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Monica Quartermaine was chosen to replace Cyrus on the hospital's board. Chase learned that Gregory was his father. Maxie paid Louise a visit. Alexis was sent to solitary confinement. Ava broke things off with Nikolas, and she sent Avery to live with Carly. Valentin and Anna teamed up. Someone made a move against Jason and Carly.
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Chase learned Gregory was his father, Anna and Valentin teamed up, and a new hospital board chairperson was selected
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 Ava and Nikolas listen to an ominous talking bear Ava and Nikolas listen to an ominous talking bear

Monday, June 21, 2021

At Maxie's place, Maxie asked Sam to make her a cup of tea in the kitchen. Once Sam had gone, Maxie grabbed her phone.

Brook Lynn looked on forlornly as Olivia and Valentin fawned over the baby at the Quartermaine mansion. They were trying to figure out who Bailey looked like. Brook Lynn received a phone call from Maxie, and she stepped outside. Brook Lynn ordered Maxie to stop calling her, but Maxie only wanted to see her daughter. She suggested they meet at the park, but Brook Lynn told her that she would be going to the hospital to see Chase. She promised to be in touch.

Brook Lynn stepped back inside, and Valentin could see that she was upset. Brook Lynn reminded him that her friend was dying, and she would miss him.

"Damn it!" Maxie exclaimed as Sam returned from the kitchen. Maxie told her that she missed her daughter and that Sam had no idea how much. There was a knock at the door, and Sam peered through the peephole before opening it. Dante walked in and said that he had some news. Austin had been revealed to be the owner of the house in Pautuck, and the nurse who had kidnapped Maxie had been found dead in the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft.

Maxie was upset and asked if there had been any sign of her baby. Dante told her there was no sign, and he suggested that Louise had been handed off to an accomplice. He was sure the baby would be found. "Fake Chloe's" phone had been found by the mine shaft, and along with several older calls to Peter, there had been a call traced to the location where Maxie had given birth. He thought the person on the other end of the call could have the baby.

Maxie recalled phoning Brook Lynn from the spot when she'd used the nurse's phone. Dante received a phone call and had to leave for another case. He promised to keep Maxie posted. Sam hugged Maxie and reassured her. Maxie insisted she was fine, and she urged Sam to go. After Sam's departure, Maxie retrieved a gift box. She opened it and held up a bright pink onesie. She rewrapped it, grabbed her purse, and went out. She locked the door and walked off.

Somewhere outside, Sam made a phone call. "I think I know how to find Maxie's baby," she said.

Jason was on the phone at Pozzulo's and told the person on the other end that he wanted a guard on every delivery. He was surprised when Cameron showed up. The teen admitted to having said some awful things, and he was sorry. He had been wrong about accusing Jason of murdering Franco and his anger. He hadn't listened to the people who had tried to tell him otherwise. Cameron wondered why Jason hadn't told him the truth about Peter being the murderer.

Jason replied that he had known that Cameron would have gone straight to Peter and been in trouble. Cameron sat down. He was overcome to realize that Jason had been protecting him again, and he hadn't even given him any credit the first time. Jason told Cameron he accepted his apology, and Cameron couldn't believe it was so easy. Jason explained that Cameron had made a mistake, had accepted responsibility for it, and had apologized. Cameron asked Jason if he would also forgive Elizabeth.

Josslyn was excited to find Carly taking fresh baked cookies out of the oven. Carly wondered how excited Josslyn was about college on a scale of one to ten, and Josslyn replied six. Carly couldn't believe it. Josslyn insisted she was looking forward to many activities, but she had decided to stay at home instead of moving to a dormitory. Carly wanted Josslyn to experience everything of college life, but Josslyn pointed out that Carly and Donna would be alone.

Carly insisted that Josslyn needed her own life. She pointed out that Jason was back to taking care of the business, and she had her work at Metro Court. Josslyn disclosed that Jax didn't believe that Carly would give up the business, but Carly maintained that Jason would be able to handle it. She would clear things up with Jax. Carly hoped that Josslyn would choose the dorm, and Josslyn figured that her mother would drag her out. She promised to visit.

Nikolas and Ava strolled through the hallway at Metro Court with Avery in the middle and holding their hands. She had enjoyed her ice-cream sundae, and Nikolas noted how much fun it was to stay at the hotel. As they reached their suite, the security guard on duty opened the door, and it banged loudly against the wall. Ava jumped and Nikolas acknowledged her reaction.

The guard did a sweep of the rooms and announced that it was clear. Ava suggested that Avery don her pajamas, and the little girl went off to the bedroom. Nikolas comforted Ava and made it clear that it was his job to make her feel safe and loved. He didn't want her to doubt him. Avery returned in her pajamas and showed them a stuffed bear that had been in her room. She announced that the bear was able to talk.

Avery squeezed the bear. 'I can't wait to be a family," said the bear in Ryan's voice. Ava confirmed that the little girl had found the bear in her room and that she had never seen it before. The guard searched Avery's bedroom. "We were meant to be together," the bear said as Nikolas played with it. Ava snapped at Nikolas to turn it off. Avery thought it was funny, and she said that she liked it.

At General Hospital, as Finn explained his new attempt at the antidote to Gregory and Elizabeth, a monitor went off in Chase's room. Finn and Elizabeth grabbed gloves and ran into the room, chasing Willow and Jackie out. Finn shouted that it was a code blue, and he wanted a crash cart immediately. He began to pound on Chase's chest and yelled at him to breathe. Chase continued to wear an oxygen mask.

Brook Lynn and Valentin spotted Anna and Michael in the hallway. Michael hugged Brook Lynn as he began to disclose that things didn't look good. She began to cry.

Finn managed to revive Chase finally, but his vitals were weak. He urged Willow to return to the room to talk to Chase, and he inserted a syringe into the IV as she did. Willow asked what Finn had given Chase. "A last chance," he replied. He explained that he had reworked the formula and was hopeful. Willow hugged Finn, and Elizabeth suggested they give the news to the others. An overwhelmed Finn sat down beside Chase.

In the hallway, Gregory told Jackie that he was really Chase's father, and the first DNA test had been tampered with, most probably by Cyrus. Jackie noted that Cyrus had made some comments to her and Finn, and Finn had been suspicious. Gregory told her that the antidote had been remade using his and Jackie's DNA. The emotional parents shared a hug.

Willow found the group in the corridor and announced that Chase was hanging on and had shown some improvement. Elizabeth added that Chase's heart had stopped, and Finn had worked on him. Finn had injected a modified antidote. "Finn gave us a miracle," Willow said.

Elizabeth returned to Chase's room and checked the monitors. She told Finn that it all looked good. Finn wanted a blood sample checked, and she offered to rush it to the lab. Finn turned to Chase and ordered him to wake up since he had always been an "eternal optimist." Finn continued to talk about Chase's "dumb" softball, and how impressed he had been with Chase and Willow's marriage. He stated that Willow was waiting, and they had a chance for a long, happy life.

"You want to blow that by dying?" Finn asked. "I mean, you do that you're even stupider than I thought," he added. Chase opened his eyes. "Did you just call me stupid?" he asked. Finn laughed.

At Metro Court, Ava pronounced her belief that the culprit was Ryan. Dante had arrived and suggested that it could be a "deep fake," but Ava preferred to err on the side of caution. She went to Avery's bedroom, and Dante bagged the bear. Carly rushed in. She had heard about the break-in and informed Dante that he had full access to her staff and the security footage.

Nikolas was angry and didn't believe that any of that would help. He accused Carly of having unacceptable safety precautions in place, but she argued that the hotel had "state of the art" security. Ava returned as Nikolas promised that he would get rid of Carly. Ava announced that she had been the one to call Carly.

Nikolas and Dante spoke alone. Nikolas was irate and shouted that his family had left the island because it had been unsafe, but someone had followed them to Metro Court. Dante reminded Nikolas that he had asked Nikolas and Ava to separate. He still thought the person behind it was either one of Nikolas' exes or a copycat because Ryan was incapacitated. Nikolas wondered what he was supposed to tell Ava.

Carly informed Ava that she would move the family to another suite. Instead, Ava requested that Carly take Avery home with her for the time being. "It's the best thing to do," Ava said. Carly vowed to keep Avery safe. Ava went to Avery's room to get her, and Nikolas returned after speaking to Dante. Carly told him about Ava's request. Ava returned with Avery and told the little girl how much fun she'd have with her sisters.

Avery asked Dante to return the bear, but Dante asked if he could borrow it in order to help solve a case. She relented, and Ava promised to get her as soon as she could. Mother and daughter expressed their love and shared a hug, and Carly told Avery how excited Donna and Josslyn would be. Avery said goodbye to Nikolas, and Carly led her out. "I can't do this anymore Nikolas," Ava said.

Maxie showed up at the Quartermaines', and Olivia informed her that Brook Lynn was at the hospital. She led Maxie to "our precious Bailey" who was lying in the bassinet nearby. Maxie held up her gift and asked Olivia if she would send her a photo of the baby wearing it. Olivia told her that Louise was in her prayers every day.

Olivia left Maxie with the baby, and Maxie leaned over to talk to the little girl. "It's Mommy," she said. She stated that she missed her, and she continued to talk to her. She asked the baby not to forget her, and she would be back soon.

Cameron showed up at Carly's house and told Josslyn that he'd apologized to Jason who had been great. Josslyn wasn't surprised to hear it because Jason was a fair person. Cameron admitted that he wasn't, and he asked if Josslyn could forgive him too. Josslyn reminded him that she had forgiven him already, but he noted that she hadn't responded to his texts.

Josslyn confessed that she'd been busy but had been avoiding him. She hated that he had never listened to her, and they couldn't go back to the way things had been. They could be friends in a different way, but everything would be different with college anyway. They would figure it out.

Back at the hospital, Gregory and Jackie returned to Chase's room. Gregory told Chase how scared he'd been. Finn urged them to go easy on Chase who announced that Finn had brought him back. Jackie was grateful. Elizabeth had the lab test results, and she summoned Finn to look at them. He looked them over. "He's gonna live," Finn said. They hugged. "You did it!" Elizabeth exclaimed. "No, we did it!" Finn corrected.

Finn returned to Chase's room. "That softball team's gonna be putting up with your changeup for years to come," he told Chase.

In the hallway, Elizabeth told Willow and Michael that Chase had responded to the new injection. The couple hugged, and Willow was happy. Elizabeth declared that Willow could look forward to a "wonderful future" with her new husband.

Elsewhere in the hallway, Valentin completed a phone call to Olivia about the baby, while Anna and Brook Lynn discussed Valentin's new look. Elizabeth gave them the news about Chase just as Jason walked off of the elevator. He asked to speak to Elizabeth about Peter. They went off together, and Jason revealed that he had people searching for Peter. He told her that Cameron had visited him and apologized. Elizabeth confessed that it had been her fault that Cameron had blamed Jason for Franco's death. She wanted Jason's forgiveness too.

Jason was sorry for Elizabeth's loss. She was bitter about Peter, and Jason promised to find him. Elizabeth confessed that she had something to tell him about Peter.

Willow went to Chase's room, and Jackie suggested some alone time for the newlyweds. Willow sat down and complimented Chase on his appearance. He disclosed that he'd thought he'd heard her voice telling him to come back. "I'm so glad you did," she said as she grabbed his hand.

Jackie asked Gregory when he thought they should tell Chase the truth about his paternity. Finn thought that anytime would be okay, and she thought that the guys should do it. Finn asked Jackie to go to Violet to tell her the good news about Chase, and she left. Gregory spotted Anna, and he announced his intention to get a bad cup of coffee. Anna was proud of Finn. They held hands, and she maintained that Chase had survived without Peter's antidote. Peter had no more power over Finn. The doctor felt that Peter had taken so much from him that he'd never be free.

Michael and Brook Lynn joined Chase and Willow. Chase wanted to do the wedding over in the rose garden at the Quartermaines', and invite all the people they loved in order to start the rest of their lives. Brook Lynn stole a glance at Michael as Willow looked over at them quickly. Willow wanted to freshen up. She asked Michael and Brook Lynn to give Wiley a kiss for her.

Valentin sat with Anna and asked why she wasn't celebrating. She was determined that Peter be found and stopped.

Out of Chase's room, Brook Lynn thought it was unreal that Chase was back to himself. Michael thought that everyone could go back to their lives, but Brook Lynn thought that could be a problem. She noted that he and Chase's wife were in love with each other.

Finn received messages from Violet, and he related them to his family. Chase had known that Finn would find the antidote, and he asked how he'd done it.

Jason is surprised to learn of Peter's whereabouts Jason is surprised to learn of Peter's whereabouts

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Anna stepped off the elevator at General Hospital as sirens blared outside. She ran into Jordan and told her that Chase would be okay. The women hugged, and Anna confessed that she had felt responsible. Jordan shared that Dante had found the kidnapper nurse's body in an abandoned mineshaft, and she and Anna discussed the possibility of an accomplice. Jordan added that the local police were not able to fully handle the case, and the FBI had been involved.

Portia arrived, and Anna asked about Finn. Portia noted that Finn had been working nonstop, but while he had saved Chase's life, he still looked as though he had suffered a loss. Anna knew that Chase's illness had taken a toll on Finn, and Portia declared that they were due for a win. Anna made it clear that that would happen after Peter and Louise were found, and she left.

Jordan was aware that Anna was hurt by not being in Finn's life any longer. Portia quoted her grandmother, who had said, "Every blessing is a mixed blessing." Jordan asked about Trina, and they talked about the activity level of a high school senior who was about to head to college. Portia admitted that she had been keeping an eye on her daughter in case she had a delayed reaction to the hostage situation. Jordan wondered who was keeping an eye on Portia.

Portia replied that she had had no time to worry about herself, but she had to be okay if she was still standing. Jordan replied that Portia needed to have something in her life besides work, especially after Trina's departure for college.

Finn and Gregory visited with Chase, who insisted that he had never lost faith in Finn. Chase wanted to know how Finn had finally succeeded, but Finn brushed him off and suggested that there was time for explanations later. Chase continued to push for answers. "It came down to DNA," Finn said. Chase pushed harder, since he knew that the DNA hadn't worked the first time.

Finn would only say that he was thankful it had worked the second time. He had broken rules and had to follow up on things but would tell Chase about it another time. They went back and forth as Chase continued to press for answers, and he wanted to know what had changed. Finn suggested that Gregory should explain it, and he walked out of the room.

Chase didn't understand why Finn, who was a doctor, had turned the explanation over to Gregory. Gregory danced around the explanation but finally admitted to being Chase's father. He told Chase about Cyrus' tampering with the original DNA test in order to get back at Jackie. "You saved me!" Chase told his father. Gregory insisted it had been the work of the entire family.

In the corridor, Jason informed Elizabeth that Peter would no longer be a problem, but Elizabeth urged him not to waste his time. She wanted Jason's trust, and she assured him that Peter would no longer be an issue. "What'd you do?" Jason asked. She exclaimed that Peter was gone for good, and Jason relented. He told her that he would be there for her if she needed help with anything. "Help with what?" Finn asked as he walked over to them.

Elizabeth claimed to be apologizing to Jason for having risked his life and blaming him for Franco's death. Both Jason and Finn agreed that she hadn't been responsible for Peter. Finn noted that he couldn't have found a cure for Chase without her, and he asked to speak to her alone. Jason left, and Finn asked what the conversation had really been about. Elizabeth said that she'd had to apologize. She changed the subject and asked how Chase had taken the news. Finn admitted that he'd left someone wiser and compassionate to tell him.

Finn confessed that he had liked being Chase's father and being a dad. Elizabeth assured him that he hadn't lost anything, and he still had his family. She saw him as someone quite similar to Gregory, and he could see how Gregory had felt when Finn had pushed him away previously.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Maxie picked up "Bailey" and stated how proud she was of the brave infant. She didn't want the baby to forget her, and she promised they would be together one day. Brook Lynn and Valentin walked in and looked at Maxie in dismay. They quickly greeted her, and Brook Lynn wondered what Maxie was doing there. Maxie replied that she'd had a gift for Louise.

Valentin looked at Maxie suspiciously, and Brook Lynn gave a halfhearted chuckle. Maxie realized what she'd said, and Brook Lynn took the baby from her. She put her back down in the bassinet and insisted that Maxie step outside with her for some fresh air. Valentin knelt down by the bassinet to talk to the baby. He spoke of putting Peter on the path to pain and destruction when he'd handed him over to Faison. He promised that he would be a good father to "Bailey" and Charlotte.

"I believe you," Anna said as she walked in. Valentin told her about finding Maxie holding the baby, and Anna vowed that she wouldn't stop until she found Peter. She told him that the kidnapper nurse had been found dead, and there had been no trace of Louise. She discussed the possibility of an accomplice and the fact that the local police at the scene were limited. Valentin wanted to join her, but she reminded him that he had a new baby. Valentin was insistent that Peter was a threat to him and his family, and he owed it to Maxie to join Anna.

Outside, Brook Lynn gave Maxie hell for showing up. She proclaimed that Valentin was smart and could figure things out. She told Maxie that Chase would be okay. Maxie knew that it had been wrong to show up, but she was hurting and hated lying. Brook Lynn wanted her to stick to their original plan because it was about protecting the baby, and she threatened to tell Valentin the truth in order to make Maxie realize that Peter was a threat.

Maxie gave in and admitted she would have to be stronger, even if it meant giving up her baby. Brook Lynn thought there was a way for Maxie not to do that, but she was still working out the details. They went back inside, and Brook Lynn told Anna that Maxie had stopped by to give the baby a gift. Anna revealed that she was there to talk to Valentin, and she congratulated Brook Lynn.

Valentin announced that he would be going to Pautuck with Anna because it was possible the local police had missed something. He would make certain that Brook Lynn had protection. Maxie and Brook Lynn looked at each other in alarm.

Curtis was on the phone at the Savoy and confirming some non-alcoholic drinks for Trina's graduation party. As he looked over the invitation, Taggert walked in. "Don't forget the chaperone," he announced by way of greeting. Curtis assumed that Taggert was there to check on him. Taggert replied that Curtis had a hero complex, and Taggert wanted to thank him. Curtis didn't want any thanks, but he suggested they toast with some scotch in order to celebrate being free of Cyrus and the charges against Taggert getting dropped.

Taggert downed his scotch and coughed. He cited the drink as being smooth, and Curtis poured them each a second glass. Curtis asked about Portia and Trina, and Taggert wondered why he wouldn't ask Portia himself. Curtis admitted that he hadn't spoken to her since he'd left the hospital, but he expected to hear from her regarding his stitches. Taggert called him a friend of the family, and Curtis agreed it was true except for Trina.

Taggert was sorry about so much that had happened because of Cyrus, but Curtis was glad that the mobster was out of their lives. Taggert complimented Portia on the way she'd raised Trina. "I don't have to tell you that she's an incredible woman. Do I, Curtis?" Taggert said. Curtis asked if Taggert and Portia were on good terms, and he wondered if Portia had someone to talk to. Taggert asked if Curtis could handle that, since he was a bartender. Curtis clarified that he was the club owner. They were interrupted when Jason arrived, and Taggert eventually left after some pleasantries.

Jason thanked Curtis for helping to put Cyrus away. Curtis said it was the night to be thanked, and he grabbed a couple of bottles of beer. Jason disclosed that it had been worth the bullet to get rid of Cyrus, and he offered his help if things changed in any way for Curtis. Curtis asked if Jason knew something, but Jason merely said that a successful club would attract both the best and worst of Port Charles. He wanted to offer his friendship if it was needed. Curtis knew where he could find Jason if his "independence" was threatened.

At Metro Court, Ava closed the door of her suite. She told Nikolas that she couldn't do it, as she had just watched Carly take Avery. She couldn't believe that a mob family would be safer for her daughter. Nikolas still believed that Ryan was somehow involved in the threats in order to separate them, but Ava was close to hysteria. She reminded him that someone had gotten into Avery's room. Nikolas suggested that Dante would be able to trace the stuffed bear, but Ava couldn't live with the fact that Avery could be at risk.

Nikolas tried to reassure Ava that she wasn't alone, and he would turn the tables and hire people to protect them. Ava insisted that she couldn't be with him when Avery had been threatened. She couldn't lose another person who she loved. Nikolas began to argue with her, and he reminded her that they had never played it safe in the past. Ava admitted that she had never been so loved and accepted, and Nikolas urged her to keep fighting. He declared that Ava was allowing the culprit to get into her head.

Ava began to cry that she couldn't take chances where Avery was concerned. She had lost Kiki, which would be a nightmare that lasted forever, and nothing was worth risking Avery's life, even Nikolas. She wanted him to go back to his island and not return. Nikolas continued to argue and told her that the bear had been to threaten Ava, not Avery. Ava told Nikolas how much she loved him, but it would kill her if anything happened to Avery. "We are done," she said.

Nikolas and Ava were at a standoff. She accused him of wanting to put her daughter in danger. She stressed that nothing meant more to her than Avery. She wanted Nikolas to leave while she still loved him, and she would do whatever it took to be free of him. She would fight him. "This is not forever," he said. He wouldn't give up on their family. He picked up his bag and walked out the door.

Back at the hospital, Jordan and Portia sat down in the corridor and continued their chat. Portia said that they were "adrenalin junkies masquerading as public servants." Jordan mentioned the hostage situation and suggested they talk or hang out together. Portia asked about complications, and Jordan asked if she had been thinking about Curtis. Portia didn't expect Curtis or Taggert to care if she and Jordan were friends, and she didn't allow the past to define her future. They were free of Cyrus.

Jordan and Portia continued to bond over their new friendship until Taggert saw them. He assumed that they were talking about him. "You wish!" said Jordan and Portia in unison. Portia assured him that they had other things to talk about. Taggert wanted to take Portia to dinner to talk about Trina's party, and Portia invited Jordan to the party, too. Taggert and Portia were joking as they walked away, and Jordan received a test message from Stella. It read, "So? You and Curtis?"

Chase and Gregory spoke of finally trying to accept Finn as Chase's father, but Chase was happy to have both his father and his brother. Finn returned and checked Chase's monitors. He announced that vitals were strong. Chase said that he would always love and respect Finn, and they shook hands.

Finn saw Gregory in the hallway, making arrangements with Jackie on the phone. Finn admitted that things had gone better than he'd hoped. Gregory knew it had been difficult for Finn, and he hugged him. He knew what Chase meant to Finn.

Carly and Elizabeth discuss love... and loss Carly and Elizabeth discuss love... and loss

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Carly put flowers down at Sonny's grave and wondered how he'd made running the business look so easy. She added that she and Jason were doing their best, but they weren't Sonny. Just then, Elizabeth arrived at the cemetery with her own bouquet. She apologized to Carly for intruding, but she thought that they had something to settle. Elizabeth apologized again and admitted that she'd been wrong about Jason, and she regretted losing faith in him. Carly replied that she'd been furious with Elizabeth, but Jason understood. Elizabeth continued that her accusations had torn her family apart, but Carly believed that they would heal.

Carly appreciated the apology, as she knew how hard it was to admit to being wrong. She also knew what grieving a significant other was like. Carly talked about how she hadn't had a decent cup of coffee since Sonny had died, as he had made it every morning. Elizabeth related that, whenever Aiden had baked for Franco, Franco would leave her the last piece of whatever had been made. She added that Aiden had noticed, because he did the same thing in Franco's absence. Carly advised that the cemetery was good for crying as long and hard as she wanted. The two were glad to have seen each other, and Elizabeth walked away.

At Franco's grave, Elizabeth cried that there wasn't a moment in each day that she didn't miss him. She was angry that they were missing out on all the things they'd been looking forward to, and she talked about how much she was hurting. She placed the bouquet on his grave a put a hand on his headstone.

At Volonino's, Jason arrived and saw Britt beating up a punching bag. She spotted him and asked if she was doing it wrong. "It depends on why you're doing it," he replied, and he just didn't want her to hurt herself. She explained that she'd always wanted to learn how to box, and she refused to put it off for another day. Jason wondered if she wanted to use the punching bag or actually box. She revealed that she was "partial to partner activities," so he told her to get in the ring. As they stepped in, Britt disclosed that she wished she had already known how to box when Cyrus' men had tried to kill her. Jason assured her that she had held her own pretty well, so she would be great with a little help.

Jason wanted to start with footwork, so he stepped behind Britt and showed her the "step and drag." When he was satisfied with her progress, she dared him to ask what else she'd been putting off that she wanted to do. A few minutes later, they lightly sparred as she talked about how, while her diagnosis was devastating, it was "weirdly freeing." She went on about how she'd realized what she should make time for and what wasn't worth it, and she mentioned her career in helping people as something she wanted to continue doing. Despite his admiring looks, she assured him that there were also selfish things she wanted to do.

Britt and Jason continued to spar as she listed all the things she wanted to do and places she wanted go, and she concluded by saying that she wanted to trade her car in for a Porsche. Jason interjected that that was a terrible idea, as she was an awful driver. They lightheartedly bickered until she insisted that she just wanted to have a good time, and he could join her if he wasn't scared. They grew closer as he muttered that speed didn't scare him. Just then, Carly burst into the gym and told Jason that they needed to talk about "the Novak situation."

Alexis sat down in the Pentonville library with a huge binder. Shawn entered and sat down with her, and he wondered what she was up to. "Research for a friend," she answered. She finally admitted that she had a hunch about Judge Carson, who'd sentenced both of them. She talked about an exposť of hundreds of judges, alleging misconduct and prejudice. Judge Carson hadn't been on the list, so she was going through all of Carson's cases from 2015 to the present day to see if there was any discrepancy on sentencing based on race.

Alexis handed Shawn a highlighter and a chunk of pages from the binder, and they began to flip through the pages. A short while later, Shawn had finished going through Judge Carson's cases on the pages he had, and they had both found that the sentences were always higher for people of color, even for similar crimes. Shawn proposed contacting the people who'd done the exposť, but Alexis suggested having Diane pressure the judge on Shawn's behalf. Shawn worried about others who'd been victims of unfair sentencing. Alexis admitted that she hadn't thought any further than the research. She added that, whatever they did, they needed to do it quickly before Carson heard about it and tried to put a stop to it.

Sasha joined Brando at a table outside Kelly's, and he pulled out a chair for her. She joked about it being a date, and he confirmed that it was their first official date. He added that it was also his "last hurrah" before Gladys was released from the hospital. Sasha was surprised to learn that Gladys would be staying with Brando indefinitely, and he clarified that Gladys wanted to stick around and help with the baby.

Inside Kelly's, Molly talked to T.J. about how happy she was that Alexis was "90 days sober and with a new purpose" after Molly had sent the requested court records to her mother. T.J. wished that Alexis would help Shawn, and Molly suggested that Shawn was the "friend" that Alexis had been helping. Just then, Molly pulled out a wrapped box and wished T.J. a happy five-month anniversary. He opened it to find a mug with a picture from their ceremony, and he kissed Molly in appreciation.

Brando and Sasha entered Kelly's, and he congratulated Molly and T.J. on making things official. He turned to Sasha and asked if they should tell Molly and T.J. their news. Sasha announced that she was pregnant, and Brando gushed about becoming a father. A few minutes later, Brando and Sasha were gone, and Molly mentioned how awkward the encounter had been. T.J. had made peace with what had happened between Molly and Brando, but he admitted that he could do without reminders. Just then, a woman entered Kelly's and recognized Molly as Alexis' daughter. Molly realized that the woman was Judge Carson.

Outside, Brando made sure that Sasha was all right, as he was worried by her need for fresh air. Sasha confessed that things had been awkward with Molly and T.J., and she'd thought that Brando could use an out. He thanked her, and he apologized for putting her on the spot. She wondered what had happened, and Brando told her about his one-night stand with Molly and how it had blown up. He wondered if it bothered Sasha, but she reminded him that they'd both had lives before each other. "We're good? Even though my mother is staying?" he joked. Sasha related that they'd never talked about their future, but there was plenty of time for that. She wanted to have breakfast and enjoy the morning with him, so he went inside to get the waitress.

Michael was surprised to see Brook Lynn awake so early. She cited "Bailey's" early wake-up and said Valentin was off helping in the search for Louise. Willow approached, and Brook Lynn commented that Willow and Michael could get back together, since Chase was alive and well. "That's the plan," Michael answered, but Brook Lynn observed that the two looked miserable. Michael promised Willow that he would wait for her for as long as it took. Willow insisted that Chase deserved to know, but she didn't want to hurt him. She realized that it would get worse the longer she avoided saying anything. Brook Lynn wished Willow luck, and Willow left.

Jackie arrived in Chase's room with his favorite smoothie. He took the cup, happy to have feeling back in his hands. Finn entered the room and jokingly accused Chase of showing off. Chase was excited to renew his vows with Willow and actually put the ring on her finger himself. Jackie suddenly broke down and apologized for keeping the secret for so many years, and she took the blame for Chase's illness and how long it had gone on for. Finn assured her that the worst was over, and Chase added that all was right in the world. Finn added that, traumatic as it had been, the experience had pulled their family together and shown their true colors.

Chase jokingly asked for a group hug, but Finn didn't recommend that Chase stand. Chase remarked that, while his hands were fine, his legs were still numb, anyway. Jackie excused herself to check in on Gregory and Violet, and she left. A distressed Finn grabbed an instrument from a nearby cabinet and instructed Chase to let him know when Chase felt it on his foot. Finn ran the instrument up Chase's foot. "Whenever you're ready," Chase said. A few minutes later, Willow arrived and noticed Finn and Chase looking glum, and she asked what was wrong. "My legs. I can't walk," Chase divulged.

The new hospital board chairperson is named The new hospital board chairperson is named

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Nina arrived at Nelle's grave and put a bouquet of flowers down. She apologized that it had been so long since her last visit, but she'd needed a break from everything. She thought about "Mike," and Michael's arrival snapped her out of her thoughts. She thanked Michael again for the visit with Wiley, and she wondered how hard Jax had pushed Michael into the visit. Michael assured her that other factors had gone into the decision, like him and Willow choosing to trust that Nina would follow their rules. He reiterated that he couldn't have Nina putting her thoughts about Nelle onto Wiley, and she hoped that Michael would give her the same courtesy.

Michael admitted that Wiley didn't know who Nelle was, and they were seeing a child psychologist to figure out how best to tell Wiley about her so that she didn't remain a deep, dark secret. Nina agreed, and Michael was glad that they were on the same page. He excused himself to visit Sonny's grave, and he walked away.

Nina acknowledged that Michael was right, and she was glad that Wiley had such a devoted father. It suddenly dawned on her that she would never get to see Wiley again if Michael found out that she'd known for months that Sonny was alive. She reasoned that Sonny was happy in his life in Nixon Falls, which was a feeling she'd never had the chance to give to Nelle.

In the Pentonville library, Alexis worried about retaliation against them and their families if she and Shawn went public with their findings about Judge Carson. Shawn decided that they should drop the matter, as he didn't want T.J. to have to worry about any more harassment. He reasoned that he only had a few years left on his sentence, but Alexis reminded him that he shouldn't even be serving it. Shawn shot back that it wasn't the first or last time it would happen to someone that looked like him.

Alexis insisted that she wanted to help, but Shawn wondered if she really cared or if it was part of her "savior complex." She reminded him that she was a lawyer and could help, but he shot back that she was an inmate just like him. The two took a pause and apologized to each other for their remarks. Alexis promised to respect Shawn's wishes and drop the matter for the time being.

Just then, two guards arrived and ordered Shawn out of the library, as his privileges had been revoked. Shawn protested, and Alexis questioned what grounds they'd been revoked on. "The same as they were granted, at the discretion of the warden," the guard growled. Alexis promised to get Shawn a lawyer by the end of the day, which caused the angry guard to turn on her. Shawn tried to pull the guard away, but he pushed Shawn. Alexis tried to get the guard off Shawn, but the other guard pulled Alexis away and threw her on the ground. The guard ordered another to take Shawn to his cell. He hoped Alexis enjoyed solitary confinement for inciting an altercation with an officer, and she was escorted out while holding her wrist.

At Kelly's, Judge Carson recognized Molly as Alexis' daughter, and Molly introduced T.J. Carson had heard about Molly's job with Robert and asked about the bar exam. Molly replied that she would be taking the exam soon. Carson commended Molly for taking the job after Alexis had been sent to prison, as she wouldn't blame Molly for losing faith in the system. She instructed Molly to ask if she had any questions or needed pointers, and she walked away. T.J. exclaimed that a judge wanting to take Molly under her wing was awesome. "Is it?" Molly wondered.

Molly admitted that it felt weird accepting help from the judge who'd put her mother behind bars, like it was a conflict of interest. She pondered whether or not it was the right move to work in the district attorney's office. T.J. vowed to support her, no matter what, but he believed that, if anyone could help change the system from within, it was Molly. She thanked him for being her biggest champion, and the two shared a kiss.

At the docks, one of the Corinthos-owned warehouses exploded.

At Volonino's, Britt and Jason were growing closer, but Carly arrived to talk to Jason about "the Novak situation." He asked if it was time-sensitive, but Carly made a big show of staying silent. "Message received, you can't talk about it in front of me," Britt chimed in. She related that she had a meeting at the hospital, anyway, so "for future reference," she advised Carly that she'd rather be told that she couldn't hear something. She thanked Jason for the boxing lesson and left.

"For future reference?" Carly asked Jason. She knew that something was going on with Jason and Britt, which Jason confirmed, but he insisted that it had nothing to do with Carly. She disagreed, as they were a team, and anything that affected him affected her. She observed that Britt seemed important, and Jason replied, "Yes, she is."

Jason couldn't be any more specific than that, but he assured Carly that nothing would change between the two of them. He continued that they looked weak, so they needed to handle things together before it was "game over." Carly tearfully hugged Jason. They pulled apart when his phone rang, and he answered. He told someone that he would let them know the next steps, and he hung up. He informed Carly that the docks had been hit, and someone was making a move against them.

Willow arrived at Chase's hospital room and wondered why Finn and Chase looked so glum. "It's my legs. I can't walk," Chase disclosed. Finn explained that the muscle atrophy from being in bed for weeks combined with nerve damage from the toxin had caused Chase to not be able to move his legs. Finn excused himself to go to a meeting so Chase and Willow could talk, but he advised Chase to text if he needed anything. On his way to the meeting, Finn thought about the last time he'd seen Peter alive.

Elizabeth arrived in the conference room and walked over to Terry, who was serving as the interim head of oncology. Terry informed Elizabeth that she was being pressured to make it official, but she wasn't sure, since she didn't get along with the chief of staff. Portia approached the two and wondered who would be replacing Cyrus as chairperson of the hospital board. Elizabeth saw Laura arrive and figured she would know. Portia walked over to Laura and asked if she had any information about Cyrus' replacement. Laura admitted that Lesley had told her, and it would be "interesting."

Finn arrived, and he and Elizabeth made awkward small talk until he went to get a cup of coffee. Terry wondered what was going on between them, and Elizabeth claimed that they'd been intensely working to save Chase. Terry inferred that the two had bonded over it. "You could say that," Elizabeth replied, and she thought back to her and Finn's moment. Just then, Britt ran in, and Terry joked that she'd thought they would have to write Britt up for missing a meeting. Elizabeth admitted that she was grateful to Britt for saving Jason, so she was conflicted about Britt. Terry reminded her that she could be grateful to Britt and not like the way she ran the hospital at the same time.

A board member arrived to start the meeting and talked about how the board had wanted to choose a replacement that would make the city proud. She continued that Lesley had made a suggestion for the replacement, and that replacement had been unanimously confirmed by the board. She introduced the new chairperson as Monica, and everyone in the room except for Britt erupted in applause as Monica entered the room. Monica was honored to be back, and she promised to prove that she was worthy of taking the hospital into the future while honoring its past.

Monica continued that she'd already reversed some of Cyrus' questionable decisions, like reinstating Bobbie and Epiphany to their previous positions, effective immediately. She dismissed everyone back to work, and most of the attendees filed out, congratulating Monica on their way. Finn was glad to have her back, as he'd missed her. Monica admitted that she'd missed him, too, and she allowed him to go tend to Chase.

Elizabeth, Terry, Portia, and Laura gathered around Monica, gushing with excitement. Britt approached and assumed that she would be replaced as chief of staff, since she'd replaced Monica, and "payback's a bitch." Monica replied that she hadn't decided anything, but when she did, it wouldn't be with prejudice. She explained that the chief of staff would need to be someone that she got along with. Terry chimed in that she wanted to be considered for the chief of staff job, surprising those left in the conference room.

Chase assured Willow that the nerve damage should repair itself over time, but if he wanted to walk again, he would have to relearn how within the next few months. Chase wasn't worried, as he had Willow as motivation. He decided to have Finn set up some physical therapy sessions as soon as he was out of his meeting. He vowed to walk down the aisle when they renewed their vows in the Quartermaine rose garden. Willow warned him not to push himself too hard too fast, and she thought that he should focus on getting better for himself. "Why not both? You're everything to me," he said.

Finn returned and realized that he'd interrupted something. However, Willow knew that he had work to do, so she excused herself. Chase called out that he loved her. She repeated the sentiment and left the room. As Finn ran more tests on Chase, he observed that Chase seemed in high spirits, despite a serious diagnosis. Chase vowed to be strong for Willow. "I can beat this. I have to," he added.

As Willow took a breather outside Chase's room, Michael stepped off the elevator. She ran to him and hugged him. She told him about Chase wanting to get better for her and their wedding, and she wondered how she could possibly tell Chase the truth.

REBROADCAST: Josslyn and Trina get a close look at history (Nov 2020) REBROADCAST: Josslyn and Trina get a close look at history (Nov 2020)

Friday, June 25, 2021

Due to ABC news coverage of the sentencing of Derek Chauvin, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

In place of a new episode, GH aired an encore presentation of its Women's Suffrage episode, which originally aired November 2, 2020. You can read a full recap of that episode here.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, June 28, and picked up where the Thursday, June 24, episode concluded.

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