General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 5, 2021 on GH

Sparks flew on the Fourth of July for several couples. Curtis confronted Jordan about not signing the divorce papers. Cameron and Josslyn admitted that they had romantic feelings for each other. Spencer Cassadine returned to town. Jason and Carly made their engagement official. Britt slept with Jax.
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Shawn and Alexis were transferred out of Pentonville, and Spencer Cassadine returned to town
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Dante gets a lead on Ava's stalker Dante gets a lead on Ava's stalker

Monday, July 5, 2021

At Charlie's, Jax wondered what "save the date" Britt was talking about, and she sarcastically answered, "The wedding of the decade!" Jax replied that he'd heard, but he didn't know why she would care. She briefly explained her situation with Jason. Jax advised her not to take it personally, as Jason and Carly's first loyalty had always been and would always be to each other. He toasted to being alone and single, and the two drank. He thought she needed to celebrate, since she'd dodged a bullet. He talked about how selfish Jason was, and Britt was amazed that Jax had known Jason for so long and still didn't know the first thing about him.

Britt continued that Jason truly wanted to protect his loved ones, and Jax shot back that Carly was first on the short list. Britt related that she'd been able to count on Jason until Carly had called. She wondered if Jax wanted to reconcile with Carly, but Jax replied that he had someone else on his mind who wanted nothing to do with him. He revealed that he'd betrayed someone's trust, but he'd tried to do the right thing in the end. Britt thought that doing the right thing was overrated, and she wanted to go back to being the "selfish bitch" that her reputation said she was.

The bartender announced that it was time for last call, as the bar would be closing soon. Britt remarked that the bar had gone downhill since trying to be more family friendly. Jax talked about a bar in Melbourne that he would take her to if they were there. Jax didn't want to go home, so Britt suggested that he go home with her. A short while later, they arrived at Britt's hotel room and proceeded to rip each other's clothes off.

T.J. and Molly arrived at the Pentonville visitors' room, surprised that Shawn had called them out of the blue for a visit. Molly was glad to have heard from him, as she hadn't heard from Alexis in days. Shawn arrived with some bad news, and he broke it to them that Alexis had been put into solitary confinement. He explained that she'd "technically" assaulted a guard trying to help him, but he believed there was another reason. He asked to talk to Molly alone, so T.J. left the room. Shawn called out to the guard that he would like some privacy to talk to Molly, who was his lawyer, so the guard left, as well. Molly reminded him that she wasn't technically a lawyer yet, since she hadn't taken the bar exam, but he replied that he just wanted to talk to her without a guard listening.

Shawn believed that Alexis had been sent to solitary because of Judge Carson. He updated her on what he and Alexis had found out about Carson's pattern of bias against people of color, and that she might have gotten wind of it. Molly insisted that Carson needed to be called out for misconduct, but Shawn said that he was only telling Molly to warn her to steer clear of Carson. Molly wanted to do something to help, but Shawn didn't want her to jeopardize her future. A few minutes later, Molly joined T.J. outside the visitor's room and informed him that she was going to take Judge Carson up on her offer of guidance.

Alexis anxiously paced around her cell, hoping that she'd worn herself out. She told herself to just breathe and not think. Just then, a well-dressed Alexis appeared in the cell. "That's not your color," the second Alexis remarked in disgust. She revealed that Alexis had finally fallen asleep and was dreaming. Dream Alexis explained that she was there to tell Alexis to stop screwing up her life by sticking her nose where it didn't belong. She continued that it wasn't Alexis' job to hold Judge Carson accountable for her pattern of bias against people of color.

Alexis argued with Dream Alexis until Alexis reminded Dream Alexis that she was an advocate. Dream Alexis countered that Alexis didn't have to save everyone. Just then, Alexis snapped awake. She took deep breaths as she told herself that she had one day left in solitary confinement, and she could do it.

Josslyn insisted that she didn't think Cameron was a bad kisser, but he wondered if he was supposed to not believe her own words. "Believe this," she said, and she kissed him. Out in the main room, Ava asked Portia where Trina was. Just as Portia was about to text Trina, a gasp rang out from the partygoers. "Mom?!" Trina called out. Portia looked up and gasped to see Trina covered in a red substance. Trina assured everyone that it wasn't blood, but she didn't know what it was. Curtis got some towels as Cameron and Josslyn rushed in and asked what had happened.

Trina explained what had happened at the gallery, starting with her encounter with Nikolas. Ava excused herself to call Nikolas. She left him a message to call her back as soon as possible, and she rejoined Trina. Trina continued by talking about the remote control she'd found on the ground and bumping into the masked intruder. She revealed that, when she'd thrown the remote, the sprinklers had begun to spray "red goop." She concluded that she'd chased after the intruder, but she'd let them go.

Jordan revealed that she'd gotten a call from Dante from the gallery, as the fire department had responded to the sprinklers going off. Jordan excused herself to go to the gallery, and Ava joined her. As everyone's attention returned to Trina, the intruder slipped in unnoticed and went into a supply closet.

Trina decided that she wasn't in a party mood, but Josslyn suggested that Trina decide after she got cleaned up and dressed. The bartender, N'neka, offered to help Trina, and Trina agreed. Curtis directed Trina to the back room, and Portia offered to join. Trina insisted that she and N'neka would be fine. Portia added that there would be no pressure for Trina to stay, and the four dispersed. When they were gone, the intruder emerged from a supply closet, dressed nicely, and he went in the same direction Trina had.

Back at the bar, Portia was sick over what had happened to Trina, and Curtis reasoned that at least Trina hadn't gotten hurt. Curtis joked that he knew what it was like to be on Trina's bad side, so the intruder would have stood no chance. He assured her that Trina was a fighter. "Sound familiar?" he asked.

Across the room, Nina figured that Taggert would rather be out chasing the intruder. He confirmed it, but he reasoned that he was retired, so Jordan wouldn't be happy if he did that. She thought that he sounded like a good father. They toasted to "parents and children." Taggert asked if she was there by herself or if there was a "lucky guy" with her. She responded that it was just her, and she commented that Taggert and Portia seemed to get along well. "That's why we're exes," he cracked.

A few minutes later, Nina told Curtis that he and Portia looked good together. He confided that there were sparks, but Portia kept shutting down. He was sure that someone had warned her away from him. Nina informed him that it wasn't Taggert, as he'd hit on her, and he hadn't seemed at all jealous seeing Curtis and Portia talking. Curtis wondered who it could have been.

Trina thanked N'neka for helping her, and N'neka went back to work. Suddenly, a young man, the intruder, appeared in front of Trina and greeted her. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" she demanded. He wanted to make sure that she was all right. He claimed to be a barback at the club, and he'd seen her "epic" entrance. He wondered what she'd been doing at the closed gallery. Trina replied that she worked there, and Ava was good to her. The intruder started listing all the bad things he'd heard about Ava, but Trina ordered him to watch his mouth and stop listening to gossip.

The intruder apologized and remarked that Trina was fierce, so no intruder would ever stand a chance against her. Trina proudly responded that she stood up for her friends. The intruder thought she looked amazing, and he asked whether or not Trina would show everyone that she wouldn't let one jerk ruin her night. Trina asked for his name, and he answered that it was Victor. He said that he had to get back to work, so she went back to her party, and he watched her go.

When everyone else was gone, Cameron wondered why Josslyn had kissed him, and she replied that she'd wanted to shut him up about her thinking he was a bad kisser. Cameron related that Dev had shown him the journal entry, and Josslyn proposed that Dev had written it himself. She didn't want to believe it, but it was the only thing that made sense to her. Cameron wondered why, and she admitted that Dev had expressed interest in her, but she hadn't returned his feelings.

Cameron remembered that the night Dev had died, he'd kept trying to apologize for something. He wondered if it had been about getting between Cameron and Josslyn. Cameron figured that if Josslyn didn't regret kissing him, they could do it again, and he got closer. However, Josslyn spotted Trina approaching and told him to stop. Josslyn was happy that Trina had changed her mind. Trina responded that she couldn't let some intruder ruin her night.

The intruder took his stuff out of his hiding place and noticed that he had red on his hands. He wiped it off with a rag and took his phone out of the bag. He looked at a picture of himself, Nikolas, and Laura, and muttered, "Sorry, Father, it's for your own good."

Ava was horrified to enter her gallery and see fake blood spattered all over everything. Dante instructed her and Jordan not to touch anything, as it was still an active crime scene. He explained that there had been a silent alarm triggered at the front door, but Ava insisted that she didn't have a silent alarm. Nikolas arrived and took ownership of the alarm. He said that he'd used it to catch the stalker, but he'd found Trina and her pepper spray instead. He assured a concerned Ava that he'd just checked out of the hospital, and he was fine. She was glad that he was all right, but she was so mad about him going behind her back that she hit him with her purse.

Nikolas explained that he'd had to keep the alarm a secret, as he wanted to stop the stalker, so they didn't have to get the divorce that neither of them wanted. Ava insisted that she wanted the divorce, and she intended to get it. Dante pulled Jordan away to walk her through the rest of the scene, leaving Nikolas and Ava to argue about divorcing. She accused him of gaslighting her again by telling her that the things she thought, felt, and saw regarding the stalker weren't real.

Ava stated that she no longer wanted to be married to Nikolas. She ordered him to get out of her face, as she couldn't stand to look at him anymore, so he walked away glumly. As he passed by Jordan, she reminded him that he would need to give a statement to police. "First thing tomorrow," he answered without stopping, and he left. Dante and Jordan scrolled through pictures of all the footprints in the gallery. All that they saw were "standard issue police and fire" shoeprints. Jordan stopped on one that wasn't, which had been captured in an area with no other foot traffic. Dante remarked that it wasn't Nikolas' shoe, so they finally had their first lead.

Jason and Carly go public Jason and Carly go public

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Jax woke up in a bed in a Metro Court hotel suite. He held his head and rolled over. Britt was asleep next to him. She woke up slowly, and he helped to refresh her memory of the previous evening. He checked the time and told her it was afternoon. She hoped that their evening hadn't been about "pity sex," and he assured her it hadn't been that way for him. They proceeded to make love again.

Later, as they lay in bed, Jax reminded Britt that it was July Fourth. She recalled her first Independence Day in town, and she told Jax about accidentally tossing Emma's doll into the barbecue and watching it burn. Jax was amused, and Britt laughed, although she noted that it hadn't been funny at the time. Jax suggested that they watch the fireworks from the terrace deck.

At the Corinthos house, Carly checked on Josslyn's plans, and Josslyn filled her in on Trina's experience with Ava's stalker. Jason arrived, and Carly stuttered that she had something to tell Josslyn. She announced that she and Jason would be getting married, and Josslyn's eyes opened wide. Josslyn deemed the news to be unexpected, and Carly explained that they had thought it through and had considered it to be the best choice.

Jason agreed that he and Carly were best friends, and they couldn't have made the plan otherwise. Josslyn wondered if they would be happy, and Carly said that they would. They only wanted everyone's support. Josslyn hugged her with approval as Jason looked on somberly. Josslyn welcomed Jason to the family, and she pointed out that he had always been a part of it.

Jason, Carly, and Josslyn continued to discuss the idea of the marriage, and Josslyn admitted that relationships could be awkward and complicated. Carly thought that Josslyn was cynical. Before she left to meet Trina and Cameron for fireworks, Josslyn asked if she would have to call Jason "dad." Jason assured her she would not. Carly thought the conversation had been weird but had gone well.

Jason didn't want to lie, and he agreed that marriage was complicated. He wouldn't be able to do it if Carly hadn't been his best friend. She felt the same way. He presented her with a ring, made up of a large blue stone with diamonds on either side of it. He slipped it onto her finger, and both were teary-eyed.

Shortly after, Carly ended a call with Olivia. She informed Jason that Vincent Novak had shown up at Metro Court. Jason suggested that the man wanted to make peace, and they agreed it was time to go public for the fireworks.

Trina finished up a phone call and spotted "Victor" sunbathing at Pier 54. He was happy to see her, and she told him she'd been looking for a spot for watching fireworks but would meet her friends at the park instead. They talked about the previous evening, and he invited her to join him. She told him she didn't have a bathing suit, and he suggested that she wear her birthday suit, and he would join in. Trina replied that she'd prefer to have him accompany her to the park.

Jake and Cameron walked through the park. Jake wanted to be with his friends, but Cameron wanted to talk. Cameron knew that Jake had been hurt and mad at him, and he wanted to fix things. He apologized again for believing that Jason had killed Franco, and Jake replied that his father would never hurt anyone like that. Cameron admitted that he knew, but he had been hurt; he had been told that anger was an easier emotion to have. He'd taken the "easy way out."

Cameron confessed that he'd been an awful brother, and he would keep apologizing. Jake exclaimed that he'd loved Franco, too, and he agreed that anger was easier than feeling sad. Cameron suggested that Jake could miss Franco if he would stop being angry. Jake also missed hanging out with Cameron. He began to cry, and Cameron suggested that they be sad together.

Josslyn arrived, and Jake announced that he would join Aiden at the pool. He didn't want to be a third wheel. Josslyn announced that Jason and Carly were getting married, and she admitted to feeling excited. Cameron wanted to talk about their kiss the previous evening.

Trina arrived with "Victor," and she told him that he would like her friends. When she called them by name, "Victor" declared that he wasn't ready to meet them, and he would buy some bottles of water first. Trina found Josslyn and Cameron, and "Victor" never showed up. Cameron told Trina to drop her new friend because he was playing games.

Trina decided that she would go home to watch the fireworks with her mother because Portia had been "on edge." She quickly made a phone call while "Victor" watched her from the bushes. Cameron was ready to talk again, and Josslyn reminded him that Dev had forged the journal entry about their first kiss. Cameron wondered what would have happened if Dev had not done that and if he and Josslyn would be together.

At the Quartermaines', Valentin wished baby "Bailey" a happy Fourth, and Brook Lynn announced that she was late for Chase's party. She made certain that Valentin was okay to babysit, but Monica interrupted and asked to speak to Brook Lynn alone.

Inside, Monica informed Brook Lynn that Maxie had stopped by to see the baby yet again, and she didn't think it was healthy. Just then, Maxie walked in and began to fawn over the baby, who was wearing a patriotic headband. Maxie claimed to be just passing by, and she would be joining her own children later. Brook Lynn assured her that she was covered with all kinds of help for the baby. A frowning Monica excused herself, and Brook Lynn told Maxie that Monica had been acting weird because of Maxie.

Brook Lynn was adamant that Maxie shouldn't be there, and she reminded Maxie that she had purposely arranged for childcare next-door to their job. Maxie insisted that it was a holiday weekend, and she wanted time with her daughter. Maxie told the baby that she had missed her, and Brook Lynn maintained that Peter was still "out there." Maxie promised to stay away going forward; she hadn't been able to help herself.

Back on the terrace, Valentin sent Anna a text message. "Are you still coming?" it read. He flashed back to their intimate time in Pautuck.

Several people were gathered at Charlie's Pub after a softball game. They were dressed in their uniforms and enjoying libations. Violet spotted Anna and invited her to a tea party. Anna promised she would attend, although Finn would not be there. Violet announced that Aunt Willow and Uncle Chase were about to arrive, and Anna, Finn, Dante, Sam, Michael, Sasha, Jordan, and Elizabeth all eagerly awaited their entrance.

"Surprise!" the crowd shouted when Willow pushed Chase through the door. Jordan assured Chase that it was a great day to celebrate him, and everyone joked, teased, and had a good time. Violet made it clear to those gathered that it was not the wedding reception. Chase revealed that he would be starting physical therapy.

Jordan invited Willow and Chase to the next softball game as Michael looked on sadly. Chase thanked Elizabeth and Finn for the party. Elizabeth wanted to check on her kids and walked away. Chase noted that Finn and Elizabeth always seemed to be together. Finn took a seat next to Chase and explained that Elizabeth was Violet's aunt and a good friend. She was still mourning Franco, and he had issues because of Anna.

Anna and Jordan chatted, and Anna disclosed that she and Valentin had spent a day in Pautuck, searching for clues. Willow walked over to Finn and Chase, and Finn praised her and Chase's old-fashioned and uncomplicated relationship. Anna walked over and asked to speak to Chase alone. She took Finn's seat and congratulated Chase on his wedding.

Elizabeth told Finn that the party had been the best medicine for Chase. Finn admitted that he had been almost happy until he'd thought of Peter in the freezer. Elizabeth declared that she needed a drink, but Finn declined to join her.

Michael and Willow engaged in conversation. He told her it was the "calm before the storm" and revealed that Carly and Jason were getting married. Sam and Elizabeth were sitting at the nearby bar and overheard. Everyone's disbelieving reaction was the same as Michael explained that Jason and Carly knew what they were doing and were fully committed to each other. Sam gulped her drink and ran out, with Elizabeth close behind.

Anna showed up on the Quartermaine patio to see Valentin, and he showed her his package of sparklers. He noted that Charlotte had gone off to ride her horse. "Light me up," Anna stated as she grabbed a sparkler. As they stood holding the lights, a spark accidentally burned Anna's finger. Valentin wanted to see it, and he grabbed her hand and kissed it. They drew closer, embraced, and began to kiss.

Inside, Maxie wanted a few more minutes with the baby. Brook Lynn guessed she had missed Chase's party and would go upstairs to change her clothes, giving Maxie a few more minutes. Maxie carried the baby around and talked to her as Monica returned to the room and observed.

Jason and Carly held hands as they stepped off the elevator in the Metro Court restaurant. Vincent spotted them and told them he'd heard about the misunderstanding Jason had had with Vincent's nephew Joey. He hoped they would be able to coexist in peace. Jason noted that they would have invited him to their celebration if they'd known he was there. Carly revealed that she had said yes to Jason's proposal.

A cleaned-up Jax and Britt rode the elevator to the restaurant as they doled out compliments to each other amidst their teasing. Carly was sorry that Jason had to stick around, and they chatted about visiting their old bridge in the future. Britt and Jax stepped off the elevator, and Jason and Britt stared at each other.

Elizabeth and Sam ended up at Pier 54. Sam didn't want a babysitter, but Elizabeth held up her bottle of vodka. Elizabeth knew what it felt like to be second to Carly, and Sam agreed that Carly had always come first. Elizabeth poured a couple of shots as they commiserated. Elizabeth declared that shots weren't enough.

A little later, Elizabeth urged Sam to drink another shot. She announced that it was best to cleanse a person from one's system, and she crumbled a piece of newspaper. She lit it, tossed it into the metal barrel, and watched it burn. Sam had a paper bag, and she retrieved a leather jacket that had been a gift from Jason, along with some unused concert tickets in a pocket. Elizabeth told her to toss them into the fire. A dominoes game was next but it wouldn't catch fire. Sam had a bottle of tequila. She took a sip and threw it into the barrel. The flames shot up.

At Charlie's Pub, Dante offered to look for Sam and Elizabeth. Violet told Finn that Chase and Willow would take her to see the fireworks, and Finn thanked Willow for everything. Dante was unable to locate Elizabeth and Sam, but he received a phone call. He learned the women were on the pier, and he and Finn left to get to them. Chase thanked everyone for coming, and Violet looked forward to the wedding reception. Michael looked on miserably.

At the pier, a firefighter doused the fire as Dante and Finn arrived. Elizabeth and Sam emerged from the harbor office, and Elizabeth assured the guys that everything was fine. Sam invited them to join their celebration. She took a swig from the vodka bottle. "And I just declared my independence!" Sam said.

Josslyn and Cameron confess their feelings for each other Josslyn and Cameron confess their feelings for each other

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

In Nixon Falls, "Mike" enjoyed the Fourth of July festivities with Phyllis while Lenny was resting at home. Phyllis suggested that "Mike" might want to take some time off, and she handed him her car keys. She told him to visit with Nina in Port Charles. "Mike" insisted that he didn't have time for a vacation. Phyllis wondered if he was either afraid that Nina was happy or afraid that she shared his feelings.

At Pier 54, Dante asked Sam and Elizabeth if they had really been responsible for starting the fire. Elizabeth declared that it had been harmless fun, and Finn urged her not to say anything else. An obviously tipsy Sam insisted that it had been under control until she'd added some tequila. Dante lectured them and threatened to drag them to the station if he didn't get answers.

Sam challenged Dante, who admitted that he hadn't really considered arresting her, even though there would be multiple charges. They began to bicker, Sam pushed Dante, they struggled, and they both fell into the harbor. As they climbed out, Elizabeth tried to explain that it had only been an accident. Sam snapped that she was thankful because she had finally cooled off in the 90-degree heat.

Dante warned Sam that she was skating on very thin ice, and they began to bicker again. Elizabeth tried to defend Sam and noted that the guys probably hadn't heard the news. She announced that Carly and Jason were getting married. Dante was shocked, and he realized that he couldn't imagine how Sam was feeling. She replied that she was fine, although Dante retorted that she didn't seem fine.

Off to the side, Finn asked Elizabeth how she was, and she made it clear that she and Jason had been over for a long time. She had wanted to help Sam. Finn couldn't believe that Elizabeth hadn't been able to dissuade Sam from using pyrotechnics, but Elizabeth confessed that it had been her idea. She insisted that no one had gotten hurt, and it had been for a good cause. As he looked over at Sam and Dante, Finn clarified that almost no one had gotten hurt.

Dante wanted to take Sam somewhere, though she wasn't certain that she trusted him. He grabbed her hand and announced that he would get Sam home safely. Finn acknowledged that he'd do the same for Elizabeth.

After Dante and Sam had gone, Finn assured Elizabeth that it was okay if she was upset. She replied that, surprisingly, she was not. Carly and Jason had always been first for each other. Finn sat down and noted that a certain person and the WSB had made him a second choice. "Misery loves company," Elizabeth said. Finn confessed that he wasn't miserable, and she wasn't, either.

"Tonight felt really good," Elizabeth disclosed. She thought that she would have a hangover in the morning. Finn thought it was nice to let go, and Elizabeth told him it had been worth it. The fireworks began, and Finn looked at her lovingly. She laid her head on his shoulder. He noted that he had needed a break, too. He thought that she didn't realize how much she meant to him or how important she was. He looked down and saw that Elizabeth was fast asleep.

At the park, Cameron wondered if he and Josslyn would have been together after their first kiss if not for Dev. Josslyn was sorry that they'd never gotten the chance to find out. She asked Cameron if he and Dev had talked about it, but Cameron explained that they'd talked around it. He thought that Dev had wanted to "come clean" the night of the explosion. Josslyn regretted that they hadn't all talked instead of pretending.

Cameron confessed that when he had had to pretend to be into her for Oscar's sake, he hadn't been pretending at all. He had liked Josslyn for as long as he could remember, and he thought it strengthened their friendship. He was able to talk to her about anything, and she'd been there since they'd been kids. Josslyn felt the same way. Josslyn admitted that she would have thought she was betraying Oscar by having feelings, and Cameron concurred. Josslyn again declared that they should have talked it out. Cameron wondered about the present.

Josslyn and Cameron sat on a bench and wondered where to start. They talked about their first kiss. Josslyn exclaimed that she had hoped that Cameron would have brought it up, but he hadn't. She had assumed it hadn't meant anything to him. Cameron stressed that it had meant everything, but Josslyn said that they couldn't go back. Cameron wanted to go forward. The teens knew what they had wanted to happen, and as the fireworks began, they shared a kiss.

"That was awful!" Josslyn exclaimed. "Just kidding! Too soon?" she asked. They joked around, and she had to leave to pick up Donna and Avery. Cameron guessed he had to get Aiden and Jake, and they said goodnight. Cameron asked her to hang out the following day, and Josslyn agreed to cancel her previous plans.

Maxie was happy to see her baby at the Quartermaine mansion. As she carried "Bailey" around and chatted to her, Monica walked in and asked to hold the baby. Maxie backed away. Monica suggested that the baby be put back into her bassinet, but Maxie refused. When Monica asked about James and Georgie, Maxie made it clear that they were out with Mac and Felicia. Just then, Brook Lynn walked in, and Monica was relieved. She noted that the baby wanted her mommy.

Brook Lynn thanked Maxie for watching "Bailey," but when Maxie seemed unwilling to hand the baby over, Brook Lynn asked her to go upstairs to retrieve a blanket. "We have a problem," Monica declared. As Brook Lynn put the baby down, Monica voiced her opinion that they had a serious situation on their hands. She thought that Maxie had been using "Bailey" as a substitute for her pain and had been talking to the baby as if she were her own. She needed counseling.

Brook Lynn disputed Monica's assessment, and Monica suggested they talk to Maxie's parents instead. Brook Lynn argued and made it clear that she would talk to Maxie, and if it was no help, they could go to Felicia and Mac. She would be careful. "Careful about what?" Maxie asked as she returned with the blanket.

Brook Lynn claimed that she had been talking about the house temperature and how it affected the baby. She grabbed the blanket from Maxie, who mentioned that she had been checking out the nursery. She fawned over the baby again, and Brook Lynn and Monica exchanged a look.

Out on the patio, Anna and Valentin kissed passionately. When they separated, Valentin cited that it had been long overdue. Anna thought it had been inappropriate and not their thing, although she admitted that she had kissed him back. She told him it could never happen again. Anna blamed her stress and not thinking clearly. They agreed it had been a good kiss.

Valentin proclaimed that he had wanted her for years. Anna told him that he wasn't seeing clearly, and it hadn't been real. Valentin declared that it had felt real to him, but Anna suggested he seek therapy. She called him an "avatar" of all her mistakes, complete with empathy. Valentin continued to compliment her, and they continued to taunt and flirt at the same time.

Valentin suggested that it was all more than Anna could handle, but she retorted that he couldn't make it about her. She couldn't be into him. Valentin thought he was irresistible, but Anna called him "endlessly resistible." She considered him to be charming and amoral, although he was a good father. She said that he believed in blackmail and murder and was a terrible influence. Valentin continued to sweet-talk her, and he maintained that he could never influence her. Anna wanted to keep it that way.

Valentin guessed that he couldn't get Anna to change her mind, but if she wanted more, she knew where to find him. Anna accused him of backing off and then doing the opposite, and Valentin accused her of denying that there was something pulling them together. She was flustered and announced that she was preoccupied with finding Peter. She asked him to contact her if he heard anything. She left, and Valentin looked pleased.

Liesl and Nina shared a hug at Charlie's Pub and sat down at a table. Liesl wanted to know about Nina's adventure, and she guessed there was a man in the picture. Nina explained that they'd been good for each other. Liesl wanted a name and photos, but Nina only stated that his name was Mike. Liesl assumed that he was married.

Nina wanted to talk about something else, and she momentarily rejected a phone call from "Mike." Liesl asked why Nina hadn't answered the call, but Nina called her nosy. Instead, she announced that she'd heard that Britt and Jason had gotten close. Liesl happily related that they were a match for each other. Nina revealed that Carly and Jason were getting married.

Dante and Sam arrived, and Dante offered to buy Sam some coffee. Sam insisted that she be the one to buy, and as they went at it back and forth, Liesl spotted them and stood up. She wanted to confirm that the information she'd heard about Carly and Jason was true. Sam replied that it was, and Dante and Sam headed to the bar. A dismayed Liesl sat down.

Nina could see that Liesl was upset for Britt. Liesl was worried that it could have been Britt's last chance. Nina thought that Britt would have to figure things out on her own; Liesl wondered how it had been working out for Nina.

Dante and Sam departed and watched the fireworks. Dante believed that Jason had "messed up," and he hadn't taken the chance of a lifetime. Dante said that he would have chosen Sam. They began to kiss, but they broke apart awkwardly. He was sorry, and Sam declared that she couldn't. She ran off, and Dante sat down in front of the bar.

At Metro Court, Carly was sorry that Jason had had to stick around because of Vincent Novak instead of watching the fireworks. They talked about revisiting the bridge one day. Britt and Jax laughed loudly as they stepped off the elevator. They said hello to Carly and Jason, and in response to Carly's question, Britt acknowledged that she and Jax were there together. "Small world, isn't it?" Britt asked. She didn't think it was a coincidence, since she was staying at the hotel, and she asked Jax to confirm that her room was nice. He agreed that it was.

"Speaking of you and Jason? Wow!" Britt declared. "Kind of like you and Jax," Carly replied. Jax thought they all had lots in common. Vincent watched, and Jason suggested that he and Carly grab a table. Britt needed air, and she and Jax headed outside to the terrace.

Carly asked Jason if he realized that Jax and Britt had been sleeping together. Carly was sorry; she knew it was difficult for Jason. She thought that Britt and Jax were both rebounding. She proceeded to go off, and Jason insisted that it was none of their business. Vincent stopped at the table to thank Carly for paying his tab. He extended his congratulations and told them to expect a wedding gift from the Novak family. Jason thought it had gone well.

Carly wanted to talk to Jax, and Jason attempted to stop her. "I didn't listen to you before. I'm not going to start now that we're getting married," Carly told him.

Outside, Britt apologized to Jax, but he stated that he didn't mind if she had picked a fight with Carly. He thought it was an unpleasant experience. Britt replied that she wasn't scared of Carly because she had been around Liesl. Carly emerged from the restaurant and asked to speak to Jax alone. Britt asked Jax if it was okay, and she headed to the bar.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Carly asked Jax. She accused him of taking advantage of Britt's feelings for Jason. Jax snapped that if Carly had known, she should have restrained herself. He was saving Britt from what Carly had put others through. He proceeded to name names: Robin, Courtney, Elizabeth, and Sam. He added that Carly had a "stranglehold" on Jason and refused to let go.

Jax thought it was inevitable that Carly would be first. It had been convenient for her to keep hold of her "fallback." Jax felt he'd been an idiot to think that she would leave the mob life. She wanted Jason, and he came along with the mob. They were as "cemented" as ever. Carly told him it wasn't that simple, and Jason wasn't her "fallback." It had been the best choice for the family. Jax thought it was sad that she believed that.

Jason sat next to Britt at the bar and sighed. He informed her that no one was aware of Britt's disease, and he was not "bailing" on her. He would be there for Britt for whatever she needed. "Go to hell," Britt replied. She told him that he'd made his choice, and she was strong enough to deal with things on her own. Jason insisted that he'd given her his word, and he grabbed her arm. She meant something to him. Britt guessed that something more important had come up. She knew that he and Carly had been friends for decades, and Britt had been "kicked to the curb."

Jason emphasized that Britt meant something to him, but Britt answered that getting everything wasn't a choice. She told him to be honest. She suspected that he'd been in love with Carly all along. Jason agreed that he would always love Carly for all they'd gone through, but it didn't mean that he hadn't loved the other women he'd been with. Carly was a part of him. Britt replied that anyone would want to be loved like that. She congratulated him, and she left the bar.

Britt returned to Jax with a glass of wine in her hand, and she sent Carly away. Carly rejoined Jason and told him that she hated fighting with Jax. She was afraid that Jax was right. Jason wanted to watch the fireworks, and they joined several people on the terrace. Jason said that they were doing what they had to. They were glad they had each other. Carly draped her arm around Jason, and Britt looked on from across the terrace.

Back in Nixon Falls, "Mike" left a brief voicemail for Nina. He hoped she had been having fun, and he asked about her holiday. He informed Phyllis of his attempt, and Phyllis was certain that Nina had been thinking about "Mike," too. She thought that Nina would be jealous of their holiday surroundings. They watched the fireworks. Phyllis believed that Nina would call back.

Molly has a plan to deal with Judge Carson Molly has a plan to deal with Judge Carson

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Alexis made small talk with the guard at Pentonville, only to find out that he had earbuds in his ears. "Never mind, I'll talk to myself," she said. "Or you can talk to me," Shawn suggested as he entered. He explained that he'd called in a favor, and the guard would be looking the other way while they talked. He noticed her holding her wrist, and she confessed that her osteoporosis was acting up. He reminded her that she was entitled to her medications or supplements, but she didn't want any special favors in addition to working in the library.

Shawn wondered if solitary confinement was getting to Alexis. She replied that she had previously fantasized about getting peace and quiet, but once she'd gotten it, she'd begun drinking. In solitary, she vented that the silence was oppressive, and the walls seemed like they were moving in on her. She began to hyperventilate, and Shawn recognized it as a panic attack. He helped her concentrate on her breathing, and she calmed down. He assured her that he'd had them, too, and she wasn't alone. She remarked on how much she admired that he was always stable and trustworthy. He admitted that he was glad she trusted him, and she asked what was going on.

Shawn confessed that he'd told Molly about Judge Carson, and Alexis blew up at him. Shawn insisted that he'd just wanted to warn Molly to steer clear of Carson, but Alexis thought that Molly was going to ruin her law career before it even started. Shawn believed that Molly was smart enough to avoid trouble, and he reminded Alexis that Molly had people to lean on. He advised her to focus on getting out of solitary and to focus on her breathing if she had another panic attack. "I'll do my best," she promised. The guard called out that it was time for them to go back to their cells.

Nikolas arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and found Martin to talk about the divorce. Martin revealed that he'd gotten a confusing call from Scott the previous week, and he'd been sorry to hear about the divorce. Nikolas briefly explained about their stalker, and Martin replied that the police's new lead should be enough to catch the culprit. "What new lead?" Nikolas questioned urgently, and Martin told him about the "unique footprint." "This changes everything," Nikolas said, and he ran out of the restaurant.

Jordan was finishing up a phone call when there was a knock on her office door. Curtis entered, and he asked if she had a problem with the terms of their divorce, as the papers he'd given to her weeks before hadn't been returned. Jordan reminded him of everything she'd had going on at work, but he mentioned her habit of using work to avoid personal issues. She agreed that she'd put it off for too long and that they needed to move on. "Or maybe you already have," she commented.

Jordan had figured out that there was a connection between Curtis and Portia, and Curtis admitted that they'd kissed. He assumed that Jordan already knew, as he'd seen her talking to Portia at Trina's party. Jordan informed him that she and Portia talked a lot, and she didn't know why he assumed that they would be talking about him. Curtis confided that he felt that someone had warned Portia away from him. Jordan answered that she would say something to his face if she had a problem, but it was none of her business. She had to get back to work, but she promised to sign the papers as soon as possible.

There was a knock on Jordan's door, and an officer entered with a file that Jordan had requested. The officer apologized for interrupting, but Jordan replied that she and Curtis were done. Curtis left, and the officer handed the file to Jordan and left. Jordan looked at her and Curtis' wedding picture and put it into a drawer.

At Charlie's, T.J. made sure that Molly knew what she was doing, and she assured him, "I got this." He gave her a kiss for good luck, and she left. On her way out, Molly bumped into Stella, who was disappointed that Molly wouldn't be joining her and T.J. "Next time," Molly said, and she was gone. Stella sat down with T.J., and T.J. updated Stella on what was going on with him and Molly. He mentioned that they'd seen Shawn, and Stella gave a tepid response. T.J. insisted that Thomas would always be his father, but Shawn was his father, too, and Stella understood.

Stella asked about Jordan, and she commented how great it was that Jordan had finally put Cyrus away. She remarked that Jordan and Curtis made a good team. She wondered if the two would be reconciling, but T.J. doubted it. He gently advised Stella to accept that the marriage was over. "It ain't over 'til it's over," she responded, and T.J. wondered what she'd done.

A short while later, Curtis arrived and found Stella at the bar. She began to talk about his and Jordan's marriage, and she was disappointed that they would quit on each other after all they'd overcome to be together. She believed that they could work things out if they had time, "and I would say that to anyone." "I have a feeling you already did," he responded.

Molly arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and apologized to Judge Carson for keeping her waiting. Carson was glad that Molly had accepted Carson's offer, as she was happy to mentor promising young talent. Molly thought it would prove beneficial to both of them. The judge remarked on how busy Molly had to be at the district attorney's office. Molly replied that she'd been reading old case files and precedents in her free time, some of which were Carson's. Molly remarked on Carson's pattern of stretching the parameters of felony cases, especially for non-white defendants.

A shocked Judge Carson believed she'd made a mistake about Molly, and she vowed to let Robert know about the disrespect Molly was showing to a "prominent judge." Molly wasn't afraid of the judge, and she accused Carson of "trashing the system you swore to uphold." Martin approached and asked if there was a problem, and Carson told him about Molly "hurling outrageous accusations." Molly cited Shawn getting 20 years for attempted murder, while his white counterparts had always gotten the minimum sentence.

Judge Carson argued that each case was evaluated on its own merit, but she refused to continue arguing with Molly, who hadn't even taken the bar exam yet. She promised to let the district attorney and the bar association know about Molly's disrespect. Molly insisted that she would prove that her accusations were true, and she left. Martin sat down with Carson, who talked about how she'd donated to African-American charities, and she'd even had a black roommate in college. Martin assured her that, over the 20 years he'd known her, he'd always known her to do the right thing. Carson continued that each defendant was judged on their crime, their past record, how they'd been raised, and their likely future. She concluded that some only responded to incarceration, and Martin agreed.

Later, Martin entered Jordan's office, and she wondered if he had anything for her. He revealed that he had a recording of "an incriminating conversation with Judge Carson." A pleased Molly, with T.J. by her side, vowed that the dishonorable judge would be "going down."

At Charlie's, Ava asked Portia how Trina was recovering. Portia replied that Trina was mostly just angry about her entrance to her own party being ruined. She continued that she'd been watching Trina closely ever since the hostage situation with Cyrus, and Trina had shown "no cracks." Ava related how terrified she'd been to see Trina covered in a red substance, as she couldn't bear to lose Trina. Portia was glad to have Ava looking out for Trina, and she also appreciated Ava's great college recommendation letter. Portia asked about the gallery, and Ava lamented that some of the paintings had been completely ruined. Portia wondered what kind of person would want to cause someone else that kind of pain. Portia reminded Ava to focus on herself, as well.

Just then, Nikolas approached and asked to talk to Ava. Portia had to go, anyway, so she left. Nikolas sat down and updated Ava on the new lead the police had on the stalker. Ava no longer wanted to live in fear, so he asked her to run away with him. He proposed that they take Avery and sail away on a yacht to Cassadine Island. He continued that if the stalker wasn't caught, then they could stay there. Ava reminded him of all he'd done to get his fortune back. He replied that he would do anything to save their marriage, even if it meant losing everything.

Ava didn't want to rip Avery away from the rest of her family, and she still feared the risk of her and Nikolas staying together. She added that, if he loved her, he would help expedite their divorce. A defeated Nikolas agreed to have Martin start on the paperwork. He informed her that he was only doing it because he loved her. "I know you do. I love you, too," she whispered, and she walked away.

Trina was reading in the park when she heard "Victor" ask if the book was "anything good." She chided him for ghosting her for fireworks when he'd gone to find some water. He handed her a bottle, but she told him it was too late. "Better late than never," he commented, and she continued reading her book. He wondered if she forgave him, but she reminded him that he hadn't actually apologized.

Victor apologized for deserting Trina, as something had "come up." She assured him that it wasn't a big deal, as they hardly knew each other. "Let's change that," he said, and he sat down next to her. "Victor" asked Trina about her favorite artists, but she answered that there were too many to list. She talked about how much she loved art and art history. She added that she was going to school for fine arts, and she worked at the gallery.

Trina asked about "Victor," as she hadn't seen him around town before the day of her party. He answered that he had his own place, but he steered the subject back to art. A short while later, she finished telling a story by informing him that her mother was a doctor. She asked about his mother, and she admitted that she'd "pegged you for a trust fund kid." "Victor" answered that his mother had died when he'd been little, and she apologized for her insensitivity. He assured her that it was a normal question, and he hated that his answer was a conversation stopper. He reasoned that he'd never really had a mom, so he didn't know what he was missing.

"Victor" wondered what Trina did for fun, and she talked about going the beach. Just then, his phone went off, and she grabbed it. "Stop!" he yelled, stopping her in her tracks. She explained that she was just going to put her number in his phone, so he unlocked it for her, and she put in her number.

Portia arrived and asked if Trina was ready for dinner. She introduced herself to "Victor," and he did the same. She invited him to join them for dinner, but he had to go. When he was gone, Trina accused Portia of chasing him away. Portia thought that he seemed interested in Trina. "He did?" she said, and she giggled. She explained that he worked at the Savoy, so if Curtis could trust him, Portia could, too. Portia replied that she was interested in any guy that put a smile on Trina's face.

Spencer entered the cemetery and knelt down by Mike Corbin's grave.

Austin gets a job in Port Charles Austin gets a job in Port Charles

Friday, July 9, 2021

Jordan uploaded the recording of Judge Carson from the flash drive to her computer. Molly believed that Judge Carson had admitted that she sentenced differently based on race, and Martin chimed in that there was no denying the judge's obvious biases. T.J. wondered if it was enough to get Shawn's sentence questioned. Jordan explained that she would send the recording to Judicial Review Board, and while it was pending, she would petition the attorney general to move Shawn and Alexis somewhere safe. She couldn't guarantee that there would be consequences, as judges were extremely protected.

Jordan continued that she would take a copy to Pentonville, as she thought it would be enough to get Shawn and Alexis released into PCPD custody. Jordan asked if Molly wanted her role kept out. Molly wondered if more details meant a better chance of Judge Carson getting reprimanded or removed. Jordan warned that Molly might lose her job with the district attorney, and Martin added that Molly wouldn't be popular with her colleagues. Molly decided to do whatever it took to make things right. Martin assured her that she'd done a great job, and he and Jordan left.

At Pentonville, Alexis insisted that she couldn't go back to solitary confinement, but Shawn urged her to remember her breathing. The guard tried to take her, but Shawn asked the guard to let Shawn handle it. Shawn reminded Alexis that they could get into serious trouble if she didn't go back. "He's right," the guard said, grabbing her wrist, and she collapsed in pain. Shawn scolded the guard and informed him that she likely had a fractured wrist from her osteoporosis, so she needed to go to the infirmary. "Nice try," the guard replied, and he ordered Shawn to stand down. "Make me," Shawn shot back, and the guard took out his nightstick.

As the guard raised the nightstick to hit Shawn, Jordan arrived, followed by two of her officers, and demanded that the guard stand down. Jordan knelt down next to Alexis, who again insisted that she couldn't go back to solitary, where she'd been for days. Jordan replied that Alexis and Shawn were safe, and she helped Alexis up, promising to take Alexis to a doctor. Jordan announced that she had permission to take Shawn and Alexis into custody, pending investigations into their respective trials. She explained that T.J. and Molly hadn't listened to Shawn's warnings, and Jordan couldn't be more proud of them.

T.J. returned to Jordan's office with coffee for himself and Molly. They talked about Shawn's unfair sentence, and Molly was sad for the time he and T.J. had lost. T.J. related that he had been close to Shawn before he'd known that Shawn was his father, and once he'd found out, he hadn't even been able to hug Shawn. Molly admitted that she wasn't as passionate about the law, considering the damage it had allowed Judge Carson to do. T.J. assured her that they were helping to make a better future for their children. Just then, Jordan returned, and Alexis entered the office behind her. Molly gave her mother a big hug. Shawn followed Alexis in. "Dad," T.J. said, and the two embraced.

Valentin was lost in a daydream about the kiss he and Anna had shared when Monica entered the living room. Valentin assured her that he and his lawyer would be discussing ELQ soon. She bitterly talked about the irony of him living in her house while stealing her family's company. He wondered if she was going to evict him, but Monica reasoned that she'd put up with worse. He hoped to repay her for her generosity, and she shot back, "Be gracious in defeat," and left the room. Yuri opened the front door for her and watched her go. Yuri thought Monica was a "nice lady" who said that he was a good listener. Valentin remarked that Yuri wasn't much of a conversationalist, and he walked away.

A short while later, Martin arrived, and he suggested meeting with Michael to talk about running the company together. He went on about why it would be good for ELQ until he noticed Valentin staring off into space. Valentin apologized for his mind being elsewhere, and Martin guessed that it was about Anna. Valentin played dumb, but Martin assumed that Peter's disappearance had caused the two to become closer. Valentin abruptly changed the subject back to ELQ, and he thought it was a good idea to meet with Michael. He added that he paid Martin for legal and business advice, and he would ask for personal advice if he ever wanted it.

Anna sat at the Metro Court restaurant bar with her coffee and thought about her kiss with Valentin until she noticed Maxie arrive. Maxie bumped into Austin, and she questioned why he was in Port Charles. He replied that he had business there. Anna approached and thanked Austin for the use of his house when it had started raining. He advised her to let him know if there was anything else he could do to help, and he got on the elevator.

Back at the bar, Anna explained what had happened when she and Valentin had gone investigating in Pautuck. Maxie observed that Anna seemed suspicious of Austin, and Anna thought back to finding the old photo in the house. Anna replied that she'd found out his last name, and she'd been curious if he was related to someone she'd once known. Maxie asked suggestively about Valentin, but Anna insisted that they were just good friends. She added that, after all her lies, she didn't feel deserving of anything from anyone.

Maxie took Anna's hand and apologized for how angry she'd been with Anna. She understood how secrets could be worth it to protect someone. She forgave Anna, and she urged Anna to forgive herself and be happy. Maxie had to go, but she promised to see Anna soon, and she left.

A few minutes later, Anna made her way to the elevator. When the doors opened, Valentin stepped off, and he explained that he was hoping to catch Michael at the restaurant. She replied that Michael wasn't there, so Valentin walked by her to wait at the bar. Just then, Anna's phone went off, and she answered it to a colleague named Kurt. She wondered if he'd found any information on the helicopter pilot she'd been looking for.

In the elevator at the hospital, Carly thought that Monica would be unhappy at the news of her and Jason's engagement. The doors opened, and they saw Britt in front of them. "I'll get the next one," she stated, and she walked away as the doors closed. When they arrived on the right floor, Jason talked about how much he regretted hurting Britt. He explained that he'd told Britt that marrying Carly was the best decision for the family, but he would still be there for her. "I'm sure she told you to go to hell," Carly scoffed.

Monica arrived, and Jason asked for a few minutes of her time. Monica invited them to her office, but Carly thought that he should break the news to Monica alone, so he followed Monica. In Monica's office, Jason believed that she was the right choice to undo all of Cyrus' damage. She thanked him for the faith and asked how he was doing. He first apologized for worrying her when he'd been on the run, but she knew that he had a reason for everything he did.

Piggybacking off Monica's comment, Jason broke the news and he and Carly were getting married. He explained that it was the best decision for the family and each other. Although they'd had their differences, Monica knew that the two loved each other and were loyal to each other, which was a good foundation for marriage. She asked if he thought he could be happy. "I do," he replied, so she assured him that she was happy for him, and the two embraced.

Finn arrived at the hospital and teasingly asked how Elizabeth's hangover was. She reasoned that it was at least giving her something to think about other than their secret. She was glad that he hadn't turned himself in, but he reasoned that the longer Peter was there, the more likely it got that he would be found. Elizabeth suggested involving Jason, but he didn't want to risk it. She then suggested involving Anna, but he reminded Elizabeth that Anna worked for the WSB, which was law enforcement. She then realized that it was up to them to move Peter while Cyrus' security loopholes were still in place.

Just then, Monica rounded the corner, having overheard Finn and Elizabeth. She assured them that security had restored the cameras everywhere in the hospital, so nothing illegal would be happening at the hospital anymore. As she walked away happy, Finn and Elizabeth were visibly horrified.

At Charlie's, Curtis asked if Stella had talked to Portia. "I most certainly did," she replied shamelessly. She believed that the last thing he needed was a rebound, but Curtis expressed his anger at her for meddling. She reminded him that he wasn't even divorced yet, and she'd been trying to save him from himself. She knew that a relationship with Portia might look simple, but it sure hadn't been simple when the two had first met. He thought that Stella had acted no differently than Jordan. She shot back that, like Jordan, Stella would "move heaven and earth" and sacrifice everything to protect her loved ones. "I've been compared to worse," she added. Curtis informed her that he had some "unfinished business to settle," and he left.

At the hospital, Terry approached Portia and asked to make a formal pitch to Portia for Terry's campaign for chief of staff. As Britt passed through, she joked about Terry putting up election posters in the cafeteria. Terry suggested that if Britt was worried about it being a popularity contest, she should question why she was so unpopular. Britt excused herself to welcome a new doctor to the team, which was one of her responsibilities as chief of staff. "Enjoy it while you can," Terry replied. "I will for years to come," Britt called out as she left. Terry insisted that the "low road" wasn't usually her style, but Portia understood, as Britt "brings out the worst in everyone."

Portia warned Terry how difficult and time-consuming being chief of staff was, and Terry observed that Portia seemed to be speaking from experience. Portia explained that both of her parents had been doctors, and her father had eventually become chief of staff. She continued that the job hadn't been what he'd expected, as it was a lot of "schmoozing and paperwork." He'd started to resent her mother because she was still able to interact with patients, and Portia knew how much Terry enjoyed treating patients.

"Feelings about Britt aside," Terry believed that she could do a good job, as she knew she could make a difference about the "institutional blind spots," especially regarding those affecting trans patients. "Good answer," Portia replied. Portia agreed to support Terry, but she reminded Terry about the long hours. "Good thing I have no personal life," Terry cracked. Portia thought that they were overdue for a ladies' night with Elizabeth, and she missed being a wingwoman.

Terry wondered if Portia was off the market and hadn't said anything, but Portia responded that she wasn't seeing anyone. Terry promised to text Portia, and she left to do rounds. Just then, Curtis stepped off the elevator and related that he'd been looking for Portia. He didn't like how they'd left things, and he wanted to fix things between them.

In Britt's office, she thanked Austin for helping Maxie give birth, and she commended him for doing so in "less-than-ideal circumstances." However, Britt wondered why he would want to give up his private practice in Pautuck. He answered that he had business in Port Charles that required him to put down roots. Britt asked if she could count on him to stick around, and he replied, "That'd be the idea."

A short while later, Maxie arrived at the hospital as Austin was on his way out. He informed her that he was on staff at General Hospital, and he was moving to Port Charles. He informed her that she would be seeing a lot more of him, and he left.

Carly spotted Britt, and she approached, asking for a minute to talk. "Let's get this over with," Britt decided. She recapped that she and Jason had saved each other's lives and been fugitives together. He'd been good to Britt, but it was over because he was marrying Carly. "Do you know why?" Carly inquired. Carly claimed that she and Jason had admitted their feelings to each other shortly after Sonny's funeral, but they'd felt that it had been too soon, so they'd decided to let it go. Since Jason had been back from Pentonville, they'd decided not to hold back their real feelings and to make things official.

Carly apologized to Britt, as she and Jason hadn't intended to hurt Britt. "It just comes so naturally," Britt cracked. Britt couldn't believe that what she and Jason had had had been a fling to get his mind off Carly. Carly insisted that Britt and Jason had had a "fleeting moment," but what she and Jason had would be forever. Jason returned and found Britt in tears. "Both of you can go to hell," Britt spat, and she stormed off. "What'd you do?" Jason demanded to know from Carly.

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