General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 13, 2021 on GH

After a heartbreaking diagnosis, Brando and Sasha said goodbye to Liam. Mike Corbin watched over Liam. Peter lingered in a coma. Alexis turned down Sam's job offer. Brad was granted parole. Stella confronted Marshall. Finn and Elizabeth made a decision about their relationship. Olivia gave Nina a warning. Leo had an evaluation.
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Brad was granted parole, Peter hovered near death, and Brando and Sasha said goodbye to Liam
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Brando and Sasha receive devastating news

Brando and Sasha receive devastating news

Monday, December 13, 2021

While Curtis sat at a table at the Savoy and attempted to find information online about Marshall, he flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Marshall . He was astonished when Drew walked in. The men shared a hug, and Curtis noted that the last he'd heard, Sam had suspected Drew had been on the other end of a phone call she'd received. Drew filled him in about being Peter's captive, while Curtis detailed many of Peter's other misdeeds.

Curtis explained the reasons for his new business, and Drew asked when he could take Curtis and Jordan out to dinner. Curtis updated Drew who was sorry to hear of Curtis' marriage and Jordan's health woes. Curtis confessed that he was still in love with Jordan but couldn't handle her secrets. He had started over. Drew understood, having split from Sam before his captivity. Curtis revealed that Sam had never stopped fighting for Drew. The men spoke about the events in Crete, and Drew stated that he wanted to live in a way that would honor Jason.

Drew asked Curtis what he'd been doing when Drew had arrived, and Curtis told him about trying to find information on someone who had been presumed dead. He admitted that he hadn't been happy to see his father. Curtis wondered why he couldn't find any information, and he and Drew guessed that Marshall had been living under a different name.

Drew offered to help Curtis out because he thought that Curtis was too close to the problem. Curtis believed that Drew had his own life to take care of, but Drew declared that spending time with Scout wouldn't take all of his time. Curtis was appreciative and promised to think about it.

Trina rushed into Metro Court and took a seat at Portia's table. Trina apologized for being late. They talked about school and Trina's upcoming presentation. Trina divulged that she felt like a loser, but Portia didn't understand. She was proud of her daughter. Trina explained that she would be the only person alone on a weekend trip with Cam, Josslyn, Esme, and Spencer. She believed that Esme wouldn't allow her to forget it. Portia thought that Esme was jealous of Trina and wondered if it would really bother Trina.

Portia reminded Trina that she had raised Trina to be independent. Trina agreed that Portia had always been her role model, but she was curious as to why Portia and Curtis hadn't been seeing much of each other lately. Portia claimed they'd been busy, but before she could offer more detail, Marshall appeared at their table. Portia stood up and announced that she knew who Marshall was. He apologized for having been so secretive, and he confirmed that their last encounter hadn't gone well.

Marshall introduced himself to Trina, and Trina guessed that Portia didn't like him. She suggested that Marshall leave. Marshall explained his past disappearance, and he noted that he had hoped to find a way into Curtis' "good graces." Portia urged him to go slowly.

Marshall left, and Trina realized that she understood the distance between Portia and Curtis. She asked why Portia was uncomfortable with Marshall, and Portia explained that he had been asking questions about Curtis while sneaking around. Curtis' life had been "upended." Trina related the incident to her own with Taggert, but Portia declared that it wasn't quite the same.

Nearby, Anna spoke to Sonny about Peter. She was afraid that Peter would be vulnerable on the way to his arraignment. Sonny asked if she would be giving him a roadmap. Carly approached them and asked what they were talking about. Sonny told her about Peter's upcoming arraignment. Anna received a phone call and walked away to take it. When she returned, she announced that she'd received a call from Pentonville. Peter was on his way to the hospital, but she had no further information. Anna had to get to the hospital.

Carly wondered if Sonny had known about an incident. He denied any knowledge of it, but Carly pressed. She noted that she had been suspicious after his talk with Selina Wu, and Carly thought that even Anna knew something. Sonny played dumb, but Carly asked if he had "sought justice for Jason." Sonny gave in and admitted that he had put out a hit on Peter. Carly thanked Sonny. She thought that there would be many grateful people. She added that the hit should be "slow and painful." Sonny replied that he had promised Peter that very thing.

Sonny wondered how long Jason had been able to survive under the tunnel collapse, but he agreed that Peter's death wouldn't make up for Carly's pain. Carly stressed that it was their pain, not just hers. Sonny stated that there had been a million reasons to have Peter eliminated, even before Jason's death. "He will be avenged," Sonny said. Carly thanked him again.

At General Hospital, Epiphany ran into Maxie as she stood outside the NICU and watched Liam. Maxie stated that Louise would be home someday, and she hoped that Brando and Sasha would hear similar news about Liam. Epiphany related that she couldn't divulge any information, and Maxie replied that she would wait around to support Brando and Sasha. Epiphany told her that the couple would just want to be alone with their baby, no matter what the news was. She declared that Maxie's heart was in the right place.

T.J. stopped in a corridor to talk to a patient who stated that she would miss him. Behind him, Stella stepped off the elevator and beamed as the conversation continued, and she waited until they were finished. T.J. was elated to see his great-aunt, and she told him how proud she was of him. Stella announced that she was fully recovered from her stroke and able to resume all of her normal activities. They made small talk, and Stella revealed that Curtis was unaware of her presence.

Stella went on to say that she knew that Curtis had been hiding something, and she asked T.J. if he knew what it was. T.J. emphasized that Curtis was fine, but Stella tricked him. She demanded to know what was going on. T.J. admitted that Curtis had been dealing with something and was afraid that it would upset Stella. He suggested that Stella talk directly to Curtis about it but back off if she wasn't ready to hear it. Stella insisted it was her job to support Curtis, and she understood loyalty.

Elizabeth and Finn bumped into each other, and Finn assured her that he knew how difficult things had been for her with Peter back in the area. Elizabeth wished that Peter had died during his fall at the hospital. She added that Jake had been grieving for both Franco and Jason, and Peter had been responsible for both deaths. Finn wished he could make Elizabeth feel better, and he embraced her. Elizabeth thanked him for the hug and joked that they should do it more often. They flirted until Finn received notification of an emergency. Elizabeth informed him that she happened to be covering the ER.

Reaching the emergency room, Finn and Elizabeth spotted a cop standing guard outside one of the emergency spaces. They rushed in and found an unconscious Peter on oxygen with a beeping monitor next to him. Finn gave Elizabeth instructions as he revealed that Peter had been found unresponsive in his cell. Elizabeth hoped that Peter would die.

Anna arrived and saw Maxie, who mentioned that she was there for Sasha and Brando. Elizabeth and Finn met with them, and Finn revealed that Peter was in critical condition. Anna exclaimed that Peter had been fine at Pentonville, and Finn suggested the possibility of Peter ingesting a toxin. Finn and Elizabeth left while Anna proclaimed that Peter had been terrified that something would happen to him. "Looks like he was right," Maxie said as she flashed back to a conversation she'd had with Sonny when she'd told him that she wanted Peter dead.

Britt and Dr. Fleming spoke to Brando and Sasha inside Sasha's room. Britt broke the news that Liam would not be going home because he had suffered brain damage. The doctors explained that the EEG that had been done on Liam had revealed that there was little to no brain activity. Sasha and Brando grew weepy and asked if there were options. Britt told them that nothing could be done.

Britt confirmed that Liam's brain had no capacity to improve, and he would have seizures. Brando and Sasha thought they could handle anything, and their baby would get lots of care. Britt related that several decisions would have to be made. She wanted the new parents to process the information they'd received. The baby would continue to receive good care, and she had additional doctors from elsewhere checking the tests. Sasha wanted to see her son.

Epiphany watched as Brando and Sasha headed to the NICU, while a somber Britt sat in a chair with her head down. Epiphany joined her, and Britt confessed that she hadn't been able to tell the couple what would happen next. She groused that it had been appropriate for the couple to have received the news from "the Britch." Epiphany insisted that no one called Britt that any longer, but Britt felt bad that she might have given Brando and Sasha false hope.

As Sasha and Brando watched over their son, full of good expectations, Epiphany sat down next to Britt, who assured Epiphany that she didn't need to comfort Britt. Epiphany replied that she had "been there," and she thought that Britt had done the right thing. She didn't think that Britt had anything to regret and that Brando and Sasha would need all the grace they could get.

Elizabeth and Maxie sat in the corridor. Elizabeth agreed that it was difficult to maintain her professionalism around Peter, but the hospital had been understaffed. Normally, she would not have been assigned to Peter's case. They chatted about Franco and Jason and about Jake's grief and anger. Maxie wondered if part of Elizabeth wanted Peter to die.

Finn announced that Peter was alive, but they would have to wait for test results. Anna disclosed that Peter's cell was being treated as a crime scene, and if someone had tried to kill Peter, they would be identified. "Oh, so they can award them the medal of freedom?" Maxie asked.

Elizabeth walked into Peter's treatment bay and removed the wrapper from a brand-new scalpel. Out in the hallway, Finn agreed to the irony of trying to save Peter's life while Maxie thought the best thing would be for Peter to die. They would all be free. Anna admitted that she didn't disagree. "Let him die," Maxie uttered.

Stella surprised Curtis at the Savoy. "No more secrets," she said. Before they could continue, Marshall walked in.

Brad has his parole hearing

Brad has his parole hearing

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

At Pentonville, Willow asked Michael if he was nervous about the parole hearing. As Brad was led into the room, Michael announced that he'd never been more sure about anything in his life. Moments later, Selina Wu entered the room and walked over to greet Michael. Michael said that it was a pleasure to see Selina again, and he introduced her to Willow.

Selina told Michael that she in no way condoned what Brad had done. She added that "should fortune fall in Brad's favor," she would be responsible for Brad and would see to it that Brad never "disturbed" Michael's family again. Michael told Selina that he appreciated her words. However, he said that once the board heard what he had to say, there was "no chance in hell" that Brad would see the light of day.

When the hearing began, Michael was first to address the parole board. He shared how he had buried a child that he'd thought had been his, only to learn later that his child was alive and well and being cared for by Brad. Michael claimed that Brad had displayed a "staggering lack of character and judgment" and that his release would inflict more pain on those Brad had harmed.

Brad was given the opportunity to speak. Standing and turning to face Michael and Willow, Brad acknowledged that "no amount of contrition [would] ever be enough" to make up for what he had done. Brad shared that the parole board was in receipt of letters of support from "several COs and the warden" that expressed that he had been a model prisoner.

Brad cited a line from a letter Britt had submitted: "Despite his mistake, Brad Cooper is infinitely more capable of virtue than vice." "I am more than my mistakes," Brad said softly, requesting, "Please, grant me parole, and I promise to live a life of virtue." Brad was told that that the board would meet privately to discuss the possibility of his parole. The hearing adjourned, Brad was placed in handcuffs and escorted back to his cell.

Stella demanded that Curtis stop keeping secrets. Before Curtis could respond, Marshall walked into the Savoy with a slight smile on his face. Stella was stunned to see Marshall. "Good to see you again... after all these years," Marshall said with a smirk. Curtis urged his aunt to sit down. Curtis blasted Marshall's presence as "unsettling and unwelcome" and shared that Stella was recovering from a stroke.

As Curtis explained that the shock of seeing the supposedly dead Marshall could have caused Stella to relapse, Stella mumbled that Curtis didn't have things quite right. She slowly rose from her chair and started to explain. Before she could say anything more, Marshall jumped in to say that there had been no way for Stella to have known that he was alive.

Stella sat back down, her brow furrowed as she stared in wonderment at Marshall. "How are you here?" she asked. Curtis was stunned when Stella remarked that she was sure Marshall would explain everything to them when he was ready. Marshall praised the sacrifices that Stella had made to raise Curtis to be the man he had turned out to be.

Curtis repeated his demand that Marshall leave the club. Marshall nodded understandingly, told Stella to take care of herself, and headed for the exit. Stella called out for Marshall to stop. Stella told Curtis that whether he liked it or not, Marshall was his father -- even when Marshall was not around. Curtis said that he could not just pick up where things had left off because he was "a little too old for toy lawnmowers."

Stella urged Curtis to hear Marshall out. Curtis said that he had no interest in hearing from "a ghost with no public record." Marshall replied that he had had no choice but to leave because his presence in Curtis and Tommy's lives had put them at risk. Curtis questioned why there was too much risk when his mother and Marshall had died, but that decades later, the risk had suddenly disappeared.

Marshall claimed that he could not provide more details and agreed to leave. When he was gone, Stella asked Curtis for a tour of the club. Stella pledged that as long as there was breath left in her body, she would not allow anything or anyone to upend their family.

Back in her hospital room, Sasha worried that Liam felt trapped in the incubator. Brando assured her that their son felt safe in the incubator. Acknowledging that their son could face challenges ahead, Sasha asked, "If our son can feel how much we love him, isn't that enough?" The couple reaffirmed their commitment to do whatever was necessary to give their son "a fighting chance."

Sasha commented that it felt like she and Brando were "always scrambling." She said that she wanted to try to change that by getting a head start on planning their son's "best life." Asked what he wanted, Brando replied that he thought it was time for them to get some answers.

Austin told Britt that he had news about Peter. "Is it his obituary?" Britt quipped. Austin replied that Peter was in the emergency room, and he was "more dead than alive." Britt exclaimed that that was the best news she had heard all day. Perhaps wanting to put her comment in context, she told Austin that she'd had to deliver bad news to a patient, she'd been told she was a bad influence, and she was unable to attend the parole hearing of a good friend.

Austin assured Britt that her friend would understand why she could not be there, and he stated that whoever had called Britt a bad influence didn't know Britt at all. Britt was taken aback by Austin's kind words. "Sorry. It's just that when people list the reasons, I'm terrible, it usually doesn't sound nice," she said with a forced chuckle. Austin told Britt that he didn't think she was terrible. As the doctors were talking, Brando approached and asked Britt if she had some time to talk.

Back in Sasha's room, Britt told Sasha and Brando that she needed to give them "a more thorough explanation of [their] son's prognosis." Britt said that Liam would never be able to breathe on his own or open his eyes. Life for Liam, she continued, would require that he be permanently hooked up to a ventilator. Sasha replied that she and Brando could give Liam what he needed at home. Britt explained that Liam would need to be taken to a long-term care facility.

Sasha snapped that if Britt refused to help them, they would find someone who would. Brando took Sasha's hand and tried to soothe her. He told Britt that they were just "frustrated" with the situation. Sasha apologized for snapping at Britt. Britt offered to get the couple as many second opinions as they might want or need. However, Britt said that any other specialist would unfortunately arrive at the same prognosis.

Britt admitted that Liam could live "for years," but he would do so in a vegetative state. She noted that his quality of life would be poor, and he would undoubtedly be plagued by seizures, pneumonia, sepsis, septic shock, and a high likelihood of bedsores. While Sasha still held out hope for a second opinion, Brando told her that it seemed they only had one option: to remove Liam from life support. "Even though he's only been here a very short time, I can't imagine the world without Liam in it," Sasha sobbed.

Maxie paced back and forth in the waiting room, asking which was more painful, cyanide or strychnine. "Man, I hope Peter's assassin took that into consideration," Maxie chirped. Finn stated that Peter might not have been intentionally poisoned, noting that it would have taken a "real effort" for someone to have been able to reach Peter in solitary confinement.

Elizabeth hovered over Peter, a scalpel in her right hand. She thought about the heartache she'd suffered because of Peter. Finn stepped into the room and quietly told Elizabeth that she didn't need the scalpel. As he walked slowly toward her, Elizabeth said that Finn didn't understand. Finn replied that he did understand, and carefully took the scalpel from her.

A chipper Austin entered the room and asked if he was interrupting anything. Finn shared that there were no changes in the patient's condition. As he ushered Elizabeth out of the room, Finn placed the scalpel on a nearby tray. Seconds later, Austin noticed the scalpel and wondered what it was doing in Peter's room.

Elizabeth stammered as she tried to tell Finn that she had patients to see. He told her that she was in no condition to continue working and led her off to his office. Elizabeth slowly came to realize what she had almost done in Peter's room. Finn said that he'd recognized the look on Elizabeth's face as one of rage, the same rage he had felt when Peter had thrown the antidote to Chase's condition from the roof of the hospital. Finn told Elizabeth that he wanted to spare her the regret he had felt when he'd thought he'd killed Peter.

"Spare me?" Elizabeth asked in disbelief. "Peter murdered my husband. He's the reason Jason is dead, the reason that my boys are in a constant state of grief," she continued. Elizabeth said that Finn had prevented her from giving her sons "some semblance of justice." Finn pointed out that if Elizabeth had done harm to Peter, she, too, would have been taken away from her kids. Finn looked deeply into Elizabeth's eyes and told her that he would be there for her for anything that she might need. Elizabeth unexpectedly lunged forward and kissed Finn. Seconds later, without a word, she raced out of the office.

When Austin exited Peter's treatment bay, he was immediately confronted by Maxie, who had just one request "Please just tell me he's going to die," Maxie said slowly yet forcefully.

Carly reluctantly left work early to return home to be with Sonny. Sonny said that with so many negative things circling them, they needed to take time to celebrate. Carly could not think of anything that was worth celebrating. Sonny led her into the living room that had recently been bedecked in Christmas magic. Six brown stockings lined the fireplace and an undecorated tree with clear lights stood sentry in the middle of the room.

Carly told Sonny that she loved the decorations but jokingly asked Sonny if he'd looked at a calendar because they never decorated so early. Donna and Avery wandered down to the living room and listened as Sonny and Carly shared all the plans they had made for Christmas.

The kids headed off to the kitchen to decorate cookies with Graciela and Pilar. When Sonny returned to the room, he found Carly daydreaming over the boxes of ornaments. He immediately sensed that something was troubling Carly. She explained that they had had to trim the previous year's Christmas tree without Sonny, and it "didn't feel right."

Carly showed Sonny the "Caroline" keychain that Jason had given her years earlier. She kissed her husband and promised that they would get through their challenging times together.

Michael, Willow, and Wiley arrived for a visit. Privately, Michael told Sonny about the parole hearing and said that he just wanted everything with Brad to be over. In the living room, Willow told Carly that even when they disagreed, she knew that Carly always had Wiley's best interests in mind.

Later, the Corinthos family started to decorate the tree. Carly noticed that Sonny had slipped another present under the tree, and she raced over and begged for permission to open it. Sonny told her that she had to wait until Christmas. Carly continued to plead her case as Sonny answered a call on his cell phone. The call was from Selina, who informed Sonny that the parole board had made their decision, and Brad would be released from jail in a few days. "You have my gratitude," she said. "A deal's a deal," Sonny replied stoically. When Sonny hung up, Carly asked him if everything was all right. Sonny forced a smile and assured that everything was fine.

Brad's second chance gets off to a rocky start

Brad's second chance gets off to a rocky start

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

At Rice Plaza, Michael and Willow sipped coffee and discussed Brad's parole. Willow admitted that she needed time to figure out a way to make peace with Brad being back in Port Charles. Michael warned that Brad had better stay away from Wiley, but Michael didn't want to talk about Brad. He asked why they were in the town square, where it was cold, instead of a warm restaurant. Willow didn't mind because she looked forward to the holiday fair and strolling through the shops. Willow assured Michael that it was fine to leave because Olivia would arrive soon.

After Michael kissed Willow and left, Willow saw Olivia approach with Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn greeted Willow and admitted that she loved holiday fairs. Brook Lynn hoped that Willow didn't mind that Brook Lynn had tagged along, but Olivia assured Brook Lynn the more, the merrier. Willow tried to hide her annoyance, but her temper rose as Brook Lynn talked about gift shopping for the family. Olivia picked up on the tension and asked about it. Brook Lynn accused Willow of hating Brook Lynn because of Chase.

Olivia defended Willow because Brook Lynn had lied about "Bailey's" paternity. Willow explained that she was still trying to process everything, but Brook Lynn argued that Willow had promised to get past it. Willow insisted that she needed more than a day to work things out. Olivia realized that Brook Lynn had sought Olivia out intentionally because Brook Lynn had wanted to push the issue with Willow. Brook Lynn couldn't understand Willow's reluctance when Olivia had forgiven her.

Olivia clarified that she had embraced the spirit of the holiday, but she hadn't forgotten what Brook Lynn had done. Fearing that things would escalate, Willow suggested that they all focus on shopping. Willow started to lead the way, but Brook Lynn wanted to get everything out in the open. Brook Lynn didn't think Willow had any room to judge because Willow had cheated on Chase during their marriage. Willow conceded that she had wronged Chase and had lived a lie, but her reasons for marrying Chase had been a lot more complicated. Brook Lynn suggested the same was true for her situation.

Olivia advised Brook Lynn to work on regaining the family's trust, but Brook Lynn resented that she had not been given the benefit of the doubt. According to Brook Lynn, she had been protecting her family and doing what she'd thought had been best for "Bailey." Brook Lynn argued that Willow had not been in her shoes, but Willow pointed out that she had gone to jail to protect her son from Shiloh, whereas Brook Lynn had used "Bailey" as a bargaining chip. Frustrated, Brook Lynn agreed that Willow and Olivia were right -- Willow was better than Brook Lynn. Olivia suggested that both Brook Lynn and Willow take a moment to cool off, but Brook Lynn stormed off.

Willow asked for a moment alone to gather herself. Olivia stepped away while Willow walked over to the Christmas tree and sat down. Moments later, Harmony called out to her daughter. Willow was surprised to see her mother, so Harmony held up shopping bags as she explained that she had been Christmas shopping. Harmony had a gift for her grandson, which she hoped Willow would pass along to Wiley. Harmony assured Willow that it would be okay to tell Wiley that the gift had been from Santa, but Willow refused to pretend that Harmony was not family.

Harmony took the opportunity to catch up with her daughter. Willow was disappointed to learn that Harmony didn't have any friends, but Harmony assured Willow that it was fine. Harmony had been focusing on herself and getting to a better place. She hoped, in time, to get a chance to have a relationship with Willow and Wiley. Before Willow could reply, Olivia walked up to check on Willow. Willow assured Olivia that everything was good.

After Olivia walked away, Harmony smiled. Harmony had loved hearing Willow refer to Harmony as "mom." Harmony started to hand Willow the present for Wiley, but Willow told her mother to hold on to it because Willow would talk to Michael and plan a visit for Harmony to give Wiley the present herself. Harmony assured Willow that she was free at any time. Willow was saddened to realize that Harmony didn't have anyone to spend the holiday with, but Harmony didn't mind because Harmony looked forward to seeing her grandson.

Meanwhile, Chase and Finn entered a steam room. Chase complained about being suspended for punching Valentin, but Finn's thoughts were on the kiss with Elizabeth. Finn pushed the memory away and tried to focus on Chase. Finn reminded Chase that the six-month suspension would give Chase an opportunity to spend time with Brook Lynn and "Bailey" and to get to know "Bailey." Chase was quick to clarify there was nothing between him and Brook Lynn, but Finn seemed skeptical. Finn assured his brother that he was there for Chase if Chase had any concerns about fatherhood.

Chase admitted that he was "honored" to be "Bailey's" father, but Finn was taken aback by how detached Chase's words had sounded. Chase didn't have any doubts about being "Bailey's" father, and he asked Finn to drop it. Finn agreed, but he was curious when he would meet his niece. Chase admitted that he hadn't told their father and Jackie about the baby because he had wanted some time with "Bailey." Finn respected Chase's decision, but Finn was certain that Violet would love to meet her cousin because Violet had been obsessed with getting a baby sister.

Chase was surprised because the last time he had seen Violet, her favorite topic had been Finn and Elizabeth. Finn tried to change the subject, but Chase asked how things were going between Finn and Elizabeth. Finn confided that Elizabeth had kissed him. Chase was happy for his brother, but Finn confessed that he had no idea what the kiss had meant to Elizabeth. Finn feared that Elizabeth had been caught up in the moment, but Chase accused Finn of being gun-shy because of how things had ended with Anna. Finn explained that he needed to proceed with caution because Violet had grown very attached to Elizabeth.

Chase suspected that Finn had also grown attached to Elizabeth, which was why the kiss had rattled Finn. Finn explained that he didn't want to ruin his close friendship with Elizabeth, in part because they worked together. Chase insisted that his brother deserved to be happy, and he asked if Elizabeth made Finn happy. Before Finn answered, the door opened. It was Brook Lynn, and she was annoyed that Chase hadn't answered any of her text messages.

Finn pointed out to her that Brook Lynn was in the men's steam room, but she didn't care. Finn decided to leave, but he stopped and told Brook Lynn that Chase was a good man, and "Bailey" was lucky to have Chase. Finn said he didn't think Brook Lynn should have kept "Bailey" from Chase. Brook Lynn assured Finn that she had received the message loud and clear -- repeatedly.

After Finn left, Brook Lynn told Chase that she was tired of being painted in a bad light, and she wanted Chase to defend her. She explained that everyone -- including Willow -- was mad at her, but Chase reminded Brook Lynn that he was supposed to be the wronged party. Brook Lynn argued that all she had done had been to protect "Bailey." She suddenly noticed the heat and complained, so Chase suggested they finish their conversation after he had showered and dressed. Brook Lynn marched to the door with the intention of leaving, only to discover that it was locked.

Elsewhere in the gym, Portia was frustrated when she saw a note taped to a door, announcing that the classes had been canceled. Just then, Terry and Elizabeth walked up. Portia informed them that the yoga class had been canceled. Terry was disappointed, prompting Portia to check the door. It was unlocked, and the ladies entered the room.

Portia suggested that Terry lead the class, since Terry was as good as their instructor. Flattered, Terry thanked Portia. Elizabeth was silent as her thoughts strayed to Finn and the kiss that they had shared. A short time later, Terry led Portia and Elizabeth through various yoga asanas. Portia noticed that Elizabeth seemed distracted, prompting Elizabeth to admit that the previous day had been intense. Terry wasn't surprised because she had heard that Peter August had been brought in during Elizabeth's shift.

Elizabeth recalled Finn catching her standing over Peter with a scalpel in her hand, and she confessed that she had acted badly to the situation. Both Portia and Terry regretted that they hadn't been there to support their friend. Elizabeth admitted that Finn had been there for her -- and they had shared a kiss. Terry smiled because she'd been certain that something had been going on between Finn and Elizabeth. Elizabeth explained that the kiss hadn't been planned, and she'd run out of the room as soon as it had ended. Portia wondered if there had been more to Elizabeth's distraction than the kiss because Portia had noticed that Elizabeth still wore her wedding rings.

Elizabeth confided that she hadn't been able to take the rings off because she loved Franco and always would. Terry thought it was perfectly understandable and even healthy, but Elizabeth questioned if it was fair to get involved with Finn when she still loved her husband. Elizabeth opened up that her life had been a nightmare when Franco had died, and it had gotten to the point where she had slept on the sofa for a time until Elizabeth had seen how it had upset Jake and Aiden to see their mother like that. Terry assured Elizabeth that she was a good mother, but Elizabeth was also a woman with needs -- including the desire to love and be loved.

Elizabeth remained torn about getting involved with Finn, so Portia suggested there was nothing wrong with taking things slowly. Portia reminded Elizabeth that Finn was a grown man who could make his own choices, and it seemed like he had decided that Elizabeth was worth the wait. Terry admitted that both Finn and Elizabeth lit up when they were together, and it was obvious that they had a connection. Terry was confident that Finn and Elizabeth could work things out, but Elizabeth had her doubts.

Later, Portia recalled that she had been in a similar situation with Curtis. Portia had been mortified when she had kissed Curtis, and she had bolted. Afterwards, Curtis had been reluctant to discuss it; however, Portia had pushed, and they had both opened up about what they had each been feeling during the kiss. Portia warned Elizabeth that the "what ifs" would drive Elizabeth crazy. She said Elizabeth didn't need yoga to listen to what was in her heart; she just needed to trust what was there.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was startled when she bumped into Finn at the elevator on his day off. Finn admitted that he was there to see her.

At Alexis' house, Kristina was surprised to see Molly. Molly acknowledged that she had been busy preparing for her first court trial. Alexis was proud of Molly, and she recalled the thrill of her first trial. Sam suggested that Alexis might experience that feeling again by working as a private investigator. Shocked, Kristina warned everyone that it would be a disaster for Alexis and Sam to work together. Alexis and Sam ignored Kristina's remark as they looked over a case file.

Alexis revealed that she and Sam were working on a missing person case involving the daughter of a man named Todd Worth. Sam clarified that it was more of an estrangement. Molly recognized the name, but she didn't know from where. Alexis explained that Todd was the CFO of D&E Shipping Partners, which had been responsible for an oil spill in the Artic. Molly recalled that the company had a horrible environmental record. Sam reminded both Alexis and Molly that her client was Todd Worth, not D&E, but Alexis worried that Todd might have hired Sam to find the missing whistleblower under the guise of searching for his daughter.

Sam insisted that she had vetted her client and confirmed the existence of the heiress. Kristina noted that it had only taken three minutes for Alexis and Sam to lock horns, which was longer than Kristina had thought it would take. Kristina slipped into the kitchen to unload a bag of food, while Sam packed up her file. Alexis assured Sam that Sam was a terrific private investigator, but Sam knew that she was good at what she did. Alexis didn't trust her own judgment, and she pointed to losing her law license over Neil as one of the examples of her self-destructive nature.

Molly asked if Alexis was the same person who had made the poor choices in the past. Alexis conceded that she wasn't because a lot had happened. Molly suggested that because Alexis was no longer the same person, Alexis likely wouldn't repeat the mistakes of the past. Both Alexis and Sam smiled because Molly was right. Kristina returned with a plate of food and asked what she had missed. Alexis assured Kristina that the crisis had been averted, but it was clear that Alexis was not cut out to be a private investigator. With some prodding from Molly, Alexis agreed to help Molly by looking over Molly's opening statement for the upcoming trial.

A short time later, Alexis made a few suggestions, but it was clear to Alexis that Molly didn't need her help. Sam promised to help Alexis find something else to focus on, but Kristina suggested there was no rush. Sam glared at Kristina. Alexis thanked her daughters for their support, but she excused herself because Alexis had an errand to run and needed some fresh air. After Alexis left, Sam informed her sisters that she had never expected Alexis to sign on as a partner forever.

Sam said she had wanted to give Alexis something to do because their mother was floundering without a purpose. Kristina felt bad. Sam explained that it was a difficult time for their mother, and Alexis was vulnerable. Sam insisted that they needed to help Alexis find her way.

At Rice Plaza, Harmony called out to Alexis. Alexis was surprised to see Harmony "out in the wild." Harmony asked how Alexis had been holding up. Alexis confessed that she was not sure what to do. Harmony said she had felt the same when she had gotten out of prison, and she offered to be a friend if Alexis needed one.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Brad warned Selina that it wasn't a good idea to be there. Selina insisted that her nephew hold his head high. She explained that she and Sonny had an agreement, so Brad had nothing to fear as long as Brad stayed away from Wiley. Brad assured Selina that he knew there was no place in Wiley's life for him, and he didn't want to hurt Wiley. Brad was grateful for the fresh start that he had been given, but he didn't know what to call his aunt. "Ms. Wu or auntie?" Brad asked.

"Aunt Selina," Selina answered. She pointed out that Brad was her brother's son. She admitted that she had kept her distance out of respect to Brad's adoptive parents, but she had always kept tabs on him. Brad was curious why Selina had finally decided to step forward. Selina explained that Brad's legal troubles had made it clear that he needed help. Selina had made arrangements for Brad to have a place to live and a job. She admitted that she saw potential in Brad, but he would need to listen to her.

Brad's eyes strayed to the elevator as Britt entered the restaurant. Britt squealed with delight when she saw Brad, and the two friends enjoyed a happy reunion. Selina was not pleased. Brad introduced his best friend to his aunt, but the ladies admitted that they had already met. To Selina's annoyance, Britt accepted Brad's invitation to join them.

Later, Britt asked if Brad had found a place to live, but Selina informed Britt that Brad would be staying with Selina. Brad shifted gears because he was curious if Lucas was dating anyone. Selina urged her nephew to look to the future, not the past, and Britt agreed. Britt insisted that Brad needed to let go, which meant no holding out hope for a reconciliation with Lucas. Brad knew that it was over because he had done the unforgiveable in Lucas' eyes. Britt reached for Brad's hand and told him to let it all go -- the guilt and the shame. Britt was confident that Brad could get through it, and, in time, people would forget all about what had happened.

As if to prove Britt wrong, Michael arrived and made a beeline for the table to confront Brad for being in the restaurant. Selina reminded Michael that she and Carly were friends, but Brad asked to speak to Michael privately. After the two men left, Selina confronted Britt about ignoring Selina's wishes to stay away from Brad. Selina insisted that Brad needed his family, but Britt pointed out that Brad barely knew Selina. "It's time that changed," Selina replied.

In an alcove, Brad assured Michael that he didn't want any trouble from Michael or Michael's family. Brad explained that it had been Selina's idea to have breakfast in the restaurant, but Michael questioned why Selina had suddenly taken an interest in Brad and what she wanted from Brad in return. Brad had no idea, but Brad insisted that Sonny had given him a second chance. Michael argued that Brad had been granted parole because of an arrangement between Sonny and Selina, but Michael had not made a deal with anyone. Michael insisted that Brad would not get a second chance with him.

Michael warned Brad never to say Wiley's name again, or it would be the end of Brad. After Michael left, Britt checked on Brad. They talked about Selina, and Britt told him about his aunt's threat for Britt to stay away from Brad. Britt promised Brad that she had no intention of deserting him.

At the table, Michael told Selina that it had been a sign of disrespect to bring Brad to Carly's restaurant. Selina didn't appreciate Michael's attitude. She reminded him that she and Sonny had an agreement. Michael assured Selina that it would remain in place as long as Brad stayed away from Michael's family.

Sonny helps Sasha make a decision

Sonny helps Sasha make a decision

Thursday, December 16, 2021

In the steam room, Brook Lynn tried to leave, but the door was stuck. Chase tried, and he deduced the same thing. As he continued to push against the door, his towel fell off. He quickly picked it up and put it back on as he advised Brook Lynn to call someone to get them out. She revealed that her phone was in her purse, which was outside the room. Chase banged on the door and yelled for someone to let them out, as Brook Lynn fanned herself.

Brook Lynn talked about how irked she was with Chase for involving himself in "Bailey's" situation. He said he thought he'd been helping, but she lamented that it just let everyone believe the most horrible things about her. However, she knew that nothing was more important than protecting "Bailey," so she would bear it all. Chase thought that her sacrifice was brave, and the two grew closer. Just then, the attendant burst into the room, having thought no one was in there. Brook Lynn booked it out of the room. The attendant advised Chase that the hot water was out, so he would have to take a cold shower. "Not a problem," Chase muttered.

Finn ran into the hospital and found Elizabeth. Both admitted that they'd done a lot of thinking, so they sat down on a bench together. Finn admitted that he'd been surprised by her kiss, but he should have asked her whether or not she wanted space like he'd assumed. Elizabeth replied that the kiss had meant something to her, but things were "complicated." She informed him that she still wore her wedding ring. She was also afraid to lose Finn as a friend, and he promised that he wasn't going anywhere. Finn's pager went off, so he had to go, but he advised her to let him know if and when she was ready to start something.

Curtis arrived at the gym and was shocked to find T.J. with Marshall. Curtis reminded Marshall that he'd asked Marshall to leave the family alone, but Marshall replied that it was T.J.'s choice. Marshall wanted to make up for lost time, but Curtis only wanted to know where Marshall had been during that time. Marshall wanted to focus on rebuilding a future together, since the past could never be made right. Marshall decided to leave, and T.J. hit the punching bag in anger. Curtis advised T.J. just to stay away from Marshall long enough for Curtis to make sure Marshall wasn't dangerous, and T.J. agreed.

Stella was sitting at a table at the Metro Court restaurant, lost in thought, when Portia approached. Stella invited Portia to sit, and they caught up on Marshall. Portia offered to listen if Stella wanted to talk about it, but Stella insisted that she was fine. When Portia left to go to the hospital, Stella picked up her phone. A few minutes later, Marshall arrived, having received Stella's message. Stella thought it was time for them to catch up.

Curtis arrived at the hospital and found Portia. Portia updated him on her talk with Stella, and she felt that Stella was "shaken up" by Marshall's presence. Curtis replied that he'd found Marshall with T.J., but he still hadn't gotten any answers out of Marshall.

At Rice Plaza, Alexis apologized for constantly dumping her emotional baggage on Harmony, but Harmony invited her to "dump away." They related to each other about getting their prison time cut short and feeling like their redemption was unearned. Alexis invited Harmony home for lunch, but Alexis took it back when she remembered that Kristina would be there. She apologized, but Harmony understood and suggested that prison friendships were meant to stay there. She advised Alexis to have a good life and take care of herself, and Harmony walked away.

Olivia arrived at the Metro Court restaurant, and she talked to Carly about how nervous she was for Leo's pediatric neurologist appointment. She needed a distraction, so Carly suggested that they go visit Sasha together. Olivia asked how Carly was doing with the Nina situation, and Carly talked about all the anger she was pushing down for Sonny. Olivia warned that bottling up feelings could make a person "crack," but Carly replied that she was just biding her time until justice was served.

In Sasha's hospital room, Brando wondered if she was ready to go to the NICU and say goodbye to Liam. Sasha refused to say goodbye, and he insisted that he didn't want to, either. She replied that Liam was her only "flesh and blood," while he had a ton of family. He urged her to think about what was best for Liam, and Sasha stormed out.

Sonny and Nina bumped into each other at the hospital, and they were soon joined by Gladys, who hugged Sonny. Nina wondered if there was news about the baby, and Gladys shot back that Nina wasn't entitled to it. Sonny insisted that Nina was there for Sasha. Just then, Brando approached and informed his mother that Sasha had walked out on him in the middle of conversation about Liam. He assumed that she'd gone to the NICU, and Sonny volunteered to go keep an eye on her. Gladys told Brando that Dr. Fleming was looking for Brando and Sasha for a decision about Liam, so she walked away to get Sasha.

Brando wanted to go after Gladys, but Nina invited him to sit with her. She assured him that Sonny was there, and he wouldn't let Gladys upset Sasha. Brando remembered how Nina had been in long-term care, and he saw that she was thriving. He had hope for Liam, but Nina gently reminded him that her situation had been very different from Liam's. She insisted that the doctors wouldn't mislead them, as they wanted a happy ending, too. She instructed him to scream, cry, or pray, as long as he and Sasha made a decision together. She promised that everyone would be there for Brando and Sasha every step of the way, no matter what they decided.

Sasha cried as she talked to Liam in the NICU. She reached out and touched him as Sonny entered to keep her company. He admitted that he knew how difficult it was to lose a loved one. He believed that Mike would have loved Liam Mike's name. He talked about how he'd always known Mike's illness would prevail, but he was grateful to have had the chance to reconnect. He continued that he'd asked himself if prolonging Mike's life was the best thing for Mike or if Sonny was just afraid to deal with the pain. As Gladys listened in, he explained that, while he wasn't sure whether or not he'd made the right decision to let Mike go, he'd made peace with it.

Gladys entered the NICU and advised Sasha that Dr. Fleming was looking for Sasha and Brando, as arrangements needed to be made, regardless of the decision. "Whatever you decide, we got you," Sonny promised. Sasha left to find Brando, and Sonny walked out of the NICU. Gladys told Sonny to never forget that he'd done right by Mike. Gladys asked for some privacy, so Sonny left. She took the opportunity to cry and pray as she looked into the NICU.

Sonny returned to Brando and Nina just in time to see the two embrace. He advised Brando that Sasha was looking for him. Brando thanked Nina for the talk, and he walked away. Sonny admitted that the situation "hits home." He told Nina about how he'd seen Mike right before he'd ended up in Nixon Falls, so it probably wasn't a coincidence that, as "Mike," he'd been a lot like his father. Nina replied that both Sonny and "Mike" were men that Sonny's father would have been proud of. Just then, Carly and Olivia arrived at the hospital and glared at Nina.

Brando returned to Sasha's hospital room, but she wasn't there. Just then, she entered the room and informed him that she'd been thinking. "Me, too," he said, and she collapsed in his arms, sobbing.

Sasha and Brando say goodbye to their baby

Sasha and Brando say goodbye to their baby

Friday, December 17, 2021

Drew adjusted lights on a miniature Christmas tree in the breakfast room at the Quartermaine mansion. Sam walked in slowly and told Drew that the tree looked perfect. He explained that he had missed celebrating a couple of Christmases and felt the need to be a little extra festive. Sam surprised Drew by telling him that she'd brought Scout by to see him.

Drew knelt on the ground in front of his daughter and acknowledged that it probably felt a little strange that they needed to get reacquainted. He assured Scout that it would come back to her, just like riding a bike. "I don't know how to ride a bike," she replied softly. Drew told Scout that he would teach her how.

An excited Leo raced into the room and headed right to a plate of cookies that had been left out on the counter. Ned followed closely behind and told Leo that he could only have one cookie. Ned escorted Leo out of the house so that they could go to Leo's doctor appointment.

Meanwhile, Drew mentioned that he was unable to find his favorite ornament, a non-shiny star that, for some reason, was special to him. He asked Scout if she wanted to help him shop online for ornaments, but Scout replied that she wanted to see her grandma and rushed out of the room.

Drew worried that he was failing in his attempts to bond with Scout. With Scout gone, Sam and Drew talked about his time being held hostage. A short time later, Scout returned. Drew mentioned that he was about to fire up his laptop to order ornaments. Scout turned to Sam and asked if they could go home.

Before leaving, Scout opened her hands and revealed the star that Drew had been looking for. He took the ornament with a smile and turned to hang it on his tree. He stopped before doing so and turned back to Scout. He handed her the ornament and motioned for her to hang it on the tree. Scout stood on her tippytoes but could not reach the tree. She threw her hands into the air, and a smiling Drew hoisted her up so that she could hang the star on the tree's highest bough.

A beaming Marshall assured Stella that he would keep her secret. Stella scolded Marshall for making things about her. She told him that they needed to talk about the choices that he had made, including having Curtis' mother, Irene, lie about Marshall being dead. Marshall insisted that he had never wanted Stella to be roped into the lie about his death. Stella countered that Marshall knew that she and Irene had been close, and there would have been no way Irene would have kept a secret of that magnitude from her.

Stella shared that one night when it had become too much for Irene to bear, Irene had told Stella that Marshall was alive but had "reasons" for having had to leave. Stella explained that it had not been her place to question the agreement that Irene and Marshall had made. However, Stella noted that part of the agreement had involved Marshall agreeing to never return. Marshall said that he had done a pretty good job of honoring that agreement.

Stella wondered why Marshall had chosen that time to return. Marshall said he had changed his mind, "like a musician can improvise in the middle of a tune." Stella snapped that Marshall was not working a gig; it was real life. Marshall clarified that he did not want to change the past and was not looking to be forgiven. He claimed that it was more than a coincidence that Curtis had chosen to open up a nightclub.

Stella asked Marshall if he still had his old clarinet. Marshall chuckled and said that the clarinet, which he had named "Henrietta," had been lost a long time before. Marshall asked Stella if she would be willing to help foster a relationship with T.J.

In Portia's office at General Hospital, Curtis fumed at how willing the rest of his family was to accept Marshall into their lives. Portia urged Curtis to take a deep breath. She asked Curtis if his reluctance to welcome Marshall into his life might have been brought on by a fear of getting hurt again. Curtis quickly replied that Marshall didn't have the power to hurt him anymore.

Portia noted that some wounds never fully heal. Agitated, Curtis said that his wound would not have reopened had Marshall not tried to walk back into his life. Portia asked if Curtis might one day find a place in his life for Marshall. Curtis dodged the question, saying that he couldn't make that kind of decision until he learned where Marshall had been and what he was up to.

Curtis said that he believed that Marshall was involved in Joey Novak being beaten up. Curtis placed a call to Drew to ask if Drew's offer to investigate Marshall was still on the table. After Curtis got off the phone, Portia asked Curtis if it was possible that Marshall's big secret was that he wanted to be a father to Curtis.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Nina asked Sonny about his previous statement that the man he'd been in Nixon Falls was not real. Nina shared that she disagreed; Sonny was both Sonny and "Mike." She added that both men were men that Sonny's father, Mike, would be proud of. Carly and Olivia stopped in their tracks when they happened upon Nina talking to Sonny.

Olivia asked Nina if she had gotten any of the messages that Olivia had left for her. Nina explained that she had been busy and had not had a chance to check her messages. Olivia put her arm around Nina and ushered her off so that they could talk.

When they rounded a few corners and were out of earshot from Sonny and Carly, Nina assured Olivia that she had no interest in causing trouble for Sonny or Carly. Nina stated that she was only at the hospital to support Sasha and Brando, adding that it really wasn't any of Olivia's business. Olivia countered that she was Carly's friend and business partner, so the situation was definitely her business.

Olivia said that she had interceded to prevent Nina from being "wiped off the map" by Carly. A flustered Nina responded, "If Carly even knew what I was trying to do for her." Olivia asked Nina what she was talking about. Nina gave Olivia an icy glare and told Olivia that she should worry about the state of her own marriage before she went around sticking her nose into other people's marriages. "Merry Christmas," Nina said glibly before walking away.

Sonny started to explain that he and Nina had just been talking, but Carly cut him off and said that she did not want to talk about Nina.

Nina returned to a waiting area and sat quietly by herself. Britt sat down beside her and asked if what Sasha was going through had made Nina think of her own loss with Nelle. Nina cast a glance toward Carly and Sonny. Nina noted that she had made many mistakes in the wake of Nelle's death.

Later, Olivia joined Ned and Leo outside the doctor's office. She was surprised to see that Leo was eating a cookie. Ned laughed and claimed the cookie was part of a Quartermaine tradition: "pay to play."

A few moments later Dr. Newman and Nurse Myers approached. Dr. Newman asked Leo how he was doing, but Leo did not respond until prodded by Olivia to do so. The doctor asked Leo if he would like to play some games and talk. Leo's eyes widened as he exclaimed his love for games. Leo walked off with the doctor and nurse while an anxious Olivia remained behind.

Olivia began to sob as she realized that even if Leo was diagnosed as "unique," he would still be alive and well, something that others were not as fortune to experience. Olivia vowed that she would give Leo all the help he needed. She apologized to Ned for having treated him as "the bad guy."

When Leo returned, Dr. Newman told Olivia and Ned to call his office to schedule a follow-up appointment so that they could discuss his findings. Dr. Newman told Leo that it was very nice to have met him.

Britt and Elizabeth stood watch outside the NICU. Elizabeth questioned why an innocent baby had to die while Peter August was allowed to live.

As she started to sob, Sasha shook herself and ordered herself to stop wallowing so that she could be at her best for Liam. "What if I don't have the courage to do the right thing?" she asked Brando. Brando took her hands and told her that they would be together. He assured her that they did not need to make any decisions or take any actions unless Sasha was ready.

Sasha shared some of the things that she and Sonny had talked about in regard to Mike Corbin's passing. Sasha, trying to stave off her tears, reminded Brando that they had chosen "Mike" as their son's middle name. She suggested that they try to be as brave for Liam as Sonny had been for his father.

Olivia thanked Carly for setting her straight about Leo's neurology appointment. Carly clarified that she hadn't set Olivia straight; she had simply given her a "pep talk." Olivia explained that she wanted -- if not needed -- to be strong so that she did not appear to be nervous in front of Leo. In turn, Carly said that she needed to compose herself to be strong for Sasha and Brando.

"This isn't how it was supposed to be," Sasha said softly, explaining, "We were supposed to raise him, to love him, and watch him grown into a man." Sasha became angry as she said that it was not the way things were supposed to be. She took a deep breath, composed herself, and said that they could "still show Liam what real love is -- and when we do, we will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he never settled for less."

Sasha and Brando stepped into the hallway. Britt walked over to the couple and told them to follow her. Across the corridor, Nina, Carly, and Sonny were unable to conceal the anguish on their faces. Carly stepped away to get some water for her and Sonny. While she was away, Sonny took a rosary from the inside pocket of his jacket. He sat down and began to recite the "Hail Mary" prayer. Across the room, Nina quietly mouthed the words along with Sonny.

Just outside the NICU, Dr. Fleming assured Sasha and Brando that Liam would not be in any pain. Sasha asked if she could hold Liam once he was disconnected from the machines. "Of course," Dr. Fleming replied. Sasha turned to Brando and said that Liam had been with her when he'd come into the world, and she wanted to be with him when he left.

Overcome, Britt stepped away to have a few moments by herself. She walked solemnly back toward where everyone was waiting.

Elizabeth and Dr. Fleming led Sasha and Brando into the NICU. Sasha held Liam in her arms and told him how much she loved him. "Our firstborn. Our son," Brando said as he kissed the baby's forehead. Brando looked upward and asked Mike to take care of their child.

Sasha and Brando slowly walked back to her room. They stopped in the main corridor, and Sasha saw that Sonny, Carly, and Nina were there. Sasha collapsed into Brando's arms and wailed in heartbreak.

Back in the NICU, Mike's spirit appeared, cradled Liam, and asked him if he was ready to go. Mike carried the infant into the light.

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