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Ava, Carly, and Laura joined forces against Cyrus. Nina managed to keep Jax and "Mike" apart. Trina shared a secret about Dev with Josslyn. Brook Lynn and Maxie struck a bargain. Chase suffered a seizure that had unexpected results. Britt agreed to help keep Jason out of Pentonville. Sam and Dante agreed to help each other.
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Ava, Carly, and Laura joined forces against Cyrus, and Brook Lynn and Maxie made a baby pact
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Maxie agrees to help save Chase's life

Maxie agrees to help save Chase's life

Monday, April 26, 2021

Peter phoned Maxie and asked to visit with her, but she exclaimed that it wasn't a good day. She had to keep an eye on her blood pressure as the doctor had ordered, and she planned to take a nap. She said goodbye and ended the call.

Willow returned to Chase's hospital room just as a nurse finished up his sponge bath. Willow admitted she felt better, as did Chase. Willow handed him an herbal tea that she'd picked up at Perk's, but Chase was unable to grab the cup, and it fell to the floor. It splashed everywhere. Willow thought she should have known better than to hand Chase a hot cup, but he told her that his hands and feet were useless. He appreciated her time with him, and he couldn't wait to get home and back to a normal life.

Willow helped Chase to get back into his hospital gown. She was hopeful that Finn would be able to figure things out, and she grasped Chase's hand. Chase revealed that he was getting scared.

Anna found Finn working diligently over a microscope and slides. He revealed that some of the antidote had remained in the broken vial, but he had been unable to do much with it. Someone had not wanted it duplicated, and the liquid had broken down when exposed to oxygen. Just then, Anna received a text message from Peter. He told her that time was running out for Chase, and he wanted to see Maxie. Anna wished Finn luck, and she departed.

Elizabeth stopped by to see Finn, and he admitted that he wasn't doing well. He wasn't sure what would happen to Chase. Elizabeth reminded him that he wasn't supposed to take the lead in Chase's case, but Finn informed her that Dr. Arthur was the lead. Finn was doing whatever he could to save Chase. He admitted that things had been awkward with Anna, and Elizabeth understood. She admitted that she was glad she wasn't working on Jason's floor, and there had been lots of tension at her house.

Elizabeth added that she planned to stick to her story that Jason had been Franco's killer. She'd seen him leaning over Franco's body, and there had been a witness to Jason's disposal of the gun. Finn recalled a conversation with Anna when she'd informed him that Peter had been the one to kill Franco, but he remained silent. He told Elizabeth to trust the system, and if Jason was innocent, the police would find the real killer. Elizabeth announced that she would see to the additional blood draw that Finn wanted done on Chase.

Elizabeth took more blood from Chase, and Willow asked why it was necessary. Chase wanted treatment and not more tests. Finn arrived and maintained that he was still looking for the cause of Chase's symptoms. He believed it to be a toxin of some sort. Chase didn't understand, and he made it clear that he hadn't been in contact with anything that might have poisoned him. Finn explained that toxins were derived from many different sources.

Finn and Elizabeth did their best to reassure Chase, but the detective felt as though there was something that he wasn't being told. Finn declared that he was doing the best that he could to help Chase. He and Elizabeth left the room, and Chase proclaimed that Willow was the one person he trusted. He had been worried about how their relationship would last after Sasha and Michael had broken up.

Suddenly, the look on Chase's face changed. He smiled and recalled that the breakup had been in the past. He and Willow were married, and they were better than ever. He spoke of their wedding, and Willow told him that he was confused. They weren't married. The expression changed again on Chase's face as he rolled his eyes back and began to have a seizure.

In the corridor, Elizabeth asked Finn to accompany her out for a coffee and bagel, but the doctor declined. He didn't have the time. Elizabeth guessed that there was something that Finn wasn't saying, and she asked him what it was.

Anna knocked on Maxie's apartment door, and Maxie opened it. She insisted that she didn't want anything to do with Anna, and she did her best to get Anna to leave. Anna asked if Peter might be able to visit Maxie. "Get out!" Maxie shouted. She called Anna unreasonable, and she verbally attacked Anna. Finally, Anna blurted out that Maxie had to relent in order to save someone who was in trouble.

Maxie wondered who would benefit from her visit with Peter, but at first, Anna would only say that it was dangerous for her to tell. Maxie recalled how she'd thought of Anna as her fairy godmother when she'd been young, but the Anna she knew in the present only sacrificed people and was full of lies. Anna gave in and showed Peter's text message to Maxie.

Maxie learned about Chase's poisoning, and she called Peter a psycho. Anna indicated that Chase's condition had been getting worse, and she asked if Maxie would save him.

Dante arrived at the Quartermaine mansion at Olivia's request. They stood in the foyer, and he thanked her for being there for him and Rocco. Olivia told him that she'd been worried about Maxie. Dante admitted he hadn't seen Maxie, but Olivia asked if he could help Maxie. She had overheard Maxie talking at Nathan's grave, and she considered Maxie to be a "lost soul." Olivia thought that Dante had been getting better, and he would be able to relate to Maxie. She thought that Dante should be the one to reach out.

In the living room, Brook Lynn spoke to Tracy on the phone and implored Tracy to do her a favor as the only family member she trusted. Brook Lynn explained that she had a plan in place in order to restore the family's control of ELQ, but she needed a baby. She thought that Tracy would be able to get one on the black market. Tracy hung up on her, and Brook Lynn proceeded to call her grandfather, Lord Larry. She asked him for a favor, but Larry was hard of hearing, and she had to shout that she needed help.

As Brook Lynn began to scream help, Olivia and Dante rushed in. Brook Lynn claimed to have been taken by surprise when her baby had kicked. Olivia was worried about Brook Lynn using her baby as a bargaining chip, but Brook Lynn revealed that she had already arranged things with Valentin. She thought that the Quartermaines might as well get something, but she was annoyed that she wouldn't get her shares until after the baby was born.

Dante wondered why that would be a problem, and Brook Lynn replied that she had the opportunity for some positive change. Olivia couldn't believe that Brook Lynn would consider something other than the baby to be positive, and she lost her temper. Dante urged his mother to stop, and he pointed out that Brook Lynn had been doing the best that she could.

Dante reminded Olivia that she had made her own choices, too. Dante told Brook Lynn that Olivia was only looking out for her. He had to leave, and he told the women to "play nice." He stopped on his way out to phone someone and asked to see them. He had something on his mind.

Olivia and Brook Lynn argued. Brook Lynn reminded Olivia that she had watched Leo and protected him from Julian, and Olivia had trusted her then. Olivia believed that Maxie was facing a nightmare and the same one that Olivia had faced. Maxie was trying to keep her baby safe from a dangerous man. Brook Lynn was determined to do what she wanted for her family. Olivia was of the opinion that Valentin was "light years" ahead of Peter in the father department.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" and Lenny talked about the events of the previous evening at the dance. Lenny announced that Nina's friend would be okay, but Nina had been "torn up" over the shooting. He added that he wouldn't be surprised if Nina got back together with Jax, and he wondered how "Mike" would feel. "Mike" insisted that while he liked Nina, they were just good friends. Lenny noted how lucky the town had been when Jax and "Mike" had interceded with the gunmen.

Lenny appreciated "Mike" for saving Phyllis, and "Mike" assured him that he would do anything for them. Lenny wondered if "Mike" or Jax had impressed Nina more, but "Mike" wondered who would have robbed a dance. He suggested that it had been the same people who had trashed the bar. "Mike" thought that Jax had wanted to say something to him.

Elijah arrived, and "Mike" repeated his thought about the gunmen. Elijah replied that the cops had been trying to figure it out. "Why don't you tell them?" "Mike" asked. Elijah grew angry, and "Mike" asked him why he was so defensive. Elijah told him to go back where he came from, and "Mike's" response was that he would if he could. He noted that Elijah had left the dance right before the gunmen had shown up, and he would tell the cops that if they happened to question him again.

"Mike" wandered out, and Lenny returned from doing chores around the bar. Elijah expressed his concern about Phyllis and Lenny's trust in "Mike." Lenny admitted that he'd been skeptical of "Mike" at first, but he was a good guy. Elijah took the opportunity to blame "Mike" for the robberies around town, the vandalism, and the incident at the dance. He thought that everything had gone downhill after "Mike's" arrival in town. He added that "Mike" knew how to fight and hold a gun, and crime seemed to follow him.

Nina sat by Jax's side in the hospital in Nixon Falls. Phyllis showed up and assured Nina that Jax would be fine, even though he remained asleep from the sedative. She noted that Nina still seemed to have feelings for Jax, and she asked if Nina would take him back. Nina wondered if Jax wanted her back.

Shortly after, Nina told the sleeping Jax that she was aware that he'd seen Sonny, and she would face the consequences. She needed him to be okay and awake. Jax slowly opened his eyes. "Sonny," he said. Nina was shocked, and she admitted that she hadn't expected that to be Jax's first word. Jax explained that he thought he'd seen Sonny as clear as day. Slowly, he realized that Nina was really there, but he couldn't remember anything.

Nina disclosed that Jax was in Nixon Falls, and she told him what had happened the previous evening. He thought it was ironic that he had been shot in the sleepy town of Nixon Falls and not in Port Charles, which had been full of violence. He acknowledged that crime had been down since Sonny had died. Nina wasn't aware that Sonny's organization had posed such a threat. Jax was hopeful that Josslyn could live a normal life. He asked Nina if she'd related his condition to Josslyn and Carly.

Nina confessed that she hadn't wanted to worry anyone, and Jax was glad to hear that. He admitted that he was in a lot of pain. They made small talk. Jax was glad that Josslyn had decided against traveling with him because he didn't want her to witness any more shootings. There was a good chance of that with Sonny gone. Jax wanted to clear things up about Sonny, but he was interrupted when a nurse showed up. The nurse told Jax he was doing fine, and she left the room. Jax disclosed that he couldn't "shake the image" of having seen Sonny.

In the meantime, "Mike" showed up and encountered Phyllis. She invited him to go into Jax's room with her once the nurse had gone.

Back at Maxie's, she told Anna that she'd made arrangements for James to stay with Spinelli for the day. She wouldn't allow Peter to kill Chase, and she confessed that she'd called Peter and invited him over. Anna made it clear that Maxie wasn't to say anything to Peter about her knowledge of the toxin. Anna was sorry for letting things get so far. A knock at the door indicated that Peter had arrived. He stood with a bouquet of flowers.

Peter and Anna smiled coldly at each other. Maxie grabbed the flowers in order to put them in water, and she announced that she would show Anna the stuffed animal that had belonged to Peter when he'd been a boy. When she had left the room, Anna asked Peter if he would save Chase's life.

Finn races to find a cure as Chase's condition deteriorates

Finn races to find a cure as Chase's condition deteriorates

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Outside of Jax's room, Phyllis thought that it would mean a lot to Nina to know that "Mike" was there. "Mike" replied that he would feel more comfortable waiting while Phyllis checked on Jax.

Inside the room, Nina wanted to know what Jax had to tell her that was so important. Jax told her that that could wait, as he couldn't shake the image of Sonny from the night before. Jax knew it was impossible that Sonny had actually been there, so he wondered why he would have hallucinated Sonny. Nina figured that, because so many people were still talking about Sonny, he was still on Jax's mind subconsciously.

Phyllis entered the room and remarked that Jax and "Mike" would get along, as they'd both taken down gunmen the night before. Jax joked that he would like to trade "war stories" with the man, but Nina ran out of the room to talk to him. Jax wondered when he would be released, and Phyllis warned him not to rush it. Jax admitted that he was worried about Nina hiding in Nixon Falls, and he believed he had a solution. Phyllis thought that he should just let Nina be, as she was happy there.

Outside the room, Nina urgently asked "Mike" why he was there, and he joked that it seemed like she was trying to get rid of him. Nina claimed that she didn't want her Port Charles life to intrude on her Nixon Falls life. She promised to explain things after she convinced Jax to leave. "Mike" offered to be her bodyguard, but she quickly refused. Phyllis emerged from the room and informed Nina that Jax was asking for her. Nina promised to talk to "Mike" later and went back in. Phyllis assured "Mike" that Jax was in Nina's past, and they left.

Nina instructed Jax to rest, but he was ready to tell her what he'd gone there to tell her. "Nothing can change the past," she said, which was why she was staying, and he would go back to Port Charles. Jax informed her that he'd talked to Michael, and there was a chance for Nina to be a part of Wiley's life, after all.

A guard escorted Alexis to the visiting room, and Alexis was confused, since she'd barred her family from visiting her. She entered the room and saw Valentin. They picked up their phones on either side of the glass, and she asked why he was there. He wanted to know how bad Pentonville was, and she revealed that it was worse and more dangerous that she'd expected. She was thankful that Nikolas had apparently made a deal with Cyrus to keep her safe. She sensed that there was something he wasn't telling her, and he thought back to his conversation with Anna about stopping Peter. He instead revealed to Alexis that he was going to be a father again.

Valentin talked about his challenges with the Quartermaines and about Charlotte's lukewarm reception to getting a sibling. He asked Alexis for advice, and she only told him to do the opposite of whatever she would do. He reminded her that she'd raised three amazing daughters, and he implored her to let them visit. He assured her that the Davis women could handle anything. The guard gestured that his time was up, and he used his remaining moments to ask if he could do anything to make Alexis' life easier.

Olivia told Brook Lynn about how desperate Maxie had seemed to hide her baby from Peter. Olivia was sure that Maxie was going to do what Olivia had done with Leo and pretend that the baby was stillborn. Olivia swore Brook Lynn to secrecy, and she thought Brook Lynn was lucky that ELQ shares were all she had to worry about. Brook Lynn suddenly gave Olivia a big hug and thanked her for making Brook Lynn realize that she'd been taking her baby for granted. She excused herself to go get more prenatal vitamins and ran out of the house. "That went well. Too well," Olivia observed.

Sam met up with Dante at the Metro Court restaurant, and Dante told her about Olivia wanting him to look after Maxie. Sam thought it was a good idea, but he feared that he would make things worse. He cited his mishandling of his PTSD as a reason, but Sam reminded him that Kevin had given Dante the all-clear. Sam related that she had had to learn how to trust and believe in herself again after being cured of toxoplasmosis and the hallucinations that had gone along with it. She informed him that it took time, treatment, and love, and he couldn't do it alone. Sam put her hand on his and assured him that she would help him and Maxie.

In return, Dante offered to do anything Alexis needed, as he still had contacts at Pentonville. Sam informed him that Alexis didn't want to see her family. Dante could relate, as he'd shut out his family when he'd needed them most, thinking that he'd been helping them, but it had only resulted in lost time. Just then, Sam's phone went off as Olivia entered and approached the table. Sam announced that Alexis wanted to see her, so she ran out of the restaurant.

A few minutes later, Olivia returned to the table with a bottle of wine and two glasses, which she needed after her conversation with Brook Lynn. She needed a distraction and wondered what was going on between him and Sam. He revealed that Sam was going to help him with Maxie. Olivia was happy to hear that, as she believed he needed a friend, as well.

Later, Sam entered the visiting room to see that Alexis was already there. Sam tearfully picked up the phone, and the two women pressed their hands against the glass.

At Maxie's, Anna spat that she'd gotten Peter in to see Maxie, so he needed to give her the antidote for Chase. They argued over it until Anna declared that Peter had won. Maxie called out that she was having trouble finding the stuffed animal Peter had given her, and Peter told her to take her time. He pulled a vial out and instructed Anna to hurry to the hospital. She grabbed the vial and ran out of the apartment.

Maxie returned and asked Peter where Anna had gone in such a hurry, and he replied that she was visiting a friend at the hospital. Maxie revealed that she'd found the bear under a big pile of other stuffed animals, and Peter remarked on how spoiled their daughter would be. She wished she could stay pregnant to protect their daughter forever, and Peter suggested having a "houseful of kids." Maxie slowed him down and said that she was just trying to focus on the doctor's orders for this baby.

Peter suggested that he hire a full-time nurse for Maxie until she could get back on her feet after the pregnancy, but she insisted that she liked being on her own. Peter offered to move in instead, and Maxie instantly warmed to the idea of having a nurse. There was a knock on the door, and Maxie answered the door to Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn burst into the apartment, needing to talk to Maxie, but she stopped abruptly when she saw Peter. He advised her not to stop on his account, and he informed her that she was interrupting. Maxie promised that she would talk to him later, and she told him to set up some interviews for a nurse.

When Peter was gone, Brook Lynn commented that she didn't know how Maxie could trust Peter, as Brook Lynn didn't "trust him as far as I can throw him." "What makes you think I do?" Maxie shot back. Maxie questioned why Brook Lynn was there, and Brook Lynn claimed to want to start over with Maxie. However, Maxie figured that Brook Lynn wanted something. "What can I do for you?" Maxie asked. "It's about what we can do for each other," Brook Lynn responded.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asked Finn what he hadn't told Chase about Chase's condition. Finn admitted that he knew how the toxin had gotten into Chase's system, but he couldn't identify the toxin or an antidote yet. Just then, they heard Willow yelling for help and found Chase having a seizure in his room. Elizabeth advised Willow to leave the room, and Elizabeth and Finn began to treat Chase. Finn promised that he wouldn't let Chase die.

Anna arrived at the hospital and found Willow in the hall. Willow anxiously updated Anna on Chase's condition, so Anna made her way to Chase's room. She arrived in the doorway as Elizabeth announced that Chase's body was shutting down. Two more nurses arrived with a crash cart. Finn noticed Anna and left the room. Anna handed him the vial, and Finn immediately took it in the room. A confused Elizabeth watched as Finn injected it into Chase's I.V. Moments later, Chase's vitals began to improve, and Finn ordered the crash cart away. Elizabeth observed as Finn kissed an unconscious Chase's head and told him, "Keep fighting, son. Keep fighting."

In the hall, Willow believed that Finn would do anything to save Chase. Anna countered that the circumstances were sometimes "too great" even for the best doctors. Anna knew that Willow had been there for a long time, so Willow and Chase had to love each other. Willow related that they'd been through a lot together, and she hoped that Chase made it through so they could both find happiness. "That's a good wish," Anna said. Willow assumed that Anna felt the same about Finn, and she immediately realized that it wasn't her business. Anna replied that she and Finn loved each other, but they'd had to admit how different their lives were before either of them had gotten any more hurt.

Elizabeth approached Willow and Anna and assured them that, while Chase had a long way to go, he was improving. Willow wanted to see him and ran off. Elizabeth informed Anna that they'd almost lost Chase, and she walked back to Chase's room. Elizabeth made sure that everything was in order with Chase and left Willow with him. Chase woke up and seemed surprised that Willow was still there. Willow assured him that she wasn't going anywhere.

Finn approached Anna and assured her that Chase's vital signs were normal. He started to thank her, but she stopped him and reminded him that the whole thing had been her fault. Finn informed her that he'd had to use the entire vial, and he feared what would happen if he needed another. She instructed him to try to isolate the toxin and find a cure. If he couldn't, she vowed to do whatever it took to make sure that Chase got what he needed, and she left.

Peter bumped into Valentin at the Metro Court restaurant, and Peter casually mentioned that he'd bumped into Brook Lynn. Valentin warned Peter that if he had a choice between standing back in order to save Chase's life and eliminating Peter to protect Brook Lynn and the baby, it would be an easy decision. Peter explained that Brook Lynn had barged in on him and Maxie, and Valentin growled at Peter to stay away from Brook Lynn. Just then, Peter's phone went off, and he saw that Chase was doing better after getting the antidote. "Your concern is touching," Valentin said sarcastically. "Fatherhood has changed me," Peter replied, and he hoped it would do the same for Valentin.

Maxie and Brook Lynn make a deal

Maxie and Brook Lynn make a deal

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

In Jax's room, Jax explained to Nina that he was "laying the groundwork" with Michael after telling Michael how important it was for Nina to have a relationship with Nina. She couldn't imagine that Carly would approve, but Jax stated that Carly had no say in who saw Wiley. He continued that Michael was open to allowing Nina to visit, and Nina was disappointed that there was no promise. She refused to set herself up for another "crushing blow," and she instructed Jax that Michael should call her when he made a decision.

Jax wondered if Nina was going to return home. Nina replied that she was happy in Nixon Falls, especially since she could easily forget about all the pain she'd endured in Port Charles. He wondered what was making her want to stay in Nixon Falls, but he decided that her happiness was all that mattered. It was all he wanted for her, and he thought that she deserved it. "You make me sound like a saint, but I'm not. Far from it," she said quietly.

Britt tried to do a search on her computer at the hospital, but an error message popped up saying, "access denied." "Computer trouble?" Cyrus asked as he approached. She told him that she'd been locked out of the records regarding the drug developed at General Hospital. She explained that she'd found a similar substance in a patient's bloodstream, and she was hoping to find something that would help to develop a treatment for an overdose like that in the future. He informed her that the access had been shut down in order to keep their "intellectual property" secret. He knew that she'd been spending a lot of time with Jason, and he advised her that he didn't want anyone to think that the chief of staff was favoring anyone.

Carly let herself into Jason's room and started talking about her plan to get him out of the hospital. Jason refused to go along with the plan, as he didn't want to make a bad situation worse. Carly cried that she couldn't do everything alone anymore, but Jason urged her to wait until after the trial. She insisted that he needed to trust her, and she begged him to do things her way. Just then, Britt entered the room, and she announced that they had a problem. She told them about being locked out of the records of Cyrus' drug, and she reported that Cyrus had noticed Britt spending extra time with Jason.

Jason instructed Britt to make sure that Cyrus couldn't use any of Britt's loved ones against her. Britt admitted that part of her wanted to see Liesl have a showdown with Cyrus. Carly asked if Britt was still going to help get Jason out, but Jason interjected that Britt was out, as he refused to let her risk her life and career for him. Britt shot back that the conversation was between her and Carly, and she told Carly, "I'm in." Britt was gone a few minutes later, and Jason grumbled that Carly's plan had better work. She promised that it would.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Peter informed Valentin that his plan was working and that Valentin had failed. Peter celebrated getting everything he wanted, as Maxie was realizing that the accusations against Peter were just a misunderstanding. "Am I supposed to be happy for you?" Valentin wondered dryly. Peter urged Valentin to stop focusing on Peter's family and pay attention to his own.

Scott was about to get on the elevator at the Metro Court restaurant when Liesl emerged from it. He divulged that he'd been calling her, and she replied that she'd been busy. He admitted that he thought she'd been avoiding him, but she denied it. He asked her to join him for a drink as Peter approached the elevator. Peter commented that it was good to see Scott and Liesl becoming friends after all the two had lost.

Scott pinned Peter against the wall and spat that he should beat Peter up, but he would let the courts deal with Peter for killing Franco. Peter broke out of Scott's grasp and insisted that the accusation was false. "Be good now, " Peter said with a smirk as he got into the elevator. "I hate that rodent with the fire of a thousand blazing suns," Scott growled when Peter was gone. Scott noticed an admiring look on Liesl's face.

At the bar a short while later, Liesl toasted to Peter getting what he deserved, and Scott added, "and much, much more." Just then, Liesl's phone rang, and she answered it, asking Britt what was wrong. Liesl wondered if Britt was in trouble, and Britt answered, "You might be." She advised Liesl to "lay low" for a few days, away from her hotel. She asked if Liesl had anyone to stay with, and Liesl replied that it could be arranged. Later, Liesl thanked Scott for letting her stay with him. As they entered the elevator, they both admitted that they'd been lonely. As the elevator doors closed, Scott grabbed Liesl and kissed her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth saw Jason's name on the patient list and thought back to visiting him in jail with Jake. Laura bumped into Elizabeth and wondered if she was all right. Elizabeth admitted that she'd been avoiding Jason, as she wasn't as sure as she used to be that he was guilty of Franco's murder. Laura confided that she'd never believed in Jason's guilt, as he wasn't one to react in the heat of the moment. Laura assured Elizabeth that the truth always surfaced. Elizabeth had to get back to work and walked away. "Hi, sis," Laura heard from behind her, and she turned to see Cyrus.

Cyrus was glad to see Laura, as he wanted to tell her that Florence was settling in to her new facility nicely. "Congratulations. You won," she replied flatly. She thought he could use that moment as a "turning point" to go legitimate, since he had everything he wanted. He countered that he didn't, as he wanted her. She instructed him to first become someone she could have a relationship with, but he suggested that her good influence could change him. He warned her that the battle lines were being drawn in Port Charles, and she needed to choose a side before one was chosen for her. He got in the elevator and left, and Laura was horrified.

Willow stood in front of a vending machine where her chips had gotten stuck. Just then, Michael approached with takeout and thought it was better food than something from a vending machine. She updated him on Chase's condition. She related that she couldn't be honest with Chase at that moment, but it felt wrong to lie. Michael advised her to prioritize, as hope was a powerful incentive. She reiterated that nothing had changed and that she was in love with Michael, and he promised that he wasn't going anywhere.

Changing the subject, Michael told Willow about his conversation with Jax about Nina visiting with Wiley. Michael and Willow agreed that they needed to know that Nina was in a better headspace before they could let her spend time with Wiley. As they continued to talk about it, Valentin stepped off the elevator and overheard them. Willow walked off to go be with Chase, and Valentin approached Michael about Nina. Michael informed Valentin that it was none of his business. However, Valentin reminded Michael that Valentin was part of the family, thanks to his and Brook Lynn's baby.

Finn entered an unconscious Chase's room and assured him that Willow would be back soon. He remarked that Peter had ruined so much of his life, and he refused to let Peter take another thing away from him, "especially not you." Just then, Chase awoke and groggily asked Finn what had happened. Finn updated Chase on his seizure and added that a new treatment had gotten Chase out of the woods. Elizabeth entered as Finn explained that the toxin was still in Chase's system, so the treatment had just been a temporary solution.

Finn excused himself to let Elizabeth check Chase's vitals, but Elizabeth followed Finn out of the room. Elizabeth demanded to know what had been in the vial that Finn had given Chase, as she'd seen the whole thing. He tried to gaslight her, but Elizabeth insisted that she couldn't do her job properly if she didn't have all of the pertinent information. "Leave it alone!" Finn ordered. He immediately apologized and asked for a minute to breathe before he caught her up on the new treatment. Elizabeth walked away to check Chase's vitals. Just then, Finn saw a doctor get off the elevator and asked Dr. Zapson for a minute of her time.

Later, Finn returned to Chase's room and asked how he felt. Chase replied that his body was numb, but it was better than a seizure. Finn thought of all the time he'd wasted and all the things that he'd let drive a wedge between him and Chase. "We're here now," Chase consoled him. Willow returned, and Finn left. Willow joked that Chase had only woken up because she'd left the room. Chase responded that, if he had any say, he would have "a whole lifetime of waking up next to you."

Britt found Elizabeth and instructed her that Lucas needed an assist. Elizabeth countered that she had been assigned to Chase, but Britt revealed that Finn had requested a transfer for Elizabeth.

Maxie wondered what she could do for Brook Lynn, but Brook Lynn countered that it was about what they could do for each other. Brook Lynn lifted up her shirt and showed Maxie her pregnancy padding. Brook Lynn admitted that she wasn't pregnant, and Maxie demanded to know what was going on. Brook Lynn explained that she'd been trying to think of a way to make things right with her family after Valentin had taken over ELQ. She continued that, since she'd slept with Valentin, she would pretend that she was pregnant and use it to her advantage, as Valentin was nothing if not a good father. However, she added that Valentin had called her bluff, and he wouldn't give up any ELQ shares until after the baby was born. "That's where you come in," she said.

Brook Lynn admitted that Olivia had heard Maxie talking about letting Peter believe that their baby was dead. She continued that Maxie's baby needed to disappear, and Brook Lynn needed a baby. A horrified Maxie refused to let her baby be used as a prop, and she proposed that Brook Lynn hear about Maxie's problems. She talked about how she'd fallen fast for Peter, despite the warnings of everyone around her. She acknowledged that she only had herself to blame for her baby's father being a monster. She refused to let Peter near the baby, but it was getting harder and harder to keep him away.

A solemn Brook Lynn understood Maxie's issue, but she presented herself as Maxie's solution. She thought that there was no person better equipped to keep Peter away than Valentin, but Maxie just thought that Brook Lynn was being selfish. Brook Lynn suggested that Maxie think of what Lulu would say. Maxie confessed that Lulu would tell Maxie to get over herself and make the best choice for her child.

Just then, Maxie's phone went off, and she answered it to Peter. He informed her that he'd gotten a list of names of potential nurses, and he would send it to her. Maxie replied that she had already found someone to help, and she would tell him about it later. She hung up the phone and instructed Brook Lynn that they would play by Maxie's rules only, as she was trusting Brook Lynn with her child, so nothing could go wrong.

A frightened Ava turns to Carly

A frightened Ava turns to Carly

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Alexis was on her hands and knees as she scrubbed the floor at Pentonville. The warden approached her and announced that she had been reassigned in her work duties. He beckoned her to follow him.

Trina and Cameron accompanied a limping and reluctant Josslyn into General Hospital. Cameron was sorry they'd allowed Josslyn to talk them into a pickup volleyball game, although Josslyn insisted it had merely been a warmup. Josslyn wanted to turn around and leave, but Portia spotted them as they walked in.

Portia examined Josslyn's ankle, and she reminded the teen that she had been forbidden from playing volleyball. Josslyn claimed that she had stepped into a hole while walking, and Trina and Cameron had found her. She was in a great deal of pain, and Portia wanted an MRI to be done.

Sam arrived with Danny, and she explained Jason's situation to Danny before he visited with his father. She told him about the guard outside of Jason's room and the fact that Jason would be handcuffed to the bed. Inside Jason's room, Britt informed Jason that Cyrus was away at a meeting, and the plan was in motion. She would be breaking Jason out later.

Britt added that Liesl had agreed to "lie low" for a couple of days, although Britt thought it could be interesting to see Cyrus go after her mother. She had no doubt that Liesl would be a match for him. She admitted to being proud of Liesl in many ways. Jason asked if Britt had anyone else to be concerned about, but she thought that Maxie would be okay with Peter being in with Cyrus. She didn't think that Cyrus was aware of a friendship with Brad.

Britt told Jason that she didn't need any protection, and she would go forward despite his reluctance. Just then, Sam and Danny walked in. and Danny went straight to Jason to hug him and talk with him. Danny revealed that he had been watching over Sam and Scout. Britt motioned for Sam to leave, and they went out into the corridor. Danny knew that Jason was innocent of killing Franco, and Jason told him to be there for Jake and Cameron.

Britt informed Sam that Jason's wounds weren't severe, but the prison hadn't been equipped to handle the wound. Britt declared that she had kept Jason a patient for as long as she could, but he would be discharged later in the day. She admitted to being Jason's primary doctor, and Sam replied that she assumed it was all professional. Britt received a phone call.

After the MRI, Josslyn was wheeled back into the examination room. Portia wanted to speak to her alone, and Cameron and Trina left. Portia informed Josslyn that her ankle wasn't broken, but her ATF ligament had been nearly torn. Her season was over, and she would need four weeks of rest, along with an ankle boot. Josslyn was in shock.

Trina and Cameron returned, and Trina asked her mother about all of the guards in the hallway. Portia told her that Jason was a patient. Cameron wondered why Josslyn hadn't told him about Jason. She reminded him that they'd had a truce, and she didn't want to argue. Cameron announced that he had to get to work, and he departed. Trina thought he'd been acting weird. Josslyn disclosed that her volleyball season was over, and she wouldn't be able to play in the tournament. She was upset that she no longer had a chance to get into her first choice college.

Jason didn't want Danny to do any worrying. Sam returned. Jason explained that there was no timeline for his release, and he wanted Danny to be patient. He added that he was innocent, no matter what Danny heard, and Jason vowed to prove it. Danny left the room, and Sam noted that she'd heard about Jason's upcoming release. She was afraid he'd be hurt in prison.

"Is the hospital stay part of a big setup?" Sam asked. She knew that Jason had something planned, but he told her he was denying it in order for her to have nothing to hide. Sam admitted that she had to put the kids first. She still cared, though, and she wanted Jason to be careful. After she was gone, Cameron walked in, and he glared at Jason.

At Wyndemere, Ava told Nikolas she understood that he had wanted to protect Alexis, but she was terrified that he would end up like Julian, thanks to Cyrus. Nikolas assured her that the circumstances were different, and he'd given Cyrus what he'd wanted. Ava didn't think that Cyrus would let it go, and she loved Nikolas. Nikolas promised that he wouldn't let Cyrus hurt them.

Ava thought that Cyrus would want an invitation to their wedding. Nikolas disclosed that Spencer wouldn't be attending. Ava felt bad and blamed herself for Spencer's distance, but Nikolas maintained that it was his fault for having faked his death. He'd learned his lesson. Ava told him that Laura was concerned about Cyrus, too. They embraced.

Liesl and Scott entered the Metro Court restaurant together. Liesl suggested that they get a secluded table in the event of a threat. The couple was flirting when Laura saw them and looked at them in disbelief. Laura pulled Scott aside, and he told her that he and Liesl were friends. Laura asked him if it was wise, since Liesl had been responsible for some "mayhem."

Scott shrugged and told Laura it had just happened, and Laura understood the Franco connection and ensuing grief. She wanted Scott to be careful. Laura walked back to Liesl, said hello, and told Liesl she'd been surprised. Liesl admitted that she and Scott had been equally surprised. She asked Laura to call her Liesl instead of Dr. Obrecht. Laura headed to the elevator.

Liesl announced that she liked Laura, especially because Laura had withheld judgment. Scott thought that Liesl would like Laura after getting to know her. He asked Liesl about imminent danger. Liesl admitted she didn't know about it, but they would find out.

Carly and Brick sat on the couch at the Corinthos home and talked about her upcoming project that she needed Brick to handle. Brick replied that he was doing it as a favor to Sonny. Carly informed him that Britt was involved because Jason trusted her. Brick was concerned about Jason. They were interrupted when the doorbell sounded, and Carly rushed to open the door.

Carly welcomed Laura inside and introduced her to Brick. Carly revealed that she'd chosen Brick to help because he was a close family friend who had helped locate Dante in Turkey. Brick had to leave, and he urged Carly to keep doing good work. Laura had questions, and the women sat down. Carly explained that she'd lost her leverage over Cyrus due to Nikolas returning Florence.

Laura admitted that she'd argued with Nikolas about it. Carly thought that Laura was Cyrus' weakness, and she thought they could use it to their advantage. She asked Laura to "soften up" Cyrus and give him some attention for the "greater good." Laura was horrified and told Carly that Cyrus had accused Laura of taking sides in the war.

Carly wanted to "contain" Cyrus, but Laura didn't think she would be able to influence him for the better. Laura felt that she was like a trophy to Cyrus as a sister, but he would never listen to her. Carly asked Laura to entertain Cyrus for a few hours. She wouldn't give Laura any details on what would be happening because what Laura didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

Cyrus surprised Ava when he showed up at Wyndemere and asked to see Nikolas. Ava informed him that Nikolas was out. Cyrus appreciated the return of his mother, but he wasn't done with Nikolas. It wasn't that simple. Ava retorted that Nikolas had safely returned Florence, but Cyrus made it clear that he wanted a family relationship with his sister Laura, his nephew Nikolas, and Ava by marriage. He had hoped that Nikolas would be receptive to it because family was most important.

Cyrus picked up a framed photo of Avery and looked at it. He noted that cooperation and open-mindedness would lead to a safer world. Ava noted that she would tell Nikolas that Cyrus had been by, but he commented on how adorable her daughter Avery was. He thought the little girl resembled her father. Ava was alarmed.

At Pentonville, Nikolas sat down and grabbed the red phone receiver as Alexis arrived and did the same on the opposite side of the glass. He was happy to see her, and she assured him that she was fine. She had been given a new work assignment in the library. She ordered Nikolas to stop; she knew that he had traded favors with Cyrus. "How much of your soul did you trade to keep me safe?" she asked.

Nikolas ordered Alexis to stop being dramatic. He hadn't sold his soul, and he had known about Cyrus' prison connections that were helpful for keeping Alexis safe. He had only had to return Cyrus' mother to him. He told her about Florence's kidnapping, and Alexis couldn't believe it. Nikolas assured her that it hadn't been a risk to Florence. Alexis felt that Nikolas had unleashed Cyrus, which would make the family vulnerable. Nikolas would be in Cyrus' debt.

Nikolas insisted he could handle Cyrus, but Alexis doubted it would be Nikolas' last task. Nikolas vowed that he wouldn't do what Cyrus asked, and Cyrus had no idea of what Nikolas was capable of. Alexis' protection outweighed the risks of dealing with Cyrus, and he wanted his aunt to heal and find peace. Alexis didn't like it, but she appreciated what Nikolas had done. She'd been in trouble early on. Nikolas stated that he needed Alexis in his life.

Scott accompanied Liesl to General Hospital. He told her he was there for her protection, although Liesl admitted that normally, others would need to be protected from her. Britt spotted a janitor emerging from a room, and she told him to take his time. She entered the room after he was gone, and Liesl arrived soon after. Britt told her that she was doing a job for Jason. "Pack your bags -- we're leaving the country!" Liesl exclaimed.

Liesl wanted to run away from Jason because he caused disaster, but Britt explained that she had too many responsibilities to leave. She told her mother that there were dangerous people after Jason, but Liesl didn't think that Britt would be capable of surviving. Britt wondered where Liesl had been hiding, and Liesl was all smiles. A knock on the door revealed Scott, who announced that he had been ensuring Liesl's protection. They flirted wordlessly.

"Wait! What? Are you two? For real?" Britt gasped and stuttered. Liesl admitted that things had changed. Britt opened her mouth in disbelief. Liesl proclaimed that she was healthy and had desires. She and Scott flirted again, and Britt promised she'd be careful.

Josslyn called her father from the hospital and told Trina that Jax had been hurt. She suggested they drive to Nixon Falls in order to pick Jax up. Trina didn't like the idea, and she knew her mother wouldn't permit it. Josslyn told her they'd planned to drive to the tournament, anyway, and she did her best to convince Trina to go without telling her mother the truth.

Portia returned with the boot for Josslyn's ankle, and Trina informed her that she and Josslyn would be driving to the volleyball tournament in order to support the team. Portia advised Josslyn not to play, and the teen replied that she'd learned her lesson. She and Trina cemented their plans to drive to Nixon Falls; Josslyn declared that she'd already said goodbye to Carly earlier in the day.

As Carly pleaded with Laura to help her out, the doorbell rang. It was Ava. She told Carly it was about Avery.

The janitor at the hospital phoned Cyrus and told him that Britt had been in Jason's room. Cyrus frowned.

Josslyn and Trina arrive in Nixon Falls

Josslyn and Trina arrive in Nixon Falls

Friday, April 30, 2021

Ava arrived at Carly's, but Carly insisted that she didn't have time for Ava. Ava divulged that Avery was in trouble relating to Cyrus, so Carly invited her in. Just then, Carly's phone went off, and it was Britt, confirming Carly's rescheduled appointment. Carly thanked her and said that she was feeling better already. When she was off the phone, Ava updated Carly and Laura on Cyrus' visit. "That son of a bitch," Carly commented, insisted to Laura that that was why they needed Laura's help. Carly added that she would do anything to protect Avery, but she refused to rescue Ava. An amused Ava responded that she was there to offer help, not ask for it.

Laura admitted that she hadn't been sure about helping out until she'd learned about the threat against a child, and she insisted that she, Carly, and Ava do it together. Laura explained to a skeptical Carly that, while all three women had reasons to distrust each other, they all agreed that Cyrus needed to be stopped. Carly conceded that Laura was right, so Ava wondered what she could do. Carly instructed Ava to invite Cyrus to dinner that night at Wyndemere to keep him occupied.

A few minutes later, Ava called Cyrus to invite him over for dinner with her and Nikolas. She added that she'd invited Martin, as well, but if the brothers' relationship was strained, Laura's presence would help. "It'll be a true family affair!" she exclaimed. A short while later, Laura thought it would be a night to remember, and she left to get ready. Carly told Ava to keep Cyrus at Wyndemere for as long as possible. Ava wished Carly luck with her part of the plan. Carly warned Ava against double-crossing her, but Ava promised that, "for once," they were on the same side. "Cyrus won't know what hit him," Ava said with a smirk, and she left.

At the hospital, Elizabeth remarked to Britt about all the new faces on the floor. She wondered if they were security because of Jason, but Britt shot back that hiring decisions weren't normally cleared with the part-time nursing staff. As the janitor watched, Britt thought that she and Elizabeth needed to talk about Elizabeth's status. Britt believed that Elizabeth had returned to work too soon after Franco's death and thought that a leave of absence was in order, effective immediately. Elizabeth begged Britt to reconsider, as work was the only thing helping her heal. Britt agreed to table the conversation, but she sent Elizabeth home for the rest of the day.

The guard ran into Jason's room after Cameron, but Jason assured the guard that Cameron being there was all right. The guard warned Cameron that he would be right outside the open door, and he walked out. Jason reiterated that he hadn't killed Franco and that he was innocent until proven guilty. Cameron kept throwing accusations at Jason until Britt entered the room. Cameron hoped that Britt kept Jason safe, as Cameron wanted Jason to die an old man behind bars. When he was gone, Britt closed the door, and Jason updated Britt on Cameron's visit. She was surprised that Jason hadn't just told Cameron that Peter had killed Franco, but they both knew that Cameron would then direct his anger toward Peter.

Jason told Britt that she shouldn't be there, as Cyrus could be watching. She reasoned that she'd already been called out for spending too much time in Jason's room. As she reassured Jason, the janitor walked by the room and saw Britt inside. He took out his phone and called Cyrus in order to update him. Inside the room, Jason reminded her that she didn't have to help, but she insisted that she knew the risks. Her hand began to shake violently, and she stuffed it in her pocket.

Britt continued that she'd spent much of her life on the wrong side of things, so she wanted to try the right side. Jason asked her to leave the hospital so that she had deniability "if things go sideways." She promised to go get a "very public drink while all hell is breaking loose here." "Get that bastard brother of mine," she said, and she advised Jason to try not to die. "As your doctor, I would take that personally," she added, and she left.

Elizabeth found Cameron at the hospital and wondered why he was there. He demanded to know why she hadn't told him that Jason was there. She replied that she'd wanted to spare him from getting upset. He insisted that Jason was "all bad," but Elizabeth countered that Jason wasn't. Cameron knew that Jason had lied to Jake's face, as Jason had killed Franco, and Cameron and Elizabeth knew it.

In the Pentonville library, Maggie wondered if Alexis was friends with the warden, as a "cushy job" like a library assistant needed connections. Alexis handed Maggie two books she'd pulled that would help with Maggie's parole hearing. Maggie thanked Alexis, but she warned that Alexis would need to watch out, as special treatment would put a target on her back. Alexis continued organizing books when Maggie was gone. A few minutes later, she heard a man say something to her about an overdue book, and she was shocked to look up and see Shawn.

Shawn explained that, after proving himself over a few years, he had special privileges to access the women's library when the men's library didn't have books he needed. He admitted that he was surprised to learn that Alexis was in Pentonville, and she reasoned that she was paying the consequences for the "errors" she'd made. Alexis commented that they were family, and Shawn marveled over the fact that Molly and T.J. had been able to "go the distance."

Later, Shawn informed Alexis that he had been working on a business degree. After spending the first few years proving his toughness, he'd started a group for inmates with PTSD, so he'd gotten access to the library. He told her that he'd started reading about business, and he'd found that he had a knack for it. He hoped to put it to use one day, "if I live that long." "Here's hoping we both make it out of here," Alexis chimed in.

Alexis told Shawn about her "close call" with Hilda. Shawn advised her that, if someone went to her with a deal for protection that sounded too good to be true, it probably was. He added that help from Cyrus "comes at a price." She wondered if she should quit the job to get the target off her back, but Shawn vetoed the suggestion, as he wanted to see her. He reminded her that she had "friends on the inside, too," and he left.

On the side of the road, Josslyn and Trina stood outside Trina's car and looked under the hood. Trina assured Josslyn that she'd called Portia's roadside assistance, and they were sending someone out to fix or tow the car. Trina related that they could have just gone to the volleyball tournament, but Josslyn answered that she would have been miserable, sitting there and knowing that it had been her last shot to get noticed by Southern Coastal University. Trina talked about all the fun they would have together at PCU, and even more if Cameron joined them. Josslyn admitted that she had no idea what to do about Cameron and their heated disagreement over Jason.

Trina suggested that Josslyn and Cameron's relationship had been broken before Franco's death, but she didn't think it was her place to say. After some prodding, Trina admitted that Dev had stolen Josslyn's diary and had shown Cameron what was in it. Josslyn had no idea what was in the diary that would have upset Cameron, but they had no time to speculate, as a man from roadside assistance had arrived to help with the car.

There was a knock on Jax's hospital room door, and Phyllis entered. She saw him struggling to put his shirt on, and she helped him finish getting dressed. He admitted that he shuddered to think about how close Nina had been to getting shot. He assured Phyllis that he intended to respect Nina's wishes, but Nina was worth fighting for. Phyllis hoped that he wasn't just helping Nina see Wiley for some "superhero" points, but Jax insisted that Nina's happiness was more important than anything. Phyllis wondered if he loved Nina enough to let her go, and he promised that he would if that was what Nina wanted. She wished him a safe journey home and left.

At the Tan-O, Nina asked "Mike" to fill her Thermos with coffee, as she was preparing to take Jax home to Port Charles. "Mike" thought it seemed like a long drive to just turn right around and return, but she assured him that she would be back in a couple days. Elijah entered and interrupted, and "Mike" growled that he and Nina had been having a private conversation. Nina wondered if the two men could "play nice" for the short time she'd be gone. Elijah hoped she would be back soon, as it wouldn't be the same in Nixon Falls without her, and she left.

A short while later, Nina arrived in Jax's room and informed him that she would be taking him back to Port Charles. He appreciated it, but he divulged that he'd already arranged for a car, which was probably waiting outside. Just then, Josslyn entered the room and identified herself as Jax's driver. She noticed Jax's arm in a sling and demanded to know what had happened. He promised to tell her on the drive home. He noticed the boot on her foot, and she promised to tell him about her latest ankle injury on the way home. She mentioned that Trina was getting some food before the trip back at a "cute little place" they'd seen on the way, called the Tan-O.

Elijah thought that he and "Mike" should get along, as they both cared about Nina, Phyllis, Lenny, and Nixon Falls. "Mike" insinuated that Elijah had had something to do with the robbery at the dance, as Elijah had left shortly before it had occurred. Elijah mentioned that bad things seemed to follow "Mike" around, but "Mike" thought that someone could be making bad things happen to him. The two were yelling and arguing when Phyllis returned, and she scolded them both. "Mike" apologized, and Elijah offered his hand, which "Mike" shook. The two agreed that they could "bury the hatchet," and Elijah left.

Phyllis knew that "Mike" and Elijah were putting on a show, but "Mike" insisted that he'd always been honest with Phyllis. She advised him that if he wanted Nina to be happy in Nixon Falls, he needed to help make it full of "peace and harmony," not aggression. He promised that he could do that, and he teasingly wondered if she was tired of always being right. The two left the room just as the front door opened, and Trina entered.

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