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Esme's attempt to ruin Trina's big night backfired. Sasha was taken in for an emergency C-section. The mystery man was revealed to be Curtis' father. Valentin confronted Brook Lynn about Bailey's paternity. Jason and Drew rescued Britt and Liesl, but Peter refused to give up without a fight. Victor was released from WSB custody. Olivia gained insight into Leo.
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The underground tunnels on Cassadine Island collapsed, Sasha's pregnancy developed complications, and Valentin learned he was not Bailey's dad
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The mystery man reveals his true identity The mystery man reveals his true identity

Monday, November 15, 2021

Outside Kelly's, Brook Lynn was angry that Chase had called her a liar. Chase insisted that he wanted to help her, and he wanted to know about the night of "Bailey's" birth. He was certain that it was only a matter of time before Valentin would begin to suspect something. Brook Lynn complained that she was cold, and Chase called her bluff by opening the door and inviting her to go inside.

Seated at a table, Chase urged Brook Lynn to stop stalling as they perused a couple of menus. She admitted that she had given Yuri the slip during the night in question and had wanted to be alone, as she and Valentin hadn't been on good terms. She hadn't wanted him to control her. Chase continued to ask probing questions, and Brook Lynn explained that she hadn't wanted to share the baby's birth with Valentin. She hadn't wanted him to track her, hence her decision to go to a hotel. Chase proclaimed that her story was too good.

Brook Lynn continued that she had had to keep everything a secret from Valentin in order to keep the ELQ shares safe. She dramatically urged Chase to arrest her, but he replied that he had merely been trying to locate Maxie's baby. He wasn't sure how Brook Lynn's story related to that yet, but he knew that she was still hiding something. He warned her that the truth would show itself, and he wanted to be trusted as a friend. Brook Lynn had to leave.

Sasha and Brando ran into Gladys in a corridor at General Hospital. Gladys claimed that her "demanding boss" had been giving her headaches, and she had been forced to eat lunch at her desk and work until five. "What changed?" Sasha wanted to know as she recalled that Gladys had been given "me time" recently. Gladys replied that Brook Lynn had been treating her like dirt.

When Gladys heard that Sasha and Brando were on their way to Ava's gallery, she quickly felt sorry for her own plight at having to be alone. Sasha invited her to accompany them, and Brando suggested it was rude to turn down an invitation. Gladys quickly began to feel better.

Valentin stepped out of his hospital room in order to talk to Charlotte and "Bailey" on the phone. Anna overheard him speaking in French to his girls. "You were born to be a father," she told him. She was more concerned with finding and stopping Peter. Robert found them and announced that there was a way to make it happen, but Valentin was against it. He didn't want the WSB to provide immunity to Victor.

Robert insisted that Valentin had no say, but Valentin didn't think that Robert had any say, either. Robert was hopeful that Victor would be able to turn Peter in. They were interrupted when Robert received a phone call and learned that Victor had a visitor. Robert had to check it out. He indicated that the WSB would do whatever they wanted. He left, and Anna had an idea.

At the police station lockup, Victor received a visit from Scott, who had difficulty getting in until Victor gave the okay. Victor declared that he hadn't hired Scott, but Scott announced that they had Liesl in common, and Victor was going to help to find her. Scott noted that he wasn't fond of Victor or what Victor had done to him. Victor indicated that there would not have been a parachute if it had been up to him, but he'd done it for Liesl. Scott wanted Victor to go free.

Robert arrived and informed Scott that Scott was out of his depth. Victor revealed that Scott was his attorney, and Robert said that Victor was more desperate than he'd thought. Scott disclosed that he would be holding a press conference in order to reveal that the WSB had "goofed up" in retaining Peter. He also believed that Robert was afraid of what Victor might have to say about the WSB. Robert took the threats lightly and accused Victor of being behind it all. Victor thought it was all "brilliant."

Victor proceeded to taunt Robert on his WSB dealings although Robert reminded him that he was no longer in the WSB. Scott maintained that Robert was still the "facilitator," Scott cared about Liesl, and Robert cared about Maxie. Neither was safe with Peter still out and about. Victor announced that he should be freed, or Peter would be getting away with murder again. Nikolas and Ava celebrated the new exhibit at the Jerome Art Gallery as throngs of people arrived. Esme and Spencer walked in, and they eyed Cameron and Trina, who were deep in conversation. Cameron assured Trina that all was good with Josslyn. Portia arrived and noted that Curtis had been held up at the club. Cameron and Trina told Portia that Spencer had broken ties with his father. Portia hoped that Trina wouldn't forget how Spencer had treated her, because Portia hadn't forgotten.

Spencer wanted to wish Trina luck, but Esme thought that Trina wanted to be alone with Cameron. Shortly after, Cameron and Spencer praised Trina's efforts, while Esme made several snide comments regarding Cameron and Trina. Cameron stressed that they were just friends. Once they were alone again, Esme told Spencer that Cameron had been protesting too much.

Portia spoke to Nikolas and Ava. Nikolas guessed that Portia still hadn't forgiven him. Portia noted that she understood that Spencer had been trying to change, and she hoped that he would set a good example for his father. Ava was aghast.

Nikolas eavesdropped while Portia took a call from the hospital regarding the patient from Crete. Ava wondered if Nikolas knew the patient, but he quickly changed the subject. Ava reminded him that the Cassadine stain had been spreading to their doorstep, and she was concerned. Ava anticipated trouble, but Nikolas assured her that Victor would be shipped off.

Gladys grabbed a glass of Champagne, and Sasha determined that she had missed the "glitterati" while confined to bed. Gladys nearly tripped a waiter hustling by with a tray of hors d'oeuvres, and she thought he looked familiar. Shortly after, she found the waiter as she reached for an hors d'oeuvre. "Hi, Paulie. What's new?" Gladys asked.

The waiter told Gladys that she had him confused with someone else, but he was approached by another waiter who announced that Kip had been booked for a commercial. It dawned on Gladys that "Paulie" was an actor, and she wondered what else was fake. She guessed that being the father of Brook Lynn's baby was one of those things.

Trina introduced Portia and Esme to each other. They made small talk, and Portia revealed that she was aware that Esme had been in town for as long as Spencer had been. She wondered if Esme was the angel on Spencer's shoulder or something else. "I'm just the girl Spence loves, Dr. Robinson," Esme replied. She went off. "Steer clear of that one," Portia advised Trina. Portia attempted to reach Curtis via text message.

Cameron found Trina and hugged her because of the success of her exhibit. Esme wondered if the hug bothered Spencer. She was sure that she could see sparks between the couple.

At the Savoy, Curtis demanded to know more about the mystery man. The man noted that Curtis had been searching for him his whole life. "And now you've found him," the man said. Curtis showed him the drawing that Elizabeth had made, and the man asked if it was a police sketch. The man spoke in riddles, and Curtis was ready to toss him out of the club.

The man declared that he was not an enemy, and finally, he introduced himself as Marshall Thomas Ashford. "And who I am is your father," Marshall added. Curtis quickly accused him of lying and ordered him to leave. Marshall knew it was hard for Curtis to accept because he was only a distant memory. "Look at me through a son's eyes and tell me you can't see it," Marshall said.

Curtis recalled going to his father's grave as a kid, and he wanted facts. He remembered a toy that his father had given him for his third birthday that had meant a lot to him. Marshall remembered the toy lawnmower. Curtis snapped that Marshall had led everyone to believe that he was dead, and his mother and aunt had had a rough life. Marshall promised to explain, but Curtis didn't want to hear it. He shouted that there would be no good explanation, and he proceeded to tell Marshall off.

Marshall was upset, but he knew that he deserved Curtis' wrath. He insisted that he had not been able to show up in the past because it wouldn't have been safe for any of the family members. He suggested they take it a step at a time, and Curtis would understand everything. He wanted Curtis' trust; he stated that Curtis needed him. Curtis retorted that he didn't know Marshall, and he didn't need him. Marshall turned to go, but he left an old family photo on a table. "Precious memories," he said. Curtis picked up the photo and looked at it. He was clearly upset.

Valentin made his way to the Crete patient's room and demanded information. The man refused to talk, and Valentin showed him a syringe. He announced that it was filled with air, and if were inserted, the man would die. Valentin moved the man's call button out of reach. Anna ran into the room as the man began to shout. She yelled that she hadn't expected Valentin to go so far.

The man divulged that he had changed sides and was on Peter's side. He was willing to negotiate, and he asked for money and a new identity. After they went back and forth, Anna grabbed the syringe and stabbed it into the man. The man broke and told Anna and Valentin that Peter was on Cassadine Island. He wanted Anna to get the air bubble out of him. "What air bubble?" Anna asked as she and Valentin departed.

Valentin was impressed with Anna's moves. Robert returned and noted that he'd heard about the syringe, but he didn't want to know about it. They all maintained that they had leads to Peter's location. Valentin wanted to be able to track Peter. He knew that Robert didn't want Victor to talk and tell secrets about the WSB.

At the jail, Scott announced that all the paperwork was done. He wanted to know where Liesl was so that he could get her. As the guard let Scott back into the cell, he nodded at Victor. Victor walked out, and Scott was left behind.

Peter coerces Britt and Jason's cooperation with his escape plan Peter coerces Britt and Jason's cooperation with his escape plan

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

In the wine cellar-turned-prison on Cassadine Island, a guard unshackled Drew. Drew reflected on the conversation he'd had with Jason in which he'd given Jason permission to kill him.

Elsewhere on the island, Peter told Britt that it was no longer safe on the island because he feared that Victor was cooperating with the WSB. A guard escorted Liesl into the room. After Peter gave Britt permission to do so, Britt raced to her mother and gave her a big embrace. Peter insisted that Obrecht had been given excellent medical care. Britt had just barely gotten a "thank you" out of her mouth when Peter produced a piece of paper and said that he had a way for Britt to show her appreciation. He said that Britt and Jason would be recorded reading the statement written on the paper, verbatim.

Britt read the paper and expressed her opposition. She claimed that Cesar has been much better at mind control than Peter. Peter motioned to Hector, one of his guards, and Britt was escorted out of the room. Liesl warned Peter that she would kill him if anything happened to Britt. Peter laughed sinisterly and told Liesl that there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Britt was taken to the wine cellar to read "her" statement. The statement claimed that Britt, Jason, and Liesl were unharmed and were being treated "fairly" by Peter. The statement also read that Peter wanted "justice for himself." Britt nudged Jason to read his part of the statement, but Jason remained silent.

Drew was led into the room, and Peter told Liesel that Drew needed another medical exam. Drew demanded to know why he needed an exam. Peter replied that Drew was about to be sent on another mission, one where failure was not an option. Peter shared that Drew was going to reunite Peter with Maxie. Neither Drew nor Obrecht understood how Peter thought that was possible. Peter offered more details: Drew would kidnap Maxie and take her to Cassadine Island, where Liesl would help implement mind control on Maxie to "influence" Maxie to believe that she was in love with Peter.

Liesl claimed that she did not know how Cesar's mind control worked, but Peter said he was confident that a medical expert like Obrecht could figure it out. Hector returned Britt to the room and asked for a moment of his boss's time. After Peter and Hector left the room, Liesl confessed that she did know how the mind conditioning worked and sensed that Peter would leverage Britt to get her to cooperate. Britt told the pair that Jason had a plan in place to stop Peter.

Outside, Hector told Peter that plans for the relocation had gotten underway. Hector also shared his concern that the restraints being used on Jason might not be adequate. Peter replied that there was nothing to be concerned about because Jason would not be joining them in the relocation.

In the wine cellar, Jason tucked The Chariot card into his pants pocket.

At General Hospital, Valentin groused to Robert about his displeasure that Victor had struck a deal with the WSB. Anna questioned why Robert had not given them a heads-up. Robert explained that the bureau had made the decision in order to prevent Victor's attorney from holding a potentially damaging press conference. Anna and Valentin were stunned when Robert revealed that Scott Baldwin -- who he described as "an ambulance chaser [who] is smarter than he looks" -- was representing Victor.

Anna explained that the WSB would not have had to negotiate had he spoken to them first. Anna shared that they knew where Peter was, and Valentin said it was a place he knew like the back of his hand. Anna announced that she would assemble a team to raid the island. Valentin commented that he would be going along because no one knew the island better than he did. Robert chuckled and pointed out that Valentin had nearly been killed on his last expedition. After noting that there was not a plane big enough to carry both men's egos, Anna declared that she would be traveling alone.

Anna's jaw dropped when she received a message on her phone. She played the video she had received for Robert and Valentin. In the video, Jason warned that any attempts to apprehend Peter would result in him, Liesl, and Britt being killed.

Anna wondered how Peter had gotten his hands on Britt, Jason, and Liesl. Valentin repeated his demand that he be part of the planned raid on Cassadine Island. Anna again refused, saying she preferred that Valentin remain alive. Valentin asked Anna to take Robert instead.

Later, Anna told Robert that a rescue team would be deployed to Cassadine Island, a team that would be under her command. Robert said that he had arranged time off from work to accompany her. She was silent, which led to Robert grumbling about how Anna needed his help. Finally, Anna revealed that she had saved him a seat on the plane. "Let's end this, Robert. Like, really end this... once and for all," she said.

At the storage area of the Jerome Gallery, Cameron and Trina shared stories of how nervous they both were. Trina thanked Cameron for his support and thanked him with a hug. As they embraced, Esme appeared in the doorway and smiled happily. When Cameron and Trina exited the storage area, Esme was waiting outside to comment on how "cute" it was that Cameron was "holding a lot more than just [Trina's] books." Trina chided Esme for not understanding anything about having friends. Esme commented that Spencer could bankroll exhibits if he had access to his trust fun. Trina replied that Spencer wanted to make an honest living. Esme countered that Spencer would not be doing much living with the salary he earned working at a diner.

Nikolas praised National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore's work. Joel thanked Nikolas and led him to the other side of the gallery to look at some images of a frog. Ned approached Ava and told her that he could not decide which image he liked the best. Ava noted that there would not have been any images to admire had Ned not unwritten the exhibition. Ned replied that ELQ "always welcomes the chance to champion a worthy cause." Ava mused that it was an added perk that the exhibit helped Ned score some points with Olivia. As she finished speaking, Olivia and Leo entered the gallery.

Olivia explained that Leo wanted to see photographs of animals and said she hoped that Leo's favorite animal was among the photos. Ned asked Olivia what she was hoping for. The three marveled at Sartore's photograph of a pair of West African black-crowned cranes. Olivia gasped when Ned asked if she'd like to speak to Joel.

Nikolas and Spencer both looked at a photograph of an owl. Spencer stoically mentioned that he was at the gallery strictly to support Trina. Nikolas replied that he wanted a chance to talk to Spencer. Spencer said it wasn't a good time because he did not want to ruin the night with family dysfunction. "It's nice to have a night off from serving tables. I'd like to enjoy it in peace," Spencer said coldly before walking away. Ava immediately walked over to Nikolas and told him to take "baby steps."

Ava and Nikolas praised Trina on a successful exhibition. Trina confessed that she had not yet had a chance to enjoy the evening and probably wouldn't until after the presentation that was planned. Nikolas stepped away to take a call, and when he returned, he told Ava about Victor's deal with the WSB. Ava panicked over the idea that Victor posed a danger to their happiness. She urged Nikolas to find out what Victor had offered in exchange for his immunity.

Beneath a photo of a brown-throated sloth, Sasha told Brando that even though they had agreed not to ask about the gender of their child, she had accidentally found out. She revealed that a nurse had revealed the baby's gender in an email. Brando worried that Sasha might be disappointed that the surprise had been ruined, but Sasha said that she was even more excited because the baby seemed "more real." Sasha asked Brando if he still wanted to wait until the baby was born to find out.

Brando said that he was torn. Sasha mused that she would have fun planning for the baby while Brando decided. After thinking about it for a few moments, Brando said that he could wait because all he wanted was for their child to turn out "as magnificent as their mother." Sasha excused herself to use the ladies' room. She handed Brando her phone and said that the email from the nurse was in her inbox. Later, Brando scrolled through the phone's contents and smiled broadly.

Kip claimed that he was posing as a waiter and amateur actor to keep an eye on Gladys. Gladys laughed as she realized that the gun "Paulie" had threatened her with had probably been fake. Across the gallery, Brook Lynn watched in horror. She quickly scurried over and remarked that she had not expected to see "Paulie" at the event. "Next time, pick a thespian that doesn't have to pass out canapés to pay his electricity bill," Gladys sassed. Brook Lynn noted that there was nothing wrong with someone having a "side hustle."

Gladys stated that all the other waiters had been referring to "Paulie" as Kip. Brook Lynn reached into her purse and produced her corporate credit card. Gladys rebuffed the offer and said that the ante had been upped significantly. Gladys announced that she wanted a controlling interest of Deception. Brook Lynn said that she did not have the power to do that. Glady urged her to find a way because if she didn't, Valentin would learn the truth about Bailey.

Esme joined Spencer while he looked at a photograph of a South China tiger. Spencer became serious as he noted that tiger and the Cassadines were "both on the verge of extinction." Esme tried to cheer Spencer up by telling him of how she'd seen Trina and Cameron "snuggled up" in the back room. Spencer snapped that Trina would never betray a friend. Esme continued trying to paint Trina in a negative light, but Spencer ordered her to stop. He suggested that she focus on their rare night out -- a night where they did not have to pay for anything.

Ned, Leo, and Olivia passed by on their way to speak to Joel Sartore. Leo, however, wanted to stay and look at his favorite picture. Brook Lynn smiled and said that she would look after Leo while Ned and Olivia talked to the photographer. Brook Lynn walked Leo over to a photo of a red octopus. Before Leo could tell her what he liked about it, Kip yanked Brook Lynn aside to apologize to her for ruining things. When Brook Lynn turned around, Leo was nowhere to be found.

Olivia ran out of adjectives to describe Sartore's work. He thanked her and said that all the photographs appeared in his book Photo Ark Wonders: Celebrating Diversity in the Animal Kingdom. Upon learning that Leo liked the photos, Joel stated that there was also a children's version. Ned commented that he had already purchased both versions for Leo. Olivia was moved by Ned's gesture.

Trina headed to the storage room to prepare for the presentation. Esme started to follow her, but Cameron stopped her and said that he wanted to clear something up. "I don't want your opinion or your advice on whether or not Joss and I share a room," Cameron said, stammering slightly. Esme brushed off the statement and dashed off.

Trina exited the storage room and bumped into Gladys, who asked for permission to use the room to make a "life and death" phone call. Trina reluctantly agreed. Alone, Gladys realized that she had no signal in the room. Sasha entered the storage room and explained that she needed a quiet place to rest. Sasha sat down in a chair and took several deep breaths. Brook Lynn opened the door, looked in, and slammed it closed. Gladys vented about Brook Lynn's rudeness.

Unaware that Trina was not in the storage room, Esme wedged a doorstop under the door so that it could not be opened from the inside. Sasha said that she was feeling better and was ready to head back to the exhibit. When Gladys tried to open the door, it did not budge. She pounded on the door and called out for help.

Ava dinged a spoon again against her champagne glass to silence the exhibition attendees. She explained that the Photo Ark project was a multi-year effort "to document all species living in zoos and aquariums and wildlife sanctuaries" around the globe. Ava marveled that Joel Sartore had taken portraits of over 12,000 species of animals. Sartore shared that he and National Geographic had partnered 15 years earlier with the hope of documenting all 20,000 species that were believed to be living in zoos and sanctuaries.

Ava praised the hard work that Trina had put in to make the exhibition possible. Ava called for Trina to join her and Joel, but there was no sign of Trina. After what seemed like an eternity, Trina showed up with a bouquet of flowers. Esme fumed when Trina showed up, but Spencer smiled proudly. Trina presented a check on behalf of ELQ to help further the Photo Ark project.

Brook Lynn quietly pulled Ned and Olivia aside to tell them that she had lost Leo. Olivia and Ned chastised Brook Lynn for losing track of the child.

Olivia's frantic search for Leo leads to acceptance Olivia's frantic search for Leo leads to acceptance

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Carly entered Charlie's Pub and smiled. Phyllis greeted Carly, and Carly invited Phyllis to call her "Carly." When Phyllis offered to take Carly's order, Carly admitted that she had hoped to get to know Phyllis better, especially since Phyllis had moved out of Metro Court. Phyllis explained that she had moved into the room in back of Charlie's because her small-town heart preferred to keep things simple. Carly seized the opportunity to broach the subject of Nixon Falls.

After Phyllis poured a couple of cups of coffee, the ladies sat down at a table. Phyllis talked about Lenny and "Mike," and she admitted that it wasn't every day that a man like "Mike" happened along. Phyllis caught herself and apologized because she was still getting used to thinking of "Mike" as Sonny. Carly assured Phyllis that it was fine because Phyllis hadn't known that "Mike" was really Sonny -- unlike Nina. Carly confessed that it infuriated her that Nina had watched Carly and her family grieve the loss of Sonny, knowing that he was alive. Phyllis agreed that Nina had done a terrible thing.

Carly apologized for mentioning Nina, but Phyllis could tell that Carly had a lot to get off her chest. Carly confessed that she was unable to let it go, and she was filled with anger and rage whenever she saw Nina. Phyllis wondered if all the anger at Nina was worth the energy. Phyllis didn't expect Carly to forgive Nina, but Carly should find a way to move on for Carly's sake because the anger appeared to only hurt Carly. Carly explained that Nina had stolen more than time with Sonny. Carly had known Sonny for decades, and she had known him better than anyone had.

However, there was a nine-month gap where Sonny had lived his life as someone else, and Carly would never know that man. There was a part of Sonny's life that Carly was a complete stranger to. Phyllis urged Carly not to let herself get stuck in that gap, but Carly believed it would be easier if Nina left town. Phyllis knew that Sonny had told Nina to stay away from him and his family, and she was curious if Nina had complied. "More or less," Carly answered. Phyllis suggested that if both Sonny and Nina were trying to move forward, perhaps Carly should try to, as well.

At the town square, Willow and Wiley stopped to take in the fall sights as people milled among pumpkins, hay bales, and vendors. Willow promised to buy Wiley a cup of hot cocoa as a reward for being well behaved during their shopping trip. Willow's smile faded when she saw Nina seated on a nearby bench. As Nina ended her call, she noticed Willow and Wiley. Wiley ran to his grandmother, but Willow kept her distance.

Sensing Willow's disapproval, Nina's eyes filled with unshed tears as she explained to Wiley that she had to go, but Wiley objected. Eventually, Willow invited Nina to join them for a cup of hot cocoa. Nina happily agreed. A short time later, a young woman named Cindy joined the group. Cindy worked at the hospital's daycare center and had agreed to take Wiley to see the turkey.

After Cindy and Wiley walked away, Willow explained that she had invited Nina to stay for Wiley's sake. Nina hoped it wouldn't cause trouble with Michael. Willow made it clear that she had fully supported Michael's decision, but there hadn't been any point in dragging Wiley away when he'd been happy to see Nina. Willow acknowledged that Wiley had missed Nina -- just as he had missed Sonny. Willow didn't know if she could forgive Nina, but Willow refused to make Wiley pay for Nina's actions.

Nina was curious why Willow hadn't been present when Nina had been extradited. Willow admitted that she hadn't known about Michael's plans. However, Willow couldn't fault Michael for being angry. Willow decided to leave it to the court in Pennsylvania to decide Nina's fate. Nina regretted if she had caused problems for Willow and Michael, but Willow was clear that Nina had nothing to do with Willow and Michael's problems.

Nina promised that she had never intended to hurt anyone, especially the children. Nina was adamant that she would never hurt a child. "I just wasn't thinking," Nina said. Willow was unmoved because everyone had been left to pay the price for Nina's actions. When Wiley returned, Nina knelt down to hug her grandson goodbye. Just then, Carly entered the town square and locked eyes with Nina.

At the hospital, Alexis bumped into Sonny. After they exchanged a warm hug, Sonny and Alexis sat down. Sonny admitted that Kristina had called him and shared the news about Alexis' release from jail. Alexis took the opportunity to apologize to Sonny for attacking his son, but Sonny knew that Alexis had been reeling because of the article that Peter had written about Franco. Sonny asked how Alexis had been holding up since leaving jail, so she told him that she'd just been to an A.A. meeting. Sonny realized that she'd had a "rough reentry."

Sonny acknowledged that it might take time for things to change, but he was certain it would be for the better. Alexis had heard that Sonny had been impacted by his time away; he was more mellow. She suggested that not living as a criminal for the better part of the year had changed him because he had been a man without a past. Alexis envied Sonny getting a clean slate, but he reminded her that he'd forgotten everything, not just the mistakes he had made. Sonny talked about his life in Nixon Falls and how happy he'd been, but he hadn't been able to get home fast enough when his memories had returned.

Alexis empathized because she wouldn't want to forget her daughters. However, her love life was another matter, especially her last two relationships. Alexis reminded him that one lover had tried to kill her and the other had died in her bed. Sonny joked that things could only improve, but Alexis vowed that she was done with romance. The two friends walked to the elevator. Alexis admitted that she hoped Sonny didn't miss his respite in Nixon Falls too much.

Across town, Dante stripped down and jumped into the shower. He was unaware that his phone rang.

At the Jerome Gallery, Spencer and Esme congratulated Trina on a successful evening. Trina confided that she had been nervous, but she was grateful that everything had gone off without a hitch. Esme was barely able to hide her bitterness as she was forced to concede that it had been a great night for Trina.

Nearby, a tearful Olivia left a message for Dante, asking her son to get to the gallery as quickly as possible because Leo was missing. After Olivia ended the call, Ned and Brook Lynn walked up to report that Leo hadn't been found. Olivia was distraught.

A short time later, Dante arrived, and Olivia quickly filled him in about Leo's disappearance and the search for her young son. By then, Brook Lynn had returned from searching the gallery. Trina noticed the commotion and asked what was going on. Brook Lynn told Trina about Leo's disappearance. Ned joined the group and reported that the valet had seen Leo earlier, but the valet had assumed that Leo had been with a group of people leaving because the child had seemed calm. Ava decided to check her security cameras, while Trina, Spencer, and Esme went to check a nearby corner where Spencer had seen an ice cream truck.

Dante decided to talk to the valet, and Ned accompanied him. Olivia and Brook Lynn split up and searched around the outside of the building. Later, everyone reconvened in the gallery, but Leo remained missing. Olivia feared the worst. Ava returned and reported that Leo had been seen on the security footage, walking away from the gallery. Leo had been heading south toward the harbor. Olivia began to panic, but Ned remained calm and asked Brook Lynn to walk him through the moments that had led to Leo's disappearance.

Brook Lynn took the group to the photographs that Leo had wanted to show her when she'd been momentarily distracted by one of the servers. Ned studied the photograph of the school of fish and the one of the octopus. Ned realized where Leo might have gone.

Dante, Olivia, and Brook Lynn followed Ned. The group arrived at the piers and split up, using their phones as flashlights. Ned and Olivia looked around Pier 54, and Olivia screamed when they saw Leo on his stomach at the edge of the pier. They ran over to the little boy, who had been intently staring into the water. Olivia swept her son into her arms as she wept and hugged him. Ned checked for any sign of injury and assured Olivia that Leo did not appear to be hurt.

Dante and Brook Lynn heard Olivia's screams and breathed a sigh of relief when they were assured that Leo was unharmed. Dante was curious how Ned had known to look on the piers. Ned admitted that he'd done his research, and he knew that first responders generally checked the nearest body of water when a child on the autism spectrum went missing because the children were attracted to water. Dante confirmed to Olivia that Ned was right.

Dante decided to check on Leo, who sat with Brook Lynn on a nearby bench. Leo cried out and covered his ears with his hands when he heard loud sirens. Dante assured his brother that it was just a police car.

Olivia tearfully admitted that she was grateful that Ned had done his research because he had known where to look for Leo. "I'm scared," Olivia said as her voice quivered with emotion. Ned hugged Olivia and assured her that she was not alone. After Olivia pulled herself together, she decided that it was time to take Leo home. She held her hand out to Ned and invited him to join them. When Ned took her hand, Olivia smiled. She conceded that they had a lot to discuss.

At the gallery, Gladys and Sasha found themselves locked in the back room. Sasha panicked when her water broke, signaling that Sasha was in labor, but Gladys remained calm as she assured Sasha there was plenty of time. Gladys was unable to get a signal on her cell phone, so she asked for Sasha's phone. Sasha explained that she had left her phone with Brando because a nurse had sent an email inadvertently revealing their baby's gender. Gladys was eager to know if she was having a grandson or granddaughter, but Sasha refused to share the baby's gender until she had talked to Brando. Resigned, Gladys resumed banging on the door and calling out for help.

Sasha cried out in pain and fell to her knees when a contraction hit. Gladys rushed over to talk Sasha through the pain. A short time later, Brando heard his mother banging on the door. He removed the doorstop and opened the door. Gladys was surprised when Brando mentioned that the door appeared to have been intentionally jammed. Gladys recalled Brook Lynn barging into the back room while Gladys had been trying to make a phone call. Just then, Sasha cried out in pain, and Brando rushed to Sasha's side.

Later, Trina remained concerned about Leo. Spencer admitted that he had run away a couple of times as a child, and he'd been fine. Trina recalled hearing from Josslyn and Cam that Spencer had always been accompanied by a chauffeur named Chandler. Spencer insisted that he'd had Chandler drop him off before taking off. "Of course, you did," Trina said. Esme loved the idea of a "little Spence" up to no good.

Trina shifted gears because she was baffled how Sasha and Gladys had gotten locked in the back room. Esme reminded Trina that Trina had been in the back room earlier in the evening. Trina explained that she had fetched the flowers that she had presented to Joel Sartore. Spencer was happy that Trina hadn't gotten locked in with Sasha and Gladys because it would have been awful for Trina. "I know, right?" Esme asked.

Moments later, Ava let Trina, Spencer, and Esme know that Leo had been found. Trina was stunned that Leo had walked all the way to the docks. Ava agreed that it had been an awful ordeal because there was nothing worse than thinking one's child was in danger. As Ava and Trina chatted, Esme pulled Spencer aside because she was eager to leave and have Spencer to herself. Trina glanced over in time to see Spencer and Esme locked in a passionate kiss.

At the nurses' station, Maxie asked for a moment of Austin's time because she wanted to clear the air. She didn't like how things had ended between them, and she worried that he was mad at her. Austin assured her that he wasn't angry, and he promised not to run down her friend in front of her. Maxie appreciated the gesture. She knew that Brook Lynn had done the unforgiveable to Austin, but Brook Lynn had been trying to protect her family. Maxie insisted that Gladys was only interested in herself.

Austin recalled his conversation with Gladys when she had told him that she was only concerned about what Brook Lynn had done to a "dear friend" of Gladys'. Austin suggested that Gladys only needed a friend to talk to, but Maxie accused Gladys of talking too much. Austin wondered why his friendship with Gladys mattered to Maxie. Maxie explained that Gladys hated Brook Lynn, and Gladys was awful at her job. Austin pointed out that Brook Lynn could fire Gladys, but Maxie argued that it wasn't the point.

Maxie feared that she might end up as collateral damage if Austin and Brook Lynn didn't "cease fire." Their discussion was cut short when Brando and Sasha arrived. Maxie was surprised when Brando announced that Sasha was in labor. After Sasha was settled into a wheelchair, Austin took Sasha to the elevator. Sasha worried that she wasn't ready to be a mother, but Maxie pointed out that Sasha was already a mother; it was just time for Sasha to meet her baby.

After Austin dropped Sasha off in the maternity ward, he returned to finish his conversation with Maxie. He suspected that seeing Sasha in labor had made Maxie think of Louise more than usual. Maxie agreed, but at least Sasha would have her baby in a hospital, unlike when Maxie had given birth to Louise -- and to James. Austin was certain that Louise would be returned to Maxie. Maxie admitted that she just wanted her daughter to be safe. Austin believed that Maxie had a very soft heart, but she was skeptical.

Austin reminded Maxie that she wanted everyone to get along. Maxie insisted there was enough discord in the world. "Fair enough," Austin said. He agreed to commit to not go out of his way to see Gladys, but he refused to be unkind to the woman when he did see her. Maxie accepted Austin's terms, but he was curious what Maxie had meant about becoming collateral damage. Maxie asked Austin to trust her when she asked him to let it go for her sake, but Austin suspected that Maxie and Brook Lynn were in some kind of trouble.

In the maternity ward, Gladys arrived from parking the car. Brando explained that Sasha was with Dr. Navarro. Brando admitted that he hoped Sasha's labor didn't last long because he hated seeing her in pain. Gladys smiled knowingly as she offered her son words of encouragement. To keep him distracted while they waited, Gladys questioned Brando about the jammed door at the Jerome Gallery.

Later, Brando checked on Sasha, but she was only two centimeters dilated. Brando was surprised when Sasha told him that Gladys had been surprisingly helpful while they had been locked in the back room of the gallery. As if on cue, Gladys entered the room with a stack of magazines to keep them busy while they waited for her grandchild to be born. As Sasha's labor progressed, Gladys chatted about an article she had read until Brando made it clear that Sasha needed a break from Gladys.

After Gladys stepped out for coffee, Brando told Sasha that he had read the email. Sasha was glad that he knew the gender of their baby. Brando couldn't wait to meet their son.

In the hallway, Gladys answered her phone. It was Brook Lynn. Gladys insisted that it was too late to cut a deal because Brook Lynn had made a huge mistake that might have endangered Gladys' grandchild. Brook Lynn had no idea what Gladys was talking about, but Gladys didn't care. Gladys warned that what happened next would be on Brook Lynn, and she ended the call.

Valentin has a heartbreaking question for Brook Lynn Valentin has a heartbreaking question for Brook Lynn

Thursday, November 18, 2021

In her hospital room, Sasha had another contraction, but they were still far apart. Elizabeth entered the room and informed Sasha and Brando that she would be keeping an eye on Sasha until it was time to call Dr. Navarro. Brando offered to get Sasha more ice chips and left the room.

Outside of the room, Brando bumped into Sonny, who asked how Brando and Sasha were doing. Brando replied that they were "happy, excited, nervous, and terrified." "Sounds right," Sonny said with a chuckle. He assured Brando that becoming a parent was hard, but it would change everything for the better. He gave Brando a hug, and the two went their separate ways.

A short while later, Elizabeth finished examining Sasha and confirmed that everything looked good. Sasha wondered if there was a way to predict how long labor would last, and Elizabeth wished there was. Brando returned with the ice and relayed Sonny's well wishes to Sasha. He related that he wanted the baby's middle name to be Mike after Sonny's father, and Sasha agreed.

Elizabeth suggested that Sasha walk around, as walking could speed up labor. Elizabeth and Brando helped Sasha out of bed, and Sasha and Brando were off. They talked over ridiculous names together until Sasha had another contraction, and Brando escorted her back to the room. Elizabeth met them back in the room, and she was concerned about how long the contraction was lasting. Sasha mentioned that she also had pain in her back and stomach, and Elizabeth noticed that Sasha's blood pressure was high. Elizabeth excused herself to consult with Dr. Navarro.

At the Fall Faire in the town square, Carly arrived just in time to see Nina with Willow and Wiley. She wondered if a restraining order was necessary, and she took out her phone to call the cops. Willow insisted that they'd bumped into Nina, who Wiley had been excited to see. "Next time, walk away," Carly spat. "That's not your decision to make," Willow shot back. Nina excused herself to finish the shopping she'd been there to do. Carly took the opportunity to chide Willow for letting Nina see Wiley.

Nina bumped into Sonny, and she promised that she was doing everything in her power to stay away from him and his family. She told Sonny what had happened and apologized, but Carly approached and said, "You're not sorry, but you will be." Sonny got between the women and chose to believe that the meeting had been an accident. Willow walked over and announced that she was taking Wiley home. The three grandparents said goodnight, and Nina apologized for putting Willow in a bad situation. When it was just Sonny and Carly left, Sonny advised Carly to let it go. Carly demanded to know why he continued to defend Nina.

At the hospital, Austin wondered if Maxie and Brook Lynn were in trouble. Right on cue, Brook Lynn entered the hospital while frantically trying to get ahold of Valentin. Maxie approached her, and Brook Lynn informed Maxie that Gladys was on her way to tell Valentin the truth. Brook Lynn ran off, and Austin was curious and suspicious of the two. He mentioned that he knew that Gladys was holding something over Brook Lynn's head, and he said that he'd told Valentin about it, as it had seemed like the right thing to do.

Maxie went off on Austin for thinking he was the authority on doing the right thing after he'd used Chase to get information on the Quartermaines. She observed that Austin appeared to be using Gladys for information on Brook Lynn. She reminded him that Brook Lynn was her friend, and she added, "As of now, you are not." She advised him to mind his own business and stay out of hers, and she stormed off.

As Valentin picked up his ringing phone, Gladys entered his room and advised him not to answer. She revealed that it was Brook Lynn, who would try to talk Valentin out of listening to Gladys. He put the phone down, and Gladys revealed that Brook Lynn was lying to him. Just then, Brook Lynn burst into the room, and she insisted to Gladys that Brook Lynn hadn't been the one to lock Gladys in the back room at the gallery. She continued that she had thought of "generous ways to meet your needs," but Gladys replied that it was too late. Valentin asked for a moment alone with Brook Lynn. Gladys warned him not to be fooled by Brook Lynn, as he was too smart, and she left the room.

Valentin could see that Gladys was blackmailing Brook Lynn, and he wanted to know why. Brook Lynn replied that there was nothing Gladys wouldn't say or do for money and that Gladys couldn't be trusted. Valentin continued that Austin had told him that Brook Lynn was up to something, and he had a bad feeling that it had to do with "Bailey." A tearful Brook Lynn insisted that their family and the joy they had was real, and she urged him not to let Gladys' lies poison it. Valentin thought that, if it was just him, things would be fine, but because he had Charlotte and "Bailey" to think about, he had to know. "Bailey's not mine, is she?" he questioned.

In captivity on Cassadine Island, Jason tried to break his chains. He took the Chariot card out of his pocket and reminded himself how he was supposed to use it. He put it back into his pocket and continued to try to break the chains. He stopped when a guard entered and told him, "Time's up, Morgan." The guard raised his gun and promised to "make it quick." Jason lunged at the guard, breaking the chains from the wall. He pinned the guard down and choked him until the guard was unconscious. Jason took the ring of keys from the guard and unlocked his chains. When he was free, he took the guard's gun and left his prison.

Elsewhere on the island, Britt told Liesl about Jason possessing the Chariot card to break through Drew's conditioning. Britt continued that Peter would let his guard down at some point, so they needed to agree that one of them would kill him if they got the chance, no matter what was at stake. Britt added that she was going to die, anyway, so Peter needed to be stopped. Liesl reluctantly agreed as Peter entered. Peter announced that they would be on their way off the island as soon as his guards confirmed that Jason was dead.

Liesl suggested that Peter let Britt go, and Liesl would go with him voluntarily. She added that, given the choice between Britt and Maxie, she would choose her daughter every time, but Peter replied that he didn't trust her. Peter instructed his guards to grab the women so they couldn't leave, but he was interrupted by a gunshot. The guard fell to the ground and revealed Jason in the doorway with a gun. Just then, Drew appeared behind Jason with a gun. "Kill him," Peter instructed Drew.

As Drew and Jason began to fight over the gun, Liesl picked up the fallen guard's gun. Peter grabbed Britt and pointed his own gun at her. Britt urged Liesl to shoot Peter, but Liesl instead put the gun down. Peter dragged the women out as Drew and Jason continued to fight. Jason finally got the upper hand and took the Chariot card out of his pocket. He showed it to Drew and told him to stand down, and Drew stopped struggling. Jason told Drew what had happened, and the two grabbed guns to go after Peter, Britt, and Liesl.

Along with two gun-wielding guards, Peter led Britt and Liesl into the cellar, where Jason's unconscious guard was still sprawled out on the floor. Britt demanded to know where they were going. Peter replied that they were going where no one would find them, except for Drew, who would deliver Maxie. Peter continued to lead them through the tunnels to the exit off the island.

Brook Lynn tells Valentin most of the truth and gunfire erupts on Cassadine Island Brook Lynn tells Valentin most of the truth and gunfire erupts on Cassadine Island

Friday, November 19, 2021

In the corridor, Elizabeth told Dr. Navarro that she was concerned that something was "seriously wrong." In the delivery room, Sasha cried out in pain through her contractions. Navarro did a quick examination and announced that she wanted to run some tests and do an ultrasound to affirm that everything was going as it should.

After the ultrasound, Navarro asked Elizabeth to have an operating room prepped. The doctor explained that Sasha had developed a placental abruption and required an emergency Cesarean section. Sasha begged the doctor to do everything possible to save the baby. Navarro replied that she would do everything in her power to make sure that both Sasha and the baby were cared for.

After Sasha was wheeled to the operating room, Brando asked the doctor if Sasha's life was in danger. Navarro shared that it was too soon to tell, but he noted that obstetrical hemorrhaging was a real threat.

In a corridor of the fourth floor at General Hospital, Maxie continued her attempts to reach Brook Lynn by phone. As she neared the elevators, Nina stepped off one of the elevators and immediately knew that something was troubling Maxie. Maxie revealed that her plan to protect Louise from Peter was falling apart. Still, she hoped that once Valentin learned the reason for the deception, he would be on board with the plan. Nina said that was "highly unlikely."

Maxie recalled that Nina had encouraged her to tell Valentin the truth. Nina said that was true -- but the advice had happened months earlier, long before Valentin had fallen in love with the baby. Nina realized the irony of what she'd said, as she'd done the same thing by allowing Sonny to fall in love with her in Nixon Falls.

Both women were concerned when they saw Sasha being wheeled down the corridor. Maxie called out to Brando to ask if everything was okay. Brando admitted that he was terrified that he could lose both Sasha and the baby. Trying to take Brando's mind off of things, Nina suggested that "Badass Corbin" would be a great baby name. Maxie offered to walk Brando to the operating room because she could share with him what to expect from a C-section.

Brando arrived in the operating room just as the surgery was about to begin. Navarro removed the baby, showed him to Brando and Sasha, and then whisked the baby to the far side of the operating room. Both Brando and Sasha asked if something was wrong with the baby, but there was no response.

Willow was pummeling a punching bag at Volonino's gym when Michael arrived. "Punching things can be fun," Willow growled. Willow shared the details of Wiley and Nina's encounter and how Carly had stumbled upon them and wanted to call the police to report Nina for stalking the child. "Go, Mom!" Michael said as he smiled.

Michael and Willow took to the boxing ring for some sparring. Willow shared her desire for them to find a way to exist peacefully with Nina. Michael became upset as he thought of the things that Nina had done, but he quickly realized that he did not want to dwell on hate. He wanted to focus on the things that he loved. Michael suggested that he, Willow, and Wiley go to New York City for Thanksgiving. He said they could see the parade, go to Rockefeller Center, and take in a show. Willow said that she loved the idea.

At Charlie's, Chase thought about Brook Lynn's explanation of her childbirth. Sensing that something didn't add up, Chase phoned in a favor and asked for records of Brook Lynn's EZ-Pass usage on May 27, 2021.

Moments later, Bobbie zoomed into the pub to order some coffee. She explained that she had just ended a double shift at the hospital and needed caffeine to help her get through the rest of her day. As she stood at the bar, she heard Chase read a text message aloud and mention "Beechers Corners." Bobbie turned back to the detective and said that Beechers Corners was a beautiful town, sharing that she had been there just before Memorial Day.

Chase asked Bobbie about her time in Beechers Corners. Bobbie struggled for an explanation for a few moments before deciding that there was no reason to keep things a secret. She explained that she was supposed to have met Maxie there to help deliver the baby in secret. Bobbie stated that it was unfortunate that Maxie had done so much strategizing, only to end up with her baby being taken from her. Bobbie grabbed her coffee and ran off, leaving Chase alone to try to piece things together.

In Rice Square, Sonny told Carly not to worry about Nina's "accidental meeting" with Wiley. Carly argued that it would only be a matter of time before Nina caused more harm. She repeated her belief that Nina needed to suffer some sort of consequence for keeping Sonny away from his family for so long. Carly was perplexed by Sonny's nonchalant attitude and assertion that punishing Nina would only cause more pain.

"This isn't you," Carly said, reminding Sonny that they had also abided by the principle to "come back twice as hard" against those who had wronged them. Sonny explained that if they were to destroy Nina, it would be denying who Sonny had become. Carly told Sonny that she needed help understanding what he meant.

Sonny said that he did not believe that things could just go back to normal when he and Carly had been living different lives for so long. Carly said that things had gotten back to normal because they were the same people and the same couple. Sonny disagreed. He shared that the time he had spent in Nixon Falls -- the friendships he had made -- had changed him. His voice broke as he explained that until a couple of weeks earlier, Nina had been the one friend that he'd had in the whole world.

Carly was surprised that Sonny considered Nina a friend. Sonny countered that he had not said that. Before he could explain, Bobbie arrived. She immediately knew that she had interrupted something. Sonny told Carly that he would see her later, gave her a hug, and walked off.

Bobbie was concerned that the tension between Carly and Sonny had something to do with Jason. Carly assured her mom that Jason wasn't an issue. Bobbie shared her relief, remarking that "there is nothing worse than feeling like there's a third person in your marriage."

Nina arrived at Charlie's and ordered a vodka soda with a little lemon. As she waited for her drink, she remembered a conversation she'd had with Sasha. In the conversation, Sasha had said that Nina had shown her what it was like to be a "kind and loving mother." She turned to find a table just as Sonny was entering the pub.

"This is so much more complicated than you think," Brook Lynn said through tears. Valentin asked Brook Lynn to look him in the eyes and tell him that he was "Bailey's" father. Brook Lynn shook her head slightly from side to side and confessed that she couldn't. "I need to hear you say the words," Valentin replied in a mixture of anger and pain. Brook Lynn took a deep breath before saying, "Bailey isn't your daughter."

Brook Lynn apologized for things going on as long as they had. She said that she had believed the charade would be over before Valentin had had a chance to fall in love with the baby. "I was in love with her the moment I knew she existed," Valentin sobbed. Brook Lynn told Valentin that he had every right to be upset. He pulled away from her and told her not to tell him how he should feel. He rose from the hospital bed and walked across the room

"You're not who I thought you were," Valentin said as he turned back to face Brook Lynn, adding, "I don't even know what you are." Valentin uttered his disdain for Brook Lynn, pointing out how she had watched him bond with "Bailey" and allowed his twelve-year-old daughter to believe she had a sister.

Brook Lynn admitted that she had taken advantage of her mistake pregnancy to get ELQ back for her family. She rattled through a history of how they had gotten to that point -- including Gladys' blackmail -- but left out any mention of how Maxie figured into things.

Valentin dropped to his knees and cried openly as he mourned the loss of being able to watch the child grow up. He said that he had to figure out a way to explain things to Charlotte. After doing so, Valentin icily told Brook Lynn that he would mourn her, too.

Valentin's anger turned to grief. He said that he had mistakenly believed that he and Brook Lynn were kindred spirits. He blasted her as being "just smoke and mirrors." Brook Lynn told Valentin there was something that he did not know. She readied to tell Valentin the "legitimate reason" she hadn't told him the truth. Before she could say anything, a knock sounded on the door. The door swung open, and Chase entered the room.

Valentin told Chase that he had arrived just in time to learn Brook Lynn's latest bombshell. They were surprised when Chase shared that he already knew that Valentin was not "Bailey's" father. Valentin was outraged that Brook Lynn had told Chase the truth. Brook Lynn immediately denied telling anyone about the baby. Chase calmly announced that he was "Bailey's" father.

Peter led Britt and Liesl through the labyrinthian underground passageways on Cassadine Island. Liesl believed that Peter was "hopelessly lost" and shared her concern that the tunnel was "dangerously unstable." Peter angrily replied that Liesl was just trying to slow down their progress. Touting her mother's intelligence, Britt urged Peter not to argue with "geology [and] gravity."

Elsewhere, Drew and Peter tried to determine which tunnel Peter had taken. Drew was able to pick up a trail, and he and Jason continued their pursuit.

Peter continued leading the way, and Liesl continued to accuse Peter of being lost. Peter threatened to kill either Liesl or Britt if Liesl did not stop talking. Peter yelled that they would not be turning back; they would be going to the harbor, hopping in a boat, and heading to a rendezvous point where he would be reunited with Maxie.

At that moment, Drew appeared with his gun pointed directly at Peter. A shocked Peter asked what Drew was doing. Drew said that he was rescuing Britt and Liesl -- and if it meant killing Peter in the process, that would be an "added bonus." Peter reached for the tarot card in his pocket, but before he could reach it, Jason fired a single shot that hit Peter on his right arm.

Peter's guard returned fire, but when he ran out of ammunition, he quickly surrendered. The guard was allowed to run off into the tunnels. Britt raced over to Jason and embraced him. Drew looked around and noticed that Peter was nowhere to be found. Jason asked Drew to help him track down Peter. Liesl, who humble bragged that one of her "minor PhDs" was in geology, said that she and Britt could find their way out of the tunnels.

As they all prepared to go in their separate directions, gunfire rang out. Britt, Liesl, Drew, and Jason took cover. They quickly realized that Peter was the one shooting at them. Liesl urged restraint, noting that the tunnel could collapse at any moment. Jason darted off to get a better line of sight. As he did, the tunnel collapsed on top of him.

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