General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 3, 2021 on GH

Jax returned to Port Charles without Nina. Nina started apartment hunting in Nixon Falls. Jason saved Britt, but he ended up shot during their escape from the hospital. Carly officially stepped up as the head of the Corinthos organization. Cameron and Liz learned the truth about Peter's role in Franco's murder. Curtis removed his wedding ring. Michael and Willow put their relationship on hold until Chase was better.
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Jason was shot during his escape from General Hospital and Carly took over as head of the Corinthos organization
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Jason tries to escape the hospital

Jason tries to escape the hospital

Monday, May 3, 2021

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was perplexed by Ava inviting Cyrus over for dinner after telling Nikolas to stay away from him. Ava reminded him that she was working with Laura and Carly, as Cyrus called for "desperate measures." Kevin and Laura arrived a few minutes later, and Laura promised to try to keep Cyrus there as long as she could. Nikolas questioned why Carly needed Cyrus occupied, but Ava answered, "the less we know, the better." Ava declared that dinner was almost ready, but Cyrus wasn't there yet, and she wondered if they should warn Carly. Laura knew that Cyrus wouldn't pass up a chance to pretend that they were family.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Nikolas answered it to Martin and Cyrus, who were respectively carrying a cake and a bouquet of flowers. Nikolas went to get them drinks, and Ava went to take care of the gifts. Martin and Cyrus admitted that the dinner invitation had surprised them. Nikolas explained that he hoped that gathering together as a family would lead to a truce. Martin took Nikolas aside and expressed his unhappiness at Nikolas putting Florence in Cyrus' hands. Nikolas admitted that what he'd done had been wrong, and he hoped to win Martin over.

Ava announced that dinner was ready, and everyone filed into the dining room except for Cyrus, Laura, and Kevin. Cyrus wanted a word with Laura, but Kevin refused to leave her alone with him. Cyrus suggested that Kevin thought Laura was frail, but Laura chimed in that she told Kevin everything, so Cyrus could speak to her in front of Kevin. Cyrus stated that he was happy Laura had agreed to the dinner. "You needed me to leave for that?" Kevin questioned. Cyrus wondered if Laura was willing to give their relationship a chance. "We're all here," she observed, and the three left the room.

Sonny, still thinking he was "Mike," was in his room at the Tan-O when his phone went off. He answered it to Nina, who advised him to stay in his room until she could get there and explain why to him. He wondered what was going on; she only said that she would be right there, and she hung up.

At the Tan-O, Trina raved about the sauce on the pasta Phyllis had served her, and Phyllis explained that it was their bartender's secret recipe. Nina arrived, and Trina realized why Jax had traveled to Nixon Falls. Nina urgently advised Trina that Josslyn and Jax were ready to go and waiting for Trina. Trina thought the town was "cute," but she was surprised Nina was staying there, as she thought that Nina would find it boring. "It's anything but boring," Nina replied.

At the clinic, a nurse informed Jax and Josslyn that they could leave as soon as his antibiotics were ready. When the nurse was gone, Josslyn asked about Jax's wound, and he told her about what had happened at the dance. He then asked Josslyn about why she was wearing a boot, and she claimed that she'd twisted her ankle in the park. Jax assured her that athletes got injured all the time, and she would heal. Trina arrived, and Jax thanked the two for being his ride home. While they were still waiting for his medication, he urged Josslyn to call Carly.

At the Tan-O, Trina and Phyllis were gone when "Mike" showed up, and he asked about Jax. Nina informed him that Jax had offered her a second chance at having a relationship with her grandson. However, she had found "real peace" in Nixon Falls, so she wasn't sure that she was ready to risk it for a "mere possibility." Sonny related that that was why he hadn't yet started trying to search for his identity. Phyllis returned and told "Mike" about how Trina had raved about his sauce. She thought it was too bad he hadn't met Trina.

On the phone, Carly confirmed that Brick was in position. She asked Spinelli about the garage cameras in the hospital, and Spinelli confirmed that, while security would see looped footage from two days before, only they would be able to see what was happening in real time. He continued that they had a man named Greg inside the hospital, posing as an orderly, and he would take care of the guard outside Jason's room. "Oh, no," Carly said as she watched Jordan approach Brick on the security footage.

Jordan greeted Brick and wondered why he was there. He claimed that he was waiting for his sister in the peace and quiet of the garage while she visited someone. She questioned whether or not he'd seen Jason, and Brick answered that he would have to wait until Jason was back in Pentonville. She advised him to stay out of trouble and walked away. Carly was uneasy about the fact that Jordan had decided to visit the hospital that night.

Greg arrived at Jason's room and informed the guard that he needed to take Jason for some tests. The guard checked out the test order on Greg's clipboard and accompanied Greg into the room. The guard was just cuffing Jason to the wheelchair Greg had wheeled in when Jordan arrived. She thought that Jason was supposed to be transferred to Pentonville that night, but Greg replied that it would have to wait. She asked Jason about his stabbing, but Jason refused to speak without his attorney.

A few minutes later, Spinelli assured Carly that Jordan had left Jason's room. She talked about how Jason needed to be at the meeting of the Five Families, which was taking place that night. Their eyes were glued on the security footage to make sure that Jason made it out.

A short while later, Greg looked in the stairwell and confirmed that it was clear. Jason entered the stairwell in street clothes and ran down the stairs as Greg promised to keep a lookout. Carly was relieved when she saw Jason make it to the garage. Jason opened Brick's car door but suddenly froze. He wondered if Brick had seen Britt, but he hadn't. He thought back to Britt's decision to go to the Metro Court for drinks, but he noticed that her car was still there. He instructed Brick to wait, and he ran back into the hospital. Brick updated Carly, who decided to go to the hospital to help.

Just then, Carly's phone rang, and she answered it to Josslyn. Carly interrupted Josslyn's rambling and demanded to know where she was. Josslyn admitted that she was in Pennsylvania with Jax, and Carly told Josslyn to put Jax on the phone. Jax took the phone, and Carly instructed Jax to get Josslyn back to Port Charles immediately and to not take his eyes off of her. A confused Jax promised that Josslyn was safe with him.

The nurse returned with Jax's antibiotics, but she needed him to sign for them, so he followed her out of the room. Josslyn confided to Trina that something was going on with Carly, but she wasn't looking forward the lecture when she arrived home. Josslyn was hungry and wondered if Trina had gotten any food. Trina talked about the amazing pasta she'd had at the Tan-O and said that Phyllis had given her a whole jar of it. Jax returned, and the three left the clinic.

At the hospital, Cameron asked one of his brothers on the phone to put music on his computer and to tell Elizabeth that Cameron was in his room. He promised to be home soon, but he needed to take care of something first. As he turned a corner, he spotted Elizabeth, and he turned right back around. Elizabeth talked to Deanna about the test results Finn had rushed. Deanna told Elizabeth to enjoy her night off, and Elizabeth walked away. Cameron was about to walk out when Jordan entered, and he went back to his hiding spot around the corner. Jordan asked Deanna about the tests being run on Jason. Deanna replied that Britt had ordered the tests, but she was confused because she'd already seen Jason's discharge papers.

A short while later, Cameron arrived at Jason's room and went in. He was horrified to find the guard unconscious on the floor. Later, Cameron was gone when Jordan arrived at Jason's room. When she found the guard, she yelled for help, and a nurse ran in. Jordan used the phone in the room to call for hospital security to secure all exits, as Jason had escaped. A few minutes later, Jordan was on her phone as she ran down the stairs. She advised someone that there was an escaped prisoner at the hospital who needed to be considered armed and dangerous. She ordered that the hospital be locked down immediately.

Britt was in her office, getting ready to go, when Finn entered. He asked if she could sign off on overtime for his lab assistant, so she went on her computer and approved it. He was puzzled to see that she was leaving much earlier than usual, and she claimed that she needed a break. When Finn was gone, Cyrus' janitor entered to empty her trash. She advised him to keep a low profile so that Cyrus didn't get wind of strange new hires.

At Wyndemere, Cyrus answered his phone and demanded to know why his dinner was being interrupted. The janitor advised Cyrus that Britt knew that he wasn't on staff, but she still seemed to think that he worked for someone. He believed that "something is going down tonight." Cyrus instructed the man to get another associate named Pine and to get rid of Britt by making it look like she'd had an overdose. He also ordered the janitor to get "eyes on Jason now."

Later, Nikolas and Ava's guests filtered back into the living room, and Ava offered a nightcap. Cyrus asked about the couple's vow renewal, and Ava answered that they hadn't yet set a date. Cyrus hoped that Spencer would be there, but Nikolas didn't think Spencer's plans would include returning to Port Charles anytime soon. A wide-eyed Laura listened as Cyrus talked about how he saw himself in Spencer and how he'd been keeping tabs on his family. Nikolas sternly declared that his son was to be "outside the realm of your observation."

Cyrus talked about attending the wedding, but Laura insisted that he wasn't invited. She spat that everyone in the room had nothing but contempt for Cyrus, and that he used blackmail and fear to bond to people because he would never have love. Ava cringed as Laura concluded that Cyrus would always be "pitiful and alone." A hurt Cyrus left, and Martin followed, as Cyrus was his ride. Laura apologized to Ava for driving Cyrus away, but she hadn't been able to handle it anymore. Ava wondered if they'd kept Cyrus there long enough, and Laura hoped Carly had had enough time for whatever she had to do.

The janitor returned to Britt's office, and she commented that she was leaving, since she was done with her part. Suddenly, the janitor grabbed her as Pine entered. She screamed as she watched Pine fill a syringe from a vial. Just then, Jason entered and shoved Pine out of the way, and Britt was able to wrestle out of the janitor's grasp. Jason grabbed her hand, and they ran out. The janitor yelled at Pine to go stop them, and Pine took out a gun and ran after them. The janitor called Cyrus to update him that Britt and Jason had gotten away, but Pine had gone after them.

Carly and Spinelli were relieved to see that Jason and Britt had made it to the garage. However, their relief was short-lived, as an "access denied" error suddenly popped up on the screen. Spinelli deduced that they were locked out, as the security system seemed to be rebooting itself. He divulged that anything that happened in the garage would be recorded. Carly figured that there was still a chance that Jason had made it out, as he'd been all right the last they'd seen.

Brick spotted Pine behind Jason and Britt, and he shouted at them to get down. Unseen by anyone, Cameron crouched behind a Dumpster and watched as Brick and Pine shot at each other. Pine was hit, and he collapsed near the Dumpster, dropping his gun right next to Cameron's hiding spot. Brick called out that it was clear, so Jason and Britt made their way to the car. Britt twisted her ankle while running, and Jason stopped to help her. Cameron picked up the gun as Jason and Britt continued running, and he fired a shot, hitting Jason in the back. Jason and Britt made it to the car, and Brick floored it out of the garage. Just then, Jordan arrived in the garage and yelled at Cameron to drop his gun.

Elizabeth entered Finn's office and demanded to know what had really happened in Chase's room. He again tried to gaslight her, but she informed him that his lying could cost her her job. She informed a puzzled Finn that reassigning her had caused Britt to believe that Elizabeth's grief was affecting her work performance. Finn offered to talk to Britt, but Elizabeth decided to tell her union representative what was going on. "You can't do that," he pleaded, and she asked why.

Finn disclosed that Chase had been poisoned by Peter, and he told her why. He added that Peter would withhold the antidote if anyone found out about it. He continued that Peter was on a rampage because Anna wanted him in prison for all of his crimes, including killing Franco. He advised a shocked Elizabeth that Chase's life was in her hands, since she knew the truth. She thought about how much harm she'd caused to Jason by accusing him of something he hadn't done. Just then, they got alerts on their phones to shelter in place, as there was an active shooter on the premises. Finn locked his office door, and the two moved away from the door.

Cameron is arrested; Britt performs surgery on Jason

Cameron is arrested; Britt performs surgery on Jason

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

In an alley near the hospital, Cyrus was angry to learn that Britt had gotten away and Jason hadn't been killed. The man he'd employed to be a janitor told him what had happened. Cyrus thought it was unfortunate that the man hadn't been shot along with his other employee, and he held out a switchblade. He stabbed the man in the chest, and the man fell to the ground.

In the hospital parking garage, Cameron and Jordan trained guns on each other. "Stand down!" Jordan called out to the several cops who rushed to her side. She put her gun on the ground as she calmly spoke to Cameron. "Put the gun down," Jordan urged him. Cameron appeared to be in a daze as Jordan continued to talk to him. Finally, Cameron lowered the gun. He was quickly overtaken and cuffed. Jordan advised him of his rights. Cameron insisted he hadn't done anything.

In Finn's hospital office, Elizabeth tried unsuccessfully to reach Cameron on the phone. Brando ran into Sasha as they both stepped onto the elevator. She revealed that she was there for a doctor's appointment, but she didn't want to discuss it. There was an attempt at small talk, but it was awkward. Brando admitted that he'd thought things were good between them after the time they'd spent together. He asked Sasha if she regretted it.

Sasha assured him it had been "memorable," but she was distracted. They stepped off the elevator and ran right into Cyrus. Sasha voiced her unhappiness at seeing him, but Cyrus went on to talk about how much he admired her for doing so well. He added that he would always be willing to lend a helping hand or anything else she might need. "No, thanks," Sasha replied.

After Sasha had walked off, Cyrus ordered Brando to make a call to get the alley cleaned up and to confirm the evening's schedule at the warehouse. "I have a tragedy to attend to," Cyrus said. Once the men had departed, Sasha doubled back and got back onto the elevator.

In Chase's room, Willow informed him that the active shooter situation was over. Chase attempted to get out of bed in order to get back to work, but Willow managed to get him to stay put. Chase wondered if he would ever get his life back. He thought that Willow had a good bedside manner, and he was certain that once she was a nurse, all of her patients would fall in love with her just like he had.

Chase noted that Finn couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, and Willow was the only thing in his life that made sense. Sasha stopped by to check on Chase, and Willow explained that Chase was unable to touch anything due to his neuropathy. The doctors had been working on it. "This is me better. Kind of," Chase said.

Mac sat near Dante at the Metro Court bar and did his best to recruit Dante back onto the police force. Dante was flattered, but he wasn't sure that he would be exactly what Mac needed. Mac understood what Dante had been through, and Robert and Anna had both deemed Dante fit for duty. Dante had his doubts, but Mac exclaimed that everyone had doubts. Dante thought that his were more complicated.

Nearby, Scott and Liesl sat at a table and toasted each other. Scott didn't care that others were watching because he had nothing to hide. Liesl flashed back to their first morning-after, and she declared that she felt the same way.

"Does that look like a date to you?" Mac asked Dante as he looked over at Liesl and Scott. He continued his sales pitch to Dante and made it clear that police work was in their blood. He was agreeable to having Dante think about it. Mac received a call from Jordan about the shooting in the parking garage. She told him that Cameron was a suspect. Mac asked Dante to be his backup, and Dante agreed to pitch in. Mac offered to fill him in on the way to the garage.

Brick and Britt helped Jason stagger into the safe house and onto the bed. He was bleeding profusely, although he insisted he was okay. Britt requested medical supplies from Brick. Carly arrived and was appalled to see Jason's condition due to his gunshot wound. She asked what had happened, and Britt confessed that Jason had returned to the hospital in order to save her. Jason was insistent that he attend the meeting of the Five Families, but Britt was adamant that she attend to his wound instead. If she didn't, he would bleed to death.

Britt was satisfied with the provided medical supplies, and she prepared for surgery. She doled out directions to Carly and Brick. Jason passed out, and Carly felt that it was better for him to remain unconscious due to the pain. She needed him to survive. "This is on you," Carly told Britt. She ordered Britt to save Jason.

As Britt operated on Jason, signs pointed to him going into shock. She announced that he would need a blood transfusion. Carly ran to the door and ordered her security guard to round up plenty of O-negative blood. Britt maintained that Jason couldn't wait and would need the transfusion right away. "Give him my blood," Carly implored. They were compatible.

Britt commenced the blood transfusion. "How many times have you bled for each other?" she asked. Carly recalled when Jason had supported her at Sonny's funeral, and she noted that they'd been through a lot together. After some time, Britt noticed that Jason's pulse had grown stronger, but he would need additional blood. Carly was confident that her guards would come through; they were "extremely loyal" to Jason.

Britt urged Carly to drink lots of fluids, and she determined that Jason's body temperature had warmed up. "Thank God!" Carly proclaimed. "You're welcome," Britt replied. Cary announced that she had to get to a meeting. Brick wanted to attend with her, but Carly persuaded him to handle the "thing" they had talked about previously. She strongly counseled him to get out of town afterwards. "They got it coming," she said.

After Brick and Carly had departed, Britt cleaned up. Her hand began to shake. Jason stirred. "Where's Carly?" he asked.

Elizabeth and Finn rushed into the garage. Cameron told his mother it was a big mistake, and he hadn't done anything. Jordan informed Elizabeth that Cameron had been advised of his rights, and Jason had escaped and taken Britt hostage. It looked as though the janitor had pursued them, and shots had been fired.

Cameron recalled the conversation he'd had with Jason in Jason's hospital room as Jordan announced that Cameron had held a gun on her. Cameron insisted that he had only picked up the gun. Finn stopped him from saying anything further until a lawyer arrived. Finn wondered if the cuffs were necessary, and Jordan responded that they were. Shots had been fired, Cameron had had a gun, and he was under arrest. She would have to view the security footage.

Jordan was summoned to another spot in the garage, where blood appeared on the ground. She asked techs to take a sample in order to compare it to either Jason or Britt. Elizabeth phoned Scott, and she wanted an explanation from Cameron. He admitted he'd gone to see Jason, and he'd seen a guard on the floor. He surmised that Jason had run away because he had killed Franco. He told his mother and Finn what had happened after he'd followed Jason. Again, Finn ordered him to remain quiet.

Scott and Liesl arrived, and he, too, ordered Cameron not to talk. Liesl went over to Elizabeth, who thought that Britt had been taken hostage. Liesl flashed back to her last conversation with Britt, who had admitted she was helping Jason.

Mac and Dante showed up, and Mac explained that he could find no evidence of further gunfire. Dante announced that Britt's office had been trashed. Cyrus showed up and demanded to know what was being done. The incident didn't look good for the hospital. Jordan thought that Cyrus seemed upset by it all but not surprised. Cyrus was angry and wanted something to be done about his missing chief of staff.

Jordan was suspicious about the janitor's credentials, and Cyrus retorted that she could check with HR. Cyrus promised Liesl that Britt would be found, and she returned the promise to let him know if she heard from Britt. Cyrus was grateful, and Liesl glared at his departing back. "You'll be my first call," Liesl snapped. She added that if any harm was to done to Britt, she would "cut your heart out, you schwein."

Next, Liesl wandered over to Jordan and told her that Britt had mentioned that Cyrus had been pressuring her. Britt had felt that Liesl could be a target, and she'd wanted Liesl to stay away from her and hide. Liesl thought that with both Jason and Britt missing, Cyrus was behind it. She accused him of having "lousy, fake tears." She was on Jordan's side for the first time. "Bring that schwein to justice!" she said.

Scott took Cameron and Elizabeth aside and emphasized that Cameron was never to talk without a lawyer present or mention Jason's name. He wanted Cameron to calm down, and he spoke about not having been a good father. Franco had fixed it, and nothing was Cameron's fault, as he hadn't had a good father figure, either. Scott vowed to stand up and help Cameron, and he wanted Cameron to call him first in the future if he had any "stupid impulses."

Jordan asked Dante if he had rejoined the force, and Dante revealed that Mac had invited him to join in the investigation. Jordan told Mac and Dante what Liesl had told her, and Mac suggested that Britt was not a hostage. He suspected that she and Jason were "running for their lives." Jordan asked one of her uniformed men if she could see the security footage, and he handed her a paper. Mac looked it over and read that the blood sample from the ground matched Jason. Jordan stated that Cameron had denied shooting the gun, but maybe he had done so without realizing it.

Mac clarified that Jason was hurt, and Britt was either Jason's accomplice or a hostage. Dante was concerned that things wouldn't end well if Cyrus found them first. Jordan asked Dante if he was up for the job because he knew a lot about Sonny's business. Dante announced that he would return for the one job for the time being.

Jordan returned to Cameron and his family and announced that Cameron would have to be processed because Jason's blood had been verified. She wanted to move on to the station. Cameron was panicked.

Back in the hospital, Finn arrived to look at Chase's files, and Chase asked the women to leave the room. He started to stay that he wanted to talk to his brother, but he changed it to Finn's name. Finn noted that he had noticed how much time Willow had been spending with Chase, and he knew that Chase was frustrated. The treatment had been found. Chase made it clear that he still wasn't well, and he was worried that he would be in the hospital indefinitely. Finn promised that he was doing all that he could, and he wouldn't stop.

In the corridor, Willow asked Sasha why she was at the hospital. Sasha stated that she had an appointment and had wanted to see Chase. She was happy to see Willow and Chase back together. Willow sensed that something was wrong, and Sasha admitted that she was no longer with Michael, but she was happy to see the spark in Chase's eyes. Willow replied that she had been doing all that she could, and she knew that Chase was scared.

Sasha was glad that Willow and Chase were back together, which meant that good things could happen. They deserved to be happy. Willow was clearly uncomfortable as Sasha spoke of the past and Chase's heartbreak over losing Willow. Sasha was thrilled that Chase and Willow would be able to build a life together.

Cyrus showed up at the warehouse for the meeting of the Five Families. He greeted the family representatives and told them that he was ready to conduct business. Suddenly, Carly strolled in, and Cyrus was taken aback. Carly proclaimed, "Not so fast. Now we can begin."

Carly takes over as the lead of the Five Families

Carly takes over as the lead of the Five Families

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

"Mike" placed his newly invented drink, the Tan-O-Tini, in front of Nina at the table where she sat and stared at her phone. Nina took a sip and deemed it to be delicious. She revealed that she had been checking out apartment rentals in the area because she'd been thinking about staying in town. As they sat together and looked over a map of the area, Elijah wandered in. He was happy to hear that Nina was staying in Nixon Falls, and he wanted to take her out to dinner to celebrate. It would be complete with candlelight and wine.

"Mike" sulked at Elijah's invitation, and Nina announced that she wanted to hold off on any celebrating until it was a done deal. Elijah offered his help in the search. Nina declared that she had to take a business call, and she wandered away. "Play nice!" she called out to the men. Elijah uttered that he had business of his own, and he left, too.

Nina returned quickly and complained that her magazine was doing well without her. She asked "Mike" about his issues with Elijah, and "Mike" replied that he didn't want to see Nina get hurt again. "Is that what this is really about?" Nina asked. "Mike" poured her a glass of wine and suggested that Elijah would be a bad boyfriend. Nina pounced on that quickly and told him that she'd never said anything about that. She wasn't in the market. She merely hadn't wanted to embarrass Elijah in front of "Mike."

"Mike" insisted that he was only looking out for Nina, but he had to admit that she was beautiful, fun to be with, and honest, among other traits. He didn't think that Elijah was good enough for her. "Yeah, I'm paying attention to you," "Mike" acknowledged. He admitted that he was also a little jealous. He hoped that Nina wasn't uncomfortable. She wanted to start looking around at places and told "Mike" she'd see him later. "Oh, Nina, what are you doing?" she muttered to herself.

"Mike" stepped outside and spotted Elijah talking to a man who appeared to be one of the gunmen from the recent dance. Elijah reminded the man that he had paid his bail, but the man wanted a cash payment. Elijah snapped that he didn't like shakedowns, but the man wondered which one of them had more to lose. Elijah handed the man a wad of cash as "Mike" stayed out of view.

At the police station, Jordan told Dante how appreciative she was of his returning to help out. He assumed that Jason hadn't gotten far. In the interrogation room, Elizabeth wanted Cameron's handcuffs to be removed, and Scott vowed that he would do everything he could to protect the teen. Cameron wanted to know why no one would listen to him. He hadn't shot anyone.

Cameron exclaimed that he had picked up the gun because Jason had been kidnapping Britt. Scott ordered him not to say anything like that because it showed intent. Jordan walked in and removed the cuffs. Cameron tried to explain his situation, but she suggested that he listen to his attorney. Cameron was taken to booking, and Jordan disclosed that he was being held on reckless discharge of a firearm. She was still waiting to view the security footage.

Scott assured Elizabeth that Cameron's previous run-in with the law was sealed and wouldn't affect the current case. Jordan announced that a bullet with blood had been found, and she was certain it was the bullet that had hit Jason. The gun that Cameron had held would be checked out. Cameron returned and agreed to be questioned. Scott promised to be present. Elizabeth departed.

Jordan asked Cameron why he'd had the gun. Cameron said that everything had happened quickly, and he couldn't remember picking it up. Jordan intimated that Cameron had shot Jason because he believed Jason was responsible for killing Franco. Cameron flashed back to his hospital talk with Jason while Jordan suggested that Cameron had blocked it out. Cameron wondered if he had actually shot the gun.

Out in the lobby, Elizabeth was angry with Jordan, who asked if Cameron had said anything about making Jason pay. "Are you interrogating me now?" Elizabeth asked. Jordan stressed that Cameron was a kid, she had a job to do, and she had to be objective. She thought it was possible that Cameron had blocked it out. Elizabeth believed her son to be innocent.

Elizabeth headed back to the interrogation room and assured Cameron that he'd be okay. He was sorry and admitted that he didn't know why he had picked up the gun. He was on the verge of hysteria. He didn't think that Elizabeth believed him. She said that she did, and she hugged him. Cameron was taken to be tested for gunpowder residue while Jordan finally managed to view some footage. "Well, I'll be damned," she said.

Jordan went back to the interrogation room and announced that Jason had been hit by a bullet that had come from behind Cameron. If things progressed properly, she would drop all charges.

Jax and Josslyn returned to Jax's place upon returning from Nixon Falls. Josslyn was sorry that Nina hadn't returned, but Jax wanted to know more about Josslyn's boot and college. Josslyn noted that Carly hadn't had any questions for her and had seemed "off" to Josslyn. She wanted her father to rest, and she hobbled to the kitchen.

Josslyn returned with some ice for Jax's shoulder and some popcorn. She settled in on the couch next to Jax for a movie, but Jax wanted her to have a serious discussion. He reminded her that she'd mentioned everything going wrong. Josslyn claimed that she had just been dramatic and was saved when the doorbell rang. She got up to answer it, and it was Dante. He was looking for Carly.

Dante disclosed what had happened at the hospital parking garage and that Jason had been shot. Britt had accompanied Jason, and it wasn't known if she had been a hostage. Dante believed that Carly had to have been involved. Jax didn't know anything other than that he had spoken to her on the phone earlier. Dante received a text message and had to leave.

Josslyn hoped that Jason was okay and hadn't been hurt, because she couldn't stand to lose him, too. She declared that Carly hadn't read her text messages. Jax was hopeful that Carly would distance herself from Jason, but Josslyn made it clear that Jason was family. Jax was worried that Carly could be named as an accessory if she had been helping Jason. He wished the lifestyle wasn't a part of Josslyn's life.

Jax thought it was best to wait to hear from Carly, and Josslyn suggested that her mother had been busy taking care of Jason. Jax changed the subject in order to hear about Josslyn's problems.

At the safe house, Britt reluctantly helped Jason to get dressed. She told him it was against protocol, but he was adamant that he needed to be able to get to Carly to help her. He professed her to be "in over her head." Britt taunted Jason with various scenarios and suggested that Carly would like it when Jason collapsed in front of her.

Britt deemed Jason to be in no condition to leave the safe house. She told him that Carly's blood hadn't been enough, and he needed an additional transfusion. Britt wondered where the men could be with the extra blood, and she didn't want to know where they might be getting it. She stated that Jason might go into shock, and she wouldn't be able to save him. She offered Jason some fluids after he agreed to get back in bed, although he wanted to walk around.

Jason was worried about Carly, but Britt thought that Carly had seemed to know what she was doing. Jason clarified that Carly was good at bluffing, and she wasn't supposed to be at the meeting. He finally agreed that it was better for leverage if he wasn't there. He wouldn't say more, and Britt was annoyed. She reminded him that they were both fugitives who had almost died.

Britt told Jason about the men showing up in her office, and how she'd almost been injected with something that would have killed her. Then, Jason had shown up and had saved her life. She owed him, and she would never give away any secrets. Suddenly, Jason pulled Britt down onto the floor and drew his gun. They heard footsteps.

At the warehouse meeting of the Five Families, Cyrus voiced his appreciation for the invitation. He was ready to begin the meeting. Just then, Carly strolled in with her bodyguards and announced that she was ready to start. Cyrus replied that she hadn't been invited, but Carly called it an oversight. She noticed that there was plenty of room at the table for her, as well as room for her people outside.

Carly made it clear that Sonny's organization was still strong, and there would just be a different person sitting in his seat. Cyrus didn't think that Sonny's widow was capable of leading the families, but Carly maintained that she and Sonny had shared everything. She knew all that she needed to know. She suggested that Cyrus either take his seat or leave. The only other woman at the table told Cyrus to sit down, and she peppered Carly with questions.

The woman wanted to know what Carly's intentions were and if she would be able to maintain control of Sonny's territory. Cyrus approved of the questions. Carly spoke of a Port Charles before the arrival of Cyrus. There had been no explosions or targeted businesses. She was able to run her family business, and she would be able to deal with "interlopers." Cyrus jumped to his feet.

Carly continued that Cyrus would not be able to use Port Charles in order to spread his business along the East Coast. He could stay as the hospital CEO, but if he made any attempts to take over the families' territories, it would be considered an act of war. She would deal with it quickly, just like Sonny had. Cyrus noted that Carly was emotional and reckless, but she told him to watch his tone and step. She was calling the shots, and he didn't want to be a target.

Cyrus surmised that Carly had never run anything except her hotel, and she had made a mistake by showing up at the meeting. He thought that the other family heads knew what was best for them. He wanted them to look to the future when there would be vast profits. He didn't think they wanted Carly to deprive them of that. He suggested that Carly be evicted from the table.

Carly rose and replied that the future wouldn't be stable. Cyrus would "swallow" the other territories and leave the families "trampled in his wake." Carly threatened that any action against her family would be met with consequences, and Cyrus was familiar with those. He had lost in the past and would lose again. She sat down and smiled.

Brando received a phone call and whispered in Cyrus' ear. "Son of a bitch!" he exclaimed furiously. He announced that one of his shipments had been destroyed, and he considered it an act of war. He pointed at Carly, who confessed that she could neither confirm nor deny that her people had been involved. Cyrus had been running his shipment through her territory, and she had considered that a hostile act. Her response would be retaliation.

Carly wondered if the family heads would allow Cyrus to take over their territories, and he stressed that he would be offering "a piece of the action." Carly asked whether Cyrus paid fairly. One of the family heads stood up and welcomed Carly to the table. He acknowledged that there would always be a seat for her. One by one, the rest of the attendees stood and expressed their condolences, appreciation, and willingness to stand by her. They offered her their hands. They all left, with Cyrus the sole remaining attendee. He was not pleased.

Carly ordered Cyrus to leave, but he warned her not to get too comfortable. Carly emphasized that she knew what she was doing, and Cyrus laughed. He didn't think she'd be able to keep up on her own. He wondered where Jason was, and Carly told him she didn't know because Jason had escaped. Cyrus vowed that Jason would be found, and Carly was sorry that the same couldn't be said for Cyrus' shipment. Cyrus wanted to find Jason before the cops did, and he left with Brando.

Carly asked her guards to leave her alone for a few moments, and she sat down. She looked emotional as she sighed. Soon after, one of her security detail informed her that she had a visitor. It was Dante, who revealed that an informant had told him about the meeting. He was back on the police force in order to help out with a case, and she knew which one. He asked where he could find Jason, but Carly told him that she hadn't seen him. Dante was aware that Carly knew about Jason's escape.

Dante told Carly about the garage incident and that he knew that Jason had been hurt. Carly denied knowing anything about it, and she suggested that Dante talk to her lawyer.

At the police station, Elizabeth thanked Scott and told him that she would get Cameron some counseling. She mentioned that Cameron still didn't know that Peter had been the one to kill Franco. Scott admitted that he had known, but he hadn't given the information to Cameron. Elizabeth thought they should tell Cameron the truth. They didn't know that Cameron was standing nearby.

Spinelli is called in for questioning about Jason's escape

Spinelli is called in for questioning about Jason's escape

Thursday, May 6, 2021

At the police station, Jordan told Cameron that while he'd been getting tested for gunpowder residue, she'd had time to review the video from the hospital garage. The ballistics evidence showed that Jason had been shot by a gun other than the one Cameron had been holding, and, more importantly, it appeared that Cameron had not fired the gun at all. Cameron was both relieved and surprised by the news. Jordan said that the charges against him would be dropped, but Jordan reiterated the seriousness of pointing a gun at someone. "You came dangerously close to throwing away the rest of your life tonight -- or at least the next 20 years," Jordan said.

Elsewhere at the station, Dante updated Jordan on Jason's disappearance. He said that Carly claimed not to know where Jason was and noted that hauling her into the station would do no good because they could not prove probable cause. Jordan lamented how the Carly Corinthoses of the world played by their own rules.

As Jordan was leaving, Sam raced into the station to see if there was any word on Jason's whereabouts. Sam was surprised to learn that Dante was working the case. He quickly explained that he was only working on one case, and he had not rejoined the Port Charles Police Department -- at least not yet. Sam announced that Dante would need her help if he wanted to bring Jason in safely. Sam demanded to know everything that Dante knew about Jason's disappearance. She was shocked when she learned that Jason had reportedly escaped with a hostage and that shots had been fired.

Dante didn't understand why Sam was so interested in Jason -- especially since they were no longer together. Sam countered that she didn't understand why Dante was working at the PCPD. He quickly explained that the PCPD was short-handed. Dante agreed to let Sam help him because he knew that she'd do it on her own if he didn't agree. He made Sam promise that she would not "go rogue." Sam countered that she expected Dante to share everything he learned with her. Both agreed to the terms and decided that their first course of action would be to figure out which of Sonny's safehouses Jason was hiding in.

Jordan returned home and was saddened to see all of Curtis' things boxed up. As she started to close the door, Trina arrived, hoping to see her dad. Jordan explained that Taggert was meeting a former PCPD officer for dinner. Jordan had to head back to work, but she told Trina that she was welcome to stay and wait for Taggert. Spotting the boxes, Trina asked if Jordan was moving. Jordan broke the news that the boxes held Curtis' belongings because she and Curtis were getting a divorce. Trina was crushed that Jordan and Curtis would not be getting their happily ever after.

Jordan explained that she and Taggert had hurt a lot of people by pretending that Taggert had been killed. While Jordan claimed it was part of her job, she also insisted that she'd do it all over again if it meant keeping Trina safe. Trina decided that she no longer wanted to wait for her dad. She then offered to talk to Curtis on Jordan's behalf, but Jordan said that Trina did not need to do that. "There were cracks in our marriage even before this," Jordan said somberly.

In the hideout, Jason and Britt crouched in the corner as someone approached the door. The door swung open, and Spinelli pleaded with Jason to put down his gun. Spinelli produced an oversized duffel bag that he said contained several units of blood. As Britt took inventory of the items Spinelli had brought, Spinelli asked Jason why he'd chosen to run back into the hospital when he could have made his escape. Britt interrupted with the news that Jason had run back in to save her life. Britt then produced a syringe of antibiotic that she said Jason desperately needed.

Britt stepped away to call her mother on a phone that Spinelli provided. While she was gone, Jason asked Spinelli for an update on Carly. Spinelli admitted that he didn't know all of the details of Carly's meeting with the Five Families. Jason asked Spinelli to take him to the Metro Court so that he could meet with Carly. Spinelli refused because he did not want to "face the wrath of the Britch." Jason told Spinelli not to call her that. Around the corner, Britt smiled when she heard what Jason said.

Britt made her presence known and told Jason that she would not allow him to run around and ruin all of the work she'd done to save his life. A call rang on Spinelli's phone, and he happily took the call that he believed to be from the "fair Samantha." However, Dante was on the other end with a request to talk. Spinelli, puzzled that Dante was calling from the police station, stated that it wasn't a good time for him to talk. Dante warned Spinelli that if he didn't head to the station immediately, Dante would send a squad car to Spinelli's house.

Dante abruptly ended the call. Spinelli informed Jason that he had to go to the police station, but he assured Jason that his lips would be "super-sealed." After Spinelli left, Britt asked if it was a good idea to let Spinelli talk to the police. Jason assured Britt that Spinelli could be trusted and told her that he knew how everything would play out.

Back at home, Elizabeth worried about Cameron as Scott stood quietly across the room. She suggested that he could talk to Dr. Collins in the morning. Cameron admitted that his actions had been "stupid," but he explained that he wanted to stop Jason and make him pay for what he had done to Franco. Cameron said that he had overheard his mother saying that Jason hadn't killed Franco. Elizabeth said that she had not intended for Cameron to overhear her conversation. Elizabeth and Scott explained how they had come to the conclusion that Jason hadn't killed Franco. Cameron didn't understand why no one could prove that Peter August had killed Jason.

Cameron sobbed as he realized that his belief that Jason had killed Franco had caused a rift between him and Josslyn. Cameron ran up the steps to his room. From his room, Cameron called Trina to talk. Trina, who was just outside the Savoy, gave Cameron a condensed version of how she and Josslyn had never made it to the volleyball tournament in Buffalo and had instead ended up in Pennsylvania. After hearing Trina's story, Cameron quickly ended the phone call.

Elizabeth told Scott that she was grateful that Aiden and Jake were at a sleepover because it would give her more time to figure out how to tell Jake that his father had been shot. "How do I help my boys get through this?" Elizabeth asked. Scott urged Elizabeth to get the boys some "psychological help." Elizabeth expressed that she wasn't sure how Cameron would bounce back from the situation. Scott stopped Elizabeth from going upstairs to talk to Cameron, saying that because she was "all over the map," it might be better for him to talk to the boy. Moments later, Scott returned with the news that Cameron wasn't in his room.

Portia dropped by the Savoy to see if Curtis needed any help getting things ready for the grand opening. Before he could answer, a young woman scurried into the club and apologized for being late. Curtis tried to explain that the situation was not what Portia thought, but Portia was convinced that Curtis had found some "companionship" for the night. Curtis introduced Portia to the woman, his new mixologist named Angela. The women exchanged pleasantries, and then Angela stepped away to start working. Curtis told Portia that he needed help tasting some of Angela's "fancy drink[s] with an umbrella in" them, and Portia was all too happy to agree. "That is one of my favorite sounds," Portia beamed as she heard the sound of Angela shaking a cocktail.

As Portia and Curtis prepared to taste the first drink, Portia proposed a toast to the Savoy, wishing it "a long and successful life." Both approved of the drink -- and chuckled when Angela told them the name of the drink: Between the Sheets. The next drink -- Moonlit Garden -- took Portia and Curtis on a trip down memory lane. Curtis had paid Portia a surprise visit during a medical conference in Miami, and a bartender had made the drink for them. Curtis said that the drink would not be on the menu at the Savoy because it would be better if the drink remained a memory.

When Angela was done mixing drinks, she headed home. Portia told Curtis that Angela's smile indicated that she wanted to "mix it up" with Curtis. Curtis claimed that he was not interested. Portia noted that Curtis was still wearing his wedding ring and suggested that he might not be as ready to put an end to his marriage as he'd claimed.

Trina stepped into the club and frowned as she noticed her mom with Curtis. She listened in as Curtis announced that there was "no time like the present" to make a statement. He tried to remove his wedding ring, but it wouldn't budge. Portia offered to help and, after a few moments, slid the ring off of Curtis' finger. As Portia handed it to Curtis, Trina looked on in dismay.

At the Jacks residence, Josslyn was "freaking out" about Jason being shot and her mom not answering her phone. Jax and Josslyn disagreed on who was the victim, but their spat was interrupted by a doorbell. Jax answered the door and found Carly on the other side. Josslyn was thrilled to see Carly and relieved to learn that Jason was okay. Carly shared her disappointment that Josslyn had skipped the volleyball tournament to drive to Pennsylvania without permission. Josslyn rolled her eyes and said that she would explain everything when they got home. Noting that Josslyn was wearing a boot and Jax a sling, Carly demanded answers immediately.

Jax and Josslyn glossed over the details of their respective injuries. Josslyn, however, was more interested in Jason's escape from General Hospital. She felt confident that Jason had not taken Dr. Westbourne hostage, but she told Carly that she wasn't sure that anyone else would believe that. Carly told Josslyn that all that mattered was that Josslyn believed in Jason's innocence.

Jax asked Josslyn to leave the room so that he could talk to Carly. After she left, Jax insinuated that Carly had helped Jason with his escape. Carly laid the blame for Jason's escape at Cyrus Renault's feet. Jax didn't understand why Carly felt that she needed to take over for Sonny. "Sonny is gone. Jason isn't here. Someone has to take over the family business. There is no one else," Carly snapped.

Jax insisted that there had to be someone else who could step up. Carly assured him that there was not. Told that he'd "just have to get used to it," Jax declared that Josslyn would be staying with him until Carly could prove that their daughter would be safe. Carly reluctantly agreed but stated that her security people would also be staying. Josslyn overheard the arguing and checked in to see what was happening. Carly informed her daughter that she'd be spending the night at Jax's house, but Carly added that they would try to figure everything out in the morning.

After Carly left, one of the members of the security detail announced that someone was asking to see Josslyn. Josslyn stepped toward the door and saw that Cameron was there.

At the police station, Dante stated that Jason had needed "computer help" to escape from General Hospital -- the kind of help that only Spinelli could provide. Spinelli announced that he was leaving, but Dante forced him back down into the chair and threatened to send Spinelli to lockup with "the worst of the worst." Sam suddenly burst into the interrogation room and ordered Dante not the be so harsh with Spinelli. When Sam announced that she was going to call Diane Miller, an angry Dante left the room.

Sam told Spinelli that she was scared that Danny would see the news of Jason's escape. Spinelli told Sam that Jason was "fine." Sam leaned in and asked Spinelli if he knew where Jason was. Spinelli denied that he knew where Jason was, instead saying that Jason was "eminently capable of taking care of himself." Sam sat down in the chair across from Spinelli and begged him to tell her Jason's location.

Later, Dante returned to the interrogation room and noticed that Sam wasn't there. Spinelli told Dante that he had nothing to say and was "pleading the Fifth." Dante summoned an officer to take Spinelli to a holding cell. Worried about who he might encounter in lockup, Spinelli mentioned that he'd told Sam something that she had found "most illuminating." Dante told the officer to let Spinelli stew about the new friends he'd make in lockup, and both he and the officer left the room.

Out in the main room of the station, Dante phone someone to ask if they had followed "her." When the person on the other end of the phone confirmed that they had, Dante told the person to sit tight until he could get there.

When Jordan returned to the police station and noticed that Dante wasn't there, Officer Miller told her that Detective Falconeri had asked him to watch a person of interest. She walked over to the two-way mirror and saw Spinelli in the interrogation room. When she entered the room, Spinelli ranted about the poor treatment he had received from Dante. Jordan cut him off, saying that she did not want to hear about Dante. She wanted to her about Spinelli... "and Jason Morgan."

At the safe house, Sam pressed herself against the door when she was suddenly aglow in light. Dante called out to her to step away from the door. Sam was annoyed that she had been followed. Calling her a "bad sharer," Dante declared that Sam had failed his test. Sam refused to leave. Dante announced the presence of the police and kicked down the door. Inside, there was no sign of Jason or Britt.

On an unknown road somewhere in Port Charles, Jason demanded that Britt stop driving so fast. Britt told him that she wanted to get them out of Port Charles as quickly as possible. Jason noted that if they were pulled over for speeding, their escape would be over. "Sure thing, Grandpa," Britt snapped as she eased her foot off the gas pedal.

Carly tells ''Sonny'' that she is ready to be the head of the family

Carly tells ''Sonny'' that she is ready to be the head of the family

Friday, May 7, 2021

Elizabeth called Jax and asked if Josslyn was with him. Jax confirmed that she was, so Elizabeth wondered if Cameron was with Josslyn. Jax replied that Cameron was there, and he seemed upset. Elizabeth instructed Jax not to let Cameron leave before she got there. Jax let her into the house a short while later, and Elizabeth updated Jax on everything that had happened that night. Jax believed that none of it would have happened if not for Sonny, who was still ruining everyone's lives.

Out on the patio, Cameron told Josslyn about how he'd "screwed up" that night. When he was done, she related that, had he shot Jason, she never would have forgiven him. She wondered if Jake knew anything, but Cameron replied that Jake was at a friend's house that night and probably knew nothing. She questioned if Cameron was going to tell Jake that he'd almost shot Jake's father, and Cameron demanded to know why Josslyn was acting like Cameron had shot Jason. She recognized that she was being unfair and apologized.

Cameron remembered Josslyn warning him that, at a certain point, he would realize he was wrong, but it would be too late to apologize. "Is it too late?" he asked, and he sincerely apologized. Josslyn insisted that their relationship would be fine, but Jake and Jason were the ones who needed an apology from Cameron, "if you ever get the chance." Josslyn went back in the house and told Jax and Elizabeth that she knew what had happened. Cameron followed her in and explained that he'd had to see Josslyn. Elizabeth assured him that they would talk about it in the morning, and they left.

Outside the door, Cameron kicked himself for picking up the gun, and Elizabeth responded that it had just been a terrible mistake. He wondered why he hadn't been able to hear Josslyn when she'd warned that he would be sorry for the way he'd been acting. Elizabeth assured him that Josslyn would understand eventually. However, he feared that he'd lost his best friend, and he hugged his mother.

Valentin approached Anna at the hospital, and she explained that she was there to make sure everything was all right after the lockdown. Valentin wondered if she'd seen Finn or Chase, but she didn't want to get in their way. She updated Valentin on Jason and Britt, and she assumed that Jason would be after Peter. She also admitted that she'd told Finn the truth about Chase's illness, but she insisted that she trusted Finn to keep the secret. She continued that she had an idea.

Anna reminded Valentin that what Peter was doing was similar to something Faison had once done. She thought it was a long shot, but she suggested that the creator of Faison's toxin had also created Peter's. Valentin added that he would try to find where Peter was keeping the antidotes, as they had to be somewhere nearby, since they were his only leverage. Later, Anna informed Valentin that the creator of Faison's toxin was dead, but she had another way to get into the "European shady scientist community." He took his leave to work on tracking down the antidote.

Willow returned to Chase's room and found Finn there. Chase happily informed her that he was getting the feeling back in one of his hands. Finn promised to check in later, but Chase advised him to go home and get some rest. When Finn was gone, Michael entered to give Chase some company. Willow wondered if Michael had heard about Jason, and she divulged that she'd overheard some nurses saying that Jason had been shot. An obviously upset Michael promised to visit Chase again, and he left. Chase urged Willow to go keep Michael company. She made him promise to call her if he needed anything, and she left.

Finn returned. Chase went on about wanting to go home, but Finn insisted that it wasn't safe. Chase recounted how he'd almost jumped out of bed to help during the lockdown, but Willow had stopped him. Finn promised that the world, Chase's job, and Willow would still be there when Chase was cured. Chase felt lucky that Finn was on his side, and he thought that there was no way they could lose.

Brook Lynn arrived at Maxie's and assured Maxie that she hadn't been followed. Maxie informed Brook Lynn that they couldn't start until Britt got there, but Britt wasn't answering her phone. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Maxie called out, asking who it was. Peter answered, and she claimed that he'd woken her up. He urged her to open the door, as he had a present for her. Maxie told Brook Lynn to hide, so Brook Lynn ran to hide. Maxie let Peter in. He wondered who was there with her, as he'd heard voices. However, she claimed to have fallen asleep to a podcast.

Peter handed Maxie a milkshake and a bag of food, as he thought she might be having a craving. She replied that she'd just been looking through résumés of possible nurses, and she'd found one to interview the next day. She went to put the food in the kitchen, and Peter took a picture of the nurse's résumé while she was gone. When she returned, she insisted that she needed sleep, so he reluctantly left. Outside the door, he took out his phone and studied the résumé of the nurse.

Brook Lynn emerged from hiding with Maxie's milkshake. A few minutes later, Maxie thanked Amy for the information and hung up. She told Brook Lynn about Jason escaping from the hospital and taking Britt as a hostage, but Brook Lynn didn't think that taking hostages was Jason's style. Maxie feared that Britt wouldn't be back in time for the birth of her baby. Brook Lynn decided that it was time for "plan C, whatever that is."

Outside, Peter studied the résumé and then made a call. He told someone that Maxie had chosen "Nurse Chloe Jennings." "Now it all depends on Miss Jennings," he said.

Sam arrived at the safe house, and she was dismayed to see Dante and an officer arrive. Dante kicked in the door, and the three entered. Dante searched around, but it was Sam that found the medical bag and trash can full of bloody bandages. Dante thought it looked like Jason was in trouble. He related that he couldn't trust Sam, and he'd thought that they were friends. She replied that they had been until he'd become a cop again. They argued until Dante decided to take her into the station for questioning.

At the police station, Olivia asked Robert for details about what Dante was doing. He told her that Dante was just doing a favor for Mac. Olivia didn't think Dante was ready, and she vowed to talk to Mac about it. Robert informed her that Mac was out searching for Jason, and Jordan was investigating the sinking of one of Cyrus' cargo ships. She refused to leave until she saw Dante.

Robert thought Olivia had to have something better to do, like "repairing your marriage." She admitted that she wasn't sure if there was anything left to repair. Robert mentioned that Ned was jealous of him, and Olivia laughed off the idea of her and Robert together. Just then, Dante and Sam returned, and he told Robert that he had to question a suspect. "Who?" Olivia asked. "Me," Sam replied, raising her hand.

A few minutes later, Robert questioned Sam in the interrogation room, but she had nothing to say without her lawyer. He pushed a pen and a pad of paper toward her if she felt inspired to confess anything. She suggested that he drop the charges against Jason and arrest Peter. "I would love nothing more," he yelled as he left the room.

Dante assured Olivia that he was only helping the PCPD out temporarily, but she didn't think he was starting off on the right foot. She reminded Dante that Sam was on parole, and arresting her would send her back to Pentonville. "Haven't those kids been through enough?" she asked. "I thought I raised you better than that," she said. Robert approached and told Dante, "She's all yours."

Dante entered the interrogation room and found Sam doodling on the pad of paper. He advised her that he was cutting her loose, as arresting her would send her to Pentonville. Whether or not she deserved it, he reasoned that her kids didn't. She thanked him, and she apologized if her actions had damaged their friendship. He respected that her loyalties were with Danny's father, but he acknowledged that that put them on opposite sides.

On the phone, Carly demanded to know why Jason had let Britt decide where to go, but she backtracked, since Britt had saved his life. She advised him to rest and stay safe. When she was off the phone, she poured a glass of Sonny's scotch and took a big whiff of it. "I did it, Sonny," she said. "I know you did," Sonny replied. He continued that she'd had a big night, and she confirmed that Cyrus would never underestimate her again. Sonny had never wanted her to be involved in his world, but she countered that she had been from the first time she'd married him. She added that she was responsible until Jason returned. She told Sonny that she missed him, and he promised that he would always be there.

Just then, Sonny disappeared as Michael arrived asking about Jason. Carly assured him that Jason was all right, but she couldn't say anything else, as she didn't want him involved in the business. He wondered what he could do, and she asked him to keep things normal for Josslyn, Donna, and Wiley. Minutes later, Michael let Willow in, and he was surprised to see her. Willow thought that he needed her more, and the two embraced. Willow remarked on how badly she wanted him, but she refused to sneak around behind Chase's back. She added that Finn would soon find a cure for Chase so that she could tell Chase the truth, and she and Michael could be together.

In the living room, Sonny marveled, "Some kid we got," and Carly agreed that Michael was the best of both of them. Sonny thanked her for keeping Michael out of the business, and he apologized for leaving her alone. He promised that he would always be in her heart. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes, Sonny was gone. "I'm ready, Sonny. I'm ready to be the head of the family. In every way," she vowed.

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