General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 2, 2021 on GH

Harmony gave Nikolas and Alexis a helping hand. Michael and Willow made love. Chase decided not to confront Willow about her infidelity. Gladys landed a job. Hayden's mother showed up in Port Charles. Nina's secret was nearly exposed. Jason and Carly faced a threat. Stella suffered a stroke.
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Nina's secret was nearly exposed, Stella suffered a stroke, and Chase learned of Willow's infidelity
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"Mike" and Carly close in on Nina's video phone call

"Mike" and Carly close in on Nina's video phone call

Monday, August 2, 2021

Stella and Curtis sat at a table in Kelly's, where Curtis admitted that he had been angry at his aunt, but he still loved her. He just wanted Stella to stop interfering. Just then, Trina walked in to pick up an order, and Curtis invited her to join them. Trina didn't want to interrupt, but Stella announced that she had an errand to run, and she left. Curtis knew that Trina wanted to talk, and he asked her if there was something on her mind.

Curtis thought that he and Trina had "buried the hatchet," and Trina agreed that she was happy for him and Portia. Curtis didn't buy it, and Trina admitted that she had wondered if his relationship with her mother was really a new one. She flashed back to the moment when she'd seen Portia helping Curtis to remove his wedding band.

Trina apologized for being inappropriate, but Curtis informed her that he and Jordan had separated before he'd gotten together with Portia. Trina was glad to hear that they hadn't been "sneaking around." Her order was ready, and she went to the counter to pick it up.

At General Hospital, Portia found Jordan giving instructions to one of her police officers regarding the search in the sub-basement. After the cop went off, Portia awkwardly asked Jordan to join her for coffee. Jordan replied that she was busy, and Portia made it clear that she wanted to get together. Jordan announced that she knew about the kiss. Portia was sorry, but Jordan assured her that it hadn't been wrong.

Jordan went on to say that she was exhausted and just wanted to be honest. Portia indicated that she had hoped they'd be able to chat. Jordan revealed that she had seen Portia and Curtis kissing at the Savoy. Portia was sorry again, but Jordan explained that she had been caught off guard. Portia maintained that Curtis had wanted to tell Jordan himself that he had been seeing someone, and Jordan declared that she hadn't realized they were a couple.

Portia was uncomfortable, but Jordan assured her that she didn't owe Jordan anything. Portia related that her friendship with Jordan had meant a lot to her. She hadn't wanted to hurt Jordan. Portia hoped they could still be friends. Jordan didn't think it would work, but she stated that everything was good as long as Portia was making Curtis happy. Jordan stepped onto the elevator, and the doors closed.

In Nixon Falls, "Mike" walked into the Tan-O and was surprised to see Nina behind the bar. She admitted she'd obtained a spare pair of keys from Phyllis in order to help "Mike" for the daily opening. "Mike" smiled broadly and exclaimed that Nina looked like she belonged. Neither of them was certain where Lenny's surgery stood, and Nina asked if it was serious. "Mike" explained that the growths on his pancreas were to be assessed.

Nina and "Mike" sat down at a table with cups of coffee. Nina revealed that Lenny hadn't wanted to give Phyllis any false hope. "Mike" wanted Nina to deal with Phyllis if all options open to Lenny had been examined. Nina admitted that she would never go without hope. She had learned of her daughter and grandson with hope. She was missing Wiley on the day of his birthday party, even though she had been invited. She wondered if she was doing the right thing.

"Mike" suggested that Nina go back to Port Charles for the party, but Nina wanted to remain in Nixon Falls for Lenny, Phyllis, and "Mike." She stated that there would be another time for her to see Wiley. She grabbed "Mike's" hand and proclaimed that there was room in her heart for both Wiley and "Mike." They shared a kiss.

"Mike" didn't want Nina to stay for him because he was able to handle himself. Nina replied that she was aware of that, more than "Mike" knew. He confessed that Lenny's illness had "hit me hard," and it had felt like a familiar pain or memory. He told Nina about the hat that he'd picked up on the hospital floor. It had caused him to have a flash of saying goodbye to someone or letting go of someone. It had felt like he had remembered his family.

Nina asked if it had referred to anyone in particular, but "Mike" didn't know. "The pain is real," he said. He was worried that his family was gone. Nina was teary. "Mike" wanted to clean up before opening, and he excused himself. "Nina, what are you doing?" Nina muttered to herself. She was clearly upset.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase pulled himself up out of his wheelchair and managed to take a couple of steps before falling back into the chair. He was unaware that Austin was watching.

The doorbell rang, and Willow ran to answer it. She was shocked to see Harmony standing there with gift in hand. Various members of the Quartermaine and Corinthos families gathered in the foyer behind Willow. Harmony announced that she wanted to see her grandson, Wiley. She walked into the foyer, and Michael quickly asked Brook Lynn to take Wiley into another room. He asked Carly and Jason for privacy, and they walked out. Willow coldly demanded to know why her mother was there.

Harmony explained that her legal situation had been complicated, which was why she hadn't been there sooner. Again, Willow demanded to know why Harmony had shown up on that particular day, but Harmony was evasive. She stated that it was Wiley's birthday, and she'd thought that Willow would be receptive.

Chase wheeled into the foyer, followed by Austin. Chase asked Willow if Harmony had been invited, and when he heard that she'd hadn't been, he asked Harmony why she had thought her visit would be a good idea. Chase began to tell Harmony off for her dealings with Cyrus, but Michael intervened to explain that Cyrus had threatened Harmony. Harmony insisted she had been protecting her daughter. "Well, that would be a first!" Chase exclaimed.

Harmony said that she wasn't making excuses, but she had thought it would be a good day to reach out. Chase ordered Harmony to leave, and Michael tried to calm everyone down. He stated that it was up to Willow. Harmony offered to send a text message the next time. She placed Wiley's gift on the table and left. Chase told Willow that it was a great day, and she shouldn't allow Harmony to get to her. He attempted to lighten the mood, but Willow expressed a desire to run to the gatehouse for a forgotten gift. Austin wondered about the scene he'd just witnessed.

In the living room, Jason, Carly, Valentin, and Monica discussed Harmony's appearance. Jason and Carly filled Valentin in on Harmony's past with Shiloh, Cyrus, and the cult. Jason revealed that Harmony had helped to take Shiloh down. Jason thought that Harmony had made amends for her deeds, but Monica felt that it was all up to Willow. Monica also thought that Harmony had tried to make amends like so many others in the house.

Jason thought that Harmony wanted to make things right, but attempts to do that didn't always work, no matter how much one tried to fix it. Carly remained quiet, and Jason announced that he had to leave. Carly offered to walk him out, and Jason and Monica shared a hug. Valentin went to check on "Bailey."

Outside, Carly informed Jason that she had been aware that he'd been talking about Britt. Jason noted that it was a set of circumstances that no one had asked for, like so many others. He and Carly were doing the right thing to protect the family and each other. That was what he'd decided to do, and it was at great cost to both of them. Carly pointed out that Britt didn't know everything, but Jason declared that he'd hurt Britt. He didn't want to discuss it further.

Carly thought that Jason was being optimistic about Harmony, but Jason made it clear that he would find out where Harmony had been during the time she'd been missing.

Valentin found Brook Lynn with Wiley in the den. He told her that Willow's mother had needed to make amends, and he could empathize. He thought it was a terrible thing to hurt one's children. Brook Lynn praised his fathering skills, but he proceeded to tell her about his past with Lulu. He had made life difficult for Charlotte, who could have had more time with her mother. He had finally realized what he'd done. Charlotte and "Bailey" were the most important things in his life, and he wanted to be a good dad.

Brook Lynn turned to Wiley and announced that there was an important person missing from the day's festivities. She thought it would be a good idea to phone Nina.

At the gatehouse, a shaken and tearful Willow ran inside. She was breathing hard as she flashed back to the hospital when she'd learned from Chase that her baby had died. Michael showed up, and Willow claimed that she needed some tape in order to wrap one last gift. He knew the day was difficult for her because Wiley's birthday was also the anniversary of her baby's death.

Willow cried that the baby had been hers and then it had been gone. She wasn't sure how to feel. She wanted to be happy, and she had tried hard. She confessed that there wasn't really a present that needed wrapping. Michael told her it was okay to grieve. He hugged her, and they began to kiss. Soon, they were in bed and making love.

Up at the main house, Austin revealed that he'd seen Chase on his feet and taking some steps. Chase replied that it was all he could manage, and Willow didn't know. Austin thought it might be a good idea for Chase to get Willow to smile. He suggested that Chase go to the gatehouse.

Back in Nixon Falls, Nina received a phone call from Brook Lynn, who announced that Wiley wanted to say hello. Brook Lynn thought it would be a good idea for them to turn their cameras on. Nina insisted she didn't have a lot of time but relented after Brook Lynn mentioned that it was important for Wiley to see Nina. Nina was tense and continued to look over her shoulder. As Brook Lynn and Nina chatted about Wiley's gift with him, "Mike" returned to the bar. At the same time, Carly walked into the room where Brook Lynn sat and asked who was on the phone.

Stella sought out Portia at the hospital to talk. Portia asked if Stella was passing judgment again. After making a bad joke, Stella noted that she wanted to make sure that Portia and Curtis wouldn't get hurt. She was sure they would, as she recalled snatching the signed divorce papers from Jordan's outgoing mail bin. Stella claimed that Curtis' marriage wasn't over yet.

Portia was aware that the papers hadn't been processed yet, and that was why she and Curtis had gone slowly. She urged Stella to speak to Curtis instead. Stella loudly proclaimed that she didn't want Portia to be the other woman in Curtis' marriage the way he had been the other man during Portia's marriage. At that time, Trina was just about to round the corner, and she heard everything.

At Kelly's, Curtis attempted to reach Portia on the phone. He was unsuccessful but ended his attempt when Jordan walked in. She told him that the signed papers were in the mail. Curtis insisted there was no rush, but Jordan thought otherwise. She'd heard that he and Portia had been seeing each other. Curtis confessed that he had wanted to tell her, but Jordan revealed that she had figured things out on her own.

Jordan added that she had signed the divorce papers because Curtis had been moving on. A surprised Curtis asked if she would have signed them if that hadn't been the case.

Chase and Austin entered the gatehouse.

Chase sees evidence that Willow and Michael slept together

Chase sees evidence that Willow and Michael slept together

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Brook Lynn finally convinced Nina in Nixon Falls to turn on her camera in order to see Wiley and wish him a happy birthday. As Nina chatted away with Wiley, Brook Lynn, and Valentin at the Quartermaine mansion, "Mike" returned to the bar and asked Nina if he could say hi. At the same time, Carly walked into the room at the Quartermaines' and asked who was on the phone.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn announced that Nina had suddenly been cut off. Valentin explained to Carly that Nina was away for a sick friend. At the Tan-O, "Mike" insisted that Nina take his phone to call back. Nina claimed that she didn't want to get in the way of the party, but she reluctantly took his phone in order to finish the call without the camera. She ended it quickly, and "Mike" complained that he had wanted to talk, too.

Just then, Phyllis walked into the Tan-O and announced that Lenny would not be coming home. When she saw "Mike" and Nina's reactions, she quickly clarified that she meant for the night. Lenny had had a reaction to the anesthesia and would be staying at the hospital for observation. She had returned to pick up a few items. "Mike" and Nina made it clear that they would return to the hospital with Phyllis, and "Mike" went off to call Eddie to man the bar.

Nina and Phyllis sat at a table, and Phyllis confessed that Lenny's illness had already been spiraling out of control. Nina guessed that Phyllis had, too. Phyllis disclosed that she had been second-guessing all of her decisions, but Nina assured Phyllis that her life had been a good one. Phyllis declared that she still had regrets, and she wasn't close to her family. She couldn't even recall what had happened, but the old resentments seemed pointless.

Nina urged Phyllis to call her family and make it right. Phyllis wondered if Nina had been taking her own advice, and Phyllis mentioned that she'd run into Valentin in the hospital in New York. Nina was shocked, and Phyllis guessed that Nina had some unfinished business with Valentin. "Mike" reentered the bar quietly and told the women that he had arranged for coverage. Phyllis wanted to give Eddie some additional information, and she walked out.

"Mike" admitted that he could see that Nina had been "thrown off" when Phyllis had mentioned Valentin. Nina stated that she had merely been surprised to hear that he had been in the hospital. "Mike" suspected they were still connected, and Nina stressed that she would never be indifferent to Valentin. She had moved on with "Mike," though. "Mike" wondered if Valentin knew that. He asked if Valentin might show up just as Jax had.

At General Hospital, Stella shouted that Portia didn't want to be the other woman in Curtis' marriage just as he had been the other man in Portia's. Portia stressed that Curtis hadn't had anything to do with the end of her marriage, but Stella didn't think that Taggert would agree. The women did not know that Trina was close by and listening.

Stella called Portia a distraction because Curtis should be with his wife. She wouldn't stand for Portia messing with Curtis' marriage, although she was aware that it was complicated due to the previous affair. Portia made it clear that it was none of Stella's business. "Who do you think you are?" Portia asked. Portia declared that she was a grown woman, and Stella could go off and judge her from somewhere else.

Just then, an orderly stopped to ask Portia to see a patient, and Trina attempted to walk by. Portia saw her daughter and realized that Trina had heard everything. Trina kept walking, and Stella offered to go after her. "Don't you dare! Don't you go one step near my daughter!" Portia yelled. Stella was surprised that Trina hadn't known and suggested that the teen hadn't heard everything. Portia replied that Trina had heard something, and she attempted to reach Trina on the phone. Stella was clearly shaken and offered to help. Portia snapped that Stella had done enough.

Curtis and Jordan sat at a table in Kelly's. Curtis couldn't believe that Jordan had only signed the divorce papers because she'd thought he'd wanted it. Jordan confessed that she didn't want their marriage to end, and she thought it would be a mistake. Jordan thought she'd given up too easily, and it was worth a fight.

Curtis wasn't happy they'd failed. Jordan was willing to put in the work in order to spend the rest of her life with him. She informed him that the papers hadn't been filed yet, and she suggested they go to counseling. She asked if he thought it was worth it. Curtis stared at her. "You don't," Jordan guessed.

Curtis acknowledged that he would always love Jordan, but he no longer wanted the life they'd had. He clarified that it was because of him and not Portia. He was moving on. Jordan had figured that would be how it turned out, but she had wanted to be honest. She had to go, and she walked out.

Josslyn arrived to wait for Cameron to finish working in order for them to attend Wiley's birthday party. She sat at the counter as Spencer walked in and placed an order. Josslyn and Cameron teased Spencer, and he gave it back. Spencer headed to a table outside with his food. Josslyn accompanied him, and he asked if Trina would be attending the party, also. Josslyn told him she would not, and when Cameron was ready, Josslyn was happy to leave.

As Spencer ate his lunch and complained about it, Trina walked up crying. She sat down and ignored a phone call from Portia. She told Spencer that she'd found out something that was bad -- and that her mother had been keeping things from her. Spencer affirmed that he'd been in the same place, and he thought that Trina had to give Portia a chance to explain. Things with his father had gotten out of control, and Spencer had been furious.

Trina admitted that she'd had issues with her father, as well, but they were in a good place. Spencer explained that his anger had cost time with his father, and they might never overcome it. Trina had thought that her mother had been honest with her, and she felt awful. Spencer grabbed her hands. He suggested that Trina adjust her perspective. Her mother was still the same person: a parent and flawed like everyone else.

Spencer thought that Trina should face her mother, even though it wouldn't be easy. Trina was appreciative of Spencer's advice and understanding.

Stella rushed inside and sat herself at Curtis' table. She tearfully told him that she'd made a big mistake.

While Willow and Michael were making love upstairs in the gatehouse, Austin and Chase entered through the front door. Austin offered to go upstairs to look for the couple, but Chase was adamant that he do it himself. He grabbed onto various furniture pieces as he made his way to the stairs. He stopped when Austin retrieved Michael's shirt from the floor as well as other articles of clothing.

Austin was sorry, but Chase was angry. Once again, he headed to the stairs. Austin tried to dissuade Chase from going upstairs. He noted that Chase had worked hard; he would wreck his body and have a setback. "Don't let them take that away from you, too," Austin said.

Upstairs, Willow thanked Michael for looking for her. He replied that he had been concerned. They each declared their love for the other. Willow sat up. She confessed that she'd dug herself a hole, and she couldn't find her way out. Michael reminded her that they'd done it together, but Willow was sure she should have told Chase the truth.

Michael promised they wouldn't be in "this place" forever, and they would tell Chase the truth when he was better. They decided it was time to head back to the main house for the party, and they got dressed. Michael realized that his shirt was downstairs, and he finished dressing in the living room. He and Willow headed out the back door, and Austin and Chase reentered through the front door. Chase's face was filled with hate.

Austin instructed Chase to wait for Willow and Michael to get back to the house before they left. Chase insisted on going upstairs to see things with his own eyes. Austin helped Chase, and they looked at the bed that was in disarray. "Well, at least they were safe," said Austin as he picked up an empty condom wrapper.

Austin admitted that there was no right thing for him to say. He was surprised to hear Chase say that Willow hadn't cheated on him because she didn't do that type of thing. Chase figured that she loved Michael. Austin grabbed a chair for Chase and suggested they talk. He declared that people cheated, and it was often not the people they expected to cheat. They were usually not in love.

Chase disagreed. He didn't believe that Willow and Michael were having a fling. Austin didn't think Chase knew them as well as he thought. Willow and Michael had betrayed Chase, and he asked what Chase would do about it.

Back at the main house, Brook Lynn announced that Wiley was setting the table with Monica. Carly was anxious to hold "Bailey," and Valentin asked her if she and Jason would be having kids. Carly looked at him in disbelief, and Brook Lynn congratulated Carly. She thought it was nice that Carly and Jason had finally fallen in love. They all waited for Willow and Michael to return, and they wondered where Austin could be. Brook Lynn suggested that Austin would need thicker skin to "roll with this crew" if he had indeed left the house.

Outside the house, Michael reminded Willow they were in it together. They went inside, and Willow confessed that she'd needed a minute. Michael went to check on Monica and Wiley, and everyone wondered where Chase could be. Willow revealed that Chase had "gotten into it" with her mother.

Later, as Wiley played with some of his new toys, Brook Lynn asked Valentin if he thought that Nina had seemed strange. Valentin thought she'd seemed distant, and he was worried. Brook Lynn asked if he was worried enough to go to Nixon Falls, and Valentin replied that Phyllis had told him he wasn't welcome. Brook Lynn wondered when something like that had ever stopped him.

Cameron and Josslyn stopped outside to talk about Spencer. Josslyn thought he was more annoying, and she wasn't thrilled with Trina dating him. Trina didn't know Spencer the way they did, and Josslyn saw the potential for Trina to get hurt. Cameron suggested that Josslyn say something, but Josslyn replied that it was none of her business. She pointed out that Cameron could say something just as well. They headed into the house with their gift, and Josslyn took a photo of Wiley with Michael and Willow to remember the day.

At the hospital, Portia continued to try to reach Trina and hoped that her daughter was safe. "I'm safe," Trina replied as she stood nearby. She added that she was not okay.

Stella collapses

Stella collapses

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Chase and Austin returned to the main house, but Austin wondered why Chase was back. "It's time to end this," Chase replied. He wheeled himself into the living room as Brook Lynn took photos of Michael, Willow, and Wiley. "An ideal family photo," Chase remarked. Willow asked where he'd been, but he turned the question back on her, as he'd been looking for her. She told Chase that she'd needed a minute after Harmony's shocking visit, and Michael had calmed her down. On cue, Michael approached and informed Willow and Chase that they were doing gifts soon. Michael made sure that everything was all right, and Chase answered that they'd been talking about Harmony.

Chase thanked Michael for consoling Willow and thought it was nice that he had "a true buddy to step in when I can't." When Michael excused himself to get the gifts ready, Chase informed Willow that he was tired and decided to turn in early. He reminded Willow to give his gift to Wiley after Willow and Michael's, as Chase's gift was all the extra accessories and batteries. "You think of everything," she marveled. "Not always. I miss things," he said coldly. She promised to check in on him before she retired to the gatehouse and leaned in to kiss him. He abruptly wheeled away and advised her not to keep Wiley waiting.

Across the room, Monica asked a worried Carly for a chat. Monica congratulated Carly and admitted that she'd always respected Carly's bond with Jason. She cracked that if she could get along with Tracy, she could get along with anyone. Carly genuinely thanked Monica, and Monica excused herself to get people together. Cameron took the opportunity to approach Carly to discuss his intentions with Josslyn.

As Josslyn looked on with a smile, Cameron insisted that Josslyn would always be his best friend, no matter what, and he never wanted to make her unhappy again. Carly admitted that she was concerned about him picking up a gun on impulse. He answered that it had been a huge mistake and that he was trying to make up for it. Carly appreciated him speaking up and thought that he and Josslyn would be good together. She warned him about making another misstep like that, though, and he understood.

Outside, Valentin and Brook Lynn were bantering about whether or not he was going to lose ELQ when Austin approached. He explained that he'd wanted to see the rose garden that Edward had infamously pushed his grandmother Beatrice into years before. Brook Lynn commented that Edward had loved Lila and had never wanted her to know about his indiscretions, which was why he'd left Austin's father out of the will. "You still wanna be a part of this family?" Valentin asked. Austin replied that it would take more than that to scare him away.

A short while later, the family gathered in the living room as Carly lit the candles on Wiley's cake. Michael quietly asked if Willow was all right, and she replied that something had been "off" with Chase. Wiley blew out his candles, and the family sang to him as Chase watched from the foyer. As Chase wheeled himself toward the front door, Austin entered through it. Chase asked Austin to help him pack his things and get him out of the house. However, Austin thought it would be a mistake for Chase to not stay and fight for his marriage.

Just then, Michael and Willow walked out into the foyer, and Willow wondered if Chase needed help with something. Chase answered that he couldn't go to bed "until I kiss my beautiful wife and wish her sweet dreams. Goodnight, my love." Austin watched Michael's face as Willow leaned down to kiss Chase.

Outside Kelly's, Laura and Spencer caught up. She wondered why he'd returned home instead of traveling, and he answered that he'd wanted to make peace with Nikolas. He added that life was too short to hold grudges, and she was happy to hear it. He wondered if "your husband" would be joining them, and Laura demanded to know why he referred to Kevin, who'd done so much for Spencer, so coldly. He cited everything that had happened with Ryan, and he blamed Kevin for not turning Ryan in to the authorities as soon as he'd found out that his twin was alive. Laura remarked that the list of people he resented was growing, and she wondered if she was on the list, too. He assured her that she wasn't, as she was the only person who'd never failed him.

Inside, Laura wondered how things were going between Spencer and Nikolas. Spencer replied that things were better, and he had high hopes, since Ava was out of the picture. Laura hoped that the divorce wouldn't last, but Spencer updated Laura on his conversation with Ava when she'd promised to cease communication with Nikolas.

Cameron and Josslyn arrived at Kelly's, and Cameron and Spencer took shots at each other. Cameron had to get back to work after Wiley's party, and Spencer ordered him to top off Laura's drink. Laura was horrified, but Cameron replied that he would gladly give Laura anything she wanted. He walked away, and Josslyn followed. Laura divulged to Spencer all of the recent hardships Cameron had been through, and she demanded that Spencer stop with the petty comments. She hoped to one day see Spencer work as hard as Cameron was. Spencer assured Laura that he had "big plans" of his own.

At Kelly's, Stella sat down with Curtis and confessed that she'd done something terrible that would hurt multiple people, including Curtis. She told him about Trina overhearing Stella confront Portia about the affair and then running off. Curtis wanted to go to the hospital to help look for Trina, and he advised Stella to stay there and stay out of it. He also reminded her of her doctor's warnings about her blood pressure spiking.

Stella insisted that she hadn't meant to hurt anyone, but she didn't want what had happened to her and Marcus to happen to Curtis and Jordan. Curtis expressed his sympathy that Stella had never gotten her happy ever after, but she didn't get to decide what his looked life. He urged her to take it easy while he did damage control. She asked him to apologize to Portia for her, and she left.

A few minutes later, Stella beckoned Cameron, whose name she couldn't remember, over to her table and asked for the check. When he returned to the counter to get it, Josslyn decided to head out, since he was working. She told him how impressed she was with how he'd talked to Carly, and she knew that Carly was impressed, too. She kissed him and left. Cameron returned to Stella and informed her that Curtis had already paid the bill. She shakily asked him where there was a mailbox nearby as she took an envelope out of her purse, and he directed her. She gave him a tip and got up from the table, only to pass out on to the floor.

At the hospital, Trina asked Portia if her affair with Curtis had caused her divorce from Taggert. Portia replied that the marriage had been troubled already. Trina was angry with Portia for not telling her about the affair, but Portia reminded Trina that Portia was her mother and wasn't obligated to tell her everything. Portia added that she'd been disappointed in herself and had wanted to put it behind her. Trina was also angry with Curtis for getting Portia to cheat on Taggert, but Portia divulged that Curtis hadn't known that Portia had been married. Trina wondered if Portia had been waiting for Curtis for all those years. Portia replied that she'd had a busy and full life between her career and raising Trina, but feelings didn't just go away.

Just then, Curtis arrived, and he apologized to Portia and Trina on Stella's behalf. Trina apologized to him for thinking he'd been the cheater when it hadn't been him. Trina decided that she needed time alone and walked away. Portia admitted that he was right that she should have told Trina the truth from the beginning. Curtis promised a crying Portia that everything would be all right.

At Spring Ridge, Alexis sat down next to a wheelchair-bound Ryan. She promised that she would have him thrown out of the facility if she sensed any danger in him. "Understand?" she asked, and Ryan blinked. "He said yes," an approaching Harmony informed Alexis. She told a shocked Alexis that she was a health aide at the facility, and it was time for Ryan's "nutrition break." Alexis wondered if Ryan understood what she was saying. Harmony explained that Ryan couldn't move or speak, but he could still communicate.

Harmony urged Alexis to try asking Ryan a yes-or-no question. "Are you a twin?" she asked, and he blinked once for yes. "Do you have two kidneys?" she questioned, and he blinked twice for no. She wondered if he was still obsessed with Ava, and his unblinking response prompted Harmony to take him outside for some fresh air. When Harmony returned, Alexis made sure that Harmony knew who Ryan was and what he'd done. She wondered if Harmony had become "enthralled with another charismatic puppet master" and suggested that Harmony wanted to resurrect Dawn of Day. She tore into what Harmony had done to Kristina and many others.

Harmony responded that she'd paid for her crimes in numerous ways, and she was doing her best to turn her life around. She was there because she needed a job and didn't have many options. She added that she was far from perfect, and she didn't expect her patients to be perfect, either. She only cared about getting another chance with her daughter and grandson, and Alexis could relate to that. "One day at a time," Alexis said, and Harmony left to get Ryan back inside.

A short while later, an orderly informed Alexis that her A.A. meeting was starting soon. As she walked away with the orderly, she saw Harmony sitting with Ryan and holding a board with letters of the alphabet on it. Alexis asked the orderly what they were doing, and he replied that Harmony helped Ryan write letters.

Josslyn has a run-in with Joey Novak

Josslyn has a run-in with Joey Novak

Thursday, August 5, 2021

In Stella's room at the hospital, T.J. sat with an unconscious Stella and begged her to wake up. He joked that she should feel important, as there were so many people worried about her. He relayed the message that Jordan was sorry about getting so angry with Stella.

Outside the room, Josslyn and Cameron approached Curtis and Portia to check in on Stella. Curtis thanked Cameron for his quick action in calling for an ambulance when Stella had collapsed. Portia assured the two that Stella would recover from the stroke she'd had. Cameron talked about how Elizabeth had taught him and his brothers about the signs of a stroke, and she'd drilled some first aid tips into their heads. Cameron added that Stella had asked about a mailbox, as she'd had an important-looking envelope to mail. He revealed that the envelope had been soaked with her coffee and had been thrown away.

When Cameron and Josslyn were gone, Curtis asked Portia if he was responsible for Stella's stroke after leaving her at Kelly's alone and stressed. Portia commented that if that was the case, she would share the blame. She wondered if her last stroke had been cause by a stressful event, and he revealed that it had happened after Stella had found out that Curtis was dating Jordan. Just then, T.J. emerged from Stella's room and told them that Stella's vitals seemed to indicate that she would soon wake up. Curtis thanked Portia for all her help, and she went in to check on Stella.

As Portia was checking Stella's vitals, Stella opened her eyes. Portia revealed that there were some people waiting to see Stella, so she ran out of the room to get Curtis and T.J. The three returned, and Stella was glad to see them, but she wondered how she'd ended up there. A few minutes later, she was shocked that she'd had a stroke, as she'd been making sure to take care of herself. Curtis and Portia apologized for how they'd treated her the night before, and T.J. apologized on behalf of Jordan. Stella assured them that only she herself and her meddling were to blame. Curtis mentioned the envelope Cameron had talked about, but Stella barely remembered being at Kelly's. Portia thought Stella might remember in time, but T.J. instructed her to only think about her recovery.

Josslyn and Cameron sat at Kelly's, talking about Stella, when a man approached Josslyn. He introduced himself as Joey Novak, an "associate" of Carly and Jason's. He congratulated her on making PCU's volleyball team and promised to be in the stands, cheering her on. She defensively asked him to leave them alone, but he instead asked if Cameron would be at the games, too. Cameron asked Joey to leave, so Joey assured Josslyn that he'd see Carly and Jason at the games. "Jason will definitely be looking for you," Josslyn shot back. When he left, Josslyn needed to find Carly. She advised Cameron to stay behind, as the less he knew, the better when it regarded the "family business."

Terry approached Britt at the hospital and asked if Britt had received the telemedicine proposal Terry had sent. They went back and forth about the apparent lack of funding in the budget for it, and Terry wondered if it would be impossible for the two of them to work together. Britt related that she was on her way to Monica's office to turn down the co-chief of staff position. Terry reminded her that they were a package deal, so the hospital's next chief of staff would probably be someone trying to run the hospital as a "cost-effective business" instead of an institution to save lives. She begged Britt to go for a walk and think it over.

Carly was folding towels at the Metro Court pool when a curious Jax joined in to help. She told him that it was "stress relief" necessitated by Jax's unhappiness at her engagement. They bickered about Carly's proximity to "Sonny's world," but Jax was willing to let it go as long as Josslyn was safe. Just then, Britt arrived at the pool, and Carly wondered if he and Britt were still seeing each other. "We never were," he reminded her, and Carly thought it was for the best. She felt sorry for Britt, but Jax didn't think that Britt would want Carly's pity.

Jax sat down with Britt, and she told him about her co-chief of staff offer. He thought that half the work sounded good to him, but she admitted that she wasn't a team player. She related that there was only one time she'd teamed up with someone and had things turn out all right, and she thought back to being on the run with Jason. Jax commented that she and Jason had worked well together, and the two spent some time picking apart Carly and Jason's shaky explanation of their sudden engagement. Jax reasoned that he would be fine as long as Josslyn was fine. Britt thanked Jax for the pep talk, and she left.

Jax saw Josslyn arrive at the pool and pull Carly aside to talk. As he listened in unnoticed, Josslyn told Carly about her encounter with Joey Novak at Kelly's. Josslyn reasoned that she didn't want him to think that she was afraid, and she knew that Carly and Jason would handle things. Carly vowed to make sure that it would never happen again, and she decided that Josslyn would have a guard with her at all times. Josslyn had to get to volleyball practice, so she agreed to having a guard and left. When she was gone, Jax confronted Carly about what kind of danger she was putting Josslyn in.

Britt returned to the hospital and found Terry. She revealed that she was heading to Monica's office to accept the co-chief of staff job offer, and Terry was ecstatic. She wondered what had made Britt change her mind, but Britt didn't want to talk about it. She invited Terry to accompany her, as they had work to do.

Jason was using the punching bag at Volonino's when Brando approached. Jason thanked Brando again for stepping in with Joey Novak. Brando related that he'd decided to stay away from the family business. He told Jason about Sasha's ultimatum, and Jason observed that Brando seemed at peace with his decision. Brando confirmed that he was, and he thought it was good that Jason and Carly were on the same page about the business. He talked about how Carly had "owned" the room during the meeting with the five families, and he could see why the two had ended up together. He sincerely wished them the long and happy marriage that they both deserved.

Later, Jason was getting ready to leave when he noticed a bare-handed Cameron beating up the punching bag. Jason offered to help, and Cameron accepted his instruction. Jason wondered who Cameron's target was, as it looked like the young man wanted to hit someone. He told Jason about the "loser" bothering Josslyn at Kelly's. Jason wondered if the man had a name, and Cameron replied to a wide-eyed Jason that it was Joey Novak.

Sasha met up with Brook Lynn at the Metro Court restaurant, and she commended Brook Lynn for her marketing plan causing Deception's products to "fly off the shelves." Sasha proposed an added perk for Brook Lynn, and Brook Lynn was excited to learn that she would be getting an assistant. She was going over her wish list of qualities for the assistant when Gladys arrived and walked over to the table, babbling about the free makeup she'd gotten. Sasha sheepishly introduced Brook Lynn to her new assistant, Gladys, who preferred to be considered an "equal."

A horrified Brook Lynn asked about Gladys' background and decided that Gladys wasn't qualified to assist a marketing executive. Gladys made her way over to the bar, and Sasha explained why she'd hired Gladys. She promised that Gladys was excited and would do a good job. She begged Brook Lynn to give Gladys a chance for Sasha and Brando's sake. She added that Gladys was Mike's cousin, and he'd adored her, even if Sonny hadn't.

Sasha and Brook Lynn were impressed watching Gladys schmooze with a woman at the bar about the makeup Gladys had. The conversation suddenly took a turn when the offended woman cried that her pores weren't "as big as nickels." Sasha rushed over and grabbed the bag of makeup from Gladys, offering it to the woman as an apology. The woman refused the makeup and stormed off. Brook Lynn whispered to Sasha that she would take Gladys on to honor Mike, but Sasha owed her. Brook Lynn took Gladys aside and expressed how she was looking forward to them learning from each other.

Brando arrived at the restaurant, and he and Sasha sat down at a table together. He observed that Gladys looked happy, and he said that he owed Brook Lynn. "I already do," Sasha cracked. Brando suggested that he show Sasha his place, since Gladys was occupied, and Sasha excitedly agreed.

Alexis find something shocking in Ryan's mail

Alexis find something shocking in Ryan's mail

Friday, August 6, 2021

Nikolas and Sam arrived at Spring Ridge, and he wondered if she was making any progress on figuring out who'd shot Hayden. "I'm working on it," she replied. Alexis entered and hugged the two. Nikolas asked about Ryan, and Alexis revealed that he had an aide writing letters for him. She added that they knew the aide, and she pointed out Harmony across the room. Nikolas approached Harmony and introduced himself, and he fired questions at her about Ryan and whether or not she was helping him torment people. Harmony insisted that she was trying to turn her life around, and Sam believed her.

Harmony continued that she'd only been working with Ryan for a few weeks, so Alexis figured that Harmony had nothing to do with Ava's stalker. Alexis asked about Ryan's letters. Harmony responded that many went without a response, and most were returned unopened. Nikolas pushed to see the letters, but Harmony refused to breach Ryan's privacy. Alexis confirmed that mail tampering was illegal. Harmony stated that she couldn't lose her job, and she walked away.

Sam had to leave, so she hugged Alexis and promised to visit again soon. When she was gone, Nikolas figured he'd pushed Harmony too hard. Just then, Harmony returned with her arms full of file folders. She loudly hoped that she didn't accidentally misplace Ryan's files with all his letters. She put the file folders down on a table and figured that she would return to look for them in 20 minutes. When she was gone, Alexis and Nikolas sifted through all the returned mail from all over the world and observed that it was mostly university professors and psychiatrists. A shocked Alexis suddenly picked up an envelope and showed it to Nikolas. It was addressed to Spencer's residence at his boarding school.

Ava was sitting at a table at the Metro Court pool when Shawn greeted her. Ava marveled over how he'd gotten out of prison when Sonny was no longer around to reward him for his loyalty. She wondered if he regretted his decision. "I can live with the decision I've made. Can you say the same?" he asked. "Touché," she replied with a smile. She wondered if he was working for Carly, but he confirmed that he wasn't. In that case, Ava informed him, "I need a man."

Ava updated Shawn on her stalker situation and related that she needed a bodyguard. She continued that the one she had was one of Nikolas' men, and she needed to cut all ties with Nikolas. He thought that working with her could be entertaining, so she offered to discuss salary. He revealed that his job was working for himself, finding out who'd shot Hayden. He wanted to make the culprit pay for what they'd done to him and Hayden, and Ava understood.

A few minutes later, Shawn returned to the table with drinks, and he mentioned that he'd been staying at Alexis' with Molly and T.J., but he was looking for his own place. Ava hoped that he was making up for lost time with T.J., but Shawn replied that T.J. and Molly were so busy that they were barely home. Ava wondered if he was going to start something up with Jordan again, but he answered that their relationship was in the past. "To fresh starts," Ava toasted, and the two drank. Shawn remarked on how pleasant the visit had been, and he excused himself. When he was gone, Ava was happy to receive a call from Avery.

Laura met up with Dante at the Metro Court restaurant, and she disclosed that she didn't have good news for him. She explained that she'd met with Lulu's doctors in New York, and there was still no improvement after eight months. Laura insisted that she would never give up on Lulu, but she pointedly told Dante that giving up wasn't the same as moving on. He admitted that he'd never stopped loving Lulu, but Laura didn't expect him to wait around for Lulu. She thought that Lulu would want everyone to live their lives to the fullest. Dante knew that Laura was right and that Lulu would be all right with any changes. Laura asked if Dante had met someone, but he denied it. She assured him that he was family, so he didn't need to hide it from Laura when he started dating again.

Finn, Elizabeth, and Violet arrived at Kelly's as Anna was on her way out. Violet ran to Anna, and Finn told Anna how excited Violet was for their tea party that weekend. Anna was excited, too, and she excused herself. A few minutes later, Finn, Elizabeth, and Violet were at a table with milkshakes when a woman approached their table. The woman asked if Violet knew her, and Violet screamed, "Grandma!" and ran to the woman.

Finn was visibly irked that Naomi hadn't called first. Violet asked if Hayden was with Naomi, but Naomi replied that she wasn't. Elizabeth decided to take Violet to the bathroom to get her cleaned up from the milkshake. Finn demanded to know what Naomi had been thinking just showing up after ignoring Violet for a year. Naomi responded that she just wanted her family around her, but Finn didn't think that was a good idea. Naomi begged him to let her make it up to Violet, as she wanted a chance to reconnect with her granddaughter.

Elizabeth and Violet returned, and Finn suggested that he and Naomi set up a playdate for her and Violet. Naomi informed him of what motel she was staying at until she could find something more permanent. Finn and Elizabeth were shocked that Naomi planned to stay in Port Charles. Naomi explained that she refused to miss any more of Violet's life. She sent Finn her number and hoped to hear from him soon.

When Naomi was gone, Finn put some headphones on Violet as she colored so Finn could discuss the situation with Elizabeth. A short while later, Elizabeth went to the counter to pay as Finn and Violet packed up Violet's things. Violet wondered if Naomi would take her to see Hayden, but Finn answered, "We'll see." "That means no," a deflated Violet said. Sam arrived and approached Elizabeth, who had planned to call Sam. She informed Sam that Naomi had suddenly shown up in town. Minutes later, Sam called Shawn to let him know the news.

Jason was working out at Volonino's when his phone rang. He answered it to Spinelli and asked him to find out where Joey Novak was. When he hung up, Liesl walked over and harassed him about leaving Britt at her most vulnerable. Jason acknowledged that he'd let Britt down. Anna arrived as Liesl figured that Jason's only redeeming trait was "Peter's continued absence." Anna approached the two after hearing Peter mentioned and wondered what was going on. Just then, Jason got a text and excused himself. When he was gone, Liesl was thankful that he'd given her the gift of visualizing him on a punching bag.

A few minutes later, Liesl, clad in brand-new boxing gloves, punched the bag as Anna spotted her. She vented to Anna about Jason and hoped that he was doing something about Peter. Liesl wondered if Anna could share any information about the investigation, but Anna refused. Liesl handed over her gloves and thought it was Anna's turn with the punching bag. As Anna punched a few minutes later, she advised Liesl that if Peter was definitely dead, she would tell Maxie right away. Liesl hoped he was, but she figured that they needed to stay on guard until they knew for sure. The two sat down, and Anna believed that, despite their differences, no one else understood their aggression, and they thought back to the rage room. Liesl prayed for Peter's death and hoped that it would be "slow, excruciating, and final."

Outside Kelly's, Joey and some men sat at the tables. One of his men wondered why they were there, as there was no action. "There's about to be," Joey answered, and he and his men stood up as Jason approached. Jason stated that Joey had crossed the line by talking to Josslyn, and if there was any further contact, it would result in "full retaliation." Joey mentioned how pretty Josslyn was and joked about Carly being the one in charge. Jason continued that neither Joey's family nor the five families would tolerate the disrespect. "I'll take my chances," Joey replied confidently, and his men followed him out of the courtyard.

Carly led Jax into her office at Metro Court so they could talk, and they argued about how much danger Josslyn was actually in. Carly demanded that he "calm down and back off," but he was livid about the target on Josslyn's back. The two bickered about Carly's position in the business, and Jax knew that her marriage to Jason was a business arrangement. Carly texted Josslyn's bodyguard's contact information to Jax, which he appreciated. He conceded that having someone else looking out for Josslyn during her first year of college wasn't a terrible idea.

A few minutes later, Carly and Jax were talking about attending PCU's parents' week when Jason entered the office to talk to Carly. Jax demanded to know if Jason had handled Joey, and Jason confirmed that he had. Jax remarked that he would leave so that "the happy couple can whisper sweet battle plans in each other's ears," and he stormed out. Jason informed Carly that Joey had been too confident when Jason had confronted him about Josslyn. Carly feared that Joey had allies. The two left the office, and Jax watched as they walked away.

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