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Victor kidnapped Valentin. Mac and Dante were ambushed while transporting Peter to Pentonville. Mac was shot. Peter escaped and abducted Louise. The Ice Princess was revealed to be a counterfeit. Tracy returned to Amsterdam. Austin figured out that "Bailey" was really Louise. Harmony revealed that Willow didn't have a legal birth certificate. Spencer and Trina shared a close moment.
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Ned and Olivia renewed their vows, Spencer reported to prison, and Peter escaped police custody
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Willow learns that her birth certificate is non-existent

Willow learns that her birth certificate is non-existent

Monday, January 31, 2022

Cameron poked at the roaring fire in the cabin and suggested that Josslyn check on Trina. Josslyn assured him that she had heard Trina stirring, and she thought their friend needed space. Josslyn admitted she was worried about Trina''s feelings, but Cameron thought their friendship was unbreakable.

Soon after, Trina emerged from her bedroom and revealed that she felt groggy. She couldn't believe that she had blacked out after only one drink. Cameron fetched a glass of water for her, and Trina apologized for not remembering anything that had happened. Cameron announced his intention to take a shower, and he left Trina and Josslyn alone. "So, what did I miss?" Trina asked. Josslyn related that it had been an eventful night.

Josslyn announced that Esme and Spencer had left after she had called Esme a "manipulative little bitch." Trina couldn't believe that Josslyn had called her that to her face. "Which one?" Josslyn asked. The girls laughed. Josslyn informed Trina that Trina had wished that things could go back to the way they'd been, and she'd hated pretending to be happy. Trina didn't recall any of it, but she admitted to feeling like she'd done something wrong. She asked Josslyn for forgiveness.

Josslyn pressed Trina to give her an answer about her feelings. She wondered if Trina really felt as though Josslyn had moved in while Trina had had feelings for Cameron. Trina rehashed history and insisted that she and Cameron hadn't been right for each other. She didn't resent Josslyn and was happy for Josslyn and Cameron. Trina was embarrassed, but Josslyn and Cameron, who had finished showering, both agreed to be there if Trina needed any help from them. Josslyn blamed Esme for everything.

Josslyn insisted that Esme had known what she was doing during their drinking game, and she and Cameron believed that Esme had planned it. Trina was happy that her friends had "come to their senses." Cameron headed to the kitchen, and Josslyn and Trina each wanted to be forgiven. Trina asked if Josslyn thought that Esme was just mean or something more. Josslyn thought it was definitely more.

Esme and Spencer rode in the back seat of the car as it headed home. Spencer was short with Esme. "What the hell were you up to back there?" he asked her angrily. The couple began to argue, and Spencer noted that Trina hadn't been herself. Esme flashed back to herself preparing everyone's drinks. Spencer didn't want to talk about any of it until the following day, and they began to argue again. Spencer noted that Esme had gotten off easy after Josslyn had called her a "manipulative little bitch."

Esme was infuriated and announced that she didn't want to go home with Spencer. He asked Esme if she was breaking up with him, and Esme went off. She shouted about Spencer's practice of putting his friends before her and never standing up for her. Spencer disagreed, but he was sorry for not being the boyfriend that Esme had needed. Esme admitted that she was afraid to be alone after Spencer left for Spring Ridge.

Spencer insisted that Esme wouldn't be alone because she had him. "Do I?" she asked. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and Spencer was sorry. They made up as Spencer realized that Esme had always stood by him. He grabbed her hand and asked if she was able to forgive him. Esme drew closer and announced that she would have to think about it. She gave him a kiss and laid her head on his shoulder.

Esme explained that she and Spencer didn't have to hide or pretend with each other. She thought that Spencer's friends didn't understand them. Shortly after, Esme was asleep as Spencer looked at his phone. He sent a text message to Trina to tell her that he was worried about her. He asked her to text him.

Back at the cabin, Trina ignored the message she received on her phone. Cameron suggested an indulgence in the alcohol-free cider he'd made. He made a toast to best friends as he, Trina, and Josslyn all clinked their mugs.

Stella and Curtis were surprised to see Marshall walking into Charlie's after they had been talking about him. Marshall disclosed that he was there to pick up a forgotten credit card, and he started to head to the bar. "Not so fast," Curtis said. He invited his father to sit at their table, and Stella offered to retrieve the credit card herself, along with an order of wings.

Curtis wanted to know why Marshall had walked out of the Savoy after Curtis had mentioned wanting to talk to Sonny. He noted that Sonny hadn't been himself. Marshall admitted to not appreciating Sonny's lifestyle, and Curtis agreed to discuss Marshall's past at another time as long as Marshall didn't threaten to disappear again.

Marshall agreed that he shouldn't have put conditions on their relationship, but he wasn't planning on going anywhere. He admitted that his new medicine had been working well, and he apologized for scaring everyone with his medical condition. Marshall hoped to "put down roots" in Port Charles, and Curtis joked about Marshall's new friends, like Epiphany. Marshall admitted that he had more reasons to stay around.

At the bar, Stella and Phyllis introduced themselves to each other, although Phyllis thought that Stella looked familiar. Phyllis noted that Stella's nephew, Curtis, had great taste in music, and she enjoyed the club. Stella replied that it was "in his blood." She also clarified that sometimes family wasn't easy to deal with.

Stella returned to the table and sent Curtis to the bar to speak to Phyllis about upcoming acts at his club. She demanded to know why Marshall had mentioned the Witness Protection Program to Curtis, but Marshall claimed that he had merely stated he'd been in hiding. Stella accused him of being vague on purpose and leaving out details. She knew the truth but wondered what Curtis needed to know. Marshall insisted he'd had no choice, and he didn't want Stella to take anything away from him.

At the bar, Curtis asked Phyllis about Nina. Phyllis stated that Nina had been doing better, and she hoped that their friendship was enough for Nina.

Stella accused Marshall of playing with fire, and she added that Marshall couldn't tell Curtis only part of the facts. Marshall asked for a chance. Curtis returned to the table with more wings.

At General Hospital, Sonny stopped at a water fountain to take a pill. Leo demanded that he stop because the fountain wasn't sanitary. Leo asked if he could stop by to play with Avery, and Sonny told him anytime because he and Carly would love it. Ned grabbed a bottle of water for Sonny after Leo's pronouncement, and they discussed how Leo had blossomed after his parents had tuned in to what he liked. He informed Sonny that he and Leo were there for a special class during their father and son bonding time.

Ned admitted that he and Olivia were a ''work in progress,'' and Sonny claimed that he and Carly were good and would be better after what he had planned. Sonny confessed to planning a romantic event on a "grand scale." Ned spoke about having to win Olivia back, although a grand overture hadn't been the right gesture. He suggested that Sonny reconsider and added that their wives were ''allergic to BS.'' Ned had had to listen and be patient.

Sonny insisted that his circumstances were different, and that Carly wanted time and space. Ned asked why Sonny wasn't giving Carly what she wanted, but Sonny insisted that he and Carly were not the same as Ned and Olivia. Ned thought it was easy to miss what someone actually needed, but Sonny was sure that Carly enjoyed "bold moves." Ned and Leo headed to class.

Finn stopped by Franco's art room and found Elizabeth going through some paintings. She told him that the paintings needed to be protected in order to preserve Franco's legacy. She told him about the arson at Franco's studio. Finn thought Elizabeth looked exhausted but beautiful, and she admitted to having something on her mind.

Elizabeth felt that as she and Finn tried to move forward as a couple, there were always reminders of Franco around. Finn replied that he was okay with it, no matter how long it took. Elizabeth was appreciative for Finn not giving up on her. ''Not a chance,'' Finn replied. Elizabeth was ready to move ''full steam ahead,'' and she proposed a date where they could be alone.

Finn left, and Elizabeth finished up her task. Suddenly, the office door slammed shut, and Elizabeth struggled to get it open again. She guessed there had been a draft. She turned out the lights and left.

At the Quartermaine carriage house, Michael handed Willow a picture of the Eiffel Tower that he and Wiley had colored. He announced that he and Willow would be taking a trip to Paris, and she was thrilled. They hugged, and Carly observed them through the window as she arrived for a visit. An ecstatic Willow told Carly about the trip, and after realizing she had no passport, Willow went upstairs to look for her birth certificate.

Carly and Michael sat down. Carly revealed that she had run into Nina, and she hated her. She declared that Sonny refused to acknowledge the pain that Nina had caused, and Carly thought that the emotions were still alive in Sonny and Nina. Michael only wanted his parents to be happy, but Carly thought that feeling was only getting further away. She couldn't live with Sonny because he was always making excuses to get Nina "off the hook." Michael stated that Sonny was willing to wait for Carly, and Michael offered to help his parents as Drew had suggested. Carly agreed that Drew was a good listener, and she wished Sonny was the same way.

Willow returned and announced that she couldn't locate her birth certificate. Michael offered to check the attic, and Carly told Willow how happy she was for her and Michael. Willow wanted to apologize again for not disclosing what she had known about Sonny, but Carly argued that it had been Sonny's place to say something, not Willow's. Willow thought that Sonny had been adamant about telling Carly, but Carly disagreed.

Michael returned without locating the birth certificate, but he was sure that Willow could reorder it and expedite the passport. Michael walked Carly outside, where he suggested that she stay with him and Willow instead of at the hotel. Carly declined, and they hugged. She told him how proud she was of him. Michael went back inside, and a troubled Willow told him she hadn't been able to reorder the birth certificate because there was no record of it.

Carly received a phone call from Sonny, who asked her to give him an hour of her time later in the week. She consented, and he told her that he'd been giving her space. She smiled slightly, and Sonny happily left the hospital.

Ned and Olivia renew their vows

Ned and Olivia renew their vows

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Chase noticed Brook Lynn, who was standing in the Quartermaine kitchen, on her phone, and he smiled. He approached and announced, "Ms. Bailey is conked out." Brook Lynn wished "Bailey" slept as well at the beach house. Chase was optimistic that "Bailey" would get used to the new place. Brook Lynn countered they would probably have moved out by the time that happened. They both agreed that soon, Peter would be locked up, "Bailey" would go home, and they could stop pretending. Chase and Brook Lynn heard "Bailey" cry over the baby monitor and accidentally touched hands when they both went to pick it up. Chase left the room to check on the baby.

At the gatehouse, Michael told Willow that Wiley could not wait to see his cousin "Bailey." Michael asked Willow if she was ready to go to the main house, but she replied she was waiting for her mom to drop by. Willow explained that she could not find any record of her birth certificate and needed it in order to get her passport application in. Michael agreed by saying, "Oui." "Is oui the only French word you know?" Willow asked as she looked up from her computer. Michael paused for a moment before he replied, "Oui." Willow hoped that Harmony had a copy of her birth certificate, and Michael agreed she couldn't go to Paris without one. They shared a kiss.

Harmony arrived excitedly and told Willow she was happy to get Willow's call. Willow explained that she needed a copy of her birth certificate because Michael was taking her to Paris. Willow said that she needed her birth certificate to get a passport. Michael emerged from a back room and greeted Harmony. He confirmed to Harmony that they would not be taking Wiley on their trip and left to check on Carly and Sonny. Willow remarked to Harmony that it was strange that she couldn't find her birth certificate online.

Harmony assured Willow that she had a copy of the birth certificate in her important documents. Willow questioned why there wasn't a record on the Internet. Harmony chuckled and suggested that not every piece of information had made it to the Internet. Willow told her mother to hurry because time was of the essence. Willow left to get Wiley for a visit with Harmony. Alone, Harmony appeared anxious.

"Stop the presses! Local editor found unharmed, coaxed from behind the desk with caffeine," Kristina said melodramatically as she entered Alexis' office at the Invader. They exchanged pleasantries as Kristina handed Alexis coffee. Kristina admired the piece of art on Alexis's desk that read, "Truth Never Damages A Cause That Is Just" and asked if it was new. Alexis reluctantly replied that Harmony had given it to her and was surprised when Kristina told her Harmony was "just the person" she wanted to talk about.

Alexis assured Kristina that she and Harmony had both agreed to end their friendship. Kristina questioned if she was the reason Alexis had made that decision. Kristina voiced that she did not know how she felt about their friendship, but she noted that it was not Sam's place to have spoken for her. Alexis defended Sam by saying Sam was only trying to protect Kristina.

Kristina pushed back and said that Sam was trying to avoid focusing on her own "mess of a life." Kristina thought for a moment and said that "maybe mess was an overstatement," but Sam was definitely conflicted about Drew and Dante. "Both are charming. Both are handsome. Both are sincerely good guys," Kristina remarked. Kristina said that she had not spoken to Sam about it because it wasn't her business, but Alexis, as her mother, could have the conversation.

Alexis gently accused Kristina of talking about Sam so that she wouldn't have to talk about herself. Alexis again asked Kristina how she felt about her friendship with Harmony. Kristina said that Alexis didn't need her permission to be friends with anyone. Alexis pushed Kristina for more answers about her comfort. Kristina hesitantly confessed that she would want a heads-up if Harmony were over for dinner. Kristina said that she saw Harmony as one of Shiloh's victims. Kristina admitted that seeing Harmony reminded her of her time at Dawn of Day, but she knew Harmony was good for Alexis.

Kristina affirmed to Alexis that it was okay for her to be friends with Harmony. "You deserve a great friend," Kristina told Alexis, to which Alexis replied, "I have a really great daughter." Kristina questioned why Alexis hadn't talked much about her time at Spring Ridge. Alexis answered that it was better than Pentonville but still prison, and it had been "lonely and hard." Alexis explained that Harmony understood her because she had also spent time in prison. Kristina compared Harmony testifying against Shiloh with no plea deal to Alexis pleading guilty. Kristina listened and supported Alexis as she talked about her experiences and her friendship with Harmony.

After Alexis was alone, Harmony surprised Alexis and entered her office. Harmony was clearly upset, and Alexis asked what was wrong. Harmony said, "I need your help. It's Willow."

Britt entered Kelly's and waved to Austin, who was sitting at the counter. Austin paid for his coffee and joined her at a table. Austin told Britt that he wanted to get a "female perspective" on what it meant when a woman kissed a man.

Britt teasingly reminded Austin that he was a doctor and that human sexuality should have been covered in his studies. Austin asked his question another way, inquiring, "If you kiss a man who's your friend, why would you apologize?" Britt assumed Austin was talking about Maxie, and when he confirmed it, she asked him if the kiss had been good. "Her mom kind of interrupted us," he replied. "Oh, so this happened in high school," Britt quipped. Austin laughed it off and continued to explain that they had gone to Pautuck with Anna and Felicia to jog both of their memories about the night Louise had been born. Austin muttered his confusion when Britt pushed and asked if they'd remembered anything.

Britt reminded Austin that he had been knocked unconscious and Maxie had been traumatized, both of which impacted their memories of that night. Britt redirected the conversation back to the kiss and encouraged him to talk to Maxie directly. Austin told Britt he couldn't call Maxie right then because Maxie was coordinating Ned and Olivia's vow renewals. Britt reminded him that he was invited to the ceremony and suggested it was an opportunity for Austin to get to know his family better. Austin acknowledged that he might have declined the invitation too quickly.

Brad hurriedly entered Kelly's, proclaiming that he was "technically on time" for breakfast with Britt, even though he was 15 minutes late. He and Austin exchanged awkward greetings before Austin left for the vow renewal. "He seems nice," Brad said with a grin as Austin walked away. Britt replied, "He's straight. And I just sent him off into the arms of another woman."

Brad questioned Britt about her "new wingman," Austin. She assured him that Austin had eyes for another woman and that Austin was not "BFF competition" for Brad. Britt questioned why Brad was okay meeting at Kelly's, since his aunt did not want them to be friends. Brad told Britt that Selina Wu would never frequent a place like Kelly's. "So, she's a snob and controlling?" Britt asked with a laugh.

Brad asking how Peter was doing. Britt confirmed that Peter was healthy and being moved to Pentonville later that night. Brad wondered out loud if his aunt would let Peter make it to Pentonville. Britt admitted that the world would be better without Peter, but she expressed that she did not want General Hospital involved if something were to happen to Peter.

Maxie stood in the Quartermaine living room that she had transformed for Ned and Olivia's vow renewal. She flashed back to the kiss she'd shared with Austin. Brook Lynn walked in the room and asked if Maxie was ready for the guests to arrive because it was time to open the doors. Maxie nervously told Brook Lynn that Austin remembered hearing them talk the night Louise had been born. Brook Lynn insisted that Maxie try harder to make sure that Austin believed he was misremembering. Maxie swore that she was and said she'd even tried kissing him. When Brook Lynn noted kissing Austin was an "interesting and creative strategy" that they would revisit, Maxie corrected her by saying it wasn't a strategy.

Brook Lynn was attempting to calm the situation when Tracy entered the room and saw Maxie and Brook Lynn plotting. Tracy noted that the two looked suspicious, especially with guests arriving. Maxie thanked Tracy for going along with their plan to keep Louise safe. Tracy acknowledged that Peter August was a horrible person who didn't deserve to be a father. "I can't wait to have my daughter back in my arms," Maxie sighed, as Brook Lynn stared on uncomfortably.

In the Quartermaine foyer, Ned stood with Leo and Dante. Dante told Leo he was "looking sharp." Leo told Dante that his suit wasn't itchy, prompting Ned to explain to Dante that Leo was wearing a T-shirt under his suit. Dante assured Leo that no one would notice them when their mother walked into the room. Oliva appeared at the top of the stairs and walked toward Ned, who admired her appreciatively.

Ned, Leo, and Dante complimented Olivia. Olivia told Leo that she'd worn sparkles just for him. Ned said they were "a lucky crew." Maxie and Tracy opened the living room for them to take in the wedding setup. They expressed their gratitude to Maxie and declared that the day was about moving forward.

Maxie moved back to a corner of the room to talk with Brook Lynn. She told Brook Lynn that Britt had confirmed Peter's transfer to Pentonville was taking place later that night. Brook Lynn hoped that the nightmare would finally be behind them. She questioned what all that meant for Maxie and Austin. Brook Lynn told Maxie it was obvious that Austin liked her and inquired about how Maxie felt about him. Maxie said that she didn't know how she felt about Austin because she lied to his face every time she saw him. Brook Lynn acknowledged that would be an obstacle. They agreed that Austin would not show up to the vow renewal because he didn't want to be around the Quartermaines.

Drew found Carly hiding in the study next to the fireplace. In a flirty tone, he complimented her dress. Carly smiled while calling him a charmer. Carly told Drew she didn't feel like herself lately and was nervous to see Sonny. Carly explained to Drew that she was worried that her issues with Sonny would cast a shadow over a day that should be about Ned and Olivia. When Drew pushed, she said she hoped Sonny could handle that.

Dante took a call in the kitchen and hung up, telling the person on the other line to keep him posted. Chase entered the kitchen for coffee and told Dante that the end of Dante's conversation had made him feel nostalgic. Chase confided in Dante that he missed his job on the police force, and he hated being in limbo. Chase asked Dante if Sam would be attending the vow renewal and called Dante out when he answered with a hesitant "yes." Dante told Chase that before Drew had returned, it had felt like his relationship with Sam had been full steam. When Dante said that there was not a tangible change in their relationship, Chase offered that they were "stuck in neutral."

Sonny entered the Quartermaine mansion while Laura was talking to Ned and Olivia. Ned and Olivia thanked Laura for officiating, and Laura apologized that Kevin could not make it due to a patient emergency. Olivia hugged Sonny and after he told her she looked really good. He asked her if Carly was there. Olivia confirmed that Carly had helped her get ready earlier and sympathetically told Sonny she would have understood if he hadn't been able to make it because it was hard to celebrate others' happiness when one was not in a good place. Olivia looked at Sonny skeptically when he told her that he and Carly would "get together before you know it."

Laura and Sonny spoke in the foyer. Laura confirmed that things were quiet on the Cyrus front. Laura inquired about how Sonny was doing. He replied that things were bumpy but looking up. Laura questioned if that was true for him and Carly. He replied yes -- he just needed to prove to Carly that they belonged together.

Carly approached Sonny and Laura. Tracy noticed the situation, walked over to Laura, and asked to "borrow" her for a minute. Laura nodded, and Tracy wrapped her arm around Laura to usher her out of the foyer. Asked if something was up, Tracy quietly replied, "No, I just wanted to get you out of the line of fire." Chuckling, Laura said, "Good job!"

Sonny told Carly he missed her, and she replied that they had just seen each other that morning for breakfast. They confirmed that they would see each other that night to talk for an hour. Carly promised she would not back out. Sonny told Carly he wasn't trying to pressure her. Michael greeted his parents, and Carly left to check on Olivia. Michael asked if Sonny was okay and looked skeptical when Sonny tried to assure Michael that he had everything under control.

Sonny talked with Leo, and Ned offered Sonny a glass of Champagne. Sonny politely declined because he wanted to be clear-headed for his surprise for Carly. Across the room, Michael and Willow talked about Carly and Sonny being in the same room. Willow asked if they'd crossed paths, and Michael confirmed they had. Michael described them as being "painfully polite," which was the best they could hope for. Willow also told Michael their trip to Paris was a go because Harmony was looking for her birth certificate, to which he replied, "Oui, oui," and they shared a kiss.

Laura asked Tracy when she planned to return to Amsterdam, and Tracy said she would be leaving after the vow renewal ceremony. Laura expressed surprise and inquired what Tracy would do after the memorial there. Tracy answered that she had plans that included the Ice Princess. Laura disapproved of anything involving the troubled diamond but wished Tracy luck.

Ned and Olivia stood in front of their loved ones. "We are here today to celebrate something really wonderful -- the persistence of love," Laura said as she began the ceremony. "Every couple gets tested. Every couple has problems. It's how we come through them that matters." Olivia cried and promised to celebrate, commiserate, and raise their son together. Ned vowed, among many things, to sing duets with Oliva and raise their son together. Ned proclaimed, "I'm holding on to you, and I'll be damned if I ever let go."

Olivia was surprised to see a new ring. Ned told her he hadn't been able to resist. "It's not a replacement ring, it's a companion ring," Ned told Olivia as he slid it on her finger. When he asked Laura if he could kiss Olivia, Laura replied that it was required.

After the ceremony, Maxie told Austin she hadn't thought he'd be attending. Austin said that he'd wanted to get to know his family, and he admitted that seeing Maxie was an added draw. Monica and Ned shared a moment in the foyer. "Some couples are just built for the long haul. They bend, but they never break," Monica said of Ned and Olivia's union. Monica told Ned that she believed that Edward and Lila, and she and Alan had had that kind of relationship.

Sam and Dante told Olivia that she looked beautiful and was glowing. Olivia gushed that the whole thing felt official, and she felt like a new bride. Dante declared that Ned had better treat Olivia right "this time." They shared a mother/son hug and words of love.

Drew found Carly hiding out again. She expressed that she needed a breather. She told Drew that she and Sonny were civil and tried to keep the peace for their family, which was their "current version of happy." "That's a pretty low bar for happiness," Drew said with concern. Drew assured Carly that he would stay clear of Sonny and explained to her that Sonny had spiraled at the Savoy. Drew filled Carly in on Sonny trying to buy out the club and Curtis turning him down. Carly insisted that wasn't the end because Sonny was determined once he got an idea in his head.

Sonny interrupted Ned and Olivia to offer a final congratulations before leaving because he had some things to take care of. Olivia asked Ned when he and Sonny had started sharing secrets. Ned told her that Sonny had a big surprise gesture planned for Carly. A dismayed Olivia found Carly and warned her, despite Ned urging his wife to stay out of it. Carly caught up to Sonny before he left and told him that they needed to talk. Michael offered up the gatehouse so Carly and Sonny could have some privacy. Willow asked Michael what was going on, and Michael replied, "Nothing good."

Sonny and Carly entered the gatehouse. A frustrated Carly told Sonny she knew he had planned some sort of surprise. Sonny demanded to know who had ruined it. Carly told Sonny that he was still not listening to her, but that was about to stop.

Austin found Maxie alone and taking a break. He assured her that he was not a "creeper" and that he wanted to hear from her what their kiss had meant.

Tracy closed the door to the living room and smiled at Ned. She told him she wanted some privacy and tearfully told him she loved him. "Mother, are we having a moment?" Ned joked. Tracy quipped that they could have had one, but he'd ruined it. The door swung open, and men in suits approached Tracy. Michael told Tracy that the men had asked for her. One of the men announced that Tracy was under arrest. Tracy chuckled and asked what she could possibly have done. They replied, "Felony fraud [and] trafficking counterfeit goods" in connection with the Ice Princess.

Tracy leaves town, and secrets begin to surface

Tracy leaves town, and secrets begin to surface

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

In the gatehouse, Sonny didn't understand why Carly was upset. She explained that she had asked for time and space, but instead, he had cooked up a big display of love. Sonny reminded her that before, she had loved when he thought outside the box. Carly suggested that perhaps they no longer knew each other the way that they once had, but Sonny disagreed. He was certain that she would feel different when she saw what he had planned for her. Carly assured him that she didn't need a grand gesture.

Carly said she had repeatedly told Sonny what she wanted, but Sonny asked her to give him something concrete that would help him save their marriage and get her to return home. He pointed out that time away from him meant time away from their girls, but Carly was unmoved. She accused him of breaking her heart and humiliating her. Not only had other people known about Sonny and Nina's relationship, but Carly hadn't found out until the court hearing when Sonny had been on the witness stand. Sonny insisted that he had intended to tell her, but Jason had died.

Carly conceded that it had been a difficult time when Jason had died. "So, you forgive me?" Sonny asked. Carly admitted that she loved Sonny, but she wished that his relationship with Nina had never happened. Sonny promised that he would erase everything that had happened in Nixon Falls if he could go back in time, but Carly was skeptical. Sonny revealed that he had planned to recreate their wedding in Martinique. Touched, Carly conceded that it had been a perfect plan.

Sonny and Carly reminisced about their wedding and how Sonny had been reluctant to get married, but Carly had pushed. Sonny had relented because he had trusted Carly. Carly acknowledged that recreating their wedding would have been a wonderful evening filled with nostalgia, but it wouldn't fix their problems because it was clear to her that what they had was not working for him. Sonny disagreed, and he insisted that it was his turn to have faith. They had been strong in Martinique, and they would continue to be strong. He asked her to show him that she was willing to try by meeting him as they had planned.

"I'll be waiting," Sonny said. However, he suggested that if Carly wasn't ready, then perhaps she never would be. Carly remained quiet as she watched Sonny leave.

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Alexis asked if Willow was in trouble. Harmony apologized for alarming Alexis, and she assured Alexis that Willow was fine. Relieved, Alexis took the opportunity to tell Harmony about Alexis' heart-to-heart talk with Kristina. Alexis was confident that Kristina was on board with Alexis and Harmony's friendship. Harmony worried that Alexis might change her mind once Alexis heard what Harmony had to say. Alexis poured them each a cup of coffee and guided Harmony to the chair in front of Alexis' desk.

After Alexis settled into her chair, Harmony told Alexis about Willow and Michael's plan to go to Paris and about Willow's need for a birth certificate to get a passport. Alexis assured Harmony that it would be easy to get a replacement, but Harmony explained that Willow didn't have a birth certificate. Alexis was confused because Willow had needed to produce one when Willow had married Michael, attended school, and applied for a driver's license. Harmony admitted that Willow had used a forged birth certificate that Harmony had obtained from someone in a commune where Harmony had given birth to Willow. Surprised, Alexis asked why Harmony hadn't filed an official birth certificate.

According to Harmony, the community that she had lived in had been paranoid, and they had feared attracting unwanted scrutiny from the state authorities. Alexis was impressed that the forged document hadn't raised any red flags over the years. Harmony regretted her stupid decision, and she didn't want to be the reason that Willow couldn't go on the trip, because Willow had been so excited about her first trip overseas. Alexis pointed out that she wasn't an attorney, but Harmony insisted that she trusted Alexis. Harmony begged Alexis to help.

Alexis agreed to talk to a former colleague. Harmony thanked Alexis, but Alexis asked Harmony to stop being so hard on herself. Alexis reminded Harmony that Harmony had done a lot for Alexis. Alexis wanted to help because Harmony was her friend.

At Kelly's, Spencer returned from the back room with his last paycheck. He wondered if he should put it on the prison books for "ramen and postage stamps." Esme was not amused. Kevin suggested that Spencer had seen too many prison movies, and he advised Spencer to take it one step at a time. Kevin changed the subject to talk about Spencer's send-off. Kevin assured Spencer that Laura would join them soon.

When Kevin asked about Spencer's friends, Spencer muttered that he wouldn't hold his breath for them to make an appearance. Concerned, Kevin asked if there had been trouble. Esme ignored Kevin's question as she assured Spencer that she would see Spencer every week, and she promised to do whatever was necessary to help Spencer get through his time in prison.

Outside, Anna was on her cell phone as she left Valentin a message to return her call. Victor rounded the corner in time to hear Anna, and she quickly ended the call as he approached her. Anna was not happy to see him, but he ignored her hostility and struck up a conversation by asking if she was on her way to the hospital to oversee Peter's transfer to Pentonville. When Anna revealed that she wasn't involved in the transfer, Victor offered to buy Anna a cup of coffee because he wanted to get better acquainted with the woman who meant so much to his son.

Anna declined the invitation, but she seized the opportunity to ask if Victor had seen or heard from Valentin. Victor easily lied. He claimed that he hadn't seen his son since the previous day, but Valentin had seemed distracted. Anna asked Victor to have Valentin call her -- if he saw Valentin. Seconds later, Anna's phone rang. Victor saw on the cell phone's screen that it was from the WSB.

After a brief exchange, Anna ended the call. Victor asked her about it, but all she would tell him was that she had to "see a man about a dog." After Anna left, Victor entered Kelly's and warmly greeted his great-nephew. Spencer was happy to see Victor, but Spencer couldn't hide his apprehension about going to prison. Spencer cheered up when Victor revealed that a guard named "Samuel" would be on hand to help if Spencer encountered any difficulties.

Kevin asked to have a private word with Victor, and the two men stepped outside. Kevin assured Victor that they all wanted Spencer to be safe at Spring Ridge, but Kevin didn't believe it served Spencer's interests to rely on a guard who was in league with Victor. Victor was unapologetic that he had friends that Spencer could avail himself of, because Victor believed that it was no different than if Kevin and Laura had friends who could be of help to Spencer. Victor suggested that instead of scolding him, Kevin should be thanking Victor.

Inside, Spencer was grateful for the people -- especially Esme -- who had helped make things easier for him. Esme's tone filled with bitterness as she claimed that she wished that his friends could be added to the list, but Spencer defended Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina because they had every right to be angry. Esme's irritation mounted when Spencer admitted that he hoped that Trina was okay. Esme insisted that Trina would be fine, but she invited him to continue to worry about Trina instead of his girlfriend, who would be left behind without a friend.

Victor entered Kelly's in time to hear Esme complain that the entire town hated her. Spencer suggested that she was overreacting because she had both Kevin and Laura, but she insisted that -- at best -- Kevin and Laura tolerated her for Spencer's sake. Victor approached the table and confessed that he had overheard what Esme had said. Victor assured Esme that she could turn to him if she needed anything. "See?" Spencer asked. Spencer quickly excused himself and stepped outside to talk to Kevin.

Victor sat down with Esme. He admitted that he knew what it was like to feel unwelcome, and he confided that he'd just gotten an earful from Kevin. Victor assured Esme that time would fly quickly while Spencer was away. Victor reminded her of the saying that absence made the heart grow fonder, and he was impressed when Esme named the poet. Esme explained that Spencer had taken a Roman Civ class, but she was certain that Sextus Propertius had had friends.

"If everyone liked you, then you're probably not being true to yourself," Victor said. Esme smiled and asked who had written it. "Me," Victor answered. Esme noticed during their conversation that Victor had checked his watch several times, and she asked him about it. Rather than answer her, he glanced outside and remarked that it appeared that Spencer had left. Esme's expression turned stormy.

Meanwhile, Spencer asked why Kevin was outside in the freezing cold. Kevin explained that he had been waiting for Laura. Spencer apologized for not mentioning that he had invited his uncle, but Kevin assured Spencer that Spencer had been allowed to invite whoever he wanted. Spencer knew that his grandmother didn't trust Victor, so Kevin conceded that Laura had concerns. However, Kevin said Victor should be there if he was important to Spencer. Kevin believed that the last thing that Spencer needed was to have regrets when he was about to start the next chapter of his life.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava was surprised when Trina arrived for work. Trina admitted that her trip had been cut short, and it couldn't have gone any worse. Trina quickly filled Ava in about what had transpired at the cabin, including Trina's reaction to a hot toddy. Ava didn't condone underage drinking, but Trina assured Ava that it had only been one drink -- and Trina's last for a long time. Satisfied, Ava blamed the entire debacle on Esme. "Why is that girl always nearby when there's trouble?" Ava asked.

Trina assured Ava that Ava was not alone in thinking that Esme was trouble. Trina revealed that Cameron and Josslyn had both warned Spencer about his girlfriend, but Trina had no idea if they had gotten through to him. Trina couldn't understand why Spencer was still interested in Esme. Ava explained that sometimes it took the right person to make someone realize that they deserved better. Ava switched gears because she was curious how things were between Trina and Josslyn. Trina admitted that she had told Josslyn that there had been no hard feelings.

Ava wondered if that had been wise because Ava recalled how much Trina had liked Cameron. Trina acknowledged that she had liked Cameron "back in the day," but both Trina and Cameron had realized that it hadn't been right. Trina insisted that no one was to blame, but she had felt lousy for a time. Ava asked if Trina had told her friends that, but Trina refused to hurt anyone's feelings.

Ava made it clear that Trina was her only priority, but Trina was adamant that she was over Cameron. Ava suspected that Spencer might have something to do with Trina's desire to move on. Trina insisted that she and Spencer were just friends. Trina knew that Ava didn't like Spencer, but Trina believed that he was a good guy despite making poor choices and having a nightmare girlfriend. Ava didn't trust Spencer, but she believed that he benefited from having Trina in his life. Ava wanted Trina to benefit, too -- and not be the target of Esme's jealousy.

Trina assured Ava that Esme had no reason to be jealous. Ava smiled, but she didn't argue. Instead, Ava offered to switch things around if Trina was uncomfortable supervising Spencer when he reported for work. Trina was confident that it wouldn't be a problem, but she admitted that she had no idea how to deal with what had happened at the cabin, in part because she had been a mess and had no memory of what she had said. Trina confided that Spencer had sent several text messages and left voicemail messages apologizing. As if on cue, Trina's phone rang.

Trina sent the call to voicemail when she saw that it was Spencer. Ava gently reminded Trina that Spencer might be trying to touch base with Trina because he was scheduled to report to Spring Ridge. Trina felt horrible for ignoring him, and she quickly grabbed her things. Ava pointed out that Spencer had a lot of people to lean on, but he had kept trying to call Trina. Trina smiled just as Spencer entered the gallery.

In the Quartermaine living room, Ned questioned his mother about the charges that Tracy faced for selling a piece of the counterfeit Ice Princess diamond. Tracy assured everyone that she had thought the diamond had been real, so Michael asked when Tracy had last had the diamond checked. Tracy admitted that Luke had always taken care of things like that. Laura regretfully informed Tracy that the arrest warrant was valid, and there was nothing that Laura could do to help Tracy. Ned decided to call his lawyer, but Tracy suddenly realized that she recognized the lead WSB agent. Luke had always referred to the man as "Dave the Dumpster diver."

Tracy revealed that the agent had been obsessed with nailing Luke on trumped-up charges, and Dave had followed Tracy and Luke around the Netherlands. Dave had even gone so far as to hold her and Luke at the Belgian border for twelve hours without cause. Dave made it clear that he didn't answer to anyone there, and Tracy was in WSB custody. Drew warned Dave that Dave and the other agent would not be taking Drew's aunt anywhere. Drew introduced himself, and when Drew saw that Dave had recognized the name, Drew announced that he had information that the WSB would be very interested in.

Michael stepped forward and introduced himself. Michael revealed that he was in charge of the digital division of Aurora Media, and Michael would welcome the opportunity to print Drew's story. Dave realized that Drew might pose a big problem, so he asked what Drew wanted. Drew asked for Anna.

A short time later, Anna arrived. After she was filled in about the arrest warrant for Tracy, Michael expressed his concerns about Dave's agenda. Anna assured everyone that she would get to the bottom of things. Tracy asked Anna to be quick about it because Tracy had to get back home and tie up some loose ends that Luke had left. "God knows what he was into before he died," Tracy said. After Anna stepped away to confer with the agents, Ned thanked Drew. Drew reminded his cousin that it was what family did for each other.

Anna returned and revealed that Tracy's buyer had had the fragment of the Ice Princess diamond appraised. It had been close to worthless. Tracy insisted that it was news to her, but Anna admitted that the WSB had their doubts about that. Laura was curious why the WSB, rather than Interpol, had been involved. Anna suspected that it was a matter of jockeying for position because the Ice Princess was valuable and of enormous interest. Anna pointedly looked at Dave as she warned him that the case would be closely scrutinized.

Anna turned her attention back to Tracy because Anna wanted to know how Tracy had found a buyer for the diamond. Tracy admitted that she had used an intermediary that she and Luke had used in the past. Anna asked for the person's name and for Tracy to walk Anna through where the Ice Princess had been stored and when it had last been appraised. Ned asked about Tracy's arrest. Anna explained that it wasn't necessary to take Tracy into custody because she was cooperating. Dave objected, but Anna made it clear that she was in charge.

After Dave and his partner stepped outside to wait for Anna, Anna asked Tracy a few more questions. Afterwards, Anna stepped into the foyer and called Maxie. Meanwhile, Ned walked Laura to the door. He admitted that he was glad that the Ice Princess had been taken off his mother's hands. Laura didn't blame him, but she was curious if Tracy had ever mentioned someone threatening Luke over the diamond. Ned didn't recall anything, and Laura quickly changed the subject by telling him that it had been a lovely wedding.

In the living room, Willow excused herself to check on Wiley. Michael assured Drew that the offer to go public with what Victor had done remained open. Drew was grateful, and he was certain that one way or another, Victor would face justice. Moments later, Willow returned to report that Leo had been showing Wiley how to build an aqueduct with cookie dough and milk. Michael chuckled, and he suggested that ELQ would do well with Leo and Wiley in charge. Drew reminded Michael that Scout was part of the same generation. All three agreed that they looked forward to watching the children grow up.

In the foyer, Ned and Tracy said their goodbyes. They shared a warm hug, and Tracy advised Ned to protect his family. She assured him that she had meant what she had told him earlier. "I love you, too," Ned said.

In the library, Austin and Maxie discussed the kiss that they had shared. Maxie assured him that it had meant a lot to her, and it had been proof that the connection they felt was real. She promised that he was important to her, and she had no regrets about kissing him; however, she said it couldn't happen again. She explained that she couldn't give their relationship the attention that it deserved until she had Louise back. Austin blamed his poor timing, but she reminded him that she had kissed him. Maxie was grateful that she had found him, and she couldn't imagine what she would have done if he hadn't been there to deliver Louise.

Austin assured Maxie that he was glad that he had been able to help. However, he wondered if she would be "friend-zoning" him if they had met under more conventional circumstances. Maxie insisted that it was only until things settled down, but she wanted to be clear that she didn't expect Austin to wait for her. Austin was curious if she wanted him to move on, but Maxie insisted that she just wanted him to be happy. Austin smiled, and he told her that he didn't have any plans to go anywhere. He asked if she had a problem with that. "Not even the tiniest bit," Maxie said.

A short time later, Anna entered the library to ask if Maxie had spoken to Valentin. Maxie tensed when Anna explained that Valentin had had a lead on Louise, but Valentin hadn't elaborated on it. Anna explained that ever since Valentin had learned that "Bailey" was not his daughter, he had been determined to reunite Maxie with Louise. Austin suddenly recalled several encounters with Maxie and Brook Lynn as the pieces began to fall into place.

Outside Kelly's, Laura told Kevin about Ned and Olivia's wedding and the arrival of the WSB agents. Laura admitted that she suspected that Luke's death, the counterfeit Ice Princess, and Victor resurfacing were all connected.

Peter is transferred to Pentonville

Peter is transferred to Pentonville

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Sonny arrived at Charlie's, and Phyllis noticed that he seemed to be in a good mood. He caught sight of Britt sitting at the bar, and he approached her to thank her for her discretion. She replied that confidentiality was part of her job, and she hoped that he was feeling better. He assured her that the previous night was almost forgotten. Drew entered the establishment. Drew approached Sonny, but Phyllis pulled Sonny away to talk instead.

Phyllis told Sonny that she'd been playing "phone tag" with Nina, and she assumed that Nina had been calling about Sonny. Sonny updated Phyllis on how he'd stopped taking his medication and how Nina had eventually gotten him to the hospital. He hadn't wanted to tell Carly about it because he wanted her to return to him because she wanted to, not because she felt obligated to. However, Phyllis believed that Carly would be "all in" with Sonny if he told her about how his brain chemistry had affected his behavior.

Drew sat down at the bar next to Britt, and she wondered what he'd done to get on Sonny's bad side. "I'm not my brother," he replied. She urged him to cut Sonny some slack, as he'd had a rough year, and Drew said that he could relate. He apologized for mentioning Jason, as she was probably at the bar to forget. She countered that she was actually there to meet Liesl, who was playing matchmaker for Britt.

Britt was surprised that Liesl had not yet shown up because her mother was always on time. "Even the world's greatest clock makers still lose track of time when they're in love," Britt said with a laugh. On the topic of love, Britt wondered what would happen between him and Sam if Sam wasn't with Dante. Drew remarked that Sam was with Dante, so it didn't matter. Just then, the bartender set down a drink in front of Drew, "courtesy of Mr. Corinthos." Drew looked back at Sonny, who raised his glass to Drew.

Drew approached Sonny, and Phyllis walked away. Sonny explained that he hadn't been himself at the Savoy, and he'd taken everything going on in his life out on Drew. Sonny apologized and assured Drew that he was a good friend, man, and father. He added that they both knew what it was like to lose irreplaceable people.

At the bar, Britt commented to Phyllis that Sonny was "full of surprises." "So was 'Mike,'" Phyllis replied. Phyllis knew that Britt was a friend of Nina's. Britt answered that she and Nina weren't that close, but they shared a brother and things that bonded people for life. Phyllis was glad that Nina had Britt. Britt wondered what Phyllis thought about Nina either fighting for Sonny or retreating.

A short while later, Phyllis returned to Sonny, and Drew returned to the bar. Sonny expressed his hope that if Drew was able to forgive him, Carly could, too. At the bar, Britt suggested that, since Drew was no longer on Sonny's bad side, he should see where he stood with Sam. He answered that it was all about what Sam wanted. "What about what you want?" she asked, and she left.

Sam knocked on Maxie's door, and Spinelli let her in. He explained that he was babysitting, and Maxie wasn't home, but Sam was there to see him. He thought that she might be worried about Dante escorting Peter to prison, but she insisted she wasn't. Spinelli theorized that Dante had a high-risk profession just like Jason had had, when all she wanted was a stable life like she'd had with Drew. He mentioned that Drew was back.

A few minutes later, Sam and Spinelli played Spinelli's video game as Sam went on about how grateful she was that Drew was back. She explained that she was crazy about Dante, but Spinelli knew that she had history with Drew that she didn't have with Dante. He suggested that she had a chance to see where things with Drew might have gone if that was what she wanted.

Spencer arrived at the gallery and thought that seeing Trina was important. "So is Trina's happiness," Ava shot back. Trina assured Ava that she would lock up, so Ava left. Trina informed Spencer that she'd ignored and deleted all his messages, but he talked about how much he had to say to her before he left. Trina told him that everything about Esme was a red flag. Spencer explained that Esme had made him feel less alone and like he mattered. Trina said that it was never too late for him to start believing in himself. She urged him to go see his family, but he said, "Not yet," and he took her hands. "Kevin told me to say goodbye to the people who matter most to me, and that's what I'm doing," he stated.

At Kelly's, Esme and Victor were talking about where Spencer could have gone when Laura and Kevin entered. Laura asked for a word with Victor, so Esme joined Kevin by the door. Laura demanded to know what Victor was up to, and he answered that he wanted to wish his nephew luck at Spring Ridge. Laura didn't want Victor to be there when Spencer returned, and Victor reminded her that Spencer would be going to Pentonville if not for him. Nikolas arrived and urged Victor to listen to Laura. Victor eagerly left, and Laura commented that Victor seemed all too happy for a reason to leave.

Ava arrived and announced that Spencer was at the gallery with Trina. Esme thought they should go there to make sure Spencer knew that they all supported him. Esme left, and Laura thought that Nikolas needed to go see Spencer. Just then, Kevin's phone rang. Moments later, he revealed that he had to tend to a patient emergency, and he left. Noticing the time, Laura said that they needed to get Spencer to Spring Ridge soon. Nikolas sarcastically said that Victor would smooth out any problems. Laura talked about her concerns about Victor, not least of which was that he'd worked with Peter.

At the gallery, a stunned Esme arrived just in time to see Spencer and Trina grow closer and share a kiss. Gathering herself, she called out for Spencer as if she hadn't seen them, and the two quickly pulled apart. Esme informed Spencer that he needed to get to Spring Ridge soon, or they would add on to his sentence. She figured that Trina wouldn't want that on her conscience after what had happened at the cabin, and the two went back and forth about whose fault it had been. Esme decided to put it aside for Spencer. "I can if you can," Trina replied.

Laura arrived and told Spencer that they needed to go. Spencer replied that he'd said goodbye to everyone who mattered. "Not everyone," Nikolas said as he and Ava entered. Esme urged Spencer to meet Nikolas halfway, as his father was trying. He thanked Nikolas for being there and hoped they could see each other when he got out. "See you in a month," Spencer said to Trina. "Not if I see you first," she shot back. Esme made a show of giving Spencer a big kiss and telling him how much she would miss him. She reminded him that she was an intern at Spring Ridge, so she wouldn't be far away. Laura escorted Spencer out as Esme glared at Trina, and Ava looked at Nikolas in concern.

Outside Kelly's, Victor made a phone call and asked if everything was in place. "Everything is on schedule," the call recipient assured him, and Victor requested to know when the "package" arrived. Later, he called his associate Johann, who assured him that the "package" was right on time. Victor hung up the phone and smiled.

At the Quartermaines', Anna confided in Maxie and Austin that Valentin had been determined to reunite Maxie and Louise ever since he'd learned that Bailey wasn't his. Just then, Austin replayed all of his conversation with Maxie and Brook Lynn in his head. "Oh, my God," he said. He claimed that he was just thinking about how much it meant to Maxie to have Peter going to prison that night. He thought that Maxie might feel better if Anna was there to witness the transport, so Anna gave Maxie a hug and left.

Austin had hoped that Maxie had kissed him because she was attracted to him, but he believed it had been a distraction. He revealed that he knew that "Bailey" was actually Louise. Maxie confirmed it and apologized for keeping him in the dark, but she hadn't had a choice. Maxie explained how both Brook Lynn and Chase had become involved, and she stated that she could live with the decisions she'd made. Austin was initially hurt and angry that she hadn't trusted him, but he admitted that he understood. "First, I was wrong not to tell you the truth, [and] now I'm right? Pick a lane, buddy," Maxie retorted. However, he realized that he'd been a stranger back then. He assured her that her secret was safe with him. She remarked that he was no longer a stranger, and she kissed him.

In Peter's hospital room, he complained that his shackles were too tight. "You don't like shackles, Peter? You probably shouldn't go on a crime spree," Dante quipped. He advised Peter to say goodbye to his freedom, but Peter only said, "'Til we meet again." Dante hoped that Peter had a long life in Pentonville, full of anxiety and the realization that everyone had forgotten about him. Peter believed that no one would ever forget about him.

Out in the hall, Mac was getting ready for Peter's transfer when Felicia arrived. He agreed to let Felicia observe, only so she could bear witness for Maxie. Felicia also wanted to know the second Peter was processed at Pentonville. Anna arrived as Mac went into Peter's room. Moments later, Mac, Dante, and two officers escorted Peter from his room. He saw Anna and was glad to have family there. Anna clarified that she was there to make sure he was kept from Maxie and Louise for the rest of his life. Peter and his escorts got into the elevator, and he gave Anna an evil smile as the doors closed.

A short while later, Felicia caught Anna checking her phone and assured her that the transfer to Pentonville was probably going smoothly. Anna explained that she'd actually been waiting to hear from Valentin, who'd left her a message about having a lead on Louise. Felicia thought that Valentin could take care of himself, and everything would be fine as long as Peter was away for good.

In the transport van, Peter rambled on about Sam and Drew, and Dante replied that he couldn't wait until Peter was gone. Mac alerted the officer driving to a sign that warned of icy conditions. Just then, the officer stopped the van, and they spotted a car off the road that they assumed had slid on black ice. Mac didn't want to take any chances stopping, so he called the accident in to the state police. Dante commended him for the wise choice and added, "Next stop, Pentonville."

"Nice try," Dante said to Peter, but Peter insisted that he would think of a ruse much more interesting than that. Just then, the van ran something over, so the officer stopped the van. Mac and Dante got out to see what they'd hit, and Dante noticed that all four of the van's tires had been punctured. A car began to approach them, and Mac ordered that they get back in the van as they got their guns out.

Peter escapes and is on the loose

Peter escapes and is on the loose

Friday, February 4, 2022

Somewhere on Route 31, Mac and Dante examined the police transport vehicle and found all four tires flattened. Suddenly, headlights approached them, and they feared that they were in the midst of an ambush. Without warning, Kendall, the driver of the transport vehicle, sneaked up behind Dante and sucker-punched him.

Later, a prison transport dispatch operator radioed to ask for an update on the vehicle's status. Dante struggled to reach the walkie-talkie. He was able to reach out and weakly replied, "10-999. Officers down."

At General Hospital, Felicia said that she wished she could have watched Peter get put behind bars because she would have been able to capture the moment in a photo. Anna told Felicia that Peter had been dealt with, and they could focus their energy on finding Louise. As more time passed without hearing from Mac, Felicia worried that something bad had happened.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Maxie told Austin that she was glad that he finally knew the truth about Louise. Austin imagined that it had been difficult for Maxie to "juggle a lot of lies with a lot of really well-meaning people." Austin wondered if Maxie kissing him again came with an ulterior motive. "Did you befriend me out of some kind of necessity?" Austin asked, referring to himself as "new" and "safe."

Maxie argued that Austin was anything but safe. She suggested that staying away from Austin would have been a safer course of action. Maxie said that she felt drawn to Austin because she had feelings for him. She asked if he felt similar, but before he could answer, his phone rang. Austin told Maxie that he had to take the call, and he left.

At the beach house, Brook Lynn put "Bailey" to sleep and told the infant that "Mommy loves [her]." Brook Lynn returned downstairs and told Chase that "Bailey" was fast asleep. Chase mused that it "must be exhausting being that cute." Brook Lynn replied, "You would know." Chase laughed and thanked Brook Lynn for the compliment, but she quickly explained that she'd meant Chase had to have had cute, chubby cheeks when he'd been a baby.

Brook Lynn and Chase briefly discussed Olivia and Ned's vow renewal ceremony and Tracy's near-arrest. When Chase expressed his concern that the WSB incident might have marred Ned and Olivia's big day, Brook Lynn assured him that Ned and Olivia had fought too hard for their marriage to let anything ruin it. "Sometimes two people just belong together," Chase said softly.

Chase told Brook Lynn that she deserved a love as strong as Ned and Olivia's. "That's a mighty generous thing to say to a person like me," Brook Lynn snapped. Chase asked Brook Lynn what she meant by that statement. Brook Lynn rose to her feet, ordered Chase to "cut the act," and stomped out of the house.

Chase chased after Brook Lynn to ask what she'd meant. He wrapped a blanket around her to keep her warm. Brook Lynn shared that she had overheard Chase's conversation with Dante when they'd first moved into the beach house. Chase suddenly understood why Brook Lynn had been "so hot and cold" with him. Chase claimed that he had lied to Dante to keep Dante from figuring out what was really going on. Brook Lynn seemed surprised that Chase did not think that she was a horrible person. Chase said that he was impressed by what Brook Lynn had done to help Maxie. Chase said that he and Brook Lynn were partners but that being partners meant that they could not be anything more than friends.

Brook Lynn asked Chase if he had considered the possibility of them being more than friends. The two were mere inches apart as Chase once again said that he liked Brook Lynn as a friend. Brook Lynn, breathing somewhat labored, panted that "anything more would be too complicated." The two went back and forth, making short statements about how nothing could happen between them, as they drew closer and closer to one another.

By the time Anna arrived at the scene on Route 31, she found an officer dead in the back of the transport vehicle and no sign of Peter. With the scene clear, Anna called out that it was safe for Felicia to join her. Dante and Mac were both unconscious. As Felicia tended to Mac, she realized that he had been shot.

When the medics arrived, they worked to stabilize Mac before transporting him to the hospital. Dante was furious with himself for allowing Peter to escape. He told Anna everything that he remembered before he'd lost consciousness.

Sam told Spinelli that Dante was a "great father" who had stepped up to take care of Scout, Danny, and Rocco. Spinelli wondered about Sam's unfinished business with Drew. Before Sam could get into too much detail, a visibly flustered Maxie burst through the door. Sam asked if Maxie was okay, and Maxie blurted out that she had kissed Austin.

Spinelli was noticeably disappointed when Maxie clarified that the kiss she had shared with Austin had been "great." Before she could go into any more detail, Austin phoned Maxie to tell her that he was in the emergency room at General Hospital because there had been a shooting on Route 31. Maxie recognized that as the road to Pentonville.

Austin shared that he only knew that there were multiple injuries and two fatalities. Spinelli headed to the computer to look for additional information.

Kristina found Sonny standing on the deck of the Haunted Star. He was wearing a white tuxedo with a black bow tie and clutched a long-stemmed red rose in his hand. Kristina worried that it was too cold to be standing outside, but she wished her dad well in his attempt to make things right with Carly.

Carly returned to the footbridge and thought about whether or not she would be meeting Sonny. As she contemplated what to do, Drew appeared next to her. Drew asked Carly if she was missing Jason. "Always," she replied. Drew offered to lend an ear or leave, whichever Carly felt would be better. Carly told Drew that he did not have to leave.

Asked if he were thinking about Jason, as well, Drew said that Oscar had been on his mind. Drew shared that he was incredibly grateful for the few years he'd had with Oscar, but he still wished he could have had more. Carly told Drew that she was trying to decide what to do about Sonny.

Kristina phoned Carly and apologized for bothering her. She informed Carly that Sonny was waiting aboard the Haunted Star and wanted to know if Carly had any intention of showing up. Carly agreed that the situation was none of Kristina's business. Kristina begged Carly to meet Sonny halfway and hear him out. "I can't do this right now, Kristina," Carly said tersely before hanging up.

Drew asked Carly about the call. Carly explained that she didn't need romance from Sonny; she needed space to figure out her feelings. Drew questioned why Sonny had arranged a romantic evening when Carly had made it clear that she wanted space and time. "That's not about meeting Sonny halfway; that's just Sonny being Sonny, trying to fix things on his timetable," Drew said.

That aside, Drew urged Carly to ask herself if she was certain that she did not want to meet up with Sonny. Carly said that "Champagne and candles" were not going to fix what was wrong between her and Sonny. She added that she did not like Sonny's implied ultimatum that if she did not show up, their relationship was over.

Drew wondered if perhaps Sonny had not made an ultimatum but rather a "cry for help." He told Carly that going to the Haunted Star would not be "caving" to Sonny, but rather throwing him a lifeline. Carly realized that she needed to tell Sonny that she was "still in this" and could work through their problems without closing the door on their marriage. Carly gave Drew a hug and thanked him.

Back at the Haunted Star, Sonny remained outside, shivering as he awaited Carly's arrival. He took a small wooden box out of the inside pocket of his jacket. The box contained two wedding bands. In the distance, Sonny heard footsteps approaching.

Kristina boarded the ship and told her father that Carly would not be meeting him. "Carly said she could not meet you halfway," Kristina said with tears in her eyes. Tears began to stream down Sonny's cheek.

At Charlie's Pub, Nina breezed past Liesl and asked the bartender if Phyllis was around. Liesl asked how long Nina planned to avoid her. Nina turned and noted that her relationship with "Mike" would never have been exposed in court if Liesl had not meddled. Liesl insisted that she had done Nina a favor.

Nina insisted that she would have gone to prison before revealing her past in Nixon Falls with Sonny. Liesl noted that it was easy for Nina to say that after the fact. Liesl insisted that she did not want to fight with Nina. "I understand what it's like to make bad choices for love's sake," Liesl said tenderly. Liesl asked Nina to have a seat so they could talk.

Nina told her aunt that she had had another run-in with Carly. Nina explained that she had tried to tell Carly that Sonny appeared to be having a manic episode. When she learned that Nina had not actually told Carly the news, Liesl commented that it did not seem like Nina had tried hard enough. Liesl wondered if Nina had withheld the news because Nina did not want Sonny and Carly to get back together.

Nina got up to leave, but Liesl asked her not to go. Liesl asked if Nina loved Sonny. Rather than answering directly, Nina replied that Sonny was committed to his marriage to Carly. Liesl wondered if Sonny could love Carly and Nina.

Kristina entered the pub, talking to Molly on the phone and filling her in on what was going on with Sonny. When Kristina hung up the phone to start her shift, she turned around and saw Liesl standing at the bar, waiting to talk to her.

Liesl ordered a vodka tonic and returned to her table. Liesl told Nina that she'd overheard Kristina on the phone, stating that Sonny was "in a bad way." Nina worried that Sonny might be having another manic episode. Liesl told her niece that Sonny was aboard the Haunted Star, "all alone."

Back on Route 31, Anna informed one of the WSB agents that had arrived on the scene to get tire tread prints from the vehicle that had been parked on the shoulder of the road. An officer approached to tell Anna that Kendall had been located. Anna asked to speak to Kendall immediately so that they could get some answers. The officer informed her that Kendall was dead.

Anna ordered the police to put out an APB on Peter and warned that Peter was to be considered "armed and extremely dangerous." She then phoned Drew to tell him about the ambush.

Maxie and Sam arrived at General Hospital to get an update on the condition of the officers that had been transported to the hospital. Felicia informed Maxie that Mac had lost a lot of blood. Austin told Sam that Dante was being cared for in Cubicle Two. Sam entered the cubicle and gave Dante a hug. He apologized for having worried her.

Felicia was granted permission to see Mac. Maxie turned to Austin and begged him to tell her that one of the dead bodies found at the scene belonged to Peter. Austin sadly informed her that Peter was on the loose.

Still alone on the deck of the Haunted Star, Sonny stopped himself from throwing the box of wedding bands into the water. Moments later, Nina arrived.

At the beach house, Chase received a phone call from Dante alerting him to Peter's escape. Brook Lynn and Chase raced to "Bailey's" room, but when they got there, the crib was empty, and there was no sign of the baby. Brook Lynn cried out in horror.

Meanwhile, Peter buckled Louise into a car seat in the back of a vehicle. Once he'd determined that the infant was "safe and snug," Peter calmly assured the child that, "Daddy's here now. We're together, and I'm never letting you go."

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The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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