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Peter turned up in Nixon Falls. "Mike" had the feeling that "Peter Sinclair" knew him. Nina reached out to Liesl for help with Peter. Willow and Chase confessed the truth to each other, and they decided to end their marriage. Michael surprised Austin. Esme had an encounter with Ryan. Drew enlisted the help of a fellow prisoner.
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Peter turned up in Nixon Falls, Drew enlisted the help of another prisoner, and Willow and Chase decided to end their marriage
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Cyrus puts out contracts on Laura and Martin

Cyrus puts out contracts on Laura and Martin

Monday, August 23, 2021

At the Corinthos house, Willow told Michael that it had become too hard to lie to Chase, and she had broken her wedding vows numerous times. She declared that she should have never married Chase, but she had expected him to die. She knew that sounded cruel, and she couldn't betray him any longer. While Michael promised to wait for Willow for as long as it took, Willow made it clear that she wanted to end things with Chase. She felt that she had let things get out of control and had been a terrible person. Michael thought it had been an impossible situation.

Michael thought it should wait until Chase was able to walk again, but Willow confessed that she had been too distracted. Michael noted that Chase had been a close friend, and Chase would think that Michael had betrayed him. He and Willow proceeded to defend each other as they named the various wrongs that they felt they'd committed.

Michael emphasized that they had lied to Chase for his own good, and it had helped him to get better. Willow clarified that Chase had a right to the truth, and she and Michael proceeded to disagree over who should tell him. Michael suggested they do it together.

At Laura's place, Martin disclosed that he had been accompanied by an escort. Jordan stepped inside and announced that according to an informant, Cyrus had put out contracts on Martin and Laura. Kevin guessed that it had been personal, after Cyrus had had time to think about it. Martin wished that his brother had never existed, and Jordan made it clear that Martin and Laura were in danger.

Jordan revealed that the FBI was ready to put Laura and Martin into protective custody, and they would continue surveillance on family members. Martin wanted to explain things to his mother first, but Jordan told him that it wouldn't be possible. Kevin wanted to go along, but Laura wanted him to stay behind in order to keep an eye on Spencer.

Jordan made a call to arrange immediate transport. Laura asked Kevin to tell everyone she was on a business trip, and Martin promised to keep watch over his sister. Martin insisted on grabbing the box of croissants on his way out, and Kevin and Laura said goodbye to each other. They each expressed their love for the other.

Brook Lynn sat in Chase's wheelchair at the Quartermaine mansion and demanded to know how long he'd been walking and why he hadn't told anyone. Chase claimed that he wanted to be in top condition first, but Brook Lynn pointed out that he hadn't been himself for a while. Chase didn't want to discuss it. Brook Lynn helped him to ease back into the chair. She also grabbed the paper he'd been holding and looked at it.

Brook Lynn noted that it was a deal memo that had pertained to Edward's desire to change his will to include Jimmy Lee. She declared that it wasn't signed, and only the real will was in effect. She realized that Chase had been snooping in Edward's office, and she demanded to know why he had sided with Austin in the dispute. Chase pointed out that the paper had to have been important if Edward had saved it, and he had really wanted to add Jimmy Lee to his will.

Chase was surprised that Ned and Monica hadn't searched for the paper, but Brook Lynn guessed that they really hadn't suspected that Edward had wanted to change his will. Chase admitted that he wanted to get back at Michael, and he told her what he had found at the gate house. He had seen Willow's bed, and there was no question that she and Michael had slept together. He'd also overheard Willow on the phone with Michael, and she'd been desperate to see him.

Chase proclaimed that Willow and Michael had lied to him. Brook Lynn maintained that he would not just be hurting Michael with the disclosure, but the entire family. Chase accused the family of wanting "every penny in the vault," but she insisted it wasn't about the money. It was her father's legacy. Chase felt that if the judge saw the memo, he would consider the fact that Edward had been about to add Jimmy Lee to his will before Edward had taken ill. He thought Brook Lynn could survive the loss of a few shares. She complained that she had worked hard for them.

Chase added that Michael had only wanted to ease his guilty conscience by having Chase stay at the house, but Brook Lynn tried to make Chase see that the move wouldn't heal his pain. Chase wanted the paper back and made it clear that it was his decision. Brook Lynn didn't want to lose him as a friend if he made the wrong one. Just then, Willow and Michael walked in. They wanted to speak to Chase. Willow declared that it couldn't wait.

At the Metro Court pool, Anna informed Valentin that she didn't need his protection from Martin. Valentin replied that he was actually protecting Martin from Anna. He added that he would always be there for Anna, but he had a lunch date. Just then, he received a phone call from Austin, who wanted to cancel their date. He told Valentin that something had come up.

Sam encountered Dante, who informed her that he was waiting for Olivia and Leo. He wondered if she had thought about the phone call, and Sam explained that she wanted to get details on Drew's plane crash from the WSB. She was hopeful she could learn something. Leo and Olivia arrived, and after an awkward invitation from Olivia to join them for lunch, Sam declined and said goodbye.

Olivia wondered if there was anything new that she should know about Dante and Sam, but Dante told her to "butt out." He disclosed that he and Sam had had a fun evening, though. After Leo cut his finger on a juice can, Olivia was emphatic that she take him to the hospital. She recalled a similar event from Dante's youth that still filled her with horror.

After Valentin's lunch cancellation, he invited Anna to join him. She told him she had her own date, and Sam joined them. Sam asked Valentin for possible help regarding the phone call, and she told him she had a possible lead on Drew. As she explained the call, Dante walked over. The group discussed possible motives behind the phone call, and Dante agreed that it sounded as though Peter could be involved.

Anna considered it a possibility that both Drew and Peter could be alive, and Sam asked if she could see a WSB file on the plane crash. Anna agreed that she would hand it over, and Valentin suggested that they might also get a lead on Peter.

At General Hospital, Ned informed Austin that he'd had to stop by, as Austin had refused to acknowledge Ned's phone calls. Ned asked what Austin wanted in exchange for the lawsuit, but Austin maintained that he wanted a seat at the ELQ table. Ned asked him to name his price, and Austin retorted that he wanted 500 million dollars. Ned laughed, and Austin assured him that there was no price.

Ned asked Austin to drop the lawsuit, but Austin insisted that he wanted to honor his father and the disrespect that Jimmy Lee had received from Edward. Austin began to walk away, but Ned stopped him. Austin believed that Ned was afraid that Austin would win the suit. Ned flashed back to a family conversation when they'd discussed the possibility that a record to change the will might be in existence.

Instead, Ned urged Austin to drop the suit to save everyone the expense and inconvenience. Ned asserted that nothing existed to change the will, but Austin smiled. Ned asked what Austin knew. Austin replied that he might have information, and he didn't want Ned to take it personally. He stressed that it was business. Just then, Olivia and Leo stepped off the elevator, and Olivia told them about the cut finger. Austin asked to look at it.

After Austin had tended to Leo's cut finger, Olivia admitted that she had overreacted to it. Austin assured Leo that he had been brave, and he offered Leo a fidget spinner as a reward. Austin asked to see Leo again because he always liked to finish what he started. Olivia and Ned thanked Austin, and Olivia announced that she had made another appointment. She left with her son, and Austin asked a nurse at the desk to confirm the appointment. Afterward, he listened to the voicemail that Chase had left him about the proof he'd found.

Nina was shocked when Maxie showed up at the Tan-O. Maxie explained that her parents had taken her kids on a family road trip back to Port Charles from Texas, and she was heading home herself. She missed Louise, but she hoped to meet Nina's friend. While Nina suggested that Maxie "hit the road," she agreed to indulge in a glass of wine first. She poured the wine into glasses, and they sat at a table to talk.

Maxie agreed that Louise had to stay with Brook Lynn, but she didn't have the strength to stay away from her baby. Nina asked Maxie why she hadn't stayed in Texas, but Maxie related the dreams she'd been having, which had made her cry. She wanted to see the baby, but she had to be stronger. She thought it would be a good idea to stay in Nixon Falls with Nina.

Maxie thought that she could "soak in" Nina's strength, but Nina confessed that she had made her share of mistakes. Maxie noted that Nina had found happiness, and Maxie needed Nina's courage. Nina declared that Maxie already had strength by going to Texas. Just then, Nina received a text from "Mike" to tell her he was on his way. Nina informed Maxie that Maxie had to leave immediately, and staying in Nixon Falls wouldn't solve Maxie's problem. She urged Maxie not to doubt herself and not to use Nixon Falls as an escape like Nina had.

Maxie supposed that Nina was right, but she asked if something was wrong. Nina told her it was hard to explain, and Maxie suggested dinner. Nina noted that Phyllis needed her because Phyllis' husband had just passed away, but she wanted Maxie to call her if Maxie needed to talk. She reminded Maxie that Louise was with people who could protect her. Maxie agreed, and they hugged.

After Maxie left, Nina felt faint. She opened Lenny's memento box and stared at the carnival photo of her with "Mike," Lenny, and Phyllis. Outside, Maxie was busy looking down at her phone as someone watched her. It was Peter!

Chase confronts Willow and Michael

Chase confronts Willow and Michael

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Drew sat on his cot in his prison cell where he "saw" Scout and Sam. "Don't die on me!" a young woman said as she walked into the cell. It was a nurse, and she revealed that her name was Chloe. They talked as she tended to his head wound. She revealed that she was also a hostage, and she urged Drew to speak quietly. When they heard a woman scream, Chloe said that the guards would do the same to them if they heard her and Drew talking.

Chloe explained that she had interviewed to be a nurse to a pregnant woman, but she had been jumped instead. She had never seen the man again. Drew vowed that he would return to his daughter one day. He noticed that Chloe was not wearing handcuffs like him, and he hoped that that would enable them to escape. Chloe noted that she was on a "short leash."

Chloe informed Drew that the other woman had just arrived. Drew showed her the pen that he'd stolen from the guard and explained that he had wanted to use it to escape by picking his cuffs. He knew that he wouldn't get far, though, and he suggested that Chloe rat him out instead. He surmised that he would get beaten, but Chloe would earn the guards' trust.

Drew declared that Chloe's face was the first kind one he'd seen in years. She was reluctant at first, but Drew finally persuaded her to do as he said. She called out to the guards and showed them the pen. She told them that Drew had planned to escape. While she was escorted out, one of the guards beat Drew again. He told Drew that Drew had made a "stupid move."

The guard emerged and announced that Drew had received the message. He told Chloe she'd done good work. Drew lay on his cot and once again saw Scout and Sam. He said that he was coming home.

At the bistro, Sam admitted to Dante that she hated waiting for news. Dante was encouraging and suggested that Anna and Valentin would find something in the file that she and Dante would be able to use to find Drew. Sam was certain that Scout's father was alive. She asked if Dante believed it, but he avoided answering directly. He thought that she deserved answers. He received a phone call from Rocco and assured his son that he would be home too late to see Rocco because he was helping a friend.

Sam was jealous of the relationship between Dante and Rocco because Scout hadn't been able to have the same thing with Drew. She had shown photos of Drew to Scout, who didn't realize that Drew was real. She also hoped that Peter was alive, so Sam could kill him herself. Dante reminded her that she still had one month of parole left, and Sam admitted that she'd just been venting. She noted that if Peter was brought to justice, it still wouldn't balance the scales.

As Britt stepped off the elevator at the hospital, Austin was about to step on. She wanted to talk to him, but he announced that he didn't have the time. Shortly after, Elizabeth asked Britt to confirm some vacation days for her, but Britt refused, citing short notice and no coverage.

Britt spoke to Liesl on the phone and promised to take some time off. Elizabeth headed to Terry, who was conversing with someone else, and after a short conversation, Terry cleared Elizabeth's vacation days. "What the hell was that?" Britt asked Terry indignantly. She explained that she had already refused to give the days off to Elizabeth, and Terry had undermined her. Terry explained that she had been trying to help a friend. Britt made it clear that she'd been trying to do better, and they couldn't allow people to pit them against each other.

Terry reconsidered and approached Elizabeth. She declared that Elizabeth's days off had been denied, and Elizabeth hadn't told her. She added that Britt had a job to do, and Elizabeth couldn't run to Terry if she didn't like Britt's answer. Elizabeth asked if Terry was scolding her. Britt stood out of sight to listen and walked over to the two women. She stated that she was probably able to fill Elizabeth's shift, after all.

Elizabeth appreciated Britt making it work and revealed that she was going camping with her kids. Elizabeth left, and Britt and Terry agreed to support each other as partners. They shook hands.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael asked Brook Lynn to give him and Willow privacy to talk to Chase. Brook Lynn left, and Willow confessed that she'd been keeping something from Chase. He folded the paper that contained the proof that Austin had been hoping for. "I'm listening," Chase said. Willow sat down opposite him as Michael paced around the room. She declared that she'd never wanted to hurt Chase, and she began to cry.

Willow stated that she was about to break Chase's heart. She wanted an annulment. Chase replied that he was aware that Michael and Willow loved each other. Willow was surprised and asked when he'd known. Chase proceeded to go off on her. He asked her why she couldn't have been honest.

Willow listed the many times that she'd wanted to tell Chase the truth, but then something had always happened to delay it. Michael insisted that there had never been a good time. Chase laughed sarcastically and spat that Michael had taken him in so that Chase could heal quickly and get out of the way. Michael exclaimed that Chase hadn't been honest, either, but Chase wanted to know if anything with Willow had been real.

Willow explained that she had tried to get back what she'd had with Chase in the past, but she hadn't been able to succeed. Chase understood and asked her why she'd slept with Michael. He wanted to know if they'd been sleeping together all along. Willow replied that she'd wanted to honor her vows, but she'd needed Michael on the day of Wiley's party. She would always love Chase, but she was in love with Michael. She didn't want to hurt Chase.

Chase guessed that his lie with Sasha had turned out to be the thing that had broken him and Willow apart forever. She agreed, and Chase was happy she was being honest. He had something to share, too. He wheeled his chair next to the wall and proceeded to stand up and take a few steps.

In the foyer, Brook Lynn received a phone call from Maxie, who said that she was on her way back to town because she couldn't stay away from her baby forever. She wanted to protect the baby from Peter. The call ended, and Brook Lynn quickly phoned Nina. She demanded to know why Nina had sent Maxie home when she could expose all of their plans. Nina replied that Brook Lynn had signed up for it, and Brook Lynn snapped that she was "on it." She was surprised when Austin arrived next, and she demanded to know why he was there.

Austin related that he wanted to see Chase. Brook Lynn retorted that Chase was busy, and Austin had been using Chase for his own pursuits. She told Austin off for involving Chase in his scheme, and she shouted that it was all about the money. She promised not to allow Austin to get a dime. She reiterated that Chase was busy, and he wouldn't betray her family. Austin made it clear that it was Chase's decision. Brook Lynn thought that Austin would be disappointed.

Willow was happy to see Chase walk, and Chase explained that Austin had helped him to walk to the gatehouse the night that Willow and Michael had slept together. That was when he'd realized that his marriage wasn't really a marriage. Austin had suggested he search for proof that Edward had been about to change his will. He held out the paper and explained what it contained. Brook Lynn and Austin walked in. Willow and Michael asked Chase not to give the paper to Austin.

At Metro Court, Jason explained to Carly that Novak's looking for an invitation to their wedding had been a "veiled threat." He thought they should invite members of all the families, and Carly agreed the wedding should be real and very public. They spoke briefly about Jax, and Carly felt that he'd put them in an awkward position. Jason noted that everyone had to live with their choices.

Carly felt she had been jumpy but didn't know why. Jason reminded her that getting married was a "big deal," although he himself wasn't nervous. Carly declared that he had broken things off with Britt, but Jason replied that they needed to do what they had planned. He hated that he had hurt Britt, and he assured Carly that she would get through it all. They grabbed hands, and Jason promised it would all be okay.

Carly and Jason were both surprised to see Maxie, who indicated that she was on her way to Deception. Maxie explained that she'd had to get her life back, even though she wasn't ready. Peter had taken a lot from her, and she couldn't put her life on hold. Carly left to make a call and returned to announce that she'd booked the minister and venue for the wedding.

Maxie was ready to go ahead with her event-planning skills and begged to be allowed to work on Carly and Jason's wedding. Maxie exclaimed that event planning was like a vacation to her. She apologized for all that Peter had done to Jason, and she thought that planning the wedding would be her way to make amends. Carly agreed and informed Maxie that she wanted something elegant, classy, and understated. Maxie asked about the budget. "Whatever," Jason said. Maxie was ecstatic and proclaimed that it would be the wedding of the century.

Peter looked through the window of the Tan-O as "Mike" approached. "Can I help you?" "Mike" asked. Peter turned and looked at "Mike." "You all right? Looks like you saw a ghost," "Mike" said. Peter thought it was a "most unfortunate" situation, but "Mike" declared that a stranger looking through a window was a red flag. Peter realized that "Mike" didn't know him, and he claimed to be an author, well known in his field. He introduced himself as Peter Sinclair.

"Mike" introduced himself, and the men made small talk. "Mike" mentioned that the bar owner had recently passed away, and the place was closed. He asked why Peter was in town, and Peter cited "wanderlust." He'd been searching for a new life. "Mike" asked if Peter was running from something, but Peter claimed to be looking for something. "Mike" offered him some water and invited him inside. "Mike" began to say that his girlfriend was inside, but he cut himself short.

"Mike" called out to Nina, and they spoke briefly until she looked up and saw Peter. She dropped the two glass pitchers that she was holding, and they crashed onto the floor. "What a small world," Peter said. "Mike" volunteered to clean up the mess, and he realized that Peter and Nina knew each other. Peter noted that they were in the same publishing circles.

"Mike" noted that Nixon Falls was a great place to get away to, and he told Peter about his memory loss. Nina said it was complicated. "Mike" announced that he had to deliver a photo album to Phyllis, and he stopped to make certain that Nina would be okay if left alone with Peter. "Mike" was happy to have met Peter, and he left.

"Nina, Nina, Nina. Of all the gin joints in all the world. What have you gotten yourself into now?" Peter asked. Nina stood behind the bar and attempted to quietly remove the gun from the drawer.

Peter and Nina reach an agreement

Peter and Nina reach an agreement

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow urged Chase not to give Austin any power, and Michael didn't want Chase to take his anger at Michael and Willow out on the rest of the Quartermaines. Chase finally handed the memo from Edward's office to Michael. "Do whatever you want with it. I don't care," Chase said, and he turned to leave. Brook Lynn reminded Chase to take his wheelchair, but he responded that he didn't need it and left. Willow decided that she couldn't leave things like that with Chase and left to talk to him.

Michael called Austin out on the "underhanded" way he'd manipulated Chase to get what he wanted. "No more underhanded than sleeping with a man's wife," Austin shot back. He explained that he was just trying to right the wrong done to his father, but Brook Lynn insisted that they weren't buying his "sob story." Austin didn't know how giving away a few shares of ELQ would hurt the family, and Michael realized that he was in no position to judge. He handed the paper to Austin, shocking Brook Lynn.

Michael explained that he was trying to break the cycle of the Quartermaines playing dirty. Austin sincerely thanked Michael, who wished him luck. When Austin was gone, Brook Lynn chided Michael, who just wanted to end the family dysfunction. Brook Lynn believed that Michael had made a "big mistake."

Chase opened his apartment door to Willow, who wanted to talk to Chase. Willow explained that she had gone to his apartment the night he'd collapsed to tell him about her and Michael. He understood why she hadn't told the truth then, but he talked about all the other chances she'd had to do so. He advised that she should have turned down his proposal, but she replied that she hadn't been able to refuse him when he'd needed her.

Chase and Willow talked about how Chase and Sasha's fake affair had affected them. Willow remarked that she would always love Chase for his sacrifices for her and Wiley, and he replied that he wouldn't have been able to forgive himself for doing nothing to help. Both were grateful to have had the other in their lives. Willow tearfully took off her wedding band and gave it back to Chase.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Maxie showed Carly some photos of wedding options on her phone, and Carly reminded her that the wedding was supposed to be "understated." Maxie happily agreed and thanked Carly for helping her get her mind off of Louise. When Maxie walked out of the restaurant, she bumped into Valentin and "Bailey," and Maxie marveled over how much the baby had grown. Valentin admitted that there had been a development in Louise's case.

Valentin explained to an anxious Maxie that it was believed that Peter had survived. With Peter's connections and finances, Valentin thought that there was a good chance Peter had found Louise. "I doubt that," Maxie blurted out. She claimed that she was only trying to stay positive and be "my best self" for herself and her kids. Valentin assured her that she didn't have to rush back to work, but she wanted to stay busy.

Just then, Valentin spotted Austin inside the restaurant and asked Maxie to hold "Bailey." She eagerly agreed, taking the baby, and Valentin entered the restaurant. Austin showed Valentin the piece of paper Michael had given him, calling it "the keys to the kingdom, or the Quartermaine boardroom." "See you there," Austin said. "Yes, you will," Valentin replied.

Josslyn, Cameron, and Jax entered the Metro Court restaurant, and Jax and Carly awkwardly greeted each other. A few minutes later, Josslyn and Cameron told Carly and Jax about Spencer's party, and Josslyn apologized for Tony calling Carly. Jax thought it was better to err on the side of caution, especially after Joey Novak's harassment. Carly cheerfully told Jax to let it go, creating another awkward moment. A few minutes later, the four toasted to Josslyn, who reminded her parents that she would probably be home every weekend and for the wedding.

Jax wondered if Carly and Jason had set a date yet, and Josslyn quickly answered that the wedding was set for September 17th. "So soon?" Jax asked. "Why wait?" Carly challenged. "I can think of a few reasons," Jax shot back. Josslyn questioned if something was wrong between her parents, and Carly asked Josslyn and Cameron to go to the pool for a few minutes so that she and Jax could talk. When the teens were gone, Carly and Jax once again argued about how safe Josslyn was. Carly thought that Jax needed a lesson in humility, and Jax demanded to know if Carly was going to tell Josslyn what he'd done.

Carly assured Jax that she would never undermine his relationship with Josslyn, but he would lose Josslyn on his own if he stayed on his "moral high horse." She continued that he was one of the most important people in her life, but from then on, they would just be Josslyn's parents. She added that the new reality was "on you," so he needed to live with it.

Outside the restaurant, Josslyn apologized to Cameron on behalf of her parents, and she couldn't believe how they'd acted in front of him. He insisted that she didn't need to hide the "messy parts" of her life from him. He thought that he was the luckiest guy in the world to have her, and the two shared a kiss.

At the pool, Spencer complained to Esme about Kevin trying to take over Spencer's life in Laura's absence. Esme promised that everything would work out. Just then, Trina arrived, and she explained that she was supposed to meet Josslyn and Cameron there after their dinner. Esme commented that she loved how close "the four of you" were, but Trina clarified that she'd just met Spencer. Esme countered that Spencer had told her about Trina knowing that Spencer had been in town for a while. Spencer thanked Trina for not telling anyone, and Esme thought that Trina was a "true friend." Esme asked Spencer to go get some food. When he was gone, Esme revealed, "I know you have a crush on my boyfriend."

Esme insisted that it was all right, as she knew that Spencer hadn't told Trina about Esme, and she just didn't want things to be awkward between them. She continued that Trina seemed nice, and Esme wanted to be friends with her. Spencer returned as Esme suggested hanging out with Trina over the weekend. Just then, Josslyn and Cameron arrived, and Josslyn claimed that they had some PCU events to attend that weekend.

Spencer and Esme went to sit at the bar, and he wondered why she was trying to bond with Trina. She replied that Trina knew things that could wreck his plan, so they needed to be careful with Trina. "Broken hearts make people do strange things," Esme said, and she wanted Spencer to have "everything you deserve." Since it seemed like they would be in town for a while, Esme suggested that they audit some classes at PCU. Across the room, Josslyn asked Trina what was going on between Trina and Esme. "I got it handled. Okay, maybe I don't," a worried Trina replied.

"Mike" found Phyllis outside the Tan-O, crying and clutching Lenny's hat. He talked about how grateful he was to have found Phyllis and Lenny, and the two cried together. He thought that he would be lucky to find what she and Lenny had, and she thought that he'd already found it in Nina. She related that there were always excuses not to go after something. She told him that people had had doubts about her and Lenny, but she'd known that he was the one. Her only regret was not having enough time with Lenny.

Inside the Tan-O, a shocked Nina asked why Peter was there. He wondered why Sonny was there and remarked that they obviously had a lot of catching up to do. Nina clutched a gun under the bar, but Peter pointed his own gun at her, causing her to put it down. He asked for her phone, and she complied. They sat down, and he put his gun away. He told her that he'd been "lying low, searching for Louise." He went on that his search had led him to Maxie, who he would have continued following had he not happened upon Sonny.

Peter asked for Nina's story, and she told him about how she'd ended up in Nixon Falls. She explained that Sonny, who'd lost his memory, was happy there, and she didn't want to ruin everything he'd found there. Peter could see that she'd fallen in love with Sonny, and he knew that she would never see Wiley again if Carly found out about Sonny. "What do you want?" she asked, and he replied that he wanted shelter and a "base of operation." He figured that Nina could get him information from Maxie and Valentin about Louise, since they trusted Nina, as Peter wanted to find Louise first.

Nina wondered what would happen if she didn't agree. Peter replied that James would be "an adequate replacement," and he would have a talk with Carly. Nina wanted his word that he wouldn't touch James, and he agreed -- as long as she did "everything in your power" to tell him where Louise was. "We have a deal," she said solemnly, and they shook hands. "Mike" entered and asked if the two had had enough time to catch up. Peter replied that it hadn't been enough time, so he'd decided to stick around, and Nina had offered to show him around. "Mike" replied that he was looking forward to getting to know one of Nina's friends, and Peter diabolically repeated the sentiment.

Nina asks Liesl to help with a problem

Nina asks Liesl to help with a problem

Thursday, August 26, 2021

A shirtless Chase worked out in his apartment and reflected on his conversation with Willow when she'd returned her wedding band. A knock at the door revealed Finn, who was shocked to see his brother walking. Chase donned his shirt and confessed that he'd wanted to surprise everyone, especially Willow. He'd decided to hide it after he'd found out something. Chase revealed that Willow and Michael were back together.

Finn was in disbelief and noted that Willow had seemed to be loving and supportive. Chase emphasized that she still was, but Finn decided that Michael had been "crappy." Chase explained that he'd thought about it, and Michael and Willow had fallen in love as they'd co-parented. They had wanted to tell Chase the truth. Chase added that the scenario wasn't trashy, although he wished that it was because that was what hurt the most.

Chase declared that Willow wasn't a cheater, so she had to have really been in love with Michael. He considered Michael to be lucky and a good guy who hadn't set out to do what had ended up happening. Finn knew that he wouldn't have handled things so well himself, but Chase only wanted Willow to be happy. He was sad for what had been.

Finn asked if Chase would do things the same all over again. Chase thought about it and guessed that he would. Finn thought that Chase had made a great sacrifice. Chase placed his ring on the table and announced that he had to get on with the rest of his life. Finn suggested that Chase go camping with him, Elizabeth, and the boys and spend time with the family. Chase promised to think about it. After Finn was gone, Chase gingerly walked to the coffee table and picked up the wedding rings.

Brook Lynn returned to the Quartermaine mansion with "Bailey" in tow. She was unable to find the baby's favorite binky and hoped she hadn't lost it. In the study, Willow was happy to find Michael working at home. They spoke about missing each other, although Willow admitted that she'd needed some time. She added that she needed Michael, too, and it could be for a long time.

Willow told Michael what had happened when she'd told Chase the truth and returned her ring. She added that they only wanted the best for each other, although there was hurt and pain. Michael wondered if they could all be friends, and Willow hoped that someday that would be true. Willow felt good not to have to hide any longer. They were interrupted when Brook Lynn wandered in with the baby. She asked Willow about Chase, and Willow replied that they were in a better place, although sad.

Willow believed that she had made a "colossal mess" out of things, and it had all been her fault. She was sorry that she hadn't said anything to Chase sooner. Brook Lynn noted that crazy situations often forced one to live with messing up out of care and kindness. She thought that Chase would understand, and she hoped they could all be so lucky. She noted that one could be scared of how someone would react if they were crossed. Michael pointed out that that resembled their family members.

Brook Lynn began to argue with Michael because of the memo that he'd handed over to Austin. Michael didn't think the memo proved anything, and he thought they should be transparent. He acknowledged that Valentin was a good CEO for ELQ and was part of the family. He didn't think it would be a bad thing if Valentin remained in control with Austin's votes. He didn't think it was the end of the world.

Brook Lynn snapped that she didn't like Austin, and he only wanted all their money. Michael corrected her, but he also knew that Brook Lynn wanted to protect Ned. Brook Lynn thought they'd do better to send Austin packing, and Willow agreed with her. Willow admitted that Michael had a good business perspective, but she had gotten to know his family. She also had "sketch vibes" from Austin, and she wasn't sure he had the family's best interest in mind. Brook Lynn began to gloat and announced that she loved Willow and Michael as a couple.

At the Corinthos house, Jason found Josslyn in the kitchen, and she admitted that things weren't okay. She told him about the dinner she'd had with her parents the previous evening. "It was terrible," she said. She thought their behavior had been weird, and they'd been fighting in a "passive-aggressive" manner. Josslyn suspected it had been because of the wedding.

Josslyn knew that, while Jason was "in the business," he was still a good person. She wondered if Jax could be jealous, but Josslyn was happy about the marriage. She didn't think that Carly could find anyone better than Jason, and Jax had been a jerk.

Jason stressed that Jax loved Josslyn, and Jason's life with Carly wasn't normal. He thought the marriage was the right thing, and Jax wouldn't be able to change that. Josslyn noted that Jax's behavior would only make Carly more determined. Jason made it clear that the issue was between him, Carly, and Jax, and he only wanted Josslyn to be there to support them. They would do the same for her.

Jason urged Josslyn to live her life. He couldn't believe she would be going to college. Josslyn was excited, but she had realized that Carly would no longer be able to give her advice because she had never experienced college. Josslyn had relied on Carly for advice in the past. Jason maintained that Carly was in a new and overwhelming world, and she had made a place for herself. She had overcome a lot of challenges, and she would be behind Josslyn.

At Metro Court, Maxie slipped "Bailey's" binky into her pocket and went to talk to Carly. Maxie pitched an idea for motorcycle ice sculptures, and Carly was clearly opposed to the idea. Maxie went on to a color scheme and suggested a butter yellow with cream accents. Carly appreciated Maxie's help and disclosed that the wedding had all felt weird and different for her.

Carly emphasized that she wanted understated, and Maxie asked about the vows. Carly guessed that it would be best to go traditional. Maxie knew it would be a wedding to remember, and Carly had no doubts.

Liesl sat down at a small table in the lounge area with Britt, who admitted to feeling resigned as she stared at her tablet. Liesl was sorry that Britt's heart had been broken, but Britt assured her it was intact. Britt confessed to being hurt and angry and doing stupid things, but she still felt her brief relationship with Jason had been meaningful. She had finally found the perfect guy, but he had been attached to someone else. She thought Carly was lucky, and Britt wanted to celebrate. She forced Liesl to raise her glass. "Cheers!" Britt said.

Maxie found Liesl and Britt and mentioned that she'd seen Nina. She revealed that she was planning Jason and Carly's wedding. "Have you lost your mind?" Liesl shrieked. Maxie wondered if there was a problem, and Liesl filled Maxie in, in no uncertain terms. Liesl found Carly and Jason to be despicable. Maxie was sorry, but she knew that Jason and Carly loved each other in their own way. Liesl disagreed. She thought that Carly didn't care about the rest of the world and only cared about herself. Britt thought it sounded like them.

Britt pointed out that they had all had their moments, and she wanted Maxie to "make the wedding beautiful." She thought Jason deserved it. Liesl was repulsed, and she suggested that Maxie arrange some "hiccups." Maxie didn't have time for a drink, and she and Britt headed to the elevator.

At the Tan-O, Phyllis informed "Mike" that she had to work because she'd been going stir-crazy at home. She urged "Mike" to tell Nina how much she meant to him. Outside, Peter thanked Nina for allowing him to spend the night. She noted that she hadn't had a choice, and he reminded her that a child for a child would be the same concept as an eye for an eye.

Peter and Nina walked inside, and Peter mentioned his spending the night at Nina's. She awkwardly explained that she'd had the room on her couch. "Mike" informed Phyllis that both Nina and Peter had lost children. "Neither of us wants to experience anything like that ever again," Peter declared. Phyllis revealed that she, too, had lost a daughter.

Peter looked at Nina and suggested that they could take solace with people who understood the pain. He revealed that he planned to stick around for a while because he and Nina had discussed a project. When "Mike" asked for specifics, Peter joked that he couldn't divulge the details.

Just then, Officer Finchley arrived to check on Phyllis, and introductions were made. "I know you," he said to Peter. Nina attempted to get some clues to the cop. She noted that Peter was always on the run and that he was wanted at home in Port Charles. Peter laughed and added that he and Nina had known each other in several other cities, like Los Angeles and Chicago. Peter quietly began to reach for his gun that was tucked into his waistband.

Finchley told Phyllis that he was a phone call away if she needed him, and he departed. Phyllis asked "Mike" to take her home, and they left, as well. "You just made a fatal mistake," Peter informed Nina. He was aware that Nina had been trying to tip off the cop. They began to argue, and Peter made threats to "Mike" and Phyllis. "Mike" returned and seemed to sense that something was off.

Peter pitched a story to Nina about a woman in a small town who would do anything to save the people she loved. Nina promised to consider it. Peter wanted to take a walk, and "Mike" insisted on accompanying him.

Outside, "Mike" voiced his opinion that Peter and Nina were not just business associates. He had a feeling that Nina didn't like Peter.

Jason arrived at the Quartermaines' and walked in on Brook Lynn, Michael, and Willow. Brook Lynn thought it was a good time to put the baby to bed. Michael revealed that he had invited Jason over to tell him about Austin, but Jason was already familiar with him, thanks to Monica. Michael announced that he and Willow were back together, and Jason was happy for them. Jason told Willow that his own wedding was September 17, and he asked Michael to be his best man.

Carly arrived home and told Josslyn how sorry she was about the previous evening's dinner. She went on and on until Josslyn finally assured Carly that she was fine. She had spoken to Jason. Carly was surprised, and Josslyn explained that Jason gave good advice for someone who didn't speak a lot. Josslyn added that while she loved Jax, she was thrilled about the wedding. Carly wanted to shop for dresses, and she informed Josslyn that she wanted Josslyn to be the maid of honor.

Back at Metro Court, Liesl sat at the same small table. She received a phone call from Nina, who revealed that she had a problem. She thought that Liesl would be qualified to solve it.

Liesl has a plan for Peter

Liesl has a plan for Peter

Friday, August 27, 2021

Jax approached Carly at the Metro Court restaurant, but she didn't want to talk to him. He divulged that he was there to apologize for making dinner awkward, and Carly hoped that he also planned to apologize to Josslyn. Just then, Jason arrived with Mr. Buscema, a member of the Five Families. Mr. Buscema assured Carly that he'd gotten the save the date, and he wouldn't miss the wedding for anything. He and Jason went to the bar, and Jax refused to let Josslyn attend the wedding if Mr. Buscema was any indication of the rest of the guest list. The two argued, and Carly reminded Jax that Josslyn was an adult and could make her own decisions.

At the bar, Mr. Buscema told Jason that he was concerned about how little control the Novak family had over Joey, and he intended to tell Vincent Novak so. Jason refused to tolerate any threats to his family. Mr. Buscema respected that about Jason, and the two shook hands. On his way out, Mr. Buscema gave Carly his best wishes. When he was gone, Carly and Jax argued more. He told Carly that, when she got Josslyn killed, she would at least still have "Sonny's blood money to keep you warm," and he stormed away.

Jason approached a frustrated Carly, having heard the argument, and he urged her to "come with me." He led her to the pool, which was empty of people but decorated, complete with two beers in a bucket of ice. Jason revealed that he'd had it closed for a private party, as he figured she would need some stress relief. They reminisced about their days at Jake's, and she remembered that dancing had always made her feel better. After some prodding, Jason finally asked her to dance, and the two embraced as they swayed. They pulled out of the hug and got closer until Carly abruptly stopped, citing her need to get back to work. She thanked him for the sidebar, and she left.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Austin slid the paper he'd gotten from the Quartermaines across the table to Scott. Just then, Austin noticed Maxie looking around for something. He wondered if he could help and advised her to check the lost and found for whatever she'd left behind. He asked if leaving town had helped her, and she answered that the problems always followed. He was happy she was back, and she walked away. After reading the document, Scott proclaimed it to be "gold," and he planned to go to the courthouse the next day to get the hearing moved up. He advised Austin not to panic while Scott was out of town on vacation, as they would get Austin's ELQ shares when Scott returned.

A few minutes later, Maxie had retrieved her wedding planning binder but dropped a few papers when she bumped into Jax. Jax picked them up for her and observed that she was back into wedding planning. She replied that she was planning Carly and Jason's wedding. "Isn't it great that they're getting married?" she asked enthusiastically.

A short while later, Maxie and Jax sat at the bar, and she observed that he didn't seem thrilled about Carly marrying Jason. He abruptly changed the subject by asking about Nina. Maxie replied that Nina seemed happy, and Jax hoped they could be friends when Nina returned. Maxie broke it to him that she believed Nina was putting down roots in Nixon Falls. She revealed that Nina had found "someone special," and it seemed to be getting serious. She knew no details, but she thought that he needed to know that Nina had moved on, and she suggested Jax do the same.

At Spring Ridge, Alexis was delighted to see Spencer arrive with Esme, who Spencer introduced to Alexis. Just then, Spencer caught sight of Harmony wheeling Ryan through the common room, and Spencer couldn't push down his contempt for the man. Alexis explained about Ryan's locked-in syndrome, and Esme commented that she knew all about it, as she'd once seen a movie about it. Wanting to change the subject, Alexis asked about Nikolas. Esme excused herself to go to a vending machine, and when she was gone, Alexis called Esme "lovely and intuitive." Spencer didn't want to talk about Nikolas, but Alexis thought that it would be worth it for Spencer to fix his relationship with Nikolas.

Outside, Harmony was asking Ryan about his book preference when Esme approached them. She told Harmony that she'd never heard of locked-in syndrome, so Harmony explained what it was and how Ryan communicated. Esme greeted Ryan, and from his blinks, Harmony translated that he said hello back. Esme claimed that she was soon starting school at PCU, after which she intended to go to medical school, so she was fascinated. She talked about volunteering at Spring Ridge with Ryan, but Harmony translated Ryan's rapid blinks to mean that Esme needed to leave. Harmony also suggested that he could be tired, as those with locked-in syndrome sometimes suffered from eyelid spasms. Esme instructed Ryan to get some rest. She thanked them for their time, hoped to visit again soon, and left.

Esme returned to the common room and informed Alexis and Spencer that their time might be up, according to the looks the guard was giving them. Spencer hugged Alexis as Harmony wheeled Ryan back in. Esme waved to Ryan and left with Spencer. Harmony warned Alexis that Esme was trouble and that Spencer should steer clear.

Ava put a bouquet of sunflowers down on Kiki's grave and told her daughter how much she missed her. Just then, Nikolas arrived, and Ava reminded him of the danger of being seen together. They talked about Spencer, and Nikolas regretted not listening to Ava's warnings about tricking Spencer. He lamented that he'd already lost his son and his mother, and he didn't want to lose Ava, as well. She assured him that she still loved him, but she felt that it was her job to keep them apart. "How far?" Nikolas asked. "Oceans," she replied.

Nikolas again suggested that he and Ava grab Avery and leave town, but Ava instructed him to make peace with Spencer. He related that Spencer had moved into Laura's with the girlfriend he'd kept secret. Surprised to learn that Spencer had a girlfriend, Ava thought of Trina. Ava figured she would visit some artists in Europe that she'd been trying to "woo," and then, "who knows after that?" Nikolas wanted to talk her into staying, but he was done trying to control the people he loved. He asked her to promise to return. However, she only promised to love him wherever she went.

Outside the Tan-O, "Mike" called Peter on not being just business associates with Nina. Peter replied that they were also friends, but "Mike" had gotten the feeling that Nina didn't like Peter. Peter admitted that he and Nina were more "professional rivals," and "Mike" coldly informed Peter, "You can't play me." Phyllis approached and scolded "Mike" for talking to Nina's friend like that, and she explained to Peter that "Mike" was loyal and protective. Peter responded that he was sure Nina would do anything she could to protect her friends in return. When Peter was gone, "Mike" told Phyllis that Peter was "creepy," but Phyllis wanted to know why "Mike" always reacted suspiciously to people from Nina's "former life."

Inside the Tan-O, Nina put in a call to Liesl, who asked what the problem was. "He's alive, and he's here in Nixon Falls," Nina replied shakily, and Liesl knew exactly who Nina was referring to. Nina continued that she wasn't in immediate danger and hadn't called the police, but Peter had made threats. Liesl thought that jail was too good for Peter, and she had "much better plans for him." Nina disclosed Peter's plans for finding Louise and his threats about James. Liesl knew that there was only one way to deal with Peter. Nina responded that if Liesl couldn't, Nina would do it herself. Liesl promised that she could manage it.

Just then, Scott happened upon Liesl, who instructed Nina not to panic. Liesl promised to talk to Nina soon, and they hung up. "Who was that?" Peter demanded to know. Nina claimed that it had been Crimson business, and she told him to leave so that she could get the information Peter wanted. He reminded her of the consequences should she double-cross him, and she insisted that she remembered. He replied that it was just fun to remind her.

Just then, "Mike" and Phyllis entered the Tan-O, and Nina told them that she was going to walk Peter out. Phyllis hoped that Peter would visit again, and Peter replied, "You can count on it." When they were gone, Phyllis admitted that she had sensed the tension, but she said that they needed to respect Nina's privacy unless she wanted to explain things to them. She figured that Nina would just tell Peter to go if she didn't want him around, and she knew that whatever was between the two wasn't romantic. "Mike" answered that what bothered him about Peter was that Peter had seemed to know who "Mike" was.

Scott expressed to Liesl how excited he was for their trip to St. Lucia, but Liesl didn't think it was the right time to go. Disappointed, he wondered what had changed. Just then, she had an idea and promised they would discuss what to pack after she made a phone call.

Outside the Tan-O, Peter gave Nina 24 hours before the people she loved suffered the consequences of her stalling. When he was gone, her phone rang, and she tearfully answered it to Liesl, who could tell that things had gotten worse. Liesl instructed Nina to tell Peter that she'd gotten a lead on Louise in St. Lucia, as that was where Liesl's medical conference and alibi would be. Nina agreed and took a deep breath. Liesl directed Nina to relax, as soon enough, Peter would never bother anyone ever again.

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