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Unlikely alliances were formed to take down Peter. Scott and Liesl shared a night of passion. Phyllis played matchmaker. Taggert was released into Jordan's custody. Cyrus took Martin down a few pegs in Laura's eyes. Alexis pleaded guilty and was sentenced to Pentonville.
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Nina and ''Mike'' grew closer, Alexis pleaded guilty, and Jason was denied bail
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Taggert's hearing begins Taggert's hearing begins

Monday, March 29, 2021

At the nightclub, T.J. was helping Curtis set things up when Cameron ran in. He babbled on about how they needed to get the club up on social media. Curtis informed Cameron that he hadn't yet hired any employees, so Cameron definitely didn't work for him, but Cameron replied that he wanted to help Curtis out for helping Cameron out. Cameron updated T.J. on how Curtis had advised Cameron to positively channel his anger and grief, and how he was feeling better. Curtis appreciated Cameron wanting to help, but he admitted his surprise that Cameron wasn't at the courthouse for Taggert's hearing. Cameron hadn't realized that the hearing was that day, and he ran out.

T.J. commended Curtis for helping Cameron, and he could see that Curtis was already less stressed without his private investigation work. Curtis could tell that T.J. had something to talk about, and T.J. talked about getting tickets for his graduation. He wondered if he needed to get separate seats for Curtis and Jordan. Curtis said that T.J. knew Curtis and Jordan could manage to sit next to each other for a graduation, and he told T.J. to ask what he really wanted to ask. "Are you two over?" T.J. asked, and Curtis responded that he and Jordan were separated. T.J. wondered if they would get back together, and if Curtis would have room for Jordan in his new life.

At the courthouse, Trina wanted to talk to Taggert before his hearing, but Portia advised her that it was closed. Josslyn promised that she would be there to support Trina, no matter what. Jordan arrived, and Trina wondered if Taggert had changed his plea. Just then, Taggert arrived, escorted by an officer. Trina asked if he'd changed his plea, as she needed him. He told her that he loved her, and as the officer dragged him inside the courtroom, the door was slammed shut. Jordan warned Trina that if Taggert changed his plea, the judge could still deny the change.

A few minutes later, inside the courtroom, Taggert was uncuffed as Jordan wondered what he was going to do. Just then, the judge arrived, and the hearing began. The judge asked if Taggert was prepared for sentencing, but he stood and announced that he wanted to change his plea to not guilty. The prosecutor objected, and the judge called both lawyers into his chambers. Jordan thought that Taggert had made the right choice, and he hoped that it worked.

Moments later, Trina and Portia entered the courtroom, and Jordan explained the reason for the recess. Josslyn stood in the doorway and watched Trina interact with her father. Just then, Cameron arrived, and he wondered why no one had let him know about the hearing. Josslyn replied that Trina hadn't wanted to stress Cameron out, but he maintained that he wouldn't be stressed while he was supporting his friends. "We have to stick together," he said. "Damn right, we do," she responded. The hearing was about to resume, so Trina, Portia, Josslyn, and Cameron left the courtroom.

In the hall, Trina was glad to see Cameron, and he promised that he would always be there for her. Trina asked her mother what would happen if the plea change was accepted, and Portia answered that bail would be set, if he got bail at all. Just then, Trina got a text from Jordan that the change of plea had been accepted.

Inside the courtroom, the prosecutor argued against bail, since Taggert had already faked his death once. Taggert's lawyer suggested an ankle monitor, but the judge agreed that Taggert was a flight risk. Jordan stood and asked to address the court.

A short while later, Trina, Portia, Josslyn, and Cameron entered the courtroom when the hearing was over. Jordan informed Trina that Taggert had been granted bail, and he was getting an ankle monitor put on. Taggert approached and hugged Trina, and he explained that Jordan had vouched for him. Jordan added that she was taking personal responsibility for him, so he would be staying with her.

Martin blew out the candle on his cake at the Metro Court restaurant as Cyrus approached and asked about Martin's wish. As Cyrus sat down with Martin and Laura, Martin muttered that the candle had to have been defective. Laura stated that Cyrus hadn't been invited, and she threatened to call security. Cyrus wondered how Martin was known as the "good brother," and Laura guessed that it was because Martin wasn't an "alleged homicidal drug lord." Cyrus asked why Martin no longer seemed to be worried about Florence, as he knew how to read his brother. Martin admitted that he and Jackie had seen Florence a month before, but she'd been moved shortly after. Cyrus raged that Florence belonged with him. Laura noted that Cyrus thought of Florence as a possession.

Cyrus informed Laura that Martin had helped Julian out of town after he'd bombed the Floating Rib. An ashamed Martin explained to a shocked Laura that he hadn't known about the bombing at the time, but Julian had been convinced that Sonny had been trying to kill him. Julian had found a picture of Martin and Cyrus, and Martin had needed to help so that Julian wouldn't go public with the news that Martin and Cyrus were brothers. Cyrus chimed in that Martin had then called Cyrus because he'd known that Cyrus could get to Julian before Sonny.

Cyrus reiterated his claim that the siblings were "cut from the same cloth," but he was the one who was honest about the darkness in him. When Cyrus was gone, Martin urged Laura not to let Cyrus poison their relationship. He thought that they would be fine if they could talk things through. Laura agreed, but she didn't want to talk about it right then. He promised that they could talk at Easter. Laura apologized and called her invitation for Easter premature, and she left.

At Jason's holding cell, Carly excitedly informed him that the witness against him would recant their statement if they let Florence go, but Jason refused to give up their leverage and take the deal. Carly told Jason that Cyrus had probably paid Gladys to be the witness to get back at them. However, Jason realized that Gladys had to have actually seen what had happened. Carly thought that that was more reason to take the deal, but Jason knew that Cyrus would go after the family even harder if they gave Florence back. Carly lamented that she couldn't take on Cyrus by herself. However, Jason informed her that she had "an ally on the outside to rely on."

Later, Carly was gone, and Cyrus arrived to visit Jason. He wanted to see Jason behind bars for himself before Jason's pending release. Jason countered that he wasn't being released, as the family wasn't going to take Cyrus' deal. Jason did promise to tell Florence that Cyrus said hello.

Anna was at home when she got a call from Finn. She informed him that she had found Violet's lost stuffed animal, and she could drop it off at the Metro Court. Just then, the doorbell rang, so she ended the call. "You're late," she said when she opened the door to Liesl. Anna told Liesl about Dante's attempted attack on Peter, and she observed that Liesl wasn't surprised. Liesl reasoned that Dante had PTSD, and Peter wasn't his favorite person. "What does that have to do with me?" Liesl questioned.

Anna believed that Liesl's relationship with Dr. Kirk had been more than that of a doctor and patient. Liesl claimed that she had been Dr. Kirk's prisoner, so she'd done what she'd had to like Anna had had to do with Faison. Liesl wondered what Anna was going to do next. Anna figured that Dr. Kirk had to have had a partner, so she vowed to go after that person. She thought that it was time that Peter paid for his crimes, and Liesl questioned what had convinced Anna. "He murdered Franco," Anna answered.

Anna told Liesl why she thought Peter had killed Franco, and Liesl kicked herself for not confronting Peter sooner. She claimed partial responsibility for Franco's death, but Anna insisted that Peter was the only one responsible. "Peter must pay," Liesl growled, but Anna wanted him to pay with his freedom, not his life. As Liesl turned to leave, she countered that she wanted Franco alive and well, but "you can't always get what you want." Later, when Liesl was gone, Carly arrived at Anna's to talk about Peter.

Elizabeth was hard at work at the hospital when Peter arrived. He expressed his condolences on her loss, but she didn't want to hear it from him. She advised him to leave unless he had business at the hospital. He wanted to take responsibility for Franco's death because of the article he'd published, and he wanted to make amends. He proposed that Elizabeth tell her story in the Invader so that they could convict Jason in the court of public opinion. "I don't wanna hear another word out of your lying mouth," she snapped, and she regretted thanking him for saving Franco's life when he'd been the one to hire the hitman.

Finn approached and warned Peter to take his lies elsewhere. Peter claimed he was being persecuted the same way Franco had been. Elizabeth lunged at Peter, but Finn caught her before she got to Peter. "How dare you compare yourself to him," she growled. She reminded him that Franco's bad deeds had been out of his control, but Peter had chosen not to stop.

"No one's buying that you're a wronged man," Elizabeth added. She concluded that he wasn't evil by birth, as he'd chosen to be evil. Peter reminded them that there was no evidence against him, which was why he was free. "Everyone knows what you did. Sooner or later, you'll get what you deserve, and that will be a glorious day," Finn stated. "Until then, get the hell out," he concluded.

Peter continued to chirp about his innocence, and Finn threatened to have him thrown out, which he thought would make a good front-page story for one of Peter's competitors. When Peter kept going, Elizabeth got security on the phone. Peter yelled about not letting Jason get away with murder, and he finally left. Elizabeth told security that the situation had been handled, and she hung up. Elizabeth regretted that Finn hadn't let her hit Peter, but Finn figured that Peter was the litigious type. She smirked that some people would have thrown her a parade.

On Peter's way out of the hospital, he spotted Liesl and glared at her. He creeped up behind her and mockingly expressed his condolences for her loss of Franco. She spat that he should be sorry, since he'd killed Franco, but Peter only laughed. He taunted that he, Maxie, and the kids would be living a long and happy life together without Liesl. She shot back that Peter was alone without allies, and the people he'd killed were crying out for justice. "Justice is coming for you, Henrik. It's coming for you at last," she said.

Alexis decides to take responsibility for her actions Alexis decides to take responsibility for her actions

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Laura arrived at the nightclub. She wondered if Curtis thought he'd made the right choice in buying it, and Curtis believed he had. Laura related that she and Kevin had promised to have more date nights, and they were looking for a place to go unwind at the end of the day. Curtis was glad to hear that his friends' relationships were going well. "I wish I could say the same for my other relationships," she said, and she told Curtis about what had happened with Martin, leaving out the exact details. Curtis didn't know Martin well, but he figured that at his worst, Martin was nowhere near Cyrus' league.

Laura knew she had a tendency to see people the way she wanted to see them instead of how they actually were. She kicked herself for rushing into the family connection and wondered if Curtis thought that he was rushing away from his own. She had decided to take things more slowly, and Curtis observed that the situation wasn't too different from his own with Jordan. She urged him not to give up, and he admitted that T.J. had said the same, but it was hard to rebuild trust. Laura reasoned that the dishonesty wasn't all Jordan's fault. She asked if Curtis could invite Jordan into his "wonderful new life" or if he'd already decided to move on.

Jordan and Taggert arrived at her apartment, and Taggert wanted to know how they were going to "nail" Cyrus. He wanted to see Cyrus' file, but she informed him that it was a police file, so the access was restricted. Taggert picked up his duffel bag to take it to his room, and she took the opportunity to get Cyrus' file out of a drawer. When he returned, she handed it to him and told him about Cyrus' involvement in the hospital. He vowed to figure out a legitimate way to stop Cyrus, as he had more to lose "this time." Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Jordan opened it to Curtis. He blurted out that he had something to say to her that couldn't wait, but he stopped when he saw Taggert.

Peter stormed into the stairwell at the hospital in a rage. He pulled his phone out and made a call. He got Cyrus' voicemail, so he left a message. He talked about their agreement about putting the rumors to rest about Peter killing Franco. He wondered if Cyrus' witness had talked to someone other than the cops, and he suggested that the witness should "think smarter for their own safety."

At the Metro Court restaurant, Michael was looking in the direction of Brando and Gladys when Finn arrived. Finn revealed that he was on his way to Alexis' hearing, and he wondered what Michael thought about the situation. Michael replied that everyone just wanted Alexis to get the help she needed. He believed that, as an ex-cop, Dante would be honest and objective on the stand. Just then, Peter arrived, and he wondered if Finn had talked to Anna lately. Finn spat that if he had time to talk, he wouldn't waste it on Peter, and Peter walked away smirking. Michael muttered that Peter's "day is coming. Sooner than he thinks."

Anna let in Carly, who wanted to talk about Peter. She explained that Jason was convinced that Anna could help her prove Jason's innocence. "Don't prove him wrong," Carly warned. Carly told Anna all about Gladys being the witness against Jason and how they believed that Gladys had actually seen Peter kill Franco. Anna asked to hear everything that Carly knew about Gladys.

Carly talked about Gladys as a greedy and opportunistic woman who believed that she was owed something. Just then, Anna had an idea of how to get to Gladys. A few minutes later, Carly wasn't thrilled with Anna's plan, but Anna invited other ideas. "Are you in?" Anna asked. "I'm in," Carly replied.

Alexis entered the courtroom, followed by Sam. Sam again asked her mother to change her plea. Diane arrived and agreed with Sam, but Alexis insisted that she'd made her decision. Valentin arrived and assured Alexis that it took courage to take responsibility for her actions, but Diane urged Alexis to let Diane fight for her. Diane demanded to know why Valentin was encouraging Alexis to plead guilty. Valentin answered that he was supporting Alexis in whatever way she chose to make her amends. Dante arrived, but he said that he would wait outside the courtroom. Alexis invited him to stay, as his presence would remind her why she'd made the choice she had.

Sam followed Dante into the hallway and made sure that he was all right, as he'd been through a lot in the previous few days. She admitted that she almost wished he had killed Peter. She confided that she believed that Peter had actually killed Franco and that she and Britt were out to prove it.

Diane informed Alexis that the judge was running late, so there was still time for Alexis to change her plea. Valentin thought it was good that Alexis was being honest with herself. "Says the guy who lies like he breathes," Finn shot back as he approached. Alexis appreciated their support but threatened to send one of the men home if they couldn't get along, so they promised to behave.

Sam and Dante returned to the courtroom, and Sam asked again if Alexis would change her plea. Finn chimed in that the biggest battle for Alexis would be her sobriety. Just then, Valentin got a text that Alexis thought looked important, and she urged him to go. He asked her to keep him updated, and he left. Just then, Finn got a text, and he informed Alexis that he had to go tend to a patient. He gave her a hug and left. A bailiff announced that the judge was on the way, so everyone needed to take a seat. Alexis sat down and grabbed Diane's hand.

The doorbell rang at Anna's, and she opened it to Valentin, who confirmed that he'd gotten her message. He entered the house and was shocked to see Carly. Anna spent a few minutes telling Valentin about the predicament they were in, and he wondered what they were going to do about it. "We don't do anything. You do," Anna replied.

At Jason's holding cell, Cyrus assumed that Carly had explained the deal to Jason, but Jason refused to negotiate. If that was the case, Cyrus casually mentioned filling in for Jason at the meeting of the five families. "You won't have to worry about getting a Mother's Day gift this year," Jason stated coldly. Cyrus growled that Jason wouldn't be getting another chance and stormed out.

Michael passed by Cyrus as he arrived to visit Jason. Michael assured Jason that Diane was working on his bail, but Jason wasn't expecting to be released anytime soon. Michael knew that Gladys was lying out of either spite or greed, but he worried about the vacancy that Jason and Sonny's absence created. Jason insisted that it wasn't Michael's problem. Michael thought that it was his job to step in, and there was no other way.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Gladys couldn't decide what she wanted. Brando was surprised that she could afford the restaurant and staying at the hotel. "It's taken care of," she assured him. "By anyone I know?" Brando asked. Gladys talked about how amazing Cyrus was, and Brando wondered what was in it for Cyrus. He warned her that Cyrus was dangerous and would make a person regret crossing him.

Peter approached and greeted Gladys and Brando. Gladys, a big fan of the Invader, knew exactly who Peter was, and she introduced herself. Just then, Brando got a call from the garage. Gladys urged him to take it, so Brando walked away to answer the phone.

Peter wondered if he and Gladys had met before, and Gladys commented that he had "one of those faces" that she couldn't forget. He mentioned that he'd been dealing with a "lunatic" Liesl, who'd accused him of killing Franco. Gladys confided that she was the one who'd gone to the police about Jason committing the murder. Peter offered to do a front-page story about her and her "civic-mindedness," but Cyrus approached and thought that was a bad idea.

Brando returned, and Cyrus suggested that Brando get Gladys a dessert she could enjoy in her room. Gladys wanted to stay, but Brando warned his mother about overstaying her welcome. When they were gone, Peter angrily told Cyrus that people were still accusing him of Franco's murder. "There are haters everywhere," Cyrus informed Peter, and he advised Peter not to let the "haters" get to him. Peter thought that if enough people believed the rumor, he would be replacing Jason in jail. "That's the last thing I want, unless you fail to deliver on your end of the bargain," Cyrus stated. Cyrus thought that it would take both of them to ensure that Jason stayed behind bars for life.

By the elevator, Gladys wished she could be a fly on the wall for Cyrus and Peter's conversation, but Brando reminded her that "flies get swatted." He advised her to go home, but she didn't want to miss any excitement. He again warned her that Cyrus' generosity had a price. She thought that everything worth having had a price, and she was done living without "the finer things." She invited him to get on the elevator, but she had decided to stick around.

Alexis is sentenced; Carly causes a scene Alexis is sentenced; Carly causes a scene

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

When Curtis arrived to speak to Jordan at their apartment, he was surprised to see Taggert -- and even more when Taggert announced that he would go to his room. Jordan explained that Taggert would be staying there awhile, as she had offered to take responsibility for him while he was out on bail. She informed Taggert that Curtis had been able to get through to Trina, which was why Trina had suddenly been there for her father. Taggert thanked Curtis, who replied that Trina had just needed some time to get over the lies and remember the love between them.

Jordan received a call, and she was the one who left the room. Taggert assured Curtis that there was nothing between him and Jordan, and he felt responsible for what had happened to Curtis and Jordan's marriage. Curtis maintained that the marriage breakup had had nothing to do with Taggert, and they spoke about the hazards of their jobs. Taggert pointed out Jordan's dedication, and Curtis agreed that she was all about justice.

Jordan returned, and Taggert confirmed that they still planned on going after Cyrus. He invited Curtis to join them, but Curtis declined. He made it clear that he was no longer in the business and verified that he'd purchased a nightclub. Taggert received notification of his food delivery being in the lobby, and he left to pick it up. Jordan apologized for the interruption, and she asked Curtis why he'd stopped by, although she was glad to see him.

Curtis was happy to see Jordan, too, but he told her it hadn't been important. Jordan offered to go somewhere private, but Curtis thought that Jordan had too much on her mind already. He called her a good friend to Taggert, who returned with bags of food. He invited Curtis to join them for dinner, but Curtis refused the invitation and left. Taggert asked Jordan if she was okay.

At Anna's house, Carly and Anna set their plan in motion after Carly learned via a phone call that Gladys was at Metro Court. Anna was sorry that she would miss it, but she didn't feel that she was the proper person to handle Gladys. Carly voiced her dismay at having to leave everything up to Valentin, who was on his way to Metro Court, but she would head over to her hotel, as well. As she walked out the door, Robert arrived.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Robert asked. He immediately suspected that Anna and Carly were involved in a scheme because the women had nothing in common except for Jason. Anna retorted that Jason was innocent, and Peter had been the one who had killed Franco. Anna added that Jason was a professional and knew how to commit such an act without being traced to it. He'd had ample opportunity to kill Franco over the years if he'd wanted to. She thought that Peter was going on luck and would get tripped up.

Robert admitted that he was convinced, but it would be difficult to get a court to see it. He figured that Franco had known something about Peter, but he also knew that someone had seen Jason toss the gun. Anna explained that the witness had lied, and she, Carly, and Valentin had a plan. Carly would publicly accuse Gladys of lying, and Valentin would intervene in order to gain Gladys' confidence. Anna wondered if Robert could postpone Jason's arraignment, but he told her he couldn't.

Robert needed evidence against Peter before it was too late. He knew that Maxie had also been trying to formulate a plan. "Oh, bloody hell," Anna responded. Robert told Anna about Maxie being able to calm Peter down and getting him to leave her apartment. She'd been playing a dangerous game of being a friend while keeping Peter at arm's length, and he was afraid that Maxie would set him off. Robert had wanted to know about Maxie's plan, but she had refused to tell him.

Anna went on to say that Jason believed that Gladys had actually seen Peter dump the gun and had been paid off to lie. Robert admitted that he would love to nail Cyrus and Peter on a conspiracy charge, but he needed more evidence. Anna disclosed that Valentin was motivated to stop Peter. Robert was afraid to tell Maxie about the plan, in the event that she would tell someone else, but Anna was also afraid that Maxie would do something to derail Anna's plan if Maxie didn't know about it. She asked Robert to talk to Maxie.

Valentin arrived at Metro Court and ordered a coffee at the bar. Peter showed up right after and told Valentin that it wouldn't work. Peter had seen Maxie, and he was getting another chance for them to be together. He accused Valentin of only knowing how to rip Peter's life apart. Valentin snapped that Peter's life was not real but built on lies and hurting people. Valentin had done the right thing by telling the truth about Peter.

Peter was confident that he would never be in prison because there was no evidence against him. Valentin thought Peter should take responsibility for his actions, but Peter growled that he was done taking Valentin's advice. He wanted Valentin to stay out of his life, or Valentin would regret it.

Just then, Carly stepped off the elevator and headed to Gladys' table. She began to shout that Gladys was lying and would go to jail for perjury and obstruction. Valentin and Peter witnessed the scene as Gladys tried to get Carly to lower her voice. Carly yelled that she wanted everyone to know that Gladys was a liar who would do anything for money and was unreliable. Gladys insisted she'd done her civic duty, but Carly continued her rant. She called Gladys a fraud and a cheat and continued to shout until Valentin interceded.

Valentin stood up for Gladys, and Carly told him it was none of his business. She added that Gladys was not a lady but a liar who had gone after Jason because Sonny had preferred him over Brando. Valentin yelled back at Carly, and she kicked them out of her restaurant. She turned to Peter and told him he was next.

Valentin and Gladys stepped onto the elevator. Valentin admitted he wasn't a fan of Carly, and she'd been out of line. The pair introduced themselves to each other, and Gladys admitted she'd been upset. Valentin suggested they go elsewhere for drinks, and Gladys accepted.

Carly proceeded to tell Peter off about his trashy article on Jason in the Invader, but Peter gloated that it was the type of article his audience preferred. His ratings and revenue had been up. Carly made it clear that Metro Court had relationships with some of Peter's advertisers, and she thought they'd be better off without him. She also realized that his lease was up for renewal. She warned Peter to back off of Jason, or he would find out if she was willing to pick a fight.

Peter threatened Carly's family because she was all alone without either Sonny or Jason. Carly promised that she was able to protect her family, and no one would get the better of her. "Least of all you," Carly said. "You sure about that?" Peter asked.

There was a knock at Maxie's apartment door, and she peered out to see who it was. She opened the door to Britt, who reminded Maxie that she was supposed to be avoiding stress. Maxie admitted that she was nervous because she hadn't heard from Peter. Britt checked Maxie's blood pressure and announced that it was slightly elevated. Maxie expected Peter to return, and Britt told her that her father had never taken no for an answer. Peter was more like Faison every day in his obsession that wasn't really love.

Maxie announced that her baby would have to disappear, and Peter would have to believe it had been stillborn. Britt thought that Maxie sounded like Nelle, but Maxie insisted that she wasn't trying to punish anyone. She wanted to protect herself and her family. She would give birth in the hospital, and she needed Britt's help.

Britt insisted that as chief of staff, she couldn't risk her medical license. Also, Peter didn't trust her and would never believe a saddened Britt emerging from surgery. Maxie insisted they'd both done worse in the past, and she was confident that Britt could handle it. Britt reminded Maxie that she would have to lie to everyone, but Maxie was convinced that everyone would understand in the end.

Maxie hadn't fully developed her plan yet, but she thought that someone she trusted could take the baby away. Then, she would move away and return to town after Peter was behind bars. Britt declared that they would have to plan things out for different scenarios. She didn't think that Maxie would be able to leave town because Peter would follow her. He was fixated on Maxie, and Maxie would have to remain behind as a loving but grieving partner.

Alexis was ready for her sentencing hearing to begin at the courthouse. Sam was there for her mother, and Dante was present in order to testify. Diane hoped that Alexis knew what she was doing. Molly and T.J. arrived after the start, and Molly admitted she was scared. T.J. did his best to put a positive spin on it, and they hugged before quietly entering the courtroom and taking seats. Alexis and Diane stood, and Alexis stood by her decision to plead guilty.

Judge Carson wanted to hear Dante's testimony as the victim in the case. Dante took the stand and gave an accounting of the hospital incident. He stated that things had been chaotic, and Alexis had thought that Franco had been after Sam. Dante had intercepted Alexis and been stabbed. He didn't think that Alexis had meant to assault him. She was an alcoholic who had had impaired judgment, and he believed it to be a disease that should be helped. Dante forgave Alexis.

Alexis stood and thanked Dante. She told him his forgiveness meant a lot to her. She was sorry and wanted to make amends. She tearfully stated that she was willing to accept her punishment because she didn't want to hurt anyone anymore. The judge seemed touched, and announced that there would be a break before sentencing. Diane commended Alexis and called her a "hell of a closer." Molly and Sam hugged their mother and exclaimed how confident they were. Everyone spoke about the hearing until the judge returned.

Judge Carson noted that she was familiar with alcoholism, and Alexis had always impressed her during her years as a practicing attorney. She had decided to dismiss the charge for attempted murder; however, the charge for assault would have to stand. She sentenced Alexis to one to three years in Pentonville. She gave Alexis seven days to get her affairs in order. Everyone was shocked.

Both Diane and Molly felt that the sentence was light, and Diane thought that Alexis would get early parole. Molly wondered what she would do without her mother, and Alexis promised she would make the most out of the next week.

Valentin and Gladys enjoyed drinks at another restaurant. Valentin urged Gladys not to worry about Carly, who he considered to be "tedious and overbearing." He had never bought her niceness act. Gladys was glad to hear it. She thought of Carly as a gold digger who had nabbed onto Gladys' cousin Sonny. She told Valentin about Brando saving Carly on his first day in town and how Sonny had never hired Brando. She thought she and Brando were both better off with Cyrus, and she was glad it had worked out.

Gladys proclaimed that she knew a good thing when she saw it, and she thought she and Brando would go far. Valentin ordered more drinks, and Gladys told him that she had her son's protection. She would do her part, and she was glad to see that Jason was getting what he deserved. Valentin offered to drive her back to Metro Court, and Gladys readily accepted. She thought that he was classy.

Nina digs deeper into Mike's new life Nina digs deeper into Mike's new life

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Josslyn stopped by to see Cameron with some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Across the house, Jake pleaded with Elizabeth to go visit Jason in jail, but Elizabeth didn't think it was a good idea. Elizabeth promised her son that she'd pass along Jake's love and support the next time she saw Jason. Jake again repeated that there was no way that his father would have killed Franco. Cameron interjected that Jason had killed Franco and that Jake was "completely stupid" if he believed otherwise.

Jake refused to believe Cameron. When Cameron shared that their mom had witnessed Jason killing Franco, Jake erupted into tears and ran off. Elizabeth scolded Cameron for his behavior and chased after Jake. Josslyn told Cameron that Elizabeth was right; he had been out of line. Josslyn accused Cameron of wanting to make Jake hate Jason as much as he did.

Outside, Jake asked Elizabeth if she believed that Jason had killed Franco. "We don't have all the facts," Elizabeth replied. Pressed on whether or not she believed in Jason's innocence, Elizabeth shared that people in the United States were presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

Jake and Elizabeth walked back inside the house as Elizabeth pledged to try to get permission for her son to visit Jason. Cameron profusely apologized to Jake for upsetting him. Cameron said that he had been worried that Jake would see something online or that Jake's friends would say something about Jason. "I wanted to protect you, but I can see now that I didn't do a very good job," Cameron said softly. Cameron fought back tears as he confessed that he had lashed out because he was still hurting over Franco's death. When Jake asked his brother if he would take back what he'd said about Jason, Cameron remained silent. Jake snapped that he did not accept Cameron's apology and headed upstairs to his room.

Later, Josslyn praised Cameron's attempt to smooth things over with Jake. When Cameron again expressed his belief that Jason had killed Franco, Josslyn shut him down by stating that she was "100 percent certain" that Jason hadn't killed Franco. Outraged, Cameron rose to his feet and demanded to know how Josslyn could sit in his home and defend a man that had killed his stepfather. "And you call yourself my friend?!" Cameron growled. Furious, Josslyn stormed off.

At the Metro Court, Carly issued Peter a stern warning to stay away from her and her family. Peter seemed aroused by Carly's reaction, purring that she was "quite the lioness." Jax approached and asked Carly to join him for a drink. Carly declined. "What you lack in elegance, you do make up for in gusto," Peter sneered, referring to her as a "mob wife without the mob." Peter walked off. Carly blasted Jax for undermining her in front of Peter. Jax questioned why Carly would want to make an enemy of Peter August.

Jax asked Carly if he was correct in assuming that Sonny's men would protect her from Peter if needed. Carly nodded, but added that Peter was not the only one she was up against. Jax correctly guessed that the other challenger was Cyrus Renault, but he did not understand why Carly was so involved in trying to run Sonny's business. Carly brought Jax up to speed on Peter being the one who had killed Franco and how Gladys was the secret informant who had pegged Jason as the killer. Jax told Carly that Jason was a "big boy" who could fight his own battles but admitted that he had always admired Carly's passion.

Carly briefly detoured from the conversation to tell Jax that Nina had called her and sounded odd over the phone. Jax put his hand on Carly's and told her that she was not alone.

Liesl left a frantic voicemail message for Britt, telling her daughter that she had discovered that there was no end to Peter's crimes. "We have to do everything in our power to keep Maxie and James away from him," she said.

Britt asked Maxie how far she was willing to go with Peter. Maxie explained that there was nothing she would not do to protect her daughter. Britt urged Maxie to cut Peter out of her life. "He's a psychopath -- they're clingy," Maxie quipped. Maxie said that Peter was "heart and flowers" at the moment and that she needed to keep him that way -- and keep him close -- until she could find a way to hide her baby from him. Britt feared that Peter would eventually find his way back into Maxie's bed. Maxie claimed that she would not allow Peter to charm her again.

As Maxie and Britt talked, a knock sounded on the door. It was Peter. Maxie opened the door and was greeted with a smile from Peter. That smile vanished when Peter saw Britt. Britt told Peter that Maxie's blood pressure was elevated and asked that he not upset Maxie. Peter gave Maxie a gift bag and apologized for "crowding" her at Lamaze class. He promised to back off and give her the space that she needed.

Maxie reached into the bag and found a stuffed teddy bear. Peter claimed that the toy had sentimental value to him. "When Valentin took me from my adopted parents, it was the only toy that I brought with me," Peter shared. Britt was surprised that Faison had allowed Peter to have a stuffed animal. Peter countered that Faison had not paid him much mind. He continued, claiming that the teddy bear had helped him remain hopeful that there were better people out in the world, people who would love him -- like Maxie loved him.

After Peter left, Britt reiterated her concern that Maxie might fall victim to Peter's charm. Maxie insisted that the teddy bear was a sweet gift. Britt then revealed that Peter had been lying through his teeth about the bear. "Faison gave it to him. He gave me one just like it," Britt said as Maxie dropped the bear to the ground. Maxie admitted that she had been wrong and that Britt had been right. Britt surprised Maxie by agreeing to help her with her plan: they would fake a stillbirth and "send that baby somewhere Peter can't find her." Britt smiled wryly as she said that she had a foolproof plan to keep Peter away from Maxie until the baby was born.

"Mike" and Nina returned from a walk along the Llantano River. "There is a certain charm to Nixon Falls," he said with a huge smile. "Mike" urged Nina to write an article about Nixon Falls to help bring new faces to the town and help "save it from extinction." Before Nina could respond, she received a frantic call from Liesl. Liesl told Nina that for the first time in her life, she was at a complete loss about what to do.

"Mike" stepped away to give Nina some privacy. Nina seemed only casually interested in her aunt's crisis until Liesl revealed that Peter had killed Franco. Liesl was crushed that she'd failed in her previous attempts to crush Peter. Nina told Liesl to use her anger to get justice -- legal justice -- for Franco.

After the phone call, "Mike" sensed that the call had upset Nina. Nina told "Mike" that the phone call had made her question if she would help open up Nixon Falls to a bunch of people who would "complicate thing." "Mike" countered that he thought tourists would find Nixon Falls calming. Nina remarked that he did seem relaxed, which prompted "Mike" to wonder who she was comparing him to.

Nina asked "Mike" if he'd ever wondered who he was and where he came from. "Mike" admitted that he had but explained that he didn't know where to begin. Noting that everyone left an Internet footprint, Nina questioned if "Mike" was really ready to start investigating his past. "Mike" explained that there had been some incidents that had made him question if his former life might have been dangerous, and it was that uncertainty that made him not want to start digging. Moreover, "Mike" questioned why people from his past had given up trying to find him. "I don't want to chase after a life I don't remember," he said. He then leaned toward Nina and remarked that he had a life that was pretty good.

Outside, Elijah Crowe was annoyed that the person on the other end of his phone call had not found anything on "Mike." Eli feigned a smile and entered the bar. He asked "Just Mike" to introduce him to his friend. Eli then pressed Nina for details on where she was from and what brought her to town. "Mike" cut off the line of questioning. Nina then shared that she and Phyllis went way back, but Eli commented that the vibe between Nina and "Mike" had led him to believe that she and "Mike" were old friends.

"Mike" told Nina that Eli was one of Phyllis' strays. When Eli claimed that it broke his heart that the bar was failing, "Mike" told Eli that he was trying to convince Nina to write an article about it. Eli smiled when he realized that he'd gotten more information about Nina. "Mike" went on to say that Nina wasn't just a writer, she was the editor of Crimson magazine. Nina appeared uneasy as "Mike" continued to talk. Eli then offered to give Nina an "insider's" tour of Nixon Falls. Nina reluctantly agreed to meet up with Eli the next day.

Outside, Eli placed a call to tell someone that they had another problem -- a big shot named Nina Reeves. He then urged the person on the other end to find out more about her.

In jail, Scott snarled that Jason belonged in prison. He went on to say that he could not wait until Jason appeared before a judge and jury and told them about the plan to kill Franco. "What about the final moments?" Scott asked. "Did you make Franco beg for his life?" Scott asked Jason to admit that he had committed murder, but Jason angrily fired back that he had not killed Franco.

Liesl walked into the jail and told Scott that Jason was telling the truth -- Jason hadn't killed Franco… Peter had. Scott was baffled by Liesl's proclamation and even more so when Liesl shared that she and Anna had come to a meeting of the minds about Peter. Liesl approached Jason and told him that he was "quite lucky" to have her on his side. She vowed to fight for Jason's freedom and pledged to do everything in her power to take Peter down. Liesl then put her arm around Scott and escorted him away.

Liesl and Scott ended up at the Metro Court bar, where, after Liesl determined that they were "sufficiently lubricated," she felt that they could say things that they would not say if they were sober. "Franco's death is my fault," Liesl said softly. She told Scott that she should have stopped Peter before he'd had the chance to kill Franco. Scott agreed that they needed to make Peter pay.

Scott told Liesl that Franco had been his only surviving son, and, even though Franco had had flaws, he still loved him. "Flaws?" Liesl gasped, "Franco? How dare you!" Liesl began to sob, prompting her to remark that she despised crying in public. Scott then offered to walk Liesl to her room.

Liesl recalled that everyone had thought she'd been crazy when she had hired Franco to work at the hospital. Scott called the idea "genius." He thanked Liesl for always being there for Franco. Liesl invited Scott to join her in her room.

Back at the prison, Jason was shocked to see Jake. Elizabeth followed closely behind, stating that the commissioner had made the boy's visit possible. Jake gave his dad artwork from when they'd gone "to see the woodchucks." Jason was touched and called the painting perfect. Jake confessed that he wasn't doing so great because of the argument he'd had with Cameron. Jason looked over at Elizabeth, who remained stoic.

Jason told Jake not to worry too much because he was sure that things would work out. "I give you my word: I did not kill Franco," Jason said reassuringly. He then said that Jake did not need to defend him. "I would never hurt anyone if it meant hurting you," Jason added. Tears welled in Elizabeth's eyes.

Jason is remanded to Pentonville Jason is remanded to Pentonville

Friday, April 2, 2021

The headline in the latest Invader read, "The End of Terror," and featured news about Franco and Jason. Elizabeth read the morning news as Cameron rushed about, getting ready to go out. He admitted that he'd seen the article and thought the writer had "come down hard" on Jason. Elizabeth noted that Cameron had done the same to Jake, but Cameron replied that he had apologized to his brother. He hoped Jake felt better after visiting Jason at the jail.

Elizabeth made it clear that no one felt better, and she thought that a discussion should follow. Cameron insisted that there was nothing to discuss, and it was time for Jason to pay for killing Franco. He promised to make things up to Jake but reminded Elizabeth that she had seen Jason leaning over Franco's body herself. Elizabeth maintained that they didn't have all the facts, but Cameron angrily snapped that he hoped Jason would get what he deserved. He grabbed his backpack and stormed out.

Trina and Josslyn arrived at the art gallery early in order for Trina to open the place up for the day. They were both nervous because they were expecting to hear about their college acceptances. They received phone messages at the same time and checked them hesitantly. They were each notified that they'd been accepted to Port Charles University, and they shouted and hugged gleefully. Josslyn admitted she hadn't yet heard from her first choice, Southern Coastal University.

Cameron arrived, and the girls shared the news. Trina excused herself in order to phone her mother, and Cameron congratulated Josslyn. She admitted that she didn't expect to get into her first choice with all of the masses, but Cameron told her there was no one else like her. Cameron removed his coat, and Josslyn asked about Jake. She added that she hadn't meant to cause trouble when she'd visited the previous evening.

Cameron stated that Jake had been angry but would see the truth eventually. Josslyn raised her voice as she animatedly talked about Jason. She stressed that he had hated Franco for years and wouldn't have committed a murder so sloppily. Cameron disagreed and thought that Josslyn needed to realize that Jason had killed Franco. Cameron insisted that many people over the years had been injured because of Jason, and he thought it was time to stop defending him.

Cameron grew furious and urged Josslyn to open her eyes, but Josslyn began to scold Cameron. She noted that poor, grieving Cameron couldn't just say hateful things because he wanted to. Cameron glared at her. Josslyn continued that Cameron wouldn't be standing there if Jason hadn't once saved his life. Cameron wondered if that entitled Jason to a pass. Josslyn believed Jason, and in the meantime, Cameron's hateful behavior was helping the real killer by buying into the lie.

Josslyn hoped that people would accept Cameron's apology when he eventually learned he'd been wrong. She concluded that she was glad to be going to Southern Coastal in order to be away from Cameron. She rushed off to clear her head as Trina returned and asked what had happened. Cameron didn't want to discuss it. Talk turned to college, and Trina noted that he would be going to his dream college on the West Coast. Cameron disagreed; he needed to stay in town to help his mother and to see to it that Jason paid.

Josslyn received a message from Southern Coastal. She opened it nervously and learned she'd been added to the waitlist.

Jackie spotted Peter reading his newspaper in Metro Court and asked if he was pleased. She noted that his fingerprints were all over the main article. Peter replied that his paper was independent, but Jackie announced that she wanted no part of Peter or his type of journalism. Peter reminded her that she had no say in the matter because she'd signed a two-year contract, and he had no plans of letting her out of it. Jackie admitted that Peter's lawyers had made that clear.

Chase encountered Finn sitting at a table, and they awkwardly greeted each other. Finn disclosed that Violet missed Chase, and Chase felt the same. Finn revealed that he and Anna had split up, and he and Violet were staying at the hotel. Finn explained that he and Anna hadn't stopped loving each other, but it just hadn't worked out. Chase understood how difficult it was to lose the woman he loved, and he wouldn't wish it on anyone, including Finn.

Finn acknowledged that it had been tough on Violet, and Chase agreed that he would make time to see her. Finn checked the time and announced that he wanted to see Elizabeth. Chase sent along his regards. Finn left, and Chase spotted Jackie sitting alone at the bar. He asked if he could join her, and she urged him to sit.

Chase disclosed that he had been too hurt, angry, and disappointed to deal with anything but would try to get past it, unlike Finn. His first priority was Gregory, and he wasn't sure where to start with Jackie and Finn. Jackie thought they should approach things as a family with a group effort, and Chase agreed. He wanted to check with his father first, and if Gregory was willing, they could sit down as a family. He would let Jackie know.

Scott woke up in a strange bed in Metro Court and looked around the room. There were clothes strewn everywhere, and he picked up a pair of ladies' underwear. He appeared surprised when Liesl emerged from the bathroom while towel-drying her hair. She wished him a good morning, and he replied in kind. He admitted that he'd slept like a potato pancake although he hadn't meant to stay. Neither of them was sorry for what had transpired.

After dressing and a breakfast in the room, Liesl ranted about the Invader article. Scott confessed that he felt like the mustard had come off the hot dog after learning the truth about Jason. Liesl vowed to make sure that Peter paid. Scott wanted to talk about what had happened between him and Liesl, and they noted that it had happened in several spots around the room. Liesl suggested it had been an itch, while Scott chalked it up to their anger, grief, and loneliness.

"Who are you calling lonely?" Liesl asked. She emphasized that it wouldn't happen again unless Scott wanted it to, and Scott admitted there could be worse things. Liesl was slightly offended, and they both agreed that they'd be up for it sometime. "Chop, chop!" Liesl shouted. Scott was startled, and she announced that it was time for them to get to Jason's hearing. They had to see to it that justice would be done.

Robert was surprised to run into Anna outside of the courtroom before Jason's arraignment. Anna felt it was her duty to be there. She made it clear that Peter had killed Franco and framed Jason. Robert told her he couldn't drop the charges, but Anna begged him to buy her some time. Robert reminded her that there were two witnesses, not to mention the extensive record that Jason had. Anna continued to plead that she needed Jason out on bail, especially with a possible blow-up of Cyrus and the Five Families.

Inside the courtroom, Carly read the newspaper article as Jason arrived with Diane. Jason was sure that he wouldn't be let out on bail, and Diane reminded them that there had been an eyewitness. Carly argued that it had been a lying Gladys, but Diane stressed that it was only an arraignment and not a trial. She would fight at a trial when it was the proper time. She noted that Jason's record went back to 1996, and he had his own room at the jail. He was considered a flight risk. She was sure he would remain in custody unless there was a miracle.

Robert and Anna walked in as Carly told Jason that she'd been working with Anna. She would do whatever it took to make sure that Jason was not in jail any longer than he had to be. Jason urged Carly to keep working with Anna, and she agreed that if Peter could play dirty, so could she. Just then, Peter showed up and flashed his press ID at the uniformed security cop. As Peter took a seat behind Anna, Jason told Carly not to react. Peter hadn't expected to see Anna, but she told him that Jason was important to Robin.

Judge Pierce entered, and Robert stood and spoke. To everyone's surprise, he revealed that the state had no objection to bail because Jason was part of the community, and his business and children were in town. Diane announced that they would post whatever bail was requested. Anna gloated as Jason turned around to look at a smiling Carly. The judge took a break for a decision, and Carly asked Anna what she'd said to Robert.

Anna replied that she had merely asked for time and explained that everyone wanted justice except for Peter. The judge returned and spoke about the public's concern regarding community safety should Jason be out on bail. He remanded Jason to Pentonville until trial. Jason was led out, and Carly ordered Diane to start the appeal, no matter what it took. Scott and Liesl arrived, and Peter told them that Jason was going to Pentonville, where he belonged, and bail had been denied.

Liesl told Peter to enjoy his temporary victory. He had lied and tried to pin his crimes on her, and it hadn't worked. It wouldn't work "this time," either. Peter proclaimed that justice had been served. On his way out, he saw Carly and told her he was sorry. He thought that Port Charles would be safer. Carly exclaimed that Peter had gotten away with every lie he'd ever told, but the truth and facts would come out. She said Peter's world would come crashing down, and she couldn't wait.

"Mike" dreamily danced around the Tan-O with a broom as an old song played. When Phyllis walked in, he invited her to dance. She happily accepted and mentioned that she and Lenny had danced to the same song at their wedding. "Mike" offered to take Phyllis to the local dance, but she suggested he take Nina instead. Nina had just walked in, and she declared that she didn't know if she'd still be in town after her tour with Elijah. They joked around, and Phyllis left for the clinic.

"Mike" talked up the chili that would be at the dance, but Nina told him she wasn't looking for anyone. "Mike" said he wasn't, either, and he offered her a cup of coffee. Nina agreed, but she insisted on getting it herself. They agreed they both loved chili. "Mike" was suspicious of Elijah's motives for taking Nina on the tour for her article. He disclosed that Elijah had tried to buy cheap property, but prices would go up if Nina's article was successful.

Nina thought that "Mike" was always on the lookout for enemies. "What makes you think you know me so well?" "Mike" asked. Awkwardly, Nina covered and pointed out "Mike's" protection of Lenny and Phyllis. She didn't need protection from Elijah and could take care of herself. Phyllis returned for a forgotten ID, and she turned up the music. "Show the lady how it's done!" she suggested to "Mike."

"Mike" walked around the bar, and he and Nina began to dance. He mentioned his dream again. He had thought Nina was the woman in the dream, but they hadn't met in the past. He wondered if he'd ever see the woman's face. Phyllis returned with her ID, and everyone shared some laughs. "Mike" decided he had work to do, and Phyllis informed Nina that "Mike" was smiling because of Nina. She was good for him.

Back at Elizabeth's house, she looked at the article again and gathered her things. She flashed back to Finn getting rid of Peter after comments about Jason and to a conversation with Carly, who had defended Jason. As Elizabeth headed out the door, she ran into Finn, who had stopped by for a visit. She invited him inside and mentioned that she had been on her way to see him.

Elizabeth wasn't sure how she felt about the article, but she mentioned that she'd taken Jake to see Jason. Cameron was certain of Jason's guilt. Elizabeth confessed that she'd had time to think, and she thought maybe she had seen what she had expected to see at the crime scene. If she hadn't known the participants, she might have thought that Jason had been leaning over to check Franco's pulse. She was starting to think that she had been wrong.

"Grief can poison us inside," Finn said. Elizabeth felt that she'd been going in circles, and she wondered who would have killed Franco if it hadn't been Jason.

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