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Nina returned to Nixon Falls. Brando and Sasha made an announcement to Gladys. Maxie left for a vacation in Texas with Georgie and James. Curtis and Portia's leap of faith left Jordan in tears. Shawn's sentence was commuted. Anna and Valentin began to suspect that Peter's disappearance might not have been intentional. Chase made an important step in his recovery. Alexis saw a familiar face.
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Anna and Valentin began to suspect that Peter's disappearance might not have been intentional
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Anna talks to David

Anna talks to David

Monday, July 19, 2021

On the phone with "Mike," Nina asked what was wrong, and he wondered if she could return home. He'd promised not to say anything, but he revealed that he, Lenny, and Phyllis were at New York Methodist Hospital because Lenny was sick. He told her all the details, and he mentioned something that he hated to ask of her. Knowing what he meant, Nina insisted that she would love to help pay for Lenny's treatment and pay Lenny and Phyllis back for all they'd done for her. He added that they would be back in Nixon Falls the next day, so she promised to meet them there. Just then, Willow returned with Wiley, and Nina said her goodbyes to "Mike."

Nina thought that Wiley was just the medicine she needed, and she told Willow about the bad news she'd just gotten. She added that "Mike" would keep her posted for the time being so she could spend the rest of the day with Wiley. Willow remarked that she liked "Mike" and hoped to meet him one day. Nina insisted that Wiley was the only man in her life.

Willow promised to send Nina lots of pictures of Wiley, and Nina appreciated it. She wondered about Willow and Chase giving Wiley a sibling, but she immediately backtracked, realizing that it was none of her business. She hoped that Willow and Chase got exactly what they wanted. "If you and Carly can get along, anything is possible," Willow joked, and Nina thought back to kissing "Mike." Nina picked Wiley up so they could go to the pool, and they left the gatehouse.

Lenny and Phyllis were reminiscing when "Mike" returned to the room. He thought that they needed to "get a jump on fighting" the cancer, but Lenny countered that they couldn't afford it. "Mike" admitted that he'd called Nina, and Phyllis was glad that he had. Lenny refused to take Nina's money, but "Mike" insisted that Lenny let Nina and "Mike" repay his kindness toward them. A nurse arrived at the room to take Lenny to the doctor to discuss treatment options. Lenny realized that he was outnumbered and agreed. When he was gone, "Mike" instructed Phyllis that they would take things one day at a time.

Anna and Valentin sat at a table in Ryan's Bar until Anna saw David arrive. He sat down at the bar, and Anna made her way over, pretending she had no service on her phone to make small talk. As Valentin looked on, she divulged that she was new in town and needed someone to show her the ropes. She wondered what had led David to the city, and he replied that he was "trying to forget." Anna inferred that it was about a woman, and he clarified that it was his "baby sister" Marie, who'd recently died. Anna related that her sister had also died recently.

David talked about how smart Marie was, but her risk-taking had gotten her into trouble. He continued that she'd died doing the right thing by trying to save a baby from a mother who'd wanted to keep the child away from the father. However, she'd died before she'd gotten the chance. Anna asked more questions, but David grew suspicious of her interest. Just then, Valentin flew up and pinned David to the bar, yelling at him to talk.

David swore that his job had been to pick up the father and fly him to a "rendezvous point," where David would pick up his sister, the baby, and the mother, and take them to wherever the father told him to. Anna demanded to know where David had taken the father, but he replied, "I didn't." Valentin let him up so he could explain that he hadn't been able to get the helicopter close enough, so he'd had to abort the mission. Anna wondered how Peter had escaped the hospital if he hadn't been airlifted out.

Brook Lynn arrived at the hospital with "Bailey," who Deanna cooed over. She walked away to see if the doctor was ready for "Bailey." Maxie arrived, and Brook Lynn assured Maxie that "Bailey" was just there for a checkup. Maxie thanked Brook Lynn for arranging the meet-up so that Maxie could see "Bailey" one last time before Maxie left.

Just then, Austin approached and wondered what the two women were up to. Brook Lynn spat that what she was doing wasn't his business just because he claimed they were family. Deanna returned and led Brook Lynn and "Bailey" to a room. Maxie questioned how Austin was related to the Quartermaines, and he explained his parentage. She wished him luck with the family.

A short while later, Brook Lynn and "Bailey" returned, and Brook Lynn was happy to announce that "Bailey" had passed her checkup "with flying colors." "Bye, 'cuz," Austin said, and he walked away. Maxie was terrified of Austin being related to Brook Lynn, as he could "blow our whole story." Brook Lynn reassured Maxie and insisted that he was too busy trying to become a part of the family to notice anything else.

A few minutes later, Brook Lynn and Maxie went into an exam room, and Maxie held "Bailey" to say her goodbyes. Maxie told "Bailey" how much she loved the baby, but she refused to say goodbye. She informed the baby that she had to be "Bailey" for a little while, but she would always be "my Louise." Brook Lynn tearfully promised that "Bailey" would always be loved and cared for. Maxie knew, as she wouldn't be able to leave the baby if she had any doubts. Maxie left the room and didn't look back.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Spencer was fascinated hearing about Cassadine Industries, and he loved seeing his father back in charge. Nikolas thought that Spencer would rather be with friends. Spencer planned to, but he wanted to be with Nikolas. "Back at you," Nikolas replied. "Even if it means your wife isn't a part of it?" Spencer asked as Ava stepped off the elevator. Nikolas invited her to join them, but she didn't want to intrude.

Nikolas had something to tell Ava that would "affect our future," so he pulled her aside. He told her that he'd talked to Martin about a "no-fault divorce." They would have to agree that their marriage had been broken for six months, and the divorce would be final in six weeks, which was their quickest option. He promised to make sure the bodyguards were around for that time just in case. She tearfully thanked him for the update and made her way to the bar.

A few minutes after Ava got her drink, Austin sat down next to her, and they joked about the last time they'd met. She told him that she was mortified at her behavior, but he admitted that it had been a fun night. He noticed Nikolas was there, and he asked how things were going. She replied that they were getting divorced, and she confided in him about her stalker. She vowed to do what she could to keep her daughter safe.

Nikolas rejoined Spencer, who believed that things were better that way. He mentioned the gift of the cockroach in Plexiglas, and Nikolas wondered how Spencer knew about that. Spencer made up a story about seeing a picture of it on social media, but the restaurant had made sure that it had been taken down. Nikolas watched Ava, but Spencer thought it was time for Nikolas to "turn the page," as it seemed that Ava already had.

Spencer had somewhere to be, so he hugged his father and left. Nikolas got up to approach Ava, but his ringing phone stopped him. He answered the phone to Martin and updated him on Ava's agreement to the no-fault divorce. However, he was hoping that the stalker would "slip up" in the next six weeks so Nikolas could deliver "justice of the Cassadine variety."

At the pool, Josslyn and Trina talked about Trina's "mystery man," and Josslyn thought that Trina liked him. "The same way I like stray puppies," Trina scoffed. Trina wanted to know what she'd missed on the Fourth, and Josslyn thought back to kissing Cameron. Just as Josslyn was about to tell Trina about the kiss, Cameron arrived and sat with the girls. "Am I butting in on girl talk?" he asked when he received stares instead of greetings. Josslyn replied that they'd been talking about the Fourth, and Cameron remarked that it had been "the best day ever."

Trina thought it would be fun to talk about what classes she, Josslyn, and Cameron would be taking in the fall, unless the other two had already decided what they wanted. "Pretty much," Josslyn commented. Josslyn asked Cameron to get them something from the bar, so he got up and left. Josslyn promised Trina that she would never let a boy drive a wedge between her and Trina, and she quickly spilled about kissing Cameron. Trina was only shocked that it had taken them so long to realize that they belonged together. A relieved Josslyn asked if Trina was happy for them. "I'm happy for Cameron. I pity you," she joked.

Cameron returned with drinks and found out that Josslyn had told Trina about their kiss. "This changes nothing. It's sisters before misters," Trina chimed in. Cameron started in on Trina's "imaginary friend," but she didn't blame "Victor" for not wanting to have social media. She spat that she'd left something in the changing room and stormed off. A few minutes later, Josslyn and Cameron were sitting on a chair together holding hands, and Cameron offered her some more sunblock. As he rubbed the sunblock into her back, Spencer entered and called out, "Watch the hands, townie!"

Shawn is released from prison

Shawn is released from prison

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

At the park, Finn laid out team snacks at Violet's softball game. She was appalled to see that the snacks were "too healthy," and she was afraid her team would hate her. Elizabeth saved the day when she arrived with cupcakes that Aiden had baked. Finn remarked that Elizabeth had saved his life. Violet announced to the team that there were cupcakes, and Elizabeth teased Finn. She had known that she would have to provide backup.

Finn admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about Peter's body in the freezer, and he wished that he had committed the crime alone. Elizabeth didn't regret helping him. Violet returned with the empty cupcake holder, and she asked Finn to give her a batting lesson. "Go get a hit!" he urged after the demonstration. Finn and Elizabeth wished they could watch the games all summer instead of worrying about Peter's body or someone seeing them moving it.

As Finn and Elizabeth cheered on Violet and the team, Finn revealed that he had an idea on how they could move the body. Elizabeth reminded him that he had done the world a favor, but Finn replied that authorities wouldn't agree. Violet returned and exclaimed that it was her "best game ever." She returned to the game. "Good job, dad!" Elizabeth said.

Finn was worried that someone had seen him and Elizabeth, but she suggested that that person would have come forward. Finn was concerned about what would happen to Violet, and Elizabeth promised to take care of the little girl if the need should arise. Violet returned, and Finn expressed his joy over her winning the game. Violet went off again, and Elizabeth assured Finn that he wasn't going anywhere. They would deal with the dilemma together.

At Ryan's Bar in New York City, Valentin pinned David to the bar as Anna demanded answers regarding the pilot's landing on General Hospital's rooftop. David insisted that he hadn't been able to land due to the hospital's refusal for clearance. He'd had to abort the mission. Valentin threatened to have David arrested for obstruction of justice if he didn't answer their questions. Anna invited David to sit at a table. David revealed that Peter hadn't been alone on the roof.

Anna and Valentin sat down. David confessed that he had been relieved that he hadn't received the clearance due to the unknown person on the roof with Peter. Anna and Valentin continued to pepper him with questions, but David declared that he had been distracted. He could only tell them that the other person had been a man wearing a blue or grey suit, with dark hair to his collar.

Anna nodded, and a couple of cops entered the bar. They placed David under arrest as Anna accused him of aiding and abetting a murderer. As he was removed from the bar, David shouted that he hadn't done anything. Anna and Valentin continued to ponder the scene on the roof and who the unknown person might have been. They tossed around various ideas, but Anna thought they were missing something. She didn't think that things added up.

Laura bumped into Jordan at the police station and asked about Shawn and Alexis. Jordan informed her that they were in the interrogation room and calling their loved ones. Laura wanted it cut short.

In the interrogation room, Alexis spoke to Molly on the phone. She said that Molly couldn't do anything for Alexis, and she instructed Molly not to worry about her. She wanted Molly and T.J. to have fun. She handed the phone to Shawn, who said almost the same thing. He would let T.J. know if there was any news.

Shawn announced that news about Judge Carson had been leaked to the press although he didn't think it would affect him. He expected to be sent back to Pentonville, as the investigation into Carson could take years. Shawn was more concerned about Alexis, but she told him not to worry about her as long as she didn't have to go back to solitary.

Jordan and Laura arrived, and Laura revealed that she'd had a call from the attorney general because the investigation into Carson was a top priority. Jordan received a phone call from the attorney general and stepped out of the room. Laura declared that the investigation could take months or even years.

Shawn maintained that Alexis should not go back to Pentonville because the deputy warden was biased. Jordan returned and announced that Alexis would not go free but would be transferred to Spring Ridge, a facility without violent inmates. Laura congratulated Alexis and received her own phone call from the governor. She left the room to take the call. Alexis was happy for herself, since she had actually committed the crime, but she was concerned for Shawn.

Laura finally returned and disclosed that the national press had gotten hold of the story. Shawn's case would be a priority, and his sentence had been commuted to time served. It was effective immediately. Alexis was ecstatic and threw her arms around Shawn. Jordan followed with a big hug. Shawn was worried about the other inmates of color who had received unfair sentences, and Laura informed him that all sentences would be reviewed.

Alexis stated that Shawn had been a model prisoner, and he deserved his release. He had saved her life and sanity. Shawn felt the same for Alexis, and he was eager to phone T.J. Jordan had a better idea.

Alexis sat down with Laura and drank a better cup of coffee than she'd been having of late. Laura was sorry that things had been tough for Alexis recently. Alexis praised Shawn and added that Nikolas had been a big help, also. Laura agreed that Nikolas had redeemed himself and had turned out to be the good man she'd known he could be. She wished there was no stalker.

At Metro Court, T.J. and Molly planned on having fun because they had determined they would both be busy in the future. They were surprised when the waitress delivered a bottle of Champagne to their table, and she informed them that Nikolas had sent it over. Nikolas waved from the bar, and he joined the young couple. Molly asked about the stalker, and he asked her about Alexis. Molly filled him in.

T.J. made a toast to Molly for going after Carson, but Molly credited several others for their help. Nikolas wished he had known the latest about Alexis. T.J. noted that the attorney general was under the gun to conduct an investigation, and Molly added that her mother would go free in a perfect world. She was hopeful that Alexis wouldn't return to Pentonville. She told Nikolas about the altercation that Alexis had been involved in there.

Nikolas inquired about the possibility of Shawn being released, and Molly reminded him that someone else had shot Hayden. T.J. revealed that Diane had planned to have Shawn's case reopened, but they couldn't get their hopes up. "Or maybe we should," Molly said as she read a text message. Nikolas wanted another bottle of Champagne to celebrate the news about Alexis.

T.J. guessed he would have heard if there had been good news for Shawn. Nikolas said goodbye because he had business to tend to, but just then, Shawn and Jordan stepped off the elevator. T.J. gave his father a bear hug while Nikolas looked on unhappily. Nikolas congratulated Shawn, who announced that he wanted to repay his debt to Hayden. He would find out who the real shooter had been.

Cameron and Josslyn lay on chaise lounges by the Metro Court pool. Cameron offered to reapply sunscreen to Josslyn's back, and they both sat up. "Watch the hands, townie!" Spencer exclaimed as he stood in front of them. He revealed that he was back for good. The teens made small talk, and Cameron and Josslyn sat down at the pool with their feet dangling in the water. As Spencer spoke to them with an air of superiority, Josslyn shoved him into the pool.

Trina arrived, and just then, Spencer emerged from the pool. Josslyn introduced him to Trina. Spencer and Trina pretended not to know each other as Josslyn pointed out that they had a connection to each other via the art gallery. Spencer happily noted that Nikolas would go back to just being his father, and Ava wouldn't be anything to him. Trina thought he was full of surprises, and Josslyn mentioned Trina's mystery man, "Victor."

Trina noted that "Victor" had taken a selfie with his phone but had never sent it. Cameron didn't think he existed, and Trina noted that it was no loss because he had been a "total jerk." Spencer wanted to towel off because he was dripping wet, and he asked Trina to accompany him in order to talk about the gallery. They went off, and Josslyn thought that Trina had looked mad, which she found weird, since Trina and Spencer had never met.

Spencer toweled off, and he attempted to apologize to Trina. She wasn't interested, and she made it clear that she had lied to her friends by omission because of him. She added that she was perceptive, and she would tell her friends if she suspected him of telling more lies. Spencer claimed he hadn't meant to mislead Trina, but Trina proceeded to rip into him.

Spencer insisted that he had lied because he hadn't wanted his father to know of his return. He went into his background, and he added that he was back because of Nikolas and Ava's divorce. He had made progress with his father, and he didn't want Nikolas to know that he had actually been in town earlier. Spencer wanted Trina to forgive him. He admitted that he didn't work at the Savoy and had been there to see Cameron and Josslyn, but Ava would have ratted him out to Nikolas. Spencer stated that if Trina wanted to tell everyone the truth, he would understand.

Cameron and Josslyn looked over at Trina and Spencer. Josslyn thought they had an awful lot to talk about, but Cameron noted that Spencer always had lots to say. They wandered over to Trina and Spencer, and Josslyn declared that the others had appeared to be having an intense conversation. Trina claimed that they had been talking about art. Cameron had to leave for work, and Josslyn had a physical therapy appointment. "Call me later," she told Trina.

Trina vowed that if Spencer lied to her again, she would be "out" along with his secret.

Michael promises Willow that he will wait for her

Michael promises Willow that he will wait for her

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Ava brushed off her security guard at the park and told him to keep his distance. She met with Trina, and they shared a hug. Ava asked about the new guy, and Trina stated that while he had been fun and charming, he had also been unreliable. She added that there was also something weird going on between the boy and his family. They sat on a bench with their drinks as the security guard paced back and forth nearby.

Trina went on to say that the boy had lied by omission although it hadn't affected her. Ava felt that Trina was making excuses for him, and it sounded as though Trina liked him. Trina insisted they were just friends, but Ava urged her to take a chance, live life, and enjoy it. She wanted Trina to trust her instincts. Ava thought the boy sounded like a "bad boy" who could be exciting but trouble. Ava wanted Trina to let her know if he crossed the line, because he would have to answer to her or any of Trina's other protectors.

Shawn and Jordan finished dinner at Metro Court. Shawn exclaimed that he'd taken full advantage of his first meal as a free man. He noted that he would be staying with T.J. and Molly until he could get himself together, and his main focus would be to find Hayden's shooter. Jordan was concerned with how Shawn planned to go about it, and he told her he would be careful. She reminded him that it was a cold case and not under investigation because Shawn had pleaded guilty.

Nikolas interrupted to ask Jordan if there was any news on his stalker just as Stella stepped off the elevator and glared at Shawn. "Shawn Butler!" Stella called out. Shawn stood, and they introduced themselves. Stella cut Shawn off rudely, and she proceeded to attack him verbally about killing her nephew. Shawn suggested they speak privately, and he and Stella headed to the lounge area.

Nikolas gasped that things had been tense, but Jordan told him it was none of his business. Nikolas returned to the subject of the stalker, but Jordan was unwilling to provide Nikolas with any information after the trap he'd set at the gallery. She accused him of having interfered with the investigation, and she wanted the police to do their job.

Stella proceeded to shout at Shawn, who insisted that Thomas had been his best friend, and he'd shot Thomas in self-defense. He encouraged Stella to "unload" on him, and Stella began to weep as she continued to yell. She made it clear that being a father was more than DNA, but Shawn assured her that he was aware of that. He maintained that he and T.J. had accepted Thomas as T.J.'s father, but Shawn was T.J.'s father, also. He hadn't known early on.

Shawn and Stella continued to argue. Stella accused him of sleeping with Thomas' wife. Just then, Jordan showed up, and Stella turned on her about Shawn. Stella declared that she had made her peace with Jordan, but Shawn would have to stay out of her way. Shawn thanked Jordan for dinner, and he left. Stella admitted that her outburst had been a long time coming, and she stood by everything she'd said. Jordan wondered if Stella felt better.

Stella insisted that she'd needed to do it. Jordan wanted to know why Stella had ordered Portia to back away from Curtis. Stella maintained that Jordan had needed time to fight for her man. Nearby, Shawn made a phone call and told the person on the other end that he wanted to work with them.

Britt arrived at the Metro Court pool, and a young man began to flirt with her. Suddenly, she realized it was Spencer, and she shouted with glee as they hugged. She wanted to hear all about his graduation, and the pair shared a reunion of catching up. They discussed Spencer's relationship with Nikolas, and Britt suggested that Spencer keep moving forward. She spoke from experience, although she admitted that she hadn't always been successful.

Spencer laughed and wished he had been able to see Ava's face when she'd seen the roach. Britt proclaimed that the incidents had been malicious and had caused fear. Spencer noted that the pranks had stopped with the divorce. He and Britt agreed they understood each other, and Britt headed to the bar to get a couple of drinks. She refused to get alcohol for Spencer.

Spencer received a phone call from Nikolas, who offered to get Spencer home. Spencer replied that he would change his clothes, and he suggested that Nikolas find him at the pool. Britt returned, and she and Spencer chatted until Nikolas showed up. "Look who's here!" Spencer exclaimed. Nikolas had been under the impression that Spencer would be ready to go, and Spencer rushed off to change.

Nikolas smiled. There was awkwardness between him and Britt. He apologized for having accused Britt of being the stalker. She was sorry about his divorce, but he said it wasn't over yet. He was surprised that Spencer had tried to play matchmaker, but he was glad that his son was home. He had one thing going right in his life.

Spencer returned while Nikolas had gone off to make a phone call. Britt told Spencer that he hadn't been cool because she and Nikolas were over. Spencer noted that Nikolas was putting his "farce of a marriage" behind him, and it was only a matter of time.

At General Hospital, Terry was happy that Portia had agreed to go out with her for the evening. Terry mentioned that it was opening night at the Savoy, but Portia made several other suggestions until Terry asked for the real reason that Portia wanted to avoid the new bar. Portia told her all about her past relationship with Curtis and that she thought that it was too soon for them to be involved again.

Portia agreed that she and Curtis still had chemistry, and he was more grounded than in the past. She didn't want to lose him as a friend. Terry disagreed, but Portia admitted that she was scared. Her voice broke as she described how Curtis had walked out on her after learning of her marriage the first time, and she was afraid it would happen again. Terry tried to persuade her to allow herself to be happy with a man. She added that she would either meet Portia for drinks at the Savoy or for dinner at Metro Court later in the evening.

Sasha bumped into Michael, and she dropped her pamphlets on nutrition. He picked them up. She admitted that she wasn't sure that she wanted Brando to be involved with the baby because they wanted different things. Michael suggested that she give Brando a chance at fatherhood, although Sasha declared that she was perfectly fine to go it alone. Michael informed her that being a single parent wasn't a picnic, and he was available if she needed anything. He still considered her a good friend. She felt the same way, and she offered to listen about Willow.

Willow found Chase on the floor at physical therapy, and she learned that he was ready to make an attempt at walking. The therapist helped Chase to engage with the parallel bars, but he fell to the floor when he let go. He was frustrated, and he told Willow that he couldn't be her husband; they couldn't even share the same bed.

Chase was sick of his and Willow's relationship revolving around his health. He wanted her love, not her pity. Willow said that she loved him. Willow understood Chase's frustration, and he was sorry for taking it out on her. She headed out, and he said that he would call her.

Sasha stopped to see Chase, and she told him that physical therapy took time. She offered an ear, but he said he was "talked out." He wished Willow would say more to him, and he thought there was something that Willow wasn't telling him. Sasha believed Willow to be honest, and she had been grateful that Chase had survived. Chase thought there was something behind Willow's eyes.

Sasha accused Chase of holding Willow up to higher standards than himself. She knew that he didn't tell Willow everything, and she didn't think it was necessary to share every thought. She didn't want Chase to doubt Willow.

Michael met up with Willow outside and looked at her face. He asked what was wrong, and she told him that Chase had been frustrated and had been lashing out. Michael reminded her that Chase was in pain, and she explained that Chase had been taking things out on himself. She felt inadequate. Michael thought she had been doing a great job, and he knew what it had been costing her.

Michael declared that Willow had put her entire life on hold, and he wished he could help. Willow clarified that she had put their family on hold. Michael promised to wait for as long as it took and said he wasn't going anywhere. She told him she loved him, and her heart hurt with her love. They grasped pinkies as they sat next to each other on a bench. "So, we wait," he said.

Chase was alone in the therapy room and decided to attempt to walk on his own. He lifted himself out of the wheelchair, but he fell back into it the first time he stood. "Do it for Willow!" he told himself. He rose again and lightly let go. He was successful in standing alone.

Curtis was ready for opening night at the Savoy as he looked around the room. People were filling it up. Brando arrived, introduced himself, and congratulated Curtis. Curtis led him to the bartender, and Brando mentioned that he would be running a tab for a long night. Spinelli sat nearby and agreed he felt the same way. He asked if Brando would also be drowning his sorrows due to affairs of the heart.

Brando picked up the tab on Spinelli's next drink in thanks for saving his mother. They went to a table and sat down. Spinelli told Brando about his relationship with Ellie falling apart after nine years because she hadn't been happy with the friends he'd been keeping company with.

Later, Curtis checked up on Brando, who asked if Curtis had ever had a woman issue him an ultimatum. Curtis sat down. Brando explained that Sasha didn't like certain aspects of his life. Curtis asked if Sasha had actually issued an ultimatum of if she had merely been honest. Curtis was sure he'd done it himself, and he thought that one had to speak the truth if it meant losing what one had.

Brando thanked Curtis for his advice, because it had been what he'd needed to hear. He informed Curtis that he was going to be a father, and Curtis exclaimed that Brando's drink was on him. Brando headed for the exit. Curtis turned around and saw a smiling Portia.

Olivia senses something is going on between Sam and Dante

Olivia senses something is going on between Sam and Dante

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Jordan questioned why Stella would ask Portia to back off from Curtis. Stella explained that she'd felt it would allow Jordan and Curtis more time to realize that they loved each other. "Why are you walking away without a fight," Stella challenged Jordan. Jordan explained that she and Portia had become friends, and as such, she had no intention of telling Portia how to feel or what to do. Jordan admitted that her divorce was painful, but she insisted that she just wanted what was best for Curtis.

Stella shared that she still carried the guilt of having created hurdles for Jordan and Curtis and prayed for forgiveness every Sunday. Jordan told Stella that she had already forgiven her. "I wasn't praying to you," Stella quipped. Stella also asked Jordan why she hadn't signed the divorce papers. If there was anything left unsaid, Stella urged Jordan to find Curtis and tell him.

Stella called herself "old-school" because she took the "until death you do part" portion of marriage vows seriously. Jordan argued that marriage was a two-way street, a street Curtis did not want to take. Stella pointedly asked Jordan if she really wanted to divorce Curtis or if she was throwing in the towel because she felt guilty.

At the Savoy, the bartender offered Curtis a drink to toast a successful opening night. Curtis, however, was less than jubilant. Portia arrived, and a smile crept onto his face. The pair walked over to a nearby table and sat down. Portia admitted to being a bit tongue-tied. Portia explained that she had not dated seriously since her "pretty epic back-to-back failures" with Marcus and Curtis. Curtis' reaction wasn't what Portia had hoped for, so she decided it might be better to leave. Before she could go, Curtis stopped her.

Curtis apologized for pressuring Portia. He surmised that Portia wanted their past relationship to remain in the past. Portia refused to let Curtis put words in her mouth and turned the question back on him. She took a deep breath and tried again to explain herself. Portia said that she feared that Curtis was still on the rebound.

Curtis again tried to interrupt, but Portia asked that he allow her to finish. Portia wondered if they were just trying to "rewrite history and make up for past mistakes." Reminding him that it had been almost 20 years since they'd first met, Portia wanted to be certain that they weren't just picking up where they had left off. Both agreed that they were not, with Portia conceding that she could never forgive herself if she didn't at least try to see where things could go with Curtis.

Curtis and Portia marked their decision to take a "leap of faith" with a kiss, a kiss that took place just as Jordan was entering the club.

Anna walked into an interrogation room at the police station to talk to Dante. She reminded him that she'd been working on behalf of the WSB to locate Peter and Maxie's baby. She briefed him on her meeting with the helicopter pilot -- and a mystery man who had been on the hospital rooftop with Peter. Anna's request that the mystery person information be kept confidential rubbed Dante the wrong way. He asked her why she seemed not to trust him -- especially when she was working so closely with Valentin.

Anna insisted that she trusted Dante and pointed to her telling him about the mystery person as evidence of that trust. The pair surmised that the person on the roof with Peter was someone who had worked for Cyrus. Anna decided to go to the hospital to look for more information, and Dante said he'd pore through footage from any cameras that were working on the day in question.

Before Anna left, she and Dante discussed Dante's battle with PTSD. Dante told her that he had been having regular visits with Kevin Collins to make sure that he remained on track. He also shared that Sam had helped talk him off a ledge or two, as well.

At the bar at Metro Court, Olivia greeted Sam, whose plans had just been thrown into disarray when Spinelli had needed to cancel at the last minute. Gladys flagged down Olivia to ask for another Mai Tai -- and the "inside scoop" on what Carly would be willing to do to help Brando. Gladys mentioned that on rainy days, she still ached from the bullet she'd taken to help take down Cyrus -- and she said she hoped that Carly and Jason didn't forget that.

Sam walked over to note that no one could possibly forget because Gladys seized every opportunity to remind anyone within earshot. Gladys snapped that Sam's only connection to the Corinthos family was through an ex. "So, I guess Jason and Sonny proves that sometimes water is thicker than blood," Sam countered. Gladys took her drink and walked off. Olivia thanked Sam for the assist and, in return, offered to share some Quartermaine intel with her.

Sam tried to wrap her head around the fact that the random guy in the woods that had helped Maxie deliver her baby just happened to be a Quartermaine. Olivia hoped that Michael and Ned would be able to neutralize any threat Austin posed "without too many fireworks." The reference to the Fourth of July caused Sam to flash back to her kiss under the fireworks with Dante.

Sam initially thought that Dante had told Olivia about the kiss, but Olivia's facial expression quickly made it clear that he hadn't. As Olivia started to ask what Sam was talking about, Dante showed up at the bar. Sam turned to greet him. "You, um, told my mother?" he asked. Her back to Olivia, Sam mouthed "help" to Dante.

Dante attempted to defuse the situation, claiming that he, Sam, Finn, and Elizabeth had gathered on the pier to watch the fireworks on the Fourth when he'd had to explain to someone what a "public disturbance" was. That, Dante continued with an occasional "yeah" and parroted remark from Sam, had led to "a fiery exchange" where both he and Sam had fallen into the water. Olivia was baffled by the story, but she couldn't ask any additional questions because she had a restaurant to run.

Sam thanked Dante for saving her. He assured her it wasn't any trouble because he didn't want his mother knowing anything about his private life. "Are you saying you're embarrassed that you kissed me?" Sam asked. Dante noted that it was Sam who had run away from and was avoiding him. Sam retorted that she wasn't embarrassed about the kiss because she had told Maxie about it. That revelation sent Dante's head spinning.

Sam clarified that she hadn't given Maxie the name of the guy she'd kissed -- just that it was some guy. "Oh, right. So now I'm just some guy," Dante replied. Sam threw her head back and told Dante that he couldn't have it both ways. She asked him if he had told anyone about the kiss. Dante hemmed and hawed for a bit before admitting that he might have mentioned it to someone in passing. "So, what am I, just an overthought?" Sam asked. A few yards away, Olivia watched as the pair had their discussion.

When asked what she was to him, Dante said she was "Sam." Sam recoiled and shot back with, "That's so kind of you! Sam, which rhymes with Spam -- which is so flattering." Olivia raced over and said that while she had no idea what was going on between them, it didn't look good to "have a couple arguing at the bar." She urged them to go somewhere private to finish their conversation. Both Dante and Sam insisted that they were not arguing. Olivia wasn't fully satisfied with the response, but she headed back to her post. Sam then told Dante that there was nothing to see because "one little kiss means next to nothing." Dante added that it was a "one-off sort of thing"

At the pool, Sasha sat on a lounge chair rubbing her belly. Brando approached her and commented how romantic the pool deck looked at night. Saying that words and feelings were not his strong suit, Brando told Sasha that she had helped make him see what he really wanted in life -- and working for Corinthos Coffee wasn't it. "I choose you, Sasha Gilmore," Brando said as he took her hands in his. "I choose you and our baby... our family." Beaming, Sasha told Brando that he didn't give himself enough credit because "those were some pretty nice words." The two kissed as Gladys breezed onto the rooftop.

Gladys launched into a tirade against Carly, stating that Carly had not done enough for them. "Carly should be down on her knees, begging you to take the top spot in the family business," Gladys groused. Brando, who had been smiling to placate his mother's rant, suddenly became serious. Brando made it clear that he would turn down any job offer from Carly or Jason.

Gladys could not understand why Brando did not want to work for the Corinthos organization. Brando fired back that the life Gladys was proposing was not a life that he wanted. Gladys held up her nearly empty cocktail and told Brando that she needed another. After Brando left, Sasha promised Gladys that Brando wouldn't regret the decision he'd made. "I made that same promise to myself," Gladys responded.

Elizabeth told Finn how Violet had raved to Cameron about her outing with Finn. Finn said the T-ball lessons were a way to distract him from what he had hanging over his head -- Peter's death. Elizabeth reminded him that Peter had been poisoning Chase and that he'd destroyed the antidote to the poison right in front of Finn. She praised Finn for ridding Port Charles of a monster. "You see enough horror movies, and you realize monsters never really die," Finn replied, explaining, "They haunt you forever." Elizabeth tried to frame the situation another way, stating that "a lot of other people" also wanted Peter dead. Finn remained adamant that he was the one who'd thrown Peter face-first down a flight of steps.

Later, Anna arrived at the hospital and asked Elizabeth if Monica was still at the hospital. Elizabeth offered to help, but she regretted the offer when Anna asked if Elizabeth had access to hospital records. Anna quickly assured Elizabeth that she didn't want any patient records; she wanted a list of all hospital staff that had been on duty the night of Peter's disappearance.

Elizabeth agreed to help but said that she would need a date. Anna offered to text Elizabeth the date and approximate time that Peter had dropped out of sight. As they talked, Finn pushed a wheelchair-bound Chase toward the elevator. Anna walked over and ribbed Chase about not being back on the job yet. Chase thanked her for being one of the few people that wasn't treating him with "kid gloves." The elevator arrived, and Chase said that he was headed home.

Anna asked Finn how Chase was really doing. Finn simply said that Chase was making progress but that progress wasn't going as quickly as Chase had hoped. "Anna is also making progress," Elizabeth told Finn before she headed back to the nurses' station.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Valentin returned home and immediately raced over to see the baby. Brook Lynn asked him to share the details of his adventures, but Valentin declined to offer any. Brook Lynn wanted to know more about Valentin and Anna's relationship. Valentin obliged and offered a brief background on his history with Anna and the WSB. Valentin said that he and Anna worked well together as a team and that they had Peter August to thank for that. "A team?" Brook Lynn repeated. Valentin said that his personal feelings for Anna weren't relevant, but finding Peter and Maxie's baby was.

Brook Lynn promised that Maxie would get her baby back. She thanked Valentin for being an "unbelievable, conscientious baby daddy" but said that she really just needed a friend at the moment. "The lady ordered a friend," Chase's voice said from the other side of the room, adding, "Would you like a side of fries with that?" Valentin left the room to let the two friends have time together.

Chase sensed that something was bothering Brook Lynn and told her that she could tell him anything. Brook Lynn said she had had an emotional day and didn't really want to go into things. She asked him how his physical therapy session had gone. "Let's just say I broke a sweat today," Chase replied cryptically.

Back at the hospital, Finn asked Anna if it would be any consolation if they were to learn that Peter had never gotten his hands on Maxie's baby. Anna didn't think that would bring any comfort to Maxie. Anna then expressed that she sometimes wished that she had "just put a bullet in Peter." Finn argued that Anna didn't mean that and said that killing Peter would have meant that Anna had to live with that decision. Finn appeared ready to tell Anna something more, but he was interrupted when Elizabeth showed up with the list of names that Anna had requested. Finn awkwardly stated that he had a patient to check on. Elizabeth lingered for a few moments before saying that she, too, had a patient to check on.

Anna pursed her lips as she watched Finn and Elizabeth depart in different directions. Moments later, she received a call from Valentin, who wanted to check in on Anna's progress in tracking down Peter's accomplice. "We've got this all the wrong way around," Anna replied. "We're not looking for Peter's ally. We're looking for his enemy."

Anna and Valentin zero in on Finn being involved in Peter's disappearance

Anna and Valentin zero in on Finn being involved in Peter's disappearance

Friday, July 23, 2021

As Britt walked around the hospital, she remembered her time on the run with Jason. As she roused herself back to the present, she noticed that Jason was standing by the nurses' station. The two locked eyes, and Britt slowly approached his location. "Is it okay if I say hello," Jason asked. Austin interrupted their chat by asking for Britt's signature on some paperwork. Austin wasn't willing to leave, so Jason excused himself so he could track down Monica.

"What's going on with you and that guy?" Austin asked. Britt ignored the question, instead trying to use her hiring of Austin as leverage to get him to support her appointment as chief of staff. Austin wondered what he would get in exchange for his support. Britt said that she would sign off on whatever Austin needed from her. That was all Austin needed to hear, and he agreed to support her.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Elizabeth and Finn made small talk about Violet's T-ball game and mused that it wouldn't be long before she went pro. Elizabeth muttered that it was nice to be talking about something other than Peter August. As she mentioned his name, Terry overheard and ran over to ask if there was new information about Peter's whereabouts. Elizabeth and Finn shared that Anna had thought she had had a new lead, but it had turned out to be another dead end. "Prison would be too good for Peter," Terry snarled, declaring, "If there were any real justice, someone would finish him off and be done with it." Terry apologized for her fit of rage and was paged to go check in on a patient.

Jason dropped by Monica's office to tell her that Spinelli's "deep dive" into Austin's past had turned up nothing of significance: he was Jimmy Lee's son, and he didn't have a criminal past. Monica thanked him for looking into things. Monica said nothing more and slowly walked away. Jason knew there was more on Monica's mind than just Austin.

Monica and Jason sat down on a sofa in her office. There, she admitted to Jason that it hurt her every time she thought about the way Carly had treated A.J. "I know that A.J. was a very troubled and very flawed man," Monica ceded. However, Monica felt that Carly had never given A.J. the opportunity to turn his life around. "Carly always used A.J. as a steppingstone to you," Monica continued. Monica chuckled slightly and realized that everything she spoke about had happened a long time in the past. Still, she wanted Jason to know how hurt she had been.

Jason told Monica that she was entitled to her feelings, but he wanted Monica to know that he wouldn't be there if it were not for Carly. Jason shared that he and Carly -- and A.J. -- had all acted poorly about everything surrounding Michael's birth. "I can see how A.J. wasn't all that bad," Jason said, admitting, "He was just trying to get access to his kid." As for Carly's behavior, Jason claimed that Carly had just been reacting to A.J.'s threat that he would take the baby as soon as the child was born.

Jason asked Monica if she could accept his marriage to Carly. Rather than answering directly, Monica asked Jason if Carly had done any sort of "maneuvering" to wrangle him into getting married. Jason insisted that he and Carly had made the decision together. Monica told Jason that while she was happy for him, it was never going to be easy for her and Carly to be in the same room. "In all fairness, I think it works both ways," Monica added with a wry smile.

Jason thanked Monica for her support. "I love you," Monica replied. She said, "See that's the one thing -- no, Michael makes it two -- that Carly and I have in common." The two embraced before Jason left.

Britt and Terry passed each other in the corridor, and Terry remarked that she couldn't help but notice that Britt had been having "lots of talks with Dr. Gatlin-Holt and Dr. Navarro." Britt countered that Terry had also been having her own conversations to rally support. Claiming that she didn't really like competition, Britt wanted to know what she could do to make Terry drop out of the race for chief of staff. Monica approached the pair and told them that she wanted to speak to both of them in her office.

In Monica's office, Monica told Britt and Terry that she had given the hospital board her formal recommendation on the new chief of staff. Terry and Britt exchanged nervous looks.

At the Tan-O, Phyllis and "Mike" scolded Lenny for lugging around a keg. Phyllis told her husband that he needed to rest up for his exploratory surgery the next day in nearby Llanview, Pennsylvania. Lenny explained that he wanted the business to be in order before he got "laid up" by surgery. Nina arrived unexpectedly and was greeted with a big hug from "Mike."

"Mike" told Nina that her being there would do a world of good for Phyllis. Nina, her voice dropping to a whisper, confessed that she wasn't only in Nixon Falls for Phyllis. Phyllis gasped when she returned to the bar area and saw Nina. Phyllis felt that Nina should be in Port Charles with her family, but Nina noted that Lenny and Phyllis were also very much her family.

Lenny showed up moments later and asked if he and Nina could talk privately. Lenny told Nina that he was incredibly grateful for her connections that allowed him to have his surgery so quickly and so close to home. Nina assured him that it was no big deal; her late ex-husband had knonw Dr. Hartman, and that had helped put things in motion. Lenny confessed that he had a "lot of reservations" about the surgery -- and it wasn't just about the cost of the procedure. He explained that the surgery could mistakenly give Phyllis hope when there was more than likely no hope for his recovery.

Lenny asked Nina to promise him that, if and when it became clear that he no longer had a battle to fight, she would not "let Phyllis hold on." Before Nina could respond, Phyllis wandered over to see if the two had finished "yakking it up." Nina wiped a tear from her cheek as Lenny told her how grateful he was to her.

Lenny grabbed beers so that he could have one last drink with everyone before his surgery. "Mike" proposed a toast to Lenny, but Lenny had a better idea. "To family," he said, lifting his bottle. Phyllis then asked Lenny to help her open up for business. When Lenny countered that she had ordered him to take it easy, Phyllis grabbed him by the arm and led him away.

"Mike" joked that subtlety had never been one of Phyllis' strong suits. Mike asked Nina how long she'd be sticking around. She replied that she'd stay as long as she was needed.

At the police station, Sam discussed Alexis' new prison arrangement: a minimum-security facility with access to rehabilitation, therapy, and A.A. meetings. Though Alexis tried to be upbeat, she found it hard to be upbeat because the facility she was being transferred to was still a prison. Alexis remained adamant that she had committed a crime and needed to serve her time.

Alexis and Sam's conversation was cut short when Jordan and Shawn entered the interrogation room. "It's official," Shawn said with a smile, announcing, "I'm a free man." The governor's office had declared that Shawn's sentence had been commuted, and all the associated paperwork had been filed. Additionally, he had no parole conditions, and Judge Carson had been urged to resign from the bench. The other defendants in Carson's trials were having their cases reviewed.

Alexis told Shawn that she was happy for him. Sam was, too, but mused that she was "kinda jealous of the whole no parole thing." When asked what was next for him, Shawn replied that his focus would be tracking down whoever had shot Hayden and seeing that justice was done. When it was time for Alexis to be transported to her new facility, she and Sam shared a sweet goodbye. Sam promised to visit as often as possible. Alexis turned to Shawn and told him, "You go live your life and all that goes with it." She also encouraged him to "nail that son of a bitch" that had really shot Hayden.

Later, Shawn told Sam that he had a job for her. Sam correctly inferred that Shawn wanted her to find the person who had committed the crime that Shawn had been sent to prison for. Sam said that in return for everything Shawn had done for Alexis, she would do whatever he needed. However, Sam said that she'd need to check with her parole officer first because she still had three months left before she could be in contact with another convicted felon.

When Alexis arrived at her new facility, she found it significantly different than Pentonville. Jordan warned Alexis not to let the "cushy accommodations" fool Alexis into thinking it was anything other than a prison. She told Alexis to remain vigilant, because it was always possible that the warden of the new facility could send Alexis back to Pentonville.

After Jordan left, Alexis tried her best to get settled in. She froze in place as another prisoner was wheeled into the common area -- Ryan Chamberlain.

Spencer and Nikolas went to the Metro Court pool deck, but Nikolas was less than enthusiastic about the outing. That changed when Spencer left to change into his swimsuit and Nikolas ran into Ava. Trina, who had been accompanying Ava, said that she would find a spot for her and Ava. While Ava thanked Trina, Ava and Nikolas' gaze never broke. Nikolas offered to leave if it would be easier for Ava. Ava purred, "Oh, Nikolas, what about us has ever been easy?"

Trina ran over to Spencer and told him that he owed her one because she hadn't blown up his spot by revealing that Spencer had been in town "for weeks" before Nikolas had found out. Spencer said he was grateful, but Trina had another way for him to make it up to her.

Seeing that both Nikolas and Ava were miserable about their separation, Trina told Spencer that they needed to "parent trap" the pair into getting back together. Spencer argued that it wasn't a good idea because "the creep" that had been threatening Ava and her daughter seemed to have stopped since Ava and Nikolas had split. Trina told Spencer that she would be moving forward with her plan, with or without his help.

A Metro Court staffer delivered Nikolas a drink "from the beautiful blonde" at the other end of the pool. At the same time, Ava was gifted a drink from a man at the other side of the pool. Whereas Nikolas saw only one blonde at the other end of the pool, when Ava looked to find her mystery drink-buyer, Austin strolled onto the pool deck just a few feet from Nikolas.

Ava walked over to thank Austin for the drink, and, understandably, he had no idea what Ava was talking about. Nikolas stepped forward to thank Ava for the drink, which Ava promptly denied sending. As the confusion grew, Spencer announced that Trina was the one who'd arranged for Nikolas and Ava to get the drinks.

Austin quipped, "Parent trap? Are you a twin?" Spencer explained that Trina wanted to try to convince Nikolas and Ava that they were still in love with each other. "Well, she wouldn't be wrong," Nikolas retorted. Trina apologized if her antics seemed kind of juvenile, which led Spencer to blast Trina for playing games with people's hearts. "Like you are?" Trina fired back.

Spencer hurriedly moved to control the narrative, explaining that his father knew all about how he had wanted to pair Nikolas up with Britt. Trina stormed off, and Spencer chased after her. Nikolas then asked Ava where things stood for them. Ava replied that nothing had changed: they were still in the process of getting a divorce -- and getting divorced couldn't happen soon enough for her. Ava then told Austin that she wanted to buy him another drink, and she and Austin walked off together.

Anna explained her new theory to Valentin. It made no sense that Hopkins wouldn't have landed the helicopter if the man on the roof with Peter had been an ally. Valentin noted that there were many people working at General Hospital who had reason to want Peter to vanish. As Anna continued with her theory, Valentin surmised that Anna believed that something more sinister had befallen Peter. Even more, Valentin believed that Anna had zeroed in on the person who was involved. As Valentin started to get closer to the man's name, Anna shook her head and asked Valentin to stop. Valentin didn't, and he said Finn's name.

Anna recounted how she'd gone to the hospital to update Finn on her findings. "It was there... it was all there. In his body language, the way he spoke," Anna said fighting back tears. Between that and the description of the man on the roof with Peter, it became clear to Anna that Finn had had something to do with Peter's disappearance. Valentin suggested that it would be hard for Anna to have to prove that a man she cared about had killed Peter. Anna shot back that Valentin didn't know for sure that Finn had killed Peter, but she agreed that she'd need to find out the truth.

The earlier exchange with Terry gave Elizabeth an idea, and she and Finn headed outside for a walk. Elizabeth argued that supporting Terry for chief of staff meant that they'd have an ally who could help. Finn didn't want to involve Terry, and he shared that he also did not want Elizabeth to be connected to Peter's death because of her DNA being on his body. The best thing, Finn explained, would be for him to take the fall and for Peter's body to never be found. Elizabeth again mentioned that the best person to help with making Peter's body disappear was Jason.

Unbeknownst to either Elizabeth or Finn, Jason listened in from nearby. Finn refused to get in bed with a hit man. Elizabeth argued that Jason never got caught. Elizabeth remarked, "It's literally his profession. He's been a suspect in multiple murders and disappearances, [but] Jason has never been convicted." Finn was unwavering in his decision that he and Elizabeth not rope anyone else into their mess. "We are not equipped to handle this on our own," Elizabeth replied. Finn told Elizabeth to give him more time to come up with a solution.

Anna returned to the hospital and paid Finn a visit. He asked her if she had an update on Peter's whereabouts. "I just might," she replied.

Once Finn headed back to the hospital, Jason made his presence known to Elizabeth. "We need to talk," he said in a serious tone. Jason pressed Elizabeth for details about Peter's disappearance. He assured her that she could trust him and vowed to do whatever he could to help her.

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