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Cyrus shared information with Sonny. After a confrontation with Carly, Joey Novak landed in the ICU. Victor refused to help Valentin. Nikolas made Shawn an offer. Liesl was shot with a spear gun during her escape. Peter turned the tables on Jason. Olivia kissed Robert. Esme shared news with Ryan. Alexis was given a pardon.
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Peter turned the tables on Jason, Spencer renounced his Cassadine lineage, and Esme and Ryan appeared to share a bond
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Spencer questions Nikolas

Spencer questions Nikolas

Monday, November 1, 2021

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly assured Sonny that he had her undivided attention. Sonny told her about Cyrus' call and request to visit, but the conversation was interrupted when Sam and Dante entered holding hands. They briefly told Sonny and Carly about their trip to find Drew, and Sam cracked that they were going to "debrief over dinner." Sonny asked for a minute with Dante, so Carly showed Sam to a table.

Dante felt bad for not visiting Sonny more since Sonny's return. Sonny mentioned Cyrus, and Dante remarked that the town was better and quieter without Cyrus. Sonny wondered if Dante had heard anything about Cyrus' people regrouping. Dante answered that things had been quiet and that he hoped it wasn't the calm before the storm. Changing the subject, Sonny said he was delighted about Dante and Sam dating.

At the table, Carly knew how disappointed Sam had to be after not finding Drew, but she assured Sam that Drew was as resilient as Jason. Carly remarked that Dante was a great guy and a talented investigator, and Sam added that she was glad he'd had her back. Dante approached, and Carly decided to send them a bottle of Champagne. She gave them her best wishes and walked away. Sam believed that they'd just gotten Carly's approval, and Dante related that he'd just gotten Sonny's. They agreed that they needed no one's approval, but it would make life easier.

Carly returned to Sonny at the bar, and Carly remarked on how cute Sam and Dante were together. She looked at Sonny and wondered if he was still thinking about Cyrus. Sonny replied that talking with Dante had helped him make up his mind to go visit Cyrus.

Shawn joined Spinelli in a surveillance van, and Shawn admitted that he wasn't sure if he'd gotten through to Spencer. Spinelli heard on his headphones that Nikolas and Spencer were together, and Shawn put a pair of headphones on. Spinelli assured Shawn that the microphones were super sensitive, and he was recording everything.

On the pier, Nikolas questioned why Spencer wanted to talk about Hayden. Spencer replied that he liked Hayden a lot more than Ava, and he had no idea why anyone would want her dead. Nikolas related that he was glad she'd made a full recovery, but Spencer wasn't convinced. He demanded to know if Nikolas had known of Shawn's innocence in the crime for the six years that Shawn had been in prison. Nikolas grabbed Spencer's phone away and threw it in the water, accusing him of recording the conversation.

Spencer claimed to have wanted to confront Nikolas about Hayden so that he could hear straight from Nikolas that he was innocent. Nikolas didn't believe it was relevant, and he advised Spencer to let it go. "Oh, my God, it's true," Spencer realized. Nikolas shot back that there was no proof, but Spencer assured Nikolas that he could see the guilt in Nikolas' eyes.

In the van, Spinelli told Shawn that Nikolas had said enough important words that Spinelli could put something together. However, Shawn wondered if the cops would be able to detect doctored audio. Spinelli replied that there was no guarantee, so Shawn vowed to find another way to get justice for Hayden. "And for yourself," Spinelli added.

Nikolas demanded to know who had planted the seed in Spencer's head. Nikolas believed that someone was trying to use Spencer to hurt him. "It was me," Shawn announced as he approached. Nikolas was dumbfounded that Spencer could allow himself to be manipulated by someone he barely knew. However, Spencer said he had confronted Nikolas to prove Shawn wrong, and he hadn't been able to. "He's all yours," Spencer said to Shawn, and he stormed out.

At the hospital, Brook Lynn was upset to learn that Gladys was visiting Valentin, and she ran off. Maxie assured Austin that she had no idea what was going on, especially since she hadn't even known that Gladys and Valentin knew each other. Changing the subject, Austin wondered if Maxie advising him to choose his medical license over ELQ shares had been genuine concern or to help Brook Lynn manipulate him into giving up his claim. Maxie explained that he was at his best at the hospital, and being stuck in ELQ business would prevent the good doctor from helping people. She added that she liked him too much to listen to Brook Lynn badmouthing him. Maxie excused herself to check on Brook Lynn.

At Valentin's bedside, he urged Gladys to get the oversized teddy bear out of his face and to say what she was there to say, as he was scheduled for surgery soon. Gladys started talking about his "girlfriend" and her "lack of virtue," but she was interrupted when Brook Lynn burst into the room. Brook Lynn insisted that Gladys was drunk and had a crush on Valentin. Gladys yelled about how bossy Brook Lynn was as Brook Lynn pulled Gladys out of the room.

Outside the room, Gladys told Brook Lynn that Valentin "deserves to know the truth before he dies." Brook Lynn informed Gladys that telling Valentin the truth would end Gladys' "meal ticket" and job. Gladys commented that Brook Lynn should be paying Gladys with her own money, as Maxie and Sasha were too smart to believe that Gladys was authorized to use the company card. Brook Lynn handed over her own credit card and asked if it would buy Gladys' silence. "For now," Gladys replied, and she left.

Brook Lynn returned to Valentin, who insisted that Gladys had information for him. Brook Lynn reiterated that Gladys was drunk. He asked about how Gladys was as an assistant. "She's a total nightmare," Brook Lynn answered, but she explained that she couldn't fire Gladys, as the job was a favor to Sasha. Valentin remarked that Brook Lynn had become more patient and generous since she'd become a mother, and he thought she would be a "wonderful role model" for their daughter.

Outside the room a few minutes later, Maxie found Brook Lynn and asked what had freaked her out so much. Brook Lynn told Maxie about what Gladys knew, and Maxie was terrified that Gladys would jeopardize their entire plan. Brook Lynn questioned if she could count on Maxie to help stop Gladys. "Whatever you're thinking, I'm in," Maxie replied. "We have to stop her," Maxie said. Brook Lynn added, "Dead in her tracks."

Gladys walked through the hospital with some shopping bags from the hospital gift shop, and Austin commented on her "retail therapy." He wondered if Valentin had liked the bear, and Gladys answered that she'd misjudged Valentin's taste. Austin asked how well she and Valentin knew each other, as she'd claimed that they were family. Gladys claimed that they were distant family, but they'd always had a bond.

An unconscious Liesl was handcuffed and sprawled out on the floor. She awoke when someone nudged her with their foot, and Peter wondered if she was feeling better. "When you're dead," she growled. She remembered that he'd activated Drew's conditioning, and she wondered where Drew was. Peter advised her to worry about her own problems.

Liesl questioned why Peter wouldn't just kill her, and he answered, "Because of Maxie." He revealed that he had a plan to win Maxie back, but he couldn't do it alone. As she spotted a beaker of hydrochloric acid on the counter, Peter explained that Liesl needed to convince Maxie to take him back. Just then, Liesl grabbed the beaker and threw it at Peter, who screamed in pain. As he held his injured hand, Liesl took the opportunity to flee.

Britt and Jason waded through the water and climbed out when they reached Cassadine Island. Jason warned her that there were guards all over the island, so they needed to be careful. Just as they finished changing out of their wetsuits, Jason heard something and pulled Britt into hiding. Two guards with flashlights walked by, having heard something. Finding nothing, the guards walked away. "We need a better hiding place," Jason remarked. He grabbed her hand and led her away.

Jason led Britt into an old and dusty boathouse, which no one ever visited, according to Spinelli. Jason pointed out a motorboat and figured that they could use that to get back to their own boat instead of swimming again. Britt skeptically remarked that it probably didn't work, so Jason got to work on the motor. Britt was scared of how they would find Liesl, but Jason assumed that she was still alive because Peter still needed her.

Just then, Jason and Britt heard guards outside. He opened the door a crack to look out and found that they were headed away. Thanks to Spinelli, he knew the guards' routes, so he figured it was a good time for him to go look around. She protested, but he believed that both of them going would double the chances of them getting caught. He handed her a walkie-talkie and a gun, and he advised her to keep the lights off. She told him to be careful, and he left.

A few minutes later, Britt heard something outside the boathouse and dropped the gun. She couldn't find it in the dark, so she grabbed a spear gun off the wall. When the door opened, she shot the gun. She turned on her flashlight to see who she'd hit, and she found Liesl in the doorway, having been hit in the stomach.

Peter managed to get to his walkie-talkie and advised his guards that Liesl had escaped. In pain, he bandaged his hand a few minutes later and called out, asking if Liesl had been found yet. Just then, he heard a gun cock, and he looked up and saw Jason pointing a gun at him.

Things take a dangerous turn on Cassadine Island

Things take a dangerous turn on Cassadine Island

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

At the gallery, Trina sat at her desk, singing along to the music playing in her headphones. She heard a noise from behind and quickly grabbed her can of pepper spray. She turned around in her chair and saw Spencer smiling at her. Trina asked Spencer what he was doing at the gallery when he was supposed to be at work. Trina momentarily became concerned when she saw a burn on Spencer's hand, but she quickly turned her back to Spencer and reminded him that he had a girlfriend to talk to about his problems.

Spencer explained that he wanted to talk to Trina because he needed a "real friend." Trina sent a call from Josslyn to voicemail so that she could continue her conversation with Spencer. Trina questioned if she could trust Spencer. Spencer asked Trina what he needed to do to regain her trust. Trina said that it was not up to her to tell Spencer what to do, but she suggested that he stop looking to other people to define him. She also urged him to go back to his job -- even if he hated it -- because it was a chance for him to show people that he could be counted on.

Spencer wondered if he was destined to turn into his father, no matter how hard he tried not to. Trina called his concerns "B.S.," adding that she didn't believe "in fate or destiny" because those were "just excuses for laziness or selfishness." She bluntly told Spencer that only he could determine his fate.

Josslyn showed up at Kelly's and found Cameron clearing a table. She asked if someone had called in sick and if he needed help. Cameron explained that Spencer had walked out in the middle of his shift. Esme breezed into the restaurant and chirped that it was a "relief... to be among friends." Josslyn looked around the restaurant and asked, "What friends?"

Esme acknowledged that she and Josslyn and Cameron had had "some differences," but she suggested that they were all on the same page when it came to Spencer. Esme took a look around and asked why she didn't see Spencer. An angry Cameron crumpled up a placemat and informed Esme that Spencer had walked out. Esme apologized on Spencer's behalf, blaming Nikolas and Ava's visit to Kelly's as the reason Spencer had run off. She also suggested that Spencer being an only child who'd never had a job might have something to do with it.

Esme suggested that they all go on a road trip together to strengthen their friendship. Cameron said that he had to get back to work, and Josslyn said that she needed to go to the library. Esme stopped Josslyn by asking her how long Josslyn and Cameron had been dating because Esme found it odd that the pair had not had sex. Esme shared that it had taken awhile before she and Spencer had been intimate, and she used that as encouragement that Josslyn and Cameron's first time would happen eventually. Josslyn snapped that she didn't care about what Spencer and Esme did in their private time together.

Esme apologized for believing she could have "an adult conversation" with Josslyn and said that she would not make the mistake again. Cameron returned from the kitchen crisis and wondered what he had missed. Josslyn assured him that he hadn't missed much and asked if they could speak about anything other than Esme. Josslyn wrapped her arms around Cameron and began kissing him passionately.

Spencer raced into Kelly's and apologized for running off. Josslyn excused herself so that Cameron and Spencer could talk. An angry Cameron said that he had gone out on a limb by hiring Spencer. Spencer's walking out without saying so much as a word, he said, was inexcusable. "You blew it," Cameron continued, clarifying, "You're fired." Spencer continued to apologize, explaining that he'd had a family emergency that he'd needed to tend to. "I really need this stupid job," Spencer said, adding that he believed he could be really good at it if given the chance. As Spencer walked toward the door, Cameron handed the apron to Spencer and told him to get back to work.

Back at the gallery, Trina fielded a call from Josslyn. Both young women shared that they had some things they needed to talk through. Josslyn said that she would meet Trina at the gallery. Once Josslyn had left, Esme returned and stared coldly in the direction that Josslyn had gone.

In the rec room at Spring Ridge, Alexis stared into space over an open copy of The Brothers Karamazov. Harmony approached and asked how Alexis was doing. Alexis dropped the book and mused that she didn't need to read fictional family drama when she had her dysfunctional family to supply drama. Harmony listened as Alexis shared her disappointment that Nikolas had gone "to the dark side [and] became a real Cassadine." She then shared how Spencer had stalked Ava.

"You know, the Cassadines don't sound so strange to me," Harmony replied. Harmony stated that she had been involved with Shiloh and the Dawn of Day cult. Harmony suggested that what Spencer had done had been done out of love. Alexis agreed that Harmony's take on the situation was one way to look at things. Alexis sighed and said that she wished Spencer could have found a way to not become like his father.

"You're not really speaking about Spencer, are you?" Harmony asked. Alexis flashed her a smile and remarked that Harmony would have made a good therapist. Alexis confirmed that she also wished Nikolas had turned out different than all the other Cassadines. Harmony reminded Alexis that Nikolas had bravely defied Cyrus. Alexis explained that Nikolas was friends with the governor and had dangled the idea of a pardon before her.

Harmony surmised that Alexis was nervous about returning to life on the outside. Alexis nodded in agreement. On the outside, Alexis noted, the temptation to drink alcohol was everywhere -- and she would have a lot of free time on her hands. "It's easy to be strong when you don't have the option to be weak," Alexis said with a slight smile. Harmony told Alexis to ask herself where she could do more good -- behind a perimeter fence in a correctional facility or out in the world. Harmony pressed Alexis about what she would do when she was released. "I am not going against my conscience to gain my freedom," Alexis stated firmly. Alexis announced that she would not accept Nikolas' offer and stormed off.

At the harbor, Nikolas lashed out at Shawn for turning Spencer against him. "I can't believe that you're going to try to position yourself as the victim here," Shawn replied. Shawn continued, "Your son opened his eyes and saw you for who you really are -- the bastard who let me go to prison for six years for a crime I didn't commit." Nikolas fired back that Shawn didn't care about Spencer. He asked if Shawn had provided any of the other details of Hayden's shooting to Spencer -- details that included how Shawn had been at the garage to kill someone on Sonny's orders.

"I paid for my mistakes, just like I paid for yours," Shawn replied. Shawn then told Nikolas that Hayden was entitled to justice, justice that Nikolas would be giving her. Nikolas told Shawn that no one would believe the claims of a just-released mob hitman. Nikolas added that Hayden had known about the shooting and had used it to her advantage.

Nikolas acknowledge that there was no price tag on the time that Shawn had spent behind bars -- but offered Shawn $500,000 compensation. "People aren't a commodity to me," Shawn replied gruffly. Nikolas explained that it took money to start a new life, and he informed Shawn that the offer was only good for a limited time. "Can you leave the past behind to invest in your future?" he asked. Shawn stood silently.

In a lab on Cassadine Island, Peter tended to the burns on his hand. He froze when he saw that Jason had entered the room with a gun drawn. "You shouldn't have come," Peter said before trying to run away. Jason eventually caught up to Peter, forced him to the ground, and held a gun to his neck. The guards radioed to Peter, and Jason instructed Peter to have the guards go to the lighthouse on the north side of the island. Peter complied. Jason then ordered Peter out of the lab.

Elsewhere on the island, Britt looked on in horror as she realized that she had fired the fishing spear into her mother's abdomen. As Liesl writhed in pain on the ground, she softly shared her happiness at seeing her daughter. Britt dropped to the ground and apologized for shooting her mother. Upon examination, Britt determined that none of Liesl's major organs had been hit by the spear. Both women agreed that Britt would have to push the spear all the way through Liesl's torso. Britt placed a piece of rope in her mother's mouth and instructed her to bite down.

Britt was able to remove the spear and bandage Liesl's wound. Upon learning that Jason had accompanied Britt to the island, Liesl celebrated what she believed was Jason and Britt getting back together. Britt replied that she and Jason were only "collaborating" and that there was nothing romantic going on. "He chose Carly, [and] I refuse to come second," Britt added. Obrecht remained optimistic, citing that "danger and gratitude are powerful aphrodisiacs."

Jason led Peter to the shack where he had left Britt. When the door swung open, they found Liesl on the ground and Drew holding Britt at gunpoint.

Britt yelled for Jason to kill Peter, but Peter reminded everyone that Drew had Navy SEAL training. Obrecht also spoke up, ordering Jason to "shoot that schwein and be done with it." Peter smirked gleefully as he noted that Jason had only two choices: he could lower his gun or shoot his brother Drew. Peter noted that Jason could also shoot him, but it would most certainly result in Drew killing Britt. Obrecht cried out that Peter was right; nothing could stop Drew from completing the mission he had been given.

Reluctantly, Jason lowered his gun. Peter laughed cockily. Drew held Jason at gunpoint as Peter informed Britt that he had saved her life. "We all get to live a little bit longer... for now," Peter said with an evil grin.

Sonny pays Cyrus a visit and learns that trouble is brewing

Sonny pays Cyrus a visit and learns that trouble is brewing

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

At General Hospital, Portia assured Anna that Valentin's surgery had gone well, and the bullet fragments have been removed. Relieved, Anna asked if she could see Valentin. Portia agreed, since Valentin had given both Anna and Brook Lynn permission to visit, but Portia warned Anna that Valentin needed to rest. Anna slipped into Valentin's hospital room, quietly took a seat next to his bed, and reached for his hand. Valentin's eyes fluttered open, and he smiled when he saw Anna.

Later, Anna ended a call as Valentin woke up. He realized that he had fallen asleep, but she insisted that he needed to rest. Anna explained that she had given Brook Lynn an update, and Brook Lynn would bring Charlotte for a visit in the morning. Pleased, Valentin switched gears because he wanted to know if Peter had surfaced. Anna admitted that there hadn't been any news on Peter, but Victor was ready to cut a deal. The WSB had imprisoned Victor in Port Charles to give Anna easy access during her investigation.

Anna was curious how Valentin felt about Victor being his father. Valentin conceded that he wouldn't have put it past Helena to sleep with her husband's brother, but Valentin needed more evidence that Victor had told the truth. Anna and Valentin talked about how parenthood had changed them, but Anna doubted that it had softened Victor. Valentin wanted to question Victor, but Anna refused to consider escorting her prisoner to the hospital. Valentin insisted that it was necessary because Peter had escaped twice, and it was imperative that they stop Peter before he did any more damage. Anna warned Valentin that Victor would manipulate him, but Valentin intended to turn the tables on Victor.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth greeted Chase as he passed by. She asked how he felt. "Great," Chase answered. However, Chase was frustrated because his doctor had refused to sign off on Chase returning to active duty. Chase admitted that the extra precaution had Finn written all over it. Elizabeth agreed that Finn was overprotective, but she assured Chase that Finn had only been looking out for Chase. Reluctantly, Chase agreed to be more patient.

A short time later, Elizabeth entered a break room to fetch a cup of coffee. She greeted Portia but Portia was lost in thought as she stared out the window. Concerned, Elizabeth asked if something was wrong. Portia pulled away from the window, but she confessed that she was fighting off a stress headache because she couldn't shake the feeling that Curtis might be in trouble. Portia told Elizabeth about the encounter with the mystery man and Portia's suspicion that the man had been the mystery patient who had vanished on T.J. Elizabeth offered to draw a sketch of the man based on Portia's description, which Portia could show to T.J.

At Kelly's, the mystery man enjoyed a meal at one of the tables. Nearby, Maxie greeted Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn was in a foul mood because her phone had been blowing up all day with notifications of Gladys' spending spree. Brook Lynn hoped that Maxie had a plan to deal with the blackmailer before Gladys spent all of Brook Lynn's money. Just then, Anna called to give Brook Lynn an update on Valentin. After the call, Maxie asked if there had been any news about Peter, but Brook Lynn had nothing to report. Maxie feared that Peter was on his way back to Port Charles.

Brook Lynn agreed with Maxie, which was why it was imperative that Valentin not learn the truth about "Bailey" until Peter was caught. Maxie pointed out that Gladys would remain a threat until they found a way to convince Gladys that Gladys stood more to gain by not telling Valentin. Maxie believed that they needed leverage over Gladys, which meant enlisting a third party. Maxie had someone in mind, but she would need to talk to Nina first.

Moments later, Chase approached Maxie and Brook Lynn. He was glad to see Maxie because he had been reviewing the file on Louise's kidnapping while he'd been on desk duty. Chase had a few questions to ask Maxie about the night of her daughter's birth, but Brook Lynn scolded Chase for his insensitivity. Pretending to be upset, Maxie quickly excused herself. Brook Lynn explained that Maxie still struggled with what had happened, but she was determined to move on for the sake of both Georgie and James.

Brook Lynn insisted that Maxie would not be okay until Peter was caught and locked up, and Louise was safely back in Maxie's arms. Chase assured Brook Lynn that he wanted nothing more than to reunite Maxie with her baby; he promised to be more sensitive, but he needed to talk to Maxie because some of the events of that fateful night had not added up. When Maxie returned to the table, Chase apologized. Maxie reminded Chase that her uncle was the acting police commissioner, so she knew the drill.

Maxie promised to do whatever it took to get her daughter back safe in her arms. Chase assured Maxie that everyone wanted that. He promised to be in touch. After Chase left, Brook Lynn asked if Maxie had talked to Nina. Maxie confirmed that Nina had given her the name of a man named Kip, whom Maxie had called. Kip had agreed to help take down Gladys. Brook Lynn smiled.

On the piers, Joey Novak approached a man on a bench. The man warmly greeted Joey and offered his condolences. Joey vowed that the Corinthos organization would pay for his uncle's death. The henchman reported that they had been following Carly's every step. Pleased, Joey was eager to pay Carly a visit.

At the Savoy, Gladys ordered a drink and instructed N'neka to keep the tab open. Gladys smiled when she noticed Austin sitting at the end of the bar. She struck up a conversation with the doctor, who called her out for lying to him about being related to Valentin. Gladys apologized, but she had needed to talk to Valentin about an important matter. After Gladys walked away, Austin recalled how panicked Brook Lynn had been when she had learned that Gladys had visited Valentin.

Meanwhile, Carly and Olivia grabbed a table in the nightclub. Olivia wanted to check out the bartender, but Curtis good-naturedly warned both ladies to forget it because he took good care of his employees. Olivia and Carly both smiled. Carly had heard great things about the Savoy. After Curtis left, Carly asked if there had been a reason that Olivia had wanted to go out, but Olivia claimed that she had simply wanted to unwind. Olivia wondered if Sonny might join them, but Carly revealed that Sonny was out of town -- visiting Cyrus.

Olivia asked if Carly was okay with that. Carly knew the trip had been necessary, but she was uneasy. Olivia imagined that it had been a difficult adjustment for Carly, since Sonny had been gone for nine months. Carly acknowledged that she and Sonny had been taking things one step at a time. Olivia had a lot of respect for Carly because of how Carly had handled things with Nina. Carly confessed that it took everything in her not to go after Nina, but Carly had promised Sonny that she wouldn't.

Olivia was shocked that Sonny hadn't been interested in punishing Nina. Olivia admitted that it didn't sound like Sonny. Carly agreed, and she confessed that Nixon Falls had changed him. Worried, Olivia asked if Sonny and Carly were okay. Carly explained that she and Sonny were working at it. Carly switched gears because she sensed that Olivia was troubled. Carly wondered if it had something to do with Leo.

Olivia became defensive. She asked why everyone thought something was wrong with Leo, because her son was perfect. Carly explained that she had assumed it was about Leo because Olivia had mentioned seeing Leo's doctor the other day. Olivia apologized, but Carly insisted that she just wanted to help. Olivia confessed that Carly couldn't help because Olivia and Ned might be headed toward divorce. According to Olivia, Ned refused to support Olivia in the one thing that mattered most to her.

Before Carly could reply, Gladys plopped herself into a seat between the two ladies. Olivia used the distraction as an excuse to escape to the bar for drink refills. Gladys complained that she had left several messages for Sonny, but he hadn't called her. Gladys claimed that she just wanted to tell her cousin that everyone had missed him. "Not everyone," Joey Novak said. Carly wasn't surprised to see Joey, but she made it clear that it had been a mistake for him to approach her directly.

Joey explained that he had wanted to give Carly the opportunity to pay her respects to him for his uncle's murder, but Carly pointed out that Vincent hadn't been innocent. Gladys realized who Joey was, so she revealed that she had been Vincent's date to the wedding, and it had been only by the grace of God that Gladys hadn't been in the limousine. "Yeah, tragic accident," Carly said under her breath.

Joey clarified that Vincent's death had not been an accident, and Joey would not let it go unanswered. Joey considered anyone in the Corinthos organization fair game. Carly laughed, but Joey became enraged. He loomed over Carly's table.

At the bar, Austin told Curtis that he liked the vibe of Curtis' nightclub. Curtis suggested that Austin stop by the following evening because Curtis had arranged for the hottest group out of Detroit to perform. Curtis bragged that with all the hot music acts and his great clientele, he would have no problem putting the Savoy on the map. After Curtis walked away, Olivia ordered drinks with N'neka, but her smile quickly faded when she noticed Austin sitting at the end of the bar.

Austin decided to grab a table, but Olivia followed him because she wanted to know what exactly Austin had said to Ned about Leo. Austin reminded Olivia that he hadn't violated any HIPAA laws because Ned had been listed as Leo's next of kin. Olivia accused Austin of sticking his nose where it didn't belong, but Austin argued that Ned had approached him. Olivia insisted that Austin had only been interested in money and ELQ shares, but Austin clarified that he had already relinquished his claim to ELQ when Ned had sought him out to talk about Leo.

Meanwhile, Curtis noticed the trouble brewing at Carly's table. Before Joey could lunge for Carly, Curtis sprang into action by grabbing Joey's arms and pinning them behind Joey's back. Curtis' security team made quick work of subduing Joey's henchman. Joey bristled with indignation, but Curtis didn't care who Joey was as he marched Joey out of the nightclub. Shaken, Gladys retreated to the bar, while Olivia returned to check on Carly. Carly insisted that everything was fine; Joey had just been posturing.

Curtis entered the nightclub and offered to send a security detail home with Carly, but she apologized for the disturbance. Carly explained that she had left her guards behind to avoid causing a stir in Curtis' nightclub, but she had rectified things. Carly insisted that Joey was a hothead, but Curtis advised Carly not to turn her back on a hothead with something to prove.

Later, Olivia apologized to Carly for being bad company. Olivia decided that it might be time for Olivia to talk to a divorce lawyer.

At the bar, Gladys ordered two shots of the best bourbon the nightclub had to offer. Austin noticed that Gladys was using Brook Lynn's credit card to pay for the tab. Gladys claimed that Brook Lynn had wanted to repay Gladys for all her hard work. Austin perked up when Gladys knocked back a shot and confided that she could tell him a lot of stories about Brook Lynn. Austin offered to pay for the next round, but Gladys insisted that Brook Lynn would pick up the tab.

Nearby, Curtis greeted Portia, but he hadn't expected to see her. Portia admitted that she hadn't been able to stay away. She pulled a folded piece of paper from her purse as she explained that Elizabeth had drawn a sketch of the mystery man that Portia had encountered. Portia had shown the drawing to T.J., and T.J. had confirmed that it had been a likeness of his mystery patient. Curtis looked at the sketch as N'neka passed by. N'neka immediately recognized the drawing as the music lover that she had told Curtis about. Curtis had no idea who the man was, but there was something familiar about the mystery man.

At Flatland Federal Prison, Sonny was instructed to turn off his cell phone as a guard ushered Sonny into the visitors' room. Cyrus picked up the phone on his side of the Plexiglass as Sonny sat down and did the same. Cyrus asked how it felt to return from the dead, so Sonny admitted that it was better than being locked up for life. Sonny cut to the chase and asked why Cyrus had wanted to see Sonny in person. Cyrus agreed to get to the point, but he insisted on discussing terms first. Cyrus wanted a favor down the line.

Sonny agreed to consider it. Satisfied, Cyrus explained that Jason and Carly had made a mistake by killing Novak and Buscema. Sonny reminded Cyrus that the police had no leads in the bombing, but Cyrus revealed that someone was headed to Port Charles, determined to fill one of the slots left by the deaths of the two crime bosses. Sonny expected the move, but he was curious if Cyrus had any names. "Joey Novak," Cyrus said. Sonny laughed because Joey was a hothead, but Cyrus warned Sonny that it made Joey dangerous.

Sonny was surprised that the Novak crime family would back Joey, but Cyrus advised that only a fool would underestimate someone with nothing to lose. The message was received. Cyrus switched gears by asking for news about Laura. Cyrus claimed that he was concerned because he hadn't heard from his sister, despite numerous attempts to reach out to Laura. Sonny refused to discuss Laura with Cyrus.

Cyrus was frustrated, but Sonny didn't care. He suggested that if Cyrus got bored, Cyrus should think of Sonny enjoying life on the outside -- something that Cyrus would never get to do again. Cyrus intended to collect on the favor, but Sonny advised Cyrus not to hold his breath. After Sonny walked out of the visitors' room, he called Carly. She warned him that Joey had surfaced. Sonny assured Carly that he would take care of everything.

On the piers, Joey was furious. He vowed to shut down the Corinthos organization and to use the Savoy as his cover business. Joey looked forward to giving Curtis an attitude adjustment. Joey instructed his goon to call the family and schedule a meeting. After the goon left to do Joey's bidding, Joey turned. The mystery man stood in an archway.

Esme has news for Ryan

Esme has news for Ryan

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Nikolas arrived at the art gallery as Ava completed a phone call about shipping a painting to Paris. Shawn walked in immediately after, and Nikolas asked Ava if he could use her back room for business. He kissed her deeply, and while Ava was suspicious, she gave her consent.

Ned startled Trina as she looked at her tablet. He explained that he was looking for a gift for Olivia as a "gesture of goodwill." Trina showed him her tablet and told him about Joel Sartore's photography and his Photo Ark project in conjunction with National Geographic. Ava spotted them and wandered over. Trina gushed about the project, and she announced that she wanted to organize an exhibit around the project of conservation.

Ava didn't think the exhibit would be doable because of the need for someone to bankroll it. Ned offered to do so in Olivia's name in order to impress her, and an ecstatic Trina rushed off to contact the project. Ava offered to show Ned a painting that she thought Olivia might like, and Ned accepted her suggestion. He planned on having it sneaked into Olivia's office.

In the back room, Shawn declared that Hayden hadn't been the only victim. He accused Nikolas of killing Naomi so that Shawn and Sam would be unable to locate Hayden. Nikolas wasn't familiar with Naomi, and he stated that he'd had nothing to do with it. Nikolas offered to make a contribution to a charity of Shawn's choice in order to make sure Nikolas' reputation wasn't ruined. The starting figure was half a million dollars. Shawn replied that it wasn't about the money, and he accused Nikolas of hiring Hayden's shooter. He wanted Nikolas to give the shooter up.

Nikolas claimed to not even know where to find a hitman. Shawn didn't think that would go over well with a jury, and he threatened to have Finn testify for his daughter, Violet. Nikolas wanted to help Shawn to clear his name. Shawn accepted the offer but wanted another zero added to the total. He would put it to good use.

Trina was excited, and Ava urged her to find Portia to give her the news. Nikolas and Shawn emerged from the back, and Shawn left. Ava asked Nikolas about the business, but Nikolas claimed that it was something he'd needed extra help with. When he offered to show Ava the spreadsheets, she backed off. She went to tend to a client's painting, and Nikolas placed a phone call to Victor. He left a message and asked if Victor had been responsible for Naomi's death.

Alexis sat reading at Spring Ridge. She saw Harmony and reiterated that she was not taking Nikolas' deal for early release. Spencer arrived with Esme, who was ready to begin her volunteering. Spencer pointed out that Esme was a psych major. Harmony was ready to leave, but she agreed to show Esme around while Spencer chatted with Alexis.

Spencer told Alexis about his burned hand and his new job, and she ordered him to have it tended to at the hospital. She chuckled when she heard about his job at Kelly's, but Spencer explained that he wanted to get back into his father's good graces. He thought he could ask Nikolas for a better attorney. Alexis recalled Nikolas offering her an early release in exchange for a favor, and she announced that it was a bad idea for Spencer to go to his father.

Alexis declared that there were aspects of Nikolas' life that he didn't want to be accountable for, and she thought that Spencer should keep his distance and avoid being like Nikolas. Spencer promised not to be like Nikolas, and Alexis told Spencer that she cared about him. She stated that money wasn't worth compromising over. Spencer said he didn't want to disappoint Esme.

Nearby, Harmony explained to Esme that Ryan was not locked up because he was unable to escape. Esme noted that she believed in the power of redemption, and she thought that Harmony should know about that more than anyone. Harmony was impressed that Esme had done her homework, and she spoke about Shiloh and Dawn of Day.

Harmony made it clear that Shiloh had told her everything she'd wanted to hear, and she had betrayed her ideals, beliefs, and daughter. She added that Dawn of Day had been about feeding Shiloh's ego, and she urged Esme to run for the nearest exit if someone claimed to have all the answers with life's purpose. She gave Esme some paperwork and told her not to clean up the chess game, as there was an ongoing game among inmates.

Harmony walked over to Alexis, and Esme moved some of the chess pieces. "Checkmate," she said. Alexis informed Harmony that she had attempted to give Spencer some advice, but she thought he had his "hands full" with his girlfriend. Esme worked on papers but sauntered over to Ryan. She grabbed his hand and promised that she would take care of everything. She stated that their plan had had a "snafu." He blinked at her.

Robert surprised Olivia behind the bar at Metro Court. She was drunk, and she gave him a very loud greeting as she fawned all over him. She stated that she had been looking for her phone and grabbed Robert's glass. She took a huge gulp, and he gently took the glass out of her hand. He admitted that Peter had been found and lost again, and he'd had no success in locating Louise. He asked Olivia about herself, and she admitted that she and Ned had been worse than ever.

Olivia pushed away the mug of coffee that Robert offered her as they sat at a table. Robert said that he was sorry about Leo, and Olivia lost her temper. She insisted that her son was fine, and she proceeded to go off about Austin. She maintained that Leo did not have autism. Robert replied that Ned cared about Leo, and he wondered if it was worth a follow-up. Olivia insisted that she would have made an appointment if she'd thought something was wrong, but Robert inferred that Olivia was too close to Leo to see it.

Robert accused Olivia of pushing Ned away, but Olivia exclaimed that they were unable to communicate. She pointed out that she could tell Robert anything, and he listened. Robert told her it was because they were friends, but Olivia suggested that some people thought they were more. As they stood, Olivia pulled Robert into a kiss. Just then, Ned walked in with his gift. He put it down and slugged Robert, who shouted that Ned had the wrong idea.

Olivia began to yell at Ned as he continued to yell at Robert. Olivia said that they were separated, but Ned replied that he'd thought they had been trying to save their marriage. He had a gift for her to show his love. He stormed out, and Olivia removed the wraps off the painting. She looked at the dog, began to cry, and ran out sobbing.

Dante stopped at the hospital and asked Epiphany about an assault victim. She told him about Joey Novak, who had been severely beaten and was in the ICU. He was in no condition to talk.

Anna got to Valentin's room as Victor appeared in cuffs. "Should I call you 'Dad'?" Valentin asked. Victor's cuffs were removed, and the accompanying guard stepped out of the room. Anna insisted on staying, while Valentin wanted her to go. "You could cut the sexual tension with a knife," Victor remarked. Valentin revealed that they needed Victor's help to find Peter and bring him to justice.

Victor was aware that Peter needed to be stopped, but he announced that he had to look out for his own interests. He insisted that he was Valentin's father, and Anna pointed out that Victor should be looking out for his granddaughters. Victor proclaimed that Valentin was a Cassadine and was entitled to all the benefits and curses that entailed. Victor also revealed that he had protected Valentin from Mikkos, and he had made sure that "certain doors" had been open to Valentin throughout his life.

Victor wanted Peter stopped as much as anyone, but he declared that he couldn't help. Peter's whereabouts were his only leverage. Anna asked that Victor be removed from the room, and Valentin apologized to Anna.

Spencer arrived and ran into Trina who had been looking for Portia. He was there because of his aunt. She confirmed that she had not known that Spencer was rich when they'd first met, but she added that his father was the one who was rich.

At the Savoy, Curtis told Portia that he wasn't happy to hear that a stranger had been asking about him. He looked at the drawing and confirmed that the man looked familiar. Sam arrived to tell Curtis about Drew. She told him what had happened in Greece and how she didn't know what to tell Scout. Portia suggested that there was no need to say anything yet. They lifted their glasses in a toast to Drew as Dante walked in.

Dante revealed what had happened to Joey. He knew that Joey had been at the club, so he had to ask Curtis about it. Curtis explained how Joey had been a nuisance and had been escorted out. Dante replied that one enemy had been made, and he didn't want it impacting Curtis. Dante continued that the club and its cash business would have an element of shadiness to it. Others would follow Joey. Portia was unsettled as she looked at the drawing.

Spencer makes a stunning proclamation to Nikolas

Spencer makes a stunning proclamation to Nikolas

Friday, November 5, 2021

Josslyn met Cameron at Kelly's with a kiss. Esme and Spencer arrived and Spencer jokingly graded the couple's kissing technique with “an A+ for enthusiasm, solid B for technique.” Cameron was surprised that Spencer showed up early. Spencer replied that it was pay day and he wanted to make sure he picked up his check. After kidding that Spencer wasn't getting paid, Cameron eventually produced Spencer's check and praised him for his “first-ever earned money ever.”

Spencer looked at his “paltry” check, but Cameron reminded Spencer that he'd only worked for two days. Spencer asked for an advance on his next paycheck, but Spencer flatly declined. Spencer then borrowed a delivery bike to handle some business.

Esme sat down at a table where Josslyn was seated. She apologized for making jokes about Josslyn and Cameron's relation and expressed her desire to “put the tension between [them] in the rearview.” Josslyn looked up from her papers and said that she had a lot of work to do.

The rebuffed Esme sauntered over to Cameron to share that Josslyn was still annoyed with her. She again suggested that she, Josslyn, Spencer, and Cameron go on a road trip. Cameron rejected the idea because Esme and Spencer were having a hard enough time paying their rent. Esme implied that Cameron's reluctance to go on the trip was because he didn't feel comfortable sharing a bed with Josslyn. She called likened him to a “Jane Austen hero” and expressed that she wished she and Spencer had waited before they had had sex. A nervous Cameron said he was needed in the kitchen.

Esme returned to Josslyn's table to ask how Josslyn's studying was doing. Josslyn said that she was reading up on “manipulative, conniving women who will say or do anything to get what they want no matter who they hurt.” As Esme was stating that Josslyn's assessment of her was “over the top,” Josslyn held up a book titled Greatest Tragedies of Shakespeare. Josslyn revealed that she had been referring to Lady MacBeth and told Esme that she might want to think about why she had thought Josslyn had been talking about her.

Esme asked for a chance to start over, claiming that Cameron was on board with the idea of a road trip -- and separate rooms for Josslyn and Cameron. Josslyn suggested that what Esme needed was alone time with Spencer, not a road trip. After Esme breezed off, Cameron and Josslyn discussed plans for later in the day. Josslyn suggesting some alone time at Cameron's house, but he shared that it was Elizabeth's birthday and there was going to be a small party. After that, though, Cameron said that Elizabeth would be going out with friends and no one else would be home.

An enthusiastic Trina showed Portia digital images of an artist's new pieces of art. Trina looked at the bag that Portia was toting and realized that she had forgotten they were supposed to have met for breakfast. Portia assured Trina that it was okay, and praised her daughter for getting National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore's to exhibit his work in Port Charles. Trina gleefully told Portia all about the golden snub-nosed monkey, an endangered species featured in Sartore's photos.

Portia expressed her concern about Spencer being in Trina's orbit. She called Spencer “a very troubled young man.” Trina countered that Spencer was “spoiled and angry [but] not a psychopath.” Portia was relieved when Trina said that she was keeping Spencer at arm's length

Later, Spencer showed up at the gallery. A perturbed Trina labeled Spencer a stalker, but Spencer explained he wasn't there to see her -- he wanted to talk to Ava. When he was asked why he wanted to talk to Ava, a somber Spencer proclaimed that he needed to tell Ava that he accepted her marriage. Trina called him out, saying that Spencer only wanted his money.

Spencer denied that he wanted money. Trina didn't believe Spencer. She asked Spencer if working for a living was so “beneath” him that he was willing to “snow Ava” Into thinking he accepted Ava and Nikolas' marriage. As Trina walked away from him, Spencer announced that he needed money for a lawyer because he and Esme did not have enough money to eat. Trina called him “pathetic” and ordered him out of the gallery.

Spencer did not leave. He told Trina that he did not know what to do. Trina said that she had already told Spencer what to do -- he needed to be his own man, not Esme's boyfriend or Nikolas' son. Trina told Spencer that “Victor,” while a lie, was a much better person than Spencer was. She urged him to find that part of himself and rise above the “selfish idiot” he had become. If he did, Trina said she might one day be able to call him a friend.

Shawn arrived at Spring Ridge with a gift for Alexis. She felt the weight of the bag and mused that files to break out of prison usually weighed more. Shawn told Alexis about his encounter with Nikolas. He lamented that he had been unable to get enough evidence to turn Nikolas over to the police. Alexis shared that she was typically not a fan of blackmail, but she approved of Shawn taking Nikolas' money. Shawn explained that he was not taking a dime of Nikolas' money; he put the money in a trust fund to help launch a nonprofit. He asked Alexis if she would like to join him on the board of directors.

Alexis expressed her pleasure that Shawn been able to turn Nikolas' wrongdoing into something good. As she rose from the table, she told Shawn that she would have to pass on his offer because there was not much she could do from prison. Shawn questioned why Alexis did not accept Nikolas' offer to get a pardon.

Alexis told Shawn that she missed her family. Shawn said that Alexis' accommodations at home were far better than the ones in prison. Alexis replied that her home had been purchased by Julian after his mafia ties blew up her old house. Shawn urged Alexis to do what she needed to do to return home. Alexis replied that she did not want Nikolas to be the reason for her release from prison.

At the Metro Court, Carly greeted Sonny with a big hug and asked him how things went with Cyrus Renault. Sonny said there would be time to talk about Cyrus later. Instead, he asked Carly what had transpired with Joey Novak. Carly called the mobster “a jerk” who had been dealt with. Sonny replied that he had not dealt with Joey yet.

Ava and Nikolas stepped off the elevator and made their way toward Sonny and Carly. Ava said that she'd heard about Joey's “brazen” actions at the Savoy and wondered if a new mob war was heating up. She asked Sonny if Avery was really safer with him. Sonny turned the tables on Ava, suggesting that instead of worrying about where Avery should live Ava should find a family counsellor for her, Nikolas, and Spencer. Sonny smiled broadly as he and Carly walked away.

Ava dropped her purse on the bar and grumbled about Sonny's “hypocrisy.” Nikolas told Ava that he had had another run-in with Spencer and worried that he had lost Spencer forever. Ava was confident that things between Nikolas and Spencer would eventually prove, noting that Spencer could not survive with Nikolas' financial support.

Nikolas excused himself from the table when he saw Shawn step off of the elevator. Nikolas presented Shawn with the documents showing that the nonprofit had been established as they had discussed. Nikolas believed that he and Shawn were done, but Shawn said that was not the case. Shawn told Nikolas that of the nonprofit should ever need additional funding then Nikolas would provide it.

When Shawn left, Ava walked over to Nikolas and demanded the truth about what he and Shawn had been discussing.

Carly and Sonny arrived at General Hospital to pick up an antibiotic for Donna, who had an ear infection. Before heading off, Carly wondered who -- if not Sonny -- had ordered Joey Novak to be beaten up. Sonny told her that he would need to speak to Joey in order to figure out what had happened.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Portia checked in on Joey Novak. Joey laid in a hospital bed, his right arm in a cast, his neck in a brace, and his body riddled with bruises and lacerations. He was unaware what had happened to him. After Portia left, one of Joey's associates dropped in to see how he was doing.

Moments later, Sonny arrived and ordered the man to “take a hike.” Sonny's bodyguard, Frank, closed the blinds while Sonny walked toward Joey. Sonny snatched the call button away before Joey could reach it. As he held the button to taunt him, Sonny told Joey that there was no coming back from the way Joey had threatened Carly. Joey promised that he would stay away from Carly, and blamed his poor decision making on grief.

Sonny leaned in close and warned he would make Joey “disappear” if Joey ever threatened anyone that Sonny cared about. Sonny told Joey his list of demands: he wanted control of all of everything that was left of Joey's uncle's organization. Joey said that he thought Sonny had changed since his return from wherever he was. Sonny sat down on the edge of the bed and admitted that he had. Sonny implied that the “old Sonny” would not have allowed Joey to walk out of the hospital alive. Joey agreed to give Sonny everything he had asked for. Sonny laughed heartily and told Joey that it had been a pleasure doing business with him.

Sonny rose from the bed, opened the blinds, and peered out into the hallway before exiting the room.

Out at the nurses' station, Elizabeth and Carly discussed Nina's arrest. Elizabeth was outraged that Nina had been released on bail after having kept Sonny away from his family for nearly a year. Carly told Elizabeth that she was surprised Elizabeth hadn't told her to “forgive and forget” what Nina had done.

After Carly left, Portia walked over to thank Elizabeth for the sketch she had done of the mystery man. Portia said that both T.J. and the bartender at the Savoy recognized the man. Portia told Elizabeth that there was something about the man that she didn't entirely trust. Elizabeth advised Portia to trust her instincts.

Shawn returned to Spring Ridge and asked Alexis if she could look over the paperwork that Nikolas had given him. Alexis glanced over the papers and said that everything appeared to be on the up and up. As they talked, an older gentleman approached with what he said was good news for Alexis: the governor had issued Alexis a pardon.

Carly and Sonny returned to the Matro Court and Sonny shared how he had “convinced” Joey to give up all of the Novak holdings. Carly mused that instead of “eliminating” Joey, he had given Joey a fate worse than death. Carly was still troubled that they had no idea who had attacked Joey.

Ava and Nikolas returned to the gallery and were surprised to see Spencer. Spencer revealed that he had wanted to see Ava. Nikolas stepped toward his son and asked if Spencer was there to finally make peace with Ava. Spencer said that he was happy that Nikolas and Ava were together His voice broke as he told Nikolas that he no longer wanted to be a prince and did not want “one single filthy penny” of the Cassadine money. “From now on,” Spencer continued, “I intend to find my own way in the world.”

Stunned, Nikolas tried to tell his son that he was proud of him. Spencer fought tears as he said that he was no longer Nikolas' son -- and no longer a Cassadine. “Goodbye, Nikolas. Goodbye, Ava,” Spencer said. He thanked Trina for showing him the way and walked off.

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