General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 6, 2021 on GH

Willow overheard a revealing conversation between Sonny and Nina. Brando and Sasha asked Michael and Willow to be Liam's godparents. Laura saved Martin from an assassin's deadly intentions. Selina Wu agreed to kill Peter in exchange for Sonny's help with Brad's parole hearing. Brad served Peter poisoned food. Spencer opened up to Josslyn about Esme.
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An assassin tried to kill Martin and Peter was poisoned before his arraignment
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Willow overhears Nina and Sonny's conversation

Willow overhears Nina and Sonny's conversation

Monday, December 6, 2021

At an undisclosed location, a couple of security agents shot the breeze outside of a house. When they heard arguing and screaming, they rushed inside. Martin and Laura were in the midst of a video game, and Laura admitted that she was competitive. One of the agents informed them that they needed to investigate any suspicious sounds, and he suggested that Martin and Laura play cards instead. Laura confessed that she would still be competing loudly.

After the agents left, Martin reminded Laura that the men were doing their jobs in keeping them safe. They played a game of gin. Martin wondered if the threat to them might have been eliminated, since he'd heard that the FBI had planned on closing things down. Laura pointed out that they were still on the top of Cyrus' revenge list, and Cyrus would never stop looking for them. They discussed Cyrus' probable anger in not being able to locate them and over not bonding with his family.

Martin didn't think that Cyrus had been deserving of Laura's past compassion. He was grateful for the time spent in getting to know Laura better. Agent Silva returned with a handful of daily newspapers, and Laura thanked him for taking care of them. The agent updated Laura on Victor's return to Port Charles and his association with Peter. Martin guessed that Laura was not happy, and he presumed that Victor was related to Valentin.

Laura noted that Victor was Valentin's uncle by marriage. She added that Victor had a long list of wrongdoings, and she proceeded to detail all of Victor's terrible traits. She announced that she needed to leave for Port Charles immediately. Martin began to argue with her after she rejected his idea to provide protection for Nikolas and Spencer. She called Victor a manipulator who used people's weaknesses against them. He'd also previously run the WSB and was as dangerous as Cyrus, she said. She told Martin that he could stay behind. Martin put his foot down; Laura was not leaving because it was too dangerous, and someone would be waiting to take a shot.

Outside, a young woman with cleaning supplies informed Agent Silva that the regular cleaning woman was ill. She dropped her supplies in front of the agent as he looked at her doubtfully, and she went off. Silva reached for his phone. In her car nearby, the woman told someone on the phone that the agent had bought her story. She wanted to know what her next move would be.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Drew tried to play catch-up with all that had happened while he'd been gone. He quizzed Brook Lynn and Chase on recent events. Willow returned home, followed by Michael, and they were both shocked to see Drew. Michael and Drew shared a hug, and Willow, Brook Lynn, and Chase left them alone. Drew announced the bad news about Jason, and Willow heard the same from Brook Lynn and Chase in the foyer.

The nanny showed up with "Bailey" and declared that the baby was ready for her daddy. Chase took the little girl as Willow looked on in confusion. She corrected the nanny, but Brook Lynn sent the woman away. Chase and Brook Lynn explained that Chase was the real father, and he noted that he had only just found out. Brook Lynn confessed to having named Valentin in order to get the ELQ shares returned. She made it clear that she and Chase were friends and co-parenting. Willow replied that it was just like her and Michael.

Michael was unwilling to accept Drew's news about Jason as Drew also revealed that he and Jason had grown close. Michael wanted to check on his parents. After he and Willow learned about Sasha's baby, they departed for the hospital.

Drew told Brook Lynn and Chase that he had spoken to Maxie, who was hopeful that her baby would be returned soon. They all chatted about Maxie and Louise, and Drew disclosed that he and Maxie had shared having survived under dire circumstances. He wouldn't rest until Peter was dead. Brook Lynn told him about Chase's poisoning. Drew asked to hold the baby, and he suggested that every moment be cherished.

Brook Lynn took the baby back, and Drew noted how upset he was that Maxie had been missing out on her own baby's life. He announced that he was determined to find Louise.

As Ava searched for her car keys at Wyndemere and accepted Nikolas' keys to his Porsche in the meantime, the doorbell rang. It was Victor. He spoke to Ava charmingly as they met for the first time. Victor claimed that he had business to discuss with Nikolas, but Ava refused to leave. Finally, Nikolas agreed that Victor could talk in front of Ava. Victor noted that he had Ava to thank for his freedom, and Nikolas looked at them curiously. Ava thought she had mentioned it to Nikolas, but he assured her that she hadn't.

Ava explained that she had mentioned to Scott that Victor might have knowledge of Liesl's whereabouts, and Victor revealed that Scott had been able to cut a deal for his freedom. Victor hoped that Ava could be trusted, or it could result in danger to all of them. He went on to say that Nikolas had wanted to discuss how Victor had helped with Hayden because she had needed to be dealt with. He had protected Nikolas and Wyndemere. Nikolas demanded to know what Victor had done with Hayden. Victor suggested that Nikolas not ask questions if he really didn't want the answers.

Victor didn't want to discuss the past, but he maintained that he might want some favors at some point. Ava and Nikolas questioned Victor about his relationship with Peter, and Nikolas pointed out that the Crete property was his. He wasn't happy with Peter having been there. Victor insisted that Peter had had something to give him, but he refused to go into detail. He hoped that Peter wouldn't get between him and Nikolas because they needed each other. He made it clear that repercussions would land on Nikolas' doorstep in return.

Victor left, and Ava turned to Nikolas. She thought that Nikolas had told her that Victor could be trusted. Nikolas insisted that had been in the past, and he felt that Victor owed him for having kept Victor's secret and giving him somewhere to live. Nikolas wanted to send Victor packing on a one-way trip to anywhere. Ava thought they should bide their time and wait, or Victor would drag them into hell with him.

Nina leaned over to look Peter in the eyes as he sat in a wheelchair at the hospital. He noted that he had thought that Carly would have run Nina out of town already. "Or doesn't she know?" he asked maliciously. Nina stood up and saw Carly standing there. "Well, perhaps I should clue Carly in," Peter suggested. "Clue me in on what?" Carly asked. Nina responded that Peter was a killer and a liar. Just then, the cop joined them in order to take Peter away, but Carly asked to speak to Peter briefly. Peter taunted her about Jason, and Carly slapped him.

The cop berated Carly. Peter asked her about Nina's betrayal, but Nina announced that they had worked it out. Peter taunted them both again, and the cop moved in to remove Peter. Nina was concerned, but Carly was annoyed. She wanted to know what Peter had been talking about.

On another floor, Sonny ran into Britt, who voiced her sympathy about Jason. Sonny replied that that was life, and he asked when Brando and Sasha would be able to take their baby home. Britt explained that it was too soon to know, and everything was being done to take care of them. They took a seat, and Sonny shared that he thought that Britt had become more approachable lately. "Less bitchy?" she asked. They shared a laugh, and Sonny said that he could see why Britt had been special to Jason. Britt replied that that was why Jason had chosen another woman to marry.

Britt quickly apologized, and Sonny assured her that Carly and Jason had been great friends. Jason had chosen to marry Carly in order to protect the family, and there hadn't been much of a choice. He added that Jason had cared for all of them and had loved them in his own way. Britt declared that she hadn't known that consolation was part of Sonny's demeanor, and he revealed that people had recently told him he'd changed.

Britt agreed that it was easier to work at the hospital without Cyrus around, and they talked about past events. She wished that she could have saved Jason on Cassadine Island. Sonny agreed to walk her to her office.

Nina and Carly stepped off the elevator in full-blown argument mode over Peter. Nina tried to deflect Carly's questions. Carly wanted to know why Nina had called Liesl to tell her that Peter was there, and Nina explained that Peter had threatened James. He had also blackmailed her, and Carly wondered what Peter had on Nina. Sonny and Britt drew close, and Sonny listened nervously. Nina blurted out that Peter had known that she had been hiding Sonny.

Sonny interrupted as Carly began to go off and blame Nina for Jason's death by allowing Peter to go free. Nina walked away, and Carly turned to Sonny to tell him off instead. She ranted about Nina and Peter, and Sonny's defense of Nina, but Sonny thought that Jason's death had pushed Carly "over the edge." They began to argue, and Carly insisted that she'd suffered in the same way after Sonny's "death." Sonny reminded her that he was her husband. Just then, he received a text message, and Carly declared that she had been doing something for Sasha, anyway, so they separated. Sonny's text was from Nina, who wanted to meet with him in the chapel.

Michael and Willow arrived. Willow wanted to stop in at the chapel. Britt stopped Carly as she was walking off. She stated that Carly was entitled to her grief without judgment from anyone. She didn't want Carly to be tossed from the hospital, because Sasha needed her. Carly revealed that she had been on the search for a body pillow, and she was grateful for Britt's looking out for her. Michael spotted Carly, and they embraced. Michael thought there was still hope regarding Jason.

Sonny met with Nina, and she revealed that Peter had threatened her. He had wanted to tell Carly about Nina and Sonny's relationship in Nixon Falls. Sonny replied that the timing was terrible, but he added that Nina wasn't responsible for Jason's death. Nina admitted that she had made some bad choices. As Sonny exclaimed that no one needed to know about them, Willow arrived and stood outside the door as she listened.

Sonny promised to pay Peter a visit to make sure that he kept his mouth shut. He declared that information about whatever happened between him and Nina in Nixon Falls would come from him. Nina told him that their shared love had been the purest thing to her, and she would never regret it.

Maxie confronts Peter

Maxie confronts Peter

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Esme invited herself to sit at Trina's table at Kelly's. "You look busy!" Esme chirped. Cameron wandered over to see if they wanted to place an order, and Esme, much to Trina's annoyance, ordered "a large sugar-free half-caff latte with soy milk [and] no foam." As Trina tried to get back to her studies, Esme told her that they needed to start planning their road trip.

Esme asked Trina what she was studying. Trina started to explain that she was studying nature photography. Before she could get into the details, Cameron, toting the women's drink orders, boasted that Trina had been asked to give a presentation about the gallery exhibit to her class. Trina tried to get back to her work, but Esme roped Cameron into the discussion about the trip.

Esme batted around the idea of a ski trip, stating that they could ski by day and snuggle by night -- except for Trina, who would be alone during snuggle time. Esme encouraged Trina to find a "plus one," but Trina explained that she wasn't seeing anyone. Esme continued to push, suggesting that someone at college had to have caught Trina's eye. Cameron commented that the getaway wasn't a "couples thing" but more like a friends trip.

When Cameron stepped away to seat some customers, Esme told Trina that she never would have suggested that Trina go on the trip had she known that Trina and Cameron "almost got together." Esme backed down from her statement, instead assuring Trina that one didn't need to be coupled up to be happy. As for her own relationship, Esme asserted that she had never known the "beauty in having someone understand you completely" until she'd met Spencer.

Cameron's shift ended, and he announced that he was on his way to meet Josslyn at the gym. Esme said that Spencer was also at Volonino's and offered to go with him.

At Volonino's gym, Josslyn was getting ready for her workout when Spencer approached to offer his condolences on Jason's death. He asked how Sonny was doing, and Josslyn replied it was "about what you'd expect." Josslyn shared that while she might have wanted to stay inside and away from the world, the idea of punching something had a lot of appeal. Spencer tossed her a pair of boxing gloves.

Spencer brought up the idea of the road trip-turned-vacation, prompting Josslyn to note that she had never agreed to go on any vacation. Spencer explained that Esme wanted to get to know his friends better. Josslyn suggested that getting a cup of coffee or lunch would be a better way to start things off. Josslyn questioned why Spencer and Esme were pushing so hard to go away. Josslyn asked Spencer to tell her about the "real" Esme.

Spencer told Josslyn that Esme's parents had both died when she'd been young, and as a result, Esme had grown up in boarding schools and had never had a lot of friends. "We bonded over the loneliness that we felt," Spencer said softly. Josslyn said that she was happy that Spencer believed Esme was "the know-all, be-all," but she stated that she could not get past the fact that Esme treated everyone else "like trash."

Spencer became angry as he recounted how Josslyn had been cold to Esme from their first meeting. Josslyn countered that she thought it was not fair of Spencer to have been "hanging all over Trina" when all the while he'd had a girlfriend. Spencer denied he'd done any such thing but told Josslyn that it was not the first time that he'd "screwed up." "And I'm sure it won't be the last," Josslyn replied disappointedly. Spencer again asked Josslyn if she would give Esme the chance to show "who she really is." Josslyn said that she would.

Esme and Cameron arrived a short time later. Cameron shared that Josslyn believed that they could use Sonny's cabin for their getaway. Josslyn smiled cryptically, adding that it was a trip that was "sure [to] be memorable." Privately, Esme said that she was surprised that Josslyn had agreed to go on the trip. Across the gym, Cameron said that he was surprised that Josslyn was suddenly okay with the trip. Josslyn explained that she wasn't, but she thought it might be an interesting opportunity for Spencer to see the real Esme. Cameron believed that Josslyn had something planned, but Josslyn countered that Esme would be doing "all the work on her own."

A stunned Willow backed away from the door of the hospital chapel and scurried off down the corridor. Inside, Sonny told Nina that he refused to accept that Nina's deception had been "an act of love." Nina apologized for deceiving Sonny, but she claimed that she hadn't known how to get out of the lie once it had started. She shared that she had been given a new life in Nixon Falls, something that she and Sonny had had in common.

Sonny instructed Nina not to text him again. Nina shared that she had asked to meet Sonny so she could warn him about Peter. Nina swore that she only wanted to "preserve" Sonny's relationship with Carly. Sonny became defiant, raising his voice to make it clear that Peter would not harm anyone else. "That son of a bitch killed Jason," he roared.

Nina commented that Sonny had endured a lot of loss in a short amount of time -- his father, Lenny, and Jason. She thought back to how "unburdened" Sonny had been during his time in Nixon Falls. Sonny urged Nina to forget about Nixon Falls and move forward, living the lives they had. "Separate lives," Nina replied, struggling to form a smile. When Sonny turned and walked away, she no longer had to force a smile, and tears flowed freely down her cheek.

Elsewhere at General Hospital, Michael apologized to Carly for not being with her when she'd learned about Jason's death. They took a seat in a quiet corner of the hospital. Michael asked how they were going to get by without Jason. He said he knew that they had done it before, but he commented that it seemed different that time around. Carly wrapped her arm around her son and said that they'd get through it "as a family." The two briefly discussed the trip Michael, Willow, and Wiley had taken to New York for Thanksgiving.

A still-shellshocked Willow walked off the elevator on the fourth floor of the hospital and bumped into Epiphany. The nurse sensed that something wasn't quite right with Willow, but Willow said she was trying to process some "bad news" she had received. Epiphany assumed Willow was referring to Sasha and Brando's baby and assured Willow that a team of experts would be looking out for the infant.

Hoping to get an update on baby Liam's condition, Michael and Carly happened upon Willow as she continued to wrestle with the information she had overheard. Things became more tense when Sonny stepped off the other elevator and joined the group. Willow stood several feet away as Michael, Sonny, and Carly discussed how Peter would pay for killing Jason.

Sonny told Carly that there was something he needed to do, but he declined to offer any details because he did not want her to have to worry about anything. When he left, Carly leaned against a vending machine and cried. She was taken aback when Epiphany walked over to see if she was okay. "I am very sorry for your loss," Epiphany said. Epiphany called Jason a "remarkable" person and said she'd never doubted that Jason loved Carly "without condition or reservation."

Carly's eyes welled with tears as she shared her struggle with knowing that Jason would never again be there for her. Epiphany took Carly's hand and told Carly that when she missed Jason, she should think back to their wedding day and how happy both she and Jason had been. "That love you felt that day? It's still there. It's yours to keep," Epiphany said as she, too, teared up.

Down the corridor, Willow and Michael talked about Sasha and Brando's baby. Nina stepped off the elevator and stopped herself from rounding the corner when she saw the pair talking. She listened to the conversation for a while and heard Willow mention that she had not gone into the chapel because she had not wanted to disturb the people who had already been inside.

Nina took a deep breath and rounded the corner to announce her presence to Michael and Willow. Nina shared that she was only at the hospital to show support for Sasha. Nina realized she should wait somewhere else, and Willow strongly agreed. Michael watched curiously and said he was glad that Willow's empathy for Nina only went so far.

Carly told Michael and Willow that Sonny had darted off somewhere. Willow excused herself to check her schedule. Michael asked if everything was okay between Carly and Sonny. Carly replied that they were both dealing with grief, and Carly suggested that it was Nina who she was really mad at.

Nina approached Willow and mentioned that she had been in the chapel earlier and had not seen Willow there. "I heard you," Willow snapped.

In an interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Peter announced that he would not be answering any of Mac's questions until his attorney arrived. "I don't give a damn about your rights," Mac snarled. Mac stated that he wasn't speaking to Peter as acting police commissioner; he was speaking as Maxie's father.

Mac said that Peter was a lowlife unlike any he'd seen before, perhaps with the exception of Faison. Drawing attention to the handcuffs he was wearing, Peter mused, "Like father, like son, I suppose." As Peter grew increasingly arrogant, Mac hinted that Peter could suffer a life-ending accident in jail. Peter didn't back down, replying that should anything happen to him, Louise would stay gone permanently.

In the main area of the police station, Maxie tracked down Anna and said that she needed to speak to Peter. Anna explained that Peter was not allowed visitors, a word choice that rubbed Maxie the wrong way. Maxie repeated that she wanted to speak to Peter, a statement that perplexed Anna. Anna reminded Maxie of the emotional turmoil Peter had inflicted and asked Maxie why she would want to endure more of that.

Maxie shared that she had gone months without knowing if Peter might pop up from behind a corner or sneak into her apartment. Seeing him in custody, she explained, would give her back power in the situation. She asked Anna to help convince Mac to let her see Peter.

Almost on cue, Mac exited the interrogation room and ruled out any possibility of Maxie seeing Peter. Mac explained that Peter claimed to know where Louise was. When Anna mentioned that Peter had blackmailed Nina because he didn't know Louise's whereabouts, Mac said that Peter had only created that charade to gauge how far along Anna and Valentin were in their search. Maxie shouted that Peter was a liar. Mac agreed.

Mac was confident that anything Peter would say to Maxie would also be a lie, and he wanted to shield her from that. Maxie pleaded for Mac to reconsider. He eventually relented and gave Maxie the go-ahead to talk to Peter. Anna gave Maxie a kiss on the forehead and called Maxie "very brave."

Peter sat up straight in his chair when the door to the interrogation room opened and he saw Maxie standing there. "You're even more beautiful that I remembered," Peter gushed. Maxie closed the door behind her and told Peter to "shut up" and listen to what she had to say. With Anna and Mac watching from the other side of the two-way mirror, Maxie demanded that Peter give up on the "little fantasy" he had of them getting back together because it was never going to happen. She asked Peter how he could believe that she could ever love him after all the terrible things he had done.

"Everything I did was out of love for you," Peter replied. "You hired a fake nurse to kidnap me and induce labor. That is not love," Maxie shouted. She blasted Peter for taking away her ability to hold her daughter and be a mother. Peter refused to believe that Maxie could not forgive him, and he vowed to reunite her with Louise so that the three of them could be a family. "Oh, my God! You are in handcuffs, headed to prison, where you will rot in a cell for the rest of your life," Maxie fired back.

Maxie told Peter that she regretted the day she'd met him. As she prepared to walk away, Peter mentioned that he had met Austin Gatlin-Holt and was surprised that Maxie had taken an interest in the doctor. Maxie turned and walked slowly toward Peter. She leaned in toward him and said that it was none of his business if she were dating Austin or even the entire Port Charles University football team. Peter slowly rose from his chair, staring eerily at Maxie, and said that he was the only man that would ever be in Maxie's life. "Go to hell, Peter," Maxie snapped before leaving the room.

Anna spotted Sonny entering the police station and quickly moved to block his path. She told Sonny that he had to allow the multiple jurisdictions in which Peter was wanted to work things out. Sonny made it clear that he would not be stopped from having words with Peter.

Peter was asleep in his chair when Sonny entered the room. He slammed the door loudly to rouse Peter from his sleep. As Peter's eyes focused across the room, he saw Sonny, who stood still and stared icily in his direction.

Martin's life hangs in the balance as an assassin strikes

Martin's life hangs in the balance as an assassin strikes

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

At the police station, Peter was surprised when Sonny entered the interrogation room. Sonny didn't mince words as he confronted Peter about killing Jason, but Peter denied it. Sonny disagreed, since Peter had been the reason for the tunnel collapse on Cassadine Island. Peter smiled as he pointed out that he was still breathing, but Sonny warned Peter that it wouldn't be for long. Peter wasn't intimidated because he was confident that Sonny wouldn't want Sonny's secret to get out.

Sonny believed it was an empty bluff. Peter claimed that he had recorded everything in Nixon Falls during Peter's visits, and he had a photo of a passionate kiss between "Mike" and Nina. According to Peter, everything was on a jump drive and hidden in a vault, and it would be released upon Peter's death. Peter assured Sonny that Carly wouldn't know a thing as long as Peter remained alive. Sonny intended to tell Carly everything when the time was right, but Sonny didn't believe Peter's claim about the hidden jump drive.

Sonny would never allow Peter to hold Nixon Falls over Sonny's head because Jason's death had been bigger than that. Sonny refused to let Peter continue to terrorize people, including Maxie, but Peter doubted that Sonny would kill Peter in the police station. Sonny smiled because he wanted Peter to wonder when it would happen. Sonny wanted Peter to sit in a jail cell, hear approaching footsteps, and wonder if it was someone sent by Sonny. Peter became agitated when Sonny mentioned Louise, whom Sonny believed was better off wherever she was than with Peter.

Sonny looked forward to the moment when he was surrounded by his loving family and playing with his two little girls, while Peter met his maker -- alone and begging for mercy. Peter asked if Sonny believed that Sonny was qualified to judge Peter and to end Peter's life, but Sonny explained that he was doing it for peace in his heart and all the people that Peter had hurt and killed. Jason was at the top of that list. Sonny promised that everyone would be happy when Peter was dead -- especially Maxie.

At the hospital, Austin invited Maxie into his office. He was surprised that she had stopped by, and he took the opportunity to apologize because Maxie had been right to call him out for interfering in Brook Lynn and Valentin's business. Maxie appreciated the apology, but she wanted to talk about Peter because Peter believed that Maxie and Austin were more than friends. Austin explained that he had been on duty when Peter had been admitted to the hospital, and Peter had recognized Austin's name from the hospital's ID badge. Maxie was stunned when Austin revealed that Peter had insinuated that Austin had kidnapped Louise.

Austin assured Maxie that he had repaid Peter by sticking Peter several times with a needle while collecting blood. Maxie wanted to know what Austin had told Peter about Austin's relationship with Maxie, so Austin explained that he had been honest. He would do anything to keep Peter from hurting Maxie. Maxie appreciated Austin's chivalry, but she worried that Peter had taken it the wrong way. Austin admitted that he had gotten the sense that Peter had realized that Austin was not as close to Maxie as Peter had suspected -- and that Peter would do everything in his power to keep it that way.

Maxie explained that she had visited Peter to prove to herself that she could stand up to him and to show Peter that she was not afraid of him. She had wanted Peter to know that she had nothing but contempt for him. Austin was curious how it had worked out for her. Maxie couldn't believe that it had taken so long for her to see the truth, and she regretted that she had believed that Peter could change. Maxie felt like a fool. Austin insisted that she was a generous and kindhearted person, and Peter had taken advantage of that.

Austin warned Maxie that Peter believed that fate would bring Peter and Maxie back together, but Maxie insisted that Peter was delusional. Austin confessed that he had told Peter that he didn't believe in fate. Maxie worried that Peter might view Austin as a rival, but Austin assured her there was nothing to worry about because Peter was in custody. Austin said if Peter managed to escape, then Austin would kill Peter and claim self-defense. However, Austin was confident that one of Peter's many enemies would get to Peter first.

Maxie was shocked when Austin revealed that he had volunteered to be Peter's physician to keep a close eye on Peter. Austin explained that it was the least that he could do for Maxie, and he would do anything to get back into her good graces. Maxie wished that Austin would stop talking to Peter, but Austin made it clear that was not an option. Resigned, Maxie assured Austin that they were friends again, and she admitted that it had felt good to confront Peter.

Later, Maxie ran into Sonny. He explained that he was on his way to visit Brando and Sasha, but Maxie wanted to talk to him about Peter. Sonny admitted that he'd just seen "that son of a bitch." Maxie asked what Sonny intended to do about Peter. "Are you going to kill him?" she asked.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Willow led Nina to the conference room for privacy. Nina groused that she'd thought her conversation with Sonny had been private. Willow assured Nina that she wished that she hadn't heard a single word of what Sonny and Nina had said in the chapel. Nina insisted that Willow had misunderstood or heard things out of context because Sonny and Nina had been talking about Peter. Willow assured Nina that she had heard enough to know that Sonny and Nina had fallen in love and that Nina didn't have any regrets. "Because it was 'the purest thing' you'd ever known," Willow said.

Nina acknowledged that Willow had been good to her, so Willow deserved to know the truth. Willow was furious because she had defended Nina despite Carly's warnings that Nina was toxic. Willow was stunned that Sonny had been insisting that Michael and Carly let go of their hostility toward Nina. "Is it because you're in love?" Willow asked. Willow was curious if Sonny and Nina had been sneaking around from the very beginning, but Nina assured Willow that there had been no affair.

Nina admitted that she and "Mike" had been in love in Nixon Falls, but it had ended when Sonny had learned the truth about who he was. Stunned, Willow asked if Sonny and Nina had had an affair in Nixon Falls, but Nina clarified that it had never gone that far. "It was pure. It was just love," Nina said. Willow realized that Nina was still in love with Sonny. Nina insisted that it didn't matter because Sonny had never loved Nina -- "Mike" had.

Willow reminded Nina of all the times that Nina had lied while Sonny's family had been grieving. Nina explained that she had been in a bad place, and she had found peace in Nixon Falls. Nina had wanted to tell the truth about Sonny, then "Mike" would call, and everything would change. Nina insisted that "Mike" had made it clear that he hadn't wanted to know about his past, but Willow was unmoved by Nina's excuses. Willow wanted to know why Sonny and Nina hadn't told Carly the truth.

Nina claimed there was no reason to tell Carly anything because whatever Sonny and Nina had shared in Nixon Falls was over. Willow disagreed because Sonny and Nina were sneaking around and having hushed conversations behind Carly's back. Nina asked if Willow intended to tell Michael and Carly. Willow knew a lot about loss and grieving, and she knew about telling lies and keeping secrets, especially how they could fester and grow -- and trap a person. Nina admitted that it was exactly how she felt.

Willow reminded Nina that someone always ended up hurt and that Nina's "pure" love had been based on deceit. Willow asked if Nina had kept quiet about Sonny because Nina had fallen in love and hadn't wanted Sonny to leave Nixon Falls. Nina admitted that she had done the wrong thing and that keeping Sonny away from his family had hurt a lot of people, but Nina didn't see the point in compounding that pain, since Sonny was with Carly -- the woman he loved. Nina wondered why she should make things worse for Carly and the family.

"You mean why make it worse for you?" Willow asked. Nina conceded that the truth would make things more difficult for her, but the truth would also drive a wedge between Sonny and Carly. Willow argued that the secret had already driven a wedge between the couple. Desperate, Nina begged Willow to keep quiet, but Willow was unsure what she would do.

In Sasha's hospital room, Sasha woke up when she heard Brando and Michael talking in the hallway. Brando fetched a wheelchair for Sasha so she could join him and Michael. Michael held up a gift bag as he explained that he had wanted to drop off a present for Liam. Sasha looked forward to Liam and Wiley having a playdate, and Michael agreed that Wiley would enjoy it. Sasha asked about Willow, so Michael admitted that Willow had wandered away while he'd been talking to his parents, but he was confident that Willow would visit Sasha soon.

Brando and Sasha surprised Michael by revealing that they wanted Michael and Willow to be Liam's godparents. Michael was honored, and he took the liberty of accepting on Willow's behalf. Pleased, Brando and Michael exchanged a warm hug.

In the NICU, Gladys teared up as she looked through a window at her grandson in his incubator. Carly was on hand to hug Gladys as Gladys wept. After Gladys pulled herself together, the two women sat down. Gladys wiped away her tears and admitted that she hadn't been prepared to see her grandson hooked up to tubes. Gladys had known there had been issues, but she had purposely stayed away to give Brando and Sasha space.

Gladys had been shaken at the sight of her grandson, but she was disappointed by the name that Brando and Sasha had chosen. Gladys didn't think Liam sounded rugged or stylish like Brando; Liam sounded more like a character in a fairytale book. Carly liked the name, and she reminded Gladys that Liam Neeson was a famous movie star. Gladys remained adamant that Brando was a better name. Gladys insisted that Liam was a lackluster name, and she decided that it had been Sasha's idea.

Later, Gladys announced that she intended to call her grandson "Mike" because she preferred his middle name. Carly gently advised Gladys to let Brando and Sasha decide what to call their son, but Gladys ignored her. Gladys was the child's grandmother, and she didn't have to share him with anyone. Gladys imagined that Carly hated having to share Wiley with "that awful Nina Reeves" after what Nina had done to Sonny. Carly chose her words carefully as she explained that she was happy that Wiley had a lot of people who loved him.

Gladys looked forward to when she could take her grandson to the park and show him off. Gladys planned to be there for all of her grandson's important milestones because she had missed so much with Brando. Gladys explained that she'd been young when she'd had Brando, and she had raised him as a single mother. Gladys regretted that she hadn't given Brando the support that he had needed when he had struggled with addiction, and she wondered if her grandson's situation had been punishment for Gladys telling people that Brando had died. Carly assured Gladys that Gladys had done the best that she'd been able to do.

Just then, Brando and Sasha arrived. Carly decided to give them privacy, so Sasha told Carly that Michael was packing up the gifts to take to Liam's nursery. After Carly left, Gladys conceded that Carly wasn't so bad. Gladys turned her attention to Brando and Sasha because she wanted to know what was wrong with "my little Mikey." Brando explained that there had been some complications, but he didn't go into detail. Sasha changed the subject by praising Gladys for raising a terrific son. Sasha wouldn't have gotten through everything without Brando.

Gladys beamed with pride, and she smiled when Sasha conceded that she understood why Gladys had been worried that Sasha wouldn't be prepared for motherhood. Gladys thanked Sasha. Gladys also expressed her desire to make up for the mistakes that she had made with Brando. Gladys didn't want Sasha to worry because Gladys planned to be around all the time to help take care of the baby. Brando explained that they needed to wait to see what Liam's prognosis was before they could take the baby home.

In Sasha's hospital room, Michael and Carly packed things up as they talked about Liam. Carly knew that it had been difficult on Michael because it had dredged up memories of Wiley. Michael agreed; he had grieved for a year. However, Michael had gotten a miracle, and he hoped that Brando and Sasha would get one, too. Michael shifted gears by broaching the subject of Nina, but Carly wanted to focus on Liam. She also wondered where Willow was.

After they gathered all the bags, Michael and Carly walked to the elevator. Moments later, the elevator door slid open, and Willow stepped out. Willow asked about Sasha, so Michael filled her in. Meanwhile, Nina rounded a corner, but she quickly ducked behind a plant when she saw Willow, Michael, and Carly. Willow saw Nina out of the corner of her eye.

Michael assumed that Willow had been checking her nursing school schedule. Nina breathed a sigh of relief when Willow didn't correct him. Willow was pleasantly surprised when Michael revealed that Brando and Sasha had asked them to be Liam's godparents. Michael suggested that after he and Willow dropped the gifts off at the car, they could visit Brando and Sasha. Carly loved that Michael and Willow were so supportive of the new parents.

"Family is really important," Carly said. Willow agreed and pointedly glanced at Nina still lurking behind the plant.

In an undisclosed location, Martin took Laura's empty plate as she vowed to buy more hummingbird cake when she returned home. She understood why it was his mother's favorite dessert. Martin suggested that they have another cake delivered, but Laura insisted that it was time for her to get back to Port Charles. Martin insisted that it was too dangerous, and he threatened to tell Agent Silva that Laura planned to make a run for it. Laura was not happy, but Martin didn't care. His sister was stuck with him, but he promised that he would make it up to her because he had a surprise for later.

Outside, Agent Silva wrapped up a call. He had confirmed that the regular maid had called in sick, and a replacement had been sent. Agent Silva was unaware that the new maid was an assassin sent to kill Martin and Laura.

Inside, Laura put her electronic tablet down. She was disappointed that there hadn't been any news reports about Victor Cassadine's release, but she wasn't surprised at the media's lack of interest because most people had no idea who Victor was. Martin reminded his sister that there was nothing that she could do about Victor, and he reiterated that Laura could not leave. Laura argued that she wasn't just concerned about Victor -- she missed her family. Martin empathized, but he was also a bit selfish because he'd had his sister to himself.

Later, Martin admitted that he admired Laura for maintaining a stable marriage. He had never been able to because he'd been a terrible husband. Laura blamed it on their father being a bad role model. Martin agreed, but Martin wouldn't have a sister if it hadn't been for their father's philandering ways. Martin decided to surprise Laura by popping in a holiday movie, but Laura groaned when she saw that it was Christina Comes Home for Christmas.

Laura explained that she couldn't watch the holiday favorite because it reminded her too much of home and everything that she was missing. Martin suggested that it might be cathartic to watch, but Laura argued that -- unlike Christina -- Laura wouldn't be home in the morning. Laura was desperate to get her life back, but Martin urged Laura to stick it out a little longer. He offered to pour her a glass of cognac so she could soak in the tub while he watched the movie. Laura agreed.

A short time later, Laura told Martin that she was glad that they'd had an opportunity to make up for not growing up together. The two exchanged an affectionate hug. As Laura walked to the bathroom to soak in the tub, Martin took his bowl of popcorn and made himself comfortable on the sofa. Moments later, the assassin knocked on the door. Martin let the woman in and told her to drop the basket of laundry anywhere. After he sat back down, the assassin reached into the basket, retrieved a rope, and silently approached Martin from behind. Popcorn flew everywhere as she began to strangle Martin with the rope.

Sonny makes a deal with Ms. Wu

Sonny makes a deal with Ms. Wu

Thursday, December 9, 2021

A solemn Ava was having a drink in the living room at Wyndemere when Nikolas proposed some one-on-one time. "Maybe later," she said, and he replied, "Ouch." She admitted that she was preoccupied with his extremely dangerous family. She wasn't happy that he'd kept Victor's existence from her, and he regretted it. She instructed him to tell her if there were any secrets left. He didn't want to make her an accessory after the fact, but she didn't care about that. He confessed that Shawn hadn't shot Hayden, and she knew that Nikolas had hired someone to do it. She told a surprised Nikolas that their relationship would be "all or nothing," and Nikolas kissed her to answer the question.

Laura was on the phone with Kevin while the bath filled. She thought that the authorities were close to finding Cyrus' people. She turned the water off and was alarmed to hear a thud outside the room. Out in the living room, the woman posing as the housekeeper strangled Martin. She informed him that Laura would be joining him soon. The guard outside the front door knocked and asked if everything was all right. Martin passed out, and the housekeeper picked up her gun and headed to the front door. Just then, Laura knocked the woman out with a plunger and tied up the unconscious woman. She let the guard in and instructed him to call an ambulance.

A short while later, Laura suggested that the housekeeper tell them who she was working with in order to get a more lenient sentence. "Lawyer," the housekeeper said, and a cop took her away. Laura joined Martin on the couch as an EMT took his leave. Martin decided that he needed a soak in the tub before they were moved again, but Laura thought there was another option.

Laura explained that it was believed that Cyrus had only hired one assassin, and being cut off from his funds and support meant that he couldn't hire anyone else, anyway. Martin thought that she was underestimating Cyrus. However, she insisted that her family and community needed her, and she couldn't do anything while on the run. She stated that they needed to take on their enemy face to face. She instructed him to rest while she talked to the agents and packed their things. "I hope you know what you're doing," Martin said. She promised that she would somehow take care of Cyrus and protect Martin in the process.

At the hospital, Carly video chatted with Avery on her phone. Avery reminded Carly to get Liam's gift to him, and she asked Carly to kiss Sasha for her. Carly promised that she would, and she hung up. Selina Wu approached and expressed her condolences for the loss of Jason. Carly tearfully insisted that he always beat the odds. Selina agreed that Jason was "the safest bet," and she walked away.

In Liesl's room, Britt informed Liesl and Scott that Liesl would be able to leave the hospital the next day, but Liesl and Scott were too busy flirting to listen. Eventually, Scott gave Britt his condolences about Jason, but Britt informed him that they'd been "long over." Nina entered the room as Liesl regretted not killing Peter when she'd had the chance. Nina insisted that she was to blame.

When Britt was gone, Scott figured it was a good time to work on details for Nina's hearing, and Liesl wondered what was going on. Nina briefly and reluctantly told Liesl all that had happened with Sonny in Nixon Falls and that she was being charged with fraud. She concluded that Jason would still be alive if she'd called the police instead of Liesl when Peter had shown up in Nixon Falls. Liesl asked for privacy with her niece, so Scott left. Liesl asked two things of Nina: to make amends with Britt, who Liesl feared would have no one left to trust, and to fight as hard as she could in court.

When Scott returned, Nina was gone, and Scott dashed Liesl's hopes about the charges against Nina being dropped. He talked about how strange it was that Sonny hadn't wanted any kind of retribution, and he figured that Sonny still thought he was "Mike." An alarmed Liesl thought back to a conversation with Nina about a romantic partner named Mike.

Maxie bumped into Sonny at the hospital, and she wanted to talk to him about Peter. "I want him dead," she stated, but Sonny replied that Peter had to live. He claimed that any information relevant to Louise's whereabouts would die with Peter, but Maxie insisted that Peter knew nothing. She reminded him of all the people Peter had hurt and added that Louise would always be in danger with Peter alive. Sonny thought back to his conversation with Peter about Peter's "insurance policy." A frustrated Maxie stormed off, and Sonny pulled out his phone.

Britt entered her office and found Selina in her chair. Britt instructed that all appointments went through her assistant, but Selina thought it was better to keep the meeting "off the books." She introduced herself as Brad's aunt, but Britt hadn't known that she existed. Selina knew that friendships were hard to maintain, even under the best circumstances. Britt insisted that Selina didn't have to worry about Britt abandoning Brad, but Selina replied that that was what she wanted.

Selina revealed that Brad was likely to be paroled soon, so she advised Britt to keep her distance. She explained that Brad need to "rehabilitate his character," so he needed to steer clear of "harmful influences from his old life." Selina's phone went off, and she excused herself.

A short while later, Britt was looking at a picture of her and Brad when Maxie entered. Maxie was there to check on Britt and Liesl after their return. Britt told Maxie that Liesl was busy "cocooning with Scott," and Maxie commented that it was a better reunion than her and Peter's. She told Britt about her visit to Peter, and Britt was proud of her. Maxie invited Britt over for wine just as Nina entered, so Maxie invited her, too. Nina wondered what they were toasting to. "A Peter-free world coming soon," Maxie revealed.

After leaving Sasha and Brando, Michael found Carly at the hospital. Carly reminded Michael that she'd had the same issue with him during labor that Sasha had had with Liam. She continued that Jason had found her and taken her to the emergency room. He offered her a ride home, but she figured that she would see if Sasha and Brando needed anything first. Michael wondered why she seemed to be avoiding going home, but they were interrupted by Selina.

Selina assumed that Michael would be at Brad's parole hearing, and Michael coldly replied that he wouldn't miss the chance to argue for Brad to stay in prison. Selina said that Brad had repented, but Michael thought the statement was hollow. When Selina was gone, Carly advised Michael to be a little less confrontational with someone who was Sonny's ally. Michael insisted that he would honor his agreement with Sonny, but he didn't think Sonny would begrudge Michael speaking at the hearing. Carly admitted that she wasn't comfortable speaking for Sonny, as they hadn't been on the same page. She insisted that they would work things out. Michael believed that Nina was the cause, and he insisted that things would get better as soon as she got what she deserved.

Selina arrived at Sonny's office, and he handed her a picture of Peter. He explained that Peter was in PCPD custody and would be in Pentonville starting the next day, after his arraignment. He added that there would be no trial because Peter would be dead before that happened. "And you want me to make sure of it?" Selina questioned. Sonny replied that he would be the number one suspect, but Peter was dangerous to society, so it had to be done. "It'll cost you," Selina said. Sonny promised her more of what he'd gotten from the Novaks; she preferred something else, and she mentioned Brad.

Sonny reiterated that he wasn't going to pressure the board to refuse parole, but Selina wanted "a more positive approach." She wanted "a more favorable result," and she added, "a life for a life." He agreed to tell his man on the board to vote for release, but she wanted more than a single vote. He countered that he wouldn't go against Michael more than that, so Selina took a second to think. She reached out her hand, and they shook on the deal.

Sonny wondered when he could expect Peter's demise. Selina replied that she would make the arrangements immediately. She apologized for putting Sonny in an awkward position and hoped Michael would forgive Sonny for intervening. "I'm prepared for the consequences of my actions," Sonny stated. He believed that his family was best served with Peter gone. He added that it still stood that there would be "hell to pay" if Brad ever went anywhere near Wiley, and she left.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Today's episode of General Hospital stated that Ms. Wu's first name was Selina. Historically, the character had been referred to as "Nina Wu," the name that has been used on Soap Central. It is assumed that the name was changed because there was another Nina on the canvas.

Anna urges Peter to own up to his crimes

Anna urges Peter to own up to his crimes

Friday, December 10, 2021

Chase visited Brook Lynn at the Quartermaine mansion to lament his feeling of uselessness since being suspended from the police department. He decided that he would throw himself into being "Bailey's" father so that everyone would believe that he was "the real deal."

Willow told Michael that Wiley wanted to pick out a Christmas tree for the gatehouse. Michael was distracted and muttered that the tree would have to wait. Willow realized that Michael was focused on Brad's parole hearing. She asked him why he, unlike Sonny, was unable to give Brad the benefit of a second chance. Michael explained that he did not believe that Selina would keep her word to prevent Brad from going near Wiley. He explained that with Jason's death, there was no longer anyone to "enforce" Sonny's business agreements.

Willow suggested that they forge the parole board, Brad, Nina, and everyone else that Michael felt he had to protect their family from. Before Michael could answer, Brook Lynn and Chase entered the room. The group made small talk about diapers, which eventually spiraled into Michael blasting Chase as an absentee father and a jerk for the way he had treated Willow when she and Chase had been married.

Brook Lynn grabbed the baby monitor and lied about having heard "Bailey" make a noise. Chase knew the baby hadn't made any noise. He told Michael and Willow that they needed to find a way to move past him being the father of Brook Lynn's baby. The squabbling continued until both Brook Lynn and Chase thought it might be best if they did go check on the baby. As they turned to walk away, Willow called out to them. Willow said that, while she could not speak for Michael, for the kids' sake, she was willing to get past their differences.

When Brook Lynn and Chase stepped out of the room, Chase told Brook Lynn that what she was doing was "very noble." Back inside the living room, Michael gave Willow a kiss to show his appreciation for how she was willing to forgive Chase and Brook Lynn. Willow asked Michael if he might be willing to do the same for Brad. Michael called the situation with Brad "black and white" and said that nothing would change his mind about testifying against Brad. Michael also questioned why Willow was so willing to forgive Nina.

In his solitary confinement cell at Pentonville, Peter was awakened by a guard to inform him that he had a visitor. A panicked Peter yelled that he did not want any visitors unless there was a bulletproof glass partition between him and the visitor. He calmed slightly when Anna strolled into his cell. She seemed amused by Peter's fear for his life. Peter claimed that Sonny Corinthos had "all but put a bull's-eye" on his back. "It's hard to believe that there's room for yet another target," Anna replied with a smile.

Peter said that even in solitary confinement, he did not feel safe. Anna assured Peter that he was safer in his cell than gold was at Fort Knox. She noted that Sonny was just one of many people who wanted Peter dead. If Peter wanted to stay alive, Anna felt that Peter would need to confess to "every single crime" he had committed and give up his parental rights to Maxie's daughter. Peter questioned why he would do either of those things. If he did, Anna said that "maybe, just maybe" there would be something she could do for Peter.

Peter exclaimed that giving up parental rights would also mean that he would be giving up any hope of getting back together with Maxie. An outraged Anna snapped that Peter's belief in a reunion was an "illusion [that] died a long time ago." Peter said that he could not give up on Maxie and Louise. The guard reentered the cell and told Anna that her time was up. Anna advised Peter that his arraignment would be happening soon. Before leaving, she became emotional and proclaimed that she still believed in the justice system and would do what she could to help Peter -- if he did the right thing.

At General Hospital, Sasha woke up as Brando was tucking the bed sheets around her. She smiled broadly as she announced that it was the day that their baby would be going home. Nina entered the room and, upon seeing Sasha, said that no one should look so beautiful after a C-section. Moments later, Lucy Coe arrived with some items she had managed to sneak past Epiphany. Calling himself the literal "odd man out," Brando stepped out of the room, and the women were left to chow down on the gummy bears that Lucy had brought. Later, Lucy floated the idea of taking Deception public. Sasha thanked Lucy for sharing the news with her, but Sasha said that her sole focus was "laying in an incubator in the NICU."

Nina excused herself, and Lucy apologized for the "misguided" way she had tried to take Sasha's mind off of her worries. Lucy called being a mom "the most achingly, breathtakingly beautiful thing in the world" and, at other times, something that broke one's heart. Lucy shared her personal heartbreak of having had several miscarriages before eventually being asked to act as a surrogate for her friend Dominique. Lucy said that it had been a great gift for her to be able to raise Serena and that Serena was her daughter in every way that mattered. The point of the story, Lucy explained, was to let Sasha know that she would one day cherish every single moment of motherhood, even the very scary ones.

In her office at General Hospital, after a brief visit from Maxie and Nina, Britt phoned Dr. Fleming to confirm that she could move forward with the EEG for baby Liam. Nina returned to give Britt the chance to discuss all the things that they had not yet said to one another. Britt was initially reluctant to speak her mind, but as Nina continued to prod her, Britt finally asked Nina why she had not called the police when Peter had shown up in Nixon Falls. Nina explained that Peter had been blackmailing her.

Nina admitted that, in hindsight, she realized she should have called the authorities rather than calling Liesl. When Nina noted that Liesl was alive and well, Britt fired back that Jason was not. Britt said that Nathan would want her to "pay it forward and help Nina." Nina thanked Britt for agreeing to be there for her. Their conversation was interrupted when Britt received a phone call.

Brando visited the hospital chapel. He acknowledged in his prayers that he could not remember the last time he'd attended a church service. Looking skyward, Brando said that he did not understand why his son had been born with so many obstacles to overcome. When Brando finished, he turned toward the exit and saw T.J. waiting for him.

T.J. apologized for intruding. He explained that when he'd seen Sasha with her friends, it had made him want to check in to see if Brando needed someone to talk to. Brando replied that he had been speaking to someone. "Did they talk back?" T.J. quipped. Both men laughed.

Brando said that his mom had always wanted him to be an altar boy. He mused that Father Hogan would have made him say ten Hail Marys and run ten laps if he had made a joke like T.J.'s. T.J. said that his Aunt Stella would have washed his mouth out with soap if she'd heard the joke. Brando thanked T.J. for making him forget -- even if it had only been for two minutes -- that he had a son fighting for his life in the NICU.

Brando and T.J. returned to Sasha's room. Lucy finished showing Sasha some of Deception's latest baby care products. Lucy apologized for visiting so long and said she would get out of their hair. T.J. told Brando to call T.J. if he needed anything. Brando and Sasha waited nervously for the results of Liam's EEG. Moments later, a somber Britt entered the room and closed the door behind her.

Sonny joined Carly at the Metro Court, where she was starting to look over the hotel's plans for the Christmas holiday. She paid him little attention and dashed off to talk to the chef when a supplier alerted her by email of a marzipan shortage. After she darted off, Selina Wu wandered into the closed restaurant area to ask Sonny if he, like Carly, was keeping himself busy in the wake of Jason's death.

Sonny told Selina that he had instructed his "friend" on the parole board to vote in favor of Brad's parole. He noted that Michael still planned to express his desire for Brad to serve out his entire sentence. Selina made a cryptic comment about how unfortunate it was that Jason was not around to "guarantee" certain things and "persuade" others. Carly returned to the dining area as Sonny was asking Selina if they should "move on."

Sonny quickly clarified that Selina had wanted to talk about Brad's parole hearing. Carly shared that Michael still planned to testify against Brad. Selina was undeterred, remarking that "situations have a way sorting themselves out." Sonny recalled an earlier conversation with Selina in which she had accepted his request to have Peter eliminated. He then shared that as long as everyone held up "his or her end of the bargain," everything would be good. "Consider it done," Selina replied before walking away.

Carly told Sonny that she had always liked Selina. "As the only woman running one of the families, she's tough and she's fair," she remarked. Carly then asked Sonny what "bargain" she had walked in on. Sonny shared that Selina had suggested that it might be time to replace Jason. They both agreed that Jason was irreplaceable, but, citing something Mike had always said, Sonny said that "graveyards are filled with indispensable men."

Sonny explained that when he'd returned to Port Charles from Nixon Falls, he had not wanted to simply pick up where he and Carly had left off. He wanted them to get closer. He told Carly that he wanted her. In turn, Carly told him that she wanted him. Sonny looked over his shoulder, and Carly stated that no one was there because the restaurant did not open for a few hours. "You think that's gonna stop me?" Sonny asked. He leaned in and kissed his wife.

Later, as Carly tended to some work behind the bar, Selina returned. Selina said that she felt that there had been a "miscommunication" between them earlier. Ms. Wu said that she had only brought up Jason's name because she'd wanted to make sure that Carly's family was protected.

Anna arrived to tell Sonny about her visit to see Peter in Pentonville. She said that Sonny had succeeded in putting "the fear of God" into Peter. She asked if Sonny could leave it at that and let the law run its course. Sonny told Anna that she gave him too much credit and that, even if he wanted to do something, Peter was surrounded by guards and cameras.

Back at Pentonville, as Peter dressed for his arraignment, his breakfast tray was delivered. Peter immediately rejected it because he said he did not trust it. The guard told Peter they would simply give his tray to another inmate. After thinking about it for a moment, Peter changed his mind and asked for the food. Moments after eating the sliced fruit, toast, and scrambled eggs, Peter fell to the ground and began convulsing. In the corridor, it was revealed that the person delivering the food trays was Brad Cooper.

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