General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 17, 2022 on GH

Marshall suffered a medical emergency. Sonny grew increasingly erratic. Carly vented to Sam. Brook Lynn overheard Chase talk about her. Franco's studio was destroyed in a fire. Finn confessed to Chase. Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Luke. Helena Cassadine managed to have the last word. A fight broke out at Charlie's Pub.
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Marshall suffered a medical emergency, Finn confessed to Chase, and Port Charles remembered Luke Spencer
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Britt makes a bold move

Britt makes a bold move

Monday, January 17, 2022

Curtis welcomed Laura into the Savoy with a hug. They said they were sorry they had missed each other on New Year's Eve. Curtis exclaimed that the new year was off to a great start, and Laura teased him about Portia. Laura confessed that she had grown tired of hiding and had seen Cyrus, who had claimed to have found religion. They both agreed that it was hard to believe. Laura revealed that she had spoken to a still recovering Jordan, who was doing okay, but she sensed that something was bothering Curtis and offered to help.

Curtis told Laura about Marshall showing up to start a new relationship, and Laura declared that she could understand Marshall's hiding over the years out of love. Curtis couldn't understand why Marshall would take a risk, although he had claimed that the danger was less. Curtis wasn't sure what to believe. He added that T.J. had accepted his grandfather, and Laura clarified that Marshall hadn't hurt T.J. the way he had hurt Curtis.

Laura thought that from what Curtis had told her, he really wanted a relationship with Marshall, even more than Marshall did. Curtis apologized for talking about his problems, but Laura assured him that she was there for the people she loved. They hugged goodbye.

As Marshall stepped off the elevator at General Hospital, he spotted Epiphany. He had her take a look at his injured wrist, and they headed to a private room. Marshall refused x-rays, and when he used the wrist to pick up some dropped papers, Epiphany realized that he wasn't injured at all. She was annoyed, and Marshall confessed that he had only wanted her attention. She had ignored his attempts to reach out after he had asked her to join his band.

Epiphany and Marshall bickered over his claim that he hadn't wanted a social life, and Epiphany insisted that her job was all that mattered. Marshall thought that she was also angry over his mistaking her for a doctor, but Marshall insisted that nursing was a "noble profession." Epiphany disclosed that she had wanted to be a doctor early on, but life had happened. Marshall didn't think it was too late for either of them to start over, as long as they started small.

"By joining your band?" Epiphany quipped. She and Marshall chuckled, and he asked her out to dinner. Epiphany proclaimed that her break was over, and she had work to do. She said she had thought that Marshall didn't want a social life. When Marshall dejectedly replaced his hat and turned to go, Epiphany invited him to meet at the Port Charles Grill for dinner.

Michael and Drew were sparring in the ring at Volonino's gym. They each confessed to having a problem; Drew wanted to reclaim his ELQ shares, and Michael was upset about the family fight with Nina. They finally stopped and made small talk. Drew talked about his reunion with Scout, and Michael asked about Sam. Drew reminded him that he and Sam hadn't been a couple when he'd left town, and Sam was with Dante. They spoke about "nice guys finishing last."

Aurora was the next topic of conversation, and Michael offered to step aside so that Drew could have his former position. Drew explained how he and Sam had started their media company together in order to leave their former life behind. Michael thought that Drew had been right to distance himself from Sonny. He added that he wasn't ashamed of his last name, but he and Sonny had had their differences. The conversation switched to Nina, and Drew revealed that he had spoken to Carly twice. He thought that she had seemed upset, but he believed she would be okay.

Drew went on to say that he had known that he hadn't been the person that Carly had hoped to see; he wasn't Jason. He had happened to be there for Carly to talk to, and Michael was glad. Drew believed that Carly was "down but not out." He didn't think that Michael should doubt the strong love between Sonny and Carly, and he should just "be there."

Carly sat on the sofa in her living room with Avery and Donna. She explained that she would be around to see them off to school and to tuck them in a night, but she had been very busy at work. Sonny informed her that there was no school, and Pilar would be taking them sledding. Avery pleaded with Carly to join them, but she stated that she couldn't. The girls were sent to find Pilar.

Carly and Sonny each admitted that they missed the other, but Carly made it clear that she needed time to herself to think. Sonny wanted to work things out in person. Carly asked if he had refilled his prescription. "I'm on it," he replied. He said he wasn't going to give up on their marriage. "Are you?" he asked. Carly refused to make any decisions. She poured some coffee as Sonny maintained that his memories had taken him back to his family. He thought she should trust how she felt about him, and that was all she needed to know.

Carly replied that she knew how she felt. She and Sonny were interrupted when Brick walked in. He could sense that he had walked in at a bad time, but Carly greeted him with a hug. She told Sonny that she would return later. After she had gone, Brick asked Sonny what had been going on. He told Sonny about a supplier of theirs on the West Coast who had been taken out of business by a new and unknown player. He didn't know who it was. They discussed Cyrus' possible involvement.

Sonny replied that he had lots on his mind as he appeared to not be fully listening to Brick. He picked up a doll that had been nearby. Brick noted that one man and two women would be a problem because it was "one too many." Sonny guessed his issue was public knowledge. Brick knew that Sonny missed Jason, who was irreplaceable, but he offered his services in the event that Sonny needed someone to talk to. Sonny noted that the nameless threat to their business was less of an issue than his marriage.

Sonny walked Brick to the door, where Brick suggested that he, Sonny, and Carly have dinner. Sonny stated that Carly was busy.

As Nina sat in her office at Crimson and thought about her conversation with Carly, there was a knock at the door. Britt walked in and declared that she was there to offer her support to Nina. She also asked about Sonny and whether Nina could intercede and ask for a favor for a friend. Nina guessed it was Brad, and Britt explained the spot he was in with his aunt. She knew that Sonny could help because he was persuasive. Nina reminded her that Sonny hated Brad and wouldn't help.

"Not even for you?" Britt asked. Nina exclaimed that Sonny loved Carly, and nothing else mattered. Nina said she could not break up their marriage because she cared too much. She declared they were back in reality, and Sonny's reality was his family. Nina revealed that she'd had an encounter with Carly, who had slapped her. Britt gossiped that she'd heard that Sonny's marriage had become like a locked prison door. She suggested that Nina could give him the key.

Nina refused to take advantage, but Britt continued to push. Nina admitted that she was tired of being the other woman without benefits, but she would not break up the family. She couldn't ask Sonny for a favor. Britt declared that she would do it herself, and she phoned Sonny's house.

Carly spotted Diane sitting at a table at Metro Court and joined her. Carly filled Diane in, and she admitted that she still loved Sonny. She wondered if it was right to stay in a broken marriage. Diane knew that Sonny had continued to protect Nina, and Carly was determined to figure out what would be the right thing to do for everyone concerned.

Diane asked if Carly was speaking to her as a friend or attorney, and she made it clear that she wouldn't be able to represent both Sonny and Carly. Carly replied that it was as a friend, and Diane urged her to be honest with herself. Carly wasn't sure what she wanted to do, but Diane thought that Carly wanted to fight more than she realized. Carly was torn.

Avery answered the phone at Sonny's house and informed Britt that Sonny and Carly were not around. Britt informed Nina that Carly had moved out.

Finn and Elizabeth's first date intersects with Marshall and Epiphany's

Finn and Elizabeth's first date intersects with Marshall and Epiphany's

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

At General Hospital, Portia and Terry were discussing scheduling when Elizabeth walked up. Elizabeth offered to cancel her date and take over a shift if the doctors were short-staffed. Both Terry and Portia refused. Asked why she wanted to back out of the date, Elizabeth confessed that she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen if she went on the date. The three women discussed the mystery of how Elizabeth's ring had shown up in her locker, but Elizabeth took a deep breath and headed out for her date with Finn.

Terry asked Portia how things were progressing with Curtis. Portia smiled broadly and revealed that she and Curtis had both admitted that they were falling in love. Terry stopped in her tracks and asked why Portia had not told her sooner. Portia said that she had not wanted to steal Elizabeth's spotlight.

Portia asked Terry about her love life. Terry said that every guy she had met on a dating app wanted to move faster than what she was comfortable with. Portia demanded that Terry hand over her phone. Terry nervously obliged. Portia explained that Trina had told her about a new dating app that was akin to "anonymous texting." Portia smiled broadly as she walked away.

A short time later, Terry received a notification that she had received a message from a potential match.

At the Savoy, Curtis tossed out two patrons who had engaged in a drug deal. Drew arrived a short time later, and he and Curtis briefly discussed Marshall's mysterious past. Curtis told Drew of Marshall's implication that he had been in the Witness Protection Program due to some sort of involvement with organized crime.

Drew asked Curtis if it was possible that Marshall had kept certain things a secret because he cared about Curtis. Curtis asked Drew to explain. Drew suggested that Curtis' digging into Marshall's past could signal to whomever Marshall was hiding from that Marshall had resurfaced. As they talked, Drew received a text message from Ned, and Drew said that he needed to go talk Ned down from the ledge.

With Dante and Finn's help, Brooklyn and Chase moved some of Brook Lynn's belongings into Jax's old place. When Dante jokingly pointed out that Brook Lynn had four boxes of shoes, it led to Brook Lynn and Chase squabbling over whether or not Brook Lynn was trying to encroach upon Chase's space. "One minute living together, and you're already talking like an old married couple," Finn quipped.

Brook Lynn turned the tables and asked Finn about his date with Elizabeth. She admitted that she and Elizabeth had had some past disagreements, but she said that she was willing to put those things aside because Elizabeth obviously made Finn very happy.

After Finn left and Brook Lynn went to look for the baby's diaper bag, Dante asked Chase what was really going on between him and Brook Lynn. Chase insisted that there was nothing going on between him and Brook Lynn, but Dante seemed skeptical. He said that he could not understand why Chase was not upset with Brook Lynn for having claimed that Valentin was the father of her baby.

Dante praised Brook Lynn for having a "good heart" and said that he could understand why Chase might have developed feelings for her. "Nothing can happen between us -- there's too much at stake," Chase replied curtly. The statement caused Dante to probe for details. Both men were unaware that Brook Lynn had returned and was standing behind them. She listened as Chase claimed that falling for Brook Lynn would be a "major disaster" because of the "wildly inappropriate" things Brook Lynn had done in the past.

Brook Lynn rushed back into the room during a pause in the conversation and said that "Bailey" had fallen asleep. Brook Lynn asked Dante if he would like to stay for dinner, but he said that he had to hit the gym. After Dante left, Chase asked Brook Lynn if they should start unpacking. She told him that he should go work out with Dante.

Chase was puzzled by Brook Lynn's insistence that she could do the unpacking without him. Brook Lynn stated that Chase had already done a lot by agreeing to be part of the charade that he was "Bailey's" father, and she did not want to impose more upon him. "Go work out or do whatever you do to stay so nauseatingly fit," Brook Lynn grunted as she picked up one of the boxes.

Chase grabbed his coat and said that he would be back in a few hours. Brook Lynn replied that she probably would not wait up for him. Chase cast a final glance back at Brook Lynn before he walked out of the house.

At Volonino's Gym, T.J. offered to be Brando's sparring partner. After joking that T.J. just wanted another opportunity to punch him in the face, Brando turned serious and thanked T.J. for his concern when Liam had passed away.

Brando let loose on a punching bag. When he took a pause in his workout, Brando told T.J. that he and Sasha had watched Liam be removed from life support. T.J. asked if Brando had ever considered talking to a professional. Brando said he would be willing, but he did not think that Sasha would. "She just keeps distancing herself from me," Brando explained. T.J. told Brando that everyone grieved differently, but Brando countered that he did not believe that Sasha was grieving at all.

Brando backtracked a bit, telling T.J. that Sasha was grieving, but he worried that she was repressing her grief. T.J. asked if it was possible that Brando was projecting upon Sasha what he needed from her. Brando commented that if T.J. ever became a psychiatrist, he'd be T.J.'s first patient. T.J. thanked Brando for the kind words and encouraged him to reach out to Kevin Collins.

T.J. and Brando embraced, and T.J. headed off for his shift at the hospital. Alone, Brando went back to the punching bag. After a while, he sat down on a bench, took out his cell phone, and typed a message on it.

In the yoga studio, Gladys interrupted Sasha's meditation with an offer to be her yoga buddy. As Felicia and Maxie entered, Felicia suggested that they greet Gladys and Sasha. "Mom! No," Maxie chirped, insisting, "If we acknowledge Gladys, we'll never get rid of her!" Felicia agreed to keep her distance. Felicia added that she hoped the yoga sessions gave her some "peace of mind" because she needed some peace after visiting Peter at the hospital.

Maxie was upset that her mom had talked to Peter. Felicia admitted that it had not been a great idea. Felicia said that Peter had said some "nasty, vile things" about her and Maxie. Felicia apologized for her past shortcomings as a mom. Maxie assured her mom that those things were in the past, and she pleaded with Felicia not to believe the things that Peter had said.

Felicia told Maxie that she wanted Maxie to go back to the cabin and retrace the events leading up to Louise's abduction. "I am not going back to that cabin -- ever," Maxie angrily erupted. Felicia tried apologize, but Maxie cut her off by announcing that she was going to get some water.

Gladys chattered on about Deception going public, prompting Sasha to ask if Gladys could wait until after the yoga class before talking shop. Gladys begged Sasha not to shut her out. She tried to convince Sasha that talking about loss could help one deal with it. Sasha insisted that she was fine, but Glady said she was not buying what Sasha was selling. "Just because you don't like how I'm grieving does not mean that I am not grieving," Sasha snapped.

Maxie ran into Sasha in the hallway outside the yoga studio. Sasha explained that she needed to leave because Gladys was driving her crazy. Maxie confessed that Felicia was bothering her, and she suggested that she and Sasha switch partners. The two women bonded over being told when, where, and how they should grieve.

Maxie offered to be a shoulder for Sasha to cry on should she ever needed it. Maxie told Sasha not to push Brando -- or even Gladys -- away because Sasha would need them. Maxie headed back into the yoga room, sat next to Felicia, and smiled. Sasha received a text message from Brando asking Sasha to join him for dinner. Sasha turned off the screen on her phone and headed back into the studio to join the yoga class.

At the PC Grill, Epiphany insisted that she and Marshall would be splitting their dinner check. Marshall agreed, but only if Epiphany told him the story of why she'd decided not to become a doctor. Marshall proposed a toast "to a beautiful and talented lady." Epiphany raised her glass and said, "To a dangerously charming man."

Epiphany explained to Marshall that her former guidance counselor, Mr. Workman, had discouraged her from becoming a doctor because "it was a different time." Epiphany admitted that becoming a doctor had seemed "out of reach," and her guidance counselor's words had cemented that belief.

Marshall asked Epiphany if she had ever thought about how life might have been for her had she become a doctor. Before Epiphany could answer, Elizabeth entered the restaurant. Epiphany motioned for Elizabeth to come over. Marshall stood and introduced himself to Elizabeth. Elizabeth cocked her head to the side, and she asked if she and Marshall had met somewhere before. Marshall said that, if they had, he would definitely have remembered it.

Epiphany invited Elizabeth to join them, but Elizabeth said that she was meeting someone. Epiphany knew instantly that Elizabeth had to have been waiting for Finn. "I'm so proud," Epiphany said with a chuckle. Once Elizabeth headed off to her table, Marshall told Epiphany that he sensed that Epiphany considered the other nurses at General Hospital to be family.

Marshall told Epiphany that if he could turn back time, he would try to find a way to patch things up with Curtis. Epiphany shared that she had had a son who had died. "That's the thing about time. You always think that you have more of it than you do," she remarked.

When Finn showed up, he and Elizabeth looked over the menu. He said that he could not have any alcohol, but he encouraged Elizabeth to indulge. Elizabeth admitted that her wine knowledge was limited and that most cocktails were too strong for her. They both settled on sparkling water.

Finn asked if they had reached the part of the first date where they asked awkward questions of each other. Elizabeth smiled and said that they had. They playfully bandied about some questions, but things screeched to a halt when Finn asked if Elizabeth had gotten along with her mom and dad. A server appeared tableside and asked if Finn and Elizabeth wanted any wine. "Yes," Elizabeth hastily replied.

Finn apologized for his line of questioning. Elizabeth told Finn that she had always gotten along with her parents, save for the occasional teenage outburst. However, she said that one summer, her parents had sent her to Port Charles to live with her grandmother and that they "haven't given [her] much time since." She said that Franco had tried to fix things for her, but it had always ended in argument. Elizabeth shared that the things that had mattered to her most had been making dinner together or being gifted an abstract painting.

Elizabeth apologized for bringing up Franco and promised that she was not trying to "live in the past." Finn told Elizabeth that he hoped he could be part of her future.

Epiphany asked Marshall what had happened between him and Curtis. Marshall struggled to untie his tie and gasped as he put his hand over his chest. Moments later, he collapsed to the ground. When Epiphany called out Marshall's name, it caught Finn's attention, and he raced over to help.

Back at General Hospital, T.J. asked Portia what he could expect when he started on her service. "To work," she replied. She told T.J. that he would receive no special treatment. As they talked, Finn and Elizabeth walked Marshall into the emergency room. T.J. raced over with a wheelchair, and both he and Portia asked for details on what had happened. Epiphany said that Marshall was suffering from pain on the left side of his chest.

Marshall was rushed into a room. Portia phoned Curtis and told him that he needed to get to the hospital immediately.

Sonny opens up to Dante, while Carly confides to Sam

Sonny opens up to Dante, while Carly confides to Sam

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

At Jax's former residence, Brook Lynn unpacked her things in the bedroom, but she froze when she heard a noise and a door slam shut. She called out to Chase, but he didn't reply. Frightened, Brook Lynn pulled a vase out of one of the boxes and made her way downstairs to confront the intruder. Brook Lynn silently moved through the living room, but she sensed movement behind her. Brook Lynn quickly turned and smashed the vase over the intruder's head.

At Volonino's Gym, Chase was glad that he had joined Dante because it had felt good to sweat out all the stress from the move. Dante suspected that some of the stress had been due to Brook Lynn because Chase had been pretty hard on her back at the house. Dante wondered if it had been due to some underlying resentment because Brook Lynn had lied to Chase about "Bailey." Chase conceded that it had been a confusing situation, but he was confident that things would sort themselves out. Chase changed the subject and invited Dante out for a beer.

Dante and Chase headed to the locker room to change just as Sonny entered. Dante greeted his father, but Sonny wanted a word with Chase. Sonny was glad that Chase had turned out to be "Bailey's" father, but he wanted to know what Chase's intentions were toward Brook Lynn. Chase clarified that he and Brook Lynn were not a couple, but Sonny took offense and asked if it was because Chase didn't think Brook Lynn was good enough. Stunned, Dante asked what Sonny was doing, but Sonny insisted that any man would be lucky to have someone like Brook Lynn. Dante agreed, but he pointed out that it was moot because Chase wasn't interested.

After Chase tactfully excused himself, Dante asked why Sonny had laid into Chase. Sonny was unapologetic because he had been looking out for his goddaughter. Dante reminded Sonny that Brook Lynn was an adult, and Sonny should focus on his own life. Sonny argued that he had just been defending his family, as always, and he resented getting grief from everyone about it. Sonny complained that Carly and Michael were mad at him for what had transpired in Nixon Falls, even though Sonny had not had any control over it. Dante asked how he could help, but Sonny decided the only way to clear his head was to work out.

Moments later, Chase returned to see if Dante was ready to leave, but Dante decided to stay at the gym with his father. After Chase received an urgent call from Brook Lynn and left, Dante and Sonny worked out. During a break, Dante asked what was really going on with Sonny because he sensed that something had set his father off. Sonny admitted that Carly had stopped by to say goodnight to Avery and Donna, but Carly had not been fooling the girls because Avery and Donna kept wondering when Carly would return home. Dante reminded Sonny of the promise Sonny had made to Michael to give Carly some space, but Sonny argued that it hadn't worked.

According to Sonny, Carly refused to see what was right before her, and she kept putting her walls up. Sonny believed that if he and Carly lived together, she would see that nothing between them had changed, and whatever residual feelings he had for Nina couldn't compare to what he felt for Carly. Dante agreed that Carly might feel that way deep down inside, but she hadn't processed it yet because Sonny had hurt her. Sonny thought that Carly should understand because she had stayed with Sonny, even though she had fallen in love with Jason. Sonny wondered what the difference was between his situation with Nina and what had happened between Carly and Jason.

Dante reminded his father that Carly and Jason had believed that Sonny was dead, so there had been no betrayal. Dante suggested that Carly felt betrayed because Sonny had protected Nina when Sonny knew that Nina had lied to everyone. Sonny confessed that he had kept silent at first because he had thought that he could get over his feelings for Nina. Dante told his father that the bottom line was that Carly had asked for time and some space, so Sonny should give Carly what she had asked for. Sonny insisted that it was the worst thing that he could do because being apart hadn't gained him anything.

At Metro Court, Carly sat in her hotel room and looked at her phone as she debated playing a voicemail message from Jason. She put the phone down when she heard a knock at the door. It was Sam with a six-pack of beer. Carly reminded Sam that there was a mini bar in the room, but Sam teased Carly about the high cost.

Carly was curious how Sam had found her, prompting Sam to admit that Spinelli had suggested that Sam head to the hotel when he had asked Sam to check on Carly. Carly was touched, but she promised that she was doing great. Sam didn't believe Carly. Sam acknowledged that she couldn't replace Jason -- even if Sam wore a black T-shirt -- but she wanted to help. Carly chuckled, and the two women agreed to start over. Sam handed Carly a beer as Carly admitted that things were awful.

Carly vented about Nina, accusing Nina of being a hateful liar. However, Carly accused Sonny of lying, too, because he hadn't told Carly about what had really happened in Nixon Falls. The worst part for Carly was that she would be the villain if she did anything to Nina. Carly thought it was laughable because Nina had been the one who had kept the truth about Sonny from the family out of spite. While Carly and the family had been barely hanging on, Sonny and Nina had been attending barn dances and barbeques.

Carly resented being painted the "bad guy" for wanting Nina to face some consequences for what Nina had done. Sam couldn't imagine how difficult it had been on Carly. Carly explained that she felt stupid because she should have realized that something had been going on between Sonny and Nina when Sonny had kept telling Carly to let what Nina had done go. Carly challenged Sam to name one time when Sonny hadn't demanded retaliation when someone had hurt Sonny's family. Carly assured Sam that Nina had done that and more; Nina had devastated the family.

Carly recalled how confused Donna had been, and how heartbroken Avery had been. Carly couldn't understand how Sonny could deny being Nina's victim when his family had been hurt. Carly insisted that every single member of the family had been Nina's victim. "Do we not matter?" Carly asked. Carly was unable to trust that Sonny loved her when he had a place in his heart for the woman that had hurt Carly like that.

The conversation turned to Jason when Carly acknowledged that she and Jason had developed feelings for each other, but Carly was adamant that they had permanently shut the door on those feelings when Sonny had returned home. However, Carly pointed out that none of it would have happened if Nina hadn't lied. Carly insisted that she had done everything possible to do right by her husband, but Sonny had been acting on his feelings for Nina by defending Nina. Sam agreed that Nina had been in the wrong and that Sonny had put Carly in a bad position by protecting Nina.

Carly wondered what that said about Sonny -- and their marriage -- if he refused to stick up for his wife. Carly didn't know what to do, so Sam offered to call Josslyn or Michael. Carly declined because she didn't want her children to be put in the position of picking sides. Carly confided that besides feeling angry and embarrassed, she felt a deep, aching sadness because Nina had devastated the family. Carly was not sure that they would be able to recover.

As Carly walked Sam to the door, she thanked Sam for listening. Sam assured Carly that Carly was not the bad guy, and Carly was entitled to her feelings. Carly appreciated the support.

At the Port Charles Grill, Shawn offered a toast to his partnership with Alexis. Alexis smiled as she raised her glass of water. Her smile brightened when she saw Harmony enter the restaurant. Alexis waved Harmony over and invited her friend to join them, but Harmony glanced nervously at Shawn. Alexis explained that she and Shawn had been going over plans for the Invader, but they had finished up. Harmony was happy to see that Alexis seemed excited about the new venture, but she politely declined the offer to join Alexis and Shawn.

After Harmony went to the bar to retrieve her pick-up order, Alexis excused herself and approached her friend. Alexis asked if everything was okay. Harmony admitted that she didn't think that Shawn was Harmony's biggest fan. Alexis assured Harmony that Shawn would have a change of heart, but Harmony was skeptical because Sam hadn't. Surprised, Alexis asked Harmony to elaborate, so Harmony filled Alexis in about the talk with Sam. Alexis was disappointed to learn what Sam had said, but Harmony reminded Alexis that they had both known going in that their friendship wouldn't be easy for Alexis' daughters to understand.

Alexis knew that Sam had a right to be concerned, but Alexis was a grown woman who had a right to choose her friends. Harmony assured Alexis that she would understand if Alexis wanted to distance herself from their friendship. After Harmony grabbed her bag of food and left, Alexis returned to the table. Shawn realized that Alexis was troubled.

Alexis admitted that she had tried to do what was right for both herself and her daughters, but she had started to realize that it might not be possible. Shawn assured Alexis that he believed in second chances, but Harmony's crimes had impacted Alexis' daughters directly. Alexis agreed, but she reminded Shawn that Harmony had also been one of Shiloh's victims. Shawn was curious if Alexis thought that Sam and Kristina saw it the same way.

Alexis acknowledged that her friendship with Harmony would be hurtful to Kristina, even if Kristina knew how beneficial it was to Alexis. Alexis didn't want to make things difficult for Kristina. Shawn pointed out that Alexis had her answer. Alexis agreed; she could not continue her friendship with Harmony.

At the hospital, Portia, Epiphany, Elizabeth, and Finn were gathered in a waiting area as Curtis approached the group. He reported that T.J. had only agreed to return to work once Curtis had promised to call T.J. with an update on Marshall. Epiphany told Curtis that they hadn't seen the doctor yet, but thanks to Finn, the cardiac care team had been waiting when they had arrived with Marshall. Elizabeth assured Curtis that Marshall was in good hands, and Finn promised that Marshall would be okay. Curtis expressed his gratitude to everyone for helping to get Marshall to the hospital.

Portia and Curtis stepped away to speak privately. She was curious how he had been holding up. Curtis admitted that he was confused because right before she had called him, he had been debating whether or not to give Marshall a chance. Curtis told her about his talk with Drew and how Drew had assured Curtis that Curtis had plenty of time to figure things out. Curtis realized that it might no longer be the case. Portia advised Curtis to take things one step at a time, and she assured him that she had his back. Curtis was grateful that he could count on Portia.

Moments later, Dr. Rose approached Portia and Curtis. Portia introduced the doctor to Marshall's son. Dr. Rose assured Curtis that Marshall had not suffered a heart attack. According to Dr. Rose, Marshall's blood pressure had been elevated due to an issue with Marshall's medication. Dr. Rose explained that a simple switch in medication would resolve the matter. Relieved, Curtis decided to call T.J. with the news.

After overhearing the exchange, Epiphany gathered her things and went to talk to Dr. Rose. Epiphany knew that Dr. Rose couldn't discuss Marshall's case, but she had concerns. Dr. Rose assured her that he was confident with his diagnosis, but Epiphany explained that it had been her experience that it was a good idea to perform ambulatory monitoring to rule out any underlying causes for the hypertension. Offended, Dr. Rose insisted that he knew what he was doing.

In the waiting area, Finn admitted that despite all the interruptions, he'd had a good time on his date with Elizabeth. He was delighted when Elizabeth agreed to continue their date. Finn and Elizabeth started to leave, but her phone rang. After Elizabeth picked up the call, her smile vanished. Concerned, Finn asked her if something was wrong.

Meanwhile, Curtis entered Marshall's examination room as Marshall finished getting dressed. Marshall apologized, and he admitted that he had been embarrassed by all the attention. Curtis realized that it hadn't been the first time that Marshall had had an issue with his hypertension. Marshall argued that he had things under control, but Curtis pointed out that his father was in the hospital. Marshall didn't want to discuss it, but Curtis insisted that he had a right to know if Marshall's condition was hereditary. Marshall assured his son that he would tell Curtis if Marshall thought it was important.

Curtis grew frustrated because Marshall remained tightlipped, even though Marshall had suffered a cardiac event. Marshall apologized because the events in his life had made him guarded, but Marshall was also sorry that the events in Curtis' life had made Curtis inquisitive. Curtis insisted that he hadn't been asking anything out of the ordinary, but Curtis found it odd that Marshall refused to answer any questions. Marshall hoped and prayed that he and Curtis could find a way to reconcile their differences. Marshall assured Curtis that he was willing to try.

After Curtis stepped away, Epiphany checked on Marshall. She warned him that hypertension could be a sign of something more serious, and she urged him to get a second opinion. Marshall thanked Epiphany for her concern, but he was satisfied with his doctor. Marshall admitted that it had happened before, and everything had been fine. Epiphany disagreed, but Marshall insisted that he and his doctor had an understanding. Reluctantly, Epiphany let it drop, but she informed Marshall that she would still pay for her half of their dinner tab. Marshall laughed.

Elsewhere, Curtis gave Portia an update on Marshall, and he grumbled that his father remained closed off and stubborn. Curtis told her about his conversation with Marshall and that he and Marshall were at an impasse. Portia conceded that relationships were tricky, but she was confident that Curtis and Marshall would make progress. Curtis was skeptical, but she reminded him that he had wanted more time with his father. Portia suggested that it was up to Curtis how to spend the time that Curtis had been given.

Later, Curtis returned to Marshall's examination room. Marshall reported that he had the new medication and was free to leave. Marshall realized that things had gotten tense earlier, but it had meant a lot to him that Curtis had rushed to his side. Marshall was pleasantly surprised when Curtis offered to give his father a ride home.

Across town, Brook Lynn ushered Chase, Finn, and Elizabeth into the living room, where Josslyn was seated on the sofa, while Cameron rested in a chair and held an ice pack to the back of his head. Elizabeth and Finn rushed to check on Cameron's injury as Brook Lynn explained that she had mistaken Cameron for an intruder. Josslyn took full responsibility for the incident because Josslyn hadn't realized that Jax had invited Brook Lynn and Chase to move into the house. Brook Lynn was relieved when both Finn and Elizabeth determined that Cameron was fine.

After Finn and Elizabeth left with the teens, Brook Lynn confessed that she had felt awful for hurting Cameron. Chase advised Brook Lynn to stop hitting people over the head, but Brook Lynn became defensive because she had been home alone. Chase reminded her that she had told him to leave, but she blurted out that she hadn't wanted him to go. Brook Lynn apologized, and she attributed the outburst to being overwhelmed by everything that had happened.

Later, Chase handed Brook Lynn a glass of wine as he joined her on the sofa. He admitted that he hadn't recognized the number that she had called from. Brook Lynn explained that her phone had been dead, so she had borrowed Cameron's phone. Chase was flattered when Brook Lynn confessed that she had memorized Chase's phone number, but she insisted that it was only because he was "Bailey's" father. Brook Lynn recalled the unflattering things that Chase had said about her to Dante. She pushed the hurtful words away and abruptly announced that she was headed to bed, but she promised Chase that things wouldn't always be crazy.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth, Finn, Cameron, and Josslyn filed into the living room. Josslyn received a text message that her ride would arrive soon. Elizabeth went to check on Jake and Aiden, while Finn went to the kitchen to give Cameron and Josslyn some privacy. Despite the events of the night, Cameron admitted that he'd had a good time with Josslyn. Josslyn had also enjoyed the evening with Cameron, even though they hadn't had any time alone. Cameron suggested that he and Josslyn could try again during their trip to the cabin, but Josslyn doubted that they would be able to get away from Trina, Spencer, and Esme.

Cameron kissed Josslyn and walked her outside. Elizabeth returned and found Finn waiting for her in the living room. Finn admitted that he would like to take Elizabeth out on another date. Elizabeth smiled and assured him that she wanted the same. After Finn and Elizabeth shared a kiss, Finn left.

Later, Elizabeth was seated on the sofa, sipping tea, when Cameron returned from seeing Josslyn off. He felt bad for ruining his mother's date, but she assured him that it was fine. Cameron was confident that Franco was glad that both Elizabeth and Cameron were doing well. "I hope so," Elizabeth said. Elizabeth took the opportunity to ask if Cameron and Josslyn had been practicing safe sex, but Cameron chuckled and told his mother goodnight as he headed to bed.

The following morning, Elizabeth was awakened by a knock on the door. She secured a belt around her robe as she answered the door. It was Dante. Dante apologized for the early hour, but he revealed that something terrible had happened the previous night that he thought she should know about.

Finn tells Chase the truth

Finn tells Chase the truth

Thursday, January 20, 2022

There was a knock on Elizabeth's door, and she answered it to Dante, who had bad news for her. She invited him in, and he revealed that there had been a fire in Franco's studio the night before. He revealed that everything was gone, and all signs pointed to arson. Cameron entered, and Dante broke the news to Cameron. Dante asked about her keys to the studio and when they'd been there last. Neither Elizabeth nor Cameron had been there since Franco had died, and Elizabeth found that her keys were accounted for.

Cameron demanded that Dante investigate Peter, as he believed Peter was trying to destroy evidence from Franco's murder. Elizabeth advised Cameron to let the police do their jobs. Dante assured Cameron that Peter had many charges against him on the off chance that he was acquitted of murder. Dante promised to solve the crime, and he left. Elizabeth took her wedding ring out of her pocket and looked at it. She regretted not taking the paintings home, and she commented that it was like losing Franco all over again.

Cameron got himself and Elizabeth some coffee, and he observed the unusual timing of the Franco-related happenings. Elizabeth thought he was listening to too many paranormal podcasts. Cameron got up to get some sugar, and Elizabeth took the opportunity to look at her ring again.

At Kelly's, Anna and Valentin talked about their New Year's Eve. She was sorry that they hadn't had time to "revisit" it, and he promised he wasn't going anywhere. Anna asked for a favor from him, and he assumed that it had something to do with getting information from Victor, as Laura had wanted the same thing. He revealed that he was making progress with Victor, especially since they had a "mutual desire to make Brook Lynn sorry she ever crossed a Cassadine." Anna didn't think revenge was necessary, but Valentin wanted to send a message about crossing him.

Dante arrived and approached the table, wanting to talk to Anna, so Valentin got up to make a phone call. Dante told Anna about Franco's studio, and he asked her for a list of associates and contacts of Peter's. She promised to get it done, and she advised him to check at the hospital for any unauthorized contact with the outside. Dante also warned Anna to be careful if she was going to be involved with Valentin. Just then, Valentin returned, and Dante left. Valentin vowed to Anna that he would stop Victor's plan if it went too far, and he wondered if she trusted him to make that call. "I'm not sure," she admitted with a smile.

At Brook Lynn's, she told Maxie what had happened the night before with Cameron. Chase joined them and reported that "Bailey" was asleep. Maxie wondered why the family had moved there, and Brook Lynn admitted that Tracy had figured out that "Bailey" was Louise. Maxie freaked out that Peter would be the next person to figure it out, but Brook Lynn and Chase reassured her. The doorbell rang, and Chase let Ned into the house. Maxie promised to talk to Brook Lynn later and booked it out of the house. Ned asked to talk to Brook Lynn alone, so Chase left.

Ned wondered why Tracy thought that Brook Lynn was in trouble, as Tracy hadn't expounded much past that. He also wanted to know why Brook Lynn had moved out. Brook Lynn answered that she wanted privacy and for Chase to have 24-hour access to "Bailey." He questioned if she was falling for Chase, as he didn't think it was a good idea. Brook Lynn replied that Chase was a good guy, and they were concentrating on giving "Bailey" the best life possible. She figured that she and Chase would never happen, but Ned wasn't so sure, since they shared a child.

At the hospital, Felicia found Austin and asked to talk to him in private. Just then, Finn walked by as Peter was being wheeled down the hall, and Peter loudly complained about some back pain. "Good, you should suffer," Felicia chimed in. Peter requested a consult with Finn, as it was like someone had thrown him down the stairs. When Finn and Peter were gone, Felicia growled that Peter made her blood boil. Austin wondered if there was news about Louise, and Felicia answered that there wasn't. He assumed that Felicia believed he could help in some way, and he offered to go through the details with her again.

Felicia wondered if Austin would be willing to go back to Pautauk, and he was. Felicia also wanted Austin to convince Maxie to go, but he answered that it had to be Maxie's decision, as she'd been through real trauma there. Felicia liked that he respected Maxie's wishes, and she could tell that Maxie was comfortable with him. "I am," Maxie said as she approached, but she wasn't comfortable with them talking about her behind her back.

Felicia admitted that she'd asked Austin to convince Maxie to go back to Pautauk. Maxie revealed that she did nothing but relive that night and wonder if she could have done something differently. Austin offered to still go, as his memory was fuzzy, and going there might help him remember something. Maxie suddenly agreed to go, as she wanted to be there if he remembered something.

Finn entered Peter's room, and Peter was dismayed that he was about to be transferred back to Pentonville. He talked about his "mysterious back pain" and wanted a doctor to say that he wasn't medically ready for a transfer. He threatened to talk about what Finn had done to him if Finn didn't do what Peter wanted. However, Finn knew that there was no evidence or reliable witness. Peter figured that he would just tarnish Finn's name so much that the hospital would let him go, but Finn refused to cooperate. He wished Peter luck and left the room.

A short while later, Martin arrived, and Peter demanded that Martin stop Peter's transfer to Pentonville. When Martin replied that there were no grounds to do so, Peter requested that Finn be arrested and charged with attempted murder. After hearing the story and learning that there was no evidence, Martin ordered Peter not to tell anyone about it. He revealed that it would add charges to Peter's rap sheet, and it would mess up his chances of beating the murder charge.

Martin explained that the case against Peter was thin, so they had a chance to claim that Peter had been unfairly targeted by the PCPD. He ordered Peter to cooperate and leave the rest to him. Peter divulged that he had "one other ace up my sleeve" just in case things didn't go his way. He wondered if he would garner any goodwill by naming the person who'd helped him escape the hospital.

Chase entered Finn's office and could tell that Finn was deep in thought about something other than a medical mystery. Finn brushed it off as Peter getting under his skin. Chase urged Finn to talk about it, and Finn eventually conceded, as he would rather Chase hear it from him than someone else. He told Chase what had happened between him and Peter on the roof and in the stairwell, leaving out Elizabeth's involvement. Finn concluded that he wasn't the hero that Chase had thought he was.

Chase was glad that Finn had told him so that Finn no longer had to carry it on his own. The two argued over who was to blame, and Finn kicked himself for letting his anger get the best of him. Chase assured Finn that he would be fine legally, since there was no proof. He urged Finn to not let Peter mess with his head and to instead focus on his triumph. "You're still a hero to me," Chase said.

Port Charles residents gather to remember the life of Luke Spencer

Port Charles residents gather to remember the life of Luke Spencer

Friday, January 21, 2022

In a corner table at Kelly's, Bobbie thanked Carly for agreeing to attend Luke's memorial service with her. Carly shared that she'd always liked the way that Luke had called her "Caroline." Carly said that she saw it as a reminder that Luke knew "exactly who I am and to never forget where I came from."

Carly quickly realized that she had not asked her mother how she was handling Luke's death. Bobbie vowed that they would get through things just as they had when Aunt Ruby had died. Carly expressed her disappointment that Lucas could not get off from work to attend the service.

Bobbie sensed that Carly's sorrow involved more than just Luke's death. Bobbie reminisced about how she and Luke had arrived in Port Charles. Carly shared that she was very proud of the life that Bobbie had made for herself. Bobbie smiled slightly and shared that her ability to "survive, maybe even thrive" in Port Charles was largely due to knowing that her big brother had always had her back.

Carly shared her uncertainty about the future of her marriage. She told Bobbie that "the man who disappeared over a year ago is not the man who came back to me." Bobbie said it seemed logical that someone who had been away for so long would end up being changed in some way. Carly claimed it wasn't the changes that she was concerned about -- it was her belief that Sonny might not love her anymore.

"If Sonny can't put me and my family first, then all of his promises mean nothing," Carly stated.

At Charlie's, Sonny declared that he was not wasting any more time in his effort to reunite with Carly. Dante urged Sonny to give Carly space and to also find a way to prove that whatever Sonny had had with Nina in Nixon Falls was over and done.

Robert and Scott walked into Charlie's, and Robert questioned why there were there. Scott explained that while Robert had gotten an invitation to Luke's memorial, Scott had not. Robert urged Scott not to attend the memorial. Scott spotted Sonny across the bar and slowly approached him. "If life was a horse race, it'd be neck and neck as to who I hate more, Luke Spencer or Sonny Corinthos," Scott growled. He stared squarely into Sonny's eyes before announcing, "Well, guess what? You win by a photo finish!"

Sonny stepped close to Scott. As the bar's owner, Sonny told Scott that no one was permitted to insult Luke Spencer. Dante suggested that Robert take Scott to the memorial. Scott insisted that he wasn't going anywhere until he had a few drinks. Sonny walked back over to the bar and urged Dante to head to the memorial. Dante reluctantly agreed.

Referring to Robert and Scott, Sonny told Phyllis to give "the two gentlemen" whatever they wanted, free of charge. Scott angrily refused, proclaiming that he and Robert would buy their own drinks. Sonny again approached Scott's location and asked if Scott believed he'd "scored a touchdown" at Nina's hearing. Scott didn't comment on how he felt about his win. Instead, the attorney said that he was pleased with himself for being the one to expose that Sonny had been "stepping out" on Carly.

As Scott spoke, he poked his finger into Sonny's right shoulder. With each poke, Sonny swatted Scott's hand away. Robert stepped between the men and urged them to head to their respective corners. From behind the bar, Phyllis reminded the men that they were supposed to be honoring someone's memory. Sonny agreed, icily remarking that "in memory of Luke, I'm gonna teach Scotty a lesson."

Sonny and Scott both removed their suit jackets. Victor and his bodyguard, Johann, entered the pub, and Victor immediately took delight in the spectacle unfolding before him. "The mob boss versus the ambulance chaser," Victor quipped as he altered his voice to sound like an old school ring announcer. Victor said he wished Luke could be there because he was "just crass enough" to enjoy a bar brawl. "Who you callin' crass," Sonny snapped. "Who you callin' an ambulance chaser?" Scott asked angrily.

Scott proclaimed that he hated Victor more than he hated Sonny. Scott and Sonny then decided that they would team up against Victor. Victor took off his jacket, and he vowed to teach the two men a lesson.

After a somewhat anemic bar brawl, the men were all separated. Phyllis asked who would be paying for the damages. As the bar owner, Sonny said that he would make the repairs. Victor insisted that he should pay. Scott objected and offered to pick up the tab for the expenses. Robert reminded the men that they had a memorial to attend. Everyone left, leaving Victor and Johann as the last men standing.

Victor picked up the chairs and tables that had been knocked over and ordered a bottle of the pub's top-shelf Napoleon brandy and two glasses. Phyllis coldly told Victor that it would cost him $55. He plunked down a $100 bill on the bar and told Phyllis to keep the change. Victor poured brandy into the two glasses and proposed a toast to Luke Spencer. "I should just tell you -- the good people of your fair city are in for a big surprise. Cheers!"

When they arrived at Dock 54, Sonny decided that he would wait for Carly before going aboard the Haunted Star, and Scott thought it best that he remained ashore. Moments later, Carly and Bobbie arrived. Carly told Bobbie to go inside, promising that she would be along in a little while. Bobbie shot Sonny an icy glare as she walked past him.

Sonny put out his arm to escort Carly aboard the ship. She noticed that his hand was bruised and asked what had happened. "Luke happened," Sonny replied. Carly told Sonny that he needed to get his hand checked out at the hospital after the memorial service. Sonny assured Carly that he was perfectly fine. "The night wasn't a total loss," Sonny said. "Believe it or not, Scotty and I teamed up and ripped Victor a new one."

Sonny again put out his arm for Carly to grab onto, but she didn't. Sonny stepped aside and motioned for Carly to walk ahead of him.

At the Haunted Star, Felicia and Anna arrived and praised Laura for the way the area had been set up for the memorial. Laura explained that she was only in attendance to pay her respects and see her friends. The setup, she said, was all Tracy's doing. Anna admitted that she half expected Luke to show up at any moment.

Nikolas and Ava were the next to arrive. Laura informed Nikolas that Lucky and Ethan would not be able to attend the service because there had been a cholera outbreak in the village where Lucky had been volunteering. Laura noted that Tracy would be having another memorial service in Amsterdam in the future, and it was Lucky's hope that he would be able to attend that service.

With a moment alone, Laura exhaled deeply. She was startled when Spencer approached from behind and greeted her. Laura embraced her grandson and thanked him for coming. As Spencer explained that Esme was unable to accompany him because she was volunteering at Spring Ridge, Victor called out that they were one family, despite their differences.

"In life, [Luke] always cast a large shadow. To die in such a random accident just doesn't have the sense of poetic beauty one would have expected of him," Victor proclaimed. Laura ordered Victor to leave. Victor refused and said that all of Luke's enemies were very much alive and still very much a threat to everyone.

The memorial attendees swarmed Victor's location and ordered Victor to leave. Even Spencer urged Victor to leave. Victor ultimately agreed, and he and his bodyguard departed. Felicia and Anna both agreed that Luke would have enjoyed the chaos. The only thing he might have liked more, accordingly to Felicia, was someone punching Victor Cassadine "in his smug face." Anna snarled that she was "so close" to having done just that.

Outside on the deck, Alexis found Tracy clutching a blue urn that contained Luke's ashes. Alexis asked Tracy if she was okay or if she needed Alexis to call Ned. Tracy snapped that she was "peachy keen." When Alexis turned to head inside, Tracy called out to Alexis and apologized for snapping at her. Tracy thanked Alexis for backing down from pressing charges against her. Alexis said that everyone deserved a second chance.

Tracy wondered how she could sum up a life as complicated as Luke's. Alexis said that she couldn't, but she warned Tracy that if she did not, someone else would. Lucy, Alexis said, had a 42-page speech prepared.

Ava escorted Spencer and Nikolas to a state room to address their differences. Spencer did not see why everyone was making a big deal out of "grifter [and] glorified con man" Luke Spencer. Ava angrily told Spencer that Luke had come from nothing and made something of himself, unlike Spencer, who had had everything handed to him, only to throw it all away.

Out on one of the decks, Laura and Curtis took in some fresh air. Laura told Curtis that she and Luke had been "quite a team." Curtis wondered if it had been hard for Laura to "let go" of Luke. Laura explained that her separation from Luke had come in stages. She said that she felt bad for her grandkids, who would only know of Luke through stories and photographs. "And some of those stories will be true," Laura added with a wry smile.

By the time Dante arrived, there were few people in the area of the boat where the memorial was to be held. Suddenly, a large crash sounded from somewhere in the distance. He, Felicia, and Anna headed off to investigate.

Over the next few moments, everyone slowly returned to the bar area of the boat. Anna told Tracy that they had found an envelope containing a flash drive and a note that said, "Play me." As everyone offered their thoughts on what the flash drive contained, Dante inserted the flash drive into a television that had mysteriously appeared when no one had been in the room.

"Well, we meet again," Helena Cassadine chuckled in a videotaped message. As the attendees voiced their disgust with Helena's appearance, the video continued to play. Helena said that her message was playing because Luke Spencer had "finally done the world a favor by following [her] into the great beyond." Helena apologized for gloating but said that she had always promised to have the last word.

Helena said that she always considered Luke a "parvenu." Since she was certain that no one would know what the word meant, Helena explained that a parvenu was "someone who has suddenly reached a level of unaccustomed power and wealth but has not yet gained the prestige and dignity associated with it." She called Luke a "cheap, tawdry rhinestone, even though he fancied himself a diamond in the rough." Laura walked over to the television and yanked the power cord out of the wall.

Tracy stood behind the bar and thanked everyone for attending. She said that it did not matter what people thought of Luke -- whether they loved him, hated him, or loved and hated him. The important thing, she said, was that no one would forget him. Tracy stated that Luke had made her promise that no one would refer to him as a "hero" or a "good guy." She continued, saying that Luke was a "walking, talking contradiction."

"He was cruel, and then he would turn around and dazzle you with his kindness. He was cunning, and yet caring. He was generous at the same time as impossibly, impossibly selfish. He brought out the best and the worst in all of us. And I think, ultimately, he changed us -- every one of us... forever," Tracy concluded.

Tracy headed outside to the deck of the Haunted Star, where she could be alone with Luke. She unscrewed the lid to the urn, paused for a moment of silent reflection, and then slowly dumped Luke's ashes.

Back on the dock, Scott hoped that Luke was enjoying all the people singing his praises. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew Luke's ashes into Scott's face.

Back aboard the ship, Sonny told Laura that he had an update on the warning that Cyrus had given Laura. Laura told him that they would talk later. Curtis approached Laura and told her that he would be there for her should she need anything.

Bobbie tried to convinced Carly to join her for a sleepover with Donna and Avery, but Carly politely declined. When Bobbie disembarked, she saw the bruised and bloodied Scott and asked what had happened to him. "I caught the bouquet," he shot back.

On the deck of the ship, Carly looked out into the water and asked Luke if he was there. Suddenly, a hand reached out and touched hers. She turned and found Sonny standing beside her, smiling tenderly.

Ava commented that Luke's sendoff seemed fitting for a man who was "a rogue and a rascal." She leaned against Nikolas and mused that she had a soft spot for rascals. Nikolas smiled and put his arm around her. He told Ava that he could not stop thinking about the way that Victor had left.

Elsewhere, Felicia was stunned by Robert's account of Sonny and Scott teaming up against Victor.

Musing that she could be the designated driver, Alexis offered Tracy a ride a home. Tracy said that she needed to do something before she could leave. Tracy walked over to Laura, who was still seated at the bar, to give her a keepsake of Luke's that she believed truly belonged to Laura. Laura looked at the black velvet box and shook her head from side to side. "If that's the Ice Princess, I want no part of that thing," Laura stated. She urged Tracy to throw the diamond into the sea along with Luke's ashes.

Tracy said that she could not do that and walked away. Spencer, who had watched the interaction between Laura and Tracy, said that he wished he could have seen the Ice Princess and maybe even held it. Laura insisted that the diamond had never done anybody any good and urged Spencer to forget it.

Spencer told Laura that he hoped he could make her proud one day. She told her grandson that she was already proud of him and gave him a big hug. The two slowly made their way to the exit. Laura stopped and turned around to get one last look at the photo of Luke that hung behind the bar. She blew a kiss and said, "Goodbye, my love."

When Laura turned to exit, a woman dressed all in black, including a black hat and veil, walked toward her. The woman lifted her veil, and Laura gasped, "Jennifer Smith?"

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