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The charges against Tracy were dropped, thanks to Alexis. Brook Lynn and Chase decided to change their living arrangements to keep "Bailey" safe. Carly moved out. Sonny ran out of refills for lithium. Brad confessed to poisoning Peter. Kevin took steps to restrict Esme's access to Ryan. Nina contemplated going to war with Michael over Wiley.
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The charges against Tracy were dropped, Sonny ran out of refills for lithium, and Brad confessed to poisoning Peter
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Carly and Nina meet face to face

Carly and Nina meet face to face

Monday, January 10, 2022

As Sonny cleaned up the broken glass in his kitchen, Laura arrived to see him. The old friends greeted each other with a hug. Laura noticed that Sonny had been drinking, and she began to cry as she told him about Luke's death. She and Sonny shared another hug, and Laura told Sonny how the death had affected her. She had no one to cry with about her long-time partner because her kids weren't around, and Bobbie had her own suffering to contend with.

Laura drank from a cup of coffee and explained how she had liked knowing that Luke had been "out there," even though she was a different person and had Kevin. Laura told Sonny about Cyrus finding religion, and they shared a laugh. She could tell that something was bothering Sonny and offered to listen. Sonny confessed that he had "screwed up," and he didn't think that things could be fixed.

Sonny told Laura about Nina and the fact that while he still had "Mike's" memories and feelings, he hadn't told Carly about them. She had only learned about it when he'd been on the stand. He had planned on telling her, but there had been too many other painful events going on. His voice broke as he added that he wanted to leave Nixon Falls behind him.

Sonny made it clear that it hadn't been as though he'd been cheating on Carly; he'd had no memory while he'd been in Nixon Falls. Laura suggested that he look at things from Carly's point of view; Sonny had kept something from Carly. While Sonny insisted that Nina didn't matter, Laura wondered why he had still been protecting her.

Sonny agreed that Nina had put his family through hell, but he didn't want to see her prosecuted. He still had feelings, even though he didn't want to, and he still had dreams about Nixon Falls. Laura noted that both Nina and Sonny were in Port Charles, and Sonny admitted that he'd had trouble separating everything.

After Laura had gone, Sonny received a message from the pharmacy. He would need a new prescription for his lithium.

Carly showed up at the Crimson office and informed Nina that Nina would not be going to her meeting but would have to deal with Carly instead. Carly wanted to know what had happened between Nina and Sonny. When Nina reminded Carly that Carly had heard Sonny on the stand, Carly began to tell Nina off. Nina insisted that she had tried to stay away from Sonny, but Carly believed that Nina and Sonny would always be attached because of their secret.

Nina mentioned that she had seen Sonny in a drunken state at Charlie's, and she quickly realized that Carly hadn't known about that. Nina accused Carly of dropping by to see if Sonny was there. Carly called Nina a "conniving bitch," but it was Nina's turn to tell Carly off. She said that Carly was an idiot. She reminded Carly that Sonny had gone home, and Carly should be glad that he was home. She added that if Carly continued to beat Sonny up, he would turn to the woman who loved him without anger, and Nina wouldn't send him away the next time.

Carly snapped that Sonny would never return to Nina, and it was an illusion. Nina insisted that what she and Sonny had shared had been real, but she hadn't slept with him. That was only because she had been the one to say no. Carly replied that "Mike" had been the one to love Nina, not Sonny. Nina declared that it was a lie that something between Nina and Sonny couldn't happen again, even though Carly believed that. Carly slapped Nina, but Nina asked if the truth hurt. Carly indignantly responded that Sonny was home where he belonged. "Stay the hell away from my husband," Carly warned as she headed out. She appeared shaken.

Curtis kissed a giggling Portia as they stood on the elevator at Metro Court. They were awkwardly surprised when the doors opened and Trina was standing there. Trina assured them that she wanted her mother to be happy. The group made some small talk, and Trina told them about the upcoming trip to the cabin. Curtis suggested that the women have some mother and daughter time, and they agreed. He kissed Portia goodbye as Trina looked on.

As they grabbed a table to enjoy some coffee, Trina teased Portia about her original desire to take things slowly. Trina discussed her meeting with Spencer and Ava, and Trina admitted that she hadn't liked the way that Ava had treated Spencer. She told Portia about Ava and Morgan and the reason for Josslyn's dislike of Ava. Trina had always seen the good side of Ava, but she had seen the side that Josslyn and Spencer both hated. Portia replied that Trina had learned a lesson: no one was entirely good, bad, or beyond reproach.

Trina declared that she would not order Spencer around at the gallery because it would be awkward. She confessed that it would also be weird at the cabin, and Portia asked why she planned on going. Trina said that Esme had been "in my face" about it, but Trina also wanted to give Spencer some fun memories before he went to Spring Ridge. Portia stated that that wasn't Trina's job, and it sounded as though Trina was dreading the trip. She wondered if Trina should stay home and miss out, or go and feel out of place with the two couples.

Trina wanted to be with her friends, and she detailed how she, Josslyn, and Cameron had been good friends for so long. She thought she would probably have fun. Portia thought Trina should focus on the long friendship.

At Laura's place, Esme looked at the bottle of pills she had picked up at the hospital. She guessed that two would be better than one. When Spencer arrived, she quickly put the bottle in her purse. He had dinner from Metro Court, and he grumbled about his meeting with Ava. He was angry that Ava had used money from his trust to pay for it. Esme was angry that Spencer hadn't mentioned that Trina would be there, too, but Spencer angrily told her that that had been about there being another way to humiliate him, since Trina would be his boss.

Spencer offered to split his dinner with Esme, but she preferred to take advantage of their privacy. As they began to mess around on the sofa, they heard a knock at the door. A shirtless Spencer opened the door and found Victor standing there. "Well, well," Victor said mischievously. Esme quickly handed Spencer his shirt and invited Victor inside. Victor voiced his concern at not having seen Spencer at Kelly's, and Spencer told him about the meeting with Ava.

Spencer spat that Ava had "lorded" her power over him, but Victor replied that it was time for family unity. Spencer exclaimed that his father and Ava were not a part of his family and never would be. Victor reminded him that there were also other members of the family, like Valentin and Esme, and he began to shout at Spencer, who claimed that Valentin had tried to kill him. Victor accused him of blowing it out of proportion, and he wanted Spencer to grow up. Esme thought it was too much to expect Spencer to forget how Nikolas and Ava had treated him.

Victor proclaimed that the Cassadines had always been fighting, and it had to end. He was certain that Spencer would see that Ava's influence over Nikolas would die down when he accepted them. He concluded that the women would "come and go," but family was forever. Esme was irritated.

At the hospital, Elizabeth dazzled Finn after changing her clothes for their date, but she showed him the wedding band that she had found in her locker. She had no idea how it had gotten there, and they discussed the possibility of one of Elizabeth's boys finding it at home and putting it into her pocket when it had fallen out. Elizabeth was concerned that whoever had done it had had a problem with her dating Finn, and perhaps it had to do with either Franco or Jason's memories.

Elizabeth was certain that her sons would have been more direct and would have just returned the ring to her if they'd found it. Elizabeth wanted to speak to her sons alone to get to the bottom of it. Finn could tell it was bothering her, and he suggested they reschedule their date. Elizabeth assured him that rescheduling dinner was only a postponement.

Marshall found T.J. in a corridor, and they had a polite conversation until T.J. led the way to an empty office for some privacy. T.J. announced that they would not be able to have a relationship if Curtis was uncomfortable with it. Marshall revealed that Curtis had visited him briefly, but things hadn't gone well. T.J. indicated that Marshall had a lot to make up to Curtis, but Marshall admitted that it was too painful to explain what he'd been up to in the years that he'd been gone. He thought that his answers would drive Curtis further away.

Marshall wanted Curtis to know his present self, and T.J. asked if the past was so awful. He added that if Marshall wanted to know all about them, then they had to know about Marshall. They were interrupted when Curtis walked in, hoping to have dinner with T.J. Curtis spotted Marshall and called him a stalker, but T.J. answered that they had been straightening things out. He had informed Marshall that there would be no further discussions unless they could trust him. Just then, T.J. received a page, and he left to check on a patient.

Curtis announced that he had no reason to stay because nothing had changed. Marshall replied that he needed to answer Curtis' questions.

Laura returned home and was shocked to find Victor sitting inside, waiting for her.

Willow urges Nina to relinquish her rights to Wiley

Willow urges Nina to relinquish her rights to Wiley

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Austin and Britt arrived at the Savoy, and Austin asked how being a wingman worked. Britt laid out a plan that Austin said sounded like a battle. Britt told him to stick with her, and he would learn "dating is war."

Austin returned from the bar with a drink and asked Britt why his drink was pink. Britt told him beer would make him look like "a knuckle-dragger," and a martini was "too threatening." A Cosmo, however, would show that Austin was "comfortable with [his] sexuality" but could still have fun. Austin asked how to mingle. Britt was shocked and asked how he had met women in Pautauk. "Square-dances and church bazaars," he said with a chuckle. Austin told Britt that he had come to realize that he was more comfortable around "gentle woodland creatures" than people. He assured her that was in his past, and he was ready to be her wingman. They squabbled over which one of them should take the plunge first.

Britt and Austin silently tried to usher each other to mingle before Britt eventually took it upon herself to make the first move. Britt had several awkward conversations with men in the club before she gave up and headed back to rejoin Austin again. Austin said he was not in the game anymore and was just sitting with his pink drink. Britt fired Austin and told him he was the "worst wingman ever." Austin agreed and said they would come up with another idea for Britt to get Liesl off her back. Britt asked Austin what he would tell his own mother if she asked why he had not met a nice girl. Austin said he would tell her that he already had.

Britt was upset that Austin had not told her that he was dating someone. Austin said he wasn't dating anyone because the woman he was interested in was not available. Britt asked if "she" was married. Austin told Britt that that situation was complex. He squirmed on his barstool as he said he did not believe it was appropriate to be having such a conversation with his boss. Britt said it was too late for "propriety" and asked if she knew the person. Britt continued to pester Austin until he caved in and admitted it was Maxie.

Britt was shocked to hear Austin liked Maxie and reminded Austin that Maxie was no longer in love with Peter. Austin said Maxie had a lot on her plate and did not have room for him. Britt offered Austin hope that Maxie's situation could change one day. She praised him for having great taste. "Great taste. Terrible timing," Austin replied.

Maxie and Felicia arrived at Charlie's Pub and decided not to get colorful drinks. Felicia suggested straight-up whiskey to drink to the memory of Luke Spencer. Maxie told her mom that she had phoned Anna to see how Robert was doing and had heard Robert in the background, singing "Waltzing Matilda." Felicia sighed as she thought about how Holly, Sean, and Luke were gone. Maxie asked Felicia if there was anything she could do to help. Recalling her past with Luke, Felicia mentioned that Luka had not always been the easiest to deal with, but she noted that he had always been there for her when it had counted. Maxie wondered how they'd tell Lulu about Luke's death, should Lulu ever emerge from her coma.

Maxie and Felicia toasted Luke with whiskey and took a drink. Maxie and Felicia both gagged on the whiskey, and Maxie asked "how much drinking to Luke was appropriate." Felicia said just one each was plenty. Felicia said she wanted to talk to Maxie about something, but they needed to be sober. Maxie asked if it was the same something they had been about to discuss before they'd been interrupted with the news about Luke. Felicia said it was.

Felicia reiterated her concern that Maxie was doing "too well" in the wake of Peter coming out of his coma and Louise still being missing. Maxie said that she did not have the luxury of being able to have a breakdown. Felicia asked what Maxie needed. Maxie said that she needed Louise and praised Felicia for being part of the best support system in the world. Felicia pressed for details on the other people who had been there for Maxie.

Maxie toted two colorful drinks over to the table and said she did not think Luke would mind if they celebrated in their own way. After Felicia and Maxie took a sip, Felicia asked who else Maxie had come to rely on. Maxie asked why she needed to know. Felicia said there was a call chain of people who were "Team Maxie," and she wanted to make sure that Maxie was okay.

Knowing that her mother would not leave her alone, Maxie confessed the person she had not named was Austin. Maxie explained that Austin had saved her by helping to deliver Louise in the woods. Since that time, Maxie said that he had been great, with the exception of his fighting with Brook Lynn. Felicia asked for Austin's number, but Maxie insisted she and Austin were just friends. Felicia replied that "friends can be just as important as family -- sometimes more so."

Laura asked Victor how he had gotten into her house. Victor informed Laura that "Spencer and his charming girlfriend" had invited him in. Victor apologized that he had surprised her. Laura rebuffed the apology and accused Victor of planning his unannounced visit. Victor called Laura "feisty." She, in turn, called him "brazen and smarmy."

Laura blasted the plea deal that Victor had made with the WSB, claiming that he had thrown Peter under the bus. Victor countered that the WSB had always been more interested in catching Peter than him. Laura again asked Victor what he wanted, but Victor told her she would get answers "all in due time" because he was not going anywhere because his family was in Port Charles.

Laura reminded Victor that he and his brothers had put Port Charles through hell. Victor said he has lived with that mistake since, and it was an ugly stain on the Cassadine legacy. He hoped the Cassadines would be remembered for better deeds. Laura asked if that included faking death to avoid prosecution. Victor said his work required anonymity. Laura asked what work he did.

Victor told Laura he worked for atonement. Laura wished Victor luck seeking redemption. Victor told Laura she was a force to be reckoned with, and her word carried enormous weight. Laura told Victor she would never advocate for him. Victor told Laura that "never" was a strong word, and he was prepared to wait.

Esme and Spencer returned to the room with a tea tray. Esme asked if there was a reason why Spencer should not have invited Victor into the house. Victor apologized for having upset Laura and claimed that he had just wanted to see Spencer before Spencer went to Spring Ridge. Esme offered Laura and Victor tea, but Victor felt he had overstayed his welcome. To everyone's surprise, Laura invited Victor to stay, since Spencer had made tea and brought cookies. Victor told Spencer that Laura had already endured a taxing day, given the "tragic loss to her family."

Laura told Victor he should extend his condolences to Luke's partner, Tracy. Victor brought up Laura's marriage to Luke. Laura said she did not live in the past but could see that Victor did. Victor said he aimed to make amends. Laura said he aimed high and asked how he planned to make amends.

Victor said it was by being there to rebuild his family. Laura said they had not seen him in decades, and they had thought he was dead. Victor said it was never too late to start fresh. His family was there, and he asked how else he could get to know them or protect them.

After tea was finished, Esme asked Spencer if Laura had a problem with Victor. Spencer told her it was a "blood feud or vendetta." As Victor left, he thanked Laura for suffering his presence. He said that he hoped they could find common ground with Spencer, as they both wanted what was best for him. Laura told Victor that what he wanted of Spencer was different from what she wanted. Victor said he wanted to prove her wrong. Then, Victor mentioned Luke again and said it was a tragic loss, and he was "truly sorry." Laura said she knew he was lying and slammed the door in his face.

Marshall thanked Curtis for going back to his hotel room. He offered Curtis a drink, but Curtis gruffly asked if they were "going to do this or not." Marshall said it was not easy for him, but Curtis said it had not been easy growing up without a father -- and later finding out that that father hadn't died but had simply walked out on his family. Marshall said he understood Curtis' anger but was tired of Curtis' attitude. Curtis snapped that he was tired of Marshall "dodging the truth." Marshall began to question his decision to talk to Curtis and grumbled that it would never be safe to tell Curtis everything.

Curtis was frustrated that Marshall kept saying it was not safe to know about him. Marshall said it was dangerous for Curtis to learn everything. Curtis assured Marshall that he could take care of himself, Marshall disagreed. Curtis told Marshall not to go near him or his family again and started to leave. Marshall relented and said that he had "got into trouble" and left before his trouble had become his family's trouble.

Curtis asked Marshall to explain "trouble." Marshall said he had been young, in a band, and had a habit of getting involved in things that were not his concern. Marshall claimed he had tried to mind his own business but said he had gotten hung up on it and had no longer been in control -- "another player" had been. The only way Marshall had believed he'd been able to keep his family safe had been to leave, and he had made sure no one would look for him. Marshall assumed that it had worked because no one had.

Curtis asked if Marshall had been in the Witness Protection Program. Marshall said he "took another name and kept a low profile" and never stayed in one place too long. Curtis asked if the "player" Marshall had mentioned was someone in the mob. Marshall said he had said enough. Curtis said it sounded like Marshall had been involved in a criminal organization. Marshall declined to give specifics and said that things from the past could come back at any time if one was not careful. Curtis said that he had contacts who could help prevent that from happening and that all he needed was a name.

Marshall thanked Curtis for his offer of help but said he had said everything he intended to say. Curtis told Marshall that there would be no future for them if Marshall did not continue to talk. Curtis said that he needed details to ensure that T.J. and Stella remained safe. Marshall said there was nothing left to talk about and opened the door for Curtis to leave. As Curtis was leaving, Marshall told him to stop asking questions. "That's that only way to keep Stella and T.J. safe," Marshall said. Curtis walked away.

Nina sat in her office with an ice pack pressed to the left cheek that Carly had slapped. Someone knocked on her door, and Nina opened it to find Willow. Seeing Willow made Nina fear that something had happened to Wiley. Willow assured Nina that Wiley was okay. Nina gave Willow five minutes to talk but offered six minutes if Willow left Carly's name out of the discussion.

Willow apologized for her broken promise to not tell anyone about Nina and Sonny. She also apologized for accusing Nina of having set her up. Nina said that she, unlike Willow, had gained no comfort from Willow's admission. Nina said she had put Willow in an "impossible situation" by asking Willow not to discuss what she had overheard. Nina said she should not have asked Willow to perjure herself because it could have jeopardized Willow's future with Wiley.

Willow was surprised that Nina had apologized. Willow said she would need to be well stocked in apologies if Michael found out she had visited Nina. Nina suggested that Willow head home. Willow said that before she could leave, she needed to talk about the friction between Nina and Michael because it was not good for Wiley. Willow said if she and Nina worked together, they could prevent the situation from getting worse. Willow said she would work at "lowering the temperature with Michael" if Nina agreed to give up her legal claim on Wiley.

Nina blasted Willow for dropping by to "do Michael's dirty work." Willow insisted that no one knew she was with Nina. Nina professed her love for Wiley and pointed out that Wiley was her blood relative -- not Willow's. Willow said that if Nina renounced her legal claim to Wiley, Michael would see it as a "gesture of goodwill" and would eventually understand it was in everyone's best interest if Nina had a relationship with Wiley. Willow promised Nina that she would not lose her connection to Wiley.

Nina did not see how Michael, a man that wished she would "drop dead in the ugliest way possible," would eventually grant her visitation out of the goodness of his heart. Willow admitted it would not happen overnight but that Michael could be reasoned with. Willow noted that Michael had gone against Carly's wishes in the past and would again once he saw that Nina was not a threat to his family. Nina said she would consider it only if Willow could say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Michael would not use it against her.

Willow told Nina she could not guarantee that Michael would do as she hoped, but she promised she would not rest until Michael let Nina back into Wiley's life. Nina said that was not good enough. Willow reminded Nina that Michael's family was in "so much pain" over losing Sonny for nine months. "The pain won't end until someone takes the first step towards healing," Willow said. Nina admitted she had screwed up and would spend the rest of her life making up for that -- but not at the expense of Wiley. Nina commented that Sonny did not believe her to be "evil incarnate" and vowed to make sure that no one made Wiley believe that she was.

Sonny was in his kitchen, cooking dinner, when Carly walked in. Sonny explained there was not any food at his penthouse, and he missed cooking. He held out a wooden spoon and asked Carly to try the sauce. Carly softly told Sonny that the sauce needed sugar. He tried to talk to her about cheese, but Carly said she was tired. Sonny offered to make Carly whatever she wanted, but Carly did not respond. Sonny said he would forget the food if they could just talk.

Carly picked at her bread as Sonny realized it had been a mistake. Sonny said he was cooking to distract himself and asked Carly if she had talked to her mom. She said she had not spoken to Bobbie but saw that she had a voicemail from her. Sonny told Carly that Laura had stopped by and told him that Luke had died. Carly jumped up and said she needed to call her mom. Sonny said that Lucas had given Bobbie something to help her sleep. Sonny suggested Carly go upstairs to see Donna and Avery while he cleaned up.

Carly threw her hands in the air and shouted that she could not act like their lives were not falling apart. Sonny admitted that they might not be in the best place. He told Carly that he was sure they would "beat it." Carly asked if he would also beat his feelings for Nina. Carly told Sonny that she knew he had gotten drunk on New Year's Eve, and Nina had taken him to his penthouse and kept him company.

Sonny told Carly it did not matter what Nina said because he did not want Nina. Carly said that Nina had told her there was more to Nixon Falls -- that Sonny and Nina had almost slept together. Sonny insisted that he had not slept with Nina. Carly admitted Sonny was right but noted that it had not happened because Nina had stopped it from happening.

Sonny told Carly they had a lot to work out "without having to litigate things that never happened." Carly wanted to talk about his refusal to say that what happened in Nixon Falls would never happen again. Carly told Sonny that she had "put the fear of God in Nina." She suggested that Sonny should check in on Nina because she was sure that Nina would like that. She added that she thought Sonny would like it, too.

Sonny told Carly he was not going anywhere. Carly told Sonny that he needed to be gone by the next day. Sonny reminded Carly that the house was his home. Carly repeated her need for space and time to figure things out. Sonny said they needed to figure it out together. Carly told Sonny that if he was there in the morning, she would be the one to leave. Sonny asked where she would go, but Carly stormed out of the room.

Tracy is set free, and Carly moves out

Tracy is set free, and Carly moves out

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

At Charlie's Pub, Sam greeted her mother, and she explained that Molly had been swamped at work and had sent her regrets. Alexis smiled because she fondly recalled the excitement of working in a district attorney's office. Sam revealed that she and Molly had wanted Alexis to know how proud they were that Alexis was the new editorial voice of the Invader. Alexis credited her daughters with inspiring her, but Sam insisted that Alexis deserved full credit for all her hard work. The conversation shifted to Tracy when Sam admitted that she hoped that Tracy paid for trying to frame Alexis for driving under the influence.

Alexis reminded Sam that Tracy had been trying to protect Tracy's family by hiding what had happened between Ned and Alexis. Sam accused Alexis of sounding "merciful." Alexis hadn't forgiven Tracy, but Alexis thought that losing Luke had been enough punishment for Tracy. Sam disagreed because Luke's death had been an accident, while Tracy's actions had been deliberate. Sam insisted that it wasn't right to set out to hurt someone and expect a free pass.

Just then, Sam spotted Harmony. Alexis followed her daughter's gaze. Despite the tension between Harmony and Sam, Alexis invited Harmony to join them. Harmony politely declined because she didn't want to intrude on Alexis' time with Sam. Sam was certain that Harmony had something else to do, but Alexis asked if there might be a way for Sam and Harmony to reach a truce. Alexis explained to Sam that Harmony had been Alexis' only friend in prison, and Harmony had kept Alexis from taking a drink on New Year's Eve.

Sam relented, and Harmony sat down. Alexis told Harmony about Sam's role in Tracy's arrest. Harmony was glad that Tracy would be paying for framing Alexis, but Alexis explained that Tracy had been trying to protect Ned and Olivia's marriage. Sam argued that it hadn't been an excuse. Alexis agreed, but she wondered what Harmony's thoughts were on the matter. Harmony pointed out that even though Tracy had taken away Alexis' agency, Alexis was in control of what happened next.

After Alexis excused herself to make a phone call, Sam seized the opportunity to have a chat with Harmony. Sam conceded that she had seen a change in Harmony, but Sam couldn't get past the things that Harmony had done. Harmony admitted that it made Harmony sick to think of how she had drugged women -- including Harmony's own daughter -- under the mistaken belief that Harmony had been helping them. Harmony had to live with it every second of every day, but she was determined to do everything possible to atone for her past actions. Sam explained that Alexis was trying to turn her life around, and her mother was in a fragile state. As Alexis' friend, Sam expected Harmony to be straight with Alexis and for Harmony to be true to her word.

Harmony admitted that she truly believed that she and Alexis could help each other. Sam reminded Harmony that Alexis was not alone and that Sam continued to have her doubts about Harmony. Harmony didn't expect Sam to forget, but she asked for an opportunity to prove herself. Sam agreed to let Harmony try, but Sam intended to keep a close eye on Harmony.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Olivia warmly greeted Robert with a hug. Olivia was eager for news about her "erstwhile" mother-in-law, but Robert reminded Olivia that he couldn't discuss the details of Tracy's case. Olivia understood, and she assured him that the last thing she wanted to do was put him in a compromising position. She suddenly realized how that had sounded, but Robert assured Olivia that he had understood what she had meant. Smiling, Olivia led Robert to a table.

After Robert and Olivia sat down, he thanked her for calling him with the news about Luke's passing. Olivia admitted that Robert had been her first thought when she had heard about Luke. It had also given her an excuse to call Robert, but he insisted that she hadn't needed one. Olivia was skeptical because she had noticed that Robert had pulled back in recent weeks. Robert explained that he had thought that he'd been doing her a favor by not getting in the way of Ned and Olivia working things out. Olivia assured Robert that he hadn't been the reason for her marital troubles; Ned sleeping with Alexis had jeopardized the marriage.

Robert jokingly referred to himself as Olivia's plaything, but she didn't find it amusing because Robert was important to her. Robert smiled, but he also knew that Olivia loved "that bugger." Olivia confirmed that she was guilty as charged. Moments later, Robert's cell phone buzzed. Olivia excused herself while Robert took the call. It was Alexis.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Tracy stood behind bars and complained about the injustice of her arrest and the burden of being a Quartermaine. Dante advised Tracy to drop the rich-girl pity routine because it would not gain any traction with a jury. Ned approached his mother's jail cell as he informed her that he had posted her bail. Tracy refused to thank Ned because he'd taken too long. As Martin stepped forward, Ned introduced Tracy to her attorney, but Tracy already knew Martin.

Tracy was well aware of Laura's long-lost brothers, "the Kentucky friend lawyer and ponytailed gangster." "That's us," Martin replied. Martin asked Dante to let Tracy out because Martin was eager to sit down and work out a plea deal. Tracy balked. She expected the charges to be dropped, but Martin explained that there was enough damaging evidence to get Tracy an extended stay at Pentonville. Martin warned Tracy that being a member of a prominent family hadn't made her immune from prosecution.

"Really? I thought we were in Port Charles," Tracy said. Tracy fired Martin, and when Ned objected, she fired Ned, too. Ned reminded his mother that she couldn't fire her children, and he informed Tracy that Martin worked for Ned, not for Tracy. Tracy refused to take responsibility for her crimes, so Ned asked his mother what Luke would want Tracy to do. Tracy was certain that Luke would want her to fight. Tracy refused to accept a plea deal that involved jail time, probation, community service, or even a hint of an admission of guilt.

Frustrated, Martin asked for a private word with Dante. After Martin and Dante stepped into the hallway, Ned tried to get through to his mother. Tracy explained that she needed to return to Amsterdam to settle Luke's affairs, which she couldn't do if she was locked up behind bars. To Ned's surprise, Tracy shifted gears because she wanted to discuss Brook Lynn -- and "Bailey." Ned's frustration mounted when Tracy had a sudden change of heart. Alarmed, Ned told his mother that she couldn't imply that Brook Lynn was involved in something and then just drop it, but Tracy wanted more information before she discussed the matter with Ned.

Moments later, Martin, Dante, and Robert approached Tracy's jail cell. Robert announced that he had decided to drop the charges. Ned pointed out that his mother had gotten exactly what she had wanted, but Tracy feared that it was too good to be true. Dante unlocked her jail cell and opened the door, but Tracy didn't budge as she asked what had changed. "I suppose, I did," Alexis answered. Tracy assumed that Alexis was there to gloat, but Alexis revealed that she had decided not to cooperate.

Robert explained that he had no case without Alexis' testimony. Dante reminded Tracy that they still had Sam and Olivia's testimony, but Ned quickly ushered his mother out the door. Robert had Alexis sign a few forms as he thanked her for saving the city both time and money. When Ned and Alexis were alone, Ned thanked Alexis, but she admitted that she had done it for Luke -- and herself.

At Crimson, Valentin stood in the doorway to Nina's office. "You summoned me?" he asked. Nina smiled, but she sensed that he seemed surprised that she had reached out to him. Valentin entered her office as he reminded her that she hadn't asked for his help often -- and not since Nina had had trouble with Peter. However, Valentin could never refuse Nina. Nina was pleased to hear it. Nina poured herself a cup of coffee as they talked about Brook Lynn's lie about "Bailey."

Valentin admitted that Charlotte had taken the news surprisingly well because she still loved "Bailey," even if they weren't sisters. Nina chuckled because it sounded very much like Charlotte. Valentin reminded Nina that Charlotte was almost a teenager. Nina wished Valentin luck dealing with a teenager, and she suggested that Anna might have some words of wisdom to offer. Valentin smiled politely, but he changed the subject because he doubted that Nina had asked to see him to catch up. Nina admitted that she had been hoping that she and Valentin might join forces against a new enemy she had made.

Nina filled Valentin in on her troubles with Michael and her determination not to lose her only rights to Wiley. Valentin warned Nina that taking on Michael meant that she would also be taking on the Corinthos family, but she assured Valentin that Sonny had made peace with the decisions that Nina had made in Nixon Falls. Valentin didn't think the peace would continue if she went after Sonny's grandson, but she reminded Valentin that Wiley was her grandson, too. "'Mike' understands that," Nina said.

Confused, Valentin asked who "Mike" was, so Nina explained that it was the name that Sonny had used in Nixon Falls. Valentin conceded that "Mike" might understand, but he was certain that Sonny wouldn't. Valentin revealed that when he had first heard about Nina keeping Sonny's identity a secret, Valentin had assumed that Nina had acted out of retribution for Carly keeping the truth about Nelle from Nina. Nina conceded that Valentin wasn't wrong, but things had changed. Valentin promised that he had not been judging.

To Nina's disappointment, Valentin urged Nina to reconsider going toe to toe with Sonny. Nina asked if Valentin would help her in a war against Michael, but Valentin warned her that it would be a war on two fronts with a child in the middle. Valentin wanted no part of it, and he implored Nina not to do it because it wouldn't make things easier between Nina and Sonny. After Valentin left, Nina called Martin to ask if he had plans for lunch, because she needed some legal advice.

At General Hospital, Brook Lynn exited the elevator and bumped into Austin. "I hope you're not terminally ill," Austin said in a sarcastic tone. Brook Lynn explained that she was meeting Chase and "Bailey" for a checkup with the pediatrician. Brook Lynn sang Chase's praises as a father, and Austin suggested that Chase had been making up for lost time because Brook Lynn had lied. Austin turned to leave, but Brook Lynn stopped him because she hoped for an opportunity to "hit rewind and start over."

Austin marched to the conference room, but Brook Lynn was hot on his heels. He warned her that she was crazy if she thought that he would forget how she had tried to get him fired and had nearly destroyed his career. Starting over was not an option for him. Brook Lynn reminded Austin that everything had ended well because Leo had gotten the help that Leo had needed, Ned and Olivia had reunited, and Austin had ended up dear friends with Maxie. Brook Lynn couldn't understand why Austin wouldn't let bygones be bygones, but Austin insisted that he was not wired that way.

Brook Lynn claimed that all the other Quartermaines were. Brook Lynn pointed out that Austin had escaped relatively unscathed, and he conceded that Valentin had gotten the worst of it by losing "Bailey." Austin didn't understand how Brook Lynn had been able to lie about the baby's paternity, knowing that people would get hurt, but Brook Lynn suggested that Austin had done the same thing when he had demanded his father's share of the family inheritance. Brook Lynn offered to make amends by talking to the family about recognizing Austin as a Quartermaine.

Austin accused Brook Lynn of trying to buy him off, but it was an empty gesture, since he had already relinquished his claim to Jimmy Lee's shares of ELQ. Austin explained that for him, it had been about getting his father recognition as a Quartermaine. It had never been about the money. Austin accused Brook Lynn of being greedy and self-serving, and he was disgusted that she had used Leo as a pawn in her game. Austin stormed out, but Brook Lynn followed him as the two continued to bicker and trade barbs.

The argument was cut short when Valentin asked if there was a problem. Brook Lynn explained that she and Austin had been setting things straight, but she had to meet Chase and "our baby." After Brook Lynn left, Austin pointed out that she had intentionally twisted the knife in Valentin's back. Valentin realized that some people believed that he had lost his edge. Austin was curious if Valentin intended to make Brook Lynn pay for the lies she had told Valentin.

At the elevator, Brook Lynn was startled when she ran into Tracy. Tracy pulled Brook Lynn into the elevator for privacy. After the door closed, Tracy revealed that she knew that "Bailey" was Maxie's baby.

In the Corinthos kitchen, Sonny read a text message from his pharmacy informing him that his prescription for lithium was out of refills and advising him to visit his health care provider for a renewal. Sonny tucked his phone away as Avery and Donna ran into the kitchen and happily hugged their father. Avery was delighted when Sonny told his daughters that he had packed their lunches. Moments later, Carly entered the kitchen.

Avery told "Mama Carly" about the lunches. Carly smiled and hugged the girls. After the girls left for school with their bodyguard, Frank, Carly confronted Sonny about spending the night after they had agreed that he would not stay. Sonny informed Carly that she had thought wrong. Sonny hadn't wanted to leave their marriage hanging. Sonny assured Carly that he had never slept with Nina because he had remembered who he was and how much he loved Carly.

Sonny was adamant that he still loved his wife. "Isn't that enough?" he asked. Carly didn't doubt Sonny's love, and she hoped that he didn't doubt her love for him. Sonny couldn't understand the problem, especially since they had a marriage that others would die for. "A marriage that stood the test of time," Sonny said. Carly explained that she needed more than words and memories; she needed time to deal with everything she had recently learned, and the fact that he didn't think that Nina's actions were criminal. Carly also needed time to deal with Sonny's admission that he had feelings for Nina.

Carly resented that Sonny acted like they could go back to how things had been, but Sonny assured Carly that Nina was the past. Carly didn't believe him because he had been with Nina on New Year's Eve. Sonny explained that he'd been shaken when he had left the hearing, and he'd gone to Charlie's Pub and gotten drunk. Sonny assured Carly that Nina had taken him to the penthouse and left, but Carly wasn't satisfied. She didn't enjoy not being able to trust him or wondering about the next time Nina "just so happened" to pop up.

"I hate it!" Carly shouted. Carly felt like her marriage was on quicksand. Sonny promised Carly that he was trying to be honest. He asked if she wanted to call it quits, but she turned the question around. "I'm here, aren't I?" Sonny replied. Carly explained that they couldn't force things if they wanted their marriage to survive. She insisted that they needed time to figure out what had gone wrong and what needed to be done to make things right.

Sonny suggested that Carly was complicating things, and that Nina couldn't get between them if they didn't let her. Carly disagreed because Nina was everywhere until Sonny could forget Nina. Sonny wondered if Nina was just an excuse to not work things out because a part of Carly was already gone. "And it went with Jason," Sonny said. Carly acknowledged that her friendship with Jason had turned into something more during the time that Nina had kept Sonny from his family.

Carly refused to apologize for mourning Jason, but she reminded Sonny that, in time, Jason would just be a memory. However, as long as Nina was alive, she would remain a presence, and there would be no chance for Sonny and Carly's marriage to survive. Sonny wondered if that had been a threat. Stunned, Carly asked if he really thought that she would risk losing her kids to put an end to Nina. Carly explained that Sonny needed to kill Nina off -- not physically, but rather in his heart.

Carly insisted that she could not live with Sonny until Nina was gone. Carly decided that she would be the one to move out, since their daughters were happy to have Sonny home, and Carly didn't want to further traumatize Avery and Donna. Carly informed Sonny that she would be there every morning to start the day, and every night to tuck the girls into bed. After Carly left, Sonny grabbed a decanter of alcohol and a glass. He returned to the kitchen, picked up his empty prescription bottle, and threw it across the room. Sonny poured himself a drink and guzzled it down.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Olivia was surprised when she saw Carly because she had thought that Carly had been working from home. Carly revealed that Metro Court was her new temporary home. Olivia's expression filled with compassion as she reached for her friend's hand and squeezed it.

Brad makes a confession

Brad makes a confession

Thursday, January 13, 2022

On the phone with Tracy, Brook Lynn begged her grandmother not to say anything to Ned. As she got off the phone, Chase arrived, and he informed her that she'd missed "Bailey's" appointment. He assured her that the appointment had gone well. Brook Lynn confided that Tracy had figured out that "Bailey" was actually Louise, and he wondered, "How screwed are we?" Brook Lynn thought that Tracy would have her back, as Tracy would do anything for the family. She added that Tracy thought it would be safer for Brook Lynn to take "Bailey" to Amsterdam.

Chase and Brook Lynn talked over other ideas of where to live, as Brook Lynn refused to break her promise to Maxie to protect "Bailey." Chase suggested that they move in with him, but she didn't think it was practical with his tiny apartment. He told her that they could get a bigger place together, and Brook Lynn warmed to the idea. She called him a genius and hugged him. He went to check on "Bailey" while Brook Lynn texted Lucy about apartments for rent.

When Chase returned, Brook Lynn showed him an apartment she liked, but he balked at the price. Brook Lynn thought that Tracy would "put her money where her mouth is," so he agreed to it. However, he wanted to talk about boundaries with her. She thought back to when he'd lost his towel in the sauna. The two threw out things that annoyed them about the other.

At the hospital, Felicia handed a cup of coffee to the guard outside of Peter's room, and she promised to tell Mac how diligent Officer Baird was. She admitted that she wanted to have a word with Peter, and the officer assured her that, as she was the wife of the acting commissioner, he would allow her in the room. She went into the room and closed the door, and Peter demanded to know why she was there. She replied that she wanted to know where Louise was, but he advised her that, as a private investigator, Felicia should be able to find Louise herself.

Peter talked about how Felicia had failed Maxie, and he would never fail his own daughter like that. Felicia replied that they might never know, as Louise could be lost forever. "What if I could lead you straight to her?" he wondered, and he mentioned that she was in a "unique position to ensure that I'm treated fairly." She accused him of being a liar like Faison, and she couldn't wait to see Peter end up as pathetic as his father. She stormed out, and Peter pulled at his handcuffs in frustration.

Victor approached Drew at the Metro Court bar and suggested that they "break bread." "Not bread. Bones maybe," Drew growled. He got in Victor's face just as Sam arrived, and she held Drew back. Drew warned Victor not to make any wrong moves, or he would make Victor wish that he'd stayed dead. Sam and Drew walked out, and Sam handed Drew a drawing that Scout had done of Drew. Drew was immediately happy, and he apologized for almost losing it on Victor. She marveled over the fact that she hadn't walked in on Drew strangling Victor.

Drew referenced his ELQ shares, and he asked Sam to get him up to speed on what had happened. She updated him on how Valentin had control of them, but the deal had been contingent on Drew's death, so she figured there were grounds for Drew to get the shares back. He understood that she'd just been trying to keep her family together, but she bitterly laughed about how it had fallen apart, anyway. She excused herself to check in with Dante, so Drew thanked her for the talk. She was glad he was back and that they could maintain their relationship. He insisted that their bond was unbreakable, and she smiled and left.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Maxie sat down with Anna, clearly not enthusiastic about another "grilling session on Louise." Anna insisted that she only "grilled" suspects and not victims. She had Maxie tell the entire story about the night of Louise's birth again. Anna didn't know what she could be missing, and Maxie reminded her that Peter claimed to have information. Anna assumed he was lying, and she added that everything led back to Maxie and Austin, the last two people to see Louise. Maxie excused herself, and Victor immediately sat down across from Anna.

Victor asked about Maxie, but Anna stated that it was none of Victor's business. He talked about how awful the disappearance of her baby was, just as Maxie returned, angry to see him. She insisted that Peter would never get his hands on Louise, and she would do anything to protect her children. Just then, his phone went off, and he revealed that Valentin wouldn't be joining him for lunch, so he left. Anna told Maxie about an idea she had. She suggested that Maxie go back to the woods and try to jog her memory by reliving the night of Louise's birth. Maxie agreed, so Anna assured her that Anna would make the arrangements for Maxie and Austin, as his memory would be helpful as well.

Austin entered his office and saw that Valentin had left, so he called Valentin. He wanted to talk about how they were going to retaliate against Brook Lynn, but he thought that they would have a more productive conversation face to face. A short while later, Austin was off the phone when there was a knock on his door, and Victor entered, looking for Valentin. When he learned that Valentin had left awhile before, he entered, anyway, and asked for a moment with Austin. He wondered why Austin had first suspected that Brook Lynn was lying about "Bailey's" paternity.

Austin didn't think it was any of Victor's business, but Victor played the family card. Victor continued that he'd wanted to retaliate against Brook Lynn, and Austin related that he'd wanted to do the same. He told Victor the story of how Brook Lynn had almost cost him his job. Victor thought it was good to know who Brook Lynn really was, and Austin related that he knew Brook Lynn better than Valentin and Maxie did. Victor questioned how Maxie was related.

Austin talked about how Maxie claimed Brook Lynn as a friend, but he feared that Brook Lynn would just turn Maxie into another one of Brook Lynn's victims. He commented that Brook Lynn had been letting Maxie spend time with "Bailey," which was helping ease Maxie's pain. However, he thought that Maxie's friendship was an asset that Brook Lynn couldn't afford to give up. Victor believed that Maxie was the key to getting back at Brook Lynn.

In Britt's office at the hospital, she and Brad shared a meal from the Metro Court restaurant. She thought it would be better if they were actually there, but Brad didn't want to be seen in Carly's hotel. Noticing how sensitive Brad was, she asked what was going on, and he told her to chalk it up to reentry into society. She promised to be there for whatever he needed, but she believed that his "doom and gloom" attitude was about more than reentry. Brand admitted that he was afraid of his Aunt Selina.

Britt ranted that Selina couldn't dictate Brad's life just because he was staying with her, but Brad thought Britt had forgotten who Selina was. He continued that Selina had made him do something horrible, which made his previous crimes look like nothing, and he didn't want anyone associated with him to pay the price. Britt reminded him that they were best friends, so he could tell her anything. He reluctantly told her, "I poisoned Peter August."

Nina considered her options -- and a future with Sonny

Nina considered her options -- and a future with Sonny

Friday, January 14, 2022

In Britt's office, Britt was stunned by Brad's confession that he had poisoned Peter. Brad explained that he had been an unwitting accomplice because his aunt had told him to deliver a specific food tray to a certain jail cell. It wasn't until Brad had seen Peter that Brad had realized his error. Britt was skeptical that Brad hadn't known what Selina had planned, but Brad explained that Selina had promised to help with his parole hearing. Britt warned Brad that Selina would use the leverage to get Brad to do Selina's bidding. Brad agreed, but he had been too afraid to refuse Selina's request.

A knock on the door made Brad jump. It was Dante, who had news about Peter. Brad tensed, but Dante was there to discuss transferring Peter to Pentonville's infirmary. When Brad breathed a sigh of relief, Dante questioned it. Britt steered the conversation back to Peter by assuring Dante that she would facilitate the transfer, and she would contact Dante when everything was ready.

Satisfied, Dante turned back to Brad. Dante questioned why Brad would move in with the head of the Wu crime family when Brad was on parole. Brad explained that Selina was family, but Dante remained suspicious. "Watch your step," Dante said. Britt asked why Dante was harassing Brad when Dante's own brother had threatened Brad at Metro Court in front of witnesses. Dante offered Brad an opportunity to file a complaint, but Brad declined.

After Dante left, Brad popped an antiacid to help settle down his ulcer. He thanked Britt for having his back. She vowed to always support Brad, but she believed it was time for Brad to straighten his spine and leave his prison mentality behind. Brad argued that living with his aunt had put a huge spotlight on him. Britt asked if Selina had threatened him, but he admitted that his aunt had been kind -- even though Selina controlled his very existence. Brad had no idea how to distance himself from his aunt without offending Selina and incurring her wrath.

Britt was confident that she and Brad would figure something out because both Britt and Brad were well versed in wiggling out of trouble. "Except when we get caught," Brad said. Britt wasn't afraid because she had faced worse than Selina and lived to tell the tale. Brad felt lucky to have Britt -- even if she had betrayed him by getting another wingman. Britt was glad to see the old Brad. Her expression turned serious when she realized that she might know someone who could help him.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Carly greeted Drew while he was seated at the bar, looking at a drawing. Drew proudly showed off Scout's drawing of him, and he sang his daughter's praises as an artist. The conversation quickly turned to Carly when Drew asked if Carly was okay. After the night on the bridge, Drew wanted Carly to know that she could always talk to him. Carly was touched by the offer, but she had to excuse herself when her cell phone rang. It was Michael.

Carly ducked into the lounge area as she explained to her son that she had moved into Metro Court until she could figure things out. In an effort to shield Avery and Donna, Carly had told the girls that she was swamped with work, but she had promised to see the girls every morning and to tuck them into bed every night. Carly was curious if Michael had heard from Sonny. Michael told her that he hadn't, but he quickly wrapped up the call. A few minutes later, Drew found Carly seated in a chair and lost in thought.

Carly apologized to Drew, and she explained that it had been a rough day. Drew assured her that he respected her privacy, but he wanted her to know that he was available if she needed to talk. Carly took him up on it. Drew sat down, and they briefly chatted about Scout. Drew had a lot to learn about his daughter because he had missed half of Scout's life. Carly agreed that reunions were difficult sometimes because a lot could change during the time apart.

Carly confided that she and Sonny had been having problems, and she had moved out. Drew advised Carly to trust her instincts. Carly teared up because it was something that Jason had always told her. She opened up to Drew about her plans to give Avery and Donna as much consistency as possible. Drew assured Carly that she was an incredible mother, and he encouraged Carly to do what was best for herself because it would allow her to be the best mother to her daughters. Carly admitted that she didn't want to break up her family.

Drew believed that Sonny and Carly were the real thing, and he was confident that they would find their way back to each other. If not, Drew advised Carly to refer to his original advice to trust her instincts. Carly was grateful for Drew's support. She also regretted not being a good friend to Drew when Jason had first returned to town. Drew assured Carly that she had nothing to apologize for and that Drew had been the one to pull away from Sonny and Carly when he had first learned about his twin. Carly realized that she barely knew the real Drew Cain, but she was glad that she had a chance to remedy that.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael quickly ended a call with Carly when Sonny entered the kitchen. Michael admitted that he hadn't expected to see his father, but Sonny knew that Michael had been checking in with Frank on Sonny's whereabouts instead of talking to Sonny directly. Michael explained that he was still trying to process everything that had been said on the witness stand during Nina's preliminary hearing. Sonny assured Michael that it had not been Sonny's intention for Carly to learn about his relationship with Nina like that, but Sonny was adamant that Nina was in the past. Michael acknowledged that Sonny and Carly's relationship was none of Michael's business, but Michael couldn't forget the look on his mother's face. It was the hurt that he'd seen that Michael couldn't forgive.

Sonny insisted that he had done what he'd believed had been best for his family, but Michael didn't understand how protecting Nina had been best for everyone. Sonny realized that Michael had wanted Sonny to hold Nina accountable, but Sonny had not been able to lie on the witness stand. Michael wasn't satisfied because Sonny should have told Carly before the hearing. Sonny claimed that he had tried to tell Carly on several occasions, but the time had never been right. Michael argued that Sonny should have made the time.

Frustrated, Sonny pointed out that he couldn't change what had happened. All Sonny could do was be there for his family and reassure everyone that they could count on him. Michael scoffed because Sonny had blindsided the family instead of helping Michael to put Nina behind bars. The argument grew heated as Sonny defended his choices and Michael continued to push back. Neither man noticed when Dante entered the kitchen.

"Enough!" Dante shouted over the yelling. Michael explained that Carly had moved out because Sonny had ignored her request for him to leave. Sonny countered that he refused to give up on his marriage. Dante appreciated that Michael was protective of Carly -- just as Dante was protective of Sonny -- but both Dante and Michael stood on the outside, looking in, and it wasn't their place to judge. Dante reminded Sonny that decisions had been made, and it was time to deal with the consequences. Sonny promised that it was what he was trying to do because he loved Carly.

Michael loved both Sonny and Carly, but Michael hated seeing his mother in so much pain. Michael wanted Sonny to respect Carly's wishes by giving her space. Sonny's temper exploded because he resented being told what to do. Dante and Michael frowned. Dante asked if Sonny was okay, but Sonny brushed it off as frustration over the situation and not being able to talk to Carly. Michael warned Sonny not to push Carly. Sonny didn't like it, but he agreed to do it for Carly.

At Crimson, Ava hovered outside Nina's office as Martin advised Nina to let sleeping dogs lie. When Nina saw Ava, she invited Ava to enter. Nina explained that she had hired Martin because it had been necessary to fire Scott when he had forced Willow to reveal the details of Nina's relationship with Sonny during the hearing. Ava reminded Nina that Scott was the reason that Nina's legal troubles were over, but Nina was unmoved. Nina revealed that she had consulted Martin about Wiley. Surprised, Ava wondered if Nina intended to take Michael and Willow to court.

Ava strongly urged Nina to try to work things out privately, but Nina explained that it wasn't possible as long as Carly whispered in Michael's ear. Nina told Ava about Willow's suggestion that Nina relinquish all legal rights to Wiley as a show of good faith to Michael, and Willow's promise that Nina would be a part of Wiley's life. Ava thought it was an extreme solution. Martin revealed that he had warned Nina that relinquishing her legal rights was not reversable. Nina decided it was too risky, which was why she had considered going back to court to guarantee that she had a place in Wiley's life.

Ava wondered if Nina was ready to go on the offensive, but Nina didn't think that she had a choice if she wanted to be a part of her grandson's life. Martin was confident that Nina would prevail in court. However, he warned Nina that it might be a Pyrrhic victory. Martin asked if Nina was ready to burn down the last bridge. Nina wanted more time to ponder, so Martin agreed to start the paperwork in the event she decided to proceed with legal action.

After Martin left, Ava asked about Nina's talk with Willow. Nina revealed that Willow had been her second visitor; the first had been Carly. Nina filled Ava in on the heated argument with Carly and how Nina had taken the "scorched earth" route by holding nothing back. Ava was stunned that Nina had told Carly that Sonny would have made love to Nina if Nina hadn't stopped him. Ava thought it sounded as if Carly had been running scared because Carly had realized that Sonny was still in love with Nina. Nina hadn't allowed herself to think that way, even though Sonny had admitted on the witness stand that he had fallen in love with Nina in Nixon Falls.

Ava believed that Carly saw Nina as a threat to Carly's marriage. Nina asked if Ava thought there was a chance that Sonny and Nina could be together if Sonny and Carly separated. "Not if you sue Michael for visitation with Wiley," Ava answered. Nina feared that Carly would poison Wiley against her, but Ava was certain that Sonny and Carly's marriage would implode on its own. Ava said if Nina played her cards right, Nina could end up with both Sonny and Wiley.

At the Collins residence, Laura worried about her plan, but Kevin assured her that it was worth trying. Laura was determined not to let her family fall apart, so she called out to Spencer and asked him to join her. Moments later, Spencer jogged down the stairs and entered the living room. Laura announced that she had decided to call a family meeting. Just then, Nikolas arrived. Spencer was pleased that Nikolas was alone because it meant that Laura hadn't recognized Ava as family, either.

Nikolas assured Spencer that Ava was a part of the family. Laura agreed, and she explained that Ava had been invited, but Ava had politely declined. Spencer groused that Ava was probably out spending Spencer's money. Nikolas and Laura were surprised by the accusation, but Spencer explained that Ava had made a point of putting lunch on Spencer's tab when Ava had summoned Spencer to discuss the work that Spencer would be doing as restitution once Spencer had served his time in jail. Kevin suggested that things had gotten off track, but Spencer was furious that Nikolas had given Ava control of Spencer's trust fund.

Nikolas blamed the decision on Spencer's refusal to recognize Ava as part of the family. "Not my family," Spencer said in a sullen tone. Kevin urged everyone to take it down a notch. Laura attributed the tension to Nikolas and Spencer being too much alike. Nikolas admitted that he shouldn't have lashed out because he was an adult. Spencer pointed out that he was an adult, too; Spencer had a job, and he paid his own way instead of relying on an inheritance. Laura assured Spencer that she was proud of him.

Spencer revealed that he intended to get an apartment after he had served his time in Spring Ridge. Laura knew that Spencer would only serve 30 days, but she warned him that it might take a toll on him mentally. Laura was confident that Spencer could handle it, especially if his entire family was behind him. Laura asked if it was possible for Nikolas and Spencer to make peace before Spencer went to Spring Ridge. Nikolas was hopeful because he hated the wall between him and his son. Spencer admitted that he missed being close to his father.

All heads turned when Esme arrived home. Esme realized that she had walked in on something, so she quickly assured Spencer that she would not let his family gang up on him. Kevin intervened by offering to buy Esme a cup of coffee. Esme balked, but Spencer told her to go with Kevin. After Kevin and Esme left, Spencer admitted that Esme was the only person who was really there for him. Nikolas said he wanted to be there for his son, but Esme's "us against them" attitude had not been helping.

Spencer argued that Ava's idea of family unity hadn't helped, either. Laura suggested that they focus on what Nikolas and Spencer wanted because they loved each other. Spencer's tone filled with bitterness because he hadn't felt loved when Nikolas had faked his death. Nikolas knew that he couldn't change his past mistakes, but he would always regret hurting Spencer. Laura suggested that part of growing up was learning to forgive. She asked if Spencer wanted to keep carrying his pain around or if he wanted a relationship with his father.

Spencer thought that Laura sounded a lot like Victor. Laura grew alarmed. She warned Spencer not to fall prey to Victor's manipulations. Spencer pointed out that Laura's speech about forgiveness hadn't extended to Victor, but Laura explained that forgiveness was only possible when someone was truly sorry. Spencer defended Victor because Victor had always been good to Spencer. Nikolas made another appeal to Spencer. "I love you. I want my son back," Nikolas said.

Spencer wanted the same, but he refused to reconcile with Nikolas as long as Ava remained in the picture. "Those are my terms," Spencer said. Spencer started to leave, but Laura warned him that they would continue the discussion the same time the following week because she was not ready to give up on Nikolas and Spencer.

At the coffee shop, Kevin assured Esme that Spencer was fine. He was curious why she was so upset, but she denied that she was. Esme explained that she resented being dragged away when her boyfriend needed her, but Kevin pointed out that Spencer had asked her to leave. Esme claimed that it was because Spencer had not wanted to look weak in front of his family, but Kevin was surprised that Esme thought Spencer was weak. Esme warned Kevin not to try to "shrink" her because she knew a thing or two about psychology.

Kevin took the opportunity to talk about Esme's internship at Spring Ridge. Esme admitted that she enjoyed it because she found the criminal mind fascinating. She was certain that Kevin could relate because she had read his books on the subject. It was the reason that Esme couldn't understand why Kevin thought that families were great -- and Spencer was safe -- even though Kevin's brother was Ryan Chamberlain. Kevin reminded Esme that Ryan was a dangerous man, and he hoped that Esme hadn't been comparing Nikolas and Laura to Ryan. Esme hadn't been, but she pointed out that psychopaths had families, too.

Kevin conceded that sometimes people were hurt by the ones they loved and trusted. He imagined that Esme had been hurt when her parents had died. "Of course, I was devastated," Esme said without a hint of emotion in her tone. Kevin attempted to learn more about Esme's adoptive parents, but she steered the conversation back to Ryan. Esme was curious if Kevin ever visited Ryan. Kevin explained that he monitored his brother's condition, but he did not spend time with Ryan.

Esme asked if people with locked-in syndrome ever recovered, but Kevin wanted to know how much time Esme had spent with Ryan. "Barely any," Esme replied. However, she thought that Ryan's case stood out. Kevin made it clear that Ryan's case was not a simple case study, and Ryan wouldn't hesitate to kill again if given the opportunity. Kevin assured Esme that if she ever saw who Ryan really was, she wouldn't be intrigued; she would be terrified. "Got it," Esme said.

Kevin returned to the topic of Spencer because Kevin recalled that Esme had initially been supportive of Nikolas and Spencer reconciling. Esme said she had changed her mind because they had let Spencer be sentenced to jail time, but Kevin reminded her that Spencer had broken the law. Esme argued that Ava didn't have to press charges, but Kevin explained that Spencer had to take responsibility for his actions. He promised Esme that the family was on Spencer's side, but she excused herself because she had to go to the ladies' room.

After Esme walked away, Kevin called Spring Ridge to speak to Warden Brewster. Kevin explained that it was urgent; he wanted to restrict access to Ryan.

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