General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 14, 2021 on GH

Shortly after Chase and Willow were married, Chase flatlined. Finn and Liz stashed Peter's body deep in the bowels of General Hospital. Cyrus was sent to a federal prison. Finn developed a new serum using Gregory's DNA. Laura refused to accept Jordan's resignation. Stella returned to London. Dante found Chloe's body.
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Cyrus was sent to a federal prison, and shortly after Chase and Willow were married, Chase flatlined
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Nina confronts Jax Nina confronts Jax

Monday, June 14, 2021

Maxie let Bobbie into her apartment and apologized for forgetting to call. Bobbie replied that Felicia had filled her in on everything, and she expressed her condolences for everything that had happened. The two sat down, and Maxie talked about Louise. She struggled uncomfortably with her bra straps, and Bobbie ran off to get something that would help. She returned with two bags of frozen vegetables, and a few minutes later, Maxie made use of the bags while under a blanket. Maxie didn't want her milk to dry up, as it would mean that Louise was no longer connected to her. She cried, thinking about all the things she hadn't yet been able to learn about her baby. She insisted that she was trying to stay positive, but she missed Louise.

Molly and T.J. found Stella at the hospital and caught her up on all that they were doing. She warned them not to neglect their relationship, and T.J. answered that he and Molly were good at juggling their schedules. Stella related the conversation to Jordan and Curtis and wondered how they were constantly holding "bedside vigils," but they couldn't make their marriage work. Jordan approached and answered that not wanting each other to die and making a marriage work were two different things. T.J. and Molly were heading off to visit their parents in Pentonville. T.J. hoped to be able to see Stella again, and he and Molly left.

Stella questioned why Jordan was letting T.J. waste his time on Shawn. Jordan reminded her that Shawn was T.J.'s father and that T.J. was an adult who could make his own decisions. "Speaking of a responsible adult making horrible decisions," Stella started, and she mentioned the divorce. Jordan gently told Stella that Stella needed to accept that the marriage was over, and Stella couldn't save it. Jordan added that, despite whatever Stella had done to "put a pin" in Portia and Curtis' relationship, Stella needed to let Curtis move on.

At the Pentonville library, Alexis asked Shawn for the date of his original sentencing, as she had questions about why the board had denied his parole. He admitted that Jason's stabbing had been mentioned, and because they'd both claimed self-defense, it had been a "he said-he said" situation. Alexis hoped that Molly, who was on her way for a visit, could help. Shawn related that T.J. was also on his way for a visit, and Alexis joked that the couple was having a "date night," visiting their parents in prison.

In the visiting room at Pentonville, Alexis and Molly picked up the phones on either side of the Plexiglass. Molly informed Alexis that the house was fine, and everything was going well. She wondered if Alexis had been monitoring her diet because of the osteoporosis, but Alexis answered that she was just eating what everyone else was. Molly suggested involving Diane, but Alexis refused. Having already landed a cushy assignment in the library, Alexis didn't want to push her luck. Molly agreed, "for now."

Alexis asked about Molly's job with the district attorney's office, and Molly gushed about how much she loved it. She admitted her disappointment that federal authorities had taken over Cyrus' case, as she'd wanted to be a part of "bringing him to justice." Speaking of the law, Alexis asked Molly for a favor. She requested Port Charles County sentencing records, which were public, from 2015 to the present, as she was helping someone solve a problem. Molly reminded her mother that it was illegal for prisoners to practice law, but Alexis insisted that she was just giving her "two cents." She cracked that she couldn't be disbarred again.

Alexis continued that she was just keeping busy and helping a friend, so Molly agreed to get the files for Alexis. Molly was glad to see Alexis' interest in the law returning. She also expressed how relieved she and T.J. felt about Shawn and Alexis having each other to lean on. Alexis commented that having someone there she could trust had been helpful. Alexis urged Molly to focus on her life and not worry about Alexis. Molly replied that she would always worry about her mother.

In another visiting room, Shawn and T.J. picked up the phones on either side of the Plexiglass. Shawn told T.J. that the prison was "buzzing" after news of Cyrus' arrest, and he figured that T.J. was proud of Jordan. T.J. mentioned the "high price," but he was proud of his mother for finally catching Cyrus, with Curtis' help. T.J. added that Curtis was recovering, and Shawn was glad to hear it, as he knew that Curtis was important to T.J.

Shawn divulged that he had some bad news, and he informed T.J. that his parole had been denied. T.J. was sad for himself and for Shawn. Shawn suggested that T.J. rethink visiting him, and Shawn hung up the phone and got up. T.J. banged on the Plexiglass, so Shawn sat back down and picked up the phone. Shawn explained that they couldn't have much of a relationship while he was in prison, but T.J. responded that he wanted his father in his life any way he could have him.

Later, Alexis and Shawn met up in the library. She said that Molly was terrific, and she asked about T.J. Shawn admitted that he'd suggested that T.J. visit less, but T.J. wouldn't hear of it. Alexis commented that they had great kids. Shawn advised Alexis to be careful while she helped her "friend."

Michael called Jax and informed him that Nina was with Wiley. "Satisfied?" Michael asked, and Jax thanked him. Michael demanded that Jax keep his end of the bargain so that no one would find out about Michael and Willow. He continued that Wiley was back in Nina's life -- and Jax would be out of Michael's. Michael hung up before Jax could answer.

At the gatehouse, Nina was telling Wiley how much she loved him when Carly arrived. Nina commented on how nice it was that his other grandmother had visited, too. Carly remarked that it was late, and she wondered where Michael was. Just then, Michael returned downstairs to retrieve Wiley for bed. Nina promised to see Wiley soon, and Michael took the boy upstairs. Nina talked about how grateful she was for the visit, and Carly informed Nina that Jax had pressured Michael into letting Nina see Wiley. Carly continued that she trusted Michael's judgment, but she vowed to find out about Jax's leverage.

Michael returned a few minutes later, and Nina thanked him for the visit. She suggested that she take Wiley out next time, and Carly chimed in that Willow should go, too. Nina agreed that she would welcome Michael and Willow if they wanted to join. She promised to see him soon and left. Carly immediately demanded to know how Jax had persuaded Michael to let Nina see Wiley, but Michael danced around the question. He only said that Jax had forced the timing, but he hadn't forced something that Michael hadn't already been considering.

Michael asked Carly if she was going to turn the business over to Jason, since his charges had been dropped. She answered that the business was no place for him, and it wasn't that simple, anyway. Michael talked about his younger siblings and how they needed Carly. She had every intention of being there for her children. Michael thought that the sooner she made it clear that Jason was in charge, the better.

Nina arrived at Jax's, and he was surprised to see her. "What have you done?" she asked. She wondered if he'd pressured Michael into letting her see Wiley, and he answered that he'd only convinced Michael to do the right thing. "At what cost?" she questioned, and Jax insisted that it had been worth it. She remarked that they were even, and she gushed about her visit with Wiley. He inquired if she was going back to Nixon Falls, and she answered that it didn't feel like Port Charles was meant to be her home anymore.

Elizabeth and Finn ran into Chase's room and found Willow there with Chase. Brook Lynn happened to arrive for a visit at the same time, and Chase exclaimed that they all had perfect timing. He announced that he'd asked Willow to marry him, and she'd accepted. Everyone congratulated them, and Finn thought it was good for Chase to have something to look forward to. Brook Lynn offered to help, and Chase commented that they wanted to get married as soon as possible, since he was terminal. Brook Lynn was shocked to hear it, and she turned her anger to Finn. Chase urged her not to give Finn a hard time, as he'd done everything possible to save Chase.

Chase said that he'd wanted to give Willow a lifetime of happiness, and Willow continued that they would spend all the time they had left being happy together. Chase decided that he needed a break, so Willow decided to go home and tell Wiley the news. Chase instructed Willow to tell Michael that he would be first on the guest list, as Chase couldn't get married without his best friend. Willow left, and Brook Lynn followed with a "question for the bride."

Chase asked for a minute with Finn, so Elizabeth excused herself to the lab. Chase demanded that Finn stop blaming himself for Chase's illness, but Finn vowed to find a cure. Chase knew that Finn would save many lives in the future, even if Chase's wasn't one of them. Chase clarified that he wasn't giving up, but he could feel himself losing the fight. He went on that, if he died, he needed to know that Finn would forgive himself. He urged Finn to be strong, as Chase would need help saying goodbye.

In the hall, Brook Lynn knew how difficult things were for Willow, but Willow stated that she loved Chase. "But you're in love with Michael," Brook Lynn shot back. Willow insisted that she and Michael had never set out to deceive Chase, but Brook Lynn assured Willow that she understood. Brook Lynn vowed to do whatever Willow and Chase needed her to do, as she genuinely wanted to help. Willow asked Brook Lynn to be a friend to Michael, as he would need one after Willow told him the news, even though he would understand Willow's actions. Willow walked off to talk to Michael, and Brook Lynn muttered a wish of good luck.

Brook Lynn returned to a sleeping Chase's room and commented, "Only the good die young." Chase woke up, and Brook Lynn regretted that he'd heard her. Brook Lynn sat down next to him and promised that she would be there for him, whether he wanted to be happy about his engagement or "rage" about the "crappy hand" he'd been dealt. Chase admitted that he was furious about his situation, and he should be starting a life with Willow instead of saying goodbye. He began to cry as he confided that he was scared, and he didn't want to die. She hugged him and tearfully told him that she didn't want him to die, either.

Finn entered the lab, and he told Elizabeth about his conversation with Chase. He didn't know how to not blame himself for Chase's death when it was his fault. Elizabeth hugged a crying Finn, and he refused to let Chase die thinking Finn was a hero. Elizabeth reiterated that Peter was to blame, and she took his hand. They shared a meaningful look, and Finn put his hand on her face. She took his hand off of her face and left the room.

Willow arrived back at the gatehouse, and Michael wanted to tell her all about Nina's visit with Wiley. Willow stopped him and said that she had news to share first. She informed him that Chase had asked her to marry him, and she'd accepted.

Willow tells Michael that she will marry a dying Chase Willow tells Michael that she will marry a dying Chase

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

At the Tano-O, "Mike" told Phyllis to stop working on her books because it was late. She replied that she was happy that business had picked up after Elijah's arrest, and that Lenny had gone to bed early. She thanked "Mike" for talking sense into Lenny, who had hidden his condition from her. "Mike" maintained that Lenny had been scared. Phyllis admitted that she thought of "Mike" as family, and he was honored. They shared a hug as Phyllis noted that she would have to figure out how to get along without him.

Phyllis assumed that "Mike" would follow Nina to Port Charles, although "Mike" insisted that he and Nina shared a connection but nothing more. They both confessed that they missed Nina, and Phyllis urged "Mike" to call and check on her. "Mike" declared that he hadn't wanted to seem pushy.

Nina paid a surprise visit to Maxie and offered to do anything she could to help Maxie find her baby. Before they were able to talk, Maxie received a phone call from Sam, and Nina went off to the bedroom to take photos of James. Sam revealed that she was at the country house in Pautuck where Maxie had been held, and she was determined to find out what had happened. She thought that her extra set of eyes might find something the police had missed.

Nina returned, and she and Maxie spoke about Peter briefly. Maxie turned down Nina's offer to hire security to keep watch over her. Nina showed Maxie her photos of James as they sat down on the sofa. Maxie asked about Nixon Falls and pointed out that Nina had been gone for months. She asked what had kept Nina away for so long.

Nina claimed that Nixon Falls was a cute town, and she'd felt comfortable in the countryside. Maxie was suspicious, and Nina mentioned her friends, Phyllis and Lenny. Nina's phone began to ring, and Maxie picked it up. "Who's Mike?" she asked as she eyed the caller ID. Nina wanted to let the call go to voicemail and claimed that she wasn't avoiding anyone. She was there to see Maxie, and it could wait. Maxie was curious and began to ask Nina questions.

Nina insisted that "Mike" was just a bartender at the Tan-O, the bar that Phyllis owned. She admitted that she had never believed that she would have a connection with someone there. James began to cry, and Maxie urged Nina to return the call while Maxie left to check on her son. Nina obliged, and she informed "Mike" that she had seen her grandson. He thought she sounded stressed, but she revealed that she was with her sister-in-law who had suffered a tragedy. She admitted it had been harder to return than she'd thought it would be.

"Mike" offered his help, although he didn't know anyone, and Nina assured him that he was just that type of person. She ended the call and laughed as Maxie returned. "I know that smile. You like him!" Maxie said. Reluctantly, Nina admitted that she had feelings for "Mike." She also revealed that she had returned to town because Michael had invited her to see Wiley. She knew that Jax had had something to do with it, but she had no intention of seeing Jax again. She also thought that a lot had changed since she'd left.

Maxie began to pepper Nina with questions regarding Brook Lynn's daughter, and Maxie insisted that they had bonded during their pregnancies. Maxie said that she felt okay talking about Brook Lynn's daughter. She asked if the baby was okay and taking her formula. Nina was worried about Maxie's fixation on Brook Lynn's daughter, but she assured Maxie that the baby was perfect and loved.

Maxie mentioned Brook Lynn's ordeal of giving birth, and it was Nina's turn to be suspicious. Maxie quickly covered and stated that she was talking about herself, and Nina suggested that Maxie talk to someone. She told Maxie to take a nap, and Nina would only be a phone call away. After Nina had gone, Maxie began to cry. "I can't do this. I need to see my baby," she said.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" informed Phyllis that she had been right in telling him to call Nina. She had needed to talk about her sister-in-law. Phyllis offered "Mike" her car so that he could drive to Port Charles to surprise Nina.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia found Ned sitting outside. He admitted that he had been thinking about Edward and Lila, and he liked to presume that they'd had something to do with Brook Lynn's new baby. He was ready to leave because it was late, but Olivia invited him to stay.

Inside, an obviously upset Brook Lynn told Valentin that Finn didn't have a cure, and Chase was going to die. She was a wreck. They spoke briefly about Peter and the idea that he'd cost Maxie a lot and had better stay away. Suddenly, Brook Lynn grew concerned about her daughter, and Valentin assured her that "Bailey" had been fed and was asleep. Brook Lynn was grateful. "She's my baby, too!" Valentin replied.

Ned and Olivia wandered in and found Brook Lynn alone and upset. Ned knew it was about Chase, and Olivia suggested that Brook Lynn get a good night's sleep. Brook Lynn revealed that Valentin was with the baby. Ned announced that with Brook Lynn having her shares back, he'd called an emergency board meeting with ELQ. They would be able to oust Valentin as CEO. Just then, Valentin returned. He asked whether it would be Ned or Michael who would replace him.

Valentin thought that a vote could be embarrassing because the company had been thriving. Brook Lynn suggested a delay, but Ned refused. Valentin began to disagree, but Olivia ordered him to stop. Ned was impressed with Olivia's intervention as she went on to say that Valentin was trying to pit Michael and Ned against each other. Valentin was certain that the two men would split the vote, and he would still win. He returned to the baby.

Olivia couldn't believe the two different sides of Valentin, although Ned admitted that he had a point. Olivia knew that Ned wanted to be CEO again, but Ned claimed that he only wanted the family to be united against Valentin. He had realized that there were more important things than work.

In the gatehouse, Willow told Michael that Chase was dying, and Finn had confirmed it. There had been hugs and tears, and Willow confessed that Chase had asked her to marry him. She'd said yes. As they sat entwined on the couch, Willow exclaimed that Chase's time was running out. She thought he deserved for her to be his wife. "Even if it's a lie?" Michael asked.

Michael pointed out that he and Willow were stuck in a mess. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions," he said. Willow asked if he regretted falling in love with her. Michael called Willow the best thing to ever happen to him, but he was frustrated. Willow was, too, but she wanted his opinion. Michael felt that it was all about what Chase needed, and Willow agreed that she couldn't say no. "You can't," Michael replied.

Willow wasn't sure that she would stay in the gatehouse, although she would make time for Wiley. She preferred that Michael would not be around, and she hoped he understood. Michael admitted that his heart didn't agree, but he would do it. Willow was tearful, and the couple shared a lingering kiss. They expressed their love for each other, and Michael left. Willow sat down and sobbed.

Michael returned to the house and related that it had been a long day. Ned told him that a discussion about an emergency meeting was needed. As Ned continued to talk, Michael blocked him out and turned to peer out the window at the gatehouse. Willow continued to sit and cry in the dark.

In Pautuck, Dante was surprised to find Sam in the house where Maxie had been held hostage. She asked what had taken him so long, and he reminded her that he had other cases. They proceeded to bicker and taunt each other, as usual, and Dante declared that he wanted to meet the owner of the house. Just then, Austin walked in and announced that he was the owner.

Austin and Dante introduced themselves, and Dante made it clear that Sam was not a cop. Sam realized that Austin had been the doctor who had delivered Maxie's baby, and she thought it an odd coincidence that he owned the house where Maxie had been held. Austin noted that he owned several properties in the area, but he'd had nothing to do with Maxie's kidnapping. He added that he had an agency who oversaw his properties.

Dante and Sam both questioned Austin, who proclaimed that he lived a couple of miles away and had found Maxie on his daily hike. They found it peculiar that Austin had tended to another patient earlier the same day and had proceeded to go on his hike. Austin called them cynics and pointed out that they should be happy that he had run into Maxie. Dante pointed to a hidden camera and asked Austin about it. Austin replied that he knew nothing about it.

Dante received a message and disclosed that the local cops had footage from the hidden camera. Austin repeated that he had nothing to do with Maxie's kidnapping, and Sam wanted to watch it. They all viewed it shortly after, and Austin was not present in the film. Austin stated that Maxie was a strong woman, and Sam agreed. Dante suggested that Austin leave in order for him and Sam to talk.

Once Austin had gone, Dante told Sam that he believed that Maxie had lied. Outside, Austin read the announcement of the emergency ELQ board meeting on his tablet.

Jason got dressed in his room at Metro Court and made sure that his revolver was tucked into his waistband. He headed to the restaurant, where he ran into Carly. He responded to a text message, which she was curious about, but Jason assured her that he was handling things. She reminded him that everything had gone through her while he'd been gone. He spotted Britt stepping off of the elevator, and they locked eyes.

Britt greeted Carly and Jason, and she mentioned that Cyrus was being shipped off to federal prison. She asked Jason about his stitches, and Carly thanked Britt for taking care of Jason. She pointed out that Britt could run the hospital without fear. Jason noticed Britt tensing her hand, and he told Carly that he needed to talk to Britt in private.

Britt was thankful to Jason for sending her mother to be with her in Canada, and she admitted that she was trying to deal with her diagnosis. She thought it was put into perspective when she considered all that Maxie had been going through. She had been reminding herself to stay in the moment, and she thought that Canada was a thing of the past. It was time to move on.

Ava sipped her martini at the bar and told Nikolas that the good part about having to leave their home and stay in the hotel was the easy access to the bar. Nikolas wasn't happy that they'd been chased from their home, and he promised that they would not break up. Ava exclaimed that Dante had suggested that Nikolas would be safer without her, but Nikolas refused to leave Ava. He declared that she was worth the risk.

Nikolas ordered another round of drinks and asked the bartender to deliver them to a table. Ava left her purse behind, and the bartender slyly opened it.

Ava and Nikolas sat at a table, and Ava pronounced that it was her belief that Ryan was behind the threats, although she would consider that it was one of Nikolas' exes. The bartender arrived with drinks and Ava's purse, and Nikolas assured Ava that Elizabeth wasn't the stalker type. Ava thought it was curious that Nikolas had mentioned Elizabeth, and she opened her menu. Nikolas stressed that Elizabeth was his only ex in Port Charles, but Ava gestured her head toward Britt.

Jason reminded Britt that they were no longer fugitives, and Canada had not been a "one-off" for him. Britt felt the same way. Nikolas rudely interrupted to talk to Britt, and Jason was not pleased. He accused Nikolas of almost blowing the deal to have Spinelli rescued, but Nikolas refused to apologize. Cyrus was finally in prison, and a lot of people had taken part in that. Jason ordered Nikolas to stay out of his business. "You mean Carly's business?" Nikolas asked.

Nikolas wanted to talk to Britt alone, and she agreed. Jason walked away, and Nikolas sat down at the table. He disclosed that he'd heard that Britt and Jason had been hiding on Cassadine property, and he had been surprised that Britt had remembered the place. He asked her what game she was playing. Britt had no idea what he was talking about, and Nikolas divulged that he and Ava had received threatening packages.

Nikolas recalled that Britt had "played dirty" in the past. Britt insisted it hadn't been her, and she suggested that Ava had been staging the deliveries. She ordered Nikolas to leave her alone.

Ava poked fun at Jason and told him she was aware that Carly had taken over for Sonny. She wondered if Carly would be willing to give the control back to Jason. Carly and Jason stormed away from Ava's table.

Nikolas and Ava stepped onto the elevator, and he offered to call room service. Ava replied that she'd lost her appetite, and Nikolas proceeded to flirt.

Jason returned to Britt, and she told him about Nikolas' accusations. He grabbed her hand, and a disturbed-looking Carly saw them.

The bartender made a phone call and told someone that he'd managed to snag the key to Nikolas' room.

Cyrus heads to federal prison Cyrus heads to federal prison

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Jason walked into Carly's kitchen as she was pouring some coffee. She poured him a cup and told him how much she had been enjoying his stay at the house. Jason replied that he thought it was best, given the transition of power in the business. She knew that he still had to see Sam and the kids, and Jason assured her it had been arranged. "Well, what about Britt?" she asked.

Carly admitted that she'd seen Jason holding Britt's hand. Before they were able to continue the conversation, Brando walked in and apologized for the interruption. He was also sorry for all the trouble that Gladys had caused, but Jason assured Brando that he hadn't been responsible for it. Brando revealed that Gladys would be staying with him for a while once she was released from the hospital. Carly maintained that Gladys had "stepped up," even though it had been after she'd been threatened.

Brando wanted to discuss his future, since Cyrus' organization had fallen apart, and he was familiar with the inside of Cyrus' business. Carly disclosed that with Jason back, she would no longer be playing an active role in the family business. Jason pointed out that Brando had a baby on the way, and he had his garage. Jason thought that Brando should do whatever was best for Sasha and the baby. Carly made it clear that Brando was still family. Brando confessed that it had been the first time he'd felt like he had been making a difference in a long time.

After Brando was gone, Carly asked Jason if she'd been wrong to display a show of force at the meeting of the Five Families. He thought he would have done the same thing. Carly moaned that the whole year had been crazy. It sometimes felt like a lifetime since Sonny had been gone, but at other times, it felt like he was still there. Jason thought it might not be clear to the other families as to who was currently in charge of Sonny's business. They hugged.

At General Hospital, Stella grumbled about the fact that Curtis was being released so early from the hospital after all he'd done for the town. She was sorry that Curtis hadn't aimed higher at Cyrus. Curtis informed her that he'd been given a choice to "stay put" in his room at Metro Court, and he preferred that over the hospital. He wondered why he hadn't seen Portia, and Stella had been his only visitor.

Nina arrived and offered to help. She hugged Curtis and told him she'd had to check on him to make certain that he was okay. She was sorry that she hadn't been there for him but always would be. Curtis revealed that he hadn't been alone, and Nina pressed for more information. Curtis hesitated then proceeded to list his family members. Stella left the room to handle Curtis' paperwork, and Nina guessed that Curtis had been referring to another visitor.

Curtis disclosed that he and Portia had grown closer, although he had pulled away after she'd kissed him. He thought he had missed his chance. Afterward, Portia had claimed to have not been thinking clearly, and she'd only wanted to be friends. Nina pushed for more answers, but Curtis wanted to talk about Nina. She told him she'd returned to visit with Wiley and would stay for a short while. She missed Nixon Falls, but she wasn't sure she had a cleared head. She flashed back to her kiss with "Mike."

Nina asked Curtis if he thought that Portia's reaction had been because of his own reaction. Stella returned and listened through the door as Curtis told Nina that Portia had been by his side when he had first opened his eyes. He thought that something had been there between them, and then it had been gone. Stella walked in with the discharge papers, and Nina volunteered to deliver dinner to Curtis the following evening. She left, and Stella offered Curtis her place. She was headed back to London but would return for business of her own.

Jordan stopped into Cyrus' room, and he snapped that it was about time she showed up. "And for the first time ever, I couldn't agree with you more," she replied. She admitted that she was there to gloat that he would be going to federal prison. Cyrus reminded her that he still needed a trial, especially because Jordan had some unreliable witnesses. Jordan was sure that a jury would listen to her.

Jordan revealed that charges against Taggert had been dropped, and she had been granted full immunity. She added that Cyrus was done. Cyrus reminded her that she would have to include her own cover-ups, and her reputation would be in "shambles." Jordan agreed, but she wouldn't forego justice; she wanted to see to it that Cyrus lost.

Cyrus suggested that Jordan not underestimate him, and he asked if she would still feel safe. Jordan announced that he would be going to a federal prison in the Midwest, away from all of his contacts. As they spoke, federal agents arrived in order to move Cyrus to a medical facility in his new home, where he'd have plenty of time on his hands.

Britt encountered Elizabeth at the nurses' station and asked who had authorized Curtis' release. Elizabeth was having flashbacks to several recent incidents, and Britt realized that the nurse was distracted. Elizabeth snapped at Britt, but Britt asked why Finn had put Elizabeth on his permanent rotation.

Gregory joined Jackie on an outdoor patio. She admitted that she'd wanted to be alone to cry and have some caffeine, and Gregory admitted he'd had the same idea. Jackie had thought that Chase would be okay, but instead, they were talking about hospice. "No parent should outlive their child," Gregory said. He was grateful that he and Jackie had raised Chase together, even though she had lied to him. He had enjoyed being Chase's father. "You and I will always, always be family," he said.

Sasha stopped into Chase's room and apologized for not seeing him sooner. Chase admitted that Willow had updated him on all current events, and he told her that he and Willow would no longer have secrets after their marriage. Sasha was taken aback, and Willow revealed that the marriage would be as soon as possible. Willow left the room to fetch Chase some water, and Sasha followed her. She asked Willow about the marriage.

Willow confessed that she wanted Chase to be happy before he died. Sasha declared that while Willow might love Chase, she was in love with Michael. Willow admitted that Brook Lynn had said the same thing, and Sasha wondered if Willow would marry Chase if he wasn't sick. Willow replied that it didn't matter, and she wanted Sasha's support. Sasha consented, and they hugged.

Anna found Finn, and he informed her that the antidote he'd created hadn't worked. She vowed to locate Peter in order to secure the antidote from him. "You're never gonna find him," Finn told her as he ran from his office.

Laura asked Portia how she and Trina were doing, and Portia told her they were okay. She stated that Curtis was getting discharged. Laura wanted to know about a relationship between Portia and Curtis because she knew that there had been something going on between them. Laura quickly apologized for prying, but Portia told her that she and Curtis had had a good talk. Portia remembered Stella telling her to back off, and she told Laura that they'd decided not to risk their friendship.

Finn and Elizabeth smacked into each other in the corridor, and Finn told her how sorry he was for previously acting like an idiot. Elizabeth reassured him that nothing had happened. Finn couldn't believe he had killed Peter, and Elizabeth replied that Peter had had it coming. She knew that Finn would save Chase, and she urged him to keep trying. Finn thought it was hopeless; he had been certain that his DNA mixed with Jackie's would have been the solution.

Anna bumped into Britt and asked to see security footage from the night that Maxie had been brought into the hospital. Britt confessed that a rumor existed that Cyrus had shut down the cameras, and Anna guessed that Peter had left by an unmonitored exit. Britt didn't think that Peter could have made it out unseen, but she noted that there were stairs that led to the roof. Anna assumed that Cyrus would have used the Medivac to move drugs from there, and she thought it was worth checking out for Peter's possible escape route via helicopter.

Gregory, Jackie, and Finn visited Chase. He was trying to stay strong for his wedding. Suddenly, Chase began to cough up blood, and Finn secured an oxygen mask on his face. Sasha and Willow joined the group. Portia arrived and gave Elizabeth instructions. Chase asked how bad it was, and reluctantly, Portia admitted that Chase was quickly approaching organ failure. Chase demanded to know how long he had, and Finn urged him to fight, or he wouldn't make it through the night.

Portia exclaimed that Chase wasn't a statistic yet, and it wasn't over. Finn was sorry that he hadn't been able to save Chase, but Chase was grateful that he'd tried. Finn told him not to give up, and he stormed from the room.

As Cyrus was wheeled out of his room, he spotted Laura and asked to be able to speak to his sister. Jordan made it clear that she and none of the agents would grant him privacy. Laura acknowledged that the hospital board was in the process of stripping Cyrus of his position. She accused him of squandering opportunities to do good for people, and she thought it was sad.

Cyrus noted that he was aware that she had grown friendly with Martin, and Laura agreed that was a good thing. She added that Cyrus would never be family. Cyrus taunted that he was in Laura's head, and he'd reignited the darkness that existed there. He couldn't wait to see what they both had in common. Cyrus was wheeled off, and Jordan warned Laura not to allow Cyrus to get to her because she was nothing like Cyrus. Laura knew that Jordan was right, and she was glad the nightmare was over. Jordan wanted to tender her resignation.

Britt ran into Elizabeth again and apologized. She also wanted to make things right and have Elizabeth back at the hospital full-time. It had been long overdue. She would also make sure that Anna received aid from the hospital in her search for Peter.

Jackie went after Finn and found him by the elevator. She urged him to stop blaming himself for Chase's condition. Suddenly, the elevator doors opened, and Cyrus was sitting in his wheelchair, accompanied by a couple of agents. He jeered that he was sorry about Chase, and he was happy that Chase's true paternity had been revealed before he died. "Hell is too good a place for you. Enjoy it, anyway," Jackie retorted. Instantaneously, Finn appeared to be deep in thought. He turned and ran off.

Gregory told Chase not to give up. Chase wanted to talk to Willow alone, and she took Gregory's spot when he stood up. Chase was glad they'd already gotten their marriage license. He wanted to get married immediately.

Elizabeth recalled the chain of events after Finn had pushed Peter down the stairs. They had stood by his body, and she had told Finn that Peter had been to blame. She had spotted the overhead camera and had realized that it hadn't been on. She had suggested they move Peter's body to a sub-basement lab. The elevator on the roof would get them there until they were able to move the body later. They had dumped Peter into the freezer.

Anna reached the rooftop and began to look around. She spotted the self-service elevator after moving a barrel and shoving a gate out of the way. The door was secured.

Back at Carly's, Jason received a phone call from Britt. She told him that Cyrus had been wheeled out, and his reign of terror was over. "Good," Jason replied. Britt joked that Jason's simple response was his "shout of triumph." She guessed if they saw each other again, it would be because they would want to. "I guess it is," Jason said. He ended the call. "Britt again? What's going on?" Carly asked.

Finn makes a new serum for Chase Finn makes a new serum for Chase

Thursday, June 17, 2021

At Carly's, she told Jason that it seemed like he and Britt had a connection. He replied that she'd saved his life, and he was grateful. Just then, his phone rang, and he answered the call about a "problem." When he got off the phone, he informed Carly that their shipment from the night before hadn't made it to its destination. He commented that he would figure it out with Brick. Carly advised him to let her know if he needed anything, and he left.

Britt opened the door to her office and thought back to the attack. "In or out?" Liesl demanded, and the two women entered the office. Liesl acknowledged that Britt had suffered a trauma in the office, and she suggested that Britt get a weapon, just in case. Britt replied that Cyrus was gone, so the threat was over. However, Liesl begged to differ, as Peter was still out there.

Britt didn't think that Peter would be stupid enough to return to the hospital. Liesl thought she would feel better knowing that Jason was committed to Britt's safety, and she compared Britt and Jason's situation to her own with Scott. Britt insisted that the two situations were nothing alike, and Liesl shouldn't worry about her. Liesl believed that "further action is required," so she advised Britt to watch her back, and she left.

Later, Carly arrived at the hospital to drop off a form Josslyn needed for volleyball, and she stopped to talk to Britt. Carly thanked Britt again for saving Jason. Britt commented that she'd seen firsthand how close Carly and Jason were, and she imagined that Carly wondered about how close Britt and Jason were. Carly admitted that she'd seen that there was something between Britt and Jason, and Britt wondered if that would be a problem for Carly. Carly shot back that she wanted to make sure it wouldn't be a problem for Britt. Carly cited the "heightened circumstances" for Britt and Jason's closeness, and she didn't want Britt to be disappointed if she'd been expecting more from Jason. Britt answered that she was only looking forward to whatever was next, and Carly left.

At Pozzulo's, Jason explained on the phone that their driver had disappeared in New Jersey. He concluded that he would talk to the person more when they arrived, and he hung up. Just then, Liesl entered, wanting to talk to Jason. She questioned when Jason was going to "rid the world of Peter." Jason replied that he had people out searching, and Liesl assumed that Peter would be eliminated if found. She related that she wanted to make sure that whatever time Britt had left was good, so she needed to keep Peter out of Britt's life. She added that she didn't trust Anna to kill Peter if Anna found him, so it comforted her to know that Jason would.

At the hospital, Josslyn limped her way over to Trina, who asked about Josslyn's prognosis. "Not good," Josslyn answered glumly. "Just kidding!" she yelled, disrupting some nearby nurses, and she explained that she'd been given the all-clear to start training with PCU's volleyball team. She added that she had to wait for her physical therapy referral before they could go. Trina teased that Josslyn was "evil" for playing the trick, but she was relieved to have some good news. She added that they had even more to celebrate, since Cyrus was gone.

Josslyn and Trina's conversation turned to Cameron, and Trina was glad that the three friends would be attending PCU together. Just then, a nurse approached with Josslyn's referral. When she was gone, Trina instructed Josslyn to straighten things out with Cameron soon. Josslyn promised that she would, but they had "more important things to do" first.

A short while later, Trina and Josslyn arrived at Josslyn's with their caps and gowns. They talked about how excited they were to start college. Trina wanted to make a pact that, with college giving them a chance to start over, they would "dive into our future, starting today." The girls tried on their caps and gowns, and Josslyn played "Pomp and Circumstance" on her phone so they could practice their walks for their graduation ceremony.

Jordan and Laura arrived in Jordan's office, and Jordan grabbed an envelope from her desk. She handed it to Laura and revealed that it was her resignation as commissioner of the PCPD. Laura didn't think it was the right time, as Jordan had just won big with Cyrus going to jail. Jordan believed that Cyrus being in Port Charles in the first place was her fault, and she would never forgive herself for it. She added that, as mayor, Laura shouldn't, either. Laura admitted that she didn't condone the lines that Jordan had crossed, but she understood the rationale.

Jordan continued that she and Taggert had made immunity deals with federal authorities in exchange for their testimonies against Cyrus, so their actions would soon be public record. Laura acknowledged how Jordan was owning up to her mistakes, and she didn't think a resignation would be for the greater good. She believed that the people of Port Charles would even empathize with Jordan, who Laura didn't think could be easily replaced. Laura urged Jordan to stay. Jordan agreed to stay, but only if Laura would gauge how the public really felt about Jordan's actions once the truth surfaced. Jordan took the resignation letter back and thanked Laura for her faith, and the two embraced.

Elizabeth stepped out onto the roof and walked around, looking for Anna. As she looked to her right, she saw a bloody Peter walking toward her. She blinked, and he disappeared. She kept walking and found Anna trying to open the door to the elevator that went down into the secret lab under the hospital. Anna explained that she thought the old elevator was the key to figuring out how Peter had gotten out of the hospital, undetected. Elizabeth claimed to have forgotten about the lab.

The conversation turned to Chase, and Elizabeth thought that she and Anna should be offering Finn support instead of going on a wild goose chase for Peter. Anna invited Elizabeth to go, but she needed to figure out where Peter had gone. She admitted that she felt less helpless when looking for Peter. Anna wondered if there was another way into the lab, which caused Elizabeth to remember her and Finn putting Peter's body into a freezer. Elizabeth answered that the lab had been sealed off after Olivia Jerome had kept Griffin hostage there, so it was inaccessible. She insisted that Anna would find nothing underneath the hospital and suggested looking into the helipad instead.

A short while later, Anna got off the phone with her connection at the FAA. She explained that there had been one unauthorized approach to the hospital on the day Peter had disappeared, but it had never landed, so he'd never gotten on. She thought that her next move would be to investigate the helicopter and the pilot. Anna and Elizabeth walked back to the roof entrance, and Elizabeth hoped that Anna found peace. Anna wished the same for Elizabeth and left. Elizabeth ran back to the elevator door.

With the DNA results on the desk, Finn was running around the lab when Gregory arrived, wondering why Finn wasn't spending time with Chase. "I think I know how to save Chase," Finn blurted out. He told a confused Gregory that he'd figured out why after his encounter with Cyrus. He explained that the serum hadn't worked because he'd used his own DNA instead of Gregory's. He believed that Chase was Gregory's son.

Gregory protested that science didn't lie, but Finn countered that the "human element is easily corruptible." He admitted that he'd always had a "vague suspicion" that the test had been tampered with. Finn believed that Cyrus had tampered with the test to get back at Jackie for publishing the unflattering article about Cyrus that she'd interviewed Florence for. Gregory feared what would happen if Finn was wrong, but if there was a chance to save Chase's life, he told Finn, "Let's do it."

A short while later, Finn disclosed that he'd put a rush on the new DNA test with a lab tech that he knew, and he'd sent a backup sample to someone he trusted at another lab. Gregory thought there wasn't time to wait, so he urged Finn to make a new serum with Gregory and Jackie's DNA. Finn agreed to make it, but he refused to give it to Chase before the results returned, as it would probably kill Chase if it was wrong.

Later, Finn had finished making the serum, and he assured Gregory that it would be ready for Chase as soon as they got the DNA test results back. Gregory was grateful that he and Finn were fighting for Chase together. They talked about how the first DNA test had affected them -- and how the second one was about life and death.

Willow and Chase get married Willow and Chase get married

Friday, June 18, 2021

At Pozzulo's, Carly and Brick rebuked Jason for not following through on their original plan to escape from the hospital. Brick related some bad news. Not only had they lost a shipment, but one of their people had sold out. The driver had made a deal with the Novak family, who had offered to pay him double. Jason informed the others that the driver, Don Metz, had been with the family for a year.

Brick continued that the Novak family had been telling the other families that the Corinthos clan was weak. Carly didn't understand because the other families had accepted her at their meeting. Jason maintained that Carly was an outsider because she'd never been involved in the business in the past. Brick disclosed that Novak had asked who was in charge, and Carly stressed that she had been in the process of handing everything over to Jason.

Brick declared that other people expected Jason to push Carly out in order not to look weak. Jason added that the perception of weakness would lead to a challenge and would escalate. Brick asked Carly if she was ready for another war. Brick had to leave, but he was sure that Jason and Carly would resolve things.

After Brick had gone, Jason agreed that he had looked weak. Carly recalled Cyrus telling her that it would be a "cakewalk" to take over the business, and if Jason didn't do so, he would be "devoid of ambition or in my thrall." Jason thought it would take some time.

Willow encountered Sasha in the chapel at the hospital. Sasha had decorated the room for the wedding. Willow admitted that she was nervous, but she thought that she was doing the right thing. She explained that she would be sitting in a chair next to Chase's wheelchair during the ceremony. Sasha knew that Willow was in love with Michael, but she apologized for mentioning him. Willow understood and replied that she loved Chase, too, and their wedding was the last gift that she would be able to give him.

Sasha handed Willow a box that contained a multi-colored, but mostly blue, butterfly pin. She had received it on her 16th birthday from her grandmother and wanted it back. She explained that it fit all the requirements for something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

In Chase's room, he told Jackie that his wedding was a dream that had come true, although he hated to be causing everyone such pain. Jackie declared that she had had great joy in being his mother. Chase assured her that she had given him a good life, and he would be sorry to leave.

A frantic Finn found Elizabeth in the corridor and told her he thought he knew why the antidote hadn't worked. After hearing what Finn had to say, Elizabeth concurred that it had been entirely possible for Cyrus to have had someone in the lab mess with the DNA test. Gregory found them and asked about the test results. Finn informed him that Elizabeth knew about it, and he was still waiting for the results. Gregory revealed that Chase wanted him to perform the ceremony, and he needed help to be ordained online. Elizabeth offered to help.

Finn went to Chase's room, and Chase announced that he was ready. He wanted Finn's help in getting dressed. Soberly, Finn stated that Chase had made him a better man, and he was sorry for how he'd treated Chase after Chase had shown up in Port Charles. He added that Chase accepted people for who they were, and he had deserved better. He urged Chase to keep fighting because there could be a miracle. Chase thought his wedding was the miracle.

Anna stopped at the Quartermaine mansion to see Valentin. Michael indicated that he would be attending Chase and Willow's wedding at the hospital. Brook Lynn stood outside and provided Maxie with a baby update on the phone. Maxie insisted that she wanted to stop by to see her baby, but Brook Lynn did her best to talk Maxie out of it. She insisted that they weren't friends, and her family members would be suspicious. Brook Lynn also suggested that Peter hadn't given up, could be stalking Maxie, and would figure things out. Maxie finally relented.

Brook Lynn stepped inside and told Michael to give Willow and Chase her love. She wanted to stay behind with her daughter. She asked Valentin and Anna what they would do if they located the person responsible for all the suffering. Anna thought she had a lead on Peter. She informed them of the helipad on the hospital roof, and the helicopter that hadn't landed. She received a phone call.

Michael arrived at the hospital and found Chase all dressed in a suit. Chase felt that Willow deserved better, and he thanked Michael for coming. Michael relayed the message from Brook Lynn and suggested that she was really jealous. Michael continued that he was there for Chase and Willow and was honored to be Chase's friend. Chase was happy that Michael would be around for Willow after his death. Finn and Gregory arrived, and Michael headed to the chapel. Finn called Anna for some help.

After Maxie ended the call with Brook Lynn, there was a knock at her front door. It was Sam, who had some questions for Maxie about her time in the Pautuck house. Maxie went over her story again, and Sam mentioned that a hidden camera had been found in the house. She and Dante had viewed it. She insisted that she was on Maxie's side, but she'd seen the entire video.

It was obvious that the fake nurse had been working for Peter, but Sam wondered how Maxie had known that the woman had wanted the baby for herself. Maxie snapped that the nurse had taken the baby, but Sam suggested that she had met up with Peter. Maxie was positive that Peter didn't have her daughter. Sam was curious why Maxie believed that, and Maxie maintained that the nurse had told her that she could take better care of the baby than Maxie.

Maxie hoped that Sam believed her, and Sam replied that she did. Maxie began to cry that she would do anything to get her baby back. She was afraid that the nurse could be halfway around the world.

At the house in Pautuck, Dante gave instructions to police force members as he perused a map that was on the coffee table. Austin showed up, and Dante was surprised to see him. Austin wondered if Dante had made any progress, but Dante informed him that the property management had not known anything about the hidden camera. Austin offered his help to search for the missing baby.

Austin noted that it would be unusual for him to volunteer if he had been involved in the kidnapping, but Dante assured him that it wasn't unusual at all. He explained that criminals liked to involve themselves in police investigations. Just then, Dante received a phone call and took to his map to cross a spot off. Austin eyed the map that had the land sectioned off in blocks, and he informed Dante that it was incorrect. Austin and Dante began to bicker over the land situation, but Austin suggested a good spot for a search.

As Dante and Austin trekked through the woods, Austin told Dante how he liked some people but tolerated others. He usually avoided "jaded and cynical" people. Dante hoped that Austin's bedside manner was better than what he'd observed. Suddenly, Austin pushed Dante roughly. Dante picked himself off the ground as Austin gave him the reason for the shove. Dante had been about to step on some rotted boards, and there were plenty of old abandoned mine shafts in the area.

Austin pulled away a covering of branches and leaves and revealed a wide opening. He and Dante peered inside. Austin insisted on being the one to lower himself into the ground for a look because he was a doctor, but Dante felt that he should go, in the event it turned into a crime scene. They mocked each other, but Dante stood his ground.

Back at the Quartermaine residence, Valentin found Brook Lynn weeping on the patio. She told him about her friendship with Chase, from his arresting her several times, to his offer to allow her to stay with him. She said that Chase had been accepting and supportive, and she had trusted him. Valentin knew something about friends, and Brook Lynn made a sarcastic remark. She quickly apologized for taking a "cheap shot" and wondered if Anna was Valentin's friend.

Brook Lynn thought it was obvious that Valentin and Anna were at least friends, but he insisted that they had been working together to bring Peter to justice. Brook Lynn thanked Valentin for being kind because she knew he was at the house only for their daughter. Valentin mentioned raising their daughter together, and he thought it would be nice if they were friends. Brook Lynn thought they already were.

In the hospital chapel, Willow prayed that she was making the right decision because her heart belonged to someone else. Michael walked in and told her she looked beautiful. He had wanted to check on the chapel because he had no other purpose. Willow related that Sasha had decorated, and Michael's purpose was to be there because Chase wanted him there. Michael said that Chase was excited. Sasha and Jackie walked in, and Jackie handed Willow her bouquet. Michael and Jackie left, and Sasha hugged Willow.

Anna arrived with Violet after receiving Finn's phone call. Chase indicated that he had needed the little girl to be there. Violet was sure that her daddy would make Chase better. Chase asked Anna to stay, and he asked Violet to be his flower girl. Violet announced that she had done it in the past. Anna and Finn exchanged a glance. Chase told Violet that he had enjoyed being her uncle, and she urged him not to be sad. She thought he was lucky to be getting married. Chase began to cry.

The wedding began, and everyone chuckled as Violet tossed flower petals in the air. Chase and Willow held hands as Gregory began to talk. He laughed that it was his first time as an officiant, and he would just speak from the heart. Finn's eyes welled up as Gregory spoke. Jackie was tearful, and Gregory's voice cracked.

Michael handed Chase the ring, but Chase was unable to hold it, and it fell to the floor. Michael bent to pick it up, and Chase asked him to slip the ring onto Willow's finger. Michael did so awkwardly, and Willow placed the ring on Chase's finger. Chase cried that he loved Willow, and she said that she loved him, too. They kissed to end the ceremony. "This wedding actually happened!" Violet exclaimed. Finn determined that it was time to get an exhausted Chase back to his room. Violet hugged him and again told him that her daddy would make him better.

Michael stared at Willow as the attendees filed out of the chapel. Sasha offered to stay behind with Michael, but he wanted to be alone. He sat in one of the pews.

Outside of Chase's room, Jackie declared that Chase had received his final wish. Suddenly, Finn ran out of the room and yelled that he had received the test results. Jackie was concerned that it was more important than staying with Chase, but Gregory told her it was something that could make a difference.

Anna wanted to stay at the hospital, and Sasha agreed to take Violet home. Violet uttered that Roxy missed Anna, and Anna acknowledged that she missed Violet and Roxy, too.

Finn looked at the DNA test results and smiled broadly. He informed Gregory that Gregory was Chase's father.

Inside Chase's room, he lay in bed with an oxygen mask. Jackie snuggled by his side, and Willow sat next to the bed. Chase told them that he wasn't scared because he had his mother and his wife. He was lucky. Just then, monitors went off, and Chase flatlined.

In the Pautuck woods, Austin called down to Dante in the mine shaft. Dante shouted that he was at the bottom, and he thought that he had found the kidnapper.

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