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Lenny passed away. Sam realized that Naomi had given her a cryptic message. After an encounter with a mysterious stranger, Naomi was found dead. Austin enlisted Chase's help. Ned called a family meeting. Nikolas caught Spencer in a lie. Josslyn offered Trina some advice about Spencer.
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Nikolas realized Spencer was the stalker, Naomi was found dead, and Lenny passed away
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Sam and Shawn question Naomi

Sam and Shawn question Naomi

Monday, August 9, 2021

At the hospital, Scott asked Austin how things were going with the Quartermaines. Austin responded that some members of the family wanted to go to war with him, and some had invited him to a birthday party. Austin thought that he had a way to "turn a long shot into a sure thing," and he updated Scott on Michael and Willow's affair. Scott's mind went straight to blackmail, but Austin wanted no part of anything "illicit." He suggested that the "gossip" could be used to "leverage the situation," as he believed that there was evidence in the house that could turn the case around.

Austin informed Scott that Edward and Jimmy Lee had exchanged letters around a year before Edward's death, and Edward's last letter had given the impression that he was changing his mind about Jimmy Lee's place in the family. He continued that he'd tried to get into Edward's study to find the letters; however, the housekeeper had stopped him, and he'd pretended to be lost. Scott inferred that Austin wanted to use Chase to snoop. Austin remarked that one should never underestimate "the depths a man with a broken heart can sink." Scott hoped it would work, or else he believed the case was "DOA."

Willow arrived at the Quartermaine mansion as Michael descended the stairs. She revealed that she'd decided to tell Chase the truth about her and Michael when Chase was able to take five steps on his own. She explained that it was a common benchmark that usually led to full recovery. She added that she and Michael couldn't be together again, and Michael agreed that their sole focus needed to be on helping Chase get better. Willow hoped that Chase would one day understand and maybe even forgive them.

Chase sat in his wheelchair in the living room of the Quartermaine mansion and played with his wedding ring as he thought back to his wedding to Willow. Brook Lynn entered the room and asked why he wasn't at physical therapy, and he answered that he couldn't leave without saying goodbye to his wife. Brook Lynn remarked that she hadn't seen Willow or Michael yet, and she assumed they were probably still in bed after the tiring party. Just then, Michael and Willow entered the living room, and Willow told Chase how much Wiley had loved his gifts. Willow leaned down to kiss Chase on the cheek, and Chase excused himself to go to physical therapy.

Brook Lynn asked how Willow was feeling after Harmony's visit, and Willow was embarrassed to have run off. Brook Lynn reminded her, "You came back," and Willow added that Michael had helped talk her down. Willow excused herself to get to the hospital for her first day of the nurse shadowing program. Brook Lynn saw the look between Michael and Willow as Michael left. When Willow was gone, Brook Lynn called Michael on it. She thought that letting someone build a life on a lie wasn't cool, and she was clearly aware of her hypocrisy. Michael explained that circumstances sometimes left no other option, and he wondered if she'd ever been in that situation. She admitted that she had.

At the hospital, Chase followed Austin into his office, and Austin wondered how Chase was doing. Chase confided that he couldn't get the image of Michael and Willow together out of his head. Austin advised Chase to be careful, as he didn't want the situation to cause Chase to lose focus on his recovery. Chase kicked himself for missing the obvious, and he acknowledged that Willow had only married him because he was supposed to have died. "I have to end it," he said, thinking that being out of the picture for Willow and Michael to "live happily ever after" was the best thing to do. "That's one way to go," Austin replied.

At Spring Ridge, Nikolas and Alexis looked through Ryan's returned mail until a wide-eyed Alexis showed Nikolas one addressed to Spencer. Harmony approached the two, and Nikolas grilled her about the letter. She insisted that she helped Ryan write his letters, but there was never anything violent or threatening. Nikolas opened the letter, and Harmony hissed that it was a federal crime to do so. He didn't care, and he read it. He handed it off to Alexis, who read it aloud. Ryan had written to Spencer about how formidable Spencer was, and how much potential he had. He continued with an apology that Nikolas was a disappointment, and he urged Spencer not to let Ava "stymie your progress." Ryan looked forward to more tales of Spencer's exploits. "Now you can panic," Alexis told Nikolas.

Nikolas demanded to know why he should believe that Harmony knew nothing, and Alexis warned him to "cool it" when Harmony stormed off. Alexis assured him that the letter was creepy but nonviolent, and she suggested that Ryan was trying to get to Nikolas and Ava through Spencer. Alexis wondered what Spencer could have done to earn Ryan's admiration. Nikolas suddenly realized that Spencer could be Ava's stalker. Alexis warned him to think before he accused his own son, which could drive Spencer away forever.

A short while later, Nikolas was gone, and Harmony returned. Alexis apologized for the way Nikolas had talked to Harmony. Harmony just wanted to get the letter back to Ryan's room before he noticed that it was gone, but Alexis disclosed that Nikolas had taken it. She assured a worried Harmony that Nikolas would return it, but Harmony admitted that she was afraid of what Ryan would do when he found out about the "betrayal." Alexis reminded her that Ryan was "locked-in," but Harmony mentioned that Nikolas believed that Ryan was still dangerous.

At the pool, Spencer awoke and found Trina sitting next to him. He wondered how things had gone with Portia, and she replied, "Not well." She informed him that she was staying with Josslyn, as she needed space. She didn't want to talk about the situation anymore. She thought she needed to handle things in a sophisticated way like Ava did, but Spencer talked about the "wreckage" Ava had left behind. He advised her to do the opposite of what he did, which was "go full throttle and mess up my life." He thought that she needed to acknowledge that she had a right to feel however she felt and to realize that Trina couldn't forgive Portia unless Trina allowed herself to get mad at Portia first.

A few minutes later, a waitress handed Spencer his drink, and he leaned over to take a sip. On his back in suntan lotion read "kick me," and Trina giggled. Spencer suggested that, if she waded through stuff with Portia, she would "get something amazing at the end. The party of the century -- mine," he said. Trina was about to tell Spencer what she'd done to his back when he was asleep, but Nikolas arrived and interrupted her. She excused herself to make a phone call, and Spencer asked the reason for Nikolas' interruption.

Sam and Shawn knocked on someone's door, and Naomi answered. Sam informed her that they were there to talk about Hayden, but Naomi wasn't interested. She demanded to know who they were, and Shawn briefly told Naomi his story. She invited them in, but she stayed tight-lipped about Hayden, only saying that they were "on terrible terms." Sam took that to mean that Naomi had been in touch with Hayden, but Naomi told her to leave it alone. "Imagine what Violet thinks," Shawn said, but Naomi shot back that Violet's thoughts were probably better than the truth.

Naomi reluctantly told Sam and Shawn that Hayden had sought Naomi out for money, but Naomi had only been able to offer her shelter. She continued that Hayden had left because of Violet, calling motherhood a "time suck" and wanting her life back. Naomi was done talking and figured that she wouldn't hear from Hayden again. She railed that Hayden could change her name all she wanted, but "Rachel Abigail Berlin" was the same "greedy, self-absorbed narcissist" she'd always been. She shooed Sam and Shawn out and slammed the door in their faces.

A short while later, Naomi told a man in her room that she'd done as he'd instructed and lied about Hayden. She stated that their association was done. "Isn't it?" she asked.

Outside, Shawn revealed that Hayden's alleged comments about Violet didn't sit right with him. Just then, Sam had an idea, and she pulled out her phone to make a call. She called Elizabeth and asked what Hayden's middle name had been as Rachel Berlin. She got her answer and promised to explain later. When she hung up, she informed Shawn that Rachel's middle name was Samara, and she thought that Naomi had wanted them to pick up on it. Shawn wondered why Naomi hadn't just told them that she wanted to talk to them. "There's one way to find out," Sam replied, and they went back in the direction of Naomi's motel.

A few minutes later, Sam and Shawn were back knocking on Naomi's door but got no answer. Shawn remembered seeing Naomi's car in the lot. Sam tried the doorknob and found that it was unlocked. The two cautiously entered the room and were shocked by what they found.

Nikolas catches Spencer in a lie

Nikolas catches Spencer in a lie

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

As Spencer donned his shirt at the Metro Court pool, Trina disclosed that she had a confession to make. She eyed the "Kick me" written on his back. Before she was able to say anything more, Nikolas interrupted them. Trina thanked Spencer for his advice and announced that she had a phone call to make. Nikolas held out the letter that Ryan had written to Spencer, and he asked if Spencer recognized it.

Spencer scoffed, but Nikolas told him not to deny it. Nikolas revealed that he had found it among Ryan's possessions at Spring Ridge Prison. Spencer claimed that he was familiar with it but hadn't opened it. Nikolas suggested that Ryan had been trying to get on Spencer's good side because Ryan was obsessed with Ava. He demanded to know why Spencer hadn't said anything about it, especially due to Ryan's past involvement in Ava's life.

Spencer maintained that he was sure that Ryan had not been the one who had been tormenting Ava because Ryan was incapacitated. He couldn't have sent the cockroach to Ava, and Spencer had returned the letter. The father and son argued. Spencer noted that while his feelings for Ava were known, it didn't put him in "cahoots" with Ryan. Trina returned and announced that she had forgotten something, but she sensed the tension.

Nikolas replied that he and Spencer had had a misunderstanding, and he apologized to Spencer for his suspicions. He urged Trina to stay, and he left. Spencer and Trina sat on the edge of the pool with their legs dangling in the water. Spencer claimed to have sympathy for Nikolas and Ava's situation, but he warned Trina that Nikolas could not know that Spencer had been in town earlier than Nikolas thought. Spencer talked again about having a big party.

Nearby, Nikolas opened a tab for the teens and looked at the envelope containing the letter again. He studied the postmark and flashed back to the conversation with Spencer. Nikolas realized that Spencer had claimed to have returned the letter after the cockroach incident, but Nikolas noticed that the postmark had indicated otherwise.

Nikolas returned to Spencer and Trina and disclosed that he would have to fly to Dubai for business. He suggested that Spencer either stay with Laura and Kevin or accompany him, but Spencer declined. He noted that he was old enough to stay at Wyndemere alone and wasn't afraid. Nikolas guessed not, and he took off again. Spencer was excited and promised a huge party. Nikolas made a phone call and requested a room in Port Charles. He was determined to teach Spencer a lesson he'd never forget.

Shawn and Sam made their way into Naomi's Metro Court room after not getting a response to their knocking. The door was unlocked, and Sam gasped as she spotted Naomi on the floor. She rushed over to the woman and found no sign of a pulse. There was no blood or signs of a struggle. Shawn offered to call the police while Sam got away in order not to violate her parole, but Sam wanted to call someone trustworthy.

In the Quartermaine mansion foyer, Ned angrily ended a phone call as Olivia bounded down the stairs. Ned declared that they had trouble with a capital T. "God, what did Tracy do now?" Olivia asked as Ned shook his head.

In another room, Michael guessed that Brook Lynn at one time or another had had difficulty in keeping a falsehood going and had done her best with it. She was aware of what Michael and Willow had been going through, but she confessed that she had always held Michael to a higher standard. She wondered where it all left Chase. Just then, Ned called a family meeting.

Dante walked into General Hospital, but as he was busy looking at his phone, he walked into Finn. They spoke briefly of Peter's disappearance, and Dante suggested that Finn might be able to "shed some light." Finn didn't think he would be much help as Dante asked how Finn had ended up in the basement. They were interrupted when Dante received a call from Sam. She told him that Hayden's mother was dead.

At the nurses' station, Willow corrected Monica when she called her Nurse Chase instead of using Willow's maiden name of Tate. Willow explained her reason for continuing with her maiden name. Elizabeth announced that she had been showing Willow around as she had started her training. "Oh, fresh hell!" Monica exclaimed as she read a text message from Ned. It simply read "SOS."

Elizabeth and Willow wondered about Monica's hasty departure, and Willow assumed it was ELQ business. She stated that the company was important to the family. Felix spotted them and expressed that he expected great things from Willow. She admitted that she had been focused, and he began to test her. He recalled how Epiphany had done the same to him when he'd been a student nurse and would give Willow a difficult time.

Chase sat in an office with Austin and vowed to tell Willow that it was over between them. Austin volunteered that he had another way, and he reminded Chase that Chase had been treated like dirt. Chase stood up for Willow and made it clear that she had felt obligated to do the right thing by marrying him. Austin thought that Willow had had the chance to be honest, and Chase deserved better. He thought Chase should make a "lasting impact."

Austin did his best to persuade Chase to take drastic steps while Chase continued to see everything from Willow's side. After Austin saw that he wasn't getting anywhere, he changed his tactic and pointed out that Michael had betrayed Chase. He suggested that it might be time for payback. Chase wondered why it mattered so much to Austin.

Austin explained that he had been in a financial dispute with the family, and he thought the situations were similar. Michael and Willow had cheated on Chase, and the family was trying to cheat him out of his legacy. Chase wished him luck on his attempt to change a probated will, and Austin revealed that there was something in the mansion that could change the outcome.

Austin went on to relate how Edward and Jimmy Lee had been patching their relationship, and he believed the Quartermaines had put an end to it. He didn't know why his father hadn't fought it; he had been a proud man. Austin thought that Edward's papers were still in his untouched study. Austin had made his way inside, but he had been seen and ushered out. He wanted Chase to "uncover the truth" and to stick around the mansion. Again, Austin suggested that Chase settle the score.

Chase ordered Austin to get out of his head and to stop trying to take advantage of his anger. Austin denied that was so, and he made it clear that the Quartermaines all stabbed people in the back. He continued trying to push Chase to see it his way. "I should go," Chase said. Austin opened the door for him. He hoped that he could count on Chase.

Dante arrived at Naomi's hotel room, alongside a couple of cops. Shawn explained what had transpired. Finn showed up, and Shawn informed him that Naomi had been dead for a while. Shawn informed Finn that he hadn't been Hayden's shooter, and he and Sam told Dante about the conversation they'd had with Naomi earlier. Naomi had called Hayden a bad mother, and Sam and Shawn had thought that had been strange.

One of the cops handed Dante a bag containing a bottle of prescription pills that had been found in the bathroom. Dante suggested that it had been suicide, but Finn declared that someone else had been behind it. Dante insisted that an accidental overdose couldn't be ruled out, but Finn told him how much Naomi had wanted to spend time with Violet. He had to explain it to his daughter, and he departed. Shawn was sure that Naomi had been murdered.

Sam detailed how Naomi had mentioned Hayden's middle name of Abigail, but Sam had confirmed with Elizabeth that that wasn't her correct name. No parent would get their child's name wrong, and the entire conversation had seemed odd. Shawn pointed out that Naomi had attempted to give them clues, and Dante guessed that someone had been watching Naomi.

Eventually, Naomi's body was wheeled out, and Dante closed the door. He wondered what Naomi knew. Sam and Shawn were convinced that she knew where Hayden was. It was agreed that someone had been willing to kill Naomi to keep the information a secret.

Monica rushed home, and Olivia told her that it was Tracy. Ned had expected it to happen, and it could be a problem. The family gathered, and Ned explained that Edward had been corresponding with Jimmy Lee because he had regretted cutting his son from his will. Tracy had intercepted letters near the end of Edward's life, and Ned guessed that Edward might have wanted to change his will. He declared that Austin could have a case for the will to be contested.

Monica assumed that Austin knew about it, but Ned wasn't certain about what the right thing to do should be. Tracy had interfered, and Jimmy Lee had been denied what had been his. Tracy had been cut out, but perhaps she had anticipated her own big share. He felt that if they denied Austin, they would be as bad as Tracy.

Olivia thought that Ned was sweet, but Monica asked if Edward had ever said that he wanted to revise his will. Brook Lynn proclaimed that their only option was to go along with the will they had, and Michael agreed. Ned decided that they would attempt to strike a deal with Austin and offer him a lump sum. The meeting was concluded, and the family departed.

Brook Lynn stopped Michael and told him that Chase was her friend. Michael insisted that he and Willow had been trying to do the best they could for Chase. "Bailey" began to cry, and Brook Lynn had to tend to her.

In the foyer, Olivia told Ned how impressed she was, and she wondered if his feelings had been real. Ned reminded her that he was Edward's grandson but also Lila's. He still had work to do to be worthy of Olivia, and he would keep trying.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth and Felix reminisced about their jobs until Finn stepped off the elevator. He told Elizabeth that Naomi was dead, and it looked like it had been foul play. Felix excused himself, and Elizabeth informed Finn that she had received a phone call from Sam regarding Hayden's middle name. Finn suspected there was a connection, and he was upset about having to tell Violet. Elizabeth assured him they would figure it out together.

Chase wheeled down the hall and saw Willow. Upon questioning, he told her that he was not okay, as Austin observed unseen. Chase flashed back to the gatehouse incident and told Willow that he had been thinking about his physical therapy. He hadn't been able to take any steps. Willow had to go and promised to see him at home. Chase spotted Austin but wheeled past him.

Nikolas figures out the identity of the stalker

Nikolas figures out the identity of the stalker

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

At Carly's, Jason was feeding Donna breakfast when Carly entered the kitchen just in time for Donna to call Jason "Daddy." Carly made her presence known moments later and reminded Jason that they had to talk about their "problem." Jason revealed that he'd called a meeting with the five families so that they could send a message that they were a united front. Carly wondered what had changed since the families had stood with her against Cyrus at the last meeting.

A short while later, Carly returned from putting Donna down for her nap. Jason promised not to let anything happen to Carly or the kids. Carly admitted that she'd heard Donna call Jason "Daddy," and she wondered if that was all right with him. He replied that they should teach Donna to call him Jason, as it felt wrong to "take Sonny's place." However, he figured that anything she wanted to call him would be fine, as long as she knew that he would always love and protect her.

At the gallery, Trina was on the phone with Spencer, and she questioned if he was having second thoughts about the party. Spencer promised that it was still on, as Nikolas was leaving on his business trip that day. Ava entered the room as Trina asked what time she should be there, and Spencer replied that it wouldn't start until she got there. When she was off the phone, Ava assumed that Trina had been talking to Victor, and she was surprised to find out that it had been Spencer.

Ava told Trina about how Ava and Spencer had called a truce and that she was going to completely cut ties with Nikolas. She related that she was impressed by his devotion to Nikolas, but it was a shame that he hadn't known his mother. She called Trina lucky to be so close to Portia. "Not anymore," Trina replied. Trina updated Ava on what she'd overheard and the subsequent talk she'd had with Portia. Trina was angry that Portia hadn't told her about the affair before, but Ava insisted that no mother was obligated to share everything with their children. She understood that Trina was upset, but her parents' marriage was none of her business.

Ava urged Trina to show compassion for Portia, as no one was perfect. She instructed Trina that, if she wanted things to get better, Trina had to make the first move. Ava continued that she'd learned the hard way that it was best to set things right as soon as possible.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was reading Ryan's letter to Spencer again when the doorbell rang, and he answered it to Kevin and Laura. Spencer appeared with a suitcase and told Kevin and Laura about Nikolas' business trip. Kevin had heard that Spencer was upset about the mistakes Kevin had made regarding Ryan, and he acknowledged that Spencer was right. A stubborn Spencer replied that there was nothing he could do to fix it, but Laura expected Spencer to make an effort to make peace, as his animosity toward Kevin hurt her. Spencer agreed and held out his hand to Kevin, and the two shook hands.

Nikolas briefly told Kevin and Laura about his business trip, so Laura decided that she and Kevin would stay at Wyndemere with Spencer. Spencer insisted that he wanted his alone time, but Laura thought that having them there would ease Nikolas' mind. Nikolas countered that Spencer was nearly a grown man and could stay by himself. He reasoned that the security team and staff were there, and the stalker had no interest in Spencer, anyway. Nikolas apologized again to Spencer for accusing him. Spencer insisted that they move past it, and he walked away.

Laura questioned what Nikolas had accused Spencer of, and he showed Kevin and Laura the letter from Ryan. He disclosed that he'd accused Spencer of conspiring with Ryan to get to Ava, and he talked about Ryan's letter-writing help at Spring Ridge. Kevin decided to go find out what was going on at Spring Ridge, and Nikolas appreciated it. Laura made sure that Spencer would be all right by himself, and she mentioned how he was growing up. She told Nikolas about Spencer's truce with Ava and about Ava agreeing to cut all ties with Nikolas. "That would explain the email from her attorney," Nikolas commented.

Later, Kevin and Laura arrived at the hospital, and Kevin acknowledged that Spencer had every right to be angry with him. Laura reasoned that Kevin had "paid dearly." Kevin was worried about Harmony helping Ryan write letters, so he was definitely going to see what he could find out at Spring Ridge, as he couldn't afford to make any more mistakes regarding Ryan.

At the gallery, Ava thought back to the first time she and Nikolas had realized their feelings for each other. Just then, Nikolas arrived, and she yelled that it could get worse for them if the stalker found about them seeing each other. "It won't because I know who it is," Nikolas assured her.

Jordan arrived at the hospital with flowers and asked Portia how Stella was doing. Portia assured her that Stella would make a full recovery. Jordan talked about the disagreement they'd had the last time she'd seen Stella, and Portia could relate. Portia suggested that it wasn't a bad thing that Stella couldn't remember much from the previous few days.

Curtis arrived in Stella's room and remarked on how many flowers, cards, and gifts there were. Stella talked about how much better she felt and wondered if he could pull some strings to get her released. He revealed that she was going to be released that day, and he would take her home with him to make sure she had a smooth recovery. "After all I've done?" Stella asked, and she remarked on how many people she'd upset immediately before her stroke.

Jordan arrived with flowers, and Stella asked for a minute with Jordan, so Curtis left. Stella asked Jordan for the truth about what had happened the last time they'd been together, as she knew she'd done something wrong. Jordan explained that Stella had again tried to convince Jordan to fight for her marriage, so Jordan had signed and sealed the divorce papers right then. Jordan revealed that she'd found Curtis after their conversation and tried to fight for her marriage, but it was too late. Stella apologized for meddling. However, Jordan thanked Stella for inspiring Jordan to give it one last try so that Jordan could "let go knowing I gave it my all."

Outside the room, Curtis asked Portia about Trina, and she revealed that Trina had been staying with Josslyn. She wondered how long she was supposed to let it go on. Curtis had no advice, but he offered a shoulder for Portia to lean on. He wondered when Stella would get her memory back, and Portia replied that some people never did. She asked about the mysterious envelope Stella had been trying to mail, but Curtis had no idea what it could be.

Jordan emerged from Stella's room and informed Curtis and Portia that Stella had finally accepted the divorce. Curtis excused himself to go get Stella ready to go. Jordan wondered what had happened between Portia and Stella, and Portia told Jordan about Trina. Jordan knew that the mother and daughter would get past the situation. Thinking about her experiences with T.J., Jordan advised Portia not to push, as it never worked. She added that Portia was a good mother, and Trina just needed time to remember that. Portia thought there was still hope for her and Jordan's friendship. Jordan only smiled and got into the elevator.

When Curtis returned to Stella, Stella wondered why he'd been angry with her at Kelly's. Little by little, he told her about Trina overhearing Stella confront Portia. Stella was horrified, and Curtis warned her to calm down. Stella didn't know how Portia and Trina would get over what Stella had done, but Curtis assured her that the two were "resilient, strong women like you." When Curtis left the room, he advised Portia that he'd told Stella about Trina. He added that she'd been embarrassed and worried about Trina, and he offered to do anything Portia needed. "I'll let you know," Portia replied, and she was grateful that talking with Jordan had convinced her not to go over to Josslyn's and get Trina. The two joined hands just as Trina arrived.

At the pool, Scott and Liesl grew closer as they flirted until they were making out. Britt arrived and said that she was "scarred for life," and the two broke apart. Britt remarked that she'd never seen her mother so happy. Scott agreed that life had never been better, but he immediately apologized to Britt for his insensitivity. Britt insisted that she didn't need the apology, as she was "living in the moment." Liesl commented that she was thankful that Jason was out of Britt's life, as he would have gotten her killed faster than the Huntington's disease. Liesl continued that she'd "destroyed" Jason the day before, and she'd made sure that he would never stop thinking about Britt.

Spencer arrived at the pool and immediately began to compliment Liesl, and he mentioned her relationship with Victor Cassadine. He told her how fond he was of Britt and that he wished things had worked out between Britt and Nikolas. Britt chimed in that it was for the best. Britt pulled him away to catch up, and Scott was surprised that Liesl had been with Victor. She remarked that he'd been "a step up from Faison," but Scott was the best. Liesl mentioned that she was going to a medical conference about hereditary diseases in St. Lucia for a week, and she nervously invited Scott to accompany her. "Count me in," he agreed happily.

A short distance away, Britt ordered Spencer to stop trying to put her and Nikolas together. She knew that he'd tried to weaponize her against Ava, and she informed him that friends didn't do that. He apologized, but she wasn't sure that she believed it. Spencer informed Britt that he was having a party that night, since Nikolas would be out of town, and he invited her and a plus-one.

Britt laughed about partying with a bunch of 18-year olds. Spencer took his shirt off, and Britt burst into laughter at the "kick me" written on his back in suntan lotion. He remembered Trina being there when he'd woken up and assumed it had been her. He urged Britt to attend his party and "heal what ails you." She replied that she would heal herself. "How's that working out?" he questioned.

Nikolas has a plan to deal with Spencer

Nikolas has a plan to deal with Spencer

Thursday, August 12, 2021

"Mike" and Nina arrived at the Tan-O and hoped that Lenny wouldn't regret leaving the hospital after his biopsy. Phyllis helped Lenny into the bar, and he was happy to be there. Nina urged him to let them "pamper" him, but he refused to be treated like he was fragile until they had more information. Phyllis chimed in that she was "all-in," no matter what was ahead. She remembered how Lenny had said that it was "better to die of living than to die of dying." Lenny was happy to hear her say that, and he remembered a buddy from the Marines always saying, "Let the good times roll." He put some music on the jukebox, and Nina and "Mike" happily watched Lenny and Phyllis have fun dancing together.

When the song was over, Lenny was out of breath, so Phyllis invited him outside to relax and to plan the trip they'd wanted to take. When they were gone, Nina observed that some people never found a love like that. She was grateful that "Mike" had reached out to her, as she felt blessed to spend time with him, no matter how much time was left. As the two shared a kiss, another song began to play. The two laughed about Lenny "playing cupid," and they danced.

At Carly's, she and Jason were talking about how marriage could change things when Josslyn entered carrying a box. She revealed that she'd been going through things in her room in preparation for moving into the dorm, and she'd put together a box of things to donate. Carly looked into the box and found Josslyn's favorite doll, which Josslyn wanted Donna to have. She told Jason that she'd thought taking the doll everywhere would keep the monsters away. "If only it was that easy in real life," she commented.

Jason asked if Joey had bothered her again, but she confirmed that he hadn't. Josslyn mentioned a strange message from Jax asking if she was all right, and Carly admitted that Jax had overheard them talking about Joey. Jason promised that he would keep everyone safe. Josslyn wondered when the wedding was happening, but Carly not-so-subtly changed the subject to Josslyn meeting up with her friends. Josslyn informed Carly that she would be back later that night, and Jason decided to have Tony guard Josslyn that night.

When Josslyn was gone, Jason thought it was a good idea for him to talk to Jax, and Carly conceded that, to Jax, Jason had always been the "lesser of the two evils" over Sonny. Carly confided that she was afraid of how things would change between her and Jason once they were married. Jason promised that they would figure it out together. Jason picked up Josslyn's donation box and left. Carly hugged Josslyn's doll and cried. She was scared about the unknowns of the future but decided that she had to let it go. "Easier said than done," she heard, and she smiled when she looked up and saw Sonny.

Jax looked at the "co-chief of staff" sign outside Britt's office door. Britt arrived and said that she would blame him if things blew up in her face. She noticed that he looked concerned and asked him about it. He told her about Josslyn's run-in with Joey and how Carly and Jason weren't making the kids as safe as they thought. Britt replied that Jason was "the best defense," and she told him about how Jason had saved her from being killed by Cyrus' men.

Jax observed that "otherwise intelligent people" always lined up to forgive Jason for almost anything, no matter the damage he'd caused. Jax railed that violence followed Jason, and he wasn't a hero. Britt replied that Jason was no longer a part of her life, but she still thought he was a good guy. Jax shot back that a good guy wouldn't put Jax's daughter at risk. She suggested that Jax tell Jason that himself, and Jax turned and saw Jason in the doorway.

At the hospital, Curtis offered to do anything he could to help Portia with Trina. The two joined hands just as Trina arrived. Portia was happy to see her and wanted to talk, but Trina replied that she was there to see Stella. Portia wanted to spend time with Trina, since she would be leaving for college soon. Trina answered that she would spend one more night at Josslyn's because she was hanging out with her friends that night. Portia informed Trina that Stella was ready to be released, but she would see if Stella was up for a visitor first.

When Portia was gone, Trina assumed that Curtis would scold her for worrying Portia. However, Curtis admitted that he'd been worried about Trina, too. Trina explained that it wasn't easy finding out that Portia wasn't perfect, but Stella had done her a favor. Curtis urged her to blame him if she needed to blame someone.

Portia entered Stella's room and informed her that Trina wanted to see her. Stella assumed that Trina would yell at her, but she believed that she deserved it. Portia thought that Trina cared for Stella. Stella questioned if Portia wanted Trina to visit Stella or if she thought that Stella had caused enough harm.

Portia returned to Trina and informed her that she could go see Stella. Trina walked away, and Portia expressed to Curtis how painful it was to know that she'd disappointed Trina. Curtis replied that she'd only proven that she was a human capable of making mistakes and that every kid had to find that out about their parents at some point. Portia feared that she and Trina wouldn't make amends before Trina left for school.

Trina arrived in Stella's room, and Stella asked to speak first. She wanted to apologize to Trina, but Trina insisted that Stella had nothing to apologize for. Stella continued that she was ashamed and embarrassed, and she'd had no right to judge Portia or to confront her in public. Stella hoped that Trina could forgive her, but Trina didn't think there was anything to forgive. Stella figured that Portia didn't feel the same.

A short while later, Trina emerged from Stella's room and informed Curtis that Stella wanted to see him. When he was gone, Portia asked how the conversation had gone. "That's between me and Stella," Trina stated. Portia apologized for hurting Trina and wondered if Trina could ever forgive her. Trina responded that Ava believed Trina should try to patch things up, but Trina had a lot to process. She admitted that she'd missed Portia the previous two days, and Portia agreed. Trina promised to talk to Portia when she got home from being with her friends, and she left.

Curtis visited with Stella, who was impressed by Trina. Stella regretted not giving Portia more credit, as Trina had clearly been raised right. "If Trina is any indication, Portia is a fine person," Stella concluded, and Curtis agreed.

At the pool, Cameron asked Spencer about the party that night. Spencer revealed that some of his boarding school friends from the city were attending, as well as a DJ from California. He thought he could "broaden the horizons" of his Port Charles friends. Cameron was offended, but Spencer admitted that he wanted his superficial boarding school acquaintances to see what real friends looked like. Spencer asked if Cameron could invite "more people like you," as he'd been away so long that he was practically a stranger.

Josslyn arrived and asked Spencer if there was still a party that night, as she would have expected him to be busy planning it. He confirmed that there was, as Nikolas was out of town on a business trip. Cameron spotted Devin and asked if it bothered her to be under constant supervision. She claimed to mostly be used to it. Spencer related that Nikolas kept a close eye on him, too, to show how much he cared. He vowed to make that night a "night to remember."

Nikolas entered the gallery, and Ava yelled at him to leave in case the stalker made things worse. "He won't. I know who it is," Nikolas responded. Ava advised him to go to the police, but he informed her, "The stalker is my son." She didn't believe it, but he told her about the letter from Ryan and the lies he'd caught Spencer in. He added that they only had Spencer's word about when he'd returned to Port Charles, and Spencer had the money and resources to hide.

Ava knew that Spencer didn't like her, but he loved Nikolas. Nikolas reminded her of how he'd abandoned Spencer. He vowed to stop Spencer's plans and give him a taste of his own medicine that night. Ava thought that he should give Spencer a chance to explain first, as she didn't want him to jeopardize his relationship with his son over circumstantial evidence. He insisted that it was his last chance to put his family back together. "You and I will finally be together again," he said, and he left.

 Lenny quietly passes away

Lenny quietly passes away

Friday, August 13, 2021

Trina, Cameron, and Josslyn arrived at Wyndemere ahead of Spencer's party. Trina confessed that she didn't hate the décor that she'd seen outside. Spencer pronounced that "Operation Rager" was a go, and the girls announced their desire to change their clothes. Spencer directed them to the south wing, and the group made fun of him as he handed out special VIP wristbands for full access to the house and grounds.

After Trina and Josslyn departed, Spencer took a look at Cameron's clothing and determined that he would need to be outfitted, also. Spencer had something else for Cameron to wear. Cameron was not impressed with the outfit from Milan, and he told Spencer that Spencer had been trying too hard and showing off. He thought it was a "barrier" to being friends with the other everyday kids. He suggested that Spencer try to have a conversation with one of them.

Josslyn and Trina changed from their shorts into dresses, and Josslyn noted that Spencer liked Trina. Josslyn added that she and Cameron had talked, and while she would never tell Trina not to date Spencer, she wanted Trina to know that Spencer was "pretty messed up." The girls spoke about Spencer's mother's death and how that had affected his upbringing. Everyone had felt sorry for him, and he'd never had limits. Trina appreciated Josslyn's comments.

Trina and Josslyn returned to the living room, and the couples admired each other's new looks. Josslyn was surprised to see Cameron's new outfit, and he informed her that Spencer had wanted "flair." Spencer was ready for the party to begin. As they all chatted, an unknown person walked in their direction.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" informed Nina that he wanted to make long-term plans, and he suggested a fishing trip for the two of them plus Lenny and Phyllis. Nina wasn't sure that Phyllis would want to go fishing, but "Mike" clarified that it was more about getting away for a vacation. Nina agreed that it was a good idea, and she would be sticking around.

Outside, Phyllis and Lenny sat with glasses of iced tea and enjoyed the scene. Lenny was just happy that Phyllis was beside him. She noticed that he looked exhausted, and she offered to refresh their drinks. Inside, Nina and "Mike" were laughing, and Phyllis walked in and admitted that she was glad the bar wasn't open yet. "Mike" offered to go outside to tell Lenny about his idea, and he proposed that Nina discuss it with Phyllis.

After hearing about the vacation, Phyllis thought it sounded like a boys' weekend. Nina revealed that she had researched some luxury cabins, and they would be getting a spa treatment while the guys fished. Phyllis thought that Nina had changed and had grown to be less burdened.

"Mike" went outside and called to Lenny, who appeared to be asleep. After not getting a reaction, "Mike" felt Lenny's pulse. He began to weep. He returned inside, and Phyllis looked at his face. She gasped and dropped her glass, which shattered all over the floor.

Phyllis, Nina, and "Mike" went back outside to see Lenny. Phyllis guessed by the look on his face that his death had been quick and painless, and she presumed it had been his heart or lungs. She remarked that Lenny had never wanted to leave the Tan-O again. She asked for time alone with her husband, and Nina and "Mike" went into the bar. Phyllis began to sob.

Nina and "Mike" sat at a table while Nina cried. "Mike" told her about his arrival in town and Lenny's reaction. Nina felt sorry for Phyllis, and "Mike" stated that he couldn't imagine losing a spouse. He thought it would cause never-ending pain. He couldn't recall his former life, but the feeling felt familiar. Nina replied that she knew the same pain. They held hands and agreed to support Phyllis together.

Dante, Jordan, Sam, and Shawn met in a hallway at General Hospital. Dante announced that, according to the medical examiner, it had appeared unlikely that Naomi's death had been accidental. Sam and Shawn wanted details, but Jordan and Dante refused. After Sam and Shawn mentioned that they had sources on the street who had provided some information, Jordan and Dante relented. Jordan revealed that Naomi had been injected in her neck with a powerful drug.

Jordan went off with Shawn and admitted that she was concerned with his involvement in the case so soon after being released from prison. She added that another cop might have been suspicious of Shawn at the scene. She thought that he should allow Sam to do the investigation on her own. Shawn admitted that he wanted to concentrate on his future, but there was a murderer on the loose. Jordan didn't want him to sacrifice his freedom, but he reminded her that T.J. and Molly had taken a big risk to help with Judge Carson. He would think about it. He also didn't want to risk losing any more time being T.J.'s father.

Jax stood in Britt's office and told her that Jason had chosen the mob life, and he wasn't a hero. Britt still thought Jason was a good guy. They were interrupted when Jason appeared in the doorway and asked if there was a problem. Jax told him that Josslyn was in danger, and he demanded that Jason end it. Jax went off about Sonny and noted that Sonny had never cared about anyone, but Jax knew that Jason was different. He wanted Jason to do the right thing before it was too late.

Jax continued that Morgan's death had scared him, and he couldn't lose his daughter. He pointed out that Jason's own kids lived with their mothers, but Josslyn was around Carly's house and susceptible to the mob business. He didn't think that Josslyn was being protected. Jason stressed that he was doing all that he could, and he'd placed a top bodyguard with Josslyn. He added that he loved Josslyn, and all his decisions were for the family. It wasn't good enough for Jax, and he announced that he was done "co-parenting with the mob."

Sam and Dante stood by the snack machine until Sam received a call from Danny. She went off to take it, and Jax approached Dante. He announced his concern for Josslyn with new people stepping into the organized crime business. He maintained that Jason and Carly had taken control, and his daughter lived with them. She had been approached by a rival mob associate, Joey Novak. Dante stated that he understood and would speak to Joey Novak while adding an extra guard to watch over Josslyn. Jax replied that he would do whatever he had to do to protect his daughter, and he stormed off.

Sam returned and laughingly told Dante that Danny had been locked out of his video account. Dante recalled the same thing happening with Rocco, and they joked about their kids. Sam wondered if they'd survive, and Dante suggested they start a support group with their first meeting happening then. He thought they should go out for a beer and maybe dinner, and Sam agreed. She wanted a name for their group, and Dante decided on S.P.A. It stood for Single Parents Anonymous. They continued to joke and tease each other.

Jason stayed behind to talk to Britt, and she admitted that she could tell that things were tough for him. She had realized that choosing Carly hadn't been an easy decision, and she thought it made things easier for her to live with. Jason announced that he had stopped by because he had been afraid she would be the next one accosted by Joey Novak. Britt reminded him that she was no longer someone in Jason's life.

Jason replied that he would always care, but Britt told him to "stand down." He asked how she was doing, and she told him she was feeling good. He didn't think she had to pretend. "Yes, I do," Britt replied. She told him they were no longer on the run, and things were different. It helped to pretend. Jason confessed that he often thought about her doctor's appointment in Canada, and he had meant everything he'd said that day. He also respected her courage. He wished he could help. Britt grew tearful and told him that he couldn't. He turned and left, and he closed the door with a sigh.

At Carly's house, she spoke to herself and muttered that she wasn't sure about a future with Jason. She had to let go. Suddenly, Sonny appeared and told her it was easier said than done. Tearfully, Carly replied that she hadn't seen him in months, and she had wondered if it had been because of "recent developments." She had thought that he would understand.

Carly went on to say that she was scared that her relationship with Jason would change because they'd always had the perfect friendship. She spoke of her bold and passionate marriage to Sonny that had contained "all the shades" of emotion. It would be different with Jason. Sonny said it would change if she and Jason were no longer platonic, and Carly admitted they'd been undecided. Carly knew that if she married Jason, it would also mean that Sonny would be gone.

Carly disclosed that she could never love someone else in the same way that she had loved Sonny, and she recalled how they had both often tried to walk away from each other. Sonny was her whole life, and she would love him forever. Sonny felt the same way. In a flash, he was gone.

Jason arrived and asked Carly if she was okay. "I am now," she said. She was glad that Jason was home.

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