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Cyrus warned Sonny that a new threat lurked on the horizon. Nina was released on bail. Ava sold Charlie's Pub. Nikolas blackmailed Alexis. Michael proposed marriage to Willow. Gladys learned that Valentin was not Bailey's father. Violet found a photo of Jeff Webber and Liz. Shawn told Spencer about Nikolas' role in Hayden's shooting.
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Cyrus warned Sonny about a new threat, Nikolas blackmailed Ava, and Gladys learned Valentin was not Bailey's father
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Gladys hears shocking news

Gladys hears shocking news

Monday, October 25, 2021

At the bar in Crete, Jason handed the bartender some money and asked him to buy some alcohol after hearing that Jason's "friends" had cleaned the place out. Britt was despondent that she and Jason had been unable to find anyone or anything in their search for Liesl. She added that a destructive Peter had to be stopped. They wondered about Drew, although Britt suggested that it was hard to kill either Drew or Jason.

Jason received a message from Dante, and he wandered outside to get phone service. Britt declared that she would stay put, since her feet were killing her. She poked around behind the bar, only to see that the bartender had been telling the truth. Russel walked in and trained his gun on Britt. She raised her hands above her head but noted that she needed to tend to the heavily bleeding wound on his leg. Russel maintained that a ferry was due in, and Britt would be his ticket out. Britt raised her voice and shouted, "Take me hostage later!" Jason rushed inside and took Russel down.

Britt ordered Jason to fetch the first-aid kit that she'd spotted behind the bar, and she proceeded to stanch the flow of blood as Jason called for help. Britt tried to talk to Russel, but he offered to take her to Liesl if she would only keep him alive. He mentioned that Liesl was on Cassadine Island. Soon after, the thug was on his way to the hospital while a police officer questioned Britt and Jason. He suggested they fly back to the United States as soon as they could, as he suspected they could be trouble.

In the nearby hospital, Valentin called out and tossed and turned in his bed. Anna awakened him from his nightmare, and he revealed that he had been dreaming about Peter taking "Bailey" and Charlotte. Valentin's heart monitor began to spike upward as Anna tried to reassure him that his daughters were okay. She eventually calmed him down with a "revenge fantasy" as the monitor's beeps finally slowed down. She informed him that he needed to return home for surgery.

"Life would be pretty boring without you," Anna said. She apologized for leaving Valentin alone in the bar prior to his kidnapping, although Valentin cited the quality time he'd spent with Victor, who was his uncle or possibly his father. Valentin felt that he owed his life to Drew, who had prevented him from being killed on the bridge. Anna told him there'd been no word on Drew, but she thought Valentin should be thankful that he was alive. She hadn't been sure he would make it, and she wouldn't have had the chance to say something.

Awkwardly, Anna stuttered and declared that she wouldn't have known what to say to Valentin's daughters if something had happened to him. Valentin thanked her for thinking of them and asked for a phone in order to speak to his girls. Anna didn't think it was a good idea, and she thought he should get his rest. Valentin said that Anna was the only strength he'd ever need.

Sasha and Brook Lynn fawned over photos of "Bailey," at the Port Charles Grill. Sasha was ready to deliver and asked Brook Lynn about her delivery, but Maxie arrived before Brook Lynn could say much of anything. They attempted to figure out who had arranged the Deception meeting until Gladys showed up and took responsibility.

Seated at a table, Gladys maintained that the women needed to have better surroundings for business, and she was assisting all of them in that respect. She turned the phone microphone on in lieu of taking notes. Brook Lynn was perturbed that the cost would be reflected on the company account, and she and Gladys began to bicker. Gladys made it personal when she taunted Brook Lynn's mothering ability and stated that Brook Lynn only cared about herself.

Sasha insisted on taking Gladys aside to talk, and she reminded her that Brook Lynn was Gladys' boss. Gladys went on to talk about how "tech savvy" she was and how she used her phone recorder to take notes for later transcription. At the table, Maxie noted that Gladys was a pain, and Brook Lynn recalled that she hadn't admitted to having a child when she'd first met Gladys. "Just be a mom!" Maxie urged.

Sasha and Gladys returned to the table, and Sasha asked Gladys if she had anything to say. Gladys remained mute, and Brook Lynn spoke up instead. She confirmed that Gladys had given her something to think about. Just then Brook Lynn received a phone call from Anna, who told her that Valentin wanted to speak to "Bailey." Brook Lynn put the speakerphone on and held it out for all to hear. "Tell her it's daddy," Anna said. Brook Lynn announced that she wasn't at home.

Valentin stated that he would be home soon, and Anna indicated that Sam and Dante would explain everything. She noted that Valentin had been injured, and she indicated that Brook Lynn should talk to Charlotte. Brook Lynn made it clear that the girls would be waiting for Valentin's return, and they loved him. The call ended, and Brook Lynn was upset. Sasha forced Gladys to leave the table as Maxie tried to comfort Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn noted that Valentin loved his children, and she dreaded the day that he would find out that "Bailey" wasn't his. She noted that Valentin was a wonderful father. Gladys' phone remained on the tabletop and continued to record the conversation. Gladys and Sasha returned. Gladys announced that she had rescheduled the meeting, and it would be held at the office. She vowed to prove her worth. After Gladys had gone, Brook Lynn wanted hazard pay, and Sasha hoped that Gladys would eventually be an asset to them.

At Metro Court, Michael ran into Carly as he finished up a phone call with Sheridan regarding Nina's arrest. She was happy to see him, but Jax arrived in order to talk to Michael, and Carly left them alone. Jax mentioned that he was aware that Michael and Carly did not forgive him for siding with Nina in her pursuit to see Wiley, and he admitted that he'd blackmailed Michael.

Michael felt that Nina had to pay, but Jax felt as though Nina had already been paying with the way everyone thought about her deeds. One day, Wiley would find out about it, too. Michael noted that Nina had had several chances to tell the truth, and he refused to let it go.

Sonny showed up and met with Carly at the bar. He told her briefly about his meeting with Spencer, who hadn't liked what Sonny had had to say. Sonny wanted to know if Carly had been responsible for Nina's arrest. Carly was surprised and told Sonny that she hadn't known about the arrest. They discussed the case and whether a real crime had been committed. Carly gloated until Sonny mentioned the people "we helped in Nixon Falls." "We?" Carly asked. Sonny told Carly about Elijah, and Carly thought it was crazy that Sonny had led a whole other life.

Nina was in handcuffs at the police station. Scott arrived and ordered her not to say anything. He revealed that he was representing Nina. They were taken to the interrogation room, and Nina exclaimed that she hadn't hired Scott. Ava walked in and announced that she had. Scott explained that the man running for Pennsylvania D.A. wanted a high-profile case, and Nina was accused of holding a man hostage.

Nina asked if there was no other crime in the state. Scott explained that he was trying to stall for a good defense, and he thought that if Nina were extradited to Pennsylvania, she'd be out on bail quickly. If she fought the extradition, she wouldn't get bail, and things would move slowly. Scott tried to rush Nina into making a decision, and he finally asked Ava to talk some sense into her while he left to make some phone calls.

Ava admitted to having an agenda when she'd spoken to Nina about Sonny previously, but she genuinely cared about Nina. She added that while Scott seemed silly, he did it purposely to distract people, and he was really a shark. Ava couldn't believe that Sonny had had Nina arrested, and she guessed that Nina had thought that he would have proven to be more like "Mike." Nina had believed that they would have been able to coexist.

Ava reminded Nina that she'd had years of experience with Sonny, and she reminded Nina of Nina's secret weapon of knowing the truth about what had happened in Nixon Falls. Nina insisted that nothing had happened, but Ava stated that she and Sonny had fallen in love. She urged Nina to "have it ready." Nina wondered if Carly had been the one to have her arrested. Ava wanted Nina to appeal to the part of Sonny who was still connected to her.

Back at Metro Court, Sonny and Carly approached Jax and Michael just as Jax received a phone call from Scott. The lawyer urged Jax to get to Nina's upcoming arraignment right away because she needed friends. Jax revealed the conversation to the others and the fact that Nina was facing extradition. Carly and Michael were eager to view the proceedings. "Why?" Sonny asked. "Because Nina has it coming," Michael replied.

At the hospital in Crete, Anna declared that she'd known the phone call would exhaust Valentin. He wanted Anna's word that Brook Lynn would speak to "Bailey" about him, but Anna was certain that Valentin would live and speak to her himself. She was sure that he would be okay for Charlotte and "Bailey." Valentin suggested that she was leaving someone off the list. Anna told him that he was about to be airlifted back home, and he wished Anna luck in looking for Peter.

At the nearby bar, Jason made it clear that he did not trust Anna when it was about Peter. He maintained that he and Britt were there to find Liesl, while the WSB was looking to terminate Peter. He and Britt headed out to Cassadine Island. After they left, the bartender placed a call to inform Prince Nikolas.

Nina's arraignment was about to start. Ava vowed to be in Nina's corner. Jax arrived followed by Scott. A smiling Carly showed up with Michael and a shaken Sonny. "Just like that bloodthirsty bunch to show up for the kill!" Scott exclaimed. Ava asked Sonny why he had done such a thing to Nina, but Michael declared that Nina should blame herself. Nina couldn't believe that Michael had been the one to have her arrested.

Michael stated that the law had been broken, and justice had to be served. Jax asserted that it had not been justice, but revenge. Scott got Nina settled, and Ava reminded Nina of the "ace up your sleeve." Everyone stood as Judge Lowe took his seat. Scott announced that his client welcomed extradition. Eventually, Nina was remanded to the custody of Pennsylvania, and she was cuffed. Scott promised to have her out on bail. Carly gloated while Sonny continued to stare. Nina turned to look at him, and he was clearly upset.

Gladys sat at her desk at Deception and typed up some notes via the recorder from the day's earlier meeting. She was in shock when she heard Brook Lynn's comment about "Bailey" and Valentin.

Ned asks Austin for his help in getting through to Olivia

Ned asks Austin for his help in getting through to Olivia

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

At Kelly's, Spencer complained to Esme about Kevin's demand that he get a job. As he sipped some coffee, Spencer grumbled that, "Things don't taste as good when you have to worry about how to pay for them." Esme assured Spencer that he could do anything he set his mind to -- from being a menswear journalist for Crimson to a mačtre d' for international clientele at the Metro Court. Spencer noted that every suggestion was linked to someone who didn't like him very much at that moment.

Spencer decided to call Britt to see if she would hire him as her assistant at General Hospital. When he stepped out of the restaurant to make the call, Esme chatted briefly with Cameron. Spencer returned with news that Britt was out of the country. Esme called out to Cameron to ask if he knew where Spencer might be able to get a job.

Cameron shared that he had just been promoted to assistant manager, which meant that there was a job opening for a server -- but only someone with "actual qualifications." Spencer realized that he'd have to grovel and apologize for being someone who thought that he was "better than the townies." The reality, he said, was that he was a "disinherited nobody who is desperate for a job." Cameron told Spencer that there would be some forms to fill out, but he saw no reason why Spencer could not start immediately.

Austin wasn't thrilled when Ned showed up at his office. Austin mused that he had thought he'd seen the last of the Quartermaines when he'd signed away his rights to ELQ. Ned stated that he felt Austin had done the right thing by choosing the ability to practice medicine over ELQ, but he quickly noted that he wanted to talk to Austin about Leo. Austin claimed that everyone professed to care for Leo but that Leo was nothing more than "a pawn" to Brook Lynn.

Ned apologized for Brook Lynn's "single-minded" approach. Ned asked if Austin had any suggestions for how he could help Olivia understand that Leo needed help. Austin remarked that Ned should consider seeking a marriage counselor. Ned again asked Austin for his medical advice regarding how to talk to Olivia. Austin became irritated and blasted Ned's hypocrisy for simultaneously wanting his help and condoning the way Brook Lynn had used Leo to get Austin's medical license suspended.

Austin showed Ned to the door, but Ned pleaded for the chance to strike a truce with Austin. Austin angrily replied that he would never forgive Brook Lynn for the way she had "weaponized" his desire to help people. He also skewered Ned for chalking up Brook Lynn's deeds as things that were done for Ned, her father, while also being unwilling to understand that Austin was also trying to do things for his father.

Ned conceded that the Quartermaines were known to fight ferociously and often without integrity in order to protect their own. Austin scribbled the number of a specialist on a piece of paper and handed it to Ned. Ned thanked Austin but said that he would be unable to make an appointment without Olivia's consent. "Then you have a beautiful challenge ahead of you," Austin replied flatly.

At Deception, Gladys kissed her phone as she listened to the recording of Brook Lynn confessing that "Bailey" was not Valentin's daughter. She logged onto the Internet and ordered two pairs of boots, which she charged to Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn arrived at the Metro Court to have a celebratory drink with Chase. She told Chase how she had used his advice to talk to Austin about Leo to get HIPAA violation charges levied against Austin. Chase scolded Brook Lynn for "manipulating" Austin into choosing between his medical license and his claim to ELQ, something Chase felt was wholly unfair, since it seemed obvious that Austin cared about Leo. Brook Lynn fired back that she felt little sympathy for Austin, who she described as "far from a poor, powerless, little country doctor."

After Chase left, Brook Lynn received a notification on her phone about purchases that had been made at Wyndham's. Brook Lynn summoned Gladys to the Metro Court, where she reamed Gladys out for buying boots and charging them to the company. Gladys sassed that she wanted to look good and rejected Brook Lynn's instructions to reimburse the company. She also rebuffed Brook Lynn's orders that Gladys start working on the notes for the Face of Deception business meeting.

Brook Lynn intimated that she would fire Gladys, but Gladys replied that firing her would be a mistake -- especially since she knew that Valentin was not "Bailey's" father. Brook Lynn denied ever saying that, which prompted Gladys to play the recording she had made on her phone.

Outside, the Port Charles Grill, Sasha phoned Brando after her meeting to ask him to meet her for dinner. As she walked into the restaurant, Willow followed right behind. Sasha sensed that something was troubling Willow. Willow confirmed Sasha's suspicions, stating that she needed a break. Sasha asked if the break needed was from "the Quartermaines, the Corinthoses, or both." Willow replied that she needed a break from Michael.

Sasha and Willow took a seat at a table, and Sasha asked if Willow's issues with Michael had anything to do with Nina's arrest. Willow was shocked that word of Nina's arrest had become public. Willow confessed that she had been blindsided by Michael's decision to use a political donation to target Nina. Sasha assured Willow that Michael loved her, but Willow didn't need convincing of Michael's love for her. Willow expressed that she had been hurt that Michael had chosen to craft his plan behind her back.

Sasha suggested that Michael had acted the way he had because it was what he had been taught to do. Sasha turned the topic to her own relationship bump in the road: Gladys. Sasha joked that if she were not pregnant, Gladys would have her "diving headfirst into a bottle" of alcohol. Willow shared her gratitude that Carly was nothing like Gladys.

At the courthouse, Michael placed a phone call and proudly told D.A. Sheridan that Nina had waived extradition and was en route to Pennsylvania. As a result, Michael also made sure that the donation he had promised had been wired to Sheridan's campaign fund. Carly and Sonny happened upon Michael as he was wrapping up the call. Carly praised Michael's "big move," but Sonny was not nearly as jubilant.

Michael stated that he was surprised that neither Carly nor Sonny had come up with a plan to send Nina to jail first. Carly admitted that she'd spent many nights awake, trying to think of ways to get back at Nina, but reconsidered because Sonny had asked her to. Michael was taken aback by the revelation, and he asked if his father had an issue with the way that Michael had reached out to D.A. Sheridan. Sonny replied that he did.

Carly repeated her support for what Michael had done, but she explained that Sonny had convinced her that his homecoming should not be about "anger and resentment." Sonny asked Michael what would happen if someone linked Michael's contribution to Sheridan's campaign and the district attorney's decision to prosecute Nina. Michael argued that campaign contributions were "completely legal," and he insisted that Sheridan would not have chosen to move forward with the case if it were without merit. A flustered Michael walked off.

Finn returned home with groceries and learned from a giddy Violet that Aunt Elizabeth had brought "hot house presents." Elizabeth quickly clarified that the presents -- a bunch of throw pillows -- were otherwise known as "housewarming gifts." Elizabeth also brought a box of kitchen utensils and pots and pans. Finn asked Elizabeth if she and Aiden would stay for dinner.

Meanwhile, Aiden and Violet looked through some old photos that Aiden had brought along. The kids became transfixed on one photo of a young Elizabeth with a man that they did not recognize. Elizabeth winced when Aiden suggested that it had to be Elizabeth's dad. Violet questioned why she had never met her Grandpa Jeff. Aiden replied that Jeff lived really far away. Violet expressed her disappointment that she had not met Jeff and asked Elizabeth to invite him over to see her.

Elizabeth said that Jeff was very busy traveling the world to take care of people. "I guess those people need him more than we do," she concluded. Aiden led Violet to the kitchen to make brownies. Finn apologized to Elizabeth for Violet's persistence about Jeff, but he asked Elizabeth why she didn't know more about where her dad was.

Before Elizabeth could answer, Chase arrived for dinner with a "good luck charm," an apron with "Kiss the Cook" written across the front. Chase, Finn, and the kids headed to the kitchen while Elizabeth remained behind and looked at the photograph of her and her father. A short time later, Finn and Chase called out for Elizabeth's help in figuring out how to work the European model stove. With tears in her eyes, Elizabeth ripped the photograph into four pieces before heading into the kitchen.

Nikolas blackmails Alexis

Nikolas blackmails Alexis

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Outside Kelly's, Portia bumped into the older Black man who had been spying on Portia and Curtis at the Savoy and who had given T.J. the slip at the hospital. The mystery man apologized, but Portia admitted that she was a bit jumpy due to "the spirit of the holiday." Portia noticed that the man held a map of Port Charles. He imagined that he looked like a tourist, which he decided would make for a perfect costume. He confessed that he was in town, checking up on "family."

When the stranger asked about visiting "the Chuck," Portia informed him that the museum was closed. The conversation shifted to the Savoy when the man expressed an interest in the new music venue. Portia admitted that she knew the owner, prompting the man to ask about the owner's lack of experience running a nightclub. Portia wondered where the stranger had read that because she had read all the articles about the Savoy and its owner. The man claimed that he had read it online, but Portia's guard was up. She wished him well, but she had to be on her way.

At Volonino's, T.J. and Curtis were sparring in the boxing ring, but Curtis noticed that his nephew was distracted. T.J. admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about the patient who had vanished. T.J. feared that he might have spooked the man by asking for identification, but Curtis reminded T.J. that there were many reasons that the man might have left, from being undocumented to someone looking to score drugs. T.J. explained that he hadn't gotten either vibe from the man; the encounter had felt personal. Curtis attributed the feeling to T.J. being an empathetic doctor, which Curtis insisted was T.J.'s superpower.

Curtis pointed out that T.J. had two days off from work to shake the encounter off. T.J. asked if Curtis had plans for later that evening and the following day, but Curtis wondered why T.J. didn't want to spend time with Molly. When T.J. mentioned that Molly was catching up with Shawn, Curtis realized why T.J. had been making a point to spend extra time with Curtis. Curtis assured T.J. that it wasn't necessary to make him feel included since T.J.'s biological father was back in the picture. Curtis wasn't insecure, and he thought it was important for T.J. to have a relationship with Shawn.

Curtis promised that he and T.J. were solid. "Always have been and always will be," T.J. said. Curtis reminded T.J. that they were family, and nothing would ever change that. Moments later, Portia arrived for a kickboxing class. She greeted Curtis and T.J. T.J. seized the opportunity to ask if Portia had heard anything about his patient who had skipped out before T.J. had been able to grab the man's ID. Portia hadn't, but she perked up when T.J. talked about the encounter and mentioned that the man had asked about Curtis.

Portia asked what the patient had looked like. After T.J. left, Portia admitted that she had bumped into someone earlier who had also asked about Curtis.

At Metro Court restaurant, Josslyn thanked Jax for breakfast, but she had made plans to meet Trina at Kelly's to study. Jax questioned why the girls would study at Kelly's when they lived together, but then he recalled that Cameron worked at the diner. Josslyn smiled but insisted that Kelly's was a popular spot, and she and Trina had a big test to prepare for. Josslyn also pointed out that it was Halloween, so they wanted their evening free. Jax recalled being in college in Australia, where Halloween had been considered an American influence that his culture had tried to battle. Josslyn chuckled because her father had become a venture capitalist who sipped drip coffee with his American daughter.

"Touché," Jax replied. The mood shifted when Josslyn broached the topic of Nina. Josslyn acknowledged that she believed that Nina had deserved to be arrested, but Josslyn knew it hadn't been easy on her father.

In a nearby alcove, Ava was surprised when she saw Nina. Nina confessed that she was exhausted from being extradited to Pennsylvania and posting bail, but she was happy to be out of jail. Ava thought it had been gutsy of Nina to show her face in Carly's hotel, but Nina explained that she had merely stopped by the restaurant for a cup of coffee before heading to Crimson to attend to the fires sparked by her arrest. Ava was impressed that Scott's plan had worked, but Ava was surprised that Sonny had let Michael get away with having Nina arrested.

Ava was tempted to turn down Sonny's offer for Charlie's Pub, but Nina assured her friend that it wasn't necessary. Nina appreciated Ava's support, but she wanted Ava to sell the bar to Sonny. Nina suspected that Phyllis would be more apt to accept Sonny's gift, and Nina realized that she couldn't buy Phyllis' forgiveness. Ava wished that Nina wouldn't be so hard on herself because there were plenty of people who would be. "I'm not one of them," Ava said.

After Ava left, Jax called out to Nina. Josslyn stood next to him, wearing an expression of utter disbelief. Josslyn questioned how Nina had gotten out of jail, so Nina explained that she had posted bail and been given permission to return to Port Charles until the trial. Josslyn was furious that Nina hadn't spent a single night in jail despite keeping Sonny from his family for nine months. Jax tactfully reminded Josslyn that she had plans to meet Trina, but Josslyn continued to rant at Nina for having the audacity to show her face in Carly's hotel and acting like nothing had happened.

"Josslyn," Jax said in a stern voice. Disgusted, Josslyn stormed off. Nina assured Jax that he didn't have to protect her from Josslyn. Jax admitted that Josslyn was her mother's daughter. Nina confided that she could handle the backlash from Carly, but Josslyn's words had broken Nina's heart. Jax felt bad for Nina, but he confessed that he had been keeping his distance from Nina intentionally because he had realized that Nina had decided to keep her relationship with Sonny in Nixon Falls a secret.

Jax and Nina went to the bar, where Nina ordered a cup of coffee. Nina explained that she wanted to respect Sonny's wishes, which meant being quiet about the nature of their relationship, even though she was facing criminal charges. Nina couldn't fix her legal troubles, but she could at least focus on her business. Jax assured Nina that her job was secure, but she feared that it might be bad optics. Jax conceded that she wouldn't be able to run the magazine from behind bars, and he believed that it had been a mistake for Nina to return to Port Charles, especially without his help.

Nina made it clear that she didn't need Jax to be her white knight, and he had to stop trying to save her. Nina insisted that she was a lost cause. Jax assured Nina that he had put his armor away, but he felt partially responsible for what had happened. Nina explained that part of her trying to make things right was taking full ownership for her actions. Nina was determined to face the consequences for her choices. She believed that it was the only way for her to move forward. Jax respected Nina's decision, but she wondered if that extended to keeping her secret.

Jax confessed that he'd been taking stock of his own life, and he had made the decision to focus on his own life. Nina walked with Jax to the elevator. He promised her that Carly would not hear anything about Nina's relationship with Sonny from him.

At Kelly's, Spencer was engrossed in For Whom the Bell Tolls until Molly cleared her throat and asked if she could have some service -- or if she would need to speak to the manager. Spencer slammed his book shut and rounded the corner to happily hug his cousin. Molly smiled as she returned Spencer's affectionate greeting. After they pulled apart, Molly reintroduced Shawn to Spencer. Spencer recalled Shawn, but it had been many years. Things turned awkward when Spencer alluded to Shawn's recent stint in jail, so Molly suggested that Spencer focus on his own legal issues.

Molly revealed that she had been forced to recuse herself from Spencer's case when it had landed in the district attorney's office. Spencer assured Molly that he understood, and there were no hard feelings. After Shawn and Molly sat down, Molly asked if Shawn minded being roped into breakfast with her. He admitted that he enjoyed spending time with his daughter-in-law. Shawn hoped the term was okay with Molly, since she and T.J. were domestic partners, but Molly wasn't offended. It was fine with her.

Shawn and Molly shared a chuckle as they reminisced about Molly's days as a romance writer when she had penned the Love in Maine series. Molly was surprised when Shawn confided that the suggestions that T.J. had given her had really been tips that Shawn had given to T.J. Shawn explained that he had once been a volunteer writer for the Armed Forces newsletter, and his only intention had been to help Molly. Shawn had been impressed with Molly's writing, and he had considered her a prodigy. Molly was flattered by the high praise.

Molly admitted that as much as she loved writing, she had found a new way of expressing herself by trying to improve the justice system from the inside. Molly suspected that Shawn shared a similar passion because she had overheard his conversations with T.J. during the three months that Shawn had been living with T.J. and Molly, and Molly recalled the many discussions that she and Shawn had had about social issues, justice, news, and current events. Molly suggested there might be a way for Shawn to raise awareness for the things he cared about.

Shawn had no idea where to even begin, but he doubted that he could do anything of significance until he cleared his name. Molly was curious how things were going, so Shawn admitted that he had a new lead, but it could send him down a path that could start a lot of trouble. Molly assured Shawn that she had his back.

Meanwhile, Josslyn entered Kelly's, and she didn't waste time before playfully teasing Spencer about his new job. Spencer was not amused. He felt humiliated to be working, but Josslyn assured Spencer that she didn't think less of him. She admitted that she was impressed that he was making his own money. Josslyn thought it was admirable. Spencer pointed out that all three of Josslyn's parents were as rich as his father. Josslyn acknowledged that he was right and that she was incredibly fortunate and tried not to take any of it for granted.

Josslyn pointedly reminded Spencer that she had never betrayed her parents' trust or used a good friend and lied to her. Also, Josslyn hadn't committed several crimes or wound up awaiting trial. Nearby, Shawn overheard the exchange between the teens as Spencer wiped down the tables. Shawn asked Molly about Spencer's legal difficulties, and she filled him in. Molly admitted that it had all started when Nikolas had pretended to be dead for three years, and it had ended with Nikolas marrying Ava. Molly explained that Spencer resented Ava for double-crossing him when Spencer had tried to seek justice for Nikolas -- who hadn't been dead, after all.

Molly was hopeful that things would eventually work themselves out between Nikolas and Spencer. She admitted that all it would take was a sincere apology from Spencer because Nikolas was filled with guilt and was putty in his son's hands. Molly conceded that Nikolas had the Cassadine ruthlessness and seemingly cold heart, but it melted for Spencer because Spencer had always been Nikolas' Achilles heel.

Shortly after Shawn left, Molly was surprised when T.J. walked in. He hugged Molly as he admitted that he'd decided to change his plans because he wanted to spend time with his beautiful partner. Touched, Molly kissed T.J. Outside, the mystery man stood by a window, watching T.J. and Molly.

At the counter, Spencer was pleased that he had learned Kelly's famous recipe for hot chocolate. Josslyn took a sip from her cup and confirmed that he had perfected it. She asked him to keep her tab open because she was expecting Trina. Spencer asked if Josslyn would move the study session to Haven Bistro, because he wasn't ready for Trina to see him working. Josslyn agreed, but only once, because Spencer had nothing to be ashamed of. Josslyn was proud of Cameron for having a job, and she found it "hot."

Spencer smiled but said it was an awful pep talk. Josslyn pointed out that there was a solution to his problems; he could get over himself and make things right with his father.

At Spring Ridge, Nikolas warmly greeted his aunt, but Alexis coldly informed him that they needed to talk. Nikolas followed her to a table. Alexis hoped that the Nikolas she loved and trusted was still operating inside of him because she needed Nikolas to tell her the truth -- no lying, no dodging -- just honesty. Sensing where Alexis was going, Nikolas warned her to think long and hard before she went any further.

Alexis didn't miss a beat as she asked Nikolas if he had hired a hit man to shoot Hayden Barnes. Nikolas wasn't surprised by the question, but he was hurt that Alexis would think him capable of such a deed. Alexis noticed that it hadn't been a denial, but Nikolas pointed out that it hadn't been an admission. Alexis had known Nikolas since his birth, and she had told herself if she looked him in the eyes that she would know the truth. She begged him to tell her that he hadn't let a man be locked up for six years for a crime that Nikolas had committed.

Nikolas argued that Shawn had been far from an innocent man because Shawn had been at the garage to kill Drew Cain, the father of Alexis' granddaughter. Alexis argued that the salient point was that Shawn hadn't shot Hayden -- a hit man had. Frustrated, Nikolas begged his aunt to stop because if she continued to pull the thread, it would make it impossible to secure her release. Nikolas explained that he and the governor had gotten quite close since Nikolas had dated the man's daughter.

According to Nikolas, he had been biding his time until the right moment to petition the governor to pardon Alexis. Nikolas had spoken to the governor the previous evening at a fundraiser. "What a fortuitous coincidence," Alexis said. She wondered if it had had anything to do with Alexis and Nikolas' talk the other night. Nikolas explained that he had reminded the governor of Alexis' role in exposing Judge Carson's corruption, and he had suggested that the state show appreciation by granting Alexis a pardon.

Nikolas claimed that the governor was prepared to take the backlash for granting a pardon to someone convicted of attacking a police officer, but only as a favor to Nikolas. Nikolas warned that accusing him of something completely groundless like hiring a hit man to kill Hayden would weaken any political sway Nikolas might have. "So, we have a quid pro quo, huh?" Alexis asked. Alexis realized that Nikolas would facilitate her pardon provided that she and Shawn dropped the investigation.

Just then, Shawn arrived. Nikolas decided to let Alexis catch Shawn up on things. After Nikolas left, Shawn asked if Nikolas had said something incriminating.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was in the kitchen with Avery as she poured syrup on the pancakes that he had made. He warned her to go easy because Kristina would be taking Avery and Donna out trick-or-treating later that evening. From the archway, Carly took in the tender scene, and she vowed to never take the special moments for granted again. Avery sneaked more syrup onto her pancakes, and Sonny laughingly reminded Avery that she had a lot of candy ahead of her. Avery disagreed because "Mama Carly" had said that Avery couldn't have any until the next day.

Carly clarified that Avery could have a piece for each year of her age, which meant that Avery could have six pieces of candy. Avery grumbled because she knew that her Kit Kat candies would be gone by morning. Sonny chuckled as he glanced at Carly. He knew exactly where the Kit Kats went, but Carly blamed the disappearance of the chocolate wafers on the magic of Halloween. Sonny noticed that Carly seemed in a good mood. Carly admitted that she was happy it was Halloween and that she wouldn't be running into Nina at every turn, thanks to Michael.

Later, Ava arrived. Avery happily greeted her mother with a hug, but Avery hadn't been expecting her mother until the next day. Ava admitted that she had stopped by to talk to Sonny. Carly sent Avery to check on Donna and the nanny. After Avery left, Ava revealed that she had the closing papers for Charlie's Pub. Carly was shocked that the sale had gone through so quickly. Ava conceded that she had made her decision quickly, despite a bidding war. Carly hadn't realized another buyer had been interested, but Sonny claimed that he hadn't had a chance to mention it because things had gotten a little crazy with Nina's arrest.

After Ava went to say goodbye to Avery, Carly praised the way that Sonny did business. Carly hoped that Phyllis decided to accept Sonny's offer. Carly gave Sonny a kiss and left for work. A short time later, Sonny received a collect call from Flatland Federal Prison. It was Cyrus Renault.

In the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael greeted Willow as he made his way to the counter and poured himself a cup of coffee. He told her about his plans for the day and asked about hers. Willow admitted that her plans weren't as important as his. Michael had sensed her tension since the previous night, and he asked her about it. Willow confirmed that she was upset about Nina, but mostly because of the breakdown in communication between Willow and Michael. Willow thought she and Michael had been on the same page, but it was clear that she had been wrong.

Michael reminded Willow that they had agreed not to do anything about Nina's visitations with Wiley, but Willow accused Michael of being deceptive because he had known all along that he had a plan to have Nina arrested. Michael was confused because he'd thought that Willow had agreed that what Nina had done had been wrong. Willow clarified that she was not opposed to Nina facing legal consequences, but Willow was concerned that Michael had taken it upon himself to have Nina arrested without consulting her or the rest of the family. Michael conceded that Willow was right. Willow admitted that it was like he had honored the letter of their conversation but not the spirit.

Michael heard the ring of truth in Willow's words. Willow assured Michael that she would have had his back if he had told her about his plan. Michael apologized. He admitted that his last few relationships had made him put his guard up, and it had been wrong of him to shut Willow out. Michael stood by his actions regarding Nina, but he admitted that he had been having trouble trying to respect Willow's request to move slowly while at the same time living together as a family with Wiley. Michael regretted that he had kept Willow out of the decision-making process, but he realized that on some level, he had been trying to protect her by keeping her in the clear.

Willow acknowledged that even though she and Michael weren't on the same page, it hadn't changed how she felt about him. Willow loved Michael, and she had missed snuggling against him in bed. She acknowledged that she shouldn't have expected them to take things slow when they had fought so hard to be together. However, she didn't want to be shielded or kept out of things. Michael promised that other than Wiley, nothing was more important to him than Willow, and he vowed to spend every day proving it to her. Willow was startled when Michael took her hand, went down on bended knee, and proposed marriage to her.

At Metro Court, Carly was not pleased when she saw Nina standing in her restaurant.

Sonny gets a call from Cyrus

Sonny gets a call from Cyrus

Thursday, October 28, 2021

While kneeling, Michael told Willow that he wanted their next marriage to be real and to last. She agreed, but she pulled him up from the floor and said that she couldn't think while he was kneeling. He assumed that she was declining his proposal, but she clarified that it was only a "not yet." She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, but she wanted their marriage to be about their family and not "smoothing over a disagreement." He insisted that that hadn't been the reason for his proposal, but she replied that the timing was a little suspect.

Willow loved that Michael was a "fixer," but she reminded him that they could disagree and still love each other. Michael talked about how crazy his parents' fights had been over the years and how he'd always known that they loved and supported each other, no matter what. He related that, except for the intense fights part, that was how he felt about her. Willow responded that he was like her safe place, and she wanted to marry him someday. He replied that he would wait forever if he had to. She promised that it wouldn't be that long, and they shared a kiss.

At Spring Ridge, Shawn asked about Alexis' meeting with Nikolas. She told him about Nikolas possibly getting her a pardon, and Shawn was excited for her. However, she added that "the price of my freedom is too high." She explained that, while she hadn't gotten an actual confession, she knew that Nikolas had had something to do with Hayden's shooting. She was dismayed that her nephew had "gone bad." She continued that the pardon was a bribe for her to drop the subject of Hayden, and Shawn urged her to take the deal.

Aside from believing that she didn't deserve a pardon, Alexis explained that she could never live with herself if she didn't do something about her attempted murderer nephew. She was determined to pay her debt to society and serve her full sentence, and she refused to let Nikolas use his money and influence to escape consequences that he needed to face. Shawn thought back to Spencer saying that Nikolas would do anything for him, and Shawn thought he knew a way to get a confession.

At home, Sonny was looking through the closing papers for Charlie's when his phone rang. When he answered, an operator asked if he would accept the charges from inmate Cyrus Renault at Flatland Federal Prison. Sonny accepted, and Cyrus was delighted to hear Sonny's voice. Cyrus welcomed Sonny back and talked about all the things he had to fill Sonny in on when Sonny visited. "Pass," Sonny replied. Cyrus insisted that he had information about who was trying to take Novak and Buscema's territories. However, Sonny urged Cyrus to make himself comfortable, since he would be spending the rest of his life in prison. Sonny chuckled and hung up.

At Volonino's, Portia told Curtis about the strange man she'd encountered who'd been asking questions about Curtis. She related that the man fit the description of T.J.'s mysterious patient. She told Curtis about the conversation, and Curtis was suspicious. Just then, Sonny arrived, and Curtis and Portia welcomed him back. Sonny wanted to talk to Curtis about Cyrus, and he mentioned the phone call he'd received. He asked about what had happened when Cyrus had finally been arrested, and Portia and Curtis explained the hostage situation. Sonny thanked them for the information and left.

Hearing about Cyrus made Portia anxious, but she remarked that Sonny seemed to be getting back into the swing of his "business." Curtis wondered if Portia worried about Trina, since she was so close to Josslyn. Portia answered that she had been until she'd seen how protective Sonny was of his family, so she tried not to dwell on it. Curtis thought it was suspicious that a mystery man had shown up in town around the same time Cyrus had called, and Portia questioned if he thought the two were working together.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly was "outraged" to see that Nina was already back in town and acting like nothing had happened. Nina shot back that Carly had acted like nothing had happened after watching Nelle die. They argued about who was the bigger hypocrite until Nina remarked that her lawyer could make a good argument that Nina had been trying to protect Sonny from his "dangerous" life. Nina accused Carly of using Michael as a puppet to go after Nina as revenge, even though Carly would never get back the nine months Sonny had been gone. Nina warned that targeting her would just hurt Carly in the end, and Carly questioned Nina.

Just then, Sonny entered and wondered what was going on. "I'm late for work," Nina muttered, and she booked it out of the restaurant. Sonny and Carly agreed that Nina shouldn't be there. Carly told Sonny that she'd tried things his way, but there was no way she would back down. "From now on, this is between me and Nina," Carly warned.

At Kelly's, Spencer was talking to Esme at the counter when a bell rang. He grabbed an order to take it to a table and encountered a surprised Nikolas and Ava on the way. He dropped off the order then wondered if Nikolas and Ava were there to eat or to gloat. Nikolas was shocked that Spencer was working there, and Spencer explained that Kevin would only let him stay if he got a job.

Spencer returned to the counter and vented about Nikolas and Ava being there to humiliate him. Esme reasoned that their presence was Spencer's chance to "mend fences." Spencer refused and wished he could get Nikolas alone to make him see reason. Esme thought she could help with that.

At the table, Ava wondered how Spencer would do in the food industry after being waited on his entire life. She asked if Nikolas' "brooding silence" was about Alexis, and he admitted that the pardon from the governor might not work out. Just then, Esme approached and asked to speak with Ava outside. When the two were gone, Spencer approached, but he and Nikolas only had their same argument. Nikolas couldn't change the past, but he vowed to fix the present. He advised Spencer to stop punishing Nikolas before Spencer wrecked his own life. Spencer replied that he would start listening to Nikolas when Nikolas listened to Spencer about cutting Ava out of his life.

Outside, Esme apologized to Ava for her part in the terror Spencer had put Ava through. She realized that she should have tried to talk Spencer out of it instead of helping him. She explained that she wasn't close with her own family, so she'd empathized when Spencer had told her about his situation with Nikolas. She didn't expect Ava to forgive, but she would appreciate the chance to make amends. Ava was willing to start fresh with Esme, and she hoped that Esme would be a good influence on Spencer. Ava advised Esme to make good use of the fresh start because "one is all you get. If you cross me again, you'll regret it."

Moments later, Ava sat back down with Nikolas, and they put their breakfast order in with Spencer. He went back to the counter, where Esme sat and vented some more about the couple. "He needs a wake-up call," Spencer decided.

Shawn tells Spencer that Nikolas was involved in Hayden's shooting

Shawn tells Spencer that Nikolas was involved in Hayden's shooting

Friday, October 29, 2021

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn urged Charlotte to hurry up and eat her cereal so that she could go to the hospital and see Valentin. Charlotte fished her spoon around in her bowl and commented that she was not used to eating sugary cereals. When she was finished, Brook Lynn noticed that Charlotte seemed to find other reasons to delay her visit to the hospital. Sensing that Charlotte was scared, Brook Lynn called Charlotte brave and told the girl that there was nothing to worry about.

At the Metro Court, Sasha told Brando that she dreamed of the day she would be allowed to drink caffeine again. Maxie scurried up to their table, but the three were distracted when a robe-clad Gladys sidled up to the bar, seeking a bottle of Dom Perignon. When Brando asked why his mom wasn't at work, Gladys explained that she had taken a much-needed spa day. Maxie objected when she saw that Gladys was using the corporate credit card, but Gladys insisted that Brook Lynn had given her permission to use it.

"You're an assistant. Nobody owes you a spa day," Maxie said flatly. Before she could berate Gladys more, Maxie received a text message from Brook Lynn, asking Maxie to meet her at General Hospital. A furious Gladys stormed out of the bar area.

Sasha and Brando discussed Gladys' behavior, with Sasha urging Brando to be understanding of the challenges that Gladys had faced over the previous few months -- losing her job, getting shot, and falling for a mobster.

At Kelly's, Spencer suggested that, in the future, Nikolas take Ava somewhere else to eat. Nikolas warned Spencer that he needed to be nicer to customers, but Spencer fired back that he wasn't about to take advice from a man who had pretended to be dead for several years.

Ava sensed that Nikolas was preoccupied and wondered if it might have something to do with Alexis' pardon. Nikolas agreed that Alexis was part of the distraction, but he shared that he needed to know more about a former Cassadine property where Valentin had been shot. Ava took delight in Valentin being shot, joking that she hoped Valentin had been "sent out a window and belly-flopped into the Aegean." She gleefully told Nikolas that she wanted to accompany him to General Hospital.

Shawn, who had been watching from the shadows, waited until Ava and Nikolas left before emerging to talk to Spencer. "Why do they call it serving when you spend most of your time cleaning up?" Spencer asked. Shawn was confident that Spencer and Nikolas would get past whatever differences they had. Shawn changed the subject to his recent release from jail. Spencer thought that the police had to have found the person who had shot Hayden. Shawn said that the police hadn't found the shooter, but he had learned that Nikolas had hired someone to shoot Hayden.

An upset Spencer, walked out of the restaurant. Shawn followed close behind. Spencer started to cry as he wrestled with the idea that his father had allowed Shawn to spend six years in prison for a crime Shawn had had not committed. Asked what proof he had, Shawn replied that he had none. Shawn asked Spencer to talk to Nikolas about Hayden. "Nikolas is holding your feet to the fire," Shawn roared. He urged Spencer to do the right thing.

In the ICU at General Hospital, Elizabeth checked in on Valentin and remarked that he looked pretty good for a guy who had been shot and flown back to the U.S. from thousands of miles away. Valentin mused that he felt like he could "wrestle a bear," but Austin entered the room and joked that Valentin would need a note from a doctor before he could do that.

Austin announced that he was not there in a medical capacity. After Elizabeth left the room, Valentin surmised that Austin wanted to discuss ELQ business. Austin shared that he had backed off of his claim to ELQ because of the HIPAA complaint Brook Lynn had filed. Valentin called Brook Lynn a "tenacious little minx" when it came to her family. Austin announced that he wanted nothing more to do with the Quartermaines.

"Works for me," Brook Lynn replied as she entered the room. Charlotte raced to her father and gave him a hug. Both Austin and Brook Lynn left the room so that Charlotte and Valentin could have some time together. Charlotte proudly shared that she had changed her little sister's diaper twice. She then proceeded to grumble that Brook Lynn and Chase had been spending a lot of time together. Valentin told Charlotte that they both needed to be happy that Brook Lynn had a friend. Asked by his daughter if he had any friends, Valentin thought back to his time in Greece with Anna.

Later, Gladys showed up at the hospital, toting a gigantic teddy bear and a desire to see Valentin. Austin informed her that only immediate family could see Valentin. Gladys shared that she had some Quartermaine-related intel that she wanted to share. Upon hearing the Quartermaine name, Austin told Gladys that hospital policy prevented him from telling her that Valentin was in ICU #1.

Shortly after Gladys sauntered off, Maxie happened upon Austin. Austin commented that he felt Maxie deserved better than having been "engaged to an incredibly bad dude and [being] besties with a morally bankrupt woman." Maxie said that she and Brook Lynn had been through a lot together. Austin mentioned that he was still not able to practice medicine because of Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn rounded the corner and told Maxie that they needed to talk about Gladys. Austin listened intently for a few moments before telling the two women that Gladys had been at the hospital earlier, looking for Valentin.

Yuri stopped Gladys from entering the room. Valentin asked Charlotte to take Yuri to the cafeteria for some cocoa. Valentin wondered why Gladys had stopped by to visit. "If knowledge is power, then anyone who crosses me better take cover," Gladys replied cryptically.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Finn welcomed Anna back to Port Charles. With there still being no word on Peter's whereabouts, Finn told Anna that he wished he had killed Peter when he'd had the chance. Anna admonished Finn for saying that and assured him that Peter's day of atonement was rapidly approaching.

Anna shook her head as she thought of the "carnage" that Peter had caused. She told Finn that she would never want Finn's conscience to be burdened with him being responsible for Peter's death. Finn shared that he had taken a look at Valentin's chart and felt confident that Valentin would make it through his surgical procedure.

Finn and Elizabeth spoke briefly in passing. He apologized for prying into Elizabeth's family matters. Elizabeth repeated that she'd never had a close relationship with her father. Finn smiled slightly as he mentioned that Violet had been asking about the photo of Jeff. Elizabeth told Finn that she had no idea what had happened to the photo.

Anna bumped into Nikolas and Ava in one of the corridors at the hospital. The exchange was frigid at best, with Anna claiming she was surprised that Nikolas wanted to visit the man who had pushed him out of a window and into the sea. Nikolas claimed that he was trying to be a better man. He was stunned when Anna revealed that Victor was alive.

After Anna left, Ava asked Nikolas what he was hiding. Nikolas confided that after he had been shot by Valentin, it was Victor who had nursed him back to health.

Later, Spencer tracked his father down at Pier 54 and demanded that Nikolas tell him about Hayden.

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