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Jax flew to Nixon Falls. Jax caught a glimpse of Sonny. Finn cut Anna out of his life. Michael and Willow decided to put Chase first. Nikolas recovered Florence then handed her to Cyrus. Carly enlisted Shawn in a plan to get Jason out of Pentonville. Olivia overheard Maxie make a startling confession.
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Carly enlisted Shawn's help to get Jason out of Pentonville, and Jax flew to Nixon Falls where he saw Sonny
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Monday, April 19, 2021

Due to ABC News coverage of closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preempted, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, April 20, and picked up where the Friday, April, 16, episode concluded.

Nikolas puts his plan into motion Nikolas puts his plan into motion

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

At Carly's, Laura left a frantic message for Nikolas as Carly called the guards in Vermont to get Bobbie and Florence to safety. Both women ended their phone calls and ran out of the house.

A few minutes later, Josslyn was happy to let Trina into the house. Josslyn updated Trina on all of the new activities she'd picked up, and Trina wondered why Josslyn was doing so much at the end of their senior year. Josslyn changed the subject by asking about Taggert, and Trina replied that she was spending time with him after her visit with Josslyn. She regretted wasting so much time being angry with him, but Josslyn instructed her to enjoy the time Trina had with him. Trina added that she thought it was weird that Taggert was staying with Jordan, as she felt awful for how she'd treated Jordan.

Trina circled back to why Josslyn had taken on so many activities, and Josslyn admitted that she'd been waitlisted by Southern Coastal University. She wanted to prove that she was good enough for them, but Trina thought it would be their loss if they didn't admit Josslyn. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Josslyn was puzzled as to why the guards hadn't called first. She answered the door to Cameron, and Trina took that as her cue to leave. She urged them to "work things out," and she left. Cameron confessed that he missed his best friend, and Josslyn shared the sentiment. He offered to put their fight behind them so they could move on, and she agreed.

Josslyn asked how Cameron had been, and he admitted that Jake still hadn't forgiven him for what he'd said about Jason. Josslyn wondered what Jake had said when Cameron had decided that Jason was innocent. However, Cameron still believed that Jason was guilty, and the two argued about Jason. Josslyn finally asked Cameron to leave, as she couldn't keep having the same conversation with him. He questioned if she didn't want to be friends anymore.

At Jordan's, Taggert thanked someone for the update on Cyrus. As Jordan entered the room, Taggert asked the person to let him know if Cyrus did anything "sketchy," and he hung up. He informed Jordan that Epiphany was keeping her eyes and ears open for him at the hospital. He noticed that Jordan seemed down, and she divulged that she was on her way to meet Curtis to talk about their divorce. Taggert believed that all of their problems could be traced back to Cyrus, but Jordan didn't want to think that Cyrus had that kind of power. Taggert promised that Cyrus would mess up one day, and when he did, they would be there.

Later, Trina arrived and expressed to Taggert how strange it was that he was staying at Jordan's, but Curtis wasn't there. Trina wondered if Taggert and Jordan had ever been a couple, and he insisted that he and Jordan had only ever been friends and coworkers. She asked when his trial started, but he urged her not to worry about it. He wanted her to focus on all the good things happening right then. Speaking of good things, she questioned whether or not he would be at her graduation. Taggert hoped to be, and he warned her that he intended to be there to see her career in person. He instructed her to dream big, as she could do anything she wanted to do, and he would be there to cheer her on.

At Pentonville, Hilda pinned Alexis against a wall and threatened to hit her. Just then, three women approached, and the one leading the trio, Steff, wondered what Hilda was up to. She instructed Hilda that Alexis wasn't worth the trouble. Hilda responded that Alexis had disrespected her, but Steff shot back that Hilda was disrespecting her. "I wouldn't do that," Hilda insisted, and she let Alexis go and ran away. Alexis thanked Steff and introduced herself. Steff knew who Alexis was and instructed her to keep her head down. Alexis thanked Steff again, and Steff replied that it was what she was paid for.

When Steff was gone, Maggie made sure that Alexis was all right. Alexis told Maggie what had happened, and Maggie confided that Steff was one of Cyrus' people. Alexis wondered why Steff would be helping her, but then she recounted Steff's comment about being paid. Maggie advised Alexis not to ask too many questions, as someone was obviously looking out for her. When Maggie was gone, Alexis remembered Nikolas assuring her that he'd taken steps to make sure that she would be safe in Pentonville. She wondered what Nikolas had given to Cyrus in exchange for her protection.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas had his lead man, Colonel Jackson, on speakerphone. Jackson informed Nikolas that his men were ready, and he asked if they should proceed. "Do it. Go," Nikolas ordered. A few minutes later, Jackson told Nikolas that they'd breached the perimeter of the house with no resistance. He continued that they were in the house, but there was a problem. Nikolas demanded to know what had happened. Just then, Carly burst into the house, followed by Laura, and she informed him that she'd given her guards a heads-up that they were about to be attacked.

Jackson chimed in that the nurse and guards were locked in a panic room with Florence. He asked if he should extract Florence and warned that injuries or casualties could be a result. Laura demanded that Nikolas shut it down before someone got killed. Nikolas argued that he needed to make sure that Alexis had protection in Pentonville, but Laura promised to talk to the warden about Alexis. Carly added that Florence was her only leverage against Cyrus, or he would turn Port Charles into a "drug den." Nikolas didn't see that as his problem, and he asked if his men should take Florence, or if she would be surrendered. "Just wait," Carly replied.

Carly made a call and instructed her guards to give Florence up and to make sure that Bobbie handed over Florence's medication. "You did the right thing," Nikolas assured Carly when she was off the phone. However, she called him a "na´ve idiot, among other things," and she advised him to enjoy doing Cyrus' bidding, since Cyrus knew that Alexis was Nikolas' weak spot. Ava defended Nikolas, but Carly yelled, "You bring out the worst in everyone," and she stormed out. Nikolas reasoned that he had to show Cyrus that he had power of his own, but Laura agreed with Carly. "You've made a terrible mistake," Laura said, and she left.

Nikolas thanked Ava for the support, even though she disagreed with his methods. She loved him for trying to protect Alexis, and she assured him that he was no longer alone. He remarked on how lucky he was to have her, and the two embraced.

At the Port Charles Grill, Martin needed to leave, but Cyrus implored him to stay and celebrate. Just then, Curtis arrived, and Cyrus wanted to say hello. Martin thought that Cyrus should leave Curtis alone, but Cyrus couldn't ignore the pain Curtis was probably in due to his separation from Jordan. He grinned and got up from the table. Cyrus approached Curtis at the bar and wondered if there was still hope for Curtis and Jordan, as he'd been rooting for them. "Walk away," Curtis warned without turning around. Cyrus congratulated Curtis on his new career and hoped he would have more luck at it. An angered Curtis asked about Cyrus' mother, and he enjoyed seeing the rage in Cyrus' eyes.

Cyrus was surprised that Curtis was capable of cruelty. Curtis advised Cyrus not to talk about how alike they were. "Aren't we?" Cyrus wondered. "How bad do you wanna find out?" Curtis shot back, and Cyrus questioned if Curtis was threatening him. Jordan arrived and instructed Curtis not to play Cyrus' game. The two went off to a table as Curtis glared.

Jordan urged Curtis not to let Cyrus bait him and suggested that Curtis ignore Cyrus instead. Curtis decided that he would punch Cyrus in the face next time, and then he would ignore Cyrus. Jordan figured that Cyrus would no longer bother Curtis once their divorce became public knowledge, but Curtis thought that was wishful thinking. She insisted that Cyrus was no longer his problem.

As Cyrus returned to his table, Martin announced that he was leaving. Cyrus promised that staying would be worth Martin's while, as "it won't be long now." Just then, Cyrus' phone rang, and he answered it. When he hung up, he informed Martin with a smile, "Good news. Mother's coming home."

Jason was escorted to the visiting room, where Anna was waiting to see him. They picked up the phones on either side of the glass, and Anna apologized for not visiting sooner. She noticed his bruised knuckles and lamented that she'd helped put him in jail. He insisted that it wasn't her fault, and he asked what she was working on. Anna thanked him for sending Carly to her, and she added that their plan was on hold. Jason intuited that Peter had something on Anna and figured that Peter was threatening someone.

Anna assured Jason that she was doing everything she could to manage the situation, but her hands were tied. She admitted that she was afraid Carly would do something to make things worse, and she hoped that Jason would talk to Carly. He promised to try, and he wondered what Anna's end game was. She hoped to get as much evidence as possible to put Peter in jail, but if she couldn't, she would do what was necessary -- "even if it means eliminating Peter."

Later, Anna was gone, and a clearly fuming Carly arrived to visit Jason. They picked up the phones, and Jason guessed that Cyrus had gotten Florence back. Her seething silence gave him the answer, and he clenched his fists in anger. "We can't wait any longer. We have to move now," Carly stated.

Jax shows up in Nixon Falls Jax shows up in Nixon Falls

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The community of Nixon Falls showed up for their annual dance. Many of the men were decked out in their flannel shirts and cowboy hats. Lenny couldn't believe that "Mike" was wearing a black T-shirt, but Phyllis handed "Mike" a cowboy hat of his own. Nina arrived on Elijah's arm, but she looked at "Mike" in admiration. "Look at Mike!" she exclaimed. "Mike" tipped his hat.

Nina told "Mike" that the hat was amazing, and he looked good. "Mike" revealed that Phyllis had picked it up for him, and Lenny took the opportunity to take Phyllis out on the dance floor. Elijah suggested that he and Nina get drinks and check out the auction, but "Mike" asked her to dance. Nina opted to dance with "Mike" until they were out of breath. They grabbed a couple of beers and sat down at a table.

"Mike" wondered if he could have been a dancer in the past, or perhaps he was just "loose." They joked around, and "Mike" noted that he had finally seen the real Nina, who looked happy. Nina replied that her partner had had something to do with it. As they leaned in for a kiss, Elijah approached the table and asked Nina to dance. Just then, Phyllis walked by with a limping Lenny, and Nina announced that she wanted to check on Lenny.

Elijah insisted on a dance, but "Mike" spoke up for Nina, and she went over to her friends. Elijah told "Mike" to stay out of business that didn't concern him, but "Mike" didn't consider his friends to be business. Elijah knew that "Mike" didn't think much of him, and "Mike" pointed out that Elijah had lied to Phyllis and Lenny about his past. He wondered what else Elijah was hiding.

Lenny and Phyllis kept their eyes on Elijah and "Mike" as the two appeared to be having words. Nina thought it was time for her to break things up. Elijah told "Mike" to back off, and he suggested that he and "Mike" didn't have to be enemies. "Who said anything about enemies?" "Mike" asked. "I did," Elijah replied. By the time Nina got to the men, Elijah had walked off, and she asked "Mike" to dance again. Lenny told Phyllis that things had been going downhill between the men, and Phyllis thought it all had to do with Nina. She confessed that she had been trying to stay neutral.

At the Corinthos house, Josslyn refused to speak to Cameron about Jason. He hoped they could still be friends, but Josslyn did not want to answer him or be pressured. Sarcastically, Cameron suggested that it was more important for Josslyn to stand by a murderer, but Josslyn insisted that she wasn't choosing between Cameron and Jason. Cameron maintained that he'd always chosen Josslyn, and he recounted the many times that he had.

Cameron wanted Josslyn to be his friend, but he made it clear that Josslyn's "wonderful" Jason had killed Franco. He stormed out as Jax walked in and offered his daughter a hug. Josslyn told him that Cameron had ended their friendship for the third time. He had wanted her to join his "one-man vendetta" against Jason, and she had refused. She didn't want a friend who only wanted to be friends if the person agreed with them. It wasn't worth it.

Jax suspected that Josslyn should make an exception for Cameron, but it was up to her. Josslyn pointed out that Jason had saved Cameron's life, and she proceeded to tell Jax about the evening with Cyrus' men. Jax felt that Cameron didn't know that Jason hadn't killed Franco, because there had been two witnesses, including his own mother. Josslyn angrily stated that Elizabeth had seen Jason kneeling by Franco, and Gladys was a "lying liar who lies" and would do anything for money.

Josslyn went on to say that she hadn't realized that Cameron could be so hateful, even to his own brother Jake. Jax asked if it was worth it to lose Cameron due to something out of Josslyn's hands. He added that Jason would probably be exonerated, and it didn't help Jason if Josslyn fought with Cameron.

Jax invited Josslyn to fly in his Cessna for a few hours, but Josslyn turned him down. She had to stay home because Carly needed her. Jax concluded that Cameron was merely scared under all of his anger, and Cameron needed Josslyn more than Jason needed defending.

Elizabeth had to leave for work, and with Cameron not home, she invited Scott over to babysit. Scott thought it was good for Cameron to be late and "back in the game," but Elizabeth noted that Cameron had had a difficult time with Franco's death. Scott thought that Elizabeth could use extra help around the house, and he suggested either her sister or father. Elizabeth knew that her sister was busy, and she stated that she wasn't close to her father.

Cameron returned as Elizabeth was heading out the door. She didn't want to hear his excuses. Scott thought that Cameron looked as though he'd been "chewed up and spit out." Cameron insisted he wasn't that late, but everyone always seemed to be mad at him. Scott encouraged Cameron not to follow in Scott's footsteps and go it alone, and Cameron complained that he seemed to be antagonizing everyone. Scott knew that one of those people had been Josslyn.

Scott thought that Cameron could indirectly blame Scott for messing up his life. Scott exclaimed that he could have been a better father, and he hadn't even known about his own kids until after they had grown up. Scott admitted he'd been a bad guy when he had been younger, and he was sure that Franco wouldn't want Cameron to make the same mistakes. He thought Cameron should try to be a "stand-up" guy.

At Pentonville, Jason asked Carly what had happened, and she disclosed that Nikolas had located Florence. Carly had had to have Florence released, and she was ready to move right away. She added that Nikolas had thought he'd been a hero in saving Alexis, but he'd been played. Suddenly, she noticed the bruises on Jason's knuckles and realized he'd been in a fight. Jason told her it was being handled.

Carly wanted to be honest. She was certain that Cyrus would try to have Jason killed, and she thought he would succeed. She couldn't allow it to happen. Jason replied that there was nothing that Carly could do.

"Wrong!" Carly said. Jason wanted Carly to stop whatever it was she had planned, but Carly refused. She couldn't lose Jason, and she didn't care if he was angry. She planned on doing things her way and would do whatever had to be done. She thought it was worth the risk, and she wanted Jason to be ready. He would know when it happened. She got up and walked out, leaving Jason still holding the red phone receiver. Jason was returned to his cell and informed that he would be receiving a cellmate.

At the nurses' station at General Hospital, Finn was agitated that he hadn't yet received any lab results for Chase. He snapped at Portia, who tried to explain that the lab was backed up, and she offered to expedite the results. Anna looked on from a distance as Portia urged Finn to "step back" from the case. Finn replied that it was his job to diagnose cases, but Portia thought it was his job to be a father.

Portia suggested that a specialist be called because there were rules in place regarding parents treating their own children. She thought that Finn had lost all objectivity, but he replied that he didn't have to justify himself. Portia knew that the staff would agree with her, but she offered to check on the labs.

Elizabeth had arrived, and she asked Finn if he was okay. He jumped on her, but she offered to help instead. Elizabeth realized that Finn wasn't okay, and Finn asked her to tell Portia to mind her own business. He wanted to be the lead on his son's case. Elizabeth grabbed his hand. Finn apologized for snapping, and he told Elizabeth about Chase's condition. Elizabeth recommended that Finn not allow worry to cloud his judgment or "spark a fight" with those on his side. Finn thanked Elizabeth for "talking me down." He promised to apologize to Portia.

In Chase's room, monitors continued to beep as he woke up and spotted Willow sitting beside the bed. Michael watched through the window as Chase acknowledged that he felt better, especially because Willow was still there with him. Michael walked in, and he joked around with Chase. Willow looked uneasy and announced that she wanted to check in with Portia. After she had gone, Chase mentioned that Willow had gone "above and beyond."

Michael guessed that Willow hadn't told Chase anything, and Chase asked Michael to fill him in. Michael revealed that he and Sasha had ended things. Chase was sorry, but Michael explained they'd been headed in different directions. Chase was concerned about what might happen to his future with Willow.

Peter spotted Anna and taunted Finn's agitation. Peter thought it was "heartbreaking," and he knew that Finn would do anything to save Chase from pain. "Would you?" Peter asked. He added that he was looking for a story, and Anna told him off. Chase was suffering because of Peter. Peter reminded Anna that he had given her terms, but Anna responded that she hadn't seen the antidote yet.

Peter answered that he had reconsidered, and he and Anna went into the stairwell to talk further. Anna asked if he had been stringing them along. She made it clear that if Chase died, Peter would die. Peter wanted Anna's trust, and he added that Valentin had already threatened to kill him. Peter didn't think that Valentin could easily kill him, but Anna promised that Valentin was ten times the man that Peter was and perfectly capable of killing Peter. She would do it, though, and not Valentin.

Peter wanted Anna's help with Maxie in exchange for the antidote. He considered things to be moving too slowly, and he wanted to be in the room during his daughter's birth. He wanted Anna to "lay the groundwork." Anna tried to explain that she wasn't on good terms with Maxie, but Peter wanted Anna to try harder to figure things out. If not, Chase wouldn't get the antidote.

Anna asked Peter if the vial he showed her was real or just a mind game. Peter told her it was the real thing, and Anna reached for it. Peter told her she'd get it once she did what she had to with Maxie. He also wanted to visit Maxie in the place where they'd lived together, and he wanted more than Anna's word. He dropped the vial and stepped on it. He encouraged Anna to "work fast."

Willow found Portia and told her that Chase was awake. She asked about the diagnosis, but Portia told her that they had no information yet. She told Willow to stay strong. Portia stopped into Chase's room and asked Michael for privacy. "Do your worst!" Chase proclaimed. He disclosed that he wasn't in as much pain and was just uncomfortable. He wasn't worried because he had the best taking care of him.

Peter stopped into Chase's room and told Chase that he was part of the Invader family. Chase accused Peter of violating Jackie's privacy and wondered if that was the way that Peter treated family. Peter acknowledged that it depended on the family, and he told Chase to get well.

Michael found Willow in the corridor. Michael didn't think that Willow had been a coward for not saying anything to Chase. He wasn't sure what they were supposed to do.

After Finn spoke to Elizabeth, he turned and saw Anna. She told him that she knew what was wrong with Chase.

Carly returned home, and Josslyn told her about Jax's visit. Carly wondered where Jax might have been going in his Cessna. She received a phone call from an unknown telephone number. "Is it done?" Carly asked. She announced that it was time for the rest of her plan to move forward.

Cameron was surprised to receive a phone call from Josslyn. She admitted that she didn't like the way they'd left things, and she didn't want to give up. Cameron was glad that she'd called, and he didn't want to give up, either. As he headed upstairs, Scott placed a call to Liesl. He suggested they arrange their own Oktoberfest if she was able to.

Jason was surprised when his new cellmate was led into his cell. The cellmate was surprised, also. "Well, who set this up?" Jason asked. "Good question!" said Shawn Butler.

As Lenny and Phyllis watched "Mike" and Nina, Jax walked over to them and asked for their help in locating someone.

Jason gets a cellmate Jason gets a cellmate

Thursday, April 22, 2021

At the dance, "Mike" again warned Nina that Elijah was "no good," but she didn't want to hear it anymore. He told her that he'd found out about Elijah being arrested for embezzlement in San Francisco. Just then, Elijah appeared and informed them that the charges had been dropped. "Mike" recounted that Elijah and the company had agreed to a settlement, which didn't mean that he was innocent. Elijah admitted that he'd hit rock bottom, but he'd made restitution and was in Nixon Falls to start over.

Nina related that she'd made her share of mistakes, and she'd gotten her share of second chances. "Who are you to judge after all you've done?" Nina asked "Mike." She scrambled to explain the comment and claimed that she'd meant that he was in no position to judge until he found out more about his past. Nina wanted to find Phyllis and Lenny. She instructed "Mike" and Elijah not to fight, and she walked away. "Maybe I'm not the only one Nina needs to see through," Elijah suggested.

Jax found Phyllis and Lenny at the dance, and Phyllis introduced Jax and Lenny. Jax asked about Nina, but Phyllis gave him a long lecture about respecting Nina's request for time and space. She reminded him that he'd broken Nina's heart. Just then, Nina appeared, and Lenny commented that Nina could decide for herself whether or not to talk to Jax. Nina requested that Jax leave, and Lenny offered to get "Mike" so they could "walk Jax back to his car." Nina turned the offer down, but she suggested that Phyllis and Lenny find "Mike" and Elijah, who were at each other's throats. Phyllis assured Nina that they wouldn't be far away, and Phyllis and Lenny walked away.

"It's good to see you," Jax said gently, but Nina shot back, "It's not good to see you. You're gonna ruin everything." He begged her not to shut him out, as he loved and missed her. He wanted to go somewhere private to talk, but she refused to go anywhere with him. She told him to "go and stay gone."

Phyllis found "Mike" and informed him that a tired Lenny had gone home. She wondered where Elijah was, and "Mike" cracked, "Out of town, if we're lucky." He told her what Elijah had done in San Francisco, and a disappointed Phyllis informed "Mike" that it hadn't been his place to tell her. He thought that she was too trusting, but she shot back that her trusting nature was why he had a roof over his head. "Mike" admitted that Nina's comment about "Mike" not having the right to judge anyone until he learned about his past had gotten under his skin, but Phyllis assured him that he was a good man. She suggested that he find Nina for another dance, and he agreed. Just then, a man behind "Mike" downed a beer, and his pulled-up jacket revealed a gun in his waistband.

Dante was surprised to bump into Olivia at the hospital, and she admitted that she'd thought he could use a friendly face after his appointment with Kevin. Dante assumed the reason was the same for when she'd shown up after Rocco's art class. He assured her that he and Rocco appreciated her and loved knowing that they had someone looking out for them.

Maxie, clad in big sunglasses with a scarf draped around her head, made sure no one was around before she approached Nathan's grave. She sat down and talked to Nathan about how trapped she felt. She told him about what had happened at the wedding, and how many people had tried to warn her off of Peter. She admitted that she might have been drawn to Peter, thinking that he would be like Nathan, but she acknowledged that she'd been lying to herself. She added that Nathan would be proud of Britt, who was helping Maxie. She continued that the worst part about Peter's obsession with her was how to protect her baby. As Olivia stood nearby with flowers, Maxie stated that, "If keeping my baby safe means giving her up and pretending she's dead, I'll do it."

Brook Lynn entered Chase's room at the hospital, and she asked if he needed anything. He answered that she could keep him company until Willow returned. Brook Lynn assumed that Willow's presence meant that the couple was back on track. Chase replied that Willow being there for him was the only thing making his mystery sickness bearable. He explained that the doctors were stumped and still running tests, but he was sure that they would figure it out soon. Dante arrived and informed Brook Lynn that her bodyguard was looking for her, and she left the room in a huff. Chase updated Dante on the lack of updates, and he admitted that he was sick of waiting.

Michael and Willow sat down on a bench at the hospital as she updated him on Chase's condition. Though he was disappointed in himself for thinking it, Michael wished that Willow had had the chance to tell Chase about her and Michael before Chase had gotten sick. Willow insisted that she was committed to building a life with Michael, but she couldn't end things with Chase until he was better. Michael vowed to wait as long as he needed to.

Brook Lynn rounded the corner while yelling at Yuri on the phone about where she was. Michael joked that Valentin seemed to be keeping Brook Lynn on a short leash, but Brook Lynn saw it as a temporary and necessary evil. She informed Willow that Chase wasn't feeling as good as he was pretending, and Willow being there was the only thing keeping him going. Willow decided to get back to Chase, and she left. Seeing the look on Michael's face, Brook Lynn wondered if he had something to tell her.

Later, Brook Lynn yelled at Yuri on the phone that she was on her way out of the hospital. When she hung up, she ducked around a corner and readjusted the pregnancy pad. Once she was comfortable with it, she left the hospital.

Dante and Chase were catching up when Willow entered the room. Dante had to go, anyway, so Chase thanked him for visiting, and Dante left. Willow observed that Chase looked tired, and she asked if she could get him anything. She touched his hand, and he recoiled and cried out in pain. She decided to get the doctor, but he assured her that the doctors said that the pain would arrive in waves. He confided that just looking at her made him feel better.

Michael bumped into Dante, who told Michael that Willow was with Chase. "Are you okay with that?" Dante wondered. Michael replied that he would be selfish if he wasn't. Dante thought that Michael was a good guy, but Michael admitted that he was just trying to follow Willow's example.

Anna led Finn to a secluded corner and informed him that she knew what was wrong with Chase. She divulged to a confused Finn that Chase had been poisoned by Peter. "I'm gonna kill him," Finn said, and he decided that killing Peter would prevent a lot of harm, despite his "do no harm" oath. She explained that Peter needed leverage against Anna, and the poison was supposed to have been given to Finn. She added that Peter had the antidote. She held up a plastic bag with the remains of the vial Peter had crushed, and she suggested that Finn analyze the residue on the vial to recreate the antidote. Finn wanted to go to the cops, but Anna warned him that Peter couldn't know that she'd told anyone.

Anna wondered what Finn wanted her to do, and he replied, "Whatever you want." He advised her to stay out of it, and he refused to let her anywhere near Chase. He ranted that her "world" had poisoned his, and she was partly to blame. He also blamed himself for getting close to Anna. He advised her to pray that he could formulate the antidote, and he stormed off.

Carly opened her front door to Jordan, and she assumed Jordan knew that Cyrus had Florence back. Jordan advised Carly to let Jordan do her job. Carly asked when Cyrus was going to be arrested, and Jordan promised that it was "getting closer." Jordan reminded Carly that they were on the same side regarding Cyrus, and Jordan admitted that she wished she had some of Sonny's insights about it. Carly warned Jordan to watch out for her family, and Jordan advised Carly to do the same.

At Pentonville, a guard escorted Jason's new roommate into the cell, and Jason was stunned to see that it was Shawn. Jason wondered who'd set up the situation, but Shawn didn't know. Jason thanked Shawn for stepping up for Sonny in Jason's absence, and Shawn expressed his condolences for Sonny's death. Jason asked if Shawn and Sonny's other connections were looking out for each other in prison. However, Shawn revealed that, with the power shift in Cyrus' favor, he had to consider his own interests. Shawn told Jason that he would handle problems himself, and he took a shiv out of his pocket.

A short while later, Jason lay on the floor, unconscious with a stab wound to his abdomen. The guard pinned Shawn against the bars and demanded to know why he'd done it. Shawn insisted that he'd had no choice, as Jason had charged at him with the shiv, so he'd been protecting himself. Later, Shawn made a call on a stashed phone and informed someone that Jason was on his way to the hospital. "Thank you, I'll take it from here," Carly replied.

Jax sees "Mike" in Nixon Falls Jax sees "Mike" in Nixon Falls

Friday, April 23, 2021

Cyrus was pleased to run into a hostile-looking Carly at the hospital. He told her how happy he was to have his mother back, and he made sure that Carly knew that he had more free time on his hands as a result of that. He thought it was too bad that Jason wouldn't be around for the meeting of the Five Families because Carly had refused Cyrus' offer. Carly announced that she had a prescription to pick up, and she jabbed her finger repeatedly on the elevator button.

Britt snapped at a nurse who handed her late lab results for a young patient who had died. She looked it over and wondered if Cyrus' drug Tobadryl had hit the streets. Just then, Jason was wheeled in, and she learned that he'd been stabbed.

Molly ran into T.J.'s arms and told him to congratulate her. She revealed that her internship had snagged her a position as a junior A.D.A. with Robert once she graduated and passed the bar exam. T.J. was proud of her, and Molly sadly added that she wanted to tell Alexis. T.J. stated that he would take Molly out, and he was sure that Molly would pass the bar exam. Molly disclosed that she had decided that she wanted to be with the district attorney's office.

Molly's disclosure didn't sit well with T.J., and he reminded her that she had wanted to be an activist lawyer. Molly explained that she would still do that but within the system instead. She wanted to help to prevent the wrongs that occurred. T.J. insisted the system was broken, because if it wasn't, Cyrus wouldn't be free.

Molly felt the system had worked for Alexis, who had only received three years for her guilty plea, but T.J. replied that Shawn had received ten years for his same crime. T.J. denounced the system that didn't work for everyone in the same way. Molly admitted she was angry at that, but she thought that working from within would provide positive change. T.J. admitted that if anyone could affect change from within, it would be Molly.

Britt tended to Jason post-procedure and told him that while he'd lost some blood and had received some stitches, he would be okay. She thought it was unfair for him to be awaiting trial in Pentonville. Jason could tell that she was stressed, and she told him she was upset about the recent death from another overdose along with Jason's stabbing. She would have thought he could have protected himself better. Jason promised that things would be all right.

As Jason grabbed Britt's hand, Carly walked in. "Excuse me?" she asked when she spied Jason holding Britt's hand. Britt wondered how Carly had managed to get past Jason's guard. Carly replied that she and the guard went "way back." Britt wondered why Jason had been taken to the hospital, and she assumed that his stabbing had to have appeared worse than it actually had been. Britt thought it was more dangerous if Cyrus was there.

Carly thought that nothing would happen, as Cyrus wanted to appear to be reputable, and Jason had more allies in the hospital, no thanks to Britt. Britt ordered Carly to wait in the hallway while she spoke to Jason, but Carly refused to leave. Britt asked if Carly had to be involved in everything, and the women began to argue. Carly wanted Britt to leave. Instead, Britt declared that it was her hospital, and if anyone should leave, it was Carly. Finally, Jason told Britt that it was okay to talk in front of Carly.

Britt told Jason about the deceased patient's blood work, which looked like Sasha's after her heart attack. She would study it further. Carly told her to leave and get her facts straight, but Britt threatened to call Pentonville to report Jason's unauthorized visitor. Jason urged Britt to obtain the information that they could use against Cyrus.

"What the hell were you thinking, getting me stabbed?" Jason shouted at Carly once Britt had gone. Carly told him it had been the only way, but Jason was furious. He accused Carly of getting Shawn involved in the situation, but Carly insisted that Jason would have been killed instead. He shook his handcuffed hand at her and told her she'd done the opposite of helping.

Jason acknowledged that Carly had made it easy for him to escape, but he would be a fugitive. Carly reminded him of the various safe houses around the city where he could stay and run their business. Jason suggested he leave the country, but Carly refused to consider the option. They needed to get the evidence on Gladys and Peter and clear Jason's name.

Britt stood at the nurses' station and did some research on her laptop. She looked at pages about Cyrus and the drug in question. Cyrus walked up behind her and asked what she was doing. Britt turned and told him she'd been checking the lag times on lab results. She reached behind her to hit keys on the laptop to change the page. She announced that she had work to do, and she walked away. Cyrus glared moodily at her.

Britt returned to Jason's room and announced that data on her patient and that on the drug were a 95% match. Jason figured that once Laura had derailed Cyrus' plans for the drug to be distributed at the hospital, it had forced Cyrus to take it to the streets. Britt revealed that Cyrus had interrupted her research, but she'd been able to cover. Again, Carly told Britt to leave, and Britt offered Jason a sedative for a post-Carly visit.

Britt left, and Carly expressed her disbelief that Jason had been working with Britt. He told her to stop. He thought that he should return to Pentonville to work with Shawn. "Together again at last," Cyrus declared when he walked in. He wanted to know why the guard had allowed Carly into Jason's room and promised to have him replaced. He assured Jason that he'd be well taken care of.

Britt returned to her laptop, but she was denied access to the page on Cyrus that she'd looked at earlier.

Laura spotted Martin at a table at Metro Court, although he was surprised that she was talking to him. She admitted that she was concerned about Florence's return. Sarcastically, Martin expressed how nice it was of her, especially since her son had taken Florence and had handed her over to Cyrus. Laura explained that Nikolas had felt as though he hadn't had a choice, and Martin agreed that Alexis was safe at Florence's expense.

Martin confessed that, as his punishment for having worked with Jackie, Cyrus wouldn't allow him to see his mother. He had learned a lot about his mother, but he had to stay on Cyrus' good side. He added that Cyrus wanted a relationship with Laura, but he wondered if she would placate Cyrus over her concern for Port Charles. Laura wasn't sure what Cyrus wanted from her, but she knew he was a manipulator.

Martin told her that Cyrus wanted a family, and that was his blind spot. He thought that Laura could be a possible influence on Cyrus. Laura declared that her daughter was in a coma, thanks to Cyrus, but Martin told her not to shut Cyrus out.

Valentin ran into Curtis on the elevator and asked if he'd heard from Nina. Curtis stated that he hadn't heard from Nina, and Valentin would have to wait because Nina wouldn't return to town until she was ready. The men stepped off the elevator, and Valentin summoned Martin to their meeting. Martin told Laura to think about what they'd discussed -- for everyone's sake.

Laura joined Curtis at the bar, and he told her about his upcoming divorce. Laura was sorry because she knew he and Jordan had tried to work things out. Laura told him she was a phone call away if he needed her. Curtis admitted he was sad about the marriage but joyful over his new club. He wanted the Savoy to be a place for people to hear good music, enjoy the ambiance, and set aside their problems.

Laura was worried that Cyrus would prevent Martin from seeing their mother, and she wondered if she should reach out. Curtis told her that Cyrus would want something in return, but Laura only wanted to help Martin.

At Pentonville, the warden was curious as to why Jordan was investigating Jason's stabbing. She told him that he had been awaiting trial, and she had been concerned for his safety. The warden insisted that Jason had a new cellmate, and they "must have gotten off on the wrong foot." He led her to the cell, and Jordan was surprised to see Shawn.

Shawn insisted that he had stabbed Jason in self-defense, but Jordan wasn't buying it. Shawn accused her of doing whatever she wanted on her own, anyway, and he exclaimed that he was angry at her for not telling him about T.J.'s kidnapping. Jordan wondered how Shawn would have helped if he'd had the information. They had some words about the past, and Jordan learned that T.J. had been visiting Shawn regularly.

Jordan asked about the stabbing again, and Shawn again told her he had defended himself, and Jason would say the same. She wished Shawn would stay out of the battle with Cyrus, but Shawn replied that Cyrus needed to be stopped. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing," he said. Jordan acknowledged that sometimes people regretted their mistakes, but she didn't regret lying about T.J.'s paternity. She regretted hurting Shawn.

Jordan added that T.J. had had a great father, and with Shawn's love, he'd had two fathers who had loved him. Shawn agreed that he wouldn't have loved T.J. any more than he had, even with the truth. They talked about their amazing son, who was about to become a doctor. Shawn asked if he would be arrested, and Jordan told him no charges would be filed. She ordered him to "steer clear" of Cyrus' people. Shawn maintained that he would do what he had to do to protect the family.

Michael drove Brook Lynn home from the hospital, and she asked what had happened with Willow, because Michael had been quiet. Michael denied there was a problem. Brook Lynn told him that she'd invited Valentin over to talk about terms regarding the baby. Michael thought it sounded more like a merger, and he thought she should adjust her priorities. He thought she was acting like the baby wasn't real. Brook Lynn accused Michael of "mom-shaming" her, and she told him that pregnancy was personal. Everyone was different.

The doorbell rang, and Michael opened the door. Brook Lynn was surprised to see that Valentin was with Martin. Everyone went into the living room, and Valentin acknowledged that he'd been honest about the battles over Charlotte, and he didn't want to do it again. Brook Lynn announced that she wanted to have the baby near her mother in Bensonhurst. Valentin declared that he would go, too, and Brook Lynn began to give him a hard time.

Michael stepped out with Brook Lynn and asked her why she was being so difficult. Brook Lynn claimed that she wanted to cherish her alone time with her baby. Michael told her she'd have to give up getting ELQ back unless she changed her mind, and he was fine if that was the case. They went back into the room, and Brook Lynn agreed to Valentin's request. She wanted him to return all of ELQ.

Valentin thought the request was ridiculous, and he said he would see her in court. He had certain rights and plenty of money. Michael said that their lawyers could drag the case out for years, and Valentin agreed to give Brook Lynn control of ELQ with her previous shares -- if the family could act in a united manner. Martin thought it was a big assumption, but Brook Lynn readily agreed. She was ready to sign the papers. Valentin added that it would occur after the baby's birth.

Brook Lynn began to argue, but Valentin snapped that she couldn't always have everything she wanted in life. He wanted to be taller. Brook Lynn consented, and Michael ran to call Ned. Brook Lynn was alone. "Where am I going to find a baby?" she wondered.

At the dance in Nixon Falls, Phyllis wanted "Mike" to find Nina and ask her to dance. He asked Phyllis to dance instead, but she told him it was her turn to man the raffle table. They walked over to the table with the cashbox on top, and they were accosted by a man with a bandana across his face. He pointed a gun at them. "Mike" tried to talk the gunman down, to no avail.

Nina argued with Jax nearby and demanded that he leave. She accused him of only wanting to make himself feel better. Jax insisted that he wanted to repair the damage he'd caused. Nina finally agreed to go elsewhere to talk, but before they could get very far, another armed robber stood in front of them with a gun pointed in their direction. Jax leaped at the man, and the men struggled. Jax yelled for Nina to run.

A shot rang out. Jax managed to knock the man to the ground, and Nina placed her foot on top of him. She turned to Jax for his approval, but he fell to the ground. When the shot rang out, "Mike" managed to overtake the gunman near him. Phyllis asked "Mike" to hand her the gun.

Shortly after, an ambulance arrived as Nina yelled at Jax to stay awake. He had been shot in the shoulder. She was hysterical and assured him that she was no longer angry at him. "Mike" approached and asked Nina if she was okay. The gunmen were led out, and Nina admitted that she was shaken up. A man from her past had been there, and she needed to accompany him to the hospital. As Jax was wheeled to the ambulance, he momentarily regained consciousness. He saw "Mike" and pointed at him. "What the hell?" he said. Nina promised to call "Mike."

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