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Sean Donely passed away, and his mourners were tasked with helping Annie Donely become a WSB agent. Maxie set a plan in motion. Bobbie agreed to help Maxie. Sasha told Brando that she was pregnant with his child. Carly offered Gladys and Brando a solution. ''Mike'' and Nina took a trip to Corinth. Britt made an important decision.
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Sasha told Brando that she was pregnant with his child and Sean Donely passed away
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Carly, Brando, and Cyrus learn about Sasha's pregnancy

Carly, Brando, and Cyrus learn about Sasha's pregnancy

Monday, May 17, 2021

In Nixon Falls, "Mike" urged Nina over the phone to get out of Elijah's office as quickly as she could. As she stuffed her purse with the copies she'd made from Elijah's computer, Elijah walked in and was surprised to see her. Nina asked Elijah to give her a second and returned to her phone call. She pretended that she had been speaking to Phyllis and told her that everything was fine.

Nina informed Elijah that she had returned to his office in order to locate her missing earring. She began to walk around and spotted it on the floor. She claimed to have been unable to reach Elijah on the phone, and she'd found the back door unlocked. She offered to help Elijah clean the place up after the "break-in," but he declined. Once Nina had gone, Elijah's smile turned into a deadly frown.

At the Tano-O, "Mike" hurriedly removed the gun from the locked box behind the bar. Before he could leave, Nina returned. "Mike" was overjoyed to see Nina, and he grabbed her in a bear hug. Nina admitted that her nerves had been "jangled," and "Mike" was annoyed with her daring act. Nina accused "Mike" of overreacting, and she was anxious to look at the possible evidence she'd collected.

"Mike" was concerned that Nina would be Elijah's next target after learning what she'd done. "Mike" stated that Elijah was in league with bad people. Nina insisted she could take care of herself, but "Mike" maintained that, going forward, they would do things his way.

Nina asked about the gun, and "Mike" told her it was the property of the bar. It had been purchased after the recent trashing of the place. He admitted that he would have done what was necessary if he'd needed to rescue Nina. They sat down at a table to look over the information printed out from the computer. "Mike" pointed out the bail payouts for the two gunmen at the dance.

Nina explained that she was familiar with accounting records after working for the magazine, and both she and "Mike" realized that various payments had been paid out from a "slush fund." They didn't understand why it would be needed in a small town. Nina offered to sneak back into Elijah's office to gather something that could be used as evidence against him. She noted that most payments had been made in various towns in Pennsylvania.

"Mike" suggested that he and Nina take a drive to Corinth, one of the towns mentioned. He knew that Elijah had claimed to have a strip mall there. Nina asked him to put the gun away first, and he did.

Elijah sat in his office and looked back and forth between his computer and the copier. He checked out the job history on the computer and made a phone call. He thought that Nina had seen some of his accounts, and he would take care of things himself.

In the Quartermaine living room, Valentin suggested to Brook Lynn that he, Charlotte, and Yuri move into the mansion. Brook Lynn laughed, but Valentin was serious. He wanted to be able to keep their baby safe. "So, what is the bidet situation in this house?" he asked. Brook Lynn was adamant that that would never happen. "Over my dead body!" she shouted. She quickly called out for Michael, and both he and Monica arrived through different doors.

Valentin exclaimed that Brook Lynn had continued to ditch her bodyguard, but after hearing what was happening, Michael agreed with Brook Lynn. He felt that he could provide the proper security himself. Monica surprised everyone when she took Valentin's side because she thought that Brook Lynn had to be protected. Michael insisted he could do it, but Valentin thought that Michael had lots on his plate already. Monica thought there was a danger because of Peter, and Brook Lynn needed all the help she could get.

Valentin was ready to move in right away, and he thanked Monica. She maintained that Brook Lynn would have the final word. Brook Lynn and Michael smiled, and Michael was ready to show Valentin out. Monica stated that the intended nursery was bare, and Brook Lynn claimed that she'd been busy with other things on her mind. Valentin wondered if she even realized that she was pregnant, and he offered to help decorate. He was optimistic that they could get together for the baby, one day at a time.

Brook Lynn agreed to allow Valentin to move in, but she had conditions. Monica and Michael left the room, and Michael told his grandmother that he hoped she wouldn't regret it. Monica replied that there had been plenty of "interlopers" to reside in the house in the past, and she could handle Valentin. She also thought it was a good way to keep an eye on him.

Brando stood with Sasha near the bar at Metro Court. He wondered if he'd done something wrong, but she told him once again that it wasn't a good time to talk. She spotted Cyrus watching them and told Brando that they had an audience. She had been trying to steer clear of Cyrus, and she wanted Brando to leave her alone. Carly arrived with her security guard and offered to help. Sasha ran to the ladies' room.

Gladys approached Cyrus and congratulated him on his upcoming fatherhood. Cyrus denied that that was the case, but Gladys told him they were allies and intimates, and she'd helped him to take down Jason. Cyrus didn't want Gladys to mention their association in public, for her own good, but she continued to talk about Jason being on the loose with the knowledge that Gladys had lied.

Cyrus assured Gladys that Jason wouldn't be free for long. They continued to go back and forth over Cyrus being the father of Sasha's baby which he continued to deny. Gladys wished she had gotten the news sooner because it would have saved her from some "sleepless nights." She prattled on about a baby shower and sat down at the table. Gladys confessed that she'd heard the news from Lucy, but Cyrus considered Lucy to be a gossip.

Carly told Brando off and ordered him to stop causing a scene. Brando replied that Sasha had exaggerated things. Cyrus wanted to talk to Brando, and Gladys waylaid Carly, who was curt with her. Carly was glad that she didn't have to pretend to be nice to Gladys anymore, and Gladys asked Carly why she was so hostile. Carly accused Gladys of backing the wrong house.

Cyrus wanted to know what Carly had said to Brando, and Brando disclosed that Carly had told him to behave himself. They sat down, and Brando said that he had been doing his best to look after Sasha. Cyrus called him a Boy Scout for having been around to help others, but he snapped that Brando couldn't solve everyone's problems. He added that some messes couldn't be avoided, as Sasha would discover.

Gladys watched Brando and Cyrus from across the room as they continued to talk. Cyrus noted that his name had been linked to Sasha. Brando flashed back to some time spent with Sasha as Cyrus went on. Cyrus thought that Sasha could be an asset to the right man and that she might not be the face of Deception much longer. He didn't think the company would want a pregnant spokesmodel. Brando was stunned.

Cyrus noted that Gladys had told him, and he asked if Brando was surprised. Brando admitted he'd had no idea. Cyrus declared that Brando's job performance had been lacking, and he had a way for Brando to deliver some results. Cyrus pointed out that he was interested in Sasha's affairs, and he wanted to have a man-to-man chat with the prospective father of Sasha's baby. He wanted Brando to find out who that man was.

Carly found Sasha in the ladies' room, and she offered to stop Brando from bothering the young woman. She also thought it would be best for Sasha keep her distance from Brando, but Sasha admitted that it was too late. She and Brando had been friendlier than even he knew. "I'm carrying his baby," Sasha revealed. Carly was astonished. Sasha regretted her announcement, and she pleaded with Carly not to say anything to Michael.

Carly assured Sasha that she wouldn't say anything, and Sasha stated that she had to tell Brando. Carly asked why, because she thought it was a good idea to keep it secret. Sasha pointed out that Brando would notice, but Carly was of the opinion that Sasha could claim to have slept with someone else. Carly was afraid that Cyrus would find out, and as a vain old man, he would be upset to have lost out to Brando. Carly thought it would save Brando's life.

Gladys approached Cyrus again and asked about the conversation he'd had with Brando. Cyrus stated that they'd had business to talk about. She sat down again and proclaimed that Carly took her business seriously, and Carly didn't like Cyrus. He admitted to admiring Carly, but it would be difficult for her when she would fail in the near future.

At General Hospital, Dr. Navarro told Peter and Maxie that she wanted to induce labor because Maxie had had several problems during her pregnancy. Maxie and Peter were both against it, and Maxie pointed out that she had a personal nurse. She wasn't ready to take a baby home yet. Peter declared that they would stick to their birth plan, and Maxie agreed. There was only another week to go until the due date, and the doctor vowed to induce labor if the baby didn't arrive on her own.

Maxie thanked Peter for standing up for her with the doctor. She stated that she had to start making arrangements, and Peter asked if he could stop by. She told him to call first. He gently kissed her on the cheek, and Maxie told him she had to stick around to sign out.

Elizabeth knocked on the door of Finn's office and walked inside. He'd been working with his microscope for hours and looked exhausted. He noted that whoever had designed the toxin had wasted their talent. Elizabeth was sure that Finn would figure out the antidote.

Anna left a phone message for Tiffany and asked her to have Sean call her. She needed their help with something. She looked through the window of Finn's office, knocked, and walked in. "Give my regards to Peter," Elizabeth told her sarcastically as she walked out. "What was that about?" Anna asked. Finn admitted that he'd told Elizabeth the truth about Franco's killer because he'd thought that she and Cameron had deserved the truth.

Finn revealed that he'd made copies of all of his work in case anything happened to him, and Anna told him that she'd reached out to Tiffany in the hopes that Sean could lead them to the drug designer. Finn said that Violet missed Anna and had been worried about Chase. Anna missed the little girl, too, and Finn told her that she could see his daughter whenever she wanted. Anna wanted him to tell Elizabeth she was sorry, and she was doing what she could.

After Peter had gone, Maxie picked up her phone to make a call. When the door reopened, she thought it was Peter again but was surprised to see Anna. Maxie told her that Peter had heard about her appointment and had been stalking her. Anna admitted that she had been following Maxie, and she would be able to make arrangements to get Maxie out of town. Anna would deal with Peter.

Anna related that she had a place, but Maxie was afraid that Peter would have people looking for her. Anna suggested Maxie tell Peter that she had to get away. Anna suspected that Peter would be vulnerable, and she would be able to get to him. Anna added that Finn was still working on the antidote for Chase, and she had some leads on it. Maxie didn't want to jeopardize Chase's life, and it was her battle.

Anna received a phone call from Tiffany and told Maxie it was one of her leads. "Oh, no!" Anna said as she listened. She stated that she would tell Robert and Felicia, and she grew teary. She informed Maxie that Maxie's godfather, Sean, had died. Maxie began to cry, and the women shared a hug.

After Elizabeth ended a call with Cameron, she shouted at Finn that Peter had sent reporters to her house to question Cameron about the garage shooting. She was angry, and she told him that Franco had been good with Cameron. Peter had robbed them all.

Peter stopped to talk to Chloe on the phone, but Elizabeth began to shout at him to keep the reporters away from her house, or she would get a restraining order. Finn urged her to walk away. Peter returned to his call and told Chloe that he wanted the timeline moved up. He needed her to make sure that Maxie could get out of Port Charles without anyone finding out.

Carly has a plan to exonerate Jason

Carly has a plan to exonerate Jason

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Nina and Sonny pulled up to the Corinth Outlet Mall, and Nina thought that it looked boring. Sonny countered that he thought of corruption. As they got out of the car, Nina explained that she'd done research on Corinth, and it had once been a "cute little town" with a bunch of small shops. She wondered what had happened, but Sonny assumed, "Elijah happened." They found themselves in a park, where there was a woman sitting on a bench. Sonny thought that locals could help them out, so he approached the woman, and Nina followed. He addressed the woman by the name on her nametag, Barb, and she replied that she was on break.

Through Sonny and Nina's questioning, they found out from Barb that the town had changed in the previous five years after the town had been hit with vandalism, robbery, and theft. Barb told them that people had become scared and stopped shopping there, so all the shop owners had jumped at the chance to sell. Sonny revealed that Nixon Falls was having the same kind of problem. Barb excused herself to go back to work, and Sonny figured that every other town on Elijah's list of acquisitions would have the same story. Nina thought that exposing Elijah was the story she should run in Crimson.

Nina went on that she would do the story herself, but she needed hard proof. Sonny remembered hearing the "thug" who'd robbed the barn dance say something about Elijah paying the man's bail. Just then, a man walked by behind Sonny, and Sonny began to watch him like a hawk. Nina asked what was wrong, and he replied that he knew the man. Sonny thought back to the robbery he'd stopped at the Tan-O, and it was the same man.

Carly let Diane in the house, and Carly revealed that she'd found a way to exonerate Jason. She thought that she would be able to make Gladys recant her statement after hearing the news that Carly knew. Carly admitted that the news was personal and none of her business, and she told Diane about Sasha being pregnant with Brando's baby. An open-mouthed Diane wondered how the news would help Jason. Carly explained that Cyrus wanted Sasha for himself, so he would likely want to kill Brando if he found out that Brando had been with Sasha. Carly believed that Gladys would do anything to protect her son.

Diane added that Gladys admitting that she'd lied at Cyrus' bidding would cause charges against Cyrus. Carly felt terrible for using Sasha's situation for her own benefit, especially after all Sasha had done for Carly's family. Diane thought that she had another solution. A few minutes later, Carly figured that Diane's suggestion was worth a shot. Diane reminded Carly that she always had Sasha's news "in reserve" in case the new plan failed. Diane informed Carly that Sonny had had to make a lot of choices that he'd hated, but it was "the nature of the business." When Diane was gone, Carly put in a call to Gladys and said that she had something important to talk to Gladys about.

Britt was descending the spiral staircase of her and Jason's new hideout when Jason walked in the door. She marveled over how isolated that place was, and he replied that he'd just checked out the surrounding area. He headed up the stairs, and she stealthily fished their burner phone out of his jacket. He returned and asked who she was calling. She replied that she wanted to check on Maxie, and Jason warned her that the cops could be monitoring Maxie. She promised that it would just be a quick call, and she asked him to trust her. He insisted that he did, but he'd wanted to make sure she knew the risks. He assured her that she didn't have to sneak around to use the phone, and he went back upstairs.

Maxie let Peter into her apartment, and she informed him that she needed to leave town for a few days. She explained that she was going on a "babymoon" trip to a spa in order to treat herself before the baby was born. She told a suspicious Peter that it was a women-only resort and that she could use the alone time after learning that her godfather, Sean, had passed away. He extended his condolences, and he reasoned that at least Chloe would be with Maxie. Maxie insisted that she didn't need Chloe there, but Peter wanted Chloe there "just in case."

Just then, Maxie's phone went off, and she answered it to Britt, who questioned how everything with Maxie was. "Hi, Trish," Maxie greeted Britt, who inferred that Peter was with Maxie. Through Britt's questioning, Maxie was able to let Britt know that she'd made other arrangements. She smiled at Peter as the call wound down. She claimed that she'd been talking to a friend from her mom playgroup who was supposed to have taken James.

Circling back, Maxie suddenly agreed that Chloe should accompany her to the spa, as it would irresponsible otherwise with Maxie being so close to her due date. Peter knew that she would never jeopardize the baby, and Maxie vowed to do anything in her power to keep the baby safe. Later, Peter was gone, and Maxie booked some spa services on the computer. "Enjoy, Chloe!" she said, and she figured that Chloe would be too "blissed out" before she realized that Maxie was long gone.

Britt was playing cards when Jason returned, and she reminded him that he would heal faster the more rest he got. She wondered how long they would be staying there, and he replied that they should be good for a couple days. "Long enough for you to see a doctor about your hand," he added. Britt refused to go sit alone at a Canadian hospital with a fake passport while the doctor told her that she had Huntington's disease. Jason insisted on accompanying her, and she was surprised that he was willing to take the risk.

As Anna got off the elevator at the hospital, she left a message for Robert. She said that she had something important to talk to him about, and she hung up. She observed Finn and Chase in Chase's room. Chase insisted on leaving, and he demanded to know what Finn wasn't telling him. As Anna listened, Finn again lectured Chase on the dangers of Chase going home too early.

Robert stepped off the elevator and found Anna. Anna sadly informed him that Sean Donely had passed away. Finn emerged from the room and asked them if everything was all right. Anna told him the news, and she added that there was a memorial service planned in Ireland for the next day. She divulged that she couldn't go, which Robert challenged her on.

Finn asked for a minute with Anna, so Robert walked away. Anna wanted to make sure that she was around just in case Chase needed another dose of the antidote, but Finn knew that she would regret not going to her friend's memorial service. After thinking about it, she figured that Valentin could deal with Peter in her absence, and she decided to go. She thanked him for looking out for her, and they both insisted that they wanted the best for one another.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael approached Willow as she was intently focused on her phone. She explained that she'd been researching Chase's symptoms, as she couldn't believe that there was no diagnosis. She feared that Chase was right about Finn withholding information, and she wanted to ask Finn, since Chase had given consent for her to know his medical information. She felt guilty that everyone thought she was still Chase's girlfriend, and she thought it felt like a lie to ask Finn for information. She had to get to the hospital, and Michael offered to give her a ride.

Ned arrived at the Quartermaine mansion as Brook Lynn descended the stairs. He wondered how Valentin's first night there had gone, and she figured that it had been "the calm before the storm." Upstairs, a shirtless Valentin walked down the hall, looking for the bathroom. He picked a door and opened it. Downstairs, Ned and Brook Lynn heard Olivia scream, "Get out!" and Ned ran upstairs. With Ned behind her, a robe-clad Olivia ran down the stairs, yelling about a towel-clad Valentin barging into her room. Brook Lynn explained that Valentin and Charlotte were living there, and Ned reasoned that the move made sense.

A fully clothed Valentin descended the stairs and apologized to Olivia, as he'd thought that he and Charlotte were alone in the guest wing of the house. Ned wondered why she'd been in the guest wing, and she admitted that their bedroom wasn't the same without him. Getting back on track, Olivia wondered if Monica was all right with the move, and Ned revealed that Monica was "surprisingly on board."

Michael and Willow emerged from the living room, and Olivia updated them before running back upstairs. Willow announced that she was going to the hospital to visit Chase, and Brook Lynn asked Willow to send her love to Chase. Michael opened the door and discovered Anna and Robert about to knock. Anna said that they were there to see Monica, and Willow asked about Chase. Anna revealed that he was "restless," so Willow and Michael left.

Olivia returned downstairs, fully dressed, and she was surprised to see Robert and Anna. Robert revealed that they needed to see Monica because a friend of theirs had passed away, so Ned went to check on Monica in her study. Valentin pulled Anna aside and expressed his condolences. As he explained why he and Charlotte were there, Brook Lynn slipped out the front door, which he realized minutes later. Anna hated to leave town while Peter still had control of the antidote, and Valentin agreed to be the liaison while she was gone.

Olivia and Robert were talking in the living room when Ned returned. He informed Robert that Robert could go see Monica in her study. Robert thanked Ned and Olivia for their hospitality, and he left the room. Olivia made sure that Ned was really all right with Valentin being there. Ned replied that it would ensure that Valentin handed over the ELQ shares, and Olivia rolled her eyes. He was grateful that Olivia was there for Brook Lynn, and he believed that Brook Lynn needed Olivia. "If she'll have me, she's got me. I'm happy to help your daughter," Olivia said.

Outside, Brook Lynn called a friend named Cece. She told Cece that her family was "stifling" her, and she needed a break before the baby arrived. She asked if she could tell her family that she was visiting Cece, and she was ecstatic when Cece agreed. She launched into an explanation of what Cece should say if anyone was looking for her.

Finn entered Chase's room and found Chase looking through some paperwork. Chase explained that he'd asked for his hospital bill "so far," and he lamented that it was a fortune, even with insurance paying part of it. Finn insisted on covering the bill, but Chase refused. Finn slipped that it was his fault that Chase was sick, but Chase just refuted the statement. As Willow and Michael watched from the doorway, Chase decided to check himself out. Finn refused to let Chase leave, as "your life depends on it."

Britt makes an important decision

Britt makes an important decision

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

At General Hospital, Michael and Willow stood outside Chase's hospital room while Finn talked to his patient. Chase insisted on checking himself out of the hospital, but Finn argued that Chase's condition remained unstable. Chase promised to return to the hospital for treatment and tests, but for him, remaining was not an option because he felt like he might go crazy. Finn remained adamant that leaving was not a possibility, and he turned to Michael and Willow for help as they entered the room.

Chase insisted that Finn couldn't keep Chase there. Frustrated, Finn assured Chase that he would switch places with his son if he could. To everyone's surprise, Michael offered a solution by suggesting that Chase move into the Quartermaine mansion because there was plenty of space, a full-time staff, and a doctor in residence for Chase. Chase smiled when Michael added that Willow and Wiley were their neighbors. After Finn and Michael left to call Monica, Chase and Willow agreed that Michael was one of the good guys.

A short time later, Willow caught up with Michael near the nurses' station as he slid his cell phone into his pocket. He assured her that his grandmother was on board with Chase moving in until he recovered. Michael also offered to speak to the staff about checking in on Chase when everyone else was asleep. Willow was grateful for everything that Michael had done because she feared that Chase would have tried to live on his own if Michael hadn't interceded.

Willow realized that it wasn't an ideal situation for her and Michael because everyone would think that she and Chase were a couple. Michael assured her that it was temporary, and he reminded Willow that doing the right thing wasn't always easy. He said Chase had been a big part of Willow's life, and Michael considered him a good friend. Willow recognized that both Chase and Sasha had made a great sacrifice for them, and it was because of Chase and Sasha that she and Michael had been able to secure custody of Wiley. Michael agreed, and he believed it was time for them to return the favor to Chase.

Michael and Willow agreed that they would tell Chase the truth as soon as he was strong enough to handle it. Until then, Michael insisted that they focus on treating Chase with kindness and dignity. Willow smiled because she thought Chase was lucky to have a friend like Michael. Michael insisted that it was the least he could do. Willow admitted that the deception would be difficult, but it would have been harder if she hadn't had Michael by her side. Willow reached for Michael's hand and squeezed it, then she quickly walked away before anyone saw the gesture of affection.

Meanwhile, Finn returned to Chase's hospital room to let Chase know that Finn had talked to Monica at length, and everything was set. Chase was curious if Finn thought it had been a mistake to take Michael up on the offer, but Finn assured Chase that Michael wouldn't have invited Chase to move in if Michael hadn't been up to the task. Finn admitted that he felt much better after speaking to Monica because she would keep a close eye on Chase. Finn thought Monica was a good person, and she had helped Finn out on several occasions. Satisfied, Chase confided that he couldn't wait to spend time alone with Willow.

In a Canadian clinic, Britt and Jason waited in an office for a doctor to join them. Worried that their fake identification would be flagged, an anxious Britt suggested that she and Jason leave, but he reached for her arm to stop her from walking out. He made it clear that he didn't want her to leave in a misguided attempt to protect him, because he didn't have any concerns about being caught. However, if Britt wasn't ready for answers, then he wouldn't stop her.

Britt wondered what Jason would do if their roles had been reversed. To her surprise, Jason admitted that if he didn't have children, he wouldn't want to know. He would have been content to live his life until the symptoms began to surface, but being a parent changed things. Jason explained that he not only would have wanted answers because he might pass the disease down to his children but also so he could monitor his health and look into treatment options with his children in mind. Britt was skeptical that Jason could ignore the possibility of debilitating disease if he periodically experienced hand tremors.

A few minutes later, Dr. Gannon entered his office. He asked Jason to step out, but Britt insisted that her "husband" remain in the room. Britt told the doctor about her symptoms then revealed that her father had had Huntington's disease. The doctor was curious if Britt was there to find out if she had inherited the disease.

Later, Britt rejoined Jason in Dr. Gannon's office. She told Jason about the battery of tests needed to get the answers she was seeking, which she could have had done at General Hospital if she hadn't been afraid of Cyrus finding out. Jason wondered if there had been any answers yet. Britt explained that she had "postural tremors" from stress and fatigue, which Jason assumed was a good sign, but Britt quickly clarified that Huntington's disease remained a possibility. She circled back to their earlier conversation because she wanted to understand how Jason could live his life without knowing if he had inherited Huntington's disease.

Jason explained that he would just live his life as fully as possible until he was forced to face the inevitable. Britt wished that she was more like Jason, so he suggested that if not knowing suffocated her, then she should seek the truth. Just then, Dr. Gannon returned to find out if Britt had made any decisions. Britt told the doctor that she would like to be tested for Huntington's disease.

At Laura's residence, Cyrus greeted his sister. Laura didn't hide her disdain, but Cyrus was confident that she would appreciate why he had stopped by once she heard him out. Laura agreed to give Cyrus five minutes of her time, but she warned him that she would call the police if he stayed a moment longer. Cyrus made himself comfortable on her sofa while Laura waited for him to get to the point.

Cyrus admitted that the dinner at Wyndemere had opened his eyes to the fact that a congenial relationship between him and his sister would never be possible. Laura was pleased that they were finally on the same page, but Cyrus wasn't done. He insisted that he had attended the family function in good faith, while Laura and Nikolas had had an ulterior motive. He knew the dinner had been a ruse to give Carly Corinthos the opportunity to make a power move. Cyrus claimed that it wasn't in his nature to play games, and he was disappointed because he'd thought Laura had known that about him.

Laura reminded Cyrus that her daughter was in a coma because of him. She insisted that he would never know the kind of love that she had for her children, but Cyrus was unmoved. He informed Laura that her children would no longer enjoy his protection if Nikolas went through with plans to privatize Pentonville. Laura held her tongue as Cyrus stood and walked to the door. He chuckled then suggested that she be careful what she wished for. "You didn't want me as a brother. Now, you have me as an enemy," Cyrus told Laura.

Laura quickly shut the door behind Cyrus then called Nikolas. She left a voicemail message for her son, explaining that she'd had a visit from Cyrus and that she needed to see Nikolas as soon as possible.

At Deception, Sasha was surprised when she saw Brando standing in Maxie's office. Brando asked if it was true that she was pregnant -- with his child. Sasha entered the office as Brando closed the door behind her. He admitted that he had never wanted to be a father, unless he could be a good parent to his child. He also confessed that the only thing on his mind when they had been together had been how incredible Sasha was. Brando implored her to be honest with him about the baby, prompting Sasha to admit that it was true.

"The baby is yours," Sasha said. Brando assured Sasha that he would support her in every way possible, while she promised that she welcomed Brando to be a part of their child's life. Brando knew they had a lot to work out. Sasha agreed, admitting that included keeping Brando safe from Cyrus.

Sasha conceded that she had been in a bad place when she had met Cyrus and that their relationship would have been transactional -- sex for drugs -- if she hadn't overdosed. She admitted that knowing that about herself had been horrible, but it wouldn't have stopped her from going through with sleeping with Cyrus in exchange for drugs. Brando realized that the heart attack had saved her in a roundabout way. Sasha agreed, but she also credited Brando because he had taken her to the hospital.

Sasha reminded Brando that Cyrus considered Sasha a possession, and she asked Brando to imagine what Cyrus' reaction might be to the news that "young, strong, sexy" Brando had gotten her pregnant, while Cyrus hadn't even been able to get Sasha into bed. Brando realized that Cyrus would try to take him out. Before Sasha could respond, the office phone buzzed. Sasha wasn't surprised to learn that Cyrus was there to see her, so she instructed the receptionist to send him in. Brando offered to leave, but Sasha decided it was time for them to confront things head-on.

At Carly's house, Gladys wondered why Carly had asked to see her. Carly explained that they had a situation, and she gave Gladys two options. Gladys could choose the "pleasant route" or the "unpleasant route." Gladys wisely opted for "door number one." Pleased, Carly made it clear that she wanted Gladys far away from Port Charles, so she offered to set Gladys up in Bridgeport with a business of Gladys' choice. Carly promised to subsidize everything, but she advised Gladys to think carefully before turning her down.

Gladys insisted that she couldn't leave Brando -- or her friends. Carly warned Gladys that Gladys was just a few breaths away from getting Brando killed, but Gladys didn't believe Carly. She accused Carly of being jealous that Cyrus had taken Brando under his wing. Carly quickly set Gladys straight because Cyrus had blackmailed Brando into working for him by threatening to go to the authorities with the truth about Dev.

Gladys resented Carly trying to use scare tactics, but Carly forged ahead. She warned Gladys that soon, Jason would be exonerated of Franco's murder, but Gladys disagreed because she had seen Jason dispose of the murder weapon. Carly clarified that Cyrus had paid Gladys to say that, and it was only a matter of time before Gladys was left holding the bag and being charged with perjury. Carly wondered if Gladys knew what happened to people in Cyrus' world who went from being an asset to a liability.

Carly assured Gladys that Cyrus would kill Gladys without hesitation, and he also had good reason to kill Brando. Carly revealed that Cyrus had used Sasha for arm candy, and in exchange, Sasha had gotten hooked on drugs. Gladys didn't blame Cyrus for Sasha's choices, but Carly explained that Sasha would have died if not for Brando's quick thinking, even though Cyrus had instructed Brando to get rid of Sasha's body. Gladys' confidence evaporated when Carly added that Sasha was pregnant with Brando's baby, and Carly was the only person who could save Gladys and Brando.

In Corinth, "Mike" spotted a familiar face in the alley. It was the gunman who had tried to rob the Tan-O until "Mike" had interceded. Nina watched in stunned disbelief as "Mike" confronted the man, who was wearing a uniform from a nearby store. "Mike" shoved the man against a Dumpster as he took note of the man's name tag. "Mike" demanded to know why Walter would hold up the Tan-O, but Walter insisted that "Mike" had the wrong man. Furious, "Mike" assured Walter that he knew exactly who he was dealing with.

Both Nina and Walter were startled when "Mike" asked to see Walter's phone then programed his phone number into the phone, so Walter could call "Mike" the next time Walter was in trouble. Nina seized the opportunity to pull up a picture of Elijah as "Mike" questioned Walter about Elijah. Walter confirmed that Elijah had paid him to rob the Tan-O.

After Walter returned to work, Nina confessed that she had been worried for a moment that "Mike" would hurt Walter. "Mike" didn't blame Nina for thinking the worst because he had been upset about what had happened to Lenny and Phyllis. However, "Mike" explained that it took someone who was down on their luck to pull a gun on a stranger, especially if that stranger hadn't done anything wrong. "Mike" didn't think Walter was a bad guy, but he recognized that Walter might have acted out of desperation because of his circumstances.

The conversation turned to the good Samaritan who had found "Mike" in the woods and taken him to the clinic where "Mike" had met Phyllis. Nina agreed that "Mike" had gotten lucky because he could have ended up in a situation similar to Walter's. "Maybe," "Mike" conceded, but he thought it would be best to let Walter know that there was someone Walter could turn to for help. "Mike" confided that not knowing his past had been liberating in a sense because he was able to put himself in other people's shoes more easily.

Nina thought it was because "Mike" didn't have any personal history that forced him to react in a certain way. "You are free," she realized. "Mike" suggested that perhaps what had happened to him had been a blessing in disguise. He might not have chosen it, but he admitted that he didn't have any regrets.

Shawn has big news for T.J.

Shawn has big news for T.J.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Sam opened the front door and backed out of the way of a tire rolling in. Dante followed the tire in and wondered if it looked familiar to Sam. She remarked on the good patchwork and lamented that it wouldn't fit on her car. Dante replied that it was a perfect fit for his car, but she should know, since she was the one who'd slashed it. He handed her a bill for the two damaged tires and advised her that he could have arrested her. He asked why she'd wanted to risk everything by slashing the tires, but she didn't think he had proof that she'd done it.

Dante admitted that he'd been angry until he'd realized that he'd been on the right trail. He'd followed the trail to a barn, and then all the way to the Canadian border, where he'd alerted the authorities. Sam thought that Dante's time would be better spent looking for the real killer. Dante admitted that he believed Jason had been framed, but Jason was still guilty of escaping custody.

Dante warned Sam that she might not get such a great cop "next time," and he promised that all she had to do was stay out of his way and pay for his tires. She handed him a check and reminded him to take the tire with him. He grabbed the tire and left with a mischievous grin. Moments later, there was a knock on the door, and she opened the door to find no one there. She looked down and saw her check on the floor, ripped into pieces.

Shawn walked into the visiting room and smiled when he saw T.J. on the other side of the glass. They picked up the phones, and Shawn wanted to hear all about what was going on with T.J. T.J. started that he'd applied for a staff position at the hospital, but he had to graduate first. Shawn remarked that the graduation was sooner than he'd planned. He told a confused T.J. that he'd decided to go for parole. He explained that Alexis had convinced him to stop paying for a crime he hadn't committed.

T.J. wanted to get Molly involved, since she'd started working at the district attorney's office, but Shawn didn't want the couple to potentially get caught in the middle. Shawn vowed to trade places with whoever had really shot Hayden. He assured T.J. that he would leave settling the score to the law, as he had too much to live for. He asked T.J. to save a seat for him at graduation, and T.J. replied, "I promise, Dad."

Maggie entered the library and found Alexis. She broke it to Alexis that she had gotten parole, and she was getting out that Friday. She gushed that her cousin even had a job interview lined up for her. Alexis was happy for Maggie and wondered how Maggie planned on celebrating. Maggie admitted that she hadn't thought about it, as she'd first wanted to thank the person who'd made it possible. She thanked Alexis for helping her find her confidence and her voice, and she knew that she wouldn't be leaving if it hadn't been for Alexis. Alexis was glad to have helped, and Maggie gave her a big hug and left.

Shawn entered and told Alexis about his visit with T.J. He explained that he wanted to be there for T.J.'s graduation, especially since T.J. had called him "Dad." He wanted to take Alexis up on her offer to get him out. Alexis sat down with him and advised that he needed to have made progress while incarcerated, and he needed to have remorse for his crime so the parole board could trust that he wouldn't do it again. Shawn didn't know how to have remorse for something he hadn't done, so she wondered if he had remorse for what he had done. He regretted firing a shot, even if he had missed the target.

Laura opened her door to Nikolas and Ava and thanked them for getting there so quickly. She updated them on Cyrus' statement about Laura having lost a brother and gained an enemy. She warned that Cyrus would especially be targeting Nikolas, since he was buying Pentonville behind Cyrus' back. He wondered if she thought it was a mistake, but she replied that she was "all for it. It could be the best thing you ever do with that Cassadine inheritance." She believed that, in addition to keeping Alexis safe, he could use owning the prison as an opportunity to contribute to the community by treating the inmates more humanely. However, she warned him to prepare for the "collision course" he was on with Cyrus because of that.

Ava informed Laura that something else had happened on the night of their dinner party, and she talked about how Carly had put Cyrus on the "losing end" of the Five Families. Laura knew that Carly would do anything to protect her family, and she thought that their family needed to do the same. She added that it would have to be done legally, as she was still the mayor. Ava reminded Laura that Ava and Nikolas weren't "model citizens," so they would just give Laura "plausible deniability." Ava thought that if Carly could hold up her end, Cyrus would find himself isolated. Laura feared that being alone could make Cyrus desperate and, therefore, more dangerous.

At Deception, Brando wondered if he should leave out the back so that Cyrus didn't see him, but Sasha thought it would be better if Cyrus saw him. There was a knock on the door, and Sasha opened it to Cyrus. "Perfect timing. We have lots to discuss," she said. He was surprised to see Brando there, but Sasha tore into Cyrus for "sending your driver" to ask about the father of her baby. She threatened to file a harassment complaint if Cyrus or anyone associated with him leaned on her for personal information again. Cyrus advised Brando to take the night off, so Brando reluctantly left.

Cyrus claimed that he only wanted details from Sasha because he cared about her, but she spat that he only cared that the baby wasn't his. She called him on the fact that he would have given her more drugs in exchange for sex had she not overdosed. He insisted that he was drawn to her, and he hadn't realized how much until he'd found out that she was pregnant. She accused him of just wanting things he couldn't have, but he just wanted to make sure that the father of her baby was "worthy." She wondered if he thought that she'd slept with Brando, and Cyrus maintained that he had a right to know, as Brando's employer. She informed him that no employer was allowed to pry into an employee's private life.

Sasha claimed that she'd wanted a one-night stand after she and Michael had broken up, so she'd fallen into bed with "Mr. Nobody." She continued that she didn't know his name or number, as that was how they'd wanted it. Cyrus wanted to make sure the father lived up to his responsibility. Sasha shot back that Cyrus wasn't her father, it wasn't the 1950s, and no one was responsible for her baby but her. She taunted that Mr. Nobody had been "young, great in bed, and he put a new life inside of me, the opposite of you." A stunned Cyrus promised to talk to her later, but she responded, "Let's not," and he left.

Sasha sat down at the desk and marveled over the bullet she'd dodged. She knew that no amount of avoiding Cyrus would stop him, and he couldn't find out about Brando. She vowed to always stay one step ahead of Cyrus.

Carly informed Gladys that Carly was the only one who could save Gladys and Brando. Gladys refused to believe that Brando was the father of Sasha's baby, but Carly insisted that it was true. She thought it would be best for Cyrus not to find out about the pregnancy at all, but Gladys muttered, "Too late." She explained that an overheard misunderstanding had caused her to congratulate Cyrus on becoming a father. Carly informed Gladys that Gladys had painted a target on her son's back.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Carly let Brando into the house. He followed Carly into the living room and wondered what Gladys was doing there. Carly recapped Gladys' confession for Brando, and Gladys insisted that she hadn't known that Sasha's baby was Brando's. "What were you thinking?" she questioned, and Brando answered that it was none of her business.

Carly chimed in that Gladys was the one person who could stop Cyrus. She explained that Gladys needed to recant her statement about Jason and confirm that Cyrus had paid her to lie about it so that Cyrus would go back to jail. Brando trusted Carly and asked her what to do. She urged him to get Gladys to recant her statement and implicate Cyrus. That way, it would be on record with police, and Cyrus would be powerless to stop the investigation while on his way to Pentonville.

Remembering Sean Donely

Remembering Sean Donely

Friday, May 21, 2021

In County Kerry, Ireland, bagpipes played as Sean Donely's funeral service ended. His daughter, Annie, was happy to see so many Americans in attendance. Awkwardness ensued as Felicia refused to acknowledge Anna. Robin told Robert how sorry she was that she hadn't visited, and she admitted that she'd never seen Felicia so angry. Anna stood at Sean's grave and flashed back to old times.

Shortly after, Anna heard footsteps. It was Mac and Felicia, who had returned to look for Felicia's umbrella. Mac picked it up, and Felicia still refused to talk to Anna. Mac noted that the women were two of his favorite people, and he thought that Sean would have hated the women not speaking. He felt that if the women spoke to each other, it would be a last way to honor Sean. He walked away.

Anna confessed that she knew that Felicia was angry at her, but Felicia disclosed that she was full of rage. As she began to talk, her voice got louder and angrier over what Anna had done to Maxie. Felicia reminded Anna that she had been suspicious of Peter, but Anna had been the one who had said to give Peter a chance. She continued that Anna hadn't protected Maxie, and she hadn't given Felicia a chance to do so, either. Felicia stormed off.

Back at the inn where everyone was staying, Monica and Laura looked at the program and talked about the lovely service. There were scattered framed photos of Sean and others. Laura was proud of the way that Tiffany had handled herself. Monica recalled how she had felt after Alan's funeral. Annie arrived and announced that Tiffany and Connor had gone to spread Sean's ashes.

Robin asked about Sean's dementia, and Annie revealed that her last good memory had been at Christmas. Her father had given her a ring. She held out her hand, and Anna explained that the stone contained magnets. Annie was teary as she told the group that some days, her father's memory had been gone, while he'd been clear on other days.

Laura stepped outside to phone Tiffany, who was glad to hear from her. Laura wanted to hear about Tiffany's life and told the woman that she was there for her. Tiffany recalled some old times as flashbacks played. There was the time that Sean and Monica had been making out, and Tiffany and Sean's wedding. She couldn't wait to see Laura. Suddenly, someone sneaked up on Laura, and the room key that she'd been holding flew into the air.

Inside, Robert noted that he'd heard that Annie had applied to the bureau. She replied that she'd completed the training, but she had never heard from them. She noted that her father had still had sensitive documents in his possession, and the bureau would be by the following day to collect them. Robert asked if he could take a look at them, but Annie refused.

Robin announced that she had found Laura's room key but no Laura. Mac went off to look for Laura's room, but unable to locate it, he returned to the lobby. Robert asked Annie to take him there, and Anna returned. She told Robin that Felicia had told her off, and Anna hadn't had a chance to talk. Robin urged her mother to be brave and to try again. Felicia walked in and removed her coat.

Mac was unable to find any ice, and Monica directed him to an extra refrigerator in the garage. She sat down with a drink, but someone approached her. She dropped the glass, and it shattered all over the floor.

Anna tried again and agreed that what Felicia had said had been true. Felicia stated that she couldn't be forgiving. Anna admitted that she'd made mistakes, and Felicia retorted that she could have made other arrangements for Maxie if Anna had told her the truth. Anna confessed that she had seen what she'd wanted to, and the wedding had suddenly been upon them. She regretted her actions every day, and she was doing all she could to put Peter away.

Felicia noted that she and Anna had been friends almost forever, and Anna was Maxie's godmother. Felicia recalled the past, and Anna asked to make amends. Felicia replied that she hadn't wanted to be in Ireland because it was close to Maxie's due date, and she had known that Anna would be there.

Felicia had felt that she owed it to Sean and herself to be present because he had been like a father to her. She knew that Sean would tell her to forgive Anna because they had too much time invested in each other. She would have to work through it. She and Anna hugged. "Thank God!" Mac exclaimed when he saw Anna and Felicia in an embrace.

In the meantime, Annie and Robert found the door to Laura's room open, and the room appeared to have been ransacked. Robin showed up, and Robert was unsuccessful in his attempt to get Laura on the phone. Annie spotted something on the floor and picked it up. It was a toy gun and a Mexican flag. She recalled that Sean had worked in Mexico at one time. Robert replied that Sean had been known as "El Patron" and had been an arms dealer. "Not one of his finest hours," Robert added.

Annie wondered if Laura's disappearance had something to do with Sean. Robert called the police and told Annie they would be there in 20 minutes. He noted that Sean had been on the opposite side of the law at times and had had enemies. Robert revealed that Sean had even tried to kill him once. He remembered a fight with Sean while they'd been hanging over the mountains in a cable car.

Annie knew that Sean had made some mistakes, and she would hate if those were returning to affect all of them. Robin felt that her parents would be able to get them through it. Annie, Robert, and Robin returned to the others. Suddenly, they all realized that Monica was missing, and they spotted the broken glass. Annie picked up a replica of Mt. Rushmore, and Anna remembered a terrorist group she had fought with Robert, Sean, and Tiffany.

The empty ice bucket on the floor with ice scattered everywhere alerted the group to Mac's disappearance. Robert accompanied Felicia to look for Mac. She recalled her first meeting with Sean, who had called her Princess. He had treated her like one.

Robin suggested there might be security cameras around. Annie knew they could be accessed in the caretaker's office. Anna asked to see Sean's files, but again, Annie refused. Annie knew the password to the computer in the office, but it didn't work. Suddenly, the screen went dark, and Annie knew the hard drive had been wiped. They heard a woman scream and found Robert on the floor. Felicia was gone, and Robert had been hit over the head. Annie found some jewels that looked like the Aztec jewels from an old case. Annie declared that all of the incidents had to do with Sean.

Soon after, Robert sat with an ice bag on his head, and Annie wanted to speak to Anna about something she'd picked up. Robin thought there might be something in Sean's files to be used against Peter. Annie told Anna that she'd picked up the phone that Robert had dropped, and he'd never really called the police. Anna suggested that someone had tampered with it, and she wanted them to all stick together.

Annie wanted to be alone for a moment. She picked up Anna's purse and pulled something from it. Robert was happy with Anna and Robin fussing over him. Annie returned and accused Anna and Robert of being involved in all that had been going on. She found a huge magnet in Anna's purse and maintained that Anna had been the one to clear the hard drive. Annie demanded to know what had happened to all of the others.

Robin took offense, and Anna insisted the magnet wasn't hers. Robert made it clear that they couldn't turn on each other, and Anna wanted to access Sean's files. Annie thought that Anna had been trying to manipulate her, and she would not open the safe to get the files. She had taken an oath with the WSB, and she couldn't dishonor her father's name.

Anna smiled, and all of the missing people returned. "Spoken like a true agent," Anna said. She congratulated Annie on passing the final test. Everyone had taken part in it. Robert thought that Sean would be proud, and he handed Annie a badge. It was the same number as Sean's.

In Port Charles, Maxie spoke to her baby and told her that she needed to be away from her father. There was a knock at her apartment door, and Peter announced that he wanted to say goodbye. "Speak of the devil," Maxie murmured. She opened the door and told Peter that she had been packing for her spa trip. He wanted to know where Chloe was, because the nurse was supposed to be with Maxie at all times.

Maxie replied that she'd given the nurse the day off in order to pack, but Peter made it clear that he would stay there until Chloe returned. Bobbie revealed herself and told Peter to leave. She would be staying with Maxie. Peter wanted to wait, but Bobbie was able to convince him to go.

After Peter was gone, Bobbie asked Maxie about her "babymoon." She wanted to know why it had been urgent for Maxie to see her. Maxie disclosed that she needed Bobbie to deliver her baby. Maxie trusted Bobbie, and she had made plans to keep her baby safe from Peter. She'd made arrangements to ditch Chloe and go to Beechers Corners. She explained everything.

Bobbie agreed that she knew what to do, and her contacts at the hospital could get her supplies. She asked who would care for the baby once she was delivered, but Maxie thought the less Bobbie knew, the better. Bobbie assured Maxie that she had no judgment and would support her. Bobbie understood the loss of a child and was grateful for B.J. and her legacy. Maxie added that B.J. had made Maxie's own life possible. They hugged.

Maxie wished she could have gone to Ireland, and Bobbie was glad she had stayed because Maxie had needed her. Maxie suggested that Sean had aligned the stars. She also hoped that Sean was watching, because she would need it.

Back in Ireland, Annie, accompanied by Laura and Monica, told Tiffany all that had happened. Tiffany revealed that that was the reason for her own distance. She called Annie brave and resourceful like Sean, who would always be looking out for her. Tiffany recalled Annie looking at the Christmas star with her father and urged her to cherish the memory.

Everyone shared memories of Sean, and especially his wedding to Tiffany after he'd learned of her real name, Elsie Mae. He hadn't been able to stop laughing. Robert, Robin, Anna, Felicia, and Mac shared a toast. Robert was going to miss his old friend. "May God hold you in the palm of his hand," Robert said.

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