birthday after scrolling on social media. She thought they should get to know each other better. Martin admitted that his birthday had been lonely, and he spoke about his mother. He didn't want to know where she had been taken in order to not be able to give Cyrus any information.

Laura asked Martin to join her family for the holiday if he didn't have other family of his own. She guessed they didn't know each other very well. "Not yet," Martin replied. He disclosed that he had been married several times but had no children. After his last marriage, he'd realized that he was the one who had been the problem in all of them. He had tried to be different from his parents, and he had always been on his own due to all the attention that Cyrus had garnered when they'd been young.

Laura could relate. She told Martin about her sister Amy who had probably lived the same way due to Laura having always been a handful. She thought it was nice to have people around who cared because it made things easier to bear.

Sasha and Michael met for breakfast at Kelly's. They discussed Nina's leaving town, and Michael admitted it was best for Wiley. He confessed that he should have gotten Willow's opinion before making any moves.

Brando wanted to talk to Gladys about her getting Jason arrested before heading inside to eat. Gladys insisted that she'd seen Jason toss the gun away, but Brando informed her that she'd caused problems for Carly. He added that there were a lot of questions about Franco's death, although Gladys maintained that she'd told the truth. She wondered why Brando even cared, because she'd done him a favor. He'd be in better shape with his employer.

Gladys and Brando walked inside, where they saw Sasha and Michael. Gladys was giddy about the family reunion, and she hugged Michael. Brando asked to speak to Michael privately, and they walked away. Gladys noted that she and Sasha kept running into each other, and she asked how long Sasha had been friendly with Brando. Sasha related that Brando had helped her through a rough time.

Nearby, Brando urged Michael not to react as he revealed that Gladys had been the mystery witness who had accused Jason. He told Michael to tell whoever he needed to. They returned to Gladys and Sasha, and the mother and son found a table of their own.

Brando tried to make it plain that he and Sasha were just friends, although Gladys didn't believe him. She warned him not to get involved with someone in recovery. Brando told her it was none of her business, and he stated that Michael and Sasha had been trying to work things out. "If you say so," Gladys said unconvincingly. She had seen Brando looking over at Sasha.

Michael finished up a call to Willow, and he admitted that she hadn't held a grudge. She had been disappointed in him. Sasha told him not to beat himself up. She felt sorry for Nina, and Michael did, too. He hoped it worked out with her and that Nina got the help she needed. It helped to have someone else to figure things out.

At Metro Court, Carly received a phone call from Michael, who gave her the news about Gladys. Carly informed Cyrus that she knew about Gladys, and she was certain that Cyrus had put Gladys up to it. Cyrus denied knowing anything, but Carly accused him of being present because he had seen an opportunity and had wanted to make her an offer.

Cyrus suggested that Gladys' eyesight wasn't good, and maybe she would recant her story. He asked if it would be a relief similar to his mother being returned. He asked if they understood each other. "I think we do," Carly said.

Martin was surprised and touched when a cake with a lit candle was placed in front of him. Laura made it clear that she had really wanted to celebrate his birthday. He closed his eyes, made a wish, and blew out the candle. Cyrus stopped and asked Martin what he'd wished for.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" brightened up when he saw Nina early in the morning. She revealed that she'd stayed with Phyllis and Lenny, although she hadn't gotten any sleep. "Mike" poured coffee, and Nina admitted she'd been thinking whether it was her job to "balance the scales." She told "Mike" what a blessing he had been to Phyllis and Lenny, and she wondered if he ever thought about his past. She asked if he would want to know about it.

"Mike" replied that he thought about it often, but he wasn't sure he wanted to know. Phyllis arrived and was surprised to see Nina so early. Nina announced that she would be leaving because it was time for everyone to get on with their lives. Phyllis wished she would stay, and "Mike" told Nina about the hard times in town. He informed her of the vandalism and recession that had been encountered. "Mike" thought that Nina could help.

"Mike" suggested that Nina write an article about Nixon Falls that would get people to visit. Nina replied that Crimson was a fashion magazine, and she was on a leave of absence. She didn't want to interfere with the people she'd left in charge. "Mike" asked if she ever did human interest stories, but Phyllis understood. She went to the back to fetch some bottles of water for Nina's trip.

"Mike" frowned and said that Nina was making a mistake. He thought that she was the boss. Nina maintained that she'd been through a lot, and she needed recovery time. "Mike" thought that she should "balance the scales" with Phyllis, who had run to see Nina when Nina had needed her. Phyllis returned with the water, and Nina announced her decision to stay longer. She thought she could "pull strings," although it would be a few issues before anything was in print. Phyllis hugged her.

At the hospital, Olivia was thrilled when Anna and Dante emerged. Dante assured his mother he was fine, and he asked Anna to tell Olivia everything. Anna gave her a brief background of a "rogue" WSB agent who had had an agenda. Triggers had been installed in Dante's brain, but they'd probably all been removed. Dante stated that he would continue counseling.

Dante and Olivia felt that they owed Sam. Dante made fun of Olivia for continually thanking God for his recovery, but Olivia was tearful. Sam received a phone alert from Molly about Jason's arrest. Olivia asked how Kirk could still be manipulating Dante's brain, and she asked if the doctor could have been working with someone else. Anna told her there was no evidence, but she grew quiet and thoughtful.

Olivia proclaimed that the WSB was a disaster, although Anna insisted that there were still good people in it. She reminded Olivia that Robert was a great person. Dante was ready for a shower and a nap, and he thanked Anna before leaving. Anna made a phone call and asked to see someone right away.

Taggert lay on his cot in the Port Charles jail and sighed when he saw Jason in the next cell. He hadn't known that he would be receiving a new roommate. Jason revealed that he'd been arrested for Franco's murder, and Taggert wondered how long it would take Jason to get released.

Taggert assumed that Jason would be out much sooner than Taggert would. Jason assured him that Portia and Trina were still protected. A cop arrived to take Taggert to his sentencing hearing, and Taggert urged Jason to get out fast because of Cyrus.

Britt arrived with her black doctor's bag, and the cop admitted her into Jason's cell. She loudly announced that she was there to follow up on Jason's head injury. Jason informed her that Peter had killed Franco and framed him. Britt made it clear that Peter was good at that, and Liesl would be able to tell Jason all about it. She didn't understand why Jason seemed calm while she was frantic. Jason tried to calm her down instead.

Britt tried to get across how dangerous Peter was because he'd learned everything from Faison. She thought that Jason should be more panicked, because life as he had known it would end. She reminded Jason that they were supposed to take on Peter together. Jason saw her shaking hand as she exclaimed that she was risking everything, especially if Cyrus heard that she'd been working against Cyrus.

Jason grabbed Britt's hand and noted that she wasn't as selfish as she wanted people to think. The cop announced that Jason had another visitor, and Britt loudly announced that Jason had no side effects from his injury. She left, and the cop locked the door. Sam stood outside. She had seen Britt and Jason holding hands. Jason told her that Peter had framed him, and it wouldn't be easy to get out.

Back at the hospital, Britt and Sam talked about Peter. Britt declared that they had a "common goal," and Sam realized that Peter was more dangerous to Maxie than they'd believed. "So, what are we gonna do about it?" Britt asked.

Jason had yet another visitor. It was Carly. She declared that she was getting Jason out, no matter what it took.

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