General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 16, 2021 on GH

Drew was revealed to be alive. Jason and Carly set a wedding date. Trina was crushed to learn that Spencer had a girlfriend. Esme set fire to Ava's car. Britt tried to mend fences with the nurses. Nina was shocked when Maxie showed up in Nixon Falls. Brook Lynn caught Chase walking without assistance.
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Spencer's girlfriend set fire to Ava's car, the Five Families challenged Jason, and Drew Cain was revealed to be alive
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Sam gets a shocking phone call

Sam gets a shocking phone call

Monday, August 16, 2021

At Carly's, Jax hit the record button on his phone and placed it facedown on the counter. Carly returned after having put Avery to bed, and the two reminisced about when Josslyn had been that age. The subject quickly turned to how Carly planned on keeping Josslyn safe, and Jax threw Sonny and Morgan in her face. They argued about Joey Novak approaching Josslyn, but Carly didn't want to talk about it with him. He wondered if the Novak family already feared Carly, since she'd blown up Cyrus' cargo ship. She played dumb about the explosion and wondered what he was trying to do.

Jax again demanded to know how Carly planned to keep Josslyn safe, as he could no longer just whisk her off to Australia. As she insisted that she didn't know the "magic words" he wanted to hear, she had a sudden realization and looked at his phone on the counter. She told him that he should know everything, and she would tell him exactly what she was going to do to protect Josslyn. She grabbed his phone off the counter and saw that it was recording. "I can't believe you'd go this far," she said.

Laura approached Elizabeth at the hospital and asked to talk. She wondered if Elizabeth had talked to her father about Naomi's death, but Elizabeth had no idea where her father was working at that moment. Elizabeth didn't even know how to process it herself, so Laura offered to shoot off an email. Elizabeth really wanted to talk to Hayden, but she felt like she would never see her sister again. A few minutes later, Laura mentioned how proud she was of Cameron. Elizabeth was glad that he was staying in Port Charles, but she was concerned that he'd sacrificed going to his dream school in order to stay close. However, Laura believed that Cameron would excel no matter where he went.

Ava arrived at the hospital and thought back to when Ryan had been pretending to be Kevin. Just then, Kevin startled her out of the memory, and she explained what she'd been thinking about. She talked about her stalker, and Kevin confirmed that it wasn't Ryan. Ava wanted to talk to Kevin about his thoughts on the stalker, and she wondered if he thought it could be Spencer. A few minutes later, the two sat in Kevin's office, and Ava filled Kevin in on Nikolas' beliefs about Spencer. Kevin didn't think it could be Spencer, but he also remarked that he could be biased, as he was married to Spencer's grandmother. Ava responded that she needed the unbiased opinion of Dr. Kevin Collins. The two talked it out, and Kevin admitted that Spencer being the stalker was a possibility.

A short while later, Laura arrived at Kevin's office and apologized for interrupting. As a nurse stood outside the office and listened in, Ava quickly updated Laura on what was going on. Laura figured that they would talk to Nikolas when he was back from his trip, but Ava replied that there was no trip. She continued that it was part of Nikolas' plan to trick Spencer and to "give him a taste of his own medicine." Kevin and Laura tried to call Nikolas and Spencer, but both phones were going straight to voicemail. All three agreed that Nikolas could destroy his relationship with Spencer if he was wrong.

Laura decided to go to Wyndemere, and Ava offered to call the launch for her and Kevin. Ava didn't think it was a good idea for her to join, whether Spencer was the stalker or not. Kevin thought that was wise of Ava. Laura offered to update Ava on what happened later, and she and Kevin left. As Ava made the call for the launch, someone watched her from around the corner.

Elizabeth called Cameron, but his phone went straight to voicemail. She left a message hoping that he was having a good time but urging him to call her back.

At the pool, Sam and Dante talked about their kids. She finally asked if they should talk about Naomi's case, but he'd thought that they were there to relax and not talk about work. She agreed, and he asked if it was a date. Sam insisted it wasn't, and he agreed that it was a ridiculous suggestion. He piped up that it felt like a date, and he didn't just kiss friends on the mouth like he'd kissed her. She gently scolded him for mentioning the kiss again after he'd promised not to. Dante figured that he wasn't her type, anyway, as he wasn't a "brooder," he had a sense of humor, and he respected the law. She urged him to stop talking, and the two shared a kiss.

Sam and Dante pulled apart when her phone started to ring, but she ignored it because it was an unknown caller. Dante deduced that it was a date. "Good work, detective," Sam cracked. He asked if she had time for another drink, and she agreed. When he got up to get another round, her phone rang again. She decided to answer the unknown caller and asked who it was. "Sam? Can you hear me?" someone said. "Drew?!" she exclaimed.

Josslyn, Trina, Cameron, and Spencer took photos together at the party. They showed their VIP wristbands to Kostos, the guard at the door, and went back into the house, followed by Josslyn's bodyguard, Tony. Once inside, Josslyn informed Tony that no one else was in the house, so he could stay in the foyer. He reminded her to check with him before she went outside or to another area of the house, and the four kids went into the living room. Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina raved about the party so far, but they agreed that Spencer's friends from school were a little standoffish. He reasoned that they took a while to warm up, but he informed them that he had a few more surprises for the night.

A few minutes later, Spencer was on the phone with Nikolas when someone yelled loudly outside. Spencer insisted that the yelling was from the television and that everything was fine. When he was off the phone, he pointed out the mechanical bull outside, which was one of his surprises. Josslyn remarked that Nikolas would definitely know about the party. However, Spencer figured that Nikolas would "get over it," as he never really got angry at Spencer. Josslyn asked if she and Cameron could go up to the turret, and Spencer cracked that they could if there was enough room for Tony. Josslyn and Cameron exited the living room, and Josslyn told Tony where they would be. He warned that he would go looking for them after 30 minutes, and the two walked off.

In the living room, Trina remarked that the party had exceeded her expectations, and she'd needed it. Spencer asked how things were with Portia, and Trina talked about the good advice Ava had given her. Spencer reminded her that he'd given her similar advice. Just then, Tony and Kostos burst into the room, and Tony revealed that the launch was missing, and he couldn't reach the pilot of either launch scheduled to be there. Tony advised Kostos to instruct the security team to keep eyes on the partygoers while Tony checked on the boats. He decided to call a chopper if there was a whiff of sabotage.

Trina ran off to get Josslyn and Cameron, and Tony and Kostos left, leaving Spencer alone with instructions to stay put. Just then, Spencer's phone rang, and he answered to the unknown caller. "It's Ryan Chamberlain. You've been trying to get my attention, and now you've got it. It ends tonight," the caller said, and the line went dead.

On the turret, Josslyn and Cameron remembered the playdates they'd had at the house with Spencer when they'd all been young. Josslyn admitted that she could tell that Spencer was trying. The two locked lips until Trina burst outside. She quickly told them what was going on and that Tony wanted them downstairs. "It's always something with the Cassadines," Cameron sighed, and the three left the turret.

Trina, Cameron, and Josslyn returned to the living room, and a freaked-out Spencer babbled to them about the phone call he'd gotten. The three didn't believe him until the power suddenly went out. They looked to the rug on the floor and saw "IT ENDS TONIGHT" glowing in the dark. Spencer yelled out for Kostos, who ran in with a gun. He insisted that all other entrances to the house were locked, so the only way in was past him. The lights went back on, which Spencer assumed was the generator kicking in. Kostos decided to check the exterior of the house for signs of a break-in, so he left, and Spencer locked the door behind him.

Cameron looked outside and observed that the party didn't seem to have been affected. Trina decided that she'd had enough of being a hostage, so she wanted to call the cops. However, no one had cell service in the house, and Spencer realized that the booster they used to get cell reception to the island had to have been knocked out along with the power. Spencer and Trina went to reboot the booster. Cameron and Josslyn feared that they were in the middle of a trap, and they embraced.

In the sitting room, Trina explained that the booster would take a few minutes to completely restart. Just then, there was an explosion, and Trina screamed. Spencer informed her that fireworks were another surprise, and he suggested that they watch them from the turret while the booster restarted. Outside, Spencer put his arm around Trina as someone dressed in a skeleton mask and cape and clutching a knife sneaked up behind them.

Ava's car is set on fire

Ava's car is set on fire

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Jason stood on the pier and made a phone call to Brick. He asked Brick to check out the venue for the upcoming family meeting. Jason wasn't sure that Joey Novak had gotten the same message as the rest of the attendees.

At the Metro Court pool, Dante and Sam agreed they were on a date after the first meeting of their two-person support group. After Dante went off to fetch a new round of drinks, Sam received a second phone call from an unknown caller. She decided to answer it. "Sam, can you hear me?" It sounded like Drew, and he had no time to talk. He said there were people coming for him, and he needed her help. Suddenly, the line went dead.

Dante returned, and Sam told him about the call. Dante offered to have the call traced, and they talked about the possibility of the caller really being Drew. Sam suggested that Peter had been behind it, but it had sounded like Drew. She wondered why Peter would want her to think that Drew was alive. She guessed that another possibility could be related to her search for Hayden, and the caller wanted to have her distracted.

Dante soon received word that the police department I.T. had been unable to trace the origin of the call. Sam insisted that Drew's voice had sounded real, and she pointed out that Drew's body had never been recovered. She thought there was a chance that he might be alive.

At Carly's house, she was incensed to find out that Jax had been recording their conversation. He insisted that he'd wanted the truth on how she planned to save their daughter, but Carly accused him of trying to implicate her. They began to shout and argue, and Carly asked if he had planned on taking the recording to the police. She made it clear that whatever steps she'd taken had only been to protect her family.

Jax maintained that he had only planned on playing the recording back to Carly so she could hear it and decide the appropriate steps to take for their daughter or the business. He didn't think she cared for Josslyn as much as he did, and he called his plan a rescue. Carly snapped that she'd made her choice, and she accused him of attempting to blackmail her just as he had done to Michael. Jax retorted that he would do anything to protect Josslyn. Jason returned, and Carly filled him in.

Jax explained that he hadn't wanted to go so far. Carly told him it had been too late for her to walk away from the organization, but Jax was sure that she could have asked Jason to take care of things. He noted that Jason had always done what Carly had asked of him.

"We're done!" Carly exclaimed. She declared that her bond with Jax had been broken, and he had crossed the line. Jax insisted the incident had not been about them, and he stormed out. Carly exclaimed that Jax had betrayed her, but she didn't think she had said anything that would get her into trouble. Jason arranged to have Spinelli hack into Jax's phone to clear it. Carly moaned that she had less people in her life to trust, but she would be fine at the meeting.

Brando accompanied Sasha to her doctor's appointment, and they watched in awe as the ultrasound was performed. They were excited to see a glimpse of their perfect baby, and Brando could only stare at the photo. They parted ways with the doctor afterward, and Brando told Sasha how grateful he was to be a part of the experience. He stated that the baby would be lucky to have Sasha for a mother. Sasha felt the same about the baby's father.

Ava found Portia and admitted that she was there to check on the doctor. A mysterious nurse observed their encounter. Ava admitted that she was happy that Portia and Trina had reconciled, and Portia confessed that she'd been embarrassed about her situation. Ava thought that it had probably been scary for Trina to learn that her mother was human and made mistakes.

Portia thought it sounded as though Ava had been through something similar, and Ava told her about all the mistakes she'd made with Kiki, who had died before Ava had been able to make amends. Ava began to cry and proclaimed that Portia was lucky because she had something special with Trina. Ava had wanted to help Portia in order for her to not make the same mistakes as Ava.

Portia admitted that she hadn't been nice to Ava early on, and she'd been jealous of Ava's relationship with Trina. She had underestimated Ava, who really had a generous heart. Ava joked for Portia to keep it secret, and Portia suggested they go out together in the future. Ava accepted, and the nurse continued to watch them.

Ava got to her car in the garage and found it to be on fire. She was able to contact the fire department, and once it was under control, a firefighter informed her that a gas can had been found nearby. He handed her an ID tag that had also been at the scene. Ava looked at it and fainted.

Josslyn and Cameron watched the fireworks from inside Wyndemere. Josslyn's bodyguard, Tony, returned to check on them, and he informed them that the launches had returned to the island. He had arranged a Corinthos boat to take Josslyn back. Cameron deduced that the craziness they'd suffered through had been directed at the people at the party.

Josslyn was concerned about Trina and wanted to find her. She and Cameron argued briefly with Tony, and Josslyn suggested that he go with them. Just then, the doorbell sounded, and Tony readied his gun. It was Laura and Kevin, and Laura was angry that she hadn't known about the party. Cameron told her that something strange had been going on, and Kevin revealed that the partygoers were all assembled on the dock and waiting to leave.

Josslyn disclosed that she had to leave on the Corinthos boat. Cameron showed Laura and Kevin the "It ends tonight" that had shown up on the floor, and he told them about Ryan's phone call to Spencer. The Wi-Fi had also gone out, and the launches had disappeared. Laura asked Kevin if he thought that "he" would have gone so far.

Trina and Spencer watched the fireworks from the turret. Spencer revealed that the huge party had been for Trina, and he'd hoped she'd had fun. A hooded, masked intruder with a knife wandered around nearby. When the teens began to hear a scraping noise, Spencer wanted to investigate. They walked inside, but there was nothing unusual to see. Spencer only wanted to continue to be alone with Trina, but she informed him the fireworks were over. She suggested he check on the Wi-Fi that had been down, and she left him.

After Trina departed, Spencer decided to follow Trina's suggestion. Suddenly, he was grabbed from behind. He began to scream and gasp as he tussled with the intruder. The man seemed to stab Spencer, who lay on the floor. The masked figure tossed the knife and walked out. Trina rushed in, and Spencer cried out that he'd been stabbed. They didn't see a wound, and there was no blood to be found anywhere.

Spencer and Trina found the others in the study, and Spencer announced that Ryan had tried to stab him. Spencer had discovered that the knife had been a retractable knife, and Trina added that she'd been scared. Laura revealed that she and Kevin were there because Ava had informed them that something might happen. They didn't think that Ryan was behind it. Just then, the intruder walked in and removed his mask. It was Nikolas.

Laura and Kevin were enraged, but Nikolas insisted that Spencer had needed a lesson. Laura yelled that Nikolas had had no right to scare Spencer's friends, and she was ashamed of Nikolas. Tony returned and announced that the boat was there. Josslyn asked him to call Carly to explain everything. Trina declined Josslyn's invitation to leave with them; Josslyn and Cameron headed outside. Nikolas admitted to shutting down the Wi-Fi as well as everything else that had been done. He had wanted Spencer to feel as Ava had felt when he'd stalked her.

Spencer laughed, but Nikolas emphasized that he had proof. Kevin and Trina tried to defend Spencer, but Spencer told them not to be too quick to jump to his defense.

Carly received Tony's phone call and informed Jason that something had happened at Wyndemere. She had to go, but she was concerned about the meeting. Jason promised to take care of things; they agreed that Josslyn was more important. He warned Carly not to allow Jax to get to her, and she told him to be careful because she needed him.

At the hospital, Portia handed Ava a bottle of water. Ava assured her that she was fine and just shaken up. She was sure that her stalker had set her car on fire. Portia agreed to wait for the police with her. Ava explained that her stalker was unknown and maybe a Ryan copycat or someone doing Ryan's bidding. She showed Portia the ID tag that the firefighter had given her. It was Kiki's ID, and Ava revealed that she had buried Kiki with the tag. The mysterious nurse stood nearby and smirked.

Back at Wyndemere, Tony informed Josslyn that Carly was on the way. Josslyn wasn't sure that Spencer was the stalker, but she couldn't believe the action that Nikolas had taken.

Inside the house, Spencer confessed to one transgression that he'd committed, and that was the evening's party. Nikolas accused Spencer of sending the bear with Ryan's voice to Avery, and Trina noted that Spencer hated Ava. Nikolas urged his son to be a man and to make his mother proud and to confess. Nikolas received a phone call from Ava about the car fire, and he confirmed that Spencer was with him. Nikolas declared that Spencer was innocent, and Laura wished that Nikolas was, too.

In an unknown location, Drew was tossed into a cell. A guard with an Australian accent noted that Drew's action of stealing a phone wouldn't happen again. He added that the cell was the last place that Drew Cain would see.

Sam believes that Drew is alive

Sam believes that Drew is alive

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

In a jail cell in an unknown location, Drew informed his jailer that while the jailer would have to stop him every time he tried to get away, Drew only needed to get away one time. The jailer was hopeful that he could kill Drew instead. Drew taunted the man for enabling him to have stolen a phone. Drew tried to bribe the guard for a ride and the name of his boss, but the man refused to play along.

Later, as he sat alone in his cell, Drew muttered that he'd made progress. He had made his phone call, and he suspected that Sam would ask questions. He flashed back to Scout's birth, and he wondered what the little girl was like. He missed her and was sorry that he'd been gone for so long. He promised he would get home, no matter what it took.

The cell door opened, and the jailer announced that his boss wasn't happy with Drew's stunt. He asked Drew if he thought that Sam would look for him, and he urged Drew to pray that Sam had believed it had been a prank call. He added that if she hadn't, she would be dead before she left the country.

Drew guessed that Sam had been targeted because the jailer's boss had gone to a lot of trouble to see to it that Drew remained alive. The man suggested that his boss would kill anyone "sniffing around." Drew suggested that the jailer needed a vacation, but the man emphasized that neither of them would be going anywhere.

Suddenly, Drew lunged for the man, and they began to brawl. The jailer finally got the better of Drew and threatened to snap his neck the next time. He left, and Drew sat up in pain. He looked at the pen that he'd managed to snag during the fight, and he took it apart. He began to work on his handcuffs.

Liesl joined Jax at a table at the Savoy, although she warned him she was taken, and it was only as friends. Jax informed her that he wasn't in the best of moods, and Liesl offered to lend an ear. Jax noted that his phone wasn't working, and he believed he knew who had hacked it. Liesl asked if his daughter was okay, and Jax replied that she was. He wished his daughter's mother was as concerned as Liesl.

Liesl agreed that it was difficult to co-parent, and Jax told her it had been manageable until recently. Liesl guessed it had something to do with someone wearing a black jacket, and Jax chuckled. He had tried to make Carly see that her associations were putting their daughter at risk, but it hadn't worked. He flashed back to his earlier run-in with Carly. Jax couldn't believe that Carly had associated with another mobster instead of getting out of the business. He had tried to use leverage against her.

Liesl told him that she had experience in the field, and she would have helped him. She would especially enjoy watching Carly and Jason squirm. Jax thanked Liesl for her support and for listening, and Liesl reminded him to consult her the next time.

At the bar, Sam told Curtis about the alleged phone call from Drew, and Curtis was skeptical. He asked her for more detail, and Sam told him everything she could think of. She explained that she had been with Dante, who had been unable to have the call traced. Curtis reminded her that there had been no survivors in the plane crash, although Sam felt that with Drew having been a Navy Seal, it was possible. They sat down at a table.

Sam admitted that, logically, it didn't make sense, but she felt she owed it to her kids to pursue it. Curtis missed Drew, too, and he wondered why Drew would have waited so long to make contact. He pressed Sam for more details, and she told him about the poor connection with lots of commotion in the background. Curtis surmised that there might have been a struggle, and it had been Drew's one shot to make a call -- either that, or someone had wanted Sam to believe it, Curtis added.

Curtis wasn't okay with the premise of the call being faked, but Sam considered all the possibilities. She believed it had really been Drew. Curtis trusted her instincts. "Scout, your father is alive," Sam said.

Jason arrived at the meeting of the five families and announced that he wanted to discuss an action that someone in the Novak family had taken. He made it clear that he was speaking for the Corinthos organization. He was quickly challenged by the others in attendance, with Wu being the most outspoken. She determined it to be unacceptable and was adamant that Carly should also be present.

Jason revealed that Joey Novak had approached Carly's daughter, which they found to be unacceptable, but the others refused to listen without Carly in attendance. Jason declared that the meeting would continue, and repercussions would follow if that was not the case. He accused the others of not being cooperative, and he ordered them to sit down.

Wu wondered if Jason was challenging Carly for the top position because they weren't sure who was really in charge. She thought the best way to solve it would be to eliminate Mrs. Corinthos. Angrily, Jason asked if that was a threat, but the woman reminded him that it wasn't a club. There was a "carefully constructed balance of power," and Carly had been made privy to information. She was nowhere to be found, and it was a possibility that she could be talking to the Feds.

Jason replied that that was ridiculous, and Carly had always been up on the information through Sonny. Buscema agreed that Carly could be cutting a deal at that very moment, and Wu maintained there would be consequences. Jason called it "laughable," and he reminded the others that he and Carly would be getting married. Wu exclaimed that they were not married yet, and Carly was still able to testify against Jason. Once they were married, that would not be the case. She considered Carly to be a liability.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas ended the phone call with Ava and revealed that her car had been set on fire. Laura mentioned that Spencer couldn't have been responsible, since he was with them, so he was innocent. She wished that Nikolas was innocent. Nikolas tried to explain that he had only wanted to get back at Spencer for being so cruel. "Congratulations, Father. Mission accomplished," Spencer replied. His voice cracked, and he remembered how Nikolas had turned against him in the past. Nikolas disagreed, but Spencer maintained that Nikolas had never chosen his side. He thought that Nikolas had neglected him and had wanted to punish him.

Laura stated that even if that was correct, Nikolas had taken things too far. She began to cry. Spencer noted that Nikolas would always choose Ava and had decided to retaliate against Spencer. Kevin noted that Nikolas hadn't acted as a father. Spencer cried that Nikolas had even used his mother to try to manipulate him. Nikolas wanted forgiveness from his son, but Spencer ordered him not to use the word son. He stormed out, and Trina followed.

Laura thought that Nikolas had been arrogant, and she didn't want to hear his excuses. She thought that he hadn't considered that Spencer could be innocent or that Spencer could be damaged from Nikolas' actions.

Outside, Cameron asked Josslyn if they should back up Spencer, but she cited it as a family matter. Carly arrived, and the teens filled her in on the events of the evening. Cameron felt bad for Spencer. After hearing what had happened, Carly rushed inside. "Have you lost your mind?" she screamed at Nikolas. She shouted that she had dropped everything to rush over.

Sarcastically, Nikolas pointed out that he didn't want parenting lessons from Carly, and he pointed out that her daughter had a bodyguard. Carly replied that she thanked God for that, and she had words with Nikolas. She then apologized to Laura and Kevin, and she summoned Josslyn and Cameron. Josslyn couldn't leave yet, but Carly was in a rush. Josslyn asked Cameron to see if Trina needed to go home with them, and she asked her mother if they'd interrupted something important. Josslyn apologized for having asked Tony to call Carly, but Carly assured her daughter that she was Carly's top priority.

Trina found Spencer and told him not to pretend that his father hadn't broken his heart. She didn't think Nikolas hated Spencer but had thought Spencer had been Ava's stalker. She reminded Spencer that he hadn't hidden his disapproval of Ava, but she should have guessed that Spencer wouldn't have been capable of being so "twisted." "What if I was?" Spencer asked. He asked Trina if she would hate him if he had done all the terrible things.

Trina told Spencer about her relationship with her own father and how it had taken time to forgive him. Spencer could relate from his past disagreement with Nikolas, but he had thought he was going to die earlier in the evening. He wondered what father would do that. Trina was sorry, but she wouldn't tell him what to do. She had opinions, but it wasn't the time. Spencer said that everyone else told him what to do. Trina also told him that they were friends.

Before Spencer could follow through, Cameron arrived and asked if Trina wanted to go home on the Corinthos boat. She wanted to stick around. Cameron revealed that Carly was there, and she knew that Nikolas had been responsible for the turn of events. "For once, I'm the innocent party," Spencer said. Cameron left them, and Trina admitted that she kept picturing Spencer on the floor. He thanked her for listening, and she replied that she heard him.

Nikolas attempted to reach Ava, without success, and Kevin announced that he would return to the mainland to check on her. Laura was worried about Ava but wanted to stick around. Nikolas felt terrible and asked Laura what he should do. She advised him to wait for Spencer to make the first move, but Nikolas thought it would be a long time. Laura lashed out at him again, and Nikolas whined that he had only wanted Spencer to feel like Ava. Laura thought that was just like a good Cassadine.

Nikolas told Laura that he couldn't change, but she thought he could recognize his poor traits and turn them away. Nikolas suspected he could have passed them on because Spencer had a cruel streak. Laura agreed but pointed out that both Spencer and Nikolas had grown up entitled. It wasn't too late to overcome, she added. She wanted Nikolas to set a good example, or he would go down the same path as his father. She declared that Stavros had had no remorse for his actions, and Nikolas was capable of more. She was terrified for him.

As they waited for Cameron to return, Carly told Josslyn that Nikolas had raised Spencer the way that he'd been raised. Cameron finally returned and told them that Spencer was okay, and Trina wanted to stay behind.

Carly finally arrived at the warehouse meeting as everyone was departing. Novak told her that she was too late, but he would be checking his mail for a wedding invitation. He called her Mrs. Morgan. Carly went inside and asked Jason how the meeting had gone.

Carly and Jason set a wedding date

Carly and Jason set a wedding date

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Carly arrived at the warehouse and apologized to Jason for missing the meeting. Jason was glad that she hadn't been there, as they were in trouble. He talked about how the five families thought that Jason and Carly were vulnerable and that they would do anything to avoid conflict. He believed that they needed to get married as soon as they could in order to convince the five families that they were winning. He divulged that he'd been given an ultimatum of marrying Carly or eliminating her. He explained to a shocked Carly that not yet being married made Carly a civilian who could flip on them and give information to the federal authorities. He promised that he wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Jason continued that the ultimatum showed that the five families weren't interested in cooperation or honest negotiation. He promised to make them pay for threatening Carly. Carly wondered if any part of the wedding would be about them, and Jason reminded her that it would still be the two of them getting married. Carly "freaked out" about what things were going to be like once they were married, and he promised that they would figure everything out as long as they trusted each other. Carly scrolled through the calendar app on her phone and asked if September 17th was good. "Works for me," he replied.

Britt ordered a drink at the Savoy and thought back to her last conversation with Jason. Just then, she heard a group of women talking and turned to see Amy, Epiphany, Elizabeth, Deanna, Terry, and Bobbie putting tables together to sit down. Britt awkwardly approached the table and said that she was happy to see them letting off steam. Elizabeth replied that Terry had suggested the outing, and it was nice to have authority figures treat them like people. Britt was happy to welcome Bobbie and Epiphany back, and neither had anything nice to say back. Britt hoped they enjoyed their night and went back to the bar, where she overheard snarky comments about herself.

Terry approached Britt to buy her a drink, but Britt refused. Britt sarcastically thanked Terry for the invite to the table, but Terry countered that it hadn't been her invitation to extend. She added that she couldn't make people like Britt, and it was all about how Britt dealt with people. Britt reminded Terry that Cyrus had ordered her to make all the personnel changes she had. "Fine, I'm awful. Things need to change," Britt conceded, but she didn't know how. Terry instructed that Britt needed to earn everyone's respect, as she'd burned a lot of bridges that would take time to rebuild.

At the table, Amy wondered what Britt and Terry were talking about, and Bobbie thought it was none of their business. Deanna disagreed, as they were co-chiefs of staff, and they directly affected the work environment at the hospital. Epiphany commented that she would only treat Britt with respect in the hospital. The women talked about Britt's heroics with Jason, and Bobbie chimed in that Carly had confirmed the story. Elizabeth figured that people could change.

The women talked about Carly and Jason's impending wedding, and Elizabeth voiced how frustrated she had always been that Jason couldn't stand up to Carly "and let her figure out her own disastrous life. She apologized to Bobbie. Bobbie didn't disagree, but she talked about Carly and Jason's loyalty to each other.

A short while later, Epiphany sat down next to Britt and grumbled that Terry had said that Britt wanted to see Epiphany. Britt sincerely apologized for how she'd treated Epiphany. Epiphany talked about how "dishonest" and "nasty" Britt had been, and Britt urged her to "let me have it!" Epiphany disclosed how heartbroken she'd been to have lost her position as head nurse, mostly because she loved dealing with patients.

Britt expressed her regret at not reinstating Epiphany as soon as Cyrus had been gone, and she related that she understood being heartbroken. Epiphany replied that she wouldn't wish that on anyone. Britt insisted that she wasn't the person she had been, and she was trying to be better. Epiphany had heard that Britt wasn't "all bad," and she cited experiences with Jason and Terry. However, she added that she would need a "second opinion," which Britt thought was fair.

Later, the bartender delivered a tray full of shots to the women's table, and Bobbie remarked that they hadn't ordered the shots. The bartender replied that they were courtesy of "the lady at the bar," and the women turned to look at Britt in shock. Epiphany commented that Britt would need to do more than buy shots to make amends. "To the hospital," the women toasted, and they downed the shots as Britt got up to leave. She took one last sad look at the table and left.

On the turret, Spencer told Trina that he'd known she was special when he'd first seen her. He liked getting to know her better, and he knew that he liked her. She replied that she liked him, too. She suggested that they rejoin his family, but he preferred to stay with her on the turret. She promised to go with him to face his father. Suddenly, a voice behind Spencer asked, "Where do you think you're going without me?" The girl approached Spencer and kissed him, shocking Trina.

Spencer stammered out an introduction, and Esme introduced herself as Spencer's girlfriend. Trina thanked Spencer for the party and added that it had been unforgettable. She stormed out, and Esme was surprised that Spencer hadn't told his friends that he had a girlfriend. He responded that he'd planned to tell them that night until "all hell broke loose." Esme revealed that she'd been following Ava, who she'd overheard talking about Nikolas' fake business trip.

Spencer was irked that Esme hadn't thought to warn him. Esme continued that she'd had the "brilliant" idea to set Ava's car on fire in order to prove that Spencer was innocent. A shocked Spencer appreciated her trying to cover for him, but he insisted that she'd gone too far. Esme had thought he'd wanted Ava to pay.

In the living room, Laura stated that her worst fears were coming true and that Nikolas was "finally becoming a Cassadine through and through." She added that she was losing faith in him, as she was trying to guide him down a better path, but he didn't listen. He begged her not to give up on him, because he wanted to do better. He decided to make amends, starting with Spencer. Just then, Spencer and Esme entered the room, and Spencer introduced Esme to Laura, ignoring Nikolas.

Laura wondered if Spencer wanted some alone time with Nikolas, but the only thing Spencer had to say to his father was "I wish you'd never come back." Laura figured that nothing would get resolved that night, anyway. Spencer informed her that he and Esme would take the launch back with Laura, and the couple left the room. "It didn't have to be like this," Laura stated, and she left.

In an exam room at the hospital, Portia looked at Kiki's badge and expressed her sympathy that Ava was dealing with someone so cruel. She offered to prescribe Ava a sleep aid, but Ava quickly refused, as she needed to stay alert with a "psycho out there." There was a knock on the door, and Kevin entered the room to check on Ava. Portia left, and Ava wondered if Kevin had been able to stop whatever Nikolas had planned. Kevin answered that Nikolas had set his plan into motion long before Kevin and Laura had arrived, but he was more concerned about Ava.

Kevin knew that the "severe and persistent stress" was taking a toll on Ava. She showed him Kiki's badge and wondered if he thought Ryan was the culprit. He didn't think so, and Ava believed that it couldn't be Spencer, either. Outside the room, Trina arrived and took a deep breath. She entered Ava's room and hugged Ava. Ava mentioned the drama at Wyndemere, and Trina replied that Nikolas had taken teaching Spencer a lesson way too far. She didn't know if Spencer would forgive Nikolas. Just then, Portia returned with an officer who needed to take Ava's statement. Ava thanked Kevin and Trina for checking on her, and the two left.

Portia had thought that Trina had plans that night, and Trina reasoned that she'd wanted to check on Ava. Portia asked about Trina's night, and she told Portia about her night at Wyndemere. Portia related that she knew what it was like to betray her child, but Trina countered that Portia was doing a lot better at parenting than Nikolas. Noticing that something else was wrong, Portia urged Trina to talk to her. Trina eventually admitted that Spencer had a girlfriend, and Portia hugged her daughter.

A short while later, Kevin returned to Ava's room, and they continued to talk about her stalker. Kevin commented that something felt off, and figuring out what it was could lead them to the stalker. She revealed that Nikolas had visited her at the gallery, so she had to be under constant surveillance. Getting more agitated, she demanded to know if there was anywhere she could go to feel safe. Kevin insisted that the authorities would protect her, but she didn't think she could trust or rely on them. She decided that, in order to stay safe and protect Avery, she needed to leave Port Charles -- alone.

Maxie shows up at the Tan-O

Maxie shows up at the Tan-O

Friday, August 20, 2021

Nina and "Mike" walked into the Tan-O after Lenny's funeral service. They were each impressed with the other's behavior as they had gone through the difficult time with Phyllis. They spoke about how much Lenny had loved the town and how the people had loved him back. "Mike" looked at photos and stated that he would love to have what Lenny had. He added that death didn't change love.

There was a large trunk to go through for souvenirs and mementos for a memorial wall. Nina and "Mike" pulled out various items and photos. When they looked at Phyllis and Lenny's wedding photo, "Mike" had a sudden flash of a blonde-haired woman. He informed Nina that he thought he'd remembered something because he'd seen a woman with a wedding bouquet. He suggested that it might be a future vision.

Nina maintained that nothing lasted forever, although "Mike" suspected that Lenny was looking down on them. "Mike" didn't plan on losing Nina, and he noted that they would live on. They began to kiss, but Nina pulled away quickly and uttered that it was wrong. "Mike" apologized for kissing her and exclaimed that they had a responsibility to Phyllis.

Nina grabbed "Mike's" face and told him that he'd found his true self. She was grateful to share it for as long as she could. "Mike" assured her that he wasn't going anywhere, although he had to visit with Phyllis then. He reminded Nina that grief was tricky. Nina picked up a photo from the carnival but was interrupted when there was a persistent knocking on the front door. She opened it and found Maxie standing there.

At the Corinthos house, Josslyn informed Carly that she was headed to Kelly's to meet Trina. She asked why Carly had been in a hurry the previous evening. Carly merely replied that it had been late, and she'd had a "pressing engagement." Josslyn teased her and presumed that Carly had been meeting Jason. Carly had something to tell Josslyn and Michael.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn helped Valentin to tidy up after he'd finished feeding the baby. In another room, Chase looked at a text message he'd received from Austin stating that he hoped he could count on Chase. Willow and Michael walked in and gabbed away about Wiley. They didn't see Chase at first, and Michael was surprised when he turned around. Chase urged them not to stop what they were doing on his account.

Willow suggested that Chase do some physical therapy, but he revealed that he'd already done it. He noted that he was getting stronger every day. Carly sent Michael a text and asked him to get to her house, so Michael left. Chase asked Willow if she wanted to accompany Michael, because he knew how much Michael meant to her. Willow deflected, and Brook Lynn and Valentin joined them. Fervent discussion over Austin's suit followed, and Chase wanted to offer an opinion.

Brook Lynn argued that Edward's will had been clear, but Chase wanted to side with the guy who'd been kept in the dark and from his heart. He suggested that there might be proof in the house to indicate something different from the will. Valentin announced that he was meeting Austin for lunch, and he departed. Chase apologized for speaking out of turn. "Bailey" began to cry, and Brook Lynn left the room. Willow agreed that Chase had a big heart. "Is that why you love me?" Chase asked.

Willow and Chase went back and forth about the reason for their marriage, and Chase admitted that he'd never stopped loving Willow. He stopped himself from saying more but then added that he was a changed man. Willow assured him that he would eventually walk, and nothing had changed between them. "Nothing?" Chase asked. They danced around their situations, neither saying what they really wanted to say. Willow finally declared that she had to leave for class. She was upset, and she fled the room.

After Willow had gone, Chase deleted Austin's text message. Willow stood in the foyer and took deep breaths. She was clearly upset and made a phone call.

Brook Lynn tended to the baby and muttered that she didn't know what she would do when the baby was back with Maxie. She finished up with "Bailey" and headed back to the study. Chase's wheelchair was empty. Chase walked around gingerly and made a phone call to Austin. He informed Austin that he'd found the proof that Austin needed. He turned around and found Brook Lynn sitting in his chair. She demanded to know what was going on

Martin sat on a chaise next to Anna at the pool. She noted his smile and his casual clothing. They talked about Valentin, and Anna confessed that her history with him was long and complicated. Martin admitted that he was fascinated by Anna's mystique, he asked her to call him "Marty," and he told her they should get to know each other better. "Marty, are you hitting on me?" Anna asked.

Martin replied that he wasn't debonair like Valentin, but he liked challenges. The teasing and flirting continued. Anna maintained that she wasn't looking for any romantic involvement, and as Martin asked her questions, she told him she felt as if she was being cross-examined. Martin asked if she was better with secrets due to her history with the WSB. In the meantime, Valentin had arrived and looked on from a short distance away. He finally interrupted and asked what was going on. Anna stated that she had a phone call to make, and she walked off.

Valentin informed Martin that Anna was off-limits, and she was very complicated. Martin liked complicated, but Valentin wondered if he liked it as much as his retainer. "Point taken," Martin replied. Just then, Martin received a phone call, and he announced that he had to meet someone. Anna returned. "To be continued, or perhaps not," Martin said. He quickly left. Valentin noted that things didn't look good. He and Anna sat down. Anna confessed that Martin was different than what she was used to. Valentin asked if she had given up on the finer things.

Laura and Kevin were surprised when they descended the stairs at their place and found that breakfast had been set up. Spencer and Esme appeared, and Spencer told them it was thanks for putting them up. Laura thought that Esme was resourceful. "You have no idea," Spencer said as he flashed back to the previous night's conversation with his girlfriend. Esme announced her intention to explore town, and she departed.

Laura asked Spencer why he had never mentioned Esme. She peppered Spencer with questions, and he explained that they'd met at school. Spencer added that he'd never thought that Esme would look at him. Laura told him that he had his father's charm, but Spencer hoped that was all he'd inherited. Laura emphasized that Nikolas had been wrong with his suspicions and actions, but Kevin pointed out that Spencer had never hidden his dislike for Ava.

Spencer revealed that he wanted to find a place for Esme to live, and Laura quickly jumped in and advised Spencer that he would not live with Esme. She asked him how he intended to pay for a place because Nikolas had Spencer's money tied up in a trust. She asked if he planned on taking money from Nikolas while pushing him away. Spencer assured her that he would take care of himself, and Laura suggested a job at Kelly's. Spencer scoffed at the idea but made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Nikolas or his money. He stormed out.

Laura pointed out that Spencer needed help just like his father, although he didn't know how badly. There was a sudden knocking at the door. It was Martin, who rushed inside and told Laura they were in trouble.

Trina got to Kelly's and was surprised that Josslyn wasn't there yet. Cameron asked her what they'd missed at Spencer's, and he sensed that something was wrong. Trina told him that Spencer hadn't been alone, and he had a bigger support system than they'd realized. Esme walked in, and Trina introduced her to Cameron. Esme replied that she knew all about him because she and Spencer shared everything.

Michael arrived at Carly's house, and Carly announced that her wedding date would be September 17. Josslyn was thrilled, but Michael did not appear happy. Josslyn called him on it, and Michael quickly congratulated his mother. Josslyn left for Kelly's, and Michael informed Carly that she wouldn't have much time to plan a wedding. He had thought it was supposed to be a big deal.

Carly agreed that she and Jason had to prove their commitment to each other, but she preferred a small gathering. Michael thought they loved each other in their own way, and perhaps it would lead to something else. She sensed that Michael was referring to his own state of affairs, but Michael insisted that he and Willow were making things work. Just then, he received a phone call from Willow, who sounded upset. She needed to see him right away. At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase overheard her.

Carly told Michael that he could tell her anything, but he insisted there was nothing to tell. He proclaimed that Carly and Jason might get closer to a happy ending. Soon after, Willow rushed into Carly's house and hugged Michael. She told him tearfully that she couldn't do it anymore.

Josslyn rushed into Kelly's, and Trina introduced her to Esme, who spouted off the most intimate details of Josslyn's life. Trina disclosed that Esme was Spencer's girlfriend. The group proceeded to have a snide conversation over Spencer's name, as Esme preferred to call him "Spence." Esme did not answer questions related to how long she would be in town.

Spencer arrived, and Esme told him that she'd been getting acquainted with his friends. Trina had to go to work at the art gallery, and Esme indicated her intent of meeting Ava. Spencer sneaked a peek at Esme, and Josslyn followed Trina outside. She uttered that Spencer had never told anyone about his girlfriend, and he had appeared to be "into" Trina, who had been there for him. Trina said she was okay, and she left. Cameron stepped outside and called Spencer a jerk. He added that Esme seemed "a little extra."

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