General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 12, 2021 on GH

Dr. Austin was revealed to be a long-lost Quartermaine. Maxie decided to leave town for a while, but not before telling Nina the truth about Louise. Lenny learned that he had advanced pancreatic cancer. Spinelli and Ellie decided to part ways. Dante and Sam couldn't forget the kiss they had shared. Sasha was honest with Brando about her expectations. Spencer returned home.
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Dr. Austin was revealed to be a long-lost Quartermaine, and Maxie told Nina the truth about Louise
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Maxie decides to leave Port Charles Maxie decides to leave Port Charles

Monday, July 12, 2021

Brook Lynn was angry when she answered a knock at the front door of the Quartermaine mansion and found Maxie standing there. "He's back in Port Charles!" Maxie exclaimed. She proceeded to tell Brook Lynn that Austin from Pautuck had been hired at General Hospital. She was beside herself with worry that Austin would recognize Brook Lynn with the baby and put things together.

Brook Lynn tried to reason with Maxie and reminded her that Austin had been "out cold" when Maxie had handed the baby to her. Maxie was worried that Austin might have caught a glimpse, anyway, and she worked herself into a frenzy. Brook Lynn noted that Austin had already seen her holding the baby and hadn't recognized her. Maxie related that Austin had said that he was in town for something else besides his job, but she didn't know what.

Brook Lynn made it clear that Maxie would be the one to blow everything up with her behavior. She handed Maxie a glass of ice water, and Maxie began to calm down. She knew that she would be okay once Peter was caught. Brook Lynn pointed out that Maxie had also called the baby Louise, and Valentin had noticed. She was afraid that Maxie would do so in public. She demanded that Maxie call the baby "Bailey."

Maxie asked if she could see "Bailey," since she was already at the house, but Brook Lynn told her she could not. They'd made a deal, and she had arranged for Maxie to visit the baby on workdays. While only the staff was around, Brook Lynn was concerned that they could report seeing Maxie there again. She revealed that Monica was worried and had wanted to discuss Maxie's behavior with Felicia and Mac.

Maxie quickly said no and admitted to hating the lying she'd been doing while knowing that her daughter really hadn't been missing. She was certain that Anna would learn the truth with her investigative skills. Brook Lynn asked her if she just wanted to take the baby home with her. Maxie declared that she wanted to, but it couldn't happen while Peter was still around somewhere. Brook Lynn asked why Maxie was at the house again, especially if there was a chance that Peter could be having her followed.

Maxie agreed that she would do what was best for her daughter. Brook Lynn thought that Maxie seemed to be at the end of her rope. Maxie said that she was, and she would have to do what she had to do in order to protect her daughter. She thought it would be best if she left town.

In Jordan's office at the police station, T.J. and Shawn admired each other. Jordan returned and announced that she had been helping Molly to file the official complaint against Judge Carson. T.J. was happy that the judge would finally face "true justice." T.J. thought that Molly deserved all the credit. Shawn insisted that he had only given information to Molly in order for her to protect herself. He hadn't expected her to conduct an "undercover sting."

T.J. wondered if the deputy warden would face charges for doing favors for the judge, and Jordan explained that she'd spoken to the warden. There would be an inquiry conducted at Pentonville. She added that Shawn and Alexis could remain in the jail at the police station for the time being. Shawn extended his thanks, but Jordan was grateful for how he'd taken care of T.J. after she'd hidden his paternity. Shawn called it the best thing he'd ever done.

T.J. hoped that Shawn's sentence would be reviewed if the judge was found to be guilty. Shawn reminded him that he'd pleaded guilty, even though he hadn't been the one to shoot Hayden. He confessed that if he got released, he would make it his mission to find "the bastard" who had actually done it. T.J. thought it was strange to see Jordan and Shawn together. Shawn admitted that he had to figure out who he would be going forward, especially after having worked for Sonny.

Curtis and Portia stepped outside the hospital and sat at a table with cups of coffee. He wanted to talk to her, and she told him she had a few minutes. Curtis wanted to know if she had walked away from a relationship with him because of his "well-meaning but meddling auntie." Portia was surprised that Curtis knew, and he was sorry. Portia admitted that she had had to agree with Stella's assessment.

Portia thought that Stella had made some "strong points." Curtis was barely divorced and had to "regroup." She didn't want to be in a rebound relationship although she confessed that she was interested in having an eventual relationship. She knew how good they were together, and she reminded him that he had walked away the last time they'd been in a relationship. Then, she had kissed him, and he'd pulled away. Curtis proclaimed that he'd been taken by surprise.

Curtis thought that Portia was settling, and he had never known her to do that. He added that fear was stopping her from something better.

Inside the hospital, Austin met Amy at the nurses' station. She revealed that she had heard all about him, and he admitted to a plan to have the "time of my life."

Dante entered Alexis' examination room, followed by Sam, who hugged her mother. She asked who had hurt Alexis' wrist, and Alexis explained that a guard had grabbed her. There was a knock at the door, and Austin walked in. Dante and Sam were surprised to see him, and they asked what he was doing there. Austin told them he was on staff, and there was some awkward conversation among them.

Alexis finally piped up and reminded everyone that she was the patient. She and Austin chatted, and he noted that Portia had been the original doctor who had dealt with Alexis' wrist. He asked if she preferred to see Portia instead, and Sam quickly said yes. "What was that?" Alexis asked after Austin left the room. Sam filled Alexis in on Pautuck. "Something doesn't add up," Sam said. She thought that Dante agreed, but he informed her that he would reserve his opinion until after investigations were complete. Alexis thought that Maxie had to be frantic. Dante told Alexis that she would return to the jail at the police station.

Britt sat in her office and flashed back to a tender conversation she'd had with Jason at the lighthouse. There was a knock at the door, and Jax walked in. He announced that he was checking on Britt after she'd seen Carly and Jason together. Britt replied that she would have to get used to it. She thanked Jax for helping her to take her mind off of things. Jax informed her that he was not there to talk about Carly and Jason.

Britt and Jax agreed that their night together had been fun, and it didn't have to mean anything. Britt was glad they were on the same page, and they shook hands as friends. Britt wanted to know what Carly had said to Jax on the Fourth of July, and she wanted him to be honest. Jax replied that Carly's marriage wasn't a surprise. He had always blamed Sonny for the danger and violence, but Carly had "doubled down" with Jason. He would do what he could to keep Josslyn safe. He compared Carly's latest move to being on a high wire without a net.

Britt thought that Jax would have to "cut the cord." Jax told her that at least Josslyn hadn't been traumatized by the announcement. They were interrupted when Liesl knocked on the door, and Jax awkwardly said his goodbye. Liesl stated that she hadn't known that Britt and Jax were intimate friends, and she apologized for encouraging Britt to follow her heart, which had resulted in Jason stomping on it.

Britt didn't blame Liesl; Jason didn't want her. Liesl asked about Jax. "Drowning your sorrows in bed isn't going to make you feel better about losing Jason," Liesl said. "So I've discovered," Britt replied. Liesl guessed that Britt had slept with Jax, and Britt closed the door. Liesl made it clear that she wasn't judging, and of course Britt and Jax had been attracted to each other. Liesl had only stopped by to comfort Britt, and there was no one more incredible than her.

Britt had believed that it had been the start of something with Jason, but she guessed he had been with her out of pity. Liesl asked if she had slept with Jax to prove that she was still desirable. Britt didn't want to hurt like that again.

Jason and Carly stepped off an elevator as Jason demanded to know why she'd been talking to Britt. Carly's response was that she'd had a few things to say that Britt had needed to hear. Carly insisted it had been for Britt's good because she didn't want Britt to hold out any hope that Jason would return to her. Britt had needed to know it was over. Angrily, Jason replied that he had spoken to Britt himself. Carly emphasized that Britt couldn't hold onto hope, but she looked at Jason's face.

"Are you hoping for the same thing?" Carly asked. She insisted that her marriage to Jason would be real. Jason hated what it had been doing to Britt. Carly confessed that she had lied to Britt about her and Jason being in love in order to help Britt move on. She was sorry that he and Britt were hurt. Jason declared that Britt hadn't chosen it, and he wanted Carly to leave Britt alone.

Austin ran into Carly and inquired where the Corinthos office was. She told him that Michael was her son. "That Corinthos!" Austin responded. She asked him if he liked Corinthos coffee, and he laughed. He said he did, and he knew that the family donated lots of money. Austin mentioned Lucas and his new position, and Carly noted that Lucas was her brother. Austin wondered if everyone in town was related. He knew about the Quartermaines and Cassadines, as well. Carly thought he knew a lot for someone who claimed not to know anything, and he would do fine.

"You caught me!" Austin exclaimed. He had prepared ahead of time and had tried to figure everything out. He was from a small town, and he had wanted to know all the players in order to succeed.

Portia received a phone call and informed Curtis that she had to check on a patient. He didn't want her to regret not taking a chance on them.

Once inside, Curtis stopped at the nurses' station to inquire about T.J. because he couldn't locate him. Amy informed him that T.J. was out for a family emergency.

After leaving Britt's office, Jax waited for the elevator. The doors opened, Jason stepped off, and Jax stepped on. Jason stopped the doors from closing and told Jax not to hurt Britt. Jax reminded him that he wasn't the one who had hurt her.

Britt wiped away tears, and Liesl said her goodbyes. She opened the office door and said that she hoped they could meet for dinner during the week. She was proud of Britt and declared that Britt felt so much pain because her heart was strong. Britt hugged her and cried. They were near the open door when Jason walked by. He quickly ducked out of the way as Liesl comforted her daughter. Britt told Liesl that her heart hurt "so much." Jason overheard.

Portia entered Alexis' room and sent Sam and Dante out. Alexis thought that there was something wrong with Portia. She stated that it had been a tough day, and she wasn't sure how to move forward with treatment. She put a cast on Alexis' arm and noted that Alexis' bone density had gone down. She would make certain that Alexis had access to proper vitamins.

In the hallway, Sam offered to get coffee. She asked Dante to accompany her, but he was thinking about their July Fourth kiss. He snapped out of it and told her he had to stay for Alexis. Sam replied that she would pick one up for him. He wanted to talk about their kiss. Sam sighed that she had almost made a "clean getaway."

Sam reminded Dante that she had been really drunk, and she had done some terrible things. She asked if they could forget that it had happened. Dante was happy they were on the same page. Sam was worried that Alexis could be targeted, and Dante offered to help.

Curtis got to Jordan's office and asked her about an emergency. She invited him inside, and he found T.J. and Shawn. Greetings followed, and Shawn suggested that Jordan explain it all to Curtis. There was a cop waiting to escort Shawn to the department jail. T.J. wanted to go with him, and they left. Jordan closed the door, and she told Curtis about the biased judge who had sentenced Shawn to prison.

Curtis revealed that Stella had been the one to warn Portia away from him. "Stella strikes again," Jordan noted. Curtis added that Portia had been on Stella's side, and he was sorry he had suspected Jordan of having said something. Jordan just wanted Curtis to be happy, and she added that she would sign the divorce papers and get them off to him. Curtis replied that as long as they understood each other, there was no rush. He wanted her to be happy, too.

In the jail cell area, T.J. was of the opinion that Shawn's case would be reviewed, and he would be released with time served. He wondered how they could proceed to locate the real shooter. Shawn reminded T.J. that he was still in prison, and he wasn't sure he'd be released. T.J. vowed to do whatever it took to get his dad home.

Austin crashes the Quartermaines' meeting Austin crashes the Quartermaines' meeting

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

At the Quartermaine mansion, Maxie thought that her only option was to leave town, but Brook Lynn instructed that everything would work out if Maxie followed the plan. Maxie no longer trusted herself and cried that she had no willpower left. Brook Lynn promised to support whatever decision Maxie made, but Brook Lynn believed that Maxie wasn't in the right frame of mind to make such a big decision.

Just then, Monica entered, and Maxie admitted that she might need help. Monica assured her that there was no shame in asking for help. Maxie asked Brook Lynn to say goodbye to "Bailey" for her, and she left. As someone who'd lost a child, Monica related that the pain never went away. She thought that "Bailey" would want to see Brook Lynn, so Brook Lynn left.

Nina put in a call to "Mike" and apologized for taking so long to return his call. She asked how things were in Nixon Falls, as she'd gotten the impression from Phyllis that something was wrong. "Mike" replied that everything was fine, and they missed her. Just then, Ava emerged, and Nina promised to talk to "Mike" later. She assured him that she thought about him all the time, and she hung up. Ava was glad to see that one of them was happy. She thanked Nina for letting her stay over and promised that it wouldn't be for long, which would enable Nina to invite her "mystery man" over.

Nina insisted that she had no time for a visit from "Mike," and she also wasn't ready to leave Wiley yet. Nina figured that it was hard for Ava being apart from Avery, but Ava tried to focus on the fact that Avery was safer at a distance. Ava asked for the real reason Nina didn't want "Mike" in Port Charles. Nina replied that there was no future for them there, as she had too much history there. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Nina answered it to a crying Maxie, who begged for Nina's help. Ava decided to do her final check at Wyndemere and left.

Maxie informed Nina that she was thinking about leaving Port Charles with James. Nina reminded Maxie of how much support she had in town, but Maxie replied that "Bailey" was also in town. She told Nina about Monica's concerns about Maxie, who wanted to be with "Bailey" all the time. Nina made sure that Maxie knew that "Bailey" wasn't Louise. "I don't know, that's why I'm leaving!" Maxie cried. Nina questioned if Maxie was thinking about stealing "Bailey." Maxie insisted that "it wouldn't be stealing. It would be bringing her home where she belongs!"

Trina was walking through the park, looking at her phone, when something small hit her. She looked up and found "Victor" up in a tree. She explained that she was on her way from helping organize the gallery before the cleaners got there. She'd wanted to do something nice for Ava, who was going through a painful divorce. A few minutes later, she was up in the tree with "Victor," and he asked about the divorce. Trina told him more about the stalker, and he called the situation "tragic."

A few minutes later, Trina and "Victor" were on the ground, and she informed him that her friends still thought that he wasn't real. She held up her phone to take a selfie of them to send to Josslyn, but he yelled, "No selfies!" and ran off. Trina followed him. She assumed that he was hiding something, but he insisted that he just wanted to put a fun filter on the picture first.

"Victor" wondered if the police had found the person responsible for the destruction at the gallery. Trina admitted that she'd overheard the cops talking about a unique boot print found at the scene. She figured it would only be a matter of time before the culprit was caught so that Ava and Nikolas could call off their divorce. Just then, "Victor" said he had to go, and he ran off. Spencer approached a Dumpster and looked around. He took red-covered boots out of his backpack and tossed them in the Dumpster.

Ava arrived at the park, and Trina thanked Ava for meeting with her. She wanted to talk to Ava about "Victor," and she told Ava about their spontaneous dynamic. Ava believed that he was a fool if he didn't call Trina. Trina asked if Ava had heard about the new lead, but Ava wasn't optimistic. Trina offered to keep Ava company at Wyndemere, but Ava didn't want Trina to worry about her. Ava wanted to take Trina shopping to replace the clothes ruined at the gallery, and Trina looked forward to a girls' day out. Ava assured Trina that things would work out with "Victor," and Trina replied that she was rooting for Ava and Nikolas.

Laura arrived at Wyndemere as some movers carried boxes out. She found a melancholy Nikolas sitting in the living room with a drink in his hand. Nikolas informed Laura that he'd tried to convince Ava to run away with him, but she'd refused. It had been his last chance to save the marriage. Nikolas wanted to go to her, but Laura urged him to honor Ava's wishes and stay away. Nikolas wondered how much longer they would have to be "puppets" of the stalker, and Laura disclosed that it might not be much longer, as she had an update on the investigation.

Laura revealed that a print had been found at the scene from a hiking boot that was made at a small American company and that was only available at a few specialty stores across the country. She believed it wouldn't be hard to find the person who'd bought the boots in that size. She urged Nikolas not to interfere again, but he feared that the stalker would target another loved one. Laura knew that he meant Spencer. She assured him that Spencer was jet-setting around the world, so the stalker probably wouldn't be able to find him. She added that she'd told Spencer to call Nikolas, and she was disappointed that he hadn't.

Laura believed that Spencer still adored Nikolas, who missed his son. He assumed that Spencer had learned how to hold a grudge from him. He wished Spencer was home, as he believed that his son's presence would make the situation with Ava more bearable. She apologized for making Nikolas feel worse, but Nikolas thanked her for trying to get Spencer to talk to him. "Father," Nikolas heard, and he whipped around to see Spencer. "I'm home," Spencer said.

Phyllis and Lenny returned to the Tan-O, and "Mike" wondered if they'd gotten Lenny's test results from the doctor yet. Lenny insisted that he felt fine, and he appreciated "Mike" stepping in for Lenny while Lenny took it easy. Lenny excused himself to balance the books as a distraction from the waiting. When he was gone, "Mike" asked Phyllis how bad things were with Lenny's heart. She answered that Dr. Ford hadn't had much to say, and she had trouble "reading between the lines."

Phyllis asked if Nina had ever called "Mike" back, and he confirmed that she had, although he'd lied to her. He said that he'd told her everything was fine, and he wondered why Phyllis hadn't told Nina about Lenny, as it wasn't "Mike's" place to say anything. She apologized for putting him in a tough spot, but she hadn't wanted to worry Nina with all Nina had going on. "Mike" informed her that she would have to talk to Nina about it.

Lenny returned and marveled that he felt like he was 20 again, and he kissed Phyllis. "Mike" thought about his kiss with Nina. Lenny wanted to take Phyllis out dancing, and "Mike" assured them that he had things at the Tan-O under control. Just then, Dr. Ford entered, and "Mike" excused himself to the back. A short while later, Phyllis and Lenny thanked Dr. Ford for the house call, and Dr. Ford wished he'd had better news. "Mike" returned when the doctor was gone and wondered what the doctor had said.

At the hospital, Scott observed that Austin was "a man of many talents." He looked forward to talking with Austin for some medical advice, but Austin would only accept a quid pro quo. Scott reminded Austin that he would no longer need to work with the move he was about to make. Austin replied that he loved medicine, so he would probably continue to practice no matter how rich he got. Scott warned Austin about making a move against the most powerful family in town, but Austin wasn't afraid. "Are you ready?" Scott asked. "I've been ready for a long time," Austin replied.

Michael arrived at the Quartermain mansion. As Ned and Olivia descended the stairs, Valentin wondered if Michael or Ned would be succeeding him as CEO of ELQ. Michael declared that he believed that Ned should have the job. Michael explained that, between his family and his job at Aurora, he couldn't fully commit to ELQ, and he thought that Ned was the "best man for the job," anyway. Ned appreciated Michael's words, but he wondered about Olivia's thoughts on the matter.

In the living room, Ned assured Olivia that he would turn down the job if it would push Olivia further away, as he didn't want to destroy the progress they'd made. Olivia clarified that the problem was how far he was willing to go for the business. She did agree that he was the best man for the job, but only if he kept things in perspective. He promised to prove himself and hoped to fix their marriage. "One day at a time," Olivia replied, and the two embraced. Brook Lynn entered and smiled, happy that things were working out. She commented that "Bailey" had helped make things right in the family, but Olivia appreciated the life that "Bailey" had given to the family.

A short while later, Michael and Valentin joined Olivia, Ned, and Brook Lynn in the living room. Michael asked if Ned would accept the position of CEO, and Ned confirmed that he would "with pleasure." Ned told Michael that he would be keeping the position warm for Michael, and then for Wiley one day. Olivia excused herself to check on Leo, and she left the room. She bumped into Monica, who'd observed that Olivia and Ned seemed to be getting closer. Olivia replied that they were, but slowly. Monica advised Olivia not to let anger "steal more time" than it already had, and she urged Olivia to forgive Ned.

A short while later, the Quartermaines gathered in the living room. Valentin called the meeting to order. He proposed that they skip the formalities and go right to the vote, and the family agreed. Scott burst into the room to stop the meeting, as all Quartermaines weren't present or accounted for. Ned demanded to know who was missing, and Austin entered and stated, "Me." Monica accused Valentin of conjuring the situation as some kind of ruse, but he insisted that he was as curious as the rest of them. Michael asked who Austin was. To everyone's confusion, Austin introduced himself as "Austin Gatlin-Holt."

Maxie tells Nina the truth about her baby Maxie tells Nina the truth about her baby

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

In the park, Ava made a phone call and attempted to arrange a launch to get her to Wyndemere and back to town. She was told that someone had been holding the launch at Spoon Island, and she demanded to know who had more of a right to it than her.

At Wyndemere, Laura apologized to Nikolas for mentioning Spencer's name. "Father, I'm home," Spencer announced. Nikolas and Laura turned to the door and looked at him in surprise. Laura hugged her grandson as he explained that he had a room at Metro Court. Nikolas remained quiet. Laura called him on it, and Nikolas noted that he wasn't sure that Spencer wanted to hear from him. Eventually, father and son shared a hug.

Laura and Nikolas couldn't believe how much Spencer had grown. Nikolas asked him about his return, and Spencer admitted that he hadn't been sure about his welcome. Nikolas assured him that he would always be welcome. They were interrupted when Ava appeared. She complained loudly about the launch availability but stopped short when she saw Spencer. They greeted each other cordially, and Spencer apologized about having tied up the launch.

Ava announced that she was there to check up on the movers, and she disclosed that she and Nikolas were getting a divorce. Spencer noted that the last he'd heard, Ava and Nikolas had planned on renewing their vows. He asked what had happened. Ava told him not to pretend that he was sorry, and Spencer guessed he would have been home sooner if he had known. "To hammer in the final nail?" Ava asked. Spencer replied that he would have wanted to be there for his father.

Nikolas declared that he was able to take care of himself. Spencer wanted to know what there was between Ava and Nikolas. Ava explained that they had married for all the wrong reasons but were getting divorced for the right ones. She added that she was glad that Spencer was back for his father's sake, and she excused herself.

Shortly after, Ava showed Nikolas a bracelet that she had found in a drawer. They reminisced about it, and Ava thought that she would give it to Avery. She was glad that Nikolas had his son back, and she hoped it was a comfort. She departed, and Laura ran after her. Spencer wished there was something he could do for Nikolas, but Nikolas told him to "spare the crocodile tears." He knew it was what Spencer had wanted.

Outside, Ava admitted that she was aware that Laura had never approved of her marriage, but Laura stressed that Ava had proven several times that she belonged with Nikolas. Laura promised to do all she could to find the "sick bastard" and get justice so Ava could return to their family.

Back inside, Spencer argued that Nikolas hadn't been around when Ava had refused to testify against Valentin for killing Nikolas. Nikolas reminded him that Ava's face had been badly scarred, and he would have thought that Spencer would have had some sympathy for her. Spencer made it clear that he was back because he loved and had missed Nikolas. He wasn't there to fight. Laura had expressed the idea that Nikolas had needed him. Laura looked on approvingly.

At Nina's penthouse, she offered to get Maxie help. Maxie insisted that she hadn't planned to steal "Bailey" because she would really be getting her home. She cried that she wasn't delusional. Nina maintained that "Bailey's" home was with Brook Lynn. She knew that Maxie had been hurting. Maxie began to argue with her, and finally, she revealed that she had a secret that Nina had to promise to keep to herself.

Nina assured Maxie that she was able to keep a secret, and Maxie divulged that "Bailey" was her baby, not Brook Lynn's. Maxie had given the baby to Brook Lynn in order to keep her safe from Peter. "Bailey" didn't exist and never had. Nina stared at Maxie, open-mouthed. Maxie confirmed all the important details, and she admitted that she had lured the fake nurse to the mine shaft but had not pushed her. She added that Brook Lynn had only pretended to be pregnant because it had been the only way to protect Louise.

Nina pointed out that everyone believed that Valentin was the baby's father, and she wondered if he was in on the scheme. Maxie confessed that he had no idea, and Nina was appalled. Maxie stated that it had been difficult to be around her daughter, and she needed distance until they were all safe from Peter. Nina agreed that everyone had secrets, and she supported Maxie.

Nina thought that if Valentin knew the truth, he would go along with the plan. It would be even tougher on his heart if he didn't hear the truth right away. She wanted Maxie to stay and fight to lure Peter out of hiding because there were many people that would help her. Maxie didn't want to ask anyone else to risk their life.

Nina agreed they were sisters, and she would help, no matter where she was. She was proud of Maxie's courage, and she hoped to see Maxie in Port Charles with her baby the next time they met. Maxie knew that Nina would understand.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael asked Austin who he was. He introduced himself as Austin Gatlin-Holt, and Brook Lynn pointed out that Austin had delivered Maxie's baby and had been hired at the hospital. Austin was happy to meet everyone, but Monica was clearly annoyed. Scott announced that Austin was the grandson of Edward Quartermaine.

Those who were present at the ELQ meeting -- Ned, Olivia, Monica, Michael, Brook Lynn, and Valentin -- began to piece together Austin's ancestry. Olivia exclaimed that Jimmy Lee Holt had been the "bastard son" of Edward. She quickly assured Austin that as a former two-time single mother, she was not judging. She had read Edward's memoirs. "So, sue me!" she urged her family members. Austin replied that he was aware that his father's illegitimate status had not been unique.

Olivia chuckled and told Austin to wait until he read the memoirs. "Brace yourself!" she said. Valentin thought that Austin would be entitled to voting shares, but Michael thought that anyone could walk in and claim to be a relative. He wanted proof. Scott disclosed that he had the necessary proof, such as the birth certificate and affidavits. Michael vowed to have them verified, but Ned maintained that Austin still would not have any rights. Edward had cut Austin's father, Jimmy Lee, out of his estate, as he should have known. Austin disclosed that Jimmy Lee was dead.

Monica was sorry to hear it. Austin declared that whatever had been rightfully Jimmy Lee's would belong to him. Valentin and Ned began to bicker, and Austin noted that the Quartermaine "squabbles" were legendary. Olivia laughed. "Wait till you see Thanksgiving," she said. Austin noted that his father had been fond of Port Charles, even though the opposite hadn't been true. Ned insisted that Austin had no legal standing.

Austin revealed that he would be contesting Edward's will. Valentin nodded in approval as Scott revealed that he had filed papers. He was challenging Edward's decision to give certain family members shares while giving nothing to others. Monica proclaimed that it had been Edward's right, and Brook Lynn retorted that Austin couldn't just change things. "Spoken like a true child of privilege," Austin noted. Michael promised to have the documents checked out, and Valentin tapped his glass for attention.

Valentin noted that he was still CEO, and he couldn't allow the proceedings to continue, given the new situation. He adjourned the meeting. Monica agreed that all the facts were needed. Austin apologized for the melodrama, and he assured them all that he had not wanted to take anything from them. He was there to take his rightful seat at the table and to have his father vindicated. He hoped things would be easier the next time he saw them. He looked around.

Austin was sad that he hadn't known his grandfather or grown up in a place like the mansion. He looked forward to getting to know everyone because they were family. He headed out the door as everyone watched him. They were speechless.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" asked Phyllis and Lenny about Lenny's examination. Phyllis began to cry, and Lenny admitted that his heart condition had been getting worse. "Mike" wanted to help, and Phyllis was adamant that they wouldn't give up. "Mike" promised that he wouldn't allow anyone to give up. He thought that Lenny and Phyllis should get a second opinion, and Phyllis agreed. She left the room to search for a new doctor online. Lenny was annoyed that "Mike" had given her hope.

Lenny maintained that hope would cost more in the end and too much money. "Mike" exclaimed that he had it covered, although Lenny couldn't imagine how. He cried that he couldn't allow Phyllis to go deeper into debt. He was dying, and she would lose the Tan-O. "She would do it for you," "Mike" said. Lenny replied that Phyllis was his life, and she hadn't signed on to go broke. "Mike" promised to find a way.

Lenny admitted that he didn't have the strength to fight "Mike." Phyllis returned and told the men that she had found the right specialist for the second opinion. Her name was Dr. Kishore, and she was located at the Methodist Hospital in New York City. Phyllis went over her credentials, and she declared that they were all going to New York.

At General Hospital, Anna spoke with a new security chief on the second floor. She told him she had been trying to locate a helicopter pilot named David Hopkins. She showed him a photo and asked if he could help. The man agreed. Finn spotted Anna, and she told him that she had been searching for Peter. She admitted that the search had been going slowly. They chatted about Violet, and Anna awkwardly told him that she had planned to pick up a gift for the little girl in New York City. She hadn't wanted to overstep and give Violet the wrong impression.

Finn wanted to talk, and they sat down on a bench. He informed Anna that Violet was aware that he and Anna weren't getting back together but that she was still important to Anna. He added that Anna was important to him and always would be. Anna thought that he had wanted nothing to do with her after the Peter fiasco, but he told her that Chase's improvement had been most important. He had been angry. Anna vowed to find Peter and seek justice.

Finn began to say that he wanted to find a way, but he stopped short. A tearful Anna suggested that he'd meant to say for them to be friends. Finn wasn't sure of the proper term, but he wanted them to be okay with each other. Anna knew that they would always have the Peter issue between them, but Finn made it clear that Peter had always been able to bring the worst out in people. He flashed back to his rooftop argument with Peter and the tussle on the stairs.

Anna noticed Finn's distraction and asked if he was okay. Finn was sorry for having been hard on her. She smiled and said thank you. She wanted to know what had changed. They were interrupted when the security chief stopped and handed Anna a piece of paper. She opened it and looked it over. She told Finn she had to make a phone call.

Anna returned shortly after and informed Finn that she had to change her travel plans. Just then, Valentin arrived after his notification from Anna. She explained that Valentin had been helping her in her search for Peter, and she had a lead in New York. Valentin divulged that ELQ business was "up in the air," and he would go with her.

Anna wanted Finn to hear the latest development, too. She stated that the pilot was working at Methodist Hospital in New York, and she thought that he had flown the chopper the night of Peter's disappearance from General Hospital. Finn smiled, and he wished Anna and Valentin luck. After they left, he frowned.

Brando helps Carly out with Joey Brando helps Carly out with Joey

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Nina was surprised to open her door and find Yuri. Brook Lynn plowed in past him with "Bailey's" stroller, and she assured him he could stand guard outside the door. Nina closed the door and remarked on how fast Brook Lynn had gotten there. Brook Lynn insisted that she wanted to prove herself to Nina and Deception, but Nina revealed that she hadn't called Brook Lynn over to talk about work. She admitted that Maxie had told her Brook Lynn's secret, as she'd needed someone to confide in. A frazzled Brook Lynn explained the "win-win" situation, but Nina wondered why they hadn't told Valentin the truth.

Nina talked about how unfair it was to continue letting Valentin love the baby like she was his own. Brook Lynn didn't disagree, but she conceded that it was Maxie's call. Nina agreed, but she knew that Valentin would understand, and he would want to help protect the baby from Peter. Brook Lynn hated that Valentin would be the one to "lose big" when the secret surfaced, but she thought that Valentin was one person who could handle such a devastating loss. Nina agreed. The two decided that they were on the same page for Maxie's sake. Just then, Brook Lynn's phone rang, and she ran off to answer it. Nina told "Bailey" that her safety was all that mattered. She added, "With all the secrets I'm keeping, who am I to judge?"

Jason arrived at the Metro Court bar and asked a glum Spinelli if everything was all right. Spinelli divulged that Ellie had moved out, and he didn't disagree with her reasoning. Jason advised Spinelli that he didn't have to choose the business over Ellie. Spinelli replied that, although he loved and missed Ellie, most of their relationship had been during Jason's absence, and Spinelli was the one who was a perfect fit for Ellie. He added that he liked working with Jason and using his "substantial skills."

Spinelli knew that both he and Ellie were doing the right thing for themselves. "That doesn't make it any easier," Jason said, and he put a comforting hand on Spinelli's shoulder. Spinelli remarked that Jason and Carly were soul mates, if not romantically, then in every other sense of the word. "I can't imagine a more perfect union," he said.

Maxie and Sasha met up at the Metro Court restaurant. Maxie handed Sasha some file folders and explained that they contained the research and press information Sasha would need to make another pitch to Pebela. She informed a shocked Sasha that she was taking a leave of absence for a few weeks, as it was difficult to be in Port Charles after Louise's kidnapping. Sasha regretted that Maxie having a pregnant coworker probably didn't help, but Maxie assured Sasha that it had nothing to do with Sasha.

Maxie asked about the pregnancy, and Sasha admitted that she was overwhelmed, especially doing it alone. Maxie was curious about Brando's involvement. Sasha explained that Brando was great, but his close ties to an alleged mob family made her nervous. Maxie related that, as a mom, Sasha would constantly worry about her child, regardless of mob ties. Maxie continued that Jason would never force anyone to work for him, so Brando could do whatever he wanted.

Later, Sasha was gone, and Spinelli approached Maxie, who had a favor to ask. She informed him that she and James would be visiting her family in Texas for a few weeks, so she was hoping that Spinelli and Ellie could keep Georgie. Spinelli answered that it wasn't the best idea, and he explained why. Maxie wondered if she needed to talk some sense into Ellie, but he insisted that Ellie had made the right decision for herself.

Portia arrived at the brand-new Metro Court pool and commended Carly on the remodel. Curtis and T.J. entered as Curtis congratulated T.J. for passing the boards. T.J. related that he had one week until he became an intern, and he intended to spend every minute of that week at the pool. The two went to find seats, and Curtis was about to claim one when Portia put her bag down. When she saw Curtis, she offered to find somewhere else to sit, but he insisted that she had been there first. T.J. approached, and Portia congratulated him. He thanked her and excused himself to go for a swim.

Portia wondered if things would always be so awkward between her and Curtis, and she suggested rewinding back to the way things had been before they'd kissed. He didn't think it was that simple, and she agreed. However, she thought it was worth a try, and she walked away.

Brando and Gladys arrived at the pool, and Gladys admitted that Carly had done a good job. She related that risking her life for justice had given her a new perspective. She hoped she wasn't "cramping your style," since there were so many "eligible women" there, but he replied that he wasn't trying to pick anyone up. "So, you and Sasha are a thing," Gladys stated with clear disdain. He divulged that they hadn't talked about it. Gladys suggested that Sasha was worried about him being a "good provider." "The 1950s called, and they want their sexism back," Brando cracked, and he added that Sasha didn't need a provider, thanks to her successful company.

Gladys advised that it was a good time for Brando to worry about his own career. As Carly listened in, Gladys insisted that, with Sonny gone, it was Brando's time to get in on the family business. Carly approached and welcomed the two. Brando congratulated Carly on her engagement, and Gladys made a snide comment about Sonny being happy for them. Carly instructed Brando to go get Gladys a drink on Carly's tab, which they could use for the afternoon, so he walked away.

Gladys commented that Carly was finally treating her and Brando like family. "You're a lot of things, but family isn't one," Carly shot back. She continued that she appreciated Gladys' help in ridding the town of Cyrus, but that was the end of their professional relationship. "Not for my son," Gladys replied, and she demanded "a bigger piece of the pie" for Brando. Carly cited Brando's connection to Gladys as a reason Jason was uneasy about Brando joining the business. Gladys claimed that it was Brando's birthright. Carly declared the conversation over, and she walked away.

T.J. was getting out of the pool as Brando walked by, and Brando made small talk about the pool. T.J. congratulated Brando on the baby, but Brando assured T.J. that he didn't have to be the bigger person. T.J. explained that he'd been thinking a lot about lost time, and he'd decided that it wasn't good to hold grudges. He wished Brando luck, and the two shook hands.

A few minutes later, T.J. sat down next to Curtis and asked if his uncle wanted to talk about Portia, but Curtis only beat around the bush. T.J. insisted that he would always want Jordan to be happy, but Curtis was his family, too. Curtis assured T.J. that his "vibe" with Portia had only happened after he and Jordan had separated, but they'd decided to just be friends. T.J. wondered if they'd decided that because it was what they wanted, or if it was what they thought they should do. "You should clear that up," T.J. said.

A few minutes later, Curtis sat down next to Portia, wanting to "get everything out in the open." He knew that they liked each other, and he understood if she didn't think it was a good idea to get involved with him. He added that he would feel bad if she was holding back because of Stella. "Is that all?" she asked, clearly not interested in replying. He told her that he was headed to the Savoy for his official grand opening. He remarked that it would be a big night for him, but "it could be a big night for us. If you change your mind, you know where to find me."

Joey Novak arrived at the pool, and Carly demanded to know why he was there. As Brando and Gladys watched, Joey informed Carly that Jason wasn't as secure as he thought and that he wasn't afraid of Jason. Carly coldly offered to call Jason. However, Brando stepped in and introduced himself as Sonny's cousin. He offered his services as a mechanic to any Novaks who had car trouble. A contemplative Joey left, and Gladys hoped that Carly was grateful that Brando had stepped in, as a "mob kerfuffle" at Carly's brand-new pool would have been embarrassing. When Carly was gone, Gladys expressed how proud she was of Brando, but he dismissed the interaction as not a big deal. Sasha arrived and overheard as Gladys proudly believed that Brando would soon be Jason's right-hand man.

Carly went to the bar and informed Jason that he'd just missed Joey and that Brando had stepped in. She would hate to give Gladys what she wanted, but Carly believed that Brando could be an asset to them. Jason promised to keep Brando in mind, but in the meantime, he instructed Carly not to provoke Joey, who was a hothead. Carly agreed that they didn't want to escalate things, and Jason added that their marriage would hopefully calm things down.

Anna and Valentin sat in a pub in New York City, and Valentin asked if she'd heard from her aviation contact. She revealed that David Hopkins was en route to New York Methodist Hospital, which was just across the street. She suggested they wait for confirmation before heading over, and he agreed. He remarked that the pub reminded him of the pub in Dublin they'd celebrated in after getting their first field assignment. Anna replied that she didn't enjoy thinking about that time in her life, and he shouldn't either.

Valentin wondered if it was Anna's "troubled past" that had put her in a "mood," and she vaguely confirmed it. He believed that she was really concerned about "us," and he wanted to discuss things like adults. He thought that they had feelings for each other, and they needed to stop fighting it. She commented that they'd had a "fleeting kiss," but he shot back that it had been building for years. He wanted her to admit it, but the conversation was interrupted by Anna's phone. She checked the text and saw that David was returning to the hospital. "It's go time," she said, and they got up from the table.

Phyllis and "Mike" helped Lenny into the emergency room at New York Methodist Hospital. Lenny's doctor arrived, and she instructed Lenny to go with her so that she could run some tests. When they were gone, "Mike" gave Phyllis a comforting hug. Phyllis remarked that she hadn't realized how hard waiting for answers was. "Mike" was glad that they'd gotten some sightseeing in before Lenny's appointment, and Phyllis replied that being in the city had reminded her of "so many memories." She wondered if "Mike" thought he'd seen Manhattan before. He replied that it had seemed familiar for a second, but he figured it was just because of movies and television.

"Mike" reminded Phyllis that Nina needed to know what was going on with Lenny, and Phyllis promised to tell Nina once they had more information. She advised "Mike" not to let Nina slip away, and she left to go for a walk. A few minutes later, the doctor returned, and "Mike" offered to go get Phyllis. The doctor replied that Lenny had given permission for "Mike" to be kept in the loop, so the doctor invited him to follow her to Lenny's room. She promised to have the staff let Phyllis know where they were. Just as "Mike" and the doctor entered Lenny's room, Anna and Valentin walked down the hallway.

Anna told Valentin that she was going to flash her WSB badge to see if anyone would tell her where David was. She instructed him to stay there just in case David passed through, and they went their separate ways. Valentin bumped into Phyllis and apologized as he picked up the sodas she'd dropped. She gave him one, since she noticed that her friend had disappeared. Valentin offered to keep her company until her friend returned, and they sat down. She introduced herself, and they shook hands.

In Lenny's room, "Mike" wanted to wait for Phyllis, but the doctor wanted to move fast so Lenny didn't lose his place in line for the necessary scans. She assured "Mike" that she saw no immediate danger, but she wanted to follow up on something questionable in one of Lenny's tests. "Mike" offered to go find Phyllis, and Lenny and the doctor left.

When "Mike" left the room, he saw a hat on the floor and picked it up. He suddenly remembered the words he'd said to Mike on Mike's deathbed. He stared at the hat as he went back into Lenny's room and closed the door behind him. Anna walked down the hall as "Mike" decided to leave the room, and he moved to open the door.

Lenny gets a diagnosis Lenny gets a diagnosis

Friday, July 16, 2021

At the Metro Court restaurant, Jason and Carly talked about whether or not to involve Brando in the business. Jason decided that he wouldn't turn Brando away if Brando wanted to join. Sam arrived at the restaurant and approached the couple. She explained that she was there to meet Maxie, and she complimented Carly's engagement ring. She asked to speak to Jason alone, so Carly walked away. Carly went up to Maxie and informed her that Sam was there, but she was talking to Jason first. "This should be interesting," Maxie replied, but Carly wasn't worried. Carly assured Maxie that she knew what Maxie was going through with Louise, so she advised Maxie to let Carly know if she needed anything.

Jason apologized that he hadn't been the one to tell Sam about his engagement, and he wondered if she'd told Danny. She revealed that she was leaving that up to him. She asked when he and Carly had decided to get married, and he talked about their "shared loss" of Sonny. Sam added that she'd always known that Jason and Carly were both first on the other's list, ahead of everyone else, and she walked away. Sam approached Carly and took her aside to talk to her. Sam knew that Jason and Carly wouldn't have gotten engaged without a good reason, so she advised Carly to let her know if Carly needed anything.

Carly returned to Jason and divulged that they had Sam's support. Jason wanted Carly to tell him again what had happened with Joey Novak. She explained that Joey had asked her to tell Jason that Jason wasn't as secure as he thought, and before she'd been able to contact Jason, Brando had stepped in. Jason had to go see Monica, so he kissed Carly on the cheek and left.

Maxie asked Sam if everything was all right with Jason, as she'd heard about Sam and Elizabeth's bonfire. Sam insisted that she was at peace, but Maxie thought Sam would only be able to get peace with someone else to go home to. Sam thought back to Dante kissing her, and she disagreed with Maxie's statement. Maxie immediately asked for details about the guy in Sam's life. After initially protesting, Sam informed Maxie that she'd kissed someone, but it hadn't meant anything. Changing the subject, Sam wanted to know why Maxie had called her. Maxie explained the trip she was taking, and she asked Sam to keep an eye on Spinelli, since Ellie had left him. Sam promised to make sure that Spinelli was all right.

Sasha spotted Brando at the pool and immediately turned around to leave. Brando saw her and called out for her to join him. He offered his chair to her, and he got her a pillow. He remarked that he hadn't seen her lately, but he'd gotten the feeling that she wanted him to stay away. Sasha assumed that Gladys had given him that idea, but he wondered if Gladys was right. Sasha assured him that he was the exact kind of man she would want to raise a child with, but if she had a choice between raising her child by herself or with a man working with the mob, "it's no choice." She reminded him that her small foray into that world had almost gotten her killed, which was enough reason for her to never do it again. "Is that enough reason for you?" she asked, and she got up and left.

At the pool, Dante warned Rocco not to do any cannonballs, and Dante rejoined Chase by the side of the pool. Dante joked about Chase arresting Rocco for not listening. Chase reminded Dante that Dante was a cop again, and Chase was on a "long paid vacation." Dante assured Chase that he would be back at work soon, and it would be "like old times." Chase retorted that he couldn't walk, and he wiggled his toes to show Dante what he'd accomplished so far in physical therapy. Dante commended Chase, who wondered when Dante had become optimistic. "When I decided that I need my partner back to stop me from doing questionable things," Dante replied, and he thought back to kissing Sam. Chase wondered if it was even about work, and Dante admitted that it was about a woman.

A short while later, Dante returned from scolding Rocco and found two drinks on the table between his and Chase's chairs. Chase thought the drink would make Dante talk, but Dante refused. However, Chase refused to stop interrogating until Dante talked. Dante finally explained that it had been a weird night with a woman who'd been in a rough place, and it hadn't been a big deal. Chase thought it might turn into something if Dante gave things a chance, but Dante didn't want to take advantage. Chase advised Dante to take the chance to be happy if he got it. "I don't know if that's in the cards for me," Dante replied.

"Mike" sat in Lenny's room with the hat he'd found. Anna was standing outside the door as "Mike" decided to leave the room, but he stopped when he heard a nurse ask if Anna needed help. He listened as Anna explained that she was looking for David Hopkins, a medevac pilot. The nurse instructed Anna to follow her to the HR department, and they walked away.

A short while later, Lenny and his doctor returned to the hospital room. "Mike" offered to go get Phyllis, but Lenny asked him not to. "It's bad, isn't it?" "Mike" asked. A few minutes later, the doctor explained that they would set up a series of appointments for Lenny. She offered to give the two men privacy, so she left the room. "Mike" informed Lenny that Phyllis had to learn the news at some point, but Lenny wanted her to hang onto the hope she had for a short while longer before it was taken away.

In the waiting room, Valentin realized that he knew Phyllis, and he introduced himself as Nina's ex-husband. From Phyllis' cold reaction, he assumed that she'd heard about him. He insisted that he regretted the harm he'd caused Nina. Phyllis replied that Nina was doing fine without him, and she'd been staying with her, Lenny, and "Mike" in Nixon Falls. He thanked her for helping Nina but wondered who "Mike" was.

Just then, Anna returned and apologized for interrupting Valentin and Phyllis. Phyllis walked away to check on Lenny. Valentin told Anna who Phyllis was, and Anna remarked, "Small world." Anna informed him that she'd shown her badge at HR and told them that David Hopkins was a person of interest in an investigation. They'd told her that David was probably at the bar across the street, where Anna and Valentin had just been. Anna continued that she wanted to confront him alone, as she believed she would be more approachable if she was alone. Valentin agreed, but he refused to let her go in alone, and they left.

Phyllis entered Lenny's room and asked what the doctor had said. Lenny disclosed that his heart wasn't a problem, but he had cancer. Phyllis gasped in shock and began to cry, and "Mike" pulled her into a hug. Lenny continued that his scan had revealed a mass on his pancreas that was "pretty far along." "Mike" explained that Lenny had options like chemotherapy and surgery, but Lenny didn't want to do anything that would land Phyllis in the "poorhouse." Lenny left the room, and Phyllis followed.

Nina arrived at the gatehouse to pick up Wiley, per Michael's text, but Willow informed her that Wiley was still napping. She offered to reschedule with Nina, but Nina decided to wait until Wiley woke up. Willow knew that Wiley would be devastated to miss out on an afternoon with his grandmother. Nina admitted that she'd worried about Wiley not recognizing her when she'd returned. However, Willow pulled out a tablet and flipped through some pictures, including one of Nina. She assured Nina that they'd told Wiley about Nina all the time, as Nina was part of Wiley's family.

A touched Nina asked if Wiley had wondered why she'd been gone for so long. Willow answered that, one day when Wiley had gotten hurt at the park, they'd told him that Nina had had a "boo-boo" of her own. If Wiley asked, Nina would assure him that she was all better. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Willow let Carly in. Carly revealed that she'd wanted to visit Wiley on her way to the main house. Willow informed her that Nina had a "pool date" with him after his nap, and Willow excused herself to check on Wiley.

Nina invited Carly to join her and Wiley, as she thought he would love to have both of his grandmothers with him. She added that it would also give her a chance to toast Carly's engagement. Just then, Nina's phone went off, and she rejected the call from "Mike." Nina thanked Carly for giving her time with Wiley. Carly answered that Nina made him happy, and she left. Nina called "Mike" back, and she wondered if something was wrong. "We need you," he replied, and he inquired if there was any way she would return to Nixon Falls.

In the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn joined Ned and Michael in the living room as Ned was ending a phone call. She asked if he had been talking to the family lawyers about Austin, and he replied that they needed time to study the matter. Ned assumed that their own DNA tests would confirm the documents Austin had given them, and Brook Lynn questioned if that would "entitle Austin to a slice of the Quartermaine pie." She believed that Austin was "shaking us down," even though giving Austin anything would be violating Edward's wishes.

Michael suggested that they win Austin over, as a war was less likely if Austin was closer to the family. He added that it was Ned's decision as "CEO-in-waiting." Ned agreed with welcoming Austin into the family, but Brook Lynn loudly protested. She thought back to Maxie warning her about spending too much time around Austin, and Ned questioned why she thought he was such a big threat. She claimed that something had to have happened for Austin to suddenly want to claim familial rights. However, Ned didn't believe that Austin was the threat Brook Lynn seemed to think he was.

Austin was looking at pictures at the hospital when Monica approached. He commented on how much of a legend Alan was, but Monica added that he'd been a "philanderer and a scoundrel." Austin replied that he was trying to be polite to his new boss. Monica suggested that he was trying to "pull one over on the family like your father did." Austin inferred that Monica hadn't liked Jimmy Lee, and she replied that they'd had their ups and downs. She had been sorry to hear of Jimmy Lee's passing, and she asked what had happened. He replied that Jimmy Lee had died of COPD, and he'd spent the time on his deathbed wondering how he'd offended Edward. He advised Monica that, like it or not, he was family, and he wouldn't let any Quartermaines tell him otherwise.

Jason arrived, and Monica suggested that Austin ask Jason how he felt about it. A few minutes later, Austin was on the phone, and Monica updated Jason on what was going on with Austin. Jason offered to check into Austin, and Monica agreed. A short while later, Austin approached Jason and observed that they were both part of "illegitimate branches" of the family tree. Jason coldly replied that it didn't make him care any less about his family. He vowed to do whatever it took to protect his family and ELQ, and he got into the elevator.

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