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Michael and Willow reconnected as lovers. Brando shared his secrets with Sasha, and they made love. Anna and Valentin were forced to change their plans for Peter when they learned about Chase's illness. Chase fell victim to Peter's plot against Finn. Nikolas' private investigator located Florence. Alexis' new life in Pentonville got off to a rocky start.
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Anna and Valentin were forced to change their plans for Peter when they learned about Chase's illness
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Britt and Maxie formulate their plan Britt and Maxie formulate their plan

Monday, April 12, 2021

There was a knock on Willow's door, and she answered it to Michael. He entered and wondered why there was a mattress on the floor. She explained that it had arrived in a small box, and she'd made the mistake of opening the box before taking it upstairs. She declared that he had perfect timing, as he could help her lug it upstairs. Before they carried the mattress up, Michael had something to talk to Willow about. He informed her that he and Sasha had broken up after trying to make things work, so they would just be good friends. He added that he believed it hadn't worked out with Sasha because of Willow.

Willow admitted that everything had changed when she and Michael had slept together, and she wanted to be with him "for real." She continued that, when she daydreamed about her future, she saw Michael. "It's you, Michael. You're the one," she told him. He offered to take things slowly if she wanted, but she didn't see the need, and the two shared a kiss. Using the mattress on the floor, the two made love. Later, Willow joked that she was glad she'd bought the mattress, and Michael agreed.

Jordan arrived at the club and marveled to Curtis over how great it looked. He wondered what she thought of the new name, the Savoy, and she loved it. She could tell that he'd wanted to tell her something when he'd stopped by before, and she hoped they could talk, since they were alone. He replied that he'd wanted to see what was going on between them until he'd seen Taggert. She promised that her and Taggert's relationship was strictly work-related, and Curtis replied that that was the problem. Curtis explained that Jordan and Taggert trusted each other and could tell each other anything, which Jordan and Curtis didn't have. He thought that it was time for a divorce.

Jordan didn't want her work to drive a wedge between her and Curtis, and she reasoned that they had everything else in their relationship. However, Curtis thought that it wasn't enough, as Jordan would still have to keep secrets from him. "I guess this is goodbye," Jordan said tearfully. Curtis wished it wasn't, but he saw no other way. He asked for one more dance with her before she left, and the two swayed together as Jordan cried.

Portia entered an exam room and found Taggert. She was surprised that he didn't have a guard with him, but he reminded her of his ankle monitor. She offered to get another doctor if it would make him more comfortable, but he didn't think that was necessary. After she'd performed the follow-up examination for his gunshot wound, she asked how he was doing "in general." He replied that he was trying to get his life back, and he gushed about spending time with Trina. He added that staying with Jordan was like "old times," but he feared that his living arrangement was causing trouble between Curtis and Jordan.

Taggert admitted that he knew that Portia had cheated on him with Curtis, and she was flabbergasted. He explained that he'd noticed how different she'd been after he'd returned from his last undercover mission, and he'd only recently figured out that it had been with Curtis. He didn't blame her, and he acknowledged that he hadn't been a good husband. She insisted that, despite their history, she only wanted the best for him. He agreed to the sentiment, and the two embraced.

Britt entered Maxie's room at the hospital as Maxie got her things together. The two hoped that Britt's warning to Peter had convinced him to leave Maxie alone. Britt wondered what Maxie's plan was for after the birth, so Maxie explained. "Spinelli?" Britt asked when Maxie was done explaining. Britt thought that Spinelli's would be the first place Peter would look for the baby, so she demanded that Maxie think of someone else. "Robin?" Britt scoffed a few minutes later, and she added that Robin's would be the second place Peter would look. She insisted that it couldn't be someone that Maxie knew.

Britt finally decided that, when Louise was born, Britt would take the baby. She would give Louise to someone far away that no one in Port Charles knew, and she would make sure they knew that the arrangement was temporary. Maxie questioned how they would find that person, and Britt promised to figure it out. When she did, she vowed not to tell Maxie so that Maxie didn't have to lie to Peter. Maxie reminded Britt that Peter would kill Britt to find out where the baby was if he had to. "Then the secret dies with me," Britt decided.

Finn and Chase arrived at Chase's apartment, and Chase was just happy that the family had survived the dinner. Chase suddenly felt tired and hot, and Finn observed that Chase seemed pale and clammy. Chase added that his stomach hurt, and he hoped that he hadn't gotten food poisoning at the restaurant. Finn got Chase some water and insisted on taking his temperature, but Chase thought that he just needed sleep. Finn made Chase promise to call if he felt any worse, and Finn left.

A short while later, Chase was asleep on the couch when he was awoken by Willow's arrival. She asked if she could move back in with him, as she wanted to pick up where they'd left off. She reasoned that she could still parent Wiley from there. "Welcome home," Chase said with a smile, and the two got closer. As they were about to share a kiss, Chase was jolted awake. He grabbed his phone and called the PCPD to put in a sick day for the next day. A sweating and shivering Chase covered himself back up with the blanket.

Peter arrived at Anna's, and she informed him that she'd reconsidered his offer. He replied that it was too late. Just then, Valentin descended the stairs with a gun, and Peter confidently said that Valentin wouldn't do anything to him in front of Anna. Anna chimed in that Valentin wouldn't do anything to Peter, but she would. She tased him, and he passed out on the floor.

A few minutes later, Anna and Valentin had gotten Peter, who was regaining consciousness, to the couch, and they began to restrain him. Anna explained that her priority was keeping Maxie and the baby safe, as Peter was turning into Faison. Anna blamed everything on herself for not seeing who Peter was, but Valentin insisted on sharing the blame with her. She added that she also wanted to make things right with Jason, who was in jail for something he hadn't done. "Ready?" Valentin asked. "Let's do this," Anna replied. Just then, the doorbell rang, and the two froze. Valentin urged her not to answer it, but she reasoned that the visitor could probably tell that she was home.

Moments later, Anna answered the door to Finn, who was there to get Violet's stuffed pig. He also wanted to talk with her, so she let him inside. She found the pig for him, and he updated her on his "strange night" with his family. She wondered how he felt about Chase being his son, but he figured that he should get the stuffed animal back to Violet before she went to bed. Finn spotted a wallet on the floor, and when he picked it up, Valentin's ID fell out. Anna explained that she and Valentin were working on a plan together to stop Peter, and that was it. "You look pretty," he said, smiling, as he walked out the door. She asked him to tell Violet that Anna missed her, and she closed the door and cried.

Valentin dragged Peter to the bottom of the basement steps in a chair. Peter spat that Valentin could thank Peter for giving Anna a reason to lean on Valentin. "You really are Faison's son," Valentin observed, and he insisted that Peter wouldn't get away with his crimes. Peter warned Valentin that he had an "insurance policy." Valentin shot back that he and Anna were good at making things disappear, and Peter was going where no one would find him.

Anna descended the stairs and assured Valentin that she'd covered with Finn as she handed over Valentin's wallet. "You're making a fatal mistake," Peter muttered. Anna demanded to know what she and Valentin had forgotten. "You're not the only ones who make plans. If you go through with this, someone you care about dies," Peter warned.

Peter indicates that someone is in danger Peter indicates that someone is in danger

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

"Wow," Finn said as he walked into the Savoy. He thought that Curtis' new club looked impressive. He had a gift for Curtis and presented him with a portable defibrillator to be stored behind the bar. Curtis was floored; he'd only wanted input from Finn and hadn't expected the doctor to buy him one. He was appreciative.

Finn noted that he'd had a dinner with his family that had been awkward, although it had gone better than he'd expected. Curtis asked about Anna, but Finn didn't want to talk about her and changed the subject. He asked how things were going, and Curtis admitted that his decision to buy the club felt right.

Curtis offered Finn a ginger ale and revealed that he and Jordan were ending things. Curtis explained that they'd started out as friends and had transitioned to partners, extended family, and adversaries. They'd had their challenges, but he didn't regret a day of it. The relationship hadn't been Jordan's first priority, though, as her job had been all-consuming. Curtis had been a cop, so he understood.

Finn expressed his admiration for Curtis' change in careers. Curtis was happy with it, although he had lost Jordan along the way. He needed a divorce lawyer, although he and Jordan would each take whatever they'd brought into the marriage. He wondered if he could have done more or reconsidered his morals on truth and boundaries. Finn agreed that there couldn't be a marriage if one partner kept secrets. Curtis lamented that he missed Jordan, and Finn knew the feeling.

Jordan ran into Portia in a corridor of General Hospital while looking down at her phone. Jordan apologized and noted that she'd hoped to take T.J. to dinner, but he was in surgery. Portia thought that Jordan looked "on edge," and she asked if they could go out for coffee. They spoke briefly about Taggert's stay with Jordan, and Portia mentioned that Taggert had figured out that Portia's past affair had been with Curtis.

Portia wanted Jordan to know that Taggert knew just in case he said something to Curtis. She was hopeful that Jordan and Curtis would be able to work things out, but Jordan confessed that they would be getting a divorce. Portia was surprised and asked whether they could try to fix it. Jordan exclaimed that it took two people to try, and Curtis was "tried out." Jordan added that they would always love each other, but she had let him down with her secrets and lies.

Jordan continued that she'd tried to protect Curtis but also herself. Her first instinct would always be to handle things on her own. Portia asked if Jordan's job was worth it, although she admitted that she'd made sacrifices with her own job. She had also been on the opposite end of a marriage involving law-enforcement. Jordan maintained that she couldn't be the wife that Curtis had needed, and Portia agreed that sometimes love wasn't enough.

Portia made it clear that she was available if Jordan needed to talk, and Jordan confessed that their conversation had helped. Her heart just couldn't believe what was happening. Portia acknowledged that it could all be a painful process. "Are we becoming friends?" Jordan asked. Portia agreed that that could be arranged.

In Maxie's room, Britt announced that Maxie's release papers were ready. Maxie was concerned that Peter's assistant had been unable to locate Peter, and Maxie's mind was full of horrible things that could happen. She was convinced that Peter was about to sell his newspaper in order to make lots of money to take Maxie and their baby out of the country. Britt tried to reassure her and reminded Maxie that they'd bought some time.

Maxie wanted to get home, but Liesl walked in at that moment and ordered Maxie back to bed. Liesl demanded to know why she hadn't been told about Maxie's condition, and she wanted to examine Maxie herself. Britt explained that they'd wanted to keep things secret, and she reminded Liesl that Britt was Maxie's doctor.

Liesl wanted Maxie to remain in bed because that was best, but Britt thought that Maxie would do better at home. Liesl offered to move in with Maxie to help out, but Maxie stressed that she wanted to be alone with her kids. Liesl assumed that Maxie wanted to be able to have Peter with her, but Maxie wanted Liesl's trust. "It's time to wake up and smell the psychopath!" Liesl declared. She thought that Peter would always resemble Faison, and it was time for Maxie to kick him out of her life.

Liesl sat Maxie on the bed and spoke about being familiar with the "lure of the man." She went on about how nothing one could do would change that man. It was obvious that she was thinking about herself in relation to Faison. Maxie reminded Liesl that Peter was the father of her child. Liesl was thankful that Maxie had forgiven her many times, but Peter wasn't worthy of forgiveness, and he would never be like Nathan.

Maxie replied that she missed Nathan every day, and no one could ever replace him. Liesl thought that they had both lowered their guard with Peter, and she believed that his kindness to her had only been a ploy in order to get into Maxie's good graces. Britt announced that she would get Maxie home, and she picked up Maxie's bag. Suddenly, she yelped in pain and grabbed her hand.

Liesl and Maxie were concerned, but Britt claimed to have hit her "funny bone" on the bed. Liesl hoped that Britt and Maxie would take care of themselves and each other, and she left. Maxie wondered if Britt was really okay. Britt picked up the bag with her other hand and assured Maxie that she was fine.

Willow and Michael admitted that they had dreamed of making love again after doing just that on the mattress in the living room of the carriage house. They expressed their love for each other while Michael confessed how his heart had dropped when Willow had first indicated that she'd wanted to move out. Willow was ready to talk about the future, and Michael suggested that he and Wiley move into the carriage house with Willow. She loved the idea, and they proceeded to make love again.

Later, Michael guessed that Willow had been thinking about Chase as they got dressed. Willow admitted to feeling awful for Chase, and she expressed her desire to talk to him.

At Anna's house, Peter threatened Anna. He told her that someone would die if she went through with her plan. Anna was insistent that she and Valentin get Peter contained elsewhere while they continued to search for evidence to use against him. Peter retorted that his plan was already in motion, and he needed to be let go in order to stop it. He noted that it was an effective move to target the loved ones of one's enemies.

As Peter taunted Anna and Valentin, Anna suddenly jumped forward to attack Peter who was bound to the chair. Valentin pulled a kicking Anna away and tried to assure her that Peter was only trying to "rattle" her, just like Faison had. Anna disagreed and pointed out that Faison had always had something real to back up his claims. She was panicked and told Valentin that they needed to check on their families. Peter snickered evilly.

Valentin checked in with Charlotte, but Peter, whose mouth had been taped, mumbled that Valentin was worried about the wrong person. He would never hurt a child. Valentin left a message for Brook Lynn to call him, and Peter laughed. Valentin threatened Peter with death if any harm was inflicted on anyone he loved.

Peter reminded Valentin that if he did nothing, someone would die. Peter would be able to pause the motion if he was set free. He wanted to be able to live his life, or someone would pay. He added that "time is of the essence." He wanted Valentin to set him free before it was too late.

Chase was asleep on his couch when a knock at the door awakened him. It was Brook Lynn, who marched in with a couple of coffees. Chase was bathed in sweat, and he'd covered himself with a blanket. She thought he looked "like hell."

Moments later, Brook Lynn sipped her coffee with delight while Chase dressed. He told her that he'd thought he'd suffered from food poisoning, and he wondered if she should be drinking coffee. Brook Lynn claimed it was a decaf, and she told him to go to bed. She was hoping to avoid Olivia, who had been monitoring her, and she needed a friend. She asked if she could stay.

Chase agreed, and he mentioned the great dream he'd been having about Willow moving back in. Brook Lynn recalled a conversation she'd had with Willow about Chase, and she asked Chase if it was just "wishful thinking." Chase insisted that Willow had given him another chance, and he thought they would be able to get back to the way things had been in the past. He was glad that Willow was back in his life. He had learned his lesson and the damage that secrets could do. "Tell me about it," Brook Lynn replied.

Chase asked about it, but she quickly replied that she had read the article about Chase's family in the paper. Chase told her that the dinner with his family had been awkward, and then he'd gotten sick. Brook Lynn urged Chase to take things slowly because she always acted without thinking, and it had gotten her in trouble. It was "too damn late" by the time she faced the consequences of her fast actions. Chase asked if Brook Lynn was in trouble.

Before Brook Lynn could say very much, there was a knock at the door. It was Brook Lynn's bodyguard, Yuri, who pushed his way inside. He handed a phone to Brook Lynn. It was Valentin, who was beside himself with worry because he hadn't been able to reach her. He needed to know that she was safe. She told him that Yuri would have called if something had been wrong.

"Not if he's dead," Valentin replied. Brook Lynn chuckled but quickly asked if such a thing could be possible. Valentin told her that there were people in his past who might want to harm him, and he wanted her to follow the rules. Brook Lynn waved Yuri out, and she told Chase that Valentin was a "hands-on father" who was also paranoid. There was another knock, and this time, it was Willow. She was confused by Yuri standing in the hallway, and Brook Lynn noted that Yuri followed her around like a puppy dog.

Chase was glad to see Willow, and Brook Lynn prepared to leave. She dropped her purse, and Willow knelt down to help to pick up the spilled contents. She was curious by what appeared to be part of a fetal monitor, and Brook Lynn stammered that it had somehow ended up in her purse in the confusion of her hospital visit after she'd fallen. She left, and Chase told Willow that he had a headache. She thought he looked flushed and felt his head.

Anna showed up at the Savoy as Curtis and Finn were chatting. She wanted to talk to Finn, who asked if she had a tracking device on him. Anna admitted to calling the nanny, and they took a seat at a table. Anna wanted to make sure that Finn was okay because Peter had been "showing his true colors" and going after the people she loved. She was sorry that Finn still had to deal with her "baggage." Finn promised to be available to Anna if she needed him.

Anna touched base with Valentin, and they both divulged that all their people were safe. Anna suggested that Peter had been bluffing, but Valentin thought he'd been too confident. Anna called Peter a "master liar." Finn tried to reach Chase, without success, and he told Anna that Chase had been the only one at dinner to have suffered with food poisoning. Anna's eyes grew wide.

Chase ignored a call from Finn, and Willow suggested that he sit on the sofa while they chatted. Chase appeared to stumble and lost his balance as he ended up facedown on the floor.

At the carriage house, Michael told Wiley how lucky they were, because the woman they loved felt the same way about them. "This is our home now," Michael informed his son. The little family would all get to be together all of the time. Wiley nodded his head as Michael told him that he and Willow had finally said they loved each other.

Willow rushes Chase to the hospital Willow rushes Chase to the hospital

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Chase managed to get up from the floor and over to his sofa with Willow's help. He suspected he was dreaming when he saw Willow, but she assured him that he wasn't. He was burning up, and she went in search of a thermometer. Chase called out that she could look wherever she wanted, as there would be no more secrets, and he had nothing to hide. After checking Chase's temperature, Willow declared that she was taking him to the hospital.

At General Hospital, Portia received a second opinion from Finn on a case. After she departed, Finn was exasperated when Jackie stepped off the elevator. She insisted that they had unfinished business with Peter, and Peter needed to face the consequences for putting the family laundry in the newspaper.

Finn suggested that Jackie do what she did best, but she informed him that she was under an exclusive contract with the Invader, and her hands were tied. Jackie thought that Anna would be able to "contain" Peter, but Finn told her that he wasn't familiar with any of Anna's plans for Peter or anything else.

Willow arrived with Chase and spotted Portia first. She related Chase's symptoms, and Portia helped them to an examination room. A short time after, Willow updated Finn, and she told him what had happened. Portia related that tests would be run, and Chase's symptoms were not consistent with either food poisoning or the flu. Jackie ran to call Gregory.

Jax visited Michael and Wiley at the carriage house after learning they'd moved in. Michael introduced them, and Wiley waved and said hi. Jax could see why everyone loved the boy, and Michael asked if he was especially referring to Nina. The men sat down to chat, and Michael told Wiley to play with his trucks. Michael apologized for his rudeness, but Jax thought that he had asked a "fair question."

Jax vowed that he would always stand by Carly, but he knew that she had done nothing wrong on the night of Nelle's death. He declared that Wiley was the only person Nina had left, and he wanted her to be able to be a part of Wiley's life. Michael explained that Nina had told Wiley that Nelle had been his mother, and he was afraid she'd do it again. He believed that she had refused to see Nelle for who she really had been.

Michael disagreed that Carly was behind his decision to keep Nina away, and Jax was hopeful that Nina and Carly would be able to settle their differences. He noted that sometimes it was better to compromise, and he told Michael about his own willingness to do so when Carly had married Sonny. It had involved Josslyn, and it had needed to be done. Nina wanted the opportunity to be a grandmother to Wiley just like Carly. He didn't think it was so much to ask.

Michael spoke about his and Willow's commitment to their family, and Jax recalled a similar conversation in the past involving A.J. Michael promised to discuss it with Willow, and perhaps they'd be able to arrange another visit for Nina. Jax was pleased. After Jax was gone, Michael told Wiley that he should be in bed, but it was a special night. They would sit up and wait for Willow, who had been having a difficult conversation with someone. He thought she was probably being kind and therefore taking a long time.

Anna returned home from the Savoy and informed Valentin that Chase had food poisoning. No one else had been sickened after the family dinner. Valentin wondered if it had been Peter's fault, and Peter taunted them that maybe he could help. He gloated that Chase was sick, and he recounted a past incident that Anna had been involved in with Sean Donely and his wife, Tiffany Hill. Anna recounted that she and Robert had been friends with them, and Sean had helped Anna to get away from Faison.

Anna continued the story; Faison had poisoned Tiffany with a toxin, although he'd had an antidote. Sean had had to do what Faison had wanted in order to help Tiffany. Peter announced that he had created his own toxin because it had been a great plan. Chase would need his antidote, and he wanted Anna and Valentin to stay out of his way. He wanted Maxie to not have to listen to any further accusations. Anna and Valentin reminded him that they weren't the only people who wanted to keep Peter away from Maxie.

Peter offered to find someone else to target, and Anna readily agreed to Peter's demands. He wanted them to remain silent. Anna received a phone call from Willow about Chase's illness, and Anna said she'd get to the hospital. Anna wanted to call Finn to tell him to check for poison. Peter gloated over his success.

Brook Lynn greeted Dante at the Quartermaines', and she expressed her condolences about Sonny. Dante was surprised by Brook Lynn's pregnancy, they talked about Sonny briefly, and Dante noted that Sonny would want to ask Brook Lynn if she knew what she was doing. Brook Lynn assured him that she definitely did. As she complained about Olivia, Ned arrived and declared that he had a plan to win his wife back.

Ned explained that he was going to fill the room with flowers, get down on one knee in front of loved ones, and declare his love for Olivia. He would ask if they could renew their vows, and he would present her with a ring. He showed the ring to Brook Lynn and Dante, who gasped at the ring's size. Brook Lynn told her father it would never work, as he seemed to be desperate. She asked Dante to explain, and Dante admitted that he agreed with Brook Lynn. He didn't think Ned really knew Olivia.

In another room, Robert and Olivia sat with drinks. He spoke of his reassurances to Monica about Jason's imprisonment, and he admitted he'd spoken to the warden about Jason's safety. Olivia was impressed and made a big deal out of it, but Robert shook his head. He accused Olivia of always taking something meaningless and making it seem important. He asked her why she was still living in the house without Ned. Olivia began to choke.

Olivia assured Robert that he was a good friend who was asking a difficult question. She denied wanting to stay for the riches of the mansion and told him how she was only there because the guy she had wanted was there. Robert promised that he would stand by her. Olivia would never forget how Robert had helped to get Dante back. As they held hands in the moment, Brook Lynn walked in and demanded to know why Olivia was holding hands with another man. Olivia didn't like Brook Lynn's tone.

Robert began to say that it was all innocent, but both Olivia and Brook Lynn said, "Stay out of this!" The women shouted at each other. Olivia snapped that she and Robert were friends, but Brook Lynn laughed. She didn't hold hands with her friend Chase. Olivia accused the family members of all being incapable of having faith, especially in each other. She was afraid that Brook Lynn would poison her baby with her attitude. Olivia offered to walk Robert outside.

Dante and Ned stepped outside to continue their conversation. Dante knew Ned had good intentions, but Ned had to prove he could be a man that Olivia would trust. Ned agreed that Dante was right. He wanted to see the "sparkle" in his wife's eyes again. Dante reminded Ned that it wasn't only about love but also about respect. He admitted that he actually liked Ned and Olivia together. Ned stated that he was disappointed in himself, and he asked Dante to keep an eye on Olivia for him.

"Mike" was cleaning up the tables at the Tan-O after hours when Nina walked in. They flirted and talked about the local dance, and "Mike" claimed to have additional moves up his sleeve. Nina mentioned Dancing with the Stars, but "Mike" wasn't familiar with it. She wanted to fill up her Thermos with hot chocolate before stargazing with Elijah. "Mike" didn't like Nina's choice of a tour guide, and he thought that Lenny and Phyllis were wrong about the man.

Elijah arrived and announced that he looked forward to showing Nina something beautiful about the town. "Mike" suggested that the stars could just as easily be seen right outside the bar. Elijah spoke about living in San Francisco in the past, and "Mike" pressed him for details. Elijah claimed there was no story. He'd had a business there, and it hadn't gone well. "Mike" suggested that it was best not to make the same mistake twice.

Elijah thought that "Mike" had a lot of opinions, and Nina felt that things were getting tense. "Mike" admitted he didn't know his own history, but he trusted his instincts. Nina requested the hot chocolate again and left the men so she could freshen up. "Why do I get the feeling you're not who you say you are," "Mike" said to Elijah. Nina received a phone call from Jax.

Brook Lynn ran into Dante again, and she told him that she had clashed with Olivia once more. Dante revealed that Ned had left, and she asked Dante if he thought that Ned and Olivia could work things out. Dante noted that everything was different since he'd returned to town, and he didn't know. He asked who the lucky guy was, and Brook Lynn admitted it was Valentin. "I didn't see that coming," Dante replied. He offered his backup if needed, as he'd been co-parenting with Valentin for some time. Brook Lynn assured him that she had Valentin's number.

At Anna's house, Valentin wondered how Peter could love Maxie and want to be a great father while poisoning an innocent man at the same time. He asked Peter if he would tell Maxie more lies. Peter wanted Valentin to stop lecturing him because he had followed Valentin's example. Valentin had always done what he'd wanted to do, no matter the cost. Peter spat that Valentin and Anna should have stayed out of his way. If Chase died, his blood would be on their hands, not his own.

Valentin accused Peter of never wanting to accept responsibility for his actions, and Valentin said nothing had ever been Peter's fault. Peter had killed Drew and Franco, and he'd poisoned Chase. Valentin received a message from Anna, and he held up a knife. "How's Detective Chase?" Peter asked without feeling. "You're coming with me," Valentin replied as he began to cut Peter's bindings.

At the hospital, Jackie was glad that Willow had been the one to find Chase. She admitted that she'd heard they had been trying to get back together, although it wasn't her business. She disclosed that Chase had been upset over all the family trauma, and the only time he'd been happy had been when he had talked about Willow.

Anna found Finn looking in on Chase, and he told her that they were waiting for test results. He would do what he could to find out what was wrong. He admitted that it had turned out that he had really wanted a son. He went into Chase's room. Jackie expressed her desire to strangle Peter, and later, she saw Finn and Portia conversing. Willow sat with Chase, who was glad she was there. He held out his hand to her, and Willow took it.

Valentin arrived with Peter, and Anna told them that Chase wasn't doing well. She wanted to give up. Valentin wanted the doctors to have some time, but Anna told him that Finn couldn't be objective with his son. She wouldn't allow Peter to ruin another life. She wanted to let him go, and Maxie could do what she wanted to do. She wanted Peter to give her the antidote. "I don't think so," Peter said. Valentin glared at Peter with disgust.

Portia declared that antibiotics hadn't helped Chase, and the next round would be steroids. Finn admitted they didn't know the cause of Chase's illness, and Jackie made it clear that doctors couldn't treat him if they didn't know anything.

Chase's condition worsens Chase's condition worsens

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Brando was working underneath a car at his garage when someone handed him a tool. He scooted out and saw Sasha standing over him. She was surprised but glad to find him there, as she didn't have anyone else to talk to. Brando asked about Michael, but she broke the news that she and Michael had ended things. She wondered why he was there, and he explained that, after a day of working for Cyrus, he liked to do something where he knew what he was doing. Sasha didn't understand why he was working for Cyrus and questioned if Brando was being blackmailed. She inferred from his silence that he was, and she assumed that it was about Dev.

Brando explained how he'd become Dev's father, and how Gladys had told Cyrus, which gave Cyrus leverage over Brando and his family. He added that he'd spent his life hating guys like Cyrus, and he planned to "bring down" Cyrus as soon as he could. Brando was glad that Sasha had survived her experience with Cyrus, and Sasha commented that she hadn't known that Brando had a personal interest. "Then you're not looking close enough," he said as he got closer to her, and the two shared a kiss. A short while later, there was a trail of clothing leading to the steamy interior of the car Brando had been working on.

At the hospital, a nurse assured Finn that Chase's test results would be rushed. Gregory arrived and asked Finn how Chase was doing.

In Chase's room, Chase said that he felt fine, and he thought that it was because Willow was there. He told her about his dream that Willow had asked to move back in and how happy it had made him. Finn and Gregory entered, and Finn declared Chase stable, but he wanted to keep Chase there a little longer for observation. Gregory was glad that Willow was there and back with Chase. Willow excused herself to get some coffee, but Gregory offered to get it, since Chase would probably rather be with Willow. When Gregory was gone, Chase apologized to Finn for how he'd acted at dinner and for kicking Finn out of his apartment afterwards. He assured Finn that "we're okay." Finn joked that it was the drugs talking and left the room.

Willow wondered what had happened at dinner, and Chase explained that it had just been tense because of him. He didn't want to talk about it, and he asked why she had visited him that night. "I'm not sure how to say this," Willow started, but Chase assured her that they would figure it out together. She grabbed his hand and remarked on how hot it was. Suddenly, Chase realized that he couldn't feel his hands or feet.

Outside the room, Gregory returned with coffee for Finn, and Finn wished he could be more like Gregory. Gregory countered that Finn could be whatever he wanted to be.

A few minutes later, Finn and Gregory returned to Chase's room, and Finn did sensation tests on Chase's hands, feet, and legs, but Chase could feel nothing. Finn explained that it could be a symptom of an underlying problem that affected nerves. He listed off a few possibilities, which scared Chase. Finn said that he would have to run a lot of tests. Suddenly, Chase looked uncomfortable and cried that he felt a burning sensation all over his body. Finn promised to get him something for the pain. Willow fired off a text to Michael. When Finn and Gregory were gone, Chase assured Willow that she could leave. Willow refused to leave when he was so sick.

Outside the room, Gregory wondered what Finn's instinct was about Chase's mystery sickness. Finn related that he'd seen a lot, but he had no idea. He was going to a "full neurological workup," and he warned Gregory that it could be very serious.

Dante arrived at the gatehouse, and Michael invited him in for a beer. When Michael returned with the beers a few minutes later, Dante apologized for keeping his distance. He explained that he felt a lot better and that his sessions with Kevin had been helping. Michael wondered if Dante was going to return to the police department, but Dante wasn't sure. Michael commented that it would be nice for Chase to have a partner to lean on. He divulged to a confused Dante that Michael and Willow were together "for real," and Dante was happy for them. Dante toasted to the new couple, and the two drank.

At the Tan-O, Nina was on the phone with Jax, and he had something important to tell her. He offered to go to her, but she insisted that he just say it on the phone. Phyllis overheard as Nina explained that being in the same room wouldn't solve their problems. Phyllis held out her hand for the phone, and Nina handed it off. Phyllis informed Jax that it was bad manners to pressure a woman, and she added that he needed to leave Nina alone so she could heal. Phyllis hung up and gave the phone back to Nina. Nina thanked Phyllis for doing that and remarked that Jax showing up would "ruin everything."

Elijah and "Mike" were bickering over who was the fraud between the two of them, and "Mike" concluded that he had his eyes on Elijah. Nina was ready to go, so she and Elijah left. Phyllis told "Mike" about the call with Jax that she'd interrupted. She lamented that she might have been selfish, as she wanted Nina to stay. "Mike" assured her that she'd just been protecting a friend. Along the same lines, "Mike" admitted to Phyllis that his instincts said that Elijah wasn't who he said he was. Phyllis insisted that Elijah was a good guy. "Mike" wondered if Phyllis remembered the name of the company Elijah had worked for in San Francisco.

Later, Nina and Elijah drank hot chocolate as they looked at the falls. Elijah figured that the scenic spot would no longer be a well-kept secret once Nina's article was published. He hoped that someone would visit the town and recognize "Mike." Elijah was suspicious of Sonny and commented that Sonny had "weaseled his way" into Phyllis and Lenny's lives. "Like you did?" Nina shot back. She thought that "Mike" enjoyed the simple life in the town, and she wondered why he'd only invited her there to talk about "Mike." He promised to show her more and change the subject, but she asked for a rain check.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" was on the phone. He told someone that he had a company in Pittsburgh and was considering hiring Elijah. He found out that Elijah had embezzled from the company, and he'd been arrested but not convicted. Sonny thanked the person and hung up. Phyllis returned with a photo album and invited "Mike" to look at photos of her and Lenny's time with Elijah. Nina and Elijah returned, and she talked about how beautiful the town was. Elijah left, and Phyllis wanted to hear the highlights. When "Mike" left, Phyllis confided that he was suspicious of Elijah, and Nina replied that Elijah felt the same about "Mike."

Outside, Elijah was looking at his phone when "Mike" joined him. He commented that Nina had seemed to have a good time with Elijah. Elijah said that he had a lot more to show Nina -- unless there was a problem with that. "Mike" promised to see Elijah soon, and he added, "I'm onto you." He gave Elijah a huge smile, which disappeared as soon as Elijah was gone.

"Please be careful," Carly told Jason on the phone, and she hung up. "How's Jason?" Carly heard from behind her, and she turned and saw Sonny sauntering into the room. Carly replied that Jason had said he was fine, but he would never say anything else. Sonny promised that getting Jason out of Pentonville was "taken care of." Just then, Josslyn descended the stairs, snapping Carly out of her daydream. Carly asked about Josslyn's ankle, and Josslyn assured her mother that she'd sat out of volleyball practice that day. Carly sensed that Josslyn wasn't telling her something, so Josslyn informed Carly that she'd gotten into PCU. An ecstatic Carly promised to spend the next day with Josslyn, doing whatever Josslyn wanted to do.

The doorbell rang, so Josslyn went to the kitchen to ice her ankle as Carly went to answer the door. Carly opened the door to Jax, who had something to tell Carly that she probably wouldn't like. He informed her that he'd talked to Michael about reconsidering Nina's visitation of Wiley, and Michael had agreed. Carly was livid and yelled that she had too much on her plate to also worry about Nina. Josslyn walked in on the two arguing, and Carly explained that she had just gotten too passionate. Carly told Josslyn to break the good news to Jax, and Josslyn revealed that she'd been accepted to PCU. A happy Jax thought that would "take the sting out of being waitlisted," and a confused Carly asked for clarification. Jax apologized to Josslyn, as he'd thought that Josslyn had told Carly, and he left.

Josslyn informed Carly that she'd been waitlisted at her first choice school, but she hadn't wanted to tell Carly because of everything going on. Carly insisted that Josslyn would always be her first priority. Josslyn continued that, while she would miss her family, she thought that it would be good to get some distance from Port Charles in general -- and from Cameron. She complained that she knew he was grieving, but he was making bad decisions. She said she couldn't stand to be around him anymore. She hated how "up in the air" everything was, and she wondered why life was so hard. "Sometimes it just is," Carly replied, and she hugged Josslyn.

Nikolas puts his plan for Alexis' protection in motion Nikolas puts his plan for Alexis' protection in motion

Friday, April 16, 2021

At Pentonville, Maggie gave Alexis a rundown of what to expect during the morning. She told her to be tough in order to survive. In the exercise area, they were approached by a brutish-looking inmate who shoved Alexis. Maggie informed Hilda that Alexis was new and "dumb as a bucket of hair." Maggie promised to keep Alexis in line. Hilda walked away but continued to glare at Alexis. Maggie urged Alexis to "steer clear" of Hilda.

Alexis couldn't believe the guard just watched them without doing anything. She told Maggie that her daughter Sam had warned her that she'd feel as though she was in a foreign land and to be careful. Alexis didn't know why Hilda didn't seem to like her. Maggie asked Alexis how she'd ended up in prison when she had been an attorney, and Alexis told her story. Alexis explained that she'd wanted to be accountable, but it would be a long time before she went before the parole board.

Hilda walked over to Alexis and Maggie again, and she ordered Maggie to leave. Maggie did as she was told, and Hilda and Alexis were the only people remaining in the area. "Crazy weather, huh?" Alexis asked uneasily. "Who you calling crazy?" Hilda snapped as she shoved Alexis against the wall.

Sasha found Brando working on a car at his garage. She handed him a latte and told him she'd forgotten her phone the previous evening. Things were awkward, and Brando noted that he knew the evening had been a mistake. Sasha disagreed and told him that she was glad it had happened. Brando smiled broadly. He admitted that he had thought that Sasha had been on the rebound, but Sasha declared that there had been something between them.

Sasha added that Brando had been there for her. He was surprised to hear that Sasha knew a lot about cars, and she told him about working in a garage when she'd been young. She also stated that she knew his job with Cyrus was a front, but she'd keep that to herself. She thought Brando was brave, although he considered himself to be an idiot. Sasha had to leave for a photoshoot, and Brando wiped some grease off of her face.

Shortly after, Gladys arrived and was surprised to see that Sasha was the one working underneath a car. Sasha said that she had been helping Brando. He returned from his office with Sasha's phone and announced that he'd charged it up. He noticed that the phone had had a low charge the previous night. Gladys suggested Sasha should be more careful, and she couldn't hide her curiosity about the previous night. Brando apologized for his mother, and Sasha assured him that Gladys was just looking out for him.

Nina showed up at the Tan-O, and "Mike" poured her some coffee. He admitted his distrust of Elijah, but Nina reminded him that she wasn't looking for a new relationship. She had traveled to Nixon Falls in order to get away, although she still missed her ex. "What if you could get yourself back?" she asked "Mike." She told him that no one was totally anonymous with all of the information to be found online.

"Mike" wasn't sure he wanted to know about his past, and he liked Nixon Falls. Nina told him about the galas she'd attended at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where people had been smiling but unhappy. She confessed that she'd done something selfish that might hurt lots of people, but she felt that she'd done it for the right reason. The person involved would never know and would be happy with a fresh start.

Nina was on her way to the library to do some research, and "Mike" invited her to attend the local dance with him. She admitted that she'd accepted Elijah's offer first, but she would save a dance for "Mike." He reinforced the idea that Nina didn't know anything about Elijah, but Nina reminded him that "Mike" didn't know about himself or her, either.

At Wyndemere, Ava overheard Nikolas on the phone as he continued to research the bakery in Vermont that might lead him to Florence. She couldn't believe that Nikolas was still pursuing it after she and Laura had both advised him against it. Nikolas insisted that he had to keep Alexis safe. Ava exclaimed that Cyrus would no longer have any incentive to help Alexis if his mother was returned, and it would work against Carly and Jason.

Nikolas believed that Cyrus wanted the love of his family and figured that Nikolas would gain him a bridge to Laura. Ava told Nikolas that he was sexy, but she was still concerned about what Nikolas was doing. He told her about Colonel Jackson, a security consultant, who had been helping him. Ava poured some coffee while Nikolas emphasized that he needed to keep Alexis protected. Ava thought there was a better way, and Cyrus was not to be trusted.

Nikolas wanted Ava to stand by his side. They ended up in bed, and after making love, Nikolas assured her that he could protect everyone he loved. Ava admitted that she would also do anything to save Nikolas "in a heartbeat."

Later, Ava encountered Nikolas on the phone with the colonel again. Nikolas wanted Jackson to await his orders as he reconnoitered outside of Florence's suspected location. Nikolas had learned that Bobbie Spencer was with Florence. Ava still didn't agree with Nikolas' method, but Nikolas refused to call it off. Again, he requested that Ava stand by him, and she finally agreed.

Valentin and Anna met up outside of the Corinthos house. They discussed Chase and the need to back off from Peter. Anna wanted to fix things, but she made it clear that no one could know about the poison that Chase had ingested. Carly opened the door and let them in. "We have to act now!" she said. Valentin disclosed that he had not gotten far with Gladys, and Anna divulged that Peter had still been involved in Maxie's life.

Carly believed that Cyrus was more of a threat than Peter, but she believed that Cyrus had made some kind of deal with someone else. She wanted more pressure on Gladys, but both Valentin and Anna disagreed. Carly began to shout and argue with the former WSB agents. She accused them of backing Peter for months, and she demanded to know what they'd been doing to move things along.

Anna would only say that Peter had taken steps to protect himself, and Valentin admitted they couldn't give Carly any further information. Anna stated that someone would die if they made any moves, and Carly wasn't the only one who wanted Jason to be freed. She urged Carly to take a deep breath. Carly proclaimed that she would follow her own instincts. Anna made it clear that if Carly went off on her own, Peter wouldn't be the only one with blood on his hands. She added that Peter could live with it, but she wondered if Carly would be able to.

Laura tried to get ahold of Nikolas on the phone while sitting at a table at the Port Charles Grill. Martin walked in and heard her. He expressed his hope that Nikolas had interceded on his behalf, and Laura asked what Martin had offered to Nikolas in exchange. Martin insisted he'd had nothing to give, but Laura admitted that Nikolas was good at manipulating others.

Martin knew that Laura was angry at him for helping Julian after the Floating Rib bombing, but he hadn't known anything. Cyrus had done his best to come between Martin and Laura in order for them not to be on the same side opposing Cyrus, and Cyrus had ruined Martin's birthday. Cyrus walked in and was surprised to see his brother and sister sitting together. He thought there was hope for himself. He sat down and noted that maybe one day his mother would join them, also.

Laura snapped that Florence was happy where she was, and she demanded to know what Cyrus was planning. Cyrus expressed that it was out of his hands. Laura knew that Cyrus had been pressuring Nikolas, and she also knew that Cyrus and Martin didn't have the same thoughts about Florence. She thought that Martin loved Florence and took her as she was, while Cyrus only needed Florence in order to "validate" his life. Laura laughed as Cyrus took offense.

Laura continued that she hadn't approved of Jason's kidnapping of Florence, but it had been the only way to "contain" Cyrus, who didn't want Jason to have leverage. "I'll be damned if you are gonna use my son to make it happen!" Laura shouted before storming out.

Martin was angry that Cyrus had ruined his reunion with Laura, but Cyrus thought she'd get over it. Martin declared that Cyrus was responsible for Lulu's condition and was trying to control Nikolas. He suspected that Laura would always loathe Cyrus.

Valentin and Anna walked in and made a beeline for Cyrus and Martin's table. Anna told Martin that she'd heard he'd been helping Valentin regarding Brook Lynn, and she introduced herself to Cyrus. She made sure to say that she was Peter's aunt. Cyrus stood and exchanged perfunctory pleasantries, and he congratulated Valentin on being an expectant father. Valentin noted that Martin would agree that family meant a lot to Valentin, and Cyrus replied that everyone felt the same.

Anna and Valentin headed to their own table. She revealed that one had to look one's enemy in the eyes in order to figure out the next move, and she had done so. She thought that Peter had acted like "classic Faison," and the same tactics that had taken down Faison could be effective with Peter.

Martin ordered Cyrus to stop grimacing, but he insisted he was smiling. Martin warned him to beware of Valentin, because Cyrus didn't want to be on his bad side. Cyrus wondered if Martin knew anything about Anna because he thought that the "dirty laundry" that had emerged at the failed wedding could be useful.

Carly finished up a phone call that suggested that guards at Florence's location should stay alert. The doorbell sounded, and she answered the door to Laura. The mayor wanted to know what it would take for Carly to surrender Florence before someone got hurt. Carly reminded Laura that the city had remained calm since Florence had been taken.

Laura was certain that it wouldn't stay that way for long. She had spoken to her brothers, and while Cyrus had seemed too self-assured, Martin had made a point of making it known that he'd kept Florence's location a secret. He had to have let something slip, because she thought that Nikolas knew where Florence was. Carly knew that Cyrus had a plan, and Laura confirmed that it was through Nikolas.

Carly thought it was a trap. She was concerned that if Alexis remained protected, Jason would be in a worse position. Laura knew that Nikolas was getting in too deep, and Carly wondered how they could stop Nikolas.

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