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Robert and Anna joined forces. Victor revealed that he was Valentin's father. Peter activated Drew's mind control. Dante and Sam agreed to move forward with their romance. Phyllis paid Sonny a visit. Sonny and Carly reconnected as lovers. Nikolas and Ava reunited. Spencer was cut off financially.
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Victor claimed he was Valentin's father, Peter activated Drew's mind control, and Spencer was cut off financially
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Nikolas throws Spencer out of the castle -- and his life!

Nikolas throws Spencer out of the castle -- and his life!

Monday, October 4, 2021

In Monte Carlo, Dante sported a sharp white tuxedo as he sat at a small round table, idly playing with gambling chips. He perked up when Sam entered the casino, dressed in a sexy black dress. When she noticed his smile, she asked if he approved. Dante admitted that Sam looked dressed to kill. "Hopefully, it doesn't come to that," Sam replied. She made it clear that her only goal was to find Drew.

However, Sam was impressed with how good Dante looked in his tuxedo. He was flattered, but he thought Sam looked "incredible." She returned his smile, but the duo got down to business because they were on a mission. Dante and Sam hoped that Shiloh's fixer would be the key to locating Drew. Sam warned Dante that they would have to be very subtle because Harmony had never met Dallas Kirby.

Dante wondered if Sam had a plan to smoke Dallas out. Sam spotted their target as a couple made their way to a table next to them. She asked Dante to play along, but Dante wondered if the woman was their target's date or an informant. Sam suggested that the tall brunette might be both, but it gave Sam an idea to separate the two. "Kiss me," Sam whispered to Dante. When Dante happily complied, Sam made a show of being offended by throwing a drink at Dante.

The tall brunette woman ran over to ask if there was a problem. Dante and Sam were startled when the woman introduced herself at Dallas Kirby, the casino's owner. Dallas suggested that Dante and Sam might benefit from some time apart, and she called over her companion, whom she introduced as Laurent. Sam took Laurent's arm and accompanied him to the bar, while Dallas remained behind with Dante. Dante assured Dallas that it had been a misunderstanding, but she didn't appear troubled by the altercation.

Dante confessed that he hadn't expected Dallas Kirby to be a "beautiful woman," so she asked why he'd been looking for her. Dante claimed that he'd had trouble with the previous owner, but Dallas assured him that Winston Rudge was "history." Dante and Dallas chatted and flirted until Dallas invited Dante to her room. Dante accepted the invitation. Meanwhile, Sam covertly followed Dante and Dallas as they left the casino.

At the Corinthos mansion, Carly asked Sonny about his appointment with Dr. Sullivan. Sonny poured himself a drink then joined Carly by the fire as he explained that it had gone well, and he'd been put back on his old medication. Sonny sensed that Carly had something on her mind. "Nina," Carly revealed. Carly told Sonny about Maxie's visit and said that she knew why Nina had lied.

Sonny carefully asked if Maxie had said anything else, but Carly insisted it hadn't been necessary because Carly knew that Nina had acted out of spite. According to Carly, Nina had been bitter about the situation with Nelle, and Nina had blamed Carly for Michael and Willow's decision to keep Nina away from Wiley. Carly knew why Nina had lied, but she couldn't understand why Sonny had left it to Maxie to tell Carly. Sonny claimed that from the moment he had walked through the door, he had been focused on Carly, his children, and getting his life back rather than thinking about Nixon Falls.

Carly accepted Sonny's explanation, but she remained furious at Nina for the deception. Sonny was surprised when Carly told him about her confrontation with Nina at the Quartermaine mansion. Carly revealed that Nina had been remorseful "for about a minute" but that Nina had quickly blamed Carly for everything. Carly admitted that "all hell had broken loose" because Carly hadn't held back, but ultimately, Nina had gotten off easy. Carly had been intent on killing Nina until Jason had appeared.

Sonny wondered how Jason had ended up at the mansion, prompting Carly to explain that Josslyn had been present during Maxie's visit, and it had been Josslyn who had reached out to Jason. Sonny was grateful that Jason had taken care of Carly because he had also helped Sonny at the cemetery. As Sonny talked about Jason, Carly's mind drifted to her wedding day when Carly had been excited about spending her future with Jason, and Josslyn had assured her mother that Jason was the perfect partner for Carly. Carly pushed the memory away when Sonny admitted that seeing his grave had been surreal, but it had also been a reminder how lucky he had been to return home to the woman he loved.

Carly's eyes welled up with tears as she tenderly caressed Sonny's face. She couldn't believe that she had nearly lost him, but Sonny urged Carly to forget the past and to concentrate on something else. "What?" Carly asked. "You and me. That's all that matters," Sonny answered. Carly hugged him, and she admitted that it was good to be back in his arms. Sonny and Carly shared a passionate kiss.

Afterwards, Sonny worried that he might be rushing Carly, but she insisted that they had lost too much time already. They shared another passionate kiss before Sonny took Carly's hand and led her upstairs.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was stunned that Spencer had been mad at Nikolas for leaving him, yet Spencer had put Ava in a position to inflict the same fate on Avery. "And for what?" Nikolas asked. Nikolas insisted that he and Ava had been happy building a life and a family, and they would have happily welcomed Spencer into all of it. Nikolas wondered if Spencer hated him that much, but Spencer quickly denied hating Nikolas. Nikolas begged Spencer to tell him that none of it had been true.

"What isn't true?" Ava asked as she appeared in the doorway. Surprised, Nikolas asked what Ava was doing there. She revealed that she'd had a strange conversation with Esme about Bora Bora, and then Ava had talked to Trina, who had advised Ava to get to Wyndemere as quickly as possible. Ava wanted to know what was going on because she saw the tension between father and son. Spencer quietly confessed that he had been Ava's stalker, but Nikolas added that Spencer had received a helping hand from Esme. Spencer insisted that everything had been his idea, and Esme had only done as he had requested.

Shocked, Ava reminded Spencer that she had received the cockroach while Spencer had been away at boarding school in France, but Spencer explained that he had returned to Port Charles long before he had told his family. Spencer had stayed in short-term rentals, and he had used the alias "Victor." Ava's temper flared because Spencer had used Avery as part of the scheme to lash out at Ava. Spencer promised that Avery had never been in any danger, but Ava argued that she'd had no way of knowing that at the time.

Ava also felt betrayed because Spencer had known that Kiki had been a victim of murder. She couldn't understand how Spencer could make her fear the same fate for Avery. Spencer would not blame Ava for hating him, but he admitted that he'd been angry because he had never known his mother, he had believed that his father had died -- making Spencer an orphan -- and Ava had gone back on her word by refusing to testify against Valentin. Ava was curious what had prompted Spencer's eleventh-hour confession, so Nikolas told Ava about Sonny's visit.

Spencer acknowledged that nothing could excuse what he had done, but he had deep remorse for his actions. Ava had little doubt that Spencer was sorry, but she questioned if it was because he had nearly destroyed Nikolas and Ava's happiness or because Spencer's plan had failed. Spencer conceded that it had been easier to hate Ava from afar when he had lived in France, but he had had a change of heart when he had seen how much pain he had caused. Spencer admitted that he had wanted to call everything off, but he hadn't been able to.

Nikolas blamed himself because he had started the dominos falling. "That's how we show love in this screwed-up family," Spencer explained. Spencer acknowledged that they told themselves that they were helping the ones they loved, but in truth, they only succeeded in hurting each other -- repeatedly. Spencer admitted that he had told himself that he had been helping Nikolas, just as Nikolas had convinced himself that being dead for three years had been for the greater good. Spencer hoped that he could be forgiven, since he had been following "family tradition."

Nikolas insisted that he was unable to forgive Spencer for hurting the woman that Nikolas loved and her daughter. Nikolas didn't want Spencer in his home or his life. "Get out. Now!" Nikolas shouted. Without another word, Spencer left. Ava reminded Nikolas that Spencer had been a very hurt and angry young man, but Nikolas refused to listen to Ava defend his son. Nikolas claimed that Spencer was dead to him, but Ava warned Nikolas to never say such a thing.

Ava understood that Nikolas was angry and disappointed, but Nikolas was lucky because his child was alive, and the relationship could still be repaired. Nikolas didn't want to talk about Spencer because there was no longer any reason for Ava to leave town or for them to divorce. Ava smiled. Nikolas fetched a copy of their signed divorce papers. At Ava's urging, Nikolas tossed the documents into the fire.

At the Savoy, Curtis and the beautiful bartender flipped a coin to see who would deal with Esme. N'neka lost. Meanwhile, Esme left a voicemail message inviting Spencer to join her at the bar for celebratory drinks. After she ended the call, Esme ordered a Cosmo with a twist and their finest top shelf vodka.

Nearby, Curtis greeted Nina. She threw her arms around him when she realized that he was genuinely happy to see her. Nina confessed that it was good to encounter a friendly face. Curtis and Nina sat at a table, and Nina quickly filled him in on her recent troubles. Nina was certain that she would never see her grandson again, but Curtis thought it had been shortsighted of Carly to assume that Nina had acted only out of revenge. Nina feared that Curtis had lost all respect for her, but he reminded her that everyone had things in their pasts that they weren't proud of.

Curtis didn't buy that Nina had set out to hurt anyone. Nina agreed, but she conceded that people had been hurt despite her intentions, including Sonny, who was not the forgiving sort. Curtis assured her that she was not alone. Nina was grateful for Curtis' kindness. Just then, N'neka walked up to let Curtis know that he had been right. N'neka handed Esme's ID to Curtis and advised him that it was a problem.

Esme left another voicemail message for Spencer and bragged that "the wicked witch is dead." Esme reminded Spencer that she was waiting for him and ended the call. Curtis congratulated Esme, so she smiled and asked if she had won a special prize. Her bubble was burst when Curtis called her out for having a fake ID and ordered her to leave. Esme accepted defeat and left.

Curtis returned to Nina's table. Nina thanked Curtis for being a good friend and asked what was new in his life. Curtis told Nina about Jordan's injury on the job and that Jordan had gone to Albany for treatment. Curtis explained that Jordan's recovery would take time, but she would make a full recovery. Nina wondered if Curtis had unresolved feelings for Jordan. He admitted the incident had shaken him, but there had been issues that had led to the divorce.

Nina asked about Curtis and Portia. He explained that he and Portia had been exploring something, but after Jordan had been hurt, Portia had told him that she wasn't interested in a rebound romance.

Outside Kelly's, Esme left Spencer a third voicemail message. She didn't know whether to be worried or annoyed that he hadn't answered any of her calls, but she would wait for him at Kelly's.

Inside, Willow realized that it was the first real date night that she and Michael had had. He smiled and promised to let her pick the movie the next time they went out. Willow suggested that they would have more opportunities, since Nina was a new babysitting option. The conversation turned to Nina's odd behavior during her visit. Josslyn arrived and overheard Michael and Willow talking, and she realized that no one had told them about Nina.

Josslyn sat down and revealed that Nina had known the truth about Sonny from the beginning. Willow realized that Nina had been acting strangely because she had feared her visits with Wiley might end when the truth got out. Michael was furious that they had been deceived for months and that Nina had put all of Sonny's loved ones -- including Nina's own grandson -- through unnecessary pain. Willow acknowledged that several factors had played into Nina's reluctance to be honest with Carly, but Willow couldn't understand why Nina would risk everything just to get back at Carly. Michael regretted going to bat for Nina about spending time with Wiley.

Esme entered and made a beeline for Josslyn. "Why so serious? Who died?" Esme asked the group. Esme tried to strike up a conversation, but Michael was concerned that Nina was still at the mansion. Esme volunteered that she had seen Nina at the Savoy. Michael and Willow quickly departed. "Was it something I said?" Esme asked. Cameron and Trina arrived and joined Josslyn. "It's something you did," Trina answered.

The teens confronted Esme about approaching Sonny and filling his head with lies. Esme played innocent, claiming that she had merely assumed that Ava would want to flee town with Avery in tow. Trina explained that the story had been a ruse to flush out Ava's stalker. Josslyn was curious what had happened when Sonny had confronted Nikolas and Ava, so Trina revealed that Spencer's conscience had gotten the best of him, and Spencer had confessed.

Esme was skeptical, but Spencer arrived and quickly confirmed that he had admitted to stalking Ava. Concerned, Trina asked what had happened between Nikolas and Spencer. Spencer explained that his father had kicked him out and never wanted to see Spencer again. Esme doubted that Nikolas had meant it, but Trina thought Esme had done enough damage. Spencer insisted that Esme had only tried to help him.

Esme blamed Josslyn and "your minions" for getting Spencer kicked out of the castle, but Josslyn argued that Spencer's real friends had tried to help him get out of the hole that he had dug himself into. Frustrated with the arguing, Spencer left. Trina followed him.

Outside, Spencer invited Trina to let him have it. Trina was furious, but she wished that she had known the truth when they had first met because she would have tried to talk Spencer out of it before he had hurt himself more than he had hurt anyone else. Josslyn, Cameron, and Esme all filed out. Esme made a note not to underestimate Trina again. Annoyed, Trina left with Josslyn and Cameron. Esme assured Spencer that they could fix things, and the two shared a hug.

At the Savoy, Willow warned Michael not to make a scene, but he didn't plan to stay long. Michael approached Nina and demanded to know why she hadn't told anyone that Sonny had been alive. Nina remained silent as Curtis tactfully suggested that it might not be a good time. Undaunted, Michael asked how Nina could claim to care about Wiley yet lie to everyone. Michael understood that Nina despised his mother and that she might have convinced herself that Wiley and Donna were too young, but Nina had put the rest of Sonny's children through "pure hell."

After Michael's outburst, he and Willow started to leave, but Curtis stopped them. Curtis agreed that Nina had messed up, but he warned Michael that cutting Nina out of Wiley's life forever was not the answer. Curtis wondered if Michael and Willow had ever messed up, because Curtis had. Curtis believed that Nina deserved a second chance to make up for the hurt that she had caused and to make Wiley's life better by having two grandmothers in his life.

Afterwards, Curtis offered to take Nina home, but she declined. She thanked him for his friendship and left. Outside, Nina's eyes filled with tears as she recalled a passionate kiss with "Mike."

Victor asks Valentin to help him fight Peter

Victor asks Valentin to help him fight Peter

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

At the Savoy, Curtis told Len to head home for the night. Portia arrived a short time later and asked if the club was closed. "For you, this place is always open," Curtis said with a smile. Curtis poured himself and Portia some red wine. Portia asked if Curtis had heard from Jordan. Curtis said that he had, and things appeared to be headed in the right direction. Portia smiled. Curtis recalled how "wild" things had gotten at Barstow's house and how Jordan might not be alive if it hadn't been for Portia.

Curtis and Portia discussed their overlapping investigation with Jordan. Portia wondered if Roger Barstow had been killed because of Naomi Dreyfus or because of Drew Cain. Curtis posited that it might be because of both. Portia admitted that she'd dropped by the Savoy because she didn't want to return home to an empty house. Curtis asked Portia to join him for dinner and then to check out a rival club.

Dante asked Dallas multiple questions about her travels. The volume of questions drew her suspicion, but Dante said that he just wanted to get better acquainted with the woman who had joined him in his hotel room. Dallas stated that she was "a proud graduate of Texas A&M." She had wanted to get an MBA but hadn't wanted a lot of student debt, so she had taken a job with a defense contractor. That had led to her being sent overseas and her eventual opening of her own consulting firm.

Dallas tired of answering questions and demanded to know what Dante was up to. Seconds later, Sam stumbled into the hotel room. Dallas assumed that she was being robbed, informed Dante that she had 10,000 euros in her handbag, and also offered up a bracelet. Sam assured the woman that they had no intention of robbing her; they just wanted information. Dallas asked why she'd want to help someone who had tried to scam her.

Dante introduced himself as a police officer and Notre Dame fan. He explained that he and Sam had a close connection to the WSB. The mention of the bureau elicited a negative response from Dallas. It was not as strong as the one she made when Dante asked if she had ever done business with a man name Henry David Archer, a.k.a. Shiloh. "That bastard," Dallas groaned. She explained that "Arch" had been a soldier when she'd worked logistics, and he'd always had a "racket" to make some money.

Dallas revealed that she had not heard from Archer since they had worked together a few years prior. Archer had asked her to help stage a plane crash in the Gulf of Aden. Dallas revealed how the crash had been staged. According to her, a real plane had filed a flight plan and flown to a set destination before sending out a distress signal. Her team had then dumped parts from a similar make and model jet. The real private jet had turned off its tracking beacon and simply flown away. Investigators, she continued, would have found wreckage but no survivors or bodies.

Dallas denied knowing where the real plane had landed, and she said she had not asked about who had been on the flight. She said that she had been paid $2,000,000 plus the cost of the plane parts. When asked how Archer had been able to afford that kind of money, Dallas said that Archer had been a go-between.

Dante and Sam returned to their room and discussed whether or not Dallas could be believed. Sam believed that Dallas could be lying to them, but Dante argued that Dallas had no incentive to lie -- especially since she had already been paid. If Dante was right, Sam said aloud, then that meant that Drew had been alive the whole time. Dante admitted that he was not sure what their next move should be.

Sam told Dante that, if Drew were truly alive, Scout would have to get to know her father all over again. Sam said that she was slowly coming to terms with the fact that she did not have a child with Drew; she had a child with a man she'd thought was Jason. "When we were together, he didn't know himself," Sam stated. Sam pledged that she would be there to help Drew figure out who he was because he was Scout's father. However, Sam declared that the Drew Cain she had once loved no longer existed and never had. As Sam and Dante talked, Sam missed a phone call from Anna.

Peter reported that he found his accommodations acceptable. Victor mused that any accommodations would be better than the cell Peter would have found himself in had he not been extracted from Nixon Falls. The witty banter disappeared as Victor ordered Peter to meet the terms of their agreement. Peter argued that the situation had "escalated," and their agreement needed to be revisited.

Victor coldly remarked that he had obliged when Peter had needed a place to "warehouse" Drew Cain. Peter laughed and noted that Victor had his own reasons for wanting access to Drew. Victor revealed that as part of the agreement to imprison Drew, Peter had promised to help Victor access the "conditioning" installed by Cesar Faison.

Peter insisted that he wasn't sure how to access conditioning because there was no instruction manual. It could be a simple phrase, an image, or anything that Cesar would have found easy to remember. With Cesar dead and no progress being made on accessing the programming, Victor questioned why he was dealing with Peter. Peter argued that he had "a lot of ground to cover" because Faison had worked around the world and could have notes in any number of places.

Victor stated that he was no longer sure that Drew was worth all the aggravation, though Peter doubted that Victor would simply give up after having invested more than two years in Drew's kidnapping.

At the US Consulate, Anna approached a guard stationed outside Chloe Jennings' room. Anna was informed that a nurse was tending to Chloe and that no visitors had been by to see Chloe. Anna phoned Valentin but received his voicemail. Moments later, Robert arrived and asked Anna how she had beaten him to the consulate.

Robert revealed that he also wanted to speak to Chloe, but Anna told him that he would not be talking to anyone. She pointed out that she was an active WSB agent, and Robert was the district attorney of Port Charles and far from his jurisdiction. Robert countered that Maxie was family, and he planned to do whatever he could to get Maxie's child back. Robert then suggested that things would go better if he and Anna worked together. Anna replied that she was not working alone.

Robert wasn't thrilled that Anna was still working with Valentin and asked Anna if she had considered that Valentin might have been playing her. Robert asked where Valentin was. As Anna tried to dodge Robert's questions, the agent standing guard told Anna that Chloe was awake.

In Chloe's room, Anna introduced herself and Robert. Anna told Chloe that she was free to wait for the consul, but Anna explained that she would really appreciate Chloe's help in trying to locate someone. Chloe replied that she was from Port Charles and that Anna and Robert were "famous there;" she would be happy to tell them everything she knew.

Chloe recalled being on a job interview to be a nurse for Maxie Jones. She recalled meeting Peter, who she described as "Type A," but said that it was not unusual for expectant fathers to be a little uptight. Chloe said that after leaving the meeting, the next thing she remembered was waking up in a cell in an unknown location operated by a man named Russel.

Chloe said that she had been instructed to give care to some of the guards and another prisoner named Drew Cain, the man who had helped her escape. Chloe beseeched Anna and Robert to find Drew and save him. Anna asked Chloe to lead them through everything that she remembered of her escape. Chloe eventually recalled that she had crashed about 20 miles from the compound where she had been held, a compound that she could only remember being by the ocean.

Valentin awoke in a cell with Drew, who welcomed him "to hell." It took a few moments for Valentin to realize that he was not hallucinating, though he was certain that he had been heavily drugged. Valentin asked where he was, but Drew told him that he didn't know. Asked about the last thing that he remembered, Valentin recalled having had drinks at a tavern on the island of Crete. Drew's face lit up as he announced that he knew where they were being held.

Drew couldn't help but notice that Valentin didn't seem overly surprised to see him. Valentin told Drew that Sam had told Anna that she'd received a phone call from Drew. Valentin asked if Peter August had been involved in Drew's abduction and subsequent staged airplane crash. Drew nodded, indicating that Peter had been involved. Valentin's eyes widened when Drew revealed that the person holding him prisoner was Victor Cassadine.

Valentin noted that Victor was dead. "Yeah, there's a lot of that going around," Drew deadpanned. Drew explained that he had not seen Victor but that Liesl had told him that Victor and Peter were working together. Valentin assumed that Obrecht and Victor were working together, but Drew informed him that Liesl claimed to be a prisoner, as well. Drew said that Victor was helping to locate Peter's missing daughter, but he was not sure what Victor would be getting in return.

Valentin shared that he and Anna had been in Crete to question Chloe Jennings. Drew was stunned that Chloe was alive. Drew said that Chloe had also been held prisoner and that they had attempted to escape together, but he'd had no idea if Chloe had gotten away safely. Chloe, Peter said, had gotten into a single-car accident. Chloe had managed to find her way to Panopolia -- the same town where Valentin had been drinking -- before collapsing.

Peter and Drew sat down to start brainstorming. Valentin hypothesized that Anna had not been drugged and had circled back to see Chloe. Chloe, he continued, would tell Anna that she had been held prisoner and escaped thanks to Drew Cain. By that time, Valentin said, Anna would notice that he was missing, and the WSB would get involved and track down surveillance footage and satellite imagery to find him. Drew questioned if they should just wait around for Anna to find them. Valentin nixed that idea because he believed that Peter would have figured out that the security of the facility had been compromised.

"Well, then, one or the both of us is about to die," Drew stated. Drew asked Valentin if he had seen Scout and what she was like. "She's bright. She's articulate. She's inquisitive -- a bit of a tomboy," Valentin replied with a smile. A guard entered the cell and prepared to take Valentin away. Before being hauled away, Valentin told Drew to find Peter and kill him.

Valentin was escorted to meet with Victor. Victor was disappointed that Valentin was not surprised to see him. Valentin said that Drew had filled him in on everything that he'd needed to know. Valentin was, however, surprised when Victor said that he needed Valentin's help. "Peter's gonna kill us both unless we work together," Victor said as he took a sip of his drink.

Alone in his cell, Drew thought about his daughter. A gun-toting Peter eventually let himself into Drew's cell. Drew growled,"You spineless bastard. Finally you show your face." Peter demanded that Drew thank him for keeping Drew alive. Drew argued that Peter was doing the same thing with him that he had done with Jason.

Peter replied that there had been some "complications" with Jason, but he insisted that there would not be with Drew. Peter then held up a "Tower" from a deck of tarot cards and said, "You're active." Drew announced that he was "reporting for duty." Peter smiled evilly as he informed Drew that he had a new mission.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Due to ABC News coverage, General Hospital was preempted nationally. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, October 7, and picked up where the Tuesday, October 5, episode concluded.

Victor makes a shocking claim to Valentin

Victor makes a shocking claim to Valentin

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Brook Lynn met up with Chase at breakfast. Brook Lynn told Chase that she needed to vent about something that had happened the previous night that had gotten her "so bothered." She shared that she had made incredible sacrifices to regain control of ELQ for her family, but Austin was trying to ruin all of her hard work by distracting Ned.

Brook Lynn told Chase that Austin had planted seeds in Ned's mind that Leo might be on the autism spectrum. Chase was somewhat puzzled by Brook Lynn's objection to Austin's suggestion that Leo see a therapist. He asked Brook Lynn whether, if it were her daughter in question, she would want "Bailey" to see a specialist. "It is my duty to keep her safe and healthy," Brook Lynn replied, adding that she would certainly take the child to see a specialist. The difference, she noted, was that "Bailey" was "a teeny, tiny baby," and Leo was old enough to speak up for himself.

Chase urged Brook Lynn to look at the matter objectively and to consider having a conversation with Austin to "see where he's coming from." Chase suggested that Brook Lynn could help broker peace between Ned and Olivia.

In Monte Carlo, Dante received a phone call from Rocco. Sam arrived while Dante was wrapping up the call, and she revealed that she'd just had a call with Danny and Scout. Sam told Dante that she had received a voicemail message from Anna informing her that Anna had found the real Chloe Jennings in Crete. Sam also mentioned the other prisoner who had "sacrificed himself" to allow Chloe to escape. Sam was certain that the unnamed prisoner was Drew. Sam shared that she had contacted the hotel's concierge to have them make travel arrangement for her and Dante to travel to Crete.

Dante hoped that he and Sam could have a talk while they waited for their travel plans to be confirmed. Dante wondered what Drew's return would mean for his future with Sam. "I like you, Samantha. I don't want to be work buddies [...] I want to see where this could go," Dante said. Sam turned so that her back faced Dante and smiled broadly. She allowed the smile to fade from her face before turning to face Dante as he explained how they had taken their time to get to a point where they could admit that there might be something between them.

Dante told Sam that he believed it was time that he took her out on a real date -- but only if she was interested. Sam said that Dante was making things "awkward" like they were in junior high. She reiterated that she was "interested... very interested" in Dante. Dante was relieved, but he stated that he wanted to take things slowly. Sam did not understand why Dante wanted to take things slowly. He explained that he did not want Sam to think that he was starting a relationship with her to get over Lulu.

Sam told Dante that she did not mind taking things slowly as long as they were moving forward. She inched toward him, and the two shared a kiss. "That was pretty damn good," Dante gasped as their lips parted.

Upon stepping off the elevator at General Hospital, Maxie was immediately greeted by Austin. Maxie told Austin that she was there to buy some flowers for Bobbie to mark B.J.'s birthday. Austin did not understand the significance, so Maxie explained how she had received Barbara Jean's heart following a tragic accident. Austin was morbidly enthusiastic that Maxie had Kawasaki syndrome so severe that she'd needed a heart transplant.

The topic shifted to Austin's ongoing friction with the Quartermaines. Austin believed that when he won in court, the Quartermaines would have to accept him. Maxie countered that the Quartermaines might have to accept him legally, but that didn't mean they would accept him into their lives. When she remarked that at least a legal win would give Austin "a piece of the ELQ pie," Austin asserted that the ELQ shares were not his primary focus. He said that his win would bring closure for his late father, who'd wanted nothing more than to be recognized by the Quartermaines.

Austin hoped that his battle with the Quartermaines would not impact Maxie's relationship with her best friend Brook Lynn. Maxie bristled at the suggestion that she and Brook Lynn were friends, let alone "best friends." Maxie rattled off how Brook Lynn had attempted to seduce Dante and glossed over the bomb that had critically injured Lulu, who Maxie said was her true best friend. Regardless of their past, Austin wondered if it might be time for Maxie to reexamine her feelings for Brook Lynn.

Maxie thought back to her more recent encounters with Brook Lynn and was astounded that she and Brook Lynn really might have become good friends. Austin wondered if Maxie could be friends with both him and Brook Lynn, since he and Brook Lynn did not get along. Maxie felt that she could, and she commented that Austin had shown that he was a "really caring doctor" when he'd interacted with Leo. As the words left Maxie's mouth, Brook Lynn and Chase rounded the corner.

Brook Lynn and Maxie greeted each other, and Brook Lynn asked if she could speak "calmly and alone" with Austin. Austin agreed, and he and Brook Lynn walked off together. Further down the corridor, Brook Lynn apologized for yelling at Austin the day before. With the apology out of the way, Brook Lynn asked Austin if he really believe that Leo could be autistic. Austin confirmed that he did.

At Victor's compound, Valentin passed time with a deck of cards. Eventually Victor returned, and Valentin accused his uncle of manipulating him. Valentin shared that he believed Victor didn't really feel threatened by Peter. Victor assured Valentin that he was being honest, and he claimed that he had been the only Cassadine to give Valentin the time of day when Valentin had been a child.

Though Victor claimed he was trying to keep Valentin safe, Valentin grumbled that his "slightly more opulent" prison was still a prison. Valentin then asked what his uncle was doing to keep Anna safe from Peter. Victor told Valentin that he had no reason to be concerned about Anna. In fact, Victor said that Anna had already replaced Valentin with "another sidekick." Victor admired Valentin's "passion" for Anna's safety. Valentin vowed that if anything happened to Anna while he was locked up, he would hold Victor personally responsible.

Victor claimed that Peter was the only person who would harm Anna, and, moreover, Victor insisted that his pretending to help Peter was the only thing keeping him, Valentin, and Anna alive. Valentin questioned why Victor kept playing up his relationship with Valentin. Valentin said, "There's no connection between you and me. We share the same last name. That's it. There's no blood between us. I'm the product of a random affair." When Valentin stated that he was not even an "authentic" Cassadine, Victor told him that he was wrong. "I'm the man who had an affair with Helena," Victor responded, clarifying, "You're my son."

Valentin doubted Victor's claim. Victor asked Valentin if he really believed that the WSB would hire a man with Cassadine as their last name, the insinuation being that Victor had helped Valentin get the job. Through gritted teeth, Valentin told Victor that he agreed to work with Victor, but he blasted Victor for trying to insult his intelligence with "sentimental drivel." Victor hoped that one day, he and Valentin would be able to find a way forward.

In Panopolia, Anna was greeted by the bartender who had served her the night before. Anna told Robert that she was going to head to her room to check on Valentin. When she returned alone, Robert boasted that he knew Valentin was probably still passed out from his night of drinking. Anna informed Robert that Valentin had not been in his room, and she quickly asked the bartender if he had seen Valentin. The bartender revealed that when his wife had gone to clean the room, Valentin had already left. Anna sensed that something wasn't right, but Robert countered that Valentin had probably "bailed" on the search. Seeing how concerned Anna was for Valentin, Robert cursed Anna for being "soft" on Valentin.

Anna spotted the mandolinist and walked over to ask him if he had passed along her message to Valentin. "Yes, I definitely gave him your message," the man replied. The musician then claimed that Valentin had left by himself shortly after Anna had left. Anna argued that there was no way that a drunken Valentin would have been able to leave on his own. The mandolinist suggested that Valentin might not have been as drunk as Anna had believed or that Valentin had "sobered up quickly." The man went on to say that a fancy sportscar had picked Valentin up and sped off.

As Robert was bemoaning Valentin as unreliable, Anna unexpected grabbed the mandolist by the arm and shoved him face-down onto a table. She demanded that the man tell her what had happened to Valentin. Robert noticed the tattoo on the man's arm. As Anna and Robert demanded information from the man, another man armed with a gun appeared across the restaurant. Anna tossed the mandolinist to the side before she and Robert took refuge behind the bar.

Anna and Robert exchanged gunfire with the masked assailant for several moments before the man took off. When he managed to get out of the line of gunfire, the man, bleeding from a gunshot wound to his upper left arm, removed his combat mask and revealed that he was Drew Cain.

Spencer pays a high price for his lies

Spencer pays a high price for his lies

Friday, October 8, 2021

At the Corinthos mansion, Carly enjoyed a cup of coffee. She admitted that she wanted to stay home and shut the world out all day. Sonny tenderly kissed his wife, but their idyllic morning ended when a bodyguard announced that Sonny had a visitor at the gate. Moments later, Phyllis was shown into the living room. A smiling Sonny introduced Carly to his friend. After Phyllis and Carly exchanged pleasantries, Phyllis set a large box on the coffee table.

With Sonny's permission, Carly went through the box. She chuckled when she pulled out several of "Mike's" flannels and a large black cowboy hat. Carly admitted that "Mike" had had a distinct fashion style. "Not to mention a fine two-step," Phyllis said. Sonny credited Lenny for teaching him to dance. Sonny reached for Phyllis' hand and gave it an affectionate squeeze, prompting Carly to excuse herself to give the two friends privacy.

Phyllis admitted that she'd had an ulterior motive for stopping by. She had wanted to meet Sonny properly. Sonny held out his hand and introduced himself, but the two friends quickly dropped the formality and shared a warm hug. Sonny fetched Phyllis a cup of coffee, and Phyllis noticed a photo of Sonny and his father. Sonny told her about Mike, and he was certain that Mike and Lenny would have hit it off. Phyllis confessed that she had also found some photographs of Sonny and Nina, but she hadn't put them in the box because she was uncertain how he might feel about being reminded of Nina.

Sonny asked about the Tan-O. Phyllis explained that she had filed an insurance claim, but she didn't know if she would rebuild because it wouldn't be the same without Lenny. Sonny assured her that he would help if she needed anything. Phyllis appreciated the offer, but she insisted that Sonny owed her nothing. She admitted that she was also in town because she had unfinished business with Nina. Sonny was surprised that Phyllis wanted to see Nina after the way that Nina had deceived both Phyllis and Lenny.

Phyllis acknowledged that Nina had done wrong, but Phyllis also knew Nina's heart. Lenny had accused Phyllis of having a bleeding heart, but she was unable to write Nina off. "Can you?" Phyllis asked.

On Wyndemere's parapet, Ava enjoyed her morning coffee as Nikolas walked up behind her and slid his arms around her. She jokingly warned him that he had better be her husband because her husband was a jealous man. Nikolas nuzzled Ava's ear. "I'm your husband, all right -- for now and for always," he said. Nikolas vowed to never let her go again.

Nikolas and Ava went inside. Ava noticed Nikolas' troubled expression when he checked his phone, prompting him to explain that he'd put an alert on Spencer's credit card. It appeared that Spencer had spent the night at Metro Court. Ava asked how Nikolas felt about it, but he didn't want to spend their first morning together talking about his son. Instead, Nikolas decided to fetch their breakfast.

When Nikolas returned, Ava asked about the call that he had made. He admitted that he had cut off Spencer's access to the bank account and credit cards. Ava was all for tough love, but she was concerned about what Spencer might do. Nikolas reminded her that Spencer had had every advantage in life, and it was time for his son to figure out a way to support himself. Ava thought it was fine in theory, but she worried that Spencer might see it as a punishment, which might further stoke his dangerous resentment of her.

Ava reminded Nikolas that she was a big girl and capable of taking care of herself. She pointed out that Spencer had grown up watching Nikolas, and if he wanted to punish Spencer for the behavior that Nikolas had modeled, then he should not do it on Ava's account. Moments later, Ava's phone chimed. She announced that she had to get dressed because she had a visitor that would soon arrive.

At Metro Court, Esme woke up as Spencer entered their hotel suite. She noticed that he'd been working out and wondered if he'd gotten any sleep. Spencer admitted that he kept replaying "the whole train wreck" whenever he closed his eyes. Esme was curious what had possessed him to confess, so he reminded her that she was to blame because she had lied to an "alleged" mob boss. Esme insisted that she had only wanted to help Spencer, and her only goal had been to make Spencer happy.

Spencer's anger evaporated. He promised that none of what had happened had been Esme's fault, but he admitted that he would be happier if they stopped scheming and did better. "Whatever you want," Esme said in a conciliatory tone. She quickly switched gears to berate his "so-called" friends -- Josslyn and Cameron -- for setting a trap. Spencer defended Josslyn and Cameron because they were his real friends and the only ones he'd ever had.

Spencer reminded Esme that they had been guilty of everything that they had been accused of. Esme conceded that she and Spencer hadn't been innocent, but Esme argued that Josslyn and Cameron hadn't been, either. Esme believed that the couple owed Spencer an apology. Spencer was distracted by a knock at the door. It was a hotel staff member informing Spencer that his credit card had been canceled.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Portia and Trina agreed that it had been a great idea to meet weekly for breakfast and to catch up. Portia was eager to hear about Trina's classes and her work at the gallery, but Trina instead revealed that Ava and Nikolas had reconciled. Trina quickly filled her mother in about how Spencer had been unmasked as Ava's stalker. Portia was shocked, but it quickly turned to anger when Trina added that Spencer had posed as Victor, and he had been responsible for the horrific incident at the gallery when Trina had been splattered with red paint.

Trina confessed that she felt guilty about exposing Spencer because it had led to Nikolas tossing Spencer out of Wyndemere. Worse, Nikolas and Spencer's relationship was more strained than ever. Portia made it clear that Trina was not to blame because it had been a mess of Spencer's own making. Portia reminded Trina that Ava finally knew the truth because of Trina. However, Portia thought that Ava might want to dissolve the marriage because it was clear that Cassadine men were not to be trusted.

Trina agreed that Spencer fit the definition of a bad boy, but he was more lost than bad. Portia warned her daughter that women in dysfunctional relationships with bad boys tended to say the same thing. Portia had been with Ava when Ava's car had been set ablaze, and she recalled how Ava had not been able to stop shaking with fear. Portia added that leaving Kiki's ID near the burned-out car had been an act of cruelty, but Trina quickly clarified that Spencer hadn't torched Ava's car. Trina suspected that it hadn't even been his idea. Portia realized that Trina seemed determined to let Spencer off the hook, but she had faith in Trina because Trina had a good head on her shoulders.

Trina told her mother about the code that Trina and Josslyn had. "Sisters before misters," Trina said. However, Trina feared that she had failed Ava because she had kept Spencer's secrets. Trina worried that it might be too late to repair the damage, but Portia suggested that Trina's feelings of remorse spoke volumes.

Nearby, Britt met her cousin. Nina was eager for news about Liesl, but Britt had nothing to report. Liesl had vanished into thin air. Nina apologized because she feared that she was to blame. Nina insisted that her intention had been to protect Maxie, but Britt disagreed because they both knew that Nina's call for help had been about protecting Nina's secret. However, Britt didn't hold it against Nina.

Nina felt terrible, and she was desperate to help. Britt accepted the offer because Scott had been beside himself. Nina revealed that Valentin had left a voicemail to let Nina know that he and Anna had a lead on Peter, but Valentin had failed to go into detail. Nina asked how her cousin had been holding up, so Britt admitted that she had been keeping busy with work. Nina wondered how things had been between Britt and Jason, but Britt made it clear that Jason was not in the picture.

Once again, Nina blamed herself, but Britt considered it a favor because Jason would always put Carly first. "I'm nobody's second," Britt said. Nina was proud of Britt, but Nina decided to leave because she didn't want to pay Carly's inflated prices for breakfast. The cousins promised to stay in touch, and Britt warned Nina to watch her back because Britt had a feeling that Carly was not done with Nina.

After Nina left, Spencer and Esme entered the restaurant. Spencer warned Esme that he would be out of cash once he paid for breakfast. Esme was confident that things would get better once Nikolas had time to cool off. Just then, Spencer spotted Britt. He had an idea, but he wanted Esme to let him handle it. Esme assured Spencer that she trusted him, and she left.

Spencer greeted Britt and sat down. He revealed that he had a deal for Britt. Spencer offered his "witticisms" and Esme's French cooking techniques in exchange for room and board with Britt. Britt informed Spencer she lived in a hotel room. Spencer promised that he and Esme wouldn't get in the way, especially since Britt spent most of her time at the hospital, but Britt wanted to know why Spencer needed a place to stay. Spencer's expression turned sheepish as he told Britt that he had been stalking Ava.

Spencer defended his reign of terror, but Britt argued that Spencer had had no right to dictate Nikolas' relationship with Ava. She reminded Spencer that his actions had hurt others because even Britt had been suspected of being the stalker. Spencer apologized for putting Britt in that position. Britt conceded that everyone made mistakes, but Spencer needed to fix things with Nikolas. Spencer implored Britt to let him spend one night in her hotel room.

"Not in my hotel," Carly replied. Spencer tensed as he faced Carly's wrath. She was furious that he had made an implied threat to Avery in his effort to scare Ava, and she resented that Spencer's scheme had included manipulating Sonny. Spencer admitted that he had screwed up, but Carly refused to let him play the martyr. She suggested that it was time to stand on his own two feet instead of asking people to bail him out, because he'd been enabled his entire life. Chastised, Spencer left.

Britt reached for the bill, but Carly took it and explained that Britt's breakfast was on the house. Carly apologized for interrupting Britt's talk with Spencer, but Britt admitted that she had already turned Spencer down. Spencer had made a mess of things, and she hoped that he figured things out because he was a good kid. Britt started to leave, but Carly asked if Britt was ready for some "radical honesty."

Nearby, Portia bumped into Nikolas. She confronted him about what Spencer had done to Trina. Nikolas apologized, but Portia resented that Spencer walked around like he could do whatever he wanted, and it was Nikolas' responsibility to shut it down. She advised Nikolas to keep Spencer away from Trina if he knew what was good for him.

At Wyndemere, Ava happily greeted Trina with a warm hug. Ava was thankful that Trina had uncovered the truth about the stalker, but Trina didn't think she deserved gratitude. Trina told Ava that she had met Spencer while he'd been using the name "Victor." Ava reminded Trina that Spencer had been lying to Trina as well as manipulating and betraying Trina's trust. Trina argued that if she had talked to Ava sooner, they might have figured out the truth before Ava's car had been set on fire.

"Can you forgive me?" Trina asked. Ava insisted there was nothing to forgive. Ava wished that she had had a friend as loyal and trustworthy as Trina years earlier. Touched, Trina assured Ava that Ava had her then. Ava felt bad for Trina because she remembered how excited Trina had been to meet "Victor." Ava hated that Spencer had robbed Trina of that feeling. Trina admitted that she had liked "Victor," but he had been a façade. Trina vowed to never trust Spencer again.

Ava didn't want to encourage Trina to have a relationship with Spencer -- and she appreciated Trina's loyalty -- but what had happened had been between Ava and Spencer. Ava assured Trina that Trina was free to "do you." Ava and Trina turned to the doorway when they heard Spencer call out to his father.

At Kelly's, Josslyn was studying while Cameron worked behind the counter. He handed her a drink as she closed her book. Cameron admitted that he still had trouble believing that Spencer had been the stalker, and he regretted giving Josslyn and Trina pushback, because Trina had been right about Spencer. Josslyn revealed that she and Trina had been up half the night, talking about it and how they had wished it hadn't been necessary to set a trap for Spencer. Cameron agreed that it was good that Nikolas and Ava knew the truth, but the truth had destroyed Spencer's life.

Cameron wondered if they had helped or hurt Spencer's family. "Both," Josslyn replied. She reminded Cameron that none of it would have been necessary if Spencer hadn't done anything wrong. Cameron recalled how terrified Spencer had been for Nikolas, but Josslyn blamed Esme for going to Sonny with lies about Nikolas and Ava taking Avery to Bora Bora. Cameron insisted that Spencer and Esme were equally to blame. Josslyn reminded Cameron that every team had a captain, and she suspected that Esme had been calling the shots.

Cameron wondered why Josslyn thought Esme had been more involved than Spencer, so Josslyn reminded him that Esme had set Ava's car on fire. Cameron argued that it had been at Spencer's request, but Josslyn suspected that Spencer had been covering for Esme. Cameron countered that Spencer was no angel, and Spencer had set everything in motion. Josslyn agreed, but she wanted the best for Spencer, and she believed that Esme brought out the worst in their friend.

Moments later, Nina entered. Cameron decided to clean up outside while Josslyn spoke to Nina. Josslyn was glad that she had run into Nina because she had something to give Nina. Josslyn retrieved the journal that Nina had given Josslyn as a graduation gift. Josslyn opened the journal and began to tear out pages as she confided that she had started journaling to process her feelings over losing Sonny. Josslyn told Nina about the nights that Josslyn had heard Carly quietly sob, the good days -- and the bad -- as the family had grieved, and how much everyone had missed Sonny.

Josslyn accused Nina of not only lying to Sonny's family but also lying to Jax when he had been shot in Nixon Falls while trying to protect Nina. Josslyn had kept the journal updated until the previous night. Josslyn clutched the torn pages in her fist as she tearfully vowed to keep her thoughts. She handed the journal to Nina and made it clear that she never wanted to see it or Nina ever again.

Outside, Esme approached Cameron. Her eyes glistened with unshed tears as she told him that he was the only person who could help her. Esme explained that she and Spencer were homeless and penniless, but Cameron suggested that it had been well deserved. Esme conceded that she should have done more to rein Spencer in, but Spencer had been desperate to get his father back. Cameron knew that things were bad, but he was confident that Spencer would bounce back, as always. "Not this time," Esme said.

Esme claimed that Spencer had lost his father, so he needed Cameron more than ever. Esme didn't want to get between Spencer and his real friends. Esme sniffled as she revealed that Spencer had referred to Josslyn and Cameron as his real friends. Cameron assured Esme that he would always be Spencer's cousin. He disliked what Spencer had done to Ava and Trina, but he didn't hate Spencer.

Esme wondered about Josslyn. Cameron admitted that Josslyn was mad, but she was the kindest person he knew, and he was certain that she would move past it. Esme smiled and told Cameron that he was a good guy. Josslyn exited Kelly's, but she stopped short and frowned when she saw Esme.

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