General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 21, 2022 on GH

Felicia struck Peter with a tire iron. Anna took steps to make certain that Peter died from his injuries. Maxie decided to name her daughter Bailey Louise. Sonny and Carly reached an agreement about their divorce, and Sonny moved into the penthouse. Nina urged Sonny to stop drinking. Curtis and Drew made a decision about Marshall. Tensions mounted between Esme and Josslyn. Sasha made a fateful decision.
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Peter was declared dead and Maxie reunited with her daughter, who she renamed Bailey Louise
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WSB agents locate Peter's house

WSB agents locate Peter's house

Monday, February 21, 2022

At the Metro Court restaurant, Ned invited Olivia to join him and Leo for a swim. He assured her that the weather was warm enough. Olivia agreed to tend to some things quickly, and she was soon ready to go.

Nearby, Laura and Ava chatted. Laura admitted to admiring Ava for encouraging Nikolas to have a relationship with Spencer after all that had happened. Ava only wanted what was best. Laura revealed that she was waiting for Esme, who was late. Esme finally showed up, and Ava left to take care of some art business. Esme sat down, and Laura reprimanded her for being late. Laura made it clear that things had to change.

Laura declared that Esme had a complete lack of respect and carried a sense of entitlement around Laura's house. Laura also wanted to know about Ryan Chamberlain, because she was aware of Kevin having restricted Esme's visits with him. Esme claimed that her class work gave her a purpose. While Laura stressed that she and Kevin cared about Esme, the young woman didn't buy it. She had no friends, and her childhood nanny, to whom she'd been close, had moved on. Laura was aware that Esme had fallen out with Spencer's friends, and she thought it was better to mend fences. Esme promised to do better.

Laura maintained that Esme needed a support system. Esme, who had announced her hunger, asked for a rain check instead. She said she had fences to mend. Laura was pleased and offered to pick up food to bring home for later. Esme liked the sound of home.

Ava joined Olivia and Ned, and Olivia reminded Leo of his relationship to Ava. He remembered her from the night he'd disappeared from the gallery. Ava promised to let Leo know if more animal photos were available for him to see, and Ned took the boy aside in order for Olivia and Ava to chat. Olivia informed Ava of Leo's autism diagnosis, and Ava was sorry she hadn't spent more time with him. She apologized for being too involved in the Cassadine family instead of her own.

Olivia confessed to not having noticed Leo's behavior, either, and she explained all that had been available to her son regarding his schooling and activities. Ava was sure that Julian would have wanted her to spend more time with her nephew. Olivia told Ava about Ned's pending adoption of Leo but promised that Julian would always be recognized as Leo's biological father. She described the strong bond between Ned and Leo, and she told Ava that it was never too late for Ava to get acquainted with Leo.

Ned and Laura met, and he mentioned that Tracy was familiar with Leo's diagnosis. He added that Tracy had been cleared of swapping the Ice Princess. It had been proven to have been changed prior to Tracy's sale of it. She was thinking of a lawsuit. Ned remarked that it was good that Luke wasn't alive to hear about it. Laura noted that maybe that was the point. Ava and Olivia walked over, and Ava chatted with Leo about the book he was writing with Ned. He asked her to draw some pictures for it, and she promised to try.

Trina and Josslyn sat at a table at Kelly's and talked about the heat wave. Josslyn announced that she would have to borrow Trina's clothes, as she refused to go home and take the chance of encountering Sonny. She resented his protection of Nina. Trina thought that relationships were complicated, and Josslyn asked if that was like Trina and Spencer. Josslyn thought that she and Trina had had trouble connecting since the cabin episode, and both of them admitted to having news to share. Trina went first and told Josslyn about the gift she'd received from Spencer.

Josslyn thought it was a big deal, especially after hearing that Laura had been involved in the delivery of it. She seemed annoyed, though, and reminded Trina that she was "nobody's sidepiece." Trina insisted that she and Spencer were only friends. Josslyn disclosed that she and Cameron had had sex at the cabin, and Trina replied that she had assumed so. Josslyn explained that it had felt natural, and Cameron had been sweet and romantic. Josslyn had felt safe and loved. She wanted Trina to have the same, but she didn't think Spencer would be the one.

Trina made it clear that she had no expectations, but Josslyn only wanted her friend to protect herself. Just then, Trina received a text message from Esme, who said that she wanted to talk. Trina was curious, but Josslyn was less than thrilled. When Esme arrived, she was surprised to see Josslyn. Esme asked to sit down and apologized for creating friction at the cabin. She added that the others intimidated her because they had families who cared. She only had Spencer. Trina said that no one was planning on taking Spencer away from Esme, and Esme wondered if they still considered her to be an enemy.

Trina accepted Esme's apology, and Josslyn choked on her drink. Esme told them that Laura had made her think. Josslyn reminded Esme that Laura was also Cameron's grandmother, and Esme hoped they would all visit. Josslyn disclosed that Trina had been at Laura's place to pick up a gift. Esme slowly clarified that her boyfriend had gotten Trina a gift.

Nikolas paid a surprise visit to Spencer at Spring Ridge, and they complained about the heat. Spencer asked for Port Charles news, especially any involving Maxie and Peter. He had hoped that Peter would be dead, but he thought that Victor would be able to locate him because he'd found Charlotte. Nikolas noted that Spencer didn't know Victor like he did, but that made Spencer angry. He felt that Victor had been the only one who had come through for him.

Nikolas deemed Victor's methods to be questionable, but Spencer complained that Nikolas had not helped his son, only Alexis. Nikolas retorted that there was always a price to pay with Victor. He wanted to go forward with Spencer and not backwards. Spencer demanded that Nikolas drop the restitution because he knew that strings could be pulled. He accused Nikolas of still putting Ava first.

Nikolas insisted that it wasn't a competition, and he would always have a place for Spencer. There was room for both. He wondered where Spencer's vendetta had gotten him. Spencer reminded Nikolas that Spencer had been friends with Ava until her betrayal had turned him against her. Nikolas wanted to repair his relationship with Spencer, who wanted proof. Spencer demanded that Nikolas give Spencer his trust fund, not renew Nikolas' marriage vows, and get Spencer out of prison early. Nikolas wanted to teach Spencer accountability and to learn to not avoid responsibility.

Spencer and Nikolas were yelling at each, and when Spencer began to say that he was at the mercy of the bitch, Nikolas lost it. Voices were raised even more as Nikolas yelled that Spencer was never to talk about any woman like that. "But it's okay to arrange to have a woman shot?" Spencer yelled back. Nikolas ordered Spencer to lower his voice, and Spencer laughed. He thought that Nikolas belonged in prison, too. Samuel interceded and got into Nikolas' face. He asked if there was a problem. Spencer announced that his father was leaving, although Nikolas promised to return soon.

At the WSB headquarters near the Swiss-Austrian border, Drew, Dante, Anna, and Agent Muller continued to follow and discard possible leads into Peter and Maxie's whereabouts. Drew assured an edgy Dante that they would find Peter, who had been too arrogant in his escape. Drew came up with Lethe Unlimited as a company to be checked, but Dante was impatient and argued that it was taking too long. Anna had to admit that she agreed with Dante, but suddenly, Agent Muller announced that she had found something.

Agent Muller explained that her search had come up with a record of Octavian Stone as the purchaser of record for the last ten years. Anna was able to relate the name of Octavian to Peter, and Agent Krieger offered to notify the Swiss police. He left the room. The agents, along with Dante and Drew, looked over the isolated site and the ability of Peter to escape from there. They said they couldn't let him get away.

At Peter's isolated farmhouse, he caught Maxie looking at some maps. She maintained that she wanted to go out for a walk, but Peter told her about the wolves who were outside. She admitted that she could ignore his veiled threat or tell him the truth. She planned to escape as soon as she was able to. She could no longer ignore their feigned good relationship. Peter snapped that he thought Maxie's effort was pathetic; he'd thought she'd be able to hang in a little longer.

Maxie wanted to be able to share truths, although Peter reminded her that she had just lied to him. Her children were safe, and she wanted to revisit the death of her real true love, Nathan. She explained that she'd had time to think on their trip, and she recalled that Peter had never told anyone that he was Faison's son. He had lured Faison to Port Charles. She wondered if Peter had planned for Nathan to die because he had been a better man than Peter.

Peter insisted that Nathan had never been his target, but things had worked out well. Maxie shared that she had believed Peter's lies because she had wanted to. He had played her, but she had allowed him to. She vowed to climb out of the hole she'd dug for herself, or she would die trying. She would figure it out. She would rather be with wolves than with Peter.

Peter suggested that Maxie relax and have a glass of wine. Suddenly, Maxie wrapped her arms around Peter's neck and kneed him in the groin. She grabbed her jacket and fled the house as Peter fell to the floor in pain. He growled that he would never let her go. Maxie ran into the woods and looked up at the night sky. She was grateful that Spinelli had taught her well. She wondered why she always seemed to find herself in the woods, and she headed north. Soon after, she was thrilled to reach the road. She flagged down a moving vehicle.

At the house, Dante, Drew, and Anna crept close with guns drawn. Drew gave everyone directions as they prepared to enter.

Peter takes a plunge

Peter takes a plunge

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Carly sat at her office desk at the Metro Court and stared at a Valentine's Day card from Avery and Donna. Rebecca Diamond, her divorce attorney, entered the room and told Carly she had reviewed Carly's short list of requests for the divorce settlement. Since Carly requested so little, Rebecca declared that Carly had rights and could fight for what she wanted and deserved. Carly reminded Rebecca that she had been through a brutal divorce, insisting, "I want this divorce over as painlessly as possible." Carly also said that she would not fight Sonny for primary custody of Donna.

Sonny and his divorce attorney, Malcolm, entered Carly's office. Rebecca and Malcolm greeted each other; they had battled each other in the past, and Rebecca called him "formidable." They sat and began negotiations. Rebecca informed Sonny and Malcolm that Carly did not desire to go to court. As they reviewed a list of shared assets, Rebecca continued that Carly would waive her claim to everything she shared with Sonny. After Malcolm reminded her that she was entitled to half of everything she and Sonny shared, Carly declared that she had her own money and did not need Sonny's. Sonny declined the stipulation that Carly retain the "shared residence," their lakeside house, because Carly had abandoned him.

Sonny continued to deny Carly's request for the house, and Malcolm said he would do the talking. Sonny questioned why he should give up his house and the home where Donna and Avery were comfortable. Rebecca said that the house was a sticking point. Carly replied, "There are no sticking points." Carly told them that Donna would have two separate homes, anyway, and Sonny could keep the house. Rebecca informed Sonny and Malcolm that Carly was seeking joint custody of Donna, with Donna residing with her. Sonny immediately disagreed.

Malcolm claimed that Sonny agreed on joint custody, but Donna's primary residence should be with Sonny because he was keeping the house. Rebecca argued that because Carly was asking for so little, Sonny should agree that it was in Donna's best interest to stay with Carly. Sonny questioned if Carly's residence would be the hotel, and Carly shot back that it was temporary. Malcolm added that Carly did not have a legal claim to Avery, and if Donna remained with Carly, the two sisters would be separated.

Rebecca reminded Carly that she had said "no sticking points" and asked how she wanted to proceed. Sonny and Carly dismissed their attorneys from the room so they could speak with each other alone. Carly pressed that Donna belonged with her and that Sonny could see her as often as he wanted. She declared that no matter how civil the divorce was, the girls were going to end up hurt. "Avery's already losing you. I don't want to separate the girls because of us," Sonny told her sadly. Carly told Sonny that he had set the path in motion because he had decided to sleep with Nina.

Sonny agreed that he had made mistakes that had hurt Carly, and it should have never happened. Carly reminded him it was not just her. "Our children, who think of each other as siblings, and now they're being broken up into your kids or mine," Carly told him. Sonny accused Carly of giving up. Carly told him that they could not be the couple they had been before Nixon Falls.

Carly and Sonny each affirmed to the other that the other was a great parent, and Sonny asked if they could try to keep Carly in Avery's life and Avery and Donna together. Sonny proposed that they stop the divorce and live under the same roof, without romance. Carly rejected it because she wanted Donna and Avery to see a loving and healthy relationship between them, and that was not what they were anymore.

Sonny agreed that Carly could have the house and that Donna could live with her. He said he would move into the penthouse. Carly thanked him, and they allowed their attorneys back into the room. "Sonny and I have reached an agreement. You can draw up the divorce papers," Carly said tearfully.

At Kelly's, Esme questioned if Trina had been at Laura's place to get Spencer's gift. Flustered, Trina denied that it was a Valentine's gift and said that it was not a big deal. Josslyn doubted Esme, out loud, when she said she knew about the gift. Josslyn accused Esme of being a liar and a fake. Esme questioned why Josslyn would attack her for trying to make up for hurt feelings and misunderstandings between her and Trina. Josslyn stood firm that she did not believe Esme because she said the right things but did not follow through. "Anyone can apologize, but it only counts when you mean it," Josslyn quipped.

Josslyn accused Esme of playing the victim, which Esme denied as Trina looked on in distress. Josslyn challenged Esme to tell the truth "for once in your life." Esme denied that she was lying. Josslyn continued to press the issue by asking Esme what gift Spencer had gotten for Trina. sTrina attempted to dismiss the conversation. Esme claimed that she was trying to own up to the hurtful things she had done to Josslyn and Trina and build bridges between them. She questioned if Josslyn could say the same.

Josslyn told Esme she did not care about building bridges with Esme and said that they would never be friends as long as Esme kept manipulating the people Josslyn cared about, including Spencer. Esme denied manipulating anyone and declared that Trina accepted her apology. Trina reluctantly agreed. Josslyn and Esme continued to talk over Trina, and Josslyn called attention back to the book of Trina's favorite artist, Richard Molyneaux, that Spencer had gotten for Trina. Upset, Trina rolled her eyes and declared that the gift was not a big deal. Josslyn told Esme that Trina and Spencer had a connection, which Trina denied.

Josslyn prodded Esme, asking if knowing that Spencer had given a meaningful gift to Trina made Esme mad. "The only thing that makes me mad is having you go at me when all I wanted was to make things right," Esme declared before getting up from the table and heading to the counter. Furious, Trina told Josslyn to leave Trina's name out of it the next time Josslyn wanted to go at Spencer and Esme. Esme overheard with a smile, thinking back to the smartphone and pills she'd taken to their cabin trip and setting up the camera to record Cameron and Josslyn have sex.

Josslyn asked if Trina was mad at her, and Trina quickly affirmed that she was. Trina accused Josslyn of caring more about getting one over on Esme than she did about Trina's feelings, which Josslyn denied. Trina firmly told Josslyn that Trina's relationship with Spencer was between Trina and Spencer. Josslyn tried to ask about the relationship between Spencer and Esme, and Trina told her to stay out of it.

Trina received a text message from a guy in her European History study group and said she needed to go soon. Josslyn apologized and told Trina she only wanted the best for her. Trina said that Josslyn had actually made it worse, and when Josslyn asked how, Trina told her to think hard. Trina left the table for the bathroom, and Josslyn received a call from Avery that she took outside. At the counter, Esme removed her phone from her purse and changed the case to match the one Trina had on her phone.

Trina and Josslyn returned to their table. Trina had to leave for a study group. Josslyn apologized again and asked Trina to tell her that they were good. "We're fine. Gotta go," Trina said as she rushed out the door. Esme noted that Trina had left in a hurry, and Josslyn told Esme not to act like she cared. Esme smugly told Josslyn that she knew Josslyn was just defending Trina, and she hoped Trina appreciated it. Outside Kelly's, Esme pulled the phone out of her purse with a still of Cameron and Josslyn in bed at the cabin. "Almost showtime," Esme declared.

On the docks, Victor checked his phone as Johann, his henchman, approached complaining of the heat. Unbeknownst to them, Sam lurked and overheard as Johann told Victor he had an update Victor would not like. Their contractor in Europe had not checked in. The contractor had gotten a location on Peter August, but he had been vague. Johann had been expecting him to get back with more specifics. Sam realized the conversation was important and began to film them on her phone. Victor determined that Peter had given them "the slip" and declared that Johann had to track Peter down so Victor could deal with him personally.

"Faison couldn't be trusted, and neither, it seems, can his son," Victor stated. Sam attempted to back away, but her foot knocked over a bottle, which alerted Victor and Johann that someone or something else was on the docks with them. Johann drew his weapon and searched the area. He determined it was "clear" and that it had to have been a cat. Victor looked apprehensive but dismissed it and Johann. He peeked around the corner and noticed the bottle that Sam had knocked over among other litter.

Laura and Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby stepped off the elevator at General Hospital. Laura spotted Robert, who told her that Anna, Drew, and Dante were in Europe, following up on a clue that Maxie had left, but that there had been a complication. Eileen eavesdropped as Robert continued that he'd received a text from Felicia, who had taken a commercial flight to Switzerland, despite being asked to stay back while Anna, Dante, and Drew searched for Maxie. Laura acknowledged that it was probably against WSB protocol, but Laura could not blame her. Laura and Robert joked about bending the protocol rules when someone they loved was in danger.

Robert sympathized with Felicia wanting to step up for her child, but he noted that no one was asking her to let faceless bureaucrats handle the investigation. He said Anna was there, and she was the best in the business. He said that Mac was worried when he should be focused on recovery.

Eileen approached Robert and Laura. She told Laura that their meeting with physicians and staff about a new public health initiative had been delayed. When Eileen didn't have a definite time, Laura politely asked her to get one. Eileen walked away, talking on her phone.

Sam walked up to Robert and Laura, hoping for help with a case that she was working on. She needed background information on a subject: Victor Cassadine. Eileen continued to eavesdrop. "The world would be a much nicer place if Victor would stay dead," Robert declared before asking Sam what she needed. Laura noticed Eileen standing by the elevators and asked for an update on their meeting. When Eileen told her it was canceled, Laura requested that she reschedule it for the following day and told her to go home. Eileen left on the elevators.

Sam informed Laura that she was keeping an eye on Victor for Anna, and Laura confirmed that Anna believed Victor had helped with Peter's escape. Sam showed Laura and Robert a picture of Victor and Johann on the docks. Laura confirmed that she had seen Johann at the Haunted Star during Luke's memorial, and Robert recognized him from the bar fight at Charlie's. Laura remembered that his name was Johann, and Robert sent his name and photo to the WSB to get a full identification kit. He said he would bring Johann in and use him against Victor.

Laura asked if Sam had overheard Victor and Johann's conversation. Sam relayed that they were looking for an associate of Peter's who had fallen off the radar and that Victor was not happy about it. Laura deduced that Peter and Victor might be at odds again and wondered how it would affect them.

Sam and Laura shared that they had not heard from Anna or Dante. Sam said it made sense because they were out searching for Maxie, and they would call if there were an update. Robert approached with news that "Victor's goon" was Johann Bauer, and before he'd arrived in Port Charles, he'd been in Innsbruck, Austria. Robert further confirmed that he'd been there right before Christmas. Laura recognized Innsbruck as the place that Luke's "supposed accident" had happened.

Robert questioned Laura's use of "supposed," and Laura confirmed that she had always had suspicions about the circumstances surrounding Luke's death. She hadn't brought it to anyone before because all she'd had had been her gut feeling. Laura said she did not think it was a coincidence that Victor had resurfaced at the same time that Luke had died and the Ice Princess had been stolen. She thought there was a connection. "Luke's death was not an accident, and Victor was behind it," Laura declared.

On the docks, Victor met with Eileen. She told him that he had a problem. "Sam McCall, Robert Scorpio, and Laura Collins are getting too close," Eileen said nervously.

At Peter's house in Switzerland, Dante, Anna, and Drew found themselves in the middle of gunfire. Drew was in front on the ground while Dante worried that he and Anna could not cover Drew from their positions behind a shelter. Anna yelled for Peter to give himself up because the WSB already had his location.

Anna shouted for Peter to let Maxie go so she would not be harmed. Drew yelled that "it's not good" and asked for cover. Anna and Dante covered him, and he joined them behind their shelter. Anna told Dante and Drew that they could not wait for backup from the WSB; they had to take the house themselves to prevent Peter's escape.

Drew planned with Anna and Dante on how to take the house and apprehend Peter. They agreed that Anna would lay down fire while they approached the house from opposite sides. Anna expressed concern about hitting Maxie, and Drew told her to avoid the windows and stay low to the ground. Dante and Drew made their way to the house and kicked in the door.

Dante and Drew exchanged gunfire with two men in the house, one of them being Krieger from the WSB. One man was killed, with Krieger injured by a gunshot to the side. Drew went to check the rest of the house. Anna demanded to know where Peter was, and Krieger told her that he was not there.

Drew confirmed that Maxie was not in the house. Anna asked Krieger if the other man in the house was cleared for WSB operations, and Krieger said he was a local freelancer who sometimes provided assistance. He grunted in pain and asked for medical assistance. Anna and Drew determined that Krieger was not on their side; he was either working for Peter or working for someone who had sent him after Peter. He denied the claims and said their shootout had been an exchange of "friendly fire."

Anna declared that they had to go after Peter. The WSB was en route, so Dante stayed behind with Krieger while Anna and Drew went after Peter. Krieger told Dante there had been no need to shoot him, Dante pointed out that Krieger had shot at them first. Dante asked if Krieger thought bringing in Peter before Dante, Anna, and Drew would get him a promotion. Krieger said that was why he'd done it. Dante guessed that Krieger was working for someone who did not want him to shoot Drew Cain because he and the dead freelancer had had a clear shot that they had not taken.

Maxie made it out of the woods and onto the side of the road. She flagged down a car and cried with relief when she realized it was Felicia. They embraced. Felicia held Maxie and assured her she was safe.

Felicia explained how she'd found Maxie, and she said that Anna, Drew, and Dante were coordinating with the WSB. She said that she'd flown separately because Anna had thought it would be too dangerous. Maxie questioned how Felicia had known where to look, and Felicia talked her through the conversation she'd had with Peter when she'd been unable to go to their wedding. Peter had told Felicia about his favorite place on earth, and she'd remembered it was Versteckte Wiese.

Maxie demanded she and Felicia leave because Peter was hunting her. They got in Felicia's car and drove toward the Autobahn, where Maxie said they would be safe. She rejected Felicia's idea to go toward the village because they might run into Peter.

Felicia confirmed that she had not called Anna yet because she hadn't wanted to distract her. She told Maxie that she'd gotten lost on the dark and winding road. Maxie said it was a good thing because she had just run away from Peter. They continued to drive, but they noticed a bright pair of headlights behind them.

Felicia looked in the rearview mirror. She asked Maxie if they should let the car by, and Maxie said no because it could be Peter. Maxie yelled, "Mom, look out!" Felicia swerved as the car ran them off the road.

As the car smoked, Felicia weakly said, "Maxie, no," when Maxie got out of the car to lure Peter away from them. "You want me, Peter, you're going to have to come and get me," Maxie yelled as she ran through the woods and ended up in what appeared to be an industrial complex. Peter fired his gun and aimed it at Maxie. Maxie stood away from Peter's grasp. He told her she could choose to go with him, or he would shoot her where she stood.

Peter told Maxie that he did not have much time because someone had picked up his trail. Maxie told Peter that she would rather die than go anywhere with him, and once he shot her, he would have to stop telling himself that he had any goodness left in him. "You were supposed to save me, Maxie. Instead, you abandoned me," Peter yelled as he raised his gun toward Maxie. Felicia ran up behind Peter and hit him on the head with a tire iron. Peter slid down a metal roof before landing on the snowy ground.

Maxie rejoices when Peter draws his last breath

Maxie rejoices when Peter draws his last breath

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

In Switzerland, Drew and Anna approached an abandoned car with their guns drawn. They noticed that the airbags had been deployed and that the vehicle was damaged. As Anna looked around, Drew noticed another abandoned car. Anna quickly surmised the second car had driven the first car off the road. Drew agreed, and he suggested that perhaps Maxie had managed to get away from Peter.

At a nearby embankment, Peter aimed his gun at Maxie as he gave her an ultimatum. She could leave with him, or he would shoot her. Maxie admitted that she would rather die than go one more step with Peter, and she warned him that pulling the trigger would be the end of Peter telling himself that there was even a shred of good left in him. Peter was devastated. "You were supposed to save me!" Peter shouted.

Peter insisted that Maxie was to blame for everything because she had abandoned him. As Peter took aim, Felicia ran out of the woods and whacked him in the head with a tire iron. Peter collapsed and rolled down a concrete incline. He landed a few feet from where Maxie stood on the stairs. She carefully approached his still body and quickly picked up the gun that had fallen near Peter's prone body.

Moments later, Drew and Anna arrived on the scene. Drew quickly determined that Peter was alive, but Peter's breathing was shallow. After Drew made certain that Peter didn't have any other weapons, Anna left to call for an ambulance. Peter moaned in pain as he slowly opened his eyes and cried out for Maxie. Maxie started to walk away, but Peter cried out for Maxie. Maxie looked back at Peter as she asked if Peter wanted her sympathy.

Furious, Maxie reminded Peter that he had intended to kill her just a few minutes earlier. She insisted that all Peter had done had been to leave a trail of destruction and broken lives behind him, and she listed his crimes including framing Liesl, imprisoning Drew for two years, and being responsible for the deaths of both Jason and Franco. Maxie insisted that it was time for Peter to pay for what he had done, but Peter continued to cling to his delusions. Drew pointed out that Peter would soon spend the rest of his life locked in a jail cell, while Maxie and Louise would be far beyond Peter's reach. Peter made a tearful appeal to Maxie, and he told her that he was scared. Maxie was unmoved.

After Anna returned, she sent Drew, Maxie, and Felicia to the road to wait for the ambulance. Once they were alone, Peter asked if Anna planned to gloat. Anna admitted that she tried to find the good in everyone, but there were some people who were so consumed by their evil tendencies that they controlled them. Anna accused Peter of being just like his father -- obsessed, entitled, and convinced that he could take whomever he wanted. Anna knew that as long as Peter was alive, Maxie and Louise would never be completely safe. Peter realized that Anna hadn't called for an ambulance. "No," Anna said.

Anna explained that she had told the WSB that Peter had been apprehended, but the location hadn't been secured, so they shouldn't approach. "So, a killer in the end," Peter said. Anna argued that it was a matter of perspective. Resigned, Peter tearfully asked if she intended to walk away and leave him to die, but she admitted that no one -- including Peter -- should die alone. She hoped that wherever Peter ended up, he would find some measure of peace.

Peter weakly reached for Anna's hand, and she took it. Tears gathered in her eyes as she watched her nephew take his last breath. Afterwards, Anna closed his eyes. "It's over. Goodbye, Peter," Anna said.

On the roadside, Maxie and Felicia ended a phone call with Mac. Drew was curious how Maxie and Felicia had ended up together, so Felicia explained how she had figured out where Peter had taken Maxie, and Maxie recounted how she had escaped from Peter and found Felicia. Maxie and Felicia told Drew how Peter had caught up to them and forced their car off the road. Maxie had tried to draw Peter away from her injured mother by running to the embankment, but Felicia admitted that the air bags had merely knocked the wind out of her.

Moments later, Anna joined the group. Anna told Maxie that Peter was dead, but Maxie was too afraid to believe it. Anna assured Maxie that it was true. Relieved, Maxie hugged her godmother. Later, Felicia took an opportunity to have a private word with Anna because Felicia knew Anna had been hiding something. Anna confided that she had not called for an ambulance because Anna had needed to make certain that Peter died.

Felicia asked if Anna had any regrets. Anna regretted that she hadn't found a way to stop Peter, but the Peter that Anna had cared for -- when she had believed that he was her son -- had never really existed. Felicia agreed; she pointed out that Peter had hurt too many people, and too many were dead because of Peter. Later, Anna let everyone know that the WSB were on their way, and Dante waited for them at the airport. Felicia was surprised that there wouldn't be a police investigation, but Anna explained that the WSB had agreed to act as liaison, and their statements would be taken on the plane during the trip home.

Maxie became emotional as it hit her that it was really over. Felicia reminded Maxie that Louise would soon be meeting Georgie and James. As Felicia hugged her daughter, she looked at Anna. Drew noticed the unspoken exchange between the two friends.

At the nurses' station, Austin asked if Britt and Liesl had heard any news from Switzerland, but Britt reported that they hadn't. Disappointed, Austin confessed that he would never be able to live with himself if his actions had hurt Maxie in any way. Chase and Brook Lynn walked up in time to hear Austin. Brook Lynn was not surprised to learn that Austin had been responsible for Victor uncovering the truth about "Bailey." Austin argued that Brook Lynn didn't have any room to judge anyone, since Brook Lynn lied so much that Austin was surprised Brook Lynn and Victor weren't "BFFs."

Chase suggested that Brook Lynn and Austin take things down a notch because it wouldn't help Maxie. Austin and Brook Lynn grudgingly agreed. Austin insisted that all that mattered was that Maxie returned home safe.

Meanwhile, Robert entered his brother's hospital room, but Mac was on the phone. Mac explained that he had been trying to reach Felicia, to no avail. Moments later, Chase and Brook Lynn surprised Mac with a visit from Louise. Mac happily introduced Louise to her great-uncle, but Brook Lynn gently explained that "Bailey" was not used to her new name. Robert was stunned by how much the baby looked like Maxie.

A short time later, Mac received a call from Felicia, updating him on what had transpired in Switzerland. Mac was delighted that Maxie was safe, and he put the call on speakerphone so Felicia could share the wonderful news with Robert, Chase, and Brook Lynn. Maxie got on the phone to ask about Louise, and Mac let Maxie know that Louise was with him. Robert was curious about Peter's fate, prompting Maxie to share that Felicia had saved the day, but Peter had been gravely injured and might not survive.

After the phone call, Brook Lynn went to give Austin, Britt, and Liesl an update. Everyone was overjoyed that Maxie was safe, but they wondered how Peter had fared. As if on cue, Chase walked up and announced that Anna had called to report that Peter had died. Britt asked if Chase was certain, since Peter had cheated death in the past, but Chase assured Britt that Anna had confirmed it. Liesl was ready to celebrate, so she went to Britt's office to retrieve a bottle of "libations."

Meanwhile, Robert wrapped up a phone call with Anna. He was surprised when Liesl approached and invited him to join the celebration. Instead, Robert returned to his brother's hospital room. Mac cooed to Louise as Robert sat down and talked about Felicia's heroic actions. Mac reminded his brother that Felicia would do anything to protect Maxie, but Robert had never imagined that Felicia would be the one to stop Peter's reign of terror. Mac assured Louise that her mother would soon be home.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Austin checked on Britt. Britt explained that Peter had made her life "hell," just as Peter had done with everyone else. Britt felt relief in knowing that her father's demented bloodline would die with Peter. "So, no kids for you then, huh?" Austin asked. Britt changed the subject because she wanted to know Austin's plans when Maxie returned home.

By the vending machine, Chase handed Brook Lynn a bag of chips. Brook Lynn was grateful because she had forgotten to eat in all the excitement about Maxie. Chase admitted that it was nice to see Brook Lynn happy. Brook Lynn clarified that she was ecstatic that Maxie would finally be free to tell the world that "Bailey" was her daughter. Chase knew that it would be hard on Brook Lynn, but Brook Lynn brushed away his concern.

Chase resented that the plan had only worked because people had believed the worst of Brook Lynn, but he looked forward to everyone learning the truth and seeing what a noble gesture Brook Lynn had made. "What is that look for?" Brook Lynn asked. Chase smiled as he admitted that they had made a good team. Brook Lynn dropped her bag of chips as Chase leaned down and passionately kissed her. Afterwards, Brook Lynn tried to downplay how the kiss had affected her, but Chase hoped that Brook Lynn had liked it. Brook Lynn quickly changed the subject by reminding him that it was their last night as "Bailey's" parents.

At Charlie's Pub, the bartender told Sonny that Phyllis was not there. Sonny admitted that he hadn't stopped by to see Phyllis. He made his way to the bar and asked Johnny to fetch him a drink. A short time later, Brando entered, and he approached his cousin at the bar. Brando sensed that Sonny was troubled, but Sonny invited Brando to join him for a drink, and Sonny apologized for not reaching out to his cousin sooner.

Brando admitted that he was as well as could be expected, but he didn't expect Sonny to keep tabs on him. Sonny promised that it hadn't been out of obligation because Sonny cared about Brando. They were family, and family helped each other. Brando reminded Sonny that it was a two-way street, and Sonny could talk to Brando. Sonny didn't want to burden Brando because Brando had a lot on his plate with Liam's death and Sasha pulling away. Brando confided that he and Sasha had talked, and Brando was hopeful that they had a future together.

Later, Sonny offered a toast to Brando. When Brando asked about Carly, Sonny admitted that his marriage to Carly was over. Sonny regretted that Avery and Donna would have to be split up, but Sonny had only himself to blame. Sonny warned Brando to never assume to know another person's feelings, and he advised Brando to take Sasha on a romantic getaway to make certain she knew where Brando stood. Sonny offered his place in Niagara Falls, but Brando decided to discuss it with Sasha first.

After Brando left, Sonny contemplated calling Carly. However, Sonny decided that it would be a bad idea, so he ordered another drink.

At Kelly's, Sasha sat at a table as she looked over some paperwork. She was surprised when a young woman with bright blue hair greeted her. They knew each other from the days when Sasha had been addicted to drugs. Sasha smiled politely as the two exchanged pleasantries. When Sasha mentioned that she'd been busy with work, Sienna offered to give Sasha a little "help," but Sasha declined. Sienna invited Sasha to call if Sasha changed her mind.

Outside, Lucy intercepted Nina. Lucy waved a hand fan as she admitted that she loved the warm weather, and she suggested that they move their meeting outside. Nina had been happy to shed her coat, but she wasn't as fond of the heat. Nina hoped that Kelly's had turned on the air conditioner. Nina reminded Lucy that they had to meet with Sasha, but Lucy confessed that she was tired of late-night meetings. Nina realized that her worst fears for Sasha had been realized; Sasha had thrown herself into her work to cope with the grief over losing Liam.

After Nina and Lucy joined Sasha, Nina asked what had been so urgent that it couldn't have waited until the following day. Sasha acknowledged that they had been in a holding pattern until Maxie returned home, but Sasha had some ideas. Sasha handed Nina and Lucy each a folder. Nina and Lucy smiled, but they glanced at each other.

Later, Lucy excused herself when she received a text message from Martin. Nina had been impressed with Sasha's presentation. Sasha admitted that she had learned a lot about IPOs online. Nina shifted gears by asking about Brando. Sasha confessed that she had been avoiding Brando until recently, but they had talked things through and were in a good place. Sasha admitted that Brando reminded her of Liam, but Sasha didn't want to lose him, too.

A short time later, Brando entered. He apologized for interrupting the meeting, but Sasha assured him that they had been about to wrap things up. Lucy seized the opening to gather her things and leave, and Nina was right behind her. Once they were alone, Brando told Sasha about Sonny's suggestion that they take a romantic trip to Niagara Falls -- or they could go to a bed and breakfast in Beechers Corners. Brando assured Sasha that they didn't have to talk about Liam, but Brando missed the connection that he and Sasha had shared, and he thought it might help if they weren't surrounded by memories of their son.

Brando was delighted when Sasha agreed to go on the romantic getaway. They decided on Niagara Falls because Sasha had never been there, but she had heard that it was spectacular. Brando and Sasha walked outside, and they exchanged a kiss. After Sasha promised to text message Brando when she arrived home safe, she waited until he walked away. Sasha went back into Kelly's, and she found Sienna at the counter. Sasha admitted that she needed something to help her get through the next few days.

At Charlie's Pub, a drunken Sonny called Nina, but Nina's voicemail picked up. Sonny left a rambling message. He confessed that he was not doing well, and he asked where Nina was. Sonny explained that he wanted to talk to her because they always had nice conversations. After Sonny ended the call, he admitted that he had no idea what he was doing. Johnny offered to call Sonny a cab, and Sonny agreed. However, Sonny had a change of heart, since the penthouse wasn't that far. Just then, Nina entered, and Sonny smiled when he saw her.

Maxie is reunited with her daughter

Maxie is reunited with her daughter

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Carly was looking at her divorce papers when Ava entered Carly's office, having been summoned. "I'm about to make your day," Carly said. Carly informed Ava that Carly and Sonny were divorcing. Ava admitted that she'd heard about it, and Carly wondered if it was because Ava had been coaching Nina. Ava wasn't surprised that Carly would try to make things Ava's fault, and she asked if she was only there to be interrogated. Carly clarified that she'd invited Ava there to talk about Avery.

Carly explained that Sonny was moving to his penthouse with Avery, and she hated that Avery and Donna would be separated. Carly offered to intervene if Sonny tried to restrict Ava's access to Avery, and in return, Carly wanted to stay in Avery's life. Ava commented that, at that moment, Nina seemed to have more influence over Sonny than Carly did. She also recounted all the ways Carly had abused Ava over the years, including trying to keep her away from Avery. Carly shot back that she'd outlasted every one of Sonny's affairs. Ava replied that she and Carly had worked together for Avery's well-being when Sonny had been gone, and she saw no reason to change course. She promised to make sure that Carly stayed in Avery's life, and she left.

Sonny woke up on the couch of his penthouse with a headache. "Good morning," Nina said, and she set down water and some aspirin in front of him. He admitted that his memory of the night before was "hazy," so she told him what had happened. She had to go to a work meeting, but he insisted that she stay and let him make her breakfast as a thank you. "On two conditions," she replied, and she requested a side of hot sauce -- and honesty.

A short while later, Sonny and Nina finished eating breakfast, and she commented that she loved the penthouse. He replied that he'd barely used it, as it held a lot of memories of Stone. He added that it had once been a refuge, but it was about to become his home. "It's over," he said as he showed Nina the divorce papers, and she expressed her sympathy. They got on the subject of the night before, and she played the voicemail he'd left her. After listening, he remarked that he shouldn't have done that. Nina replied that his drinking worried her more than the drunk dial.

Nina thought that Sonny drank too much for someone on mood-stabilizing medication, but he insisted that he was managing his medication. She advised that the medication wouldn't help him if he overindulged, and she knew that he wouldn't have called her had he not been drinking. He believed he would have. "That would be a first," she remarked. He reasoned that he was going through a divorce, and she was the one who was there with him. He pulled her into a hug, and when they pulled apart, he kissed her.

At Volonino's, Curtis was worried about Marshall's heavy breathing after a workout. Marshall admitted that he might have gone too hard. Drew arrived, and Curtis and Marshall lauded him for what he'd done for Maxie. Marshall was impressed that Drew had been able to help, as few who had crossed Sonny had lived to tell about it. Drew insisted that Sonny was a good guy once a person got to know him. Marshall decided to give Curtis and Drew some time to talk so he could go catch his breath.

When Marshall was gone, Drew observed that Curtis and Marshall seemed to have made progress. He wondered if Curtis was still investigating Marshall, but Curtis explained that knowing more information could risk the relationship they'd built. Drew informed Curtis that his offer to help get information on Marshall still stood. Curtis was interested, but he knew that Drew had a lot on his plate already. When Marshall returned, Drew excused himself to take care of some things. Drew asked Marshall to call him, as Drew had a proposition for him, and Drew left.

At the hospital, Stella and Portia laughed as Robert wildly wheeled Mac around the corner. "It's time to get loud!" Stella announced to the floor as Anna and Felicia stepped off the elevator. Stella shook their hands, and a worried Mac booked it out of his wheelchair to hug and kiss Felicia. Robert wheeled the chair over, and Mac sat down. Mac wanted Felicia to fill him in on what had happened, so she wheeled him back to his room.

Robert informed Anna that he'd nominated her to get a key to the city, but she demanded that he "un-nominate" her. He thought that the hero should be the one to tell the citizens that Peter's reign of terror was over, but she tearfully insisted that she was no hero. She explained that she had never done right by Peter, and she'd let him die, which she wasn't proud of. Robert could tell that Peter was haunting Anna, and he believed that Anna was in no way to blame for the things Peter had become. He advised her to give her heart to a guy who deserved her love the next time. "Not Valentin," he added, and she laughed through her tears.

In Mac's room, he told Felicia how terrified he'd been when she had taken off, and he wanted her to promise to never do that again. She replied that that depended on his promise to never land himself in emergency surgery ever again. He promised to try, and she promised the same. He said that Felicia could have gone with Maxie to get Louise, and he wondered what was taking Maxie so long. He decided to send some cops over, just in case Brook Lynn was making it difficult, but Felicia grabbed his phone and dropped it in a vase. Felicia stated that everything she'd done had been for her family, and she had no regrets. "If that makes me cold and unfeeling, so be it," she added. Mac insisted that it made her neither, and he kissed her.

Down the hall, Stella explained to Portia that her substitute doctor wanted to change one of her prescriptions, so she asked Portia for a consult. She marveled over the fact that there were two doctors in the family, and Portia was caught off guard by being called Stella's family. Stella was happy that Curtis and Portia were moving in together, and she asked Portia to "keep an eye out for trouble." She feared that Curtis wanted his father so bad that he would ignore signs telling him not to get too close.

Stella continued that Marshall wouldn't intentionally hurt Curtis, but she feared that the secrets of Marshall's past might. She claimed to believe that Marshall's "vague backstory" hinted at trouble. She asked Portia to just keep her ears open. She thanked Portia for the consult and left.

Brook Lynn, Chase, and Ned were gathering Louise's toys when the doorbell rang. Brook Lynn opened the door to Maxie and gave her a hug. Ned asked how Maxie was holding up, and she replied that she could sleep for a week. She told the three her story, and then she was ready to take her daughter home. A few minutes later, Brook Lynn and Chase were gone, and Ned assured Maxie that Louise had been napping, so it would be a few minutes for them to get her up and ready.

Ned asked if that was how Maxie had imagined the moment of getting Louise back. Maxie admitted that, while she'd imagined Peter's death in many creative ways, having "three deaths for every letter of the alphabet," she'd never imagined getting Louise back. She'd never been sure that Louise would want to go home with her, as Brook Lynn was the only mother Louise knew. Ned assured Maxie that Louise was hers.

Brook Lynn and Chase returned downstairs with Louise, and Ned and Chase went outside to pack the car. When they were gone, Maxie assumed there was nothing left to pack, and Brook Lynn confirmed it. Brook Lynn handed Maxie a notebook full of "Bailey's" like and dislikes, and she apologized for getting the name wrong. Maxie replied that the baby had only had one name for her entire life. She decided that the baby's new name from then on would be Bailey Louise, and a tearful Brook Lynn loved it.

Chase observed Maxie and Brook Lynn from outside and couldn't tell if they were laughing or crying. He wondered if they should go in, but Ned thought they should give it another minute. Both worried about Brook Lynn, and Ned figured that all they could do was be there for her. Since there was no longer a reason for Chase and Brook Lynn to live together, Ned wondered what Chase was going to do when he and Brook Lynn went their separate ways. Chase thought back to kissing Brook Lynn.

A few minutes later, Ned and Chase went back inside, and Maxie asked if they wanted to say goodbye to Bailey. Chase only said, "See you later," as they would be around for play dates. Maxie thanked Chase and Brook Lynn for everything they'd done. Brook Lynn thanked Maxie for trusting them with Bailey. "About names," Maxie started. She figured that if she was "Mommy," Brook Lynn should be "Mama Brook Lynn," and Brook Lynn was happy to have the title. When Maxie and Bailey were gone, Brook Lynn sobbed into Ned's arms.

Harmony takes steps to get Willow a birth certificate

Harmony takes steps to get Willow a birth certificate

Friday, February 25, 2022

At the hospital, Sam rushed to greet Dante and told him that Anna had called to let her know he was back in town. When she made sure Dante was fine, the two shared a long and warm kiss. Dante confirmed to Sam that Peter was truly dead "this time" and informed her that he had people in town he needed to notify. They promised to meet up at Sam's place later.

At her office at the Intruder, Alexis phoned Harmony to check in on her and said that she was calling to provide moral support. "I know today is a big day for you," Alexis reminded her. Harmony had just walked into Charlie's Pub when Alexis called. She witnessed a money exchange between two men at a table nearby and concluded that both were involved in shady business. "Today is the one of the most important days of my life. It's the day I tell Willow she's not my biological daughter," Harmony bemoaned.

Shawn walked into Alexis' office and couldn't help overhearing who was on the other end of the call. "Harmony, huh?" Shawn asked after Alexis had hung up. "Yeah, do you have a problem with that?" Alexis countered.

Shawn told Alexis that he wouldn't want someone to judge him for his past and reasoned that if he was owed a second chance, perhaps Harmony had earned one, as well. Alexis asked why Shawn had dropped by her office, and he shared that he had some positive news to share. "News that is going to change the future of this company," Shawn said.

Shawn explained that the circulation of the Intruder had increased, and he added that Lord Enterprises, which he noted also owned the Banner in Llanview, was downsizing all printed editions and was divesting their West Coast newspapers. Shawn went on to say that he had thought about buying those papers to expand the Invader's reach. There was only one catch, he said. "The main offices are in San Francisco, and I'd have to move there to make this work," Shawn announced.

Alexis told Shawn that she was happy for him, but she admitted that she liked having him around and that his company was nice. They discussed their relationship through the years and agreed they were still good together. "I know there are a million reasons why I should move to the West Coast. I'm just wondering if there was one better reason for me to stay," Shawn asked aloud.

Alexis answered Shawn with two responses to his question. "T.J. and Molly," she said. Shawn accused Alexis of trying to change the subject and mentioned that he felt the time they had spent together in the past year had felt like a chance for a do-over in their relationship. Alexis claimed she hadn't thought of them having a relationship beyond friendship, but Shawn saw through her. Alexis told Shawn that since Neil had died, a part of her had shut down, and she wasn't sure how to turn it back on. Sam knocked and came into the room, and Shawn excused himself to let Alexis get back to work.

When informed of Peter's death, Alexis asked Sam if it had given her daughter any closure. Sam admitted it had, not only for herself but the entire city. Their conversation drifted to Shawn and Alexis' relationship. Sam told her mother that she hadn't seen Alexis that happy since Neil had died. Sam reminded Alexis that Neil would want her to be happy and that Shawn was probably the most stable relationship her mother had had since Sam had known her. Sam wanted to know why Shawn couldn't be her mother's confidant instead of Harmony then asked Alexis if Harmony had really changed.

Sam had to admit that since being released from Spring Ridge, Harmony had gone above and beyond to help their family, including helping in the search for Drew. However, Sam couldn't get past the history between Harmony and their family. Alexis stopped her and insisted that Shawn and Harmony were both her friends.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow and Michael admitted to Monica that they were disappointed they had to postpone their trip to Paris, and he reported that Willow hadn't been able to obtain a passport due to her lack of a birth certificate. "According to the State Department, they have no record of me. It's almost like I never existed," Willow said.

Monica empathized with Willow and said to please let her know if there was anything she could do. Just then, Harmony arrived at the mansion, unannounced. "Hopefully my mother can give me all the information I need," Willow said to everyone when she opened the door.

Willow asked Harmony to join her in the main room at the mansion, where she told her daughter she had some news on Willow's birth certificate. Before Harmony could begin, Willow conceded that she knew she and her mother had had their ups and downs, but she told Harmony, "I'm your daughter. Whatever it is, I'm here for you." Harmony hesitated before telling Willow a lie. She said she had managed to find Willow's birth certificate. Willow was overjoyed and thanked Harmony, whose face was pained as her daughter hugged her.

In front of Michael and Monica, Willow announced that Harmony had helped track down her birth certificate. Harmony left right as Dante arrived at the mansion to inform everyone of Peter's death. Michael said that Peter's death had been a long time coming. He, Willow, Dante and Monica all raised a glass to toast Jason.

After leaving the Quartermaine mansion, Harmony went back to Charlie's Pub and met with the stranger she had witnessed taking a large sum of cash earlier. She told him she had heard that he was good at forging documents. "How good are you at forging birth certificates?" Harmony asked.

Harmony handed over a large roll of bills to the stranger, who told her it was a pleasure doing business with her and that he would be in touch as soon as he had what she wanted. Harmony let out a sigh, only to turn around and find Shawn standing over her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth stared at the anonymous card she had received on Valentine's Day and flashed back to recent events. She wondered how her wedding ring from Franco had mysteriously shown up in her locker at work as well as how she had found her wedding dress cut up. Finn startled Elizabeth and saw the card she was holding. He asked if it was the one that Franco's mother Betsy had sent her. Elizabeth said it was but admitted to Finn, "Something big is going on."

Finn attempted to ask Elizabeth what she meant, but Sam rushed toward them and asked if either had spoken with Anna. She told them that Peter was gone. "The other kind of gone. He's dead," Sam clarified. She admitted that while Peter had always managed to come back when everyone had thought he'd been dead before, this time he really was dead, and all of their families were safe from him once and for all.

Elizabeth let the news of Peter's death sink in and admitted she had thought that Peter's death would bring her joy, but it didn't lessen any of the losses she and the people she cared about had suffered. Sam told Elizabeth that the way she saw it, they had both had their lives turned upside down in the past year. "I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm always going to have your back," Sam told Elizabeth, who smiled and said she would have Sam's.

After Sam left, Finn turned the conversation back to Elizabeth and Franco and shared that it had taken him a long time to get over his wife Reiko's death. He told her there might be a way to move forward by holding on to the best part of Franco's memories while keeping the trauma of his death in the past. Elizabeth then admitted that she hadn't told Finn everything about what had been going on with her regarding Franco.

Finn asked Elizabeth why she hadn't said anything, and she reasoned that she'd felt she might have been imagining things. Finn surmised that what had happened with the dress, the card, and the wedding ring all formed a pattern and that neither of them should dismiss those things. "I just feel like someone is doing these things deliberately," Elizabeth confided.

Finn wondered if Cameron, Jake, or Aiden might be upset about their mom's relationship with him. Elizabeth assured him that they weren't, and she said she always knew when her boys were lying to her. Finn's beeper sounded, and he announced he had to check on a patient. He promised Elizabeth he would see her at the house. He assured her that everything would be okay. After Finn left, Elizabeth called Franco's mother and said that she had received Betsy's card. She asked if there was any way Betsy could come to Port Charles to meet her.

At Carly's Metro Court office, Drew surprised her with a visit that prompted her to ask, "What happened?" She apologized to Drew for the way she had welcomed him back and explained that she had been worried because she'd learned he had gone with Dante and Anna to find Maxie. Drew assured Carly that Peter was dead and that Maxie was home and being reunited with her daughter as they spoke.

Carly was happy to hear that Peter was dead but admitted she wanted Jason to be alive so she could share the news with him. Drew said that Jason had started the motions that had led to Peter's downfall. Carly admitted she missed Jason and still needed him then told Drew that he had the same touch as Jason. They each recalled the night the two of them had almost kissed after Carly had come from finding Sonny and Nina in bed.

Drew insisted he and Carly had made the right call by not having kissed and further escalated their emotions that night. Carly wondered if Sonny knew that the man who had killed Jason was dead. While Carly said she couldn't stand the thought of even looking at Sonny, she insisted that Jason was family to both of them, and she felt she owed it to him to personally deliver the news. Drew offered to go with Carly to tell Sonny.

At Sonny's penthouse, Nina reminded him that he wouldn't have called her if he hadn't been drunk the night before. She told him the reason he was going through a divorce was because he had played fast and loose with his medication. Sonny disagreed then pulled Nina close to him, and the two kissed. Nina stopped the kiss and told Sonny that what they were doing was a mistake. Nina said she didn't want to cross a line with Sonny -- a line Sonny assured her had already been crossed the night they'd slept together. Nina expressed her concern that an excess of alcohol could dull the effects of his medication, and she cautioned him to slow down.

Sonny reasoned that neither alcohol nor his lack of medication explained his and Nina's attraction to one another. He recalled how he had fallen in love with her in Nixon Falls. "Those feelings don't just disappear. Maybe the silver lining is now we finally get to unpack what we mean to each other without all the baggage and deception," Sonny said.

Nina countered that all the baggage Sonny spoke of was due solely to her actions in Nixon Falls. She told Sonny that she needed to get to work, and she went to freshen up. When she left the room, one of Sonny's bodyguards told him he had a visitor. Dante arrived and asked his father, "Bad time?"

Dante was there to share the news of Peter's death. Sonny was astonished and relieved, but he was also distracted by the fact that Nina was still in the penthouse. Dante asked Sonny how he was holding up and offered that he was there for Sonny to lean on. Sonny insisted he had nothing to talk about, but Dante pushed and reminded Sonny that he could talk to Dante about Carly, the loss of Jason, and anything else. Sonny continued to resist Dante's offer to confide in him. "Is this a business problem, or is there another reason you're trying to get rid of me?" Dante finally asked.

Dante insisted that he had seen that type of behavior from his father before and said he knew walking away from Sonny would be a bad idea. Sonny admitted that he had been drunk the previous night and claimed he was hungover. He promised to meet with Dante soon to catch up. After Dante left, Nina, who had been listening in, returned to the room and asked why Sonny hadn't told Dante that she was there. "That's just proof that our kiss was a mistake," Nina told him.

Sonny didn't answer. Nina moved on and expressed her relief that Peter was gone. Before Nina got set to leave, Sonny promised her that he would think about cutting back on drinking for his own well-being. He told Nina it meant a lot to him that she cared. Right afterward, Carly and Drew showed up unannounced at Sonny's penthouse and saw him standing with Nina.

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