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Jason and Carly were married. A car bomb detonated outside All Saints Church. Peter returned to the Tan-O with vengeance on his mind. "Mike" and Jax rescued Nina and Phyllis from a fire at the Tan-O. Sonny had a visit from his father. Nina reunited with "Mike," only to be confronted by Sonny. Drew helped Chloe to escape. Jordan was sent to a specialty clinic in Albany to treat her for renal failure.
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Sonny regained his memory, and Jason and Carly were married just before a car bomb exploded
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Nina and Phyllis are in trouble Nina and Phyllis are in trouble

Monday, September 13, 2021

Portia looked on as Jordan awoke with Curtis at her side. He tearfully welcomed Jordan back, and Portia quietly left the room. She approached a nurse and asked her to let Austin know that Jordan was awake. T.J. and Shawn overheard the news and hugged in celebration.

As Brook Lynn listened in, Maxie invited Austin to be her date to Carly and Jason's wedding. Austin didn't understand why, as she'd made it clear that he was a painful reminder of Louise's kidnapping. Maxie replied that she should associate him with good things, like the fact that Louise was in the world because of him. She offered to start over with him, but his phone went off, and he rushed off to see a patient.

Brook Lynn approached Maxie and asked how it was going with Austin. Maxie replied that she wasn't comfortable manipulating a good Samaritan and wondered if it would be so terrible to leave Valentin in charge of ELQ. She continued that their plan for Louise was working so far, but Maxie's gratitude didn't mean that she was obligated to do "inappropriate favors" for Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn stated that it was hard to change old behavior patterns, but she was trying to do better. Maxie had to go do a walk-through of the Metro Court reception space, and she figured that she would be too busy to care that she was dateless.

A nurse left Jordan's room, having removed much of the medical equipment. T.J. joined Curtis in the room as Jordan asked if Curtis had caught the man who'd killed Barstow. Curtis broke it to her that he'd chosen to go back to the house for her and Portia instead. Portia entered the room, and Jordan thanked her for keeping Jordan alert for as long as possible. She remembered Portia talking about how their kids needed them. Austin arrived, and Jordan's visitors filed out of the room so that the doctor could update her.

Outside the room, Curtis thanked Portia for helping Jordan, and she thanked him for rescuing them. Molly arrived, and T.J. updated her. Austin emerged from Jordan's room and talked about Jordan's condition. T.J. grimly translated the medical jargon as "Mom's in renal failure." Austin continued that it was very serious but reversible if treated quickly. He said that Jordan had agreed to go to a specialty clinic in Albany for treatment, and he walked away to arrange the transportation.

Portia went into Jordan's room as Jordan finished up a phone call with Mac about taking over while she was gone. Portia thought that Jordan had made the right choice and assured her that she would be back on the job soon. Jordan remembered Portia talking about Trina's father, and she assured Portia that she'd had to have a "careful, nuanced conversation" with T.J. about the mistakes she'd made while undercover. Jordan continued that Trina would understand that Taggert was human. "Did I get that wrong?" Jordan asked. "Exactly right," Portia claimed.

T.J. and Molly entered the room, and Portia left to call Trina. Molly promised to look after T.J. Shawn arrived, and Jordan apologized that she wouldn't be able to help with his investigation. He instructed her to concentrate on getting better. Later, the room was empty when Curtis returned and directed Jordan not to worry about anything. A nurse popped in to get Jordan prepped for the transport. "Let's do this," Jordan said. A short while later, everyone was grouped around Jordan. T.J., Molly, Shawn, and Curtis said tearful goodbyes as she was wheeled away by the transport team.

Austin returned to Maxie and informed her that he would love to be her date to the wedding if the offer still stood. He promised to call her when his shift was over to talk about the details, and he walked away.

Outside at Carly's, Josslyn babbled to Trina about Carly not giving herself enough time to get ready. Carly joined the girls outside, and Trina insisted that she'd tried to keep Josslyn calm. The doorbell rang, and Carly went inside to answer it. Trina observed how happy Carly looked. Trina commented that she would probably enjoy the wedding more if she hadn't humiliated herself. She told Josslyn about Esme calling Trina out in front of Spencer, who thought that Trina had a crush on him. "Do you?" Josslyn asked. Trina replied that she had, but she wasn't sure how she felt anymore.

Trina continued that Spencer had lied about something else, and she'd helped. She told Josslyn about Victor actually being Spencer. She was sorry to have lied, and she regretted violating their "sisters before misters" rule. She wished she'd told Ava about who Victor really was and what he thought of her. Josslyn assured Trina that Spencer had put her in an impossible situation. Just then, Trina's phone went off, and she answered it to Portia, who updated her on what had happened. When Trina hung up, she promised to try to be on time for the wedding and ran out.

Carly was surprised to open the door to Ava, who apologized for showing up on Carly's wedding day. Ava informed Carly that she was moving and couldn't take Avery with her. She hoped it wasn't forever, but she updated Carly on finding her car on fire along with Kiki's hospital badge. Carly was sorry that Ava was going through it alone, and she suggested that they tell Avery that Ava was just taking a trip. Ava thanked Carly, and Carly responded that she would die for Avery. "I know. That's the only way I can leave her," Ava replied. She sincerely congratulated Carly and commented that one should never take a new chance at happiness for granted.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Nikolas joined Spencer and Esme for a meal, even though he wasn't feeling well. Valentin approached, and Spencer and Nikolas relentlessly attacked Valentin until Anna walked over. Anna ushered Valentin away, and Esme remarked, "Nothing like a mutual enemy to bring family together." Nikolas suddenly doubled over in pain and told Spencer about his run-in with Ava's bodyguards. He excused himself to go to the bar for a drink in lieu of an aspirin.

Spencer badmouthed Ava for having Nikolas beaten up, but Esme reminded him that he needed to meet Nikolas halfway if he wanted to repair the relationship. When Nikolas returned, Esme excused herself to go to the bathroom. Nikolas took the opportunity to ask what it would take for Spencer to return to Wyndemere. Spencer replied that they could figure it out, and he was open to trying. On that note, Nikolas excused himself so he could go home and take an ice bath. He told Spencer that he wanted to get together again soon, and he left. When he was gone, Josslyn arrived and addressed Spencer as Victor.

Across the restaurant, Anna wondered why Valentin had approached the Cassadine table, and he admitted that he didn't know. Anna revealed that she'd heard from T.J. that Jordan was in the hospital. Valentin insisted that she go be with her friend, but she replied that he was her friend, as well.

Nina was on the phone with Phyllis, who informed Nina that "Mike" had left his phone behind, but he was on his way back to the Tan-O. Nina heard the front door open and assumed it was "Mike," so she ended the call. She was shocked to turn around and find Peter there instead. He called her on her plan to have Liesl kill him in St. Lucia, and he added that Liesl was "being handled." He wondered how he should handle Nina, as there needed to be consequences. As he talked to her, someone watched them from outside the roadhouse.

Peter demanded that Nina unlock her phone and hand it over, which she did. He wanted to find out what Valentin knew, so he made a call and put it on speaker so that Nina could talk to Valentin. Valentin answered, happy to hear from her. She shakily asked if he had any updates on Louise, but he replied that he and Anna kept getting dead ends. He asked if she was all right, and she insisted that she was fine. She commented that he had to love living at the Metro Court hotel, as he could get room service any time he wanted. "And so it goes," she said, and she ended the call.

Valentin got off the phone and told Anna that Nina's tone had sounded forced. Anna reasoned that it wasn't a happy subject to discuss. However, she reminded him that he had good instincts, and she asked what they were telling him. He decided that he needed to call back and make sure that Nina was all right.

Phyllis entered the Tan-O, surprised to see Peter. Nina claimed that he'd been telling her about his meeting with the book editor in New York. Just then, Nina's phone rang, and Peter turned it off. Nina continued that he'd been telling her the confidential plot points of the book he was pitching, so she asked Phyllis to leave. Phyllis replied that she was just dropping "Mike's" phone off. She went behind the bar and stealthily grabbed the gun. As she suddenly pointed it at Peter, he grabbed Nina, brandishing a gun of his own.

Phyllis warned Peter that she had a good shot and that "Mike" would be back soon. Peter told Nina that he had no use for her anymore, and she knew how he dealt with liabilities. Phyllis yelled at him not to threaten Nina in the bar Phyllis and Lenny had built. Phyllis demanded that he drop the gun, and Nina screamed at Phyllis to shoot, as Peter would put many others in danger. However, Phyllis didn't want to risk Nina's life, so she put her gun down. Peter threw Nina to the ground and took Phyllis' gun from the bar.

A few minutes later, Nina and Phyllis were sitting in two chairs, side by side, as Peter pointed his gun at them. Nina warned him that he should leave, as the longer he was there, the bigger the chance he would be discovered. He replied that he intended to leave soon, but Nina and Phyllis would never step foot outside the Tan-O again. The two women grabbed each other's hands.

Valentin thought it was strange that Nina hadn't answered the phone. He thought it was strange that she'd talked about him living at the Metro Court hotel when she knew that he lived at the Quartermaines'. He'd also noticed that she'd said "and so it goes" before she'd ended the call, as that was the song he'd sung to her years before at the Nurses Ball. He believed that she was signaling that she was in trouble, and he needed to go check on her. "Let's go. How soon can we get to Nixon Falls?" Anna asked.

Peter set fire to the Tan-O with Nina and Phyllis inside Peter set fire to the Tan-O with Nina and Phyllis inside

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

At the batting cages, Dante and Sam had fun flirting and practicing their batting. Sam saw a flaw in Dante's swing, so he invited her to give him pointers. Sam didn't see the point, since her team was headed for the championship, while his team had lost. When he accused her of being all talk, Sam moved behind him then slid her arms around his body to grip the bat. Sparks flew as she demonstrated how to properly hold a bat, but Dante chuckled because he realized she had no idea what she was talking about. Caught, Sam dissolved into laughter.

Later, Sam praised Dante's improved swing, but she thought he needed work on his "home run trot." Dante suggested that Sam practice her victory run, since she was the one who had reason to celebrate. "I do?" she asked. "The end of your parole," Dante reminded her. Sam sobered as she confided that thinking about her parole reminded her how she had rid the world of Shiloh.

Sam was also reminded that Peter August and Shiloh had conspired to hand Drew over to Helena Cassadine. Dante regretted that Shiloh wasn't alive to question about Drew's plane crash, but Sam admitted that there might be another way to get some answers. She explained that there had been someone close to Shiloh who had been willing to do anything that Shiloh had asked.

At Spring Ridge, Harmony was working with a patient when Alexis approached to ask how Ryan's excursion had been. Harmony realized that Alexis had mistaken her patient for Ryan. Alexis seemed embarrassed by the mistake, even though Chris bore a striking resemblance to Ryan at a quick glance. After Harmony gave Chris a task to work on, she stepped away with Alexis. Harmony understood that Ryan's presence concerned Alexis, but she assured Alexis that Ryan was an invalid who posed no harm to anyone.

"Says every teenager in a horror film right before the guy with the chainsaw shows up," Alexis replied. Harmony insisted that she had no say in Ryan's presence at Spring Ridge nor had she requested to be assigned to him. Harmony clarified that her job was to take care of her patients to the best of her ability, but Alexis should not mistake that for liking or defending what Ryan had done. Alexis admitted that it would be easier for her to believe Harmony if Alexis didn't know how susceptible Harmony had been to a "certain kind of monster." Harmony didn't expect Alexis to forgive or forget Harmony's role in Dawn of Day, but Harmony had paid her debt to society.

Alexis conceded that she would never forgive nor forget what Shiloh had done to Sam and Kristina, but she was not in a position to cast stones. Plus, Alexis appreciated that Harmony had helped Nikolas gain access to Ryan's mail. Harmony revealed that she knew Alexis had been desperate to protect her nephew. Harmony started to walk away, but to her surprise, Alexis opened up about a friend that Alexis feared was about to make a terrible mistake. Alexis didn't want to get into details, but she could relate to her friend because he was determined to do the right thing.

Harmony wondered if that was how Alexis had ended up in prison. Alexis had told herself that, but her best intentions had been fueled by an addiction to alcohol. Harmony conceded that she was addicted to men like Shiloh, which had been a hard habit to admit to, let alone break. Alexis knew what it was like to fall for an unworthy man "or ten." Harmony was curious if Alexis had any advice to share. "Stay out of it," Alexis offered.

Harmony explained that she not only looked after an inmate's physical health, but their emotional well-being too. Alexis promised that she wasn't dying for a drink, but Harmony knew that an occasional visit from a loved one or friend didn't always ease the loneliness. Alexis was surprised when Harmony seized the opportunity to raise the topic of Esme. Harmony had concerns because she couldn't understand why Esme had been interested in Ryan. Alexis pointed out that some people were fascinated with criminals, but Harmony revealed that Esme had upset Ryan.

"How do you explain that?" Harmony asked. Alexis insisted that Esme was a harmless teen, but Harmony recognized trouble when she saw it. Esme's perfect manners were a cover. Harmony recognized Esme's type because Shiloh had collected women like Esme -- beautiful as butterflies but as vicious as a nest of vipers. Alexis questioned why Harmony cared. Harmony confessed that Alexis wasn't the only person who was lonely.

Harmony acknowledged that she was estranged from her daughter for good reason, but it meant that Harmony had been cut out of both Willow and Wiley's lives. Like Alexis, Harmony needed a friend. Just then, Sam arrived for a visit. Alexis promised to continue the conversation with Harmony later, but both ladies were surprised when Dante walked up and revealed that he was there in a professional capacity to talk to Harmony. Harmony didn't want any trouble, but Sam explained that they needed Harmony's help.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Josslyn marched up to Spencer's table to confront him about his lies. Spencer quickly realized that Trina had confided to Josslyn that he'd been in Port Charles longer than anyone had realized and that he had used his great-uncle's name. Josslyn acknowledged that Spencer was taller, but he hadn't grown inside because he remained as "selfish, spiteful, and dishonest" as ever. She was furious because he had manipulated and lied to Trina. Josslyn also resented how Spencer had made Trina complicit in his deception.

Spencer insisted that things were complicated between him and his father, but Josslyn didn't feel the least bit sorry for Spencer. She insisted that it hadn't excused what he had done, and she said that others had it much worse than Spencer. Josslyn couldn't understand how Spencer could have been in Port Charles and not told his grandmother. "What could be so important?" she wondered.

Spencer told Josslyn that it was none of her business, but she smiled knowingly because she recognized his "tell." Josslyn accused Spencer of taking advantage of Trina and flirting with Trina without mentioning that he had a serious girlfriend. She didn't think Spencer knew the meaning of friendship, but he pushed back.

Spencer claimed that he had intended to lay low until he had been ready to deal with his father, but he was adamant that Trina had never been part of the plan. Spencer argued that besides introducing himself as "Victor," he hadn't lied to Trina, but Josslyn disagreed. She reminded him that he'd lied about who he was, and he had stood Trina up on the Fourth of July. Spencer's tone turned conciliatory as he conceded that he had never met anyone like Trina and that they had hit it off instantly. Josslyn wasn't moved because she believed that Spencer had used Trina to keep his secret, knowing that Trina had liked him.

Spencer seemed surprised by the revelation. He asked if Trina had admitted her feelings for him to Josslyn, but Josslyn couldn't believe that was all Spencer had taken away from their conversation. She accused him of having a giant ego, but Spencer wanted an answer. Josslyn wondered why he cared. "Because I like her, too," Spencer confided. Just then, Esme arrived. She apologized to Spencer for being late, but she immediately picked up on the tension between Spencer and Josslyn.

"What did I miss?" Esme asked. "A lot," Josslyn replied. Esme glanced at Spencer as she insisted that she and "Spence" didn't have secrets. Spencer quickly filled Esme in on what Josslyn had uncovered. Esme agreed with Josslyn that Spencer had been unfair to "poor Trina." Esme admitted that a few years in boarding school jaded a person, and she imagined that an idealist like Trina had been disappointed in "Spence."

Esme wanted to help Spencer make things better for Trina. "You can't," Josslyn informed Esme. Josslyn suggested that Spencer start making amends by telling his father the truth. Spencer asked if it was a threat. He reminded Josslyn that he didn't have the same kind of close relationship with his father that she had with Jax.

Esme claimed that she had tried to urge Spencer to be honest with his family when he had first arrived in Port Charles and that she had been against Spencer enlisting Trina to keep his secret. Spencer was annoyed that everyone thought he was a jerk, but Josslyn didn't care. Esme assured Spencer that she was on his side, but she thought he needed to work on his communication skills and trust issues. Esme gently warned Josslyn that pushing things might threaten Spencer's newfound peace with Nikolas.

Josslyn made it clear that she expected him to apologize to Trina because if she had to choose between Spencer and Trina, she would always pick Trina. Spencer assured Josslyn that he had tried to apologize. Esme urged Spencer to listen to Josslyn. Esme acknowledged that Spencer might not have intended to treat Trina poorly, but he had. Esme wanted Spencer to be the good guy that she knew him to be, and to apologize again. "I did this all by myself?" Spencer pointedly asked Esme.

Josslyn's eyes narrowed, but she remained silent as Esme blamed herself for not making certain that Spencer's friends knew about her and their relationship. Esme conceded that it had given Trina "unrealistic expectations," so she promised that she and Spencer would do better moving forward. "Right, Spence?" Esme asked. Josslyn decided to drop the matter.

After Josslyn left, Spencer accused Esme of throwing him under the bus, but Esme didn't think it would have helped their cause if Josslyn had thought that she and Spencer had been working together. Esme assured Spencer that she was on his side. Meanwhile, Josslyn frowned as she stood by the elevator, watching Spencer and Esme.

In Drew's jail cell, Chloe sat on Drew's cot as she examined his bruised ribs. She thought he was lucky that his ribs hadn't been broken. Drew stood up to check if a guard stood outside his door, but the coast was clear. Chloe admitted that Drew's plan for her to turn him in for stealing a pen had been insane, but he had no regrets because the guards trusted Chloe. Chloe knew that a pen in the hands of an ex-Navy SEAL like Drew was a weapon, and she couldn't understand why he hadn't used it to escape. Drew explained that he had no intention of leaving Chloe behind.

Drew asked about the number of guards, but Chloe hadn't kept track. She had seen ten, and they had been different nationalities. Drew was pleased because it indicated the guards were mercenaries. Mercenaries were interested in money, and they wouldn't risk their lives to chase after someone. Moments later, a guard called out to let Chloe know that her time was up. Chloe whispered for Drew to play along then painfully squeezed his sore ribcage. Drew cried out in pain as he fell to the cot, groaning.

Chloe told the guard that Drew needed immediate medical attention because he had punctured a lung. The guard didn't care if Drew died, but Chloe reminded the man that "Russell" cared, as did the person that Russell answered to. Drew continued to cry out in pain, but he kept his eyes on the guard's keys as the man entered the cell. When the guard got within arm's reach, Drew pounced.

After a brief tussle, Drew knocked the guard out, took the man's keys, then grabbed Chloe's hand as he led her out of the cell and locked the door. They made their way through a maze of hallways until they reached a locked door. Drew began to insert each key, hoping to find the one that unlocked the door to the parking lot. Chloe had managed to procure a set of car keys in the event of an escape. Unfortunately, a wayward guard stumbled on them.

Drew tried to overpower the man, but it was Chloe's quick thinking that saved the day when she grabbed a syringe from her medical bag and injected the guard with a powerful sedative. Drew was impressed with Chloe's resourcefulness. He returned to his task of unlocking the door, but the alarm sounded. Finally, Drew unlocked the door, so he instructed Chloe to get to the public place and the U.S. Embassy. Chloe didn't want to leave without Drew, but he assured her that he was too valuable to kill.

After Chloe reluctantly left, Drew managed to lock the door just as a guard appeared at the end of the hallway. Moments later, a second guard joined him. Drew decided to go down fighting as he squared off against the two guards.

In Nixon Falls, "Mike" looked around the park bench for his missing phone when he sensed someone behind him. He scowled when he saw Jax. Jax explained that he hoped to spare Nina and Phyllis as much pain as possible, so "Mike" suggested that Jax leave town. Jax was stunned. "So, you still don't know the truth," Jax said.

"Mike" didn't care about Jax's truth. He intended to find Nina, and together, they would get on with their lives in Nixon Falls. Jax warned "Mike" that it was too late for that. "It always has been," Jax explained. Jax hoped to minimize the damage and protect Nina, which he wanted "Mike" to remember when "Mike" regained his memories. Jax was tempted to use the name "Mike," but they both knew it was not "Mike's" real name.

"Mike" recalled tossing his watch into the water, but he pushed the memory away as he insisted that "Mike" was the only name that had meant something to him. All "Mike" cared about was a future with Nina, but Jax warned "Mike" that running and hiding from the past wouldn't work because the past would eventually catch up with "Mike." "And guess what? Today's your day," Jax said.

"Mike" suggested that Jax was the one trying to run from something. Jax admitted that he had made mistakes, and he had driven people that he had cared about away, all in the name of doing the right thing. "Mike" advised Jax to learn from that, which made Jax smile because it had sounded like Alexis. "Who?" Mike asked. Jax explained that Alexis was a friend who had warned Jax that he would only end up getting burned.

"Mike" thought that Jax should heed the advice. Jax admitted that he and "Mike" had their own history, but "Mike" was skeptical. Jax assured him that it was true, and that Nina wasn't the first or even the second woman that he and "Mike" had fought over. "Mike" argued that it was impossible because it would mean that Jax knew "Mike's" real name and his past. Jax explained that it was Nina's place to tell "Mike" the truth. However, Jax could tell "Mike" that there were people who had risked their lives to hold onto what had belonged to "Mike."

"Mike" insisted that his life was in Nixon Falls with Nina. Jax suggested that if "Mike" loved Nina as much as he claimed, then "Mike" would trust Nina to tell the truth. Jax offered to return to the Tan-O with "Mike" to talk to Nina, but "Mike" refused to go anywhere with Jax, and he warned Jax to stay away from Nina.

At the Tan-O, Peter held Nina and Phyllis at gunpoint. Nina implored Peter to leave before he was discovered, but Peter wasn't in a rush to escape until he had made certain that Nina and Phyllis never left the bar again. Nina assured Phyllis that everything would be okay because Valentin would alert the police. Peter wasn't concerned if Valentin had picked up on Nina's "feeble" attempt to warn him. Peter planned to be long gone before law enforcement arrived.

Nina asked Peter to let Phyllis go, but Phyllis refused to leave Nina behind. Peter applauded their loyalty, but he kept the gun pointed at Nina as he instructed Phyllis to grab rope and duct tape from the back room. He secured both cell phones from Phyllis and warned her that she had two minutes to return -- or Nina would pay with her life. After Phyllis left to gather the requested items, Peter admitted that he was surprised that Nina had thought that she could run away from home, forget all the damage that she had caused, and start a shiny new life with a man that hadn't been hers to begin with.

Peter suggested that Nina might get lucky and be reunited with Nelle "in hell." Furious, Nina accused Peter of being twisted, and she insisted that his daughter was better off without Peter. Peter vowed to find his daughter. Just then, Peter's phone alerted him that two minutes had passed. Phyllis returned in time to stop Peter from shooting Nina. Peter instructed Phyllis to bind Nina's hands with duct tape then secure Nina to the chair with rope.

After Phyllis completed the task, Peter did the same to Phyllis. Nina warned Peter that Valentin would alert Anna and that Anna would call the WSB, but Peter was confident that he would be gone before anyone showed up to rescue Nina. Desperate, Nina advised Peter that "Mike" would return at any moment. "Don't you mean Sonny?" Peter asked. Confused, Phyllis asked who Sonny was.

Peter took delight in revealing that "Mike's" real name was Sonny, and that Nina had known the truth from the very beginning. Peter added that Nina knew Sonny's wife and all of Sonny's children, but she'd chosen to lie about it. Nina was devastated. Phyllis looked at her friend with stunned disbelief, as Peter scolded Nina for lying to a nice lady like Phyllis. "Bastard!" Nina yelled. Peter was unapologetic because Nina had known all along that "Mike" was a married man with a beautiful wife and "a whole bunch" of grieving children back in Port Charles.

Nina tearfully promised Phyllis that the man who had called himself Sonny Corinthos was gone; he had drowned in the Llantano River. Nina insisted that a much better man had taken his place, but Peter thought it was rich that everyone could reinvent themselves except for Peter. Peter decided that he'd heard enough, so he covered Nina's mouth with tape. "I don't want to die," Phyllis told Peter, but he suggested that she should have picked better friends.

After Peter covered Phyllis' mouth with a strip of tape, he picked up a can then walked around the bar, dousing it with gasoline. He held up a Tan-O matchbook, struck a match, then tossed it into the gasoline.

Shortly after Peter left, "Mike" approached the bar as smoke poured out of the windows. He ran inside, calling Nina's name as he was greeted by a wall of flames.

Sonny's life hangs in the balance as a fire rages Sonny's life hangs in the balance as a fire rages

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

At Spring Ridge, Harmony was surprised when Dante and Sam explained that they needed her help. Harmony realized that it had to do with Shiloh. "Shiloh -- and Drew Cain," Sam answered. Sam conceded that Drew might -- or might not -- be out there somewhere, but she wouldn't know until she and Dante had more information to go on. Dante acknowledged that their leads had been thin at best.

Dante explained that ten years earlier, Peter August had handed Drew over to kidnappers with Shiloh's help. More recently, Peter had arranged for the plane crash that had presumably killed Drew. Sam assured Harmony that Shiloh had not been involved, but there was a possibility that someone Shiloh knew had been. Harmony was offended by the implication that she was that person. Dante knew that Harmony had been in jail when Drew had disappeared, but Sam suggested that Harmony was resourceful enough to have found a way around that.

Harmony wondered why, if she'd been cunning enough to conspire with Peter, she had ended up paying for rent by cleaning up after Ryan Chamberlain. Sam wanted to hear Harmony deny any involvement, but Harmony coldly reminded Dante and Sam that visiting hours were wrapping up. After Harmony walked away, Sam admitted that she had screwed up. Dante knew that it hadn't been easy for Sam to be around Harmony because of the history between the women.

In a quiet corner, Alexis assured Harmony that Sam didn't suspect Harmony of being involved in Drew's plane crash, but Harmony was skeptical. Alexis reminded Harmony that it was difficult for Sam to be around Harmony. Harmony knew that she had hurt Sam, but Harmony insisted that she was trying to turn her life around. Harmony admitted that she longed for the day when she wasn't constantly reminded of her ugly past, the crimes that she had committed in the name of Shiloh, and the people she had hurt. "That day is yet to come," Harmony said.

Alexis empathized because she knew what it was like to have hope. Alexis warned Harmony that the minute they stopped hoping, they would become the criminal or disease that haunted them. Harmony nodded in agreement.

Alexis returned to Dante and Sam to let them know that she had talked to Harmony, but Alexis had no idea if she had convinced Harmony to help. Just then, Harmony walked up. According to Harmony, Shiloh had served in the military with a man named Dallas Kirby, and Shiloh had always turned to Dallas for help when Shiloh had needed an obstacle removed. Dante realized that Dallas had been Shiloh's "fixer." Harmony advised the duo to be careful because Dallas was dangerous. "So are we," Sam replied.

Meanwhile, Drew found himself handcuffed and tossed back into his cell. Russell, the head guard, loomed in the doorway as he snidely asked how Drew was feeling. Drew ignored the question because he wanted to know where he was. "Paradise," Russell answered. Drew was not amused, but he admitted that he had noticed that several of the guards had spoken Greek to each other. "Is this about the Cassadines?" Drew asked.

Russell tensed, but Drew admitted that it didn't matter because Drew's captor had more use for Drew than for Russell. Drew pointed out that he had been kept alive for a reason. Russell clubbed Drew in the knee, driving Drew to the ground in agony. "What was that for?" Drew asked once he was able to speak. Unapologetic, Russell explained that he had wanted to make certain that Drew wouldn't make another attempt to jump him again. Drew knew that Russell prided himself on how intimidating the prison was, but Drew admitted that Kandahar had been worse.

Russell's smirk vanished. "And that's how I know," Drew said with satisfaction. Russell had no idea what Drew was talking about, but Drew revealed that he knew Russell was a mercenary rather than a "true believer" who was willing to die for a cause. Drew was confident that Russell only cared about money, which Drew had plenty of. Drew pulled himself onto his cot as he pointed out that the prison was not part of a military installation, and it was clear that Russell was not a terrorist, which meant that Russell was only loyal to his bank account.

Drew was confident that he could match what Russell had been paid -- and add a hefty sum on top of that -- if Russell helped Drew get back home. Drew suggested that it was in Russell's best interest to help because it was only a matter of time before Chloe made her way to the U.S. Embassy. Drew was confident that the person in charge would shut the prison down to cover their tracks, which meant that the guards were expendable. Russell received an update alerting the guards that Chloe had not been found. "My offer still stands," Drew said.

At General Hospital, Terry smiled when she saw Elizabeth approach because Terry was eager to go dancing. Elizabeth groaned at the thought of going out, but Terry refused to take no for an answer. She wondered what had happened to the "Biz" who had dragged Terry to raves during their high school days. Terry insisted that Elizabeth needed a release, and it wasn't pitching a tent with Elizabeth's quasi brother-in-law. Terry made it clear that she wanted to hear all the details about Elizabeth's camping trip.

At the nurses' station, Britt bumped into Maxie, who was decked out in a black beaded dress with a tiered tulle skirt. Britt wondered where Maxie was headed "all dolled up," but Maxie avoided answering until Britt noticed Jason and Carly's wedding invitation in Maxie's hand. Britt's smile faded. Maxie felt bad for Britt because she knew the wedding was hard on Britt. Britt conceded that she'd been certain that she'd found "the guy," only to realize that he had been "eternally" taken.

Britt was determined to keep going, which Maxie fully supported. Maxie hoped in time the heartache would fade. Britt asked if Maxie knew what would make the day "astronomically" more bearable. "Vodka," Maxie answered. Britt agreed, but she would also love for Liesl to help Britt plot Jason's murder because it would mean that Britt wouldn't have to worry about where her mother was. Britt knew that if anyone could survive whatever Liesl was enduring, it was Liesl.

However, a small part of Britt feared that it might be the one time that Liesl Obrecht couldn't finagle her way out of a situation. Maxie admitted that she was worried, too, but then she reminded herself of all the things Liesl had lived to tell the tale about. Maxie was confident that the odds were in Liesl's favor. Maxie saw Austin, dressed in a smart black suit, round the corner, and Britt was stunned when Maxie revealed that Austin was her date for the wedding.

Austin greeted Maxie and Britt then asked if Britt would be attending the wedding, since it was a Quartermaine event. He immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing because of Britt's frosty reply as she explained that she had to work. After Britt left, Maxie noticed Terry and Elizabeth chatting nearby. Austin followed Maxie as she approached the friends to let them know that Britt was in a bad place and in need of a distraction because of Liesl's disappearance and Jason getting married. Austin understood his error when Maxie explained that Jason was Britt's ex-lover.

Later, Britt called Scott for news about the search for Liesl. She was disappointed that there had been nothing to report. Britt was pleased when Scott assured her that he would keep her in the loop, and she smiled as she agreed with his assessment that whoever had Liesl would soon beg to give her up. Meanwhile, Terry and Elizabeth watched Britt from their vantage point at the nurses' station, and the friends agreed that Britt looked upset.

A short time later, Terry asked if Britt had plans for the evening. Suddenly, Elizabeth ran up to report that she had hit the wrong button while updating Terry's notes for a meeting in the morning, and the entire file had vanished. Terry grumbled because it meant that her plans for the evening had been canceled. Britt insisted on helping Terry and Elizabeth retrieve the work. Terry and Elizabeth exchanged a secret look while Britt retrieved a credit card to give to Elizabeth for pizza. As Britt walked away, she smiled.

At All Saints Church, Carly glanced in the mirror to check her hair and makeup a final time. She recalled her conversation with Jason when he had assured her that they would have a real marriage. Carly sighed as a smile spread across her face. Carly's attention shifted when Josslyn arrived to help her mother finish getting ready. Josslyn was stunning in a seafoam silk wrap with asymmetrical ruffle and spaghetti straps. Carly beamed when Josslyn showered Carly with compliments because Carly's makeup and updo sprinkled with delicate blooms were perfect.

Josslyn was certain that her mother could walk down the aisle in a robe and still be the most beautiful bride. Carly was surprised when Josslyn admitted that Carly had a glow. Josslyn was relieved to see it because she had sensed that Carly had been holding back. Carly explained that she had been worried about how things might change between her and Jason, and she had been looking for a guarantee that everything would be okay.

Carly knew there were no guarantees in life, and once she had acknowledged that and let go of her concerns, she had been able to relax and enjoy that she was marrying Jason -- a man she loved and trusted completely. Carly admitted that she was excited, even though she had no idea what the future held. Josslyn was confident that Jason was the perfect partner for Carly. Carly agreed because together, Carly and Jason could handle anything.

Josslyn was reluctant to mention Sonny, but she was curious if Carly had been thinking of him. Carly admitted that she always thought of Sonny and that he was always with her. However, Carly wanted to focus on Jason because he was her best friend, and she loved him. Carly was proud that she would have Josslyn at her side when Carly said her vows. Carly was touched when Josslyn presented her mother with a special gift. It was a gold bracelet with an eternity symbol linking two delicate chains.

Josslyn had intended to give Carly a gift that covered the traditional good luck wishes to a new bride, but Carly had never relied on luck. Josslyn knew that her mother made her own luck. Josslyn believed that Carly's wedding day was proof that losing one love didn't mean it was impossible to find another. Carly hadn't thought she could love her daughter more, but it turned out that she could. Josslyn lightened the mood by confessing that Cameron had proposed -- to do the Chicken Dance. Carly hoped that Josslyn one day found a man to share her life with and that Josslyn would be as sure about him as Carly was about Jason.

Later, Josslyn secured the bracelet on Carly's wrist. Carly looked in the mirror. Carly was radiant in a form-fitting one-shoulder sparkling gold gown. Josslyn asked if her mother was ready. "I am. Let's get married," Carly answered.

Elsewhere in the church, Jason sat in the front pew, dressed in a black tuxedo. He seemed reflective until Michael called out a greeting. Michael noticed that Jason seemed ready to get married. Jason grinned as he admitted that he had been ready for a long time. Michael sat down next to Jason as he confided that he had always hoped that Jason and Carly would marry. Michael had loved Sonny, but there had always been something "amazing and unbreakable" between Jason and Carly. Michael was happy for his mother and for Jason, but he was also happy for himself.

Jason admitted that Michael had been the first significant thing that Jason and Carly had shared, and Michael had been the only child that Jason had been able to raise from infancy. Jason credited Michael for bringing Jason and Carly together, but Michael thought Jason gave him too much credit. Jason disagreed because taking care of Michael had shown Jason and Carly how to love each other. "In that case, you're welcome," Michael replied.

Jason wanted Michael to know that it had truly been one of the greatest joys and privileges to raise Michael the first year of Michael's life and to watch Michael grow up. It meant a lot to Jason that Michael would be at his side when Jason married Carly. "It means so much to me, too," Michael admitted.

Later, Spinelli arrived at the church. Spinelli recalled how hard he'd had to work to win Carly over, and he'd always been in awe of the friendship that Jason and Carly had shared. It had been pure and unwavering, but he confessed that it had never occurred to him that Jason and Carly would wind up together. In hindsight, he couldn't imagine it any other way. Jason admitted that he couldn't, either.

Spinelli couldn't help but think of his own recent breakup with Ellie, and Jason apologized because he knew it was painful. Spinelli assured Jason that he had mentioned Ellie only to shine a spotlight on how happy he was for Jason and Carly because Jason and Carly accepted and understood each other completely. Spinelli suggested that marriage was a test, but Jason and Carly had already passed it with flying colors.

Outside, Ned and Olivia arrived. Olivia was lovely in a bright yellow summer sheath. Ned told Olivia that nothing said wedded bliss like security at the entrance, but Olivia hadn't been fazed. She reminded her husband that one of the rules of a Corinthos -- or Corinthos-related -- wedding was not to skimp on bodyguards. Ned pointed out that they had been frisked in the parking lot, but Olivia hadn't been troubled because Leo and Rocco hadn't been with them. Olivia was surprised when Ned decided to check in to make certain there wasn't any trouble with Leo.

"Why would you think that?" Olivia asked. Ned and Olivia entered the church as they discussed Austin's suggestion that Leo see a specialist to help Leo communicate better. Olivia didn't see the point because she understood Leo perfectly. Ned confirmed that he did, too, but Austin had thought it was something that Olivia might consider. Olivia thought Austin had made a federal case out of nothing and that Austin hoped to use Leo the same way he had used "poor innocent" Chase to "weasel" his way into the family. Ned admitted that he had gotten the impression that Austin had been genuinely concerned, but Olivia insisted that Leo had merely cut his finger.

Outside, Austin stopped Maxie to ask if there were any other fraught social situations that he could look forward to before the wedding. Maxie advised Austin to avoid talking to Jason and to keep it to congratulating the newlyweds. Austin spotted Olivia and Ned, so he excused himself to approach the couple. Olivia was hostile. She assured the doctor that Leo had seen a pediatrician, who had assured Ned and Olivia that Leo was fine. Austin let the matter drop when Jason and Michael interceded by asking if there was a problem.

Meanwhile, inside the church, Maxie asked Spinelli to save a dance for her.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" stood in the doorway as he called out to Nina. Nina and Phyllis' muffled cries were drowned out by the raging inferno inside the bar. "Mike" returned to the courtyard and grabbed a chair with the intention of breaking a window to gain entry to the bar area, but Jax appeared. "Don't!" Jax warned. Jax explained that there might be a backdraft, so they needed to find another way into the bar.

"Mike" remembered the delivery entrance in the back. Jax followed "Mike," and the two men made their way to Nina and Phyllis. Both women were unconscious from the heat and smoke as Mike and Jax worked to free them from the ropes tying them to their chairs. Phyllis regained consciousness, and Jax helped her to her feet.

Jax promised to return, while "Mike" begged Nina to stay with him. He told her that he loved her. Nina's eyes fluttered open as she told "Mike" that she loved him, too. Relieved, "Mike" managed to loosen the rope as the fire intensified. As Nina and "Mike" made their way out, "Mike" heard a loud crack. He pushed Nina to safety as the fiery beam fell on him. Nina tried to run back to "Mike," but Jax appeared in time to drag Nina to the safety of the courtyard, where Phyllis had been waiting. Nina screamed for "Mike" to get out of the fire before it was too late.

Jason and Carly's wedding begins Jason and Carly's wedding begins

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Outside of the burning Tan-O, Nina tried to go back in for "Mike," but Jax wouldn't let her, and Phyllis agreed with Jax. A few minutes later, emergency services arrived, and Nina informed a firefighter that there was someone trapped inside the building. Jax chimed in with an alternate entrance, since the front entrance was blocked. Nina continued that the fire had been set deliberately, and the firefighter promised that an investigator would follow up with her about it.

A short while later, a firefighter informed Nina and Phyllis that they were doing everything they could to rescue "Mike," but the building was likely a total loss. Nina blamed herself for the whole thing, but Phyllis replied that, at that moment, getting "Mike" out of the building safely was the only thing that mattered. A cop approached, asking about how the fire had started. Nina announced that Peter had set it, and Phyllis continued to give the cop information.

Nina told Jax about everything that had happened with Peter since he'd arrived in Nixon Falls, and they argued over Nina's reactions to Peter. She insisted that she was doing her best to fix her mistakes, but Jax hoped it wasn't too late. Phyllis returned, and Nina promised to tell "Mike" the truth when he got out. Phyllis reminded her that he might not make it out, but Nina refused to think about it. As Jax made a phone call, a firefighter informed Nina and Phyllis that there was no way to reach "Mike."

Inside the Tan-O, an unconscious Sonny finally woke up and coughed. He saw Carly and realized he knew her. He begged for her help as she walked away. Just then, he awoke on the snowy banks of the river he'd washed up on months before, and Mike helped him up off the ground. Sonny remembered Mike as the man who'd helped him after he'd almost drowned. Mike pulled Lenny's dog tags out of his pocket and revealed that he'd made sure that Sonny had gotten to a safe place with a fellow "brother in arms." However, Mike told Sonny that it was "time to go home now."

Sonny countered that he was happy where he was, but Mike advised that Sonny couldn't turn away from his past, as it would always find him. Mike instructed Sonny to close his eyes, and when he did, he saw some of the worst and most violent moments in his past. Sonny refused to embrace his past if he'd been such a bad person. Mike clarified that Sonny had also been generous, loyal, and sometimes heroic. Mike revealed that Sonny's past was part of who he was. Sonny wondered what Mike would do, and Mike replied that he would always choose to fight to remember. Just then, there was a bright light, and a smiling Carly appeared before them.

Mike reminded Sonny that he'd had real love in the world he'd chosen to forget. He continued that Sonny could either "die as such or live as the man you really are." Carly approached and reached out her hand to Sonny, and he took it. He suddenly had flashes of memories with Carly. Sonny woke up inside the Tan-O, calling out for Carly.

At the church, Jason and Vincent locked eyes until Vincent walked away. Having caught the moment, Spinelli approached Jason and made sure that Jason was sure about the Five Families being present at the wedding. Jason insisted that he was sure. Monica approached and marveled over how handsome Jason looked. He was glad that she was there, but she insisted that she would always be there for her son, and the two embraced.

Across the church, Trina arrived, and Cameron was glad to see her. He asked about Portia, but Trina didn't want to talk about it. Nearby, Ned told Olivia to stop giving Austin the evil eye, but she resented that Austin had implied that there was something wrong with Leo. Olivia feared that Austin was trying to use Leo as a pawn to worm his way into ELQ. However, Ned wasn't convinced, and he believed that the doctor also had a connection with Leo. Olivia glared at Austin from across the room.

Maxie had to check on Carly and wondered if she could trust Austin alone for a few minutes. He cracked that there were probably a couple people left in town that he hadn't "unsettled." Maxie asked why Olivia was annoyed at him, as she usually stayed out of ELQ business. Austin revealed that he was concerned about Leo, but he couldn't blame Olivia for being defensive about her son.

Diane arrived and expressed to Jason how happy she was for Jason and Carly. They talked about how concerned Carly had been about losing Jason, but Diane figured that if Carly hadn't driven Jason away with all her stunts and messes yet, she never would. Willow arrived behind Diane, and Michael complimented her. She wanted to make sure he was all right, as she figured he would be thinking about Sonny. He admitted that he had been, but he felt like Sonny was with them.

On the phone with Sasha, Brando instructed Sasha to take it easy, and he hung up. Gladys approached with Vincent and reintroduced them. She wondered what Sonny would think about Carly moving on so soon, and Vincent commented that Sonny prized nothing more than family. Brando figured that Sonny would be happy about the two people closest to him finding happiness together. Vincent recognized Brando as Cyrus' driver and had no good words to say about Cyrus. Brando credited Carly and Jason for saving him and Gladys, much to Gladys' annoyance. Vincent offered Brando a job in his organization. Brando appreciated the offered but replied that he would be steering clear of his "former line of work."

"You blew that," Gladys chided Brando when Vincent was gone. However, Brando told his mother that he only wanted to work for "legitimate business ventures," and she couldn't believe that that included stripping. He added that he'd promised Sasha to stay away from organized crime. Gladys wondered where Sasha was, and Brando disclosed that she'd been put on bed rest for high blood pressure. Gladys genuinely asked if there was anything she could do. "If you're really concerned, stop trying to get me a job in organized crime," he stated.

Vincent, Mr. Buscema, and Ms. Wu had their heads together. Vincent assured his colleagues that it would be "a wedding to remember." Diane passed by the trio and walked over to Spinelli. She tried to talk to him about them, but he would "neither confirm nor deny" that he knew who they were. The two were excited to watch Jason and Carly's wedding. Just then, Diane spotted Monica approach Jason and joked that Monica was probably trying to talk Jason out of marrying Carly.

Monica commented to Jason that she'd noticed Diane there, and she wondered if Jason and Carly had gotten a prenuptial agreement. She immediately apologized for the remark, and Jason thanked her for giving her blessing to the marriage. She admitted that she was surprised he'd invited Austin, but Jason replied that he hadn't. Epiphany joined the two and told Jason that he deserved happiness. The two promised to continue having each other's backs. When the two women were gone, Vincent approached the groom and apologized for Joey crashing Jason's bachelor party. He promised that Joey was gone and commented that "these things have a way of working themselves out."

In the bridal suite, Carly was looking in the mirror when Bobbie entered and called her daughter "dazzling." Bobbie had heard about Carly's disappearing act and wondered if her daughter had had jitters. Carly explained that she'd been feeling nostalgic, but Jason had tracked her down, and they'd had a long talk. Josslyn entered and handed Carly her bouquet. Carly thanked her mother and daughter for their love and support. Just then, Maxie entered so they could "get this show on the road."

A few minutes later, Maxie announced to the wedding guests that it was time to take their seats, as the ceremony would be starting. Moments later, the music began, and Josslyn made her way down the aisle toward Jason, Michael, and the priest. When the music changed, the guests stood, and Carly began her walk down the aisle. When she reached the altar, she and Jason joined hands, and the priest began the ceremony. The priest talked about how Jason and Carly were longtime friends, and they were just starting the latest chapter of their lives together. Josslyn read a Native American wedding blessing.

The vows were next, and Jason went first. He talked about how he and Carly knew, accepted, and trusted each other and that there was no one he'd rather build a life or future with. Carly talked about how she and Jason had had an instant connection when they'd met at Jake's. She cherished their past, and she couldn't wait for their future. Each picked up a lit candle, and both lit another candle to honor and remember the loved one there with them in spirit. Just then, Maxie looked down at her phone, surprised and puzzled to see that Jax was calling her.

Sonny regains his memory as an explosion rocks the wedding Sonny regains his memory as an explosion rocks the wedding

Friday, September 17, 2021

As Jason and Carly lit the candle meant to signify loved ones lost, the churchgoers quietly reflected on their own loved ones that were no longer with them.

In Nixon Falls, Nina begged the firefighters to find a way to save "Mike." Phyllis tried to calm Nina by telling her that the first responders were doing everything they could. However, Phyllis remained realistic with her assessment that it was probably too late to save "Mike."

Inside the Tan-O, Sonny struggled to free himself from under a fallen piece of the roof. He gasped Carly's name and somehow summoned the strength to rise to his knees and shake the beam from atop him.

Back outside, Jax spoke into his phone, urging Maxie to pick up. In Port Charles, Maxie looked at her phone and questioned why Jax would be calling her when he knew that she was at the wedding. Across the aisle, Epiphany cleared her throat and shot Maxie an angry glare.

Nina approached Jax and asked what he was doing. He told her that he was trying to reach Maxie to tell her that Peter August was still alive. Nina ordered Jax to worry less about Peter and Maxie and more about getting Sonny out of the burning building. Jax blocked Nina from racing toward the Tan-O. Phyllis walked over and wrapped her arms around Nina, and Nina collapsed to the ground in tears.

Back at All Saints Church, Father Reyes asked anyone who had reason to believe that Carly and Jason should not be married to speak up or forever hold their peace. As Bobbie scanned the church, Monica leaned over to Ned and mused that she expected Tracy to barge in and do "anything, anything" to keep Carly from marrying into the Quartermaine family.

As Carly and Jason exchanged their vows, Ned told Olivia that he was reminded of their wedding. Michael and Willow looked across the chapel at each other and smiled, Trina told Cameron that Josslyn looked "so beautiful," and Gladys loudly blew her nose into a tissue. The priest asked those in attendance if they would do everything in their power to "uphold these two persons in marriage." Collectively, the congregants said, "We will." Novak and Buscema turned and looked at each other.

Josslyn and Michael presented Carly and Jason with the wedding rings. Carly and Jason slipped the rings on each other's fingers as a symbol of their love. Father Reyes declared Carly and Jason married, and applause erupted in the chapel.

In Nixon Falls, Phyllis was overcome as she looked back at the shell of her former business and lifeful of memories. As Jax and a medic tended to Phyllis, Nina suddenly took off running. Sonny slowly made his way toward her. She dropped to the ground and cradled him in her arms. A team of medics raced over to examine "Mike."

As Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" played, Carly and Jason walked down the aisle and made their way out of the chapel. Gladys grudgingly admitted that Carly looked lovely. Novak and Buscema agreed, with Buscema remarking that it "gives you hope for the rest of us."

In the vestibule, as Carly prepared to "shake a lot of hands and kiss a lot of cheeks," Jason had another idea. He took her by the hand and led her out of the chapel.

Olivia, Monica, and Ned discussed the wedding. Olivia shared that she had initially thought that "it was all kinds of wrong" for Carly and Jason to get married but added that she was glad that she'd kept it to herself because she had come to realize that Carly was very happy. Monica admitted she also had concerns, but that had changed when she'd realized that Jason was happy. A stunned Ned asked Monica if she approved of Jason and Carly's union. "Maybe I'm just a sucker for weddings," Monica replied with a smile.

Spinelli told Diane that the wedding made him a bit melancholy because of his split with Ellie, but he was also put off by "certain business associates" being in attendance. Diane reminded Spinelli that the wedding was designed to send a certain message to those particular guests. As they talked, Maxie sauntered up and asked Spinelli to track down the deejay because he was nowhere to be found.

Wu, Buscema, and Novak regrouped following the ceremony. Novak remarked that since Carly and Jason had married, it made them "twice as dangerous." The men decided they should carpe diem and join the rest of the guests. Wu said that most people forgot the rest of the famous quote -- quam minimum credula postero. Neither Novak nor Buscema knew what that meant, so Wu was forced to translate: Don't put your trust in tomorrow.

Josslyn, Bobbie, Epiphany, and Michael realized that Jason and Carly had taken off.

In the bride's room, Carly told Jason that she was impressed that he hadn't taken off during the ceremony. "I would never leave you," Jason replied tenderly. Carly and Jason sat down and reflected on their wedding. As they leaned in to kiss, Michael and Josslyn wandered in and scolded them for running off. Michael mused that Maxie would have a total meltdown if they deviated from the schedule.

Meanwhile, Bobbie told Epiphany that she had been worried that someone would object to the marriage. When Epiphany asked who would object, Bobbie stated that Jax had been a vocal critic of the union.

Just as Maxie was having the predicted meltdown about Carly and Jason having gone rogue, the newlyweds reappeared. Epiphany gave Jason a long embrace, musing that since Jason was the groom, it was the one time that he had to allow her to hug him. Moments later, Wu approached the newlyweds and congratulated them. She gave Jason a hug and whispered something into his ear.

Back in the chapel, Vincent told Gladys that he had to tend to some business, and he would not be able to dance with her at the reception. Brando checked in on his mom and learned that Novak was skipping out on the reception. He bristled when Buscema remarked that "the reception should be a real blowout."

The guests blew bubbles as Jason and Carly made their exit.

Diane teased Spinelli about his apparent displeasure with Maxie's date. She laughed when Spinelli said that he hardly knew Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt. He corrected himself to say that he barely knew Austin personally. When Diane learned that Austin was laying claim to ELQ shares, Diane suddenly became more interested in the doctor. She wondered why, when she had handled the probate for Edward's will, no one had reached out to her.

Diane breezed over to Austin and asked him to tell her all about himself. Maxie asked Spinelli if he'd instructed Diane to lure Austin away.

At a medical facility in Nixon Falls, Jax insisted that Nina be examined by a doctor. Nina said that she just wanted "Mike" to be okay. When Jax lashed out at Nina for referring to Sonny as "Mike," Nina insisted that she was not delusional. Jax again reminded Nina that Sonny had family in Port Charles, mourning him. "Keeping Sonny from his kids would just be cruel," Jax snarled.

Phyllis emerged from the examining area to update Nina on Sonny's condition, though she never made specific mention of a name. She said that the doctor was shocked that he had not sustained more serious injuries. Phyllis also shared that Sonny had asked to see Nina. Jax asked Nina not to go, but she didn't listen to him.

Phyllis told Jax that the "man with Mike's face" that she'd just checked on had an entirely different energy. "Yeah, you just met Sonny Corinthos," Jax replied. Phyllis could not believe that Nina had known the truth about Sonny the entire time.

Inside the examining room, when Nina referred to Sonny as "Mike," Sonny ripped the oxygen mask off his face and announced that his name was not Mike. "I can see it in your eyes," Nina said softly, clarifying, "They're different now." Sonny stared stone-faced as Nina discussed how they could start from scratch, since she didn't have to lie anymore. "The name 'Mike' might be false, but the way we feel about each other is real," she said. Sonny asked Nina why she'd lied. She replied that if Sonny remembered everything, he already knew the answer.

Nina reminded Sonny that he had told her that he loved her. Sonny told Nina that he didn't have time to deal with her because he needed to go see his wife and kids. Before he could leave, Nina told Sonny that there was something that he needed to know. "I honestly love you," she sobbed. "Don't say that," Sonny snapped.

Back in Port Charles, in the back of a car, Buscema and Novak were free to discuss the plan. Novak asked if the plan was Cyrus' idea. Buscema said that Cyrus was in maximum security, but he had been right about one thing. "The world is about to be a better place without Jason and Carly in it," Buscema said.

Jason and Carly got into their car. Carly asked Jason what Wu had whispered to him. Jason said only that Wu had confirmed something that he had already known. Carly instructed their driver to step on it because they could not wait to celebrate.

Beneath one of the vehicles, a bomb beeped quietly as it awaited deployment. A driver pushed the car's ignition button, and a loud explosion rocked the church grounds.

This episode was dedicated in loving memory to Joseph Behar, a former General Hospital director who passed away earlier this year. You can read more about the life of Joseph Behar here.

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