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Family and friends gathered to celebrate Christmas. Victor was revealed to be behind the attempt on Martin and Laura's lives. Spencer accepted a plea bargain, but he was sentenced to 30 days in Spring Ridge. Shawn made an announcement. Maxie spent Christmas with "Bailey."
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Spencer learned he'd have to serve time, Victor was revealed to be behind the attack on Martin and Laura
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Laura makes her way back to Port Charles

Laura makes her way back to Port Charles

Monday, December 20, 2021

Spencer was surprised to see Victor walk into Kelly's for breakfast. Victor replied that he wanted to check out the place of Spencer's employment, although Spencer felt it was beneath Victor. Spencer questioned Victor about really being Valentin's father, and Victor assured him it was true. Spencer announced that he was finished with Nikolas because he had no desire to abide by Nikolas' rules. He admitted that he had allowed things to get out of hand with his stalking of Ava, and he could go to jail.

Victor revealed that it was possible that he could help Spencer, and he would make some calls. Victor reminded Spencer that he was the Cassadine heir, and Victor was proud that Spencer was his own man. He was worried about Spencer supporting himself on his income from Kelly's, but Spencer confessed that he would pursue another job after he learned the outcome of his trial. He didn't know how he would repay Victor for his help.

Laura chatted with someone official on the phone and told her that she would be returning to Port Charles to surprise her family. After Laura finished the call, a security guard led her into a room to visit with Cyrus. They were at the Flatland Federal Prison, and Laura and Cyrus were seated on opposite sides of the glass. They each picked up a red phone receiver, and Cyrus declared that he had prayed for that day to arrive.

Laura snapped that she would no longer run, and he would not keep her from her family. She told Cyrus that his plan had failed, and he no longer had any influence or favors in prison. His assassination attempt on her and Martin had been his last. Cyrus looked dumbfounded and replied that it had not been him. He demanded to know if Martin was okay, and Laura told him to knock off the innocent act. Cyrus confessed that he had lots to atone for, and his life was no longer his own. He had given in to a higher power.

Laura began to laugh, and Cyrus smiled. Laura couldn't believe that Cyrus had "been saved." "Yes, God found me," Cyrus said. He explained that he had been very ill and cried for help, and an angel had appeared in light. She had touched him on his forehead, and he'd felt peaceful. His fever had gone, and he had asked for a Bible. He had let God into his heart. Laura reminded Cyrus that he didn't have a heart. She and Martin had been shuffled around because of Cyrus' revenge.

Cyrus quoted a Bible passage, but Laura called him obscene. "You're in danger!" Cyrus said. Laura accused him of dropping hints about his power to Sonny and Buscema. He admitted that it wasn't him, but he'd heard things. Laura deemed his conversion to be for show, and Cyrus maintained that while he still had a pull to his old life, he had chosen the light. "Will you?" he asked.

Laura exclaimed that that required love and compassion, and Cyrus only cared about himself. Cyrus maintained that he would pray, and he urged her to keep her eye open for the "serpent in the garden." Laura announced that she was going home, as her family needed her. Cyrus didn't expect Laura to trust him, but he hadn't hired anyone. Someone was out to do her harm.

Back at Kelly's, Victor checked a message on his phone. He asked Spencer about his living arrangements, and Spencer said that he and Esme had been living with Laura's husband, Kevin, because there had been few options. Laura had been away for months. Victor offered to put Spencer and Esme up in Metro Court, but Spencer declined. He wanted to prove that he could make it on his own, and a five-star hotel would be hypocritical. Victor declared that a Cassadine could be honorable without being uncomfortable, and Spencer promised to take it up with Esme.

As Victor left Kelly's, he ran into Deputy Mayor Ashby. She had been the one on the phone with Laura. Victor acknowledged her message. Ashby informed Victor that Laura was on her way back. Victor proclaimed that the failed assassination attempt had "fleshed her out," as he had planned. He looked forward to seeing his "worthy adversary" again.

At Charlie's Pub, Sonny told Phyllis about Sasha and Brando. Phyllis admitted that she missed Nixon Falls, but she loved Port Charles and had friends. Just then, Nina walked in. Nina guessed that she and Sonny were both there because Phyllis was a good listener. Phyllis received a phone call and walked away, and Sonny and Nina both expressed their sorrow over Brando and Sasha. Nina was concerned about Peter being in town. "Not for long," Sonny replied. "Are you going to take care of Peter?" Nina asked.

Sonny indicated that Peter was in a coma, and Nina replied that "Mike" wouldn't take a life. She wasn't sure about Sonny. "It's best to let him lie in limbo," Sonny remarked. He revealed that he had to meet Carly and Michael for breakfast. He hugged Phyllis goodbye, and he left. Nina went behind the bar to pour some coffee, and Phyllis asked if she wanted to talk. Nina was worried about Sasha and Brando, but Phyllis asked how it felt to bump into a man she probably still loved.

Nina felt that she had to get past it. Phyllis commented that Sonny seemed like "Mike in a suit," and the women chuckled. Phyllis thought the connection was still there, but Nina felt that Sonny was just being kind. Phyllis asked Nina if she was still in love with him, but Nina felt it was irrelevant because she and Sonny would never be friends, let alone anything else.

Phyllis didn't want Nina to hide her feelings away, because it wasn't healthy. She wanted Nina to come to terms with her feelings and let them go. Nina didn't think it mattered how she felt, but Phyllis insisted that one couldn't run away from one's feelings, because peace would never be found.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn and Chase flashed back to their incident in the steam room. Things were awkward, but Michael and Willow entered the room. Everyone had been thinking about Sasha and Brando. Michael left for Metro Court, and the others continued to commiserate about the loss of a child. Willow stated that it "still feels raw," and Brook Lynn realized that Willow had gone through a similar fate with her child. She admired Willow's strength. Willow stated that she'd had people to help her through, and Brook Lynn agreed that Chase was good "like that." Willow declared that she needed some air and stepped outside.

Brook Lynn suggested that Chase follow Willow, and he wrapped a coat around Willow's shoulders. Willow was hopeful that the cold would help her to forget everything else. Chase urged her to feel whatever way she wanted to, and Willow confessed that she always missed her son. The loss was always with her. Chase hugged her as Brook Lynn peered through the window.

Willow and Chase headed back inside, and Brook Lynn told them she'd made coffee. Willow had something to say to Brook Lynn. Chase claimed to hear the baby, and he left the women alone. Willow wanted to apologize for having been rude to Brook Lynn at Rice Plaza, but Brook Lynn admitted that she had been wrong, too. Willow disclosed that she had been feeling "overly sensitive" to Chase getting hurt again. They agreed that they had both done what had been best in the moment.

Chase returned, and Brook Lynn told him about Willow's graciousness. Willow thought it was good to speak one's mind, and Chase agreed that honesty was best. Willow thought the truth was always the right thing.

Liesl spotted Carly at Metro Court and offered her condolences regarding Jason. She said he had saved her life as well as Britt's.

Carly hugged Michael hello, and they spoke about Sasha and Brando. Carly recalled Michael's birth and how Jason had saved their lives. She was sad about Jason and angry about Nina. They sat down at a table and spoke about their gratefulness instead. Michael had wanted Brad to stay in prison, and Carly declared that Brad was no different from Nina. Michael revealed that Brad and his aunt Selina had been in Metro Court.

Scott and Liesl sat at another table. Scott spoke about working hard to prepare for Nina's trial, but things had not been going well. He wished he knew something that could turn things around. When Liesl whispered that she believed that Sonny and Nina had fallen in love, Scott spit out his coffee. Liesl recalled a previous conversation she'd had with Nina about "Mike" and informed Scott that "a woman knows." Scott asked if Sonny had been cheating on Carly.

Scott was excited with the news, and he wondered why Carly hadn't "severed Nina's limbs yet." Liesl informed him that Carly didn't know, and Scott considered the possibility that Phyllis had received "hush money" from Sonny. Liesl declared that Nina was sad. Just then, Sonny walked off the elevator and made his way to Carly and Michael.

Liesl attempted to stop Scott from going over to Sonny but was unsuccessful. They stood at the Corinthos table. "Spit it out," Sonny urged. Scott maintained that the judge would see through the "trumped-up charges," but Michael accused Scott of being "full of hot air."

Liesl and Scott returned to their table, and Liesl was thankful for Scott remaining quiet. Scott assured her that the information could not be kept a secret. He would use it to keep Nina out of prison. He pointed out that Sonny had never been in danger, and he hadn't been a victim. He thought that Sonny might still love Nina. Liesl declared that Nina would be in danger from Carly's wrath.

Scott explained that only the prosecution could call witnesses at the preliminary trial, and Sonny would lie. Liesl was unhappy that Scott could proceed to make Nina testify under oath. She maintained that Nina would want to protect Sonny, but Scott made it clear that he was trying to keep Nina out of prison. Scott couldn't wait to see Sonny's face, and he would have to try to find another witness.

Michael spoke about his run-in with Brad and Selina. He had made it clear that he would do whatever he had to in order to protect his family, no matter the cost. Carly noted that Selina would retaliate, and Sonny was disturbed. He firmly announced that he would be the one to deal with Selina. He wanted Michael nowhere near that life.

Port Charles starts to celebrate Christmas

Port Charles starts to celebrate Christmas

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

In the breakfast room at the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn rocked "Bailey" in front of the Christmas tree. Brook Lynn sadly noted that "Bailey" would be celebrating the next Christmas with Maxie. Valentin and Charlotte dropped by unexpectedly because Charlotte had a gift for "Bailey."

"Bailey's not my sister, but that doesn't mean that I've stopped loving her," Charlotte shared. Charlotte admitted that she had had a hard time processing the news when Valentin had told her. Charlotte was overjoyed when Brook Lynn told her that she could spend time with "Bailey."

When the two girls were no longer in the room, Valentin said he couldn't understand why Brook Lynn seemed so sad, especially since she had "everything [she] could ask for." Brook Lynn acknowledged how blessed she was but said that she hated knowing that she was responsible for hurting Charlotte and Valentin. Valentin dryly muttered that Brook Lynn had done what she'd needed to do to get the shares of ELQ.

Brook Lynn insisted that the ELQ shares had not been the only reason for her actions. Seemingly out of nowhere, Valentin remarked that he could understand Brook Lynn lying if the father of her child had been a dangerous person. However, Chase was "about as upstanding a man" as could be found, so he could not figure out what Brook Lynn's other justification was.

"Haven't you ever done the wrong thing for all the right reasons?" Brook Lynn asked. She added that she had done what she had done to protect "Bailey." Valentin asked if "Bailey" was in danger, but Charlotte returned before Brook Lynn could respond.

Charlotte wanted to head home, and Brook Lynn quickly replied that that was a good idea. She thanked Charlotte for bringing "Bailey" a gift. Brook Lynn explained that she had a gift for Charlotte, but it was on back order. Before leaving, Valentin told Brook Lynn that their conversation was not over. "Merry Christmas, Valentin," Brook Lynn said with a forced smile as she tried to avoid eye contact with him.

At Charlie's, Ava sipped her martini while Victor talked about a big Christmas surprise that he had planned. He teased that it could bring "peace and goodwill to all men," making it "the perfect gift for the whole family." Victor stated that he could reconsider his gift if Ava and Nikolas felt that it would be better for Spencer and Nikolas to remain at odds.

Ava temporarily stopped nursing her drink and looked at Victor out of the corner of her eyes. She told Victor that it was up to Spencer and Nikolas to work through their differences. Victor disagreed, noting that Nikolas was torn between his love for Ava and his love for Spencer.

Victor urged Ava to look past Spencer's "transgressions" and realize that Spencer's "theatrics" were just "part of his Cassadine DNA." Ava countered that once Spencer had involved Avery in his plot, he had gone beyond things being merely a "transgression." Victor grudgingly agreed but quickly noted that Spencer exhibited a lot of potential. He suggested that it was up to Spencer's elders to "show him what's best for him."

"The way you did what's best for Hayden and her mother?" Ava asked. Victor replied that he'd done what he'd needed to do to protect his family. He insisted that he was not a threat to Ava. Ava grinned and commented that Victor was good, but perhaps a little too good. She took the last sip of her drink and said that she was off to meet Nikolas for some holiday fun.

Victor realized that Ava was headed to the tree lighting, and Victor insisted that he would escort her because there was safety in numbers. Ava told Victor that his British accent was "a real nice touch." Victor smiled and said that he had worked hard to achieve it.

At General Hospital, Spencer told a line of children that Santa would be arriving soon. Esme and Cameron also volunteered as helpers. Moments later, Lucy appeared to announce Santa's arrival. Kevin, dressed as Santa, ho-ho-ho-ed his way to his seat. Before he could get there, Laura appeared and asked Santa if he had anything in his bag for her.

"Santa" excused himself to talk to Laura and said that he was surprised to see her. Spencer and Cameron also were excited to see Laura. As Laura hugged Spencer, he apologized for being a disappointment. Laura replied that she had heard that Spencer had made mistakes, but she said that she was pleased to hear that he had chosen to take responsibility for his actions.

Lucy interrupted the family reunion with a reminder that there were a bunch of kids waiting to see Santa. Lucy stepped away to find a way to keep the kids entertained until Santa returned. Meanwhile, Laura said that she had brought along "Santa's understudy." With that, Martin, dressed as Santa, walked up the corridor and headed toward the kids.

Lucy instructed the teens to head to Kelly's and pick up additional treats because they were running low. When the last of the kids had finished visiting Santa, Lucy sashayed over and sat on Santa's lap. "Guess what I want for Christmas?" Lucy purred. Lucy suddenly realized that something was different about Santa. She yanked off his beard and realized that it wasn't Kevin under the Santa hat; it was Martin.

In his office and still clad in his Santa costume, Kevin gave Laura a kiss. Kevin asked Laura how she had been able to return home. Laura closed the blinds to Kevin's office and told him that the safehouse had not been that safe. She told Kevin about the attack on Martin and assured him that the FBI had told her that the attack had been a "one off," and no more attacks were looming. She also provided the details of her visit with Cyrus and how Cyrus had claimed to have found God.

Kevin was skeptical. Laura admitted that she didn't know if Cyrus was being honest or lying. However, she said that there was another attack looming, one that would be coming from inside their family. "Experience has taught me that when the Cassadines are playing nice, that's when they're the most dangerous," she stated.

Kevin wondered if Laura should skip the tree lighting ceremony for safety reasons. Outside, Eileen Ashby strained to hear what Laura and Kevin were discussing.

After his Santa duties ended, Martin asked Lucy if she would like to join him for dinner. She smiled and took his arm, and they headed off together.

At the Metro Court, Violet watched the snow fall in a snow globe that she had received as a gift from Chase. Anna scurried in to join them, apologizing for being late. Finn explained that he had arranged for Anna and Violet to have "high tea" together, but Violet stated that it would be more fun if Finn joined them. Finn reluctantly agreed. In the distance, Violet spotted a gingerbread house and asked if she could go check it out.

While Violet was away, Anna told Finn that there would come a time when Violet was all grown up and had a gingerbread house and a Christmas tree of her own. Anna asked Finn who would be sitting around the fire, keeping him company, when that inevitably did happen.

Anna observed that Finn was "a little clueless" about his feelings. Finn laughed and said that he wasn't yet at a point where he could talk to Anna about his relationship. "How about you? Are you over me? You look over me," he said somewhat awkwardly. Anna told Finn that they were talking about his relationship, not hers. Finn took a sip of his drink as he noted that Anna was the one dodging questions.

Anna told Finn that she should not be asking him about his personal life any more than he should be asking about hers. Finn insisted that he had no personal life. Anna mentioned that since she and Finn had split, she had been "halfway around the world and back, trying to bring Peter to justice," so she didn't have time for a personal life either. Finn shared that he knew Anna and Valentin had spent quite a bit of time together.

Finn noted that Anna and Valentin seemed to have been circling each other for years. He suggested that it might be time for Anna to figure out why.

As Anna was leaving, Valentin and Charlotte arrived. Anna invited them to join her at the Christmas tree lighting, but Valentin coldly said that neither he nor Charlotte was up for celebrating. Rather than leave, Anna walked over to Valentin and Charlotte. She told Charlotte that she had just tried bèche de Noèl, and it had been delicious. Charlotte's eyes widened as she asked if Anna wanted more. "Couldn't hurt," Anna said as she grinned. Valentin grabbed a chair from a nearby table and asked Anna to join them.

Outside Kelly's, Nikolas asked Trina for her help in deciding which of two bracelets to give Ava for Christmas -- a ruby bracelet or an emerald one. Trina told Nikolas that if money were no object, he shouldn't "break up the set [because] nothing says Christmas like red and green." Nikolas thanked Trina for her feedback and half-jokingly said that Trina had Ava's nerve and taste. Trina asked Nikolas why he was willing to do anything for Ava but not for Spencer. Nikolas stood silent as Trina explained that all Spencer wanted was a second chance.

As Trina and Nikolas were talking, Spencer, Cameron, and Esme arrived at Kelly's. Spencer immediately walked over and asked what was going on. Trina explained that Nikolas had been asking for her advice about a gift for Ava. To avoid confrontation, Nikolas thanked Trina for her help and said that he had to head off to the tree lighting.

Spencer stopped his father before he could leave. Spencer told Nikolas that Laura was back in town and that she, like Victor, had chosen to side with him instead of Nikolas. "You're outnumbered," Spencer said with a smirk.

Inside, Elisabeth was shocked to see Drew. The two discussed Jason and Franco's deaths and how the deaths had impacted them and Jake and Aiden. Elizabeth told Drew that she had her hands full with work and being a single mom to three "willful, brilliant, and slightly impossible boys." She admitted that there could be someone she was interested in romantically if she were looking for a relationship. She glanced down at her wedding ring and said that the holidays were filled with reminders of Franco.

Cameron entered the restaurant and was surprised to see Drew. Drew was equally surprised to see Cameron. Trying to feign toughness, Cameron said that Drew did not get to comment on how much Cameron had grown. Cameron wanted to catch up with Drew, but he said that he needed to pick up some treats to take back to the North Pole. Elizabeth suggested that Drew drop by her house for dessert after he had finished Christmas dinner with the Quartermaines. Drew smiled warmly and accepted the invitation.

Later, Cameron asked Elizabeth if she was going to the tree lighting. Elizabeth said that she would be working a double shift at the hospital because Christmastime was the perfect time to make a little extra money. Cameron believed that his mom was using work as a way of "hiding away from the crappy year" they had had. He said that he was having a hard time being happy when Elizabeth, Jake, and Aiden were so unhappy.

Elizabeth assured her son that it was okay for him to be happy -- even when the rest of his family was not. Cameron said that Elizabeth needed to lead by example so that his brothers could see that it was okay to be happy. Trina entered the restaurant and asked Cameron if he wanted to go to the tree lighting ceremony with her, Spencer, and Esme. Elizabeth told him to go, and she promised to think about what he'd said to her.

Drew returned to the Quartermaine mansion and found Brook Lynn staring at the small tree that he had decorated with Scout. When Drew made a comment about how lucky "Bailey" was to have Brook Lynn for her mom, Brook Lynn headed to the bottle of champagne that still sat on the counter and said that she needed a drink.

Brook Lynn and Drew prepared to sample the "Champagne" from Belarus. They determined it wasn't bad, but something seemed unusual about the drink. Drew inspected the bottle and found that the supposed "Champagne" was non-alcoholic. Brook Lynn chuckled and admitted that Yuri really did know Monica. The two toasted to "better times."

In Rice Plaza, Victor received a call from Eileen with an update about Laura's whereabouts. Nikolas arrived moments later, followed shortly thereafter by Laura and Kevin. Both Nikolas and Ava raced over to welcome Laura back to Port Charles. Victor slowly walked up and shared brief pleasantries with Laura.

Victor spotted Spencer and his friends in the distance and waved them over. Victor shared that he had just received word from the prosecutor that a solution to Spencer's legal problem had been found. Spencer hugged Victor tightly and thanked him profusely. Laura grumbled that Spencer shouldn't celebrate because there was more than likely "a catch."

Victor insisted that there was no catch. He said that Spencer just needed to change his plea to guilty, perform 500 hours of community service, and make restitution to the victim. The good news, he concluded, was that Spencer would only have to serve "a mere 30 days at Spring Ridge."

Spencer was crushed that he'd have to go to prison. Victor downplayed the situation, noting that it would only be a month in a minimum-security prison. Trina told Spencer that the alternative -- one to five years at Pentonville -- was much worse. Esme reminded Spencer that she interned at Spring Ridge, so they could still see each other.

Spencer turned to Laura and said that there had to be something that she, as mayor of Port Charles, could do to help him. Laura assured her grandson that she would always do whatever she could to help him.

Eileen Ashby took to the microphone to welcome Laura to the tree lighting ceremony. Laura took the microphone, welcomed everyone, and thanked them for joining her. As she talked about old memories and new beginnings, she pressed a button to light the town's Christmas tree. "May that light glow in all of us... not just today but always," she said as those gathered stared up at the tree.

Brando asks Sasha to go home with him

Brando asks Sasha to go home with him

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

At the hospital, Epiphany noticed that Marshall looked lost. She saw the clarinet and asked if he was one of the volunteers for the gig she had organized. Smiling, Marshall introduced himself and mistook her for a doctor. Epiphany returned the courtesy, but she clarified that she was a nurse. Marshall asked if she would be performing with the band, but she revealed that it was just an instrumental ensemble, and she was a singer, not a musician.

Marshall hoped that Epiphany would sing with the group, but she explained that it wasn't part of the hospital's tradition. Marshall suggested that traditions were meant to be broken, but Epiphany wasn't interested in breaking any rules. She invited Marshall to follow her to the tenth floor where the rest of the volunteers had already assembled.

On the tenth floor, Curtis complimented Portia's red dress. She admitted that she had gone all out for Curtis' aunt because she didn't want to get on Stella's bad side again. Curtis empathized. Portia was glad that Curtis seemed in a good mood, which she attributed to Drew agreeing to work with Curtis to unravel the mystery of Marshall. As the two walked, Curtis thanked Portia for listening to him talk about his problems, but Portia assured him that she had been unnerved by Marshall, too.

Portia explained that she hadn't wanted to add to Curtis' troubles, but Marshall had shown up at Metro Court's restaurant while Portia had been having breakfast with Trina. Curtis was furious, but Portia assured him that it had been fine. However, Marshall had told Trina that he had abandoned Curtis and Thomas when both boys had been very young. Portia confided that it had reminded Trina of what Taggert had done when Taggert had faked his death. Curtis argued that Taggert had had a compelling reason for faking his death -- and Taggert hadn't been gone nearly as long.

Portia explained that her point had been that Trina had forgiven her father, and the two had spent Christmas together. Curtis assured Portia that the same would not happen between him and Marshall. Just then, Curtis saw Epiphany and Marshall pass the nurses' station. After Epiphany introduced Marshall to the other two musicians, Marshall tried to persuade her to sing a Christmas song with them, but Epiphany refused.

Portia asked if Curtis had known that his father played a clarinet. Curtis shook his head. Portia knew Curtis didn't know a lot about his father, but she suggested that it might not all be bad. Meanwhile, Epiphany warned Marshall that he had gotten on her last nerve, but she agreed to sing O Christmas Tree. As Epiphany sang a beautiful rendition of the holiday classic, Marshall glanced at his son. Curtis nodded once to his father. Moments later, Curtis and Portia left.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Brando waited for Sasha as an attendant stopped her wheelchair at the elevator. Deanna gently explained that Sasha needed to sign some paperwork confirming that someone would stay with Sasha for 24 hours because Sasha had just undergone surgery. As she walked up, Gladys overheard Deanna, and she assured the nurse that Brando would be with Sasha. Brando handed his car keys and Sasha's overnight bag to Gladys and asked his mother to take the bag to the car. After Gladys left, Brando invited Sasha to stay the night at his place. Sasha accepted Brando's invitation, but only for one night.

In the parking garage, Gladys pressed the key fob to unlock the doors of Brando's car. She opened the back driver's side door to toss Sasha's bag in, but she stopped short when she saw the infant carrier. After Gladys threw the carrier into the trunk, she hopped into the driver's seat. Moments later, Brando helped Sasha into the back seat. He walked to the passenger side and slid into the back seat next to Sasha. Gladys announced that they had a stop to make on the way home.

At the Corinthos mansion, Willow and Michael watched as Wiley played with a Christmas present. Carly and Josslyn were seated on the sofa. Everyone looked up when Rocco entered from the patio, carrying a gift bag. Rocco explained that he'd ridden his bike past the guard house, and one of the guards had asked him to take the bag to the house because it was a gift for Wiley. Carly was certain it was from Nina. Michael found a card in the bag and confirmed that Carly was right.

In the foyer, Dante pulled on his coat as Sonny thanked Dante for stopping by with Rocco. Dante revealed that on the previous Christmas, he had first been told about his father's disappearance. Sonny knew that it hadn't been a good night for anyone, but he was certain that Carly had appreciated Dante's support. Dante confessed that he'd had another reason for visiting that fateful night; Dante had discovered that Sonny had secretly paid off Dante and Lulu's house. Dante knew it was a year late, but he thanked Sonny for the generous gift -- and for returning home to their family.

Sonny hugged his son. Dante was happy that Sonny was home where he belonged. After Dante pulled away, he called out for Rocco because they had to get to the Quartermaine mansion to visit Olivia. Rocco thanked the family for his cool gifts and left with his father. Nearby, Josslyn asked her mother if Michael and Willow were upset that Nina had gotten Wiley a Christmas gift, but Carly suspected that both were more concerned about Brando and Sasha. Josslyn agreed that Liam's death had been awful, and she wondered if Brando and Sasha would be by for Christmas. Sonny confirmed that the couple would visit.

Later, Sonny asked Wiley about the toy car that his grandson had been playing with. Willow explained that Nina had left the gift with a guard. On the patio, Michael spoke to someone on the phone about Nina's preliminary hearing the following day. Michael was pleased when he was assured that everything was set. Unfortunately for Michael, Carly was waiting when he returned to the living room. Carly scolded her son for conducting business on Christmas when his focus should be on the family.

Meanwhile, Josslyn answered the doorbell and returned with Brando, Sasha, and Gladys. Carly warmly greeted her guests, and she hugged Sasha. Sasha received another hug from Willow, while Brando thanked Sonny and Carly for the invitation. Sonny assured Brando that "Liam Mike" had been a beautiful boy. Sonny was certain that Liam was with his namesake Mike.

Willow offered Sasha her condolences, and Sasha realized that Willow understood what it was like. Willow knew it might sound cliché, but Willow promised that it was true -- one day, Sasha would learn to live with the pain and even find herself smiling again. Just then, Gladys returned from the car with several bags of presents. Gladys also revealed that she had "hijacked" Brando and Sasha just as Sonny had asked. Sonny explained that he had hoped to help by distracting Brando and Sasha a little on her first night out of the hospital. Brando admitted that seeing his family had made him realize that Sonny's home was exactly where Brando had needed to be, and he hoped that Sasha felt the same.

Carly confessed that she knew Sasha had felt alone without any family, but Sasha had been wrong. Carly assured Sasha that Sasha was a part of the Corinthos family. Sasha was moved to tears as Carly welcomed Sasha with a warm hug.

Later, Josslyn pulled Willow into the foyer to give Willow a letter that Josslyn had written to tell Willow how happy Josslyn was to have Willow in the family. Josslyn recalled Kristina's visit earlier that day to exchange Christmas presents, and the exuberance of Donna and Avery. Josslyn loved having so many sisters in her life, including Willow, and she had wanted Willow to know. Willow was moved by the heartfelt words, and the two exchanged an affectionate hug.

In the living room, Sasha thanked Carly for letting Sasha be a part of the family. Sasha was also thankful that Carly had forgiven Sasha, but Carly insisted that Sasha deserved to be happy. Carly and Sonny couldn't make up for Sasha's loss, but they were eager to do everything in their power to make things easier for Sasha. Touched, Sasha hugged Carly.

By the Christmas tree, Brando thanked Sonny and Michael because he knew that each had experienced their own losses. Sonny admitted that Jason and Morgan would always be a part of their lives. Michael agreed, and he added that grief shouldn't always be private. Michael believed that grief should be shared so that maybe, in some small way, it might be alleviated. Overcome with emotion, Brando ran out to the patio. Sasha excused herself and grabbed a blanket to drape around herself as she followed Brando.

On the patio, Sasha approached Brando from behind and wrapped her arms around him. She knew it was difficult for him. Brando turned in her arms and admitted that it was better with Sasha beside him. Brando acknowledged that Liam had been conceived during a spontaneous night of passion, and their son had brought them together. However, Brando didn't want to lose Sasha because Liam was gone. "I love you, Sasha Gilmore. I love you with everything inside of me," Brando said.

Brando assured Sasha that he would walk away if he was a painful reminder of Liam, but he hoped that something good could grow from their son's short time on earth. Sasha believed that their son had left them a legacy. "He left us each other," Sasha said. She smiled softly and told Brando that she loved him. Brando kissed Sasha. Afterwards, they held each other as they looked up to the heaven above.

Inside, Willow's mind wandered to when she had overheard Sonny and Nina talking in the chapel. Sonny had told Nina that he would decide when it was time for Carly to learn about what had happened in Nixon Falls. Michael held out a candy cane as he offered Willow the Christmas candy in exchange for her thoughts. Willow admitted that she had been thinking about how much she loved him and the family. Smiling, he kissed her.

At Alexis' house, Alexis was gathered with her daughters, grandchildren, T.J., and Shawn in the living room as the children opened their presents. Kristina gave Scout a tambourine, while T.J. and Molly gave Scout an accordion and Danny a set of bongo drums. Sam was not a fan of all the noise, but Kristina and Molly took delight in Sam's misery. As everyone chatted, Shawn took an opportunity to privately thank Alexis for giving him the best Christmas he'd had in a long time. Shawn and Alexis agreed that they were both in a better place than the previous Christmas, and, with their bottles of water, they toasted to new beginnings.

Eventually, Sam grew tired of the racket, so she sent her children to the kitchen to fetch some cookies to take to Monica's house. Molly asked if Dante would be there. Alexis had heard that Drew had moved into the mansion, and she wondered if it would be a problem for Sam. Sam was curious why it would be, so Molly pointed out that the two men in Sam's life would be under the same roof. "Talk about an embarrassment of riches," Kristina said. Sam assured everyone that she and Drew were only focused on Scout, and Dante was okay with that.

Later, Shawn and Alexis admired the Christmas tree. Alexis asked about Shawn's first night in his new apartment. He conceded that his furnishings were sparce, but he had a great view of the harbor and was a short walking distance from his office. Alexis was surprised to hear that Shawn had an office, so he decided to share some news. Shawn asked for everyone's attention and announced that he was the new publisher of the Invader. T.J. was stunned that his father had bought the newspaper, but Shawn clarified that he was not the owner.

Shawn explained that he was the administrator of the nonprofit organization that owned the Invader. Kristina and Molly wished Shawn luck with the endeavor but said the newspaper had a terrible reputation. Shawn vowed to give the newspaper a new mission by becoming a platform to advocate for the greater good. T.J. regretted that he had not gotten Shawn a cape for Christmas. After Shawn and T.J. walked away to chat, Molly asked if Alexis was okay with Shawn's announcement. Alexis was surprised by the question, but Kristina pointed out that Shawn had found a purpose in life, while Alexis was still looking for hers.

Annoyed by Kristina's lack of tact, Molly assured Alexis that Alexis would find her place in the world again. Kristina argued that Alexis already had a place -- as their mother. Molly agreed. Alexis smiled as she shared a group hug with her daughters. Later, Alexis offered the group a bottle of Champagne that an old client had sent to Alexis for Christmas. Molly suggested celebrating with a nonalcoholic beverage, but Alexis didn't need the show of solidarity because it didn't work that way in the real world. After everyone had a drink in hand, they toasted to Shawn.

Shawn offered a toast to Alexis because, if not for Alexis, he wouldn't be celebrating Christmas with his family.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica appreciated the nonalcoholic wassail, since the traditional holiday drink had been a tribute to Alan, but she had some "high octane" vodka to spice things up. Drew thanked his mother, but he assured her that she didn't have to put on a happy face for him because he knew it was hard to celebrate Christmas without Jason. Monica admitted that she missed Jason more than words could say, but she was grateful to have Drew home and to be surrounded by family. Drew watched his mother as Monica walked over to check on "Bailey" and talk to Chase and Brook Lynn.

Later, Drew rocked a sleeping "Bailey" in his arms as he and Monica sat on the sofa. Drew recalled when Scout had been the same age. Monica seized the opportunity to ask Drew about Sam and Scout's visit. Drew admitted that his favorite part of Christmas had been helping Scout put the star on top of the tree in the kitchen nook.

Nearby, Chase offered Brook Lynn a cup of wassail, but when he bent down for something, Brook Lynn became distracted by the memory of seeing Chase naked in the steam room. Brook Lynn snapped that she didn't want anything from him and stormed off. Confused, Chase followed Brook Lynn and asked if he had done something to upset her. Brook Lynn's temper flared, and Chase's frustration mounted because he couldn't seem to do anything right. Brook Lynn suddenly shifted gears by suggesting that he could help her turn her mood around.

In the foyer, Drew greeted Danny and Scout. Danny smiled when Drew complimented Danny's new leather jacket and admitted that Danny looked like Jason. Drew assured Danny that Jason had been proud of Danny, and Jason had been "an incredible hero." Drew recalled that Jason had loved the "Chucks," and he offered to take Danny to a game.

Dante and Rocco arrived in time to overhear Drew's offer. Rocco informed Drew that Danny had already agreed to go to a Chucks game with Dante and Rocco, but Dante reminded Rocco that they could all go together. After Dante and Rocco went to find Olivia, Scout gave her father a Christmas present. Drew was delighted by the hot pink knit scarf. Danny revealed that Scout had picked it out, but Drew had already known that because it was in his daughter's favorite color. With Scout's help, Drew put the scarf on.

Rocco returned and announced that there was cake in "the nook." Scout was excited, so Drew encouraged Danny and Scout to follow Rocco to the kitchen. A short time later, Scout returned to the living room and gave her father a hug. Nearby, Rocco showed Dante a new video game. In the foyer, Danny sat on the staircase with Monica, and they looked at a family photo album. Danny lit up when he saw a photo of his father with a motorcycle. Danny said he intended to learn to ride one day. Monica asked Danny to be careful but also to enjoy every moment because it was what Jason would have wanted.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie and Nina returned from the kitchen as Liesl tucked a present under the Christmas tree. Liesl explained that the gift was for Louise when she returned home. It was a Swiss Christmas angel. Maxie and Nina exchanged a quick look, but Liesl didn't notice. Nina assured her aunt that Louise would be home soon. Liesl wondered how Nina had been holding up, because Liesl knew that Michael had forbidden Nina from spending time with Wiley even though it was Christmas.

Nina shared that she had given a gift for Wiley to one of Sonny's guards on her way over to Maxie's. Maxie wanted to brainstorm a way to finesse the situation, and she asked if Willow was still an ally. Nina reluctantly admitted that things had changed. Liesl wanted details, but Nina would only say that she didn't want to put Willow in the middle. Liesl argued that Willow was an adult and could decide for herself, but Nina was adamant that Liesl drop it.

Nina remembered being confronted by Willow about falling in love with Sonny in Nixon Falls, but Nina pushed the memory away as she assured both Maxie and Liesl that Willow had done enough. Liesl disagreed, and she pulled out her cell phone to call Willow. Nina yanked the phone out of Liesl's hand and yelled at Liesl until Maxie was forced to intervene and remind both ladies that it was Christmas.

Moments later, Scott arrived. Liesl happily greeted her "sweet, noble savage," but she shoved him back into the hallway for a private word. Liesl informed Scott that someone else knew that Sonny and Nina had been in love -- Willow Tait. Liesl insisted that Scott had to find a way to put Willow on the witness stand, but Scott worried that Willow might lie to cover for Sonny. He warned Liesl that it would make things worse for Nina if Willow lied.

Liesl demanded that Scott try. Scott relented because he would do anything for his "Schnitzel." The two shared a passionate kiss until Chase and Brook Lynn arrived with "Bailey."

Inside, Maxie and Nina cleaned up and discussed Nina's upcoming hearing. Nina worried that Scott would not get the case tossed because the evidence was stacked against her, since Nina had lied to Sonny for months. Nina was grateful that Maxie had forgiven Nina for letting Peter get away in Nixon Falls, but Maxie insisted that it had been necessary because Peter had threatened James. Maxie admitted that her Christmas wish was for Peter to die that very night. Nina knew that Peter's death would mean that Louise could return home for Christmas.

Just then, Brook Lynn entered the apartment. Maxie beamed when she saw her daughter. As Maxie spent time holding her daughter, Nina's thoughts drifted to Nixon Falls and the kiss that Nina had shared with "Mike."

Nina's hearing begins

Nina's hearing begins

Thursday, December 23, 2021

In Martin's room at the Metro Court hotel, Martin snapped awake with his Santa hat in his hands. He pulled back the covers next to him and saw feet. He moved to the end of the bed and uncovered Lucy's head. "Ready for another round?" she asked. Later, Martin invited her to breakfast, but she informed him that people would talk when she showed up in her clothes from the night before. She also reminded him that he was the brother of her ex-husband's wife, who happened to be the mayor. He replied that Lucy was an accomplished woman, and he would love to do the "walk of shame" with her.

Laura and Kevin were sitting together at the Metro Court restaurant when Nikolas arrived and sat with them. Laura revealed that Kevin had updated her on all that had happened with Spencer, and she apologized to Nikolas, since he'd been right about Spencer. She continued that Spencer needed a loving father to help him on the right path, as someone more dangerous could fill that void if Nikolas didn't. The conversation turned to concern over Victor being in town, and Laura wondered why Nikolas had helped him. Nikolas admitted that Victor had nursed him back to health after Valentin had shot him, so he'd returned the favor by letting Victor use the compound in Crete.

Martin and Lucy flirted in the elevator on the way to the restaurant, and she was charmed that he'd worn his Santa suit in solidarity with her own walk of shame. She warned him that she'd been a "spectacle" many times before, and he replied that he would be delighted to join her in the commotion. Arm-in-arm, they stepped off the elevator. The two approached Kevin, Nikolas, and Laura, who were shocked to see them together. The table shared a laugh when the two went off to find their table. Before Nikolas left, Laura reiterated that he needed to restore his bond with Spencer.

At their table, Lucy wondered if Martin regretted taking her to breakfast, and he insisted that he didn't. Laura and Kevin approached, and Laura asked for a word with Martin, so the two walked away. Lucy wondered if Laura hated the idea of Lucy with Martin, but Kevin assured her that the siblings were talking about something else. Kevin did ask how the coupling had happened, and Lucy happily replied, "He asked me what I wanted for Christmas."

Out in the hall, Laura informed Martin that Cyrus was adamant that he hadn't put the hit out on his siblings and that someone else had. She wasn't sure if she believed him, but she wanted to warn Martin, just in case. He promised to be extra careful. Laura added that Kevin had a dry cleaner who did a great job with Santa suits.

A few minutes later, Martin returned to Lucy, who wondered if Laura had warned him away from Lucy. She decided that they had had fun together, and that was enough for her. She got up, but Martin urged her to stay. He told her that he'd had more fun with her than he'd had in a long time, and he didn't want it to end yet. Across the room, Laura told Kevin how surprised she was about Martin and Lucy. "It's gonna be one hell of a new year," she commented.

Alexis let Shawn into her house, and she showed him the PCU course catalog she was perusing. He assured her that it was natural to struggle once out of prison. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Alexis answered it to Dante. He asked for Shawn and stated that he was there on official police business. He revealed that he'd gotten an anonymous tip about a body in the Pine Barrens. He continued that the gun buried with the man, who'd been identified as a hitman, matched the gun that had been used to shoot Hayden. He reported that they'd found the person responsible for the crime that Shawn had been wrongfully convicted of, so Shawn's name was officially cleared. Alexis congratulated Shawn, and Dante shook his hand.

When Dante was gone, Shawn and Alexis assumed that Nikolas had been the "anonymous tip." Just then, Shawn's phone rang. "Speak of the devil, literally," he commented, and he answered his phone to Nikolas. He advised Shawn to check the balance of the nonprofit for the rest of the agreed-upon funds. Shawn updated Nikolas on Dante's news, so Nikolas figured that their business was concluded. Shawn agreed and hung up. "Nikolas thinks this is all over," Shawn reported back to Alexis. "Isn't it?" she questioned. "Not by a long shot," he answered.

At Cameron's, Josslyn and Cameron shared a kiss until the doorbell rang. Cameron opened the door to Esme, who cried that the worst had happened. "Do tell," Josslyn said, and Esme was disappointed to see Josslyn there. She told Cameron and Josslyn about the plea deal Spencer had taken and how he was "freaking out" about going to prison. Josslyn thought it was interesting that Esme was partly responsible for stalking Ava, but she was leaving Spencer to take all the punishment alone.

Esme continued that she wanted to make some happy memories for Spencer before he had to go to Spring Ridge, so she implored Josslyn to ask Sonny if they could use his cabin. "As long as you stop talking about bedrooms and who's sleeping where," Josslyn replied. Cameron assured Esme that they would talk about it and get back to her, and Esme left. Cameron remarked that Spencer did need their support. Josslyn informed him that, while she agreed, nothing would change her opinion of Esme. "I would never change anything about you," he cooed, and the two shared a kiss.

Trina arrived at Kelly's and ordered two coffees from Spencer. Victor entered and asked how Spencer felt, since his "legal woes are a thing of the past." "Terrified," Spencer replied. He introduced Victor and Trina, and he explained to Trina that he'd signed the paperwork for the plea deal that morning. Victor informed Spencer that no one could have gotten him a better deal than the "slap on the wrist" he was getting. Spencer insisted that he was grateful, and Victor assured him that his family would be waiting for him when he got out of prison.

A few minutes later, Victor was gone when Spencer returned with Trina's coffees. She assured him that there was no shame in being nervous about going to prison and that it was nice to see his human side. He wished he could see himself through her eyes, and he took her hand. Esme arrived just in time to see it. She approached the two and told Spencer about possibly moving their couples' weekend up. Spencer clarified that it wasn't just for couples, since Trina would be there, too.

Just then, Esme's phone went off, and she answered it to Josslyn. Josslyn said she was going to ask Sonny that day about using the cabin and said that they would figure the details out later. When Esme got off the phone, she told Spencer the good news, and he was excited for the trip. Esme figured that Trina would be too busy for the trip, but Trina insisted that she would always make time for a friend. "This will be a send-off for the ages," Esme exclaimed.

Scott arrived at the court of Llantano County, Pennsylvania, and his phone went off. He answered it to Liesl, who wondered if he'd figured out a way to get Willow on the stand. He insisted that he was working on it. Michael and Willow arrived, followed by Sonny, Carly, and the district attorney, Richard Sheridan. Carly commented to Sonny that Michael was confident, but Sonny believed that Nina would get a plea bargain. Carly just wanted the Nixon Falls "saga" to be over and Nina to be out of their lives. Right on cue, Nina arrived.

Willow approached Nina, who was appreciative of Willow keeping quiet. Willow replied that she was doing it for Michael and Wiley. She returned to Michael, who wondered what the conversation had been about. "Family," she replied. Michael clarified that Nina was not part of their family. Across the room, Scott overheard Richard telling Michael and Willow about the process of the hearing, and he had a sudden "flash of inspiration." Liesl wished him good luck, and he hung up.

After ending the call, Liesl ran into Victor in front of Kelly's, and he was glad that the information he'd provided had led to Liesl's rescue. She angrily reminded him that he'd kidnapped her in the first place. He suggested discussing it over dinner, but she replied that she would "rather eat glass." He mentioned that he'd intervened when Peter had wanted her dead, so her level of kindness toward him could impact his interventions in the future. "There won't be a next time," she growled. "With you, there's always a next time," he shot back. He adored her, but he warned her not to get in his way. She insisted that she wasn't afraid of or impressed by him. "You think Scott is powerful?" Victor wondered. "Stay away or find out. You have no idea what he's capable of," she answered, and she walked away.

At the courthouse, Scott continued to listen as Richard talked to Michael and Willow about the rising of his campaign numbers after his visit to the Quartermaines. Scott sat down with Nina, who wondered why he looked happy. "Your aunt has that effect on me," he replied. She asked what her chances were of avoiding a trial, and he assured her that they were better than she thought. "What are you up to?" she questioned, but the entrance of Judge Milford interrupted the conversation.

Richard called Sonny to the stand, and he recapped how Sonny had ended up in Nixon Falls and Sonny's return to Port Charles. Sonny identified Nina as the person who'd kept him away from his family, and Richard had no further questions. Scott got up to question Sonny, and he asked why Sonny hadn't been the one to file charges. Sonny replied that he'd already lost too much time with his family. Scott mentioned that Michael hadn't felt the same, especially since he and Willow had made a big donation to Richard's campaign days before Nina had been arrested. He suggested that Michael and Willow should be on trial for bribery.

Richard vehemently objected, and Judge Milford asked if Scott had evidence of a quid pro quo. Scott remarked that the timing of the donation was "fishy." Richard demanded permission to call an additional witness, since Scott was impugning his character. The judge called the lawyers to the bench, and Richard said that he wanted to answer to the unfair allegations, as they could then focus on the charges against Nina. Judge Milford advised Sonny to step down, and Richard called Willow to the stand.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: The case against Carly and Jax is closed

ENCORE PRESENTATION: The case against Carly and Jax is closed

Friday, December 24, 2021

Due to the Christmas Eve holiday, General Hospital aired an encore presentation of the episode that originally aired February 23, 2021. In the episode, Liesl broke into Maxie and Peter's apartment, and Carly learned that the investigation into Nelle's death had ended. A complete recap of that episode is available in our Daily Recaps Archive. This was a planned schedule change, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the rebroadcast. Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 27, and picked up where the Thursday, December 23, episode concluded.

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