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Britt received bad news. Jason and Britt made love. Chloe drugged and kidnapped Maxie, but Maxie managed to escape. Maxie gave birth to Louise with the help of a stranger. Elijah was arrested. ''Mike'' and Nina shared a kiss. Curtis rebuffed Portia's advances. Gladys was caught in the crossfire of gunfire. Cyrus was wounded. Dante arrested Jason. Peter ended up at the bottom of a stairwell with blood pooling around his head.
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Gladys was caught in the crossfire, Maxie escaped from Chloe and gave birth with the help of a stranger, Jason was arrested
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Carly is unable to keep Gladys safe Carly is unable to keep Gladys safe

Monday, May 24, 2021

In a hotel room at Metro Court, Carly informed Gladys that as soon as Diane arrived, they would go over what Gladys would say to the police. Carly admitted that she was afraid Gladys would run away, but they had to send Cyrus back to prison. Diane arrived, and she reminded Gladys that Gladys had committed perjury and obstruction of justice regarding her statement against Jason.

Gladys admitted that she wanted to stay practical, and she wanted a deal in order to change her story. Diane remarked that Gladys would be a hero by being the one responsible for sending Cyrus back to jail, and Gladys was ready to be famous. Carly ordered Gladys to focus, or she would find herself identifying Brando's body in the coroner's office. Diane continued to butter Gladys up regarding her possible fame as Carly made it clear that Gladys had to implicate Cyrus for having paid her off to lie.

Carly also wanted Gladys to admit that Peter had been the one she'd seen tossing the gun away. Gladys was proving difficult and wanted to tell her own story, but she finally relented and asked for immunity for telling the truth. Diane ordered Gladys to stay out of sight until needed, and Carly told Gladys she was doing the right thing. Gladys was aware that Carly didn't think much of her, but she had only wanted Sonny to treat Brando like one of his family.

Gladys continued that Brando had never had a chance with Sonny but had been able to have one with Cyrus. Carly added that Gladys had also told Cyrus the truth about Dev in order to "endear" herself to him. Instead, Gladys had given him leverage over the Corinthos family. Gladys confessed that she was scared of Cyrus, and she admitted that she was only following Carly's orders for herself. She loved Brando and his future child, too.

Carly received a phone call and had to leave to take care of hotel business. She ordered her security guard to keep an eye on Gladys. Once alone, Gladys placed an order with room service and told them that Carly would be footing the bill. She lay down on the bed.

At General Hospital, Cyrus sent Brando on an errand and mentioned an opening for a new chief of staff with Britt gone. He noted that having aided and abetted Jason, Britt would never return. Cyrus headed to his office for a meeting, and Brando spotted Sasha as she stepped off the elevator. He instantly ran over to her to ask if everything was okay with their baby, and she told him they couldn't be there.

Sasha reminded Brando that they couldn't be seen together because Cyrus would suspect that Brando was her baby's father. He told her that Cyrus was in a meeting, and they headed to the stairwell to talk. They didn't see Peter observing them from across the nurses' station.

Cyrus welcomed Peter into his office and said he wanted a favor. Peter closed the door and reminded Cyrus that getting rid of Jason had helped them both. He didn't owe Cyrus anything. Cyrus assumed that Jason and Britt were hiding in Canada, although he preferred Jason to be dead. Peter took a seat, and Cyrus asked him to use his newspaper to expose Laura and Carly for being hypocrites.

Cyrus noted that Carly was the new head of the Corinthos organization, and Laura had been working with Carly. He wanted Peter to nose around and get the facts on the two women who thought they were above the law. He wanted their reputations dragged through the mud just the way his had been. Peter agreed to put a reporter on the new mob boss, and Cyrus added that the mayor's office was corrupt.

Cyrus received a call from a contact and related the information to Peter; Diane had been trying to work out an immunity deal for Gladys. Peter was furious, and Cyrus confessed that he didn't understand Gladys' "flip." He had to find Brando. Peter divulged that he'd seen Sasha and Brando getting "chummy" because they'd gone into the stairwell. Cyrus was surprised and began to dwell on that, but Peter urged Cyrus to focus on Gladys instead because she had seen Peter toss the gun. Cyrus admitted they each had work to do.

In the stairwell, Sasha informed Brando that she was in the process of getting all of her records transferred to Mercy Hospital because she didn't want Cyrus to know anything about her. He had told her he'd wanted to speak to the father of her baby, and she'd told him it had been a one-night stand. Brando was impressed with Sasha's "crisis management," and he remembered how Sasha had stood up for him in the past. He would do the same for her. "You already have," Sasha told him.

Brando wanted to keep talking, and Sasha assured him that she would never shut him out. It had been her decision to have the baby, and there was no pressure on him. Brando disclosed that he was excited, and he wanted to be a part of both Sasha's life and that of their baby. Sasha declared that they couldn't be a part of each other's lives, but Brando promised to think of something. He liked her and felt a deep connection. He thought they could have something together. Sasha wasn't sure how it could work with Cyrus around, but Brando was sure they'd find a way. Sasha looked happy after hearing what Brando had to say.

Sasha invited Brando to her next doctor's appointment at Mercy. They joked that they were doing things backwards, and they flirted. He received a message that Cyrus wanted him to pick up and deliver something, so he had to go. He wanted Sasha to call him if she needed him. They wished each other well and were aware of the danger they could each be in.

Spinelli paid a visit to Maxie, and she told him how much she appreciated him and Ellie taking James for a few days. He was happy to hear that she was going to be relaxing at a spa. Maxie began to cry, and Spinelli grabbed a tissue box. He asked if Peter had upset her. Maxie told him she was upset about Sean's death, and it was her hormones. Time had been passing. "People leave you, even if you really want them to stay," Maxie cried.

Maxie told Spinelli it was her high-risk pregnancy, and the fact that a comforting Britt was gone had added to the mix. Spinelli was concerned that Maxie was afraid of losing her baby, and she admitted that she was. "It's breaking my heart," she said. Maxie was worried that she would never get to hold her baby after months of anticipation. Spinelli tried to reason with her, but Maxie wondered if she would have to say goodbye before ever saying hello. She was praying for a smooth delivery.

Maxie was further worried that she wouldn't be able to protect Louise, and she would have to let her go. Spinelli was confused, and he thought that she would be able to stop worrying after Louise was born. He urged her to talk to him and reminded her of how deep their friendship was. He wanted to help, and he wanted the truth. He asked why Maxie had a fear of losing her baby.

In Canada, Jason found Britt sitting on a mat on the ground in a forest clearing. She appeared to be meditating. He sat nearby, but she told him he was distracting her. She had been trying to stop thinking about her upcoming test results. Britt knew that her life would be changed, no matter what the results said. If they were negative, her fear would be lifted. She was afraid to hope.

Jason sat down on the ground next to Britt, and he assured her that she would be able to handle things. She explained meditation, and she added that she thought that Jason was already able to enjoy serenity. She wished she could join him. She admitted that while she'd gone camping in the past, it wasn't her favorite thing to do, but she had enjoyed the quiet. Jason spoke about riding his motorcycle into the middle of nowhere and enjoying the same.

Britt was anxious about hearing the test results and thought she should have heard already. Jason suggested they try something else. They stood up, and he told her to listen to the sounds around her. She closed her eyes and inhaled. She heard the water, the wind, and the birds. She felt the breeze on her face. Jason urged her to remain calm and to focus on that. There was no darkness, and it was peaceful and calm. He thought she was finally "good in the moment." "I am," she said.

Just as Britt and Jason were about to kiss, Jason received a message. Britt's test results were in. She folded up her mat and thanked him.

Shortly after, Britt and Jason were sitting in the doctor's office. She stopped the doctor before he could give her the results, and Jason grabbed her hand. The doctor informed Britt that she had the marker for Huntington's disease. She began to cry, apologized, and ran from the office.

Nina and "Mike" returned to the Tan-O. "Mike" was surprised to find the door locked, but he found a note from Lenny and Phyllis. They had gone to retrieve a part for the jukebox. He wanted to tell them about Elijah, but Nina dreaded it. "The sooner Elijah is behind bars, the better," "Mike" said. He didn't want to hurt Phyllis and Lenny, but they had to be told that Elijah was not the same man they'd known previously.

Nina wished she could take the papers she'd printed up from Elijah's computer to the police, but she'd obtained them under questionable circumstances. Her phone rang, and it was Elijah. "Mike" repeatedly told her to hang up, but Nina agreed to change her clothes and meet Elijah later. "What the hell was that?" "Mike" asked incredulously after she ended the call.

"Mike" insisted that Nina couldn't go out with Elijah, but Nina disagreed. She assured "Mike" that it was only a barbecue, and "Mike" could search Elijah's house. "Mike" was opposed and declared that he knew nothing about the layout of the house. Nina wanted him to improvise because she wanted Elijah stopped before he could inflict more damage on unsuspecting people. She thought that she and "Mike" made a great team.

"Mike" agreed but made it clear that Nina's plan would not be happening because it was dangerous. Nina refused to take "Mike's" orders and argued with him. "Mike" thought that once they told Lenny and Phyllis the truth, it would be over for Elijah. Nina promised to leave if something wasn't right. She received a text with Elijah's address, and "Mike" received a phone call to open a door for a beer delivery. He told her they weren't done.

When "Mike" eventually returned, Nina was gone. "Damn it!" he exclaimed. He left her a phone message and told her to call him back if she was with Elijah. He wondered where Elijah might have taken Nina. Soon after, a cop arrived. He announced that he had questions for "Mike." Elijah had claimed that "Mike" and Nina had broken into his office.

At Metro Court, Gladys heard a knock on her door. She assumed it was room service, and she opened the door. "Hello, Gladys!" Peter greeted her. Carly arrived later and was aghast to find her security guard gone. She entered the room and found a mess, with items strewn everywhere.

In the hallway at an undisclosed location, Cyrus informed Peter that he'd done well and received "points for expediency." Peter wanted to be kept updated on anything concerning Jason. He left, and Cyrus entered a room. Shortly after, he heard a knock. It was Brando. Cyrus announced that he had found a way to shut Brando's mother up. Gladys was sitting on a chair, bound and gagged.

Hours later, Peter took a tumble down some stairs and lay still on the landing.

Cyrus orders Brando to kill Gladys Cyrus orders Brando to kill Gladys

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Peter lay unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell.

Six hours earlier, at General Hospital, Peter spoke to someone on the phone and told them to meet him on the seventh floor. He ran onto the elevator just after Sasha and asked her if she had tired of the stairs. He noted that he'd seen her going into the stairwell with Brando earlier.

Sasha wondered if Peter was keeping tabs on her, and she informed him that what she did was none of his business. She got off the elevator at her floor as Peter continued up to the seventh. He recalled telling Cyrus that he had seen Sasha and Brando getting chummy, but he told himself to stay focused.

Sasha ran into Willow and asked her about Chase. Willow responded that Chase's symptoms had been severe, but he had been desperate to leave the hospital. He had been staying at the Quartermaine mansion, where he could be checked on. Sasha divulged that she was pregnant, as she assumed that Willow would hear about it, anyway.

Sasha admitted that the pregnancy had not been planned, and there was a chance that Lucy would be incorporating it into Deception. She asked Willow not to tell Michael, as she wanted to tell him herself. Willow gave her a funny look, and Sasha hurriedly added that Michael wasn't the father. "Got it," Willow replied. Sasha stated that things were complicated, and she was unable to reveal the father's name.

Sasha continued that the baby's father was a great guy, but things were complicated due to circumstances. They had been trying to figure out their relationship, although she didn't know the man well. They had started out as friends and had gone on to flirting. She confirmed that "one thing led to another," but she thought they could be good together. The man felt the same way. Willow declared that Sasha deserved to be happy.

Peter spotted Chloe and began to shout at her for being late. She urged him to "dial it down" and to stop yelling at her, or it would take longer to get what they needed. "Stuff the attitude, or I'll find someone else to handle the situation," Peter snapped. Chloe pointed out that Maxie was due any minute, anyway, but Peter ordered her to do what she had to do and to "make it quick."

Chloe announced that she had everything she needed and had been able to get drugs from the pharmacy under her real name. They were safe for pregnancy because she wasn't taking any chances. She promised to deliver Maxie's baby to Peter. He confirmed that he, Maxie, and the baby would be leaving Port Charles together to start a new life.

Peter made a phone call and told someone to keep the chopper available and ready.

At Maxie's place, she urged Spinelli not to tell anyone anything that she'd told him. Spinelli promised, and she assured him that her baby was really healthy. Spinelli reminded her that she had hoped not to say goodbye before she said hello, and he wanted to know what that meant. Maxie revealed that she had a plan to protect the baby from Peter. They were interrupted when Spinelli received a phone call from Carly.

Carly told Spinelli that she needed him, and she wanted him to meet her at Metro Court. Spinelli asked if it could wait, as he was in the middle of something with Maxie. Carly explained that she needed him to find Gladys, who would be able to save Jason and prove that Peter was guilty. She stated that it would be helpful to Maxie, too. Spinelli told Maxie, and she was all for Spinelli leaving if it meant that it would lead to Peter going to prison. They hugged goodbye.

Once alone, Maxie was glad that she hadn't told Spinelli the full truth. She was ready to move on as she packed her suitcase. She phoned Bobbie and confirmed that they would meet in Beechers Corners. She called the spa to confirm that her nurse would also be getting a full babymoon treatment. Lastly, she phoned Brook Lynn via their shared burner phones to confirm their plan. "Don't blow it," she told Brook Lynn. She knew that Brook Lynn was a skilled liar.

"We can do this, right?" Maxie asked her unborn daughter. The baby kicked in agreement. Maxie thought it would all be worth it. Chloe arrived with a wheelchair for Maxie, who argued that she didn't need it. Chloe noted that Maxie's blood pressure had been high, and it would be the wheelchair or no spa, and she'd have to tell Peter.

Maxie sat in the chair and spoke of not celebrating her babymoon in the chair. Chloe prepared a syringe and urged Maxie to stay calm. She jabbed Maxie with the needle, and Maxie was out immediately.

Carly met with one of her security guards in Room 808 at Metro Court. He told her that the guard on duty earlier had suffered a bump on the head, and there had been a commotion in the stairwell. Carly was determined to get Gladys back. The guard told her that Cyrus' properties were being checked, but not all of the addresses were known.

Spinelli arrived as Carly was straightening up the room. She told him what had happened and that Gladys was gone. It was obvious that Cyrus and Peter had been working together. She wanted Spinelli to locate Gladys' phone. Carly had also learned that someone had hacked into the hotel surveillance system.

Spinelli received the "ping" of Gladys phone location, and Carly retrieved the phone from under the bed. She informed him that Gladys had a burner phone, and that phone was missing. She hovered over Spinelli as he tried to work, and he asked her to stop. Eventually, he got the location, and Carly made a phone call. She knew where Gladys had been taken.

Britt and Jason returned to the Canadian lighthouse after Britt received her test results. She babbled nonstop as she stacked wood in the fireplace. She asked what difference it made if there was one more person to get a terminal illness diagnosis. She suggested that she check Jason's dressing, but he told her he was fine. She maintained that he always powered through, but she was unable to do the same with her diagnosis.

Britt apologized for her continuous talking about her test results, but it couldn't be changed. She listed all of the possible side effects that she might experience, from muscle loss to being unable to talk and needing care. She would die eventually. Jason urged her to keep talking, and Britt explained that she had never believed that a cure would be found. Jason suggested that it could be years before Britt experienced symptoms.

Jason told Britt that she was strong and healthy and had a clear mind. As tears rolled down Britt's face, Jason stated that he appreciated the moment. Britt pointed out how surprising it was that Jason had feelings. She admitted to having lied about the test. She said that not knowing had been torturous, but she had thought if she had been brave enough to take the test, she would get rewarded and be free of the disease.

Jason insisted that Britt had her whole life ahead of her, but Britt wondered if he was being cruel or just insensitive. She made it clear that she would have a slow deterioration, but Jason pointed out that one could get hit by a bus. He said that lots could happen, and there was no way to predict it. Britt continued to cry.

"Make the most of the time you have," Jason said. He went on to say that the genetic marker didn't tell Britt how she would live or die, and only she could decide. "So, treat every day as a gift," Britt said. Jason moved her hair out of her face. The couple drew close and began to kiss.

At the Tan-O, Officer Finchley told "Mike" about the break-in at Elijah's office. Elijah had claimed that "Mike" and Nina had been behind it. "Mike" noted that Nina was out on a date with Elijah, and he was worried that that would put her in danger. He tried to leave, but Finchley stopped him. He intended on questioning "Mike" first. "Mike" insisted there was no time.

Lenny walked through the door, and "Mike" told him that Nina could be in trouble because of Elijah. He admitted that he had no proof, but he and Nina had spoken to people in Corinth. Additionally, Elijah had been behind the vandalism and robberies around town. "Mike" explained how Elijah drove down real estate values through vandalism and robberies, bought property below market value, and then resold to developers.

Finchley had questions about the break-in, but Lenny asked what it would take to let "Mike" go. The cop suggested an alibi for the night in question, and Lenny offered to check his work logs. After Lenny departed, the cop told "Mike" that he had made serious allegations. Elijah's office had been broken into, as well as his computer. "Mike" insisted he was only a bartender and knew nothing about computers.

Finchley received a call about an open fire hydrant and had to leave. He promised to return for "Mike's" statement. Lenny returned and noted that he and Phyllis had been working during the evening in question. He wasn't sure what to do, but he had opened the fire hydrant in order to lose the cop. He would never forgive himself if something happened to Nina. "Mike" disclosed that Nina had gone to some kind of barbeque, but he didn't know where. Lenny pondered for a moment and realized it was Founders Day. There would be a barbeque in the park. He sent "Mike" on his way.

At the Nixon Falls Founders Day party in the park, Nina and Elijah sipped on drinks. Elijah admitted that he hadn't thought that Nina would go out with him again, because he'd thought that she and "Mike" were a team. He hadn't been sure the interest was mutual. Nina asked what kind of team Elijah was referring to, and Elijah replied that he thought she and "Mike" were close.

Nina clarified that "Mike" merely poured her a coffee in the mornings and wine in the evenings. Elijah confessed that he hated to see Nina "go down" with "Mike," who had broken into his office. "Mike" had been in his face since they'd met, and "Mike" was being questioned at that moment. Nina asked if Elijah had proof, and he replied that it was a hunch. He thought that "Mike's" past had been "less than spotless." Nina reminded him that Lenny and Phyllis trusted "Mike," but Elijah didn't think that "Mike" had been a good friend. He would apologize if he was wrong. Elijah suggested a walk to the pond, and Nina reluctantly agreed to go.

Once at the pond, Nina admitted that she loved the spot. She hoped there was no more trouble in town because there had been a lot lately. Elijah noticed that Nina was wearing the same earrings she'd been wearing the last time he'd seen her. She told him they had been a present from her deceased brother who had been murdered. Elijah was sorry. Nina told him the event at the dance had reminded her of that when the shots had been fired.

Nina asked why there had been so much crime, and Elijah thought she was suggesting that he had had something to do with it. Nina quickly told him it was time for her to get back, but he stopped her. Nina's purse dropped, and the papers she'd copied in Elijah's office spilled out. Elijah bent down to pick them up, and he glanced at them. "How do you like that!" he said.

Nina proclaimed that they were payouts that Elijah had made to various people involved in his schemes. Elijah was hurt and declared that the papers were private and privileged information. She grabbed the papers from him and announced that she would let the police decide. Elijah prevented her from leaving.

Brando was frisked by one of Cyrus' men in the location where Gladys was being held. His gun was taken. Gladys was muffled as she attempted to talk while her mouth was taped. Cyrus announced that Gladys had been about to betray him, and she had gone over to "the other side." Carly had convinced Gladys to go to the police with information that could damage Cyrus, and Cyrus wondered if it had had something to do with Sasha carrying Brando's child.

Brando exclaimed that Sasha had said that it wasn't Brando's baby, but Cyrus laughed and exclaimed that Sasha had lied in order to protect Brando. Cyrus wondered if it had happened to defy him because he had a "soft spot" for Sasha. Brando scoffed that Cyrus claimed to have a "soft spot" for someone who he had almost killed. Cyrus noted that they had already discussed Brando's inability to follow orders, and he supposed that Brando had confided in Sasha during "pillow talk." He assumed that Sasha had already asked Brando to stop working for him.

Brando told Cyrus to get to the point. He asked what Cyrus wanted in exchange for letting Gladys go. The binding was ripped off, and Gladys carried on that she hadn't done anything. Cyrus told his aide that he would have Brando shut his mother up permanently. He called Gladys a liability, and he didn't want Brando to be "obtuse." He thought that Brando would be able to make it as painless as possible for his mother.

Brando insisted that he wouldn't kill his mother, but Cyrus made it clear that Gladys would die. If it wasn't by Brando, then someone more loyal would do the job. He added that Sasha and her unborn child would then die, too. "Try me," he said. He called Gladys a parasite who only cared about money. She would sell herself to the highest bidder. She had told Sonny's family that Brando was dead, and he knew that Brando had tried to avoid her. He didn't think Gladys had any value, especially compared to an unborn child.

Brando glared and took the offered gun from Cyrus. Gladys cried as Brando pointed the weapon at her. Cyrus appeared to be deliriously excited. Brando cried, too. He turned and pointed the gun at Cyrus instead.

Gladys is shot; Maxie is kidnapped Gladys is shot; Maxie is kidnapped

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Peter tumbled down the stairs and lay unconscious at the bottom. Passports for him and Maxie were on the floor beside him.

Five hours earlier, Maxie sat in the passenger seat of a car as Chloe drove them to their destination. Maxie was out cold, and Chloe complained about the bumpy country roads. She noted that Peter would be meeting them.

In the foyer at the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn attempted to reach Maxie on the phone. She left a message that she was heading out but was interrupted by Valentin. Brook Lynn told him the new crib had arrived. "Everything's coming together," Valentin acknowledged.

Michael and Willow led Chase into the house. Chase announced that he had to sit down. Willow assured him that he would be there as long as it took. Brook Lynn was surprised to see Chase and more so when she heard that he would be staying. She urged him to get a room in a psych ward instead for further help. Chase revealed that Michael had invited him to stay. "Gee, what a great idea!" Brook Lynn groaned. Willow and Michael exchanged a glance.

Chase sat on a sofa in the study and found it difficult to stand up once he was down. Willow offered to fetch his pain meds. Chase thanked Michael for the invitation, although Michael promised there would be little peace and quiet. He handed Chase a glass of water. Chase was glad to be there for Willow's sake, because he assumed she would rather be home instead of at the hospital with him.

Michael was sure that Willow didn't regret the time she'd put in at the hospital, but Chase insisted that she could have been spending time with Wiley. Michael assured him that Wiley hadn't been neglected, but Chase felt it would be easier on Willow. She returned, and Michael left the room.

Michael ran into Brook Lynn in the foyer. She couldn't believe that Chase would be staying at the house and called it "a disaster waiting to happen." She reminded Michael that Chase was a detective, and he would notice the gazes and looks between Michael and Willow. He would figure things out. Michael insisted that he and Willow were just friends, but Brook Lynn warned him to be careful. "I got this!" Michael replied.

Willow sat on the couch next to Chase, and she reminded him that doctors wanted him to take it easy. He grabbed her hand and noted that he was more worried about her because she had been running herself ragged. Willow promised that things would get better. She covered him up after he fell asleep.

Valentin bounded down the stairs and admitted that he hadn't seen the crib. He had to pick up some forgotten documents on his way to a dinner meeting. He left the house, and Brook Lynn called outside for Yuri. She showed him some screws and told him she was worried that the crib hadn't been put together properly. Yuri agreed to take a look. Once he had gone upstairs, Brook Lynn grabbed an overnight bag from the hall closet. She opened the front door.

"Are we going somewhere?" Valentin asked as he stood on the other side of the door. He'd had to return Charlotte's school book to the house. Brook Lynn retorted that she wasn't his hostage, and she had planned on spending time at a friend's house. Valentin declared that he had enemies, and he wanted her to be more serious. Brook Lynn revealed that she had been followed while shopping, and she wouldn't leave without Yuri.

Valentin exclaimed that he thought he knew who had been having Brook Lynn followed, and he would take care of it. She told him she was waiting for Yuri, and she called out to the security guard. Valentin left, and Brook Lynn left right afterward. "Hang on, Maxie, I'm coming," she said.

Willow encountered Michael, who was coming down the stairs. Yuri ran down behind him for a special wrench and asked where Brook Lynn was.

In the Canadian lighthouse, Britt and Jason made out. After confirming that they were both sure, they began to remove each other's clothing. They stopped briefly once they remembered Jason's stitches, but they fell to the sofa and made love before the roaring fire.

Afterward, Britt sat up and noted that she hadn't expected to end her day in that way. It had been unexpected, and she thanked Jason, who frowned. Shortly after, Jason dressed, and Britt suggested that they deal with Peter. Jason agreed that he was ready after having had some time to recover. Britt wanted to continue along with him, but he told her she'd done enough.

It wasn't what Britt wanted to hear, and Jason insisted he hadn't meant what it had sounded like. She announced that she wasn't useless, and she wanted to know why he would leave her. She didn't know he was a "love 'em and leave 'em" type of man. Jason stated that he was not leaving Britt.

At Metro Court, Carly confirmed plans with her men as they followed through to retrieve Gladys from the warehouse where Cyrus had been holding her.

At the warehouse, Gladys whimpered as Brando pointed a gun at her. Slowly, he turned and trained the gun on Cyrus instead. He pulled the trigger, but the gun wasn't loaded. "Performance issues?" Cyrus asked sarcastically. Cyrus' henchmen arrived, and Cyrus pointed his own loaded gun at Brando. He was furious and shouted that he had always known that Brando had been Sonny's plant. He had given the young man many chances to choose the winning side.

"Brando, I regret to inform you that you failed your final test," Cyrus stated. Nervously, Brando replied that he had been willing to take orders until he'd been told to kill his own mother. Cyrus noted that Gladys was still breathing. He admitted that he would have done the same if he had been in Brando's shoes, but he was a firm believer in double standards. He assured Brando that neither Brando nor his mother would be leaving alive.

Carly received a call from Spinelli. He was in place in the warehouse with his equipment, and he was fiddling with his computer. He spotted Brando on the screen.

Brando knelt down before his bound and gagged mother. He told Gladys that he knew they hadn't seen eye to eye in the past, but he loved her. Gladys said she loved him, too. "Time's up!" Cyrus called out. Suddenly, a red laser pointer showed on Cyrus, and someone shouted. Gunfire erupted, and Brando grabbed Gladys and tried to take cover. Spinelli ducked in his hiding spot. He was okay, and Carly's men were there to get Brando and Gladys to safety. The others were gone.

Brando noticed that Gladys had been shot, and he didn't want to get her to a safe house. He picked her up and insisted he was taking her to the hospital.

Ava was looking for Cyrus at General Hospital, but she learned that he was gone for the day. Nikolas spotted her, and she claimed that she was there for paperwork for Avery. "Or you came to see Cyrus, didn't you?" Nikolas asked. Ava grimaced; she knew she'd been caught. Nikolas declared that he was there on Cassadine Industries business, but Ava knew better. She pointed out that they had agreed to handle things as a team, and they would have to get used to that.

Ava admitted that she'd thought that Cyrus would be receptive if she told him she was on his side, and Nikolas had had similar thoughts. Ava wanted to make a deal that she and Nikolas work together in the future, and they shook hands on it. She added that they had allowed Ryan to live, but Cyrus had to be taken out for good.

Brando ran into the emergency room with Gladys in his arms. Portia secured a gurney, and Gladys was wheeled away. Ava and Nikolas were nearby, and Brando told them what had happened. He didn't know who had been responsible for his mother's gunshot wound, but she had been trying to protect him. He had to find Sasha.

In the park in Nixon Falls, Nina struggled with Elijah, who wouldn't let go of her arm. She threatened to scream, and an enraged Elijah agreed to talk. He demanded to know why she and "Mike" kept getting in his way. He wanted to know what Nina knew about "Mike." Nina claimed that she didn't know anything, but Elijah didn't believe her. He shouted that Nina had never been real with him, and she'd broken into his office and seen and taken something that she shouldn't have.

Nina yelled that she and "Mike" wouldn't allow Elijah to take the Tan-O away from Lenny and Phyllis, but Elijah wondered how she would stop him. Nina snapped that "Mike" had a copy of the same bank statements and was giving them to the police as they spoke. That had been their plan all along, she added. "Damn you! You have ruined my life!" Elijah screamed.

Nina continued to try to free herself from Elijah's grasp. Suddenly, "Mike" showed up behind Elijah with a huge branch in his hand. After a couple of strikes, Elijah was down on the ground. Nina was hysterical, but she was thankful to see "Mike." They embraced. Officer Finchley arrived, and Nina explained how "Mike" had been able to knock Elijah out before he could hurt her. She told Finchley about the papers, and she claimed that they had fallen out of Elijah's pocket.

Nina went on to say that she had never seen the papers, but she and "Mike" had taken a look before the cops' arrival. The cop declared that "Mike" was still under suspicion for breaking into Elijah's office, but he admitted that he had no proof. The cop agreed that "Mike" was free to go for the time being, but he wanted statements the following day.

After the cops were gone, Nina and "Mike" were ecstatic. They hugged again, but Nina pulled away. She asked "Mike" how he'd found her, and he explained that when he hadn't been able to find her at the barbecue, he'd asked around for a top local "make-out" spot. It had been the second place he'd looked. He had wanted to stop Elijah, protect Lenny and Phyllis, and make certain that Nina hadn't been in danger. He stated that Nina was important. "Never leave me behind again," he said. He leaned in and kissed Nina.

"Mike" admitted he hadn't expected the kiss, but he was glad. Nina was awkward and stammered that she had to get home because it had been a long day.

Maxie woke up in an unfamiliar place. She looked around and noted that it wasn't the spa. She was lying on a couch in a living room somewhere. Chloe announced that there would be no pampering, and she confessed that she had drugged Maxie. She announced that it was the place where Louise would be born. Maxie exclaimed that her daughter wasn't due until the following week. Chloe related that Peter had "moved up the timeline," and Maxie hadn't needed to know.

Chloe maintained that Peter would be arriving, and she planned to induce Maxie. She had all of the necessary supplies, including an incubator. Maxie began to call for help, but Chloe chuckled. She suggested that Maxie save her strength. She readied a syringe and explained that they were in a town named Pautuck, and it was quite desolate. She concluded that Peter would be taking Maxie and the baby away, and he'd booked a helicopter. She asked Maxie if she wanted some tea.

Maxie replied that Peter was a killer, and he didn't like witnesses; he would eliminate them. Chloe laughed again. She didn't believe Maxie, and she called Peter crazy devoted. He wouldn't hurt them. Maxie noted that he was just crazy, and she couldn't be without her other children. Suddenly, she began to moan in pain. Chloe was hopeful that she wouldn't have to induce labor, after all. Maxie asked for some tea. When Chloe handed her the mug and warned her of the heat, Maxie accepted it and tossed it into Chloe's face.

Chloe grabbed her face and groaned. She stood up with the syringe in hand. Maxie got up with difficulty and grabbed a fireplace poker. "You will never get my baby, bitch!" Maxie promised.

"Greetings and salutations!" Spinelli said awkwardly to someone in the warehouse.

Carly rushed into the hospital as Brando frantically told her that he couldn't find Sasha. Carly informed him that one of her men had been protecting Sasha, and she was safe. Nikolas and Ava told Carly what they had observed after Gladys had been brought in. Carly told them that Cyrus had used Gladys to frame Jason and had tried to kill Gladys because she could testify against Cyrus. Carly dismissed Ava and Nikolas, but they agreed they weren't leaving.

Portia returned from surgery. She informed Brando that she had been required to report a gunshot wound to the police, and they wanted to talk to him. Brando looked over at Carly, and she nodded her head. He went off with Portia. Nikolas thought that he and Ava should leave, but she insisted on staying.

Carly received a phone call from an unknown number. Cyrus disclosed that she had something he wanted, but he had something that she wanted even more. Spinelli stood nearby with his mouth taped and his hands tied behind his back.

Maxie delivers her baby with help Maxie delivers her baby with help

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Peter lay unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell with blood puddled around his head. There were sounds of footsteps down the stairs, and someone in sneakers and blue scrubs stopped to look.

Four hours earlier, Peter left word with Chloe to let him know when she'd arrived at the house. He took a look at a couple of new fake passports and put them into his overnight bag. When there was a knock at the door, Peter quickly placed his bag out of view. He opened the door and was surprised to see Valentin, who wanted to know why Peter had been tormenting an innocent pregnant woman.

Valentin walked inside and made it clear that he suspected that Peter had been following Brook Lynn. Peter didn't know why he would have done so. Valentin informed Peter that he would kill Peter if he messed with Valentin's daughter or Brook Lynn. Gleefully, Peter asked how Chase had been and noted that that would also kill Chase in the process. "So be it!" Valentin replied.

Peter was aware that he was still breathing because of Valentin's "sentimental attachment to Anna" and that making trouble would be a death sentence. He insisted that he had not been following Brook Lynn. He knew that Valentin always prioritized, and Valentin would always put his children ahead of anyone else. Peter thought that everyone else would get sacrificed for them. Valentin admitted that he believed Peter and revealed that he had been watching over Chase while Anna had been out of town.

Valentin asked for another dose of the antidote in case of an emergency, but Peter refused because he would lose the upper hand. Peter confessed that while he thought of Valentin as an awful person, he had been a good father. He had shown Peter that it was possible, and Peter would do the same for his child. "Don't get in my way," Peter declared. Valentin thought it might be more difficult for Peter than he thought. He spotted Peter's hidden bag as he departed.

Peter retrieved his bag and declared that he would get the happiness he deserved. His daughter would get everything he had never had. He opened up a wrapped gift box and looked at a silver rattle inside. He dreamed of meeting his daughter for the first time. He replaced the lid and placed the box into his bag.

Valentin stopped to call Anna. He informed her that he thought Peter was about to "run for it."

In the house in Pautuck, Maxie grabbed a poker from the fireplace and struck Chloe in the legs. The nurse had already been struggling after Maxie had tossed a mug of hot tea in her face, and she went down. Maxie ran outside and began to call for help. She ran through the darkness and attempted to look for a road. She was in pain. "You can't be born yet!" she told her baby.

Back at the house, Chloe struggled to get up, grabbed the poker, and hobbled outside.

In the woods, Maxie continued to talk to her baby and said she was doing what she could to protect the baby. She couldn't believe that another one of her children was about to be born outside. "Better than what your father had planned," she said. She removed her sweater, placed it on the ground, and lay on top of it. She thought she'd heard that the third baby would come faster.

"Let's do this!" she exclaimed. Suddenly, there was light in her face. It was a half-dressed man, and he was loaded down with hiking gear. He resembled Franco. He told her there were bears in the woods. He quickly learned about Maxie's dilemma.

The man told Maxie that cell service was spotty, but he would be able to help her to deliver her baby. He introduced himself as Austin, and he revealed that he was a doctor. Maxie held out her hand and introduced herself, as well. The labor pains grew in intensity. Austin spoke to her calmly as he sat down and instructed her to breathe. He asked her pertinent questions and urged Maxie to bear down. Maxie screamed in pain.

Sam and Dante met up at the park for a softball game. They were on opposing teams and wore their team uniforms. Sam taunted Dante for making a comeback not only to the police force, but also to their softball league. She refused to share water with him and placed her foot on her cooler. Dante taunted back and asked if he'd seen Sam practicing her sliding or if she had actually been tripping.

Dante and Sam continued to bicker and rip into each other, and Dante pointed out that Sam's team from Aurora sucked. Dante mentioned that he was capable of rating players, and Sam asked about her own rating. While Dante pointed out her good qualities as a player, he criticized others. She begged him to help coordinate her batting stance, and Dante obliged. There was an awkward moment, and they drew apart. "Keep your eyes peeled," Sam ordered. She walked away. Dante received a call to get to the police station.

As Carly waited at the hospital for word on Gladys, she received a phone call from Cyrus. He told her that he had Spinelli, and he told Spinelli to say hello. Cyrus informed Carly that things would be fine as long as she handed over Gladys. Carly wasn't sure she had access to Gladys, but Cyrus gave her one hour to get to Pier 55 with the woman. Ava and Nikolas were standing nearby and watching, and they asked Carly about the call.

Carly refused to talk at first, but Ava guessed that Cyrus was holding someone hostage for ransom, and she wanted to help. Carly gave in and provided the update. Nikolas noted that Gladys was still in surgery, and Ava volunteered to be a stand-in. Nikolas exclaimed that he would not allow Ava to do that, but she had her mind made up. She noted that it was a good time because Cyrus had been sloppy recently. Carly agreed to set it up, but Nikolas declared that Carly wasn't really a mob boss. He argued with the women.

Ava reminded Nikolas that she had supported him even though she'd been against his choices, and she wanted his support in return. Nikolas said he couldn't watch, and he left. Carly told Ava that she didn't have to do it. "I know," Ava replied. Carly suggested that Ava meet up with one of her men, Trent, at the hospital entrance, and she thanked Ava. "I want the bastard taken down as badly as you do," Ava said. Carly called Brick and told him to assemble a team. She firmed up plans.

At the lighthouse in Canada, Jason informed Britt that he was not leaving her. He had to go for a few days, and he wanted her to trust him. He would be back for her. They shared a kiss. Britt decided that she would stay. She added that she didn't take orders or play the "damsel in distress." Jason clarified that he was asking her to stay, and he wanted to make things right. He felt responsible for her plight.

Britt hoped that she would have been able to figure things out and fought Cyrus on her own, but she had walked through Jason's "open door" of her own free will. It wasn't like her to depend on the man to fix things, and maybe she should try to fix it herself. Jason reminded her that Cyrus had sent men to her office to kill her, and she needed to stay safely at the lighthouse. He explained that it was his job to end things. He pulled her over to the couch, and they sat down.

Britt thought that Jason had been underselling himself as he told her how grateful he was for his job, and the way that Sonny had treated him. Sonny had needed an enforcer, Jason had had a certain skill with a gun, and he had used his skill set at certain times. He admitted he wasn't proud of his skill set, but he was grateful and able to protect those he loved. Britt could see that people probably made assumptions about Jason not being able to feel, but she could see that he did.

Britt accepted the fact that Cyrus would try to kill her, but after her diagnosis, she thought it could work in her favor. She pictured a horrible death in her future, anyway, and she regretted not "living like you're dying." She wasn't fearless like Jason, and she knew what lay ahead. She wiped away her tears. Jason stated that it was her choice, but he wanted to know her in six months. Britt wanted to know him, too. Just then, Jason received a phone call from Carly.

Carly asked to speak to Britt, and Jason handed her the phone. Carly asked how Jason was doing, and she wanted the truth. Britt replied that Jason had healed remarkably, and there was no danger of him bleeding out. Carly asked her to put Jason back on the phone, and she told him the situation. Carly stated that Cyrus would only deal with her, and she had a decoy. Jason suggested that Carly ask to see Spinelli first. He gave her further instructions. She had to drop the call to answer one from Brick.

Britt informed Jason that she'd lied to Carly about Jason's condition. He would die if someone punched him in the stomach. Jason had to leave, and they kissed again. After Jason had gone, Britt sat by the fire. She flashed back to making love with Jason.

Carly arrived at Pier 55 with her men and asked to see Spinelli. Cryus was in attendance with his own men, and Spinelli was pushed forward. He was still gagged with bound hands. Carly confessed that Gladys hadn't been cooperative. Nearby, Ava sat in a car as Trent stood close. Cyrus' henchman headed to the car while Cyrus told Carly that she should be grateful that he was taking Gladys off her hands.

Carly mentioned that there could be another way. "The wheels are coming off your bus," she told Cyrus. She stated that everything would be over for him, and everyone knew he was losing control. He would be exposed. She urged him to cut his losses and disappear after turning Spinelli over to her. Cyrus thought that Carly had been persuasive and complimentary, but she was out of her depth and not a leader.

Cyrus continued that they could go along as planned, or he could send her Spinelli's fingers. "Get Gladys," he said.

In the car, Ava complained that Carly was taking too long, but Trent declared that he only took orders from Carly. Suddenly, he announced that it was "showtime," and Ava got out of the car.

Back at the pier, one of Cyrus' men pushed a man onto the ground. He'd found him lining up a shot. It was Nikolas. Everyone drew guns. "Don't," shouted Carly. She'd had no idea that Nikolas was there. Cyrus yelled that she'd blown it, and he was leaving with Spinelli. He promised that the next time Carly saw Spinelli, he'd be in pieces.

"She's here!" Austin told Maxie after delivering her baby in the woods. He said that she was beautiful. Maxie asked to see her as Austin rummaged in his bag. She realized that Louise was not crying.

Jason's surprisal arrival doesn't stop Carly's plan from going awry Jason's surprisal arrival doesn't stop Carly's plan from going awry

Friday, May 28, 2021

In the hospital stairwell, Peter lay unconscious and bleeding on the landing. A nurse ran down the steps and kneeled next to him, checking his pulse.

Three hours earlier, Finn was working in the lab when Elizabeth entered and told him to take a break. He refused to rest until he found an antidote, as it was only him researching instead of the dozens of people it would be under normal circumstances. Elizabeth had faith that he could do. Anna arrived, "straight from the airport," and Finn informed her that Elizabeth knew everything. Anna revealed that Valentin believed Peter was planning on leaving town. Anna handed a file folder to Finn, hoping it would help, and she described it as a gift from Sean. She explained that there were detailed notes, and while it might not be the exact same toxin, they could be related.

Just then, Elizabeth's beeper went off. She announced that she was needed elsewhere and left. Anna asked Finn if he honestly thought anything in the file would be helpful, but his best answer was, "Maybe." He related that they wouldn't have a lot of time if Peter was really leaving. He thanked her for the file, as he knew it probably hadn't been easy to get. "It's the least I could do," Anna replied, and she left.

Willow and Chase entered the Quartermaine mansion, and Willow warned him that he was pushing too hard, too fast. Chase thought the fresh air had done him some good, but he wobbled on his feet. Willow got Chase steadied as Michael entered. They got Chase into the living room to rest, and Michael asked what Chase wanted to eat. Chase only wanted a pizza, which he thought would help him feel normal, so Willow and Michael left the room to get him his pizza. When they were gone, Chase tried to stand on his own, but he fell back on to the couch. He insisted to himself that he wasn't dizzy.

Outside the living room, Willow commented that it was harder than she'd thought having Chase live there. Michael insisted that they would put Chase first until he was better. A short while later, Willow and Michael returned after having made Chase his pizza. Willow was second-guessing Michael's decision to let Chase live there, as they were both putting their lives on hold. Michael thought that it was worth the sacrifice.

Chase unsteadily emerged from the living room and admitted that he hadn't thought about all the trouble Michael was going to to host Chase. He promised that, as soon as he was better and back to his own place, he and Willow would never impose on Michael again. Willow informed Chase that his pizza was ready, and then he needed to get some rest. Chase replied that he wasn't all that hungry, and he collapsed.

A short while later, Willow and Michael helped Chase off the elevator at the hospital. Elizabeth got a wheelchair, and she wheeled Chase, who insisted that he was fine, to a room. Willow watched as Finn gave Anna the file to hold onto, as he believed he would be needing it. In Chase's room, Chase admitted that he was a little dizzy, but he wanted to go home. Elizabeth announced that Chase's blood pressure was dropping.

A suspicious Willow watched Anna look through the file, and she asked Michael what he thought was in it. Michael didn't know, but he observed that Anna was treating it like the holy grail. Willow related that a miracle was what Chase needed. Finn retrieved the file from Anna, and he asked her to get more of the antidote. As Anna rushed off, Willow demanded to know what Finn had been keeping from Chase.

At the house in Beechers Corners, Brook Lynn went through Maxie's checklist of necessary items on her phone. She wondered where Maxie was, and she called and left a message for Maxie, asking as much. She dug the pregnancy pad out of her clothes and sighed in relief. Brook Lynn promised that Valentin would keep the baby safe from Peter.

In the woods, Austin held Louise, and Maxie asked to see her. She suddenly realized that Louise wasn't crying, and Austin worked on Louise with what little he had in his bag. Louise began to cry, and he handed her over to Maxie. Austin got up with his phone to try to get cell service so that he could call an ambulance for Maxie. "You can't! He'll find us!" Maxie yelled. Austin wondered who she was scared of and if he should also call the police. Maxie informed him that she needed to get to Beechers Corners, as she had someone waiting for her in the only place she would be safe. He promised to take her anywhere she wanted after she went to the hospital. Just then, Austin fell to the ground, and a fire poker-wielding Chloe appeared.

Maxie screamed at Chloe to stay away, but Chloe demanded that Maxie return with her to the house. Just then, Maxie claimed that Austin was waking up. When Chloe turned to check on him, Maxie kicked Chloe hard in the leg and ran off with Louise. Chloe limped after Maxie, cackling and taunting along the way. Maxie stepped onto a creaky wooden platform over some kind of shaft. She carefully moved to the opposite side and moved a couple heavy rocks on top of it. As soon as she was done, Chloe appeared, using the fire poker as a cane.

Chloe ordered Maxie to return to the cabin with her, but Maxie refused. She added that the only way Chloe would get Louise was to pry her out of Maxie's cold, dead hands. Chloe replied that she could do that, as Peter could find another mother for Louise. "Maybe I'll volunteer myself!" Chloe added as she ran onto the platform. The wood creaked loudly and collapsed under Chloe's weight. Maxie looked down into the shaft and noticed that Chloe had dropped her phone in the grass.

Maxie urged herself to remember the number of Brook Lynn's burner phone, and she did. She dialed the number, and a confused Brook Lynn picked up. Maxie babbled that she'd had the baby. They were both fine, but they were in the middle of nowhere. She continued that she was going to send Brook Lynn a pin, and she needed to pick Maxie and Louise up. Brook Lynn ran out of the house.

Sasha and a bodyguard got off the elevator at the hospital, and Brando ran over. She explained that Carly had gotten her the bodyguard, as she'd needed to get to Brando as soon as she'd heard about the shooting. She wondered what had happened. Just then, Jordan and Dante approached, wondering the same thing. Sasha reminded Brando that he didn't have to say anything without a lawyer present. Jordan just wanted to understand what had happened at the shootout, as two of Cyrus' men were dead.

Brando told Jordan and Dante about how Cyrus had abducted Gladys after finding out that she was going to recant her statement about Jason, and Cyrus had planned on killing both Gladys and Brando. Sasha explained that Cyrus had turned on Brando because, after having unreturned romantic feelings for Sasha, Cyrus had found out about his driver getting Sasha pregnant. Brando continued that shots had suddenly started, and he'd rushed Gladys to the hospital when he'd realized that she'd been hit. Jordan hoped that Gladys made a full recovery, and Brando and Sasha walked away holding hands.

Brando assured Sasha that she didn't have to stay, but she wanted to. He admitted that he was glad she was there. Sasha thought that Cyrus would be even more dangerous, since the police had a reason to arrest him. Brando vowed to keep Sasha and the baby safe, but she refused to let Cyrus intimidate her. "We're in this together," she told him.

On Pier 55, an angry Cyrus informed Carly that their deal exchanging Gladys for Spinelli was off, since Nikolas had tried to ambush him. As Cyrus ordered his men to take Spinelli back, a gunshot rang out. Jason appeared and growled, "Let him go, or I drop you." Just then, Nikolas attacked the guard holding him, and a shootout ensued. Jason hit the men holding onto Spinelli, who took the opportunity to run across the pier and join Carly in hiding. Jason and Cyrus shot at each other until Cyrus was hit, and he ran off. Jason shot the guard struggling with Nikolas. He called out for everyone to stay down, and he ran after Cyrus. He returned minutes later without finding Cyrus, and Carly gave him a hug. Ava arrived and hugged Nikolas.

At the hospital, Jordan and Dante discussed how many things they could charge Cyrus with as a result of Gladys' updated statement. Jordan would make sure that Gladys had a guard at all times, and she put the wheels in motion for an APB on Cyrus. Just then, Jordan got a text about the gunfire from the pier. Dante left, and Jordan approached Brando and Sasha to warn them that Cyrus was wounded and on the run. When Jordan was gone, Brando talked about all the time he'd spent complaining about his mother and how he'd never thought about how he would feel if he lost her. He added that Gladys had shaped his life. Sasha instructed him to tell Gladys that as soon as she was in recovery. Just then, the doctor approached, and Brando asked about Gladys.

At the pier, one of Cyrus' men woke up and slowly reached for the gun next to him. Carly scolded Nikolas for ruining her plan, but he refused to let anything happen to Ava. "My hero," Ava gushed. Across the pier, the man finally grabbed the gun and lifted it. Just then, a shot rang out, hitting the henchman, and Dante and two officers appeared at the entrance to the pier. Dante requested Jason's weapon, and Dante handed it to the officers, requesting ballistics tests. Carly chimed in that it had been self-defense, but Dante ignored her as he instructed the officers to tape off the crime scene.

Carly informed Dante that Cyrus was the guilty one, but he'd run off. Ava piped up that Cyrus had threatened Avery, so she needed to be with her daughter. Nikolas promised that they would give statements, so Dante let them go. Spinelli wondered if they could go, as well, and Dante figured that Spinelli and Carly could go, but not Jason. "We both know I have a job to do," Dante told Jason. "Then do it," Jason replied. Carly walked off to call Diane as Dante cuffed Jason and read him his rights.

Portia arrived at the Savoy in time to hear Curtis on the phone, asking for his liquor license to be expedited. When he was off the phone, Portia confided that she'd gotten a glimpse of the dangerous world he'd left behind. She told him about what had happened with Brando, Cyrus, and Gladys, and she felt like the violence followed her around. He took her hand, and he offered to make her a drink.

As Curtis made the drinks, Portia changed the subject to his club and wanting to book it for a graduation party for Trina and her friends after their traumatic year. Curtis thought he could use the party as a soft opening for the club, and he remarked that it would be fitting for her to be his first customer. He preferred to remember the year as one that a good friend had stuck by him. The two clinked their glasses and drank.

Portia thought about how she could have lost Trina to gun violence had it not been for Curtis. She thanked him for always being there for her and Trina when they needed him, and she leaned in to kiss him. She pulled away from a stiff Curtis and apologized profusely for misreading signals. She promised to get back to him about the party and left. "What was I thinking?" she asked herself.

Portia arrived home a few minutes later. She pulled out her key to unlock the door, but she found that the door was already unlocked. She cautiously opened the door and peered inside. She saw a trail of blood droplets on the floor and followed them in. The door closed behind her to reveal a bleeding and gun-toting Cyrus. "Welcome home, Dr. Robinson," he muttered.

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